Vaccination & Segregation

Sneetch unvaxedBy Cathy Jameson

It isn’t often that I can’t come up with a topic to write about for a Sunday’s post, but this week, after days of brainstorming, nothing satisfied me.  Not wanting to waste any precious time, on Friday morning I cruised through Google news to see if anything there grabbed my attention.  Something did.  But it wasn’t the pro-vaccine article that grabbed my eye and got my wheels spinning.  It was someone’s comment that piqued my interest. 

Paraphrased, an obviously very pro-vaccine individual told another commenter, who happened to have a vaccine-injured child, that Parents like you who choose to not vaccinate should not be allowed to mingle with the public. 

As terrible as that comment sounded, I wasn’t shocked.  I kept reading. 

Other pro-vaccine commenters began to leave similar messages.  They were in agreement and clarified that The Unvaccinated should be barred from public schools, from stores, and from society in general.    

They continued: 

The Unvaccinated should be corralled into their own society. 

With the hopes that child protective services would soon pay a visit. 

And maybe the sheriff, too. 

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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Don’t Be Cruel …

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

We always enjoy hearing from readers. Here’s an e-mail I received this week from someone going by the pen name Potato Part:

“I will preface this with the fact that I am autistic.

“I accidentally ran across Age of Autism. Age of Autism is the type of stuff that actually hurts autistic people. This type of thing makes it seem like the parents are suffering when their kids are autistic. That's complete bullshit.

“Those parents are the ones trying to kill us in an attempt to ‘cure’ us. It is definitely very nice to see that we are hated. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping the content that hurts autistic people. Thank you for putting out content that gets autistic people killed. Thank you for actively harming autistic people. Thank you for reminding us that we are thought of as burdens.

“Thank you for making it harder for autistic people to live. Thank you for the content that makes autistic people suicidal. Thank you for making our life harder. Thank you for making our life worse.”


Another commenter this week wrote the following:

“We have 16 yr old severe autistic child with violent behavior. We cant leave such a beautiful girl in this world alone after us. So we decided to live till we can bear. When we reach a point beyond which we can't pull any more, we will end our roles in this world along with her. People may call us escapists, but after taking this decision, we started enjoying life. We are sure nobody else can take care of such children other than parents.

"Doctors/scientists/bureaucrats/politicians - Put some more efforts/grant enough funds to research more to find solution ASAP to save families suffering from this problem.”

Those two comments just about cover the waterfront, I’d say.

Obviously, premeditated murder-suicide out of despair for the future of one’s child, as this parent is promising, is not OK.  Autistic people like Potato Part feeling suicidal, or at least that his or her life is made harder and that they are hated after reading sites like ours, is not OK.

It’s not my place to offer a glib counterargument to either, although in my opinion death just postpones your karma, so you might as well work it out in this life and ask for -- demand -- all the help you need to do so. The degree of suffering in both these comments is awful and deserves empathy though not encouragement or consent, a difference those of us in happier circumstances have an obligation to convey.

People high-functioning enough to write a note like Potato Part’s might fairly be asked to drop the nihilistic sarcasm and say plainly what they might, or we should, do to make life better not just for themselves but for autistic individuals so incapacitated that their parents believe it would be an act of love to kill them. Parents who think their kids will be better off dead than without them might want to consider Potato Part’s perspective, as well as resources like TACA, before settling on such a dire strategy. I wrote a few weeks ago about a hundred flowers blooming in terms of ideas for group living and other remedies for institutions and social isolation. A lot of families are in this boat. Don't jump ship. Reach out.


Another comment this week from a regular reader about a conference Mark Blaxill and I were attending left me a little perplexed: It began: “Dan, you do amazing work but I probably won't watch because the conference looked too slick and commercial, which to me means they will probably downplay the role of vaccines in the health crisis.”

Well, first, thank you, and second, you are seriously harshing my buzz, dude. The Real Truth About Health Conference in Orlando did anything but “downplay” the role of vaccines in the health crisis. I’ll say more about it later when I have some video and transcripts to share, but this falls in the category of not wanting to join the kind of club that would have us as members, doesn’t it? Or something like that.


I picked up a Time magazine at the airport on the way to the Orlando conference. Mistake.

“We shouldn’t dismiss people who deny facts,” wrote Sara E. Gorman and Jack M. Gorman in a short Viewpoint. “It’s easy to dismiss people who believe things that are factually incorrect – that vaccines cause autism, for example, or that climate change isn’t real.” The article attempted to “empathize” with us poor benighted souls. Since no one knows what causes autism – speak for yourselves, Sara E. and Jack M. – “we tend to fill in the gaps ourselves” and respond more to stories than statistics.

“That’s precisely what makes it more natural for antivaxxers to ‘imagine’ the risk of their children dying from a vaccine than it is for them to comprehend statistics that say otherwise.” The article, dripping with condescension masquerading as wuv, sweet wuv, concluded, “changing minds requires compassion and understanding, not disdain.” As J.B. Handley put it on The Doctors a few years back, “I don’t need your sympathy.”

The idea that we are so pitiably illogical comes in the midst of a rather illogical argument, doesn’t it? Many who saw their child descend into autism after a shot were not (duh!) and are not “anti-vaxxers,” nor are they relying on “stories” about children dying. They are sharing what they saw. The Gormans might try listening.


The Russians apparently hacked the records of some of our Olympians, and the media is reporting on Simone Biles’ ADHD. That’s a terrible invasion, but nothing for her to be ashamed of. It does reinforce a point I made a few weeks back about all the health challenges this year’s Olympians faced – including Michael Phelps, who has spoken openly about his own ADHD. We’re going to start needing a para-para-Olympics for our only “slightly” disabled athletes. Otherwise I’m not sure they’ll be able to put together a men's water polo team in 2020.


Did you see how the sugar interests paid Harvard researchers decades ago to blame fat, not sugar, for ill health and obesity several decades ago? That’s a big deal as it skewed us away from what has since become obvious – that there wasn’t that much wrong with our grandparents’ diets (and theirs, and theirs) until sugar and preservatives came pouring into just about everything we eat.

I’ve been writing about the role of sugar in the 1916 polio epidemic, and although this has nothing directly to do with it, it shows what comes first, and it's not the consumer.


Speaking of which, Bayer bought up Monsanto this week for $66 billion. Monsanto developed glyphosate. Bayer and DuPont created the ethylmercury seed disinfectant Ceresan that led to early cases of autism. DuPont and Dow recently merged. Dow and Monsanto supplied the government with Agent Orange. Coleen Boyle of the CDC helped minimize the role of Agent Orange in harming U.S. troops; she hid the cause of the autism epidemic, including the MMR cover-up described by William Thompson, and the dangers of ethylmercury-containing vaccines like the flu shot, DPT, HIB and Hep B. Thimerosal (Merthiolate) was invented for Eli Lilly by the same guy, Morris Kharasch, who invented Ceresan for DuPont and Bayer. Bayer bought up Monsanto ...

It’s a small, toxic world that spins round and round. And real people are really suffering because of it.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Levi Quackenboss is Done Playing Nice: How To File a Complaint Against Your Pediatrician Who Vaccinated Your Child

Keep-calm-and-pay-the-piperNote: There's as saying, "Don't reinvent the wheel." We're not. Levi Quackenboss has written a sharp post about a strategy many of you have probably seen recently on Facebook that puts and end to passivity vis a vis vaccine injury.  It's below.

If someone runs over your child, do you sue the car company or the driver? 

Where did you go for your child's vaccinations? For the majority of us, we went to American Academy of Pediatrics board certified doctors. They have operated unscathed throughout the autism epidemic as far as I can see. My girls are 21, 20 and 16. We've moved several times and had six or seven pediatric practices over the years.  All but one have been the pediatric version of puppy  mills.  In and out. 8 minutes per child on the schedule.  Not one - ONE - doctor has had a single piece of usable advice for me regarding my daughters' autism beyond, "Early intervention and school." Every single one has looked to me, Mom, for information, answers on how to treat my kids.  They have been kind but clueless and bereft of curiosity.  Imagine a Mom walking into a practive with three (!) daughters with autism and the doctor is blase.  No questions. No, "Holy cow, lady, what's going on here?" 

My kids have not had eye exams.  "They can't tell us what they see."  My kids have not had hearing tests. "They can't tell us if they can hear the sound. She won't put on the headphones."  The lack of medical treatment has been negligent.  And then there's vaccination.  It's time for pediatricians to feel the outcome of their work. I'll let Levi explain below. 

Also on FB yesterday, a link to a graphic that shows pediatricians' sales bonuses for vaccinating patients.    Find it at The Wellness and Equality site: How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?


By Levi Quackenboss

We’ve seen it time and time again in the past four years. People on our side try going about their business, living their lives. People on their side are giving handjobs to politicians and taking away our parenting rights. They’re always making offensive moves, pushing through new legislation each year, and we’re sitting around trying to predict how to respond to it.

California passed SB 277 and we filed a law suit a year later. Texas tried passing something like 13 vaccination laws in 2015 and we showed up and defeated every one. They started infiltrating our Florida and Texas public schools with flu shots and coercive letters and the Texans for Vaccine Choice sent cease and desist letters.

And now they’ve gone after Dr. Sears.

You know what? Screw that. I’m done playing nice. Done acting like this has been some kind of civil discussion for the past four years. In this last quarter of 2016 I’m going on the offensive, and I hope you join me because this is going to be fun.

None of this was my idea but there’s no need to name the guy who came up with this plan if you know him, so don’t go putting his name in the comments.

Here’s the plan: if you’ve got a kid who became autistic, allergic, epileptic, or diabetic after childhood vaccines, you’ve got to file a complaint against that doctor. Gone are the days of being told it was a coincidence. No more will we quietly find a like-minded physician and transfer care. Today is the day to take the first step to standing up and saying, “What happened to my child was unacceptable, and it’s time they answer for it.”

It’s not going to be difficult and I’ll hold your hand through it. Let’s do it together. Four easy steps.

The first thing is to order your child’s medical records.  You are entitled to ALL records under HIPAA. Handwritten notes, vaccine records, everything. Your (hopefully former) doctor’s office has the right to charge you a reasonable fee for copying the records, so be prepared to pay up to $20 or $30 for the service. They’ll probably send you a credit card authorization form first, or you can leave a check if you go to the office in person to make the request. If you call, they might ask you to email them a written request, so be prepared to jump through a couple of hoops, no big deal. Just play along.

