Cathy Jameson

Cat’s 2016 Autism Awareness Month Playlist

By Cathy Jameson

It’s back. The month I used to love but now do my best to tolerate.

Before April gets a chance to begin, and before I start to feel like I’m drowning in blue splattered this and blue soaked that, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of a playlist that I’ll surely have on repeat. From April 1st through to midnight on April 30th, and through some of the madness that comes during what used to be my favorite month, I have a plan. 

Earbuds in.

Music turned up to a nice respectable level.

Madness turned off.

As I offered last year,  here is an updated playlist for your listening pleasure. Feel free to add your theme song or a get-me-through-all-the-bluewashing song in the comment section below.

xo, Cat


Maximillian and Medina – Stavos Mammonian

I picked some great songs for this year’s playlist. Some are a bit heavy, but before we get to those, let’s get up and dance.

This one, produced by a friend of mine, puts a pep in my step every.single.time that I play it. On days that I find myself dragging my feet or on days when nothing seems to be going my way, I make a point of listening to it.

When you find yourself starting to feel down in the dumps, go ahead and play it, too. I bet it’ll get that toe of yours tapping. Sometimes a two – three minute dance break will do the trick to keep you going, so don’t be afraid to get up and dance if the spirit moves you. .

Try Everything – Shakira

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: I, Ian

AofA Red Logo Ayumi Yamada

By Dan Olmsted

A while back -- on September 4, 2008, in fact -- I wrote a post titled "Letting the MMR Off the Hook" that began: "The last time I saw Ian Lipkin was at the IOM Environment-and-Autism workshop last year. He was spending a lllloooottttttt of time describing some gizmotron that could do something or other to analyze some stuff that might hold clues to autism." I never published it. I'm not sure why, but I did make a note to myself that I was being "deliberately provocative," so perhaps I decided to hold off.

That, anyway, was my impression of Dr. Lipkin, and the bzzz-bzzzt-bzzzt at the meeting was that Lipkin, a professor of epidemiology and director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health -- it takes half an hour just to say the title! -- was hogging the microphone to promote, as I put it, some gizmotron, complete with a slide presentation. For all the world he looked like a salesman raising money for his lab, which sources report that in private conversations seems to be what he cares about.

I went back and found that column this week after picking up my Wall Street Journal on Monday at Starbucks and nearly spitting up my Venti Hazelnut Pike when I got to the Op-Ed page and found, by W. Ian Lipkin, "Anti-Vaccination Lunacy Won't Stop." The professor wants you to know that he was a major player in getting Robert De Niro to pull the plug on Vaxxed at the Tribeca Film Festival.

"I am among those Mr. De Niro consulted. In a 45-minute conversation with him, I recommended that the festival withdraw the film from the 'documentary' category and not screen it." 

Why not just title the column "I, Ian"? 45 minutes with a big star! And a star so famously inarticulate that a glossy magazine once titled its interview with him "Fifteen Mumbling Minutes With Robert Di Niro." I am guessing, but I bet Rankin spent a llllloooottttt of time talking. 

In the WSJ article, Lipkin also manages to call attention to a study he and colleagues did in September 2008 (hence the column I was writing back then), which supposedly absolved the MMR of any involvement with autism. "We tested Mr. Wakefield's two major findings. ... In our peer-reviewed study ... we found that only 20 percent of children fit the Wakefield model in receiving MMR vaccine before onset of GI disturbance and autism."

This study caused a lot of consternation at the time, not least because another author of the study, Mady Hornig, made extravagant claims about those findings and also because Hornig had long seemed sympathetic to vaccine safety concerns around not just the MMR but thimerosal. She authored the famous mouse study that showed auto-immune-susceptible mice given thimerosal chewing on each other and otherwise behaving like out-of-control autistic mice might be expected to behave.

I included her in that 2008 column, too, noting:  "The last time I saw Mady Hornig she was giving me a llllooonnngggg disquisition on exactly how the measles virus could mess up kids in a way that, I swear I'm remembering this correctly, leads to autism."

And I still remember it. She was telling me how the MMR could cause autism! She was doing vaccine lunacy! We were sitting in a round glass restaurant on top of a hotel in Crystal City, Virginia, talking above karaoke, one tune being "Brown-Eyed Girl" (How's that for recall!). There was a terrible storm that I decided to leave in the middle of, and ended up at a close-by friends' house waiting it out. I, Dan Olmsted, am a trained observer. I remember these things. (And here's a what-the-heck: Back in 2005, after the Times ran its infamous Parents-vs-Science takedown of the vaccine-autism concerns, Hornig and Lipkin were among those paying a visit to the public editor to complain. Who looks a little looney now?)

So when the MMR study came out and Hornig was fronting for it, I got the feeling it was a ticket back to respectable mainstream scientism. Mark Blaxill and I addressed it in our book, The Age of Autism, in 2010.


“The Hornig study was by all accounts carefully done and the reported results valid. In the press release announcing the publication, however, Hornig went further, claiming, “The work reported here eliminates the remaining support for the hypothesis that autism with GI complaints is related to MMR vaccine exposure. We found no relationship between the timing of MMR vaccine and the onset of either GI complaints or autism.” In our view, this claim was an exaggeration. In her study, only five of the twenty-five children developed these symptoms after the MMR vaccine and therefore, only these five were comparable to the 2002 Wakefield study. In contrast to her public statement, her new study effectively confirmed that results from an earlier study from the laboratory of Professor John O’Leary were correct, and identical to the results obtained by the participating laboratories, which included Wakefield’s original collaborator, as well as the CDC and Columbia lab. Far from repudiating Wakefield’s findings, it provided support for the reliability of the original analysis.”


As I look back at my e-mail traffic from the time, this observation was a pretty civil distillation of what most people in the vaccine safety community considered a stab in the back. The operative phrase was "selling out." 

"Just thinking out loud," one e-mailer said. "It’s a big claim to make for a little study. The evidence is what it is. But Hornig makes a grandiose claim. It’s kind of embarrassing, like the way she overstated her mouse findings (one mice ate through the 'scalp' not, as Mady said in talks, the 'skull' of its cage mate). Mady is a good scientist and does thorough work and we should respect it. But she’s way out of her depth as a big picture interpreter."

Right on cue, the Forbes headline read: "U.S. study claims to clear MMR vaccine of autism link."

"We found no difference in children who had GI complaints and no autism and children who had autism but no GI complaints," Dr. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University told reporters in a telephone briefing, according to Forbes, which added that "the team also collected data about the children's health and immunization histories from parents and physicians to see if vaccinations preceded either their autism or bowel trouble.

"We found no relationship between the timing of MMR vaccine and the onset of either GI complaints or autism," Dr. Mady Hornig, also of Columbia, said in a statement.

Said another of my e-mailers: "I am still actively angry at these two for their MMR capitulation and conference call about it."

I hardly think these two care. Not when they get a llllooooottttt of press coverage, have a lllooooonnggg conversation (45 whole minutes) with a big star, and get to have a five-column article in the journal titled "Anti-Vaccination Lunacy Won't Stop" all about a study that proved nothing, while hurling names like "lunatic." As a vaccine lunatic, I think I'll end with part of that post from eight years ago that never ran. So sorry if it's deliberately provocative!


I especially don't understand how you get from not finding the measles virus in some kids with autism and GI problems, to making the evening news (as Hornig did last night) by saying that there is thus no connection between the MMR and autism.

Because, there is. I strongly believe the MMR can trigger autism in vulnerable kids, and this study does nothing to knock down that idea. I'm sick and tired of studies that put the burden on the critics of the untested, unsafe and pharma-driven childhood immunization schedule by going after particular theories of causation rather than figuring out whether the MMR causes autism ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. These piecemeal studies slice off one part of the pie -- and more money from the CDC -- and then say, see, we didn't find anything so vaccines are safe. Shoot 'em up!

I have been a longtime critic of the MMR, and it comes from spending a lot of time talking to parents of kids who got the MMR (usually with some other live virus vaccine or mercury-containing shot), got sick and regressed, as well as looking at the evidence that something fishy is going on when multiple live viruses meet and greet in developing immune systems.

Is the MMR alone behind the autism epidemic? No, it is not. There has never been an autism epidemic -- pick your country -- that can be traced to the MMR alone; even in the U.S., the spike in cases starting around 1990 came too late to be wholly or solely explained by the introduction of the MMR a decade earlier. What the MMR does do, I believe, is synergize with a pre-existing vulnerability (including a crapload of mercury) to make a subset of kids autistic.

That's the kind of thing you DON'T find when you take a bunch of kids -- most of whom regressed and had GI problems BEFORE they got the MMR, for crying out loud -- and look for measles in their guts, and not find it, and give the CDC an "all clear" to keep causing autism.

The question is, what are those vulnerabilities? I've spelled this out many times in many ways, based on what is now years of reporting, researching and listening to real people. You can find at least three ways to turn the MMR into the "autism shot," as Jenny McCarthy has aptly phrased it.

First, hit very young kids with multiple live viruses, either in concurrent vaccinations or because the child actually got sick near the time of the shot (Paul Shattock in Great Britain has done fascinating research suggesting marked regression after the MMR is more likely if a child has had naturally occurring chickenpox three months either side of the MMR shot).

Second, mix in a background load of toxins -- from where you live, what you drink, other shots or power plants or whatever that add in enough mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic etc. to dysregulate the immune system just enough to make MMR feel right at home. The mercury-containing flu shot in pregnant women and infants as young as six months could be enough to tee this up, I believe.

Third, combine the above in a child with an inherited difficulty in coping with a particular virus.

Is it really up to the parents who have witnessed these reactions and tried to warn others to figure all this out, too? No, it's not, even though many of them are doing yeoman's work on that front. It's enough to say that all the evidence of our eyes and ears implicates the MMR in autism. This is why Bernadine Healy, the former NIH head, says researchers need to find 400 kids whose parents believe they got sick and regressed as an IMMEDIATE reaction to vaccines and figure out what happened to them.

Instead, we get self-serving rubbish like this. The only really interesting thing this time is who's taking out the CDC's trash.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism











Current Affairs, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Did the CDC Censor VaXxed? Report 2

Vaxxed ErrorBy Louis Conte and Wayne Rohde

Has the CDC censored VaXxed at another film festival? The Houston Worldfest Film Festival has announced that they too have been forced to remove VaXxed from their festival’s line up.

To answer this question, we must review what we reported earlier this week.

On Tuesday, we asked if the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention – an agency of the United States Government – directed the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), a not-for-profit organization to activate a panel of scientists, known as the Listserv, to pressure Robert De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival to remove VaXxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe from the film festival’s 2016 line up.

We asked if the CDC sought to have VaXxed censored because the film detailed research fraud within the CDC Vaccine Safety Division on the 2004 MMR study published in Pediatrics. This study by Frank DeStefano, Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, William W. Thompson, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp and Coleen Boyle is the vital research that the government claims shows no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

On 3/25/16, Robert De Niro indicated that he and the Tribeca Film Festival team decided to pull VaXxed because of pressure from the scientific community.

“My intent in screening this film was to provide an opportunity for conversation around an issue that is deeply personal to me and my family. But after reviewing it over the past few days with the Tribeca Film Festival team and others from the scientific community, we do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion I had hoped for.”

Statements made by Alison Singer in a 3/29/16 article in the Guardian are absolutely clear that the IAC supplied the pressure De Niro was feeling:

“Four or five years ago we weren’t as well organized and people didn’t realize the importance of responding quickly and strongly,” said Alison Singer, the president of the Autism Science Foundation and a member of the IAC listserv.

“Today, we know that we have to respond to every incident however large or small, because if you leave any of these discredited theories unchallenged, it allows people to think that there’s something still to be discussed,” she said.

At the center of the network was a listserv group of more than 100 prominent individuals and science research bodies run out of the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) based in St Paul, Minnesota. According to the Guardian article, the “listserv acts as an early warning system that sounds the alarm whenever the potent conspiracy theory that autism can be caused by vaccination surfaces.”

The Guardian states “Through the listserv, conference calls were quickly organized among top scientists across the country to discuss how to respond to the news that what was seen as a scurrilous and misleading film was to be given a high-profile airing. Leading figures in the documentary world were also enlisted to add their objections to the showing of Vaxxed, the film directed by the disgraced former British doctor Andrew Wakefield.”

While Wakefield directed it, VaXxed is not about the retraction of his 1998 Lancet article. VaXxed is about the disclosures of CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson – one of the co-authors of the 2004 Pediatrics MMR article - alleging that the agency manipulated and destroyed data which showed that the MMR vaccine is linked to autism in African-American male children and another subset of children that the authors described as Isolated Autism (autism without other co-morbid conditions).

While Wakefield’s controversial 1998 Lancet paper on gastrointestinal illness in several children with autism was a factor in the CDC decision to study the MMR vaccine, the pressing issue for the CDC was not the Wakefield controversy.

The pressing issue was that their boss was being sued.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services was facing billions of dollars in compensation claims from families filing thousands of petitions in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP) alleging MMR vaccine induced autism.

The 2004 research that Thompson says was fraudulent was critical to the families with claims in the OAP. VaXxed makes the point that the CDC’s fraud amounted to obstruction of justice of federal judicial proceedings.

William Thompson issued this statement through his attorney Rick Morgan on 8/27/14 about the 2004 MMR study:. Morgan-Verkamp is a well-regarded legal firm specializing in Whistleblower litigation.

