'Science is Still out' on Autism, Vaccine Link, New Health Official Says

Usa todayNOTE:  Give this woman the 2018 Dr. Bernadine Healy award! How long before Ms McManus loses her job?  From USA TODAY.  Did you know that our Dan Olmsted was a founding journalist for USA Today at its launch. It was groundbreaking for its time - color photos!  K


Milwaukee's newly picked top health official told a radio audience that "the science is still out" on whether there's a link between some vaccines and autism.

Patricia McManus, who was chosen by the Common Council this week to lead the troubled Milwaukee Health Department, was asked during a radio show Wednesday about whether the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine could cause autism in children.
“I don’t think the answer is yet there. I mean, there’s still people who believe it," McManus said on The Forum talk show. "And so I don’t know. I think the science is still out. I think that’s a decision that these families are going to have to make on their own at this point.
"I wasn't questioning the science," she said. "I think clearly most public health people, and most doctors in general, believe that even if you have issues with it, the best thing to do is to still get the immunization."
McManus added that she "is not going anywhere telling people not to get immunized."
McManus, a registered nurse with a doctorate in urban studies, said she has learned from decades as a health professional that "you give people information, but you don't just drill it in, and just tell them that you're wrong, and this is what you have to do."

Are You Antivaccine For Examining The Flu Shot?

CautionBy Teresa Conrick

A friend recently had the flu for six days.  She returned to her job, still feeling horrible, her voice raspy and weak.  It turned out that she had acquired Strep Throat.  That's not the first time this year, or other years that I have heard that sequence, FLU then BACTERIAL infection....but, this year seems particularly worrisome. Getting the flu, a virus, often means that your body will be a magnet to bacterial infections.  In fact, many of the severe aspects of the flu, including death, often are caused by bacteria .   I have a daughter with both autism and the autoimmune disorder called PANDAS/PANS , so I do a lot of reading on both the science and the trends in diseases, as they both seem to play into our present-day situation. Bacterial and viral exposures can trigger a host of symptoms  in Meg and the increasing numbers (1:200) of children and young adults also diagnosed.  It is a challenge and often heartbreaking.  For many, vaccination can also cause these symptoms.

So, my interest in the flu is due to her PANDAS/PANS exposure to it and the bacterial infections that then attach themselves. Here is some information on the flu and the vaccinations that CDC recommends. The live nasal vaccine has been again, dismissed by CDC, as not being effective and so it is NOT recommended.  Anne Schuchat, MD, acting director of the CDC, had this to say recently about this flu season and the increasing numbers who are getting flu:

Schuchat said that while 76% of viruses being reported in the most recent data are influenza A (H3N2), there is no evidence that the virus has drifted, but that "viruses prepared for use in egg-based manufacturing make it less similar to H3N2 viruses."

The CDC estimates releasing interim vaccine effectiveness numbers in the next couple of weeks. When asked about a recent study from Canada estimating vaccine effectiveness at 17%, Schuchat said she was not surprised by this, and that she expected their result may be in the "same range," but it will depend on the mix of strains in the U.S.

Not good but what's even more odd is that the strain...H3N2.. is in many of the vaccines this year. There is a study saying the egg-based vaccines are the reason it is not effective  but let's see what else the research shows. Here's a look at the flu vaccine choices this year :

TABLE 1Influenza vaccines — United States, 2017–18 influenza season*

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Reported Rise in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Re-Kegerator Mothers

Pink beer fridgeBy Anne Dachel

This past week, in the midst of my search for the latest story on the explosion in special education in countries around the world, I found this stunning piece from the New York Times on February 6th. The title said it all, Far More U.S. Children than Previously Thought May Have Fetal Alcohol Disorders.  

Before I get into the details of the story, let me just say, I could have predicted this was coming. It is one more attempt to blame parents for the disorders now plaguing our children and overwhelming schools.

I’ve compiled a year’s worth of stories on the explosion in special needs kids in schools worldwide, especially the ones who have mental/behavioral health issues. “Better diagnosing” and “greater awareness” will be a hard sell on this one (although a number of stories talk about less stigma more openness about mental illness.)

Something is clearly affecting large numbers of kids. We’re being saturated with news reports on the changes in our schools because of the students who cannot learn in a traditional classroom setting. (I’ve written volumes about the coverage over the last year: more special education services, sensory rooms, flexible seating, more therapists, behavior coaches and school psychologists, yoga, school suspensions, and isolation rooms.)

Educators and medical experts have explanations and none of them have to do with toxic exposures damaging children. Most often cited as the reason for the dysfunctional school population is trauma, also known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)—the bad things that happen to kids at home: abuse, neglect, addicted/mentally ill parents, even a death in the family or parents who divorce.

(There is also blame placed on too much social media, lack of sleep, and bullying.)

NOW enter the latest villain: THE DRINKING MOM!

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Special Education Engulfs Modern Education

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

This week’s update: The decline of modern education

INCREMENTALLY, it’s happening everywhere. Our schools are dealing with more and more problems. Collectively, it’s being described as behavioral/social—emotional issues. Incredibly, there is no demand for answers. This is just the way kids are today. Sure, it might have been entirely different back when you were young, but times change—learn to deal with it.

Blame is vaguely laid on social media/Adverse Childhood Experiences, in other words, Smart Phones and bad parents are behind all this.

Look here at one week in the news. We’re supposed to blindly accept that our children are disabled. Mental illness concerns are rampant in schools. One article cites the National Institute of Mental Health saying, “Among adolescents, an estimated 49.5 percent between the ages 13 to 18 have a mental disorder, according to NIMH.”


(This is contradicted by the repeated claim in the press that ONE IN FIVE KIDS are mentally ill.) However, I checked this 49.5 figure and yes, that’s the claim.

"According the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, mental illnesses are common, and include many different conditions that vary in degree of severity, ranging from mild to moderate to severe. National survey data estimates that 49.5 percent of children between the ages of 13 and 18 had any mental disorder–and among them, more than 22 percent had a severe impairment.

 What I fear from all this is that the real neurological issues affecting our children will be eliminated under the term MENTAL ILLNESS. If every other child is “mentally ill,” the ones with autism, severe ADHD, OCD, and a host of developmental problems won’t matter. Our children won’t matter at all.

It’s constant indoctrination. Mental illness is now a normal and acceptable part of childhood. We just need services. So what if it’s autism? It’s just one of the things plaguing us everywhere.

Jan 28, 2018, (UK) Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter: Mental health association calls on government to mark Year of Young People

SCOTTISH Association for Mental Health has called on the Scottish Government to mark the Year of Young People by creating a programme to train all school staff in mental health.

A survey of more than 3,000 school staff respondents in Scotland found more than two-thirds of teachers do not feel they have received sufficient training in mental health to allow them to carry out their role properly—…

Jan 28, 2018, Statford (CT) Daily Voice: Norwalk Teacher Raising Money To Buy Sensory Chairs For Students

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Minneapolis Star Tribune Opposes Free Speech on Vaccine Informed Consent Legislation – Without Knowing Content

Star tribune
By Nancy Hokkanen

Did a Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial writer and colleagues violate professional ethics via intimidating communications targeting health rights advocates and legislators?

Yes, say some members of the Minnesota Vaccine Freedom Coalition, whose Facebook political ideology group has about 2,500 followers. One group in the coalition is the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, a volunteer nonprofit composed in part of parents whose children suffered health damage from vaccines.

Mainstream media have not reported accurately – if at all – about U.S. government malfeasance perpetuating the autism epidemic. Some struggling newspapers entrench themselves as public relations hubs, repeating scripted information from some of the very government agencies and industries they are professionally tasked with investigating. Consequently volunteer advocates exercise their right to share health care information intended to prevent vaccine adverse reactions from harming others and call attention to unreported research fraud.

VSCM and three other advocacy groups scheduled an Informed Consent Reception and Briefing for state legislators Feb. 7 at the Minneapolis Club, a private downtown venue. The panel discussion with health professionals is limited to just Minnesota legislators, by invitation only – no press, no public. The other groups hosting the event are Health Choice, Informed Consent Action Network, and Physicians for Informed Consent.

On January 29 Ashleigh Towers, a MVFC volunteer, emailed state legislators invitations to the private event. At least one legislator forwarded that email to Jill Burcum, a Star Tribune editorial writer since March 2008. Towers called that a betrayal of trust. “It’s deeply disturbing that a representative would forward the email to a newspaper writer, rather than simply ignore the invite or politely decline it,” said Towers. “This person is a public official who is supposed to represent the people, not feed them to the media.”

The Star Tribune’s Burcum, after reading the phrase “legislators only,” sent a series of imperious emails to Towers:

Burcum: “Is this event open to the public as well?”

Towers: “No, it’s legislators only. If you have any other questions I recommend reaching out to the organization directly via the form [VSCM address].”

Burcum: “Is it open to the media?”

Towers: “No media in the briefing. Please direct any further communication to [VSCM address].”

Burcum: “What is your role with this organization?”

Burcum: (2 hours later) “I’d like an answer. Are you a contract public relations person? Volunteer? What’s your role and why can’t you answer questions?”

Towers: “You reached out to me unsolicited… I will tell you that I am a volunteer and twice I advised you to ask your questions elsewhere… This is the last communication I am sending you. My role is parent, volunteering for a cause that is important to me. Now, I’d like for you to stop emailing me, personally. If you have further questions, feel free to submit the contact form in the link I’ve sent to you twice already. Thank you for respecting my wishes.”

Burcum: “Let this be an educational moment. You volunteered for a cause. Your name and contact info was on the email distributed to the Minnesota Legislature. The topic clearly involves changing public healthy [sic] policy. You should have realized what that meant in terms of your personal privacy and the questions you would get about this. Learn from this, please.”

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Have I Lost It? Promoting Medical Exemptions is not “Pro-Mandate”: No Litmus Test for Vaccine Risk Awareness

James Lyons WeilerBy James Lyons-Weiler

I thank Leslie Manookian for sharing her ideas on her interpretation of my article “As States Push for Reason and Rationality, New York Times Goes Over the Edge, Calls for Mandatory Death for a Genetic Minority”. I thank AoA for inviting me to set the record straight on my position on vaccine mandates.

In her article, entitled “Has James Lyons-Weiler Lost It?” she interprets my position of empowering parents and doctors with the knowledge of biomarkers to identify individuals who are most susceptible as somehow being pro-mandate.

My first defense is point to articles where Manookian herself could be seen as defending mandates with exemptions in which her line of reasoning could be equally misconstrued, such as one entitled “Suggestions on How to Claim a Medical Exemption in CA” by Leslie Manookian, hosted at the very informed and useful Weston A. Price Foundation website; an article on Revolution for Vaccine Choice in 2016 in which Manookian informs readers to:

“Conduct genetic testing prior to vaccinating to better understand your child’s risk…. Test for various disabilities, conditions, and genetic variance such as variation in MTHFR, CBS, COMT, all BHMTs, MAO-A, SOD, cytochrome p450 enzymes, and HLA type which can determine your child’s susceptibility to vaccine injury.”

Her post unfortunately misinforms the readers to use 23andMe, which does not qualify under FDA rules as a clinical genetic test, and while the FDA may be turning a blind eye to consumers who attempt to use 23andMe as clinical data, the assay has proven to be inadmissible in court.  The correct test to use would be either clinical single-gene assay or clinical exome sequencing, which are FDA approved, but which also have their own limitations because interpretation is based on available knowledge to date of association of specific genes to outcomes, and studies have not been conducted to determine which variants in our population are associated with vaccine adverse events. Her FB post also misinforms readers by insinuating that these specific genes can be used to determine a child’s “susceptibility to vaccine injury”. The studies that I am advocating to determine their generalized accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity have not yet been conducted.  For example, MTHFR mutations may be very common in families with ASD from vaccines, but they are also fairly common in the general population, so their clinical utility may be limited. Only studies aimed to characterize a biomarker’s performance can tell us. Those who proceed in legal settings with biomarkers not backed by translational science will waste precious time and resources in their legal fights.

Perhaps her views have changed, and she is now against biomarkers to procure medical exemptions because in her view, that would make her an apologist for exemptions? As many people know, my position has shifted significantly since 2015 - because my journey at the time on the hidden, pathetically sad state of vaccine safety science was only beginning.  While writing "Ebola", I only scratched the surface on vaccine civil rights issues, and, to the chagrin of my future self, stated the oft-repeated trope about "anti-vaxxers" putting others at risk.  To those persons who those words hurt, I have since apologized with an article "My Journey from Ignorance".

