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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted , Dr. Andrew Wakefield

“Who Can Say?” -- Journalist Who Alleged Wakefield Committed Fraud Backs Off Key Claim

Deer crossedBy Dan Olmsted

Brian Deer, the British journalist who claimed researcher Andrew Wakefield committed fraud by linking the MMR vaccine to autism, now admits one of his key allegations against Wakefield may be flat-out wrong. Yet he insists it's no big deal -- that it does nothing to undercut his claim that Wakefield is "an elaborate fraud."

“Not one of the children were reported on truthfully. Wakefield lied again and again,” journalist Brian Deer said in his post on Saturday, referring to Wakefield 12-child case series published in the Lancet in 1998.  But in the same post, Deer acknowledged that, contrary to his previous reporting, he is now unsure whether Wakefield falsely changed the timing of the MMR shot to put it before the autism symptoms began in a key case.

“Who can say?” Deer wrote Saturday.

The allegation that Wakefield reversed the timing of the shot -- clear evidence of fraud, if true -- was  featured in detail as the shocking opening to Deer’s 2012 series in the British Medical Journal titled “How the Case Against the MMR Was Fixed.”

Child 11’s autism symptoms developed "two months earlier than reported in the Lancet, and a month before the boy had MMR," Deer reported, “too soon” to be the cause. That “must have been a disappointment” to Wakefield, who proceeded to switch the sequence to suit his bias, Deer wrote. The father angrily “spotted the anomaly” after Deer identified and interviewed him, but  “needn’t have worried” that Wakefield would get away with it: “My investigation of the MMR issue exposed the frauds behind Wakefield’s research.”

But on Saturday, after I showed that Deer is the one who got the sequence wrong – that the shot indisputably did come first, followed by the development of regressive autism -- Deer wrote: “Who can say, years later?” In fact, I can say: The father, whom I also identified and interviewed, wrote Wakefield as early as 1997, and contemporaneous medical records establish, that the child got the MMR at 15 months, became sick for several months, developed autism symptoms by 18 months, and was given a formal autism diagnosis at age 3. The father has always said he believes the shot caused all those consequences -- none of which Deer managed to reflect in his own investigation despite interviewing and e-mailing with Father 11 over an extended period of time.

The fact that a core element of his claim of research fraud is now a matter of uncertainty to Deer, the only man who made it, is a remarkable development under any circumstance, but considering the impact the claim has had on the autism debate in subsequent years, it is extraordinary. The claim has been used by officials around the world to say concerns about autism and vaccines have been "debunked" because they originated from a fraudulent research report. A typical example: Senator Dianne Feinstein of California wrote a constituent last week: “I understand that many parents are also concerned that vaccines may cause autism. This claim was published in 1998, in an article in the Lancet, a British medical journal. The researcher who authored the article was later found to have deliberately falsified data to produce a fraudulent link ..."

Equally striking is how little its accuracy seems to matter to Deer, convinced as he is that Wakefield's status as a charlatan is beyond dispute, even if such a central "fact" no longer supports it.

Deer, a veteran newspaper correspondent who, as he frequently points out, has won numerous prestigious journalism awards including the British equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for his Wakefield investigation, on Saturday offered no convincing reason for how he could have gotten something so central to his fraud claim against Wakefield so wrong. Instead he portrayed the father’s account as a “competing” explanation to the one Deer had independently settled on, based on a couple of unrelated court documents that led him to falsely infer that the autism symptoms preceded the shot in Child 11. Standard journalistic practice would be to check that assumption against the other, far more dispositive evidence that refuted it, and with the child’s father, who subsequently told me: "Mr. Deer’s article makes me appear irrational for continuing to believe that the MMR caused difficulties which predated its administration."

Instead, on Saturday Deer sneered at the messenger – me – as he staged a full-scale retreat from the facts, using Father 11's acknowledged but irrelevant antipathy toward Wakefield as cover. He called me “an undistinguished former journalist” who now runs a website “largely funded by anti-vaccine profiteers,” claiming that I had been “dumped some years ago from his post as a copy editor for a news agency owned by the Rev Sun Myung Moon - himself convicted of fraud … Olmsted has since sought a livelihood from his website, misleading vulnerable parents of children with autism. …  He sought to profit with his website by lying to parents whom he disgustingly purports to champion” and followed “British research cheat” Wakefield “into the toilet.”

Whatever. On Saturday Deer also tried to elevate a secondary issue – how long after the shot the autism symptoms occurred in Child 11 – into a replacement for his now-discredited claim that the entire sequence was reversed, an incomparably more serious and black-and-white issue. 

Ultimately, Deer suggested, the truth is unknowable.

“The father says one thing, the medical records another,” as Deer put it on Saturday. In fact, the father says one thing, and the medical records back him. (That does not mean the vaccine caused the autism, of course, but it does mean the father believed it did, and that Wakefield got the sequence right.) Only Deer’s idiosyncratic and journalistically unjustified misuse of a couple of stray medical records, unchecked by the reality described by everyone else, says another.

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Vaccine Safety

What Wakefield Would Have Told Oregon Health Committee That Cancelled Hearing (To Avoid Hearing Him!)

Steiner HaywardBelow is a letter from Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield to Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward. In addition to the letter, you can read the testimony he intended to deliver in conjunction with an SB442 hearing that was cancelled after he was due to present testimony.  Many people are willing to lash out at and denigrate Dr. Wakefield, few have the nerve to hear him speak in person.  We wrote about Senator Steiner Wayward  and her hypocrisy regarding healthcare choice recently.


Dear Senator Steiner Hayward,

It has come to my attention that, in an attempt to limit parental rights over vaccine choice you have defamed me and recklessly misled your colleagues and the people of Oregon. Specifically, you are quoted as stating that,  "...not only was [my] original research debunked by other studies," but also that "[I] had admitted to faking all the data in [my] study."

I attach the testimony that I had proposed to present to the information gathering session of the Oregon Senate Health Committee. This includes a bibliography of the many papers supporting my original research and reference to the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson who, with his colleagues, concealed evidence of the causal association between MMR vaccine and autism for 13 years. This document confirms the falsity of the first part of your statement. 

The second part - my alleged admission to faking all (or indeed any of) the data - is egregious, reckless, and demonstrably untrue. Using this statement to mislead the current debate on vaccine choice, as you have done, is disgraceful. I have passed the matter over to my lawyers for their opinion. In the meantime I will encourage the people of Oregon to have you removed from office at the earliest opportunity through the due democratic process. 

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Andrew J Wakefield MB,BS.


Dr. Wakefield's Statement:

Testimony of  Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield MB,BS.
March 9, 2015


In support of Bill SB442 there has been a series of false claims and assumptions. I will illustrate this statement by reference to four matters.

First, my colleagues and I have been accused of ethical misconduct in the
investigation of children with autism while at the RFH, London. I have been accused of fraud by journalist Brian Deer and the British Medical Journal.

Most bizarrely, and as a measure of how incontinent these claims against me have become, I have been accused in the Oregon media of actually admitting to this fraud, thereby acknowledging 1. that there was fraud – which there was not – and 2. confessing to such fraud, which is entirely false.

I have never, at any stage, been part of, or committed scientific fraud or ethical misconduct. The allegations of ethical and research misconduct against and my colleagues and against me came before the English High Court in the appeal of Professor Walker-Smith. The judge utterly demolished the case against him – which was very much the same as the case against me – in effect, finding the General Medical Council guilty of incompetence, and worse, bias. Prof Walker-Smith was immediately and completely exonerated. For financial reasons, I was unable to appeal. The allegations of research fraud are dealt with in an independent investigation of the original Lancet study by Dr. David Lewis Ph.D. who was a senior scientist at the EPA and an acknowledged expert in research fraud. His investigation and conclusions are to be found in the book, Science for Sale.1 He confirms that what fraud there was, was on the part of journalist Brian Deer and Dr. Godlee, Editor of the BMJ. Efforts to bring these persons to justice for malicious defamation in Texas, failed only on jurisdictional grounds. If there is any doubt, I urge you to read his book and the affidavits publically available at Travis County Court. Since 1998, the original discovery of intestinal disease in children with autism has been confirmed time after time (Appendix 1). The link between MMR vaccine and autism brings me to my second point; vaccine safety.

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Cathy Jameson

Open Letter to Journalists from Mom of Vaccine-Injured Child

By Cathy Jameson

Syringe penRe:  Reporting on Vaccine News

In the last ten years, I have never seen vaccine news being reported as frequently as it has been in the last three months.  First, a note of thanks: 

To those journalists and reporters who are providing vaccines facts, not fear, thank you!  Your work and your effort is appreciated.  I wish there were more of you out there. 

With gratitude,

Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine-injured child

Since there are so many media representatives who have not provided facts, I finally have to say something:

The public is bombarded daily with information.  From the newspapers to television to the internet, breaking news and news we can use is available and at our fingertips all day long.  People turn you on, tune you in, view your shows, listen to your interviews, and read your articles.  Reporting fair, balanced, investigative, facts used to be the norm.  What’s being aired, printed, and posted now is not.  We’re now being fed fear, half-truths, mistruths, and straight up lies. 

What should you do instead?

Do the research.  Do that before you open your mouth, before you write your article, and before you contribute unnecessary confusion about vaccines. 

Facts, not fear.  That’s what your viewers, your readers, and your subscribers expect.  It’s what the public needs to see.  It’s what the public deserves to hear. 


Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine injured child


For the last few months, I’ve tolerated reading, listening, and watching the fear, the half-truths, the mistruths, and the lies coming from the national news.  But when I saw the lies being aired closer to home, I couldn’t just sit here and ignore them.  So, I wrote an angry letter.  Then I sent it. 

