Olmsted on Autism: The CDC gets Jukt

Jenny McCarthy Missile Sinks USS Gerberding

Jb_handley_photo By J.B. Handley

I’m not sure why CDC employees wear sailor suits, but after Jenny McCarthy’s two week talk show romp, they’ll be bailing water out of battleship CDC for months to come.

On Larry King Live, Jenny ripped the hull right off the frame, going as far as to say there’s no way in hell she would vaccinate another child if she had one.

Strong words for sure, the kind of words that make parents of autistic children like me jump up and down on our couches and scream for joy in a way perhaps only someone in our shoes can fully understand.

And, the CDC deserves everything they got.

In May 2004, Congressman Dave Weldon (FL) gave a riveting speech at the Autism One Conference where he noted:

“I have said repeatedly that the Autism Community is the 900-pound gorilla that has not had its voice heard adequately on Capitol Hill. This is largely due to the endless demands on your time, effort, emotions, and money in caring for the unique needs of your children.”

Weldon went on to criticize CDC for trying to whitewash mounting evidence implicating vaccines in the autism epidemic, and warned that someday soon parents would have their voices heard. Weldon may not have predicted that the 900 pound gorilla would be wrapped in the body of a former Playmate of the year, but thank God she is.

Through Jenny’s courage, standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before her, a national debate has emerged that is already forcing major change.

Pediatricians are being bombarded by nervous parents not wanting to push their children into autism. Discussion groups focused on biomedical intervention, websites sharing biomedical intervention information, and DAN! Doctors are experiencing unprecedented traffic.

“Hope” has resurfaced as a word to be used alongside “autism.”

It’s hard to fathom how many children Jenny has already saved.

Boatloads, Jenny, boatloads.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.



I have two sons with a tic disorder, fully immunized. It's about time these children were counted amongst the children who may have been injured. I watched my son go from eating everything offered, to refusing almost all foods. His pediatrcian said, "normal." I watched his intense sugar cravings develope, ped. said "normal." Bedwetting, mild OCD, and tics. Ped. said "genetic." With the release of the latest "reassuring" study, I'm saying "GET REAL."

I'm want to go on record, as a couch jumper! We NEED some real answers here. I hope the pediatricians phones keep ringing by concerned parents.

Caryn Talty

I was delighted to hear Jenny's words on national television, shocked, actually, that she said what she said and even more shocked that her voice was on mainstream national television. It is about time. I am a former special education teacher and Lovvas therapist. Never in my wildest nightmare did I ever think I would have to deal with any kind of neurological disorder in my children. I even put my first child on a delayed vaccine schedule, yet he still ended up with a tic disorder. Something has to change in this country, and if it means that millions of mothers decide not to vaccinate because it is too dangerous, then so be it. I am now one of those mothers. Once bitten, twice shy. My children will not be vaccinated until they are old enough to make the decision and weigh the consequences themselves. Thank you Jenny, from the bottom of my heart. You're celebrity status has allowed you to single-handedly started a revolution on behave of all the injured children out there struggling to get well.


I would like to see the CDC get away from the issue of thimerosal in vaccines and address the issue of vulneralbility in some children and vaccines. Perhaps some goups of children have immune systems that can't handle too much too soon. What about the idea of overtaxing the immune systems of vulnerable children with three attenuated viruses at one time? I would like to see the MMR split up into three vaccinations instead of one. I would suggest to parents who are wondering about the second MMR vaccination on their child to request a titer to be drawn on their child for measles, mumps, and rubella. If your child has sufficient antibodies to MMR they do not need to have that second vaccination. Both of my boys did not need their second vaccination. They would have been given without question had I not insisted on the titer. Parents need more choices, not to be confronted by health care professionals as if they are being negligent for questioning what is being put into their child's body. As a nurse I am used to dealing with docs. Parents need to remember they are their child's advocate. Educate yourself, and trust your instincts.

Diana Alvarado

I was estatic to hear what Jenny had to say on natinal T.V. When Holly made the statement ablut one in a million who was unteachable I cried, screamed, laughed, see I was told the same thing 3 years ago. I stared a support and resource group in Madera CA. I share info...on the diet, chelation(but) naturally. and I share info on BIO-MEDICAL currently in our area I am not afraid to say the B word out loud and the V word. I show parents that while they educate themselves about the vaccines in the state of CA. we can sign a waiver and our children have to be allowed to attend school, and pre-schiool, and even daycares. If anyone would like to ask me questions on what I have naturally please fell free to e-mail me at denny_mima@hotmail.com I am also bi-lingual in spanish. Now that I have confermation on my sons cause I can teach him differntly. Julian's vaccine titers for the MMR are in the high 300's as of 2004 and repeated tests confermed in 2006.

Lorena Smalley

My son got autismo from vaccination, there is no doubt about it!! I know how much mercury he received and the deadly viral cocktails that he received as well. Our lives have been devastated, and although through biomedical interventions he has improved remarkably, he will still have health issues for a long time.
Thanks to Jenny for this amazing awareness! at last, they are listening!! they just need to repair the damage and apologize and force the health insurance companies to cover our medical spendings.

Ricardo Linares

The last night missile opened the gap we needed for getting aboard. What are we going to do next?
We'll have a better impact in our society shortly if we make a very good World-wide Warning Campaign for “all parents”, those who ignore what is really happening. We are already fighting this giant but cannot do it alone. Do not allow this interview to be forgotten. Together we can make a great difference.

Kathryn Johansen

"Through Jenny’s courage, standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before her, a national debate has emerged that is already forcing major change."

YES! This is what Jenny's book and the four interviews (especially Oprah and Larry King) have done in just one short week. I wonder how many parents were jumping up and down on their respective couches? Amazing that 2 million people had checked Larry's website within the first 15 mins or so of the show. It's a crime that we are witnessing the biggest epidemic in history, yet parents are pretty much left on their own. I thank God everyday for DAN! doctors and Generation Rescue. The website was how I started down this path.

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