“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

Omitting statistically significant information and altering the design of the study to bury the elevated risk of autism for African-American boys and those with “isolated autism” due to the MMR vaccine is research fraud.

VaXxed details information Thompson gave to Dr. Brian Hooker, a scientist and father of a child with autism. VaXxed is constructed around excerpts of legally taped conversations between the two men where other serious allegations of misconduct within the CDC are disclosed.

In our first report we noted that Alison Singer, the Director of the Autism Science Foundation (ASF) and the apparent spokesperson for the IAC Listserv, is the mother of a child with autism and not a scientist. She held a leadership position at Autism Speaks before starting the ASF.

Dr. Paul Offit, who often acts a spokesman for vaccines, is on the ASF board. In other words, Offit is Singer’s boss.

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VAXXED: A Review by Jim West

Vaxxed_documentary.jpg.CROP.original-originalAngelika Theater, NYC
Film Review: Vaxxed
This is an amazing, pro film, great technical, political, and aesthetic skills. A confidence builder for critics. It presents the clearly documented message of CDC corruption and militant arrogance. It describes pharmaceutical industry power. The film keeps its cool and does not go over the top.
The famous scientist Andrew Wakefield, director Del Bigtree, and film distributor Richard Castro were there. Also present, and very eloquent, was the biologist, Brian Hooker, whom the CDC put a lawyer on years ago to make it illegal for him to contact the CDC for data.
After the film, in the theater lobby, I talked to most of them in fair depth and handed out my card. Wakefield got my message and seemed upbeat about it, as my ultrasound scenario completely supports the vaccine message. It was a challenge getting through the groupies who were clustering up for Wakefield photos.
The film has been lambasted by the drug tabloid, The NY Times, claiming it was a Wakefield film (he has already been demonized by the mainstream), but the film topic is actually about the CDC whistleblower, William Thompson. (Here is my breakdown of The NY Times board of directors: )
I conversed with a guy who drove from Ohio to see the film. He had been listening to his wife for 20 years talking about vaccines, and he had been like, "yea, yea...". His wife said, "You are going to see this film!" He is now a complete convert to the vax-critical position.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: VaXed

Online newsOn March 31, 2016, independent investigative journalist Jefferey Jaxen published the video: Special Report: VAXXED [UNCENSORED] The Real Story,

about the media uproar that began over the announcement by Robert De Niro that the Tribeca Film Festival would include that movie "Vaxxed" about William Thompson, the whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Jaxen's video focuses on the role of the media in covering up the real message of the film. Instead of reporting on a story about official fraud involving a major study on vaccine safety, the press labeled "Vaxxed" "anti-vaccine" and vilified its director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, as a discredited doctor who had lost his medical license for linking vaccines and autism.

Jaxen said, “A dangerously polarized mainstream media in the United States was spotlighted and exposed for all to see. The public endured what can only be called a coordinated attack of widely accusatory and inaccurate news stories attacking De Niro, the Tribeca Film Festival, and the documentary film producers Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree. What was alarming is that not one journalist or media outlet churning out the prejudice content had ever viewed the unreleased film."

Jaxen continued, reminding the public that the cancelation of Vaxxed "once again showed a dangerously controlled and regulated media with an agenda.” Dr. Wakefield was included in Jaxen's video saying that the massive media call to remove "Vaxxed" from Tribeca was unprecedented, making it a First Amendment issue. 

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Dan Burns

Dispatches from the Front - The Revolution: A Call to Action

Ben and danDispatches from the Front - A series of sketches for parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their relatives, care givers, and friends.

The Revolution: A Call to Action

By Dan Burns

Ben is my beloved son. Expressions play across his face like light reflected from rippling water. He says up, go, yes, but never no. He likes green apples and almond butter. Craves wheat, cheese, and sugar. Trained for a career in food service, but was fired from Cici’s Pizza for grazing at work. Feeds himself with his fingers when he can get away with it. Breaks out laughing at odd times. Hits himself in the nose when angry. Sticks his fingers in ears for God knows why. Strips off his clothes. Hikes and bikes state park trails. Can out-sprint me. Vaccine injury. Autism.

In the spring of 2010 Ben and I walked down the steps toward the deck of Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, overlooking Lake Austin, on task for Autism File magazine to interview a dangerous man.  A British doctor, gastroenterologist, writer, film maker. Discredited; struck off the medical register, a notorious menace to public health.  A fraud, it was claimed by the mainstream media, who must be silenced.

Ben took in the scene with deep, intense eyes that flashed around the deck, looking for food. What he saw: blue-jeaned young professionals, Earth mommas, and backpack-toting graduate students sipped cappuccinos, surfed the internet, writing or chatting, grazing on fresh bakeries, carrot cake. Birds and squirrels sparred for scraps.

“Go,” said Ben. He hopped toward a picnic table under a knurled live oak. A sign on the trunk said “Keep Austin Wired.” A squirrel leapt from the oak tree and perched near a distinguished older patron. The man was hunched over his computer, head down, eating a blueberry muffin.

“Are you …?”

Ben lunged for the muffin. The writer choked, put it down, and lifted his head. Beard. Could have been Hemingway.

Still coughing, “No.”

The squirrel pounced for the undefended goody, but Ben’s hand was faster, muffin to mouth. I grabbed his shirt, pulled him to me, flashed the “no” sign, and clawed the crushed mess out of his hand.


“He can have it,” said Hemingway.

“Makes him crazy. Gluten, sugar.”

“You need to put a leash on that kid.”

I felt a flash of anger. “I hear that a lot.” I tossed the gutted muffin to the squirrel.

Ben pounded himself on the nose. “Uhhhhh.”

I spun him around toward me and made eye contact, face to face. “What do we do when we get mad?”

Reading my lips, Ben whispered. “Don’t. Give. Up.”

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Vaccine Safety

RIP: J. Anthony Morris, Vaccine Officer Who Questioned Safety Dies at 95

J Anthony Morris

From The Washington Post. RIP, Dr. Morris.

J. Anthony Morris, a federal vaccine specialist who was forced into retirement after public disagreements with superior officers over the efficiency of federal vaccine programs and the effectiveness of influenza vaccines, died May 31 at a health-care center in Hyattsville, Md. He was 95.

The cause was congestive heart failure, said his daughter, Cam Esser.

Dr. Morris was chief vaccine officer for the Bureau of Biological Standards at the National Institutes of Health and later with the Food and Drug Administration, when the bureau was transferred to that agency in the 1970s.


He argued that research carried out by his unit demonstrated that there was no reliable proof that vaccines were effective in preventing influenza, and he accused the government of basing its mass vaccine programs for flu primarily on claims made by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The issue came to a head in 1976 when President Gerald R. Ford signed a bill appropriating $135 million to vaccinate 140 million people against swine flu that fall and the next winter. Dr. Morris was outspoken in his opposition to the inoculations.

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Anne Dachel

Anti-Truth Coverage from the New York Times

NYTBy Anne Dachel

Imagine a controversial story everywhere for days on social media, covered by many mainstream news outlets, and this story being the source of heated reactions from both sides of the issue. That was what happened when first, the Tribeca Film Festival announced that they would show the controversial film “Vaxxed,” about a scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. William Thompson, who revealed that his agency had covered up data that linked vaccines to the development of autism, and then after enormous pressure, Tribeca cancelled the film.

This of course is serious. We are constantly told by the press that “studies show no link” between the government’s ever-increasing vaccine schedule and autism. This begs the questions, What if the studies are fraudulent? What if findings are falsified to make it look like vaccines are safe, when instead there are known risks?

For years many experts and parents have challenged the government’s constant use of population studies as proof that vaccines don’t cause autism. Researchers universally know that this is the weakest kind of science since the results are easily manipulated or just plain wrong. No matter, the media unfailingly reports the latest study showing vaccines are safe, although despite years of study after study, they have never settled anything.

The film “Vaxxed” addressed this

Reporters, after more than two decades of unfailing endorsement of the government’s studies on vaccine safety are now faced with the possibility of a cover-up in the official research.

The next big task: Distorting the message of “Vaxxed.”  

Just so we can't say the New York Times isn't doing their job, they did report on the early showing of "Vaxxed" on April 1st at the Angelika theatre, sort of.

What's typical of the Times is HOW they covered this film.

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield

See VAXXED and Read Callous Disregard from Skyhorse Publishing

Andy books
If you aren't able to see the movie VAXXED just yet, you can learn about the MMR autism question that rocked the world by reading Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, published by Skyhorse Publishing. 

Andrew Wakefield reveals the the inside story of the vaccine-autism connection, and his controversial research.

As Andrew Wakefield states in his prologue, “If autism does not affect your family now, it will. If something does not change—and change soon—this is almost a mathematical certainty. This book affects you also. It is not a parochial look at a trivial medical spat in the United Kingdom, but dispatches from the battlefront in a major confrontation—a struggle against compromise in medicine, corruption of science, and a real and present threat to children in the interests of policy and profit. It is a story of how ‘the system’ deals with dissent among its doctors and scientists.”

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Current Affairs, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Did the CDC Censor Vaxxed?

VAXXED-movie-angelika-film-center-640Decide for yourself - visit the VAXXED site to learn more about the movie and to purchase tickets.

By Louis Conte and Wayne Rohde

Did the Centers For Disease Control – an agency of the United States Government – direct the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), a not-for-profit organization to activate a panel of scientists, known as the Listserv, to pressure Robert Di Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival to remove VaXxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe from the film festival’s 2016 line up?

Did the CDC seek to have VaXxed censored because the film details research fraud within the CDC Vaccine Safety Division to alter results of the foundational research used by the government to deny the link between the MMR Vaccine and autism?

On 3/25/16, Robert Di Niro indicated that he and the Tribeca Film Festival team decided to pull VaXxed because of pressure from the scientific community.

“My intent in screening this film was to provide an opportunity for conversation around an issue that is deeply personal to me and my family. But after reviewing it over the past few days with the Tribeca Film Festival team and others from the scientific community, we do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion I had hoped for.”

Statements made by Alison Singer in a 3/29/16 article in the Guardian are absolutely clear that the IAC supplied the pressure Di Niro was feeling:

“Four or five years ago we weren’t as well organized and people didn’t realize the importance of responding quickly and strongly,” said Alison Singer, the president of the Autism Science Foundation and a member of the IAC listserv.

“Today, we know that we have to respond to every incident however large or small, because if you leave any of these discredited theories unchallenged, it allows people to think that there’s something still to be discussed,” she said.

At the center of the network was a listserv group email list of more than 100 prominent individuals and science research bodies run out of the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) based in St Paul, Minnesota. According to the Guardian article, the “listserv acts as an early warning system that sounds the alarm whenever the potent conspiracy theory that autism can be caused by vaccination surfaces.”

The Guardian states “Through the listserv, conference calls were quickly organized among top scientists across the country to discuss how to respond to the news that what was seen as a scurrilous and misleading film was to be given a high-profile airing. Leading figures in the documentary world were also enlisted to add their objections to the showing of Vaxxed, the film directed by the disgraced former British doctor Andrew Wakefield.”

Having viewed VaXxed, the film is not about Andrew Wakefield or the retraction of his 1998 Lancet article describing a bowel syndrome in children with autism. While Wakefield directed it, VaXxed is about the disclosures of CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, alleging that the agency manipulated and destroyed data in the seminal research cited by the US government as proof that the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism. While Wakefield’s controversy was likely a factor in the CDC decision to study the MMR vaccine, a bigger factor was the filing of thousands of petitions in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) alleging MMR vaccine induced autism. In what would eventually become known as the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP), the Secretary of Health and Human Services was facing billions of dollars in compensation claims.

The 2004 research that Thompson says was fraudulent, might have been critical to the families with claims in the OAP. VaXxed makes the point that the CDC’s fraud amounted to obstruction of justice.

William Thompson’s 8/27/14 statement on his concerns about his employer’s conduct in the 2004 MMR study is on the website of the attorneys he retained - Morgan-Verkamp (). Morgan-Verkamp is a well-regarded legal firm specializing in Whistleblower litigation.

“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

Omitting statistically significant information and altering the design of the study to bury the elevated risk of African-American boys developing autism due to the MMR vaccine is research fraud.

VaXxed details information Thompson gave to Dr. Brian Hooker, a scientist and father of a child with autism. The film also features legally taped conversations between the two men where other serious allegations of misconduct within the CDC are disclosed.

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Fighting with Your Hands Tied: How Low Can the Mainstream Media Sink in the Vaccine Debate?

MudBy John Stone

For a year or two now I have more or less given up trying to comment on mainstream blogs - what with the harassment and the censorship I felt I ought to devote more of my time to other projects. But I have been back in the past few days given the disgraceful debacle over "Vaxxed". Below is an example of unacceptable comment to the UK's Guardian newspaper in 2016, made after several comments disappeared.

One of the notable features of the three year long hearing against Wakefield and colleagues was that at no point did any of the mainstream media report any of the defence - no one unless they were prepared to search wider on the internet would have any idea of what it was. It goes on. Below I put up a link to my own blog and it was deleted as infringing community rules, but there is no possible way it did that. We are having a discussion where all the counter argument is being deftly removed. If an international terrorist was on trial they would stand a much better chance of having their defence reported by the mainstream media than someone voicing mild concern about the safety of the vaccine program. The problem is that with these voices of concern systematically removed the program is destined to become ever more harmful because basic checks and balances have been eliminated.