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Dachel Wake Up: NY State Housing Opportunities for Developmentally Disabled

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Sept 13, 2016, ABC13 Buffalo: Group sues state over living opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) -A group of local parents and caregivers has filed a class action lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo, accusing the state of providing an insufficient number of residential living opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

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Dorit and Pfizer Photo. Huh?

Dorit Pfizer
Note: While we're all thinking similar thoughts, please keep your comments away from Ms. Reiss' appearance and/or attire. It's her career mission that is our concern.  Maybe it was ugly sweater day at work. Again.  Oops.  Can you hear the photographer, "You're blocking the star of this shoot! Scooch DOWN!" KIM

By Anne Dachel

I spend a lot of time looking at the mainstream media’s coverage of autism. I’ve been doing this for years now. One person who’s almost as frequent posting comments as I am is Dorit Rubinstein Reiss. As determined as I am that vaccines are an unchecked, unsafe danger to children’s health, Reiss is right there defending them as a medical miracle no parent has a right to refuse. On numerous occasions Reiss has specifically responded to things that I posted

Reiss has also been cited in news reports telling parents to trust their doctors and line up their children for every shot on the schedule. She’s usually described like this: Dorit Rubinstein Reiss is a professor at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.”

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CDC Wants to Expand Power to Eliminate Measles

CdcpoliticsBy Barbara Loe Fisher, Cofounder of the National Vaccine Information Center

I remember the day in 2007, when I was standing in front of a Maryland country courthouse videotaping interviews with mothers and fathers lined up with children, who had been thrown out of school for failing to show proof they had gotten chickenpox and hepatitis B shots.  State public health officials were threatening the parents with fines and jail time and suddenly, as we were talking, men in uniforms with guns and dogs emerged from the courthouse and headed toward us. In the pit of my stomach was the sickening feeling that people in countries throughout history have felt when the exercise of freedom of thought, speech and conscience is met with a demonstration of police power wielded by agents of the State.

Today, the American people are challenged, as they have never been before, to confront the expansion of government authority over our bodies and the bodies of our children, specifically the exercise of police power to take us into custody and isolate us without our consent whenever public health officials believe we are sick or could become sick. At stake is the preservation of human rights and cultural values that have been part of America since the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights defined civil liberties two centuries ago.

Are public health officials getting ready to apprehend and quarantine you or your child if they believe you are, or could become, infected with measles or any other communicable disease they decide is a threat to the public health?

Are they enlisting airline and other public transportation personnel to help them conduct a dragnet that will be easy for you to get caught up in when you travel? 

Once you are detained, can they hold you for 72 hours against your will until you agree to be vaccinated or they declare you are no longer a threat?

Is this for real or not?  You be the judge.

 CDC Moves to Amend Public Health Service Act

During the last days of summer, while we were vacationing, shopping for school supplies or, in the case of Virginia families, while we were busy pleading with legislators to protect the medical and religious vaccine exemptions in state vaccine law, public health officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) were quietly publishing a very long Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in the August 15, 2016 Federal Register to amend federal public health law.  The part of the Public Health Service Act they want to strengthen is the part that gives them power under the US Constitution  to restrict the freedom of a person entering the U.S. or traveling between states if they believe the person is infected or could become infected with certain kinds of communicable diseases. 

You only have until Oct. 14, 2016 to make a public comment to the CDC and contact your legislators in Congress, so please take this seriously because what the CDC is proposing applies to all Americans who travel outside the country or between states, especially on commercial airlines. In the future, it could extend to any form of transportation when you cross state lines, including by bus, train or car.

Involves States With Police Powers

This Notice of Proposed Rule Making – or NPRM - involves the participation of federally funded state health departments and state facilities, too, because the majority of police power to detain, isolate and quarantine citizens belongs to the states. Many state legislatures, which have legal authority to pass laws controlling communicable diseases within state borders, voted to give public health officials expanded police powers after Sept. 11, 2001 by adopting the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) and The Turning Point Model State Public Health Act  created at Georgetown University’s Center for Law and the Public’s Health and the CDC Collaborating Center Promoting Health through Law.

Read more at NVIC

Levi Quackenboss on the Topic of Dr. Bob Sears

DrRobSears064NOTE: Thank you to Levi Quackenboss for this succinct look at the treatment of a nationally known pediatrician named Dr. Bob Sears.   The post-SB277 world (the California law that forbids all non-medical vaccine exemptions and now, seems to have put the doctors who use their medical knowledge and discretion to grant medical exemptions) is like macular degeneration is to eyesight.

By Levi Quackenboss

Two and a half years ago a mother brought her two-year-old son to see Dr. Bob Sears at his office for the first time, where she described to Dr. Sears that her child’s renal and digestive systems went into shock after his first round of vaccines at two months old, and that the baby was limp as a ragdoll for 24 hours after his next round one month later. We don’t know what records she shared with Dr. Sears then or later, but we know that Dr. Sears wrote a letter of exemption from vaccination for the boy. As almost all general practitioner doctor records are, the notes in this case were brief and didn’t include a detailed narrative.

The boy was seen four more times in the next year for severe constipation and severe ear infections, and we all know what that sounds like. At some point the mother brought the child in two weeks after his father allegedly hit his son on the head with a hammer, so I’m guessing either the father is a piece of trash that beats up on a kid, or the mom is a piece of trash who makes up allegations against a spouse she doesn’t like. By my reading of the complaint, Dr. Sears did make a Child Protective Services referral that was closed. Clearly, there was some drama up in these parents’ lives.

Flying in the face of their own testimony on SB 277, on September 2nd the California Medical Board filed an accusation against Dr. Sears regarding this child he’d written a vaccine exemption for. Click that link to download the complaint.

The board’s first allegation wraps up by saying that Dr. Sears screwed up by not getting a history of the vaccines the boy had in the past, as well as the reactions that occurred from those vaccines. We don’t know whether the mother brought in a shot card that wasn’t copied into the Sears file, and we don’t know if her previous doctor refused to document the vaccine reactions, as we all know happens all the time.

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Dachel Wake Up: "Anti-Vaxxers" Around the World

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

David Kirby, author of Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy, once wrote that questioning the safety of vaccines is like speaking out against motherhood. I think even talking about vaccines critically is like challenging someone's religious beliefs. For obvious reasons the media outlets are the loudest supporters of vaccination. The premise always is "vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives." Not vaccinating endangers not only your child, but everyone else's as well. Feeble attempts at being "fair and balanced" usually mean citing a number of health officials or doctors to convince us vaccines can do no wrong while including a non-vaccinating parent. And autism--that mysterious condition affecting more and more children for no discernible reason--is usually mentioned in passing, but of no real consequence.  

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Brett Wilcox on Vaccine Dogma and the Epidemic of Nonsense Live Today

Editor's Note -- Today (Tuesday) at 9 am ET, Brett Wilcox is speaking on Vaccine Dogma and the Epidemic of Nonsense. Brett is the author of the very new book Jabbed, How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family. Mark, Del Bigtree and I were on a panel with him in Orlando over the weekend and he was terrific, a great new asset to the vaccine injury community. We need some fresh voices, and we've got one. Tune in for free here, and leave a note to win a free copy of his book. Brett lives in Sitka, Alaska, by the way, and has already written two books on Monsanto's mayhem. He's a true antivaxxer. -- Dan

Spitting Mad Over More Genetics Studies for Autism

Dnatoy3By Anne Dachel

Sept 9, 2016, Massive Study Aims To Shed Light On Genetics And Autism

Study to collect saliva from families with autism for DNA study.

A research center at UC Davis is taking autism research to a different level.

Researchers at the MIND Institute are now examining the DNA of families whose children have autism to learn more about possible causes of the disorder.

News video:

Dr. Leonard Abbeduto. Executive Director at the MIND Institute:

“…could be a game changer in really understanding what causes autism, and as I said, once we understand the causes, then we can start to work on more tailored treatment.”

CBS 12 anchor: “…One of the greatest mysteries in all of science is autism, and so many people working so hard to find something to give them a clue.”

This is about the SPARK study that I wrote about a month ago.

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Wake Up: California Vaccine Exemption Crackdown: From Parents to Doctors

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

California wants to pull this doctor's license. Here's how it's sparked a new battle over child vaccinations.

Dr. Robert Sears is one of the leading voices in the anti-vaccination world, a hero to parents suspicious of childhood immunizations that public health officials say are crucial to preventing disease outbreaks.

So when the Medical Board of California announced last week that it was moving to pull the Orange County pediatrician’s medical license, it immediately set the stage for a new battle in the long-running fight over whether schoolchildren should be vaccinated....

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Clinton: "Let's Protect All Our Kids." Did Secretary Clinton Pull A Nancy Snyderman and Expose Others to Disease Risk?

Do as i sayBy Kim Stagliano

During the political season, vaccination mandates and exemption considerations have been part of the conversation.   Candidates are branded "anti-vaccine" for any discussion other than,  "Vax early and often without thought."  Vaccine rights are certainly relevant here at Age of Autism, where so many of us have vaccine injured children, grandchildren, and loved ones. 

With this in mind, I listened carefully to a CNN report yesterday as I was driving home from Massachusetts to Connecticut with my three daughters, after a visit with my parents. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton was said to have "overheated" at an event commemorating 9/11 in New York City and then "stumbled" when she got into her vehicle. A later reporte amended the story:

From CNN yesterday: Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, her doctor said Sunday, hours after the Democratic nominee stumbled and exited a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early.

Clinton was diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia, and "was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule," Dr. Lisa Bardack said in a statement.

"While at this morning's event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and she is now re-hydrated and recovering nicely," said Bardack, chairman of internal medicine at the Mount Kisco Medical Group.  Read more here.

Take a look at the video below.

Stumbled? I see a poor woman who has perhaps passed out, appears limp and is dragged into the vehicle - her shoes are toes down on the pavement.  It's a sad moment to watch, for sure. She is a mother. And a grandmother....  Ah yes, a grandmother. This brings us back to vaccination. Clinton tweeted her thoughts on vaccines in a Tweet:

Clinton tweet
Let's talk about protecting "all our kids." 

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Syllabus for Your Life With Autism

Autism chalkboardBy Cathy Jameson

As I was sitting in Fiona’s classroom during the Open House at her high school last week, I glanced at the syllabus that her AP History teacher had just distributed.  The thorough explanation of every topic, types of assignments and class expectations were intense.  At 3 pages in length, it was intimidating.  After reading over each page though, and after hearing the teacher explain his goals for the group, I began to feel a somewhat relieved.  The information presented gave me a better understanding of why the course is in fact intense—besides learning as much as they can, teacher and students will work together to prepare to take (and pass!) the AP exam scheduled for next spring.  It’s an important exam.  Those who score 4s or 5s are eligible to earn college credit.  I’m proud of Fiona for thinking she’s ready for such a challenge.  If she can follow the extensive list of requirements and meet the expectations that her teacher described, I have no doubt that she will do well. 

