New Study Confirms That Mercury Is Linked to Autism

WMPNOTE:  If you're in the Metro NY area, please join us in New York city on Monday night, December 5th to celebrate the launch of the World Mercury Project with Robert Kennedy, Jr.    Tickets are just $30 or $50 for VIP seating and a signed book.  Go to EventBrite to learn more and purchase your ticket. I'll see you there! (Kim) About the event:

After decades of successfully trumpeting major environmental causes, Robert Kennedy Jr. has recently turned his attention to mercury, and its impact on human health. With major medical organizations like the Endocrine Society now recognizing toxicity as causing disease in human beings, The World Mercury Project is a timely contribution to our collective well-being.

Mr. Kennedy's project is as important as it is controversial, with his focus shifting to a tenuous source of mercury in adults and humans: the modern vaccine schedule. We hope you will join us for this illuminating conversation.

Interviewing Mr. Kennedy is Evolution of Medicine founder James Maskell


New Study Confirms That Mercury Is Linked to Autism

Two new studies by international teams, including Egyptian scientists, have validated the link between autism and mercury.

In an article published in the journal Metabolic Brain Disease, a team of nine scientists from leading Egyptian universities and medical schools confirmed the causal role of mercury in the onset of autism.

The scientists determined the extent of mercury poisoning in children by measuring urinary excretion of organic compounds called porphyrins, which act as biomarkers for mercury toxicity. The researchers also measured blood levels of mercury and lead. The researchers found a strong relationship between mercury toxicity and the presence of autism and a direct correlation between levels of mercury toxicity and the severity of autism symptoms.

The scientists studied 100 children; 40 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), 40 healthy individuals and 20 healthy siblings of ASD children. The results showed that the children with ASD had significantly higher mercury levels than healthy children and healthy siblings. Children with the highest mercury levels had the most severe autism symptoms.

At least six American studies have linked autism presence or severity to mercury exposure as determined by measuring urinary porphyrins. The first study, completed by Heyer et al. in 2012 (Autism Res 5:84) showed a correlation between the presence of autism and specific urinary porphyrins associated with mercury toxicity. This affirmed an earlier study by Kern et al. (2011, Pediatr Int 53:147) where specific porphyrins associated with mercury toxicity were significantly higher in ASD children as compared to non-autistic controls. Woods et al. (2010, Environ Health Perspect 118:1450) also saw disordered porphyrin metabolism in autistic kids which was not observed in non-autistic control children. This again suggested increased mercury toxicity associated with autism and autism spectrum disorder.

Read more at World Mercury Project here.

"Thank God For Disneyland [Measles Outbreak] Says "Health" Speaker at NYU Vaccine Event

Measles bannerNOTE:  As AofA readers know, the measles outbreak at Disneyland was the spark that lit the fuse that had been laid out for California's SB277 vaccine exemption removal bill.  We've been writing about  the "Confronting Vaccine Resistance" event held at NYU before Thanksgiving.  Anne Dachel has a quote from the event - "Thank God for Disneyland."  What about the worry about sick kids? The scourge of measles? The deaths! The doom! Thank God?  Wow.... Such concern for kids.

By Anne Dachel

Dr. Suzanne Humphries attended a meeting on promoting vaccines at NYU in New York City on November 21, 2016.  The speakers for this conference were California State Senator Richard Pan, Dr. Paul Offit and law professor Dorit Reiss.

The title of the conference was “Confronting Vaccine Resistance,” and the audience consisted of medical students and other in the medical profession.

The video starts with NYU law professor Mary Holland and Suzanne Humphries, MD on their way into the talk.  Mary said she wanted to ask the panel how their perspective squares with informed consent.

After the three hour conference, Suzanne discussed what was said at the talk with Polly Tommey on the Vaxxed Bus. (Suzanne’s remarks are transcribed below.)

During the 45 minute interview, Suzanne described how pro-industry forces see parents who question vaccines, and it's clear that medical students are being schooled to ridicule, intimidate and threaten those parents who are concerned about safety. Doctors and future doctors attending this session couldn't possibly miss the thinly veiled message that anyone in the medical profession who doesn't support every vaccine 100 percent will be dealt with severely. Dr. Bob Sears was a focus of the pro-industry panel as well as Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Sears was held up as an example of bad medical practices, in other words: this is what happens to dissenting professionals. Andy was the fraud, and to convince the audience, they lied about what was in the Lancet article.

I felt I needed to transcribe exactly what Suzanne said to Polly because there is so much important information here. We can all be grateful that Suzanne had the opportunity to be there and hear this firsthand.

It's clear that med students are being indoctrinated to believe that it’s their duty as doctors to vaccinate every child. Even giving a medical exemption will be scrutinized. If these industry spokespeople get their way, there won’t be any need for laws to remove exemptions—doctors simply won’t give any.

It isn’t enough that Wal-Mart offers shoppers vaccines for flu, pneumonia, shingles, meningitis, hepatitis, and even HPV, the audience was told that even dentists should be vaccinating their patients!

These medical students were told that there is no such thing as a serious vaccine reaction, and informed consent is not needed when it comes to giving vaccines. Above all, they heard that there is no need to investigate the claims of anyone talking about side effects.

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Robert Kennedy Jr Speaks Out Against PharMercury In Children: World Mercury Project

How is it that so many can not understand that mercury is poison in all forms?  Even when it makes money?  Thank you to Robert Kennedy, Jr. and our very good friends Lyn Redwood, Heidi Roger, Katie Weisman, Chris Pierce and Laura Bono, the fierce WMP team dedicated to pediatric health. Over anything else.  We need to end the autism epidemic from every direction.  Visit World Mercury Project today and consider a donation, please.

Laura Hayes Asks NYU President About Controversial Anti-Medical Rights Lecture

Laura HayesBy Laura Hayes

I have contacted NYU regarding the lecture last week at its Langone Medical Center

Last week, on Monday, Nov. 21st, I called the Office of the President at NYU to express that I was both disappointed and disturbed by a lecture being presented at NYU, specifically, the lecture by Paul Offit, Richard Pan, and Dorit Reiss titled "Confronting Vaccine Resistance: Strategies for Success".  I spoke to the woman who answered the phone in President Andrew Hamilton's office, Kyle, for 10-15 minutes.  She was polite and professional, and heard me out, which I greatly appreciated.  I gave her my contact information in hopes that Mr. Hamilton, or someone in his office, would call me back to discuss my concerns further.  I did not hear back from anyone.

Today, I called again, and spoke to Kyle for the second time.  Again, she was polite and professional, and heard me out.  I inquired as to whether or not NYU was going to host another lecture to counter and correct the information that was presented at NYU last week.  She did not know, as the President's office had not been in contact with the Director of Langone Medical Center.  She ended up giving me the number for Langone, and told me I could email Mr. Hamilton, as he was presently out of town.  I followed through on both counts.

I called Langone Medical Center, and first spoke with a woman in the Office of Communications.  She transferred me to the Director of Media Relations, Mr. James Devitt.  I told Mr. Devitt my concerns about NYU hosting the lecture and speakers that it did last week, and asked whether a subsequent lecture would be offered to counter and correct what was shared with NYU's medical staff and students.  He did not know anything about the lecture to which I was referring, so he took down my name and number, and said he would check into it and get back to me.  

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Dachel Wake Up: Drain The CDC Swamp!

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

The controversy over the safety of vaccines couldn’t be more heated than it is right now.  The stories of hideous vaccine injuries suffered by Americans everywhere as shown by the Vaxxed Team have created a movement. Pressure is increasing on Congress to call the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, to testify about research fraud and cover-up.

(As Andrew Wakefield told me in a recent interview“I think that there is a point beyond which, for example, [U.S. Senator]Jason Chaffetz, it becomes politically very, very dangerous for him NOT to proceed with a hearing because it then looks like he’s an accessory to the fraud. He been two years saying ‘We’re investigating, we’re investigating.’ Now it’s got to happen. It’s got to happen, otherwise he becomes part of the problem. …We’re in a very strong position; we just have to keep that moving forward.) 

This recent article by Robert Kennedy, Jr. reveals just how bad things have gotten down in Atlanta.  (Notice that the article from The Hill, the congressional news source that Kennedy cites, is about the influence of Coca-Cola over the CDC. It’s almost laughable compared to web of pharma control that permeates everywhere in that agency. )

Nov 21, 2016, CDC Scientists Expose Agency Corruption

By Robert Kennedy, Jr.

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Fear and Smear: The "Vaccine Resistance" Playbook

Otto and joshuaBy Anne Dachel Offit_blog

Below is the Facebook response from Paul Offit to what happened at NYU yesterday last week before the Confronting Vaccine Resistance seminar.  Read about the Offitburst at AofA here.

Of course, it's all about him. So much for understanding "vaccine hesitancy," which was the theme of the symposium where he was speaking.

Paul Offit

ConfrontLet me explain what happened yesterday. Dorit Rubinstein Reiss sent me an email stating that the VAXXED crowd would be protesting before the symposium in front of NYU-Langone. So I took the early morning train (6:30 am) from Philly so that I could get to NYU before they gathered. I don't like having to walk through crowds like this for obvious reasons (I had to do this once at the CDC and it wasn't fun.) I entered the main building where I was met by a security guard. I told him that I was one of the speakers and he directed me to go to the cafeteria for breakfast where "I would be safe."

After sitting near the window for about 15 minutes (not imagining this would ever be a problem) I noticed Polly Tommey filming me from the street and another woman gesturing for me to look at their VAXXED truck. It was unnerving. I felt ambushed. At the same time that I noticed this, a man claiming to be "the cameraman for VAXXED" came up behind me and asked me to come in to the VAXXED truck to be interviewed. He had what looked like a camera which was around his neck but now I know that he was actually recording me. I asked him if he was recording me and he said that he wasn't. I declined his request politely several times but he persisted.

Frankly the guy was a little frightening (now I know that this was Josh Coleman, who has a criminal past). So I cursed at him. Not terribly proud of this, but I'm human. I also can't stand the way that the "VAXXED team" denigrates children with autism and scares parents away from vaccines. Frankly, I think their "quest" is a dangerous one.

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Dachel Wake Up: Merck Hopes to "Scare Up" Adult Vaccination Rates

  Dachel Morning Wake UoNov 21, 2016Doctor skull

Merck isn’t the only drugmaker to turn to scare tactics lately—and vaccine makers in particular have jumped on board with the strategy. It’s hard to forget the GlaxoSmithKline grandmother—who morphs into a wolf while cradling her infant grandchild—to convey the threat of spreading whooping cough without knowing it. More recently, a Pfizer Trumenba spot portrayed a mother in the hospital with a meningitis B-stricken son.

Companies may be hoping their new ads can scare up the low vaccination rate among adults, who aren’t bound by a mandatory immunization schedule

TV networks and doctors promote vaccines universally FOR ALL. This is the insanity of the mindset that vaccines are all good.

Nov 25, 2016, Fox News: Shingles vaccination not at goal levels for US seniors


Just one in five people over age 60 in the U.S. have been vaccinated against a painful eruption of herpes zoster, also known as shingles, despite recommendations that all of them should get the shot. ...

"Vaccination of appropriate adults may help to prevent or attenuate herpes zoster," Zhang said by email, adding that the CDC recommends it for all adults over 60....

"Herpes zoster is a disease that a vaccine may help to prevent, yet the vaccination rate remains low," Zhang said. "It is imperative that people talk with their physician or pharmacist to determine if they are eligible for vaccination against herpes zoster."

Step aside kids, pharma has adults in their sights. Check out the recommended schedule. .

If it makes sense to mandate a childhood schedule, why not the adults?

Nov 25, 2016, UK Jewish News: Ask Dr Ellie Cannon!

Q  Should I vaccinate my child against chickenpox? I know it isn’t standard, but many people seem to be doing it.

Dr. Ellie Cannon:

...But whether you opt into paying for the vaccine yourself is another matter. My one concern is that with the vaccination, the immunity can wear off as children go into adulthood: and adult chickenpox or, even worse, chickenpox when pregnant, can be very severe, so an adult booster would be a good idea.