This is something which apparently falls outside reasonable comment now.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Bob Wright Speaks About Vax Safety

Media updateBy Anne Dachel

Cliff Kincaid wrote about what former NBC head Bob Wright wrote about in his new book, The Wright Stuff, and two presidential administrations that fought efforts by Wright to improve the safety of vaccines. Kincaid wrote about a recent interview of Wright by Alisyn Camerota at CNN.

April 4, 2016, Accuracy in Media: Former Media Power Player Sounds Alarm Over Vaccines

By Cliff Kincaid

...One of the important voices in this controversy is Bob Wright, whose new book,The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks, is getting some important press attention. He ran NBC Universal for more than 20 years and started the organization Autism Speaks, after his first grandchild was diagnosed with autism back in 2004. In his book, he says that President Obama’s key adviser, Valerie Jarrett, killed a proposal to improve the safety of vaccines, so that parental fears about the link between vaccines and autism could be addressed.

The Bush administration killed a similar proposal, he says. In that case, the explanation was that “the White House was afraid of press reaction.”

Wright argues convincingly that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) methodology for identifying and addressing vaccine problems is ineffective and that it must be improved....

As a result of government mandating vaccines—and the manufacturers being given immunity from prosecution for financial damages—they have become a cash cow for Big Pharma. There is a vested financial interest in increasing the number of vaccines, and making them mandatory at earlier ages.

All of this has come at a terrible cost, according to critics of vaccines.

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and the link between vaccines and autism is once again up for debate. Interestingly, Alisyn Camerota interviewed Bob Wright on the topic last week on CNN. The discussion was informative, but didn’t go far enough in ascertaining who in the federal government is stopping much-needed research into the safety of vaccines.

April 1, 2016, CNN: Alisyn Camerota's interview with Bob Wright

Bob, I can't tell you how many parents, dozens, I have interviewed who had the exact same experience that you did. After the children got their standard vaccinations, that night the child had a high fever, they were clearly in distress, they were screaming in mortal pain, they called the doctor and the doctor said you're having a vaccine reaction. I know this is very controversial. Are you satisfied that enough research and studies have been done to prove that there is no link?

WRIGHT: Well, I'm satisfied to date from what has been done, that we can't establish directly that link. And -- but it's -- you know, as we get smarter and we're able to do better research, it's very difficult to do research on vaccines when you're talking about vaccines that go to tens of millions of people, because you need a large sample to make any conclusions about something like this. And that's part of the difficulty. I would also say that, that you -- that we all know without any controversy that a lot of children have very different reactions to vaccines, period.


WRIGHT: And all vaccines essentially are the same, of the same type of vaccine, and the children are all different, and they have different immune systems. So their responses are going to be like this and pediatricians are too quick to say, oh, you fall in a normal category. Well, that normal category is like this wide, and that's where vaccine safety comes in, and that's an area I did spend a lot of time in trying to understand the CDC's vaccine safety program.

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John Stone

PM Modi Must Rescue Vaccine Programme from Vested Interests

Logo_2Opinion piece ran March 26, 2016

By Jacob Puliyel

Dr Puliyel, paediatrician  at  Delhi’s St Stephen’s Hospital, describes in Sunday Guardian Live    how the direction of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI), the equivalent of US’s Advisory Committee on Immunization (ACIP)or the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has been handed over to the direction of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with potentially disastrous consequences for Indian health. The situation has disturbing  parallels with what is now happening in the UK.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s (BMGF’s) prescription of foreign drugs for India’s poor and the way in which it has become a major influence within key ministries in Government of India was mentioned in this newspaper recently (The Sunday Guardian, 7 February 2016). The links with the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation (GAVI) and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) were described. The article also highlighted the investments of the foundation and the board members in US-EU Big Pharma stocks and the resulting possible conflict of interests.

The vaccine market in India is potentially one of the largest in the world. The government is advised on what vaccines to include in the national immunisation programme by a committee of experts called the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI).

This body is expected to evaluate the vaccines, their costs and benefits for the country. Vaccines whose cost far exceeds the benefits are not to be recommended. But the entire secretariat of the NTAGI has now been outsourced to the BMGF. Called the Immunisation Technical Support Unit (ITSU), the secretariat is funded by the Gates Foundation and has been moved out of the Nirman Bhawan, where the Ministry of Health is located, into the PHFI.

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San Diego Art Exhibit of Jeremy Sicile-Kira Changes the Picture Autism & Synesthesia


Artist: Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Curators: Maria Sanchez and Francisco Godinez
SPACE 4 ART | 325 15th Street San Diego CA 619.269.7230 |

Opening night Monday April 11 from 6:00 to 9:00PM
Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday

Exhibit Run: April 11-23, 2016

Curatorship statement

Inner Dimensions

A thought provoking body of work; subject matter varying from the extremely abstract to the subtly representational; although one thing has remained constant:  the inner dimensions that runs through it; sideral spaces expressing a revelation of feeling closely aligned with the transparencies of the color; the imagery ranging from fluidity to almost geometrical marks evoking profound emotional landscapes.

The artist is having a conversation with us, quiet, there is no need for words. My-Mom-the-Storyteller-web

Mariza Sanchez,

Artist and Curator

Artist statement:

“Truly my life justly has been given meaning by the discovery that I have synesthesia. Justly my dreams that I had been having forever were nicely given a way to see the light of day when my mom encouraged me to paint my dreams. My truly great ability is to read people’s emotions and translate them in my dreams into glorious paintings, realizing their true self. My ability to paint the colors I see in my dreams is the greatest gift I have. I frankly greatly hope my paintings inspire only the good in people.” – Jeremy Sicile-Kira

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Tim Welsh

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Parent Review

By Tim Welsh (Tannner's Dad)

I was blessed to be one of the first to see this movie premiering TODAY in New York City at the Angelika Film Center. It was a riveting roller coaster for those with their eyes and minds open to the possibility that greed and corruption at the Centers for Disease Control may have built over years. Each lie for the "Greater Good" laying a deeper foundation of receipt. The only way  justice can be done for this film is to recommend EVERYONE see it for themselves. I have seen, been involved in production and marketing dozens of Autism documentaries and this by far is rated a "must see".
 Before I unpack this let me disclose that:
I am a parent of a vaccine injured child. 
I am not in any way shape or form a medical professional.
I have not been paid to write this review. 
I am a British Citizen who resides in Illinois. 
I have been studying Autism and advocating for better health for all for fourteen years. 
I am a contributing editor at The Age of Autism Age of Autism dot com.  
I am behind #CDCwhistleblower.
I am biased but not bought.
I wish I had seen it...before.
Things to take into this movie . 1. Tissues. Yes humans attending this movie will be moved. Dramatic and graphic yet not over the top. 2. An open mind. For those new to the Vaccine Safety world there will be a lot that forces you to come face to face with a lot of your programmed beliefs about the medical establishment, doctors and pharmaceutical business practices. 3. Bring a Friend. I was shaking and crying and needed a hand to hold and hug when it was over.

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Cathy Jameson

6 More Ways to Help During Autism ACTION Month

Sesame street 6By Cathy Jameson

I appreciate it when people recognize how much work it takes for me to care for son.  Ronan is 13 years old and has non-verbal regressive autism.  He needs 24/7 care.  From diapering to redirecting to reducing behaviors to managing his medical issues, including seizures, it’s more than a full-time job for me.  Some friends see that but they don’t always know how to pitch in.  That’s okay.  Some days it’s daunting even for me to think about everything that needs to be done let alone plan and implement and hope that everything goes smoothly!  There’s more than enough to do to keep Ronan happy, healthy, and safe though, so when someone expresses that they want to help my family, I humbly and gladly take it.   

When I’m asked, “Cathy, what can I do to help your family?” I share a few ideas from this list.  Posted two years ago, there are tons of ideas to choose:  30 Days of Autism Action Ideas  Even though there are plenty of ideas on that list, I thought I’d expand on a few of them this year:

1 – I think that many parents appreciate being able to take a break every now and then, but parents of a child with autism may not be able to.  If their child wanders or elopes, that parent cannot take their eyes off their child.  If their child is non-verbal or non-communicative, the parent may not want to leave their child in the care of someone else, especially if it’s a new person.  If a parent is able to take a break, it may be because the person they’ve entrusted their child to is a reliable family, friend, or a hired caregiver.  If you’d like to offer to be that family’s reliable help, learn what needs to be done and offer to be that person.  Even if it’s coming over a few minutes at a time, learn the routine.  Learn the stims.  Learn the triggers.  Learn the signs if the child uses sign language or become familiar with the communication device if they use that.  Learn how to help, and do just that.  If it’s too much to handle, because some of the care the child requires just might be, don’t give up on helping.  Find another way to be there for the family. 

2 – I have very kind-hearted friends who tell me after they’ve made a donation to an autism organization and that they’ve donated it in Ronan’s name.  Donations are great!  But some organizations don’t give back to individuals in need.  Learning that the money won’t go back into the community or to a family affected by autism can be disappointing.  So, before you give away your hard-earned money, ask the family where they think a donation will be best served and consider following the family’s request.

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Weekly Wrap: Mark Blaxill on How the CDC Manipulates the New Autism Rate

Weekly wrapBy Dan Olmsted

If you blinked, you might have missed this week’s announcement that the autism rate has remained at 1 in 68.  That’s 1.5 percent of eight year olds born in 2004 and surveyed in 2012 (what’s the hurry, right?). Perhaps because the number hasn’t changed since the last report two years ago, the news didn’t make the splash it sometimes does. Yet it’s just as shocking, not least because it highlights the way the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “manages” the autism epidemic.

Mark Blaxill, my co-author and colleague at AOA and HealthChoice,  wrote about this powerfully earlier this week contrasting the CDC report with evidence he obtained from a whistleblower lawsuit in Utah. The suit was filed by Judith Pinborough-Zimmerman, who was fired in the middle of working on Utah’s autism rate. It suddenly and inexplicably took a dive -- raising serious questions about how those numbers are obtained, not just in Utah but around the country.

I asked Mark a few questions to try to get my mind around the significance of these major developments.

Dan: I just thought your analysis of the numbers was a really important look at how this sausage is made. Let me start with this: What would be the right way to do a task like this, to track over time a disease or disorder that's of public concern, that people think might be increasing, and that they wanted to get an apples-to-apples comparison for over a period of time. In other words, if they wanted to really figure out was going on, what would they do: What would be best practices as they say in business?

Mark: You'd want to start early enough, in time to observe the trend in the epidemic.  Yet the first thing that they (the CDC) do is start their surveillance in 1992, which is by all accounts after the inflection point -- the autism rates were already starting to get elevated by 1992. We know from the data in Brick, New Jersey, that the difference between the rates in the  ‘88 and ‘92 birth cohorts was huge -- that was sort of the critical four years when the whole thing turned from zero to about the highest rates ever recorded. (See last slide)

Dan: The EPA has said that 1988 was in fact the inflection point worldwide.

Mark: Exactly, and that inflection point shows up in other places and in other studies. The first two CDC studies were in New Jersey and Georgia. They have the data on Brick Township starting in the 1988 birth year, and Brick is in some of the other New Jersey ADDM surveys.

By the way, we should be supporting data collection in New Jersey, which by all accounts has some of the best collection methods, and has the highest autism rate – 1 in 46 -- in the ADDM system that determines the national rate. (See slides 4, 5 and 6.) Plus we know that in Atlanta the CDC has been doing their own autism surveillance for a while, and has data going back to the1986 birth cohort.

If you wanted to analyze time trends, you would be sure to capture the history before and after an inflection point, so that you could answer the question, What happened and when? That's what an honest effort would do.

Also, as you add states (to the surveillance network), you wouldn't be capricious about putting states in and pulling them out. Utah was in, then Utah was out, now it's back in. Florida was in for a little while, then Florida was out. Alabama was in, then there’s no Alabama. They are fickle in their management of the state network, and all of that just creates noise for a problem at the scale of autism that justifies really aggressive surveillance.

And then you would do things like collect information on the diagnostic categories within autism. The earlier studies were of the narrower full-syndrome autistic disorder. They have now fudged it up almost deliberately by reporting on the wider spectrum, and saying maybe it’s just better diagnosis that is causing the rates to rise.

No it isn’t. Yes, they added a new category in the 1994 DSM, Asperger’s, but in the ADDM studies Asperger’s is just 10 percent of the overall autism total, so they’re blowing smoke if they want to claim adding Asperger’s explains the increases. But that’s want they want to do --  they want to spin it to take a 10-fold increase and say, “Look how much better we’re doing! We’re so much more aware of autism.”

When you've got a real increase that is tenfold, it boggles the mind that they can somehow spread this lie that it's all just better diagnosis.

Dan: So I started by asking what's the right way to do this. It sounds like what they're doing is kind of the opposite – it’s what you would do if you wanted to manipulate the data. And because of the Utah situation, we can actually see that happening for the first time. Is that right?

Mark: Yes, in reading the court documents, it appears like they were putting a lot of pressure on Judith Zimmerman (at the University of Utah) to do unethical things. According to the complaint, she stood up to it and then they put more pressure on her and she complained, and they went after her and made all sorts of accusations. It's likely she believed the increase was real, because she did research on environmental causation. I can’t imagine the genetics folks there liking that. My suspicion is that there was a bit of a wink and a nod between the department and the CDC to say let's get Zimmerman out of there, she's a problem.

Otherwise, I don’t think the Utah numbers would have suddenly gone down (see Slide 7, What Happened in Utah?). If it hadn’t, the overall autism rate in the U.S. might have increased to one in 62 or something like that. There were “uncorrected errors,” Zimmerman alleges, that got all the way into the final data – that’s part of what the lawsuit is about.

