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Olmsted on Autism: The CDC's Point-Three Problem


A mother's gut often sounds the first alarm when her child has a problem. That niggling feeling you can't let go. So you take the babe to the pediatrician and say, "Something is wrong. He's crying funny. His sleep has changed. He seems angry." And the pediatrician says, "Maybe he's teething. Maybe he's got a virus. Give him some Tylenol. Don't worry."

This research just came from our friends to the North. 

Scientists Make Brain Gut Connection in Autism: "Compounds produced in the digestive system have been linked to autistic-type behaviour in laboratory settings, potentially demonstrating that what autistic children eat can alter their brain function, say scientists from the University of Western Ontario."

The story continues, "Researchers were particularly interested in one dietary characteristic the autistic children seemed to exhibit, he said.

"Certainly, a lot of these children had peculiar cravings for high-carbohydrate foods that caused their behaviours," he said.

We were interested in finding a link between certain compounds that are produced by bacteria in the digestive system — particularly those occurring with early childhood infections."

Read the full story HERE.

Early childhood infections.  Like ear infections?  Strep? Both of which have been through the roof over the last 15 years? And with them has come over use of antibiotics. Which do what? They kill bacteria. Including the GOOD gut flora that the human body needs to function. And when the good gut flora disappear YEAST takes over and wreaks havoc on the digestive tract. Antibiotics, when they first hit the scene, were coated in NYSTATIN, a yeast killing drug. Find us the pediatrician who prescribes probiotics along with antibiotics. Or even knows that his patients need to replace good gut flora.  That's a nutrition topic, isn't it?  And any ped will tell you they get about 32 seconds of nutrition training in med school.

Moms and Dads, trust your OWN gut. And for those parents who think the "autism diets" are too much trouble, a waste of time, unhelpful, please, try again with someone to support you through the hassles.  If your child has self-limited to what Dr. Martha Herbert calls, "The Bread and Cheese" diet you can bet the ranch you've got major gut issues going on in your child.  And you can fix them. Yes, you can. 

Go HERE to learn more. It's the Autism Network for Dietary Intervention.



I have a question since we are discussing the GFCF Diet. How come Karen Surousi's book was not mentioned on CNN? How come it takes a Celebrity to get our point across and then the media will listen? How about all of those other Parents that did this diet and recovered their children as well? I praise Jenny McCarthy for coming out and "Raising Awareness" but why did she not make the book available for free to all those families that are affected by Autism. Why do Alternative Practitioners charge so much for their services when they are here to help? I am sorry to say this but its all about MONEY. By, parent of child with Autism.


Unbelievably, I recently heard an "autism expert" respond to a parent's question about the GFCF diet. She said, "I don't suggest the diet because its very hard." Guess what, lady? So is autism! So is watching your kid stagnate in their development. So is listening to them cry because they are constipated. Good thing we have the opportunity to learn from mothers and fathers and not just "experts".


>>"Read the full story HERE."

Read the real full story here:

>>"Early childhood infections. Like ear infections? Strep? Both of which have been through the roof over the last 15 years? And with them has come over use of antibiotics."

From a large study out this year.

"The findings from this large population-based case-control study suggest that infections in the first 2 years of life are no more common in children who are subsequently diagnosed with ASD than control children."

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