Last month Dr. Cannon recommended the flu vaccine for pregnant women because ..."The safety record is proven to be good." (P.S. ---Also get a whooping cough shot if you're pregnant.)

Oct 14, 2016, Jewish Times:

As far as having a vaccination when pregnant: the safety record is proven to be good. The flu vaccine is not a “live” vaccine: that means she is not being injected with active virus but rather parts of the virus to trick her immune system into making protective antibodies.

So if she comes into contact with flu, her body will be prepared to fight it before she becomes ill. Vaccination in pregnancy is not just limited to flu: she will also have been offered a whooping cough vaccination while pregnant.

This is hugely important to protect her newborn from the current rise we are seeing in this infection: I would totally recommend she has that one too!

If Dr. Cannon actually looked at a flu vaccine package insert,  or if she searched online and scrolled down far enough, she read that there have been "no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women."

On Sept 30, 2016, Jewish News Dr. Cannon was asked if a college student should get the meningitis vaccine, and her answer:  "Yes,

Vaccines: It’s Up to You

Risk Demands Choice Age of Autism Vaccine MandatesBy Cathy Jameson

A few weeks ago, I shared part of an online conversation I had about vaccines.  Initially, I was hesitant to reply but after rereading a callous response made by a woman I’d never met, I needed say something.  Demanding that everyone should be vaccinated no matter what, I thought I might offer this person a bit caution in making such broad and ignorant demands. 

I challenged her.  In reply, she challenged me. 

Several hours one evening, we went back and forth with a mostly polite verbal vaccine volley.  She regurgitated typical propaganda while I went deeper sharing some actual vaccine experience.  I could’ve walked away at any point of the conversation.  I own nothing to this person, but with how condescending this gal was, I wasn’t ready to let her have the last word.  I’m glad I didn’t.  The next day, other parents who’d been reading the thread chimed in.  Some were as knowledgeable as I am about vaccine injury and offered their input.  As that weekend wrapped up so did the conversation.

Thinking the convo was completely over, I woke up a few days later to a notification showing that things had picked back up.  The lady who made the callous remark came back trying to give us vaccine hesitant parents a what for.  She was adamant in that there should be some sort of punishment, like a fine, for anyone who willingly declined vaccines. 

Oh, boy. 

I got ready for Round 2.

I had stuck to basic vaccine facts in the original replies, but decided to share more personal information that day.  I let her know that both my boys were vaccine injured.  That happened after both my boys received the recommended vaccines.  One on my boys received the full series while the other did not.  The one who got all the shots didn’t fare well at all.  As a result of his vaccines, he’s got seizures, a severe speech delay, and regressive autism.  I shared that what killed me most is that those shots did nothing for him.  None of them gave him any immunity for the diseases the vaccines would supposedly prevent.  I added that for her to come in again guns-a-blazing demanding that all people be fully vaccinated is absolutely ludicrous.  And downright rude. 

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2 For 1 Autism Book Deal from Skyhorse Publishing!

Skyhorse black friday
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(Horror) Stories from the Vaxxed Team

Scary-truth_495x150By Anne Dachel

Almost thirty years ago now, my husband and I were in Europe visiting his sister who lived in Holland at the time. (Our first child, John, who would later descend into autism, was a healthy one year old back in America with relatives.)

I clearly remember one time sitting in a train car in Switzerland talking to a German woman. She was fluent in English and very friendly. At one point she said she was sure that all Americans think the Germans who lived during the time of Hitler hated the Jews and everyone was a Nazi. I told her I understood the severe economic conditions that gave rise to fascism in Germany and that people didn't support Hitler because he promised to create a Holocaust of the Jews.

The lady went on to tell me about the wonderful things the Nazis did for Germany in the midst of the depression and the aftermath of World War I when she was growing up. As far as the Jewish situation, she empathically said, "We just didn't know what was happening."

I never have forgotten that conversation. Here was someone who was a little child in the 1930s and the Nazi provided her with summer camps and lots of fun activities. Granted, she didn't know back then what was really going on, but she knew all about mass slaughter in Hitler's death camps when we were speaking in the 1980s. Still, there were no expressions of remorse or horror at the outrages of genocide perpetrated by the Nazi regime, just the often repeated, we didn't know.

Autism and the connection to vaccinations wasn't even remotely in the picture back then, but they are very much on my mind today and everyday. This leads to me think about the future. Why? Because the truth has to come out, or we have no future. And when we wake up to the reality of the holocaust created on the high altar of corporate greed, what will be the response of those in positions to have known what was happening?

What about the doctors and nurses who witnessed horrible vaccine reactions? What about the researchers hired to design studies to cover up any hint of vaccine damage? How will they explain what they did?

I ask this because I just spent hours watching individual stories cataloged by Polly Tommey and the "Vaxxed" team

As Vaxxed continues to be shown around the U.S., voices are finally being heard. The vaccine injured, a segment of the population that has long been dismissed as an acceptable price to pay for disease prevention and otherwise silenced by intimidation, are speaking out. Victims themselves are talking, parents are talking about what happened to their children following vaccination, and doctors are talking about how they were misled to believe that vaccines could never be harmful.

There are no words to describe what we're being told here. 

My thanks to Polly and the others for doing this. I can't imagine what it's like to hear these stories day after day.

Here’s a small sample of what the Vaxxed team has uncovered.

(Missouri) Pediatrician:

“I’m a pediatrician for 36 years. I’ve been in private practice for 26 years. I feel that every parent has a constitutional right of making that decision. They want to wait, they should be able to wait. …

“When we’re studying medicine, we are clueless of what’s in those vaccines. We are not taught what’s in those vaccines. We’re just taught what the schedule is like.

“…Unless we go at it on our own, and we decide to start looking at those inserts and really start looking at what they document as side effects, to really start listening to our parents, let them be the ones guiding us, letting us know what happened with the last set of vaccines. That’s what we should be paying attention to.”

This doctor went on to say that he was expected to do and say whatever the CDC and the AAP told them. “If we do not do that, then we’re considered outcasts.”

He went on to say that he was not surprised by William Thompson’s claim of fraud and cover-up at the CDC. “Personally I think there is just too much money involved …” This doctor’s own grandchildren are unvaccinated and minimally vaccinated. As far as how parents are treated, he said, “That’s what we do with our population, we scare them enough that they will do whatever we want them to do.”

 (New Mexico)   “Well, Ethan was my first born, and I was young, I was 22, so I did everything they told me to do because I was naïve and trusting.

“The first reaction…was when he was four months old and he abruptly stopped nursing, and he kept throwing his head back and arching his back and screaming. It was right after his four month vaccines, and I thought it was something that I was doing wrong.... The second one was after his twelve month vaccines. He lost eye contact, stereotypical playing with the wheels and watching wheels roll back and forth constantly. …Like an idiot I want back for his fifteen month vaccines, and he completely stopped talking. It was after for some reason, the light bulb went off, and I stopped vaccinating him….”


“My name is Robert Meyer, and this is Joshua Meyer, he’s twenty. …He contracted RSV and a rota virus when he was about fourteen months old. Prior to that he’d be pretty healthy, and he’d get a vaccine…and then he’d get an ear infection and go on oral antibiotics. So that was the cycle he was on prior to his fourteen month episode. He’d been dehydrated in the hospital and had an IV….and my wife at the time took him to a second doctor and got a second opinion, and that’s when they vaccinated him for eight diseases at once, MMR, DTP, oral polio and the HepB, I believe.

“My wife said he was like standing in the hallway screaming that night, probably from the inflammation of his brain, swelling and things of that nature.

“So then he stopped talking, he regressed. He had words prior to that. We thought he was deaf. …It took a few months before the official diagnosis actually came in.”


“As a baby, he was always moving along, meeting his milestones. That first year we  took Dallas in for the regular checkups, the regular vaccines, hadn’t really noticed anything, but then at the time he’d had the chicken pox vaccine, about a day later, he spiked a tremendous fever—about 104, 104.5, was vomiting a white foamy, cottage cheesy almost type of something. …”

“At that point we hadn’t seen any reactions outwardly, but then when we went back, we started questioning things after the chicken pox vaccine, went back,  collected all of his medical records from the doctor’s office. Each time it was noted that we’d called to report a fever or something.”

“[After the chicken pox vaccine] I called the doctor, I said something—he’s not well, he’s sick to his stomach, and even scarier than that, he forgot how to crawl. We could put him on the floor and see him thinking about how to put one hand in front of the other to crawl.

“[The doctor] basically just said, ‘I’m sure it’s not a problem, don’t worry about it. He should have another chicken pox, but we’ll just skip it.’

“After that he was fully vaccinated, flu shot included, for a few more years. It wasn’t until he was seven that we actually—and that was after his diagnosis—that we put all the information together, that we realized we were causing him harm.”

(North Carolina)

“Joey just turned twenty. …”

“They have to know some of these vaccines are doing this to these kids, don’t they?

Joey’s parents described how the whole family has been impacted by their severely disabled son.

“He would be up three, four days straight, pacing, non-stop pacing. … No doctor would say. They actually said they had no clue what was wrong with him.”

His parents talked about how he’d briefly been in a grouphome where he was left in a dark room. In another group home they refused to follow a special diet.

Joey’s mom related how his medical records showed continuous infections and medical problems from infancy onward.

“He never talked.”

“I just went along … at two months, he got his second hepatitis B shot; his first one the day he was born, but I didn’t think anything of it. I just remember before he turned a year old, he had repeat ear infections, and they said, one more ear infection, and we’ll have to put tubes.”

“At fifteen months, it was the MMR…I must have called back the next day because they said that I reported that he was crying non-stop, he was high-pitch screaming, he had a fever. At that age, I didn’t put anything together. I didn’t know anything at that time. Then I remember seeing the study with Andrew Wakefield, but I still didn’t make a connection.”

“He would be covered in blood from hurting himself. …He’d rip his skin. You can see the scars on his hands. He’d rip the skin off his hands.”

Polly Tommey then talked about GI doctors who were afraid to treat these children for their bowel problems because then they would be “Wakefielded.”


“I’m actually a physician with a vaccine injured child….I’m a psychiatrist, but I do a little bit of everything….

“I never questioned any of it. I feel so foolish. I have incredible guilt. The guilt I have just because I’m a doctor, I should know. I tell that to people when I prescribe. … I never questioned any of his vaccines, in fact I was always very pro-vaccine. …He was of course vaccinated on time for everything. Around four months we went in for his routine vaccinations. He had DTap that day. That’s what we feel like—but we don’t really know which one it was. Within three hours, we took him home , and he went—sort of had a change in his consciousness . He was very tired and not rousable. …around six that night, Stephen said, ‘He’s just really tired, and I’m just letting him sleep because he seems so tired.’ …He started screaming uncontrollably, turned bright red. He had several, I guess they were seizures. I never saw anything like it.

“We were calling the pediatrician, the on call doctor was like, ‘Oh, a 105 degree fever, just give him Ibuprofen, keep him home.’ They were trying everything they could to keep us from taking him in to the hospital, and we were like, no, I don’t care what they tell us, I’m taking him to the ER. He’s not calming down, he’s screaming, he’s fighting us. …

“[At the hospital], they treated us like we were crazy. We said it was the vaccines, and we felt very strongly that it was a vaccine injury, and what could they do for us. And they said, no, vaccines wouldn’t do this. …”

Tests were done and the parents were told the CT scan of his head showed no problem, but a year later, after reviewing his records, his mother discovered that it actually showed brain swelling.

The hospital gave the parents Tamiflu and sent them home.

“It wasn’t until I got his records later that I was so profoundly disgusted and depressed at how people could lie to the family of an infant. …

“So now Anders is four. He has said almost three words. He has no words. He is autistic, he goes into rages, he attacks frequently.”

“He bangs his head into the wall, he bites himself.”

“He hurts himself all the time.”

“He gets upset really easy.”

“I can’t tell you how much I wish I had done something different. I wish I had done more. The guilt that I have as a mother, as a physician who should know better—I’ll never forgive myself.”