Over the course of the evening, I was given a few more syllabi to read.  They were not as detailed as the AP course syllabus was, but Fiona’s teachers were thorough in presenting their class goals, assignments, and expectations.  Half-way through one session, I thought to myself, if only autism parents had a syllabus.  If parents knew exactly what to expect and when, imagine how much easier some of life with autism could be…

Course:  Life With Autism

Course Description:  The Life With Autism course is an open enrollment course.  It begins as soon as you find it necessary and will remain open and available with no predetermined end date.  The course focuses on the affects autism has on the individual and those closest to him/her.  Topics covered include typical behaviors, typical struggles, and typical situations an individual with autism will experience.  Students in the course will use a variety or resources such as books, journals, and the Internet.  As each person brings a unique set of gifts to the class, you may also be asked to be a resource.  Anyone who is caring for a child with autism may enroll in Life With Autism.  This course is geared toward parents of children on the autism spectrum, but anyone who is teaching a child on the spectrum or who is providing therapy to an individual with autism, and anyone who is curious about the spectrum disorder, may also enroll.  Since autism can be quite costly, the fee for this course has been waived.

Location:  There is no designated classroom.  Students will learn and experience autism wherever they or their child may be – at home, school, church, and assorted community settings.  

Scheduled Class Time:  24/7

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Dan! Mark! Del! Live! Free!

By Dan Olmsted

Hi all, I'm in Orlando for The Real Truth About Health 10 Day Conference September 9-18, 2016. The conference is 100% free to watch online as it's happening and 100% free to attend live in Orlando. Del Bigtree is speaking at 2 on Saturday and Mark Blaxill is speaking at 11 on Sunday. Saturday night at 7, Mark, Del and I will be on a panel talking about vaccinations.

Friday I spoke about The Age of Autism -- what else -- and how it has become the age of manmade disorders, incorporating some of the work Mark and I have done on polio as well as looking at Alzheimer's, MS, and etcetera.

This is a well-run conference at a nice hotel -- wish you were here! -- and the speakers are really interesting and diverse. Check it out and drop by or tune in to our events if you can. The effort to destroy Dr. Sears, and the dismissal of the SB277 lawsuit, are enough to make anyone feel outnumbered and dismal. Tune in and get some reinforcement for the ongoing battle to stand up for personal choice and true health! Here is the conference website to sign up for the free live stream:  Sign Up Here

-- Dan

Why Are You Single?…An Autism Sibling’s Perspective.

Nat AntBy Natalie Palumbo

I'm 22, a Motion Design senior at Ringling College of Art and Design, and my older brother Anthony has low-verbal autism. I am currently working on my senior thesis. My animation portion is complete, and I have been green-lighted for my set design and projection mapping plans. Now, to build it!

I was having a casual conversation with someone, and out of the blue, the person asked me, “Why are you single?” I was completely unprepared for the question. Immediately, my mind began to race as I tried to imagine why they were asking. After a few awkward seconds, I replied, “What do you mean?” They said, “Well, it just seems to me that a lot of autism siblings tend to keep to themselves, and I wondered why that was the case for you?” I said, “Well, I can’t just look for someone that will treat me well. I must also find someone that will be considerate towards Anthony, too. It makes things more complicated.” They nodded, but I wondered if they really understood.

I'm never NOT an autism sibling. It never leaves my mind. I factor it into everything unconsciously. I will have to take over my brother's care when my parents are no longer able, so I focus on being successful more than anything. Regardless of whether or not I have companionship, that is something I'm always preparing for in the back of my mind. There is no room to be superficial when you have a sibling with a disability that will need you. You have to consider every single choice, and every possible consequence. Being reckless with my life places Anthony's future in jeopardy, too. It's hard to let that go.

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California Medical Board Attacks Dr. Bob Sears for Protecting His Patient

Russian rouletteNOTE:  Welcome to the USSV.  United States of Severe Vaccination. The California medical board is practicing communicable disease communism, demanding lockstep adherence to the pediatric vaccination schedule regardless of physician recommendations.   And they will punish doctors who exercise their medical knowledge.  They are targeting Dr. Bob Sears for his audacity in putting his young patients health before pharmaceutical, public health or government wishes.     There is to be NO vaccine choice in the world of Public/Government health. You will vaccinate with no question of your health status, religious beliefs or personal stance. This is communism. The government controls you.

Please share your support in our comments and most especially on this article.

Dr. Bob Sears faces medical board discipline in recommendation not to vaccinate

Dr. Bob Sears, the Capistrano Beach pediatrician who is an outspoken critic of mandatory vaccination laws, faces possible state Medical Board discipline after he recommended that a 2-year-old patient forgo immunizations, according to legal documents made public Thursday.

The board accuses Sears of committing “gross negligence” in 2014 when he wrote a letter excusing the toddler from future vaccinations after the child’s mother described an adverse reaction as an infant.

The documents say Sears failed to obtain a detailed medical history documenting the unidentified boy’s prior vaccines and reactions, which was necessary for making an evidence-based decision. Sears’ recommendation left the patient and “his future contacts at risk for preventable and communicable diseases,” the documents say.

Sears declined to comment Thursday.

If the board finds Sears negligent, he could face discipline ranging from a public reprimand to revocation of his medical license.

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Weston Begins High School

Back to schoolNOTE:  We hope your kids and grand kids have had a smooth start to back to school.

By Norman Roberts

Weston will be fifteen next week. He started high school last week, at a brand new school for kids with autism after several years of home schooling. He went every day, was happy at drop off, stayed all day, and came out smiling for pick up. To say his parents and grand parents are thrilled would be an understatement. The best part is that so is Weston. He is ready to go back this week

His favorite class is music. Weston has always been musically talented, not a child prodigy but with a strong sense of rhythm and a real love for the keyboard. His parents limited his access to it for fear he wouldn't do anything else but that doesn't seem to be a problem in his new school. He is also singing and responding well to comprehension questions from his reading and math teachers.

Weston is what is called low verbal. He speaks but not much and for several years has limited himself to monosyllables having to do with wants and needs. Early on he was prone to echolalia, repeating something he had heard, often endlessly. He came home from school one day reciting Hey Diddle Diddle over and over again. He doesn't do that any more but has made little progress toward typical conversation despite years of effort from his mother and speech therapists. That's one reason the school is so important. We are hoping a new level of interaction with course work, teachers, and kids his age will stretch him to develop inter-personal skills he hasn't had before.

With eight students and five teachers the school is expensive and Weston's parents can't afford it. Nothing new there, they have been broke since he was a toddler and his autism first became evident. Insurance didn't cover autism therapies until recently and at $18-20,000 a year it was a big bill for a young couple, wiping out their 401k and teacher retirement funds. Only one of them could work full time. The school is even more.

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Vaxxed Team Speaks to Houston Mayor and City Council

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

August 29, 2016, Heroic speeches by Del BigTree and Andrew Wakefield before the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, and the Houston City Council.

The response from Councilman Jack Christie, a chiropractic physician, was a stunning endorsement of Dr. Wakefield and strong condemnation of the actions of our federal health officials.


Del Bigtree:

“Hello Mayor and council. I’m here today—I worked for six years as the producer of the daytime talk show, The Doctors, been a medical producer for most of my career, celebrating the best that medicine has to offer. But while on that job, I came across a story about the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson. This is a man who’s come forward from the most important health agency in the county and said that they’ve committed scientific fraud on the MMR—autism study. This is the most important study ever done on the MMR—autism connection because it’s the last one ever paid for by the United States government.

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Polio-like Illnesses in U.S. Children Show Sharp Uptick, CDC Says

Breaking newsBy Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill

Two years after dozens of children became paralyzed following baffling respiratory illnesses, the CDC says it has received a “notable” increase in reports this year compared to last – a spike that appears especially pronounced since May 1.

Forty-nine reports of suspected acute flaccid myelitis – AFM -- were received by the CDC from January 1 in 22 states; 27 of those reports met the case definition and four more are probable, the agency said. Age of Autism reviewed an official alert containing the information. The CDC received only eight reports to that date last year, five of them confirmed. (Chart shows statistics January-June 2016 in orange compared to the year earlier.) Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.01.56 AM

The average age this year is five, with the range from five months to 18 years. The dates of onset ranged from January 19 to July 23, with 20 of the 27 confirmed cases occurring after May 1, 9 of them in July. The agency said no single pathogen had been identified that linked the cases. It’s unclear how many cases may have occurred since July 23.

The original paralysis outbreak beginning in late 2013 affected more than 100 children and was associated in many cases with Enterovirus D-68, a member of the virus family which also includes poliovirus and usually circulates without causing severe illnesses. Age of Autism covered the outbreak extensively and raised the possibility that some of the cases – which began in California – might be linked to pesticides.

The apparent resurgence this year of the paralytic illness is concerning because, like polio, it could be following a fluctuating pattern and peaking in the summertime, suggesting a possible connection to crops and food.

Other troubling signs of pesticide exposure include the death of bee colonies, most recently millions of honeybees in South Carolina after spraying for mosquitos.

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism, Mark Blaxill is Editor-At-Large.

The Wright Stuff: A Memoir by Bob Wright

Wright Stuff BookBy Anne Dachel

I just finished looking at this Reuters piece on Bob Wright's book, and although I have my own Mt Vesuvius moment whenever I see autism described as a "mental disorder," I like that fact that Jennifer Saba said that Bob Wright's involvement with his grandson's autism would make a book all by itself. ABSOLUTELY.

Yes, Katie Wright makes no bones about it. Her son Christian was born healthy. He was meeting all his milestones. He got vaccinated. He had horrible reactions that the doctor said were "normal." He lost his milestones. He stopped progressing. He developed severe bowel disease.

Saba talks about the Wright family's fears about Christian ability to care for himself as he grows. Scroll down past the Reuters story to the 2007 interview by author David Kirby. Katie explained in detail what happened to her son and how she was left on her own to deal with a vaccine-injured child.

Sept. 2 2016, Reuters: BREAKING VIEWS-Review: NBC chief's deal-heavy memoir merits split

By Jennifer Saba 

Like a good TV series, Bob Wright's memoir leaves fans wanting more. In "The Wright Stuff," the former NBC boss engagingly takes readers behind the scenes of how he built the U.S. network from a struggling laggard to a profitable powerhouse over two decades at General Electric. Negotiations with Jack Welch, Bill Gates and Ted Turner enhance the drama. Wright's moving account of his grandchild's autism, however, would have better suited a second book….