Dan: It's reasonable to wonder whether this might be going on more broadly, to state it mildly. It seems like kind of a pattern where they have so many buttons they can push at their little dashboard of tracking the rate, that who knows what the rate really is and what the trend line is?

Mark: It's probably one or 2% of kids. It probably varies a fair bit between states. That’s another thing they don't do – they don’t include a fair sampling of states with the highest rates, other than New Jersey.

California has never made it in. California is pretty high. There’s Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Maine -- all among the highest in the educational data -- and they're not in. Massachusetts is very high, Michigan is high -- eight or 10 states are higher than New Jersey in the educational data and they should have been in there.

You would think they’d want a full range. There is variation; it looks like there's a north-south gradient. Oregon and Minnesota stand out, Maine stands out, Massachusetts stands out. New Jersey’s not the only state with a high autism rate.

So you’d want the sample to include the full range of the problem, from worst to best. You also want to understand where the problem is the worst because there might be some kind of environmental clue in that.

Dan:  Exactly. So this is not best practices to take on a task like this and do it this way. I mean, they've done a very bad job.

Mark:  Yes, since you presumably are trying to find answers to the root causes of autism. When it comes to tracking infectious disease, the CDC gets everything, everywhere – they’re extremely rigorous in tracking infectious disease.

Dan: Right. We’ve talked about what a good job they did in the beginning of AIDS as opposed to the rest of the government.  So I guess this would be my insipid question: why wouldn't the CDC want to get this right?

Mark: I don't think they have an interest in finding a problem. They understand that the implications of a real order of magnitude increase would be huge. If they admitted that, the responsibility on them would be enormous to find a cause. To the extent that the possibility might be real, that the cause might include vaccines, they wouldn’t want to find it.

Me: They don't want to find it because they would be implicated by recommending the vaccination schedule, just to state the obvious?

Mark:  Yes.

Dan: As my mother would say, a guilty conscience needs no accuser. Doesn’t this kind of suggest  consciousness of guilt? Why else would they not do it in a way that any reasonable businessperson or statistician would accept? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Mark:  It points to a culture. It points to leadership. It points to what is rewarded and what is punished. It points to all of it. Coleen Boyle started as a midlevel analyst and now she's running autism (at the CDC as Director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Disabilities). She's being rewarded for tucking away the problem. She's also in there supervising Thompson [William Thompson, CDC whistleblower on a manipulated MMR study] and the notes show her giving him orders, telling him to redesign it this way, tweak it that way.

So whether it’s time trends or vaccines, if they tweak the studies enough they can say, oh we don't know if the increase is real but we do know we're doing a better job diagnosing it. And people like Coleen Boyle are the ones who stick around while Thompson is intimidated, Thomas Verstraeten [who did a key thimerosal study] is shipped out of the country, and Judith Zimmerman gets fired from her job in Utah.

There is this little economy of all these people who subsist on government grants. They’re used to things being kind of orderly and not that controversial and this one is just way too big. It requires leadership and continuous management over time. Coleen Boyle is clearly one of the leaders and, in my opinion, is the single-most-guilty person in the whole thing.

Me: “Continuous management over time” is another word for ongoing cover-up isn’t it?

Mark:  Yes exactly. They’ve got an orthodoxy of interpretation. There's a “right way” to look at the data and a “wrong way” to look at the data; there are “good outcomes” and there are “bad outcomes.” It’s not an even-handed, straight-up view of the facts.

They will advertise the hell out of the studies that advance their policies and will tweak until it's acceptable any inconvenient evidence to the contrary. So it's really biased. It requires management. And it’s a moral choice.

Me: Yes, and a pretty serious choice when you think about the ongoing numbers – 1 in 68. It seems to me like we’re watching them succeed at this at the moment. It just seems so malignant that I wonder how to stop it.

Mark: I don't know. But I think at some level we have a little microcosm here of things that are enraging all kinds of Americans against the establishment, coming from the left, from the right, from libertarians, from the Tea Party. There’s a range of very fundamental critiques of Washington – a primal scream that says let's change the culture in Washington.

Me: Maybe that's hopeful -- the idea that this is part of a pattern that is becoming more and more evident to people of all stripes, who are maybe more open to looking at things freshly. 

Anyway, thanks for shedding light on all this. I think it’s an important thing to do.

Mark: You bet.




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Autism Action: Read A Bad Reaction by Sarah Bridges from Skyhorse Publishing

Bad reaction Throughout Autism Action Month, We're going to share books from Skyhorse Publishing.  We invite you to share this post on social media. If you'd like to run the post on your own blog or website, send an email to  and I'll send you the code to drop into compose mode.  To interview Sarah please contact Ashley Vanicek at Skyhorse Publishinng, 212-643-6816 x 288.

Today, on World Autism Day, we begin with a A Bad Reaction by Sarah Bridges, PhD.  Sarah Bridges earned a PhD and post-doctoral appointment in neuropsychology in 1995 on a fellowship from the National Institutes of Health. She began a consulting firm in 2001 and works with leaders and organizations to increase effectiveness. She is the author of seventeen children s books and has written for the "Washington Post," "Mothering," "Realizing Leadership," and other magazines. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her four children."  

Purchase a copy today.

A mother’s story of raising an autistic son, navigating the vaccine court, and confronting the widespread denial of a link between vaccines and autism.

At four months old, Porter Bridges went in for his well-baby checkup and received an array of vaccines. That night he spiked a 105-degree fever and had a two-hour grand mal seizure. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors struggled to stabilize him while his family paced the halls waiting to hear if he was conscious. Though no one could know it at the time, Porter’s hospitalization marked the start of a terrifying and tragic decline in his health and the health of his family. And while the effects of Porter’s reaction would take years to fully develop, the cause was never in doubt—Porter’s hospital record reads, “Brain injury from pertussis vaccine.”

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Current Affairs

“You Know Nothing About Autism, John Snow”

WeilerWe  excerpted this post by James Lyons Weiler.

By James Lyons Weiler, PhD

IN THE TELEVISION PRE-HISTORY FICTIONAL MINISERIES ‘GAME OF THRONES’, a female character named Ygritte is fond of telling her lover, a Night Watchman, who lives caught between two warring cultures, the expression “You know nothing, Jon Snow”.  She tells him this to remind him that he has no idea why the Wildings, a tribe of undead people, are attacking their peoples, and, as hint to the fact that in spite of their different origins as people, she loves him.

There is another Snow of merit who lived between cultures – a culture of science and a culture of stoic and unforgiving ignorance. This John Snow has an important lesson for our time.

In 1854’s, London Physician John Snow was confronted with a severe outbreak of cholera.  The prevailing view of the cause of the cholera at the time was the ‘miasma’ theory, in which ‘bad air’, or something called ‘vibrones’ which the medical community postulated caused the spread of the illness.

London’s Soho District at the time was typical of London neighborhoods in the 1850’s.  Most homes had cess pits under their homes for human waste, and if the waste production exceeded the soil’s capacity, it would he hauled away, for a fee, and dumped into the river Thames.

The good Dr. Snow, pictured to the right, was not satisfied by the miasma theory. As the cholera outbreak worsened, he began mapping cases and eventually recognized that most John_Snowcases were clustered near a water pump on Broad Street. His careful observations led him to conclude that whatever ‘cholera poison’, as he referred to it, was behind the outbreak, it was somehow connected to the water pump. This was before germ theory was established and pathogens such as bacteria and viruses were unknown to medicine.

A religious colleague, The Reverend Henry Whitehead, from St. Luke’s Church, was a believer of the miasma theory. As any good man of the church would so, he attempted to disprove theories, and when he turned his attention to Dr. Snow’s theory of that cholera was a water-born illness, somehow connected to human waste, he was turned away from the nondescript miasma theory by the evidence accumulated by Snow in his maps. He even accompanied Dr. Snow on a hunt for the connection between human waste and the water pump, and together they discovered a home that had a cess pit that drained to a old cess pit only a few feet away from the well at the Broad Street Pump. The homeowners routinely dumped diapers (nappies) into the cess pit under their home.

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Parent Power: Help Support World Alliance for Families and Children in North Carolina

NOTE: We received an email from Zachary's Mom asking us to help support her efforts.  Like most progress in autism, it's the parents who are the engine.  We wish you the best on your event tomorrow night, Zachary.

Dear Friends,

My name is Zachary Honeycutt, I am 12 years old and I have Autism. I did have some language and speech abilities( that I have acquired before ),but now I am non -verbal. I am still struggling with the Toilet-training.

I was diagnosed with autism when I was 28 months.

I love my mom because she worked hard to find out what was going wrong with me at early age(before when I turned 2 years old). Just after my second birthday I started to avoid her eye contact .I developed  obsessions with cars, soccer balls. One of my obsessions too  was , the American flag, ask me why? I don't know.

I love water, mom knows that it soothes me. I can stay  for hours playing with water if I could. I can say my favorite word:" bath, goal, mama, go and of course ball; I love balls and I am so good at Soccer.

One of my first signs were : not responding to my name, acting like a deaf, no eye contact and tantrums for no apparent reasons.

My mom worked as an Interpreter in the Medical field and had worked with children and families affected by autism before I was born. She learned a little bit about autism in real life, because all what she knew about autism was "Rain Man", a movie she saw when she was a teenager....but the reality is beyond that movie. Living with autism and raising me  is quite tough.

What is Autism?

Autism a brain disorder that impairs a person's capacity to communicate and relate to others.

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Utah Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleges Data Errors and Research Misconduct as CDC Report Releases U.S. Autism Rate of 1.5%

Health choiceFrom

March 31, 2016

The CDC announced today an autism rate of 1 in 68 children (1.5% of eight year olds surveyed in 2012) for those born in 2004, unchanged from the last reported rate for children born in 2002. Meanwhile, the United States District Court for the District of Utah is preparing to hear critical motions on April 4th from a former CDC researcher and whistleblower. Although the lawsuit is directed primarily to the University of Utah, the whistleblower has also alleged that the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, allowed research misconduct and persistent data errors in their autism prevalence reports. These whistleblower allegations reveal serious concerns over the legitimacy and integrity of the CDC’s management of its widely cited ADDM Network reports.

In documents filed on January 4, 2016 in the Federal District Court, District of Utah, (Case No. 2:13-cv-1131) the former Principal Investigator for the Utah ADDM Network site, Judith Pinborough-Zimmerman asked for the right to a jury trial to adjudicate a range of claims against her employer, the University of Utah, with respect to Zimmerman’s work as an autism researcher for the ADDM Network. According to the January 4 motion, “Dr. Zimmerman was a successful University employee until she accused [her supervisor], among others, of research misconduct and ethical misconduct. Defendants retaliated against Dr. Zimmerman for raising legal and ethical questions of employees’ impropriety, and took multiple adverse actions against Dr. Zimmerman because of her protected speech; her age; her disability; and her religion. Defendants also breached its contract with Dr. Zimmerman and denied her due process and liberty rights.”

Zimmerman’s complaint includes specific concerns over alleged uncorrected errors in the ADDM Network’s reported autism analysis for Utah. Zimmerman “reported that [university researchers] were publishing data under people’s names who had not done the work and that the data contained uncorrected errors. [emphasis added]” Dr. Zimmerman further testified, “I think the fact that I reported data errors, research misconduct, is significant.” According to the lawsuit, knowledge of these errors was not confined to Utah. “On or about December 2012, Dr. Zimmerman also reported the same concerns she had made to the University’s Privacy & Security office to the United States Department of Health and Human Services…. She reported her concerns to the CDC as well. “

Depositions from Zimmerman and her former colleagues suggest that the alleged data errors were serious and have the potential to produce major differences in reported Utah autism rates. In the 2008 ADDM Network Report, Utah autism rates were the highest in the country at 1 in 47. In the 2012 report released today, Utah rates plummeted nearly 20% to 1 in 58 as most other ADDM Network sites reported either rising or stable autism rates.

Health Choice has long criticized the design and management of CDC’s ADDM Network autism prevalence surveys. “The CDC has been misrepresenting the alarming rise in autism rates since the late 1980s,” says Health Choice Executive Leadership Team Chairman Mark Blaxill. His Health Choice analysis, “   The Autism Emergency Continues 1 in 68  born in 2004 released today (see 11 slides below) outlines a number of criticisms of the CDC’s surveillance program. “They have selected a partial and unrepresentative sample of states to track, changed the sample in a biased fashion over the years, and then take too long to report out the data. Today’s 2012 report is over a decade behind the problem, giving us autism rates for children born twelve years ago.”

In addition to Utah, today’s report outlines concerns in Georgia and New Jersey. “If the sharp increases in autism rates began in the late 1980s,” asks Blaxill, “why would CDC design a tracking survey beginning with the 1992 birth year? Elsewhere, they’ve published data with very low rates from the late 1980s in New Jersey and Georgia but don’t connect the dots in the ADDM publications from today’s 1 in 68 rate back to these earlier numbers.”

Health Choice, a non-profit organization whose majority is made up of family members dealing with autism, expressed deep concern about Dr. Zimmerman’s lawsuit. Health Choice’s Executive Leadership Team Chairman Mark Blaxill stated, “Health Choice is very worried that the CDC’s ADDM Network reporting is not accurately representing the seriousness of the autism epidemic. For most affected individuals, autism is a lifelong disability, a condition that frequently wreaks havoc on families, school systems, and state resources.” Mr. Blaxill went on to say, “since 1990, autism rates have exploded: something new and terrible is happening to a generation of children “It’s time to for the CDC stop sugar coating the inconvenient facts and confess that we have a national emergency so we can finally get to the bottom of this tragic problem.”