This was a response I sent to someone who used fear in his article and who also failed to be thorough.  If only he’d only done a little bit more work, and if only he’d been a little more considerate to his audience…

Dear Mr. C—

I just read your article about the measles. I agree that measles information is important to share, but I was disappointed with the last part that of the article that you titled Misinformation: Vaccines Cause Autism.  As the parent of a child who is vaccine injured and whose autism was caused by his childhood vaccines, your lack of knowledge and understanding of this very real issue was disappointing to see.  Further, the final bolded and all-caps sentence in your piece, "PLEASE, FOR EVERYONE'S SAKE - VACCINATE" was even more disappointing and was quite shocking to read.  Making general health care demands to readers, when the measles vaccine has caused more deaths in the US in the last 10 years than the measles, is presumptuous and rude. 

If your future articles include the vaccine topic, consider looking at all sides of the vaccines including that some people cannot tolerate them.  Consider researching and reporting the following facts too:  

-the US Supreme Court  ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe 

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted , Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Weekly Wrap: No, Senator Feinstein, Wakefield is Not a Fraud

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted Diane Feinstein

The idea that Andy Wakefield is a fraud is the quick-and-dirty way to dismiss anyone with vaccine safety concerns. I was reminded of that on a couple of fronts this week. An Age of Autism reader who wrote Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California to support vaccine choice just received this reply:

“I understand that many parents are also concerned that vaccines may cause autism. This claim was published in 1998, in an article in the Lancet, a British medical journal. The researcher who authored the article was later found to have deliberately falsified data to produce a fraudulent link ..."

The source of the "fraud" claim, the British Medical Journal, decided to remind everyone of that 2012 report this week. In a "Dear Colleagues" letter, BMJ Clinical Director for North America Carolyn Wong Simpkins wrote that in the current measles outbreak, "we are seeing the sad consequences of parents opting out of these [vaccine] benefits. But do you remember the origins of the rumors attempting to connect the MMR vaccine with autism? It began with a research paper—later retracted—from investigators at a London medical school, but soon spread fear, guilt, and now the resurgence of a nearly eradicated infectious disease across the globe.

"In 2011, The BMJ published an in-depth, three-part investigation that described the problems with data corruption and bias in the original paper. As we move forward, and encourage parents to vaccinate their children, I think it’s important to revisit this history and remember the detrimental effects that fraudulent data can have on the health of the global population, and the importance of championing transparency, integrity, and scientific literacy."

May I be permitted to interject a minor quibble here? There was no fraud! I first made that case in a 10-part series in 2012, and am recapitulating it here in the hope that someone of Feinstein's stature  might decide to look more closely before they repeat the "fraud" canard yet again.

The BMJ began its 2011 attack on Wakefield's "elaborate fraud" by claiming he altered every single one of 12 children's anonymous case histories to create a phony link between the MMR vaccine and autism. In five cases, it said, signs of autism actually began before the shot was even given.

If true, yep, that's "deliberately falsified data ... a fraudulent link" -- in a word, good old-fashioned fraud. But let's meet the claim at its strongest point and see if it holds together. That is the story of Child 11 in the case series. In the BMJ, author Brian Deer claimed Child 11's symptoms couldn't possibly have been caused by the MMR shot because they appeared “too soon” -- a full two months before the shot. Deer said the father himself spotted the "anomaly" and was deeply upset about Wakefield's deception. Wow. Gotcha! An "elaborate fraud" indeed.

 But none of that is true. 


Like Deer, I was able to identify the 12 Lancet families, and I set about contacting them in the months after the BMJ series was published; I eventually spoke to more of them than Deer did both in the U.S. and England, where I spent a week taking trains from Wales to Bath. I met Father 11 -- the only American case -- closest to home, at a Peet’s Coffee shop in an affluent, picture-perfect Southern California enclave.

We sat outside in the mid-60s sunshine he jokingly called “a little frosty.” A wealthy businessman who lives in a gated community nearby, he wore a light jacket emblazoned with “Cal,” for the University of California at Berkeley where he got an engineering degree. He carried a thin file folder and a spiral notebook.

 In this laid-back setting, it was hard to grasp the role he and his family have played in one of the major medical controversies of our time, one that unfolded in a foggy city 6,000 miles to the east.

 This father is Deer’s best witness among the parents of the 12 children described in the Lancet paper – in fact, his only one, the lone parent who is hostile to Wakefield, not just a little frosty, but coldly angry. His anonymous comments to Deer in the BMJ seemed to fully support its January 5, 2011, cover story: “Secrets of the MMR Scare: How the Case Against the MMR Was Fixed.”

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Kent Heckenlively

Are They Going to Start Shooting Anti-Vaxxers?

Russia - GalleryPlayerBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I couldn't help but read in the recent assassination of Russian dissident Boris Nemtsov (a former first deputy prime minister under Boris Yeltsin), a chilling glimpse of what might come to pass in our own country.

I'm a voracious reader of history and it's long struck me that the more you read of the past, you realize the same patterns tend to repeat themselves.  For example, in the run-up to the American Revolutionary War, the British could not fathom the idea that the Founding Fathers could negotiate with them on an equal basis.  It seems that even in the eighteenth century there were those who believed that to recognize both sides of an issue was an example of "false balance."

In much the same way, the white minority in South Africa, labeled Nelson Mandela a "terrorist" for many years until they finally listened to the better angels of their nature and started to negotiate a peaceful transition of power.  Today the Chinese level similar accusations against the Dalai Lama and his struggle for Tibetan rights.  Am I the only one to see in these situations the creation of an "enemy" who cannot be allowed to peacefully state their case?

If there's something unique about the American character it's our tolerance and even welcoming of dissenting views.  Our Founding Fathers realized that simply because people disagreed, it did not make them an enemy.  Indeed, I have long been impressed how even though John Adams disagreed on many important philosophical points with Thomas Jefferson, he still wanted Jefferson in his cabinet because he was impressed with Jefferson's intelligence and character.  If the thinkers of the Enlightenment gave anything to the American Revolution it was the idea that as human beings alive on this planet none of us has divine understanding or wisdom.  We do the best we can with our limited knowledge.  No man is God.  In as much as possible of human life there must be a space for people to make their own decisions, no matter how much we may disagree with them.

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See Trace Amounts in Atlanta on March 12, Free Robert Kennedy e-Book for Movie Goers!

Trace amounts banner

Atlanta!  You're invited to screen Trace Amounts and meet the directors in a Q&A at Regal Atlantic Station in Atlanta on March 12, 2015.

Trace Amounts is a compelling documentary film centered on thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in vaccines that has been suspected by many as playing a primary role in the autism epidemic here in the United States and around the world. It’s a fascinating look at the debate, as well as the people and science at the center of the controversy.

There are only 140 box office tickets available. Please go to to purchase your ticket ASAP before the event sells out!

As an added bonus, box office attendees will receive a free e-book of "Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak" by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Regal Atlantic Station
261 19th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30363

6:30p.m. - Red-carpet
7:30 p.m. - Screening 
9:00 p.m. - Q & A Panel with filmmakers Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine, author Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., SafeMinds’ Lyn Redwood and parent Kim Spencer

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Current Affairs

Italian Court Reverses Vaccine Autism Decision

Milan__ItalyAn Italian appellate court has reversed the trial court’s decision from 2012 that autism was due to vaccines.  The claimant’s lawyer, an experienced vaccine injury attorney, plans to appeal the decision to the highest court.  The appellate court, based on its own medical expert, decided that the connection between the child’s vaccines and autism was temporal, not causal. We’ll keep readers posted.

The Newborn Cry that Never Ends: Jimmy Kimmel Never Made Such Noise

Kim and GiannaDear Jimmy, Dude wtf

The Sound of Vaccine Injury

May I call you Jimmy? I feel like I know you, having invited you into my home so many times. Laughing with you. Crying with you when your Uncle Frank died. Reveling in your numerous guest appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Loving the updates from the fabulous parties you throw for him and Beth. I'm a fan, Jimmy. You make me laugh and Lord knows I need to laugh. So....  about this foray into vaccination politics. Can I just ask, "WTF?"

I know you have a beautiful baby daughter named Jane. (Love the name, so much better than Kumquat or Des Moines.)

I also know you have grown children by a previous marriage.  (We "anti-vaxxers" don't just use the Google to find "myths and debunked lies" about healthcare, you know.)

Your first set of kids were fortunate to have missed the autism juggernaut that was churning forward when they were young, heck, when my girls were young. The rate was increasing each year from 1 in 5000, to 1 in 500, 1 in 250, 1 in 188, 1 in 150, 1 in 88 and onward.  I'm sure you count your blessings.  Every parent does.

Baby Jane is probably sleeping through the night now.  Isn't sleep the greatest freaking gift ever? I mean it - sleep deprivation is a form of torture for a reason!   All that infant crying has probably started to subside a bit - giving you and your wife Molly a chance rejuvenate after a hard day of writing comedy to make people like me, people who have a tough slog every day, laugh.

The sound of a baby's cry will never be a memory for my husband and me. The first sign of vaccine Gianna birthdayinjury in my 18 year old daughter (that's she in the photo above, her birth to the right) was a shrill cry that set in hours after her birth dose of Hepatitis B vaccine. That vaccine had 12.5 mcg of mercury - far more than a 6 pound infant girl could handle.  I have the piece of paper I signed from Doylestown Hospital authorizing that shot - I never questioned vaccination. I never got informed consent either. 