In the same year, 2004, that Wright first secured Vivendi Universal in what may have been his professional triumph, his personal life took a dramatic turn. He found out his 2-year-old grandson Christian was autistic. The lack of answers and support prompted Wright and his wife Suzanne, who died last month from cancer, to launch Autism Speaks.

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Weston A. Price Foundation: The Most Important Decision Parents Will Ever Make: Whether or Not to Vaccinate Their Child

Weston A PriceFrom the Weston A. Price Foundation site:

Although the subject of vaccinations is not the major focus of WAPF (which is nutrition), it is a subject that fits well into our mission statement of nontoxic therapies.

We are hearing some strong words about the current “vaccination wars”—the push to make vaccinations mandatory in many states. One critic called vaccinations “biochemical warfare against a largely unsuspecting public, particularly children, disguised as disease prevention by means of Mickey Mouse science.”

Said another observer: “We are struggling against one of the most dangerous, diabolical and powerful cults in the US; that is, ‘science-based’ and ‘evidence-based medicine’ within the Church of Scientism. Undoubtedly when future historians scour what remains of the news, computer files and texts from the early 21st century’s Vaccine Age (assuming anything of humanity remains), they will identify a delusional global dictator (Bill Gates) and the cult’s preeminent false Profit (Paul Offit) as the principle harbingers of vaccine barbarism. Certainly by then a new paradigm, which fully comprehends the advances in epigenetics and the functions of the epigenome, biological systems theories and biophysics will have informed our future ancestors that vaccination, as practiced during the primitive 20th and 21st centuries, was a medical abomination.”

More strong words: “From its inception vaccination has been fraught with no science, fraud, corruption, and big government money. Injecting cow belly pus and horse hoof pus into babies to keep them from getting sick? Roll forward to today’s ingredients. How can this possibly be believed to be benign and ‘for the good of the whole?’ Sinister indeed.”  Read more here.

The Militarization of the CDC Zika, Money, Quarantine Power

'Are_you_a_mosquito_breeder'_-_NARA_-_513877By James Grundvig

In yet another end-round play by the Obama Administration, on Friday of Labor Day weekend where hot topics are dumped (Hillary Clinton’s email interview with the FBI) to go die before the next news cycle begins, it was announced that $300 million in “public health emergency” funding was earmarked for Japan’s Takeda to manufacture a new Zika vaccine.

No need for Congress to vote on the appropriation; an executive order did the trick. The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), which is helping the FDA screen donated blood against the Zika virus, was the agency from where President Obama found the $300 million in “emergency” funds to execute the backdoor deal. By offshoring the vaccine, there will be zero Congressional oversight, while no U.S. media outlet or lawyer group will be able to discover, by invoking FOIA requests, what will be injected into that rushed Zika vaccine made in Japan.

Zika Breakthrough Dies, because it’s Not a Vaccine

Even more perplexing than the CDC coup—who for a change didn’t want the publicity for their big move against the threat of Zika—was just five days earlier when Florida State University (FSU) announced a breakthrough to combat the mild African disease. FSU scientists had discovered that an existing (“cheap”), off-the-shelf remedy in a tapeworm antidote would suppress if not cure Zika in people who were sick enough to realize they have it. But outside second tier media outlets, the mainstream press didn’t want to cover the solution to Zika.

There is only one reason why the White House and the major media outlets didn’t trumpet the FSU discovery: It wasn’t the right solution. If it were a vaccine, it would have received the red carpet, playing on the nightly news stations, while being hailed a conquering hero. The same week, CNN chose to cover the 3 million bees that were liquidated by the Zika spraying in South Carolina; yet chose not to cover the FSU breakthrough.

What is up with that?

Vaccine Deep State Flexes its Quarantine Might

The Vaccine Deep State, is a Monolith that consists of all the major health agencies, from the WHO, CDC, NIH, FDA, IOM, and others, with the vaccine makers, together with the mainstream news—bought off by Big Pharma in the form of advertising revenue—have no interest in a Zika breakthrough, unless that solution begins with a ‘V’.

‘V’ for Vaccine.

This revelation became clear when, also buried in mid August, the CDC via the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rolled out a proposed rule change. The 88-page document, Control of Communicable Diseases: Proposed Rule, (8-15-16, Vol. 81, No. 157, Federal Register), wants to grant the CDC full, super-constitutional powers in the event of a quarantine that only the health agency can call.

The CDC wants to be granted full authority over all Americans during the event of a disease outbreak that leads to a mass quarantine. The document, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), is “open for comment” from the general public until October 14, 2016. Lucky us.

Deftly trying to skirt around Congress—again—from dissecting the proposed rule changes, debating them, voting on them, and making some or all of them into law, such a flagrant power grab by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) was designed to shrink the timeline for public discourse, while giving the appearance that the changes are minor, just simple adjustments from existing law on the agency’s limited authority in the event of a communicable disease emergency.

Published in mid August and buried again during the noise of the presidential election three weeks before Americans vote, the NPRM, if approved, would elevate the CDC’s power to the Fourth military-intelligence agency in the United States, right behind the NSA, CIA, and the Department of Defense (DoD).

Such extraordinary powers would lead to a draconian abuse of U.S. citizens’ lives, livelihood, privacy, freedom, liberty, health, wellbeing, among other countless, unintended consequences and lesser indignities.

The rule changes are designed to divide and conquer groups, lovers, friends, and families, from husband and wife, brother and sister, to parents and guardians from their children.

In short, the CDC will take full authorship of your life.

Military “Apprehension” Powers

From the NPRM, on privacy and surveillance, it states: “When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer.” (NPRM, pg. 10).

“The Secretary’s authority to allow for the apprehension, examination, detention, and conditional release of individuals is limited to those communicable diseases specified in an Executive Order of the President.” (NPRM, pg. 5)

“Those communicable diseases, as of this NPRM include:

“These quarantinable communicable diseases currently include cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis (TB), plague, smallpox, yellow fever, and viral hemorrhagic fevers (such as Marburg, Ebola, Lassa fever, and Crimean-Congo).” (NPRM, pg. 5).

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Dachel Wake Up: Texas Monthly Goes After DA Nico LaHood

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

The only good thing about Texas Monthly is that it's NOT Texas Weekly or Texas Daily.

Other than that, it's a rag. Leif Reigstad must have been given his assignment like this: "We need a piece discrediting the film 'VaxXed' and Texas prosecutor, Nico LaHood. Don't bother talking about what's in the movie, just say it's by the 'disgraced' doctor, Andrew Wakefield, and that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no link between vaccines and autism. Don't say anything about how LaHood's son developed autism, just call what he's doing an 'anti-vaccination campaign.'

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Vaccines: Elimination Mandatory!

AofA Op EdNOTE: We encourage you to share your thoughts on Laura's point of view in the comments and to write your own opinion piece and submit it to us for review.  Do you think no one should ever be allowed to vaccinate, or that everyone should always vaccinate, or do you fall somewhere in between?  Send to  

By Laura Hayes

Why are vaccines a legally permitted medical option? They shouldn’t be.

In a country whose citizens pay trillions of dollars annually to fund government regulatory agencies charged with protecting the public and policing multiple industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, vaccines should be long gone. It is past time to mandate their demise.

Vaccines are medical procedures that never should have been approved. Here’s why:

  • Not one vaccine has ever been tested according to the scientific gold standard, that of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Yes, you read that correctly, not one.

  • The myriad combinations in which vaccines are administered have never been tested, either. For an infant at a “catch up” appointment, meaning they missed a “well-baby” appointment at which vaccines would have been administered, that can mean receiving up to 13 vaccines containing 13 different diseases, at once, injected via 8 separate needles. That is the equivalent of taking up to 13 medications at once whose interactions have never been studied. To make matters even more serious, the number 13 does not include the many other ingredients that accompany and worsen the effects of being injected with 13 diseases, such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, anti-freeze, phenol, MSG, polysorbate 80, Triton X-100 detergent, food proteins, animal viruses and retroviruses, fetal tissue from aborted human babies, and more. The number 13 also does not include ingredients that are not required to be listed on the label, but which are permitted under the cover of “trade secrets”. Undisclosed ingredients being injected into our children? Unacceptable, unethical, and terribly dangerous. Ask yourself, would you want your baby contracting multiple illnesses, up to 13, at once? Would you want your baby contracting multiple illnesses at once while also being poisoned at the same time? If you are following the CDC’s recommended schedule, you are allowing that.

  • Many vaccines contain mercury in the form of thimerosal. Thimerosal was patented in 1928, and has been used ever since, despite it being tested on humans only once, in 1929…a test in which all 22 subjects died within 2 days of receiving thimerosal. Mercury is a known toxin and neurotoxin, with no safe amount for a human. It can kill when applied externally. With vaccines, it is injected internally. Claims that mercury has been removed from vaccines given to children are false.

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Just Breathe

How much loveBy Cathy Jameson

We had a long and lazy summer.  The best part of the summer was that on any given day, my kids had no idea what day it was.  They lost track of what time it was too.  Our summer days were alarm clock-free and saw no mad dashes to get us anywhere.  We woke up when we wanted and we did whatever we wanted to.  The only plan I made was to make no plans.  This summer we needed to just be.  So we did.  And it was glorious. 

Toward the end of August, I had to mentally prepare myself for the impending changes towards the end of August.  A new school year was right around the corner.  That meant early wake ups, mad dashes and a lot more structure than what we had happily gotten used to.  I wasn’t ready to embrace the busier schedule that was about to begin, but I was ready to do something different. 

With the extra time I knew I’d have while the big kids were busy at school and while Ronan’s therapy schedule kept him occupied, I thought that maybe I would venture out of the house.  I crave to help others, so I thought that maybe this could be the year that I would finally have time to do that.  I’d thought I’d start by volunteering more than once at the kids’ school.  I saw myself assisting in the classrooms, in the lunchroom, and at recess.  

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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Failure to Launch

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Perhaps you saw the spectacular launch pad explosion of Elon Musk’s rocket this week. That is nothing compared to the failure to launch of the entire excessive-vaccination generation. (I adopt that term from Bernie Rimland, who said – and it always bears repeating – that “the autism epidemic is real and excessive vaccinations are the cause.”)

