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Weekly Wrap: Nightmare on Clifton Road - Freddy Krueger is Coming for the CDC

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted Freddie door knocker

I hope the CDC is enjoying these warm spring days and basking in the sunshine of mainstream media love during Autism Awareness Month. But I strongly suspect that the shadow of darker times ahead is starting to haunt their dreams.

The CDC -- mailing address, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta -- is clearly managing, massaging and manipulating the data about the growth of the autism rate. It is really hard to see how long this can go on, with people like Florida Congressman Bill Posey going after the agency's Coleen Boyle in a powerful Autism One radio interview with Brian Hooker. Sample:

 "I know we have an autism epidemic. You know it. She knows it.  She knows we know it. But for some reason they refuse to acknowledge it publicly."  Regarding Boyle's assertion that the increase is due to better diagnosing, Posey said, "I don't think anybody that's intellectually honest with this issue can begin to fathom that lame excuse that she uses."

Safeminds 2014 LogoYesterday, we ran an extraordinary piece by Katie Wiesman of SafeMinds making clear just how lame that excuse is.

Because problems with our blog platform (not AOA specifically) meant we were down part of the day, I'd like to urge you to go back and read that piece carefully if you have the chance. As our own John Stone wrote:

"This is a colossal and important piece of work - a superb documentation of the CDC's smoke and mirrors operation. At every point the way the data is collected is inconsistent and obfuscating. Not an ounce of good faith behind any of it and the bottom line is the four trillion dollar bill, the cold monetary figure measuring destroyed human lives.

"No wonder Coleen Boyle quaked before the congressional committee."

Yes, no wonder. Bill Posey must look like Freddy Krueger to Coleen Boyle.

Katie, whose writing is always marked by respectful but relentless clarity and attention to detail, shows how messed up the CDC epidemiological data is, even by the standards it sets one year, then forgets the next. No follow-up, no action plan, no urgency. To borrow a wonderful headline from yesterday's Dachel Media Update: "Autism No Crisis, No Cause, No Chance It's Vaccines."

Anne has been attacking the mainstream media's credulous reporting on the CDC, and Katie makes the same point: "On March 28th, thousands of media outlets released the new US autism prevalence numbers of 1 in 68 in 8-year-olds born in 2002 and counted in 2010.  These children are 12 years old now.  What was glaringly lacking in the media coverage was any critical thought about that actual data, any sign that reporters had actually read the new report or any sign of urgency on behalf of our children."

Which is what the press is for -- not to give 24-hour coverage to a still-missing Malaysian jetliner, but to hold powerful interests, and specifically the United States government, to account on behalf of the people.

One of the most interesting among the many overlooked points in the CDC report: The percent of autistic children who also have intellectual disability seems to be declining, a trend that roughly coincides with the phasing out of the mercury additive thimerosal in vaccines when these now-12-year-olds were infants. But as Katie summarizes the CDC attitude:

"There is no possibility that autism and vaccines are connected because the numbers are still going up."

Katie's comment: "Assuming that there is, in fact, a smaller percentage of ASD children with Intellectual Disability, those shifts do correspond to the beginning of the phase out of thimerosal in vaccines, which is a plausible explanation as well – but one CDC doesn’t mention.  Thimerosal reduction in the recommended childhood vaccine schedule (HepB, Hib and DTaP) started in 1999 and it was phased out over several years.  However, shortly thereafter, in the 2002-2003 season, the CDC started encouraging flu shots (most of which contained thimerosal) for infants 6-23 months and in the 2004-2005 flu season flu shots were formally recommended for all infants starting at 6 months of age.  Meanwhile, the CDC and ACOG also added influenza vaccines (most of which still contained thimerosal) to the recommendations for pregnant women in all trimesters in 2004.  This FDA letter makes clear that thimerosal-containing infant vaccines would still have been administered throughout 2002 – the birth year of the current ADDM report but at amounts, on average, probably less than in the 2000 birth cohort.  The exposure to any particular child is an unknown without checking their history."

I called attention to this possibility in a brief editor's note the day the CDC released its data, and I continue to find it fascinating. As Katie points out, the CDC data is so gummed up it's impossible to tell what might be going on, but this observation is, in fact, consistent with a pretty intriguing possibility -- the CDC, which both surveils autism and recommends the childhood vaccine schedule, might find it convenient to bumble and stumble long enough to obscure any connection between the removal of mercury in vaccines and any sort of improvement in the autism outlook.

I've been "gathering string" on this issue for quite some time (this is a phrase an editor of mine used for pulling together separate threads that might eventually build a story, like a robin finding bits and pieces that become a nest). I've heard many people in the autism community talking for several years about seeing more "autism lite" -- not Asperger's necessarily, but kids who are less impaired, less physically ill and easier to recover with biomed.

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The Hate Debate: Tackles the Vaccine Debate

Hate DebateManaging Editor's Note: Below is an excerpt we encourage you to share from Megan, of the LivingWhole site.  From her bio, I have a degree in Political Science, a law degree, and am a Naturopath, Certified Natural Health Educator, Registered Power Yoga Instructor, writer, and stay-at-home mama. My better-half holds a biology degree, chemistry minor, is a Family Practice Physician, and is a Captain in the United States Air Force. Together we have four kids under three; and yes, we plan to have more.     We encourage you to bookmark

I am sick of it – this vaccination debate. My convictions not to vaccinate have been firm for six years now and I was comfortable living a low-profile life and letting other more notable activists carry the torch; and then I started seeing misleading t.v. interviews, news stories, and backlash against parents and unvaccinated children. I saw reputable medical professionals get crucified and reputations destroyed for questioning the mainstream norm. I saw laws passed in other states removing freedoms that rightfully belong to parents and individuals as a whole. I saw fear, blame, finger-pointing, lies, and flat out hate being propagated and encouraged by people, physicians, and popular media avenues towards parents who don’t vaccinate, and their children.

This isn’t a vaccination debate, it’s a hate debate, so let’s call it what it is. And when it got personal, I got involved. Most importantly, I felt the need to clear a few things up:

I am not an “anti-vaxxer” or a “disinformation activist.”
I am a parent. Some people believe that parents can’t make an educated decision on this issue, that you should check all of your questions and reservations about vaccinating at the door and trust your physician, that is unless your physician also questions vaccines (or supports a delayed schedule), then he’s a quack.

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Dr. Poul Thorsen, Principal Investigator on the Danish Autism Studies 3 Years on Most Wanted List

Safeminds 2014 LogoNote: We have covered the strange case of fugitive from justice Dr.  Poul Thorsen (Principal Investigator on the Danish Autism Studies, indicted on 22 counts of wire fraud and money laundering by a U.S. Federal Grand Jury) at AofA:

Autism Researcher Poul Thorsen Indicted

Round 2: CDCs Poul Thorsen Lying in Plain Sight

First Fraud: Dr. Poul Thorsen and the original “Danish Study”

Poul Thorsen Called Industry “Scumbag” Scientist and Mercury Shill

WANTED BY THE FEDS: Poul Thorsen, Who Helped Pull Off CDC Vaccine Autism Heist

Three years after his indictment, here is follow up from  Safeminds

Dr. Poul Thorsen, Principal Investigator on the Danish Autism Studies, extends his unwarranted Poul thorsenfreedom from prosecution as another anniversary on his indictment for 22 counts of wire fraud and money laundering by a U.S. Federal Grand Jury passes on April 13.

SafeMinds calls upon the US Department of Justice and the US Department of State to bring Dr. Thorsen back to the United States and to justice. We also call upon Chairman Darrell Issa and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to take up this issue as an oversight activity this year. We believe this warrants a Congressional hearing to understand this failure to fully address the allegations, to determine if others at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were complicit, and to address the failure of the CDC and the scientific community to investigate all of the studies from this project while holding current findings in deferral until fully investigated.

Following Thorsen’s indictment in 2011, SafeMinds issued a statement calling for an independent review of vaccine/autism research for data manipulation and conflicts of interest. To review those comments, click HERE. A year later a full report delivered to Chairman Issa, the Committee and other members of Congress outlined the issues. For that detailed report on Poul Thorsen, click HERE. In 2013, the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS/OIG) elevated Thorsen to the top of their “Most Wanted” List. Information from the OIG may be viewed HERE.

A Brief Background on the Indictment: The Criminal Indictment No. 1:11-C R-194 United States of America v. Poul Thorsen states that beginning around February 2004 and continuing through February 2010, that Thorsen ‘aided and abetted by others known and unknown, did knowingly devise and intend to devise a scheme and artifice to defraud and to obtain money and property by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises and omissions of material facts, well knowing and having reason to know that said pretenses, representations and promises were and would be false and fraudulent…’ The indictment provides that Thorsen submitted false invoices and created private invoices (from a CDC laboratory using false signatures). He is alleged to have stolen more than $1 million from a CDC grant to Denmark he helped establish while working at CDC. If convicted on all counts, Thorsen could face up to 260 years in prison and $22.5 million in fines.

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Questions about Australian Vaccination Policy and Ethics for the NHMRC

AustraliaManaging Editor's Note: Thank you to Elizabeth Hart for allowing us to print and excerpt of and link to her Over-Vaccination: Challenging Big Pharma's lucrative over-vaccination of people and animals site.  You can read the full post Questions about vaccination policy and ethics for the NHMRC.

On 15 April 2014, I forwarded a letter to Professor Warwick Anderson, CEO of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

One of the functions of the NHMRC is to provide ethical guidance on health and medical research issues.

In my letter to Professor Anderson, I suggest the ethical spotlight needs to be shone on the way vaccination policy and practice is being implemented in Australia, and I provide examples of the lack of transparency and accountability in the vaccination bureaucracy.

In particular, I raise the problem of potential conflicts of interest and lack of disclosure by people involved in vaccination policy, followed by an example of parents being coerced into having a vaccine product  for their children (i.e. the live Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine second dose) without being properly informed about this vaccine, and their options.

See below my letter to Professor Anderson:


15 April 2014

Professor Anderson

RE:  Vaccination policy and practice in Australia

Professor Anderson, one of the functions of the NHMRC is to provide ethical guidance on health and medical research issues.[1] 

I suggest the ethical spotlight needs to be shone on the way vaccination policy and practice is being implemented in Australia, and I request that you urgently address this matter.

In this regard, I provide two examples of the lack of transparency and accountability in the vaccination bureaucracy.

1. Potential conflicts of interest and lack of disclosure

Various committees and groups provide advice to the Australian Federal Government on vaccine products which can result in the addition of new vaccine products to the national vaccination schedule.

These groups wield enormous power.  The members of these groups are part of a process that results in effectively mandating medical interventions (i.e. vaccinations) for healthy people.  The decisions these people make affect not only children and adults in Australia, but can also impact internationally as the ripple effect of their decisions spreads around the world.[2]

Vaccine Panel with Rob Schneider, Aidan Quinn, Andy Wakefield & More at Give Autism a Chance

Truthfyl gentle fearlessPanelists Rolf Hazelhurst, autism parent and attorney,  Jim Moody, attorney, Aidan Quinn, autism parent and actor, Rob Schneider,  autism parent and comedian, Mike  Guido, autism parent and comedian,  Jeanna Reed, autism parent, co-founder Autism Is Medical, and moderators Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Jill Rubolino, autism parent, co-founder Autism Is Medical sharing their experience with autism and regression post vaccination in a powerful and poignant way at the Give Autism a Chance conference in Austin, TX on April 12, 2014. Dr. Andrew Wakefield moderates the panel with his British aplomb and even handed determination.  "Welcome to the calm, quiet world of autism and vaccines. Hello to the trolls online."   Classic Brit wit.

View more videos at The U-Stream channel.

The video of the autism vaccine panel starts at 2:39 minutes.  There's plenty to watch before that start, however. Enjoy.

Video streaming by Ustream
The panel continues here:

Video streaming by UstreamAlso, from Give Autism a Chance: Our amazing #GAAC live stream was produced by Light Strike Productions in association with Blind Monk Productions. Huge thanks to Jeremy and Roderick for a top notch production. Videos are still available for viewing at
To reach our video team directly, visit their websites at: and

Action Alert: Dr. Offit, Please Stop Making Stuff Up About Regressive Autism

Ringing telephoneNote: Here is an easy to use action alert to ask Dr. Paul Offit's bosses to Action alertrequest that he stop making "stuff" (another word would fit well) up about autism - as a distraction for the epidemic and to protect his industry land connections. Click HERE.