If baby Jane received a birth dose of Hep B, you can thank Lyn Redwood of Safeminds for the fact that Hep B no longer contains the full dose of the mercury-based preservative called Thimerosal.   You see, Lyn, a nurse,  watched her son decline into autism from vaccine injury, started asking questions, counted the mcg of mercury on the vaccine schedule and informed YOUR government that there were hundreds of mcg of mercury being injected into American infants in the early 1990s.  If you can imagine, NO ONE at PHARMA OR CDC or AAP BOTHERED TO COUNT the cumulative dose of mercury.  Kookamonga, right? I know! And in 1999, without a recall, since that would imply liability and wrong doing and we all know vaccines are made from fairy pee and unicorn farts, pharma started to produce "mercury free" vaccines, while selling the full mercury dose vaccines at the same time.

Back to my kid.

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Levi Quackenboss: On the Misogynistic Treatment Jenny McCarthy

Jenny Made Me Do ItMany of us are taking a shine to a blogger with a keen writing style who is an independent thinker and has a pretty cool name: Levi Quackenboss.  His blog entry Raise Your Hand if You Take Medical Advice From a Playboy Bunny.

He exposes (pun intended) the hypocrisy and misogyny of using Jenny McCarthy's model/actress past to discredit her when so many other (most other?) actresses with similar backgrounds get a pass for their on camera activity even when they tout, sell or otherwise support medical products and practices. Why is Jenny singled out? Because no one is allowed to discuss vaccination without using "unicorn, cotton candy, and Messiah" in the same sentence.

Oh, before you read Levi's post (excerpted below) here is a link to a website (adult content!) devoted solely to nude scenes in films.  Yes, you read that correctly.   You can check out the actress who has called parents who alter the vaccination schedule "parasites" and continues to denigrate parental healthcare choice.  We're supposed to obey Amanda Peet but obliterate Jenny McCarthy. Got it?

From Quackenboss:

This accusation is everywhere, isn’t it?  Respectable doctors say it on live TV, trying to sound like they have sympathy for those of us who just weren’t smart enough to avoid being duped by a pretty young thing with big boobs.  Journalists never fail to mention it in stories about whatever the current vaccine-preventable epidemic is.  It’s talked about on blogs, call-in radio shows, and legislative hearings.  I’m starting to think that the recipe for a mainstream print article is made up of 5 ingredients:

  1. A hefty dose of mass hysteria;
  2. A declaration of vaccines being the greatest medical achievement of the 20th century;
  3. Two parts vaccine injury denial; both in what an injury is and that they are “exceedingly rare”;
  4. An allusion to a “debunked” and “fraudulent” study;
  5. All topped off with a sprinkle of Playboy bunny.

Snoooooze.  Who gets paid to write that stuff?....

Read the full post at his site:Raise Your Hand if You Take Medical Advice From a Playboy Bunny.

Kim Stagliano

A Message from "The Anti-Vaccine Movement" to Jimmy Kimmel

Baby Jane with Doll
From the Classic, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? May Jimmy and Molly NEVER have to ask that question, as we have.

By Kim Stagliano

Jimmy Kimmel has set aside "comedy" for a moment to have a serious chat with his viewers about the dangers of vaccine choice.   I've been a big Kimmel fan for years, especially as he is a popular guest on The Howard Stern Show.  (As an aside, Howard no longer uses the R word as a rule, so no need to send me comments.)

While Rob Schneider, a comic, is an idiot and tin foil hat wearing mental patient for advocating for medical choice and comic Jenny McCarthy is a bimbo with fewer brains than the scarecrow, Jimmy Kimmel is the genius of late night TV - a comic who knows exactly what's best for you, because he is anti-vaccination choice.  GOT IT you big dummies?

Kimmel has a beautiful new baby girl named Jane. I tweeted him, "@JimmyKimmel I love a daughter with vax injury & autism. May you NEVER ask 'Whatever happened to baby Jane.'" 

Clever yes?  And I'm sure completely ignored. Like the facts about vaccine injury. There is a second video - "idiots on the street" format interview - not bothering to link it here.   I understand the role of the late night comic is to lampoon topics.  I love naughty, irreverent, in your face humor. Harpooning families dealing with the aftermath of vaccine injury is about as funny as calling Child Services on parents of kids emaciated by chemo.

Kimmel's show is on ABC. ABC is owned by Disney. Disneyland was the launchpad for the measles hysteria that took the place of the Ebola scare.  Since the measles scare, several states have rammed vaccine exemption rights bills into their houses.  California, Oregon, Washington and there's talk that it's happening here in my home state of Connecticut too. Comics have long been used to disperse propaganda, a government sanctioned message, call it what you will.

 I sent this video to Kimmel too. It's my beautiful 20 year old daugher getting ready for school. She is vaccine injured. And she has had a serious seizure disorder. And she has autism. And I ask every day, "Whatever happened to baby Mia."

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.  Look for 101 Tips for Parents Raising a Daughter with Autism, by Tony Lyons with Contributions by Kim this Spring.

Current Affairs

Help Tell White House To Stop Mandatory Vaccination Bills

Listen_to_me_by_rachellove147-d34d13dFrom Autism Action Network

Only 3 days to get 20,000 signatures    

Yesterday thousands of people emailed and called the White House asking why President Obama's "We The People" petition website had not registered any new signatures since last Thursday on a petition calling for the end of all mandatory vaccination in the United States. The White House heard you, by late afternoon the petition was registering new numbers, and it jumped from 59, 761 to more than 71,000. As of writing this Action Alert it is up to 81,145. If a petition reaches 100,000 signatures President Obama claims he will "issue an appropriate response." Let's make him do that. We need about 20,000 signatures by March 6.
Please click on the link to sign the petition:

And please click on the Take Action link to send a message directly to the White House asking the President to respect the international ethical standard of vaccination only on the basis of informed consent by the person receiving the vaccine, or by the parent or guardian of a minor child. This is the standard in all developed democracies, except the United States
We can compel the White House to address this issue they do not want to address, but only if you take action NOW, and if you ask your friends and family to take action as well NOW.
Please share this message with friends and family, and please share on social networks. And if you want to receive news and Action Alerts from the Autism Action Network please signup at

Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

Drive Thru Medicine, SIRVA, and the Vaccine Court

Drive thru fluBy Wayne Rohde and Louis Conte

A continuing series examining the NVICP aka The Vaccine Court

In recent weeks, you might have seen and read several articles posted by attorneys that practice in the NVICP, discussing the compensation awards they achieved for their client, the vaccine injured petitioner.  They all have a common theme. Not the fact they are winning some petitions, but rather the actual type of vaccine injury.

In the November 2014 GAO Report presented to Congress on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), the report pointed out one indisputable fact that the Program is no longer about childhood vaccine injuries.  It is a program with the majority of petitions filed from adults, nearly 80%.  And the vast majority of those petitions are from injuries as the result of the influenza vaccine.  The alarming trends of injuries from the influenza vaccine are Guillain-Barré Syndrome(GBS) and Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration, (SIRVA).

We are familiar with GBS and the effects on many people around the globe, similar to polio.  There is even credible studies that show what we know today as GBS was often diagnosed as polio 60-80 years ago.  GBS emerged on the national scene back for many people back in 1976 when the CDC lied to the American public and to Congress about the pending epidemic of Swine Flu.  Because of the large immobilization to vaccinate people against the Swine Flu, GBS became a horrible injury for many people nationwide.

Guillain-Barré syndrome can affect anybody. It can strike at any age and both sexes are equally prone to the disorder. The syndrome is rare, however, afflicting only about one person in 100,000. Usually Guillain-Barré occurs a few days or weeks after the patient has had symptoms of a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection. Occasionally surgery will trigger the syndrome. In rare instances vaccinations may increase the risk of GBS.”

GBS is a vaccine injury and the cases compensated by the NVICP show this clearly.

But what about SIRVA? It can be described as “shoulder pain that is a common transient side-effect of vaccination. Infrequently, patients can develop prolonged shoulder pain and dysfunction following vaccination. Common clinical characteristics include absence of a history of prior shoulder dysfunction, previous exposure to vaccine administered, rapid onset of pain, and limited range of motion. The proposed mechanism of injury is the unintentional injection of antigenic material into synovial tissues resulting in an immune-mediated inflammatory reaction. Careful consideration should be given to appropriate injection technique when administering intramuscular vaccinations to reduce the risk of shoulder injury.” [i]

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Teresa Conrick

22nd Birthday, Severe Autism and the Bus Is Not Coming Anymore For Megan Conrick

Meg graduation 3
By Teresa Conrick

Meg grad2I cried Friday.  I don’t often let tears show but they flowed freely many times on that day, her LAST DAY as a student.  I said goodbye to our wonderful bus driver and aide as my daughter, Megan, is twenty-two, today and our school district will have no further responsibility in her education. The bus will no longer pull up each morning to greet my severely affected daughter. Our driver and aide these past two years have been the BEST in all of the eighteen years Meg has taken the bus to school, a 45 minute drive each way.  God bless these two beautiful people who showed care and compassion to my daughter, each and every day. I could go on and on and also compare them to others who Meg grad3showed fear, anger and little patience for Meg, or the other bus company (First Student) who LOST my daughter on a bus numerous times with no radio.  That’s right. The bus got lost and drove around for 3 hours on more than one occasion with my nonverbal child!  It was not the first time that I needed to call and convince sane people that this was an insane situation.

Mary, Megan’s sister, had come in from college to attend the graduation.  Unlike Mary’s high school graduation with fanfare and college plans, Meg’s final days in school have felt FINAL with the future uncertain.  Having an autoimmune diagnosis, seizure disorder, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), specialized food and dietary restrictions, impaired cognitive and communication abilities, and intermittent OCD/agitation/aggression, life for Meg and us has been challenging to say the least. BUT since we are now so very focused on her immune system and her microbiome, things have been slowly improving -- for starters, her graduation was one of the highlights of my life! She was so HAPPY, ATTENTIVE and LOVING to all around her.  The affection that staff and peers had for Meg was shown in a series of slide shows that had us laughing and also in tears.  The spectrum of autism was all around but even more obvious was the powerful force of support and love.