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WaPo Reports Dr. Mark Geier May Receive Millions in Restitution

GeierNote: A decade or more ago, chelation and other forms of mercury/heavy metal removal were very much at the forefront of autism treatments. The pediatric vaccine schedule had been bloated with bolus doses of mercury and many parents saw success in remediating autism symptoms via chelation. Dr. Geier spearheaded a treatment with Lupron, to target testosterone with the goal of ameliorating AGGRESSION.  In 2018, Anne Dachel is writing about the skyrocketing rates of aggression in school aged children, with and without special needs or autism. School shootings are a regular occurrence. Had Dr. Geier been able to conduct his work, perhaps we might have had a mechanism to lower aggression. Alas, the powers that be (talk about your deep state, and I don't even know what that phrase actually means) have NEVER allowed a single autism "TREATMENT" outside of ABA and other non-medical interventions. 

As an aside, Lupron was not a poison being offered by doctors.  Back in the early 2000s my daughter Mia went to a pediatric endocrinologist in Cleveland at the prestigious Rainbow Babies and Children's' Hospital - the home of Dr. Max Wiznitzer.  This young doctor, a Dartmouth Fellow, immediately suggested LUPRON for my daughter.  Not for her autism, but for early development.  The press always portrayed Dr. Geier as a Mengele experimenting on our children. When I asked the Cleveland Doc what Lupron would do to Mia's seizures - increase them? Make them worse? He had NO IDEA. And yet he still was willing to put her onto Lupron. 

I hope that other doctors who have been pilloried by their "peers" for trying to help families drowning in the challenges of autism take a bit of hope in this news below. Try to read around the snarky nastiness that is WaPo when it comes to our kids. They are wretchedly unsympathetic to our plight.  Kim

Regulators who targeted anti-vaccine doctor may pay millions for humiliating him

Mark Geier built a medical practice in Rockville and a national reputation for propagating the discredited theory that vaccines cause autism. The Maryland Board of Physicians suspended his license seven years ago because he was treating autistic children with a drug considered dangerous for young people and not known to alleviate symptoms of the disorder.

But the regulators who stripped Geier’s credentials are now in the hot seat, ordered to each personally pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages by a judge who says the board abused its power in an attempt to humiliate the doctor and his family.

The board posted a cease-and-desist order on its website in 2012 alleging that Geier had improperly prescribed medication for himself, his wife and his son while his license was suspended. In an unusual move, the order named the drugs in question. Online critics of Geier took notice, mocking the doctor and his family in blogs and comments for their use of the medications.


Has James Lyons-Weiler Lost It?

Say whatNote: We excerpted James Lyons-Weiler' article last month, as is our norm. We try to bring you news and POV from across the vaccine and health freedom community. Below is a "rebuttal" to his article from documentary filmmaker Leslie Manookian  ("The Greater Good.") (PS) That's not Leslie in the photo!

By Leslie Manookian

In his recent article, “New York Times Has Lost It,” James Lyons-Weiler wrote that, “Mandates without exemptions create a situation where those who are destined to be injured by vaccines will be found, and injured, with mathematical certainty” – a line of reasoning he’s employed before.

So he’s advocating for mandates as long as there are exemptions? Really? What about freedom and bodily autonomy? What about first do no harm? I wonder how any educated reader can take him seriously when he espouses such dangerous ideas.

Vaccines injure all who receive them. ALL. There is no such thing as a safe dose of mercury or aluminum or many of the other toxins. There is no science proving what that level is. Any scientist who argues that only some individuals are susceptible to vaccine injury despite any science to substantiate this assertion is not a true scientist. Mercury, aluminum, and all the other poisons in vaccines don’t miraculously become health promoting when contained in a vaccine. Advocating for mandates with exemptions for those “susceptible few” sounds like a vaccine maker’s dream come true, doesn’t it? How’s that working out in California where there’s a veritable witch hunt for doctors who write medical exemptions?

Vaccine makers know their products cause harm and that unless they can buy off every single politician, suppress all the science, and control all the media and social media, then at some point, more and more people will deduce the truth of vaccine injury and death.  And when that happens, a point which is getting closer with each day, the next best thing for them will be to test everyone to see who’s genetically susceptible - they’ll just say, ok, some people are harmed but vaccines are still a benefit to society so let’s test who’s at risk and carry on as normal. And they’ll make buckets on those tests to make up for lost profits on vaccines. (Isn’t this what Lyons-Weiler has proposed?) Most importantly, they’ll still control the narrative and have a frightened populace under their thumb.

Remember that little piece of legislation called the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986? Remember how this landmark legislation was supposed to safeguard those “susceptible few” for their service to society and make it easy on their families to obtain compensation for that service? Yet since its implementation the vaccine injured can’t sue and the vaccine makers enjoy blanket immunity while the vaccine schedule has tripled and our freedoms have been removed. By most accounts the NCVIA has been an unmitigated disaster for Americans and a boon for vaccine makers.

The scenario I describe, what Lyons-Weiler promotes, is exactly the same play out of the same playbook. Moreover it’s the same tactic they’ve used to silence those who understand that vaccines cause autism. Hannah Poling anyone?

Think about it. If you were a vaccine maker and millions of folks were becoming educated all around the globe and demanding bodily autonomy, freedom, and genuine accountability and liability for the vaccine makers, you’d recognize the writing was on the wall, wouldn’t you? You’d realize the best course of action at this point is damage control, right?  So what would you do?

Your first goal would be to manage the conversation so that you could retain control of the market. And how would you do that? Simply concede that there are indeed a “few susceptible” individuals and recommend testing to determine who’s susceptible. Then you reap all the kudos of being the good guy while deflecting away from the true issue of poisonous, failing vaccines.

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All His Life

Then and nowBy Cathy Jameson

I don’t usually take him with me, but Ronan accompanied me to my doctor’s appointment last week.  Since he had been to this facility previously, I wasn’t worried that he’d have any problems going again.  The only struggle he’s had when he’s gone with me to my appointments is when I’ve had a blood draw.  When the tourniquet is tightened around my arm, the panicked look on Ronan’s face speaks volumes.  Not surprisingly, needles do a number on him.  His immediate physical response to bat the phlebotomist away from me isn’t necessary, but in his eyes, he’s protecting me.  I’m glad that he has that instinct.  Since I wouldn’t be having any blood draws at this appointment, I knew Ronan would be fine to join me.  Happily, he was. 

Since it was not the first time Ronan had gone with me to this clinic, the doctor knew a little bit about my son already.  He’d commented on the noise-cancelling headphones and asked about the signs he was using after meeting Ronan.  I gave a short answer, “He has regressive autism and is non-verbal.”  It wasn’t a complete answer, but it would do. 

Because he’d taken notice of how different Ronan was compared to my other children, when we went over my family medical history later I made sure to say that, to my knowledge, no other relative shares the same combination of medical conditions that plague Ronan.  That information made the doctor’s eyes widen a bit.  I was glad to see that response.  Sometimes that look is accompanied with a long pause which gives me enough time to add, ‘Yep, we saw him decline post-vaccination.  The vaccines ended up doing more harm than good.’  But this guy returned his focus back to me quicker than others have and continued with the next question on the intake form.  After all, it was my turn to be the patient, not Ronan’s. 

That initial meet up was months ago.  Months ago, I walked away deep in thought when I left the doctor’s office.  I did so again last week.  As with other appointments, both Ronan’s and my own, I had lots to think about.  This time though, I couldn’t shake something that the doctor had said.  What he’d said wasn’t about me or my health; it was about Ronan. 

The appointment that brought me back to his office last week was for a follow up.  A quick review of my previous tests and labs showed that things were looking good for me.  With nothing new to discuss except how to continue to keep myself healthy and out of the doctor’s office, the physician asked what changes I’d made.  I had taken a page from what had worked for Ronan and changed in my diet.  I told him that and getting better rest have done wonders for me these last few months.  Learning to say no to things – like the volunteering I’d been trying to squeeze in – gave me more time to rest and to eat better, and gave me energy to concentrate better on important, time-sensitive tasks that kept popping up.  Being as thorough as he could, which I appreciated, the doctor then went back and reviewed the symptoms that had brought me to him and made sure they were no longer a concern. 

While looking back through my chart to jog his memory, he asked me if I ever pinpointed when things started to bother me. 

Had you been in an accident?  No.

Had you changed anything in your living environment?  No.

Had you been under any stress?  I laughed. 

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Rome, Italy's Mayor Pushes Back Against Mandatory Vaccination Law

Forza RomaRome mayor challenges compulsory vaccine law

Children who have not received compulsory vaccinations will still be able to attend school in Rome, city mayor Virginia Raggi said on Thursday in a letter to the Italian Health Ministry.

Rome's city council unanimously approved a motion which ruled that even non-vaccinated children had a right to state education. This directly contradicts a government decree passed in May 2017 which made several vaccinations compulsory for children starting at state schools, and states that unvaccinated children under the age of six should not be allowed to attend state education.

Vaccines against meningitis and measles, cases of which rose almost six-fold last year, were among those made obligatory for the first time.

But in a letter sent by Raggi to Italy's ministers for health and education, she said that the lack of vaccination should not mean children lose their right to state education.

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Weston A. Price Foundation Reports on School Mental Health Crisis

Weston A PriceNote: We're pleased to see Anne Dachel's work recognized by Weston A. Price Foundation. A 12 year old girl shot and killed two other students yesterday in Los Angeles. America is in a crisis never before imagined. We used to think war was about killing adult men. Our children are broken.


For years I have been working within the vaccine awareness community as an activist for health freedom, hoping to improve the lives of children. In doing so, I have met many heroes—men and women who are not afraid to address the shortcomings of vaccination despite the personal and professional repercussions that sometimes follow. These people are doctors, scientists and parents of injured children who share current vaccine news and studies, as well as ideas. One of these heroes and thought leaders is Anne Dachel from Age of Autism who for the past few months has provided our community with over two thousand news articles written about what she calls “The Decline of the Modern Student.”

“Evidence that something is horribly wrong with today’s children is worldwide and it’s growing. U.S. health officials have been silent on these issues for years, but I see a change happening. Actually, it’s been several years in the making, but it’s just now in the news everywhere,” says Dachel. Recent headlines read, “Special Needs Student Population Still Rising,” “Suspension Rates on the Rise,” “Handcuffing of Kids with Disabilities ‘Excessive Force,’ Judge Rules” and “Suicide Rates for Teenage Girls at All-Time High.”

Stress, mental illness, anxiety, depression, and learning disorders—they are plaguing our children at ever-increasing levels. Schools are having trouble accommodating these students while suffering endlessly with discipline issues, violence, expulsions, stressed-out teachers and budget shortfalls. According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, up to 15-20 percent of children and adolescents aged three to eighteen are inhibited by mental problems such as anxiety, depression and behavioral issues, while the use of antidepressants by young people aged fifteen to nineteen rose 44 percent among boys between the years 2004 to 2013, and by 48 percent among girls in the same period. Similarly, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) here in the U.S. says one in five American children currently has or had a “seriously debilitating mental disorder.”  Read more here.

The Putative role of Environmental Aluminium in the Development of Chronic Neuropathology in Adults and Children

AlMetabolic Brain Disease, July 2017


The conceptualisation of autistic spectrum disorder and Alzheimer’s disease has undergone something of a paradigm shift in recent years and rather than being viewed as single illnesses with a unitary pathogenesis and pathophysiology they are increasingly considered to be heterogeneous syndromes with a complex multifactorial aetiopathogenesis, involving a highly complex and diverse combination of genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors. One such environmental factor implicated as a potential cause in both syndromes is aluminium, as an element or as part of a salt, received, for example, in oral form or as an adjuvant. Such administration has the potential to induce pathology via several routes such as provoking dysfunction and/or activation of glial cells which play an indispensable role in the regulation of central nervous system homeostasis and neurodevelopment. Other routes include the generation of oxidative stress, depletion of reduced glutathione, direct and indirect reductions in mitochondrial performance and integrity, and increasing the production of proinflammatory cytokines in both the brain and peripherally. The mechanisms whereby environmental aluminium could contribute to the development of the highly specific pattern of neuropathology seen in Alzheimer’s disease are described. Also detailed are several mechanisms whereby significant quantities of aluminium introduced via immunisation could produce chronic neuropathology in genetically susceptible children. Accordingly, it is recommended that the use of aluminium salts in immunisations should be discontinued and that adults should take steps to minimise their exposure to environmental aluminium.


Evidence of the neurotoxicity of aluminium cations (Al3+) includes: an association between chronic aluminium exposure and the development of AD; the involvement of aluminium adjuvants in the development of ASIA; and epidemiological evidence pointing to an association between the use of aluminium adjuvants and ASD. There is good evidence to suggest that immunisation may accelerate or precipitate the transition between subclinical and overt symptomatic autoimmune conditions within the first 30 days post-immunisation, particularly in those younger than 50 years of age. The immune response to immunisation may be influenced by variations in HLA, TLR and cytokine genes. Moreover, aluminium exposure is associated with the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines and with the development of chronic oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and glial activation or dysfunction; these changes in turn are associated with ASD.



Autism Groundhog Day

Groundhog day clock

Groundhog day 2018.