Offit: "When you have autism, you are born with autism"

Ask Offit's bosses to stop him making stuff up
In a recent interview with Medscape ( millionaire vaccine industrialist and spokesman, Paul Offit, MD, pretends that he knows that autism begins before birth, which denies that autistic regression occurs, “When you have autism, you are born with autism. There is no changing that, and to some people, that is helpful to know.” We thought this might come as a surprise to many people who watched their healthy child regress into autism, and anybody who follows autism research.
Offit promotes himself as one of America’s leading authorities on autism, even though, like most parents, he has no professional training in autism.  Which may account for him saying things that have no foundation in either the medical literature, or the experience of hundreds of thousands of people. And he has several jobs at very prestigious institutions, which one would hope would value a close adherence to truth and known facts. Offit is the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology, and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, and Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Video: Dr. Albert Enayati Petitions IACC to Include Regressive Autism

IaccPlease take 7 minutes to listen to Dr. Albert Enayati passionately petition IACC to include regressive autism and vaccination in their work. Their blithe response? "You've used up two minutes of your time."  Thank you to Canary Party for posting this video link.

From the Safeminds site:  Albert Enayati is one of the original founding board members of SafeMinds and an author of the original Auitsm and Mercury paper. He is a Principal Research Engineer with 33 years experience in R&D/mechanical testing of over 100 orthopedic devices maxillofacial, trauma and spine systems.

Interview with Jeff Hays – The Producer of Bought: The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, and Your Food

Managing Editor's Note: You can support the production of BOUGHT at IndieGogo. 

By Kent Heckenlively

It was through chiropractors that documentary film producer, Jeff Hays, first became acquainted with those he jokingly calls “the most dangerous people on the face of the Earth.”

Hays was working on a film called, Doctored, which recounted the attack made by traditional medicine on the chiropractic profession and the fight the chiropractic profession waged in response and won.  “It was a small film that told the chiropractic story.  The AMA (American Medical Association) tried to contain and eliminate the profession of chiropractic.  Some chiropractors sued them in 1974, and it took 13 years, but the AMA was eventually found guilty.  That story had never really made its way into the mainstream.  And I felt it was a microcosm of what happens to alternative therapies that come under attack from mainstream or political medicine.”

Many of the chiropractors Hays interviewed had parents who were chiropractors and several of them said that in their life they’d never, “taken a drug, an aspirin, or a vaccine.”  Hays was startled to hear that many of them had never had a vaccine and what followed from that was a slow awakening to the fact that there was even a discussion about the safety of vaccines.

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Japan and the HPV Vaccine Controversy

SanevaxThe SaneVax Team would like to share a series of events in Japan which culminated in a decision which was nothing short of miraculous. This decision and the events leading up to it offer hope to millions of families whose lives have been adversely impacted by the use of Gardasil and Cervarix.

Due to massive efforts by HPV vaccine victims and their families, independent medical and scientific professionals willing to speak about their concerns, traditional media outlets with the integrity to investigate and report accurately, input and assistance from the SaneVax team, and political representatives who actually did the job they were elected to perform – THERE WILL BE NO GOVERNMENT RECOMMENDED HPV VACCINATION PROGRAM IN JAPAN FOR AT LEAST A YEAR.

Because all of the groups just mentioned worked together to preserve the health of Japanese girls, multiple members of the House of Councilors, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party intervened making it impossible for Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to call for the re-instatement of Japan’s official recommendation for HPV vaccines (both Gardasil and Cervarix) for 2014.

Basically, the HPV vaccine debate in Japan came down to one side claiming psychosomatics versus the other side presenting science. Science won!

Timeline of Events Recorded by SaneVax:

  • 29 March 2013 – Japan decided to add both HPV vaccines, a pneumococcal vaccine and a vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis to their government recommended vaccination schedule.  Although HPV vaccines had been approved for several years, they had not been widely used. The new law was to take effect April 1st. SaneVax received questions from a Tokyo newspaper journalist concerned about the safety of HPV vaccines the same day. This was quickly followed by inquiries from other journalists, both newspaper and television, as well as Japanese victims’ advocates.

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Mother Jones' Kiera Butler Interviews Pediatrician Who Promotes Vaccination Safety

Thinker femaleManaging Editor's Note: Dr. Stacia Kenet Lansman is a Tufts University Medical School graduate - the same college Dr. Paul Offit attended.  As an aside, I too attended Tufts Undergrad, (although my degree is from Boston College) my father, sister, uncle and cousin are Tufts graduates.  This video and the body copy below are from Senior Editor Kiera Butler.  It's an informative interview, and offers a thoughtful dialog on vaccine safety. has already tried to label, bully and denigrate Dr. Kenet Lansman  for her point of view: Meet the Anti-Vaccination Pediatrician Catering to California’s Rich, New Age-y Parents.  As you can see in the video, she is NOT against vaccination.  In fact, some of our own readers will disagree with her vaccination schedules. What she is doing is personalizing medicine for children. Hardly anti-vaccine. Thank you to Ms. Butler and Dr. Kenet Lansman.

Read the full post at Mother Jones.

The waiting room at Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley, a town in the affluent hippie enclave of Marin County, California, is a far cry from the drab doctors' offices I remember from childhood. Instead of old copies of Highlights magazine and a few sticky Legos, there's a veritable Montessori classroom's worth of appealing toys: wholesome-looking wooden blocks, stacks of picture books, and even a ride-on Radio Flyer fire engine. For parents, there are bookshelves stocked with Moosewood cookbooks and herbal remedies and tomes about how French people get their children to eat. Black-and-white portraits of grinning kids line the walls. Even the patients and their parents look great: trim moms in yoga pants, a giggling, pigtailed preschooler playing with a sticker, an elementary-school girl holding an American Girl book. No one seems to have so much as a runny nose.

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WHO Officials Rig Inclusion Criteria for Vaccine Injury in Developing World

Rigged dice"Garbage in Garbage Out: World Health Organization officials rig inclusion criteria for adverse vaccine events in the developing world."

By John Stone

An unusual correspondence has been appearing beneath the abstract of an article in Pubmed led by redoubtable vaccine safety campaigner Jacob Puliyel  (possibly chosen as a venue by him so that the discussion could take place on the open web). The paper by Tozzi et al including veteran Johns Hopkins Institute of Vaccine Safety professor Neal Halsey assesses the World Health Organization Adverse Event Following Immunization criteria which further dilute the possibility of adverse vaccine events ever being acknowledged. Alberto Tozzi is lead the author of the notorious CDC funded Italian thimerosal study which received widespread media publicity in 2009 despite the fact that the data could have been specially selected not to discover anything. This being the case the new paper finds  Tozzi on fine form. Dr Puliyel’s letter headed  ‘DEATHS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES WILL COUNT FOR LESS’ reviews how the system has worked in practice rather than whether health officials like it. It states in conclusion:

“Under the new scheme, fatal AEFI in developing countries will be falsely recorded as ‘Not an AEFI’, simply because some time or test criterion was not met. Death is the worst AEFI possible. Continued use of the CIOMS [Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences]/WHO scheme will result in missing an important opportunity to pick up signals that could save lives…”

There are further contributions from Paul G King,  Brandon Horn, Y Mahdavi, Lokesh Tiwari, Toni Bark and Akash Malik, an Indian government official, but no response so far from the authors. In the original paper - which is not available on the open web - Prof Tozzi acknowledges research grants from Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline  and Sanofi Pasteur MSD. Read further here.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

Weekly Wrap:The “Trutherization” of Vaccine Injury

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

It’s interesting – in the sense that a train wreck that leaks toxic fumes and kills an entire town of sleeping souls is “interesting” – to watch the mainstream media descend deeper into denial about vaccines and autism.

The latest round of tut-tutting comes in the wake of a report that Americans are prone to believe in conspiracy theories, in particular that the government, corporations or both are trying to cover up the truth about some health information, USA Today reports.

“20 percent believe doctors and health officials push child vaccines even though they ‘know these Chris Hayesvaccines cause autism and other psychological disorders.’”

Over on MSNBC, Chris Hayes blamed the recrudescence of measles in Manhattan (20 cases or so) on “purveyors of anti-science hokum” like Jenny McCarthy. “This kind of thinking, it spreads like disease.” The segment was dubbed “Anti-Vaccination Trutherism.” Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Salz, laughed off the vaccine-autism connection: "This is essentially a coping mechanism gone awry. It makes us tremendously anxious to feel that we have no control over the possibility that our baby could get autism, and to be life-ruining, it's terrifying. So that idea that we can identify something that makes us less anxious."

And this, apparently, requires belief in extravagant conspiracy theories. Well, what is a conspiracy after all? It’s more than one person working in concert, and in secret, to effect a desired and usually nefarious result.

Clearly, doctors and public health officials do know that vaccines can cause autism, because they couldn’t have missed the press accounts of awards in vaccine “court” for children who developed autism as a result of vaccination. Further, studies have found a much higher rate of autism and other developmental issues in boys vaccinated as newborns with the Hepatitis B vaccine.

There is a concerted effort to keep these truths from emerging and to replace them with the false idea that vaccines have been vindicated as never causing autism. That in effect is the “trutherism” right there.

What I find amazing is the credulity of the press – many journalists are too young, and some apparently too naïve, to run this idea through their Watergate filter. Here’s the truth: Public officials – and putting “health” in between those words doesn’t inoculate them – do conspire to create certain outcomes when their professional mission and personal reputation are on the line. And corporations are not immune, obviously.

I didn’t have to look far to be reminded of how complicit corporations can be in conspiracies. In the same Thursday issue of USA Today that reported on the health conspiracy beliefs, two stories caught my attention.

One – Toyota agreed to pay $1.2 billion to settle a criminal case involving its handling of those deadly accelerator problems a few years back. “Today, we can say for certain that Toyota intentionally concealed information and misled the public about the safety issues behind these recalls,” Attorney General Eric Holder said. “Put simply, Toyota’s conduct was shameful.”

I love this part: Toyota, to save its corporate scalp, agreed to allow a monitor to oversee its “safety communications, its internal handling of accident reports and its processes for handling technical bulletins.” In other words, the government wants to prevent another conspiracy to hide the truth about unsafe products.

Two – GM President Mary Barra penned an op-ed in which she fell on her stick shift to apologize for the mishandling of safety recalls, delays that appear to have caused a handful of deaths.

“Everyone at GM regrets that it took so long to confirm the problem with the Cobalt and similar models and issue a recall. We are deeply sorry for the lives lost and the lives it has affected.”

She’s deeply sorry, in effect, for a conspiracy to conceal safety defects over many years.

What’s so crazy about all this is that drug companies are not held in terribly high regard in the first place, and for good reason (Vioxx, four hour erections, et al). Neither is government. Neither is the media. Yet these three groups team up to treat those with well-earned reasons to be suspicious as “truthers.”

Measles is inconsequential in the fact of the real truth – that the autism epidemic is driven by excessive vaccination. But anti-vaccine truthers get blamed for every illness this side of spring fever, and probably for that.

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Debating Vaccines Online

Kristin Cav
Kristin Cavallari

By  Cathy Jameson

Jenny The View
Jenny McCarthy

An honest mom’s response made late last week during an interview opened the doors to a circus frenzy typical of the mainstream media.  If you’ve stayed up with vaccine and autism news since that comment aired then you’re already well aware of the lively conversations that have taken place on the internet about it. 

A great number of people came out of the woodwork offering their opinion about vaccines and about Kristin Cavallari’s choice to not vaccinate.  Some people left a comment or two in online forums while others cranked out a good 10,000 or more.  Everyone had something to say.  Or prove.  Or demand.  Or yell IN ALL CAPS.  Quite a few parents who have children with documented vaccine injuries merely wanted to leave a heartfelt thanks while other people, many of whom appear to hail from a pro-vaccine stance, badgered those parents with malicious responses in reply. 

Karen Ernst
Every Child By Two's Karen Ernst

Baiting parents and belittling them and their well-thought out opinions

Law Professor and Protector of Vaccines Dorit Reiss

became the new discussion.  It wasn’t about Kristin anymore.  The attack turned toward the parents who have wised up about vaccines.  Moms were belittled.  Their science was shot down.  Parents were told their anti-vax choices were putting innocent people at risk.  It never makes sense to argue that point because the majority of people in this country have the choice to vaccinate or not.  It’s quite simple, really.  If we parents don’t want to vaccinate, they don’t have to.  That right is protected by law.  But some people forget that little fact and would rather have an online hissy fit instead.

Even though I had several opportunities to say something as the story went viral, because I too am thankful Kristin’s knows that she has a choice in the matter, I kept out of the fray.  I watched instead.  Many times I wish I hadn’t.  I am all for discussing and offering insight to others in a public forum, but there is no need to point fingers at moms who are vocal about a personal decision.  But that happened repeatedly last week.   

As the days went on, while the media did nothing to calm the drama they started, more people added to online conversations.  What struck me as the most unfortunate after reading thread after thread after thread was that in all the comments, not one person chimed in saying,


Thanks for the info, everyone!  Your incredibly heated discussions have offered me a significant amount of useful insight.  It even helped me make the decision to vaccinate/to not vaccinate my child.  Keep up that fantastic back-and-forth dialogue.  I’m sure it’ll help someone else too!” 

Nope. Not one. 

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Japan: International Medical Researchers Issue Warning about HPV Vaccine Side Effects

GardasilFrom SaneVax: The Sane Vax Mission is to promote only Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices through education and information.

