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Current Affairs, Kent Heckenlively

PLAGUE - When the Mouse Met Mercury

Kent Book PlagueBy Kent Heckenlively

The first known outbreak of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) took place during 1934-1935 at the Los Angeles County Hospital and affected 198 doctors and nurses during a polio outbreak.

300 doctors and nurses at the Los Angeles County Hospital were given an early polio vaccine developed by Dr. Maurice Brodie, as well as approximately 7,000 children.  (Active Immunization Against Poliomyeleitis, American Journal of Public Health, February 1936)  The vaccine was passaged multiple times through mouse brain tissue.  (Attempts to Produce Poliomyelitis in Refractory Laboratory Animals, March 1, 1935, doi: 10.3181/00379727-32-7876)

In addition to the polio vaccine, the doctors and nurses were also given an accompanying "immune serum" to boost their response to the vaccine.  This immune serum contained "merthiolate", otherwise known as thimerosal, as a preservative. (Use of Serum and the Routine and Experimental Laboratory Findings in the 1934 Poliomyelitis Epidemic, American Journal of Public Health, First read on September 3, 1934)

It was during this time period that the first children who would go onto develop autism were born.  These children were born to parents who worked primarily in the medical and scientific fields.  Do you think these were the parents who would have been first in line to get a polio vaccine for their children?  I do.

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Cathy Jameson

Age of Autism 2014 - The Year in Review

Never give upBy Cathy Jameson

Other news sources will sometimes showcase their top stories toward the end of the year, so I thought we’d also showcase some of our accomplishments. 

We added two more Contributing Editors in 2014:  Jim Thompson,  and Tim Welsh (a.k.a, TannersDad)

They, as well as our other Contributing Editors and guest writers, added hundreds of articles to the website.  Here are just a few of the top articles that we featured:

Adriana Gamondes kicked off the beginning of 2014 with a post about the Man Flu


Julie Obradovic’s Public Enemy Number One: White Suburban Educated Moms

Katie Wright’s recap of one of the IACC meetings

Dan Olmsted’s Weekly Wrap about the MMR vaccine, the CDC whistleblower and a torrent of leaks  

J.B. Handley wrote a short and sweet message to the CDC whistleblower and his lawyers telling them to speak up!

Natalie Palumbo’s response to Elizabeth Cohen

Kim Stagliano’s response to Jerry Seinfeld’s interview on NBC

John Stone’s article that connected the dots between the CDC and a fugitive

Kent Heckenlively’s The Hammer Falls! post

Anne Dachel’s reminder to the media that they won’t be able to ignore us for too much longer

Cathy Jameson’s letter to Nancy Grace

Teresa Conrick’s Part 1: The Epicenter, which began a series of articles on the Microbiome


AofA’s Top Conversations

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Phew

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Lee Silsby logo 09

Please join us in thanking Anne Dachel for her tireless perusal of the media for her  Media Updates.  

Dec 30, 2014, Fox News: US researchers identify gene network linked to autism

Dec 30, 2014, Gaylord (MI) Herald Times: Opinion Another View: The real public health threat

Dec 30, 2014, Maine bill aims to make it harder for parents not to vaccinate children

Dec 30, 2014, Chicago Tribune: Naperville doctor disciplined in controversial autism case

Dec 29, 2014, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Autistic children can pose barrier to housing

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Kim Stagliano

Chicago Tribune Continues Campaign Against Autism Treatment

Support anjuBy Kim Stagliano

The Chicago Tribune has been no friend to the autism community.  And their article about Dr. Anju Usman is no exception - see below. They have consistently dredged up stories that denigrate, belittle and cast aspersions upon all manner of autism treatments.  They have attacked families (from this I know) and the professionals who devote their careers to helping children on the spectrum.  Here is a list of several articles about The Trib that we've written over the years. 

Tribune Watchdog Or Tribune Skunk? Part 1

Tribune Watchdog Or Tribune Skunk? Part 2

The Chicago Tribune and Autism Treatment Community: Thrice Bitten, Twice Shy

Autism Recovery Revisited: Tell the Chicago Tribune They Are Wrong

An Autism Mom's Video Response to the Chicago Tribune Story

Autism Father to Chicago Tribune: "Cancel My Subscription."

On Media: The Chicago Tribune Fails Children with Autism

Chicago Tribune Trumpets Another Anti-Treatment Autism Lawsuit. Why?

Cherry Picking Science: Chicago Tribune's Shotgun Journalism Strikes with Another Shoddy Hit Piece

Chicago is the home of the American Academy of Pediatrics. A union for physicians who used to be the guardians of pediatric sick and well care management.  Peds have become vaccine retailers and gatekeepers to see myriad specialists kids now need thanks to chronic illness, like allergists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, ENTs and psychiatrists.  And let's not forget their great skill in sending our kids to Early Intervention.  Our Editor-At-Large Mark Blaxill wrote in Support Your Pediatrician, Condemn Their Union:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is the union of American pediatricians. Their job is to defend the commercial interests and reputations of their constituents regardless of what the larger social interest might be. One activity of the AAP is to lobby the Federal Government to spend more money to help pediatricians to make more money.

Even when they make the case for things like expanded health insurance coverage for children, they’re also making the case for their members. Along the way, they make sure they make a case for things like: “Providing appropriate physician payment within Medicaid and SCHIP to ensure children receive access to care.”

The AAP also has a journal named Pediatrics, a publication that they claim is “intended to encompass the needs of the whole child in his physiologic, mental, emotional, and social structure.” In practice, the journal serves the agenda of the practicing pediatrician, often publishing shoddy science if it furthers the policy interests of the Academy. The stunning failure of Pediatrics to face the facts regarding the autism crisis is one of the sad byproducts of a tragic situation in which so few medical leaders have found a moral compass to guide their choices.

If you want to cut to the chase and find the commercial life blood of the pediatric profession you don’t need to look much further than the pages of the AAP’s web-site where the childhood immunization program is featured under nearly every tab. You can’t underestimate the importance of the childhood immunization program to the business of the practicing pediatrician. The reason goes right to the heart of the economic tension between customers and suppliers in our upside down health care system.

In 2010, The Trib ran this article, Bad Medicine, about my family and the fact that we were using Dr. Boyd Haley's OSR - accusiGianna's shoesng me of sprinkling toxic waste onto my children's breakfast.  It was a twisted display of vitriole - and the former cupcake food beat turned science beat writer did her best to disparage me. And Dr. Haley.  My daughter did so well on OSR that she started speaking and learned to tie her shoes.  I even have a photo from the first day she tied her own sneakers - thanks to increased fine motor skills as a result of OSR.

The Tribune ran this article about Dr. Anju Usman, a physician in Chicago who has devoted her life and put her career on the line to treat sick children - who happen to have autism.  We support Dr. Usman's work. And we thank her for her service to pediatric health and wellness.

Naperville Doctor Disciplined in Controversial Autism Case

A Naperville doctor nationally known for offering alternative autism treatments has agreed to have her Illinois medical license placed on probation for at least a year after state regulators accused her of subjecting two children to unwarranted, dangerous therapies.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Adult Tasered

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Dec 27, 2014, Salt Lake City Deseret News: 15 things to expect if you're expecting a baby in 2015

Dec 26, 2014, WYFF Greenville (SC): Greenville family files complaint after autistic adult son is shocked with taser, arrested

Dec 26, 2014, KFDA Amarillo (TX): Preeclampsia during pregnancy could raise autism risk

Dec 24, 2014, WPTV West Palm Beach (FL): Impact 5: leading experts answer your questions about autism

Dec 24, 2014, WBSN Columbus (OH): Parents take greater role in childhood vaccines

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Vaccine Safety

Autism by Any Other Name and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Losing the game
By Louis Conte and Wayne Rohde

This article is the 3rd installment in a series investigating the NVICP

The Obscure Federal Court: National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Manifest Injustice – the End Result of Scientific Fraud

The Associated Press recently released a series of articles about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) that focused on the delays in case processing, petitioner’s difficulties in proving claims and concerns that attorneys “churn cases” to increase billing. On 12/22/14 the New York Times ran one of the articles where the authors, Justin Pritchard, Mitch Weiss and Troy Thibodeaux, touched on the curious reasoning in decisions involving autism in children who also suffered encephalopathy, or brain injury. The authors accepted the NVICP narrative that a vaccine injury might cause severe brain damage but never autism.

Despite the use of verbal camouflage regarding autism in the NVICP, there are times when the truth leaks out. The following is from the case record of the US Government’s concession that vaccines triggered autism in the case of Child Doe 77 (aka: Hannah P.):

“Medical personnel at the Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation, Department of Health and Human Services (DVIC) have reviewed the facts of this case, as presented by the petition, medical records, and affidavits. After a thorough review, DVIC has concluded that compensation is appropriate in this case.

In sum, DVIC has concluded that the facts of this case meet the statutory criteria for demonstrating that the vaccinations CHILD received on July 19, 2000, significantly aggravated an underlying mitochondrial disorder, which predisposed her to deficits in cellular energy metabolism, and manifested as a regressive encephalopathy with features of autism spectrum disorder. Therefore, respondent recommends that compensation be awarded to petitioners in accordance with 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-11(c) (1) (C) (ii).”

That doesn’t mean that a government official can’t deny it anyway.

“Let me be very clear that the government has made absolutely no statement indicating that vaccines are a cause of autism,” Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Thursday.” [1]

Child Doe 77 has an autism diagnosis and Gerbeding’s statement glosses over the fact that the government conceded that vaccines caused it. The case was filed in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP) and was supposed to be a test case for one of the theories that Special Masters (Judges do not decide cases in the “Vaccine Court”) were to consider. Gerbeding’s verbal gymnastics received support from industry representatives:

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Natalie Palumbo

Forever Baby Sister

Natalie Baby sisterBy Natalie Palumbo

Happy Holidays. I am 20, a sophomore motion designer at Ringling College of Art and Design, and the only sister to an older brother with low verbal autism. My brother Anthony is 23 years old (almost 24), and he aged out of school at 21. I was recently asked how Anthony was doing being home full time with me away at college. I phone home regularly to make sure my brother is alright. My mother always responds the same way, “He prefers you, but he settles for me.”