Groundhog day 2017

From 2003 to January 19, 2017 - so little had changed for autism. AofA readers know the drill. "No cause. But we know it's not vaccines. No cure. Why would you want a cure for such a gifty diagnosis?"  Yadda yadda yadda ad NAUseam. Maybe 2017 is the year the groundhog turns into a tiger. Let's hope so.

Here's a BEST OF post from 2012.

By Anne Dachel

In Nov 2003 the New York Times published an interesting article titled, Government Mapping Out A Strategy to Fight Autism by Jane Gross. HERE

It was about a government plan to deal with autism. It had a lot of familiar details: autism is on the rise, we need to find the cause, and early intervention is best.

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CDC Director Smoked Out of Job

GoodbyeNote:  The Trump appointed CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald has resigned in part because her financial portfolio includes tobacco stocks.  Tobacco science was used to stave off lawsuits regarding cancer deaths from smoking. Tobacco science has become its own phrase to talk about industry written, supported and promoted "science" to protect the company while duping and harming consumers to make money.  We often refer to vaccine science as tobacco science. The irony is as thick as an elevator full of Marlboro men. 

In addition, she had financial ties to Merck. MERCK.  Government appointees used to wait until after their tenure to run to industry for a fat payday. Fitzgerald put the Brinks truck BEFORE the horse.  And if you didn't know, one of the highest ranking execs at Merck is Dr. Julie Gerberding, former head of the CDC. Her original position at Merck was head of the VACCINE division. This is a cesspool of corruption and money over American health. For now, Dr. Anne Schuchat is Fitgerald's replacement until a new director can be appointed. Let's hope the new director will be amenable to looking at the autism epidemic and its threat to current and future public health.  Let's see where Fitzgerald ends up.


From CNN:

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, resigned Wednesday, a day after Politico reported Fitzgerald's purchase of tobacco stock after she took the position at the nation's top public health agency. Camel doctors

Such an investment is obviously at odds with the mission of the CDC, considering cigarette smoking will result in the deaths of nearly half a million Americans this year. Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.
The CDC's slogan is "24/7: Saving Lives, Protecting People." But Fitzgerald bet against that mission just one month into her tenure at the agency, when she purchased stock in a tobacco company -- one of the very drugs she is supposed to be leading the crusade against....  Read more here.

Raging Out

Money waveNote: Domestic violence is not new. Matri- and Patricide seem particularly abhorrent.  On New Year's Eve, also in New Jersey, a teen who is reported to have autism, shot his family members in their  home. I've been trying to find details on this case - Googling Scott Kologi once or twice a week. There's little reported since the first sensational reports. We don't know if autism played a role in the alleged crime.

Here, below, is a follow up to a crime from last Spring, also in New Jersey. This man, Michael Litwornia, has Asperger's Syndrome and his home life was extremely difficult according to the first reports of the stabbing death. 

As a parent who is working with DDS here in CT to ensure safe, life enhancing adult services for my daughter Gianna who is autistic, but has a lower level of need (LON) than her older sister, I know that services and supports can be non-existent for families whose kids don't meet old fashioned ID diagnosis criteria.   I worry for my friends whose kids "can" do so much more than mine, and for whom mental health, behavior and daily functioning skills are impacted by their autism. The trend to make autism a cool diagnosis du decade ain't helping anyone. There is no Good Doctor. There is no Sheldon. These are fictional characters.   And there isn't enough money in the system to mete out support for the tsunami of autism that will be aging out of school in the next 5+ years.

Michael Litwornia was indicted Monday for fatally stabbing his mother and attempting to murder his father, according to reports.

BRIDGEWATER, NJ — A Bridgewater man was indicted for the murder of his mother and attempted murder of his father inside their Washington Valley Road home last year, according to mycentraljersey.com.

Michael Litwornia, 27, of the Martinsville section of Bridgewater Township had stabbed both his mother Helen and father Steve on April 18, 2017.

He was indicted on one count of murder and attempted murder on Monday when he appeared before Superior Court Judge Peter Tober, according to mycentraljersey.com.

...Helen's coworkers later said that Helen and Steve struggled to deal with their son's overwhelming mental problems. He had been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and had become obsessive-compulsive. Things got worse after he stopped taking his medication, according to mycentraljersey.comRead more here.

John Stone: AoA's Supplementary Evidence to the UK Parliament on Fake News

ParliamentNOTE: This is supplementary evidence from Age of Autism accepted and published by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee of the United Kingdom House of Commons as part of the inquiry into Fake News. It follows on evidence submitted and published by the committee in November.By John Stone

The following observations are occasioned by events too late to be considered in the original submission to the inquiry [1].In the original submission I remarked on the 2005 report by the House of Commons Health Committee which criticised the Department of Health for being too close to the pharmaceutical industry. To quote briefly from the report [2]:

The Department of Health has for too long optimistically assumed that the interests of health and of the industry are as one. This may reflect the fact that the Department sponsors the industry as well as looking after health....

The consequences of lax oversight is that the industry’s influence has expanded and a number of practices have developed which act against the public interest. The industry affects every level of healthcare provision, from the drugs that are initially discovered and developed through clinical trials, to the promotion of drugs to the prescriber and the patient groups, to the prescription of medicines and the compilation of clinical guidelines...

But even as I was writing it looks like the final boundaries between the state and the industry were being demolished with the creation of the Accelerated Access Partnership (AAP) with Sir Andrew Witty, lately CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, in charge. Of course, it is very easy to project this in the mainstream media – if it is mentioned at all - as good news. On the other hand we might wonder why having at least putative independence for pharmaceutical licensing and surveillance was thought to be good thing in the past. The mainstream media would be asking serious questions if it was alert, competent and independent. If…

About this departure two LSE professors have warned [3]:

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Why Does the Vaccine Lobby Fear Dr. Suzanne Humphries?

Meet the doctorNote: We wrote about vicious death threats received by Dr. Suzanne Humphries.  I read that there has been another vile threat. Many of our readers might not know Dr. Humphries, so we're sharing this presentation that she made at California Jam 2017. From the website: California Jam is the #1 chiropractic education and natural health seminar with over two dozen expert speakers and a rock n’ roll show playing throughout the weekend. Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a private medical consultant with American Board of Internal Medicine certifications in internal medicine and nephrology, who practices in Maine and Virginia. In 2016, she published an entertaining autobiography Rising From The Dead and is co-author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. Dr. Humphries has lectured throughout Scandinavia, the USA and New Zealand on vaccines, holistic health, infant immunity, and vitamin C. Many of her lectures are viewable on her YouTube channel. Epigenetics, infectious diseases, and the human microbiome are other areas of interest. Her website is drsuzanne.net .

Atlanta 11 Alive NBC TV Asks if CDC Flu Death Facts are Accurate

True or falseNote: NBC 11 in Atlanta, Georgia, home of the Centers for Disease Control, reported:

It's flu season and that means the children, and adults, will be staying home from work and school to fight this debilitating virus.

But have you seen those reports that 85 percent of the 30 children who actually died from the flu this season lost their lives because they were not vaccinated?

11Alive is here to VERIFY whether or not that was true.

You can click here for the answer.  

It's interesting to see a TV station in Atlanta questioning the CDC's information regarding vaccines.

Women's Rights. Girls' Rights. Safety and Consent.

Bully GirlBy Kim Rossi

There was a petition from Change.org in my in-box this weekend. Lauren's Law in Oklahoma seeks educational funds to teach high school students about informed consent regarding sexual relations.

"Lauren was raped by a boy she knew from school. She was shocked to find out he had no idea what legal consent was."

HB2734 will allow for the development of age appropriate programs on consent and healthy relationship behavior. These programs will teach students about consent and how to recognize and prevent relationship violence, including physical and emotional relationship abuse. It will also address relationship communication skills, emotional health, and accountability.

Federal funds are available for this consent and safe relationship education to be implemented at the state level through Title IV-A of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Under the last administration, the White House Council on Women and Girls Report estimated the cost of rape to be as high as $240,776 per incident, including medical services, investigations, loss of productivity, and quality of life. With the high cost of assault and federal funding available, there’s no excuse not to protect and educate our kids.

Let’s do this for Lauren, the young women we started our movement for, and all the survivors who hope for a better world.

I have three daughters. I want to protect them at all costs.   If I had sons, I'd want to protect them too. As a martial artist, I teach self defense to boys, girls, women and men. We teach children how to prevent bullying.  We also teach children how NOT TO BECOME a bully.  We teach kids how to win. And we teach them how to lose. I think teaching them how NOT to become a bully and how to lose is the more important lesson. And sorely lacking in much of their teaching outside of the dojo. I would like to see schools teach martial arts self-defense to students, then girls can show boys what NO means with their fists. There is a time for fighting. We've lost that in our zero tolerance culture.

With that in mind, I am in favor of classes to teach boys and girls what "NO" means.  Dating is nothing like it was when a cute boy and I exchanged a note written in ink in the hallway. Or when a boy whispered to a boy who whispered to a girl who whispered to another girl who whispered to me that he liked me.  Bonne Bell Lip Smackers are the thing of the past, replaced by swiping left and right or sexting while Mom and Dad are in the living room watching a Seinfeld rerun.  The dog eared Playboy hidden away has been replaced by 24/7 on demand porn the likes of which was never aired in the seediest Times' Square XXX theatre decades ago.

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Challenging Autism

Autism eye testBy Cathy Jameson

Last week, Ronan had an eye appointment at rather large medical facility.  We were going to a place where multiple specialties work under one roof.  That can be a blessing – providers have access to the main medical file and can look over other doctors’ notes to review current treatment plans and progress.  If any sort of collaboration needs to be done, communication to another specialist can happen quickly.  But, being in a large facility can have its drawbacks – instead of just a few patients, there are lots more patients, nurses, doctors, and medical stuff coming and going.  With that, there’s more sensory stimulation, waiting room time, and sometimes, an increase in frustration.  Just walking into a facility like the one we were going to could be a challenge for Ronan.  Knowing the types of tests he’d be asked to do that day would be also, so I did as much as I could ahead of time hoping things would run smoothly. 

Being unfamiliar with the location we were going, the first step, literally the one Ronan would take out of the car, could be hardest.  Happily, Ronan got out and then waltzed right into the building!  Curious about where we were and about everything he was seeing, Ronan took his time walking down the very long corridors to the clinic.  He pointed to words he recognized while we were in the elevator and also signed the ones he knew the sign to.  As we walked, he smiled and began to scroll through some of his favorite signs.  He does that to tell us he’s happy.  I smiled back at Ronan. 

Rounding the corner, my expression changed.  As I expected it would be, the waiting room was packed.  Oh, boy.  This could be a long day, I thought.  I was glad that I’d brought all sorts of Ronan-happy things (snacks, his favorite books, and an iPhone to watch favorite videos).  They would help keep Ronan distracted while we waited for his name to be called. 

While sitting and waiting after we’d been checked in, I began to feel apprehensive about the new provider assigned to Ronan’s case.  I’d learned that the doctor we were seeing was not the specialist I’d agreed to take Ronan to.  This doctor only knew Ronan on paper.  In order to get a better picture of what’s going on and why we were there, I’d need to offer a full history.  I began to mentally go over everything I wanted to say and ask him the new doc. 

With as many medical issues that Ronan has, I wanted to give as much relevant information as possible and prayed that what I said, and how I said it, would be respected.  My thoughts were interrupted after just a few minutes.

“Jameson.  Ronan?” a very young doctor called out. 

Making eye contact with him, I raised my hand and turned to Ronan.  “Hey, buddy.  That’s us.”

“Follow me, please,” the doctor said.

Since the doctor we’d been assigned was young, likely inexperienced with a child like mine, and would only be able to do so much before having to refer us to the head doctor, I walked into exam room 10 steps ahead of Ronan and quietly stated, “He’s non-verbal and has sensory issues.  Speak to him.  Tell him exactly what you’re going to do and why, and that should help.” 

Without replying to me, he turned to Ronan and said, “Hey, big guy!  Can you sit right here?” Ronan responded immediately and positively and got settled in the chair.   

Taking out some files I’d brought, I said, “Ronan signs.  It’s not straight up America Sign Language.  It’s more RSL…Ronan Sign Language, but if you need me to interpret anything, let me know.”  The doctor nodded his head, said he understood, and said, “You do what works.” 

Other people might have dismissed my attempt to help, but I felt myself begin to relax.  Still skeptical since he’d yet to begin the physical part of the exam, I watched the doctor for his next move. 

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Dachel Interview: The State of Special Education An Inside Look

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

RECENTLY, I interviewed a friend who both works in a big city public school system AND is the mother of a son with autism soon to be aging out of school.



  1. As someone with over 10 years experience in special education at a school in a large metropolitan area, what changes have you personally seen?

I have seen a dramatic increase in students with severe emotional-behavioral disorders.  Many are violent, many are anxious and unable to focus or even sit still, and some seem to have no empathy or moral compass at all.  We still see kids with typical autism traits, and other disabilities.  But now it seems there are far more students with emotional instability.