The International Symposium on the adverse reactions experienced by girls who have been vaccinated by Human Papillomavirus vaccines and subsequent events which took place in Tokyo on February 25th and 26th have sparked a high-profile debate over HPV vaccine safety, efficacy and need.

The Researchers’ Organization Sounding a Warning concerning the Adverse Reactions induced by Human Papillomavirus Vaccines, led by Dr. Harumi Sakai, a former professor of Tokai University, School of Medicine and a former leader at the immunochemical research team at Texas University, Galveston, reported that Sin Hang Lee, MD, former Associate Professor at Yale University and currently  pathologist of Milford Hospital, Dr. Francois Jerome Authier, MD, a professor at Universite Paris XII and a doctor at Systeme Hospital Henri Mondor de Paris, and research fellow Lucija Tomljenovic, a PhD from the University of British Columbia, presented evidence regarding the risks involved with HPV vaccines during the symposium, two press conferences and a government-sponsored public hearing on February 26th.

The public hearing was attended by eight medical academic members of the Japanese government’s Advisory Council on the Alleged Adverse Reactions to HPV Vaccines, several top-ranking Health Ministry bureaucrats, medical doctors and journalists from the nation’s major newspapers and television networks.

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Documentary in the Works "Vaccines: Are They Safe And Effective?"

Movie reel redIndieGoGo campaign to fund a new documentary from Richard Milner.

Help us complete this documentary! You can be a part of ensuring that this groundbreaking video on vaccine safety is completed. Featuring a discussion between Boyd Haley and Paul Offit, the documentary offers important insights on what can happen when industry profits, rather than human health, drive government vaccine recommendations.

Dr. Offit appears often on national television as an expert on vaccination. By not inviting any of his many critics, the mainstream media gives the impression that he has none. This false impression leaves the public uninformed on the very real threats posed to children’s health through an overly aggressive vaccine program that now recommends children receive an astounding 48 vaccines by the age of six.

Your donation of $10 to $15,000 will allow us to complete the project. In return, you’ll receive:

• A complete bibliography of 145 published scientific studies proving the danger of mercury in vaccines.

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Kristin Cavallari: "Anti-Vaccine?" Or Pro-Informed Health Decision?

Kristin CavNote: Welcome to newcomers.  When you think of Monstanto and food what's your instinct? That is our reaction to the vaccine injury denial industry. Follow Kristin on  FaceBook & Twitter @KristinCav and please share your story as a show of support for medical healthcare  freedom rights.  American rights.  After all, neither the manufacturer (pharma) nor the doctor who delivers the vaccination bears any liability for injury or death. YOYO - You're On Your Own - if your child is harmed.  The leading spokesman for "vaccine safety" is Dr. Paul Offit - and he is heavily invested in the industry. See our Exclusives category for copious info to help you make an informed choice for yourself and your family.

By Zack Peter Your_rights

I want to take a moment to throw a huge THANK YOU out to Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler for making a very well research and thoroughly thought-out decision to not vaccinate their son, Camden. And I want to thank Kristin for her courage to come out and publicly admit that and stand proudly behind her decision.

Too many people make irresponsible decisions — both to vaccinate and to not — without weighing out all the benefits and side-effects of vaccinations.

Do your research people. Read up. I’m not telling you to vaccinate. I’m not telling you not to. I’m telling you to educate yourself. Autism is real. Stats have reached 1 in 50. That scary. For a celebrity (in today’s age) to speak out publicly about such a controversial issue shows an immense amount of bravery, considering all the backlash she is likely to face, online and in the media.

Thank you, Kristin. Thank you, Jay. Wishing your family lots of health, happiness, and wellness for many years to come!

Tweet me @JustPlainZack or reach me at Or, as always, simply leave a comment.

New York Vaccine Action Alert

Autism action networkIt is time for New Yorkers to win back the right to decide which vaccines Action alert our children get, and when they get them. More than half the American population lives in states where parents have the right to decide. These states include California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Washington, Vermont and a dozen others.

Most other developed democracies in the world have this right including Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, Germany, etc. But not New York.

Please click on the Take Action Link below to send a message to your State Senator asking him or her to sign on as a co-sponsor to S3934 introduced by Senator Martin Malave Dilan of Brooklyn, and ask your Assemblymember to sign on as a co-sponsor of Assemblymember Tom Abinanti’s A6359.


Please share this message with friends and family, and please like Autism Action Network on Facebook to help spread the word.

Theoretically, we have the right to an exemption from vaccine mandates for medical and religious reasons. But just ask anyone who has tried to get a medical exemption in New York, physicians are afraid to issue them for fear of reprisals from the state health department, and school districts such as New York City ignore them anyway.

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Informed Consent and MMR Vaccination

MmrManaging Editor's Note:  Thank you to Elizabeth Hart for allowing us to excerpt  a post from her site Over-vaccination. "Challenging Big Pharma's lucrative over-vaccination of people and animals."

‘Informed consent’ and the Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine – challenging the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices

As I have argued previously on, it’s likely that most children will be immune after the first dose of the live Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

However, mass populations of already immune children are being arbitrarily revaccinated with a second dose of the live MMR vaccine because a small proportion of children may not have responded to the first dose.  

In other words, millions of children are being over-vaccinated with the second dose of live MMR vaccine.  Read the full post at Over-vaccination.

Action Alert: RI Proposes Worst Vaccine Regulation Ever

Autism action networkFrom Autism Action Network:

Michael Fine, MD, the state of Rhode Island’s Director of Health, Action alert is pushing the adoption of the worst forced shots regulations in US history. Every shot on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended schedule, including the controversial HPV shot,  will become mandatory to attend pre-school, daycare, elementary school, middle school, high school and college in Rhode Island. The ACIP is a federal commission composed of representatives of the vaccine industry with well-documented and pervasive conflicts of interest among its members. Fine has also proposed sweeping new vaccine requirements for employees of pre-schools. And unlike 20 other states where more than half the American population lives Rhode Island does not allow exemptions from vaccine mandates for secular reasons.

Children as young as six-months will be exposed through flu shots to quantities of mercury vastly higher than maximum exposure limits for adults. The HPV has an extremely bad safety record, and there is no data studying the effect of multiple injections of products the US Supreme Court has declared “unavoidably unsafe.”

ALERT: Please click this Take Action link  to send a message to Governor Lincoln Chafee and your Rhode Island State Legislators stating your opposition to the plan.

Please Call Governor Lincoln Chaffee and politely state your opposition:

(401) 222-2080 

Please call Dr. Fine and politely let him now that you are opposed to his proposal:


Fine has been a private physician in family practice, and his wife is currently a physician in family practice which gives the Fine family a direct financial interest in the implementation of his proposal. Rhode Island law requires any public official to declare a conflict of interest and recuse themselves from decisions in which they or their families have a direct financial interest.  Fine clearly should recuse himself from the adoption of these regulations. 

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How the CDC (and Dorit Reiss) Hyped Risk of Childhood Hep B Infection by 50-fold to Push Vaccines

ReissBy Cia Parker

Professional vaccine operatives like Dorit Reiss have been hard at work for some time to exaggerate the dangers of the vaccine-preventable diseases, while simultaneously denying the damage that the vaccines for them often do. A case in point was found in the comments on this article on the Mother Jones website last week:

The topic had turned to the hepatitis-B vaccine, given to all newborns in the U.S. while they were still at the hospital, beginning in 1991 (at the beginning of the autism epidemic). I put up information I had found in Dr. Bob Sears’ The Vaccine Book, a link to a CDC report with a chart at the bottom showing the rate of hep-B diagnosis in children 1-9 from 1986, five years before the vaccine program began.

The chart at the bottom of the report clearly shows that the rate at which hep-B was diagnosed in children was less than one per 100,000 or fewer than 360 a year in a childhood population of 36 million in 1990. The text at the top of the report, however, states: “Before 1982, an estimated 200,000--300,000 persons in the United States were infected annually with HBV, including approximately 20,000 children.”  The source for this large number was an article in Pediatrics in 2001. It uses the word “estimated” because this is a purely speculative figure, not based on the disease being diagnosed by blood tests carried out by physicians.

Hepatitis B is a very dangerous disease when contracted in the first year. At that time, the only means of transmission, except in extremely unusual and almost unimaginable circumstances, is from contagion by an infected mother. It is usual to perform a blood test on a pregnant woman to learn whether her child is at risk, in which case it would probably be best to give the baby immunoglobulin and the vaccine when it was born. But instead it has become standard practice in the U.S. to give this dangerous vaccine to all newborns, even those born to healthy mothers, and very common to give the vaccine to the newborn without the permission or knowledge of the parents, making it harder to realize that the vaccine was the cause of the child’s autism, diagnosed years later.  

The virus is transmitted like AIDS, by infected blood/body fluids to blood/mucus membrane contact. It is most commonly contracted by unsafe sex with a carrier or by shared use of needles used by illegal drug users. Medical personnel exposed to infected blood are at some increased risk, but it is not as great as is commonly believed. It is not spread by the sharing of eating utensils or drinking glasses, or sleeping in the same bed as an infected person. It may sometimes be transmitted by sharing toothbrushes or razors. Australia did a study which showed that it was not transmitted by children at school. (Burgess, MA and McIntosh, EDG, “Hepatitis-B in urban schoolchildren – No evidence of horizontal transmission between high-risk and low-risk groups,” Med J Australia, 5 Sept. 1993; 159: 315-319, quoted Wendy Lyall, Raising a vaccine-free child, p.178). Everett Koop went to a lot of trouble thirty years ago to persuade people not to fear casual contact with those infected with HIV or AIDS. But now the pharma operatives are drumming up terror at the idea that there MAY have been twenty thousand children a year getting hepatitis-B before 1991, but, since they had NO symptoms, no one ever noticed or diagnosed it. It was only when they grew up and were finally diagnosed with it that the moment they had contracted it was unsuccessfully sought.

Many believe that the vast majority of this group caught it in the usual ways, by unsafe sex and/or sharing of illegal IV drug needles. Many of them were probably unwilling or unable to share the details of their sex and drug lives with inquiring researchers. But, without having proven that there really had been twenty thousand children a year getting a sexually-transmitted disease by unknown vectors, was it really a good idea to start giving all newborns a highly reactive vaccine?

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Vaccine Industry Watchdog Responds to Forbes' Defense of Mercury-Laced Vaccinations

Brian HookerDr. Brian Hooker, PhD, says Forbes misrepresented congressional record and CDC studies

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Last week, PhD biochemist Brian Hooker created a stir when he announced he had obtained sensitive documents from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. According to Hooker, these documents implicated the vaccine preservative Thimerosal (50% mercury by weight) in causing autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, revealing what he says CDC officials had long known, but never disclosed publicly: a 7.6-fold increase in autism during infancy after exposure. Emily Willingham, who frequently editorializes in support of the vaccine program, responded in Forbes by criticizing a news story that went viral on the subject of Dr. Hooker's FOIA revelations.


Dr. Hooker methodically itemized "misrepresentations and outright errors" that he says appeared in "Willingham either confused two CDC studies or intentionally deceived Forbes' readers," said Hooker. "There was one concealed study that found a very high association between Thimerosal and autism. That was the study that was kept from the public which I obtained. And there was a later study by the same researcher – CDC-paid epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten – who had watered down the results of the earlier study to appear as if there were no association between Thimerosal and autism. That second study was made public even though it was fraudulent.  Willingham pointed to the conclusions of the later study and implied that they came from the earlier study."

Although Willingham denies that the CDC researcher, Dr. Verstraeten, was under pressure to alter the results of the earlier study, Dr. Hooker points out that Verstraeten's own email written at the time (an internal CDC document obtained through FOIA) reveals otherwise. Verstraeten's subject line, "It just won't go away," refers to his difficulty in making the statistical association between Thimerosal and autism disappear.

Making an example of how he says Dr. Verstraeten hid that association in his reanalysis of the data on 400,000 infants, Dr. Hooker says Verstraeten did not include clinics within HMOs where there was a strong correlation between Thimerosal exposure and autism incidence. According to Hooker, "Willingham brazenly disregarded Verstraeten's own chilling words: 'All the harm is done in the first month [of life]…' He wrote those words about the study I obtained."  The abstracts of Verstraeten's two studies and further comment on the controversy can be viewed here.

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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Say Whut, Now?

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Our indefatigable Anne Dachel passed along a story Friday with the kind of title we are by now immune to, so to speak: "The Dangerous History of Anti-Vaccine Comspiracies," by Jeffrey Kopman. It was the usual mashup -- mishmash is probably a better word -- of Andy Wakefield being a fraudster, and the horrifying attack of mutant killer illnesses, and parents being so profoundly deluded as to think their child had a life-wrecking vaccine reaction just because their child had a vaccine followed by a life-wrecking reaction. (They are not the same thing!) How dare these benighted parents tell anyone such a tale, when endless scientific "experts" say it didn't happen because it couldn't happen? How very dare they?