“I was given the flu shot when I was pregnant with him, and it put me in the emergency room. I was almost on a ventilator. …Severe allergic reaction to it. One of the internal medicine doctors came in and asked me why I accepted the shot, and I said I didn’t want it, they just stuck it in my arm. He said you could really hurt your baby.

“He was born and he was doing real well, developing well, talking and walking, and then when he got his MMR shots when he was like thirteen months, he got real sick and ended up in the hospital. They’d given him like a bunch of antibiotics, …then he just stopped walking, stopped talking, just regressed backwards. We eventually got him talking again at the age of four. … “

After this child got away from his family and jumped into the Mississippi River, the mother was investigated by CPS.


Dr. Sarah Bridges:

“I am Sarah Bridges, I am mom to four kids, one who is vaccine-injured. ..

“I was in the PhD program in neuropsychology, working at the med school, as mainstream as you get. …We had Porter and he was totally healthy, ahead of his milestones, doing great. …Went into his four month well baby check, and he received eight vaccines. …Ten hours later, after the shots, we are awoken with the worse high-pitched scream I have ever heard, go down to his room, and I pick him up and I find him soaking hot and unconscious—head just flopping to the side. …

“We initially called the nurse’s line, just not knowing what to do and said, knowing that he’d been healthy in the morning, and said, ‘Is this something about the vaccines?’ and she said, ‘They often run a little fever.’

“I said, ‘He’s totally unresponsive.’

“She said, “Get to the hospital right now, the doctor’s going to meet you.’

“[At the hospital], he’s still unconscious and then goes into a grand mal seizure that lasts two hours. So this is the beginning. Doctors are calling doctors. Our pediatrician came in at three in the morning.

“He seizing and seizing, and they’re trying to give him Valium and different things. Nothing is working. And this is a four month old baby. Finally a neurologist who was called in said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll get him to stop seizing, he just might stop breathing. …

“The ER doctor that night turned to me and said, ‘He’s had a severe pertussis reaction.’ He told me about the vaccine program, which I’ve since learned, nobody has that experience. I didn’t know it existed, and I said, ‘Oh, I don’t sue people.’

“‘No it’s not suing doctors, you need to report this. I’m reporting this to the CDC.’ And he did as well.

“That was the beginning of our whole story. Dr. Bridges son went on to describe how Porter continued to deteriorate with multiple hospitalization for seizures.

Sarah noted that while the ER doctor was sure Porter had a vaccine reaction, his pediatrician said, ‘Absolutely not, vaccines are totally safe. …They never cause problems.’

A fellow researcher at the University of Minnesota who knew the history of the pertussis vaccine disagreed. He said, ‘Sarah, they’re covering their ass. …There’s long history with this vaccine, you need to go to the med school library.’

“I go there and it was just shocking to learn that in Japan, in Europe—this is not a new issue… So we started the process and filed a claim in the vaccine program. Just a few months later—and I was so happy to hear it was swift justice, it would just take six months, that’s what we were told.”

“And it turned out to be eight years, rather than six months, and though that time, Porter continued to be in a similar fashion…”

“We split up. The family totally broke up under the pressure. Eight years of this,…We went through a couple of years where Porter would be up much of each night. I knew the firemen by name …because they arrive first when you call 911.

“What happened was, despite the meds, Porter would have what’s called status seizures that can go on indefinitely. …

“His behavioral issue got worse and worse also because the medications for the seizures. It was just out of control, family life went down the tubes….The whole focus of the family became centered on Porter.”

Sarah described the grueling process involved in having a case in vaccine court.   Most chilling of all was her comment that despite it being fifteen years since Porter was injured, “nobody has ever reached out to us once to follow up. Wouldn’t you think having done original research, wow, you have this group of people we’ve all agreed were brain damaged, maybe there is something we should be studying about these kids?”


Savannah Schneider received the Gardasil vaccine when she was in the seventh grade.

“I went in for my seventh grade physical. …They gave me my shots in my left thigh and the last one hurt really bad. It felt like they were injecting fire in my leg. I started getting these purple dots around the injection site, and I felt extremely sick for the rest of the day. The doctor told us it’s normal for that to happen. It’s just because you’re getting shots in general…”

“She received a DTap, and she received a couple of other boosters. I’m not sure which ones off-hand. … They were the typical seventh grade required shots. I had asked the nurses and the doctor to administer only the required shots. …”

Savannah’s mother specifically told them NOT to give her daughter the Gardasil vaccine because she wanted to do more research.

“Three nurses came into the room. They seemed like they were in a huge hurry. Two nurses were prepping her, and one nurse turned around and handed me a piece of paper, but only after her skin had been prepped on her legs for the vaccines. All three nurses were sitting there staring at me, and they said, ‘Oh you need to sign that before we can do this.’

“And I said, ‘This is only for the required vaccines for her seventh grade shots, right?’

“And they said, ‘Yes.’ And so I signed it because I didn’t feel I had enough time to read the fine print…’

“The next thing I know, one of the nurses turns around and says, ‘She’s going to have to come back in two months for her next Gardasil vaccine.’

 Savannah's mother expressed her shock that her daughter had been given the very vaccine she had so no to.

"But I was thinking, well what are the odds? What are the odds of her getting an adverse reaction to this vaccine, you know since it's one in a million.

"She had a headache, she felt weak, she almost fainted. The blood rushed out of her face. I basically had to help carry her back to our truck. ...

By the next day there was hemorrhaging in her leg. "She had a fever and within two days she had pneumonia. She kept getting sick, kept getting sick.

“Over the next eight weeks, she came down with pneumonia, bronchitis, two ear infections, a sinus infection, a throat infection, and constant thrush. Her immune system was compromised.

“After that eight week period, I took her to a neurologist because she started having times when she would just blank out, stare off into space, and she was unresponsive. She wouldn’t respond to her name. We’d be walking, and she would literally walk into a wall. And it scared me because it’s not her….”

Savannah’s mother discovered that her daughter’s symptoms were identical to what many other girls had suffered as a result of the Gardasil vaccine.

Savannah began to have migraines, and “she was sleeping anywhere from twelve to twenty-one hours a day for two months. She had a constant fever for five weeks of 102 to 103degrees. And the seizures, after a few months, went from small seizures to grand mal seizures.…

“She’s been hospitalized nine times in twenty-six months. …for extreme pain that is uncontrollable.”

“Absolutely everywhere. My joints, my spine, my head especially, and in some muscles. And it’s just uncontrollable.”

“And the pain has been so bad that there have been nights where she has woken up and told me, ‘Mom, I am so sorry, but I’m dying.’…

 “We’ve met so many wonderful people through Facebook that have been through the same injuries, and it has helped me to stay sane because we know we’re not alone. But we want to get the word out there, that this vaccine is not safe. It injures way more than the CDC says it does. We saw injuries immediately, but they progressively got worse over several months.”

Savannah was referred to the Mayo Clinic by her doctors.  There they said that “she might have had some sort of underlying issue that the Gardasil could have triggered.”

Before the Gardasil,“she was one hundred percent healthy. She had zero problems. …She’s on so many medications [now]. We try to do natural therapies now to try and build her immune system naturally in hopes to get her off the pharmaceutical drugs.”

Savannah explained that her “stomach is paralyzed.”

“For the past year, she has had symptoms of stomach pain, pain in her ovary and uterus area.”

Savannah has been left with severe digestive problems, including being malnourished. She lost thirty pounds “because her stomach wasn’t absorbing basically anything.” She now has a feeding tube.

“I can’t walk without assistance. I either have to have a cane or have her help me. My pain is never below a six. …It never goes away. I don’t have as much energy as I used to.”

Next viewers were shown before and after photos of Savannah.

Polly Tommey: “Savannah, we’re so sorry this happened to you. There just are no words.”        

What I simply can’t get over is that these injuries were seen by doctors—lots of doctors and lots of nurses. How could they not start to research vaccines for themselves?  How could they not collectively start to ask questions and demand that the insane, one-size-fits-all, ever-expanding vaccine schedule be stopped immediately until we have real answers?

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

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Goodbye Antibiotics In Meat - Hello Vaccines! Or How The Human Microbiome Meets Animal PHARM

Brown cowBy Teresa Conrick

Who can resist the image of succulent turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving? Maybe you like beef or chicken?  Whatever is on your menu, be aware that changes to our food supply are coming. As we learn more about the immune system and the increasing diseases of the industrial world - Autism, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, etc., - it's important to see how the exposures from MAN appear to be at the epicenter.

By January of 2017, the use of antibiotics in our food is changing in a major way.  Here is the strong message and Executive Order from President Obama:

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And specifically: 

Goal 4 activities will also advance the discovery and development of other tools to combat resistance, including vaccines, alternatives to (or improved uses of) antibiotics in food animals, and non-traditional therapeutics to improve human health, including products that preserve or restore beneficial bacteria that live in human gastrointestinal tracts...

  1. Anyone who knows me or reads what I research and report on knows that what President Obama is saying here - "that preserve or restore beneficial bacteria that live in human gastrointestinal tracts" - THE MICROBIOME - is exactly my focus in Autism and so many other increasing diseases.

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Like Rachel Carson’s seminal on the impact of pesticides on the environment, Silent Spring, Lyons-Weiler’s work will be controversial, and may well anger some of his colleagues in the scientific hegemony. This book directly confronts well-entrenched viewpoints on causality that clings with fervent faith that there is no autism epidemic, and that autism is a genetic disorder.

Lyons-Weiler confronts these topics with over 1,000 studies that scientists have published but which those in position to sway public health policy have, until now, failed, or simply chosen, to not acknowledge.

The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism delves deeply and comprehensively into the full body of past and current research. The work reflects an unbiased perspective on the various molecular mechanisms at work in autism, and it reveals how genetic predispositions and environmental factors can combine and interact to produce the diagnoses of autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  An often-denied wealth of studies showing association of autism with vaccines is also reviewed.

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In Which Dr. Paul Offit Declines Vaxxed Invitation for Interview at NYU Sponsored Event

NOTE:   This is Dr. Paul Offit of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia having a bite to eat before he presented at Confronting Vaccine Resistance, a seminar at NYU.   There was a demonstration at the event, and the Vaxxed bus was there.  

Mark Blaxill of Age of Autism (and others) have written copiously about Dr. Offit. Below is the last Angry doctorinstallment of his series "Voting Himself rich," to give you a primer on Dr. Offit.

Offit Cashes In: Closing the Books on the Vaccine Profits of a Merck-Made Millionaire
By Mark Blaxill

“Cash in: To withdraw from a venture by or as if by settling one’s account.”

Paul Offit would like the world to see him as a champion of children’s health and a disinterested observer of controversial issues in autism and vaccine safety. In the view of many in the autism community, he is the worst kind of partisan: a Merck-made millionaire, a determined propagandist for expanding the medical industry’s vaccine profit pool and an active opponent of the need to stop the autism epidemic in its tracks. I will confess my own bias up front: like many autism parents, I hope and trust that history will bestow the fullest possible measure of shame on Offit, a man who so richly deserves it.

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Today in NYC Parents of Sick Children to Gather at the "Confronting Vaccine Resistance" Featuring Pan, Offit, Reiss

From our friends at Autism Action Network.  Today in New York City there is a seminar on how Dorit Pfizerprofessionals can confront vaccine resistance - pharmaspeak for how to deny vaccine exemption rights to Americans.  The presenters include Dorit Reiss, a California law school teacher who spends 25 hours a day attacking parents of vaccine injured children as a media pitbull, Dr. Richard Pan, the pediatician (not a typo, read it slowly) from California behind SB277, which removed vaccine exemption rights for millions of schoolchildren. He ran from Vaxxed's Del Bigtree when he himself was "confronted.  And Dr. Paul Offit, the Philly doctor who doesn't see or treat kids with autism, but has written numerous books defending vaccine injury as necessary for the greater good.


Please plan on attending a demonstration against an event entitled "Confronting Vaccine Resistance" which will be coming to the New York University Langone Medical Center this Monday, November 21, 2016.  Please meet at 11 am  at 550 First Avenue in Manhattan to greet the speakers and attendees. The meeting is closed to the public but will feature three of America's leading proponents of forced vaccination: Paul Offit, California State Senator Richard Pan and anti-vaccination rights Internet troll Dorit Reiss.  