  1. What types of behavior are most concerning for you as a teacher?

The explosive violence and emotional meltdowns that seem to come out of nowhere.While there have always been students who struggle with emotional regulation, it has now become so common that every classroom has one or two (or more) students who need constant monitoring.  We have an on-call crisis intervention team that is summoned to de-escalate kids on a daily basis.  The other students are regularly rushed out of the classroom to protect them from being harmed, which completely disrupts any attempts to teach or maintain a schedule.

  1. How are all these issues impacting teachers? What have you observed?

There is extreme fatigue and growing despair among teachers I have talked to.  We find ourselves comparing bruises and horror stories over lunch, rather than talking about curriculum or our personal lives.  Within the first two months of school this year, our program had to add staff to 8 different classroomsin order to handle the out-of-control students. We are constantly devising new strategies to deal with the ever-changing and increasingly violent behaviors, and the special education budget cannot cover all the needs.

  1. Do you see more students with an autism diagnosis?

I think the number continues to rise, but that’s partially due to the fact that many children are being “pigeon holed” into autism diagnoses.  The staff wants to help these children, who clearly have issues.  But I see many kids now with a diagnosis of “autism” that barely resemble what we used to see in cases of classic autism.  Many are social, intelligent, and well-spoken.  They don’t have stereotypical or repetitive behaviors.  What they do have is extreme oppositional behavior, emotional instability, anxiety, rage, ADHD traits, depression, and violent outbursts.



  1. Explain your son’s situation.

My son is in a post-high school transition program for kids with disabilities.  This is his final year, so he’s part of that initial “tsunami” of vaccine-injured adults that will soon be exiting the public education system.  You have been talking about this tsunami for years, but I don’t think the state and federal human services departments have taken heed.  It’s going to be very ugly when there is no longer a place for all these kids to go.

When my son started in his transition program, there were 28 young adults attending his location.  I knew roughly half of the kids and their parents, since the program had two high schools that fed into it.  I was astounded when I realized that there were 7 kids (just among those I knew) whose parents reported they had sustained their disabilities from vaccines.I know there are likely other vaccine-injured students in the program, but even if not – we are talking about 25% disabled by vaccines! 

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Federal Register: The New HHS Religious and Conscience Rights Office WILL Include Vaccine Protections

by Ginger Taylor

Screenshot (2035)

Yesterday, the federal register published the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Office of the Secretary, HHS, A Proposed Rule by the Health and Human Services Department called, "Protecting Statutory Conscience Rights in Health Care; Delegations of Authority." It is the full rules that they are proposing to guide the office that they announced last week, that offer protections for those people who must decline to participate in a health care process or procedure due to their conscience or religious beliefs.

Their press conference on the office last week: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vOGwNMgjXMKB

This begins a 60 day period of public comment on the new measures.


While the previous announcement and discussions from HHS on this new office did not mention vaccines, the proposed rules mention them TEN TIMES. And while we were a bit disheartened that vaccine coercion for students was not mentioned, we now see that the office recognizes that vaccine coercion is occurring:

"Despite the longstanding nature of the Federal health care conscience and associated anti-discrimination laws that this rule proposes to enforce, discrimination and coercion continue to occur. Relevant situations where persons, entities, and health care entities with religious beliefs or moral convictions may be coerced or suffer discrimination include:

  • Being asked to perform, participate in, pay for, counsel or refer for abortion, sterilization, euthanasia, or other health services;

  • engaging in health professions training that pressures students, residents, fellows, etc., to perform, assist in the performance of, or counsel for abortion;

  • considering a career in obstetrics, family medicine, or elder care, when one has a religious or moral objection to abortion, sterilization, or euthanasia;

  • raising religious or moral objections to participating in certain services within the scope of one's employment; and,

  • being required to administer or receive certain vaccinations derived from aborted fetal tissues as a condition of work or receipt of educational services."


It encourages, and even supports, families abilities to find physicians who share their vaccine point of view:


In supporting a more diverse medical field, the proposed rule would create ancillary benefits for patients. The proposed rule would assist patients in seeking counselors and other health-care providers who share their deepest held convictions. Some patients will appreciate the ability to speak frankly about their own convictions concerning questions that touch upon life and death and treatment preferences with a doctor best suited to provide such treatment. A pro-life woman may seek a pro-life ob-gyn to advise her on decisions relating to her fertility and reproductive choices. A pro-vaccination parent may seek a pediatrician who shares his views. Open communication in the doctor-patient relationship will foster better over-all care for patients."

This is great news. We didn't know if vaccines and students would be covered. The door is now officially all the way open for our community.

We will, no doubt, all be digesting this and planning on the best way to approach this new avenue in the next few days and weeks. But right off the bat I have a recommendation for comments that I would love to see submitted, so that this rule making truly gives us all religious freedom and freedom to act on conscience.

One of my long standing complaints is that in funding vaccine programs for states that do not offer a religious exemption, California, West Virginia, and Mississippi, the federal government is supporting the violation of the First Amendment Rights of millions of Americans.

The document does address federal funding in this section, saying:

"Third, providers of pediatric vaccines funded by Federal medical assistance programs must comply with any State laws relating to any religious or other exemptions."

However, I don't believe that this goes far enough. States that do not offer an unrestricted, unreviewable, unrejectable religious vaccine exemption, should not be given federal vaccine funding. Period.

I encourage to begin drafting your wise and eloquent comments to submit to HHS, and I hope you will include in your comments the urging that this section be amended so that not only do providers have to comply with state laws on religious exemptions, but that states MUST offer a religious exemption in order to receive vaccine funding.

So today is the day to share this post in all your groups, and to organize your comment submission. We do not yet know how HHS and the Trump administration will respond, and government/has a long and upsetting history of being able to follow a line of reasoning right up until it reaches the vaccine issue and then goes bonkers, but they said, "Vaccine" ten times. So they know it is part of the package that is coming.

If you don't vaccinate on religion or conscience:

Were you denied schooling if you didn't vaccinate yourself and your child?

Were you denied entry to school events?

Were you denied a job or discriminated against at work? Had to wear a mask?

Were you tricked into a vaccine you never would have allowed to be administered if you knew it contained pork products, bovine products or aborted fetal cell line products?


And start submitting your comments on their new complaint department. We need to push them to set the rules that protect us.


What are your suggestions on the new rules for the new office?



There has been some confusion on what this means for us, so allow me to clarify further what this is and what it is not.

The federal government cannot change state law. This office does not suddenly allow religious vaccine exemptions for those in MS, WV and CA. It does not have that power. It is not a panacea for our exemption problems.

The feds can't force entities to respect the religious and conscience rights of entities that are coercing vaccination, but it can stop funding those entities.

What this does is sets up a complaint process for entities that receive federal funding, and are coercing vaccination and other morally objective behavior, or discriminating against those who are conscientious objectors. The feds, if they found cause, could remove that funding for such entities.

This also does not currently apply to educational institutions. Why not? Good question. It should. We need a explanation and justification from the federal government as to why they are funding state education programs that are violating 1st Amendment rights. They have admitted it is a problem, after all (see above.)

So for those who were under the impression that their kids were going to get to go back to school next week in California because of this, sorry that is not what this does. It does open up a venue for you to ask, "Why are you funding a state program that violates my civil rights?" And you are owed an answer on that question.

This is not an immediate end to the problem. But we have been staring at a brick wall, and a door has suddenly appeared. To get through that door and to the other end of the maze to true vaccine choice, informed consent, and an end to the 1986 National Childhood Injury Act is still a ways off, but suddenly... there is a door.

Sherri Tenpenny asked some good questions in the comments that I would like to answer:

"How will this apply for:
1. flu shots/ healthcare workers
2. college entrance requirements
3. medical school/chiropractic school/veterinarian school applicants?
4. What about the military!?!"

My answers are:
1. It might help.
2. It may not help.
3. Who knows.
4. No way it will help.

If you are a healthcare worker of a federally funded entity, then you have a complaint that they will hear. But this is a new office, we don't know what they will ACTUALLY do, and how strong their political will is. What government says and what it actually does in the face of opposition, is two different things. I want people to use this tool, but be realistic that at best HHS is going to war with itself if they process our complaints and actually take any action. HHS drives vaccine uptake and holds vaccine patents. 

College requirements are set by states, and the statute does not seem to apply to educational institutions, so it may not help. But it should, and we need to push this office to begin to consider this problem that again... they have already admitted exists. (see above)  Same with med school, etc.

The military? That is the worst. They own you, body and soul. Conscientious objection in the military is a whole different animal, and they have a process. Some have been able to do it, but very few.

But the good news is that a door has appeared. And we can begin the process, perhaps even a good faith process, of raising all the questions that need to be properly addressed, even if most of the individual cases we want fixed don't have a formal pathway to justice.

This is a beginning, not a fix. Cautious optimism is recommended. As is action.

Vaccinated Flu Patients Might Shed Infectious Fine Particle Viral RNA More Than Others, New Data Suggests

InquisitrVaccinated Flu Patients Might Shed Infectious Fine Particle Viral RNA More Than Others, New Data Suggests

Excerpted from Inquisitr:

In one study, people infected with influenza A who'd been vaccinated against the flu two years in a row shed more virus in the fine particle aerosol than other people with influenza A or B.

Multiple media reports warned us that simply breathing the air around someone sick with the flu might cause us to become infected thanks to fine particle viral RNA. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Public Health reported in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences that fine aerosol particles collected from the air around patients infected with influenza contained detectable flu virus. Merely exhaling releases the virus into the air if someone is infected. This fascinating new research triggered social media alarm about the flu virus, but there might be even more to the story.

Masks May Provide Little Protection

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CDC Puts Forth "ACE" Adverse Childhood Experiences As Cause of Toxic Stress

Note: Anne Dachel is compiling a litany of stories from around the world about the state of pediatric health and its impact on schools. Each day she's adds to her list like Madame Defarge knitting in Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. If only the article below were fictional. CDC has a new term to explain the severe changes in violence among children: Adverse Childhood Experiences.  

We just had another school shooting in America, 2 high school students were murdered in cold blood, others injured, none in that building will ever be the same.  Home life has always affected children! Nature versus nurture is real. It's a no brainer that every child deserves a "safe, stable, nurturing" home. Reality is that many children have and have always had terrible home lives.  Anne and I spoke about this today. How is it that children of the depression were not so violent? Children of color grew up with Jim Crow laws that denied them basic human dignity - and yet were not wreaking havoc in their schools requiring safe rooms, evacuations, counseling, medication even.  We played with toy guns and shot each other dead in our back yards while the smell of caps surrounded us. Today, angry, despairing boys are reaching for real guns and do not have the basic human impulse to tell themselves, "NO! THIS IS WRONG." Divorce and verbal abuse are to blame for this shift? So many adopted children (and their families) are suffering from reactive attachment disorder today, and yet kids had been adopted for decades without the heartache and violence of RAD. 

It's CDC's job to look at health within the nation. Somehow ACE as an answer feels similar to what we see in autism. Examine everything except the obvious problem. Blame anything that isn't related to a partner and profitable industry like pharmaceutical. Leave medications and vaccinations out of the equation.

I find it nearly impossible to believe that America has made no progress in school shooting violence since Columbine, Colorado.  There is more violence than ever.  Anne has a story below from Maine that talks about ACE.  I guess we should get used to hearing the term. It may become the new Refrigerator Mom theory. Blame the parents for the out of control violence in the classroom and schools.  It's much more than stress that's toxic in children's lives today. And it comes from the CDC.

From CDC:

Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration, and lifelong health and opportunity. As such, early experiences are an important public health issue. Much of the foundational research in this area has been referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Adverse Childhood Experiences have been linked to

  • risky health behaviors,
  • chronic health conditions,
  • low life potential, and
  • early death.

As the number of ACEs increases, so does the risk for these outcomes.

The wide-ranging health and social consequences of ACEs underscore the importance of preventing them before they happen. CDC promotes lifelong health and well-being through Essentials for Childhood – Assuring safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all children. Essentials for Childhood can have a positive impact on a broad range of health problems and on the development of skills that will help children reach their full potential.

Jan 25, 2018, Bangor (ME) Daily News: These Down East schools want to fix rural education

 “It’s a growing movement, stemming from a Centers for Disease Control study that laid the groundwork for research into the toll adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, take on health and brain development.”

“When ACEs experts talk about trauma, they’re not just talking about poverty, but a range of childhood experiences that can lead to frequent, toxic stress. Those experiences include surviving or witnessing verbal or sexual abuse, going through periods of hunger, and having parents separate or divorce.”

“Some 31 percent of Washington County students recorded at least three adverse childhood experiences, according to the survey, the second highest rate among the state’s 16 counties. …”

Stopping Tics with Fecal Transplant

Brain gutBy Teresa Conrick

This recent article appeared in my inbox - Boy, 9, with Tourette's syndrome sees his involuntary tics halted after undergoing a POO TRANSPLANT

A schoolboy with Tourette's syndrome no longer endured involuntary tics after he underwent a poo transplant.