Megan’s dad had met us at her school. Though her dad and I are divorced, we sat as a family, proud and teary for my daughter who has endured a rough life but with faith and trust, a better future. We had roses for Meg and also for the school staff, the most devoted, patient and caring teachers, aides, and therapists.  Megan had joined the school after I had hired an attorney, as there was no autism program in our school district that was APPROPRIATE back in 1996. Megan has attended there ever since!  Over the years as we learned of Meg’s GI issues, parasitic infections,  bacterial infections, high and crazy viral titers, food intolerances, seizures (she had her first grand mal in class), and now autoimmunity, the staff has been so supportive and attentive to my daughter’s needs. I thank God we were lucky enough to be one of the first ten families chosen when the school opened as the epidemic was first taking its captives. 

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Current Affairs

An Open Letter to California Religous Leaders About SB277 & Vaccine Rights

Your_rightsThank you to Laura Hayes for sharing this letter - we invite you to do the same. Here's the file. CA Vaccine Exemption Bill Religious Leaders Letter

Subject:  Appealing for help from our religious leaders in CA

Dear Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Rabbis, and Others,

Currently in CA, there is a bill before the legislature, SB 277, which would eliminate a parent's right to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure (only a medical exemption would remain, which is usually only issued after a catastrophic adverse vaccine reaction has occurred, and often times, not even then).  Should this bill become law, it will apply to ALL students in California, whether they are enrolled in pubic school, private school, parochial/religious school, charter school, or home school.  Should this bill become law, it will apply to CA's current 69-vaccine schedule, which includes vaccines that are for sexually-transmitted diseases (i.e. Hepatitis B at birth, and HPV, possibly soon to be required for kindergarten).  This list of 69 would be allowed to be added to at any time by the state of CA, via the California Dept. of Public Health, without limit or public input. Currently, there are approximately 300 vaccines in different phases of development, each of which is a possibility to be added to the vaccine schedule for California children.

Thus, every resident in the state of CA between the ages of 6 and 18 will be forced to be vaccinated with every mandated vaccine in order to reside here and to be eligible for any public, private, or home school. Since education is compulsory, opting for no schooling will not be an option. When vaccine mandates are law, the only way a parent can protect their children from the known and unknown dangers of vaccines and/or from the known and unknown problems with the current vaccine schedule is through the use of exemptions. If SB 277 passes, there will soon be no more exemptions for such protections.

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Cathy Jameson

Vaccination in the News

Media_coverageBy Cathy Jameson

Since December, mainstream news stories dedicated large amounts of time and energy on the measles and on the measles vaccine.  Sadly, much of the news that I saw was inaccurate or sensationalized.  With how over-the-top the media’s been, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw this article from the Washington Post last week: News Coverage of Vaccine Controversies Drives Down Support for Vaccines.  Surprisingly, I found myself agreeing with some of the points being made.  It’s too bad that the media didn’t remember to keep a few of these points in mind when their measles mania coverage began:

The key lesson regarding vaccines is this: the more the news media devoted attention to the political controversy, the less the public supported vaccination.

The media shot themselves in the foot with their continuous news coverage of the measles outbreak, which leads to takeaway number two from the article:

Continuing coverage of the controversy surrounding vaccines may have unfortunate consequences.

The authors’ research focused on unfortunate consequences of the media and of vaccine supporters, but they neglected to include that the public also suffers.  The public, even though they are the ones targeted for vaccines, don’t seem to be an important factor:

…politicians and journalists should realize that politicizing vaccines — and reporting on the resulting conflict — can weaken the public’s support for vaccination.

Takeaway number three to politicians and journalists?  Shut up. 

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Broken Trust

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Back in May 2005, a friend of mine in Washington came home late from work and was met excitedly by his wife, who told him she had just seen the most amazing episode of Law and Order: SVU.  It was about a malaria drug called “Quinium” that made soldiers suicidal and homicidal; the government and drug company were covering up the truth and getting away with it. People were being irreversibly harmed, even dying.

The Quinium drama, she said, was just like the link between vaccines and autism that they had witnessed first-hand – an immediate reaction and regression, and a coverup of the obvious truth that was continuing even now.

My friend smiled and explained to his wife that the episode was a thinly veiled account of a malaria drug named Lariam, and that the episode was based on my reporting. (His wife knew me, but not as well as he did.) The "reporter" in the SVU episode was a somewhat squirrely character named Sherm Hemphill, clearly an amalgam of me and Mark Benjamin – we had written dozens stories about Lariam’s deadly consequences when we were at UPI. Mark went on to where he wrote his own impressions of the SVU episode in an article titled, “Ripped from my headlines! ‘Law and Order: SVU’ pulls details from my reporting for its gripping finale. So why is the ‘reporter’ such an ink-stained wretch?”  (Mark was not as amused as I was that the reporter was portrayed as a tabloid journalist pawing through trash for a scoop. I’ve done worse!)

I recount this story not just to relive my one – and only – moment in the Hollywood sun, but because I was reminded of it this week in quite a remarkable way. A Facebook friend named Hil Down messaged me an article with the note, “vaccines and Lariam, all in one article.”

The piece, which Anne Dachel also picked up in her Media Update, was from the Associated Press and titled, “Anti-vaccine mothers discuss their thinking amid backlash.” The headline was unfortunate, the story better. It portrayed three mothers who  “are among the vaccine skeptics who have been widely ridiculed since more than 100 people fell ill in a measles outbreak traced to Disneyland. Critics question their intelligence, their parenting, even their sanity. Some have been called criminals for foregoing shots for their children that are overwhelmingly shown to be safe and effective.

"'Contrary to the common sentiment, we are not anti-science,' said Michelle Moore, a businesswoman who lives in the affluent Portland suburb of Lake Oswego with her 2½-year-old twin girls. 'I'm not opposed to medicine, and I think vaccines have a place. We think it's a medical choice, and it should be researched carefully.'"

Then came the beauty part: “Moore, an MBA graduate who runs an agriculture-related business, traces her feelings back to the time she took Lariam, a supposedly safe anti-malaria medication. Instead, she said, the drug saddled her with multiple health complications. She questions whether the government knew about the risks at the time. Health officials now acknowledge Lariam can cause severe side effects, some of which can be permanent.

“That experience broke Moore's trust in the medical establishment and launched her on years of research into how vaccines can affect people's health.”

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Anne Dachel

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr in Mothering Magazine

RFK Thimerosal BookBy Anne Dachel

Feb 23, 2015, Robert Kennedy, Jr had an article published by Robert F Kennedy Jr   Kennedy focused on corruption at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the failure of the media to honestly cover the most heated controversy in pediatric medicine: the link between vaccines and autism.

Members of the media eagerly tell us about all the official studies supposedly proving vaccines are safe.  But that's THEIR SCIENCE, with carefully manipulated findings that neatly cover up the damage that's being done to America's children.

Here Kennedy described what's really been going on at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I would say this article answers the questions: WHAT did they know, WHEN did they know it, and WHAT did they do to cover it up.  And Kennedy is absolutely right to cite the media's role in this health care disaster:

Despite the evidence, mainstream journalists refuse to report the myriad problems at CDC's vaccine program. Instead media outlets and journalists, almost without exception, dutifully parrot CDC's assurances that all is well and censure vaccine safety advocates who urge the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines. The pharmaceutical industry spent $3.8 billion in direct marketing to TV, radio, newspapers and other direct marketing outlets in 2013 and an astonishing $5.4 billion in 2005. Some vaccine safety advocates have questioned whether that cash pipeline accounts, in part, for the mainstream media's blackout affecting discussions of Thimerosal safety.

What Kennedy reveals about oversight at the CDC can't be explained away.  How long can the government continue to lie to the American people?

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Current Affairs

Why Are We Still Injecting Mercury Into Pregnant Women and Infants?

Go mercury freeBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

Thimerosal (50% ethyl mercury) was removed from most pediatric vaccines in 1999-2004 but still remains in the multidose flu vaccine which is given to pregnant women and infants.  Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin which causes brain damage and autism.  Why are we doing this? 

In the ubiquitous Geico commercial, one person says “Did you know that 15 minutes can save you 15% on auto insurance?”  The other person says “Everybody knows that.”  Why does everybody know that?  Because we've all seen it hundreds of times on TV.  How many times have you heard or read “Vaccines don't cause autism?”  It is the big lie and it is repeated so often by so many “experts” that people think it must be true.   The scientific studies that make it true are all fraudulent studies funded by the vaccine industry.  These studies are bought and paid for and the data is manipulated so they get what they want.  Now they are saying that there are not two sides to this controversy.  The science has been done.  The results are in.  Vaccines don't cause autism(for the millionth time).  Which do you think would be more likely to reveal the truth: (1) Vaccine industry funded studies or (2) independent studies that are not funded by the vaccine industry?  If you picked #2, you would be correct but those studies are routinely denigrated and ignored.  Mainstream media consistently supports the vaccine industry position so that is all you hear unless you actively seek out the other side of this issue. 

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Dachel Media Update: Dr. Boyd Haley Refutes Dr. Paul Offit's Vaccine Science

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Please view and share this video from Richard Milner and Public Affairs Media Group.

Examination of the peer-reviewed scientific literature and interviews with many scientists who conducted the studies tell us that a principal cause is our exposure to poisons directly injected into us in the form of vaccination. Bio-chemist and pharmacy professor Dr. Boyd Haley disputes the claims of vaccine proponent Dr. Paul Offit point by point. Dr. Offit says vaccines are safe and effective. Dr. Haley says they are not. We are seeking funds to distribute “Haley vs. Offit” to a wide audience over the internet, also for additional production and editing of existing footage. In the Pipeline: Dr. Haley talks further about the consequences of mercury exposure in the form of SIDS, Anaphylactic Shock, and Sudden Cardiac Failure. Others to be filmed link mercury exposure to Diabetes and Cancer. Our immediate funding goal is $24,000 to reach 40 million homes where young marrieds, parents with babies or children under age 19, and seniors live. Join us! Stay with us!

