A Dozen Things We Can Do RIGHT NOW to Help Stop the Vaccine Holocaust

Stop1By Laura Hayes

Every single week, without fail, there are tragic, heartbreaking stories of how vaccines have decimated or ended more lives. These stories are unending, they just keep coming.

Yet, doctors and nurses, who have become some bizarre type of pre-programmed automatons, continue to vaccinate day in and day out, despite the evidence of harm in their patients. It is as though they are brain dead, the “Stepford Wives” of Big Pharma, incapable of connecting that which they are injecting to that which they are then seeing and treating in their patients. Instead of stopping, analyzing, and changing course, they blindly plow forward, wreaking unspeakable damage in the very ones they have taken an oath to not harm.

Every single doctor and nurse (and now pharmacist, too) who is presently vaccinating the health, well being, and life out of their patients needs to stop, read the vaccine package inserts word for word, and then read critical analyses of vaccines and their ingredients that have not been written by those profiting directly or indirectly from vaccines. There can be no more excuses for or tolerance of the medical malpractice of injecting highly toxic, havoc-wreaking vaccines into people, followed by an inexcusable and callous disregard for the fallout, and a refusal to immediately stop that which is causing harm.

In response to this continued medical malpractice, which shows no signs of stopping, more and more people are asking, “What can we do to stop this vaccine insanity and medical tyranny?” Below is a list of ideas that can be implemented immediately.

  1. STOP giving business to doctors who vaccinate. When medical help is needed, let’s give our business to doctors and healers who are not harming and killing their patients with vaccines.
  2. If you have a vaccine-injured child, return with your child to the doctor’s office where the harm was inflicted (for those whose child was killed by vaccines, take a picture of your child, or of their tombstone). Write a 1-pager detailing your child’s story, make 10 copies, and pass them out to the parents in the waiting room. Introduce them to your vaccine-injured child, and let them know that they were injured right there at that office. Include in your 1-pager and conversations how the doctor responded to your child’s vaccine injury, including whether or not they acknowledged it, reported it, helped your child after, or changed their vaccination practices as a result. Include whether or not any type of informed consent took place, including whether or not the doctor reviewed each and every vaccine package insert with you prior to administering vaccines to your child, and whether or not your doctor offered alternatives to vaccinations, including the option of not vaccinating. If entering the office is too intimidating or traumatic for you, consider the option of talking with parents in the parking lot before they take their child in for their appointment, and/or going with another parent and their vaccine-injured child. *If you no longer live near the doctor’s office where your child’s vaccine assault happened, take your child and your story to any local pediatrician’s office where the abusive practice of vaccination is still taking place.

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Dachel Wake Up: Imams Promoting Vaccines During Ramadan

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 26, 2017, Washington Post: Imams in U.S. take on the anti-vaccine movement during Ramadan

By Lena Sun

Minnesota health officials are working closely with faith leaders in an unprecedented effort to spread the message that parents should get their children vaccinated and keep them home if they show symptoms of the disease. It’s the first time that imams in the United States have taken such an active role in a public health crisis, health officials and Somali Americans said.

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10,000 New Cases of Autism in London a Year as Bureaucrats Plan to Dump Children

British autism invasionBy John Stone

The BBC reported on Saturday that autistic children are appearing so fast in five South-West London boroughs that facilities presently only exist to diagnose half of them. This follows on very similar reports at the end of last year from Scotland and Northern Ireland. The proposed solution by health managers  -  protested by the National Autistic Society – is to only give a diagnosis in the most serious cases, which begs the question how do you even know which are the most serious cases if you do not assess the children? At the same time it should be said the NAS only have themselves to blame because they have for the last two decades covered up for the government over the autism epidemic.

Since this is based on referrals rather than diagnosis it seems to be supply led – the children will not even qualify as autistic or get support services if they do not get a diagnosis, but now we are looking at each of these boroughs having to potentially cater for 300 new cases a year. There are 32 London boroughs so this is in the order of 10,000 new cases a year for the city. No mainstream source asks why this is happening or how it is sustainable. Anyone who mentions this unfortunate matter will no doubt slip down the google rankings into oblivion.

The present increase may follow additions to the maternal (influenza and DTaP) and infant vaccine schedules (Prevenar 13, Rotarix).

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

Offit and His Critics - Part Four

Offit_blogNOTE: We're bringing you this series, re-crafted for 2017,  by Richard P. Milner of Public Affairs Media. Dr. Paul Offit has led the charge against any and all in our community, doctors, scientists, parents, educators, film makers, who question vaccine safety.  

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

By Richard P. Milner

MILNER:  Then why do all these parents say we got a vaccine, then my child got autism right after?

OFFIT:  They are perfectly reasonable. I mean, I think, you know, from a parent’s standpoint they—their child was fine, they got a vaccine and then they weren’t fine any more.  The question is:  Did the vaccine cause it?  I mean, just because one event follows another, it doesn’t mean that it’s causally associated with the other.

HUMPHRIES:  Infants are exposed to a multitude of events and substances, which can alter gene expression.  Aluminum and thimerasol/thiomersal are very potent gene expression disruptors.  So are other chemicals and many innocuous-appearing processed foods.  Below is “normal” gene expression…

The fact is that vaccines affect gene expression which can drastically alter the diagram above, but that’s not something that concerns Paul Offit, because genetics and epigenetics isn’t within his orbit of consideration.  Lahdenpera A I. 2008. “Kinetics of asthma- and allergy-associated immune response gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from vaccinated infants after in vitro re-stimulation with vaccine antigen.” Vaccine 26, 1725-1730. PMID: 18336961. 

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Why Not Autism Prevention?

Ounce of preventionNote: Ben Franklin would be shocked to find out that a diagnosis as life altering as autism is denied not only prevention, but cure too. Maybe it's all about the Benjamins?

By Cathy Jameson

We shared the cover of a book on the AofA FB page last week.  The book is being published by Skyhorse, a large publishing house headquartered in New York City.  The author is the parent of child with autism.  I haven’t had a chance to read much about the book yet, but when I saw the teaser I thought who better to share some insight than a parent knee-deep in raising a child with autism.  Dara isn’t the first parent to share their story in book form, but I believe hers could be well received.   

As usually happens when we share parent-driven resources, we got some hopeful comments.  We got some not so hopeful comments when that book announcement went up on the page also.  Just like when we don’t sugar coat the type of autism our children live, those who shared unkind remarks let us know exactly how they felt, too.  Sometimes we keep the not so kind comments visible for our readers to see.  Other times, they end up being hidden or deleted but only after a screenshot has been made.  

Cathy Prevent 1

I wish I found these sort of distasteful comments made on public pages shocking, but I don’t.  I expect them to show up every now and then and especially when words like heal, cure, and prevent are mentioned in a posts.   

Heal my child.

Cure autism.

Prevent the rate from rising.

Say that about childhood cancer, obesity, or juvenile diabetes and efforts are lauded. 

CAthy prevent 2

If it’s cancer, we’re encouraged to fight it.

If it’s juvenile diabetes, HPV, AIDS or issues like homelessness, violence, sex trafficking, and poverty, we’re asked to end it and to race, or walk, to prevent it.

If it’s Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, HIV, or Leukemia, organizations ask us to help fund research to find a cure.  When it’s those diseases or disorders in the limelight, gobs of research money gets raised, A-lister celebrities lend a hand, and the public rallies at festivals, concerts, and at major road races.  But when we say heal, cure, or prevent autism like we did last week on our FB page what do we get?

Insulted.  Targeted.  Bullied.  

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Petition Asking Amazon to Ban Skyhorse Publishing Autism Book an Affront to American Ideals

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webNOTE: We are not linking the petition demanding that a new book from Skyhorse Publishing never see the light because we refuse to assist these selfish"neurodiversity" community members who think that only their autism (such as it may even be) or their opinion matters.  KIM

"I believe that censorship is an insult to true democracy. America needs debate rather than dogma, now more than ever. Whether it's about health or politics, what we need isn't answers to our burning questions. We need the full range of information so that we can weigh the facts, the building blocks of ideas, and then make our own decisions”.  Tony Lyons, Publisher, Skyhorse Publishing


By Dara Berger

Recently a group of people have started a petition on change.org asking Amazon to pull my book and refuse to sell it.  I find this interesting considering nobody has read it yet, except my publisher and a few people that were offered to review it.  How to Prevent Autism will be released July 4th but is available for pre-order.

Why should anyone be able to decide what another person reads, watches or listens to?  Books have become one of the last areas of written material besides blogs that are not censored, which is why they need to be protected.  Books are an extension of freedom of speech.  You can be offended by what someone says or writes but they still have the right to say it.  You can choose not to read a book or purchase it.  Readers must be able to decide for themselves what information is important for them to learn about.  

Amazon banning my book would be the equivalent of modern day book burning.  What would come next after that?  I truly hope we never have to find out.

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Caption Contest: Lesions! Buttocks! Autism! MMR! What??

Lipkin Hornig Caption ThisHonestly, I think this contest would have made Dan Olmsted howl. Adriana Gamondes came up with the graphic and we need YOU to provide the thought bubble caption in our comments. The winner receives a case of Desitin and a pack of rubber gloves.  Lipkin and Hornig are "autism/vaccine" scientists. The lesions may be on the brain, not just the buttocks....  I'll put my entry in the comments too. KIM

From the NY Post:

A Columbia University scientist claims her boss — and former lover — repeatedly dropped his drawers and demanded she diagnose a lesion on his butt.

Associate Professor Mady Hornig says her boss at the university’s Mailman School of Public Health also demanded co-credit for her work; kicked her under the table at meetings to keep her from speaking; presented her work as his own, and kept her from getting tenure, Hornig claims in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit.

In 2014, Professor Walter Ian Lipkin, head of the Center for Infection & Immunity, called Hornig into his office and “demanded that she look at lesions on his buttocks,” Hornig alleges. He did so again a year later, Hornig charges.

Hornig is suing the school, claiming Lipkin has ruined her reputation.

"You Can Never Really Say MMR Doesn't Cause Autism," Dr. Paul Offit

SplainingThanks to AofA's Nancy Hokkanen for this summation:

"You can never really say 'MMR doesn’t cause autism,' but frankly when you get in front of the media, you better get used to saying it. Because otherwise people hear a door being left open, when a door shouldn't be left open."

- Paul Offit, vaccine developer

"You can't prove that Coca-Cola doesn't cause autism, either... You're in a debate [chuckle] and, you know, you gotta fight unfair."