But this article, as the Church Lady would say, was special: the piece was published by The Weather Channel, of all places. And its first paragraph is quite a piece of work: "Forty-three years after the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine hit the mainstream, the disease is still flaring across the country — as are mumps, rubella and whooping cough."

Now say whut, exactly? MMR disease is still flaring, as are mumps, rubella and whooping cough? Not gonna happen. Like all Gaul, the MMR is divided in three -- their cumulus total is not another disease, unless you want to count autism (snicker, snicker). These people, they make fun of our lack of scientific understanding and then they start off like that? 


On a happier note, I was really glad to see that Paul Krugman is retiring from Princeton and heading to City University, in part because he wants a vibrant big-city milieu (he mentioned Zabar's, a specialty food store on the Upper West Side), and also to focus more sharply on the issue of income inequality.

Not that there's anything wrong with Princeton. What makes me happy, rather, is that Paul is my age, 61, shares my political outlook, and even my college class, and is serving notice that he's not letting up, he's bearing down on what he cares about most. And he's enjoying himself.

I can dig it.

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Judy Converse on How To Clear A Room: Unvaxed Kids!

Monty-python-run-awayManaging Editor's Note: We've excerpted this terrific post from Nutrition Care for Kids.

By Judy Converse

Want to clear a room fast? Tell people your kids aren’t vaccinated. Then say, “Not only is that why they’re so healthy – it helps your kids stay healthier too.” Wait. What? Unvaccinated kids, healthier? Aren’t they walking cesspools of infection, recklessly spreading disease in their wake? Aren’t they leaches, getting a free ride away from infections, on the backs of all those good parents who vaccinate their kids?

The CDC maintains that they can’t solve this question for us. Their posture is that it’s unethical to study vaccinated versus unvaccinated kids, presumably because it isn’t safe to not vaccinate anybody. But ongoing survey data show that unvaccinated kids are healthier. They have fewer allergies and asthma, less autism, fewer chronic conditions  and are sick less often. Even though these data come from an uncontrolled voluntary survey (over 13,000 participants worldwide and growing), the differences are enough to give anyone pause – and plenty big to warrant formal investigation. By factors of double, triple, or tens of times, vaccinated kids show a higher illness burden than their unvaccinated peers, for conditions like epilepsy, diabetes, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions, autism, allergy, asthma, and more.

Meanwhile, the argument that a pool of vaccinated kids is needed to quash a return of infections is starting to crumble (bolstering the position held by some that vaccines can’t confer herd immunity): Even with compliance for most immunizations at over 90% across the US –  above the level considered necessary for successful herd immunity – we still have outbreaks of pertussis, measles, mumps, chickenpox, polio, and flu in  vaccinated groups. The global level of pertussis coverage was 83% in 2012 – pretty darn good – but, still: Outbreaks. In fact, vaccinated people may spread infections they are recently inoculated against, as they shed viral and bacterial material from vaccines – just as occurs with wild type, naturally acquired infection. This has been documented for those recently vaccinated against pertussis, polio, flu, chickenpox, rotavirus, and measles.

Read the full article and bookmark Judy's site at Nutrition Care for Children.

New Disclosures on Vaccine Safety Data Link

SafeMinds banner

The U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) recently revealed, as a result of oversight requests by Congress, a research paper written by Thomas Verstraeten, MD titled Increased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines in the first month of life that documents statistically significant adverse health outcomes associated with exposure to the mercury-based preservative thimerosal. The announcement of yet another thimerosal paper that was written by CDC officials, but not publicly made available until now, is sending ripples throughout the autism community and elsewhere.

According to the newly released document, CDC epidemiologic surveillance officers utilized the Vaccine Safety Datalink (a large linked database from four health maintenance organizations in Washington, Oregon, and California) containing demographic, medical and immunization data on over 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997 to conduct the investigation.  The data was categorized according to cumulative exposure to ethylmercury (thimerosal) after the first month of life and the subsequent risk of the infant developing degenerative, neurologic or renal disorders. In the paper the authors found an elevated relative risk (RR) for the following disorders: Autism 7.6, nonorganic sleep disorders 5.0 and speech disorders 2.1.  In a court of law, a relative risk of 2.0 typically implies cause and effect.

The newly released document mirrors an earlier analysis obtained by SafeMinds through a Freedom of information act request filed in early 2000.  This is when SafeMinds obtained hundreds of emails, minutes to the now famous Simpsonwood meeting and the “Generation Zero” data, the first computerized run of the Vaccine Safety Datalink investigation into thimerosal containing vaccines and adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes.

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Teri Arranga Has a Conversation of Hope with Dr. Brian Hooker

Conversation of hope

Prof. Brian Hooker, PhD, joins Teri in the debut of this new season of AutismOne: A Conversation of Hope. Dr. Hooker will be talking about documents that have been recently obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding the CDC cover-up of the relationship between autism and vaccines. In addition, he will discuss his research in the CDC's Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) database, where strong, statistically significant relationships have been found between vaccines and autism. Tune in for this vital information.

Autism One: A Conversation of Hope LISTEN HERE.

Tuesdays at 9 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

Approximately 1 child in 50 is diagnosed with autism, which gives autism the undesired ranking as the most prevalent childhood developmental disorder in the United States. 67 children will be diagnosed today - that is nearly 1 child every 20 minutes. Autism is treatable and children are significantly improving or recovering following appropriate therapies. “Autism One: A Conversation of Hope” hosted by Teri Arranga, includes discussions with the most experienced doctors, researchers, and therapists in the field, parents of recovered children, and advocates for the children and families. Learn more at the AutismOne site.

Babies Respond To Tom Insel and IACC's Decision To Abandon Them

Tom InselIf you listened to or participated in yesterday's IACC full committee conference, please share your POV/analysis in the comments here at AofA.   IACC voted AGAINST including the words immunizations or vaccines in the strategic plan despite the link to immune response in ASD. Many of us have already had our children. Elvis has left the building. And wella, wella, wella now we have a lifetime to try to help our vaccine injured kids. But our kids have siblings, younger parents are still having babies and there are generations to come - babies who have been damned by Dr. Tom Insel.

Thank you to those who participated and did their best on behalf of our kids.  Katie Wright has summarized previous IACC meetings for us.  Her write up from the November 2013 meeting is below.  We'll have further review of yesterday's meetings soon.

By Katie Wright

Thank you to Lisa Ackerman for her recent post on the last IACC meeting, she inspired me to get my act together and finish this.

I have fallen behind because my son Christian has started developing grand mal seizures and must now be watched every minute of the day. I also have to stay on top of his twice-monthly IVIG sessions. We are waging a battle royale for insurance coverage, but it is infinitely worth it because Christian’s autism is thoroughly and completely immune mediated. That is why I found this meeting particularly infuriating, but more on that later.

OK, so our story begins at the NIH, in a jam-packed committee room filled with about 30 people, maybe 1 or 2 actual parents of someone with autism. There are 3 IACC members with very, very, very HF aspergers. The rest of the special committee are comprised of geneticists, brain imagers, psychologists and a few odds and ends.  So there you go: the autism research Stone Age. Am I giving away the whole story already?

The group was to first discuss question #1 of the Strategic Report, “When Should I be Concerned?” Frankly, I have no idea why they even need to ask this question in 2014! We really, really, really know the signs of autism now. There are over 11,000 studies on the signs of autism and probably just as many on the importance of early intervention.

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USA Today Gives Couric A Lump Of Coal

Lump-Of-Coal-CachetteManaging Editor's Note: Katie Couric has delved into healthcare and safety issues in the past, most notably her campaign to encourage colonoscopies after her husband's death from colon cancer. Before her show was cancelled a few days ago, she aired a program with parents whose children had been injured by the Merck HPV (genital wart virus) vaccine called Gardasil. The pharma crackdown was swift and harsh. Families across the country are awakening to the draconian and patently un-American tactics used to sell and even force vaccination.  Of course, the vaccine injury denialists are misogynists to the core - attacking Ms. Couric, mothers (like many of us) and Jenny McCarthy.

Is Katie Couric taking Jenny McCarthy's place as the latest celebrity vaccine denier? If her show this week on the vaccine that prevents most types of cervical cancer is any indicator, the answer is "yes."

As someone who went through her own cervical cancer scare years ago, and as the mother of a 13-year-old girl who will be starting the vaccine series for the human papillomavirus, this is not what I expected from a journalist whose famed colonoscopy, televised in 2000, did much to publicize the best way to fight colon cancer. So why would a respected journalist create a faux controversy that could put young girls across the country at risk?

Couric is following in dangerous footsteps. The View co-host McCarthy has long promoted the idea that the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) her son received as an infant caused him to be autistic. She wrote books and appeared on TV urging parents not to vaccinate their children because she was convinced there was a link between the vaccines and autism, even though the science couldn't be clearer that she's wrong. McCarthy created a nationwide parental push-back on vaccinations that some doctors believe contributed to an increase in diseases such as whooping cough and measles.

Now it seems Couric is on that destructive bandwagon. And she is a much more powerful and trusted voice than McCarthy who, before her vaccine crusade, was known more for appearing in Playboy than for anything of substance.  Read the entire letter at USpharmAToday

"Not Paid To Post?" Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, UC Hastings College of Law and Kaiser Permanente

ReissBy Christina Waldman

In the past weeks, Prof Dorit Reiss of Hastings law school in San Francisco has been bombarding the blogs with many hundreds of comments in relation Katie Couric’s broadcast on HPV vaccine - likely in excess of a thousand.

( Rosie Perez

Katie What Are Your Thoughts on Gardasil Conversation Continued

HuffPo: Furthering Conversation)

So many, in fact, that it is hard to imagine how it could not interfere with her normal professional routine. Whether or not Reiss has been able to perform her normal professional tasks during this period there is an issue of whether her advocacy may be conflicted by the sponsorship and institutional affiliations of her employer, examined here by Christina Waldman.

In an exchange a few days ago (Dec 8) between University of California (UC) Hastings Associate Law Professor Dorit Reiss and "Vince Brown" on,  Brown accuses Reiss of being “paid to post” in favor of vaccines.  Reiss  replies:  "Not really.  My lawschool [sic] would pay me the same salary whether or not I post here."  Brown persisted, and Reiss confirmed, “I am sorry you had trouble understanding my comment. No, no one is paying me to post here.”

Be that as it may, the institutional activities of Hastings have latterly become bound up in partnerships between UCSF/UC Hastings and Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed health care organization in the US , the head office of which is just across San Francisco bay in Oakland.

According to Wiki:

“UCSF is administered separately from Hastings College of Law, another UC institution located in San Francisco. In recent years, UCSF and UC Hastings have increased their collaboration, including the formation of the UCSF/Hastings Consortium on Law, Science, and Health Policy.”

The Consortium “offers impressive opportunities” for students in education, research, and clinical studies, including internships/externships with Kaiser Permanente and others.   (8/28/13 press release).  (Paper by Consortium members, “Price Transparency in the Health Care Market)

A November 14, 2013 press release announced a new center for the study of uses for the human genome, a joint endeavor of Kaiser Permanente, UC San Francisco and UC Hastings College of Law.  To this end, the National Human Genome Research Institute provided $778,000.

One of the papers most frequently cited by Reiss in her defense of HPV and Gardasil vaccine was conducted by Kaiser Permanente or behalf of Merck:

Author Affiliations: Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center, Oakland (Dr Klein, Messrs Hansen, Emery, and Lewis, and Ms Deosaransingh), Research and Evaluation, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Pasadena (Drs Chao and Jacobsen, Messrs Slezak and Takhar, and Ms Sy), Department of Pediatrics, South Bay Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Los Angeles (Dr Ackerson), and Pharmacy Analytical Service, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Downey (Dr Cheetham); and Department of Epidemiology, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey(Drs Velicer and Liaw)….

Financial Disclosure: This study was funded by Merck & Co. Dr Klein receives research support from Merck & Co, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novartis, and sanofipasteur for unrelated studies. Dr Jacobsen and Mr Slezak received research funding from Merck & Co for another study related to HPV4. Mr Slezak served as an unpaid consultant to Merck & Co. Dr Chao received research funding from Merck&Co, Amgen, and Pfizer for unrelated studies. Drs Velicer and Liaw are employees of Merck & Co.

Role of the Sponsor: The study sponsor, Merck & Co, provided substantial input into the study design and analytic plan. In collaboration with the Kaiser Study Team, the sponsor reviewed data analyses and helped draft and revise the manuscript. The Kaiser Study Team investigators made final decisions regarding manuscript edits.

Kaiser Permanente is a self-proclaimed “national leader in vaccine research” through its Vaccine Center Study and Division of Research, including much Gardasil-related research. 

The CDC and Kaiser Permanente work together closely on a multitude of projects. (Morgellons and


Money flows from the CDC Foundation to Kaiser, and also from Kaiser back to the CDC Foundation.   