Anthony misses me. In his mind, we haven’t aged at all. We’re still little kids. Time is irrelevant. Even though we moved ten years ago to the southeast, he still idealizes our old house in Maryland. He thinks if we go back, the house will still be ours, and all of our stuff will still be there.  In addition to being very echolalic, Anthony has persistent Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He obsesses over going back to Maryland, and requests to go several times a day, every day. I call home so Anthony can hear my voice. Anthony is low verbal, and not conversational. Mainly, he’ll just recite his always revised Christmas list, which gets longer with every passing year, or chatter about the movie he is planning in his head. Anthony will read me his casting list, which consists of everyone we know playing themselves. I just listen, and tell him it’s great. It makes Anthony happy for me to acknowledge his lists.

With my being away, Anthony has gotten very attached to my mother. He wants her to sit in his room while he plays games, even if she’s not interacting. My mom theorizes that he misses me being in the house, and settles for her being there instead. He marks on the calendar when I’ll be home again, and reminds my mother constantly when I will be, “home from Ringling”.  Under the circumstances, he has dealt with my being away very well. Anthony has visited the campus, so he knows where I am. I’ve been drawing and pursuing art since I was 10 years old. Anthony associates art with me. He seems to innately understand that I belong in art school, and so he tolerates this major change. Anthony and I have always been close, and he inspired me to draw when we couldn’t share words.  

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Cathy Jameson

Reflections of Hope

Hope love peaceBy Cathy Jameson

I wanted Ronan to join us for the Christmas festivities, but I knew not to get my hopes up.  In the past, he's preferred to stay away from everything that makes Christmas special - the family gathering, the feast, the presents.  Those are the things that make Christmas so exciting for me.  But Ronan isn't interested in any of them.  He’d rather shy away from the noise, the crowd, and the excitement to do his own thing.

Past Christmases have been overwhelming for Ronan.  This past Christmas was no different.  Ronan kept to himself for a majority of the day.  I kept hoping that he'd emerge, but he preferred solitude.  He found that in another room on the other side of the house. 

Ronan had had some seizures right before Christmas.  He was not sleeping well.  And he was completely off of his routine.  Ronan needed space, he needed quiet, and he required no expectations to join us.  I longed for Ronan to be a part of our family Christmas, but he only wanted peace and quiet. 

Peace and quiet was what Ronan got. 

Ronan stayed upstairs while we gathered around the tree.  He played Wii while the rest of us exchanged presents.  He looked at his Dr. Seuss books while we cooked the feast.  He stayed a safe distance that he determined was ideal.  He was happy with his activities and with the peace and quiet.

As much as we would have liked for Ronan to join in the fun we were having, we knew and respected that that wasn’t going to happen.  Our day was full of wonder and delight - the family gathering, the feast, the presents, and knowing that Ronan was safe and he was happy.  We enjoyed our day, and Ronan enjoyed his.  It was perfect.

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Goodbye to a Great Friend

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted Dr. Eisenstein

I suppose there is some symmetry in the death of Mayer Eisenstein this week in the midst of both the Jewish and Christian holidays. Mayer to me was a bit of a Jewish Kris Kringle, larger than life, shaking with laughter, doing mitzvahs (good works) and bearing gifts in the form of wise insights into the ways we care f9r (and inadvertently harm) our children.

That's about as cheerful as I can get about Mayer's passing so soon after the shock of hearing it, for in truth I was expecting many more years of his wisdom and support. Especially the latter -- Mayer was one of Age of Autism's best friends and most resolutely positive allies.

I first met him in 2005. After I had written about the Amish anomaly for UPI -- lower vaccination rates, lower autism rates -- a reader in Tennessee told me about a Chicago doctor with thousand of unvaccinated children, and virtually no autism or asthma (the latter medically documented by the absence of ER visits and hospitalizations for asthma among his patients).

I got in touch with him and was soon in Chicago being regaled by this garrulous bear of a man who loved Disney (me too) and conservative politics (me not so much), could barely pause to catch his breath, and in addition to his M.D. had gone on to get an MPH and a JD, mostly, as far as I could tell, to give himself something intellectually interesting to do. He had a big happy sprawling Jewish family and, I believe, a new legion of supporters after he got involved in the autism world and Autism One.

He also came in for his share of nullification nonsense, and to the extent that giving him wider attention was a factor, I feel bad about it. (He couldn't have cared less, which was typical of him.) Rather than look at the maximally healthy children his practice turned out with minimally invasive medicine, the mainstream went after anything they could find to avoid dealing with the significance of his work.

Now that work is his legacy, and I for one am determined to remind people of it and push it forward. But for now I confess to feeling pretty crappy. As they often do with people who are gone, my memories of Mayer come down to a single image -- in this case a sunlit one, sitting outside on a perfect late spring day at a cafe across from a sky blue Lake Michigan, eating pasta and happy that such a great guy was on my side.

I'm going to hang onto that as long as I can.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Thank You To National Autism Association, Talk About Curing Autism and Generation Rescue

Whoville autism
By Kim Stagliano

A few days ago, a resident of Mount Crumpit wrote a diatribe lambasting the butcher, the baker the candlestick maker (each of whom is pretty much used to the slings and barbs) and also  ripping into TACA and Generation Rescue.  I won't bore you or burden you with the details. Suffice it to say, I was taken aback and genuinely shocked. I have 3 kids with autism and am 50 years and 363 days old. Not much shocks me.  But to disparage TACA?  And GR? You could have knocked me over with a candy cane.

I receive daily emails, FB messages, Tweets from parents seeking advice, counsel, info, ANYTHING to help their kids with autism.  I tell EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM a version of this:

I strongly recommend that you bookmark these sites and use them are your go to resources for biomedical and diet info, educational support, a get started guide, wandering and safety precautions and amazing grant opportunities.

(Note to Wendy at NAA, you were not included in the mudfest - you really need to try harder to piss people off in 2015, OK?)

I have had the honor of getting to know the women who run these organizations - autism Moms, just like me.  I've had the privilege of getting to know Jenny McCarthy, who shares the helm of GR. While I'm used to the Oracs of the world bashing her with misogyny, to hear someone who claims to have our community's "best interests" at heart slam her and TACA is beyond the pale.

If every pediatrician in America simply handed a Mom of a newly diagnosed child a list of these three orgs, that Mom would have an army of support, an arsenal of usable tools and HOPE.

Please join me in thanking everyone who works for and volunteers for TACA, GR and NAA for their never ending work on behalf of our children.

Heart in heart and hand in hand.

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.

Current Affairs

Merry Christmas!


Wishing all of our AofA readers the peace and joy of the season.

Current Affairs

A Visit from Age of Autism

Charlie Brown banner

Twas the night before Christmas, to our readers we say

Thank you kindly for logging on every day.

Your comments were written with keen thought and care

In hopes that we'd publish them and not put them "there."

Blaxill and Olmsted with science expose

The strange world of pharma and how it all goes.

And Kim in her office (so close to the stove)

Baked up post after post and some cookies with clove.

The stories keep coming - vaccines that did shatter

We ask every day, "Will our voices soon matter?"

Parents who tell us their toddlers did crash

As doctors and media continue to bash.

The stories are true, oh this much we know

To special ed and therapy our children will go.

The pushback from pharma has become very clear

We ask you what is it that they have to fear?

They know that they made our kids so very sick

With a needle they said was "just a small prick."

They say we are looking for someone to blame

Where is their conscience, their care and their shame?

Now Offit! Now Cohen! Now Szabo and Reiss!

Snyderman chastises, "Just roll the dice!"

To the CDC schedule! You must heed our call!

Now vaccinate! Vaccinate! Vaccinate all!

As sleeves roll up and babies will cry

Some children will sicken. Some may even die.

And then in a twinkling hear this dear friends

We will not sleep until the epidemic ends.

We must work as a team seeking answers all 'round

Our goal is the same: A cure must be found.

On Twitter we hashtag and battle the bots

"Our children are aging, they are no longer tots!"

Experience has taught us to connect the dots

Autism for many was caused by those shots.

But the future's not bleak, we have many a star

NAA and dear TACA and always GR

Thank Schneider, McCarthy whose voices ring out

"Informed consent is the message we shout!"

We'll continue to work and to wage the good fight.

For the kids who are growing - we will do what is right.

Teresa Conrick

Merry Microbiome: Treatments for Autism

Santa TummyBy Teresa Conrick

The Christmas season always warms my heart and gives me hope.  I have a very ill daughter but her condition, called AUTISM, does not reflect the countless abnormalities in her body nor the pain and suffering that she has had to endure.  Life for her though, is slowly but surely improving as we continue to focus on those abnormalities, especially the MICROBIOME. Megan and thousands like her, experienced profound regression in skills, communication and in health after vaccination.  I thought it would be helpful and HOPEFUL to write about treatments being explored for autism and other conditions in which the microbiome is being implicated.

Food and the Microbiome

For all of the parents, researchers and doctors who have relentlessly pushed special diets and then saw improvements -- you were correct as the microbiome is involved:

A link between autism, gastrointestinal problems, and gut microbiota suggests that diet has the potential to impact symptoms, and parents of autistic children have long been exploring the impact of dietary and microbiota manipulations on behavior, for instance commonly using gluten-free and/or casein-free (GF/CF) diets, probiotics, and nutritional supplements. Two randomized controlled trials of the GF/CF diet indicated that it may improve symptoms in some children,37,38 although these trials were small, both in terms of size and duration. Although the GF/CF diet may improve symptoms by inducing changes in the microbiota and/or their metabolites, another mechanism is by increasing gut integrity. Abnormally high intestinal permeability (IPT), or a “leaky gut,” has also been associated with autism, suggesting that autistic individuals may have increased sensitivity to components of our diet and their metabolites, because they can more easily access the bloodstream.56 Autistic individuals on a GF/CF diet had significantly lower intestinal permeability compared with individuals on an unrestricted diet.56

Then there’s fermented foods, beneficial bacteria for the gut and brain:

Modern research is highlighting the potential value of ancestral dietary practices on mental health, and on resiliency against depression in particular. At the same time, there has been tremendous progress toward better understanding of the role played by the low-grade inflammation and the intestinal microbiome in human health and mental well-being [162,163]. Evidence would suggest that the two major themes of these mostly separate highways of research should converge; in other words, the fermented foods so often included in traditional dietary practices have the potential to influence brain health by virtue of the microbial action that has been applied to the food or beverage, and by the ways in which the fermented food or beverage directly influences our own microbiota. This could manifest, behaviorally, via magnified antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, reduction of intestinal permeability and the detrimental effects of LPS, improved glycemic control, positive influence on nutritional status (and therefore neurotransmission and neuropeptide production), direct production of GABA, and other bioactive chemicals, as well as a direct role in gut-to brain communication via a beneficial shift in the intestinal microbiota itself.

