The Whistleblower the Dogs Won't Hear: Vaccine Whistleblower

Vaccine Whistleblower Skyhorse PublishingBy Anne Dachel and Lou Conte

If you were outraged over the movie “Vaxxed—From Cover Up to Catastrophe,”  you need to read the full story of the massive corruption at the highest levels of vaccine safety as revealed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researcher Dr. William Thompson in the book, Vaccine Whistleblower,  by Kevin Barry, Esq.

Barry sums up the importance of these revelations:  “The CDC and the Institute of Medicine went through a charade of investigating the vaccine schedule to see if vaccination had anything to do with the increase in autism.  Rather than looking at all vaccines and the schedule as a whole, they purported to investigate ONE vaccine (MMR) and ONE vaccine component (thimerosal).  Based on this superficial review, they declared in 2004 that the entire vaccine schedule was safe, and then thwarted additional research into vaccine safety going forward, as stated in the 2004 IOM Vaccine Safety Review.” (P. 109)

Likewise the movie “Vaxxed” is waking the American people up to how an agency charged with protecting the health of children, in truth, is dedicated to promoting the interests of the vaccine industry and defending the vaccine schedule at all costs. It reveals more than just disturbing findings on a single MMR study involving African American boys—It describes pervasive malfeasance by government officials who are answerable to no one.

 The movie gives us Dr. Thompson, a top vaccine researcher, who makes shocking statements about the inner workings of the CDC.

Dr. Thompson:  “I was just looking at—I was like, oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did. But we did.”

Dr. Thompson: “The higher ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it. In terms of change of command, I was number four out of five. “

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Midweek Mashup: A Little Help, A New Look, A Big Sneeze, Battle Casualties, and a Vision of Hell on Earth

Midweek mashupBy Dan Olmsted

Hey everybody – tell your psychiatrist to call me --I need help in a hurry. Well sort of – I’m renewing my request for a member in good standing of the American Psychiatric Association to request some material for me from the APA library. The library is perfectly happy for me to go that route – they just need a member request. Email:

Another request – I’d like to speak to someone who knows enough chemistry to talk me through arsenic and its variations in a fairly detailed way. Again, please email me.


Dan Sketch

How are you liking our redesign? I like the overall look and feel a lot, but there are tweaks to come, and we want everyone’s viewpoint as we go about it. For reference sake (and because I’m kind of proud of it!) here is my original sketch for the new look that we adopted last week.

As you can see, I have no one to blame but myself, as what we ended up with is a pretty faithful rendering. But there is something a little “loose,” at least to my eye, about the way it looks on the actual screen.” It’s not quite as elegant as I’d like it to be. Is the type too big? The logo too small? Should we move up the comments on the right and move down the search function? In all of this the goal is to create a clear and calm – and intelligent, and irreverent, and funny, and moving, and all that -- corner of the world for like-minded people to hang out (and for the rest of the world to slowly be convinced we are right…).

Just don’t suggest messing with the red i, as in iconoclast.

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Justin Kanew Interviews Brian Deer on "Get it Got It Good" (2 of 4)

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.21.28 AM

By justin Kanew

As a quick reminder, this is the 2nd of 4 interviews. The first was with Del Bigtree, producer of Vaxxed, which you can listen to here if you haven't yet.

In this next one I wanted to talk to someone who feels differently about the controversial topic of vaccines and autism than Del does, so it seemed there would be no more diametrically opposed viewpoint than that of Brian Deer. 

I know I don't have to tell most of you Brian is the investigative journalist who accused VAXXED director Doctor Wakefield of fraud in a series of Sunday Times articles and initiated the investigation that got Wakefield's medical license revoked in England years ago. He's the source of much controversy and many strong feelings, and Brian himself has strong feelings about Wakefield, so I wanted to hear directly from him what his thoughts were about the topic and why.

So here's that interview:


I'd also like to address the fact that in the comments section I've seen people wonder if I'm some sort of "plant" sent from high above to hurt the case against vaccines, which I assure you I will swear on a stack of any kind of holy book you may read I'm not. 

I've also seen people question how this interview happened. It's simple really- Brian's email is public on his website, I emailed him, and he responded (see photo at the top of this post.)

I'm not sure if that will help put those concerns to bed, but if not I think you'll find the episode shows we are anything but in league together. I look forward to hearing more from you about it.

I should also say that in the 2 days since the first interview posted, I've found myself the target of ire from both sides. Anti-vaxxers are angry that my wife and I still plan to try to find a safe way to vaccinate our baby girl, while pro-vaxxers are angry that by doing these interviews I'm giving a platform to the makers of Vaxxed and like-minded anti-vaxxers.

It's been heated, but it's ok. I can take it. I'm a big boy. I knew this was a contentious comment, and I expected to hear a lot of

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Before Caitlin, Edward and the Temple of Vaccinia

Temple of vaccinia
Thanks to Kevin Barry and JB Handley for this info on FB. The title alone piqued my interest - I had once written a Huffpo titled "Dr. Paul Offit, Pope of the Church of the Immaculate Vaccination."  Vaccines have had a mythical, pseudo-religious status since their very earliest days it seems.  "The Temple of Vaccinia" is rather regal sounding, don't you think? .  In reality, they are a century plus long Tuskegee experiment.

Before Caitlin, before Bruce, there was another famous Jenner.  Edward.  Dr. Edward Jenner (see below.)

Vaccines have been an experiment since the first patient, James Phipps, patient of Edward Jenner.  To be sure most of early medicine has been trial and error - long before there were any approval/safety processes in place. I happen to know that early cryo-freezing of the cornea for cataract surgery in the 1960s was conducted in Connecticut without safety approval or knowledge beyond the surgeon and the technicians who invented the technology.  A nurse was outraged, and yet the surgery continued.  The result was a highly successful company and a huge improvement in cataract surgery. America was built on risk taking.   But should that theory apply to our kids health in 2016? Today's pediatric vaccine schedule remains a mass experiment.  Ask your doctor to show you the safety data from the government or vaccine manufacturers on the cumulative safety of the pediatric schedule.  Bring a pillow, a blanket and a Kindle loaded with books. It will be a long time before you get an answer.   KIM

James Phipps, the son of a poor landless labourer, was the first person to be vaccinated by Edward Jenner. On 14 May 1796, Jenner cut into the skin of the 8-year-old boy and infected him with matter from a cowpox sore.

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Dispatches from the Front - A Series of Sketches

Dispatch Ben Headshot
Having run each chapter, we now present "Dispatches from the Front - A series of sketches" in full.

By Dan Burns

For my son Ben

1987 – Present


In Dispatches from the Front, I tell my story of Hope Ranch, with all its challenges, disappointments, and sometimes unexpected and gracious results. I hope to inspire the creation of well-organized intentional communities where our injured children can thrive, heal, and give back to society. To that end, I am grateful to the editors of Age of Autism for this opportunity to share my experience with you, the reader. Please comment on the chapters as together we discuss and share the questions to be asked and the lessons to be learned. I hope you enjoy reading about my friends!

The characters in Dispatches are inspired by real people. To protect their privacy, I‘ve given them nicknames. For dramatic purposes I have embellished scenes, created composite scenes, and invented dialogue. While the narrative is not factual in the most scrupulous sense, at its heart, the story is true.