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Libertarian Backlash against Reason Magazine’s “Corporatist,” “Pseudolibertarian” Compulsory Vaccine Campaign

AG Entryism

 Entryism: political tactic by which an organization or state encourages its members or agents to infiltrate another, often opposing organization in an attempt to subvert or destroy it.

By Adriana Gamondes

In the age of biotech entryism—where formerly independent media sources that made their names on liberty and transparency platforms increasingly take the dive on pharmaceutical and Big Ag sacred cows like vaccination and GM tech (usually after receiving backing by biotech industrials such as Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch or the Koch brothers)—it’s refreshing  when a media source which doesn’t focus exclusively or even largely on health and biotech issues makes a purely political argument against compulsory medicine.

 One source in particular, Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints, whose mission is  “to educate and inform the public about issues that endanger our rights and liberties, and to work to fix them through non-violent means,” has a decidedly libertarian bent and took exception to an article published in a 45 year old libertarian publication, Reason Magazine, entitled Refusing Vaccination Puts Others At Risk: A Pragmatic Argument for Coercive Vaccination.  Not surprisingly, Reason writer Ronald Bailey’s book, Liberation Biology: The Moral and Scientific Case for the Biotech Revolution, was published by Prometheus, a publishing hub for biotech PR front group, the Skeptics.

Age of Autism is a politically agnostic forum but not apolitical. To quote Herman Melville, “There seems no reason why serviceable truth should keep cloistered because not partisan.” There are rare exceptions to unilateral mainstream news compliance with government demands that critical views of vaccines be censored.  PSUSA has done an elegant job ignoring the memo and explaining why compulsory medicine cannot be legitimately argued from a liberty position.  Many thanks to Police State USA for agreeing to share their article with Age of Autism readers.

Reason Magazine openly advocates forced vaccination

 Long-time author Ronald bailey says that there is no libertarian case for refusing a vaccine.

Posted on December 10, 2013 by PSUSA

AG child afraid

One aspect of the police state that I find particularly bothersome is forced drugging.  We see this manifest in a variety of situations, usually involving children whose parents question their doctors or want to pursue alternative health care solutions.  Being a complicated and emotional issue, many people end up siding with the courts in pursuit of mandatory medication.  While this position is to be expected from the average statist, it is somewhat alarming when a well-known and respected publication like Reason Magazine comes out in favor of forced mass-drugging of the population, or as it was gently termed, “coercive vaccination.”  These ideas, promoted under a pseudo-libertarian shroud, cannot go unrebuked.

Reason is 45-year old magazine, traditionally promoting the libertarian cause, which has published a lot of thoughtful and compelling work over the years.  It has a large following of readers, of which I have included myself for some time.  Yet, it seems that there is a faction of the staff that is promoting a contentious view of “liberty” when it comes to certain topics regarding science.  One blogger, with the consent of a sympathetic editing staff, is so adamant about promoting the consensus of mainstream scientists that he believe that it should be mandatory for all.

Police State USA will attempt to expose these dubious arguments and set the record straight about libertarianism.

Ideas So Good They Have to be Mandatory

Ronald Bailey, the self-described “science correspondent,” recently wrote a piece which has raised a lot of eyebrows, titled: Refusing Vaccination Puts Others At Risk: A Pragmatic Argument for Coercive Vaccination.   He goes on to argue in no uncertain terms that he not only believes that coerced medicine is libertarian, but that there is no libertarian argument for declining a vaccine.

Bailey’s article is heavy on irrelevant statistics and light on actual libertarian arguments.  The article, which asserts that liberty is incompatible with vaccine refusal, can be condensed into the following three sentences; the only places that liberty is mentioned at all:

Oliver Wendell Holmes articulated a good libertarian principle when he said, “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.”…. To borrow Holmes’ metaphor, people who refuse vaccination are asserting that they have a right to “swing” their microbes at other people. There is no principled libertarian case for their free-riding refusal to take responsibility for their own microbes.

No Principled Libertarian Case?

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Did Nurse Melody Butler Disclose Vaccine Industry Ties on Fox?

Nurse Butler

 Registered Nurse Melody Butler appeared on New York television last week with John Gilmore of the Autism Action Network.  She was speaking on behalf of New York City's new mandate that children under the age of six must receive a flu vaccine.  Gilmore was speaking out about safety and parental healthcare rights vis a vis the flu shot.  Nurse Butler is founder of "Nurses Who Vaccinate."  However, we did not seem to hear that she is is also affliated with Voices For Vaccines, an organization funded/connected to both CDC and the pharmaceutical industry. See her LinkedIn profile above. Perhaps the mercury in her latest flu vaccine (I'm sure she is willing to show proof that she is 100% fully up to date on all of her adult vaccines including Gardasil) has muddled her thinking and she forgot?

Our own John Stone ran this post about Voices For Vaccines in August.  

Karen ErnstBy John Stone

Despite Karen Ernst’s repeated insistence that Voices for Vaccines - who recently got up a petition against Jenny McCarthy on - is an independent parent-led organization speaking up for the vaccine program, the evidence that it was started by the Atlanta based non-profit partner of the Centers for Disease Control, Task Force for Global Health, to promote their joint policies is overwhelming. John Stone (UK editor of Age of Autism) reports:

A few days ago I wrote about vaccine program advocate Prof Dorit Reiss, her unconventional views about agency capture, and her links with Voices for Vaccines “an administrative project” of Task Force for Global Health a partner organization to the Centers for Disease Control and Emory University in Atlanta. The first response to my article was from Karen Ernst a Minnesota based officer of Voices for Vaccines : Reiss

“Voices for Vaccines has as its fiscal agent The Task Force for Global Health. They take in our donations and cut checks for us. Many non-profits who are too small to handle their own 501(c)3 status use fiscal agents in this way; it's quite common. We have absolutely no access to their money, nor do we benefit from their money. Voices for Vaccines is not tied to any pharmaceutical corporation or to any government organization. Thus far, all of our donations have been small and have come from individuals. Thus, the dots you have connected paint an incorrect picture.”

Ernst was again engaged the other day with Steve Schneider's article Big Pharma's faking a "grass-roots" campaign to keep Jenny McCarthy off "The View" in Mark Crispin Miller's News from the Underground blog noticed that a petition against McCarthy was being promoted by ‘Voices for Vaccines, St Paul, Minnesota’. Ernst was first to respond once more :

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Board of Health New York City Votes to Mandate Flu Vaccine for Tots

Crying libertyBy Anne Dachel

The Board of Health in New York City has voted to make the flu shot mandatory for kids in preschool and daycare.  
Melody Anne Butler, RN, founder of Nurses Who Vaccinate, and John Gilmore, Autism Action Network, discussed the flu vaccine requirement for young children in NYC. New York News
Butler: "The flu shot has been clinically proven to save lives and the earlier you start, six months and older, you help protect children,  And when you protect children, you're also protecting families. . . . "
In answer to the question of people getting the flu despite having gotten a flu shot, Butler said, "Yes, but they'll also get a less severe version of it.  And the more people who get the flu shot, the less people who actually contract the disease."
Gilmore: "The flu shot isn't nearly as effective as people are led to believe it is.  There are study after study that show it effectiveness is questionable. There are a great deal of side effects associated with it.  There isn't good evidence that it is effective at all in young children."

John was asked about the "tie into autism."
Gilmore: "At this age group, that's not really an issue.  What is an issue is neurological damage. All you have to do is read the package insert for the flu shot and it's right there that it can cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome and a variety of neurological problems.  We just don't think it's called for.  If parents want to give their child this shot, they can do it.  They can go to any drug store and do it.  We don't see any reason why it should be forced upon them by the city of New York.  These will be the only citizens in the state of New York who are required by law to get this shot."
Butler then talked about how effective vaccines are in preventing disease.
Gilmore: "I disagree with that.  Just this week, in the New England Journal of Medicine, a study came out that said the review showed reliable evidence of influenza vaccine is thin, but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusion and spurious notoriety of the studies."

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Free Download Post Couric Vaccine Program: Gardasil A License to Kill?

Jessica's GravestoneWe ran this post in October of 2012. Katie Couric bravely ran a program about Gardasil (HPV vaccine from Merck) and adverse reactions. The outcry from the IVID (Industry Vaccine Injury Denialists) was fast and furious.   We invite you to learn the background of this vaccine, how your tax dollars helped to bring it to market and how your government benefited from its licensing.  And how Dr. Julie Gerberding the Director of the CDC under the approval process is now the President of the Merck Vaccine Divisionl,  in the age old revolving door of corporate/government incest.

Editor's note: With permission from Skyhorse Publishing, we are Jessie_angel[1]pleased to offer you a free download of chapter 19, A License to Kill? by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted. The article is included the just-relased paperback version of "Vaccine Epidemic," edited by Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland.

According to the publishers: "Gardasil is the newest childhood vaccine to be licensed by the FDA and recommended for universal use by the CDC. Judge for yourself whether this 'public-private partnership' prioritizes the best interests of our children. Or is it a perfect example of corporate greed, biased science, and coercive government? Please let us know what you think."  (That's Jessica Ericzon who died following Gardasil vaccination in the photo. And her head stone.)

This article identifies a pattern of conflicts of interest at the Department of Health and Human Services – and ultimately throughout the federal government -- involving Merck’s controversial Gardasil vaccine against HPV, or human papilloma virus.

  • Researchers at the National Cancer Institute invented critical technology for the vaccine.
  • Another National Institutes of Health office filed for patents on the technology, licensed those patent rights to vaccine manufacturers and eventually received royalties from Merck, Gardasil’s manufacturer.
  • The Food and Drug Administration supervised the clinical trials and granted Merck a license application for the first HPV vaccine.
  • Just three weeks later, an advisory committee at the Centers for Disease Control recommended universal HPV vaccination for women from nine to twenty-six years of age, guaranteeing Gardasil would reach blockbuster status for Merck: annual revenues of well over $1 billion.
  • Subsequently, agencies within FDA and CDC have been responsible for monitoring Gardasil’s safety in the field,
  • As officials within the Health Resources Services Administration brace themselves to sit in judgment over a new wave of vaccine injury claims.

Meanwhile, key officials involved in the decisions rotate through a revolving door into private industry. These conflicts are both extraordinary in scope and poorly understood by the general public. But they are central to understanding why unsafe and unnecessary vaccines are approved and recommended – why we have a vaccine epidemic.

Download Gardasil: A License to Kill Here

Vaccine Side Effects and The Role on the Caregiver

Mother WorryBy Cathy Jameson

Side effects and vaccines.  That was the topic of last week’s Sunday post "What every Mom should know." It was more of an introductory post, really.  Much more information can and should be shared regarding vaccine side effects.  As necessary it is to expand on that information, today’s post isn’t going to be a continuation of the medical side effects that I’d touched on last week.  So, I won’t be listing every single vaccine on the market. 

I won’t post every single side effect of each of those vaccines starting with the mild to the moderate and then the severe. 

I won’t prove how utterly dangerous vaccines and their side effects can be. 

I also won’t share that $2.47 billion has been awarded by the US government to those who’ve experienced a vaccine injury or death. 

I won’t mention that from swelling at the sight of inject, to being diagnosed with autism, to dying as the result of a vaccination, side effects and adverse reactions demonstrate that vaccines truly are unavoidably unsafe.  

Nope.  I’ll save all that for another day. 

Instead, today’s post is going to focus on someone else: you. 

So, let’s begin.

You, who after witnessing vaccine side effects firsthand in a loved one, have been more than willing to tell others that some vaccines aren’t worth it.  Their physical pain and your emotional involvement is a lot to endure.  As the vaccine injured learns to live with their side effects and their altered life plans, so have you.  Side effects bog down.  They deny advancement.  They steal hope and destroy healing. 

But those side effects won’t be found on a package insert. 

They aren’t included in the fine print of a slick magazine advertisement. 

They also don’t need to be disclosed or legally reported by the doctor, nurse or medical technician either. 

Similar in ranking, the side effects that afflict a caregiver can be mild, moderate and severe.  They can be painful, and they most certainly can last over a great deal of time. 

Now, in sharing the side effects that a caregiver goes through is in no way meant to detract from the serious physical nature of the vaccine injury.  But, I think it’s important to talk about the caregiver’s as well because those side effects do exist.  Because side effects can cause delay.  Because they can affect someone physically, emotionally, financially while reducing their abilities.  And, like the actual vaccine side effect, the caregiver’s life can change, and does change, life forever.  I know this because I am caregiver to a child with a severe vaccine injury. 

Ronan’s side effects from his vaccines have lasted for years.  For the most part, I feel like I have a handle on what those are and how to best manage them.  But for my own?  The side effects affect how I live and how I care for Ronan. 

Take Ronan’s seizures, for instance.  They’ve increased steadily over the last few months.  As each seizure happened I began what felt like a post-traumatic stressful roller coaster ride of emotion.  Knowing how seizures affect Ronan and how desperately I wish he didn’t have them, I went from spurts of sadness to feeling waves of depression. 