This half hour commentary features the often repeated claims by vaccine developer Dr. Paul Offit on vaccine efficacy and safety, along with responses from Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD, Research Emeritus Professor Chemistry/Biochemistry, U. of Kentucky.  Dr. Offit is the head of infectious disease, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Dr. Haley is an internationally recognized expert on mercury toxicity. 

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Vaccine Safety

In Perspective: Measles 2015

Country-doctor-nrNote: Excerpted with permission from Vaccination News. Thank you Dr. Yazbak for your continued service to our children:

F. Edward Yazbak MD, FAAP

Fifty-one measles cases reported between December 28, 2014 and January 21, 2015 effectively started a nationwide contrived scare campaign to curtail parental rights by abolishing philosophic vaccine exemptions in the 17 states where they are still allowed.

Eleven (11) measles deaths were reported in the United States since 1995, the last in 2005.

According to the CDC, only .7% of US toddlers have not received any vaccine.

The current California MMR vaccination rate of +/- 96.1% among pre-K children is the highest ever and it exceeds the national arbitrary goal of 95%.

It is a sad reality that no one mentioned that over 1500 autism cases may have been diagnosed during the 24 first days of the present measles outbreak.

To date, NO ONE including the CDC knows what causes autism (Autism/ASD), the fastest growing disability in the United States, where some 24,000 new cases of the disorder are diagnosed yearly. 

For unknown reasons, less than 5% of the United States research funding has been allocated to autism.     


The CDC’s new logo clearly describes its functions: CDC 24/7: Saving Lives - Protecting People.

In order to save lives and protect people 24/7, the CDC investigates disease outbreaks and propagates vaccination practices.

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Current Affairs

CT Action Alert: Rep Ritter Seeks To Limit Religious Rights RE Vaccination

American FreedomNOTE: I spoke with a helpful staff member who indicated that Rep. Ritter has received many calls about this bill.    She said that we in the Nutmeg state should email our concerns to him at  KIM 

Connecticut State Representative Matt Ritter (D-Hartford) has announced that he will introduce a bill in the legislature in Hartford to limit your right to a religious exemption from state vaccine mandates. The bill has not been introduced yet but Ritter announced his intention at a press conference along with Connecticut’s US Senator Chris Murphy, who has announced he intends to introduce a similar bill in the US Senate. Ritter wants parents to make annual visits to a physician prior to applying for a religious exemption.

Please click on the Take Action link  above to send a message to your State Senator and Representative asking them to oppose Ritter’s bill and any other bills that limit our right to informed consent. 

And please give Representative Matt Ritter a call and let him know that you don’t want him interfering with your family’s health decisions and religious beliefs.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Boy with Autism Beaten

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Feb 24, 2015, Fox 13 Salt Lake City: Boy with autism beaten at Missouri middle school

Feb 24, 2015, Fox 4 Kansas City MO: Excelsior Springs woman left with permanent brain injuries after vaccinations

Feb 24, 2015, Oregon Statesman Journal: Vaccine researcher Wakefield to testify in Oregon

Feb 24, 2015, Newsweek: Toddler Dies From Measles in Berlin's Worst Outbreak in a Decade

Feb 23, 2015, CBS San Francisco: Law Requiring California Parents To Vaccinate Their Children Likely To Pass

Feb 5, 2015, Huffington: These States Don't Require Vaccinations For Home-School Students

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Adriana Gamondes

Bombs Away Part 2: Weaponized Analogies and the War on Medical Rights

AG Bombs 2 1


When one lacks character, one must apply a method. 

~Albert Camus, The Fall

(Read Part 1 here.)

By Adriana Gamondes

Looking for Mr. Goodvax

The first time I noticed how territorial industrial pundits are about the use of analogy was from watching the ascent of Panic Virus author Seth Mnookin, who conceivably set off the current mandate campaign. He was also one of the earlier PR figures to deploy a few of the most common false comparisons for vaccine choice advocacy—particularly those geared to progressives, such gay rights opposition, racism, and climate change denial.

Actually Mnookin’s entire book is an analogy. In two hundred words or less, Panic Virus is the story of how “self-indulgent”, “hysterical”, “bitter”, “angry”, “resentful”, “guilt”-ridden, “helpless”, “isolated” and “self-righteous” vaccine safety advocates— corrupted by the democratization of the internet, clouded by the trauma of their children’s disabilities, suffering from low cognitive complexity and seduced by a series of scientific rogues— court the endangerment of their own children and public health.  It’s also a story of how, in order to quell public reservations about mass vaccination at its advent, government and health authorities in the U.S. had to lie about the risks of vaccines at various junctures— although authorities are not lying now when they say benefits outweigh risks and vaccines don’t cause autism. But even if industry and health authorities were lying, human beings are panicky creatures who, being overly dependent on intuition, had best be guided by authority and cooperating media in service to the greater good. Or else… biblical plagues, chaos, the breakdown of the free market, etc. Ergo, compulsory mass vaccination, legal sanctions against those questioning vaccines and inhibition of press freedoms would be justified. The End.

The above is basically the plot of Looking for Mr. Goodbar. But an alternative interpretation of the theme bleeds through the overlay of Panic Virus:

The once conservative fields of vaccine science and health regulation—drawn to the commercial meat market, guilty of departures from medical orthodoxy and nursing themselves back from public jilting—consort with increasingly dangerous public relations initiatives and security industry operations in order to regain status and empowerment at the cost of public trust, children’s health and civil rights.

Mnookin specializes in selling scientific absolutism in progressive drag. If the author doesn’t advocate legislating compulsory immunization clearly enough in his book, then statements he’s made in his blog and to legislators are more explicit:

With the vaccine debate, we're seeing that more and more as more children are getting sick and they're dying. I think we're not far from the point at which we start having real discussions about consequences for people who don't vaccinate and end up bringing in disease. I don't have a background in the law, of course, but I do think the conversation is going to pivot in that direction.

During Mnookin’s seemingly endless book junket in 2011, I noticed his PR tendency to repeat key words and phrases and engage in “repetition of emotional language” such as “anti-vaccine” and “narrative”— the latter to reduce public testimony of vaccine adverse events to folksy mythology. But one repeat term really stood out—the passive form of “disappeared.” At the time, I wondered whether Mnookin was having a reaction to the vaccine safety movement’s use of the expression.

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Current Affairs

We The People Petitions Against Vaccine Mandates

Your_rightsWe petition the Obama administration to:


No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, activities, and daycare centers. This also includes adults working in the public or private sector.

See and sign the petition here.

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Autism Speaks Celebrates 10 Years of Creating Demand for Autism Speaks!

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Feb 23, 2015, CNN: Autism Speaks Turns 10


Michaela Pereira:  "Autism Speaks is marking its 10th anniversary this month, raising over $525,000,000 for autism research since its launch, and giving an important voice to the families of autistic children.  Amid the measles outbreak that now tops 150 cases in the U.S., the organization is taking a stand on vaccinations."

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Mark Blaxill, Vaccine Safety

Measles Hysteria -- The Truth About a Non-Epidemic in Eight Simple Slides


Slide1 Slide2 Slide3Slide4

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Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

Neil Miller: Why people choose not to Vaccinate

WhyPrinted with permission from Neil Miller of

By Neil Miller

Recently I was contacted by an anchorwoman for a TV network asking if I would answer a few questions for a story that she was doing on vaccinations, particularly regarding measles. Here are my responses:

Why would one choose not to vaccinate?

Some parents choose not to vaccinate because they had a personal experience that convinced them vaccines are dangerous. Other people have read peer-reviewed studies showing vaccine safety deficits and decided that the risks are greater than the benefits. For example, numerous studies have confirmed a link between vaccinations and cancer. Children who are permitted to contract measles naturally are significantly protected against various cancers later in life. In fact, the wild measles virus has oncolytic (anti-cancer) properties. Tumor remissions after measles infection are well documented in the medical literature.

Children who are required to be vaccinated against measles have had this anti-cancer protection stripped from them for life. They have been forced to trade a reduced risk of contracting measles for an increased risk of developing cancer later in childhood or as an adult.

I will list just a few of the studies confirming the scientific link between vaccines and cancer:

Albonico et al found that adults are significantly protected against non-breast cancers -- genital, prostate, gastrointestinal, skin, lung, ear-nose-throat, and others -- if they contracted measles (odds ratio, OR = 0.45), rubella (OR = 0.38) or chickenpox (OR = 0.62) earlier in life. [Med Hypotheses 1998; 51(4): 315-20].

Montella et al found that contracting measles in childhood reduces the risk of developing lymphatic cancer in adulthood [Leuk Res 2006; 30(8): 917-22].

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Current Affairs

Statement from Rep Norm Johnson Apologizing for Off The Cuff Remark RE Vaccine Injury

Rep Norm JohnsonFeb. 19, 2015

Statement from Rep. Norm Johnson regarding his comments in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee on Feb 18, 2015:

“My off the cuff remark in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee was inappropriate and a poor attempt at banter. I understand why my words are hurtful to people who care passionately about this issue. All I can say at this point is that I am deeply sorry.”

Thank you, Representative Johnson. We hope you will listen to your constituents as they share their painful experience with vaccine injury and the need for retaining the liberty of personal medical rights, and oppose HB2009.