Recently an autism dad suggested to me that kids started having trouble with ADD and ADHD in the 1970s, well before the 1988 spike in autism that defines the epidemic. That could track to the introduction of the MMR and various other adjustments to the vaccine schedule and increases in coverage. And that would give us people like Michael Phelps – born 1985 – who has talked openly about having ADHD. It’s possible some of his substance issues could be self-medication. (This appeared to be the year when Olympians with Issues became the headline. Crohn’s disease, asthmatics – where did this infirmary full of world-class athletes come from? I don’t remember it a decade or two ago.)

Of course, Phelps is an awesome success story by any standard, but especially the standards set by pop culture presentations of young adults these days. One that’s on the airwaves now is for a credit-score company: the impetus for tracking your credit is the ongoing nightmare of living with mom and dad. Two or three amusing vignettes – dad wearing the same shirt to try to be cool, or playing some dopey game – make clear that living with your parents is a drag, man. It finally dawned on me this was one of the first ads I’d seen from a millennial perspective. Rather than the irritation of having grown kids at home – that would be my generation’s complaint -- it was the irritation of having stupid parents in your space, even if it is technically their space!

Also this week, I was flipping through my new edition of Tricycle, a Buddhist magazine, and from a less materialistic perspective picked up the same vibe.

“My students seem burdened,” said Jeff Wilson, an associate professor of religious studies at Renison State University in Canada. “People seem really afraid – we probably all know statistics around antidepressant use and anxiety and depression. I think it’s coming from the dissipation of family and connection with others. It just seems really hard to sustain that in the kind of society we have.”

Oh, pish posh. I wish that people who make useful observations would pause for just one moment before offering mere speculation as to the cause. I just don’t think there is justification for this kind of anomie, some breakdown in our families and society to the point that young people just can’t get it together.

It was no picnic in 1968, let me tell you. Yet today things are so fraught, apparently, that trigger warnings and safe spaces and micro-aggressions are the order of the day. (One is tempted to say, if you want a safe space, go back to your parents’ basement.) It was nice to see the University of Chicago push back in a letter to students this week. My own alma mater, Yale, was the scene of great pusillanimity kicked off by a dean’s wife harmless suggestion that nobody get too riled up by potentially offensive Halloween costumes. I don’t mean to minimize this generation’s own set of issues, nor the need to deal with historical grievances that ours may have never considered. Many will disagree, but I thought Georgetown’s offer this week to give preferential admission to descendants of slaves it had owned (and sold to keep in business) was terrific. There are problems to be dealt with but that does not explain or justify a generation of kids with sawed-off ambitions and crippling apathy who can’t seem to get out of their parents’ basements. I remember staying at home for three or four days right out of college until I moved in with a couple of friends. We were not living large, but it seemed that way because, hallelujah, we were on our own. (And then, a few months later, I moved into my own tiny attic apartment and bought a Sherwood receiver, a Dual Turntable and a pair of Dynaco speakers that I still have and put on a record that was just out -- Blood on the Tracks. Tangled Up in Blue's astonishing instrumental opening came pouring out like warm honey and gave the system a worthy baptism. I digress but being on your own is good!)

There’s nothing heroic about this, it is what people do and have done really for millennia -- a biologic imperative of youth to stand up, strike out on their own, show they can do it better and create their own life. The universe throws in some extra hormones or whatever to push us all out of the nest without a crippling fear of falling. Except, apparently, these days.

One of my favorite quotes is by Lightner Witmer, a Philadelphia psychologist, describing a possible early case of autism:

 “As the flower blooms, the fish swims or the bird flies, so the child crawls, walks and talks. It is the unfolding of his own instinctive impulses. But this child had to be taught to crawl and to walk, and even then he could only toddle around uncertainly. He never uttered a word spontaneously.”

This unfolding naturally continues into adolescence and early adulthood – or it ought to. But we shouldn’t be surprised it doesn’t when we have 1 in 6 kids with learning disabilities, 1 in 68 with autism, more than half with some kind of mental or physical health issue. That’s a lot of kids! Yet when these kids continue to have “delays” into adulthood, we seem to ignore this reality of cause and effect. Saying a three-year-old is delayed is one thing, but a 20-year-old who delays taking on the natural responsibilities and advantages of his age is something else. Or is it? Are we going to be talking about “delays” in 80-year-olds? At some point delay becomes denial of a person’s right to live a full and unburdened life.

It’s what Bernie Rimland called Dyslogic Syndrome in a book by that title available on Amazon. The subtitle says it all: Why Millions of Kids are ‘Hyper,’ Attention-Disordered, Learning Disabled, Depressed, Aggressive, Defiant, or Violent – and What We Can Do About It. This overlooked gem from 2008 – a kind of bookend to his classic Infantile Autism in 1964 – describes the generation now in their late teens and early adulthood.

If you get a generation whose members were delayed in infancy, should we be surprised they remain delayed in everything from leaving home to adjusting to the rough and tumble of what used to be called “the real world,” still "toddling around uncertainly" like the child Witmer described? Speaking of the real world, I'm reliably informed that another reality show, Big Brother, currently has three contestants well into their 20s who still live with their parents. We should stop grabbing for silly explanations and come to grips, like Georgetown with its egregious slave history, with what we have wrought.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Andy Wakefield, Vaxxed and The Media

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

What I find most fascinating about the corruption of the media is their treatment of Andrew Wakefield. If you were to go to Google News and do a search, you'd find his name comes up quite often in stories about the vaccine controversy. You'd see things like:

"Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been involved with spreading the misinformation related to alleged conspiracy and cover-up..."

"... Andrew Wakefield was stripped of his medical license in the U.K. for falsifying the results of his own study..."

"...Andrew Wakefield, the discredited former British gastroenterologist who wrote a highly controversial (and since retracted) ..."

Unquestionably Andy is the fall guy. He's the one they blame for parental resistance to the ever-increasing vaccine schedule (while steadfastly ignoring all the sick kids everywhere). He connected vaccines to the development of autism and parents keep buying into the false claim, according to every major news organization out there.

Incredibly, no one in the media ever wants to talk to Andy about his position. Isn't that a little strange?

IF this doctor is SO WRONG and SO DANGEROUS, you'd think reporters would be questioning him everywhere he goes, setting up debates where members of the medical community could challenge his notoriously false position on vaccines and bring an end to the argument. SO WHY DON'T THEY?

I'm talking about folks like Clyde Haberman at the New York Times. He said Wakefield was "held in disgrace" in a piece entitled, "A Discredited Vaccine Study’s Continuing Impact on Public Health." And while Haberman interviewed Seth Mnookin, author of The Panic Virus, who defended vaccines, Andy was not contacted, although Haberman did cite him as "Dr. Wakefield."

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Dachel Wake Up: Fox & Friends Fabricates Vaccination Story

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

It is clear that the major networks will make up the facts in order to defend vaccines and criticize parents who question their safety. We’ve seen it for years, and that is exactly what they did on this report on Fox & Friends. We’re told three quarters of parents don’t believe kids need vaccines.


This is outright news fraud. It's the Fox News version of a recently announced survey of doctors that was actually done in 2013.

The Fox anchor is stunned.  How could so many parents be so misinformed?

Actually, Fox has the story all wrong, and one has to ask if it was intentional.

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Levi Quackenboss on San Antonio DA Nico LaHood

KnightThanks to Levi for letting us share this post.

I’ve thought for two days about writing or not writing this post because I wasn’t sure I had anything to add to the conversation about Nico Lahood standing up against vaccine-induced autism.

If you haven’t heard the national news yet, the elected District Attorney in Bexar County (San Antonio) Texas, contacted the Vaxxed team to share the story of his then-18-month old son regressing into autism after vaccination, along with photos of the debilitating eczema his first child suffered through.  His last two children are unvaccinated, as it tends to go in these situations.

Obviously, I decided to write.

Nico is a friend of mine, though he doesn’t know I write this blog. I haven’t seen him on a daily basis in many years, but we used to talk all the time. I laugh at the articles that refer to him as the “controversial Texas DA” as if he was already skating on thin ice before standing up and becoming the new face of the American dad that isn’t taking any shit from Merck.

Let me set the record straight on Nico Lahood: he is beloved in San Antonio.

Nico gives exactly zero fucks about what his actions might do at the polls, and not just because his job is set until 2018. As a Democrat, he unseated a 16-year Republican District Attorney in an election where voters were casting straight-Republican tickets. His opponent was the only Republican in the county to lose her job. Democrats who had better things to do that day left their homes to go stand in line and vote for him, when they ordinarily would have skipped it. That is how much he is loved. When he became DA it was probably a pay cut compared to the success he had in private practice.

He first ran for DA in 2010 at the age of  37, which is ridiculously young, but not unheard of. During his first attempt, the sitting DA released his criminal records that he’d filed to have sealed, which were from 1994 when he was arrested for selling 200 (now they’re reporting it as 300) pills of ecstasy to an undercover cop at the strip club he worked at. I don’t know what you were up to in 1994 but I sure am glad there aren’t records of what I was up to. Nico was given a deferred sentence, completed his probation, and the case against him for selling a drug once patented by Merck was dismissed.

So what did Nico do when the DA released his records? He made a commercial about it. He ran a political ad admitting the entire thing. That’s how many fucks he gives. He knows he’d made a youthful mistake but more than that, he knew the current corrupt DA needed to get the hell out of that office and that he was the guy to make that happen.

Nico narrowly lost in 2010 so he came right back at the DA in 2014 and knocked her out. He was endorsed by Eva Longoria and Tim Duncan. When the incumbent refused to debate him, he held his own interview of her using an empty chair because that lady never showed up for anything.  Read more here.

Revolutionary Grandparents: A New Autism Book From Skyhorse Publishing

Rev GPBy Anne Dachel

Autism is talked about all over the place today, and with good reason since, according to one statistic, more than two percent of children have the disorder. Every April, the whole world lights up places in blue in a call for awareness. There are even those who celebrate autism having coined the term, “neurodiversity.”

News reports on autism may include a 30 second clip of typical looking kids interacting with therapists or happily climbing on playground equipment, but we rarely see how autism impacts every member of the family. The heartbreak does not stop with the parents. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles also share in the dashed dreams and exhausting search for answers when a child descends into autism.

The media doesn’t report on the emotional and physical toll autism takes on parents. Rarer still is any coverage of the role of the extended family members. That’s why I’m excited to talk about the book, Revolutionary Grandparents,  which highlights what these people do to support parents and even take on the role of fulltime caregiver themselves.

There are nineteen stories in Revolutionary Grandparents. They’re personal and moving. I have highlighted five of them for you.