-  Arthur Caplan, bioethicist


YouTube video published on May 16, 2016 (Comments disabled)

The National Meningitis Association (www.nmaus.org) hosted a panel discussion, Achieving Childhood Vaccine Success in the U.S., before its 2016 “Give Kids a Shot” Gala on May 9, 2016. The panel addressed a range of issues including parents who opt out of childhood vaccine requirements, physicians who stray from the recommended vaccine schedule, and the role of the media in creating or removing barriers to vaccine success.

The panelists included

  • Arthur Caplan, PhD., Professor of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center
  • Carol Baker, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Molecular Virology and Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston
  • Paul Offit, M.D., Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, PhD., Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of Law
  • William Schaffner, M.D., Professor of Preventive Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • Alison Singer, President of Autism Science Foundation
  • Paul Lee, M.D., Director of the International Adoption Program and Pediatric Travel Center at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, New York (moderator)

Awareness without Recognition

How farBy Julie Obradovic

I had the pleasure of experiencing an extremely pride filled day this week. In the morning, my youngest was selected to perform for the school’s annual talent show, and later that night, awarded as the overall outstanding student in her seventh grade gifted program. Her father and I were beaming.

I’ve written before about the simultaneous highs and lows parents like us experience on days like that. In the same instance that your heart soars at the accomplishment of one child, it almost instantaneously breaks at the absence of it for another who will never experience it. Her older sister is that sibling.

Other families like ours are going through the same thing right now. The end of the school year is particularly tough for many reasons. Award Nights. School Dances. Graduations. Concerts. Recitals. Art Shows.

Our friends and neighbors paste their social media walls with beautiful photos of their healthy children experiencing these milestones. While always happy for them, it can sting, repetitive photographic evidence of what your child has lost and continues to miss out on.

Would that have been her friend? What dress would she have chosen to wear tonight? What would she look like now if she didn’t lose her muscle tone and coloring? What award would she have received?

The unfairness can sometimes feel overwhelming, and even though you can always turn off your phone or computer to look away for protection, when the stark differences live in your home among siblings, you can never truly protect yourself anyway. I know families with twins for example, one on the spectrum and one not, who live this difference even more profoundly than we do.

While I have come to a place of great acceptance that the milestones she reaches while different are just as admirable, important, and amazing, I came to the stark realization yesterday that the rest of the world hasn’t come to the same conclusions yet.

It hit me like a ton of bricks while waiting to enter the gymnasium for the talent show. Students from two separate hallways were merging into one forcing a group of students to stand and wait while the other group passed. I had to wait as well.

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Best of: Dan Olmsted on Ian "Check my Buttocks for Lesions" Lipkin

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaNote: We miss Dan's voice every single day at AofA. Here is a post he wrote about Columbia Professor, autism/vaccine "debunker" and icky bottomed Ian Lipkin in April, 2016.

By Dan Olmsted

A while back -- on September 4, 2008, in fact -- I wrote a post titled "Letting the MMR Off the Hook" that began: "The last time I saw Ian Lipkin was at the IOM Environment-and-Autism workshop last year. He was spending a lllloooottttttt of time describing some gizmotron that could do something or other to analyze some stuff that might hold clues to autism." I never published it. I'm not sure why, but I did make a note to myself that I was being "deliberately provocative," so perhaps I decided to hold off.

That, anyway, was my impression of Dr. Lipkin, and the bzzz-bzzzt-bzzzt at the meeting was that Lipkin, a professor of epidemiology and director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health -- it takes half an hour just to say the title! -- was hogging the microphone to promote, as I put it, some gizmotron, complete with a slide presentation. For all the world he looked like a salesman raising money for his lab, which sources report that in private conversations seems to be what he cares about.

I went back and found that column this week after picking up my Wall Street Journal on Monday at Starbucks and nearly spitting up my Venti Hazelnut Pike when I got to the Op-Ed page and found, by W. Ian Lipkin, "Anti-Vaccination Lunacy Won't Stop." The professor wants you to know that he was a major player in getting Robert De Niro to pull the plug on Vaxxed at the Tribeca Film Festival.

"I am among those Mr. De Niro consulted. In a 45-minute conversation with him, I recommended that the festival withdraw the film from the 'documentary' category and not screen it." 

Why not just title the column "I, Ian"? 45 minutes with a big star! And a star so famously inarticulate that a glossy magazine once titled its interview with him "Fifteen Mumbling Minutes With Robert Di Niro." I am guessing, but I bet Rankin spent a llllloooottttt of time talking. 

In the WSJ article, Lipkin also manages to call attention to a study he and colleagues did in September 2008 (hence the column I was writing back then), which supposedly absolved the MMR of any involvement with autism. "We tested Mr. Wakefield's two major findings. ... In our peer-reviewed study ... we found that only 20 percent of children fit the Wakefield model in receiving MMR vaccine before onset of GI disturbance and autism."

This study caused a lot of consternation at the time, not least because another author of the study, Mady Hornig, made extravagant claims about those findings and also because Hornig had long seemed sympathetic to vaccine safety concerns around not just the MMR but thimerosal. She authored the famous mouse study that showed auto-immune-susceptible mice given thimerosal chewing on each other and otherwise behaving like out-of-control autistic mice might be expected to behave.

I included her in that 2008 column, too, noting:  "The last time I saw Mady Hornig she was giving me a llllooonnngggg disquisition on exactly how the measles virus could mess up kids in a way that, I swear I'm remembering this correctly, leads to autism."

And I still remember it. She was telling me how the MMR could cause autism! She was doing vaccine lunacy! We were sitting in a round glass restaurant on top of a hotel in Crystal City, Virginia, talking above karaoke, one tune being "Brown-Eyed Girl" (How's that for recall!). There was a terrible storm that I decided to leave in the middle of, and ended up at a close-by friends' house waiting it out. I, Dan Olmsted, am a trained observer. I remember these things. (And here's a what-the-heck: Back in 2005, after the Times ran its infamous Parents-vs-Science takedown of the vaccine-autism concerns, Hornig and Lipkin were among those paying a visit to the public editor to complain. Who looks a little looney now?)

So when the MMR study came out and Hornig was fronting for it, I got the feeling it was a ticket back to respectable mainstream scientism. Mark Blaxill and I addressed it in our book, The Age of Autism, in 2010.


“The Hornig study was by all accounts carefully done and the reported results valid. In the press release announcing the publication, however, Hornig went further, claiming, “The work reported here eliminates the remaining support for the hypothesis that autism with GI complaints is related to MMR vaccine exposure. We found no relationship between the timing of MMR vaccine and the onset of either GI complaints or autism.” In our view, this claim was an exaggeration. In her study, only five of the twenty-five children developed these symptoms after the MMR vaccine and therefore, only these five were comparable to the 2002 Wakefield study. In contrast to her public statement, her new study effectively confirmed that results from an earlier study from the laboratory of Professor John O’Leary were correct, and identical to the results obtained by the participating laboratories, which included Wakefield’s original collaborator, as well as the CDC and Columbia lab. Far from repudiating Wakefield’s findings, it provided support for the reliability of the original analysis.”


As I look back at my e-mail traffic from the time, this observation was a pretty civil distillation of what most people in the vaccine safety community considered a stab in the back. The operative phrase was "selling out." 

"Just thinking out loud," one e-mailer said. "It’s a big claim to make for a little study. The evidence is what it is. But Hornig makes a grandiose claim. It’s kind of embarrassing, like the way she overstated her mouse findings (one mice ate through the 'scalp' not, as Mady said in talks, the 'skull' of its cage mate). Mady is a good scientist and does thorough work and we should respect it. But she’s way out of her depth as a big picture interpreter."

Right on cue, the Forbes headline read: "U.S. study claims to clear MMR vaccine of autism link."

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Vaxxed At Cannes

VaxxedMAY 22, 2017, UK TIMES: Anti-vaccine film Vaxxed will be given Cannes screening

By Oliver Moody, Science Correspondent

A documentary in which the disgraced former doctor Andrew Wakefield alleges that a link between vaccines and autism has been covered up by the US government is to be shown at the Cannes film festival this week.

First of all, any news outlet the describes 'Vaxxed' as "anti-vaccine" is either out to discredit it, OR ELSE the source has NEVER SEEN THE FILM.

In truth, 'Vaxxed' is a frightening documentary about corruption at the highest levels of U.S. health care.

This is DESPICABLE REPORTING. The Times should be ashamed. There is NOT ONE WORD about the story in 'Vaxxed.' This is a hit piece on ANDREW WAKEFIELD.

There is such fear that the public will see 'Vaxxed' and understand the full extent of the corruption and cover-up involving U.S. health officials who assure us constantly that every vaccine is safe for every child.

Oliver Moody is a reporter who has made up his mind (or was told what to write) WITHOUT EVER INVESTIGATING THIS STORY. I'm sure he has NEVER SEEN 'VAXXED.'

How does this man call himself a reputable journalist? This is a witch-hunt. And as more and more people wake up to what the press is doing, they will share the blame with all the health officials for the damage damage done to children around the world.

More Fantasies and Falsehoods from Brian Deer

Deer Black and WhiteBy John Stone

A comment posted by Brian Deer earlier this month on the Orac blog about the 2012 appeal of Prof John Walker-Smith – Andrew Wakefield’s senior colleague - against the GMC findings two years earlier has been forwarded to me and can be read beneath my comments.

The most fundamental flaw in the General Medical Council  (GMC) case – thrown out in the instance of Prof Walker-Smith who unlike Wakefield received funding to appeal – originated with the incompetence or malice of Deer himself. It was the claim that the Wakefield Lancet 1998 paper rather than being an early report of cases seen and investigated of the basis of clinical need as it stated, was conducted under a protocol for a study to be funded by the United Kingdom Legal Aid Board (sometimes referred to as Project 172-96). Once the GMC accepted this false and absurd claim – which originated in Deer’s hidden complaints to the body - it was destined to unravel under any careful judicial scrutiny, and what was untrue for Walker-Smith was also untrue Wakefield, not to mention the Prof Simon Murch, the third doctor to fall under this GMC prosecution. The crux lies with Mr Justice Mitting’s observation:

Its conclusion that Professor Walker-Smith was guilty of serious professional misconduct in relation to the Lancet children was in part founded upon its conclusion that the investigations into them were carried out pursuant to Project 172-96. The only explanation given for that conclusion is that it was reached “in the light of all the available evidence”. On any view, that was an inadequate explanation of the finding.