The nine-year-old, from China, suffered bouts of headshaking, shrugging and the urge to shout out words for nearly three years.

But the unnamed patient's tics were 'completely ameliorated' after undergoing the transplant, designed to rebalance his gut bacteria.

The bizarre report, published in an obscure medical journal, adds to the mounting evidence that poo transplants can treat other conditions....eight weeks after the transplant, which originated in China nearly 1,700 years ago, the boys tic severity score dropped from 31 to five.

His parents revealed the severity of his tic symptoms had 'clearly ameliorated', the doctors, led by Dr Huijun Zhao, wrote in the journal.

'They reported that involuntary phonation (making sounds) had disappeared, and involuntary shrugging now occurred only occasionally.'

Some studies have shown benefits from taking probiotics in treating Tourette's syndrome, among other neurological conditions.

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Star Trek Fan for Life is Cool But Sesame Street Fan for Life is Not?

Mia Sesame StreetNote: Thanks to our friends at National Autism Association for sharing this post on their Facebook page. My two older daughters definitely love TV shows and characters that are not age appropriate. Mia is 23, and still loves Sesame Street. Her recent discovery (perseveration) of Charlie Brown brought me a huge sigh of relief. And I'm not proud of that. "Oh! Everyone can love Charlie Brown. I still do!" I did exactly what this young woman with autism says we NTs do to people with autism. I tried to force my girls to "move on" from their dear childhood friends to more age appropriate enjoyment.  Why? To make me feel like they were making progress? To spare them embarrassment that they did not feel when out and about? I recall several years ago one of my care team was at camp with the girls, when an 18 year old camper had a huge meltdown and tried to bolt the building. Why? Because she wanted to listen to the theme song to a Nick Jr TV show and the counselor kept telling her "No! That's a baby show."  If someone said to me, "No! You can't have a cup of coffee because it's after 3:00pm," I'd get angry and frustrated. Why can't our kids just love what they love? Thanks to Kristine Motokane for this insightful piece.


How Pressure to Be 'Age Appropriate' Can Harm Autistic People

By Kristine Motokane

Whenever I go shopping in stores or browse online, I’ve noticed that certain things are categorized based on factors such as age, gender etc. For instance, the children’s section in clothing stores tends to have more character clothing, bright colors and be cutesier, while the adult section has less selection of character clothing and tends to be more sophisticated. Even the gift guides, specific lifestyle blogs and advertisements tend to categorize specific activities, themed characters etc. based on age groups. The examples I just mentioned are a reflection of the expectations society has in terms of what interests are appropriate for each age group and stage.

For some people with autism like myself, the concept of “age appropriateness” does not apply. We tend to not care about these kinds of arbitrary standards. However, many professionals and parents discourage interests that are perceived as inappropriate for one’s age. This well-meaning gesture is often an attempt to get the person to “fit in” better with their peers. As a 25-year old on the spectrum who has interests targeted to a younger audience, I disagree with this practice of getting autistic people (particularly teens and adults) to develop more “appropriate interests.” It pathologizes what is actually individual expression of interests and preferences all humans have. With this framework in mind, I will use my experience with this topic to explain why I dislike the term “age appropriateness.”

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You Can’t Handle the Truth: A Review of Vaccines A Reappraisal by Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Vaccines Richard MoskowitzBy Dr. William H. Gaunt, NMD

Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Richard Moskowitz, MD is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  People who are knowledgeable about the great harm being caused by vaccines will learn even more.  People who are staunchly pro-vaccine will ignore it.  They are the ones who can’t handle the truth. 

“A masterpiece and a must-read for anyone with concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccines”- Stephanie Seneff, PhD, senior research scientist, MIT.  From the foreword: “Dr. Moskowitz sees our present vaccine policy as a vast, costly, and dangerous experiment that is out of control, obscenely profitable, and badly in need of independent regulation.”

Much of the CDC sponsored vaccine science is outright fraud.  The studies are either carefully designed to exonerate vaccines or the data is heavily manipulated or disappeared to arrive at a predetermined conclusion.  See the documentary “Vaxxed”(available from Netflix) for a detailed analysis of one of these fraudulent studies.

People should be able to trust our government, the CDC, the vaccine companies, and their pediatrician but all we get from these sources is a steady stream of lies about vaccines and denial when obvious vaccine injuries or deaths occur.  Our mainstream media are complicit.  A sizable portion of their ad revenues come from pharmaceutical companies, so they headline the fraudulent studies and ignore the mountains of solid evidence of serious problems caused by vaccines.

Let’s be clear.  Vaccines are the main cause of autism and a host of other neurodevelopmental conditions.  Vaccines are the main cause of sudden infant deaths.  It is cause and effect that the U.S. gives more vaccines in the first year of life and has the highest incidence of infant mortality of all developed countries.  We also have a drastic increase of autoimmune diseases caused by vaccines.  Pregnant women are now being given vaccines and this is causing an increase in fetal death and miscarriage.

Most of the public is unaware of the truth about vaccines.   It is up to all of us who are aware of this ongoing tragedy to keep pushing the truth and share it aggressively.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired doctor of naturopathic medicine.  He has also taught chemistry and anatomy at the high school and college levels.  Google “articles by Dr. William H. Gaunt on ageofautism.com” to see his other articles.

Student Violence Against Teachers Escalating

Angry kidOur Anne Dachel is cataloging the changes in schools from institutions of learning to.... institutions. Schools should not be war zones where teachers fear students. Nor should they be prisons where students fear teachers. The changes in behavior among "regular" ed students is as, or more, troubling than in the ever growing special ed population.  I have know several paraprofessionals who have been injured during the course of their work with students on the spectrum and who have had to take worker's comp as a result. I also know stories of kids being terribly harmed by staff - including my own daughter on her school bus 8 years ago. Children are in dire straits. Strait jacket straits. Wake up. We'll have many more stories from Anne. Her compendium grows daily as the reports pour in from local media. National media rarely covers these stories. But in the "it takes a village" world of TV and newspapers, the stories are non-stop. Lord save us all. How will these kids function as adults?

Jan 22, 2018, (Canada) CTV Kitchener: WRDSB teachers faced violence 1,300 times last year

The union representing public elementary school teachers in Waterloo Region says more resources are needed to halt a growing trend of classroom violence.

“We have teachers who are being bitten, who are being kicked, who are being punched on a daily basis,” Jeff Pelich, the vice-president of the local chapter of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, said Monday.

“It’s pretty bad, and it’s escalating.”

Statistics provided by the Waterloo Region District School Board show that there were approximately 1,300 incidents involving student-on-teacher violence in the last school year, up from about 900 the year before.

About two per cent of the 1,300 violent incidents resulted in one or more people needing medical attention, and one per cent led to a leave of absence. The school board says no injuries were reported in 75 per cent of the incidents.

Pelich says violent outbursts in classrooms affect not only the students and teachers directly involved, but also other students who witness the violence firsthand.

He says the problem comes down to a lack of educational assistants and other supports for students with special needs.

“When there is a child who’s presenting in a violent manner, there’s just no one there to help,” he said.

“The child (often) has significant mental health needs that are outside the scope of what teachers are trained to deal with.”

The solution, ETFO says, is for the province to make more funding available.

An additional $6.3 million was provided to the WRDSB this year for special education needs. The Ministry of Education says the money is enough for “about 74 teachers and education workers.”

According to the school board, violent incidents appear to be happening this year at about the same rate they did in 2016-17.

WRDSB spokesperson Nick Manning says issues of violence aren’t limited to special education, and school board data shows that they occur most often after lengthy breaks in the school year, “before we’ve really had an opportunity to put programming in place to support students who need it.”

Marcia Hinds on How To Bully Proof Schools When Your Child Has Autism

Bully boy photoNOTE: We're excerpting this article by Marcia Hinds from eParent.com.  Please let us know your family's experiences with bullying in our comments.

By Marcia Hinds

How many of us still remember bullying incidents that occurred when we were in school? These incidents probably only happened once or twice in our lives, but the pain and those incidents are still etched in our minds as though they happened yesterday. We put the bullying behind us, and may be stronger as a result. But what if the bullying occurred on a weekly basis or even daily? Would it be as easy to overcome?

Bullying can happen at any school. But middle school is often the worst time for our children with autism. Those years are awful for many kids, but for children who are socially and behaviorally different, it can unbearable and physically dangerous. My son was painfully aware that he was different from the other kids and not accepted. Ryan became an easy target for bullies. And since he was lacking in the social skills area, he didn’t have many friends to protect him.

Ryan still carries the scars of what happened during those painful middle school years. I never realized the magnitude of the bullying problem, because Ryan never shared what happened during his day. When he came home, I gave him a hug and asked how school went. The answer was always the same, “School was fine.”

I should have recognized the signs. Every morning when it was time to get ready, the panic started and my son didn’t want to go. Ryan dragged his feet. It took forever to get him out the door. As we got closer and closer to school, he got weirder and weirder. Some days he refused to get out of the car.

I should have realized this apprehension was not part of his autism or his fear of new situations. But, when were late, yet again, I grew tired of his antics. And when I ran out of patience, I just yelled at him to get out of the car. I should have realized that something was terribly wrong, but by that time I just wanted him anywhere away from me. I still carry the guilt from those incidents.

The bully’s “power” to intimidate is usually not challenged, because the other children witnessing it are afraid. No one speaks up, because they do not want to be the bully’s next victim. Bullies infect the social environment and hurts the academic achievement of all children. Their power is that the other kids think “I’m glad that’s not me” or “If I interfere, I might be next.” But, this silence gives bullies the green light to keep going. Bullying must never be tolerated. It leaves permanent scars on the victim, the witnesses, and even the bully. Too often schools and parents accept it as an inevitable part of childhood. They couldn’t be more wrong!  Read the rest of the article here.

Marcia Hinds I Know Youre In ThereMarcia Hinds wrote I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE-Winning Our War Against Autism.

When her son was first diagnosed with autism, the “experts” said Ryan would need to be institutionalized. He is now an aerospace engineer. Ryan’s inspirational story is told in a way that is heartwarming, heartbreaking, and sometimes hilarious. Marcia has a degrees in Psychology/Sociology from UCLA and a teaching credential. But Marcia’s most impressive credential is that she is Ryan’s mom and their family beat autism. You can contact Marcia through her website www.autism-and-treatment.com All profits from all she does goes to the AutismOne nonprofit. Currently, she working with Dr. Sue Swedo (NIMH/PANDAS) and a team of professionals to develop treatment centers at our teaching hospitals.


Vicious Death Threat Emailed to Dr. Suzanne Humphries: "I'm gonna F'ing Murder You You F'ing C-word."

Protector angelBy Kim Rossi

"This email that came through [last night] was different." Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

A vicious death threat email was sent to Dr. Suzanne Humphries from a secure server in Germany that is designed to protect users from tracking.  You and I might have been tempted once or twice to anonymously post a nasty comment here or there (well, never here at A of A.)  I remember commenting something snarky on an old autism blog a decade ago not realizing that IP addresses were trackable - dopey me!  I got caught.  That said... We don't seek out specially designed servers to use a version of the dark web.  Nor do we threaten torture in technicolor, gleeful detail. That's beyond the pale and into psychopathy.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries is doing the right thing by reading this vile email to the public.  Hatred dies in sunshine.

Many of us have been subjected to threats, sometimes veiled as jokes. Remember when one pro-vaxxer joked that Dan and Mark should be "shot?" Ha ha - vaccine pun.  I think it was that woman... Lordy I can't even remember her name. She had a popular blog and a son with severe autism name Charlie. Vox something or other?

I had a cartoon removed from Science blogs many years ago, because the tone went beyond a joke.  Just two weeks ago, Mark Blaxill and I sat with Dr. Andy Wakefield at an art gallery in Massachusetts.  Anyone could have been in the audience. And as much as I love my martial arts, in the rock scissors paper of life, guns from 6 feet away beat kicks and punches every time.  I rarely carry my nunchaku in my purse. (Oy!)

I hope Paul Offit, Brian Deer, Orac Gorski, Dorit Rubenstein Reiss, Amy Pisani, Dr. Richard Pan and any and ALL pro-vaccine advocates come out and say "NO," to this violent threat. To ANY violent threat.  It's the human thing to do, even if opinions are diametrically opposite.

Please keep Dr. Suzanne, Polly and everyone in our community in your thoughts of safety and care. May archangel Michael wrap all of us in his shield of protection.  And as much as Dr. Suzanne says God is her bodyguard, nothing replaces vigilance. And a bodyguard may be a good idea at least short term for her.

If you see something, say something. Trust your alarm bells if they ring in your head.