Chapter 1 The Revolution

Ben is my beloved son. Expressions play across his face like light reflected from rippling water. He says up, go, yes, but never no. He likes green apples and almond butter. Craves wheat, cheese, and sugar. Trained for a career in food service, but fired from Cici’s Pizza for grazing at work. Feeds himself with his fingers when he can get away with it. Breaks out laughing at odd times. Hits himself in the nose when angry. Sticks his fingers in ears for God knows why. Strips off his clothes. Hikes and bikes state park trails. Can out-sprint me. Vaccine injury. Autism.

In the spring of 2010 Ben and I walked down the steps toward the deck of Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, overlooking Lake Austin, on task for Autism File magazine to interview a dangerous man. A British doctor, gastroenterologist, writer, film maker. Discredited; struck off the medical register, a notorious menace to public health. A fraud, it was claimed by the mainstream media, who must be silenced.

Ben took in the scene with deep, intense eyes that flashed around the deck, looking for food. What he saw: blue-jeaned young professionals, Earth mommas, and backpack-toting graduate students who sipped cappuccinos, surfed the internet, writing or chatting, grazing on fresh bakeries, carrot cake. Birds and squirrels sparred for scraps.

“Go,” said Ben. He hopped toward a picnic table under a knurled live oak. A sign on the trunk said “Keep Austin Wired.” A squirrel leapt from the oak tree and perched near a distinguished older patron. The man was hunched over his computer, head down, eating a blueberry muffin.

“Are you …?”

Ben lunged for the muffin. The writer choked, put it down, and lifted his head. Beard. Could have been Hemingway.

Still choking, “No.”

The squirrel pounced for the undefended goody, but Ben’s hand was faster, muffin to mouth. I grabbed his shirt, pulled him to me, flashed the “no” sign, and clawed the crushed mess out of his hand.


 “He can have it,” said Hemingway.

 “Makes him crazy. Gluten, sugar.”

 “You need to put a leash on that kid.”

 I felt a flash of anger. “I hear that a lot.” I tossed the gutted muffin to the squirrel.

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Dispatches From The Front: Keep Austin Weird

Dispatch Ben HeadshotDispatches from the Front;  a series of sketches for parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder their relatives, caregivers, and friends.

Chapter 6

Read Chapter 5 and click through to 4,3,2 and 1 here.  Stay tuned for a final post that has the entire series. We hope you've enjoyed Dispatches From the Front.

By Dan Burns

            I caught up with Zero on the Capitol building steps in Austin looking south toward Congress Avenue.  I asked him to pose for a picture and got out my iPhone.

            “Knock knock,” he said.

            “Who's there?”

            “Mmmm …” said Zero.  “Who do you want to be there?”

            I snapped the photo. It showed a tall awkward kid; knock kneed, head too small for his shoulders, with a goofy look on his face, clowning like a youngster.

            “It doesn’t look like you.”        

            “I can change my bone structure to look like I’m fourteen.”

            “How do you do that?”

            “Tai Chi.”

            While we walked down the steps and strolled toward downtown, Zero shared his secret: using a Tai Chi energy ball to reconfigure his facial features. He rubbed his hands together as if to warm them, then pulled them gently apart, expanding the energy connection.

            “Try it. Feel it?”

            I sensed something like a magnetic force or an invisible ball of warm cotton between my palms.

            “Now thwo the ball to your left hand, then back to your right.”

            It felt like rocking a slinky back and forth.

            “Bwing your hands up beside your head, but don’t touch.”

            I felt warmth in my head.

            “Enowgy,” said Zero. He took my picture and showed it to me.

            “I look like that?” I asked.

            “Mmmm … not weally,” said Zero. “That’s your Atman.”

            Interesting but it wouldn’t pay the mortgage. The ranch needed funds, and Zero needed work. His job search was not going well. He’d put in a few on line applications in the outer shopping malls– night shelf stocker at Sam’s Club, desk clerk at Embassy Suites – but there were no call backs. “Zero, you’ve got to follow up,” I’d advised him “Go there in person and apply.” “I pweach followup!” he’d exclaimed, but his heart wasn’t in it. Who could blame him? I thought of the bland suburban superstores of Cedar Park. Not exciting. Austin was a different story.

            “Now I’ll show you something,” I said.


            “The town.”

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First Freedom Site
Thompson, CDC Corruption and the 2016 Presidential Race -- First Freedom's Great New Resource

Editor's Note -- Kevin Barry and have created a site to guide voters through the CDC whistleblower saga and its implications for the presidential election. It's a must-read now that Donald Trump is the evident Republican nominee, meaning vaccine safety and autism are not going away. From the page:

"In the 1980’s, the autism rate in the United States was 1 in 10,000. 

In 2016, the CDC reports the autism rate as either 1 in 45 or 1 in 68.  

At 1 in 45, that’s a 22,222%* increase over the past 30 years.  At 1 in 68, it’s a 14,705%* increase over 30 years.

At rate of 1 in 45, in the United States alone, a new child is diagnosed with Autism every 5.5 minutes*.  At 1 in 68, a new child is diagnosed every 7.5 minutes*.

The next President needs to be the first President to take action designed to slow and then stop the autism epidemic and the extraordinary rise in early childhood chronic illnesses.  Cleaning house at the CDC is the place to start.

Eh Oh! Brace Yourself Autism Families. Nick Jr is Bringing Back Teletubbies.

By Kim Stagliano

"Teletubbies! Teletubbies! On TV!" 

(Spoken with joy and excitement by my 19 year old daughter with autism.)

"Teletubbies! Teletubbies! On TV!"

(Spoken with horror, and an immediate question on how to block Nick Jr as if it were the porniest porn site ever to broadcast by yours truly.)




Nick Jr. is bringing back the show starting today.

We need a battle plan to prevent the regression that's sure to follow in so many of our homes.


A Different Path

More you knowBy Cathy Jameson

When my children were babies, I didn’t question vaccines.  I never thought to because I believed wholeheartedly in them.  As a young parent, I thought vaccines were going to protect my children.  They were going to keep them healthy.  They were going to keep them from getting sick from disease.  I thought that if they didn’t get them, my kids would get sick.  But the more vaccines they received, the sicker my children became. 

Struggling to understand why they weren’t healthier, I started to read about vaccines and the immune system.  Having never cared to research those topics before, I was a bit overwhelmed.  Not vaccinating came with risks.  But continuing to vaccinate carried equally disturbing risks.  I wasn’t just overwhelmed with what I was reading.  I was totally confused! 

I walked away with more questions than answers each time I sat down to read or to look something up.  Blinded by the science, it took some time for my eyes to fully open.  Once they were finally opened, I didn’t stop the vaccine searches I was doing.  I continued to read more. 

It was only after reading as much as I did about vaccines and after distancing myself from them that I could see that the practice of tricking the immune system to produce a response that would hopefully create life-long protection was somewhat preposterous.  Sadly, that realization came only after I had subjected my children to that practice.  

The type of responses my children had to vaccines were not the ones the doctor or the pharmaceutical companies advertised.  Theirs resulted in negative responses, with Ronan being the worst response.  The loss of speech, the onset of seizures and debilitating developmental delays were what followed his vaccinations.  As bizarre as this may sound, those negative outcomes later contributed to a positive solution.  Instead of choosing to continue to follow the recommended schedule that was doing more harm than good, I confidently walked away from it. 

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Dan Burns' Dispatches From The Front At the Capitol – Question Everything

Dispatch Ben HeadshotDispatches from the Front; A series of sketches for parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their relatives, caregivers, and friends.