#     #     # 

Health Choice is a non-profit organization focusing on awareness of health choices, education on nutrition, healing, and prevention of chronic illnesses for children and adults.





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Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Vaccine Safety

VAXXED Director Andrew Wakefield Breaks Silence on Vaccine Violence Against Children and CDC Coverup

2016-logoNOTE:  The 2016 political season has brought forth candidates that the political and corporate machines both fear and loathe for their willingness to speak out. Americans know that most systems are so stacked against us that the voting process is almost an exercise in futility.  Sadly, while so many can see how the Bank of Americas, Goldman Sacha and Monsantos of the world do not have our interests in mind, they refuse to even consider that pharmaceutical companies, who have paid billions in product liability and fines for outright lying could also have been harming a generation of children via vaccination.  The disconnect is shocking. The calls for censorship by those who would expose any other wrong are perplexing in the extreme.   However, both Trump and Sanders represent a chink in the armor of the status quo.  Love them or dislike them.  Let's hope 2016 is the year that Americans finally get to see, hear and read about the vaccine violence that has been set upon our children like a biblical Passover visit when none of us had an X over the door.  As always, profound thanks to Dr. Wakefield for never, ever giving up on the search for science on behalf of our children. YOUR children. KS

Below, VAXXED director Dr. Andrew Wakefield is interviewed by Gary Franchi revealing the truth behind the CDC's cover-up of the link between Autism and vaccines and to present his side of the story in the wake of attacks against his research exposing the link.
Dr. Wakefield: "We have a senior scientist from the CDC admitting to covering up for 13 years the link between MMR vaccine and autism, and in black boys in particular this age of exposure risk. ...
"And what it means for the autism community is that they have been deceived. ..."
Andrew Wakefield announced that he and others presented the question of a link between the vaccine and autism to the CDC in 2000, "and they found it was the case in 2001."
Anne Dachel

Bob Wright on Today Show

2:45 Matt Lauer: "Please help me with this controversy that's come up again in the last couple of days, about autism and childhood vaccines. There's a film out now, one of the people behind it is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who's been widely discredited by scientific studies. But it has people asking the question again, do childhood vaccines cause autism?

"As a man who's done so much to educate people, what's the definitive answer?"
Bob Wright: "There is no definitive answer, but we have not been able to determine that autism is caused by vaccines. However, there are lots of issues having to do with the vaccine safety program that I got into very deeply with no agenda early on in autism. We proposed, along with a series of doctors, some changes that could be made. If vaccine safety, it's a passive program, and if you made it an active program, I think that would make it better for everybody.
"There is no direct tie to autism, but there's a $100 million a year that the Vaccine Court pays out to people for damages with vaccines, not specifically autism. ...There's always going to be an issue with vaccines because all vaccines are the same, and all people receiving them are different." 
This was the conversation:
NBC's Hoda Kotb:  "The trailer includes the suggestion that a whistleblower spoke out from the CDC alleging the organization committed fraud, and knew that 'vaccines were actually causing autism.'"
A three second clip of Andrew Wakefield: "The CDC had known all along."
A slide with a quote from the film makers: "We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, truth.".

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Current Affairs, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Tossed from Tribeca But VAXXED is Back: Buy Tickets Today

NOTE: "Banned in Boston!" was a popular phrase about censorship of movies and books in Puritanical Boston into the 20th Century.  Looks like Nixed in New York is the new version.  Fortunately, we have a solution. See below.   Congratulations to the VAXXED team.

Exclusive One Week Engagement
Friday, April 1st, 2016
Angelika Film Center
18 W. Houston St., New York, NY 10012
(212) 995-2570
Show times: Friday (4/1) thru Thursday (4/7): 11:00a, 1:15p, 3:30p, 5:45p, 8:00p, 10:30p

Online Ticket Purchases:

In addition, a special group ticket price is available for $8/ticket for groups of 25 or more, however tickets must be purchased in person at the box office.

There will be Q&As following the 8:00pm shows on Friday (4/1) and Saturday (4/2)

From the VAXXED websiteTo our dismay, we learned on March 26 about the Tribeca Film Festival's decision to reverse the official selection of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

It is important to note that this is not an anti-vaccine movie as it is has been commonly portrayed in the media. Robert De Niro's original defense of the film happened Friday after a one-hour conversation between De Niro and and Bill Posey, the congressman who has interacted directly and at length with the CDC Whistleblower (Dr. William Thompson) and whose team has scrutinized the documents that strongly indicate fraud at the CDC. That is what this film is about.

It is our understanding that persons from an organization affiliated with the festival have made unspecified allegations against the film - claims that we were given no opportunity to challenge or redress. We were denied due process.

We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth. Tribeca's action will not succeed in denying the world access to the truth behind the film Vaxxed.

We are grateful to the many thousands of people who have already mobilized including doctors, scientists, educators and the autistic community.

We will be pressing forward and sharing our plans in the very near future.


- Andrew Wakefield (Director) and Del Bigtree (Producer)

Current Affairs

A Few Good Men? How About One?

A Few good MenReprinted from the First Freedoms Facebook page.  LIKE the page here.

By Kevin Barry.

Adapting Colonel Jessup's courtroom speech from A Few Good Men to the autism and vaccine safety research cover up.

For the "Greater Good", CDC and their apologists apparently believe that with the autism rate at 1 in 45, vaccines saved 44 out of 45 kids from certain death from infectious disease. We want them on that wall, we need them on that wall -- and the public can't handle the truth. This is the myth.

Of course they are wrong, but the myth allows them to sleep at night.

CDC/Pharma: You want answers?

Parents/Pediatricians: I think I'm entitled to.

CDC/Pharma: *You want answers?*

Parents/Pediatricians: *I want the truth!*

CDC: *You can't handle the truth!*

CDC: Son, we live in a world that has infectious diseases, and those infectious disease have to be guarded by men with vaccines. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for The Vaccine Injured, and you curse CDC. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That The Vaccine Injured's death (or injury), while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall (vaccinating against infectious disease), you need me on that wall (vaccinating against infectious disease). We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom ( from infectious disease) that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a syringe, and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

Parents/Pediatricians: “Did you rig the vaccine safety studies to get the preordained results you wanted for the Greater Good?”

CDC: I did the job I...

Parents/Pediatricians: *Did you rig the vaccine safety studies to get the preordained results you wanted for the Greater Good?*

CDC: You're Goddamn right we did!

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Vaxxed Axed Tribeca Film Festival Coverage

Error VAXXEDBy Anne Dachel

Thank you to Mary Kelly Godley for her incredible reporting on HubPages. It should be happening everywhere. Instead, all the major news outlets are telling us how Robert De Niro has redeemed himself by cancelling the showing of “Vaxxed” at Tribeca. Stories that applaud the censoring of the film are everywhere on Google News at the moment.

In this article on HubPages, Mary Kelly Godley gives us the background on “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.” (It  may be that she’s so well-informed because, as she tells us, her own son is affected.)                                                       

Godley wrote: “While the title in itself may be considered controversial in many quarters the real issue that had everyone up in arms is the fact that the co-writer and director of this documentary is none other than the infamous Dr Andrew Wakefield.”

Godley explained about Wakefield’s research on the novel form of bowel disease he and “the other researchers” found in their study of 12 children, and about how the media has misrepresented everything about their work for years.

The article talked about how the actions of Robert De Niro, first endorsing, then cancelling the presentation, set off a firestorm in the media and in the medical community. By even bringing up the subject, De Niro was now in league with the anti-vaccination movement, according to every major news source.

Godley reported on the details left out of news stories.

Apparently De Niro had met with Congressman Posey on Friday before making the announcement. Bill Posey is a politician who has been actively trying to get the CDC prosecuted for this fraudulent activity. He advocates very strongly that there needs to be a proper investigation carried out with regards to practices within the CDC especially with regards to this scientific study into the MMR and autism.

Godley said that De Niro should have expected the immediate backlash that happened after he publicly said he was allowing the film to be shown. (Those of us who are very involved in this controversy are well-aware that there is no tolerance for any dissent when the subject is vaccine safety.)

However in summary it was very brave of Robert De Niro to endorse the film to begin with and in doing so it has ensured that Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catasrophe, is now receiving unprecedented publicity on a scale that it would not have otherwise received. To use the words of Oscar Wilde seem appropriate here:

‘The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.’

Godley also looked at all this publicity from a slightly different angle than the rest of us.

There have also been some so far unsubstantiated and speculative statements being made on the Social Media that perhaps Robert De Niro already knew that the other members of the festival committee and/or their corporate sponsors would not ultimately allow ‘Vaxxed-From Controversy to Cover-Up,’ to be part of the Tribeca Film Festival’s programme. That the purpose of this scandal was to garner a huge amount of publicity for the documentary and to highlight the fact that free speech and the right to an opposing view are just not applicable when it comes to discussing the issue of vaccination. That the real purpose of his statements were in fact to highlight the lack of freedom to speak surrounding this issue.

Very interesting perspective.

 I can’t imagine that any of the vaccine defenders who’ve attacked De Niro and Tribeca would ever have wanted the media storm we’ve seen over the past weekend.

…At present all involved are giving no indication that this might be the case. Instead it seems likely pressure from the Tribeca Film Festival Committee, its sponsors and political interests led to Robert De Niro to removing the documentary from the Tribeca Festival programme. Yet nothing gets people interested in something more than if it has been banned censored or is viewed as too controversial for general viewing. Yet why a documentary produced by a such a well-respected Producer as Del Bigtree would be considered too controversial for general viewing remains rather a dubious theory.

Godley also included video of Congressman Bill Posey’s appeal for a hearing on the whistleblower on the floor of the House of Representatives, along with the official trailer for “Vaxxed.”

In addition, she posted the fascinating uncut version of a 13 minute interview of the film’s producer, Del Bigtree, by ABC News. (ABC News used only 5 seconds of Bigtree’s comments in their coverage.)

In addition, Godley included a statement by Mike Adams of

This is the first time in the history of film and media that the totality of the media establishment has condemned a film that none of them have ever viewed, desperately trying to make sure no American ever witnesses the hour and a half of film footage that is now "forbidden" to be viewed in a nation founded on free speech.

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Current Affairs, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

An Open Letter to Bob De Niro!

Open LetterBy Louis Conte

Grace and I have a child with autism and we believe it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined. In the 15 years since the Tribeca Film Festival was founded, I have never asked for a film to be screened or gotten involved in the programming. However this is very personal to me and my family and I want there to be a discussion, which is why we will be screening VAXXED. I am not personally endorsing the film, nor am I anti-vaccination; I am only providing the opportunity for a conversation around the issue.”

Robert De Niro, March 25, 2016

“My intent in screening this film was to provide an opportunity for conversation around an issue that is deeply personal to me and my family. But after reviewing it over the past few days with the Tribeca Film Festival team and others from the scientific community, we do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion I had hoped for.

The Festival doesn't seek to avoid or shy away from controversy. However, we have concerns with certain things in this film that we feel prevent us from presenting it in the Festival program. We have decided to remove it from our schedule.”

Robert De Niro, March 26, 2016

Dear Mr. De Niro:

It occurred to me that I should write you a note about your decision to not screen Andrew Wakefield’s documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24th.

The media feeding frenzy you endured was typical for anyone with a certain degree of fame who ventures into questioning – or in your case – providing a venue for discussion of vaccine safety. What you experienced in the two days leading up to your decision to accept the censorship of Vaxxed is something that we in the autism community have seen and experienced for years.

Censorship and suppression of our rights to speak out about what happened to our children has been going on for a while now.

As the father of two sons with autism, I want you to know that I’ve never accepted it because I want my sons, who struggle with language, to know that you have to speak out even when finding the words isn’t easy.

Even when the words bring you criticism.

That those who oppose our views exerted enormous pressure on you and the Tribeca Film Festival team to pull Vaxxed from your line up is not shocking. That you brought in “others from the scientific community” to help you accept censorship is profoundly disturbing.

Frankly, many (but certainly not all) of the scientific community, particularly scientists with ties to the pharmaceutical industry or the Centers For Disease Control, have turned their backs on people with autism. These scientists will get up and leave the room if you talk about vaccine injuries.

Since when do we ask the scientific community about whether a film should be screened? Who were these scientists? Shouldn’t we all know which scientists were on the Tribeca Censorship Panel?

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Anne Dachel

Anne Dachel to Tribeca Film Festival RE Vaxxed

Dear Tribeca,

Emotions have run very high this past week. Countless parents in the autism community were cautiously excited that your festival would include a film that presented the truth about what an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule is doing to our children.

Now it seems that even you have given in to forces desperate to censor what "Vaxxed" has to say.

As more and more of our children fall victim to the nightmare of autism, you are now complicit in the cover-up. Our health officials give us an ever-increasing rate of disabled children, all the while calling it "better diagnosing."

Doctors are mystified every time a healthy, normally developing toddler stops talking, develops seizures, and descends into autism. The one thing they're sure of is that the round of vaccines the child just received wasn't the cause, and they have lots of industry-connected studies to prove it.

Half a million young adults with autism will be aging out of our schools in the next 10 years with nowhere to go. There are no services for them because we have never had a significant population of autistic adults before. The parents of these children are desperate about their future. Still the government refuses to recognize the problem. No U.S. health official has ever called autism a "crisis," despite the fact that it now affects two percent of children, with no known cause, prevention, or cure.