At the Walker-Smith hearing the GMC counsel, Joanna Glynn QC, came under pressure from the judge to provide an explanation, and she was unable to do so. After two and half years of the hearing the GMC were unable to offer an explanation, and two years further on they were unable to do so again before a High Court judge. The GMC would have had ample warning of the substance of the Walker-Smith appeal and yet they could not, when the chips were down, provide arguments to counter it.

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Dachel Wake Up: Columbia Autism Scientists in Butt Ugly Lawsuit

Dachel Morning Wake UoNote: You can read the legal filing here.  Hornig v. Lipkin

May 20, 2017, New York Post: Columbia professor says boss made her inspect his butt

A Columbia University scientist claims her boss — and former lover — repeatedly dropped his drawers and demanded she diagnose a lesion on his butt.

Associate Professor Mady Hornig says her boss at the university’s Mailman School of Public Health also demanded co-credit for her work; kicked her under the table at meetings to keep her from speaking; presented her work as his own, and kept her from getting tenure, Hornig claims in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit.

In 2014, Professor Walter Ian Lipkin, head of the Center for Infection & Immunity, called Hornig into his office and “demanded that she look at lesions on his buttocks,” Hornig alleges. He did so again a year later, Hornig charges.

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Trump, The Doctor and the Vaccine Scandal Part 2 "I Don't Talk To Fake News"

File a reportBy Anne Dachel

Part Two

Cathy Newman's two part series on vaccines was really a witch hunt. This was not investigative reporting; Wakefield was demonized, autism as a devastating condition is never addressed—in fact, Newman made Dr. Krigsman, who works with victims of vaccine-related bowel disease, look like a child abuser.

Newman even made an attempt to publicly embarrass Wakefield in Berlin at a showing of ‘Vaxxed.’ It’s all in this report.

May 8, 2017, Dispatches: Trump, the Doctor & the Vaccine Scandal [Part 2]

“…And another Trump scientific myth endangers the health of America’s children. He believes combined or multiple vaccines cause autism. Last year he met disgraced British scientist, Andrew Wakefield, who left Britain after his work linking the MMR jab with autism was debunked.  But with Trump’s support, he’s riding high again and seducing audiences with scare stories.”

Clip of Wakefield: “Safe, effective vaccines against serious infectious disease, laudable. Do any vaccines on the market today meet those criteria? No, they don’t.”

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Trump, The Doctor, Vaccine Scandal and Media Bias on Both Sides of the Pond

File a reportBy Anne Dachel

One thing I’ve never heard ANY JOURNALIST say to either Robert Kennedy, Jr. or Andrew Wakefield: “I read your book, and I wanted to have you clarify …? What did you mean when you wrote…?”  That goes for Kennedy’s Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak and Wakefield’s Callous Disregard. --- In 2011, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos told Wakefield he’d read Callous Disregard, but he couldn’t cite a single thing he’d written in it.  What does this tell us about the motives of the media? What does this tell us about the disgraceful profession journalism has become?


British reporter Cathy Newman pretended that she only wants to protect children from the anti-vaccine/anti-science movement in a two part series called, Trump, the Doctor & the Vaccine Scandal shown on British television Channel 4 on May 8, 2017.

The promo from Channel 4  made it clear that this was not objective journalism. Portraying Donald Trump as a dangerous fanatic who “is questioning the way children are vaccinated,” and describing Andrew Wakefield as “a disgraced British doctor” let us know just where this was going.

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Italian Government Invokes Emergency Powers To Inflict Vaccine Mandates

By Pietro Monari

Age of Autism is grateful to Pietro for sending in important background to this power abuse.

Friday the government passed a bill (yes, the government and NOT the parliament. The government can do that in conditions of urgency/emergency. Only, there is no emergency. Anyway - the bill is immediately active but must be approved by the parliament within 60 days or it is dead) according to which starting from now there are 12 mandatory shots: the usual 6 of the hex vaccines, MPRV, MenB and MenC (only prevnar is out apparently). Kids from 0 to 6 years who are not vaccinated according to the schedule will not be admitted to public schools/kindergartens. From 6 to 16 years old they can go to school but the parents will have to pay a fine of up to 7500€ for every child and every new year their child shows up in school without being up to the schedule for all the 12 shots. They have done this all of a sudden, without discussing the issue with anyone - not even the parliament - nobody. Why those 12 shots they did not say - which experts they consulted and with which possible conflicts of interest they did not say - nothing. They just came out of the blue with this new incredible draconian rule and that's it. The bill is even more horrible because it allows the very wealthy to get by without giving the shots to their children if so they want. All the others will have no choice, the fine is just so incredibly big. Now a huge movement of people horrified and outraged by this bill is starting. Still at a very early stage, some confusion, trying to cope with the shock and react rationally but with the necessary vigor before it's too late (and it is already very, very late). During the last two years parents discussing the vaccination schedule even minimally have been the target of vicious attacks from the mainstream media and the government. Doctors who dare questioning vaccines even in the mildest way are targeted too and some have already lost their licence - only because of the opinions they expressed - and apparently not because of any wrong doing with a patient or anything. Doctors who dare questioning not the vaccines themselves but simply the fact that they must be made compulsory are immediately attacked too. We were not used to this in Italy - this vaccination issue was handled in a reasonable and civilized way after all - now they have totally changed their approach - they have radicalized the issue and polarized the public. 

Now we are trying to understand what will actually happen next. The bill seems to have a constitutional problem because the fine is clearly discriminating. And there are lots of kids not up to this crazy schedule out there. The bill is already active so the practical problems are immense - school will restart next September. If they even managed to get everyone to line up for the shots I wonder how they could handle the task.


Show-down in Ireland over Gardasil

Irish break your heartBy John Stone

A video from the VaXxed team highlights the controversy involving two of the Republic of Ireland’s most prominent citizens, the veteran philanthropist Jonathan Irwin  and the country’s most ambitious young politician, Simon Harris – who at the age of 30 is not only the youngest member of the Dáil (Ireland’s parliament) but also Minister of Health.

British in origin and an old-boy of Eton, Irwin built a fortune in the Republic trading in horses, and in the 1990s – following a succession of personal tragedies – set up a charity which presently supports two and half thousand families with sick children, whose needs the Irish state would otherwise disregard. He has finally become disaffected following injury to his teenage daughter from Gardasil vaccine. Formally an outstanding athlete and horsewoman, she presently suffers from all the side-effects listed in the products package insert, which he points out was not made available at the time of administration and routinely is not.

Horrified by the denial of the problem by the medical profession and government and the hate campaigns waged in the media against the several hundred families in Ireland blighted by Gardasil injury, Irwin decided to speak to Polly Tommey of the VaXxed team on their recent visit. A small country – population 4.6 million – in which most of the leading citizens are likely to know each other, Ireland is an interesting theatre to watch this drama played out. If Irwin is appalled by the treatment of himself and the families, he also evidently believes he will see the scandal exposed, just another in a succession of scandal that have engulfed Irish public life over the decades. Irwin understands the misbehaviour partly in the light of Irish public life, but he also sees the criminal behaviour underpinning compliance strategies in the vaccine program on a global footing.

This a riveting interview.



When Grandparents Visit With Autism

Grandpy hand
Kim's Dad with Bella in 2010

By Cathy Jameson 

My parents bless us in so many ways.  From spiritual support in the form of prayers, to physical support when they visit, I appreciate every single thought, prayer, and extra hand they offer.  A few days after they’ve arrived, I always ask my Mom, "What changes do you see in Ronan?"  On their most recent visit, she shared...

We had a bookend visit where we saw Ronan for a couple of days, then were gone almost a week, then saw him again for a few days.

On the one hand, I saw him give his big sister a two-arm embrace with big smile, an embrace she had to break off before he did.  On the other, he seemed to wake up lethargic with low energy and had no interest in his usual activities.  He also seemed to want to withdraw to his room and one evening, when called for dinner, he had apparently fallen asleep.

I always wonder, and will sometimes ask, "What changes do you see in me? in the siblings? in the family dynamics? in our household?"  I don't always want to ask those questions because sometimes I'm a hot mess.  Sometimes the kids aren’t getting along.  Sometimes, with our schedule being as busy as it is, our family is tripping over each other as we race out of the house in opposite directions for extended periods of time.  And because of that, sometimes our house is in disarray and would benefit from an army of merry maids to put things back together. 

I don't want to be called out for my messiness or be told that the children's behavior is less than polite.  But it's always good to get some sort of feedback - and when it's coming from my Mom, it's always accompanied with a gentle and well-thought out suggestion on how to make things better. 

This last visit, Mom offered the following thought about what she’d learned after spending more time with us.  But before sharing that thought with me, she shared a beautiful reflection that she’d written a few years ago.  I won’t share all of that, but I believe other parents and grandparents can relate to it so here is part of it…

And though she had not intended it, she would become my teacher.  I who held her hand and taught her to walk and talk, to eat and dress herself, to read and write, I learned from my daughter Cathy that love that is most challenged is the best love of all.

CJ hand

I have learned, when talking about or with a challenging child, to not label her as a "problem child" or to say "bad girl" when she does something wrong.  As God the Creator reminds us in Genesis, all He made is good, and we His children are very good.  It was a hard-learned lesson, especially with my headstrong, What-About-Me child.  I thank God that I accepted that lesson. What I appreciate about Cathy, her husband, and indeed all of Ronan's siblings is that they have accepted that Ronan is very good.

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A Decade of HPV Vaccine Horror Stories from the Press

Vioxx now gardasilBy Anne Dachel

These stories are from the U.S., Britain, and Japan. So where were the crusading journalists who looked into the suffering and death connected to this supposedly lifesaving vaccine?

Many people wrote about HPV vaccine injuries but the last word went to officials and doctors who labeled such things as mere coincidence. In the top story here, the mother of one victim said doctors who acknowledged vaccine-induced damage, “won’t put that in writing.”

April 3, 2017, UK Schoolgirl claims she was left PARALYSED by cervical cancer HPV vaccine - Mirror Online

Despite health chiefs insisting the HPV Gardasil jab is safe, these teens reveal why they wish they had never had it

Ruby Shallom thought nothing of having her third shot of the HPV Gardasil vaccine at school in September 2014.

All her other Year 8 friends were having it and she’d already had the first two doses of the jab to protect her from the human papillomavirus which causes cervical cancer.