FB PanJoining the Demonstration will be leading health advocate Gary Null, and VAXXED producers Polly Tommey and Del Bigtree. Bring friends, families and cameras. And bring a poster with a picutre of any vaccine-injured loved one, along with their name, the date they were injured and the vaccine(s) that injured them printed on the poster. 

Similar to 27 other states the vaccine industry unsuccessfully attempted to repeal religious exemption rights in New York this year. We fully expect them to be back in the next legislative session to try again. We believe that this event is related to a renewed effort in New York and other northeastern states to repeal exemption rights. 

Speakers include:

State Senator Richard Pan, Pan is the sponsor of California's Senate Bill SB 277, which eliminated Offit_blogpersonal belief exemptions from vaccine mandates in California.

Dorit Reiss, despite not having a law license in any state Reiss is a faculty member at the University of California's Hastings Law School. Her production of scholarly work is limited to promoting forced vaccination. She is also noted for a prodigious output of comments online, sometimes hundreds of comments in a single day, all focused on promoting the vaccine industry and forced vaccination.

Paul Offit, vaccine developer and proponent of seizing children and vaccinating them against parent's wishes, censoring media that includes information critical of any aspect of the vaccine industry, and revoking the license of any physician whose practice or opinions vary in anyway from those currently promoted by the vaccine industry.

A panel will include:

  • Art Caplan, Director of Bioethics (sic) at the NYU Langone Medical Center,

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Anne Dachel Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield on VAXXED the Movie

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

I asked Andy about the impact that the movie "Vaxxed" was having around the U.S.

"What we've seen, ... largely I think, is largely a response to "Vaxxed" and the grassroots movement that has grown out of "Vaxxed," and in particular Polly touring the country and capturing story after story after story from parents whose children have suffered catastrophic vaccine injury right the way through to death. …

“There was a paper recently that said the stories of individuals have such a huge impact on parents. They can relate to them, they can understand them, they realize that these parents were not initially anti-vaccine. They took their children along to be vaccinated, and they seemed to have paid a very, very high price.  

“So those stories have just had a profound impact on people. And to the extent, as Polly went through it, and we got more and more stories—nurses, health care practitioners, pediatricians, general practitioners were coming forward and saying, ‘That’s it. I’m done with vaccination. This is what’s happening, this is what we’re seeing, and we can no longer tolerate this.’

“I remember meeting several, and there have been many more since, …neonatal nurses who just said, ‘We know that these premature babies are going to code, they’re going to go into respiratory arrest after we have given them this bunch of vaccines, and I can no longer do it.’

“It’s staggering that this kind of thing is still allowed to continue, all kneeling at the altar of this great god of vaccination which is so bizarre.

“In response to that, I gather that Paul Offit, Richard Pan, and Dorit Reiss are going to hold a conference in New York to try and work out how to deal amongst health care professionals, with the parents…who are refusing, who don’t want to have vaccines. Indeed, parents who ask tricky questions, who want to see something as obvious as the  product insert, which is really something everybody should see before they vaccinate their children. And so, I’m hoping, and I think it’s the intention of the ‘Vaxxed’ team to be there, to put some questions to this panel, at the very least. It may be that we won’t get in, it may be that we won’t be allowed, but nonetheless, we will have a presence there….

“It’s fascinating that what we’re now seeing is their attempt, a rather pathetic attempt, at a reaction to the massive groundswell from ‘Vaxxed.’ These people have historically not been open to questions. Richard Pan has not been open to questions from the ‘Vaxxed’ team as you saw when he ran in Sacramento. Paul Offit has refused on multiple occasions to debate me and others. Dorit Reiss, I know very little about. This gang of three will be meeting up at NYU to try and in some way to redeem vaccines and demean parents once again, and it’s going to fail.

“Just as the media failed tragically in this election—tragically—and really were exposed for—not just their inadequacy, but as Mark Baxill put it, their naked partisan approach to this. They actually believed that could take the mind of the American people and twist it into believing that Hillary Clinton and the corporations were all in their best interest. Of course, corporations are their sponsors and so they were really acting according to the wishes of their sponsors. And they had done exactly the same in the vaccine issue, and they have been equally wrong at every stage. I think what we’re going to see now, particularly with William Thompson—we’ll get him now, I think we’ve never had a better opportunity than we do now with the Republicans having control of the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. There’s a very strong chance of a hearing.

“I think that there is a point beyond which, for example, Jason Chaffetz, it becomes politically very, very dangerous for him NOT to proceed with a hearing because it then looks like he’s an accessory to the fraud. He been two years saying ‘We’re investigating, we’re investigating.’ Now it’s got to happen. It’s got to happen, otherwise he becomes part of the problem. …We’re in a very strong position; we just have to keep that moving forward. 

Andy next talked about his recent trip to Italy to promote “Vaxxed.

“Italy was a wonderful experience in so many, many ways. Tremendous thanks to my camera woman,… Francesca Alesse who really coordinated and organized the entire thing, her friend Christina. My daughter Imogene came with me; she did the filming and editing, so much of the material you’re seeing she’s cut together….

“We went there for two weeks. It was the first country to purchase the film, the first foreign country to purchase the film. They have a very keen interest in the subject because as you well know, Italian courts settled in favor of vaccine-induced autism, although that was then overturned in the appeal court, it’s going to the Supreme Court now. I think the reason for overturning it was an appeal by GlaxoSmithKline that they would be adversely affected if the case were allowed to stand. Somewhat bizarre. I’m not entirely sure whether that translates because it would be a perverse decision in favor of the pharmaceutical industry in the clear acknowledgement that their vaccine has done harm. …

“The Italian public were extremely receptive. We stayed ahead—Our job in Italy was to stay one day ahead of censorship everywhere we went. Senator Bartolomeo Pepe, one of the Italian senators from Naples who was going to have a screening in the Italian Senate, was then blocked by the head of the Senate. Censorship is illegal in Italy, so a group called the Codacons, a group of lawyers, rather like ‘Nader’s Raiders,’ public interest lawyers decided that they would then sue the Italian Senate for this censorship. They then held a press conference, so literally on the day I arrived, we went to Senator Pepe’s office from the airport, did an interview with the television there. Then the following day, we did two screenings and a press conference …at the movie theater. That was preceded by a viewing of the movie, and at that movie there was more of the Italian press than had seen it throughout the entire United States of America over the time that ‘Vaxxed’ has been released.

“There was a great deal of interest in the Italian media, [but] the story was still very much slanted in favor of the companies and in favor of policy. But that doesn’t matter. The fact is that it got public attention. Once again, this effort at censorship led to a massive surge in interest in the film in Italy.

“So we then went from there to Florence. We had a tremendous screening in Florence. We went from there down to Salerno. …Italian crowds are very, very passionate. …One pediatrician stood up and said that it was all genetic …

“So then we went from Salerno, which is near Naples, down to Bari, right down in the tip of Italy. …

“Then we drove back up to Rimini. We were going to play in Rimini, but the mayor took it upon himself to censor the movie in Rimini.

“We were then going to play in a principality called San Marino, next to Rimini, and it was then censored as well. We ended up holding a screening in a yoga studio, which was fantastic. It was absolutely packed—lots and lots of mothers and babies and a wonderful response.

“We then went from there to Bologna and another screening followed by a trip back to Rome for a TV interview. …

“I then went back up to Milan where I met with … Federico Balzola. He’s the Italian gastroenterologist who worked in my lab, and then went back to Italy and repeated the findings of gastrointestinal disease inflammation in children and adults with autism and has done investigations of measles virus, immune responses, and treatment studies. So he’s done a fantastic job. So he was able to contribute to the discussion in Milan, and then we went to Rome for a very big conference. I think about 1300 parents of vaccine damaged children. We had a conference in Rome. That was a wonderful event.

“So the stories are the same. They’re exactly the same. They’re word for word the same as the stories of American parents. We captured many, many of those, and we’ll be broadcasting them.

“So then we were in the hotel the final day and we were hit by an earthquake….

“We came back; I went straight to Portland, OR to do a chiropractic conference…

“It’s been extremely busy. Everyone on the team has been covering their particular base: Polly on the bus, Del on and off the bus, various political meetings, other conferences.

“The next step: We need to clearly move forward on a political and legal front to make some major changes while we can.

Finally, Andy had some more to say about Italy.

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Dr. Heidi Larson - Who Lobbied the UN Claiming that "Not all Mercury is Toxic" - attacks AoA over Trump meeting

Heidi Larson

Two days ago Dr Heidi Larson published an article on  Dangerous Liaisons  citing Age of Autism's report by Jennifer Larson (no relation) of the meeting by members of our community with President-Elect Trump regarding the vaccine damage cover-up. Heidi Larson, who is a lynch-pin of the global vaccine complex, is not always open about the fact that she is employed by the great vaccine companies such as Merck and GSK.  She writes in her new article  "Faced with the Trump challenge we must make sure that our science is robust, transparent and accessible to all". A good place to begin would be by calling for Dr William Thompson to be subpoenaed to testify before Congress, which the vaccine lobby has steadfastly opposed for more than two years. And she could certainly be clearer about who is paying her.

Our John Stone wrote about Heidi Larson and her brazen claim in 2013 that the mercury in vaccines is not toxic, detailing some of her extraordinary affiliations.

By John Stone

The remarkable claim that thimerosal is not toxic is found in the headline and text of an article in the New Scientist in a last ditch stand to prevent a UN ban on mercury in paediatric vaccines . The author, Dr Heidi Larson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine states:

“ In 2006, an expert panel convened by the WHO issued a statement on thiomersal in vaccines, concluding that there was "no evidence of toxicity". It highlighted the fact that while methyl mercury builds up in the body, ethyl mercury is excreted rapidly. The American Academy of Pediatrics has since endorsed the WHO's position.”

She does not mention that her colleague at LSHTM, Prof Stephen Evans was on the World Health Organization committee (Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety)  which issued the statement in July 2006 and he and another LSHTM employee, Dr Punam Mangtani, presently still sit on it . Evans  previously worked for the UK Medicines Control Agency (now the MHRA ) which is an agency of the Department of Health  funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The current chair of GACVS  is Dr Melinda Wharton of the US Centers for Disease Control, National Immunization Program.

Dr Larson fails to mention either the LSHTM conflicts :

“The School has expanded greatly in recent years. Its research funding now exceeds £M60 per annum, much of it from highly competitive national and international sources such as the UK Research Councils, the Wellcome Trust, the UK Department for International Development, the UK Department of Health, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the European Commission.”

Or her personal ones:

“Dr. Larson previously headed Global Communication for Immunization at UNICEF and Chaired the Advocacy Task Force for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).”

She also runs from LSHTM the Vaccine Confidence Project which has as its partners: Brighton Collaboration; CDC; Chatham House; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; GAVI Alliance; Health Map; Imperial College, London; The Inclen Trust; Institute for Child Health, Nigeria; International Pediatric Association; International Vaccine Institute; National Centre for Immunisation, Research Surveillance; National Network for Immunization Information; ProMed Mail; Public Health Foundation of India; Sabin Vaccine Institute; UNICEF; Vaccines for Africa; WHO. It is funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Also at LSHTM is the chair of the UK Joint Committee on Vaacination and Immunisation (JCVI),Prof Andrew Hall, which was granted dictatorial powers over the vaccine program by the English Parliament in 2009, although they did remove mercury from the UK vaccine schedule in 2004.

The claim that ethyl mercury is “excreted rapidly” is based on a study published in the Lancet by Pichichero et al   which was disproved by Burbacher et al in 2004  . Pichichero’s article failed to note the following conflicts disclosed in an earlier publication :

"The author has received research grants and/or honoraria from the following pharmaceutical companies: Abbott Laboratories, Inc.; Bristol Myers Squibb Company; Eli Lilly and Company; Merck&Co.; Pasteur Merieux Connaught; Pfizer Labs; Roche Laboratories; Roussel-Uclaf; Schering Corporation; Smith Kline Beecham Pharmaceuticals; Upjohn Company; Wyeth- Lederle."