Hand ropeBy Cathy Jameson

There I was minding my own business while waiting to check out at the grocery store last week.  Not wanting to engage with anyone or deal with anything besides what was on my To Do list, I tried to ignore everything around me.  That worked until I glanced behind me and saw that several employees from various departments of the store had gathered in the same spot.  One of the women, an older gal, smiled brightly as a fellow employee approached the group.  The employee, in her early 30s and not in uniform, joined the women’s conversation.  She’d brought her toddler in with her. Everyone beamed. 

After greeting each other, all eyes and smiles were directed to the child.  Snuggled into his mama, I couldn’t see him too well.  Giving them their privacy, I turned around and took more items out of my cart.  As the conveyor belt moved my food closer to the cashier, I reached back into the cart for more items.  Stealing a glance at the ladies, I heard them chit chatting about the store, other co-workers and the weather.  Before long, the conversation turned, and the ladies’ expressions changed.  I didn’t hear what the young mama had just said, but I could hear the older lady’s voice quite clearly as she reached for and rubbed the little boy’s knee. 

“Oh, poor thing!  You got your shots today.” 

As their smiles turned into frowns, chills went up my spine.

Looking away from the doting older woman, I could finally see the boy’s face.  His eyes were a tad puffy, and his nose needed to be wiped.  Staring back at his mom, I noted that he was able to make eye contact.  

‘Good,’ I thought, ‘….for now,’ I added. 

I shuddered then focused back on what I was doing.  Unloading the last few things from my cart, I shook my head.  Still curious, I glanced one more time at the child.  The ladies were smiling again trying to make him laugh.  One in particular, that older one, kept the conversation going. 

“How old is he now?”

“Two,” the mom replied, “It’s his birthday.”

“Oh, it’s today!  Happy birthday!” the older gal squealed. 

 ‘You mean Happy Shot Day!’ I said to myself.

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Best of Dan Olmsted: Weekly Wrap January 21, 2017

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaNote: About a year has passed since our dear Dan Olmsted, leader of the Rebel Alliance, died.  Feels to me as crushing as when Dumbledore died in the Harry Potter stories. Just an unfathomable blow.

Below is the last Weekly Wrap he wrote. Much has happened in the last 52 weeks - plenty of it pretty darn rotten. We've made precious little progress in vaccine safety within the government. Not sure that's shocking. Many a President has entered the office with agenda points that are quickly replaced by the status quo.  Dan gives a nod to many in our community - and we each carry on within the Alliance in our way. Thanks for your support. Always. Kim

By Dan Olmsted

Bernard Rimland, Bobby Kennedy Jr., Andy Wakefield and now Donald Trump -- yes he does!  -- represent a kind of mainstream thread of vaccine safety advocacy. The first three put themselves forward and paid a price – Rimland went from the father of “autism isn’t caused by parenting” to being considered a fringe quack kook multivitamins cure autism kind of guy. Bobby went from respected environmental Riverkeeper Kennedy scion who beat GE and got the Hudson cleaned up to mercury-thimerosal-obsessed. 

Donald Trump was inaugurated as president Friday, saying what Bernie said. And if ever a paragraph break was called for (pick your reason) this is it.

Dr. Rimland
Dr. Bernie Rimland conspiracy theorist fringe quack kook. And Andy, well, Andy didn’t even pass go – he was considered a fraudulent finge quack kook from just about Day 1.

Covering autism through the prism of an environmental illness, with vaccine safety a paramount issue, I do have more familiarity with these four folks than I might otherwise. Bernie was an indifferent dresser with a messy beard (me too) who, at least in my memory, thundered with the truth. My Kennedy Albanysingle favorite quote in my decade on this beat is his statement that “The autism epidemic is real, and excessive vaccinations are the cause.” This is brilliantly simple, stark and bold. First you have to stipulate that autism has increased exponentially (it has – that’s the subject of Mark Blaxill and my book out later this year). Then you have to be both narrow enough – pointing not just to some vague chemical or environmental exposure – and broad enough – pointing not just to one vaccine, or one ingredient – to survive the onslaught of denial and rebuke and phony science you can expect the minute you say such a thing. (“Excessive vaccinations” even leaves room for mercury as the prime cause, because if they hadn’t Andy Long Beachadded all those vaccines with mercury, kids wouldn’t have gotten enough of it to cause an epidemic – bad as it is at any dose The MMR also fits -- three live viruses in one, and now a fourth in the MMRV; talk about excessive!)

Lately I’ve been thinking of Bernie, as a new president who says much the same thing takes the oath of office; protecting our kids might be described as Job One. Now that he is one day in office I certainly hope that he will take on the issue and bring Bernie’s claim front and center. I think our collective minds were pretty much blown when he summoned Bobby to the Tower and sent him down with some sort of message, garbled or tentative as it may have been, that he intends to tackle vaccines and autism and that people like Bobby are going to play a major role.

What’s more, before the election Trump met with Andy and some kindred spirits who are editors and sponsors of this blog and listened attentively.

These are huge developments that have been a bit overwhelmed – perhaps by presidential-elect design – by the whole shakeup going on in the transfer of power. More than trial balloons, less that full-fledged policy initiatives, they have made the CDC quake in its cesspool, if that’s possible, and the usual talking heads like Offit and Schaffner turn purple with rage (makes me think of Dylan: “The man standing next to me, his head was exploding. Well, I was praying the pieces wouldn't fall on me.”) The mainstream media is both outraged and, one senses, outgunned at the moment. Who cares about the mainstream media anyway? The best story we got out of the Kennedy meeting was from BuzzFeed, which interviewed both me (I?) and J.B. Handley and, except for repeating the antivax canard (which I told them not to in writing) treated the event as news, not as a crime scene. While I was on the phone with them going through security at National Airport, Nature magazine was on the other line. Quite a moment for a humble blogger.

Everyone comes to this issue from a different perspective, although of course for most it’s witnessing or understanding the fact that vaccine damage is much more frequent and much more serious than the “experts” will admit. For Bobby it was understanding the damage of environmental mercury and hearing from enough autism moms to intuit the connection. For Andy it was a call from the mother of two autistic children in England. He tried to interrupt and refer her on to the neurodevelopmental department, but then she started talking about strange GI issues they had, and, thank God, he stopped to listen.

For Bernie it was the recognition that he and his wife were not bad enough parents to have caused their son Mark’s nonstop screaming as an infant and his subsequent odd behaviors. That opened into an insight that autism was not genetic but environmental, and that led into vaccines.

We’ve had committees and commissions before – Mark Blaxill served on one and, with Barbara Loe Fisher, valiantly dissented from its blue ribbon inanity. (See the excellent “From Safety Last to Children First.”)

So however they – and we – got here, the moment is ripe, and Bernie’s dictum ought to be our guiding principle, one we can unite behind. I hope that before long the president will be sitting at a table with Bobby and Andy and many more people, including Mark and Barbara, who have fought long and hard to bring this issue to the fore. And I hope they leave an empty chair for Bernie and that, at least occasionally, everyone looks in its direction and remembers that there is much more common in our cause than anything we might occasionally fight over – that the autism epidemic is real, and excessive vaccinations are the cause.

Rebel Alliance, unite!


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

The Advisory Committee On Childhood Vaccines Votes NO To Tics As Vaccine Injury

Advisory-commission-childhood-vaccinesBy Teresa Conrick

Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines Votes No to Tics as Vaccine Injury

Tics used to be associated with a sole diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome.  Today, they are more frequently seen in Autism Spectrum Disorder, PANDAS, and PANS . Motor, vocal, and whole body - I see videos and discussions about them on the FB groups I frequent, as Meg has both an autism and PANS diagnosis.  I recently read on the World Mercury Project website, this article from Brian Hooker,  Ph.D., P.E. Please read it as he does an excellent job showing some important connections:

Between November 2013 and September 2014, I was in direct contact with the CDC Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson. I recently wrote about my interactions with Dr. Thompson in an editorial piece that appeared in the winter 2017 edition of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (22:119). One of the key issues that I discussed with Dr. Thompson was the relationship between thimerosal and tics, based on CDC’s own publications....

....A significant association between Hg exposure from thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines and a diagnosis of tic disorder (TD) has now been found in six epidemiological studies (Verstraeten et al. 2003Andrews et al. 2004Thompson et al. 2007Young et al, 2008Barile et al. 2012Geier et al. 2015).  The Thompson study states that, “The replication of the findings regarding tics suggests the potential need for further studies.” 

Very recently, there was a glimmer of hope that at least one Federal Agency was going to take the relationship between thimerosal exposure and tics seriously. In December 2017, the Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines(ACCV), the body that determines which vaccine injuries warrant compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), considered adding tics as an injury to the “vaccine injury table” for which compensation should be received. This was on the basis of a separate citizen’s petition to allow tics to be added to the “table” and thus qualify for compensation....This was most likely “a plan” to avoid a flood of tic claims in the NVICP. Surely, the ACCV understood that tics are a common feature in autism(occurring 4 times more frequently in autistic children than in neurotypical).

Different year - same bullshit it seems.  Solid research yet nothing helpful seems to come from it.

I remember this study that Dr. Hooker shared, Mercury intoxication presenting with ticsas I had found it years ago in researching about Meg's symptoms:

Abstract: A 5 year old Chinese boy presented with recurrent oral ulceration followed by motor and vocal tics. The Chinese herbal spray he used for his mouth ulcers was found to have a high mercury content. His blood mercury concentration was raised. Isolated tics as the sole presentation of mercury intoxication has not previously been reported. 

I personally find this fascinating as Meg has presented with tics on/off since age 3.  Since tics are 4 times more prevalent in autism spectrum disorders than in non-affected children and young adults, it is intriguing to look at patterns to figure out what is happening.  The brain , of course, is a well-known recipient to toxic exposures but science is also reporting on the huge impact of the gut microbiome on the brain.  Because Meg had numerous vaccines with Thimerosal, the mercury preservative, and has both autism and the autoimmune disorder, PANDAS/PANS, could there be connections in any of this? 

Autism can present with tics, as this heartbreaking Youtube video shows but tics are also a telling symptom in PANDAS/PANS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU3rmsLV_6w.  Very similar and increasing in numbers.

Let me present research that I have been reading that threads some of this together:

Likely Connection Between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and the Gut Microbiome  

It is also becoming evident that the intestinal microflora regulates brain function and behavior, and may thus influence the pathophysiology of various neuropsychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression, and autism.3,4 

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HHS establishes a new Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division within its Office for Civil Rights, holds livestream today, Jan 18th at 10:30am EST.

by Ginger Taylor

Screen-shot-2017-07-06-at-9-08-46-pm4HHS establishes a new Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division within its Office for Civil Rights, holds livestream today, Jan 18th at 10:30am EST. The religious rights of families in Mississippi, California and West Virginia, along with health care workers and military members, have been violated by demands that they be vaccinated against the conscience of those who hold a pro-life view, and do not want to receive vaccines made from aborted fetal cell lines.

Today HHS gives us an official channel to protest this violation of the 1st Amendment.

"HHS establishes a new Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division within its Office for Civil Rights (OCR) specializing in enforcement of and compliance with laws that protect conscience and the free exercise of religion, and that prohibit coercion and religious discrimination."


WATCH LIVE 10:30 am EST: The #HHS Office of Civil Rights announces new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division to address religious discrimination


"Filing a Conscience or Religious Freedom Complaint If you believe that a covered entity discriminated against you (or someone else) on the basis of conscience or religious freedom, coerced you to violate your conscience or religious beliefs, or burdened your free exercise of religion, you may file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). You may file a complaint for yourself, your organization, or for someone else."


It is time to organize a formal complaint process for those who have both been forced into injecting these products, and for those who have been tricked into receiving these products, because they were not given informed consent.

American Teens Eating A Big Bowl of Stupid: Laundry Detergent

Retro stupidBy Kim Rossi

There's no kind way to say this, so I won't attempt to hide my scorn, not at the kids but the system.  American kids who are eating Tide laundry soap packets are not well. Yes, kids will be kids. Kids do stupid things. I did stupid things. Life threatening even. I did not eat laundry soap. Period. End of story.  I had an instinct that told me, "This will kill you."

I see a lack of basic critical self-preservation skills in this new Tide Challenge. My daughters with autism have almost no self-protective skills. It's part of the their disability. Eat a Tide pod is within the realm of cognitive disability.

When I was a kid, we used to belt out "The Comet Song." I'll bet you know it yourself. Eating detergent was a joke even a 6 year old kid could understand. We also used to sing "Glory Glory Hallelujah, teacher hit me with a rulah (hey, I grew up in BAHSTUN Massachusetts so the rhyme worked perfectly) I hid behind the door with a loaded 44 and the teacher is no more." That was before school aged males were prone to mass school shootings.

The kids are not all right.  I'm sure the AAP will come out with a grave statement of concern any moment. Remember when Katie Wright wrote about their response to the cinnamon challenge a few years ago?  Perhaps if we weren't over vaccinating our kids into oblivion they'd have a lot fewer challenges.