And let’s not forget the FIBER:

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Anne Dachel, Current Affairs

14 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: The Big Autism Cover Up by Anne Dachel

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public

Autism now affects two percent of U.S. children. A once rare disorder is now so common that everyone knows someone with an affected child. Yet neither mainstream doctors nor government officials can tell the American public what is behind the staggering rise in diagnoses.

The Big Autism Cover-Up explores how news outlets downplay the impact of autism while backing the official denial of any link between the disorder and vaccines. Despite never honestly and thoroughly investigating the link, mainstream news sources continue to challenge those who question the safety of vaccines and the mounting evidence that an unchecked, unsafe vaccination schedule is behind the exponential increase in autism.

Anne Dachel has spent the last ten years monitoring how the press covers autism. She’s seen the media promote the unrelenting message from health officials that autism hasn’t really increased, that it is simply a matter of better diagnosing of a disorder that’s always been around. Meanwhile, autism remains a perpetual mystery and scientists continue to guess at the genetic and environmental triggers.

Officially there is no known cause or cure for autism. There’s nothing a new mother can do to prevent a baby that was born healthy and is developing normally from regressing into autism by the age of two. Despite this, officials rarely express concern and adamantly refuse to call autism a crisis. The Big Autism Cover-Up exposes this controversy in searing detail.

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Autism and Pollution - Again

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Dec 18, 2014, Huffington (Reuters Story) Mom's Exposure To Air Pollution In Pregnancy Doubles Child's Risk Of Autism, Study Says

Children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of fine particulate pollution in late pregnancy have up to twice the risk of developing autism as children of mothers breathing cleaner air, scientists at Harvard School of Public Health reported on Thursday.

The greater the exposure to fine particulates emitted by fires, vehicles, and industrial smokestacks the greater the risk, found the study, published online in Environmental Health Perspectives.

Earlier research also found an autism-pollution connection, including a 2010 study that found the risk of autism doubled if a mother, during her third trimester, lived near a freeway, a proxy for exposure to particulates. But this is the first to examine the link across the United States, and "provides additional support" to a possible link, said Heather Volk of the University of Southern California Children's Hospital, who led earlier studies.

U.S. diagnoses of autism soared to one in 68 children in 2010 (the most recent data) from one in 150 in 2000, government scientists reported in March. Experts are divided on how much of the increase reflects greater awareness and how much truly greater incidence.

Attention everyone: We're tried of hearing that old moms, fat moms, drinking moms, moms on anti-depressants, moms who don't get enough folic acid, smoking moms, moms who marry old dads, moms who live too close to freeways--all these moms are responsible for the epidemic of neurologically disabled children.  IT'S ALWAYS THE MOMS!  How could this possibly explain why autism is now a worldwide disaster? 

(See the SLIDES on this Huffington story: "Facts about autism #6": Research Shows That There Is No Link Between The Onset Of Autism And Vaccinations)

Seriously, who's going to believe this latest announcement?  Worldwide autism---the nightmare of disabled children everywhere is because of air pollution? 

Harvard's name on this may be intended to impress us, but that's not likely to happen anymore.

The slides show us HAPPY, ENGAGED, TYPICAL-LOOKING KIDS. This is supposed to be autism!  It's easy to believe that kids like this have always been around.  Reuters shows us a little babies and says that the signs of autism can be seen in infants (meaning that babies are born with autism). 

This is deceit.  If this report had actually shown us AUTISM as it affects many thousands of kids, it wouldn't be easy to dismiss this as just better diagnosing.

WHY are we getting old claims about the cause of autism rehashed as NEW SCIENCE?  Pollution--the "environmental cause" has been around awhile.

We're had years of blaming everything in the environment tied to the mother for autism---MORE EVIDENCE THAT THEY'LL LOOK AT ANYTHING OTHER THAN VACCINES! 

I posted comments.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD.  Lee Silsby is one of the most respected compounding pharmacies in the country and is committed to serving the needs of the Autism community. OurkidsASD is an online retailer for nutritional supplements for patients with special needs. OurkidsASD carries thousands of products from more than 60 brands and offers free ground shipping on all orders.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.

Julie Obradovic

A Day in the Life

InclusionBy Julie Obradovic

Recently I was asked by a friend to meet with two moms of young children on the spectrum. She thought I would be a great person to have as a resource. I wrote about that experience on my new blog last week. Ten years after I went through the nightmare of learning what was wrong and realizing the road ahead of us, these two women are going through the same. It was and always is a difficult conversation to have.

At one point, the mom of a two-year-old confessed that she was having a very hard time being around other children her child’s age. She said it was too painful to see what the others were doing, and she asked two poignant questions.

One, do I ever stop grieving? And two, does it ever get easier to be around typical kids?

It was difficult to answer truthfully for one reason only. I didn’t want to saddle her with another blow. She was already distraught and overwhelmed, crying at just asking the questions. To tell her the truth, that yes, I grieve everyday, and that no, it doesn’t ever get easier but you do learn to manage it better seemed, well…mean.

“You go through stages,” I said trying to soften the response.

After our conversation, I couldn’t get those questions out of my mind. They made me wonder about my own grieving process, as well as how often it really is brought to my attention that my daughter is not a “typical” kid.

I know that I think I think about it constantly and that I think I am assaulted by it everywhere I turn every single day, but I began to wonder just how often it really did affect me. Maybe it wasn’t as much I believed. Maybe I could give her a better answer if I actually examined a typical day for me.

And so for one day this week, I decided I would make a note of every time I thought about my daughter, autism, and/or felt a pain in my heart for what has happened to her, and for what the future holds, to really see what was going on in my head. I created a new note on my phone and typed in a brief summary of what had spurred the thought, where I was, and what I was feeling as a result to keep track.

Within two hours, I had to stop.

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Current Affairs

13 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Vaccine Epidemic

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

Vaccine Epidemic - cover high resVaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children
By Mary Holland and Louise Kuo Habakus

Public health officials state that vaccines are safe and effective, but the truth is far more complicated. Vaccination is a serious medical intervention that always carries the potential to injure and cause death as well as to prevent disease. Coercive vaccination policies deprive people of free and informed consent—the hallmark of ethical medicine. Americans are increasingly concerned about vaccine safety and the right to make individual, informed choices together with their healthcare practitioners. Vaccine Epidemic focuses on the searing debate surrounding individual and parental vaccination choice in the United States.

Habakus, Holland, and Rosenberg edit and introduce a diverse array of interrelated topics concerning the explosive vaccine controversy, including the ethics of vaccination mandates, corrupting conflicts of interest in the national vaccine program, and personal narratives of parents, children, and soldiers who have suffered vaccine injury.

Newly updated with additional chapters focusing on institutional scientific misconduct, mandates for healthcare workers, concerns about HPV vaccine development, and the story behind the Supreme Court’s recent vaccine decision, Vaccine Epidemic remains the essential handbook for the vaccination choice movement and required reading for all people contemplating vaccination for themselves and their children.

Cathy Jameson

Hi, Expectations.

12 banner
By Cathy Jameson

Ronan’s birthday is today.  He’s twelve.

Happy birthday, Ronan. 


Ronan’s birthday comes with mixed emotions.  The mixed emotions are mine, not his. 

Each year around this time, I expect to turn off some of my emotions.  Each year I fail to do that.  Birthdays should be happy occasions.  But my soon-to-be 12-year old is oblivious as to what a birthday means.  Yes, he’s aware of the excitement that some of today will bring, but he won’t know to be excited until his siblings start talking about cake.  Whenever they talk about cake, Ronan’s ears perk up.  He loves cake so much that it was one of the first words Ronan wrote  independently. 

Beyond the cake, beyond the eating something yummy, the other parts of the birthday celebration—the presents, the party, the turning a year old—don’t interest Ronan.  

For many, birthdays are a big deal.  They celebrate being a year older.  A year wiser.  A year closer to independence. 


Not when you’re a prone to wandering and a diaper wearing, unable to speak for himself, dress himself, bathe himself or feed himself 12-year old. 

While I expect that he might be more verbal, more typical or slightly more aware each December 21st, I see that Ronan is not.  My other children, including my youngest, have zoomed quickly past Ronan’s current development.  They continue to accomplish skill after skill after skill.  They do that while I wait and hope and pray that Ronan will one day accomplish what they can do so easily.  I don’t ever put pressure on Ronan about those delays or about catching up.  But I don’t do myself any favors by dwelling on them, especially dwelling on them on today. 

The expectations I had for Ronan when he was a baby are far different than the reality that he’s living now.  The expectations I had may be different, but they will never get in the way of the support I give Ronan.  That’s why I will to keep my emotions in check today.  I will do that because today is Ronan’s birthday.  It’s his birthday, and it is time to celebrate.  It is time to be happy.  It is time to make a wish and to believe that it will come true. 

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12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 12 Thimerosal Let The Science Speak by Robert Kennedy Jr.

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

Thimerosal RFKThimerosal Let the Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Over a decade ago, following a sharp rise in developmental disorders such as autism and ADHD, the mercury-containing preservative Thimerosal was widely believed to have been eliminated from vaccine supplies in the United States and abroad. However, dangerous quantities of Thimerosal continue to be used, posing a significant threat to public health and leading to a crisis of faith in vaccine safety.

In this groundbreaking book, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., examines the research literature on Thimerosal and makes a very clear statement about its potentially dangerous effects. In the past, the CDC, FDA, NIH, and AAP, as well as the US Congress, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the US Department of Agriculture, the European Medicines Agency, and the California Environmental Protection Agency have expressed concerns over the use of Thimerosal in vaccines. But despite the many voices calling for action, the media and policy makers have repeatedly failed to adequately address the issue.

Now, with Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak, the science supporting the elimination of this toxic chemical from the world’s vaccine supplies, and its replacement with already available safer alternatives, is all in one place. Making this change should increase vaccination rates by restoring the trust of concerned parents in the vaccine program—a program that is so vitally important to public health.

Current Affairs, Kent Heckenlively

PLAGUE - Praying for "Those Who Are Not Yet My Friends"

Kent Book PlagueBy Kent Heckenlively

(WARNING!! - To my deeply valued atheist readers, you might want to skip this article and come back to me next week where I will once again be deeply involved in the questions of this world.  Thank you for your understanding.)