But while she and a few of her friends had felt a bit dizzy and had mild stomach pain after the first injections, she genuinely believed there was nothing to worry about. However, Ruby is now paralysed from the neck down and only able to use her left hand. She believes the final dose lies behind her current state.

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Kim Rossi Stagliano on Twenty One Then and Now

Newton 504 Bus
By Kim Rossi Stagliano

When I was 21, I had graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics cum laude. I was bright, funny, hard working. I landed an internship and full time job with Boston's top ad agency at the time, Hill Holliday. I went to work on the Lotus Development account. Anyone old enough to remember Lotus 1-2-3? And Wang word processors (also a HH account)?  Below is a photo of me at a tradeshow - DECWORLD!  

DecWorld 87

 I lived in Newton Corner Massachusetts and rode the 304 bus to Back Bay every day. That's the bus in the above photo.

Fast forward several lifetimes. My daughter Mia is 22 and her sister Gianna is about to turn 21, just like Mom. Below is the bus Mia takes to her "job", after graduating from her extended special education schooling in our town.  She is bright, funny, hardworking. Autistic.

MIA KC bus

There she is below with her "boss," me.

Mia Mom KC bus

Mia attends a special needs day program.  Mia has vaccine induced autism. I'll be her "boss" for the rest of my life.

Neither of us had measles though, so it's all good, right?

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.

Dr. Sean Gallagher Promotes Violence Against Parents

Dr galagher


Dr. Sean GallagherThis young doctor feels it is right and just to hang parents who are pro-vaccine administration choice. I repeat - he is praising hate speech. He condones putting a noose around a parent's neck and pulling out the chair until the neck snaps and the bowels empty. Trust him with your child? Never. He is smarter than you. Wiser than you. And I hope, far crueler than you or I would ever be.

Look at his Twitter name. He must fancy himself to be the real life Doogie Howser. "Look at me! Young! Buff! (the nipple is a nice touch, Doc)  And the part in my hair is deeper than my empathy."

Twitter: Dr. Sean Gallagher


Pediatric Resident, Husband, @XavierUniv muskie, Wannabe @WCInvestor; likes Pulm, #Advocacy, and #QI. #Tweetiatrician #FeedTheRoth #VaccinesWork #PutKids1st

Columbus, OH

Coastal Children's Clinic Mocks Dead Children with Immunized & I Survived! T-Shirts

Immunized and I survived
How low can you go? Coastal Children's Clinic - still trying to get a bead on where they are - the name is as common as an autism diagnosis - printed this revolting T-shirt that outright mocks anyone whose child was killed or injured by a vaccine. 

I went to take a peek at VAERS and guess what - and in a keystroke of irony, their site is considered unsecured. HHS hasn't figured out how to vaccinate their URL I guess.   I mocked up a version of our own T-shirt below. The full court press to shame, ridicule and harm children and their families vis a vis vaccine choice continues.   Kim

VAERS unsecure

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Here's The Story, of a Measles Hysteria

Brady Bunch measles
"Kids, because they have a few dots on their faces, they think they can order everybody around." Mike Brady

Note: Cathy wrote this is 2015. We're bringing it back for the Minnesota hysteria.

By Cathy Jameson

Before media hysteria became the norm, getting the measles was a punch line.  Instead of freaking out, a TV family portrayed what real-life families encountered - surviving a short-lived diseases.  These families managed the illness.  They responded with common sense.  They treated the symptoms and worked around what tended to be a temporary situation. 

Things are so different today.  Illness is a bad word.  What used to be called a common childhood disease is now viewed as impending doom.  Fevers, rashes and sicknesses that last longer than a few hours are treated like the plague.  Anything that can be passed from one person to another is a death sentence.  These types of exaggerations fill many news stories.  With those exaggerations, as well as how other fear tactics are used, including the mantra that the almighty vaccine is the answer no matter the question, no wonder people feel anxious about disease today! 

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Dachel Wake Up: Nothing Minor About Autism in S. Carolina

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

May 12, 2017, SpectrumNews.com: Alternative screen finds high autism prevalence in U.S. state

By Jessica Wright 

A new study in South Carolina has found a prevalence of 3.62 percent for autism, or roughly 1 in 28 children. Researchers presented the unpublished findings today at the 2017 International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco, California.

The study screened children born in 2004, the same birth year analyzed in the most recent prevalence estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For South Carolina, that estimate, released in 2014, reported a prevalence of 1 in 81 children1. The average prevalence for the United State is 1 in 68..” ...

The new work is modeled after a similar prevalence study in South Korea that found an autism rate of 2.65 percent, more than twice the U.S. rate at that time.. ...

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Measles and Morals, Then (Davey & Goliath) and Now (Rights & Pharma)

Davey MeaslesBy Nancy Hokkanen

The mainstream media’s hostile, fear-inducing reporting about Minnesota’s measles outbreak is a far cry from the objective news coverage of years past. Today’s online articles read like calculated rewrites of recent U.S. history, which promote monetary gain for industry and social control for government while ignoring consumers’ reports of health damage from product failures.

During the 1940s through 1960s, most mothers stayed home with their sick children. Parents’ and doctors’ levels of concern about a communicable disease were commensurate with its potential effects on health. During U.S. polio outbreaks, people were justifiably afraid of paralysis and having to breathe using an iron lung. However parents handled many routine childhood diseases such as measles by confining the child and monitoring symptoms.

During the 1960s and 1970s, measles and chickenpox outbreaks occurred regularly among schoolchildren – and were not the subject of inflammatory national reporting. Kids with red spots on their faces were used as humorous punch-lines on TV sitcoms such as “The Brady Bunch” and cartoons such as “Davey and Goliath,” a stop-action animation series co-produced by Art Clokey of “Gumby” fame for the Lutheran Church in America.

Each of the 72 “Davey and Goliath” cartoons demonstrated a moral lesson for children on topics such Davey and goliathas kindness, honesty, bullying and tolerance. In the 1962 episode “Editor-in-Chief,” young Davey eagerly helps the local newspaper editor by finding news to report. When his housebound friend Jimmy glumly announces from his bedroom window, “I’ve got the measles,” Davey’s response is insensitively self-serving: “Hey, that’s great! That’s news!”

The scene’s comedic implication is clear: Using a child’s case of measles as news is absurd. On TV shows of that era, Davey’s enthusiastic announcement would have cued a laugh track.

But there’s nothing funny about the horrific rhetoric in this week’s reprehensible Boston Herald “hanging offense” op-ed. The unnamed writer brutally crossed a moral line by issuing threats against other human’s lives – bizarrely, ironically, in the name of public health.

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Rachelle Cohen Wants You Dead, But You Are Not To Respond In Kind

HungBy Ginger Taylor

Last week in the Boston Herald, Rachelle Cohen wrote about the presentation on vaccine information by Mark Blaxill and the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota given to the Minneapolis Somali community, errantly reporting that they had given false information to those in attendance, and expressing her opinion that they should be killed for holding the event.

These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.” - Editorial: Preying on parents’ fear, Boston Herald editorial staff Monday, May 08, 2017

Health Choice Massachusetts, of which Boston resident Mark Blaxill is a member, formally reached out to Ms. Cohen and requested a meeting, so that the upsetting and incorrect column could be addressed properly.

Ms. Cohen declined the invitation. Her reasoning? That she had received angry and harassing messages from the public for calling for the deaths of vaccine injury parents, and that it was Health Choice MA's fault.

Because they had scheduled a protest rally.

Protesting her calling for the murder of their members.

Specifically for one of their members who was the individual addressing the Somali families at the event in question.

So it was THEIR fault that people were angry with her for calling for the lynching of people whose loved ones, or who themselves, had been harmed by vaccines.

Not her fault for openly advocating for the violent, humiliating and torturous deaths of US citizens for the crime of talking about corruption.

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Religious Freedom Under Attack by Church Leaders

Protect-Religious-Freedom-SignvFB-403-403By Cathy Jameson

Thanks to Patrick Flynn for the title for this piece.  Some of our readers may have heard about Patrick before.  Polly Tommey caught up with him while the Vaxxed bus was in north Florida last month. 

Fast forward to 3:42:00 to hear Patrick’s story.  (If that link does not work, try to view the video here – fast forward to 3:42:00.

Ever since the Bishop in Patrick Flynn’s diocese declared that vaccines were mandatory in order to attend diocesan schools, Flynn’s been fighting to get his youngest back into school.  Never having a problem submitting an exemption for any of his children before, he was not willing to kowtow to the Bishop’s demands.  I’d been following the Flynn’s story because several of my own family members in the same diocese found themselves in the same position.  As luck, or the Holy Spirit, would have it, I ran into Patrick Flynn while I was in Florida two weekends ago. 

Only in Jacksonville for a short stay, I leaned over to my mother-in-law while we were at Mass and asked her, “Where do the Flynns go to church?”  She smiled and said, “Here.”  I whispered back, “Well, if you see him, point Patrick out to me.”  We didn’t see him in the church that morning, but as I crossed the street to the parking lot after Mass, there he was.  I asked if we could share his story here, and he said yes.


Cathy:  We learn so much from other parents here, so thank you for taking time to share your story.  Give us a little bit of a history as to what lead up to the filing of the lawsuit.

Patrick:  My wife and I had a son in Kindergarten in a Catholic School in Jacksonville, FL.  In 2013 and 2014 respectively, two of our other children graduated from the Eighth Grade of this same school.  We were also very active members of this Parish and 100% faithful to the Magisterium.

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Autism, Vaccination and Immigrants - Yet another Clear Correlation An Update

MinnesotaBy Edward Yazbak MD

A recent measles outbreak has recently been reported in Minnesota.

According to the MN State Department of Health, there have been 51 confirmed measles cases (48 children and 3 adults) as of May 10, 2017.

Forty seven cases were unvaccinated, one case had 1 dose of MMR vaccine and two cases had 2 doses of MMR. The vaccination status of one case was unknown.

There was no mention of hospitalization or death.

Forty six cases were Somali Minnesotan.

The previous measles outbreak was in 2011 when 26 cases were reported.

Wolff and Madlon-Kay discussed that 2011 measles outbreak in their publication titled “Childhood vaccine beliefs reported by Somali and non-Somali parents”.