In an earlier episode the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety had endorsed the continued use of thimerosal following the presentation of British paper in which there were many apparent irregularities. On the committee at the time were Dr Elizabeth Miller who was a lead author of the paper, and Dr Robert Chen of the US Centers for Disease Control, Immunization Branch who was responsible for giving the paper the go ahead despite warnings from Thomas Verstraeten. Among the shortcomings of Dr Miller’s  paper was the failure to acknowledge her laboratory’s funding from Aventis Pasteur, Wyeth Vaccines, SmithKline Beecham, Baxter Health Care, North American Vaccine, Wyeth- Lederle Vaccine, and Chiron Biocine.

Yesterday I wrote by email to Dr Larson and have yet to receive a reply:

 “Dear Dr Larson,

“I read your article  in New Scientist with curiosity but I also note a peculiar research bias: not only a belief that there is some mercury which is non-toxic to humans for which I defy you to produce any evidence, but also the idea that people who are sceptical of what they are told by public bodies need researching. The issue here is as much why you should be believed, and what you are saying is frankly incredible. 

“These are the links to the abstracts of 90 pubmed listed peer review studies which condemn the use of thimerosal: here and here. It is a bit high handed to announce that your mercury is non-toxic when there is a lot of published evidence saying it is just as toxic as any other.

“I also draw your attention to highly questionable way in which the WHO policy came to be endorsed in 2002, a matter which I have carefully researched  .

“I would be interested in your comments.

“Yours sincerely,

John Stone

“UK Editor, Age of Autism”

Tell Washington USA Should Not Export Mercury to Global Children  

Addendum (November 21, 2016)

Dr Larson may like to examine this MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) from Spectrum Laboratories. This is what she considers to be safe to inject into newborn infants of the basis of Prof Pichichero's less thr half-baked study and his egregious undisclosed commercial conflicts. It is evident from this document that Thimerosal is known to cause immutable genetic harm: -

 Potential Acute Health Efects: Hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation (lung irritant).Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (permeator). Severe over-exposure can result in death.

Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (sensitizer).


MUTAGENIC EFFECTS: Mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells.


DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY: Not available.The substance is toxic to kidneys, central nervoussystem (CNS).The substance may be toxic to liver, spleen.Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance canproduce target organs damage. Repeated exposure to a highly toxic material may produce general deterioration of health by an accumulation in one or many human organs.


Vaccines: Life Saving or Life Changing?

Which way to goBy Cathy Jameson

I often hear the words safe, effective, and life-saving used to describe vaccines.  I heard a new term to describe them on a commercial on the radio this week:  life-changing.  I tuned out the song that came on after the commercial and reflected on how much my child’s life changed post vaccination.  You know something?  They’re right.  Vaccines really are life-changing!   

Now, before you think that I’m saying that in a positive tone, I am not.  Vaccines changed my son’s life, but it wasn’t for the better.  For anyone who knows Ronan, they can see just how severely he’s been affected by them.  His life before vaccines was different, very different. 

He was healthy.  Then he wasn’t.

He was reaching milestones.  Then he wasn’t. 

He was happily babbling.  Then he wasn’t. 

Were the vaccines my son received life-saving?  Nope.

Were they safe?  I don’t think so.

Were the vaccines effective?  Not unless the seizures, losing speech, and regressive autism was part of the package.   

Did they change his life?  Yes, they most certainly they did.  But his life is hardly a reflection of the lives of the young children portrayed in the commercial who we’re meant to believe have gained years of health from a vaccine by the time the commercial ends.  Vaccines are life-changing, but not in the sunshiny, positive way this store and its partners have portrayed. 

To the person not familiar with vaccine injury or who’s never cared for a vaccine injured loved one, the program described in the big box pharmacy commercial may sound sincere: buy something, give something!  The timing is perfect, too - when better to give things away to the less fortunate than during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  Sending vitamins and vaccines overseas to others very well could be considered a nice gesture.  With how the commercial pulls on the heartstrings, it sets the stage to make someone think that they’re performing an act of kindness.  As the parent to a vaccine-injured child, I think giving away vaccines is anything but nice.  It’s risky, and, honestly, it’s the last thing I’d give to a disadvantaged child in a third world country.  I’d rather help make sure they got clean food, clean water and improved sanitation long before I’d ever suggest they be injected with something made by a company that cannot be held liable for its products. 

Once the vaccine goes in, the public is on their own even if complications arise and even when reactions happen.  Who’s going to take care of the children in a third world country should that happen to them post-vaccination?  The pharmaceutical companies aren’t itching to help those harmed by vaccines here in America.  I can’t imagine them chomping at the bit to provide intensive follow-up medical care vaccine injured people need in other countries either. 

I was left with the responsibility of proving round-the-clock care for my son when he got sick.  He has a potentially life-long neurological disorder that’s left him unable to speak or take care of himself now.  I wouldn’t wish what he’s gone through on anyone nor would I ever want another family – here in the states or abroad – to experience what ours has as well.  It would be uncharitable for me to introduce that to another child, which is why I won’t be supporting big box pharmacies seducing the public into believing that they are doing a good thing by sending vaccines overseas.   


Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

Weekly Wrap: Crunch Time For Our Matching Fund Drive

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism started nine years ago this month, a combined effort with Generation Rescue. So it’s fair to say we’re starting our tenth anniversary year. And that is really saying something in this day of rocky media ventures that are born, die, pop up in different forms and then mutate into disappearing photographs (this is my limited understanding of Snapchat). There is even secret writing on my IPhone message system, I found out this week.

We try to keep up, but we also aim to keep our mission focused, as the faded newspaper font of our logo suggests, on traditional bedrock reporting. We have an archive of thousands of articles, images and videos, and just about all of them have held up as accurate, important, useful, funny, controversial, newsy – take your pick. We are advocates for vaccine safety and the community of people who have been drawn into it; we aim to be part of the movement to help sick kids and find the truth about autism. But within that advocacy and aim we play it straight. I’ve called us the pirate radio station of the autism epidemic, in that we try to remain a reliable and widely available source of news and inspiration to like-minded individuals battling the Death Star in so many different ways. But we also reach well beyond ourselves, because we are listed on Google News (and give vaccine injury deniers fodder for what seems like more than half their content!). As I’ve said before, if you Google vaccines and autism you get the usual blarney from the CDC at the top, and there is us, whaling on the flu vaccine.

Lasting this long requires hard work and dedication and different skills contributed by a lot of people. Donate to AofAIt also requires luck – Kim, Mark and I work well together, each doing our thing but coming together when big topics are at hand. We pretty much operate on consensus – if any of us is adamantly opposed to something, I can’t recall ever going ahead with it without major revisions at the least. You would be surprised at the number of things we do NOT run, including at least a couple of overheated columns of mine in recent months.

Kim, John, Teresa and I are an ad hoc comment-moderating crew, and again I think readers might be surprised by the lively conversations we have about whether a comment is unfair, irrelevant, out of bounds, etcetera. We end up running most but we don't apologize for looking at them carefully in order to create a thoughtful response to the articles and not the flame fests you sometimes see on Web sites..

Of course we have our flubs and frustrations, but to be part of this movement in this way has been incredibly gratifying to all of us. And having so many wonderful Contributing Edtiors, frequent writers and smart and passionate commentators continues to amaze me.

All of which is a long windup for a quick pitch – we keep going based on contributions, and we went to a nonprofit model last year to reflect the changing base of those contributions: fewer organizations, more individuals.

It turned out to be a good choice (though don’t talk to me about paperwork and taxes for a 501(c) 3). By little and little we cobble together enough to keep doing this at what I believe is a pretty high level.

For the past three years we’ve had Anonymous Reader, as this person (no gender clues here) prefers to be known, put up $5,000 in November as a matching grant. If our readers contribute in kind, she donates it, doubling your money. The first two years we exceeded the match, even though it wasn’t tax-deductible the first time around.

This year we have raised a goodly amount, around $3,000 from dozens of donations ranging from $10 to $250, but if memory serves we are a bit behind previous years coming up on the last part of the month, when distractions start to multiply.

I always feel more than a little uncomfortable asking for money from families dealing with autism and its relentless financial burden, but I’ve been persuaded that a), some people do want to contribute and b) this is the biggest bang for their buck – deductible and matched. So $100 (just to pick a nice round figure) would get you a tax deduction – let’s say 20 percent – and be doubled. So I’m thinking $80 from you nets $200 for Age of Autism. But for a short time only! Donate now! (There, I’ve done my carnival barker bit.)

In keeping with the season, let me invoke the gods of thanks and giving and renew our request to make a tax-deductible donation either with the PayPal button ( or sending a check to Autism Age (our corporate name) to

Dan Olmsted

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Finally, please know – professional fund-raisers, cover your ears – that whether you ever give a dime, you’re the heart of the AOA community which, unlike self-perpetuating shape-shifting quislings like Autism Speaks, has one goal in mind: Put an end to the Age of Autism.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

This Is What Happens When Kim Posts While Drinking Homemade Wine

Mommy Wine Contest KimBy Kim Stagliano

Got your attention, did I?  Yes, I'm sipping a glass of homemade Italian wine that could strip wallpaper, but I'm as sober as a judge. Mike Judge.  No, really, I am.

Quick Friday post here.  Reality check. Autism stinks. Autism lies. Autism smothers the true person inside. In this case, my gorgeous, bright, happy, chatty, calendar perseverating Gianna. She's 20 and in eval time at school.    Here's the deal.   I have what we call a PPT here in CT this morning. Part of our meeting is to review a psych eval.  Can I tell you something?


Hmmmm, maybe that last gulp of wine was not necessary.

Let me try again.



From Gianna's psych eval for a meeting today:

Reason for Referral:

Gianna was referred for her triennial evaluation by the Planning and Placement Team to assess her current levels of functioning in order to determine continuing eligibility for special education and related services. Gianna currently receives special education and related services as a student with Autism. Gianna will be turning 21-years-old in the 2017-2018 and will age out of school based services. This evaluation will also aid in developing transition services for Gianna.

Background Information:

Gianna is a twenty-year-old girl currently in the Elite Program, a community based program offered through XYZ Public Schools that offers transitional services, community experiences, and vocational training for students with disabilities aged 18-21.

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Dachel Wake Up: WaPo on Doctors Who Force Vaccine Compliance

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Nov 12, 2016, Washington Post: Parents are insisting on doctors who insist on vaccinations

Pediatricians around the country, faced with persistent opposition to childhood vaccinations, are increasingly grappling with the difficult decision of whether to dismiss those families from their practices to protect their other patients.

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ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR. LAUNCHES THE WORLD MERCURY PROJECT Vows to change government policies that injure children.

WMPNovember 16, 2016

Washington, DC—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced today the launch of the World Mercury Project (WMP), a public health advocacy organization dedicated to ending exposure to neurotoxic mercury in fish, medical products, dental amalgams and vaccines. The group will focus on making sound science the driver of public policy.

“We will expose the government and corporate corruption that has led to increasing exposures to neurotoxic mercury in foods and medicines,” said Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, the group’s executive director.
Grassroots organizations who support vaccine choice and autism advocacy, representing thousands of families in the U.S., celebrate the WMP and applaud its actions to ban mercury from all medical products, including vaccines. They stand with WMP to soberly reflect on the 30th anniversary this week of Congress’ enactment of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), which launched the $32.2 billion yearly vaccine market and some argue indirectly spawned the epidemic of childhood neurological disorders, including autism.
WMP joins these organizations calling for the repeal or radical reform of NCVIA. “This act provided vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity for any harm caused by injuries from vaccines, no matter how wanton, reckless or negligent the manufacturing, how anemic the testing or how grievous the injury,” Kennedy said. “That act and the mountains of pharma cash going to politicians, regulators and the press have helped obliterate all the checks and balances that normally stand between a rapacious industry and vulnerable children in a free and Democratic society. The complete vacuum of accountability caused by the NCVIA has emboldened the worst kind of behavior by vaccine makers including the continued use of mercury in vaccines.”
 “We want robust and transparent science, independent and honest regulators, safe vaccines and healthy children,” Kennedy added. “Although Congress intended this law to make children healthier and safer, it has paradoxically made them less healthy and less safe, allowing them to receive mercury-contaminated vaccines that other countries have long outlawed.”

