Bath By Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr.

The kids have gone to bed and now it is time to get some things done around the house.  There is laundry that needs to be folded, dishes to be cleaned, GFCF lunches to prepare, and you have a deadline to meet for work.  The little stressors in life are mounting up and you feel as though you cannot hold it all together for much longer.  More than anything you wish that ad you remember from years ago was true and you could simply have Calgon take you away.  You realize that you need to manage your stress, but how?  You don’t have the time, money or inclination to join a gym and having a martini and settling down in front of the television doesn’t seem like a regular routine that would make anyone truly happy.  You talked to your medical doctor and he suggested something for anxiety, but how different is that from a martini anyway?

Now imagine that you have the ability to restore and rejuvenate yourself from an entire day of stress in 22 minutes.

It does not require exercise and it is much more promising than Calgon. All you need to do is lie back on the couch, close your eyes and imagine that you are sunbathing on a tropical island, golfing on your favorite course, or pursuing whatever leisure activity you have not enjoyed since your immersion into the world of an autism parent.  It is nearly this easy.

Audio-Visual Entrainment is a technology based on the frequency following effect of the brain.  Most of us have experienced a sense of a loss of time when peacefully seated in front of a warm fireplace.  The light from the fireplace resonates within the entire room and assists our effort to relax.  What might not know is that you are subconsciously succumbing to the frequency following effect.  The flame of the fireplace resonates at a frequency that matches a brainwave pattern that correlates to relaxation and before you know it you have relaxed.

If you simultaneously stimulate both the auditory and visual pathways with this frequency of energy the results will occur even faster.  That is exactly what Audio-Visual Entrainment technology has proven to do.  You wear a pair of Omniscreens that resemble old-fashioned Oakley sunglasses and headphones.  The Omniscreens have four LED’s that flicker light onto your closed eyelids and the headphones play a binaural beat and heartbeat.  The frequency at which all this is happening is dependent on the program you have chosen, but will assist you in any number of pursuits such as entering a state of deep, restorative sleep, relaxation, meditation or even accelerated learning among others.

The benefits of these units are many.  They are entrainment devices so the more you experience that desired frequency the less you actually need the equipment because your brain learns how to produce it on its own.  An appropriate analogy is that it is like getting braces for your teeth.  Once the new position / frequency is learned you no longer need it.  In this case however, you will probably want to keep using it.  As you shut your eyes you see colors projected across your eyelids and your imagination can take you wherever you want to go.

Another benefit can be for children or adults who have a tendency towards hypervigilence.  Another type of brainwave entrainment is neurofeedback.  During neurofeedback the individual receiving the session is actively engaged in the feedback loop.  The more s/he keeps their brainwaves within the desired parameters the better s/he performs at the computer game.  Audio-Visual Entrainment removes the individual from the feedback loop.  The most effective sessions are when the individual goes into a dissociative state like the one achieved in front of the fire when you lose track of time.  In other words, we are asking the individual to “let go” rather than requiring additional vigilance.

I have seen the benefits of this personally with my own child (5 ½ years old) who receives weekly craniosacral appointments.  When my son is getting his session he is doing Audio-Visual Entrainment at the same time.  Our craniosacral therapist has been so impressed with how successful these combined appointments are that she has purchased a unit to use with her other clients.

If you would like more information on these units and their benefits, you can visit Mind Alive or my non-profit organization, Active Healing.

In health,
Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr.
Exec. Director
Active Healing, Inc.

(Managing Editor's Note: Click HERE to watch a clip from WBZ TV of Sarge Goodchild discussing the pros and cons of vaccinations.)



Theresa O

EM, ask and you shall receive! Here is a site (from one quick internet search) that shows three studies supporting AVE: http://www.mindalive.com/3_7.htm

Note that this site has nothing to do with Sargent Goodchild. It appears to be run by Dave and Nancy Siever.

I'm sure that with some help, you, too, can learn to use the internet to find things.


I see it is probably pointless to submit a comment as it will not appear until the author has approved it. As I question the validity of Audio-Visual Entrainment, I am not sure whether my comment will appear. However, I would like to know why the author Mr. Goodchild (whose qualifications go unamed) does not include information about studies which show that this is a therapy with proven benefit. As far as I can tell Mr. Goodchild has no clinical or therapeutic training what so ever. As a parent I would not feel comfortable spending money on a treatment with no outcome studies to support it.

Kim Stagliano

Sarge was the first person to EVER tell me my kids were treatable AND worth treating. And the first person to tell me to get the kids off dairy. That alone changed our lives. I'm thankful for Sarge Goodchild.

Kim Stagliano

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