They reported that: “Somali parents were more likely than non-Somali parents to have refused the MMR vaccine for their child (odds ratio, 4.6; 95% confidence interval, 1.2-18.0). Most of them refused vaccines because they had heard of adverse effects associated with the vaccine or personally knew someone who suffered an adverse effect. Somali parents were significantly more likely to believe that autism is caused by vaccines (35% vs. 8% of non-Somali parents). Somalis were also more likely to be uncomfortable with administering multiple vaccines at one visit (odds ratio, 4.0; 95% confidence interval, 1.4-11.9) and more likely to believe that children receive too many vaccines.”

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Happy Mother's Day!

Mother atlasNOTE: This is a "best of" from 2012.  Cathy has 5 kids and deserves a day off. And she has a post we're running tomorrow. So  much for that day off!   Happy Mother's Day, friends.

By Cathy Jameson

Dearest One,

As you open your eyes this morning, even if your day started at some ridiculous hour because of your child, I had a thought I needed to share with you:  no one but you knows what it takes to be the mother of a child like yours.  No one understands his health needs like you do.  No one prepares his enzymes, supplements or allergen-free foods like you have done for years.  No one sits through hours of therapy appointments like you have and will continue to do.  No one stays up late at night reading message boards discussing speech therapy, parasite protocols and IEP meeting strategy.  No one.  What you do for that child of yours is amazing. 

Today is your day.  Enjoy it.  Soak in it.  Revel in the attention.  You might be showered with millions of smiles accompanied with hand-made gifts from your typical kids.  You might receive flowers to brighten your day.  A box of chocolates wrapped just right will taste delicious as you savor its tasty indulgence.  Someone, or several someones are shining today’s spotlight on you.  Take it all in today.  Be that typical Mother you still dream of being to all of your children because tomorrow you will return to reality. A reality where no one truly knows what it takes to be a mother of a child like yours. 

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Pro Vax Manifesto

Barnum"I have never fully understood how stupid and absurd the vaccine industry's arguments defending the current vaccine program actually were until Brett Wilcox put them all together on one page.  I can't believe how badly this country is being scammed.  It is not just horrifically criminal that they are getting away with this, it is monumentally embarrassing that anyone in the US believes them.  What suckers we have been." - Ginger Taylor

Reprinted from Running The Country

by Brett Wilcox

I’ve been studying vaccines for a few years now. During that time several pro-vaxxers have done their best to convince me of the error of my ways. Many grow frustrated with me and inform me that I’m simple minded and stupid. It’s true that I wasn’t the quickest kid in the class. It’s taken me a long time to grasp what they’re saying, but I think I’ve finally got it. If you’re a pro-vaxxer, please let me know if I accurately represented your position. Thanks for your patience!

Offit Get the F our of here full

Pro Vax Manifesto

* All disease is bad.
* All vaccines are good.
* The science is settled, all vaccines work.
* All vaccines are equally effective.
* All vaccines are equally safe.

* Vaccines are tested for safety more than any other pharmaceutical product.
* Vaccine safety studies are long term studies, meaning they last for more than four days.
* Experimental vaccines intended for babies are first tested on babies.
* Experimental vaccines that will eventually be given to unhealthy children are first tested on unhealthy children.
* Vaccine safety studies always include inert placebos.
* The entire vaccine schedule has been studied for safety.

* The theory and the practice of vaccination are identical.
* Vaccine Information Sheets contain the same information as Vaccine Package Inserts.
* Vaccination equals immunization, yet the public should still fear and ostracize the unvaccinated.
* Vaccines work, but only if everyone else is vaccinated because, of course, my medicine makes your medicine more effective.
* Everyone should be forced to vaccinate to protect the vaccinated from getting the diseases for which they were vaccinated.

* Vaccines have never caused ADHD, tics, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, learning disabilities, cancer, diabetes, eczema, paralysis, autism, or any other injury.
* It’s just a coincidence when babies get sick, diseased, regress, or die following vaccination.
* Vaccination is the leading cause of coincidences.

* There is nothing in vaccines that could hurt a baby or anyone else. That’s why vaccine manufacturers and doctors can’t be sued for vaccine injury or death.
* If vaccines injure a baby, it’s the baby’s fault for having bad genes. Vaccines just identify the defect.
* Vaccines are composed of neurotoxins, human fetal DNA, animal tissue, adjuvants, allergens, antigens, and contaminants. Buildings are evacuated and hazmat teams are called when the contents of a vaccine spill on the floor. That’s why the same ingredients are safe when repeatedly injected into pregnant women, infants, toddlers, teens, the aged, and virtually everyone in between.
* The toxic ingredients in vaccines make sick people healthy and healthy people healthier.

* Injecting toxins is no different than ingesting toxins.
* Because one vaccine is safe, two, four, eight vaccines etc. are equally safe.
* Vaccines are better than vitamins, the more you get, the healthier you are.
* Studies show that vaccine injuries and deaths increase as the number of vaccines increase. That’s why babies can safely receive thousands of vaccines at once.

* High-pitched screams, fevers, lethargy, being zoned out, sleeping for days, diarrhea, and seizures are normal vaccine reactions.
* Normal reactions are not vaccine injury.

* The US vaccine schedule is the only schedule in the world.
* There are no alternative schedules.
* Alternative schedules are untested and dangerous.

* Until recently, 100% of people failed to notice behaviors and traits associated with autism that have always existed in 2% of the population. Some of these behaviors and traits include head banging, spinning, hand flapping, poop smearing, delayed speech, speech regression, inability to speak, speaking in an abnormal tone of voice, repeating words and phrases over and over again, yelling, crying, or laughing for no apparent reason, obsessive attachment to unusual objects, gastrointestinal problems, explosive diarrhea, extreme sensitivity to light, sound and touch, indifference to temperature or pain, difficulty understanding other people’s feelings, reactions, or facial expressions, resistance to being touched, failure to bond or emotionally connect with parents, siblings, and others, wandering, and lack of fear of water sometimes resulting in drowning.
* Autism is normal.
* Autism is a gift.
* Autism should be celebrated.
* Parents who don’t celebrate their kids’ autism are selfish crybabies.
* Autism is an evolutionary response to the computer age.
* No vaccine has ever caused autism.
* Only one now debunked paper written solely by one now disgraced doctor has ever linked vaccines to autism.
* That man is a fraud and he’s personally responsible for killing millions of babies just like Hitler.

* Media outlets can be trusted because they always report the truth about vaccines.
* Media outlets are not influenced by corporate sponsors or government censorship.
* Media should shame and mock parents of vaccine-injured children, especially the moms.
* Media should libel and misquote doctors and scientists who address vaccine safety issues.
* Media should not give fair and equal airtime to parents of vaccine-injured children.
* Media sponsored hate speech is bad … unless it’s targeting parents of vaccine-injured children.
* Media should slam movies such as Vaxxed without ever watching them.

* The pharmaceutical industry does not influence medical school curriculum.
* Doctors are taught everything there is to know about vaccination:

      1. disease is bad
      2. vaccines are good
      3. the vaccine schedule
      4. vaccine administration and
      5. strategies to coerce vaccine hesitant parents and others to vaccinate.

* Listen to your doctor … unless your doctor warns you about the dangers of vaccination.
* The ethical principle of informed consent which was established after World War II to prevent further medical experimentation on uninformed and unwilling subjects does not apply to vaccination.
* When doctors coerce and threaten parents to vaccinate their kids, they are not violating medical ethics.
* Medical providers should chart adverse events from medications, but they should deny vaccine-induced adverse events because vaccines are safe and effective.
* Doctors who address vaccine safety concerns should lose their medical licenses.

* The HPV vaccine has been proven to prevent cancer.
* Teen aged girls who fake injury—including paralysis, full body tics, and debilitating pain resulting in being confined to their homes and beds—after getting the HPV vaccine should see a shrink for psychological problems.
* Exposure to chickenpox and measles in childhood provides no health benefits later in life.
* Getting chickenpox is very bad and very scary.
* Getting measles is very, very bad and very, very scary because measles is one of the most lethal diseases on Earth and probably in the whole universe. That’s why parents used to take their kids to measles and chickenpox parties.

* Vaccines don’t contain human fetal DNA.
* Only two babies have been aborted for vaccine research.

* Vaccines used to contain mercury, but that doesn’t matter because it was the good kind.
* Vaccines don’t contain mercury anymore, but that doesn’t matter because it was the good kind.
* Vaccines now banned in developed countries because they contained mercury are still being used in developing countries, but that doesn’t matter because it’s the good kind.
* The amount of mercury in some “preservative- or thimerosal-free” vaccines exceeds the EPA safety limit and must be disposed of as hazardous waste. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s the good kind of hazardous waste.

* Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and is proven to play a significant role in promoting neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism. That’s why it’s safe to inject newborns with aluminum in excess of EPA safety limits.
* Aluminum is essential for optimal brain functioning and development.

* There is no valid reason for religious people to object to vaccination because God has no problem with injecting healthy babies time and time again with a variety of cell-killing and brain-damaging concoctions.

* People get Hepatitis B from dirty needles and sexual activity. That’s why Hep B negative mothers should consent to have their 1 day old infants injected with the Hep B vaccine.

* Pus from cowpox eradicated smallpox.
* 10% of the Earth’s population received smallpox vaccines. That’s why nearly everyone needs to be vaccinated to eradicate a disease.
* Not getting the chickenpox vaccine will kill millions of people from smallpox.
* Not getting the measles vaccine will put millions of kids in iron lungs.
* Environmental toxins and tonsillectomies had nothing to do with America’s polio epidemic and polio disease reclassification had nothing to do with reversing the epidemic.
* The polio vaccine used in India is not causing paralysis in 30,000 children per year.

* Sanitation, clean drinking water, and good food are responsible for the reduction of diseases for which there are currently no vaccines. However, once a vaccine is developed for any of those diseases, the previous statement will no longer be valid.

* Immunocompromised people should not be vaccinated with live virus vaccines … unless they live in developing countries.
* The oral polio vaccine should never be given to HIV positive people … unless they live in Africa.
* Being sick is no reason not to get vaccinated.

* It would be unethical to conduct a prospective vaxxed vs. unvaxxed study because withholding vaccines from children would kill them.
* It would be impossible to conduct a retroprospective vaxxed vs. unvaxxed study because all the unvaxxed kids have already died from vaccine preventable diseases.