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JB Handley on the WHAAAmbulance En Route to CDC Post Election

WaaaambulanceFrom JB Handley on "7 Reasons why CDC Employees Should Be Crying in the Hallways."

PORTLAND, Oregon — Question: The day after Donald Trump’s unexpected win in the presidential election last week, how many government agencies had reports in the media of their employees “crying in the hallways”?


Exactly one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is based in Atlanta, GA.

As a long-time critic of the CDC, I was pretty shocked to see this headline last week, courtesy of Atlanta’s NPR radio station, 90.1 WABE:

Atlanta CDC Employees Express Anxiety Over Trump’s Win

Employees at the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the mood in their office is somber. The…

The story detailed the climate at CDC the day after the election:

“At the General Muir deli across the street from the CDC, a few employees talked to WABE, asking that their names not be used. One microbiologist said her colleagues were crying in the hallways.”

“It’s really sad,” she said. “It’s depressing. I’m eating a bagel to try and be happy.”

The average voter — even a Trump supporter — probably has no idea why CDC employees might be “crying in the hallways,” while the average autism parent (meaning those of us who have children with autism) like me understands it perfectly. Frankly, it’s pretty hard for me to write about the CDC without shaking with at least a little bit of rage. On the off chance this is your first time considering this topic, I’ll steady my hands and explain it to you:


The CDC is in charge of recommending the vaccination schedule for U.S. children, which has grown from 5 total doses in the 1960s to more than 70 today.
The CDC is ALSO in charge of monitoring vaccine safety for those more than 70 doses.
In an ironic twist (at least for parents like me), the CDC is ALSO in charge of tracking the number of children with Autism in the U.S., a number that has grown from 1 in 10,000 in the 1980s to 1 in 68 today.

For many autism parents, the CDC being in charge of both implementing the vaccine schedule and monitoring the safety of vaccines has always felt like an extreme conflict of interest.

And, we were never alone in that feeling.

10 years ago, two members of Congress, Representatives Dave Weldon and Carolyn Maloney, tried to pass a bill to separate vaccine safety from the CDC: Read more here.

Atlanta Home of CDC Airs News Segment Questioning Vaccine Court

Pigs flyDon't bother checking your calendar to see if it's April Fool's day. It's not!  Here's another crack in the ever-weakening facade of ubiquitous vaccine safety and efficacy.   Sincere thanks to Investigative Reporter Jodie Fleischer* of WSB TV 2 in Atlanta, an ABC affiliate.

To learn more about the American Vaccine Court - which replaced traditional tort law regarding product safety vis a vis vaccines, please read The Vaccine Court by Wayne Rohde and published by Skyhorse Publishing.

ATLANTA - A federal program designed to help victims suffering from life-altering reactions to vaccines is falling short on promises made when it started.

It's called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a $3.6 billion fund created to take care of victims with catastrophic reactions to vaccines.

But a Channel 2 Action News investigation found it also protects vaccine-makers from being subject to lawsuits.

And they don't pay for the program -- you do.


Jessica Mura suffered a permanent reaction to a flu shot in 2006, a flu shot she never even wanted to get.

"I just had a bad feeling about it," she said. "I was healthy. I was 21. To me, I was on top of the world."

But the vaccine was required by her employer, a south Georgia ambulance company.

"That was my passion, helping people," said Mura. "EMTs don't make that much money, but I didn't care. I just loved what I did."

Within days of getting the shot, her co-workers noticed the symptoms.

She vividly remembers the very last time she walked. It was into an emergency room.

"It's hard to go from the person who cared for people, to be the one being cared for," said Mura.

She slipped into a coma for several months, endured 15 surgeries and had to learn to speak and eat again.

Now 31, she has a permanent brain injury and is confined to a wheelchair.  READ MORE HERE.

About the reporter:

Jodie is an Emmy award-winning investigative reporter who joined the Channel 2 Action News team in 2007. She primarily covers stories with an emphasis on government waste and corruption.

In 2015, Jodie was honored by the FBI Director with a Community Leadership Award for a series of investigative reports which exposed Georgia’s legal loophole that encouraged widespread criminal activity by sovereign citizens who used fake deeds to steal foreclosed homes.

The resulting law-change was the culmination of more than four years of reporting, that was also recognized with a 2012 Alfred I. du Pont Award from Columbia University, one of broadcasting’s highest honors.

Jodie has been honored with four Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for investigative reports on a wide range of topics, including the cause of death of a young pregnant woman being changed from ‘suicide’ to ‘unknown’ as the case was reopened following our investigation, and the state shutting down a fraudulent drug rehab facility run by the Church of Scientology after a year-long series of WSB-TV stories.    

Jodie has been awarded 12 Southeast Regional Emmy’s including On-Camera Talent for Investigative Reporting and Specialty Reporting.

Her work has included uncovering hundreds of outdated guardrail ends still on roadways throughout Georgia, systemic errors in Fulton County’s property values, faulty breathing equipment used by firefighters, and a series of corruption investigations that led to the indictment and/or resignation of several DeKalb County officials.

Before coming to Georgia, Jodie worked at WFTV, our sister station in Orlando, Florida. She also worked at WSPA in Spartanburg and WLTX in Columbia, South Carolina.

She has been honored by the Associated Press Broadcasters in all three states for breaking news coverage, education coverage and investigative reporting.

Jodie is a native Floridian and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in telecommunication and a minor in criminal justice. When she's not working, she enjoys boating, wake-boarding, hiking, photography and Gator football… sorry Dawgs fans!


About Vaccine Court, the book from Skyhorse Publishing:

A hard look at the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the families desperately trying to navigate their way through it.

The Vaccine Court looks at the mysterious and often unknown world of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), the only recourse for seeking compensation for those who have been injured by a vaccine. The NVICP, better known as the ”Vaccine Court,” however, is not without controversy.

Established by Congress as a direct result of the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the NVICP was supposed to offer a no-fault alternative to the traditional injury claims filed in state or federal courts and was to provide quick, efficient, and fair compensation for those who have been injured by vaccines. The reality, however, is that many cases take several years or longer to complete and require tremendous commitment from families already pushed to the brink of bankruptcy caring for the vaccine-injured family member, only to discover that the end result is manipulated by the government in defense of the US vaccine policy.

Mr. Rohde looks into the inner workings of the US Federal Claims Court and the NVICP. He interviews families who have filed petitions and won compensation, families who have been denied compensation, and families still waiting for a decision. By highlighting the journeys of these families—their efforts to find attorneys willing to represent them, the filing of their petitions, and the subsequent mountain of paperwork, medical records, and other documents that span years—Mr. Rohde exposes the bitter truth behind the NVICP. Through his thoughtful interviews and fact-finding research, The Vaccine Court sheds light on how the NVICP has evolved into something far more treacherous than what Congress envisioned with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986.

Texas Tribune Cuts Off Vaxxed's Del Bigtree

SilencedBy Anne Dachel

The Texas Tribune did not publishing my comment.

Notice the title here is about unvaccinated children, but we only hear from PRO-VACCINE ADVOCATES: parents, a legislator, doctors and someone from the department of health. Reporter Anna Casey pretends to be balanced by including FOUR WORDS from Del Bigtree, producer of "Vaxxed." (And his words make no sense, since he isn't allowed to explain what he actually means here.) I broke my long-standing rule about not posting a comment on junk journalism like this. (So far it hasn't been appeared on the story.)

Nov 15, 2016, Texas Tribune: Across Texas, growing clusters of unvaccinated children

Even though statewide levels of vaccinations remain high, public health officials are increasingly worried about the geographic areas where parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

By Anna Casey

 Many of the parents opting out of the immunizations, which are widely recommended by doctors, say they fear a link between the vaccines and health problems such as autism. But studies that they cite have been widely debunked by public health officials.

... . If healthy children aren’t receiving vaccines, they are putting children who are too young to receive the vaccine and people with compromised immune systems at a much greater risk of infection....

The American Academy of Pediatrics in September issued a statement encouraging pediatricians to be more vocal about the importance of vaccines for children healthy enough to receive them....

Others are even more adamant in their opposition. “That’s a slippery slope,” said Del Bigtree, one of the producers of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe,” a 2016 film drawing a link between autism and vaccines and alleging the federal scientists have covered up the research. It was directed by Andrew Wakefield — the former British gastroenterologist now living in Texas who authored a discredited research paper linking vaccines to autism in 1998. Bigtree, who stopped vaccinating his children, said he believes that any efforts to disclose immunization rates in schools are motivated by fear.

My Comment:

Anna Casey makes a strong case here for vaccination with only a vague reference to the charge of massive research fraud and cover-up at the highest levels of the Centers for Disease Control. We’re not told that a top CDC scientist has revealed that his agency destroyed study results showing a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. This scientist, Dr. William Thompson, is willing to testify before Congress, but members of Congress refuse to hold hearings.

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Unforgivable: Dosing Pregnant Women, Infants and Kids with Mercury

Bad_idea.jpg.scaled500By David M. Burd

My recent AoA Post of October 6 revealed the CDC lie that most U.S. flu vaccines have no Thimerosal.  In fact the Vaccine Industry has long published a great majority of.50 mL doses have 25 micrograms of ethylmercury (etHg); at the time of my previous Post I had not uncovered what percentage of .25 mL infant/child doses (age 6 months to 3 years) had 12.5 micrograms of etHg.  To satisfy myself I kept searching and analyzing the Flu Vaccine Industry Reports from 2009 on, and searched for hard-to-find medical directives on pediatric flu vaccine procedures relevant to the .25 mL dose for ages under 36 months.

For many years the CDC and the Academy of Pediatrics have strongly promoted (fear mongered is also appropriate) American parents to have their infants get two Hg-laden flu shots, the first at 6 months, another shot 4 weeks later.  Even worst, premature babies but half the weight of full-term infants (and with much more vulnerable neurological development) are also given these two shots starting 6 months from being born.  Thus by seven months, via flu shots, 25 micrograms of etHg are injected into extremely vulnerable infants - the same as for a 200 pound adult

This question arises are these infants receiving shots that are "Thimerosal-free?"  The horrific answer is no, and is convincingly proven by the Vaccine Industry's published statistics, and by printed medical instructions to take .25 mL doses from 5 mL multi-dose etHg-preserved vials.

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Dachel Wake Up: Tuscon News Asks Ped About Vax Safety - Guess Response

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Nov 7, 2016, Tucson News:
 To vaccinate or not? A doctor tells all

...Region 8 News sat down with Dr. Andrea Read, a local pediatrician to see if vaccines are harmful to children.

“We are really coming up to a point of crisis and realizing we are going to have to set some hard boundaries,” Read said.

Read said it is those boundaries to eliminate certain vaccine exemptions that are necessary as a Northwest Arkansas recent mumps outbreak comes as no surprise to her....

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Part of the CDC Cover-up: KETV/ABC7 Omaha

FAIL-BUZZER-350x233By Anne Dachel

Members of the media and their news outlets have long been the spineless minions controlled by a number of outside forces in the vaccine controversy, and there is no better example than what happened on KETV in Omaha over the last two weeks.

First of all, VaxXed came to Omaha, and Polly Tommey and Del Bigtree were Vaxxed on Nov 6, 2016.

Polly: “Vaccines can and do cause harm. They can and do cause death. Get the inserts out, google side effects—because they’re real.

“Doctors will tell you vaccines are safe—they’re clearly not for some, for many. You clearly have to do your own research yourself.”

Polly and Del were asked about the claim that the MMR vaccine has been shown not to cause autism.

Del: “The very researcher that you’re referring to has now said that that is a lie. When we say that the MMR is safe, this is the study we’re talking about. It’s scientific fraud. He still works at the CDC…We’re asking the Congress of the United States to subpoena Dr. William Thompson, he’s a government employee. This is government corruption at the highest level. They’ve hidden a dangerous vaccine and protected the vaccine maker that’s making millions and millions of dollars off of this vaccine. They favored that company over the health of our children. We’ve got to get to the bottom of this. Everyone should be concerned, and everyone should be calling their congressman saying, I want you to subpoena Dr. William Thompson.”

