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A Letter from the Editor

Slow, Steady Progress as Parents Question Vaccines' Safety

SnailLooks like parents are starting to make a difference in how the media treats the American sacred cow of the AAP vaccine schedule.  The Pittsburgh Tribune Review's Mike Cronin has done an excellent job raising the question, "Is the current vaccine schedule safe."

Here's a snippet: "Fever and rashes afflicted Gina, now 9, each time she received a vaccination, her mother said. But when Gina became reclusive and introverted after five vaccinations in one day when she was about 15 months old, Neil wondered if those treatments were causing her daughter's health problems."

You can read the entire article HERE.

The progress has been at a snail's pace for many years. But we see a change. A willingness to question the drug companies and the doctors who act as their final sales force. The snail's pace is picking up. Is that a cheetah I see on the horizon?



The doctors must all brief themselves on what to say in defense of vaccinations. "It's only a plane ride away" is one of their favorite statements.

My question to that statement is this: If an unvaccinated child can take a plane ride and contract a disease and return to affect vaccinated populations, then why can't a vaccinated child accomplish the same outcome?? If the vaccinated and unvaccinatedare are suceptible to the disease, then what is the point, extactly??

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