“Yee Haw” Hope and Healing across Generations, by Kathryn Heck p. 65

Kathryn and her nephew Matthew

Anne 1

Kathryn Heck is the “Revolutionary Aunt” who’s been there for her nephew Matthew and his mother Terri. Kathryn herself suffered in the polio epidemic of the 1950s and as a result experienced “years of physical therapy, surgeries, braces, and a fear of needles.”

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Texas DA Risks Everything To Speak Out on Vaccine Injury

CautionNOTE: Keep an eye on the career of Texas DA Nico LaHood. And we don't mean for a promotion.  Speaking out on vaccine injury is fraught with danger.  The San Antonio Health District responded to LaHood with a statement Tuesday afternoon. It's at the end of this post.

By Anne Dachel

Aug 29, 2016, ABC12 San Antonio TX: District Attorney Nico LaHood: 'Vaccines cause autism'

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said Monday that vaccines cause autism.

In an interview with KSAT 12 News, LaHood said that he and his wife noticed a change in their son after he received his 18-month vaccination.

"We had a very different child," he said.

LaHood also voiced his opinions about the controversial subject in an interview that was posted on the Autism Media Channel Facebook page for the controversial documentary, “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.”

"I'm here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism," LaHood said in the interview.

When asked whether he should be voicing his opinion due to the political office he holds, LaHood said, "My opinions are just my opinions. As a daddy, as a husband, who happens to be the DA. People are allowed to have a First Amendment right to an opinion. I know this is not a politically correct opinion.... 

ABC12 has it wrong in the video segment.  Nico LaHood isn’t in “VaxXed”—He simply backs up the premise of a link between vaccines and autism because his son regressed following his scheduled shots.

LaHood has his supporters, including a colleague in the justice system.

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, who saw a preview of the film, said he agrees.

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AAP Comes Out Against Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions

Crazy_doctor1NOTE: Just as cardiologists became the sales arm for cholesterol meds, pediatricians are coming out of the medicine cabinet as the final sales arm of the vaccination industry.  How else could you explain a physicians' organization (really their union, see this post by Mark Blaxill from several years ago) choosing to remove choice for a medical product as a blanket rule for the vast majority of their patients?  Vaccination carries risk, whether you believe that risk is infinitesimal or inevitable.  The result of this stance - to remove all non-medical vaccination exemptions - will create a punitive environment for thinking pediatricians who choose to work with and listen to their parent base.  The child whose sister is wracked with seizures and who has not had her first seizure will not be able to delay or turn down a vaccine that has seizure risk as a side effect because she won't qualify for a medical exemption.  Like violent crime, proactive police prevention is not possible, you can only call the police - or in the case of vaccine injury the ER - after the injury.  Removing non-medical vaccine exemptions is the moral equivalent of denying a woman a restraining order against a man who threatens violence. He might not have harmed her yet, but the risk is real.  Why would the AAP take this stance except to protect the pharmaceutical industry? Feel free to share your thoughts.  Kim

By Anne Dachel

As “VaxXed” tours the country and parents who would never have questioned vaccine mandates are getting educated, the corporate powers that control medicine and lawmakers are fighting back. SB277 in California ending parental choice was just the beginning.

Two things are happening right now regarding vaccinations and Google News has everyone reporting on it.

First of all, the AAP is now calling for the elimination of all non-medical exemptions to vaccination. This announcement coincides with a survey showing that the vast majority of pediatricians have parents who refuse to vaccinate. The report goes on to say that those parents who don’t want to vaccinate do so because they think vaccines are unnecessary—not because of fears over side effects.  (Evidently they have to be forced to do what's good for their children.)

AAP News: Eliminate nonmedical immunization exemptions for school entry, says AAP

An AAP policy is calling for all states to use their public health authority to eliminate nonmedical exemptions from immunization requirements for school entry.

While the Academy has opposed nonmedical or “personal belief” exemptions in the past, this is the first policy statement on the issue. …

“I personally — as well as colleagues around the country — have received calls from parents whose children were immunocompromised … who were really concerned,” said Dr. Maldonado, vice chair of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases.

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Vaxxed Viewer Remains Staunch

OopsLast week, we ran a post about a Vaxxed Q&A Video where a woman questioned Dr. Andrew Wakefield's integrity and credibility, unaware that she was speaking directly to Dr. Andrew Wakefield himself. He responded with more grace than would have most of us, I believe. We'll chalk that up to his British upbringing. We received a comment on that post that we run below for your edification.  


Well, I was the person who brought the lawyer to the Austin Vaxxed movie (8/23)! She is my sister-in-law by marriage. She was visiting Austin for a few days with her daughter and I took the rare opportunity to “kidnap” them, take them to lunch and then to the afternoon showing. I was well aware of her stance on vaccines but thought she’d appreciate having more knowledge and possibly sway her opinion. Boy, was I wrong!

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Mark Blaxill on Massachusetts Special Education

By Anne Dachel

I recently wrote about the Aug 17, 2016 coverage from NPR Boston which focused on special needs students in Massachusetts.

Mass SPED chart

It was really hard to ignore the data, yet officials and educators in that state don't seem worried.

Additional reporting from NPR Boston included this interview of a special education expert from Lesley University about the soaring increase in autism.

WBUR's Morning Edition host Bob Oakes recently spoke with Elizabeth Keefe, an assistant professor at Lesley University who focuses on special education and autism spectrum disorders. We asked her if the number of special education students in the state is growing.


"The number of students that require special education services in the commonwealth has remained largely static over the last 10 years. There's no question that there have been specific groups, such as students with autism, who have experienced a significant number of students with particular disabilities in our schools. So I would say, the need for programming for students with very complex disabilities is certainly an issue in the commonwealth."

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Writing the Wrongs

Syringe Pen WritingBy Cathy Jameson

I have many interests, but I tend to gravitate and read conversations about autism and vaccines when I sit down to read.  With all the social media opportunities available these days, it’s quite easy to respond to what I’ve just read.  I can chime in, leave a comment and get involved in a variety of online conversations.  Unbelievers, trolls and those adamantly opposed to parental choice can chime in too, but for the most part, lots of the other readers and commenters on the pages I’ve bookmarked are on the same page that I am – we believe that vaccines resulted in our child’s autism. 

The kind of autism my child has isn’t easy.  Having started out life typically developing, it was shocking to see my child tumble onto the spectrum as hard as he did.  Now at 13 years old, Ronan’s unable to speak and toilet on his own.  He’s prone to wander.  Despite being on anti-epileptic medication, he still has seizures.  Despite years of therapy, he’s still very delayed.  Despite all the hardships, I hang onto hope that some good will come from our family’s autism and vaccine experience.

Vaccines aren’t the only cause of autism, but it’s one that can’t be ignored.  Learning that vaccines can result in autism shocks a lot of people.  But it isn’t just autism that shocks and concerns parents like me.  It’s the vaccine ingredients, the vaccine schedule, the mainstream vaccine rhetoric and also the downplaying of how serious an autism diagnosis is that concerns me.  I don’t add my two cents on every autism and vaccine thread or convo pops up on my screen, but I do chime in when I have the time and the energy to participate. 

Things I want another parent to know is that I, like so many other parents of children who are vaccine injured, speak from experience.  We’re not talking just to hear our own voices, and we’re not volunteering our input of some random topic we’ve never heard of.  Vaccines have severely altered many family’s lives.  They destroyed my own child’s potential.  I speak up about that because I don’t ever want another child or family to go through the negatives that Ronan and my family have. 

Sometimes my input is greeted with thanks. 

Other times, it’s with angst. 

Who does she think she is?  Who is she to tell me what to do or not do with my kid?  She has no right to butt in my health care choices. 

And they’re right.  I can’t stop another parent from vaccinating.  I can warn them of what can happen if the vaccine fails or if adverse events present themselves though.  If given the opportunity, I do that.  I offer my insight in the hopes of educating a parent and will do so right up until the moment the needle goes in.  But I can’t stop them.  That’s why up until that needle could go in, I’ll continue to encourage every parent to…

Know the risks.

Know the facts. 

Know their rights.

Somedays I get over zealous and think I need to share those points all day long and with everyone I know.  I’m sure some family and friends get a little tired of me stepping on my soapbox.  They probably say to themselves, Oh, geez.  Here she goes again! 

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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Notes from the Wilds of North Carolina

Do NCBy Dan Olmsted

Catching up from some time away, camping (more like “glamping”) with some autism dads and others who know the score, by the French Broad River in Hot Springs, North Carolina. (The milkweed seemed like a sign of summer’s end.)


I’m impressed that as the first generation of the autism epidemic cohort – I guess that’s how I’d put it – is aging out of schools and into adulthood, a hundred flowers are blooming, sometimes literally. A dad whose son is 20 talked about all kinds of ideas he and his wife are working on, from a flower delivery service that includes donating one bouquet to a special needs family for every one sold. There was also talk of incorporating the tiny house movement into a group living situation for people with an autism diagnosis.

I know that Dan Burns and Teresa Conrick, among others, have worked on interesting projects. Not all will work on the first try but along with the harsh fact of a world unwilling and unable to accommodate the coming deluge, I’m impressed with the energy and creativity that’s emerging.


On the way back, I stopped for an Egg McMuffin and one of the staff was being animated and a bit goofy. “Don’t judge me, I’m special,” he said. I wasn’t sure whether to be offended because he wasn’t disabled, or accommodating because he was. I hope it’s not the hip kids co-opting phrases the way they did the R word and “that’s so gay.” But it’s becoming their world now whatever we think about it.


There are two kinds of studies coming down the pike that I was told to watch – or watch out – for. One looks at acetaminophen, which a scientist dad I talked to at length is convinced is responsible for 90 percent of autism cases. I just don’t buy it but I’m open to the evidence. He sent me some papers to read that I’ll take a look at. What are your ideas about the role, if any, of Tylenol in autism?

I can see the biological plausibility, but the idea it’s the “but for” factor in nine out of 10 cases doesn’t quite work for me. As I told this dad, one of the strongest arguments against it is the work Mark Blaxill, Teresa Conrick and I have done on early cases. If you accept our premise – autism was essentially nonexistent before 1930, first arose with the commercialization of ethyl mercury compounds in vaccines and preservatives, and first affected children in families with those occupations in the background – it is hard to see how a pain reliever fits the fact pattern better.

I thought he didn’t realize the power of that evidence, but then I would think that, wouldn’t I?

The second kind of study looks at older unvaccinated siblings of vaccinated children with autism. Many times parents will forego vaccinating subsequent children in the (correct) belief that there was a connection. But if those unvaccinated kids have the same or a higher rate of autism, it throws an obvious monkey wrench in the theory. If you have ideas for why this kind of data might not be convincing, I’d like to hear them.