I've been thinking a lot about how we make progress with various advocacy groups against powerful enemies.  I think of my heroes, people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela.  These are my spiritual guides and I want to deploy the same weapons they used.

Chief among them is prayer.  As a Christian I'm called to pray for my enemies, my real enemies, not just those people who kind of annoy me.  Yes, I'm talking about the major bad guys who if I had my lawyer hat on I'd be calling for their prosecution for crimes against humanity.

I've always liked the formulation of Nelson Mandela (also a lawyer), calling for satyagraha, which means you speak the absolute truth, and ahisma, meaning you wish no harm on your enemies, and you actually want them to come to the fullness of understanding.  It is a hard balance to find, but it is worth our time.

So, in the spirit of the season I am asking for prayers for our enemies, or as Gandhi might have said, "Those who are not yet my friends."  Some of these people are not necessarily the big bad guys, but those who lack courage to fight for the truth.  I have heard accounts and personally witnessed some of the people on this list saying things privately, that if they said them publicly, would be of enormous assistance to our cause.  Let all of these people fulfill the dreams of helping humanity they had when they started their careers.  My athiest friends act as if articles like this are easy for me to write, but I assure you, this is one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  

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Current Affairs, Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted , Mark Blaxill

12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 11 Vaccines 2.0 The Careful Parent's Guide to Making Safe Vaccination Choices for Your Family

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

Vaccines 2.0Vaccines 2.0: The Careful Parent's Guide to Making Safe Vaccination Choices for Your Family

The CDC’s bloated vaccine schedule has doubled since 1988, after the federal government gave pharmaceutical companies immunity from lawsuits. Autism and other childhood disorders like asthma, ADHD, juvenile diabetes and digestive ailments have skyrocketed. And parents are understandably nervous, desperate for objective guidance that takes those concerns seriously.

Vaccines 2.0 looks at the lengthy roster of today’s recommended injections, the documented risks that accompany them, and helps parents choose a schedule based on unbiased, uncensored, unconflicted science. From whether to get a flu shot during pregnancy--and how to avoid dangerous mercury if you do--to the Hep B shot within hours of birth, to the controversial Gardasil vaccine for preteens, Vaccines 2.0/i> provides the tools to decide for yourself.

The three sections cover: Why should you care? What should you know? What can you do? The exclusive Risk-Reward Assessment assigns a numerical score to each of the 14 recommended vaccines. Also included is information on learning to spot, report and treat side effects; talking to your doctor and finding a sympathetic one if you can't, and comparing alternative schedules if you decide to delay or skip shots. When it comes to your child, it's your choice. Vaccines 2.0 will give you the information you need to choose wisely.

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: ABC 7: Alex Spourdalakis' Story

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

ABC7 Chicago, IL

Incredible coverage.  It should outrage everyone.  Lots of people, so far not implicated, should be made to answer for what happened to this teen.

In an Eyewitness News exclusive report, newly-obtained interviews reveal the pain, frustration and fear facing a family as they cared for a suburban boy with a severe form of autism. The videos capture the final months of the child's life before his mother and godmother are accused of murdering him more than a year ago.

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Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

Action Alert: Contact Gov Kasich as Ohio Faces Vaccination Schedule Increase

Action alertVeto needed by Ohio Governor to stop huge increase in Vaccine Schedule - by Autism Action Network

By John Gilmore
The Ohio legislature pulled a fast one on their own citizens last week. Legislators announced that two bills that had been strenuously opposed by Ohio parents and health rights activists had been killed. Senate Bill SB 381 and House Bill HB 364 would have required all Ohio children in day-care, pre-school or Head Start to get every shot included in the CDC’s recommended schedule, none of which are currently required in Ohio. And they would have gutted vaccine choice rights by requiring a physician’s letter to exercise the currently unencumbered rights to medical, religious and conscience exemptions from mandates.  Both bills were killed, but the language requiring the entire catalog of CDC recommended shots was inserted into another much larger bill, House Bill HB 394, which was quickly voted on and passed by both houses.
If Gov. John Kasich signs the bill all Ohio children in daycare and pre-school will be required to get injections for annual flu, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningococcus, chicken pox, diphtheria, hemophilis influenza type b, measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, pneumococcal disease, polio, rotavirus, and tetanus, none of which are required now.
The only course of action left now is to message, call, write and tweet Gov. Kasich and ask him to veto HB 394. Please saturate Gov. Kasich’s communication pathways with polite expressions of your opposition to the bill. Here is Gov. Kasich’s contact info:
Telephone: (614) 466-3555
Twitter: @JohnKasich
Governor John Kasich
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6117
Please share this message with friends and family and please post and share on social networks.
Kent Heckenlively

Review of Plague by Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits

Kent Book PlagueBy Louis Conte

A large-scale scientific calamity had been brought to light and most of them looked wary of blinking. Finally, a scientist broke the dead air, standing up to ask a question that prompted a barrage of questions directed at Mikovits, as well as animated whispering among the other scientists.

Frank Ruscetti later told Mikovits that at that moment, Coffin leaned over to Dr. Vineet Kewal Ramani, also of the HIV Drug Resistance Program, and said, “Oh, my God, you mean all those sequences we saw in the 1980s were real?


At some point in reading Plague, the reader realizes that while the notion of a retrovirus infecting millions of people is scary, the corruption of science is downright terrifying.

Dr. Judy Mikovits emerges from Plague as a champion of true science, confronting a system gone off the rails due to political forces, the personal ambitions and a public health establishment that sees what it wants to see and does what it wants for its own purposes. Plague has the feel of a true crime suspense novel as Mikovits pursues the truth about XMRV through the intrigue of the public health establishment and the Nevada research center where she ran her experiments.

Kent Heckenlively’ s riveting descriptions of Mikovits’ arrest and incarceration – she was actually jailed for her work and her principles – renders Mikovits a modern Dr. Stockmann from Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. The skilled telling of the drama that unfolded around Mikovits work on the XMRV retrovirus leaves the reader unable to put the damn book down.

Judy Mikovits took on the autism-vaccine controversy in her 2009 Nevada Public Television interview with host Sam Shad:

“Shad said the news had tremendous potential for parents looking for treatments or cures for their autistic children. Mikovits replied by saying that XMRV: “might be linked to a number of neuro-immune diseases, including autism…“There’s always the hypothesis that my child was fine, then they got sick, and then they got autism. Interestingly, on that note, if I might speculate a little bit. This might explain why vaccines lead to autism in some children because these viruses live and divide and grow in the lymphocytes, the immune response cells, the B and T cells. So when you give a vaccine you send your B and T cells into overdrive. That’s its job…Well, if you’re harboring one virus, and you replicate it a whole bunch, you’ve now broken the balance between the immune response and the virus. So you could have had the underlying virus and then amplified it with the vaccine and then set off the disease, such that your immune system could no longer control the infections and create an immune deficiency.”

In just over thirty seconds, Judy Mikovits pissed off the planet. Heckenlively states “Trying to find answers for the millions of children with autism apparently “rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.” Given the lack of interest, and even outright hostility expressed by those at the Cleveland Clinic conference on XMRV, it’s difficult to understand what part of the “public health” these scientists were interested in protecting.”

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12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 10 Thinking Moms' Revolution

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

Thinking Moms RevThe Thinking Moms' Revolution: Autism beyond the Spectrum: Inspiring True Stories from Parents Fighting to Rescue Their Children

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution (TMR) is a group of twenty-three moms (and one awesome dad) from Montana to Malaysia who all have children with developmental disabilities. Initially collaborating online about therapies, biomedical intervention, alternative medicine, special diets, and doctors on the cutting edge of treatment approaches to an array of chronic and developmental disabilities, such as autism, sensory processing disorders, food allergies, ADHD, asthma, and seizures, they've come together into something far more substantial. Suspecting that some of the main causes may be overused medicines, vaccinations, environmental toxins, and processed foods, they began a mission to help reverse the effects. In the process, they became a tight-knit family dedicated to helping their kids shed their diagnoses. 

Here, collected by Helen Conroy and Lisa Joyce Goes, are the stories of their fights to recover their kids from autism and related disorders. With each chapter written by a different TMR member, they share how they discovered each other, what they learned from each other, and why it’s important to have close friends who understand what it's like to parent a child with special needs. You'll read about the their experiences, and learn how their determination and friendships have become a daily motivation for parents worldwide.

Anne Dachel

Anne Dachel to Discuss The Big Autism Cover-Up from Skyhorse Publishing on Autism with Dr. Andy

Anne Dachel Book CoverNoon Central Time today!  Tune into:

Autism Autism with Dr. Andy

HealthyLife.Net--All positive talk radio:

Autism with Dr. Andy features Anne Dachel discussing her new book, The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media is Lying to the American Public. 

Dec 18, 2014  12 Noon Central.     Anne Dachel, the author of The Big Autism Cover-Up, Skyhorse Press, is the guest this week on Autism with Dr. Andy, radio. Anne has written extensively on vaccines and their role in the etiology of autism.  She is well known throughout the United States for her interest and activism in addressing what has become an educational and health challenge of  epidemic proportions.

Anne's  book explores how news outlets downplay the impact of autism while backing the official denial of any link between the disorder and vaccines. Don't miss this controversial interview with a woman who provides shocking and eye opening information that has been kept secret from the American public. Anne's interview will be available after Thursday, December, 18th at 12 Noon, Central, and will be archived for about three months. Her show can be downloaded for future listening.

To find the show, Google On the right hand side of the show profile you will see, in the blue box,  Radio Show Guide. Next,  click on All Radio Hosts and scroll down to Thursday, 10 AM Pacific, and you will see the show. Go to Archives and click on 12/18/14, Anne Dachel.

About Autism with Dr. Andy

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Katie Wright

Guttmacher's Billion Dollar NIH Child Health Boondoggle

GuttmacherBy Katie Wright

In what universe do you blow over a billion dollars on an unworkable, irresponsible project yet be able to keep your job and receive praise, by your boss Dr. Francis Collins, for such work?

At the NIH, of course!

Dr. Alan Guttmacher, the head of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Institute of the NIH, has been the figurehead of the National Children’s Health Study Project (NCHS) for 12 years. Guttmacher lead almost all meetings and a major media spokesperson for the project.

We all know Dr. Guttmacher has sat on IACC- well for an endless amount for yrs- talking a great game but accomplishing nothing. It is quite a feat to sit through probably 100 hrs of autism meetings yet still remain in the dark on autism science.