Next Polly and Del were asked if they believed “all vaccines are bad.” This was Del’s stunning response:

Del: “I can tell you that all vaccines are not being tested appropriately. They’re not being tested the same way drugs are. Drugs are tested for ten years.

“HepatitisB, given to a day one old baby, got tested for five days. That’s criminal, that’s egregious. If we want to know vaccines are safe, more testing needs to be done.

One week later, on Nov 13, 2016, KETV ran a segment in defense of vaccines called, Disputing the link between autism and vaccines.

This time there was a different anchor doing the interview. Here two pro-vaccine people spoke:

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Autism Advocates Met with President Elect Trump Last August

Trump AndyMonday morning hope from

From Jennifer Larson:

Now that Trump won, we can all feel safe in sharing that Mr Trump met with autism advocates in August. He gave us 45 minutes and was extremely educated on our issues. Mark stated " You can't make America great with all these sick children and more coming". Trump shook his head and agreed. He heard my son's vaccine injury story. Andy told him about Thompson and gave him Vaxxed. Dr Gary ended the meeting by saying "Donald, you are the only one who can fix this". He said " I will". We left hopeful. Lots of work left to do. Dr. Gary, Andy, Jen, Mark
Dr. Gary Kampothecras, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Mark Blaxill and Jennifer Larson during the August meeting with the candidate Donald Trump. 

Health Choice is a non-profit organization focusing on awareness of health choices, education on nutrition, healing, and prevention of chronic illnesses for children and adults. Our group was formed in response to a study published in Academic Pediatrics that represented 43% of children (32 million) in the US suffers from a chronic health condition. It is our belief that these rates will continue to increase if parents are not aware of the unhealthy choices in their lifestyle such as industrial processed foods, side effects of vaccine choices, and other environmental and lifestyle factors. We want to help Americans understand how to have a healthy lifestyle, return to a state of wellness and promote sound choices for their children.

Vaccines: Got Yours?

Share secretBy Cathy Jameson   

I was tagged in a Facebook post last week.  In the post was a link for an article about the Commonwealth of Virginia’s religious exemption.  The religious exemption, for now, is safe.  With how California managed to take parents’ rights away, I celebrated the victory.  A woman who saw the post did not. 

I’m not shocked.  Not everyone believes in vaccine choice.  This woman in particular very clearly did not.  Her first comment was not only ignorant but also showed how insensitive she was.  Without considering an individual’s medical history or respecting that a person’s religious belief can influences healthcare decisions, she said that the unvaccinated should be denied services from doctors, public health and from schools.  She added that to be unvaccinated goes against the greater good and that in order to be able to mingle and interact in public, people should be vaccinated.  To not be vaccinated is selfish. 

I didn’t know who this person was at all besides that she is a friend of my friend, so I debated whether or not to reply.  I could not let her grand and demanding statements be the last ones on the thread, so I chimed in.  I said, Well, thank God some of them don’t (deny services)!  Thank God for doctors, health officials, and schools who are open-minded and more understanding that for some people – children and adults – cannot be vaccinated for either health reasons, personal reasons, or religious reasons.  If you want to be vaccinated, go for it.  No one is stopping you.  But for those who have serious reservations about them or who have had serious reactions from vaccines (like my family members have), having the freedom to choose is a welcomed option.

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Weekly Wrap: A Little Milton With Your Post-Election Coffee

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

The election just passed still feels so raw and immediate that it almost seems like it’s still going on – I feel like one of those times when I’ve driven for 10 hours and I close my eyes at bedtime and still feel like I’m driving. That happened another time when Mark Blaxill and I were working on our first book and had put in a marathon long weekend session. I tried to go to sleep but words were appearing in front of me as if the inside of my eyeballs was a sheet of paper.

Much could be said, but little needs to be: I wish President-Elect Trump well and I hope this is an opportunity to end the age of autism and confront the damage done by the bloated, unsafe vaccine schedule. Readers of all stripes continue to be welcome here. Partisan politics really doesn’t advance the cause – and as a non-profit we don’t endorse candidates or adopt a political line beyond calling it as we see it.  Yes, we practice advocacy journalism, for which there is a rich tradition. And at least we acknowledge it rather than descend to the sneering condescension of supposedly balanced outlets like the New York Times. (“On Autism’s Cause, It’s Parents Versus Science.”)

As for Milton, I was recalling the last lines of Paradise Lost – no hidden message here, just the idea that we need to leave the past behind to fully accept the invitation to shape our future:

“The world was all before them, where to choose

Their place of rest, and Providence their guide:

They hand in hand, with wandering steps and slow,

Through Eden took their solitary way.”

Let’s hope and expect that Providence, however defined, will continue to guide our efforts. To invoke another of my favorite quotes, “Continuous, calm, powerful use of the will shakes the forces of creation and brings a response from the infinite.” (Paramahansa Yogananda)


Our matching fund-raising drive has a ways to go to take full advantage of the $5,000 match being offered by Anonymous Reader. We hope that perhaps with the election over and a few moments before the holidays hit us head on, you’ll consider a donation to keep us going strong in the new year, the new administration, the new era. With wandering steps and slow, with continuous, calm, powerful use of the will, we’ll get there.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Dachel Wake Up: Halloween Arrives Late at CDC

Halloween coffee
By Anne Dachel

Nov 9, 2016, Atlanta NPR, WABE: Atlanta CDC Employees Express Anxiety Over Trump's Win

Some employees in Atlanta outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they were anxious about President-elect Donald Trump leading the nation and appointing public health leaders who are against mandatory vaccinations.

Employees at the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the mood in their office is somber.

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Deirdre Imus Blogs About CDC MMR Autism Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson

Deirdre logoThank you to Deirdre Imus for writing about the CDC Whistleblower. She has a huge audience that reaches beyond the autism community.

By Deirdre Imus, November 8, 2016

That mercury is a known neurotoxin – meaning it is poisonous to nerve tissue – is not a topic of debate. The United States government acknowledges this, and consistently warns of its dangers to human health on the websites for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (link:, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (link:, and elsewhere. Depending on mercury type, method of exposure, and a person’s age, the effects of mercury can vary. They include, but are not limited to, vision loss, lack of coordinated movements, cognitive difficulties, memory problems, tremors, skin rashes, and mood swings.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed the mercury-based preservative thimerosal from childhood vaccines starting in 1999 (though “trace amounts” do remain in some vaccines) while continuing to insist that studies had found no evidence of harm to children from mercury exposure. So when a former vaccine safety scientist at the CDC claimed that the agency committed scientific fraud in a series of studies on thimerosal in vaccines and a possible link to autism, you’d think the FDA, CDC, and other agencies meant to protect human health would be interested in hearing from him.

Not so much.

Dr. William Thompson, a 19-year veteran scientist at the CDC, has been blocked from testifying that he and others destroyed critical evidence of a relationship between childhood vaccines and autism. He wants to speak out, admit misconduct, right this wrong – but CDC director Thomas Frieden won’t allow it. 

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Levi Quackenboss: @realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured

Broken promisesNote:  Every special interest group wonders what a new President will mean for their cause, their loved ones, themselves, their industry etc.  Autism as a "group" (such as we are) is no different. Same with the vaccine injury community which extends far beyond autism. Levi Quackenboss would like to chat with President-elect Trump.  Will this be a Charlie Brown tries to kick the football Presidency or a Snoopy dance?  Please read the entire post @realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured at the Quackenboss site here.


Dear Donald,

Remember this?

Trump Wakefield

So do we. Thank you for meeting with Vaxxed director Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He is the voice for so many of the vaccine injured.

But many parents on our side, both those who supported you in this presidential run and those who did not, are afraid that you’re going to go the way of Obama once you’re in the White House. They remember his campaign promises about the right to know if our food has been genetically modified, which dragged out for eight years and finally ended with him signing the Monsanto Protection Act while he and his family ate out of an organic garden— and he handed out federal appointments to any Big Ag honchos who complained about it.

They remember how one of his White House attorneys— autism dad Michael Strautmanis— rounded up autism parent activists in 2007 and promised them that this was going to be their President. Obama knew what happened to Strautmanis’ severely effected child and that he would put an end to the epidemic of vaccine induced autism.

And what happened? Obama promptly took $20 million of pharma money for his 2008 campaign and told everyone to go get their flu shot. Strautmanis hasn’t been heard from since.

We know you won’t do this, Donald. You are not President Obama.

We are here to help you stop the autism epidemic and I’ve taken the time to write out my wish list for your first term.

  1. Drain the swamp we call the CDC. Drain it of corruption, corporate influence, and public policies that fly in the face of health. Hell, drain it of all funding—you wouldn’t be the first to say it should be done. Nobody needs a billion dollars of Zika money in the United States. Nobody needs an ebola vaccine. The CDC has grown into a fear mongering monstrosity not worthy of having access to speak to the American people. Take vaccine safety away from the CDC and set up an independent agency to monitor it. If there is anyone who deserves to be grabbed by the private parts, it’s the CDC. At minimum, appoint a CDC Director who understands that health does not come from a needle and that food is medicine, and who is willing to build a national health foundation on giving access to truth.

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Virginia General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care Recommends No Changes to Vaccine Exemptions

Good news for Virginians, from

The General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care on Wednesday recommended making no changes to the state’s regulations on possible exemptions, including religious reasons, for otherwise-mandatory school vaccinations.

The decision came after the commission received more than 700 comments on the subject, the majority of which were in favor of taking no action.

The issue was brought before the commission at the bequest of Dels. Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, and Christopher P. Stolle, R-Virginia Beach, who introduced a bill during the most recent General Assembly session that would have removed religious exemptions as a valid reason not to have a child vaccinated.

Filler-Corn and Stolle struck the bill and requested the commission research whether non-medical exemptions should be tightened.

The bill received a great deal of attention from those against mandatory vaccinations, most of whom wore red to Wednesday’s meeting, which was held at the General Assembly building in downtown Richmond. Some in red wore T-shirts and hats supporting President-elect Donald Trump.

Most brought their children with them, and one young boy held a sign that said: “Vote ‘No’ to Mandatory Vaccines.” When the commission recommended taking no action, the crowd cheered.

Read more here.

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A Book Too Dangerous to Read FOR LIBRARIES???

Vaccine Friendly PlanBy Jennifer Margulis
Health Impact News

The Library Journal, which librarians read to decide what books to buy for their collections, announced last week that libraries should not carry the new book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health, From Pregnancy Through Your Child’s Teen Years, which I co-authored with Paul Thomas, M.D., a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician who has over 13,000 patients in his pediatric practice in Portland, Oregon.

“The author’s style is gentle and motivating,” the reviewer writes, “and he clearly cares for parents and children. Despite this, many parents will have a hard time following some of his suggestions (e.g. no manufactured baby food, no formula, no circumcision, avoid acetaminophen), as he advises parents to come to “well child visits with a signed vaccine refusal form” and specifically warns against hepatitis, chicken pox, flu, polio, and HPV vaccines, among others.”

The review goes on:

“VERDICT While Thomas does recommend a number of vaccines, his medical wisdom is too removed from both the AAP and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines to warrant a recommendation.”

Don’t make this book available to library patrons.

Don’t read this book.

Don’t even have a conversation about safety issues with childhood vaccines.

Instead, let’s just ignore the fact that the current rates of autism are at least 1 in 68, according to the CDC (possibly as high as 1 in 45, also according to CDC data), that there’s a growing body of very disturbing scientific evidence showing that acetaminophen (the main ingredient in Tylenol) is triggering autism, and that American children today are plagued with allergies, asthma, and other chronic diseases (like Type 1 juvenile diabetes and leaky gut syndrome) than ever before.

But following Dr. Paul’s recommendations to feed a baby and small child a real food, whole foods diet, stop using Tylenol, and making judicious decisions about vaccination is too difficult?

Read more here!