Chapter 5

Read chapter 4 and click through to 3, 2 and 1 here.

By Dan Burns

            “My dad is twying to get wid of me,” said Zero.


            “To steal my disability check.”

            Zero and I were in the car heading south on Interstate 35 for downtown Austin and the Texas State Capitol to solicit funds for the ranch. Zero sat beside me with his seat leaned back, window open, head resting between the seat and the door, wind blowing through his hair. His computer was in his lap, connected to speakers, keyboard, mouse, a rat’s nest of wires sticking out like a Phyllis Diller fright wig. He was using his computer to play his iTunes collection of love songs. Coming through the speakers, from the movie Shrek, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

I've seen your flag on the marble arch

Love is not a victory march

It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah

I felt a glow of empathy. Zero’s heart had been broken, like mine.

            “Where were you before Hope Ranch?” I asked.

            “A gwoup home.”

            “Why did you leave?

            “I was kicked out. For fightin’ a bully.”

            “And before that?”

            “Missionary school.”

            “Did you graduate?”

            “No. My pwofessors flunked me out.”

            Zero took a breath. “I’ve been in every gwoup home and juvie jail in Twain County Missouwi. I could wite a book about how to suvive  in a psych wahd.”

            “What’s your advice?”

            “Nevah ask questions. Nevah let anyone know you’re sad. Nevah, evah let anyone know you’re angwy. They’ll dwug you.”

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The Age of Polio: Explosion. Part 5.

Sugar Cube
(Read parts 4, 3, 2 and 1 here.)

By Dan Olmsted

At 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, July 1, 1916, a 25-year-old Philadelphia man named Charles Epting Vansant lay on the manager’s desk at the Engleside Hotel in Beach Haven, New Jersey, and bled to death. A few minutes earlier, taking a dip before dinner, he was  happily playing in shallow water with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. When the shark struck, bathers watching the scene at first thought he was still splashing with the dog. That briefly delayed coming to his aid, but it probably didn’t matter. The shark tore the flesh off his thigh in one bite.

Already, fishermen had reported an especially active “shark summer,” with hundreds swimming in the mid-Atlantic. But nobody really believed one would attack humans on a populated beach so near to shore. Nor did they think it would happen again: The powers that be, concerned about summer tourism, played down the threat until several more attacks occurred, immortalized in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.

Polio 5 1

Sharks were not the only plague along the waterfront that summer before America entered world war, which was already bathing Europe in blood. The great 1916 polio epidemic was starting to surface -- in the hardscrabble world of Brooklyn’s Italian immigrant neighborhood known as Pigtown, not far from the East River, where first one child and then another succumbed to the circling virus. The annual infant mortality rate in New York City was already 12.5 percent, meaning that every year, one child in eight died before their first birthday. Polio was just another peril, along with diphtheria, whooping cough, cholera, and the “summer complaint” of childhood diarrhea that no doubt stemmed from the bad effects of sweltering heat of food, especially milk (and this was an especially hot summer, the kind that drew bathers to the shore and sharks to bathers). A few years before, milk stations had been inaugurated to make sure pregnant women and children got clean fresh milk tested for bacteria and obvious contaminants.

Yet this summer, for some reason, "infantile paralysis" attacked with a ferociousness never before seen – launching the modern Age of Polio, causing 27,000 cases in total and 2,343 deaths in New York City alone. As Albert Sabin, inventor of the live vaccine, mused 31 years later: “No circumstance in the history of polio is so baffling as its change during the past fifty or sixty years from a sporadic to an epidemic disease.”

 Till June, the health department lifeguards slumbered unawares. “To judge by the reports of physicians up to June 1st, there was nothing to excite suspicion that we were already at the onset of an epidemic,” Haven Emerson, the health commissioner, wrote in 1917.  “Within the first 8 days of June, 6 cases were reported from Brooklyn, from which borough no cases had been reported up to this time in 1916 and none in June from the other bureaus.” Yet nothing ran in the paper till June 17, when the department issued its first bulletin. A little like the major of the seaside town stalked by Jaws, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle assured, “there was no need of undue alarm.”

Emerson said, “only five cases in the entire city had been reported to the Department of Health in May,” yet when workers went house-to-house later that summer they counted 29 with onset in May. They also identified the epicenter – “a thickly populated Italian section, bounded by Fourth Avenue, Nevins, Carroll and Union streets.”

Polio 5 2

In 1916, the fact that polio was a transmissible microbe had been established, but exactly how it spread (mostly person to person via a fecal-oral, hand-to-mouth route) was still a mystery. As the cases exploded, the health department began frantically looking for vectors. One idea was rats – they were ubiquitous in crowded, dirty urban neighborhoods, they spread other diseases such as plague – why not polio? The department plotted cases along the waterfront where vermin scurried and burrowed into food being loaded and unloaded and stored in massive warehouses.  (On the Waterfront starred Marlon Brando as an Italian dockworker in Red Hook – you can see the Red Hook container terminal at the upper left of the photo above -- although the movie was actually filmed in Hoboken.)

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Dispatches From The Front: Job Interview - Zero's Path

Dispatch Ben HeadshotDispatches from the Front: A series of sketches for parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their relatives, caregivers, and friends.

Read Chapter 3 and click through to 2 and 1 here.

By Dan Burns

Angela had a job lined up for Zero: a cell phone repair technician at a mom and pop shop. “I can do anything with a cell phone,” bragged Zero.

The night before his interview, Angela was short staffed, so I drove down from Dallas and took the night shift. Zero walked passed my work station, pajama clad, barefoot, on his way to the Hope Ranch fridge.

“Tonight’s the night,” he said.


“I’m gonna kill myself.”

I looked up from the computer. His first suicide attempt, he’d told me, was at age eleven, overdose in the psych ward. “It was the only way I could make them stop giving me dwugs.” He opened the fridge and loaded his bowl with leftovers. Barbecue chicken and french fries.

“How, Zero? Rope, knife, pills?”

“I’m gonna slow down my hawt until it stops.”

That made sense, in a Zero kind of way. He claimed he could raise and lower his body temperature by focusing his energy. Same for astral projection and remembering former lives. And time travel. He claimed them all.

But Zero was an insatiable attention seeker. And if hearts could be stopped by motor control, I wouldn’t have lasted past age twenty. Tough love needed. I called his bluff.

“Have a good trip. Get some rest. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

Zero, walking off, “I’m not comin’ back.”

I could have called the state mental hospital, Shoal Creek. Or I could have said, “Leave your feet sticking out the end of the bed. Tomorrow morning I’ll tickle your toes. If they don’t twitch, I’ll call 911 and have ‘em dump your body in the creek.”

Instead I said, “Close the fridge.”

“Nobody believes me.”

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Dachel Morning Wake Up: VaXxed Attacks Continue

Dachel Morning Wake Uo

May 25, 2016, (Philadelphia Inquirer): Are we really still talking about Wakefield's autism con? By Michael Yudell PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University

May 25, 2016, Washington Post:  Washington Post: 7 things about vaccines and autism that the movie ‘Vaxxed’ won’t tell you, By Ariana Eunjung Cha

May 25, 2016, PBS News Hour: Here’s why states want to make it tough to skip childhood vaccines, By Sarah Breitenbach

May 25, 2016, National Catholic Reporter: Stories of the lives and deaths of writers, By Diane Scharper  

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Katie Wright on Springtime at IACC

Rain dropsBy Katie Wright

This meeting was truly a mixed bag, but there were some good laughs.

