Why Age of Autism Exists -- Exhibit A: Merck and Reuters


By Kim Stagliano

CashOur Media Editor Anne Dachel circulated this article from (HERE) that talks about how QUADRUPLING the number of new vaccines for children will "boost" the bottom lines of drug companies.  If you think your child's health comes before Pharma profit you might need a vaccine for naivete.

The report is from the UK. Can you imagine the free for all here in America where health care is begrudgingly doled out even to the financially stable like the last five jelly beans on Easter Monday?  The hunger to vaccinate our kids in order to "meet the numbers" will go from the pharmaceutical companies, to the physicians and the government, then the schools and finally the legal system faster than you can rush to the commode with a stomach bug. 

Will pediatricians embrace every new vaccine lock, stock and barrel? Or will they finally come to the defense of our children and say, "ENOUGH!" Will someone with MD PhD after her name at NIH or CDC or FDA or AAP have the courage to say, "Is the sum of the whole vaccination schedule worse than its parts?"  Has ANYONE ever tested the vaccines in total for their combined effect on the body?  Even this mother with a mere Bachelor's degree (Go BC Eagles!) asks, "Can we really expect to vaccinate ourselves into a reduction of specific disease without unintended consequences on the body as a whole?" 

Note this sentence from the article that dovetails into the recent controversy in Prince George's County, Maryland over the legal ramification of not giving your kids every shot the government demands. Individual health or profits? You decide.

"However, the report highlights the fact that not all high-price vaccines will necessarily see the enviable uptake of Prevnar or Gardasil, and that it is crucial that manufacturers appreciate that the key to success lies in a product's introduction into national immunisation schedules."


A. Scarpa

I'm waiting for the headline that reads "Doctors To Tell Parents Feed Kids Fruits And Veggies To Fight Disease. Organic Farmers Make A Profit"

If they doled out that sort of advice instead of messing around with their immune systems and injecting toxic chemicals maybe our kids would actually be getting healthier rather than sicker overall. And the organic farmers sure could use to quadruple their profits.

Instead our kids get chemical cocktails and sent off to school with Lunchables. What a sad state of affairs.

Angela Warner

Somebody punched me in the gut or I am coming down with a stomach bug. I am especially sickened by this quote as well...
"Wyeth's pricing strategy has paved the way for increasing tolerance of high product prices in the paediatric vaccines sector."
I seriously need a digestive enzyme.

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