James Lyons-Weiler PhD "New York Times Has Lost It"

James Lyons WeilerNote: Vaccination rights continue to be a major issue facing Americans - despite most having no inkling or care about the topic. Until someone they love is vaccine injured. Thanks to James Lyons-Weiler for this article on the state of the Golden State.

Clearly, The New York Times has lost it.

STATES ACROSS THE US are working to secure patient’s – and parents’ rights to informed consent.  Rights are assured in 49/50 states.  Since mandates first came into existence, over 90 years ago, state legislatures found it wise to respect religious and philosophical exemptions for waivers for school attendance.

I won’t name which states are finding it necessary to work on legislation to re-assert patient rights because those who need to know are working on it, and I won’t broadcast these initiatives and give opponents information that can use to curb these developments.

In one state, state legislators are demanding that they, not the health department, have the final say on which vaccines are approved for use on patients in their states.  Why?  Because they, not appointed officials, answer to the electorate – and their constituents are taking up a lot of time in their offices educating them on vaccine risk.

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Hep B Vaccination at Birth May Not be Necessary in India, Says Study

Indian clinicBy Jacob Puliyel MD MRCP M Phil

A large multi-centre study done in North India shows that many newborns are protected at birth by natural antibodies to Hepatitis-B and so Hep-B vaccination at birth is not necessary.

The study funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) lends support to the government's pragmatic approach to vaccinate babies born at home starting at six weeks instead of at birth.

The study, whose findings have been published in the Indian Journal of Pediatrics, was done to look at whether Hepatitis-B vaccination at birth was crucial for India.

"We found birth dose was not needed as infection rates were the same regardless of birth dose," says Jacob Puliyel the study's primary author and a pediatrician at St. Stephens Hospital in Delhi.

Hepatitis-B virus (HBV) can cause chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and lead to hepato-cellular carcinoma (HCC) in susceptible persons.

Most babies are naturally immune to Hepatitis-B infection due to passive transfer of antibodies from the mother.

India started vaccinating children against Hepatitis-B in 2011. It is given at birth to babies born in hospitals. However, because many babies are delivered at home, outside of healthcare settings, the government introduced the pragmatic programme schedule of HBV vaccination, wherein the vaccine is given starting at six weeks to children born outside such health-care settings.

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Professor Chris Exley on the Deaf Ear Turned Toward His Autism Aluminum Research

Not listeningNote: Chris Exley Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry Keele University Honorary Professor, UHI Millennium Institute Group Leader - Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keelepublished expresses what so many brave scientists before him have encountered when their results challenge the status quo.  He calls the refusal to cover his science "the din of silence." We know it's a playbook straight out of the age of Big Tobacco. Cover up. Shut up. Shut down.  Thank you, Professor Exley.


By Professor Chris Exley

Sometimes silence can speak volumes. In December 2017, we published in a highly reputable journal our research suggesting a link between human exposure to aluminium and the aetiology of autism.

The research showed that individuals who died with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) had very high levels of aluminium in their brain tissue. However, the standout observation was not necessarily the amount of aluminium but its predominant location in non-neuronal cells and especially microglia.

In an interview immediately following presentation of this research, I expressed my opinion that these new data had forced me to change my mind about a putative role for aluminium in autism.

I was aware of the emotive nature of our research and especially as I knew that it would bring into focus a possible link between aluminium adjuvants in vaccines and autism, though this link was not discussed in the paper. However, I am not sure that I was prepared for the nature of the response to our research. Perhaps the most deafening response has been the tsunami of silence perpetuated by all mainstream media, almost globally! Compliant with this has been my own University that did not even deem the research ‘worthy’ of a mention in its own weekly news outlet. When one considers the nature of much of the science that makes headline news one is left wondering what it is about a link between aluminium and autism that is not deemed newsworthy. Perhaps mainstream media were unaware of the research.

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Young Woman with Asperger's "Discharged" From Baltimore Hospital into Frigid Cold

University-of-maryland-medical-center-officeNote: Below is a rotten story of the unceremonious discharge of a 22 year old woman with Asperger's  onto the freezing streets of Baltimore, Maryland.  At age 22, unless her mother had guardianship, the hospital did not have to share information by law. However, human decency might have been an option. If you have a child with autism and even Asperger's, please consider the legal means  available post age 18 so that you can continue or make or assist with legal, financial and medical decisions for your child.  I'm reminded of a scene from my favorite movie, Parenthood, with Steve Martin. "Friends!?? Friends slow down. They even stop!" (See below.) This hospital was no friend. Expect more of this callous treatment as the medical community is PURPOSEFULLY unprepared to care of our loved ones. Note, the woman is 22, not 42, not 52. 22 years old. The epidemic has started to age out. Here we go...


From Fox News Baltimore

Baltimore hospital video fallout: Woman who identifies as patient's mom says she was mocked by security

A woman who says she’s the mother of a patient dumped on the street outside a Baltimore hospital in frigid weather this week says she was laughed at and stonewalled by hospital staff while trying to find out about the status of her daughter.

The mother, who spoke to CBS News and identified herself only as Cheryl, said her daughter, Rebecca, is “not deaf, not a prostitute, not a drug addict,” but suffers from bipolar disorder and Asperger’s syndrome. The woman was filmed moaning and pacing around outside the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus on Tuesday after being discharged by workers, in a video that has gone viral.

"The hospital wasn't being helpful," Cheryl told CBS News. "I called the security department [and] they laughed at me. When I told them, 'That's my daughter in the video and I just need to find out if she's in the hospital,' they laughed at me. Every person that I talked to at the hospital either hung up on me or told me to email the hospital, and that everyone was going to tell me the same thing."

Josh Mazer: Ironclad case for HPV vaccination isn't there yet

GardasilNote: Thank you to DC area AofA friend and supporter Josh Mazer for writing this op-ed about HPV vaccine. Please take a moment to click into the newspaper so that the clicks register your interest in the topic and leave a comment as well. This is one way we can boost coverage of the vaccine safety issues we all face.  Newspapers like clicks. From this we know! :) Thanks.

Cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) are devastating and affect men and women alike. Because the disease is sexually transmitted, and the preventive HPV vaccine is recommended for boys and girls starting as young as age nine, parents might have concerns.

I attended with my 12-year-old daughter the Anne Arundel Medical Center Smart Women Lecture Series Thursday at Belcher Pavilion on the HPV vaccine. We left with more questions than answers.

The panel consensus is that virtually all youngsters receive the HPV vaccine. The CDC and American Cancer Society say that there will be 12,000 cervical cancers diagnosed in the United States each year, among a population of 170 million women. The chances of my daughter being diagnosed in any given year are 12,000 out of 170 million, which works out to .007 percent. The odds of her not being diagnosed in any given year, by the same math, is 99.9929 percent.

Given the relatively high cost of each shot, either two or three are required, and the extremely low probability of the diagnosis, I question whether a mass vaccination program to prevent these cancers, as horrible as they are, is the wisest and best use of limited resources. Would the same money spent countering opioid addiction, or drunken driving in Anne Arundel county perhaps save more lives? Read more at Capital Gazette here.

LabCorp Patents Test for Autism

LapCorp patent
Note:  LabCorp has received a patent on a method for diagnosing autism spectrum disorders. 

The invention generally relates to methods for diagnosing autism spectrum disorders. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a method for diagnosing presence or increased risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder in a subject.

Type: Grant
Filed: March 17, 2014
Date of Patent: December 5, 2017
Assignee: Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
Inventors: David Michael Margulies, Mark Firman Bear

Read about the patent here.

The method, invented by David Michael Margulies and Mark Firman Bear of Massachusetts, involves taking a tissue or body sample from a subject and then conducting a test to identify variant sequences in the subject’s genetic code, which may signify “the presence or an increased risk of developing autism spectrum disorders.” Testing can be done on children and fetuses, according to the patent.

The method is stated to aid in the diagnosis of five autism spectrum disorders, all of which fall under the umbrella of pervasive developmental disorders: autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, Rett’s disorder, and nonspecific pervasive developmental disorders.

The method claims to have multiple applications, each of which provides insight into the biological basis of autism spectrum disorders through different lenses.

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Best of: I Have Come to Realize

Sun burn handNote: Cathy is enjoying a weekend with her beautiful family.  We ran this post in May of 2013.

By Cathy Jameson

A few years ago, a friend tagged me in a note on Facebook called “I Have Come to Realize”.  Every sentence began “I have come to realize that...” and included about thirty random ideas.  My friend had filled in her realizations and asked that I copy/paste the note and offer my own.  It was a neat activity that had nothing to do with autism, so I quickly followed the directions.  Copying the outline, I filled in my answers and then shared the note with my friends. 

I’ve since deleted the note off of Facebook, but I saved the answers in my writing file.  I did this to capture my thoughts in that moment of time hoping to learn from them in the future.  I come across that file every now and then and always make time to reread it.  Some of the entries make me laugh while others give me an insight to the fears I had at the time.  Many of those revolved around Ronan.  Some of them are the same fears that I still have today. 

With those worries never too far from my thoughts, I experience mixed emotions when I open the file.  I feel trapped in that some things haven’t yet changed for the better.  I also feel a bit stronger knowing that I have at least admitted that I am afraid. 

From several years ago:

- I HAVE COME TO REALIZE that I have lost...a lot of time by researching instead of doing or just living.

- I HAVE COME TO REALIZE that when I get on Facebook...I escape to my past since I'm afraid of the future.

- I HAVE COME TO REALIZE that my friends...are more of a lifeline that I imagined.

- I HAVE COME TO REALIZE that this year...is one full of questioning but also of accepting.

- I HAVE COME TO REALIZE that I'm totally terrified...of many things now that I'm a Mom.

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Best of: Standing Orders and How they Affect Adult Vaccination Rights

Vax for Adults
Note: On Thursday, Mary Romaniec moderated a panel for Vaccine Choice Massachusetts featuring Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the movie The Pathological Optimist. One of the topics covered during the Q&A was standing orders.  We're running Mary's article  again to revisit this important topic.

By Mary Romaniec

State and local health departments, along with large medical practices, are poised to increase adult immunization rates by implementing policies and procedures that support a program known as “Standing Orders.” 

At a recent event held in Boston, a small group of demonstrators stood outside the Westin Copley hotel where the Take A Stand™: Use Standing Orders to Improve Adult Immunization Rates workshop was taking place.  The workshop is described as “a unique national program being conducted for a limited time by the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), supported by a sponsorship from Pfizer”.

If IAC sounds familiar it is because they are the group that boasted how they used their listserv to get “Vaxxed” banned from Tribeca Film Festival.

Demonstrators explained the problem is that Standing Orders is a form of collusion and corruption to push pharmaceutical interests, spreading it out across the country via the kind of workshops held in Boston.  In other words, they are going straight to health departments and doctor practices to show them how to increase adult immunizations rates via on file Standing Orders to vaccinate according to the CDC adult schedule (flu, shingles, boosters).  The move essentially shuts down public knowledge and discourse on the subject by going around state legislators or open forums for discussion. 

According to Dr. L.J. Tan from IAC, “Our challenge is adult immunization rates are very poor.  Standing Orders allow a practice to routinize administration of vaccines,” Tan said. 

By routinize, Tan clarified that it meant the practitioner, or someone on staff, can have a conversation about the need for boosters or other adult vaccines.  However, the caveat in the details is that it means your personal physician can write in your medical charts a “standing order”, which can then be done against your knowledge or will in any hospital setting. 

What happens in hospitals?

When you enter any hospital for an emergency or surgery, you sign a bunch of forms prior to them treating you or a loved one.  One of the things you consent to is to be treated with “biologics”, which is a code word for a wide range of products including vaccines.  So if your regular physician has in the chart a standing order (even if you don’t know they wrote it) you could be given a vaccine against your will or knowledge.  Informed patients may write “No vaccines” on any admittance form, but what happens if there are contradictory standing orders from your physician?  Who would be accountable if they vaccinate an unconscious patient who had objected in writing? Truthfully, probably no one. 

What medical professionals know that legislators don’t

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Autism Rate Jumps by Richard Moore

Lakeland times
Note: Investigative reporter Richard Moore of The Lakeland Times featured AofA's Mark Blaxill in this recent article. A second article that ran yesterday is also excerpted below, titled, Autism numbers spike: The latest call to action

By Richard Moore

Autism rate jumps to 1 in 36 U.S. children ASD spikes by 23.2 percent in two years in parental survey

In the highest reported percentage ever for autism prevalence in the United States, a recently released survey of parents by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) puts the rate for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in American children at 2.76 percent, or 1 in 36.

A November 2017 data brief reporting the new numbers culled information from the National Health Information Survey (NHIS). The survey was conducted 2014-2016.

According to the NCHS, the new numbers do not represent a statistically significant increase in autism prevalence over the three-year period. In 2014, the rate was 2.24 percent for American children.

Looked at another way, though, the 2.24 percent number placed the autism rate at about 1-in-45 children; the 2016 figure represents an autism rate of 1-in-36 children. The prevalence rate for 2015 was 2.41 percent, or 1-in-41.5 children.