Almost 2 yrs ago Dr. Guttmacher was asked to testify in front of the Congressional Office of Government Accountability. Congresspersons asked Guttmacher to give examples of treatment progress resulting from the last 10 yrs of NIH funded autism research. Conservatively the NIH has spent almost $500 million dollars on autism research. One would think that such an enormous amount of money would translate into at least 1 treatment intervention.

Well not in Dr. Guttmacher’s world! Guttmacher asserts that progress has been elusive due to lack of funding! Please, Dr. Guttmacher could have $10 billion for autism research and still manage to achieve nothing and possibly even, move the science backwards. Seriously I think if we pasted all autism grant applications on a giant wall and chose them by throwing darts, blindfolded, we would choose better projects to fund and achieve more progress than Dr. Guttmacher.

So finally Guttmacher was asked to give 1, just 1 example, of treatment progress resulting from NIH funded research- excluding early intervention and ABA. Almost 30 years ago Dr. Ivar Lovass created ABA, the premiere behavioral intervention for autism. So guess what was Guttmacher’s answer, “behavioral therapy.” I know, so funny! So the congressperson again asks, impatiently by now, “Give me an example of a treatment innovative, EXCLUDING ABA.” Guttmacher- no answer. Guttmacher has no idea what the gaps in autism treatment research even are. He could not answer the simplest softball questions.  I mean this man is so clueless, so checked out; it is little wonder he managed to lose a billion dollars of taxpayer money.

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Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

Will NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Ban NYC Kids from Daycare over Ineffective Flu Shot?

Di blasioBelow is an action alert from Autism Action Network. New York city readers, see contact info at the end of this post.

Will NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio keep kids out of daycare for not getting the flu shot that doesn’t work?
New York City is a two weeks away from enforcing an unprecedented and possibly illegal City-only mandate for all pre-school, daycare and Head Start children to get annual flu shots.  Several weeks ago, however, a message appeared on the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene website that there will be no penalty for failure to comply until 2016.,

“In 2015, the Health Department’s Bureau of Child Care will enforce the requirement by educating childcare staff during routine inspections. Beginning January 1, 2016, the Department will begin issuing notices of violation to childcare facilities that fail to follow the mandate.”
The only penalty there is for families is refusing to allow children into the covered programs. Now the City appears to be waffling on the no enforcement policy.  Several calls to NYC DOMHM officials could not elicit a definitive answer on whether children would be turned away if they do not have evidence of get the flu shot.
It appears that the New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is willing to kick tens of thousands of children out of pre-school daycare and Head Start because they will not have been injected with this year’s annual flu shot, the flu shot that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has already admitted isn’t effective against that the flu strains in circulation this year.
The policy becomes even more absurd given that there is no persuasive data in the medical literature that flu shots have any protective affect on children under two years of age, yet the City regulations require children as young as six-months to get two flu shots.  Children who get the inhaled version of the flu vaccine, which contains live flu vaccines and turn anyone who gets it into a potentially infectious flu carrier for 3 weeks will be allowed to attend programs.  And even though mercury-containing flu shots are illegal to give to children under three in New York, many flu shots still have mercury that is wildly in excess of the Federal standards for exposure for children older than three.

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12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 9 Bugs, Bowels, and Behavior: The Groundbreaking Story of the Gut-Brain Connection

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

Bugs Bowels and BehvaiorBugs, Bowels, and Behavior: The Groundbreaking Story of the Gut-Brain Connection by Teri Arranga

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are sixty to seventy million people affected by digestive diseases in the United States. The old proverb tells us “you are what you eat,” and the latest science shows that this may be truer than we even thought. Diet has a profound effect on both physical and mental health. Most of the body’s immune system is in the gut, so pathology and dysfunction in the gut and imbalanced gut flora can cause neuroinflammation and possibly even neurodegenerative disease over time.

Featuring contributions from dozens of experts on gut disorders and related physical, mental, and behavioral health, this book will fascinate you as you read about the intriguing world of bad bugs, cytokine storms, and the environment in your belly that influences your brain. From the microscopic world of Clostridium to the complex communities of biofilm, Bugs, Bowels, and Behavior emphasizes one simple fact: The gut is connected to the brain.

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Boston Massacre? Targeting Patient Centered Pediatricians

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for

Dec 15, 2014, Boston Globe: On the Front Lines of the Vaccine Debate, Pediatricians Play Both Sides

While many physicians in Massachusetts refuse to treat families who won't vaccinate their children, some doctors don't even offer vaccines, despite the mandate for public school students.

And then, there are those in between. . .

It's time to introduce you to the "vaccine-friendly" physician .  . . .

What is the Boston Globe doing?  Outing the MDs who don't follow the schedule? 

In the world of the Boston Globe there is no Hannah Poling or 83 cases of vaccine-induced autism compensated by the federal government.    IN FACT, ...There is no focus on AUTISM in this story AT ALL.  Seth Mnookin is mentioned in passing, but autism is carefully avoided.

(Remember AUTISM---the raging epidemic affecting 2 percent of U.S. children that no doctor can reasonably explain or prevent?)

We're not told here that both the doctor and the vaccine maker are exempt from liability for vaccine damage.  There's no mention here of just how bad side effects can be. 

It all boils down to the fact that PARENTS ARE SCARED.  While health officials seem unaware of the simple fact that we have the most vaccinated kids on the planet and some of the sickest, parents see what's happening.  Over the last 30 years  more and more children become chronically ill and disabled.   No one can tell us why.  Nothing is being done, but parents are slowly recognizing that they need to take charge of their kids' health.  They're seeking out doctors who will accommodate them.  Pediatricians who rigidly stand by the recommended schedule and even threaten to "fire patients" who won't comply, may find themselves with empty waiting rooms. 

patients with special needs.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD.  Lee Silsby is one of the most respected compounding pharmacies in the country and is committed to serving the needs of the Autism community. OurkidsASD is an online retailer for nutritional supplements for patients with special needs. OurkidsASD carries thousands of products from more than 60 brands and offers free ground shipping on all orders.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.

2014 Kim Stagliano to 1994 Kim Stagliano RE VACCINATION ... "Don't!"


By Kim Stagliano

Earlier this week my oldest daughter turned 20.  Above is a copy of my written birth plan I brought to the hospital. Take a good look at it.

What's missing?

In 1994, I knew nothing about the very real dangers of vaccination. I did not know that vaccines have side effects. I did not know that many of the vaccines my daughter would receive contained bolus doses of mercury. I did not know that if my child became ill or died following vaccination, A) no one would believe me and B) I could not sue the manufacturer for product injury.  I did not know about a man named Andrew J. Wakefield whose work would have warned me.  I had never heard of Thimerosal. Mercury was a car that looked a lot like a Ford, oh and a planet, in my parlance. I did not know that I could say "No thanks,' to a vaccine. I did not know that I could space them out or at the time, break them up. I did not know that when her pediatrician made notes in her records, "Watch head size, left side" that likely meant encephalopathy was underway. I never saw those words until we moved and I ordered records. I didn't know.

I. Did. Not. Know.

If you had tried to tell me, daughter of an orthodontist who taught me to love science, and college educated professional, that vaccines would take my daughter out of the game of life to which she was born I'd have either laughed in your face or called you a complete and total ass. Likely both.

Take a look at that birth plan. I was adamant about having an unmedicated birth - I did not want to put any chemicals in my baby's body.  Isn't that rich?  No epidural. No nothing. Not for baby Stagliano. Now there aren't enough pain killers in the world to ease the pain I feel for her, not for myself.  For my daughter.

Mia before and after

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Current Affairs

12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 8 Vaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

Vaccine Injuries Lou ConteVaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines
By Tony Lyons and Louis Conte

Reveals the truth behind the controversial issue of vaccine-related injuries.

Proponents declare that vaccines have saved millions of lives. Critics claim that the success is overstated and that vaccines may even be dangerous. Many consider mandatory vaccinations a violation of individual rights or religious principles. Many in public health argue that vaccine mandates are critical and justified and that antivaccination sentiment has resulted in outbreaks of preventable childhood illnesses. Vaccine critics point to mainstream medicine’s denial of and underreporting of vaccine injury.

Vaccine injuries have happened in the past and continue to happen today, and neither the mainstream medical establishment nor the government has ever fully and transparently addressed the issue of vaccine injury. In the 1980s, the United States addressed individual cases of vaccine injury by establishing the NVICP—the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program—a controversial Department of Health and Human Services program. The NVICP was intended to be “non-adversarial, compassionate, and generous” to vaccine-injury victims. However, many vaccine-injury victims and safety advocates believe that the program is not functioning as intended. There are also concerns that the program is keeping the reality of vaccine injury from public inspection.

Vaccine Injuries, a groundbreaking book in the field, reveals cases of vaccine injury from the NVICP—something that has never been offered to the public—and lets readers asses vaccine injuries for themselves.

Dan Burns

For the Duration: A Reflection

Saving benBy Dan Burns

Dreams die hard. As a new Warrior Dad, early in the epidemic, I battled for Ben’s recovery, hoped my 4-year-old-son would join the mainstream soon. Bernie Rimland’s fiery voice, igniting dark facts, blazed up like a whirlwind, lighting our journey. Just beyond the horizon, truth would prevail; the bell curve on the autism incidence graph would trickle down to nothing. Ben, voiceless since his regression, would speak again. Soon.

Decades later, Ben is 27 and still mostly mute. Kindergarten classrooms in Kaufman County, Dallas, Austin, and Gun Barrel City overflow with damaged kids. Moving deeper, I see that the battle is not just about truth and facts. Vaccine promoters, the old warriors, have armies anchored in tectonic plates where hope and money, faith and values, collide with ours. They, too, are dreamers.

Consider John F. Kennedy’s Vaccine Assistance Act, a mass immunization program to safeguard the health of the nation’s youth, improve the vitality of the population, and build a great country by making vaccines available to families that could not afford them (1). And Jimmy Carter’s Childhood Immunization Initiative, launched to eradicate childhood afflictions, prevent mental retardation, protect children from disabilities caused by preventable disease, and reign in the spiraling cost of health care (2). Or Clinton’s Vaccines for Children’s Program and Comprehensive Child Immunization Act, promoted to lower vaccine prices, extend public clinic hours, and shield families that would be bankrupted by illnesses that could be prevented with a cheap, simple shot (3). And now the Affordable Care Act, aimed at reducing health care costs in part with free vaccines and funding for programs to promote them (4).