OK, as usual half the IACC members were absent at roll call.  I cannot understand this. Anyone on IACC lobbied HARD to get that seat. Just show up, already? Not too much to ask, right?

The composition of the public members is so bizarre. Why is James Ball still on IACC? James said like four things last year and although Ball has an ASD child he no longer represents any ASD advocacy org. There are oo many free agents masquerading as public representatives at IACC.

In the past, when most IACC reps left the org they were representing, they had the decency (Simons) to vacate their IACC seat so that a new member could be nominated. But not Dr. Rob Ring! Ring left/was asked to leave/ Autism Speaks. Ring has zero clinical expertise about autism. Ring has zero affected family members with autism and Ring has not been involved with any autism org for over 6 months. Ring describes his credentials as the former head of “Autism Medicines” at Pfizer. Well they never developed any “autism medicines” and closed down that unit.

Ring’s contributions to AS include dozens of hugely expensive and failed endeavors: Seaside, PACT, endless eye gazing studies and my personal favorite: paying a Frenchman almost half a million dollars to do study outreach to Latinos in Portland, OR. Just end it Ring, please walk away, do yourself and everyone else a favor and move on.

The Good

ABLE ACT was passed, that’s great news. Avonte’s Act was also passed, terrific. More federal efforts are being made to accommodate ASD in the workplace, nice.

Wendy Fournier, president of the giant ASD org NAA gave an update on wandering issues. We all owe Wendy so much. Wendy  Fournier has single handedly pioneered this issue by bringing it to IACC’s attention nonstop over the past 5 years. Wendy has been a tireless advocate for Avonte’s Law. Only because of her efforts did IAN finally agree to do the wandering survey.  Wendy Fournier is one of the m hardest-working and most efficacious advocates in the ASD community AND she represents a giant autism org. However, the NIH has denied Ms. Fournier a seat on IACC for almost 10 consecutive years. Shame on you Tom Insel and company.

John E. Robison deserves his own paragraph in the “good news” section. I never want this guy to leave IACC. An HHS representative (annoyingly her name and title was not listed in the agenda and I only caught the woman’s first name, Melissa) gave an insanely complicated and nonsensical speech on why there are so many limits on where federally funded ASD group housing can be located. This woman talked in circles for 15 minutes. I will summarize:

“Transitional period…operating agencies…mental illness assessments…level the playing field…minimum floor criteria…5 year transitional analysis… congregate settings…non congregate definition of community integration…multiple state analyses.”

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Dispatches From The Front: Birthday Party – Texas Roadhouse

Dispatch Ben HeadshotBy Dan Burns

A series of sketches for parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their relatives, caregivers, and friends.

Chapter 03 (Read 02 and 01 here.)

Birthday Party – Texas Roadhouse

            Angela pulled me aside, concerned. We were by the outdoor grill at Hope Ranch. “Zero woke me up this morning, hungry,” she said, “jumping up and down on my bed like a child.”

            “We didn’t get a file on this kid,” I said. “Why is he here?”

            “Because his dad brought him, special delivery, with a big check. Harland – that’s the dad – asked to see the camp director. I am the camp director. He asked me if I’d met the Lord. I said no. Then he asked me if we had an alpha male here at the camp.”

            “Someone who wouldn’t spare the rod?”

            “I guess. I had to bite my tongue. If we didn’t need the money … Look. I don’t think the boy’s autistic. Just a sweet, mixed-up kid. The dad’s the one who needs a drubbing.”

            “We need a medical and psychiatric history on Zero.”

            “Go for it.”

            I walked to the BBQ pit to meet Dr. Harland Stoker, Ph.D., Department of Agriculture at Missouri University. Colonel Sanders in a straw cowboy hat.

            “I’m Dan, fund raiser, chaos coordinator and kid wrangler.”

            “I’m Harland.  You in charge here?”

            “About as in charge as I’m gonna get,”  I replied.  “Your son’s a bright kid.”

            “Sharp as a tack.”

            “What’s his disability?”

            “Doesn’t have one.”

            “So why is he here?”

             “To get a job, like your ad said.”

            “Can he work?”

            “He worked for me. Agronomy. Rice harvest. Best hand I ever had. Quit to go to missionary school. Quit that, too.”

             “He has an autism diagnosis?”

            “Yep. And half a dozen others. He’s figured out how to behave in such a way that the government’ll take care of him.”

            “Is he violent? Has he ever harmed anyone?”

            “No,” answered Harland. “Been in a fight, though. Tried to take a baseball bat away from a bully who was attacking a little kid. No good deed goes unpunished. ”

            Zero called from the horse barn. “Dad!”

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Dispatches From The Front: Hope Ranch Grand Opening - After the School Bus

Dispatch Ben HeadshotBy Dan Burns

A series of sketches for parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their relatives, caregivers, and friends.  Read Chapter 01 here.

Chapter 2

Loaded with gear – my backpack, a Starbuck’s traveler kit, suitcase tumbling out of my arms, computer cord dangling – I lurched to the ranch house, shoulder-pushed my way through the stubborn door, and stumbled through the hallway into my new adventure: fundraiser for Hope Ranch in Cedar Park, Texas. 

It had been a long journey. As Chair of the Autism Trust USA, I’d organized a parent task force to conjure up Andy Wakefield’s grand vision: a clinic, restaurant, gift shop, and conference center for ASD teens, young adults, and their families. The idea was to create  sheltered communities that would be self-originating and self-sustaining, an archipelago of villages where our kids could safely live, work, play, and mend.  Out of a whirl of activity arose an angel investor, Angela, a native Texan who took on the project as her own and re-branded the village Hope Ranch.

“Is the TV crew here?” I was expecting News 8 Austin, the Warner cable station.

“Not yet.” Angela from the kitchen.

I dumped my gear on a card table and dug out my laptop. Bent down to plug in the power supply but couldn’t reach the wall socket. Too stiff. Too old.


He dropped his iPhone and sprang up from the couch. Tall and skinny; torso perched on stork legs, head too small for his shoulders, raven hair, duck-tailed forelock. Hawk eyes overhung by brows that plunged toward his nose, a flying Valkyrie. Able to karate-kick a door in half, rip a telephone off the wall. “A furry creature,” he wrote of himself on Facebook, “dragon, wolf, cat person, and rarely but sometimes a human.”

Zero grabbed the plug and alligatored under the table. The computer yawned, whirred, blinked, snoozed. I rattled the space bar, hopscotched the F-keys, triple-tapped the mouse. No image.

 “Let’s go to my woom,” said Zero. “It’s by the hub.”

 Zero’s room, a scrambled egg. No way.

I heard a knock at the front door. It was the New 8 reporter, video camera in hand.

“Where’s the crew?” I asked.

“Just me,” said the reporter. “I shoot, script, edit, and file, solo.

“Ok. Let’s take the tour.”

I opened the back door and drew a deep breath of the cedar-scented air. To me, Hope Ranch was a magical place. The mountain cedars and live oaks of the Balcones Canyonlands spilled down through the hill country to our doorstep. Beyond the ranch boomed Cedar Park’s gleaming new shopping centers. A university, an airport, Dell Computer headquarters. Jobs for our kids. In the middle of it all, five undeveloped acres.

