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No Way in Hell

Kent_heckenlivelyBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

The autism community may have found a new rallying cry.

On last Wednesday's Larry King Live show (Click here to find the Podcast of the show) on CNN Jenny McCarthy was asked if knowing what she knows now, would she choose to vaccinate another child.  “No way in hell,” she replied, and I felt my heart stop.

“No way in hell.”

I thought of my two lovely children; my nine-year-old daughter Jacqueline and my seven-year-old son Ben.  Jacqueline was born normally, but at the age of five months old, just before Thanksgiving of 1998 she began refusing breast milk.  In early December, she received her scheduled six-month vaccinations, including DPT, and over the Christmas holidays we noticed the first head-bobs of what we later discovered were her seizure disorder.  Even after several hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent by the state on therapies and our bank account has been emptied time and again by bio-medical interventions, she is still very seriously affected by both seizures and autism.

For reasons unrelated to vaccinations, busy Ben was given a hypo-allergenic milk formula up until about fifteen months.  At his eighteen-month doctor visit he was given an entire developmental work-up because I’d made the pediatrician feel she must have missed something with our daughter at her six-month check-up.  He passed with flying colors and was given his scheduled vaccinations, including DPT.  A few days later, busy Ben fell mute, started pounding his head on the floor, and became hypersensitive to certain sounds.

By the grace of God I found the gluten/casein free diet on day three of Ben’s mute period and put both of them on it.  After twelve days Ben said his first word again.  My wife is a speech therapist and will tell you it took Ben nearly a year to catch up to his peers in language.  It was two years until his sensory problems were normalized and he could sit in a movie theater.

Earlier this week I took Ben to his first Boy Scout meeting.  Talking with one of the moms before the meeting, she told me her son was diagnosed as autistic, but through aggressive intervention he had made enormous progress and had lost the diagnosis.  I asked if she linked it to vaccines and she nodded knowingly.

There were four boys at the meeting to start our new troop.  As the troop leader ran through the agenda of what a great adventure we were beginning, I noticed Ben was the only one who was consistently paying attention.  “Okay,” I thought to myself, “There are four boys here and I know that two of them have had problems.”  But with the other two, who in some ways were even more distractible than the one who’d actually been formally diagnosed with autism, I didn’t have any information.  However, I think I know what I’ll find.

I thought in taking my son to his first Boy Scout meeting I’d escape the autism pressure-cooker for a few hours.  I know I should be proud that Ben paid attention better than the other boys, that he read from the Boy Scout pledge more easily than the others, and that when the meeting broke up one of the parents asked, “Do you want to trade kids for a few days?  Ben’s an angel.”

Instead I was furious.  On one side of the ledger I have a son who is at the top of his class.  On the other I have a daughter who can’t yet walk into a class because she’s still so severely impaired.  At times I feel as if I’ve successfully cultivated an almost Gandhi-like inner peace while still fighting passionately for change.  At others I feel the blinding Sicilian rage my mother used to show when she felt somebody had wronged her.

I think of all the families who have been affected by this problem.  It’s impossible to truly escape, even in the confines of a Boy Scout meeting.

No way in hell, Jenny.  No way in hell.

Kent Heckenlively has worked as an attorney, television producer, and is now a beloved science teacher.



I know a woman who switched her child's magnesium brand and within 24 hours he was flapping. Chickens are supposed to flap. Not humans. It was the wrong type of magnesium for his body. But unless you know something about your kids biochem you'll just say, "Oh, he's autistic. He flaps."

Barb Hines


Have you ever ran an immune panel on your child? My son never sneezed...never ran a fever...never had a cold...turns out, his immune system is in a horrendous state...cannot mount a reaction...IgA of that is not a typo...3...additionally, his titers (have you run those) are sky high...his blood lead level was twice the accepted range at one point...yet, he appeared incredibly healthy...good growth rate, never showed signs of sickness...yet he is very, very most of our children are...he was severely deficient in b12 and zinc...yet on the outside, no one can a few'll be amazed...not being able to sleep, tantrums, biting, etc...they are not "signs" of autism...they are reactions to being very, very sick...look for it, you'll find it...