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Vax Vax Vax Vax Ad Infinitem

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Feb 22, 2015, Infowars interview with Dr. Tenpenny: "We are heading towards Medical Tyranny"

Feb 22, 2015, 200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate

Feb 22, 2015, CBS News: Anti-vaccine moms speak out amid fierce backlash

Feb 21, 2015, PBS Southern CA: Vaccines: Whose Rights?

Feb 17, 2015, Bangor (ME) Daily News: Maine agrees to pay former CDC manager $142,000 to settle whistleblower suit

Feb 13, 2015, ABC 7 Chicago: I-Team: Pets over vaccinated?

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Adriana Gamondes

Bombs Away Part 1: Weaponized Analogies and the War on Medical Rights

AG Bombs 1

Although only a few may originate a policy, we are all able to judge it.

~Pericles of Athens

By Adriana Gamondes

Culture Jamming

We seem to be entering a media era that should be called the “Analogy Wars.”  If the looming threat of legislation to remove vaccine exemptions and  jail dissenting parents weren’t bad enough,  we’re also being bombarded with cheap analogies for parents who opt out of some or all shots for their children—like being compared to “Holocaust deniers” or drunk drivers.  In the legislative buildup to compulsory vaccination, the media’s anti-choice proponents put civil rights and a basic comparative accuracy at risk.

As many have remarked, it’s strange to see conservatives arguing the liberty position on this issue while some of worst attacks on consumer freedom are coming from seemingly progressive publications and politicians. Not always—Forbes is an openly neoconservative/neoliberal rag.  But the pseudoliberal mavens of force in the media are more likely to induce mental whiplash by snatching and subverting progressive brand logos—views on civil rights, environment in the form of climate change, gay marriage and all things equality-ecology-peace-freedom—then slapping the symbols haphazardly over their suppressive campaign.

The practice has been referred to as reverse culture jamming.  Borrowing a description of it from UC Santa Cruz anthropology professor Susan Harding’s Get Religion, industry mouthpieces are attempting to pass off corporate and institutional ideology by “appropriating, poaching, channeling, ventriloquism” and “revoicing” the message into a progressive journalistic “pitch” in order to shepherd an errant faction of mainstream progressives back towards the approved and conditioned thoughts and beliefs—or “memes”—from which they’d wandered.

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Current Affairs

Oregon's SB442 Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward Defends Her Personal Medical Choice Denies Yours

Do as i sayBelow is video of Oregon attorney Bob Snee asking Senator Elizabeth Action alert Steiner Hayward why making medical decisions based on informed consent should be her right, but not the right of her constituents during debate about SB442 (see description of this bill below the video clip.)   He politely inquired about her level of hypocrisy. She became a bit testy, like a schoolmarm - telling us her decision was "based on science." As if we are dunces to remain in the corner.

A quick look at her website indicates that Ms. Steiner Hayward is supported by Planned Parenthood and is a pro-choice politician.   She will protect your decision to abort your baby, but once born, please leave your brain (and science) at the door and allow the government and Ms. Steiner Hayward to tell you how to care for your own child.

We invite you to contact the three Senators listed below to politely share your personal experience and the science behind your vaccine choice decisions - especially if you are an Oregon resident. 

SB442 Directs Oregon Health Authority to adopt by rule schedule requiring submission of document to school administrator for purposes of declining immunization if document on record does not include signature of health care practitioner verifying that parent has reviewed risks and benefits of immunization or certificate verifying that parent has completed vaccine educational module.  You can read Mr. Snee's testimony HERE.

Senator Chip Shields
Democrat - District 22 - Portland
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1722    District Phone: 503-231-2564
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-421, Salem, Oregon 97301
District Address: 2104 NE 45th Ave., Portland, OR 97213

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson
Democrat - District 25 - Gresham
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1725
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-413, Salem, Oregon 97301

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Democrat - District 17 - NW Portland/Beaverton
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1717
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-215, Salem, Oregon 97301

Cathy Jameson

Vaccine Safety Package Inserts - Ever Seen One?

Vax SafetyBy Cathy Jameson

Vaccine exemptions exist to protect an individual's health care needs. In response to the growing number of states working to revoke exemptions and to restrict our personal rights, we thought we'd share this post today. This post doesn't include everything there is to know about vaccines, but it is a simple reminder.  It's a reminder that vaccines come with side effects and that they can result in injury and death.  For those who wish to avoid injury and death, who cannot be vaccinated, or who choose to not be vaccinated, have been able to successfully opt out of vaccines with one of three exemptions.  Please remind the politicians that these exemptions were created for a reason.  

I wrote the post below in 2013, but it's certainly relevent today:

For the last few weeks most of my posts here have been about vaccines and vaccine safety.   Some of you may be missing my usual hopefully-ever-after writing, but vaccines have been bugging me lately.  When that happens, I don’t feel very hopeful or very happy.  

No matter what I’m reading–a magazine, a mainstream newspaper, or a blog, I can’t escape mention of vaccines these days.  Sure, I subscribe to a few places that typically highlight only vaccine news, but I’m reading about them in other places, and the news isn’t looking good. 

I can’t shake the disappointment I feel after seeing these stories.  Most of what I’ve read lauds vaccines claiming that they are safe despite their side effects, and that they’ll work if we give them a chance, and what’s the big deal, anyway?  Oh, when they don’t work?  Well, we’re sorry, let’s move on.  I know I speak for many when I say that that kind of news reporting is depressing and unacceptable. 

Can you imagine if vaccine news stories across the mainstream channels would actually reveal all there is to know about the vaccine--including the bad stuff?  I’m talking about the side effects, the lingering pain and the secondary illnesses that turn into everyday struggles after receiving a vaccination.  That information should be discussed more openly in the exam room and in the news but hardly seems to be.  I know this because I’ve been there in that exam room before and never got that sort of information.  People I speak to today about their vaccine encounters say the same thing.  When I hear from them, as they reach out to me for help, it’s clear that the right things are still not being said: “When do I worry about this rash?  The doctor didn’t tell me anything!” “What? I never knew you can still get the chickenpox after getting the chickenpox vaccine!”  “What should I do about this fever?  It’s so high, and it won’t go down!”

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Current Affairs

VIDEO: Rep Norm Johnson (R) Washington, Makes Fun of Brain Injury from Vaccines

Norm JohnsonUPDATE 2/23/15: Feb. 19, 2015

Statement from Rep. Norm Johnson regarding his comments in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee on Feb 18, 2015:

“My off the cuff remark in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee was inappropriate and a poor attempt at banter. I understand why my words are hurtful to people who care passionately about this issue. All I can say at this point is that I am deeply sorry.”

Thank you, Representative Johnson. We hope you will listen to your constituents as they share their painful experience with vaccine injury and the need for retaining the liberty of personal medical rights, and oppose HB2009.


Note: Thank you to longtime friend of AofA Tami Giles for sending us these videos which show the callous disregard for the vaccine injured. Politicians, healthcare workers - they don't even believe that injury can happen. They mock us. And our sick kids.  Best post I've seen in a long time on the disconnect between vaccine injury and reality is, "When you hear anti-vaxxer," think "parent of a disabled child," by  Levi Quackenboss.   Representative Norman Johnson, a former teacher, counselor and PRINCIPAL for Lord's sake, should get down on his knees and thank God his grandson (pictured) is not vaccine injured. And he should apologize to all of us whose kids did not dodge the bullet.  Here's what our friend says to Johnson and her son's video response as well: KS

By Tami Giles

Rep Norm Johnson (Republican/WA state) seems to think brain damage from vaccines is a joking matter. Here he is at this week's executive session- jut one day after a jam-packed room of concerned citizens showed up to oppose HB 2009- WA’s bill seeking to remove personal/philosophical vaccine exemptions. Many tried to raise their voices, and though only a few were allowed that opportunity, they gave compelling public testimony.  Vaccine manufacturer Merck's paid lobbyists spent the last 2 weeks at the capital, grooming our citizen-paid lawmakers to insult those who oppose mandatory vaccination.  ADEM - brain damage- is just ONE of the many side effects from vaccines, listed on package insert. Norm Johnson, you are a disgrace to public office.

The comment is 17 seconds into the 43 second clip.

Below, her son, created this video response to Representative Johnson's callous treatment of medical injury.

Tami Giles is a decade long advocate, who donates her time for the community good. She has been the WA state AAN Coordinator (formerly A-Champ) since 2005, helping to bring legislative issues to the attention of the lawmakers and the autism community.  She started the first biomedical & diet support group in WA state, to help families affected by autism over a decade ago. Through the years, she’s been an invited speaker at many autism conferences, due to her extensive knowledgeable in treatments, diets, therapies, and advocacy.  In her free time (what’s that?) she enjoys raising a flock of Organic, non-GMO chickens, and creates SCD/Paleo recipes and masterpieces to support her son Daniel’s extensive dietary needs.

Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Vaccines Uber Alles!

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

There’s a story – make of it what you will – that Joe Kennedy the elder knew it was time to get out JoeKennedyQuoteof the market when the shoeshine boy started giving him stock tips. By that standard, it might be time for the vaccine injury deniers to get out of the marketplace of ideas, because everybody, and I mean everybody, is convinced they have the expertise and standing to tell the rest of us why vaccines don’t cause autism, shouldn’t be debated, and on and on.

The latest to opine on this topic is Mark Zuckerberg, joining Bill Gates as a gazillionaire bootblack who may know how to make a buck but nothing about the autism epidemic, the science of vaccine injury, the role of liability protection, or other topics that you and I talk about every day. As a putative new media czar whose “news feed” includes plenty of pages that disagree with him (like ours), he ought to keep his mouth shut. Instead, he’s recommending “Immunity: An Inoculation” for his book club. When I first heard that, I decided to let it be, because people should read whatever they want, but then I saw that he is weighing in with his own personal vaccine creed:

“The science is completely clear: vaccinations work and are important for the health of everyone in our community. This book explores the reasons why some people question vaccines, and then logically explains why the doubts are unfounded and vaccines are in fact effective and safe.”