Of course this sort of study gives the lie to the claim it’s impossible to compare vax v unvaxxed people, so why not do it in a broader group with unrelated children? We’ve been waiting for that for a long time now.


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about continued attention to the antimalarial drug Lariam, or mefloquine, and the fact that it is most certainly causing a percentage of veteran suicide and violence.

This week I heard from a very good, and cautious, source with military connections that there is evidence the Dallas shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, who killed five police officers, might have been taking the drug and suffered its long-term effects.

He was an Afghan War Army Reserve veteran, which puts him in the right place at the right time. As long as the media and medicine ignore the acknowledged long term consequences of this drug, we are going to see more suicide or violence, whether this case was representative of that or not.

The only good-faith thing for the military to do is launch a high-power investigation. That, of course, would mean facing up to its culpability in inventing and mandating a deadly dangerous drug. It’s easy to be cynical but I think it can and will happen as more bizarre deaths occur, indefinitely.


One nice thing about being back is to catch up on posts and comments and realize how much good content appears every day and week. This comment by John Stone caught my eye: “It is a crazy idea that you can just suspend the normal rules of a liberal democracy and not reep appalling consequences.” I looked up liberal democracy and learned that the “liberal” is used in the classical sense of liberty, meaning that individuals within a majority-ruled country should have a wide margin of freedom within that context.

Liberal and libertarian – not so far apart when it comes to our common cause.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Vaxxed Q&A Viewer Insults Andrew Wakefield.

Awkward moment alert. A women at a Vaxxed showing does not recognize Andrew Wakefield at the Q&A and then proceeds to insult him.  You have to watch this to believe it.  Andy responds with courtesy and aplomb to a woman who is as rude as can be - despite her quiet Looooosiana voice. "Where I come from...." ma'am, maybe go back.

Temple Grandin in the News and A New Biography

Temple grandin bookTemple Grandin is speaking at the U of New Mexico. This article is from the Albuquerque Journal.  Take note, a new biography of Grandin is about to debut from Skyhorse Publishing.   Titled, "Voice for the Voiceless" by Annette Wood.  You can order a copy now.

LAS CRUCES – Temple Grandin, the best-selling author, world-renowned autism spokesman and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior, will speak at several events Thursday and Friday at New Mexico State University.

Grandin is a world leader in livestock handling facility design. Almost half of the cattle processing facilities in North America include a special feature she designed. She has developed animal welfare guidelines used widely throughout the meat industry, and her research regarding grazing-animal behavior has helped producers reduce stress during handling.

Grandin was diagnosed with autism at a young age, but used the disability — which she said causes her to be a “visual thinker” — to revolutionize an industry and raise global awareness about autism.

She is best-known for studying the behavior of cattle, how they react to ranchers, movements, objects and light. Grandin designed adapted curved corrals, intended to reduce stress, panic and injury in animals being led to slaughter.  Read more here.



Dachel Wake Up: CA School Funding In Jeopardy Post SB277

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

SB 277: "This new law has a lot of parents in a total uproar," and it's turned school administrators into the vaccine police. And since school funding is based on enrollment, districts could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Forcing parents to home school sounds like a violation of a child's right to a free and appropriate education.

The second story is from the San Francisco Chronicle and it's truly frightening. A child who "became unresponsive for nine days after her first ... Tdap, shot when she was a baby" was granted only a one-year medical exemption. Her sister, who's entering kindergarten, couldn't get one.

Aug 25, 2016, Humboldt County (CA) North Coast Journal: Prepare for Impact [of SB277]

A new vaccination law has school administrators caught between a needle and a hard place

As the first day of school approaches, there's an anxiety building in many administrative offices throughout Humboldt County. The anxiety doesn't seem to be pervasive, but cloistered in different pockets throughout the region. And it centers around a simple question: Will students show up?...

"We have to wait and see how it shakes out," said Stephanie Steffano-Davis, principal of Whitethorn Elementary. "But at this point, what I'm hearing is that vaccination is an issue for a lot of people and they're looking at alternatives. A lot of people are looking at alternatives to public education."

With a new state law on the books that mandates that just about every child in California be fully vaccinated for 10 communicable diseases before attending school, some, like Steffano-Davis, are worried about the impacts. And they could be dramatic. Humboldt County, which ranked 52nd of California's 58 counties in vaccination rates for incoming kindergarteners last school year, when 10.4 percent of Humboldt's 1,741 kids entered school with a personal belief exemption (PBE) that sidestepped mandatory vaccinations....

Take Tenae LaPorte, who has quit her job in a local dermatologist's office to homeschool her children. She had planned on sending them to Fieldbrook Elementary but is dead set against vaccinating them. ...

But the bill also did something many in the public didn't expect: It put schools on the front lines of California's immunization war. Because the Legislature didn't want to fund an enforcement mechanism, it simply made vaccinations a condition of education and forced administrators to be the gatekeepers.

"We are very frustrated that we are now the immunization police," said Julia Anderson, the executive director of Beginnings in Briceland, which includes Skyfish elementary school and a child care center. "This new law has a lot of parents in a total uproar."

While the new law may have parents in some communities in an uproar, administrators at the schools that will potentially face the biggest impacts don't seem to want to talk about it. Scores of calls and emails to administrators at schools with historically large numbers of personal belief exemptions went unreturned. When administrators did reply, the response was generally curt.

"We don't know the impacts yet ... won't know until we see how many students arrive on August 25th," wrote Catherine Scott, superintendent of Southern Humboldt Unified School District, in an email....

It's not difficult to understand why administrators would be on edge given what's at stake. In California, school funding is tightly tied to enrollment and attendance. That means parents' deciding that homeschooling their children is preferable to vaccinating them has a direct impact on school budgets and, consequently, staffing.

Aug 22, 2016, San Francisco Chronicle: Thousands start school without vaccinations as new law rolls out

...San Francisco mom Adrienne Moore, who fought the law, spent months trying to get a medical exemption for her kindergartner.

Moore said her daughter became unresponsive for nine days after her first tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, or Tdap, shot when she was a baby. Before school started last week, she said, her doctor agreed to support a one-year medical exemption.

Moore’s second daughter, who would start kindergarten next year, has no exemption. If it’s a choice between vaccines and homeschooling, the mom said her girls would stay home.

The law is still subject to a court battle, and a federal judge in San Diego is expected to rule this week on whether to delay it while a legal challenge proceeds. A lawsuit filed by an antivaccination group, Education 4 All, charges that the law violates the right to an education under California’s constitution.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Contest: The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years

Vaccine Friendly PlanWe have a copy of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years by Dr. Paul Thomas MD and Jennifer Margulis PhD from Ballantine Books to give away. 

Leave a comment to enter!

An accessible and reassuring guide to childhood health and immunity from a pediatrician who’s both knowledgeable about the latest scientific research and respectful of a family’s risk factors, health history, and concerns
In The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, Paul Thomas, M.D., presents his proven approach to building immunity: a new protocol that limits a child’s exposure to aluminum, mercury, and other neurotoxins while building overall good health. Based on the results from his pediatric practice of more than eleven thousand children, as well as data from other credible and scientifically minded medical doctors, Dr. Paul’s vaccine-friendly protocol gives readers
• recommendations for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth
• vital information about what to expect at every well child visit from birth through adolescence
• a slower, evidence-based vaccine schedule that calls for only one aluminum-containing shot at a time
• important questions to ask about your child’s first few weeks, first years, and beyond
• advice about how to talk to health care providers when you have concerns
• the risks associated with opting out of vaccinations
• a practical approach to common illnesses throughout the school years
• simple tips and tricks for healthy eating and toxin-free living at any age
The Vaccine-Friendly Plan presents a new standard for pediatric care, giving parents peace of mind in raising happy, healthy children.

Advance praise for The Vaccine-Friendly Plan

“Finally, a book about vaccines that respects parents! If you choose only one book to read on the topic, read The Vaccine-Friendly Plan. This impeccably researched, well-balanced book puts you in the driver’s seat and empowers you to make conscientious vaccine decisions for your family.”—Peggy O’Mara, editor and publisher, Mothering Magazine 

Religion and Conscience: Vaccine Rights

Human rightsNote: We invite you to visit the NVIC site regularly for updates on the current state of vaccine rights and issues across the country.  Here is a blog entry titled:   Religion and Conscience are Intertwined.

By Marco Caceres

People view and practice religion in different ways. I have always tended to see religion more as a journey of growth in spiritual wisdom—of being open to all possibilities for experiencing the creative power of the universe and learning from the teachings of sages, mystics and prophets (both past and present). I have sensed that the journey has been guided by my conscience—that inner still small voice that has often been said to be the highest authority.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts.”1 

In one of his many sermons, 19th century Church of Scotland minister Robert Herbert Story described conscience as the “compass we must steer by.”2 He said that even if it is not pointing due north, “we cannot help it: as long as we believe it to be true, and have no means of checking it, we can be trusted to it.”2

Obey your conscience. Be true to yourself and to God’s voice in you, first and before all else. You might mistake the teaching of Scripture: you could not, if in earnest about it, mistake the teaching of the living voice of God within.2 

The relationship between religion and conscience is closely intertwined. However, I had never previously stopped to reflect just how much until faced with the possibility of losing my religious freedoms as it relates to something as deeply personal as bodily integrity. Spurred on and financed by the pharmaceutical industry, the unceasing lobbying efforts within state legislatures in the United States to eliminate religious exemptions to vaccination and the resultant pushback by American families defending their religious freedoms, has put into clear perspective what is at stake here.  Read more here.

Generation Rescue and New Kids Helping Newly Diagnosed Kids

Blog surpriseWhat a great story of grass roots support from our friends at Generation Rescue.  Look at what a NKOTB fan did for GR!

August 17, 2016

Donnie Wahlberg Birthday Surprise Helps Families Affected by Autism!

Generation Rescue board member and celebrity ambassador, Donnie Wahlberg, celebrated his 47th birthday recently. To honor him, Laurina from San Francisco, CA (a huge New Kids on the Block fan) rallied together fellow “Blockheads” to surprise Donnie by raising money for Generation Rescue.

Read more here.

Normalizing Autism--We Have No Choice

Old is new memeBy Anne Dachel

Countries around the world can no longer ignore all the neurologically disabled children and young adults everywhere. Despite the pretense that nothing is really going on, that we've only in recent decades understood that there are people living with autism--ones who can't speak, interact normally, behave like other children--we're having to make accommodations that were never needed before. Somehow we have to convince ourselves that designating more and more places as autism-friendly/sensory-friendly is just the result of greater awareness. Stories are out everyday that prove my point. We're adjusting, it seems, no questions asked. Soon, as more and more of these children age out of school and enter adulthood, we won't remember a world without those with special needs everywhere.