For weeks I could not shake the extra negativity and the worry I had for my child, his situation and his future.  Weeks previously, when things were going well, I had less worry and more of a can-do spirit.  Triggers, like Ronan’s seizures, bring stresses to the surface.  The more triggers I face, the less effective of a caregiver I feel I become. 

I think many mothers go through these emotions, but having to juggle the additional medical and behavior issues, as well as my own unpredictable emotions, adds a great burden to an already heavy load.  It’s no wonder that when Ronan’s health declines, when school days are tough, when negative behaviors pepper our once successful schedule, the more visible my caregiver side effects are. 

Mild side effects, which can include emotions and also lead to certain behaviors, can be:





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Unofficial Transcript Katie Couric on Gardasil Vaccine Injury

KatiebigKatie Couric interviewed Rosemary Mathis and Emily Tarsell.  Rosemary is President of - devoted to informed vaccine/medical consent for the safety of all patients.  Our reader Bob Moffit created this unofficial transcript for us to share with you.   Our Anne Dachel shared in her News Review that TIME Magazine was quick to attack Couric for her willingness to air this story:


There is no "HPV Vaccine Controversy." At least, not when it comes to the injection's safety. And yet, that was the title of the lead segment on Katie Couric's daytime talk show, "Katie," this afternoon. The nearly half-hour story, which the program called their "Big Conversation," centered around two mothers who believe the vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) harmed their daughters.

Among the guests were Emily Tarsell, a mother who claims the death of her daughter, Christina, was caused by the HPV vaccine Gardasil in 2008. Another mother and daughter pair, Rosemary and Lauren Mathis, believe Lauren developed a bizarre illness characterized by nausea and fatigue due to the vaccine. Rosemary Mathis is now the director of the anti-HPV organization, SaneVax, Inc.

Tarsell and Mathis are understandably distraught mothers. But Couric is a journalist. . . .

The two HPV vaccines currently available, Gardasil and Cervarix, are both proven safe through clinical trials, independent studies, and post licensure monitoring. The CDC and FDA also continue to track the vaccines' safety.

And yet Couric has framed the issue as if there were a debate to be had about whether the HPV vaccines are good for the public's health. . .

Here is the unofficial transcript.

"I had my two daughters vaccinated and so did millions of other parents .. but .. some say the risks may outweigh the benefits. There are claims it could be dangerous in a handful of cases .. even deadly .. but .. nearly 80 million Americans have HPV and there are 14 million new cases reported every year. We want to keep our kids safe .. but .. is the vaccine the way to go? That's what we're asking as today's "Big Question".
VOICE-OVER:  Human Papilloma Virus is a sexually transmitted disease that's almost impossible to avoid.  According to the CDC, nearly all sexually active men and women will contract HPV at some point in their lives.  For most people, having HPV doesn't cause any health problems .. the virus has few outside signs or symptoms .. and .. 90% of HPV infections will go away within 2 years.  But the virus can also lay dormant for years or even decades before mutating into genital warts or causing 1 of 6 types of cancer .. the most common of which is cervical cancer .. a disease that claims the lives of 4,000 women a year in the U.S.  To combat the spread of HPV, the FDA approved two vaccines .. Gardasil and Cerverix.  Only Gardasil has been approved for boys by the CDC .. but .. both vaccines are recommended at the age of 11, with the hope of immunizing children before they become sexually active.  Gardasil is administered in a series of three shots, Cerverix in two.  While the FDA and CDC say the vaccines are safe, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) reported there have been over 200 claims against HPV vaccines, including 11 families who believe it caused their child's death.  In June, 2008, twenty-one year old Kristina Tarsel from Spark's, Maryland, was found dead in her bedroom .. only a few weeks after being inoculated with Gardasil.  While the autopsy report listed Kristina's death as "undetermined" .. her mother Emily believes she knows what killed her daughter.
KATIE:  So, please welcome Kristina's mother, Emily Tarsel.  Thank you so much for being here.   First of all, I am so sorry about your daughter's death, just 21 years old.  Tell us a little bit about Kristina, Emily.
EMILY:  She had a great curiosity about life, she was an athlete and an artist .. and .. a philosopher.
KATIE:  Sounds like an outstanding person with obviously an incredibly bright future.  Did you all decide together she would get the HPV vaccine?

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"Bought" A Film By Jeff Hays and Bobby Sheehan Matching Fund Campaign

Bought MovieA New York based foundation is MATCHING EVERY DOLLAR RAISED, UP TO $150,000! Lets make a movie that blows the lid off Monsanto, Big Pharma and Vaccines!

Indiegogo Fund Raising for BOUGHT HERE.


Bought is a film about the issue of health being sold out from underneath individuals through big pharmaceutical companies, dangerous vaccinations and a food supply chain contaminated by the use of GMO’s. Jeff Hays started Capstone Entertainment in the mid-nineties and built a production/distribution company to a multi-million dollar level and won numerous awards in children’s programming. One of Jeff’s most notable films was Fahrenhype 9/11, which he produced in 2004 featuring Ron Silver, Dick Morris, Senator Zell Miller, Mayor Ed Koch and others. This film generated millions in revenue and was widely accepted by the public and received positive reviews from the NY Times, Variety and other media. In 2005, Jeff produced On Native Soil where he was short-listed for an Academy Award. He also produced My Workout on Lifetime Television for a year and most recently released Doctored which has already sold over 150,000 copies. Bought is currently scheduled to be released Spring 2014. For more information go to or contact Renee Stewart at 866.519.5445 or [email protected].

Jeff Hays  announced that principal photography has begun on the new documentary film – Bought. A new crowd funding campaign at has an early trailer. Bought is a film dedicated to uncovering, exposing and highlighting the facts all individuals have a right to know. Andrew Wakefield may have been credited for the global awakening of the potential relationship between MMR vaccinations and autism, which has been highly controversial and debated heavily, but Bought is committed to uncovering the facts so each person can make the decision that is right for him or her.

Landmark cases have been won this year in U.S. Vaccine Court, granting families of autistic children financial awards for the damage caused to their children by vaccinations. For the first time ever, several of these families have agreed to be interviewed on camera, and let their stories be heard publicly.

“Andrew Wakefield has a role in this film because there is new evidence that has been uncovered that suggests his findings were correct. The media has tried him and virtually ruined his reputation. I’m here to expose the facts because I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, it appears much of the medical/industrial/governmental machine is about sacrificing a few, for the supposed greater good of others,” said Jeff Hays, producer of Bought. “We intend to ignite a national conversation that involves parents nationwide and stirs the curiosity of millions. I want to ignite that innate portion of our human instinct that is designed to question and ultimately protect each of us from harm. I know this is controversial, and it should be. The days of just accepting what the medical community, the media and the government say should be gone.” 

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that vaccines work, that vaccines are safe, and that vaccines are necessary. Yet:

 Over 5,000 cases alleging a causal relationship between vaccinations and autism have been filed under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US Court of Federal Claims between 2001 and 2009

The US Court of Federal Claims Office of Special Masters, between 1988 and 2009, has awarded compensation to 1,322 families whose children suffered brain damage from vaccines
Over $2 billion dollars has been awarded to families who have been injured or killed by vaccine reactions by this “Vaccine Court.”

About 30,000 cases of adverse reactions to vaccines have been reported annually to the federal government since 1990, with 13% classified as serious, meaning associated with permanent disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness or death.

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Katie Couric on HPV Vax Damage Dorit Reiss' Further Threadbare Arguments


By John Stone

This morning on ABC television, 10am Eastern time, Katie Couric is looking into the subject of

Dorit Reiss

injury from HPV vaccine  . Over the last eight days the blog has accumulated in excess of 5,000 comments   , many from very ill young women or members of their families. There has also a flood of sarcastic and dismissive comments from vaccination groupies, the most ubiquitous of which (although better behaved than most) has been San Francisco law professor, Dorit Reiss ("Dorit Reis and the Benefits of Agency Capture" and   Karen Ernst's Voices4Vaccines a CDC Front Group   and "Who Is Dorit Reiss?"). It has been difficult to follow the blog partly because of the sheer number of comments but also because exchanges get quickly relegated and shuffled amongst the heap, not to mention the fact that  any member of the public can delete anyone else’s comments by clicking on a box hiding in the top right corner (a facility which I have not used  myself). It is sometimes hard to know whether a conversation has actually be deleted or disappeared so far down the page that it could not be found (and beyond a certain depth my computer will not even open them).

I have copied down a few of these conversations in the past couple of days before they got lost. It was altogether evident that if anyone in the vaccine support mob was going to provide any interesting argument it would have to be Dorit.

1st Conversation (December 2 2013):

Thor Viðar Jónsson:

 The amount of horrible information being posted here is staggering. I weep for scientists today having to fight all this misinformation, dishonesty and outright lies being spread against one of the medical marvels of our age.

John Stone:

 If the "scientists" were real scientists they would be listening not sneering, and wondering whether they had really got it right. The only explanation of their current behaviour is that they know already that they've got it wrong and they are rushing for cover.

 Dorit Reiss (Works at UC Hastings College of the Law):

 The large scale studies and the constant monitoring of the vaccine safety suggest that scientists are taking this vaccine's safety extremely seriously, and examining it closely for any safety concerns. The fact that their findings are not what the parents what to hear does not make them any less true. No cover. Just facts. No serious problems have been clearly linked to this vaccine, with millions of doses administered. Teen age girls suffer medical problems regardless of the vaccine. The rates of the very different array of problem raised by the families are not higher in the vaccinated girls than in the general population or unvaccinated girls. The evidence is that the vaccine is extremely safe.

Foregoing this protection because of distressed parents' belief in its harms would be extremely problematic.

 Thor Viðar Jónsson:

 I worry when someone puts "scientists" in a quote, and perfect post Dorit thank you!

John Stone:

 Dorit Reiss

Well, that's what you say, but it is people being judge and jury in their own case. Confronted by a deluge of real human beings saying what they think of the experience a little humility would be in order. I certainly, don't see it here.

By the way can you shed any light on the existence or otherwise of Prof Reuben Gaines of Johns Hopkins University, who also claims to be employed in the Department of Health in Washington DC? In October he admitted trolling me in your Times of Israel blog, and when I mentioned this last night (UK time) I got another troll conversation (again admitted) from one Lance Penna. I don't actually think this sort of stuff really puts the vaccine lobby in a very good light.

Cynthia Denomme Maurer:

Then weep, because science has lost it's credibilty, not because of science, but because of those who claim it as their area of expertise, when in fact, much of it is monetarily fed, forged and fixed studies. I have been a scientist for 40 years. It doesn't take an expert to do the research, it only takes a parent with motivation and love for their children.

 Dorit Reiss:  

 John Stone people can err, and parents work on incomplete information that may help them believe in causation where it does not exist. As sociolegal scholars know, testimony by eyewitness is fraught with problems. People's perceptions can suffer from cognitive biases (see Kahnman, Thinking Fast and Slow), people's memories can be faulty and there can be credibility issue. People do err. Scientists err too, but the rigors of the scientific method help reduce these errors. Parents have no such controls.

 Even without the potential to err, parents lack two pieces of information: the rates of the harm in the population, and often the biological mechanisms. Without knowing how often this happen sans vaccine, you can't evaluate if the vaccine caused it. So sorry, but parental belief is not a substitute to causation evidence.

 me (signed in using yahoo):

 John Stone You mad bro?

Dorit Reiss:

Cynthia Denomme Maurer actually, training in research method is crucial to reduce bias, avoid errors, and do a good job. I have met many scientists who are conscientious, devoted, and selfless. They don't' deserve this blanket condemnation.

Jennifer Weesner Simpson (CSA at Lowe's Home Improvement):

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Ben Swann On America's Government Run Vaccine Court and Autism

Canary final logo

Note:  Ben Swann interviewed our own Mark Blaxill.  Please comment at the YouTube video as well as here.  Thanks.

The claims that autism is caused by vaccines have been completely disproven, right? We have all heard that claim, maybe most famously by actress and model Jenny McCarthy.

But is the claim untrue? What if I told you that while HHS says there is no link between autism and vaccinations, the federal government has quietly awarded families of autistic children damages as a result of vaccine injuries?

The first step toward truth is to be informed.

The story we are talking about today is something that just doesn’t get attention from the mainstream media, and on the rare occasion when it does, the story is predictable. Scandal surrounding a doctor who claims autism and vaccines are linked. The bizarre parents who believe that their child has autism because of a vaccine, a claim clearly not based in science.

But is there more to this story than what the media has told you?

The real story behind vaccines begins in 1986...

Read more:
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Postponing VICP Hearing: Who Is Afraid and of What?

By Louis Conte

US Representative Darrell Issa, one of the most powerful men in the country, a man who can call cabinet secretaries in for hours of interrogation in front of the Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) Committee has been forced to table a hearing on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). What kind of pressure might have caused Issa to make this choice? We don’t know for sure, but there is one obvious candidate.