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Did the CDC Censor Vaxxed? Or Did the CDC’s Proxies Do It for them? Columbia University’s Dilemma

Vaxxed Error
By Wayne Rohde and Lou Conte

Did the CDC Censor Vaxxed? Or Did the CDC’s Proxies Do It for them? Columbia University’s Dilemma

Report 5

Please read Reports 1, 2, 3 and 4 here.

Many readers may not know Columbia University’s President, Lee C. Bollinger. However, if one explores the issues around censorship as Wayne Rohde and I have over the past several weeks, Bollinger’s name quickly emerges.

Bollinger, a First Amendment scholar, is a brilliant man and a champion of free speech. Please take a look at his biography on the Columbia University website  As the biography notes, “his most recent book, Uninhibited, Robust, and Wide-Open: A Free Press for a New Century (Inalienable Rights), has placed Bollinger at the center of public discussion about the importance of global free speech to continued social progress.”

Bollinger has been willing to allow free speech, even when controversy ensues. In 2007 he allowed then Iranian President Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia. The decision rankled many. Ahmadinejad did say some controversial and some would say offensive things (there are clips of the speech on YouTube if anyone wishes to see it).

In 2012, Bollinger “established the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression and Information Project, a new initiative joining international experts and activists with the University’s faculty and students to survey, document and strengthen free expression. He has named Agnès Callamard, a distinguished human rights advocate who was director of the organization ARTICLE 19, as executive director of the Project.”

The project has brought together many influential leaders on freedom of speech and freedom of the press like Callamard and Amal Clooney.

According to Bollinger, “Looking around the world today and seeing the pervasiveness of censorship in so many forms and societies, none of us should be under any illusions about the challenges we face in establishing international norms for a truly free press… Doing so requires that we both understand the facts on the ground and succeed in creating a global framework for protecting speech and expression. These are steps that have become inseparable from progress on human rights and continued worldwide economic growth.” [i]

Bollinger’s vision of freedom and opposition to censorship stands in stark contrast to the conduct of one of his professors, Dr. Ian Lipkin, professor of epidemiology and Director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

From the Columbia University Public Health Now webpage:

On April 4, 2016, the Wall Street Journal ran an important op-ed from Ian Lipkin, Director of the Mailman School’s Center for Infection and Immunity. Lipkin and Mailman School Board of Overseers member Perri Peltz  (MPH ’84) worked diligently behind the scenes to persuade organizers of the Tribeca Film Festival that the fraudulent science of Andrew Wakefield’s documentary “Vaxxed” had no place at the prestigious festival. When Lipkin learned that a private distributor had arranged a week of screenings at New York's Angelica Film Center, he went to work immediately on a piece that reminds us of the importance of scientific evidence in our ongoing work to understand and treat autism. [ii]

Lipkin writes in his April 3 Wall Street Journal Op Ed: “I am among those Mr. De Niro consulted. In a 45-minute phone conversation with him, I recommended that the festival withdraw the film from the “documentary” category and not screen it.”

Wayne Rohde and I have been writing a series on the censorship of Andrew Wakefield’s film, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe. The film has been pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival, the Houston (Texas) Worldfest Film Festival and from screenings in Arizona at Harkins theatres after that company received pressure from pediatricians.

In our previous articles, we reported that Alison Singer, the President of the Autism Science Foundation, proudly declared in a March Guardian article that she and other members of the Immunization Action Coalition’s (IAC) Listserv were instrumental in having Vaxxed removed from the Tribeca Film Festival.

Singer told the Guardian, “Four or five years ago we weren’t as well organized and people didn’t realize the importance of responding quickly and strongly,” said Alison Singer, the president of the Autism Science Foundation and a member of the IAC listserv…Today, we know that we have to respond to every incident however large or small, because if you leave any of these discredited theories unchallenged, it allows people to think that there’s something still to be discussed.”

According to Singer, the IAC Listserv is a public relations response squad that snuffs out and counters public statements of those the Listserv decides are “anti-vaccine.”

However, in our last report, the IAC denied that they were responsible for the calls that lead to the Tribeca decision, essentially leaving Alison Singer ‘holding the bag.’

Alison Singer has not responded to our requests for information about the incident.

Thanks to the Columbia University website, another member of Alison Singer’s Listserv have now been revealed: Dr. Ian Lipkin. 

We have information about other Listserv members from sources and we are constructing a list. For now, we are talking about Singer and Lipkin.

As the Director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, Lipkin helped bring millions of dollars of CDC and federal health funding he brings to Columbia. [iii]  Lipkin also the Co-Chair of the CDC’s National Bio-surveillance Advisory Subcommittee.  [iv]  

It is also important to note that Lipkin’s name surfaces in the legally recorded conversations between Dr. Brian Hooker and Dr. William Thompson that serve as a critical component of Vaxxed. Lipkin likely knew about this as the Thompson/Hooker transcripts are public thanks to Kevin Barry’s book, Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism research Fraud at the CDC. [v]  

Lipkin points out in his editorial that he was involved in research that exonerated the MMR vaccine. While Lipkin feels that his work was the final word, Thompson, who had some oversight responsibility at the CDC for Lipkin’s work told Brian Hooker something very different.

Dr. Thompson: “It was the worst study ever.”

What follows is an excerpt of the Thompson transcripts regarding Ian Lipkin and his MMR research from pages 103 and 104 of Vaccine Whistleblower:

Dr. Thompson: Where they went and did the biopsies. This Larry Pickering, Ian Lipkin . . .

Dr. Hooker: Oh yeah. I know all about this.

Dr. Thompson: Okay. Did you and I talk about this study?

Dr. Hooker: Ah, no. You and I have never . . . I’ve talked to Ian Lipkin about it. In fact, he and I . . .

Dr. Thompson: Okay.

Dr. Hooker: . . . are not speaking right now, because basically he doesn’t like me very much. Okay?

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Dan Burns' Dispatches From The Front Autism Series The Revolution: A Call to Action

Dispatch Ben Headshot
Dispatches from the Front: A series of sketches for parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their relatives, caregivers, and friends.   Age of Autism Contributor Dan Burns writes: In Dispatches from the Front, I tell my story of Hope Ranch, with all its challenges, disappointments, and sometimes unexpected and gracious results. I hope to inspire the creation of well organized intentional communities where our injured children can thrive, heal, and give back to society. To that end, I am grateful to the editors of Age of Autism for this opportunity to share my experience with you, the reader. Please comment on the chapters as together we discuss and share the questions to be asked and the lessons to be learned. I hope you enjoy reading about my friends!

The characters in Dispatches are inspired by real people. To protect their privacy, I‘ve given them nicknames. For dramatic purposes I have embellished scenes, created composite scenes, and invented dialogue. While the narrative is not factual in the most scrupulous sense, at its heart, the story is true.

Chapter 01: The Revolution: A Call to Action

By Dan Burns

Ben is my beloved son. Expressions play across his face like light reflected from rippling water. He says up, go, yes, but never no. He likes green apples and almond butter. Craves wheat, cheese, and sugar. Trained for a career in food service, but fired from Cici’s Pizza for grazing at work. Feeds himself with his fingers when he can get away with it. Breaks out laughing at odd times. Hits himself in the nose when angry. Sticks his fingers in ears for God knows why. Strips off his clothes. Hikes and bikes state park trails. Can out-sprint me. Vaccine injury. Autism.