* Vaccines have never been tested for safety with pregnant women and their fetuses. That’s why it’s safe to inject them in pregnant women.
* Pregnant women should avoid alcohol, antibiotics, Thalidomide, and other pharmaceutical products, but should receive all vaccines offered them at any stage of their pregnancies.
* Babies are born vaccine deficient.
* Premature infants need the protection from vaccines even more than full term infants.
* Even though the pertussis vaccine does not prevent the transmission of pertussis and is known to result in asymptomatic carriers of the disease, vaccinating family members is the best way to protect newborns from whooping cough.

*Drug companies make drugs for profit, but they make vaccines out of the goodness of their hearts.
* Anti-vaxxers enrich themselves writing and selling anti-vaccine propaganda.

* The industry has never lied about vaccine safety, efficacy, or necessity.
* The industry has never faked vaccine research.
* The industry would never divide vaccine lots to spread out and hide vaccine injury and death.
* The industry would never test vaccines on orphans, disabled people, or people of color.
* Merck lied about Vioxx, but it would never lie about its vaccines.
* Merck supervisors did not order its scientists to fake the efficacy of the mumps vaccine.

* The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation didn’t get booted out of India for conducting cloaked vaccine trials on Indian girls resulting in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths.
* The Gates Foundation isn’t preparing to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of African babies with an experimental malaria vaccine known to have negative efficacy, meaning that vaccinated babies get malaria at a higher rate than vaccine free babies.

* The CDC’s primary interest is the health and safety of American children.
* The CDC can be trusted to regulate vaccine safety issues because it owns over 50 vaccine patents and profits from vaccine sales.
* CDC employees have no conflicts of interest.
* When the CDC reports that the flu vaccine is 40% effective, that means that the vaccine prevents the flu in four out of ten people.
* CDC employees have never consorted with industry or the medical establishment to hide the relationship between mercury-containing Thimerosal and autism.
* CDC employees have never consorted with industry or the medical establishment to hide the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.
* CDC employees have never trashed data linking the MMR vaccine to autism.
* There is no CDC whistleblower.

* There is no such thing as a Vaccine Court because there’s no such thing as vaccine injury.
* The Vaccine Court has not paid out more than $3.5 billion for vaccine injury and death.

* Congress is not influenced by donations from Big Pharma.
* Congress has never ignored vaccine safety issues.
* Congress has never been complicit in hiding vaccine safety issues from the public.

* Scientific journals can be trusted.
* The papers in scientific journals can be trusted.
* The drug industry does not ghostwrite pro-vax papers for scientists to sign.
* Scientists who address vaccine safety issues should be censured or fired.

* The anti-vax movement is a recent phenomenon.
* Anti-vaxxers get their information from a Playboy bunny.
* Anti-vaxxers get their information from the Internet and everybody knows you can’t trust anything on the Internet, except for the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the pharmaceutical industry.
* The AAP has no conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry.

* All unvaccinated people are dangerous vectors of disease.
* All vaccinated kids with HIV, Hep B, chicken pox, measles, influenza, whooping cough, etc., should be allowed in school.
* All children recently vaccinated with live virus vaccines should be allowed in school.
* All unvaxxed kids are by definition sick and dangerous disease vectors.
* All unvaxxed kids should be banned from school, because they’re especially dangerous on weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm.
* All anti-vaxxers are anti-science.
* All anti-vaxxers are baby killers.
* All anti-vaxxers should lose custody of their children.
* All anti-vaxxers should be quarantined, jailed, or hung.
* When someone dies of a disease, unvaccinated people should be charged, tried, and convicted of murder.

* Pro-vaxxers are logical, pro-science, and open-minded.
* Pro-vaxxers tolerate differing points of view and are all around caring, compassionate people.

Brett Wilcox and his son ran across the USA in 2014 promoting a GMO Free USA and world. Brett has greatly enriched himself by writing and selling the following books: We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie, Books I and II, and Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family. Brett blogs at RunningTheCountry.com.

Dr. Lyons-Weiler Invites Boston Herald to Retract Editorial as Hate Speech

ECA JamesNote: Thank you to Dr. James Lyons-Weiler for calling out the Boston Herald's despicable editorial calling for violence against those who elect for medical freedom and vaccine choice.  Find his books on Amazon here.

Rachell Cohen,

You don’t know me. You should. In fact, every newspaper should know about me from my book. By all rights (I’m told) it should be a New York Times best-seller. But your Pharma masters won’t let you publish anything negative about vaccines.  They OWN you, the same way they OWN both sides of the aisle in Congress.

Now that we’re on such good terms, let me tell you what I think of your Editorial. It’s hate speech. It, like all bigotry, is based on pure arrogance mixed with ignorance.  And I invite your boss to retract your Editorial. And I invite you to do your homework.  Get to know some of these crazed, insane, hapless parents.   I did.

Well after I vaccinated both of my sons.

Neither of whom have vaccine-induced encephalopathy-mediated autism.

Do you know why I stand with the parents who call for warnings against the current vaccine schedule, and by those who call for spreading them out, and for those who call for safer vaccines without neurotoxins like mercury, and aluminum?

Because I’ve read the REST of the science.  Not the garbage studies that CDC put up as “definitive”.  I read over 2,000 studies on autism.  Including all  the studies ignored by the CDC that found positive association between vaccines and autism. And you know what?

The parents are right.

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2017 Measles Hysteria

Measles 2017
Note: Minnesota seems to be going the way of California. Measles madness hits the otherwise logical midwest.  The Boston Herald called vaccination choice a "hanging offense." Seems the blue states are seeing red when it comes to medical choice. Very unsettling.

By Anne Dachel

Except for the New American, these are just scripted, emotional stories blaming measles in Minnesota on the FALSE claims of a link between vaccines and autism and the antivaxxers who promote it.  Newpapers are like department stores, airlines and banks: there are only a handful left in the country and they share the same basics.

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Dallas Morning News Editorial: Bogus Quotes

Dallas Morning NewsBy Anne Dachel

Wakefield is labeled a “menace” and a lot worse. The editorial cited the bogus “quote” that Wakefield never gave to the Washington Post, ‘I don’t feel responsible at all.’

This is a vitriolic and personal attack. They try to convince the reader that Wakefield is a bad man. We don’t need to talk about his research. The issue is not autism. From Dallas Morning News:

Discredited doctor who falsely linked vaccines to autism is now Texas' toxic export

Goodness knows, Texas has its share of crosses to bear, not a few of them situated in our state Capitol.

This reference is not to our Legislature (this time), but to another — and perhaps farther-reaching — menace: our planet's No. 1 vaccination denier.

Discredited ex-physician Andrew Wakefield, the British researcher who falsely linked routine immunizations to autism, lives in Austin now. And he is as keen to spread his anti-science, potentially dangerous gospel as ever. He may be Texas' most toxic export.

A case in point: Wakefield — who is no longer a doctor, having been booted from the profession in his home country — met repeatedly with immigrant families in a Minnesota Somali community, where legitimate concern over autism diagnoses had taken root.

That community is now ground zero for the state's worst measles outbreak in three decades. More than 40 people — nearly all of them children — have been infected with the disease, which was previously, thanks to vaccines, eradicated in the U.S.  Read the rest here.

Sweden Votes Down Mandatory Vaccination

Swedish celebrationNOTE: Well say Adjo! to Sweden. Surely they are about to descend into a hellish pit of death and disease.... Skoal!

Sweden's Parliament just rejected 7 motions that would have promoted forced vaccinations. The Swedish Parliament decided forced vaccination policies are contrary to their citizens' constitutional rights. May every other country in the world follow their lead. Here is a rough translation of the article. Our Swedish speaking readers can find the original here:

Riksdagen röstade Nej till alla vaccinmotioner

Today, the Riksdag decided on the Social Committee's report 2016/17: SoU7, which contained a number of measures for public health. What prompted a large proportion of the population to monitor this particular case was that it contained several motions that would pave the way for both more vaccinations and forced vaccination. This was something that involved many, not just those who have opted for vaccine but also people who are vaccinated but who absolutely do not want to see any compulsion.

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WaPo Frets over Drug Safety Risks While Ignoring Vaccine Risks

Disconnect-old-phoneNOTE: From Washington Post - imagine that? Drugs are approved and then found to have risks? Say it ain't so! But vaccines? Oh don't be a silly ninnny!  Vaccines are virgin fairy pee and miniature unicorn farts from the moment they are dreamed up by pharma to "cure" the next deadly scourge.   This disconnect between "drugs" and vaccines is laughable. And cry-able. One is open to lawsuits, the other is protected by the government. And that (legal road less traveled) has made all the difference.


New safety risks detected in one-third of FDA-approved drugs

Almost a third of drugs cleared by the Food and Drug Administration pose safety risks that are identified only after their approval, according to a study published Tuesday.

The researchers said the study, which appeared in JAMA, shows the need for ongoing monitoring of new treatments years after they hit the market.

“We seem to have decided as a society that we want drugs reviewed faster,” said lead author Joseph Ross, an associate professor of medicine and public health at Yale University. That makes it critically important “that we have a strong system in place to continually evaluate drugs and to communicate new safety concerns quickly and effectively,” he said.

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Free E Book From Autism Action Network and Skyhorse Publishing!

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Vaccine Injuries: Actual Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines by Tony Lyons and Louis Conte

Pediatricians, politicians and the media tell you that vaccines are safe and effective. However, they rarely tell you about the side effects and very real damage vaccines can cause.

In Vaccine Injuries: Actual Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines, Tony Lyons and Louis Conte take the reader through vaccine injury cases where the United States government has compensated the victims, often children.

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Boston Herald "Editorial Staff" Calls Vaccine Choice "Hanging Offense"

Boston RiotsBy Kim Stagliano

Boston Herald: These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts at Beth Israel hospital. I always considered Massachusetts to be my home. Boston is my city. I love that dirty water. And all that.  When I was growing up, The Boston Globe was considered the "real" newspaper (it was a broadsheet) and the Herald was a rag. A tabloid style rag. Fast forward a few decades.

Boston has tried to move away from its reputation as a city where racism was condoned and continued long after the rest of the country had become more enlightened.  As a white woman, I can't claim to understand what it must have felt like to be hated and even harmed because of skin color.   But as a woman who believes in my (and your) right to choose vaccination plans (all, some, none) for yourself and  your kids, I sure can understand the cold trickle of shock when the editorial staff (way to hide, people) calls vaccine choice a "hanging offense." Death penalty. Hanging.  In Massachusetts, which does not even have the death penalty.

