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Schools Policing Vaccination Rates

Jail By Kim Stagliano

Here's my take on the Prince George's County situation.

If you think reproductive healthcare is a hot topic, check out THIS STORY on a court in Prince George's County, Maryland calling in parents of children whose vaccination records are incomplete and who do not have exemption paperwork.

No matter what your opinion on the safety of our national vaccine program, do you want your school district or a judge telling you which medical decisions you must make for your child? 

The school district sent these parents to court. It's rather ironic that the schools, who are so often out of compliance on our children's IEP's and the basic tenets of IDEA, are sending parents to court for being out of compliance on their vaccine policy.


Angela Warner

Excellent point Kim - funny you mention compliance and IEP's. I spent my weekend drafting a letter/email to the Head of Special Services for our rather large school district regarding this very thing and the fact that it's taken them a year and a half to amend our son's Multi-Disciplinary Team Evaluation Report as when it was originally written our parental input was not included as law states it must be. I needed the document to apply for DDD. I was told a year and a half ago that it would be re-done. Never would have been done had I not requested it. The original amendment that I received still contained several mistakes which had been noted a year and a half ago which I was also told would be corrected. They never were; thus the letter/email. And roughly 20 pages of documentation I sent as attachments with the email. I received an email from this woman last night and the district is shaking in their boots. Good! Good! Good!

Oh... while we're on the subject... My son's former IEP manager who also happened to be the principal of his district preschool called CPS on me because my husband and I requested an educational re-evaluation for our son when after educating ourselves we discovered that our son had not been evaluated according to the laws of our state with regard to autism spectrum disorders. She didn't like that too much as we stated this in our letter requesting the re-eval. She accused me in the CPS complaint of having munchausen syndrome by proxy and refusing to sign releases. The right to sign releases or not is exactly that... my right. Munchausen syndrome by proxy... my son has an autism spectrum disorder. And the evaluation report stating this was in his educational file at the time the CPS complaint was made and prior to his very first educational evaluation - the one where the district was... out of compliance!! And yes I know it was the principal... she was dumb enough to state she was an educator... Funny... she is no longer with the district... I hope my 11 page rebuttal with about 40 pieces of supporting documentation disputing everything she said in her complaint had something to do with it!

Over my dead body will the school or anyone else EVER tell me I have to vaccinate my children!
Stepping off my box for the moment :-)


I wonder how many of the kids in Prince George's County with incomplete vaccination records have autism or even an IEP. My bet is there are fewer in that whole county than in my school district. We have 50 (count em) children with autism in our school district. And many, many more - over 1100 - with IEPs for learning disabilities, ADHD, etc. And, yes, the district is having a VERY hard time staying in compliance with the services provided for on IEPs. Anyone know a good BCBA?

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