I’ve tried to ignore the book in question, but I will have more to say about it later since it seems to be insinuating itself into pop culture. Meanwhile, I’ll just say that Zuckerberg – whose father, a dentist, had his practice in their home – is way too powerful, and uninformed, to be offering this kind of cheap and easy commentary.


From creed to screed: One unfortunate aspect of the Internet – which as regular readers will agree, has been largely positive for spreading the truth about autism – is that legacy print publications, which shrink ever deeper into oblivion on the newsstand, have opened their online portals and attached their prestige to all manner of guest writers, advertorial “sponsored content,” click-throughs, partnerships and so on. (The wack-a-doodle Time online piece about printing the names and addresses of vaccine-exempting families is a case in point. Henry Luce would have had a heart attack on the spot if he weren’t already deceased.)

Anyway, Rolling Stone published a screed online by someone named Jeb Lund, who seems never to have heard of thimerosal or RS Contributing Editor RFK Jr. – or Rolling Stone’s own archive -- when he writes:

“Anti-vaxxer science is science in the same way that saying the word "FUCK" came from "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" or "Fornication Under Consent of King" is etymology. It's science the way "Catherine the Great died having sex with a horse" is history. It's shit that sounds plausible only if you're someone never in danger of double-checking it or stumbling across something like topical expertise. Christ, you could figure out most of this stuff is bullshit just by reading the questions and answers on NTN Bar Trivia at your local Buffalo Wild Wings for more than a few hours.”

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Current Affairs

Dr. Paul Thomas, MD: Parents Rights to Choice in Vaccines Threatened Around the Country and in Oregon SB442-3 Amendment

Parental-rightsWe are excerpting this post from Dr. Paul Thomas' site. Please go to Dr. Thomas' blog to read the full post.

I attended and testified at the Oregon Senate hearing on SB442 on February 18th 2015. The physician, and sponsoring senator, opened with the longest explanation of why she did not have ties to big Pharma or Merck that I was left wondering what was behind that? I then heard the hand picked physicians who were in favor of this bill and were given unlimited time to testify the same old mantra: vaccines are safe, they save lives and we are in a dangerous situation with measles that used to kill hundreds of thousands and so on.

My first response was anger and outrage.  Surely these intelligent well meaning doctors knew that vaccines have also caused tremendous harm and that the risks and benefits must be weighed.  Surely these doctors didn’t want to remove the informed consent process where a medical procedure that has benefits, risks, and alternatives is explained to the patient and the patient gets to choose.  I was wrong.  This bill intends not only to totally remove the philosophical and religious exemptions, but will put into state law mandates that all children, regardless of their family histories or risk factors, get the full set of recommended vaccines.  The only exceptions will have to come from medical exemptions and to make matters worse, they plan to select which medical providers will be certified to give those exemptions!

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OC Register Publishes Point Counterpoint RE Measles Vaccination

Dr. Bob SearsThe OC (Orange County, California) Register published two sides of the Chemerinksy  measles vaccination panic that is abating but still in the news.

Dr. Bob Sears, pediatrician, offers his point of view. And Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the UC Irvine School of Law advocates mandatory vaccination.

Dr. Sears:

Mandatory vaccination is not the answer to measles

Measles. It used to be just a disease. Now it’s become a banner under which politicians gather to threaten one of our most sacred rights - the right to give informed consent for medical treatment.

Whether you are for vaccines, against them, or neutral, allow me to ask this question: Is vaccination a medical treatment which should fall under the protection of informed consent, or does the government have the right to force them on every American?

As a pediatrician, I give patients the MMR vaccine almost every day in my office. And I follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control which mandate that I provide informed consent. The American Medical Association describes informed consent as a patient’s right of self-decision and a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor.

If vaccines were harmless to every single person who received them, then I could understand putting this decision in the hands of our elected officials. But here are two salient facts:

• About 2,000 severe reactions are reported to the CDC each year which result in prolonged hospitalization, permanent disability, or death. Most reactions aren’t even reported, so the true number may be even higher. Yet, because they can’t be proven, the medical community denies that they can happen.

• Over $3 billion have been paid out to victims of vaccine reactions. Not $3 million. Not $30 million. Not even $300 million. But $3 billion. Are we paying that much money to victims of pretend reactions? I think not.

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Vaccine Safety

Greg Dobbs on the Measles Mania

Dobbs Head ShotThank you to Greg Dobbs for this editorial in the Denver Post.  You might recall his name from when he was on HDNetTV and aired Autism Mixed Signals.

Dobbs: In defense of parents who don't vaccinate

"How do you go from bouncing baby boy to all of these problems within three hours?" That's what one mother from San Diego asked when I shot an hour-long program three years ago about the developmental disorder called autism, and the possibility that vaccinations might be a cause.

Her son Eric had been "perfect," she said, until he had his childhood vaccinations. Which were followed by a slide backward. Into autism.

Of course, if it were just that one mom, you could dismiss her question as an anxious inference. But I interviewed about a dozen families with autistic kids, and they all told the same story: My child was developing normally — motor skills, communication skills, social skills — until the vaccinations. Then, a violent reaction, and everything changed. The mother of one little girl I met in Tennessee who is now totally dysfunctional told me, "She screamed like a wild animal," and said, "I pray to God I never hear it again."

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Dr. Brownstein Responds to Critics

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Feb 18, 2015,  Arizona Cardiologist Responds to Critics Regarding Measles and Vaccines

Feb 17, 2015, NewsMax: Questions Remain About MMR Vaccine

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Vaccine Safety

Testimony in Protest of Oregon SB442 Vaccine Exemption Removal Bill

American FreedomSB442 Directs Oregon Health Authority to adopt by rule schedule requiring submission of document to school administrator for purposes of declining immunization if document on record does not include signature of health care practitioner verifying that parent has reviewed risks and benefits of immunization or certificate verifying that parent has completed vaccine educational module.

Testimony to the Oregon Senate Health Committee
February 18, 2015
Submitted by Bob Snee

The day Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence warned us about while speaking at the Constitutional Convention, has arrived.

“The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic…Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution; the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people, who wish doctors and treatments of their own choice, to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers. The Constitution of the Republic should make a Special provision for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom."

The threats to our Constitutional Rights are all around us and are even coming from you, our own legislators. Just as “national security” is being used by the federal government to justify invading the privacy of citizens, the “greater good” is used to justify under proposed SB 442, infringing upon the religious freedoms and freedom of conscience guaranteed to Oregonians under Oregon’s Constitution.

An organized orchestrated hysteria pushed by the national media as a result of just over 100 cases of the measles (with no deaths) is the driving force behind the push to restrict individual freedoms. When Time magazine publishes an article calling for the publication of the names and addresses of those who are unvaccinated, a new era of McCarthyism has descended upon this country. This nation was founded on the principles of individual freedom and liberty, and the Bill of Rights were adopted as amendments to the U.S. Constitution to ensure that government never overreached and trampled upon the rights of an individual.

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Current Affairs

Flu Shot Failures - Bolus Dose of Mercury and Flu Too

Scream nowBelow is a thread from a  general population Mom's group.   Can you imagine anyone buying even a toaster with this kind of failure rate - and a toaster that could electrocute and kill you at that? The myth of vaccination is so strong, even a pregnant woman rationalizes, "Well 30% success is better than nothing when you're pregnant."   If I had posted this SafeMinds link to flu shot safety, the post most likely would have been removed for having been "controversial."

When you hear the ad for CHANTIX smoking cessation drug, the first warning you hear is about seizures, and then the litany of other pretty terrible side effects follows.  Vaccines do not have any such requirements for sharing side effects. Your doc needn't tell you a thing. CVS can simply point you toward the candy aisle for a sweet snack. 

The thread began:

For those of you who have been dealing with influenza this season, did you or family members get the flu shot prior to contracting the flu?

My daughters and I got the flu shot, and my younger daughter got the flu (flu b). She started on Tamiflu immediately and it helped.

11 hrs · Like

We have the flu vaccine yearly. Hard to know if any of us have had the flu- definitely viral illness, but none of our providers have tested to confirm a diagnosis of influenza. Vaccine is less than 30% effective this year.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: OT Increases in NY Schools as Motor Skills Are Destroyed in Kids

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Feb 17, 2015, Parents of Vaccine-Injured Children Speak Out: 'The Guilt Is Huge'

Feb 17, 2015, NY Times: Occupational Therapy Increases Sharply In New York's Schools

Feb 9, 2015, News coverage of vaccine controversies drives down support for vaccines

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JB Handley

JB Handley To Oregon Senate Committee on SB442 Vaccine Exemptions Bill

Parental advisory'TESTIMONY: Senate Committee on Health Care, State of Oregon, SB 442

February 18, 2015, 3pm

Respectfully Submitted: Jonathan B. Handley, Portland, OR

I was born in 1969. My father worked for the U.S. Government and I spent my childhood living in foreign countries, including the third world. Specifically, I was born in Singapore, then lived in Laos, Mexico, Korea, Japan, India, and the Philippines.

By my sixth birthday, I received a grand total of 5 vaccines (Oral Polio, Measles, DPT, Oral Polio, and Typhoid). I still have my shot records and would be happy to share with the committee.

In 1983, attached as Exhibit A, the 1983 immunization schedule for children by the age of 6 recommended 10 vaccines (DTP, Oral Polio, DTP, Oral Polio, DTP, MMR, DTP, Oral Polio, DTP, Oral Polio).