Ten years, twenty years. The journey continues. Mountains arise. We scale them. Infectious diseases dwindle, replaced by chronic illness. Some vaccines fail, are bolstered by more vaccines. Thirty years, forty years? The horizon recedes, yet the dream beckons still. Promoters study their incidence graphs and plan more shots. And we study ours.


End Notes:

1)     Elena Conis, Vaccine Nation: America’s Changing Relationship with Immunization, pp. 34-38.

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Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

The Lady Varnishes: Dorit Reiss Glosses Over Flaws in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Identified in a New Government Report

ReissNote: A new Government Accountability Office (GAO)  investigation highlights some of the shortcomings of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) .  AoA publishes David Foster’s submission to the pharma/government funded website Shot of Prevention in response to Dorit Reiss’s duplicitous review of the report.

By David Foster

Dorit Reiss has a history of glossing over vaccine safety issues so her approach taken here in commenting on a new GAO report [1,2] on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program (NVICP) is not surprising. In the past she has used terms like "plaintiff-friendly", "reduced causation standards" and "relaxed evidence rules" to characterize this program. [3]  I would argue that no one who is actually familiar with this program, or has personally talked with anyone who has had the misfortune to endure it, would consider Dorit Reiss a credible source after reading these comments.

I postulate here that Dorit's conclusions regarding the NVICP are pre-ordained. I do not believe for a second that she had any intention of actually investigating the NVICP or reporting fairly on the GAO report. Why do I say that? Consider the following. She is commenting on a GAO report, and she includes the link to the report's summary in her article, in which she claims:

"Basically, the court removed the requirement of general causation: petitioners no longer have to show that there is scientific evidence supporting a causal connection. If there is a theory that sounds probable to the Special Masters – lawyers, not scientists – and a temporal connection, a case may win even absent scientific support. [...] But it is a very real relaxation of the petitioners’ burden to prove their case, allowing them to win, on occasion, with just a theory supported by one expert." [4]

As is always the case with Dorit Reiss, it is not necessarily what she says that is most important, but what she leaves out. In this case, she neglects to mention the following (which comes from the SUMMARY PAGE OF THE REPORT SHE IS COMMENTING ON):

"Since fiscal year 1999, HHS has added six vaccines to the vaccine injury table, but it has not added covered injuries associated with these vaccines to the table. This means that while individuals may file VICP claims for these vaccines, each petitioner must demonstrate that the vaccine that was administered caused the alleged injury. HHS is considering adding covered injuries associated with these vaccines; but as of September 2014, it had not published any final rules to do so."

Did you catch that?

The NVICP has a list of "Table Injuries" which is essentially a list of injuries for which HHS will presume causation, for each vaccine recommended by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). Don't you think it would be important to mention that HHS has neglected (I use that word very much on purpose) to add any new injuries to the table for ALL vaccines added since 1999? For the record, that is 15 years ago and in that time SIX new vaccines, most in multiple doses, have been added to the schedule.

In our online conversation Dorit claims that for "regular" (off-table) injuries "the requirement of general causation is basically waived". [3]  But this is not consistent with the following from the very GAO report she is supposedly commenting on: "Individuals seeking compensation may submit claims for injuries not listed on the table (called off-table injuries) but they need to demonstrate by the preponderance of the evidence that the vaccine caused the alleged injury."

Did you catch that?

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Did Pharma Financial Interests Contribute to Decision to Pull Plug on National Children's Study?

Bill-gates_reutBy Ginger Taylor

So here's the thing. Just as CDC has the CDC Foundation, a private non-profit that supports its work, NIH has the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health.

"Foundation for the National Institutes Of Health Established by the United States Congress to support the mission of the NIH—improving health through scientific discovery in the search for cures—the Foundation for NIH is a leader in identifying and addressing complex scientific and health issues. The foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises private-sector funds for a broad portfolio of unique programs that complement and enhance NIH priorities and activities.

Dr. Francis CollinsMission Statement: To support the NIH in its mission to improve health, by forming and facilitating public-private partnerships for biomedical research, education and training."

Francis Collins, head of NIH, is a non-voting member of their board.

So who funds the foundation that supports NIH? From their 2011 tax filing:

Merck - $15,051,035
Pfizer - $53,800,710
Eli Lilly - $9,452,484
Novartis - $11,435,208
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – a staggering $278,541,858

So I have to ask. With these vaccine interests, funding them to the tune of 386 million dollars per year, is it any surprise that the National Child Study did not include data on the overall health outcomes of vaccinated children?

I think it is fair to ask, since the study was designed to look at the impact of chemicals on children's health, did the data being collected present a picture that might be harmful to the bottom line of these pharmaceutical interests? And, did early study results have have any impact on the decision to pull the plug? And, will the raw data that was collected be open for us to view and process?

HT: Jennifer Stella of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice for the bringing to light the FNIH 990.

Ginger Taylor is the Media Director for

12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 7 Plague By Kent Heckenlively (And a Contest!)

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

CONTEST!!! - If you leave a comment you will be immediately entered to win one of three free Audible downloads of the book for your electronic device.  The winners will be notified on Wednesday!!!  Why do you want to read PLAGUE???

Kent Book PlaguePlague: By Kent Heckenlively

On July 22, 2009, a special meeting was held with twenty-four leading scientists at the National Institutes of Health to discuss early findings that a newly discovered retrovirus was linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), prostate cancer, lymphoma, and eventually neurodevelopmental disorders in children. When Dr. Judy Mikovits finished her presentation the room was silent for a moment, then one of the scientists said, “Oh my God!” The resulting investigation would be like no other in science.

For Dr. Mikovits, a twenty-year veteran of the National Cancer Institute, this was the midpoint of a five-year journey that would start with the founding of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease at the University of Nevada, Reno, and end with her as a witness for the federal government against her former employer, Harvey Whittemore, for illegal campaign contributions to US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

On this journey Dr. Mikovits would face the scientific prejudices against CFS, wander into the minefield that is autism, and through it all struggle to maintain her faith in God and the profession to which she had dedicated her life. This is a story for anybody interested in the peril and promise of science at the very highest levels in our country.


Dachel Media Update: Flu Shot Failure Leads to Stronger Sales Tactics

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Dec 14, 2014, Tampa (FL) Tribune: Special ed debate

Dec 13, 2014, Inquisitr: Will Our Children Be A Different Species? Humans Evolving Right Before Our Eyes [Video]

Dec 13, 2014, Muskegon, MI: Muskegon County health official: Amish influenced just like others regarding vaccines; some immunized

Dec 12, 2014, Portland (ME) Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram: School districts should gear up to create regional autism programs

Dec 11, 2014, Vaccination Protects Children Against Allergic Disease

Dec 9, 2014, Are Flu Shots Harming Seniors?

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John Stone

NIH Cancels Massive Children's Health Study But US Child Health Is In Meltdown

Money down drain dollar sign waterBy John Stone


Federal officials are pulling the plug on an ambitious plan hatched 14 years ago to follow the health of 100,000 U.S. children from before birth to age 21. The National Children’s Study (NCS), which has struggled to get off the ground and has already cost more than $1.2 billion, has too many flaws to be carried out in a tight budget environment, advisers today told National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins. He announced he is dismantling the study immediately. At the same time, the advisers endorsed the aims of the study and urged NIH to fund related research. NIH now plans to figure out a way to do that by redirecting some of NCS’s $165 million in funding for 2015, Collins said today at a meeting of the NIH Advisory Committee to the Director (ACD)....  Read the full article NIH Cancels Massive Children's Health Study.


In June 2011 I recorded in my letter to NIH director Francis Collins data that 54% of US children are chronically sick and 17% have a developmental disability.

An Open Letter to National Institutes of Health's Dr. Francis Collins: 54% of American Children Suffer from Chronic Health Problems

Dear Dr Collins,

I am writing to you about the health catastrophe currently engulfing US children, but not only US children. Just five years ago you gave testimony to Congress as director of the Human Genome Research Institute (HERE ):

‘But genes alone do not tell the whole story. Recent increases in chronic diseases like diabetes, childhood asthma, obesity or autism cannot be due to major shifts in the human gene pool as those changes take much more time to occur. They must be due to changes in the environment, including diet and physical activity, which may produce disease in genetically predisposed persons. Therefore, GEI [Genes and Environment Initiative] will also invest in innovative new technologies/sensors to measure environmental toxins, dietary intake and physical activity, and using new tools of genomics, proteomics, and understanding metabolism rates to determine an individual's biological response to those influences.’

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12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 6 Science for Sale by David Lewis PhD

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights... or more.

Science for Sale by David Lewis PhD
Science for Sale David Lewis
When Speaker Newt Gingrich greeted Dr. David Lewis in his office overlooking the National Mall, he looked at Dr. Lewis and said: “You know you’re going to be fired for this, don’t you?” “I know,” Dr. Lewis replied, “I just hope to stay out of prison.” Gingrich had just read Dr. Lewis’s commentary in Nature, titled “EPA Science: Casualty of Election Politics.” Three years later, and thirty years after Dr. Lewis began working at EPA, he was back in Washington to receive a Science Achievement Award from Administrator Carol Browner for his second article in Nature. By then, EPA had transferred Dr. Lewis to the University of Georgia to await termination—the Agency’s only scientist to ever be lead author on papers published in Nature and Lancet.

The government hires scientists to support its policies; industry hires them to support its business; and universities hire them to bring in grants that are handed out to support government policies and industry practices. Organizations dealing with scientific integrity are designed only to weed out those who commit fraud behind the backs of the institutions where they work. The greatest threat of all is the purposeful corruption of the scientific enterprise by the institutions themselves. The science they create is often only an illusion, designed to deceive; and the scientists they destroy to protect that illusion are often our best. This book is about both, beginning with Dr. Lewis’s experience, and ending with the story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Cathy Jameson

Make No Mistake

EraserBy Cathy Jameson

Ronan’s brother, Little Buddy, was struggling with some math homework on Thursday night.  After checking his work, I reached for an eraser and erased the incorrect answers.  Little Buddy went back to the table to redo the problems.  He redid them, but they were incorrect again.  I asked him to fix them one more time, but Little Buddy was getting frustrated and started to cry.   I asked him why he was crying.  “Mom, I made so many mistakes!”  I told him, “Mistakes are allowed.  That’s why God invented erasers,” and then handed him the eraser. 