In the spring of 2010 Ben and I walked down the steps toward the deck of Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, overlooking Lake Austin, on task for Autism File magazine to interview a dangerous man.  A British doctor, gastroenterologist, writer, film maker. Discredited; struck off the medical register, a notorious menace to public health.  A fraud, it was claimed by the mainstream media, who must be silenced.

Ben took in the scene with deep, intense eyes that flashed around the deck, looking for food. What he saw: blue-jeaned young professionals, Earth mommas, and backpack-toting graduate students who sipped cappuccinos, surfed the internet, writing or chatting, grazing on fresh bakeries, carrot cake. Birds and squirrels sparred for scraps.

“Go,” said Ben. He hopped toward a picnic table under a knurled live oak. A sign on the trunk said “Keep Austin Wired.” A squirrel leapt from the oak tree and perched near a distinguished older patron. The man was hunched over his computer, head down, eating a blueberry muffin.

“Are you …?”

Ben lunged for the muffin. The writer choked, put it down, and lifted his head. Beard. Could have been Hemingway.

 Still choking, “No.”

 The squirrel pounced for the undefended goody, but Ben’s hand was faster, muffin to mouth. I grabbed his shirt, pulled him to me, flashed the “no” sign, and clawed the crushed mess out of his hand.


 “He can have it,” said Hemingway.

 “Makes him crazy. Gluten, sugar.”

 “You need to put a leash on that kid.”

 I felt a flash of anger. “I hear that a lot.” I tossed the gutted muffin to the squirrel.

 Ben pounded himself on the nose. “Uhhhhh.”

 I spun him around toward me and made eye contact, face to face. “What do we do when we get mad?”

Reading my lips, Ben whispered. “Don’t. Give. Up.”

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Age of Autism Is Getting a New Look

Age of Autism MissionDear AOA readers: Today at Noon Eastern the gray lady is getting a little bit younger. We're launching a new look designed to make us more enjoyable to read, a cleaner and calmer feel in the midst of media mayhem. The idea is the same: Come to us to find out what's up and what matters in the autism advocacy world, and to feel supported and empowered in the face of massive denial and suppression of free speech. 

You'll still see your comments prominently reflected on the right hand side, along with the same search features, a new commentary on vaccines and autism meant to be read, shared and linked to, and, at the top, a pared down list of key categories. We hope that the great writing by our contributors (now shown prominently on the right as well) will shine through, and that the photos and visual elements Kim so artfully assembles for them will stand out even more.

Please share your thoughts below, and know that we'll be keeping an eye on what you say and making adjustments as needed.

We've also showcased our non-profit status. I'm always reluctant to ask for donations given the high costs of living with an autism diagnosis in the family, but I've been persuaded people want to know how easy it is (with the new PayPal Me feature), and how much we rely on the kindness of readers to provide the best possible journalism in an environment that scares a lot of people away from the truth.

Along with the new look, we've changed Anne Dachel's daily media column to a Morning Wake-Up that provides an early lowdown on the latest news and comment. Today and all this week, were running a series by Dan Burns that describes his effort to create a new living space for young autistic adults. Dan is the author of a great book about his son, Saving Ben, and is the kind of AOA Contributor that, I hope, makes a return visits here worth your while. 

And speaking of visits -- our new look is "customizable" for mobile platforms, as the tech people like to tell me. In other words we're much more readable on tablets and phones. Check it out!

OK, so why the red "i"? I don't know, I just kind of felt like adding a splash of color to our traditional newspaper feel (back when newspapers were needed and told the truth -- it's the tradition I come from). Then we took the dot in the "i" and used it to mark off our sections on the right.

Kind of cool, no? Or maybe we're just iconoclasts.

Thanks again for your readership and support. We're into our tenth year, and all of us, along with you, are more committed than ever to keeping Age of Autism going strong in hopes of ending the age of autism itself.

All best,


Six Lethal Sins of CDC A Toxic Legacy of Lies Part 2: VACCINES

Grundvig part 2By James O. Grundvig 

Read Part 1 Six Lethal Sins of CSC A Toxic Legacy of Lies here.


While Dr. Coleen Boyle and CDC were looking for a quick exit from the Agent Orange Studies by 1986, US Congress handed the keys to product paradise to the vaccine manufacturers, insulating them from harm and liability for bad, defective, and often ineffective vaccines.

Congress created the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that year. It was supposed to serve two virtuous goals.[1] The first, fully shield the vaccine makers from liability. That guaranteed the billion dollar multinational corporations could not be sued for any unsafe, harmful or deadly vaccine they brought to the market. The second—and righteous aspect—the Act created a path for injured children to bypass the U.S. court system to plead their case in front of “special masters” in National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), or “Vaccine Court.”

In the former, the no liability shield gave Big Pharma carte blanche to make vaccines as cheap and easy for rapid distribution, lightly testing their efficacy. It also gave them Wall Street incentive to make dozens of new vaccines for any type of diseases, whether boys had a cervix or not to protect from cancer, and whether the HPV vaccine, contrary to WebMD, works in protecting children from most of the 200 types of human papillomavirus (HPV), when it shields only eight (8%) percent of those strains. In the latter, big government’s good intentions would one day be steamrolled by the reality of hundreds of thousands of the children being injured by vaccines that would bankrupt Vaccine Court before it reached its 20th anniversary.

In 1992, CDC recruited an anthropologist conducting epidemiology studies on children cancer clusters from the well contamination sites in Woburn, Massachusetts, north of Boston. The PhD Diana Schendel moved to Atlanta and worked under Coleen Boyle at CDC for the rest of the decade. Dr. Schendel became an integral part in executing Boyle’s deceptive technique of no association between toxins in vaccines and injured children, hiring rogue scientists in Denmark to prove it.


In 1991, a Swedish scientist sent a brief—Difficult to Substitute Mercury as a Preservative in Bacterial Vaccines—to the Danish health authority, which in turn forward it to the “most successful vaccineologist in history” Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman. His report called out the problems with the mercury-based preservative thimerosal to the director of the National Institute of Health (NIH).[2]

Not wasting time, Denmark banned thimerosal from all of its vaccines in 1992. Did the United States follow suit? No. The “most successful vaccineologist” figured it was best (“cheapest”) to leave it in. Why did he recommend that? Part of it was his clear conflict of interest: Dr. Hilleman was a lead scientist at Merck, a giant vaccine manufacturer. He was the inventor of Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) triple shot vaccine, which launched to widespread use in 1978, with Merck owning the patent.[3] Maurice Hilleman had more than one dog in the fight. . . he had three.

Fast-forward to 2012: The United Nations (UN) proposed a global ban on mercury in all consumer products in a treaty, including thimerosal in vaccines. But the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) would have none of that. AAP joined the World Health Organization (WHO) to fight the ban. In effect, those health organizations forced the UN to give thimerosal an exemption from that ban, which was carried out in dental fillings and cosmetics. Another opportunity to do the right thing for infants and children slipped away to fast, cheap, and easy.

Dr. Louis Z. Cooper, past president of AAP, stated, “As many as 84 million children globally are dependent on vaccines whose safe distribution requires availability of thimerosal as a preservative.”[4] Yes, Western health organizations experiment on the poor over and again.

Dr. Michael Brady, chair of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases, added: “However, the portion of mercury in the environment that is resulting from thimerosal in vaccines is infinitesimally small. And its current use has allowed us to safely provide vaccines to millions of children around the world.”[5]

Yes, “infinitesimally small” for the environment. But what about a tiny fetus? A newborn baby is acres smaller than the much greater environment. By dismissing the world ban on thimerosal in 2013, vaccine makers’ bottom line of fast, cheap, and easy was protected once again well into the future. Were the AAP and WHO nuts? No, they were shielding the golden cash cow of vaccines.