I imagine the forms parents fill out for registration for school or sports or organization will soon look like this:

Form AD

 Here's a quick look at the world surrendering to autism. There's no need to look for a cause or call it a crisis or try to prevent it. We've all learned to accept autism as a normal part of childhood in the 2st century, and soon we won't remember a world without people on the spectrum. We have to do this, the alternative is to expose how an unchecked, unsafe vaccination schedule damaged millions of children around the world. That is the unthinkable to the people in charge and their lackeys in the press. 

Get used to hearing about "autism friendly" and "sensory friendly" accommodations. They're the signs of the times.

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Thank You, BHARE For $15,000 To Continue Microbiome Studies

TC B Share
By Teresa Conrick

On August 13th, I got a good sunburn helping raise $3,275 with the BHARE Foundation. We went car to car for hours to try and complete the $15,000 commitment that they wanted to raise over this Summer -- and they did!

That money will go for this:

"Studying the gut has been our most exciting and promising research.  Dr. Jim Adams, at Arizona State University, along with Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown and Daewook Kang, have published studies proving major differences in the total make up of types and groups of populations of bacteria in people with autism.  Recently, the team has requested financial support to study fungi/yeast, and the possible connection to autism.  I hope you will assist us in helping to fund this work.  Our goal for the Spring/Summer is to raise $15,000.  With your help, I know we can reach it.

Further research areas we would like to explore include Helminths (parasitic worms), FMT (Fecal Microbial Transplant) and Medical Cannabis."

It's very important that we keep researching the Microbiome as it keep coming up as a very possible EPICENTER of Autism. 

 These researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill, not related to our fundraising efforts, are trying to PREVENT Autism but do they have it right? :

UNC researchers link gut bacteria to infant brain development  

  •   Preliminary research at UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School shows a relationship between how the brains of infants develop and the type of bacteria living in their stomachs.

  •   The communities of bacteria, viruses and small fungi that make their homes inside larger animals are known as the “microbiome.” Studying these critters has become a new way for scientists to understand the complex ways messages travel in the human body.

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Back to School. I See You.

Kim eyes 2
By Kim Stagliano

This was circulating on Facebook yesterday (thank you to Michelle Masciulli-Zuniga) and it caught my eye. 

To my fellow parents who didn't have the cutesy photo with their kid holding a sign because they were stimming and close to a meltdown, I see you.

To the parents who aren't torn up about their child being in third grade because every year feels the same in a special education classroom, I see you.

To the parents who sent their child off to school this morning on the forever mocked short bus, I see you.

To the parents whose child will come home this afternoon and not be able to tell you what happened at school today, I see you.

We try not to be maudlin here at Age of Autism. But sometimes, the crushing reality of what our kids have lost, goals they haven't yet met, may never meet, hits us like a ton of bricks. Back to school is one of those times, certainly in my family.  My girls don't care about the latest gadget or the niftiest backpack. I wish they did. A new grade means the same IEP. The same repetitive goals that honestly,become a waste of time as our kids turn into teenagers.

My baby is going to be 16 in September. Sweet 16. I've never heard her say more than "Mama. No. Bella. Hello." She has never been able to tell me that the hand me down clothes she wears bother her. Or that she wishes she had a friend.

If we sat down and dwelled on how autism has decimated our kids' lives we might never stand up again. Most of us avoid thinking too much. We're too busy running ragged anyway, right?

I see every one of you. I am you.


Comic or Raging Bull? Open The Conversation About Vaccine Injury!

Wow. Remember when Jimmy Kimmel went full Penn & Teller on those of us with vaccine injured kids?  So here's a REAL DOCTOR, Jimmy!  We pray your toddler Jane avoids the tragic fate so many of our kids have endured - and continue to pay the price now decades later....  I heard you on The Howard Stern Show last week. You're a funny guy. Smart as a whip. Why not use that intellect to dig a bit deeper than the CDC pharmedia press release version of vaccine choice? Kim

For the Next Generation

GenerationBy Cathy Jameson

I’ve been sharing my son’s story on several platforms for several years now.  For as many years as I’ve been sharing it, some people still haven’t heard what happened to Ronan.  When I meet someone who is curious about his vaccine injury, I don’t mind retelling the story one more time.  I do that in the hopes that what I impart is useful – be it a small piece of advice, a gentle warning, or if it becomes the start of a conversation that gets them thinking outside the box, I’ll keep sharing Ronan’s story.

One of the last times I shared the story, I added a few afterthoughts.  I did that because I knew that other people, including an expectant mom that I asked to join in, were listening to the conversation.  I didn’t want to scare the pants of any of the women but knew that if I wasn’t completely honest with them, they would walk away confused.  Worse, they could walk away upset with me.  Since the last thing I want to be is the source of someone’s anger, I carefully crafted my responses while also cited resources that supported the wisdom I wanted to impart. 

I shared what I’d do if it was me – if I was pregnant again, if I was taking my brand new baby in for a “well-visit”, if I was told vaccines were necessary.  After offering what I had to offer, I didn’t want to forget my thoughts.  So, I sat down and typed them up and called them Things I’d Do Differently

It isn’t a long list but could quite easily be expanded to include more details, lots of links, and plenty more topics.  But for now, for today’s post, stemming from one of the latest convos I’ve had about Ronan that lead to talking about diseases that lead to talking about vaccines that lead to talking about pregnancy that lead to talking about pregnancy and vaccines, here are 10 things I’d do differently today.  

What else would I do and what else could I tell a young mama-to-be to know to help her make a more informed choice?  Here’s a start:

1 – Learn the immune system, its function, and how to support it.

2 – Learn about communicable diseases, how they’re spread, and how long the disease usually lasts.  Also learn where the disease is typically caught (locally?  regionally?  overseas?) and how the disease run its course (rash?  fever?  vomiting?).  Then, learn how to treat disease and know what, if any, long-term effects may result from it.

3 – Weigh the likelihood of coming in contact with the diseases.

4 – Learn which vaccines are on the current recommended vaccine schedules (pediatric and adult).

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Best of: A Torrent of Leaks Reaches Flood Stage

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaDan is on a short break. This post ran on 8/23/14. Since then, Vaxxed has exposed the CDC Whistle blower to a broad audience and we're bearing down on a Presidential election. How many children have been diagnosed in 24 months' time? Yesterday I had a new student in a karate class I teach, I heard Mom say, "He attends [name of developmental peer combo preschool in our town.]" I asked her, "Is he a peer or on an IEP?" "Oh! He's been tested for autism 3 times, he has sensory processing disorder and speech delay."  And the leaks continue. And the flood drowns.  KIM

By Dan Olmsted

As the MMR whistleblower issue blows up, here's one thing that’s worth remembering: The specific manipulation of data being alleged is that the CDC covered up a risk for autism in black males who got the MMR shot earlier than 36 months. That is appalling, and raises terrible echoes of the nation’s public health officials and their odious Tuskegee study of untreated black males with syphilis.

But more broadly, according to the medical, scientific, and journalistic consensus of our day, there should be no good evidence of any kind, whatsoever, linking any vaccine to autism in any child, ever. Ever! (“One Thing We Know About Autism: Vaccines Aren’t to Blame” – National Geographic. “Once again, the research is definitive: vaccines don't cause autism, and the potential costs of vaccines' mild side-effects are clearly smaller than those of the lethal diseases that can spread if we don't vaccinate all children.” –

Since “we know” that vaccines don’t cause autism, they certainly don’t cause it in black males. They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males. They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males in Atlanta.  They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males in Atlanta before a certain age – or, for that matter, given on the day of birth to blue-eyed females in Dubuque born on the first or third Thursdays of months ending in "y."

They don't cause autism! Got it? If they did, even in such a circumscribed cohort as black males in Atlanta vaccinated with MMR before 36 months --  that would start a cascade of challenges to orthodoxy that simply can’t – and, if the authority figures have their way, simply won’t – be tolerated. This is what the The Times and The Networks and the Agencies are going to be working overtime to shore up.

The CDC’s William Thompson, whistleblower to Brian Hooker on the MMR study and lead author on another on mercury in vaccines, has probably ruined more than a few of his colleagues’ August vacations at Hilton Head. One can’t help think of goofy cartoon characters running around a leaking dike and plugging every hole that starts spurting. They are down now to using their toes. (Check out this staggeringly off-message comment from Dorit Reiss on CNN: "Even if his [Brian Hooker's] claims about the study were correct, which is doubtful, it would show that for most of the population, MMR does not cause autism." I imagine a Merck guy yelling in her ear, "Dammit, Dorit, don't ever say it's OK if the MMR just makes a few thousand black boys autistic! Do you really want this job? ")

More broadly, these “leaks” in the bulwark of conventional wisdom have been coming for a long time, and not just from people on the inside with information to share.

I’m talking about leaks like all the parents of children on the other side of the elevated-risk stats – MMR shots at 12 months, illness, regression, autism.

Leaks like parents who saw it with other vaccines, at other times  -- parents who were willing to share what happened to try to keep it from happening again.

Leaks like the original Verstraeten study at the CDC that found a high risk of autism for infants who got the most ethyl mercury by the first month of life, as opposed to the least.

Leaks like the CDC coverup of the soaring autism rate in Brick Township, N.J.

Leaks like all the evidence from low-and-no-vaccine populations with low-to-no autism. Leaks like the unwillingness of the public health authorities to even study the issue.

Leaks like the Hannah Poling case, which the government conceded was triggered by autism, but buried by obfuscation. Leaks like the Unanswered Questions study showing autism all over the place in unacknowledged vaccine “court” rulings.

Leaks like the SafeMinds parents identifying autism as a “novel form of mercury poisoning” more than a decade ago. 

Leaks like the Merck scientists who came forward to say the company faked data to make its mumps vaccine look effective.

Leaks like the connection between the first cases of autism reported in the medical literature, in 1943, and the families’ exposure to the new ethyl mercury vaccines and fungicides. 

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Support Kevin and Avonte's Law to Protect Those with Autism & Other Disabilities

Avonte memorialFrom our friends at Safeminds:

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  • Make resources available to provide first responders and other community officials with the training necessary to better prevent and respond to these cases.

Kevin and Avonte’s Law passed by unanimous consent in the U.S. Senate in July. It is critical the bill gets the attention it deserves as soon as possible—we are hoping it is passed in early September. So here’s what we need you to do:

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