I could tell that wasn’t the answer he wanted.  I sat down with Little Buddy and said, “Honey, is Mommy perfect?  Daddy?  Anyone?  No, only God is.  He makes no mistakes.  Man does.  Man makes mistakes all of the time.  Some of those mistakes can be fixed—like this math paper.  You’re lucky that you get a second chance to work on this.  So erase the mistakes and try again.  And remember, when this homework is done, move onto something else.”

Erase the mistakes, try again, move on. 

Move on. 

If I could only take my own advice. 

As the parent of a vaccine-injured child, moving on is hard to do.  Before that sounds like an excuse, if you are not the parent, sibling or in some way provide personal support to a family raising a vaccine-injured child, it is hard to erase what happened.  Negative effects of a vaccine injury linger for a long time afterward.  Those negative effects don’t just go away.  They complicate the situation.  They add to the problem.  They have the potential to multiply too.    

The negatives of Ronan’s vaccine injury—the delays, the secondary illnesses, the behaviors, the emotional trauma that crept in, that seeped in and that stuck around—may never be erased.  But, like so many other families who have a child like mine, I do what I can to reduce some of the negatives and what that they brought with them.  I’d rather erase a lot of what happened to Ronan and have the chance to start over.  I know that that isn’t entirely possible, but other people have the opportunity to not even have to start over.  The following is a message for them:

When it came to getting my child vaccinated, I wasn’t prepared.  I wasn’t prepared to ask questions about the vaccine process.  I wasn’t prepared to ask about each and every vaccine suggested.  I wasn’t prepared about what happens when there is a problem post vaccination.  I wasn’t prepared for what happened after saying yes to vaccines.  I wasn’t prepared to say no, thank you to vaccines either, something that I had the right to say and now wish that I’d said. 

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12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 5 The Vaccine Court by Wayne Rohde

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights...

Vaccine Court by Wayne Rohde

The Vaccine Court Wayne RohdeThe Vaccine Court looks at the mysterious and often unknown world of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), the only recourse for seeking compensation for those who have been injured by a vaccine. The NVICP, better known as the ”Vaccine Court,” however, is not without controversy.

Established by Congress as a direct result of the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the NVICP was supposed to offer a no-fault alternative to the traditional injury claims filed in state or federal courts and was to provide quick, efficient, and fair compensation for those who have been injured by vaccines. The reality, however, is that many cases take several years or longer to complete and require tremendous commitment from families already pushed to the brink of bankruptcy caring for the vaccine-injured family member, only to discover that the end result is manipulated by the government in defense of the US vaccine policy.

Mr. Rohde looks into the inner workings of the US Federal Claims Court and the NVICP. He interviews families who have filed petitions and won compensation, families who have been denied compensation, and families still waiting for a decision. By highlighting the journeys of these families—their efforts to find attorneys willing to represent them, the filing of their petitions, and the subsequent mountain of paperwork, medical records, and other documents that span years—Mr. Rohde exposes the bitter truth behind the NVICP. Through his thoughtful interviews and fact-finding research, The Vaccine Court sheds light on how the NVICP has evolved into something far more treacherous than what Congress envisioned with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986.

Dan Burns, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Rolling Stone’s Agony and the Power of Facts

  AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

The rolling destruction of Rolling Stone’s campus rape investigative report – centered on a woman named Jackie whose story of a gang rape at the University of Virginia just didn’t hold up – is both horrifying and fascinating to watch. Especially if you’re in the journalism world and know how easy it is to really, really mess things up.

I had a friend at the newspaper in Rochester, N.Y., many years ago whose father had been in World War II and, a propos of incoming artillery rounds, he offered his son this life lesson: “It’s the one you don’t hear that gets you.” I think this means that if you hear an incoming shell, it is going to land somewhere nearby, but if it is coming straight down on your head the aerodynamics are such that you won’t hear it. Or maybe it just means that you don’t hear it land, because it landed on you!

Either way, my friend was using this to make the journalistic point that you can try mightily to RS Danavoid serious mistakes and then one lands right on you that you never saw coming. I think a lot of journalists would agree that often it is not the big investigative piece that causes the worst problems, but the piddly little review in the same issue that said the local restaurant used beef that was “obviously less than prime.” If the chef has the receipts for the Grade A steak, you are in big trouble. (Which is why it is always better in a situation like that to go for opinion – “The steak, which was advertised as prime, nonetheless tasted like shoe leather.” That’s protected speech.)

Rolling Stone (I'm a lifelong fan, see my framed 1978 Dylan cover at right) definitely got hit by one they never saw coming, and it was not on a piddly little story at all. Sensitive to handling a rape allegation and not further traumatizing the victim, putting their confidence in a writer with a good track record, and – perhaps – subject to a confirmation bias that frat boys at southern universities are capable of all manner of evil, they simply didn’t see the peril. By not talking to the alleged rapists, and not even to her friends, the whole thing came down to reliance on one version of events.

It would have been so easy to avoid, in retrospect. All you needed was the article editor or the copy editor to ask, did we talk to her friends? (let alone the alleged attackers), followed by a memo to the boss: Questions on Rape Story -- Needs to Hold.

Rolling Stone’s agony reminds me of our duty here at AOA to respect facts and fairness. We are in fact advocacy journalists – we come from a point of view, based on our own research, reporting, and experience – but within that framework we try to be journalistically scrupulous. That’s not to say we’re perfect – and with a blog format, multiple contributors, a mission we champion, and constant battering from people on all sides who can’t bear the fact that we’re right – we have to be extra vigilant. But we do insist on facts. We come up against stories all the time where we need to assess the strength of the evidence and report what we find. Although our critics like to think we just wing it, they would probably be surprised at how much checking and care goes into what we do. Two examples come to mind.

One of the reports I’m proudest of was about the treatment of Alex Spourdalakis. Most of you know that story, and its tragic end. But it began as an e-mail on a Friday night – March 7, 2013 -- from Lisa Goes, one of our contributing editors, describing this god-awful situation and providing photos to go with it. Because of its significance – and, frankly, because I hate getting scooped – we wanted to publish it right away, which we did.  Lisa’s e-mail was titled:

“SUBMISSION: Urgent need hoping you find this worth running”

To which I responded: “Wow, very disturbing and powerful. Kim I'd suggest we post this as soon as we have all the pieces together from Lisa, whether on the weekend or not. … an urgent outrage. I'm sure this happens all the time but it is rare to see it so vividly documented in real time.”

And Kim: “OK, having read this and grateful not to have had breakfast first, I’ve prepped the post”

And me: “One of the very best pieces we ever ran or ever will”

There were lots of e-mails in between – does the mom know we are doing this, what does the hospital say, and so on – that were all nailed down. Still, if anything significant about this story had been flat-out wrong, it would have been Rolling Stone-level bad news for us. But it held up, because Lisa was there, she had the evidence, and even while outraged she stuck to the facts. You can see the differences here with Rolling Stone's story. Still, when you hit that publish button, you say a little prayer to the journalism gods to protect you one more time.

Another case in point was the news that Poul Thorsen, late of the CDC, was being investigated for fraud and theft of agency funds. This one was almost too good to be true – which ought to make an editor extra-cautious. To tell you the truth, I had never registered the name Poul Thorsen when this came up, but Mark Blaxill certainly had.

On March 5, 2010, I got an e-mail from a colleague in Denmark with the unpromising title VS:SV. The text said: “Please see the attached file. Kind regards.” Thank God I opened it. It was a letter from Aarhus University in Denmark outlining Thorsen's alleged misdeeds. I forwarded it to Mark Blaxill, who fired back a note, "This is amazing. I’m writing a short piece right now.” A little later he e-mailed, “Can we verify this somehow? I’ve been looking on the Aarhus web-site and can’t find anything.”

Me: “in this situation you can say that it could not be independently verified but ... it appeared to be a statement on aarhaus university's letterhead.”

Mark: “Seems like Jorgen Jorgensen [author of the letter] does exist and is in the role claimed in the letter”

Me: “yes, and here's what appears to be a danish mainstream paper discussing the issue last month without naming thorsen. we're definitely protected legally here ...”

And so we posted the story a short time later. Over on the skeptic blogs, there was discussion for days about whether the letter was a fake, oblivious to the kind of crosschecking we had already done and lacking the skills, or perhaps the motivation, to do it themselves.

Still, the story was almost literally unbelievable. After we published it, David Kirby – who has a solid journalism background – e-mailed, “Are we sure the document is authentic?”

To which Mark responded: “Dan received the document from a contact in Denmark who alerted him to the story. [She also posted it on her small blog.] I've checked and confirmed that Jorgen Jorgensen does exist and is in the role claimed in the letter. I haven't seen anything on the Aarhus web-site about this. We do have confirmation (see attached) that this has been covered in the Danish press. The early report from the Copenhagen Post doesn't mention Thorsen by name, but based on what I had seen as of yesterday, I predicted it was Thorsen. So seeing this letter naming Thorsen is consistent with everything we know."

I added: “i have a high degree of confidence in its authenticity, given the mainstream reporting in denmark in the past few weeks that matches what the memo said.”

Notice the phrase, “A high degree of confidence.” That is what we were working with at the time. Today, of course, we are certain it is authentic, but in real time you have to constantly assess the possibility that something is amiss versus the possibility of missing the story altogether. In that circumstance, having a high degree of confidence was sufficient for publication. If you had to be certain, you’d get scooped every time. Which makes this such an interesting business.

So this is the kind of thing that goes into our news coverage and analysis here at our humble web site. I would like to think that this kind of collaborative and cautious editing would have saved Rolling Stone, although, as my friend’s said, it’s the one you don’t hear that gets you.

There’s another reason to care about facts and Rolling Stone – it published Bobby Kennedy’s Deadly Immunity, which required some corrections. I said at the time that these were the kind of things that a good fact-checking operation could and should have caught. Bobby’s basic thesis was incontrovertible, but the relatively picayune fact errors were enough to allow some to divert attention from that. Rolling Stone, to its eternal credit, refused to retract the piece after Salon did so. But the Kennedy saga and the Rape on Campus story suggest they might have a systemic problem with rigorous fact-checking and asking the kind of fail-safe (one of my editors called it “bomb-proofing”) questions that can keep the shell from landing smack on top of you.