In between 1992 and 2012, many more opportunities were missed to permanently remove thimerosal from vaccines. In the summer of 1999, two manufacturers—Merck and GlaxoSmith-Kline—wrote letters to the CDC stating they could make the switch and still make a ton of money. But the powers at CDC, including Coleen Boyle, had other ideas. With a nudge from the FDA, CDC “recommended” the passive, voluntary removal thimerosal from vaccines instead. That meant mercury would be phased out after nurses and pediatricians used the stockpiles over the next couple of years. The self-policing of thimerosal didn’t last long. After 2003, thimerosal came all the way back injected into the flu vaccine, and again in 2009 in the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic.[6]

In collusion, Vaccine Court and CDC took advantage of the “removal of thimerosal” from vaccines, giving a short statute of limitations of three years to file a claim, as James Grundvig did with his son in 2005—within the timeline of his autism diagnosis. He was one of the lucky 5,400 children that would one day have their cases heard before the special masters and be compensated for harm.

The true colors of the CDC came out in 2000-2004 when it hired mercenary scientists from Denmark to cook data, after the backtesting of datasets in the Danish Health Registries, when its own peer-reviewed literature failed to produce the desired results. The Dane, a CDC visiting foreign scientist named Dr. Poul Thorsen, was paid to have his “research team” at a Danish university falsify and manipulate the data, omitting entire cohorts and years. In a page from Coleen Boyle, Thorsen’s then girlfriend CDC’s Diana Schendel took the no association playbook to the next level, showing no links between either the MMR vaccine or thimerosal in vaccines and tie it to the skyrocketing rise of autism incidence rates.

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Justin Kanew Interviews Del Bigtree of VaXxed The Movie

VaxxedBy Justin Kanew

Let me say right up front that my wife and I have a 2-month old daughter, and that my #1 goal here is to learn as much as possible about how to care for her health, because if anything happened to her I honestly don't know what I would do.

Until recently - like most people - I assumed vaccines were 100% safe, and I thought anyone who thought otherwise was dangerous and selfish, putting everyone else at risk. I thought this because I was told this, by many people, many times. 

"The science is in." 

"Vaccines are 100% safe." 

Lather, rinse, repeat. 

The first chink in the armor was a conversation with a friend of mine whose grandson, he said, was developing normally, got the MMR shot at 15 months, dropped into a fever that night, regressed suddenly, and has had severe autism ever since. 

His story seemed far-fetched, but my friend is no storyteller, and I soon learned he was not alone in this experience. 

Now to be clear, we're no strangers to the autism spectrum conversation- one of my best friends has Aspergers, and my wife is a BCBA who works with kids on the spectrum every single day... but digging deeper and hearing the many eerily similar stories of autism-related vaccine injuries from parent after parent was a new experience for us, and made me wonder where my self-assuredness about vaccine safety had come from-- and, most importantly, why it seemed to be something nobody was allowed to talk about.

My wife getting pregnant brought this all into sharper focus. Soon we would have to make these difficult decisions ourselves. 

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Best of: UK Inquiry Cuts Deal With News International Not To Investigate Brian Deer

Lord-Justice-LevesonBest of from 2012.

UK's Leveson Inquiry plays cat and mouse with public interest over the Murdoch press investigation into MMR.

It has been said that vaccines are the greatest cause of coincidence known to man. What was extraordinary about the Leveson Inquiry was not only that all these people connected with the MMR affair re-emerged in connection with the Inquiry but also the way it kept returning to a defence of MMR as a safe product (which had nothing to do with its brief) and even with its first report which included an attack on Andrew Wakefield, while excluding concerns about the way the media had conducted themselves towards the MMR families and towards Wakefield and colleagues - a subject which easily did fall within its remit. (Note added May 2016).

By John Stone

When it comes to the MMR affair the UK’s inquiry into the conduct of the press and Rupert Murdoch’s News International media empire seems to have been biased, have hidden historical connections and to be anything but transparent. Four family members of vaccine damaged children who submitted evidence to the Inquiry have found themselves arbitrarily rebuffed at News International’s behest. Their concerns, based on publically available information, were:

-    The obtaining of confidential medical records by Sunday Times hired journalist Brian Deer  

-    Deer’s use of an alias when interviewing parents   and  Brian Deer's Use of an Alias Part 2,  

-    The circumstances in which Deer was hired by the Sunday Times to find something “big” on “MMR”  Open Letter to Sunday Times Editor 

-    That Deer and the Sunday Times did not make clear in the newspaper that he had personally initiated the prosecution against Wakefield and colleagues with a series of complaints whilst continuing to report the GMC hearing  

-    That Deer received advice from MedicoLegal Investigations, an agency with close connections to the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry 

-    That the Sunday Times/Times launched a new raft of articles  against Wakefield following the announcement of the appointment of News International boss, James Murdoch, to the board of MMR manufacturers and defendants GlaxoSmithKline in February 2009 

Faced with these important issues the Leveson Inquiry has simply chosen to draw a veil over the matter, while happily taking evidence that the press abused its role by reporting concerns about MMR safety in the first place. It is a remarkable and unhappy coincidence, therefore, that Lord Leveson and lead attorney for the Inquiry,  Robert Jay QC, were both involved in blocking litigant families’ interests in the MMR proceedings.

Below is the joint statement of the four co-authors of the submission (which cannot be reproduced for reasons of confidentiality):

A key question of the UK Leveson Inquiry into press ethics is how independent will the inquiry be in the face of powerful press corporations such as News International and their media outlets. Set up last summer after revelations of a decade of phone hacking by the press, the Inquiry into the Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press, chaired by Lord Justice Leveson, has come to be seen as a potential solution to unbridled press powers to intrude into private life. Whether it succeeds in establishing a new system of press regulation and legal rights against intrusion must await the publication of Leveson's report later this year. But our experience as four parents of autistic children who submitted a detailed account of the Sunday Times’ 7-year investigation into the 1998 Lancet paper by Dr Andrew Wakefield et al, demonstrates NI’s continuing power to influence the evidence submitted to the Inquiry and its agenda.

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VaXed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Playing in DC

VaXxed 2
Cathy took a slightly different course this morning.

By Cathy Jameson


The Film They Don't Want You To See

** Now showing in Washington, D.C. **

Having opened over the weekend in our nation’s capital, the film, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,  will be shown in the District through Thursday, May 26th

Vaxxed is an investigation into how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens, concealed and destroyed data in their 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.  This alarming deception has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism, potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

Vaxxed is A Del Bigtree Production of an Autism Media Channel Film and is being distributed by Cinema Libre Studio

Invite your doctor, clergy and Representatives to join you for the Q&As with the filmmakers!  Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Polly Tommey and Del Bigtree, are scheduled to speak on Tuesday, May 24th, and Wednesday, May 25th, following the 5:45 pm and 7:45 pm shows. 

Showing at the Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market, located at 550 Penn Street NE, Washington, DC, 20002, click here to purchase VaXxed tickets

For more information and to read the latest news about Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, check out the Vaxxed website,  and follow them on Twitter.   