You and others may try to cover up the truth about what's happening, but it won't make these children disappear. And when autism finally becomes an economic disaster for our county as we have to support and care for the victims of this epidemic, you will be among those remembered for refusing to tell the truth.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

The Age of Polio: Explosion. Part 1.

HILO SteamshipBy Dan Olmsted



HILO, Hawaii, March 28, 1916 -- The steamer Mexican sailed from Hilo with 14,051 tons of raw Hawaiian sugar, shoving off at night for the Port of San Francisco. By April 8 an army of California stevedores was loading its cargo onto seven waiting freight trains, each 50 cars long, all of them filling with sugar from the plantations near Hilo on the windward side of the Big Island.

The two-week journey east from California across the entire continental U.S. would end in late April as the sugar poured into the massive refineries that ringed New York Harbor. Hawaiian sugar had never come overland to New York before,  and never in this quantity. 

Until just a few weeks earlier, the Mexican (pictured above) and the rest of the American-Hawaiian Steamship fleet delivered all that sugar directly to New York and Philadelphia -- around Cape Horn via the Straits of Magellan, or across the Pacific to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico, where it was unloaded, put on a short-haul railroad to the Atlantic side, then reloaded on another Hawaiian-American ship for the rest of the trip. Plan A -- to pass through the new wonder of the world, the Panama Canal – would have been much less cumbersome. But mudslides closed the canal temporarily soon after it opened in 1915.

The outbreak of World War I disrupted things permanently. Although the United States did not enter the war until a year later, by early 1916 American-Hawaiian could fetch a higher price leasing its fleet to the U.S. Government for troops and cargo than running sugar from Hawaii to New York and hauling home  lumber, clothes, housewares -- essential supplies for the remote islands. As profitable as it was patriotic, the new arrangement was hard to beat. But Hawaiian sugar suddenly had to find a new route.

Polio 1

The Sugar Factors, the cartel that ran the outside business for the plantation owners, had to scramble. American-Hawaiian detailed three steamships, including the Mexican, to take sugar as far as  San Francisco, where the huge freight train convoys were waiting. (To get out of its contract, American-Hawaiian agreed to pay the cost difference of freight versus steamship delivery to the East Coast). The Factors never forgave American-Hawaiian for leaving its planters in the lurch, and never did business with the line again.

Fortunately, cross-country freight had come a long way in just a few years – the Pacific Fruit Express, a refrigerated rail service underwritten by the powerful Harriman interests, started moving tons of fruits and vegetables from the West Coast to the East Coast for the first time in 1907. The haul included apples and potatoes from Washington state and Oregon, lettuce and asparagus and raspberries and strawberries and everything else from California’s fertile Central Valley, grapes from Napa. People in the chilly Northeast could enjoy sun-ripened produce year-round.

But the sugar express eclipsed everything. “The movement of this heavy tonnage of sugar across the entire breadth of the United States represents the largest transcontinental haul of any commodity ever handled by the railroads in solid trainload lots over such an extended continuous mileage,” the newspapers reported in early April.

Even as the 350 freight cars rolled east, a few American-Hawaiian ships were still transiting the Hawaii-New York run with their loads of raw sugar. So for a time this early spring of 1916, an industry publication noted, “sugar will probably be moving to San Francisco [for rail delivery] and to New York via Magellan [by steamship] at the same time, with quite large receipts on the East Coast for a few weeks.”


BROOKLYN, N.Y., May 1, 1916 -- 13-month-old Lettie Caruso moved with her family to an apartment building at 1295 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn. On the ground floor, a 56-year-old woman named Mrs. G.H. Franklin ran a small ice cream parlor, which “the children naturally frequented,” according to a subsequent report by the New York Health Department. 

On May 9, Lettie became ill. “A private physician was called the first day and came several days,” the Department reported.

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Current Affairs, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Vaxxed Axed from Tribeca Film Festival Under Enormous Pressure to Censor


This weekend the film Vaxxed “from Cover up to Catastrophe” was pulled from Tribeca Film festival by the festival organizers after being pressured to not show the movie because of its controversial content.  New York City's Health Commissioner Jane Zucker issued a statement in support of the film’s censorship stressing in her public announcement on Sunday that vaccines do not cause autism.  On behalf of the citizens of the City of New York represented by this firm and who disagree with Dr. Zucker, the undersigned respectfully requests the Health Commissioner provide the residents of this state with any credible studies, any evidence at all, showing autism cannot be vaccine induced.  Simply attacking the research of Andy Wakefield, and notably without more, is not a sufficient basis for the City's top health official to claim vaccines do not cause autism. 

Vaxxed supporters plan to premier the movie in New York City on April 24, 2016 as planned regardless of the censorship, and would like to put forth any evidence provided by Dr. Zucker to support the statement that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism, other than the same old establishment lame attack on Dr. Wakefield’s research findings and now his new movie.
Why is the Film Vaxed So Important and A Must See
In 2000, a group of doctors from Pharma and CDC got together at a conference in Simpsonwoods, a secluded retreat outside of Atlanta.  The conference was convened to discuss newly uncovered evidence showing a connection between vaccines and brain injury in children.  The transcripts of the Simpsonwoods conference shows comments being made by the CDC and Merck doctor-participants involving potential litigation that would result from their findings, and that it would be “problematic” for industry.  Those in attendance agreed before concluding the conference, not to tell the public about the evidence of vaccine induced brain injury they had uncovered at CDC and Merck, deciding to keep it to themselves and out of “less responsible hands.”
About the same time in 2000, the vaccine schedule for children in the United States was tripled, and also about the same time in 2000, the number of children with autism in the United States skyrocketed to 1 in 60 children.  Soon thereafter about 5000 parents filed petitions for compensation in the Vaccine Court, alleging vaccine induced autism and injuries in their children after they had been heavily vaccinated under the new schedule.  The facts of each of the 5000 cases were all highly similar.  The petitions alleged perfectly healthy children developed autism after being heavily vaccinated starting in about 2000, shortly after the CDC\Pharma doctor’s agreed to keep the evidence of harm they had uncovered a secret and out of “less responsible hands.”

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Kim Stagliano

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

Country bunny(Cat has the day off with her family.  I hope she is enjoying a mountain of chocolate eggs.)

By Kim Stagliano

We wish our readers a very happy Easter Sunday.  When I was child, I had a favorite Easter book called "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes." Written in 1939, it sent a clear message that a young mother (of 21 babies) could have a dream, a family and prove to those with lighter "fur" and fancier clothes and bigger bank accounts that heart, willpower and love could overtake those who were "supposed" to "win."  The Easter Bunny gave her a difficult task: to deliver a special egg to a very sick boy who lived high on a  mountain.

As a grown woman, with three autistic daughters, this little book resonates loud and clear with it's message of pluck, perseverance and what a mother will do for her children - and others' too.  (See the autism connection?)

If you aren't familiar with the story: With twenty-one baby bunnies to look after, mother bunny Cottontail abandons her dream of becoming an Easter Bunny. But when Grandfather Bunny spies her perfectly behaved brood, he’s so impressed that he makes Cottontail the most important Easter Bunny of all! Originally published in 1939, Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes celebrates the timeless values of equality, hard work, and patient ambition. Featuring the Caldecott Award winner Marjorie Flack’s original hand-drawn illustrations, a beautifully redesigned cover, and bonus downloadable audio, this seventy-fifth anniversary heirloom edition is perfect for sharing with a new generation of young readers.

I encourage you to find and read this book to your own children. And for yourself.

We are each Country Bunnies. And we can indeed win the races of life to help others, and to help ourselves too.

Happy Easter, friends. 


Dr. Andrew Wakefield, John Stone

The Lies About Andrew Wakefield

Pariser'If the vaccine program is so good, why the dirty tactics? Why the straw man? Vaccine safety and effectiveness is a messy business: making Wakefield the scapegoat won't work much longer.'

This morning Age of Autism re-posts a brief article published last year about the key allegations against Andrew Wakefield, which have been long disproven but go on being endlessly recycled by a  mainstream media in the pay of, and intimidated by, the pharmaceutical industry.

By John Stone

 Before yesterday morning I had not heard of ‘Upworthy’ which according to Wiki is a “website for viral content” founded by Eli Pariser (Chairman of AVAAZ, pictured) and Peter Koechley (former managing editor of 'The Onion'), for which Kim Kellerher of 'Wired' is also a board member. A presentation “curated” by  Adam Mordecai and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation states:

"After years of controversy and making parents mistrust vaccines, along with collecting $674,000 from lawyers who would benefit from suing vaccine makers, it was discovered he had made the whole thing up. The Lancet publicly apologized and reported that further investigation led to the discovery that he had fabricated everything."

What, of course, this does not tell you is that the senior author and clinician in the paper, Prof John Walker-Smith,  who also compiled eleven of the twelve case histories appealed to the English High Court over the GMC findings and was completely exonerated nearly three years ago – Walker-Smith, unlike  Wakefield, was funded to appeal. All that ‘Upworthy’ are doing is playing the same trick as CNN and Wiki – which I reported on last year - and peddling disproven stories without mentioning that they have been disproven.

CNN, having cited wiki, blocked the following comment:

But this is a flawed account. The findings were confirmed by both histopathologists in the paper subsequent to the hearing. [See also here]

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Anne Dachel

Glamour DON'T (Think For Yourself)

Glamour don't
March 25, 2016, Glamour: Tribeca Film Festival Will Screen Controversial Anti-Vaccine Film

Maggie Mallon From Glamour Magazine:

For those who may be unfamiliar with Wakefield, here's a little background on the British ex-physician. Formerly a gastroenterologist, Wakefield rose to prominence in the late 1990s after publishing a paper linking vaccines to autism—essentially single-handedly inciting the anti-vaccine movement. In a case study of only eight children, Wakefield suggested a connection between inflammatory bowl disease in children who had recently received the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and the development of autism. ...

More recently, a 2015 study published by the American Medical Association found no link between vaccines and autism. ...

According to the Tribeca Film Festival website, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will "[dig] into the long-debated link between autism and vaccines" and include "revealing and emotional interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, parents, and one whistleblower to understand what's behind the skyrocketing increase of autism diagnoses today." One of the aforementioned doctors, pediatrician Jim Sears, insists he is pro-vaccination but does believe that the Center for Disease Control has engaged in widespread cover-up regarding links between MMR and autism. ...

The Tribeca Film Festival committee, however, stands by their choice. In a statement, a Tribeca spokeswoman said: "Tribeca, as most film festivals, are about dialogue and discussion. Over the years we have presented many films from opposing sides of an issue. We are a forum, not a judge."


Maggie Mallon, like most people reporting on the vaccine controversy, doesn't have her facts straight.

"...the British ex-physician. Formerly a gastroenterologist, ..."

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Current Affairs, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Robert DeNiro on Tribeca Film Festival VAXXED Controversy: "Grace and I have a child with autism..."

UPDATE 3/226: Looks like somebody got talking to Mr. DeNiro. The movie has been pulled from the Festival. We call that raging bullshit.

Managing Editor's Note:  Yes, media censors "He's TALKIN' TO YOU!"

As if I didn't already love actor Robert DeNiro, founder of The Tribeca Film Festival.  Now my heart breaks for him, as I know that we have shared the tough road of raising a child with autism.  Take a look at this photo from a family vacation. Feel familiar? Everyone focused on a child clearly old enough to board a dinghy safely.  Autism.  Below is an article just posted on The about the unreal controversy swirling around the movie VAXXED at The prestigious Tribeca Film Festival.  DeNiro's quote sums up proper American discourse perfectly: 

“Grace and I have a child with autism and we believe it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined. In the 15 years since the Tribeca Film Festival was founded, I have never asked for a film to be screened or gotten involved in the programming. However this is very personal to me and my family and I want there to be a discussion, which is why we will be screening VAXXED. I am not personally endorsing the film, nor am I anti-vaccination; I am only providing the opportunity for a conversation around the issue.”

Thank you to Mr. DeNiro for helping us to have a voice.  KRS

By John Stewart in The

When it was announced that “VAXXED” would be screening at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, it was met with some stern opposition.

The film was produced by Andrew Wakefield, who is one of the main opponents of mandatory vaccinations for children. The anti-vaccination movement picked up steam back in 1998 when Wakefield published findings that attributed the combination of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccines to an increase in autism in young children.

Those findings were found later to be grossly incorrect, they were discredited and Wakefield was stripped of his medical license. Wakefield was found guilty of “abusing a position of trust as a medical practitioner,” and found guilty of “dishonesty” in his studies which ended his career as a medical doctor.

The film’s description states, “Digging into the long-debated link between autism and vaccines, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe features revealing and emotional interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, parents, and one whistleblower to understand what’s behind the skyrocketing increase of autism diagnoses today.”

Wakefield’s official bio connected with the film at TFF reads, “Andrew Wakefield, MB.BS., is an academic gastroenterologist who practiced medicine at the Royal Free in the U.K. publishing over 140 scientific papers.” The bio continues, “In 1995, he was contacted by parents of autistic children with stomach issues; he learned that these conditions often occurred immediately following an MMR vaccine. In pursuit of this possible link, Dr. Wakefield led an initial study of twelve children with both stomach and developmental issues. The report, published in The Lancet, would catapult Wakefield into becoming one of the most controversial figures in the history of medicine.”

So when “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” hit TFF this year, you can imagine the outrage from groups that have been fighting the consequences of Wakefield’s work for the last decade.