I am always shocked when I read comments about parents who would rather have a child with autism than not vaccinate them. If the child had a choice would he prefer to have autism for the rest of his life or risk the rare chance of getting one of these diseases and having complications? I know if it were my choice I'd take measles in a heartbeat.



"How many "healthy" autistic kids use Clonadine to go to sleep and then another powerful drug or two to sleep walk through the day?"

I don't know. I was simply responding to a blanket statement made here that "autistic kids aren't healthy." That's demonstrably untrue in my son's case. He's well within the norms for physical development, has had endless tests that turned up no significant medical issues, and eats an alarmingly healthy diet, mostly of his own accord (it's certainly healthier than mine).

Oh, and he happens to have a developmental disability called autism. That obviously leads to many significant challenges for him and his family.

But it doesn't mean he's sick.


How many "healthy" autistic kids use Clonadine to go to sleep and then another powerful drug or two to sleep walk through the day? Healthy means more than just not getting sick and having to go to the doctor.


Hello Deb,

I have even MORE bad news for you since you always follow directions and do as you are told. You have no idea what a vaccinations is. Now, do as you are told and write a book about children who have been vaccinated and are healthy. Then you should have a debate with Jenny McCarthy and both smile for CNN and Oprah with the big fat Check that you just received. Say Cheese!!! I mean Gluten Free Food!!!

Steve D

I agree, Qchan. My autistic son is healthy, too.



Really? That seems odd. My son is autistic, and he's very healthy. (Happy, even.)


Thank you for your post here. I watched Jenny McCarthy on Oprah and 20/20. After listening to her speak, I felt so reassured that we've made the right decision by not vaxing our boys. Every bit of my instinct has turned me away from vaccinating. I am so thankful parents like you and Jenny share your hard stories with us.
Neither of my boys is autistic, but this topic remains at the top of my interest. I've learned that it's not just mercury and autism, too. There are many other harmful ingredients being used in these viles, and many other side effects not getting enough attention, as well. I hope to see all of this also come to light in the near future.

I am happy to read your son is recovering well. And prayers for your daughter's recovery. I am very sorry this has happened to your family.
Best wishes,


Deb --- Just a question, which you do not have to you deal with autism? Just wondering, because if you don't, you don't know what you're talking about.


Further bad news for you. Vaccinating children doesn't guarantee health. It doesn't even guarantee freedom from the illnesses for which they have been vaccinated. In the last week I've come across, among other things, several cases of chickenpox in vaccinated children.

Honest, it isn't a nice simple choice, anywhere along the line. Many children who have been vaccinated don't have autism. Many children who haven't been vaccinated are perfectly healthy. Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do to have your life turn out perfectly was just follow directions? But it isn't like that.

JB Handley


Bad news for you.

Autistic kids aren't healthy.



Veronica, that is amazing. What did her doctor say?

Good luck to you and your Mom. "I have four children." Beautiful. Keep us posted, won't you?

Kim Stagliano


Please check out this company ASN/MAXAM. 1 (800) 800-9119. Read the testimonials about Autism on their website. Their produt PCA-RX binds heavy metals and removes them from the body without redepositing the metal elsewhere in the body. Here is a link to testimonials from July 2007.

I have been using the PCM-RX (formula for toxin removal and also calms the patient) and the NG-RX (neural regenerator) on my Mom who has Alzheimer's disease. I have been caring for her for 4 years in my home. I have only been using the products for one month. The other day I walked in to feed her and she looked at me and said "I have four children". She has not made a complete sentence in over a year much less remembered that she had children. I just re-ordered the products.

Good luck, God Bless, Veronica


I would rather have a healthy son, and deal with autism, then deal with sickness the rest of his life, and not autism.

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