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In Ants We Trust!

By Charlie Hoover

I'm watching a long line of ants leading from under a door to the dog's food bowl and I am powerless to do anything about it. Oh sure, I could run down to the local supermarket and buy some insecticide spray like Raid but I dare not. In fact, just thinking about it makes me tremble. Why would a 54 year old man tremble? I fear my nine year old son's big Mama!

A few years ago, those ants wouldn't have lasted an hour. I would have of followed the label directions and sprayed away until every single one of those little suckers was writhing on their backs. But today, ants are a part of the family just like our dog and cat.  Why would we live with ants you ask? It's a matter of Mama's trust.

When you witness your perfectly normal child become autistic overnight after receiving vaccines and then the Federal Government states there is no connection, it undermines trust.  And when you witness the recovery of that same child through chelation therapy and the Feds state there is no known cure for autism, it REALLY undermines trust. Can you trust the Feds to safeguard your child's health when the China Toy your child is playing with has just been recalled because of lead paint?  Can you trust the Feds who say insecticide spray is safe for use in your home and around your child?

It has been made pointedly clear to me by Mama that if I want to keep my manhood, I'm not to bring anything toxic into the house. She is very serious about this! I'm trembling again.

Mama trusts the Ants more than she trusts the Federal Government.

And I trust Mama!

Charlie Hoover is the father of a child recovered from autism and a Florida Rescue Angel.  He was one of the original founding parents of Generation Rescue. And he is a retired U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman currently employed in a health care field.




For the ants, old fashioned Borax sprinkled where they're coming in will keep them away. But if the cloves work that would be better because the borax can be kind of messy.


WHOLE CLOVES. Just sprinkle them by the door, or wherever they're coming in, put them in little mesh bags in the cupboards, etc. The ants HATE the way they smell. They walk up to the clove, smell it, and turn around and RUN away. I didn't think it would work so well... but wow!

I spotted 2 ants together by the wall and put a clove between them. They both smelled it, and took off in opposite directions. Begone ants! Stay outside where you belong!


I remember when we had an ant problem, and we did not want to spray, a friend said that you could use cucumber peels to deter the ants. So we sprinkled cumcumber peel on our kitchen counters but it did not deter them at all! So then we just had ants plus wilted cucumber peels! We decided she must have meant the you could use the cucumber as a club and squash them!


Great piece, Charlie! We use dye free detergents, California Baby shampoo and soap and Deirdre Imus' Greening The Cleaning products at home. Most of us involved in biomed try our darndest to avoid the chemical overload of today's world. And how many of our kids test sky high in antimony from that horrible flame retardent chemical on kids clothes and PJ's and car seats?? Then there are those ridiculous chemical sprays to make your fabric "fresh!" Dear God. They ought to call that stuff, "Learning Disabilities in a Can." LOL! Hope you'll write for us again. Maybe Mama will write too?


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