The November 2017 data brief provides the latest prevalence estimates for diagnosed autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, and other developmental delay among children aged 3-17 years from the 2014-2016 National Health Interview Survey, the brief states.

"Estimates are also presented for any developmental disability, defined as having had one or more of these three diagnoses," the data brief states. "Prevalence estimates are based on parent or guardian report of ever receiving a diagnosis of each developmental disability from a doctor or other health care professional."

Differing numbers

Both the 1-in-45 number and the 1-in-36 rates are higher than the official CDC (Centers for Disease Control) autism rate of 1-in-68 children.

The official rate was released in the spring of 2016; new numbers should be released in the next several months. The 2016 numbers were unchanged from those released in 2014, suggesting a leveling off in the increase in the rate of autism.

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Wall Street Journal Joins Mother Jones in Attacking Oprah Winfrey for 11 Year Old Show on Vaccines

SPEAK TRUTHMother Jones and The Wall Street Journal don't cross paths often. But when it comes to the Pharma/Government media noose as regards the vaccine autism topic, they are comfy, cozy bedfellows following orders from.... somewhere.   The American public heard Oprah talk about "Speaking your truth" as it relates to sexual assault and the "me too" message that women do not have to put up with shaming, violence, or any sort of influence of in order to have success. And so, the pharma media juggernaut has gone into full discredit mode.  Why on earth would these two publications dredge up an ELEVEN year old TV episode of Oprah's talk show? 

Can the average American see the immediate reaction to anything that "threatens" free thought regarding vaccination safety? Pharma is like Kim Jung Un in North Korea.  Deny, lie, shut down any perceived opposition. Except their button is millions of syringes going into our kids. The world applauded Winfrey's message. And so do we. I, as a woman, as a woman who teaches self defense to others, as a woman who has vaccine injured children, I applaud her message. SPEAK THE TRUTH EVEN IF YOUR VOICE SHAKES.  The WSJ calls Winfrey's message "bromides," the definition of which is a trite and unoriginal idea or remark, typically intended to soothe or placate.  

Lord, I need a Bromo Seltzer after reading even the snip of the article that you can see from the WSJ online. We do not and will not pay for a prescription (oops, I mean subscription) to this paper.  I hope Winfrey gets very, very angry and speaks more truth.  Kim

Oprah’s ‘Truth’ and Its Potentially Deadly Consequences
She gave Jenny McCarthy a platform to promote the discredited idea that vaccines cause autism.
By Julie Gunlock
Jan. 10, 2018 6:47 p.m. ET

Former daytime television superstar and rumored Democratic presidential candidate Oprah Winfrey won the Cecil B. DeMille Award at Sunday night’s Golden Globes. In the “complicated times” we live in, she said during her acceptance speech, “speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”

While such bromides may play well with an audience of entertainers, Ms. Winfrey’s applause lines should be a warning to those who take her political ambitions seriously. She built.....

Thinking Moms on Whether Facebook is Broken

Facebook-like-button1NOTE: The very idea that social media is "broken" because it allows those of us with vaccine injured children to have a conversation about the topic is laughable. Social media has changed the world - altered politics - tumbled careers - aaaahhhh, now I get it.  This is in line with the current Oprah bashing going on after her "speak the truth" message at the Golden Globes.  In America there is only one topic - ONE - that is verboten, and that's vaccination injury.  You can be SWMSWFCBLGBTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ but you can NOT be someone who questions vaccines. Thanks to Thinking Moms Revolution for this terrific post excerpt.


This was written in response to an opinion piece published in the Washington Post entitled “The Anti-Vaccine Movement Shows Why Facebook Is Broken.”

I think it’s rather amusing that everyone in the mainstream media and medical community spends so much time (and wastes so much money) trying to analyze why we are the way we are, as opposed to just asking us. The idea that we have some secret network, where we share information and plot to destroy the world (all the while balancing caring for our special-needs children, navigating services, attending IEP meetings, and driving to therapies and medic appointments) is rather funny.

There is no code word for anti-vaxxers (or their groups). Some of us are against all vaccines, some against the corrupt science, some against one vaccine or ingredient, some who just believe in safer schedules or who fight for informed consent and most allow anyone to be a part (in fact wish everyone would stand up for a better system).

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Mother Jones Writer Ridicules Oprahs Free Speech Stance on Vaccination Conversation

Sthanlee Mirador/Sipa USA via AP

GOOD GRIEF: This is how fast and furious the vaccine injury denialists (aka pharmaceutical industry) can step on the neck of anyone it fears could call out their bullsh*t.  Oprah Winfrey is pretty much an American treasure.  The mere mention of her as a Presidential candidate must have riled up the troops to get writin' and fightin' and discreditin' Winfrey for having the audacity to allow many of our friends - including AofA's own Katie Wright - to discuss vaccine injury and autism on her talk show more than ten (10!) years ago.   Read a snip of Mother Jones writer Megan Jula, a 2016 college graduate, which puts her at maybe 24 years of age, below. Her tone is classic "debunkisms" fed from the pharma playbook.  Of course, Ms. Jula has a damn good chance of having a child of her own with vaccine injury and perhaps even autism. We'll be here if she needs us. We hope she  never does. We don't roll that way . We don't wish ill on others as so many have wished our kids to die from"vaccine preventable" disease. And we never will.

I hope Oprah takes note of the instant attack. We want a world where 1 in 36 kids does not hear "And YOU get autism! And YOU get autism! And YOU get autism!!!"


From Mother Jones

Calls for Oprah Winfrey to run for president may have begun as a joke, but in the wake of her rousing Golden Globes speech, speculation has swirled. CNN even ran live updates on a potential “Oprah 2020” campaign on Monday. President Donald Trump told reporters he doubts Winfrey will run, though he also declared he would win a campaign against her. 

Some progressives welcomed the idea that Winfrey, a popular media icon whose star power could eclipse even that of Trump, might take on the president in 2020. Winfrey, who endorsed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is well know for championing a wide range of important causes, such as promoting reading and founding the Leadership Academy for Girls in Johannesburg, South Africa. But there’s one area in which Winfrey and her would-be opponent are surprisingly alike: Both she and Trump have helped spread the inaccurate—and dangerous—myth that vaccines cause autism or other health problems.

Cancer Rates Drop Mostly Due To Smoking Cessation

ToeNote: I came across an article about cancer deaths and thought it worth sharing for your opinions. Cancer deaths are said to be down in America. Of course that's good news. Except that I know far too many young Moms in their 30s and 40s with breast and thyroid cancer, and brain cancer has taken several acquaintances over the last five years.

Now, imagine if the bulk of funding for cancer had been purely in genetics over the last several decades because the cigarette industry continued to win its battle to hide the facts about smoking safety.  Sound familiar? How bad would it be (hint, not at all) if we found the environmental cause(s) to what we call autism in 2018 and watched rates plummet? Would our kids never have been born? Of course not. They'd still likely have quirks we love, intelligence we respect and maybe even subtle traits we might identify as "spectrumy." But they wouldn't be disabled, like my girls.

See that photo? That's my Bella's painful, raw toe.  I noticed this wound on both of her feet on Sunday. I have no idea which shoes did this to her feet. Shoes that I have been putting on her feet every day.  She's had behaviors in school.  "Aggression." Ha ha.

Maybe her feet hurt like hell and she couldn't tell anyone?

How bad would it be to get rid of THAT?  Kim

Cancer deaths have fallen yet again, thanks mostly to huge declines in smoking, the American Cancer Society said Thursday.

More than 2.3 million people have not died of cancer since 1991 who otherwise would have if cancer rates had remained unchanged, the group said in its annual report on cancer.

Yet 4,700 Americans are diagnosed with cancer every day and cancer remains the No. 2 cause of death in the United States, right behind heart disease.

Related: Sometimes, cancer is random

“A decline in consumption of cigarettes is credited with being the most important factor in the drop in cancer death rates,” said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society.

“Strikingly though, tobacco remains by far the leading cause of cancer deaths today, responsible for nearly three in ten cancer deaths.”

Generation Rescue: 5 Ways to Reduce Exposure to Toxins in Your Home

Gen Rescue SquareNote: Thanks to our sponsor Generation Rescue for ideas on how we can all increase our health safety at home.  Tops are from Dr. Peter Koslowski.  Dr. Kozlowski is a Family Practice M.D. who specializes in Functional Medicine. He has trained with many leaders in the field such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Susan Blum. He focuses on nutrition, gut health, and underlying environmental triggers to create individualized treatment plans.  We encourage you to visit the GR site regularly for actionable info for the entire family.


Team GR: Environmental detox is important for all families to consider. We asked Dr. Peter Kozlowski, one of our favorite natural medicine doctors, for the best ways to eliminate those pesky toxins lurking in our home.

Written by Dr. Peter Kozlowski, M.D.

Our homes are where we spend most of our time and a place where we can minimize our exposure to toxins.

Toxins come in all forms and sizes. We can create toxic burdens in our bodies through what we eat. High sugar diets cause high insulin, which creates metabolic toxicity.

Toxins can be chemical such as heavy metals or mycotoxins, biological such as bacterial, viral or fungal toxins, physical such as radiation or trauma, or psychological such as chronic stress or toxic relationships.

Some of these toxins are evident. Others are not so evident and quietly burden our bodies.

Here are five things you can do today to reduce your exposure to toxins in your home.

Focus on the air

Dust in the home has the highest percentage of air born pollutants. Get a HEPA/carbon air filter to control dust.

The carbon cleans gases, fumes, and smokes, while the HEPA cleans particles greater than 0.3 microns. Use a HEPA vacuum (air sealed) frequently, focus on the bedroom.

Bring down pollutants by opening your windows, but turn off your filter while open. Leave your shoes outside, they carry pesticides. Remove wall to wall carpeting, which traps toxins from our shoes, and is a source of flame retardant.

If you have poor ventilation, carbon monoxide from the furnace or hot water tank could be contaminating the air in your home. Faulty plumbing could lead to air contamination from sewer gas. If you smell or suspect mold get a mold inspection.

Finally, chimneys should be airtight glass and have a direct vent.

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Anne Dachel On the Shift from Teaching to Trauma Management in Our Schools as Special Education Needs Grow

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

As we begin a new year, the stories continue. Schools everywhere in the English-speaking world are trying to deal with children with special needs. Regular education is looking more and more like special education. Accommodations for children who can’t learn typically, who can’t focus, and who can’t behave in a classroom are the order of the day. Schools are dealing with things as best they can. They’re trying a host of interventions and adjustments to help the situation, and that’s why we’re seeing so many stories about schools adding in-school mental health services, behavior coaches, sensory/de-escalation rooms, later starting times to reduce anxiety, therapy dogs, fidget toys, flexible seating, mindfulness calming practices 

Why are so many schools doing these things? Why now? How has education managed without them in the past? These are questions no one is asking. Instead, we’re solemnly told that new research shows that children who can’t function in school are that way because of “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (ACEs) or trauma inflicted on them AT HOME. Teachers are being trained to recognize trauma-injured children. It’s a neat little revival of the old “refrigerator mom” blame game that was used for years to explain autism in a child.

We’re also being told that bullying and the impact of social media is behind behavioral problems in kids today.

The truth is childhood has changed. Our kids are both chronically ill with a host of physical problems as well as learning and behavioral issues. The proof is there for all to see in countless reports everyday on Google News.

The stories I’ve included here are from a much larger collection, so this is but a glimpse and they should be scaring everyone.

This is now the new norm in schools.

Nov 27, 2017, (UK) Coventry Telegraph: Why this mum has decided to home-educate her autistic daughter –Eleven-year-old Emily says she found school confusing and overwhelming and would become angry and lash out                                                                                                                

It revealed a 57% increase in children with a statement, or equivalent, being educated at home.

There has also been a rise in the number of children with recognised needs, but without a school place.

Almost 1,000 children with this highest level of special needs are waiting for a place.

Nov 27, 2017, Youngstown (OH) Vindicator: Rich Center launches $6M campaign          

The Rich Center has provided hundreds of area families with education and treatment for children with autism, but it needs to expand its capacity to meet the growing need…

Nov 27, 2017, Edmond (OK) Trumpet:  Elementary Schoolteachers Flee Classroom Violence

While the problems with student violence are particularly bad in Harrisburg, this is a national problem. The National Center for Education Statistics released its 2016 Indicators of School Crime and Safety report, finding that “10 percent of elementary teachers and 9 percent of secondary teachers reported being threatened by a student from their school in 2011–12.”

Nov 27, 2017, KMA Radio, Des Moines: Study: Iowa kids face greater challenges than others

A new study finds Iowa children face more Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs than kids in many other states. ACEs might include the death of a parent, being a victim of violence, or living with someone with a drug or alcohol problem. …

ACEs can have serious, long-term impacts on a child’s health and well-being, Davis says, by contributing to high levels of toxic stress that derail healthy physical, social and emotional development.

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