Working through their not-for profit pro-vaccine advocacy allies, pharma exerted enormous influence and likely created the pressure (either direct or indirect) that forced Congressman Issa to pull the plug. Every Child By Two and Voices for Vaccines, two organizations with strong drug industry ties, slammed all the buttons and, as usual, threatened to lay any “vaccine preventable deaths” at Congressman Issa’s doorstep. Pharma used fear because they were afraid. What is it that drug industry supporters are so afraid of?


What the NVICP really knows about autism is terrifying to people like Paul Offit, Dorit Reiss and Amy Pisani. These folks can spout the decisions of the Special Masters in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP) all they want. It won’t do anything to cover up the truth about what doctors like Geoffrey Evans and Vito Casserta in the Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation already knew years ago; sometimes vaccines tragically cause brain injury - an encephalopathy. A consequence of that injury, what the program calls a sequela, often includes the behavioral disorder known as autism.
The people in the NVICP know this to be true. A recent paper I co-authored, Unanswered Questions From the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury (Holland, Conte, Krakow, Colin, ), documented this clearly. While not getting access to the vast majority of the 1,300+ cases compensated for brain damage, we still found 83 cases where the vaccine injury included autism. This would have been very difficult to explain – or deny – under oath.  

Since publication of Unanswered Questions, more compensated cases have emerged (US Court of Claims, Case Number: 06-227V) and more families have stepped forward with the same pattern of vaccine injury – encephalopathy featuring autism. It would have been really awkward for those in the program to explain why twenty-five years of these kinds of cases had nothing to do with the rulings in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings. Rolf Hazelhurst’s statement at a recent Congressional Briefing about the curious behavior of government officials involved in the OAP must really have raised anxiety in the Office of the Special Masters and the Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation.

The sad truth is that all of the petitioners who filed claims that ended up being dismissed under the Omnibus Autism Proceedings were victims of the same injustice that was visited upon the OAP test case families. There are 5,000 OAP cases that may be like Michele Cedillo and Yates Hazelhurst. And there are thousands and thousands more who never had a chance to file in the NVICP. People denied justice because of a label, such as “autism”, are the victims of discrimination. And discrimination, even in the name of protecting public health policy, is still discrimination.
This is why Darrell Issa needed to drag people from the NVICP in front of a room full of mystified US Representatives and disgusted families.

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Flu Shot Induced Encephalopathy: Chandler Webb's Death Raises Vaccine Safety Questions

Chandler Webb

Managing Editor's Note:  Below is a sobering reminder that vaccination is a medical intervention, and not a mass market, dime store purchase. Our heartfelt condolences to Chandler's family. We hope they get answers from authorities and that Chandler's death is not in vain.

By Anne Dachel

A recent tragedy in Utah should make the public ask what health officials actually know about vaccine reactions.  It also raises the question of just how far are they willing to go to protect the vaccine program.  A number of news outlets in Utah reported that a healthy 19 year old young man went to his doctor for a physical on October 15.  He received a flu vaccine and a test for TB and by the next day he was seriously ill with vomiting and a severe headache.  Twenty-four hours later he was in a coma and 28 days later, after life support was removed, he died.
In a story in the Salt Lake Tribune on November 24,  the subheading read: "Doctors can't explain the brain swelling that led to his death; mom says autopsy isn't needed."  
"Chandler Webb's direct cause of death was swelling of the brain, his mother said."
"Though scientists nationwide staunchly support vaccines and their important role in public health, they have become a topic of some controversy in recent years. Lori Webb said she was aware of such concerns before her son became ill, though she chose to get a flu vaccine two years ago.

"One of her son's doctors said a reaction like her son's was possible after a flu vaccination, and he attempted unsuccessfully to treat it, she said."

At the same time the Utah Desert News published their story about Chandler Webb's death, Utah woman claims flu shot caused teenage son's death,  in which health officials denied that a vaccine can cause encephalopathy.

"Utah Department of Health officials did not go into specifics about the case, though a spokesman said the department was aware of the case.

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The Bubble Bursts: Vaccine Injury Program Hearings Postponed

By Cathy Jameson

My husband and I rearranged Ronan’s school, therapy and medical appointments as well as our own personal schedules in order for me to be available to go to the upcoming Congressional Hearing.  This Hearing was to address the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program  (VICP), its history as well as the waste, fraud and abuse stemming from that program.  Having taken part in the VICP on behalf of my son, it was important for me to make plans to be at that Hearing.

Since that announcement of the cancellation, in national news about vaccines I read that a healthy young man, who was battling for his life after getting the flu shot, died  this week.  I also read that the US is scampering to get a hold of an unapproved vaccine to students at an Ivy League college.  Personally, since the Hearing was cancelled, I learned that a friend’s mom landed in the hospital after getting a flu shot and that another friend’s son reacted negatively to a 3-in-1 vaccine. 

While the personal stories may not be earthshattering news for many, all of those stories frighten me.  They frighten me because another life has been senselessly lost, another life is in jeopardy and another person’s health has been changed forever.  Where are they to go when they link their ill health, that vaccine injury, or worse, death?  They’ll discover the VICP and how it proposes to help.  They’ll think they have answers, assistance and maybe some hope.  Too bad that the VICP is so broken. 

I know I am not the only one feeling worry, sadness or disappointment.  Many of us in the community were depending on some good news to finally come.  So, while we wait to get word about when the VICP Hearing will be rescheduled, because you know that people in our community are actively working to make that happen, I’d ask you to do a few things.  No need to sit and wallow in this disappointment, right?  It’s time for some action.

First, I want to ask you to review the video of the November 29, 2012 Hearing.   I think it’s important to do this because those people we heard last year are some of the same ones we’ll expect answers from when the VICP is rescheduled. 

You’ll recall that the Hearing last year saw a great many discussions about autism, including the role that childhood vaccines played in that diagnosis.  You’ll also remember that we saw Chairman Issa, who is also slated to oversee the VICP Hearing, lead a long-overdue discussion about what else needs to be done about autism.  Listen to everything that was revealed.  Think about how you felt when those Representatives’ words tumbled out of their mouths.  Keep those words in mind as you get ready for the next step. 

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Theresa Cedillo Mother Of Vaccine Injured Daughter On Issa Delaying of VICP Hearing

MC courtMichelle Cedillo was our Child of the Year in 2007. Precious little has changed since that time for her or those who have followed in her footsteps. Read more HERE. Below is a letter to Chairman Issa from her Mother.

By Theresa Cedillo

It was with great disappointment that I learned of congressional hearings looking into the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program being delayed by Chairman Issa.  I am even more disappointed to say that this news does not come as a surprise.
The “others” are reluctant? That’s one of the reasons to delay? Why not subpoena them to appear? This hearing and a congressional investigation into the program, the Omnibus Autism Proceedings and the Department of Justice are long overdue.
As a parent of a severely vaccine injured child, who was the first test case in history in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings in 2007, I speak from personal experience.  Justice was not served in Michelle’s hearing in 2007.  She was used as a pawn in the ugly game of pretend that was orchestrated by the other side to shut down any further claims of vaccine injury and autism, belittle any experts who were willing to come forward on behalf of vaccine injured children and to further attack Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his research. It was a public show used to give an illusion of her “day in court”.  She was used to deny.
MC baby
Michelle is living proof of Dr. Wakefield’s theory of MMR/autism/chronic illness via vaccine injury.  Michelle regressed profoundly following administration of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination. She has tested positive for the vaccine strain measles virus RNA in her intestinal biopsies.  She has been diagnosed by pediatric specialists at top medical facilities on the West Coast with severe autism, severe static encephalopathy, a life threatening intractable seizure disorder, Crohn’s disease, stage III liver disease, arthritis, spondyloarthritis, gastro esophageal reflux disease, an oral aversion, osteopenia, bi-lateral foot deformities from arthritis, a 2 inch leg length discrepancy,  and she is legally blind. She has tested positive for mitochondrial dysfunction. She has a feeding tube. She does not talk. Michelle requires 24 hour care and assistance with all daily living skills. Her life has been ruined and irreversibly changed by her vaccinations.

MC sick

The same court that made a mockery of claims of autism following vaccination and denied the thousands of autism claims in the Omnibus, has awarded others outside of the Omnibus who have brain injury resulting in autism. The 1322 Project found 83 confirmed awards where the injured also has autism. Just recently, a child was awarded for brain injury (resulting in autism) following the MMR. Why should Michelle and the other claimants be punished for using the “A” word?  Does this come down to semantics?
MC Daddy

Discussions of filing complaints for fraud with the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility have taken place amongst the lawyers and petitioners directly involved in the process.

MC bed Mom

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Autism Law Center on Issa Postponement of VICP Hearing: We Are Disappointed

EBCALA 2We are disappointed to announce the postponement of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) hearing scheduled for December 4, 2013.  EBCALA, along with several other like-minded advocacy organizations, worked diligently with Chairman Darrell Issa’s Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) Committee staff for nearly a year to make this critical hearing occur.

Chairman Issa remains committed to holding the VICP hearing and has asked for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a thorough investigation and issue a report on the VICP. The GAO has not investigated the VICP since 1999.  He has also asked the Department of Health and Human Services to update its strategic plan for the VICP.

Chairman Issa stated at the Autism One Conference last May that it is critical to “crowd support” this issue.  EBCALA encourages you to take a few moments to express your support for the future VICP hearing. Please call OGR and your member of Congress to respectfully request that the VICP be thoroughly investigated and reschedule the VICP hearing as soon as possible.

Oversight and Government Reform Committee
Phone: (202) 225- 5074

Find Your Representative

EBCALA’s letter to OGR:

Dear Representative Issa:

I am writing to you with a heavy heart, having just learned that the hearing on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has been postponed indefinitely from its tentative date of December 4, 2013. Staff members of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) let us know yesterday that you viewed the VICP subject matter as “overly divisive” and premature for hearings. We learned that you favored delay until a Government Accounting Office report and a Health and Human Services strategic plan could be updated.

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To Darrell Issa & Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Meet Ronan Jameson

Ronan blanket

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Committee members
2157 Rayburn House Office Building,
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5074 Fax: (202) 225-3974

By Cathy Jameson

Upon reading the Canary Party’s announcement that the Congressional Hearing, which was scheduled to discuss the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, was cancelled with no postponed date announced, I penned Mr. Issa, Chairman of The Oversight and Government Reform Committee, this note.

Dear Mr. Issa,

This is Ronan.  This is Ronan post seizure.  His seizure were brought on by vaccine injury.  Today, his seizures are gaining in duration, frequency and intensity.  I fear what they will do to his health and possibly his life.  
Ronan is my ten-year old son.  He was injured by his childhood vaccines.  Thankfully we learned the devastating effects of vaccines when we did, but it wasn't before serious harm was done.  Ronan lost his voice, lost skills he was building and was left with seizures, severe developmental delays and other secondary illnesses that physically drain and affect his energy.  

When we discovered that the vaccines were responsible for the damage done, we enrolled in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  We had high hopes that the program would recognize what was so apparent--that they did something to my beautiful, healthy baby boy.  

Ronan Arrow
We fought for eight years, EIGHT YEARS.  We jumped through every bureaucratic hoop.  We provided documentation after documentations.  Medical records, expert testimony and more.  We believed in the system, but when a system was created by the government for the government's gain, of course people like my son can never get what was supposedly promised them.  After devoting years to this cause, Ronan's case was dismissed in July 2013.  Disappointed doesn't even begin to describe how we felt when we learned his case could go no further.

Fast forward to now.  In two weeks I was planning on being at the Congressional Hearing that would discuss the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  I already know about the major flaws that program has but remained hopeful that your committee was going to finally call them out on the flaws, the waste, the fraud and the abuse.  How incredibly disappointing it was to receive news that the Hearing was cancelled with no new date announced.  

Don't you think enough time has gone by?  

Don't you realize the dangers lurking if the VICP is not remedied?  

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SafeMinds Weighs In On VICP Hearings Delay

Action alertFrom SafeMinds.

Unfortunately for those waiting for justice, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has been postponed (likely until next year) due to the Chairman’s desire to obtain more official information and background from CDC and HHS prior to the hearings.

This delay in the hearing timing gives everyone a few more days to send SafeMinds your stories.  Make sure you tell Congress your experiences with the VICP, even if you never filed a case.  In addition to those who filed vaccine injury cases, SafeMinds is interested in knowing what prevented or deterred people from filing cases.  We know from conversations with parents of autistic children, that many of you have not filed but have vaccine injured children.  Be sure to include things like a lack of information on what to do from your doctor, lawyer or health department; discouragement from anyone – including medical staff; or concerns including failure to provide timely information or to document or corroborate your child’s problems from physician’s offices, staff or insurance companies.

BUT FIRST — Please let your member of Congress know you still want to see these hearings happen as soon as possible. Phone: 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to them.