2016: The Year the Candidates Forgot Manners and Autism

By Kim Stagliano

Well, we vote tomorrow here in America.  If you don't live in this country, it's hard to explain how exhausted we are by our years' long process of primaries and then the general election. It just goes on forever.   We have to laugh or we'll cry, right? Maybe we'll scream.

Here at AofA, as a non-profit (and in an effort to maintain our sanity) we don't discuss politics as a rule. We certainly don't declare our loathing or loving for any candidate in any office from dog catcher to Commander-in-Chief.  

I've seen friendships destroyed on social media over this election. Civility has been kicked to the curb. Emotions are running high.

One thing we can probably agree upon, however, is that real issues facing Americans have taken a backseat to high drama accusations.  And this serves none of us.  

Autism has been all but ignored.

Perhaps that's a good thing, since we know that just when we think the government's handling of the epidemic could not get any worse, the numbers rise. Families falter.

In 36 hours we'll have a new President-elect.  Please hold good thoughts that the process goes smoothly, safely and that we don't suffer cyber or other attacks.  Get out and vote. However you choose. Don't ignore your right to vote.

If you choose to comment - please don't bother sniping about the candidates. We can turn on the any TV channel for that.


Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.

Live Stream for WAPF's Wise Traditions Conference Available for Purchase

Weston A PriceBy Laura Hayes

Hi All,

As I've mentioned, I will be speaking next Sunday at WAPF's Wise Traditions Conference in Montgomery, Alabama.  There is an all-day Vaccination Track on Sunday, 11/13, beginning at 9:00am EST.  I will be speaking from 9:00-10:20, followed by Tetyana Obukhanych (PhD immunologist and author of Vaccine Illusion), Alan Phillips (vaccine rights attorney), and Del Bigtree (co-producer of the movie Vaxxed).

Here is a link for the conference, and under it, specific info regarding how to live stream if interested.

Register now to watch the LIVE streaming and ALL recordings ON-DEMAND after the conference as many times as you want for $169.

I will receive a DVD copy of my presentation 2-3 weeks after the conference, which I will then be able to upload to YouTube.  Once available on YouTube, I will send the link, in addition to a transcript of my presentation to all of you.

The conference has over 40 speakers covering many nutrition- and health-related topics...check it out!  It might just be worth the $169 to you if you want to attend in person, but aren't able.


Tis the Season to Say No to a Flu Shot

Flu shot gift
By Cathy Jameson

Twice in the last month I've been asked if I wanted the flu shot.  The first time I was asked, the nurse was a bit hesitant, "Now, I know you usually decline it, but I'm obligated to you want a flu shot this year?"  Just like last year, and every year since Ronan's health took a nose dive, I gave her the same reply, "Nope.  All set.  Thanks."  

This nurse, who happens to be one of our favorites, looked up from the computer and apologized for asking, "I'm so sorry to have to ask you that.  You know I respect your decision, but I can't get to the next screen without answering this prompt..."  I thanked her.  Other nurses have not been so kind, so I smiled and said, "I understand.  Ronan doesn’t need a flu shot today, thank you."

Years ago, I wouldn’t have been so calm.  Being asked if I wanted that shot used to make me really upset.  I’d still be polite in my reply, but deep down, I was boiling.    

Didn't they know that was one of the worst shots Ronan ever got?  

Didn't they remember how awful things got soon after for him?  

Can't they see that we're still dealing with the side effects from the last time he got that shot?  

Of course they could see!  Most of the time, though, their hands are tied.  The nurse or whoever’s checking Ronan into the system is following orders from their employer.  Thankfully, this nurse knows us well enough to not push us.  That’s why when the flu shot was brought up in that appointment, like I knew it would, I was able to let the question she must ask go in one ear and out the other. 

Unless I continue the conversation and offer why I’m saying ‘thanks but no thanks’, newer medical providers we sometimes need to see will never fully understand why we’ll never opt for that shot again.  So when I was asked the second time in recent weeks if we’d like a flu shot, I let the new nurse we’d just met know why I was saying no. 

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Weekly Wrap: Raspberries, Pesticides and the New Polio

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted Rasperberries on fingers

The alarm bells are ringing louder over the increasing number of cases of sudden paralysis among children in the United States. But the predictable focus on germs by “disease hunters” is obscuring what surely must be a strong environmental component.

Last Sunday’s Los Angeles Times’ piece put the issue on the mainstream media map,and another cluster of nine in Washington State this week – focusing on a six-year-old boy from Whatcom County – made the national news. (That child died.)

Here at AOA, which focuses on autism and other environmental, man-made threats to children’s health, we first called out this issue as urgent in early 2014 because it lined up eerily with work Mark Blaxill and I had done about the original paralysis-inducing epidemics of poliomyelitis. In 2011, we first proposed a new theory for those outbreaks – suggesting the poliovirus combined with novel manmade toxins, most notably the pesticide lead arsenate, to kick off the Age of Polio. The ideas is simple: Toxin plus microbe = polio outbreaks. Without the toxin, polio is a minor, often unnoticed infection. With it, the virus can gain access to the nervous system and cause polio's dreaded effects.

So when this new outbreak of polio-like paralysis among children arose in California, we looked into it. We interviewed the mother of a child, Sofia Jarvis, who developed a paralyzed arm, and we came up with a possible pesticide connection. Here’s a screen grab from a story Mark and I wrote in April 2014.

DO screen grab polio rasperries


Now it pays to be humble in the face of a new illness. There was a lot going on in this cluster of early cases, which spread from California and Colorado to Illinois and across the country before seeming to fade out last year (it’s back now on a scary cycle that also recalls the periodicity of polio). Some of those patients two years ago tested positive for EV-68, a virus in the same enterovirus family as polio, but others didn’t, and a conclusive link between the infection and the neurological damage couldn't be made in any case.

Sofia had been hospitalized and gotten an IV antibiotic in the same arm that became paralyzed, which is similar to the “provocation polio” caused by needle sticks that allowed the virus to travel, through a process called “reversal axonal transport,” to the anterior horn cells at the top of the spinal column that control movement. (It was upon hearing about this phenomenon while we worked on our 2010 book “The Age of Autism” that Mark and I looked deeper at polio. It seemed to mimic a process we were investigating involving the combination of syphilis and mercury treatment triggering the worst form of that disease, general paralysis of the insane. Note paralysis.)

We were the first to report last month that the CDC was informing state health departments of a new wave of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) cases starting this summer, and we again put forward our idea that the environment, probably in the form of pesticides but whatever the case something besides a microbe, was involved. (Some of our readers will suspect vaccines, which is also certainly plausible.) AFM is basically medical code for WTF?, since it does not describe an infection but a condition. It's like calling poliomyelitis infantile paralysis, the term it went by before anyone figure out what was going on.

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Katie Wright: IACC's Larry Wexler On Fire!

By Katie WriWexlerght

What  is the deal with IACC member Larry Wexler, PhD, from the Dept of Ed? Until yesterday, in the five plus years I have watched Larry serve on the IACC committee I have never seen him express any sense of urgency regarding autism research or serving the autism community. But wow, yesterday Wexler on fire!

Thanks to the Gov. Accountability Office (if you are reading this I love you) IACC has been warned that they must stop recommending the funding of excessive duplication of genetic research.  The NIH has spent nearly half a billion dollars since the first CARE was passed and has almost nothing to show for it. This is because the NIH wastes an inordinate amount of our research money duplicating the same “learn the signs” and genetic research 1,000 time over. Yes, research needs duplication yet, for example, 11,000 learn the signs studies are enough, just enough.  Because the NIH grossly overfunds the area of early intervention and genetics, they have starved more promising areas of autism research (immunology, gastroenterology treatment, toxicology, vocational program research) of funds.

Pants on fire lectiireBut rather than be grown ups about the commonsense GAO recommendation, most IACC members became histrionic in the face of this constructive criticism. THEIR feelings were hurt, their egos clearly bruised.  The GAO clearly “doesn’t understand how science works!” Insel, Battey and Wexler and other members said as they puffed out their chests.  “The GAO don’t understand duplication IS necessary in science! They are getting it all wrong!” No, IACC it is YOU who are getting it all wrong. You are failing to fund meaningful work, despite ample opportunities. The NIH rejects so much promising biomedical research in favor of the same old genetics and people with autism suffer as a result.

While discussing how they were going to incorporate the GAO recommendations into the new Autism Research Strategic Plan Larry Wexler just lost it. Suddenly Wexler appeared very agitated and raised his hand to speak. What he said next is priceless, priceless!

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CDC: Despite Vaccination Measures, Influenza Outbreaks Can Still Occur In Highly Vaccinated Military Populations

Military fluBy Teresa Conrick

In 2014, CDC reported this information in their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).  I don't recall reading about it in any new reports or seeing it on any news stations:

Influenza Outbreak in a Vaccinated Population — USS Ardent, February 2014

On February 10, 2014, the USS Ardent, a U.S. Navy minesweeper, was moored in San Diego, California, while conducting training. Over the course of 3 days, 25 of 102 crew members sought medical care because of influenza-like illness (ILI). Nasal swab specimens were collected from each patient, and initial rapid influenza testing indicated 16 cases of influenza A. Ultimately, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing conducted by the Naval Health Research Center determined that 20 specimens were influenza A, of which 18 were subtype H3N2. Two specimens could not be subtyped. The HA gene sequence of an outbreak isolate was 99% identical to strains circulating during the 2013–14 influenza season and antigenically similar to the H3N2 component of the 2013–14 influenza vaccine...This outbreak highlights the risk for an H3N2 influenza outbreak among vaccinated and otherwise healthy young persons.

... Ninety-nine of 102 USS Ardent crew members, 24 of the 25 with ILI symptoms, and 17 of 18 crew members with confirmed influenza A (H3N2) infection had received the 2013–14 influenza vaccine ≥3 months before the outbreak. Vaccinations had been administered at local naval health clinics and at a vaccination fair conducted by Naval Medical Center San Diego. Of the 25 crew members with ILI symptoms, 16 were vaccinated via intradermal injection, eight via intranasal mist, and one had not received vaccination.

...Since the 1950s, a policy of mandatory annual vaccination against influenza for active duty personnel has been largely successful in limiting influenza epidemics in the military (8). The current U.S. Department of Defense influenza vaccination policy mandates that all uniformed personnel receive seasonal influenza vaccination, unless medically exempt, or face punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The policy specifically directs all Navy operational units to be at least 90% vaccinated. However, despite vaccination measures, influenza outbreaks can still occur in highly vaccinated military populations (9,10).

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Rabbi Handler on Vaccines, Politics and the Autism Holocaust

Rabbie HandlerBy Anne Dachel

Three years ago I got know a remarkable advocate for medical freedom and vaccination choice. That man was Rabbi William Handler who lives in New York City.

In 2013 there was an outbreak of measles in the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn and pediatricians urged parents to immediately give their children the mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) vaccine to protect them against the disease. The New York Daily News reported at the time that some people linked the MMR to autism. Some parents, including many religious Jews, shun getting the vaccine, which prevents mumps, measles, and rubella, out of fear it causes autism, said Dr. Yu Shia Lin of Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park.

The Wall Street Journal covered the outbreak telling readers that local rabbis and community leaders were urging that children be vaccinated and that any link between the MMR and autism had been “debunked by medical studies.”  

Rabbi Handler however cautioned against blindly following the advice to vaccinate against measles in an article in July 2013 in the Jewish Press entitled, “The Measles Scare and CDC Politics.”   

Handler had researched the vaccine issue for himself and what he discovered made him question the one-size-fits-every-child vaccination schedule in the U.S. His Jewish Press story was a summary of what he’d learned about vaccines during a five year investigation. Handler wrote about the power and influence that drug companies have over our lawmakers in Washington as well as their control over officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He cited well-credentialed experts whose studies raised serious concerns about vaccine side effects.  He brought up troubling issues like the federal government’s concession of vaccine-induced autism in the case of Hannah Poling in 2008.

Handler’s ending pretty much summarized what U.S. health officials and mainstream medicine are up against:

“Increasing numbers of parents—especially the more educated parents—no longer trust the American government’s public health campaigns.

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