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Dachel Wake Up: From The Pot Calling the Kettle Black Files

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 8, 2017, New York Daily News editorial: The wages of fearmongering

...The true culprit is a growing, unfounded fear of vaccines, now with mongers in the highest places.

A mostly conquered disease is spreading in Minnesota’s largest city because an abysmally low 40% of Somali-American kindergarteners there have gotten their necessary shots.

That four-in-ten figure is way, way down from nine-in-ten in 2004, driven by lies about a connection between vaccines and autism....

For that, blame not only local leaders, but the likes of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose anti-vaccine megaphone has gotten amplified thanks to a certain President.

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Boston lynch
At the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, we recognize the benefits of vaccines. We also recognize that vaccines carry risk. Parents deserve the right to free, prior and informed consent, which by definition includes the right to review the benefits and the risks of any medical procedure. To deny the right of informed consent violates the very foundation of our healthcare system.

With the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, Congress recognized that vaccines carry risk and because they are “unavoidably unsafe” the 1986 act exempted vaccine manufacturers and doctors from liability for vaccine injury. Almost $4 billion in injury compensation has been paid to vaccine-injured patients since the passage of this law. To suggest that vaccines are "perfectly safe" while concurrently protecting the vaccine industry from litigation after injuries is insulting to parents, and should be embarrassing to health care professionals, many of whom do not even know this law exists. We can't have it both ways - pass a law that declares vaccines unsafe, protect the industry from litigation, and expect parents to blindly follow vaccine recommendations without the chance to ask reasonable questions and make choices that are protected by law.

On multiple occasions in recent years, our group was contacted by Somali families concerned about official bullying.  These families invited us to speak to in their community to their neighbors and friends about their rights under the law in the state of Minnesota. 

The discussion of vaccines has become emotional, but like most contentious issues, it is best addressed with civility, evidence and an open discussion between well-meaning citizens.  During times of modest disease outbreaks, it is crucial to defend important rights, especially in face of those who would trample over these rights for “the greater good”.   

We are also disturbed at the tone the discussions of recent events in Minnesota have taken. A major metropolitan newspaper quite literally called for members of our organization to be put to death for responding to and supporting our Somali friends.  Responsible voices within leading media organizations need to exercise better leadership and call off the lynch mob.

The Escalating Efforts to Silence Vaccine Safety Debate

WMPThank you to our friends at World Mercury Project for this share.

By Alison Fujito

It’s one thing to recommend something you believe in. It’s quite another to demand that everyone else believe in it as well.  Add hostility, politics, lobbyists, and an industry with a long history of dishonesty, and the result is the antithesis of the founding principles of this country.

Last month, Cosmopolitan posted a very disturbing opinion piece by a lobbyist for vaccine mandates, attorney Jinny Suh. Ms. Suh is the creator and leader of the activist group “Immunize Texas” which she terms a “grass-roots community group.” It’s actually a branch of “Immunize USA,” which is funded by vaccine companies GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, and vaccine inventor and industry spokesman Paul Offit, among others.

The article is liberally sprinkled with pejoratives and thinly-veiled accusations directed towards those who don’t agree with the author. The end result leaves a strong impression encouraging fear, repression, and hatred against anyone wanting to maintain the right to determine which invasive medical procedures they are willing to have performed on their children, and when.

Empathy or hostility?

Ms. Suh begins the article with several paragraphs telling us how she is an incredibly supportive and sympathetic person.  And maybe she is.

One would expect that a sympathetic parent whose children were lucky enough NOT to suffer adverse vaccine reactions, would lobby for research on causes, prevention, and treatment of such harm. After all, over 10,000 claims are filed every year with the adversarial, problematic “Vaccine Court.”

Nobler efforts to help children might include fundraising for families of children who suffered truly catastrophic reactions, requiring lifelong 24/7 care not covered by insurance, especially for those who were unaware that the government compensation system even exists until well after the short three-year statute of limitations. In fact, there are many such families in Ms. Suh’s home state.

Instead, the remainder of the article reads as an attack on those who criticize or even question vaccine safety, starting with her incongruous announcement that “it’s time to stop acting like not vaccinating is a parenting decision.”

Let’s remember the facts here:

  • Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure.
  • Medical procedures may be declined by the patient.
  • Medical procedures on infants and children ARE PARENTING DECISIONS.

Media mantra
Dismissing all who would disagree with her, Ms. Suh ignores 73,454 reports of serious reactions associated with vaccines from 1989 through April of this year, and 6,469 reported deaths in the same time period. She insists that vaccines—all vaccines— are safe and effective, and basically demands that everyone who has not already had an “approved” medical reaction agree to fully vaccinate their children. Links to three articles, none of which prove safety or efficacy, are provided in an effort to justify such a drastic demand.

As responsible parents, we cannot ignore legitimate reports of vaccine-associated systemic harm and submit unquestioningly to such demands because of three erroneous articles.  One can easily find three articles claiming safety and efficacy of various medications in pill form, but that wouldn’t support a claim that “pills are safe and effective,” and it wouldn’t necessarily prove safety and efficacy of those particular pills. Vioxx and thalidomide are only two of many examples of FDA-approved medications that turned out to be deadly. Vaccines, classified as “biologicals” rather than “drugs” aren’t held to the strict standards of science and tightly-controlled clinical trials that Vioxx was before it received—and maintained—approval from both the government and our medical system.

The author links to a CNN news report with video, which wrongly claims that “thimerosal does not cause any difficulty.” This is blatantly false: thimerosal is strongly associated with phonic and motor tics, which are neurological disorders, as well as problems with attention and executive functioning. In other words, thimerosal causes difficulties.

CNN here also claims in error that only “trace amounts” of thimerosal are in influenza vaccines. Again, this is untrue: approximately 30% of flu vaccines today still contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal in each dose; the CDC’s chart shows that only FDA-licensed influenza vaccine recommended for children under the age of three is FluZone Quadrivalent, which contains a 12.5 mcg/dose of thimerosal. Not only is that NOT a trace amount, but it’s being given to the population most susceptible to harm from thimerosal. CNN got both of these important facts completely wrong.

In contrast, back before the vaccine manufacturers were permitted to advertise on, and, for all practical purposes, own and control commercial TV, there was this special news report in 1979 on the government cover-up of harm from swine flu shots, as well as this one, in 1982, “DPT: Russian Roulette.”

There is a well-documented history of cover-up of harm from vaccines in this country; this is in no way refuted by CNN’s misinformed (at best) claims of safety.

Ms. Suh also links an article from the WHO, which recklessly recommends vaccinating everyone who comes into contact with an infant for pertussis, ignoring the fact that those vaccinated for pertussis are still able to colonize and transmit pertussis to infants, even if they have no symptoms. The article also credits vaccines for reductions in death and disease in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America without acknowledging that adequate nutrition, clean water, improved sanitation, and modern medical care would have had the same effect.

The third effort to convince us of the supposed safety of vaccines is a disturbingly vitriolic article by the controversial Brian Deer, who, amidst accusations of his own questionable ethics, falsely claimed that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s study misrepresented the medical status of the children involved—falsely, because those children’s parents have gone on record  rebutting and criticizing Deer, and supporting Wakefield.

Moreover, Deer’s article purports to address only one vaccine, MMR, out of the 54 vaccines recommended for US children from the day of birth to age 18. So it completely fails to address safety concerns regarding the other 53 vaccines, the poor quality of design and reporting of safety outcomes, the absence of any testing for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, or impairment of fertility (stated on every package insert!), and the possibility of unanticipated synergistic reactions.

An argument that rests on mistaken assumptions, on false claims, and that ignores or denies valid concerns, is not only unconvincing; it calls the entire pro-vaccine-mandate position into question.

Not one of these examples proves safety or efficacy of vaccines, nor do they rule out a vaccine-autism link, nor do they rule out a link between vaccines and the myriad serious health issues that have been suggested by literally hundreds of studies.

“This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

-From The Nuremberg Code, 1947

Attacking parental rights
It’s extremely disturbing that, with strong evidence of serious health risks from vaccines, anyone would insist with such authority that parents unquestioningly accept the conclusions presented here.

Read more here.

Saving Zero: Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse

Dan Burns and BenBy Dan Burns (read the full Saving Zero series as we are running it here.)


Saloon doors, wood plank walls, mirrored beer posters, back-lit rainbow bar, peanuts spilling out of tin buckets, country western band. BARTENDER and BARBACK go about their business. A DRUNK sits at the end of the bar with his head lying on arms crossed. EDNA, an older woman with her graying hair stacked high on her head plays honky-tonk on an old stand up piano. She is accompanied by an ELECTRIC SLIDE GUITARIST, a FIDDLER, a STAND-UP BASS PLAYER in a John Deer cap, and a DRUMMER behind a drum set, on which “Goat Ropers” is displayed. Two waiters -- MIDNIGHT COWBOY and NATALIA -- are performing a line dance: clapping hands, slapping thighs. MIDNIGHT COWBOY is a beardless youth, T-shirt cut to reveal his underarms, tight jeans, boots. NATALIA, the cowgirl, long flowing hair, green vest, thumbs hooked in her blue jeans pockets, shaking her breasts.

MIDNIGHT COWBOY picks up his waiter’s notebook and approaches the Hope Ranch table.

MIDNIGHT COWBOY: Howdy ‘pokes. Food’s on the way. Dessert?

ZERO: I’ll take the gull.


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Deliberate Ignorance: Minnesota Measles' Spotty Reporting is Contagious

TwistedBy Anne Dachel

The biggest news sources in America twist Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s words.

There are currently lots of stories out on the outbreak of measles in Minnesota. It’s all tied to the Somalis in the Twin Cities and their fears over the MMR vaccine and autism.  

The six news reports from major outlets that I cited below each dismissed any vaccine-autism link out-of-hand with trite phrases like “a discredited theory.” Regression after vaccination was tossed aside as mere coincidence, and no one even mentioned the horrific rate of autism, one in 32, among these Somali children.

I’m sure that no reporter has ever looked into the science they constantly reference that has supposedly answered the question: Do vaccines cause autism? 

Emily Sohn at NPR is convinced that “abundant scientific evidence” disproves the claim of a link.

Lena Sun at the Washington Post cited Andrew Wakefield as the “founder of the modern anti-vaccines movement,” saying, “He maintained that he bears no fault for what is happening within the [Somali] community. ‘I don’t feel responsible at all,’ he said.”

Christopher Mele at the New York Times also cited the quote from Dr. Wakefield as coming from the Washington Post in his coverage.