Now a week following the reveal that VAXXED would be screened at the festival, Robert De Niro has issued a statement. De Niro, as many readers probably already know, is a co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Di Niro’s statement in full reads: (Read more at The SLANTED.)


Current Affairs

Teaching Americans To Hate "Anti-Vaxxers"

This graphic was circulating on Facebook regarding politics and terrorism. Looks just like the playbook of the VID (vaccine injury denial) community. Once you have hatred, you can do all sorts of nasty things via the law, medicine, in the media. We've seen it for years. Let's keep changing ignorance to EDUCATION. Then hate will turn to logical analysis.

Hate Fear

Vaccine Safety

THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC - Whom should you believe?

Trust us!By Dr. Yazbak

During the last year, agenda-driven politicians introduced laws, rules and regulations that went against the wishes of parents in many states. Suddenly, parents who had always been free to make decisions concerning their infants and young children’s faith, health, diet, activities and everything else, lost their right to be concerned and selective when it came to the many mandated and ever-increasing pediatric vaccinations.

A few pediatricians, now immune from vaccine-related liability and litigation suddenly started getting cranky and disagreeable with parents who dared question them about the need, timing or safety of certain pediatric vaccines. Some pediatricians put threatening notices in their waiting rooms or on Facebook, some requested parents to sign affidavits and some simply discharged from their practice those parents they deemed too time- consuming. All those pediatricians, presumably Fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) seemed to ignore the Academy’s responsible advice: Although pediatricians have the option of terminating the physician-patient relationship, they cannot do so without giving sufficient advance notice to the patient or custodial parent or legal guardian to permit another health care professional to be secured. Such decisions should be unusual and generally made only after attempts have been made to work with the family. Families with doubts about immunization should still have access to good medical care, and maintaining the relationship in the face of disagreement conveys respect and at the same time allows the child access to medical care. Furthermore, a continuing relationship allows additional opportunity to discuss the issue of immunization over time."


For personal reasons, I became interested in everything related to Autism in 1993.

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Anne Dachel

Media Lockstep Crackdown on Any Vaccine Safety (Danger) Conversation Continues at Salon

National Coalition Against Censorship

And now another installment of the "NO NO YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT VACCINES AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN LIFE SAVING FAIRY WATER" files.... Salon attacks a prestigious film festival for daring to include a film about vaccines. The censorship calls in the media toward the vaccine injured and their families and those who dare speak out is nothing short of North Korean in its approach. But Americans are wising up.  Visit the National Coalition Against Censorship to learn more about the history of censorship in America.  They need to do some updating...

By Anne Dachel

Mar 23, 2016, Salon: Anti-vaxxer’s Tribeca triumph: Discredited doctor’s documentary about “the long-debated link between autism and vaccines” doesn’t belong in respected festival

By Mary Elizabeth Williams

"There are not two sides to every story. Not every issue requires us to legitimize an opposing view. Like, for instance, when the other perspective is totally crackpot. For example, if you’re a disgraced fraud, maybe you’re really not the best source for information about vaccines."

If you look at Mary Elizabeth Williams's bio, you'll see she's written for the NY Times and the LA Times. And here in this Salon piece she epitomizes the attitude of the media when it comes to the vaccine controversy---THERE ISN'T ONE! ....Remember Nancy Snyderman telling Matt Lauer on NBC, it's "not controversial"? 

NBC Oct 31, 2008 Dr. Nancy Snyderman

"Snyderman immediately shot back, 'Not controversial subject , Matt. ...It's time for kids to get vaccinated. The science is the science. It's not controversial.'"

Williams and Snyderman couldn't be more wrong. In fact what they've said is sheer nonsense.

Of course there are TWO SIDES and of course it's CONTROVERSIAL! 

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Kim Stagliano

Switched On: What Happens When Treatment Works?

Switched onBy Kim Stagliano

Kim and John BEA
Book Expo America 2007 for John's First Book Launch

Dear AofA readers, I'm going to share a few thoughts about this book by one of my first friends in the autism writing community, John Elder Robison. I know some of you will get your back up when I talk about our friendship.  And about this new book.

Please stand down.

I am too damn tired to manage a negative day. I have a 21 year old with 3 more months of school and the adulthood cliff awaits. My days are filled with trying to save our funding to pay for a palatable day program for her.  She has a 19 year old sister with autism. She has a 15 year old sister with autism too. As I'm typing this, my back is seizing up with stress pain. I'm exhausted. We haven't slept a full night in years.  Money is tighter than a 20 year old wedding dress. Like so many of you, I've been using biomed treatments and behavioral and educational programs for years and years and years. Anyone remember the old Yahoo group TNOT? Tough nuts and old timers. My 3 kids are tough nuts. I'm an older timer at 52.  Treatments have been hit or miss for us.

Today I want to talk about John and his latest book, Switched On, which is about what happened to him when a treatment WORKED. The treatment is TMS - Transcranial-Magnetic-Stimulation.  John was part of a study conducted by Harvard and Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.  Read about TMS here.

Switched on Kims book
21 yea old Mia's desk. Not staged! She grabbed John's book and mine.

When I first met John in 2007. His Asperger's was painfully apparent.  At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the day, John is an adult with autism/Asperger's.  We met at the Farmington Mall in Connecticut for lunch.  He barely looked at me. (And I thought I looked fetching that day! HA HA!)  His voice had a rather high pitch for such a large, strapping man.  Check out that photo of us, he's well over 6' tall.    I attended the Book Expo America with him. this is a huge book event, and Random House had featured John's memoir Look Me In The Eye with an impressive splash.  John and I walked the show together. I remember he had a list of books he wanted - and publishers give the books away at BEA.  I had a list too.  He walked into a booth and said bluntly to the young, mostly female marketing staff who was handing out books, "I need this (title) book."   I immediately saw their response.  They looked at John funny. They glanced at each other with the look that said, "Who the heck is this rude man?"

They did not know he was one of the hottest new authors at the event.

He did not know he had  been borderline rude and was being judged by them.  He did not notice their looks of disgust. I did. It bothered me. A lot.

Over the years following that event, I saw John gain social skills because he was interacting with the public in a new way while on book events.  Stupid he's not, and he told me at our first meeting how he had trained himself to look up and make eye contact at predetermined intervals to accommodate his Asperger's. 

But one night, I got a phone call from John that blew me away, immediately after he began his TMS. His words to me?

"Kim, I can read minds!"

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Midweek Mashup: First Hulk Hogan, Now Andy Wakefield -- Gawker Media in Search of Truth and Justice

Midweek mashupBy Dan Olmsted Gawker Jezebel

On Tuesday, the online site Jezebel posted an article about Andy Wakefield stuffed with every mindless trope in the get-Wakefield playbook.

"This year’s Tribeca Film Festival will include a screening of a film by Andrew Wakefield, the former doctor who was stripped of his medical license after authoring a discredited study that implied a link between vaccines and autism," wrote Anna Merlan. "A spokesperson for the film tells Jezebel that there will be 'celebrity support' for the film at the screening."

"Wakefield," she continued, "claims the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration are ignoring a link between vaccines and autism, especially among African American boys. That claim has been extensively debunked."

Oh really. The piece is one of those tarred-by-association things, the implication being that Tribeca is inviting in a crank. Kind of like those articles you see that say "Rand Paul [or whoever questioned vaccine orthodoxy in any given news cycle] once belonged to an organization of doctors that once suggested that something once happened to a child who got 27 vaccines at once. That suggestion has been widely debunked."

 But it looks like the festival isn't going to fold, offering this perfectly sensible statement: “Tribeca, as most film festivals, are about dialogue and discussion. Over the years we have presented many films from opposing sides of an issue. We are a forum, not a judge.”

Let's remember that Jezebel is a sister publication of Gawker, which just lost its shirt, and every other shirt in the known and all possible universes, by believing it was newsworthy to air a video of Hulk Hogan having sex with his best friend's wife. The hundred-million-plus verdict will probably put the whole outfit out of business, and even as a journalist it's hard to feel too bad for an entity whose editor testified thusly, according to the New York Post:


A.J. Daulerio, 41, was sitting ramrod straight in the Florida courtroom during the awkward moment when he was asked on video by Hogan’s lawyer, “Can you imagine a situation where a celebrity sex tape would not be newsworthy?”

Daulerio answered flatly, “If they were a child.”

“Under what age?” attorney Charles Harder asked.

“Four,” he said.

“No four-year-old sex tapes, OK,” Harder said.

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Steve Silberman Keynote Speaker at the UN for Autism Awareness Day

Bang-head-hereApril Fool BlueBy Anne Dachel

I can't imagine how bad this year's Autism Awareness Day/Month is going to be: A month-long indoctrination into accepting autism as a normal part of the human condition.  

Scroll down to info on the FIRST Autism Awareness Day nine years ago in 2007. Back then, autism was described as "a growing global health crisis."

Today, according to these press releases, the UN is going to have a "celebration" of autism awareness.

What's changed?

Back in 2007, the U.S. autism rate was one in every 150 CHILDREN. Today, it's one in every 68 CHILDREN. Still no known cause, cure, or prevention.

We've given up.

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VAXXED: The Movie At Tribeca Film Festival

Movie filmIn 2014, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism. The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Over several months, Dr. Hooker records the phone calls made to him by Dr. Thompson who provides the confidential data destroyed by his colleagues at the CDC. Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens. Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere
Sunday, April 24, 2016 @ 2:00pm
SVA Theater (SVA)
School of Visual Arts
333 West 23rd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011


John Stone

Prof Pollard Again: Oxford University Hosts British Government Vaccine Committee

Pollardandrew2.previewBy John Stone

By now Age of Autism readers will be familiar with the story of Prof Andrew Pollard who was appointed to the chairmanship of the British body which makes recommendations for the UK vaccine schedule (the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) and soon afterwards chaired a discussion which recommended the infant use of the Meningitis B vaccine (Bexsero) for which he has been named lead developer in official documents as Director of Oxford Vaccine Group. It will be no surprise (since this has become routinely the case) that the minutes of the latest JCVI meeting are published without disclosures of interest. Rather more unusual is the fact that instead of being held at a Department of Health building in London the most recent meeting was held at the lavishly funded Oxford research institution Oxford Martin School, at which Prof Pollard is listed as Senior Fellow and lead researcher.

Equally noteworthy is mention of a substantially unminuted event the previous day referred to as a “retreat” in which the Mad tea partycommittee were entertained at Prof Pollard’s college St. Cross (which sounds like something out of one of the more fanciful episodes of Inspector Morse). While nothing in the JCVI Code of Practice would seem to preclude this departure – perhaps no one ever anticipated it - in practice it might seem cavalier and unwise. Among the roles of the chairman of JCVI is also his job of appraising other members and senior officials every year (Code of Practice clause 21) so presumably everyone was on their best behaviour.

John Stone is UK Editor of Age of Autism.


The Power of One March Asks Autism Community: ARE WE THERE YET?

Road Trip
Thank you to the organizers of The Power of One March for letting us share this blog post. Please visit their site to show your power of one at the April 2nd March in Washington, DC.  Many voices with one goal - helping our loved ones with autism.

Are We There Yet?

Here we are. On the road again. All of these organizations in the autism family station wagon heading to Wally World.
Are We There Yet?

No. No we are not. And we still have a long way to go, so stop poking your brother.  If he is bothering you, look out the window and see what else you can see but do not poke back. Stay on your side. Keep your hands on your lap. When we stop for gas you can each poke each other hard once but you will have to wait until we stop. And right now, we can’t stop because we still have a long way to go.

We know it is cramped with all of these different organizations in here.  Especially since you don’t all like being in the same car, traveling down the same road not really knowing where we are going.  Everyone is yelling directions and fighting about which way to go to get there faster. Our driver would get a headache if only someone was actually driving the car.

Without one, we are weaving all over the place and it is a wonder we haven’t run into a ditch.

Are We There Yet?

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Cathy Jameson

My Life for His

Mother's loveBy Cathy Jameson

As I put the car in park, I placed the handicap placard on my rearview mirror. I glanced behind me. My younger children were happily munching on snacks oblivious to the mental gymnastics I was doing as I thought about how to get us from point A to point B. I need to give them directions, so I asked them to take a break and listen.

“Guys, after we get out, we’re going to walk together. I’m not sure how the event is set up, so be ready to listen to directions and follow them, okay? It’ll take a few minutes for me to get Ronan ready, so finish your snacks and then let’s get ready to go.”

Nodding that they’d heard me, I turned my attention to Ronan. Opening his car door, I said, “Hey, buddy. I’m going to get your adaptive stroller from the back.” We haven’t needed to use it for quite some time, but with the long walk and the long wait I was anticipating, I let Ronan know that he’d be using it.

The kids gathered around while I buckled Ronan in his stroller. Ronan’s younger brother said, “Mom, when people look at Ronan, what do you think they think?”

We hadn’t drawn any unwanted attention (yet), but several other people were very close by, which is probably why Willem asked me that question. Some people were heading to their cars to leave while others were getting themselves organized to walk over to the sports’ field like we were. Not wanting to make any sort of eye contact with anyone, I had kept my head low and concentrated on making sure that Ronan was comfortable. I looked at my son and swept my gaze across the busy parking lot. Instead of taking a minute to answer him, I asked, “Well, before I answer that, what do you think that other people think when they see Ronan?”