In 2015, attached as Exhibit B, by the age of 6, the CDC now recommends 37 vaccines for children before the age of 6. (Hep B, Hep B, Rotavirus, DTaP, Hib, PCV, IPV, Flu, Rotavirus, DTaP, Hib, PCV, IPV, Rotavirus, DTaP, Hib, PCV, IPV, Flu, MMR, Varicella, Hep A, Hep B, DTaP, Hib, PCV, Flu, Hep A, DTaP, IPV, Flu, Flu, Flu, Flu, Flu, MMR, Varicella). Because this is so confusing, I’ve attached the CDC schedule with my handwritten notes to count the total vaccines.

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CDC Whistleblower, Current Affairs, Kent Heckenlively

I Will Accept Your Surrender

White-flagBy Kent Heckenlively

I've made this offer several times in the past.  I'm making it again.  I am willing to accept the surrender of those who have perverted science, harmed a generation of children, and even as of this late date are willing to harm more children so as to not to upset the balance of their lives.

It must be truly troubling for those who continue to fuel the epidemic of autism and other chronic diseases that even though you still maintain the trust of those in the media, the scientific community, and most of the people in politics, an amazing 39% of the population in a recent Fox News poll believe parents need to have the right to decide how and whether their children can be vaccinated.

You see, I've interviewed enough scientists that I understand the world in which you operate.  Although you tremble in fear when you confront the dark questions at the heart of why so many children and adults suffer with chronic diseases, you feel quite comfortable making others cower as has been done to you.  It must really annoy you when you fulminate against us as if we were some extremist group, that somehow you can't get the rest of the population to fully buy it.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Media Furiously Selling Vaccination

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.Unseen forces behind the media seem to be using the recent measles cases for their own agenda, and it's pretty easy to see what that agenda is.

**Contagious disease is now a national crisis. 

(Ask no questions about all the developmentally disabled children everywhere or the ones who are chronically ill with a host of health conditions like diabetes, seizures, asthma, allergies, and bowel disease.)

**Vaccines have no serious side effects. 

(Alleged injuries are only coincidental, not causal.  All parents should want to protect their children from getting sick.) 

**Every child should be vaccinated. 

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Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

Democrats, Republicans and the Reality of Vaccine Injury

I am AwakeBy Louis Conte and Wayne Rohde

The publicity around the uptick in measles cases has fueled open hostility toward “anti-vaccine” parents. There have been articles written in the main stream press calling for the removal of vaccine exemptions, a federal vaccine mandate, special taxes and litigation against parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. Even calls for arrests and outing the evil anti-vaccine ones by posting their names and addresses on a government website as though they were sex offenders. One can assume that internment camps will be suggested next.

Not surprisingly, the issue has drawn in presidential candidates from both parties.

Senator Rand Paul (Republican) earlier in February stated:

"I’ve heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines… I’m not arguing vaccines are a bad idea. I think they’re a good thing. But I think parents should have some input. The state doesn’t own your children, parents own the children and it is an issue of freedom and public health."

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Republican) made these comments in 2009:

"I have met with families affected by autism from across the state and have been struck by their incredible grace and courage. Many of these families have expressed their concern over New Jersey’s highest-in-the nation vaccine mandates. I stand with them now, and will stand with them as their governor in their fight for greater parental involvement in vaccination decisions that affect their children."

Although Christie has kept vaccine mandates in his state, he followed up last week with:

"Mary Pat and I have had our children vaccinated and we think that it’s an important part of being sure we protect their health and the public health…I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well, so that’s the balance that the government has to decide.

Hillary Rodham Clinton responded with this tweet:

"The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and (hashtag) vaccines work. Let's protect all our kids."

The potential Democratic presidential candidate ends her Twitter commentary with the hashtag Grandmothers Know Best.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) used a quickly assembled Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions (HELP) hearing last week to demean Senator Paul’s comments about parental claims that vaccines cause “profound mental disorders.” In a questioning that seemed scripted, Senator Warren asked Anne Schuchat, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases about vaccine safety:

“Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism?”

“No,” Schuchat answered.

“Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause ‘profound mental disorders’?”

“No,” Schuchat responded, “but some of the diseases we vaccinate against can.”

The public was given a clear message vaccines are completely safe and effective. Vaccines don’t cause profound mental disorders and they certainly don’t cause autism. “Anti-Vax” parents are wrong and people must make sure that children are given the MMR vaccine. Adults should get the vaccine too and exemptions should be removed.

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John Stone

A Reminder: Merck Strategy Chief, Former Vaccine President, Former CDC Chief told CNN Vaccines Cause Autism

Julie gerberding Managing Editor's Note: We ran this post in February, 2011. It seems Jan - Mar is the PR lead up to autism "awareness month" whereby Americans must be reminded (with a hammer to the head) that vaccine injury does not happen, nor is autism association with vaccination.  Dr. Paul Offit's books debut each winter like the Groundhog wriggling out of his grotto - Offit's goal of course is to protect vaccination while smearing autism and vaccine safety community members.  This year even Autism Speaks - The Blue Bomb of autism told Americans to vaccinate their children, amidst the measles hype.  

Dr. Julie Gerberding was the Head of the CDC. She left, and within a year, became President of the Vaccine Division for MERCK (makers of the MMRII and Gardasil vaccines.)  In December she received a promotion to Executive Vice President for Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy and Population Health.    Read that title again. "Strategic communications." Think about the intense media hype around the 100+ cases of measles, a disease that was so common and non-threatening that TV sitcoms like The Brady Bunch and Married with Children poked fun at transmission.   Here's some strategic communication from our John Stone - it was Dr. Gerberding who...

It wasn’t Andrew Wakefield who said vaccines cause autism Mr Gates, it was Julie Gerberding…and she told Sanjay Gupta

By John Stone

“Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism."

Julie Gerberding, present head of Merck’s vaccine division speaking to Sanjay Gupta on the subject of the Hannah Poling case when she was still head of the Centers for Disease Control.

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Current Affairs

ACTION ALERT: Oregon SB 442 Seeks To Make Vaccine Exemptions More Difficult for Parents

Hoop on FireFrom Autism Action Network:

Oregon, you need to get on the phone now if you want to protect your right to exemptions from mandatory vaccines for your children to attend school. State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward has introduced Senate Bill 442 that would force all parents to have either a signature by a healthcare provider or a certificate verifying a parent has completed an online vaccine-education module.

Amendments could eliminate the online module option or even the non-medical exemption altogether. Steiner Hayward, a Democrat from Portland, is using her position as majority whip to fast track the bill with a hearing scheduled for this Wednesday in Salem.  Rep. Knute Buehler, a Republican from Bend, has stated he will submit a companion bill in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Here’s what you can do to protect your rights. Click on the link below to send emails to your State Senator and your Representative telling them that you support vaccine choice.

Oregon Action Alert

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Julie Obradovic

Questions Elizabeth Warren Forgot to Ask

WarrrenBy Julie Obradovic

Senator Elizabeth Warren had quite a moment the other day. In what appeared to be a “smack down” of vaccine safety concerned parents, she asked rapid fire questions to Anne Schuchat, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, in a last minute Congressional hearing on vaccine uptake amidst the apparent measles crisis of 2015 (which includes a whopping 100 plus cases among a population of 350,000,000 people).

On the surface she appeared to be looking for evidence for a reason a parent might be hesitant to vaccinate her child using the typically touted but not actual questions of concerned parents. (In reality, she was really just trying to attack Rand Paul for his comments about vaccines a few days prior. Make no mistake. This was political, not medical.) For less than well-versed veterans in this issue, it really seemed impressive too. A big wallop of “truth” to shut down dissenters, I heard it called.

Take that, you stupid anti-vaxxers!

And yet, anyone with just a little bit of insider information about this issue could have immediately recognized the familiarity of her questions (Paul Offit talking points) and what was glaringly lacking (serious questions about serious concerns).

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I Thought I was Alone for Valentine’s Day

Love_2Dcards_thumbnailBy Lori Brozek

I thought I was alone for Valentine’s Day.

Divorced and kids – including a nineteen year old with autism – at their Dad’s for the weekend, I went grocery shopping around noon and struggled to find a parking spot as a few flakes of snow were imminent.

I grabbed a shopping cart and headed inside to purchase my usual hodgepodge of items.  There was a table set up near the vegetables where you could pick up a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement.  Another table had free cups of sparkling cider.  There were doughnuts with red icing hearts, pink cookies and cupcakes, and a voice boomed over the loud speaker encouraging the busy shoppers to buy a cake or a bouquet of flowers.

As I made my way down the pet food aisle to grab some cat food for Chester (OK, maybe I wasn’t really alone because Chester was lumping around somewhere in the house), I heard some familiar sounds coming from another aisle.  I turned my cart around and followed the noise until I found them:  an older man with a young girl, maybe nine or ten years old, and she appeared to have autism.

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Cathy Jameson

Vaccines, Fear, and the Future

War of the WorldsBy Cathy Jameson

121 cases of the measles

121 cases of the measles that included recovery

121 cases of the measles with no deaths reported

121 cases of the measles that sent our country into a tailspin. 

I honestly thought the onslaught of measles articles would have subsided by now.  But we’re going into month two of measles mania. 

The news coverage hasn’t helped to change the subject nor to reduce the level of anxiety too many are experiencing.  Instead of properly reporting on what’s usually a temporary illness, the press took what could have been a simple FYI (Measles has been spotted), to using full-on fear tactics (We’re all gonna die), to encouraging the public to turn on each other (Unvaccinated?  Round ‘em up, Nazi-Germany style!).

Pre-measles mania, for the most part, we worked together.  Sure we had differences with others and didn’t always see eye-to-eye on every issue, but we respected each other’s points of view.  That included vaccine choice.  But as the measles mania grew, and as the media and the government bodies that oversee and benefit from the US vaccine program took every chance they could to paint a pretty picture about vaccines, those choosing not to vaccinate quickly became the enemy. 

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