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Best of: Moms Know Best

Retro mom and babyWe're pleased to share this Best from Cathy, who has the weekend off. Even Mom needs a break from time to time! Enjoy.

By Cathy Jameson


Take time to read.  Ask the questions you need to ask.  Learn what your rights are.  Protect those rights.  And always, always trust your instinct.

xo, Cat


Moms are often told that they know their child best.  They hear that statement in the doctor’s office and sometimes by their child’s teacher.  When I hear it being said to me, I hold my head up high.  It’s as if someone has just given me a badge of honor, “Cathy, out of everyone here, it’s you who know Ronan the best!”  And it’s true.

In the past, when I was told that I knew Ronan and his needs the best I questioned why it needed to be pointed out to me.  Of course I knew my child.  I’ve spent the most time with him!  Of course I knew what he needed.  I evaluate Ronan and his needs daily!  It was a no brainer that I absolutely should be considered “the” expert on Ronan.  It’s not only what I was, it is who I have become.

Most people who would think to say to a mom that she knows her child best do so with the utmost respect.  But, I’ve found out several times now, that the “You know your child best!” statement can be delivered two ways.  The first way is done so as a compliment.  The second way it can be delivered is adversarial.  That shouldn’t happen, but it does.  It happened years ago to me. 

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Sheila Ealey Speaks Out Against Vaccine Injury

Sheila EaleyBy Anne Dachel

Sheila Lewis Ealey is an autism mom, an advocate, and is featured in ‘Vaxxed.’

We’ve interviewed Sheila about her role in ‘Vaxxed’  for Age of Autism.

June 14, 2016 - On Vaxxed The Movie

Sept. 15, 2014 - On autism and how it happened to her son

Sheila was also in D.C. on March 31, 2017. Her message was clear: She vaccinated. Her son was severely damaged. She is now anti-vaccine.

Who could blame her? Not only was her vaccine injury case among the 5,000 omnibus claims of vaccine-induced autism that were thrown out of Vaccine Court, but as an African American mother with an autistic son, she has a personal connection to the fraud at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed by William Thompson.

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Pilot Comparative Study on the Health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated 6-12 Year Old US Children

OAT Vax UnVaxImportant note from the editors. The vax/unvax study is now-officially published in a peer reviewed journal. The full text is available on line HERE at the Journal of Translational Science.

The .pdf is HERE: Mawson et al 2017 vax-unvax Jnl Translational Science

By Mark Blaxill

In a development that autism parents have long anticipated, the first-ever, peer-reviewed study comparing total health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children was released on line yesterday. According to sources close to the project, the study had been reviewed and accepted by two different journals, both of which pulled back on their approval once the political implications of the findings became clear. That’s largely because, as parents have long expected, the rate of autism is significantly higher in the vaccinated group, a finding that could shake vaccine safety claims just as the first president who has ever stated a belief in a link between vaccines and autism has taken office.

Working in partnership with the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), Dr. Anthony Mawson led a research team that investigated the relationship between vaccination exposures and a range of over 40 acute and chronic illnesses in home schooled children, a population chosen for its high proportion of unvaccinated children. Surveying families in four states--Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon—the study (officially titled Vaccination and Health Outcomes: A Survey of 6- to 12-year-old Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children based on Mothers’ Reports), reported a number of startling findings.

Vaccinated children were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder: most notably, the risk of being affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was 4.7 fold higher in vaccinated children; as well, ADHD risk was 4.7 fold higher and learning disability risk was 3.7 fold higher. Overall, the vaccinated children in the study were 3.7 times more likely to have been diagnosed with some kind of neurodevelopmental disorder.

Vaccinated children were also significantly more likely to be diagnosed with an immune-related disorder. The risk of allergic rhinitis (commonly known as hay fever) was over 30 times higher in vaccinated children, while the risk of other allergies was increased 3.9 fold and the eczema risk was increased 2.4 fold.

With respect to acute illness and infectious disease the outcomes were in some respects surprising.  As might be expected, unvaccinated children were significantly (4-10 times) more likely to have come down with chicken pox, rubella or pertussis. Perhaps unexpectedly, the unvaccinated children were less likely to suffer from otitis media and pneumonia: vaccinated children had 3.8 times greater odds of a middle ear infection and 5.9 times greater odds of a bout with pneumonia.

The study was based on a survey with participants recruited in a process led by NHERI and coordinated through 84 state and local homeschool groups. The survey itself was, according to the authors, “nonbiased and neutrally worded.”

These findings in a study population of 666 children, 261 of whom (39%) were unvaccinated, are sure to stir controversy, in part because it is the first of its kind. The scientific literature on the long-term effects of the vaccination program is virtually silent. Most studies on the safety of vaccines only consider immediate or short-term effects. There was no obvious explanation for the differences in health outcomes observed between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of children other than vaccination itself.

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Places Everybody! Miss Frizzle Goes Pharma.

1229-ralphie-magic-school-bus-pbs-4By Anne Dachel

Either they're merely parroting the denials without any real understanding of the issue, or they're trying to debunk the MMR and the thimerosal link to autism in one show.

Regardless, it seems Ms Frizzle is frazzled. This is about the MMR vaccine and somehow the claim that mercury is in it comes out. 

No worry, Ms Frizzle assures us: "Decades ago vaccines contained a non-toxic variant of mercury; today they don't contain mercury of any kind." 

Later she says, "There's zero evidence that vaccine cause autism or mental disorders of any kind. Do people actually think that?

Jenny McCarthy and Chris Christie are also part of the parody. Chris Christie: "I don't believe in vaccines." 

That is a libelous statement. Major networks and print news outlets have covered Governor Christie supporting vaccines while asking for “a measure of choice.” 



Washington Post

No one is ever held responsible for honesty when this subject is vaccines. Wild accusations are common. (See the story from Stowe VT Today where Del Bigtree was accused of wanting to shoot people who don’t support him. Robert Kennedy, Jr. has been labeled “anti-vaccine” for years just for questioning the use of toxic mercury in vaccines.)

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Jimmy Kimmel Now Do You Understand Our Pain?

Jimmy Kimmel sobbed (again) on his TV program about his newborn son and the heart surgery the baby needed. Who could blame him?   A nurse noticed that the baby's heart had a problem - and medicine saved the child.  There's no pain as sharp as watching your child in danger, with poor health, struggle, maybe even die. Remember when Jimmy Kimmel made fun of parents of vaccine injured children with autism on this same show? Remember when you noticed something very seriously wrong with your child and people like Jimmy Kimmel laughed at you and called you a liar and a silly Mommy?  Remember your children with seizures, self-injurious behavior, children who drown, are beaten by those charged with teaching them, children whose life expectancy is mid-30s  because of their autism?   We do.  This was from HuffPo in March of 2015:

Jimmy Kimmel is giving anti-vaccination advocates a taste of their own medicine.

After airing a segment with doctors hilariously explaining the reasons to get your kids vaccinated, Kimmel got hate messages on Twitter that put “Mean Tweets“ to shame. So, in the interest of fairness, the talk show host sent his “community activists” out to try and prove that vaccinations are bad (because kids prefer lollipops to needles). And the result is even more ridiculous than it sounds.

Pray, Jimmy, that you NEVER NEED US.  But if you do, we'll be here. Because THAT'S the vax injury prevention community.  We may dislike you for your callous treatment of us and our kids, but we'll help.  Despite our own broken hearts for which there is no surgery.

You owe us an apology, Jimble Kimball....  Even Wendy would not be as cruel.

I wrote the post below when Jimmy's daughter Jane was born.  KIM

Kim and GiannaDear Jimmy, Dude wtf

The Sound of Vaccine Injury

May I call you Jimmy? I feel like I know you, having invited you into my home so many times. Laughing with you. Crying with you when your Uncle Frank died. Reveling in your numerous guest appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Loving the updates from the fabulous parties you throw for him and Beth. I'm a fan, Jimmy. You make me laugh and Lord knows I need to laugh. So....  about this foray into vaccination politics. Can I just ask, "WTF?"

I know you have a beautiful baby daughter named Jane. (Love the name, so much better than Kumquat or Des Moines.)

I also know you have grown children by a previous marriage.  (We "anti-vaxxers" don't just use the Google to find "myths and debunked lies" about healthcare, you know.)

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VAERS, MMR and Megan

File a reportBy Teresa Conrick

Many people do not know that if you have a bad reaction to a vaccine -- an ADVERSE reaction -- there is a place to contact: VAERS

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). VAERS is a post-marketing safety surveillance program, collecting information about adverse events (possible side effects) that occur after the administration of vaccines licensed for use in the United States.

But because many parents are not told about this, they don't report the reaction as they are often told, many times by their doctor, that it is a NORMAL reaction to the vaccine. PLEASE, please know that more often than not, it is NOT NORMAL.  My daughter reacted to her infant vaccines, up crying all night, onslaught of ear infections, nosebleeds, fevers, abrupt shyness and appearing deaf at times...but it was the MMR vaccine given at 18 months that caused a cascade of medical issues and behavioral symptoms that caused REGRESSION of health, speech and an AUTISM diagnosis by age 2 and 1/2.   SEIZURES and an AUTOIMMUNE diagnosis would then insidiously develop in her teens.  I would not wish this horrible experience on my worst enemy.  Pain, suffering, and loss of speech STILL at age 23.  I wrote this three years ago to capture both the science and the devastation so many  of our children have encountered: MMR photo TC

Vaccines. The idea of them seems so good.  Inject a recipe of chemicals into human beings and animals, and they are then protected from microbial-causing diseases. The reality though for many families is something went wrong, either immediately after vaccination - seizures, death, or from that point forward, profound changes in health and development - REGRESSION.

My daughter, Megan, had subtle, regressive episodes after each vaccination but devastatingly so after her MMR vaccine. Immediately, Megan began with a fever for days, then a full body rash starting on the 10th day, diarrhea, constipation, then undigested food in her stool, then Giardia and Blastocystis Hominis infections, gluten and casein intolerance developed, nonstop ear infections (otitis media), concurrent Candida infections, Clostridium infections, Streptococcus infections, seizures when puberty hit and most recently, an autoimmune diagnosis. An autism diagnosis was placed on her before age three, based on the behaviors -- that in hindsight -- most likely manifested from all of these infections and a dysfunctional immune system. This has been the pattern and research is pointing to the microbiome as quite possibly, the epicenter of autism....

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