Quickly responding, Willem said, “He’s in the stroller because his legs aren’t working or because something is wrong with him…or, or it’s because he has special needs. I know that without Ronan, I wouldn’t know what special needs meant, but because of Ronan, I know that it can mean someone has disabilities.”

“That’s a great answer!”

I continued, “If I didn’t know Ronan and I saw him for the first time in the stroller, I’d think that maybe he’s got problems with his legs. I don’t know if I’d think he had other problems unless I got to know him better. Ronan looks like a regular kid most of the time. It isn’t until someone tries to talk to him do they realize how delayed he is. That’s what I’d think.”

Ronan’s younger sister, Izzy joined the conversation, “I think they might think that Ronan should be able to walk and talk and play with other kids, but the more they look at him they see that Ronan can’t do that stuff. I think those people might think he needs extra help. But some people don’t come over to help. They just stare.”

We were just about to take the long walk over to the sports’ field when I asked Izzy, “Is it okay for people to stare?”

“No!” Ronan’s little sister emphatically answered.

I asked, “But what if it’s okay to stare?”

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: The Greasy Nothingburgers Who Constitute the United States Congress

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I see that Jason Chaffetz’s House Oversight Committee is mugging for the cameras again – I Jason-Chaffetzmean, standing up for the common man who has been lead-poisoned in Flint, Michigan.

A few weeks ago they were bouncing bank shots off consensus candidate for Most Hated Human Martin Shkreli, he of the million-percent drug markup and lopsided grin while taking the Fifth Amendment. With the addition of a twirly mustache, he’d be the perfect person to tie the damsel on the railroad track (that would be Snidely Whiplash for cartoon newcomers).

First of all, let him take the Fifth in peace. That’s what it’s there for, and he is kinda under indictment at the moment, after all. Second, it’s been pointed out before that Shkreli is a great distraction from the real misdeeds of pharma (including, I would argue, triggering the autism epidemic via vaccines).

In the same way, screaming at people about the lead in Flint is the perfect foil when the bigger issue is the toxic poisoning of America by special interests that fund an obeisant governing class. Exhibit A, of course, is Congress itself -- and the government’s own vaccine mandates, its “cover-up court” and its flabbergasting insistence that flu shots containing industrial-waste-grade mercury are just fine for pregnant women and for infants.

Elijah Cummings, Democrat of Maryland who was having a go at Michigan’s governor this week over Flint, used to care about that, Cummingstoo, as you might recall. In November 2012 he played to the crowd of parents and told the CDC’s Coleen Boyle:

“’There's something wrong with this picture. When you've got this combination of shots, and you go from 1-in-10,000 to 1-in-88, it seems to me somebody would say, 'Wait a minute. Let's put the brakes on this,'" he said. "’I wish you could see the people behind you. There are grown men crying behind you... Let's err on the side of keeping children safe, even if we have to do a pause and give children one shot per day.’"

Playing to the audience seems to be a Cummings specialty. He told Shkrelli: "You can look away if you like, but you should see the faces of the people you affect," Cummings said. "You are known as one of the bad boys of pharma."

Congress has more to answer for than Shkreli does when it comes to pharma whoredom, and more to answer for than Michigan’s governor when it comes to the toxification of America. Like answering for its own creation, the ill-advised vaccine “court” and compensation scheme (and I do mean scheme), and its own massive failure in not revisiting its catastrophic consequences (the autism epidemic). Talk about an Oversight!

Like answering for making it impossible to negotiate drug rates for Medicare and tossing another trillion dollars their way. Like answering for crashing through the revolving door faster than Julie Gerberding. (See Billy Tauzin, former head of PhMRA. Wikipedia: “Two months before resigning as chair of the committee which oversees the drug industry, Tauzin had played a key role in shepherding through Congress the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill.”)

Now, as Anne Dachel has reported, Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam tried to raise the William Thompson CDC whistleblower issue with Cummings. You’d think Cummings, after saying “something’s wrong with this picture” of multiple vaccines and a soaring autism rate, would take the logical next step and demand Thompson himself be called as a witness. (Even if Chaffetz said no, the public stink would be progress). Instead, Cummings told Muhammad before hanging up, he is “pro-vaccine” despite all the ersatz empathy for the audience. And Chaffetz, I happen to know, has chit-chatted with a who's who of autism advocates including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who you think might get a little professional courtesy from both sides of the aisle.

People are tired of lawmakers in high dudgeon who promptly forget what they’re angry about until the next chance to act tough presents itself. I thought it was just me, but people are starting to notice.

“I’m really glad these lawmakers took their moment in the sun to look so tough,” Mika Brzezinski scoffed on Morning Joe Friday, speaking of the Flint session.  “I don’t want to ever hear those people again. I’m so sick of Washington.”

“And you wonder why Congress has an 11 percent approval rating?” said Steven Rattner.

No, actually, you don’t.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Current Affairs

Protect Your Right To Choose Housing For Your Disabled Loved One!

VOR logoPlease respond!

March 16, 2016

Dear Friends and VOR Members,

We urge you to act immediately.

Protection and Advocacy Agencies (P & A) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) file mass actions with the purpose of closing Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICFs/IID) in pursuit of an ideological agenda to serve all people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) in the community.

These actions are typically filed without consultation with the individuals’ guardians, who have consistently opposed such actions, despite the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Olmstead decision that compel the government to respect the right of choice. 

Please email your representative in the U.S. House of Representatives immediately and request that he or she contact the House Appropriations Committee by March 23, 2016 and ask the Committee to include language in two appropriations bills which will protect the rights of individuals with I/DD who require and choose an ICF/IID level of care.  

Taking action is easy.  Please click on the link below to be taken to a ready-to-send email to your U.S. House Representative.  You can edit it, if you wish, before sending.


Thank you for your attention to this important matter. 

Please feel free to forward this alert to others who would like to help.


Hugo Dwyer

P.S. Planning to join VOR in Washington, D.C. this June? See details at VOR's website


A Doctor Speaks Out on Medical Exemptions in California

Speak_out_for_safety_osha_caution_signBy Anne Dachel

San Francisco physician Dr. Ken Stoller has long been an advocate for vaccine safety. He was an outspoken critic of SB277, the California law passed last year that eliminated personal exemptions from vaccinations mandated for school attendance in that state. 

This was Dr. Stoller's speech in opposition to SB277 in Sacramento on April 8, 2015.

I recently talked with Dr. Stoller about the medical exemptions he's writing for children in his practice. The information he provided should be of interest to many California parents concerned about a one-size-fits-every-child vaccine schedule.

Me: Dr. Stoller, you are currently providing medical exemptions (MEs) from vaccinations for children. How do you determine who's susceptible for a vaccine reaction?

Dr. Stoller: Yes, I have written ME's after doing a comprehensive Adverse Event risk assessment for each child whose parents requested it. 

The new California law leaves it up to the medical judgment of a licensed physician to determine if a child qualifies for a medical exemption

"the physical condition of the child is such, or medical circumstances relating to the child are such, that immunization is not considered safe, indicating the specific nature and probable duration of the medical condition or circumstances including, but not limited to, family history, for which the physician does not recommend immunization . . ." 

It is my opinion that the medical exemption and the reasons thereof be documented sooner rather than later.

Me: What might, who might or could qualify for a medical exemption?

Dr. Stoller:

1) a child who has already had a serious vaccine reaction - NOW SOME GROUPS, such as Kaiser, have essentially made this the only qualifier for a medical exemption - a near death level vaccine reaction, but that is not the law, and the wording of the law was just quoted.

2) the sibling of the child who had that vaccine reaction

3) children of someone who had a serious vaccine reaction

4) reactions in more distant relatives require looking at genetic biomarkers or polymorphisms that have been associated with vaccine reactions, because documenting a 4th cousin once removed had an untoward vaccine reaction is likely to be challenged at some point.

5) Children with chronic medical conditions may qualify depending on the condition.

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Autism Pipedream

PipesNOTE: Thanks to our loyal commenter and now contributor Linda1 for this unique take on the autism epidemic.

By Linda1

Once upon a time in America, houses did not have indoor plumbing. Later, when plumbing was installed into homes, early pipes were not reliable and often would leak and need replacing. As the manufacturing process improved, so did pipe reliability and leaking was no longer a big problem. Americans were dry and enjoyed a good clean water supply for several decades.

Then one day, a plumber got the idea that if he could put a few microscopic holes in pipes, that those holes would prevent bigger holes from forming and would not only make those pipes last longer, but would also protect homes from flooding. He said it would work because of physics, which he explained was too complicated for the non plumber to understand. Some people remembered the leaking of the older type pipes and thought it was a good idea to have this protection from leaks and flooding. Now, there weren't really too many plumbers in those days. But that was about to change.

The American Academy of Plumbers (AAP) grabbed ahold of this idea and met with government officials. The officials were impressed and saw an opportunity to form lucrative partnerships. They didn't understand the physics, but they accepted the plumbers' explanation because they were the experts. Some master plumbers (MPs) were assigned to high level positions in the American government so that they could oversee this new partnership and make sure that homes across America and even the world would be protected from flooding by this new technological advancement. Called the Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention (CDC for short), these top experts advised government and world leaders about the best way to prevent and treat pipe problems. The CDC had a lot of power and dictated to all the plumbers in the land how to do their job. The AAP went along with whatever decision the CDC made. A special committee made up of plumbing industry insiders was formed. The Advisory Committee on Interventional Pipeholing (ACIP) was tasked with ongoing evaluation and recommendations for the new Pipeholing Program.

It wasn't long before the government and the AAP went into production to manufacture all the necessary special drills and drill bits that would be needed to drill microscopic flood preventative holes in every pipe in every home across America. The equipment was expensive to produce, especially since the special drill bits had to be discarded after only one use. But these partners calculated that the money saved by preventing floods would be far greater than the millions spent on the Program. It was a good investment, they thought. They also knew that they would be able to sell the pipeholing treatments to Americans and planned to export the special drills and bits to all other countries. To guarantee the success of their scheme, they declared that untreated homes would devastate the country's economy, that pipeholing was a matter of national security, and that no pipehole preventable floods should be tolerated in a scientifically and ethically advanced society. They passed laws to make the service mandatory. No one could refuse.

At first, the plumbing treatment seemed to work. With one treatment, most people didn't notice anything wrong, at least not for a while (the holes were microscopic and the pipes were behind walls). But some people noticed that their pipes leaked right away. These people reported leaking to their plumbers and the plumbers almost never admitted that the treatment caused the leaking. They would say that the pipes leaked after treatment because the house was defective, that the pipes would have leaked anyway and that temporal association with pipeholing treatments was coincidental. Many people were ignored when they complained to the AAP and the CDC. The experts insisted that the pipeholing program was backed by solid indisputable science.

Hearing about all the leaking that was now occurring, the AAP, CDC and ACIP got together and declared that one treatment was not enough. They issued a proclamation stating that the occurrence of leaky pipes required more frequent drilling. They added more treatments to the plumbers' pipeholing schedule - every 2 to 3 months holes were to be drilled in all the pipes in homes across America. Now, friends, you can just imagine what happened next.

Houses started to really smell damp. Mold started to grow. Not all at the same rate. It depended on the size of the house, the location of the pipes and what kind of pipes people started out with (some types tolerated the drilling better than others), the climate that the home was located in, the skill of the plumber in using the special drill, and also, importantly, the more treatments a person's plumbing had, the more there seemed to be a swampy, damp, feel to the home. Some of the bits might have been defective and made bigger holes than others, too. It's a mystery because a proper investigation was never done. People called their plumbers to come fix this new problem that people never experienced before, at least not on this scale, at this rate, in America. That's when things got really bizarre.

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Midweek Mashup: Starts With An A, Will Wreck Your Life, and Isn’t Autism.

MashupBy Dan Olmsted

I can’t walk down the street anymore without being assailed by evidence that we live in a toxic world and that, healthy though we may be at the moment, there is always something lurking around the corner.

Like Alzheimer’s. Coming out of Starbucks today I saw a new building for assisted living going up. Assisted Living PhotoRight next to the smiling couple on a banner covering the chain link fence was the news that two – not one, but two! – floors would be devoted to memory care. I’ve heard Alzheimer’s called the autism of adulthood, which means that fewer and fewer of us are going to get out of this world with our minds intact.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association:

“By 2025, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer's disease is estimated to reach 7.1 million — a 40 percent increase from the 5.1 million age 65 and older affected in 2015.” (By the way, the group’s slogan, “the brains behind saving yours,” does nothing to make me think they are going to get a grip on this disease anytime soon. Yuck!)

Anyone who reads this blog already knows the damage inflicted on a generation and a half – and counting – by the autism epidemic. We hear the latest numbers are coming out later this month, but whether it’s 1 in 68, or 1 in 30 boys, or 1 in 50 based on the CDC’s own phone survey of parents of kids 6 to 17 in 2011-2012, or 1 in 25 as Andy Wakefield says it really is right now, or the 1 in 2 that MIT professor predicted for a couple of decades from now – well, it’s way too much.

Add ADHD on top of that, along with declining academic proficiency, asthma, allergies and so on. And that’s just the A’s, and that’s just the kids.

It appears the Seven Ages of Man that Shakespeare described have been reduced to a list of age-appropriate disabilities – all of it attended to by the only flourishing sector of the economy at the moment, health care.

Still, a ghastly end awaits an awful lot of us after all this lovely health treatment. Make it past 85 and you’ll have a one in three chance of having Alzheimer’s.  One in nine of those over 65 (which I will be next year) have it.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: The Media Love Affair With Normalizing Autism Continues

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