So, hey, Rolling Stone, deconstruct how you screwed up, get yourself a couple of cranky and skeptical copy editors, the old-fashioned kind who go out back to smoke and probably drink at lunch. And rock on! We need you,  bro.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Current Affairs, Kim Stagliano

12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 4 All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights...

All I Can Handle 160
Readers - Kim here - if you purchase the paperback, send me an email with your mailing address and I will sign and send a bookplate for you to have a signed copy.  The book is a good gift for teachers, therapists, docs, family and friends!  Tell me to whom you want the bookplate signed. Thanks!

All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa by Kim Stagliano

Dr. Spock? Check. Penelope Ann Leach (Remember her?) Check. What to Expect When You’re Expecting? Check. I had a seven hundred dollar Bellini crib for God’s sake!

Everything was perfect…”

...and so begins Kim Stagliano’s electrifying and hilarious memoir of her family’s journey raising three daughters with autism. Always outspoken, often touching, and sometimes heartbreaking, Kim Stagliano is a powerful new voice in comedic writing—her “Kimoir” (as she calls it) is the next must-read within the autism community and the literary world at large.

Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

Help Share Trace Amounts A Documentary by Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine

Trace amounts banner
By Julie Obradovic

Beginning in January, the long-awaited documentary film Trace Amounts by directors Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine will screen in theaters across the country. It tells the true story of Eric’s experience with vaccine injury at age 29 that changed his life forever.


Through his harrowing tale of physical and mental anguish, and what it took to get well, he not only learned that what had happened to him didn’t have to happen, but that it had happened to children across the globe. He made it his life’s mission to make it right.

Upon recovery, he gave up his career as an engineer and dedicated his life to telling this story. Using his savings, he bought a tour bus, a camera, hired a film crew, and spent years touring the country interviewing experts and meticulously piecing together the details of what had happened and why.

The result is Trace Amounts, a movie that for those of us who have lived through this will take your breath away…in a good way. It will validate everything you experienced and then some, proving beyond any doubt, this happened: the very institutions that were supposed to look out for our children failed.

This. Is. Our. Story.

The story is told by a man who had nothing to gain by doing it. By a man who was just that, a man when he was vaccine injured, able to articulate exactly how it happened, how it felt, and what it took to get better. An adult who experienced precisely what so many of our kids have, but unlike them, has the voice to tell the world and who feels obligated to do so on their behalf.

It is hard to put into words the gratitude I personally feel towards Eric and his team for doing this. How do you thank someone for advocating on your child’s behalf in such a powerful and meaningful way?

Well, there’s one way. Help us.

We are looking to make this movie a movement. We have the resources. We have an incredible team in place. We have all of the pieces we need ready to go. Now, all we need is you.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to affect the most change.


Here’s what we are looking for:

  1. People willing to host a screening of the film at a movie theater. (Called Film Captains)
  2. People willing to recruit other Film Captains.
  3. People and organizations willing to partner with Trace Amounts and its mission.
  4. People willing to promote the screening of the film.

The movie will officially launch in theaters on February 4, 2015. Our goal is to have hundreds of additional screenings throughout the country by Autism Awareness month in April.


Hosting a screening is free and easy! This story affects everyone and by partnering Theatrical-On-Demand distribution company Gathr Films, we are able to release the film in theaters nationwide wherever and whenever demand exists.

Here’s how it works:

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12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 3 Finding Lina By Helena Hjalmarsson

12 days of Skyhorse

We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights...

Finding Lina smallLina was a precocious toddler—charming, chatty, joyful. At the age of three, in the aftermath of her second MMR vaccine, first came a seizure, and then, to her parents’ horror, the loss of Lina’s ability to play, use language, and control her impulses. Over the next few years they continued to lose Lina. She communicated her acute discomfort by biting, screaming, hitting, laughing maniacally, and throwing violent tantrums. As a single mother, with the help of her ex-husband, Helena Hjalmarsson tirelessly pursued every possible avenue to find a diagnosis, and more importantly a treatment, for her daughter, and the search continues to this day. Lina is nine.

Special schools, restrictive diets, sensory stimulation, relationship-based therapy, gastrointestinal links, homeopathy, and allergy treatment are all explored in detail. Hjalmarsson finds out what helps Lina and what doesn’t. She introduces sign language to Lina. She engages in lengthy daily intensive one-on-one sessions. With the help of her ex, angelic babysitters, Lina’s exceptionally empathetic younger sister, and supportive friends, Hjalmarsson manages to create a meaningful life for Lina, and for herself—a life of love and transcendence.

Lina, for all her challenges, has much to teach, and Hjalmarsson is a receptive student: finding joy in moments of connection, learning to live in the present, taking nothing for granted, accepting what others find unbearable, and finding a strength and spiritual base for inspiration and healing.

Unflinchingly honest and courageous, Finding Lina will open the eyes and hearts and minds of all parents, whether they have a child with autism or not.

Safeminds' Lyn Redwood Deafening Silence: The Systematic Censorship of the Truth about Vaccines

Safeminds lyn shotNote: The article below is from our sponsor, Safeminds.  Please join us in thanking Lyn Redwood for her tenure on IACC, where she fought for families facing all of the challenges of autism, from vaccine induced cause through adult issues. She stepped down this year.  If you're relatively new to Age of Autism and/or the vaccine injury community, please read Evidence of Harm by David Kirby to learn how Lyn Redwood, a nurse, set off the earliest alarm bells about mercury and vaccination, when doctors, scientists and governement watchdogs were oblivious.  From the Safeminds blog:

By Lyn Redwood

Years ago I was interviewed for a news story regarding my son’s mercury toxicity related to medications I received while I was pregnant and his exposure to mercury from his early infant vaccines.

The reporter did an extensive interview with my husband, who is a physician and myself, a registered nurse, at our home. The show was to include a review of my son’s medical records. The television crew also interviewed several local experts for the report, which was scheduled as a hard-hitting three-part investigation regarding mercury and autism.

The promotions began airing the same morning that the first part of the series was scheduled to run. It was to be shown during the evening news.

By 2:00 p.m. that afternoon I received notification that the story had been pulled.

I was shocked.

This was my first time personally dealing with censorship by the media.

Unfortunately it was not my last.

Several years later I was approached by a movie production company that planned to produce a feature film based on David Kirby’s best selling book Evidence of Harm. They wanted to use the personal story of my son as a major part of the movie.

But after purchasing the movie rights to the book and embarking on development of the script for 36 months, the production company decided not to move forward with production of the film. Insiders told us that external pressure from several high-profile individuals caused the production company to reconsider.

Shortly thereafter the production company partnered with CDC and made the movie Contagion, a medical thriller about a global pandemic.

Need I say more?

Over the years I have had investigative reporters tell me that they had never had their reports censored until they started covering the autism vaccine connection.

I have also had researchers tell me that they could not conduct autism vaccine research for fear of losing federal research funding.

So I wasn’t surprised to see that journalist Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., who reports so meticulously and reasonably about vaccines that she has been criticized by both pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine camps, recently had her work censored.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Why Some Parents Do Not Vaccinate

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Dec 11, 2014, Why some Michigan parents choose not to vaccinate their children

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Current Affairs

12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing: Day 2 The Autism War A Novel by Lou Conte

12 days of Skyhorse
We owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York. His committment to books about autism is..... well - why don't we let him tell you himself.  (Thank you to The Thinking Moms' Revolution for the video.)

We will feature one Skyhorse book each day for the next 12 days. Consider it a literary Advent Calendar or a Menorah with twelve lights...

The Autism War_revised coverThe Autism War by Louis Conte

Tony Colletti, a good suburban cop and father of a child with autism, finds himself drawn into the controversy over the apparent but rarely acknowledged connection between childhood vaccines and autism. His quest to uncover the truth forces him to risk all he holds dear while confronting corrupt government officials, the powerful pharmaceutical industry, and disturbing elements of his own past. Even while holding down his job and dealing with family crises, Colletti spearheads the drive to contend with industrial espionage, Russian gangsters, and sexual predators preying upon disabled children. He and his colleagues face powerful government and private factions that manipulate the media, fabricate scientific research, conduct shadowy judicial proceedings, and viciously attack those who question vaccine safety.

In this gripping novel, government and industry have formed an unholy alliance that places profit ahead of children’s health, one that compels ordinary Americans to fight back to protect their families and the ideals of justice. In the tradition of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People and echoing the infamous Minamata, Japan, mercury poisoning tragedy, The Autism War reminds us how a handful of dedicated citizens armed with convincing evidence can prevail over a complacent majority and overwhelming odds.

Vaccine Safety

Guide to Vaccination from Vaccine Choice Canada

Baby girlWe invite you to read this document from Vaccine Choice Canada.  As I approach my oldest daughter's 20th birthday, I think back to the dearth of safety information I had access to while pregnant. I researched cribs, car seats, teething toys, foods - you name it. It never occurred to me to research vaccine safety.  After all, what doctor would give my baby something unsafe?   Today's parents have the luxury and the curse of access to info I never did.  They have to make choices, fight battles, wrestle with their ingrained beliefs and forge a path for their newborns.  Ignorance might be bliss - but a lifetime of vaccine injury is anything but. I learned the hard way.  Looking back, I know that Kim Stagliano circa 1994 would never have really listened to anyone who told me that vaccines could cause severe, life changing injury.  We face that same push-back today. It's unthinkable. Impossible.  Vaccines don't cause autism. Except when they do.  Kim

The introduction from this handbook reads as follows (read the full document here):

Congratulations on the creation of new life! This is an exciting and wonderful time. We wish you well on your journey of parenthood.

We trust you have come to this information because of your desire to know more and to make the best possible choice for the health of your new born child. We commend you on your commitment to making an informed decision and on your willingness to fully embrace the responsibility of parenthood.

We believe the decision of whether to vaccinate your new born child is one of the most difficult decisions you will be asked to make as a parent. We wish this decision wasn’t so difficult. Unfortunately it is. The politicized nature of the vaccine debate and the lack of balanced reporting in the media make it difficult for parents to have access to sufficient information to make an informed choice.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: More Blame on Mom

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Dec 9, 2014, CBS News: Preeclampsia during pregnancy raises autism risk by Jessica Firger

Dec 9, 2014, The Federalist: How Big Government Has Exacerbated The Controversy Over Vaccines|

Dec 8, 2014, ABC News: Whooping Cough Back With a Vengeance in California

Dec 8, 2014, Logan (UT) Herald Journal: Utah Department of Health urges immunization

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