OGR Chairman Issa "Delays" Hearings on Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Affected Families Stunned.


Yesterday The Canary Party and her partners who have worked for a year on getting hearings on vaccine injury in Congress were informed that the hearing on the VICP that was set for December 4th has been postponed until next year.  We had a call this morning with the staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government to get more clarity on their decision, and were informed that while the community of vaccine injured families is eager to testify, they were finding "reluctance" from others to participate in the hearings. 

Our response?  Of course they don't want to participate in these hearings!  Those both inside and outside of government who are involved in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the monumental injustice that is being inflicted on untold thousands of vaccine injured children do not want to have to show up and explain what they have done under oath!

One thing is clear... Vaccine interests have been fighting this hearing in a way we have never seen before. 

Boiling down the message we received from OGR... they still want to work with us on things, and they might reschedule the hearings for next year.  Do they mean it or is it just a stall tactic?  We don't know.

We STRONGLY encourage you to take time today and call the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and let them know how disappointed you are with their decision to pull the plug on hearings for our injured children a mere two weeks before the event.  Feel free to share with them your story.

Phone: (202) 225-5074

And call your Congressional representatives and tell them you want hearings on vaccine injury.

Chairman Darrell Issa
Oversight and Government Reform Committee
2157 Rayburn Building
Washington DC

Dear Chairman Issa,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss recent developments with your staffers. On behalf of the many dedicated advocates who have been working so hard on the VICP hearing, we must express our great disappointment over your decision to defer hearings into the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

When you first raised the prospect of hearings with some of us last April, you raised the hopes of thousands of families who have experienced vaccine injury, many of whom have encountered mistreatment, abuse and outright fraud at the hands of the NVICP. As we discussed privately on numerous occasions, comprehensive hearings into the many faces of malfeasance within the VICP offer a unique opportunity to shine a light on how wildly the reality of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 has veered from the original intent of Congress. We believe the path forward you have chosen--delaying the hearing into 2014 in order to receive an update of the 1999 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on the VICP as well as an update of the 2006 NVICP strategic plan from HHS—is well-intentioned. But for the community of vaccine injured families, it represents a retreat into more of the same and only delays a true investigation of the failures of the NVICP. These involve the neglect, abuse and suffering of thousands of American families, including painful injury, lifelong disability, economic devastation and death. Congress’1986 Act and its VICP are what enable these tragedies to continue every day. “Strategic plan updates” prepared by HHS officials will only give the NVICP the opportunity to stonewall, while the kind of GAO report that would really hold the NVICP accountable would take more than a year not just a few months. As we said to your staffers, we’re interested in providing input to the scope of a GAO project, but we’re pessimistic at what it can accomplish in the time available.

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Vaccine Injury Exposed in Not A Coincidence Gardasil Video From Canary Party

GardasilBy Allison Chapman

Today The Canary Party is launching their new “Not a Coincidence” campaign through the release of a compelling video of stories involving girls, and Mothers of girls, whose  lives have been shaken after  receiving Merck’s HPV Vaccine, Gardasil.  To date there have been an astounding 31,741 adverse events, 10,849 hospitalizations and 144 deaths following HPV vaccines.  We are honored to be able to help these beautiful girls in any way we can and we thank all of them for taking the time to share their accounts, their feelings and their needs with us through this video. Gardasil Not A Coincidence Video from The Canary Party

How can you help?

Please take time to watch and share this video with everyone you know.  Share it with your Congressional representatives and ask them to attend the Vaccine Injury Compensation program hearing in the Oversight and Government Reform Committee in December. Tell them that the system is broken and these girls should not be left behind.  They are our future mothers and they are worthy of being heard, worthy of funding for treatments and worthy of action.  Also ask them to push for individual HPV vaccine hearings.

“Not a Coincidence” is a campaign started by The Canary Party to address the medical community’s repeated excuse that the symptoms,  too many experience after vaccination, are just coincidental.   Seizures, fainting, rashes, allergies, GI dysfunction, loss of speech, etc, etc, all labeled a coincidence.  It’s time to end the excuses and start to listen to the injured and the parents of the injured.  They deserve a forum to be heard, they deserve a voice, respect, attention, hearings and answers.  They need a medical discovery process that uses their symptoms and their progression, of illness in the process of finding treatments.  All injured are worthy of being treated individually instead of disregarding their many medical maladies because of a vaccination program that is not allowed to be questioned.  It’s time for the government, the medical community and the media to start taking into account the many affected.  Please take the time to hear from these beautiful, well-spoken girls and Moms tell their stories of injury after Gardasil. And share far and wide!

Allison Chapman is the Mother of 2 girls and 1 son who has regressive autism, seizures, apraxia and gastrointestinal dysfunction. She currently is on the board of the Canary Party

Tell Congress Your Vaccine Safety Concerns Pre-Hearing

Canary final logo
Can’t attend the hearing on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

You are not alone!  The program created by congress to “swiftly and generously” provide compensation to care for those individuals harmed by vaccines is badly broken.  Vaccine safety advocates continue to expose malfeasance within the NVICP, and on December 2013 the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will investigate this dysfunctional program.  Sadly, most of us who live with vaccine injury can ill afford the time or expense of traveling to Washington, DC.

But you can still have a voice in this historic proceeding!

The Canary Party has provided two methods by which you can tell congress your story:

1.    Complete a brief questionnaire

We have created a survey that can be completed within a few minutes.  Answers will be tabulated to provide the OGR committee an overview of how the NVICP worked or did not work for families affected by vaccine injury and death.  You will have the ability to provide short comments for some of the questions.  Click HERE to access the survey.

2.    Submit written testimony

Tell congress what happened to you or your loved one.  In your own words, describe how vaccines caused damage or death.  What was your child like before the vaccine(s)?  What were your own beliefs about vaccines?  Did your experience with the NVICP help you or your child in any way?  Report how your journey with vaccine injury has brought you to where you are today.  You can write a paragraph, a page, or more.  Email your story to [email protected].

Deadline for submissions is November 27th.  Survey data and testimonials will be submitted to the OGR Committee for inclusion as hearing exhibits.  All submissions MUST include your name, email address, state and zip code.  We may contact you if clarification is needed, and will redact your personal data before submitting your testimony to congress, if you prefer.

Feel free to complete the survey AND submit your full story.  Excerpts from both methods may be used in oral testimony provided to congress.  Thank you!

Best of AofA: Who Is Dorit Reiss?

ReissBy John Stone

Last week San Francisco based legal expert, Dorit Reiss, was in Washington to attend the briefing by Mary Holland and Rolf Hazlehurst on the Congressional hearing into NVICP next month, subsequently writing about the event for the pharma/government sponsored organization Every Child By Two.

Paid or not Dorit Rubinsten Reiss, associate professor of law at UC Hastings, has emerged in recent months as one of the most strident advocates of compliance with the US vaccine schedule, and is likely to be prominent in the debate over the fairness and integrity of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation in advance of the Congressional hearing in December. With this in mind Age of Autism re-publishes UK editor John Stone's account of extended exchanges with her on last August, posing the question what exactly does she believe, and why is she doing it?  Below is a Best of from last August.

Following two articles on the organization Voices for Vaccine and its two leading advocates Dorit Reiss and Karen Ernst .  John Stone (UK Editor of Age of Autism) had the opportunity for a detailed exchange of views with Reiss on in its blog  ‘Anti Jenny McCarthy petition authored by pharmaceutical industry cronies’. The position, however, is much as before.

The legal and historical status of Voices for Vaccines

Dorit tried to make light of the association with ‘Task Force for Global’ a sizeable non-profit which claims to be a partner of the Centers for Disease control which takes money from the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, VFV were started by ‘Task Force’ in 2008 which stated its intention of recruiting members of the public to act as advocates for the vaccination program. When I originally wrote about Dorit on these Karen was on in minutes stating:

Voices for Vaccines has as its fiscal agent The Task Force for Global Health. They take in our donations and cut checks for us. Many non-profits who are too small to handle their own 501(c)3 status use fiscal agents in this way; it's quite common. We have absolutely no access to their money, nor do we benefit from their money. Voices for Vaccines is not tied to any pharmaceutical corporation or to any government organization. Thus far, all of our donations have been small and have come from individuals.

However, the Task Force website states that VFV is a project of Task Force (and it subdivision Vaccine Equity) and CDC veteran Alan Hinman is named as both director of Vaccine Equity (funded by Bill Melinda Gates Foundation,  Merck and Novartis) and VFV. When finally cornered on this we had the following exchange:

Dorit: The problem is that she [Karen]  cannot show you a negative: how is she supposed to show you that Hinman is not controlling? I point out that if you look at what VFV does, it is very clearly Karen and Ashley's voice you hear and no one else. If you want to demonstrate links to the Task Force, I'd appreciate some evidence of control.

Me: It would be a trifle unusual for the director of an organization not to have any say in its running. BTW does VFV have an independent report and accounts - I can't see anything displayed on the website?

Dorit: Note that Hinman is not listed as director on VFV. I don't know why he is on the Task Force. And I don't know about the accounts - you'd have to ask Karen Ernst.

Me: Karen can comment here if she wants.

I do not know whether Karen is grateful to Dorit but so far she has not shown up to clarify matters. Earlier on in the exchange Dorit had seemed to have more knowledge of VFV’s financial arrangements:

Many non-profits that are small make use of a financial agent. The global task force serves in that role for Voices for Vaccines. They pay the Global Task Force for it.

Agency or Regulator Capture

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Dear Emily Willingham, Dorit Reiss, Christopher Hickie and other Vaccine Bullies

LetterBy Laura Hayes

Dear Emily Willingham, Dorit Reiss, and Christopher Hickie, (or, insert name of any other vaccine bully here),

Do you believe anyone has the right to be exempt from vaccines? Does the Constitution protect the individual’s right to refuse a vaccine?

What about under these circumstances?

1. If one child in a family experienced one or more adverse reactions to one or more vaccines, would you be okay with that parent exempting that child and his/her siblings from any future vaccines?

2. If a parent had one or more adverse reactions to one or more vaccines, would you be okay with that parent exempting their children from vaccines?

3. If a parent witnessed a close relative (e.g. nephew, niece, first cousin, etc.) have one or more adverse reactions to one or more vaccines, would you be okay with that parent exempting their children from vaccines?

4. If a parent has had a child die from a vaccine(s), would you be okay with that parent exempting their remaining and/or future children from vaccines?

5. If a parent witnessed a friend’s or neighbor’s child having one or more adverse reactions to one or more vaccines, would you be okay with that parent exempting their children from vaccines?

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Flu: Vaxed Vs Unvaxed Revealed

World fluBy  David M. Burd

For the last six years, the Australian Department of Health and Ageing has compared in its annual influenza statistics those vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, with participants weekly self-reporting flu-like symptoms during their flu season (their winter months occur during the U.S. summer months). Their 2013 flu season final Report is in.

For year 2013, 14,000 citizens (up from10,000 for 2009) were faithfully recorded weekly by "FluTracking" - a joint initiative of Aussie authorities comprising Newcastle University, Hunter New England Population Health and the Hunter Medical Research Institute.  Included are a small number of pediatric children participants below 16 years of age under the guidance of their parents.  Such a study as this is called "robust" using conventional medical jargon, yet FluTracking is even more valuable and more robust as, unlike all other vaccine trials, it is not run by Pharmaceutical Industry connections.  Untainted objectivity - at last.  

Volunteers' outcomes along with Australia's entire population in the next paragraphs disclose invaluable information for American parents, while at the same time it is crucial to note that the Aussie flu shots contain neither the mercury thimerosal nor formaldehyde preservatives unlike the vast majority of U.S. flu shots so laden with such toxic preservatives, shots zealously promoted by U.S. authorities.  It is further worth noting a recent medical survey of all pregnant women in Western Australia cited but 25% take a free flu shot strongly promoted by Aussie health authorities (not free in the U.S).  Since 75% of these targeted pregnant women refused the shot it's reasonable to conclude a considerably larger percentage of Australia's general population likewise reject it, and their meager double digit annual flu-associated mortality (cited two paragraphs below) is almost exclusively the elderly (who ironically are by far the most flu-vaccinated, maybe there's a clue here).  

As to FluTracking results:  For their 2013 five-month flu season Aussies NOT taking a flu shot reported cough and slight fever at a rate of 28 per 1,000 per week. Those taking a flu shot reported cough and slight fever at a rate of 25 per 1,000 per week.  In both groups, two out of three adults reporting such illness also reported missing a day of work due to their symptoms.  Bottom line:  Per 1,000 taking flu shots compared to 1,000 not taking flu shots, 3 more adults per week not taking the shot experienced cough and fever, compared to those getting the shots.  This irrelevant difference is in concert with several score studies reviewed by The Cochrane Collaboration who have decisively stated flu shots are basically useless as flu prevention - yet unfortunately, toxic or deadly reactions to the shots have been outside the scope of all such studies including FluTracking (more on this in the next paragraph).

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