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: The Parent-Blaming Trap -- Again

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Last week I wrote about an alarming report out of Britain that fully a third of children coming into the education system have issues with speech, socialization and toileting. This iatrogenic, man-made, unprecedented catastrophe -- which is what it is unless you just want to argue it's always been this way -- was airily displaced onto kids having too much smartphone access, not enough parental interaction, and so on. I said it was another species of parent-blaming -- it now appears to be the primary task of moms and dads these days to keep their children away from all the appurtenances of modern life lest they be ineducable by age 5. But unless you want to turn the phone to airplane mode and go on retreat in the hills of Virginia (as I did this past week, in fact), that's not a very reasonable expectation. And I'm not sure why letting Johnny play Wib Wob during dinner at Outback is any more toxic for the kid than coloring bunny rabbits on the place mat. Is he supposed to discuss the threat to democracy posed by the presumptive Republican or Democratic nominee?

Recently the reliably tone-deaf Autism Speaks plied another version of the "parents did it" canard with one of its Weatherstone grants to post-doctoral students. From AS: "Eric Rubenstein, of the University of North Carolina, will explore the association between autism symptoms in children diagnosed with the condition and autism-like behavioral traits in their parents (who don’t have autism). The goal is to better understand how and when inherited factors play a role in the development of autism and then use this information to tailor interventions that can best meet a child’s needs. The study also promises to deepen understanding of the inherited traits and biology of different subtypes of autism."

Nothing against Rubenstein, but here's the role autism-like traits play in making your kid autistic: None. Now give me my grant money!  This reeks of the Geek Syndrome, in which mere oddities in adults somehow get magnified when they mate in Mountain View et voila, you've got a disabled kid. In fact, 20 times more disabled kids than two decades ago. 

Even rainy weather points to poor parenting. As the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported in 2008, a study found higher rates of autism in rainier counties. Could it be (cue Church Lady's voice here) mercury? In water picked up from toxic lakes and streams and dumped on Johnny's house? No: "This week's peer-reviewed paper raised the possibility that heavy rainfall forces vulnerable children indoors, where there is greater exposure to cleaning chemicals and television, and less exposure to sunshine -- and the vitamin D it produces."

Vitamin D -- maybe, although we've had dark days since the dawn, so to speak, of time. But letting a child get within half a mile of cleaning chemicals and TV -- that's bad parenting! Get your toilet scrub at Whole Foods and play patty cake with your child all day or face the wrath of the autism causation committee! (A similar "association" followed Hurricane Katrina, in which a spike in autism cases was attributed to maternal stress, not, never, no, of course not, to the toxic sludge that spilled into neighborhoods. If only these moms had meditated for a week with me instead of getting hysterical about a little old hurricane. It's their fault, you see.)

Back when I first started writing about autism for UPI, and was just starting to suspect the role of toxins in the early cases, I wrote that "it's not who the parents were, it's what they did." But that I meant that it wasn't their personalities, or their intellectual and mathematical and science bents -- and by the descriptions of Leo Kanner and others they did seem a bit bent -- it was the unrecognized environmental risks from their occupations. People seemed to forget that doctors, scientists, engineers, researchers are the leading edge of toxic exposures to novel chemicals of all kinds. Boyd Haley used the great term "bucket chemists" to convey what lots of them did -- slop chemicals into beakers and pour them into each other and suck up (with their mouths -- really) enough liquid in pipettes to keep the experiment rolling. 

I've written about it before, so let me repeat myself, to wit:

Is mainstream science and medicine ever going to recognize the real significance of the repeated clues linking parental occupation and risk of autism? I vote no. A study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston found thusly, according to Science Daily:

"Children of fathers who are in technical occupations are more likely to have an autism spectrum disorder, according to researchers. Fathers who worked in engineering were two times as likely to have a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Those who worked in finance were four times more likely and those who worked in health care occupations were six times more likely to have a child on the autism spectrum. There was no association with a mother's occupation."

And what might account for this seeming hodgepodge of risks? According to a study author, "Parental occupation could be indicative of autistic-like behaviors and preferences and serve as another factor in a clinician's diagnosis of a child with suspected autism. Medical students can be taught that this is one of the things to consider."

I guess that means that perseverative and detail-oriented anti-social types would be drawn to those fields It makes no sense that fathers, not mothers, would be 100 percent of the risk factor, unless both were in technical fields. I suspect that points to the real clue here -- toxic exposures. The workplace is where engineers, lab workers, chemists get the exposure and bring it home one way or the other. (Finance, I would guess. points to higher income and more medical interventions. And medicine points to, well, a lot of medicine!) Women get it from all kinds of things -- mercury flu shots in pregnancy come to mind -- that directly expose the fetus or infant without needing to be mediated by occupation. That adds enough noise to drown out the occupational clue for moms alone.

The bad faith that defines the mainstream medical response to autism is entirely evident here. You really need to turn away from a well-marked trail of evidence to get lost in these weeds. This is something Mark Blaxill and I have been writing about for years, and at the risk of repeating ourselves, let me marshal the evidence again.

In the 1970s -- closer to the start of autism than to today, and better able to tease out signals -- two complementary studies starkly outlined the risk between parents' exposure to toxins and the risk for autism. I wrote about that at UPI, in a two-part series in 2006 that "highlighted a study by Thomas Felicetti, now executive director of Beechwood Rehabilitation Services in Langhorne, Pa. As Felicetti described it in the journal Milieu Therapy in 1981, he compared the occupations of 20 parents of autistic children, 20 parents of retarded children and 20 parents of "normal" children who were friends and neighbors of those attending the Avalon School in Massachusetts where he taught at the time.

"The results did, in fact, suggest a chemical connection," he wrote. "Eight of the 37 known parents of the autistic children had sustained occupational exposure to chemicals prior to conception. Five were chemists and three worked in related fields. The exposed parents represent 21 percent of the autistic group. This compared to 2.7 percent of the retardation controls and 10 percent of the normal controls. The data, subjected to statistical analysis, demonstrated a chemical connection.

"The results of this study point in the direction of chemical exposure as an etiological factor in the birth of autistic children." [He emphasized that educational level had nothing to do with it. One father of an autistic child was a roof tarrier. That's chemicals, not credentials.]

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"Speechless" TV Tackles Raising a "Different" Kid

Speechless tvBy Anne Dachel

What "Speechless" really tells us......................

This trailer  for the new ABC pilot "Speechless" hits home for so many parents in the autism community. This upcoming show is about a family with a severely disabled, nonverbal child.

The mom reminds me of so many tireless mothers who will do everything to get what their children need in life.  

It stars Micah Fowler, a teen with cerebral palsy in real life.

On March 24, 2016, Variety covered the show in “Young Special Needs Actor Cast in Minnie Driver’s ABC Comedy Pilot ‘Speechless’.

Fowler — who has cerebral palsy in real life — will portray JJ, the family’s eldest child, who is nonverbal.


When I was growing up, I never heard about anyone who was “nonverbal.” When I was in college studying to be a teacher, I was never told about potential students who might be “nonverbal.”

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Hep C The New Silent Epidemic

Hep CNOTE: Thank you to Vaccinations News and Dr. Y for allowing us to excerpt this post. Read more at Vaccination News

By F. Edward Yazbak MD

On December 13, 2001, I published “Autism 2001: The Silent Epidemic”.

It was the third yearly investigation I had published and to my knowledge, the first time anyone had ever described Autism as a “Silent Epidemic.”

It is with sadness and trepidation that I use again, some 14 + years later, the same term to describe the latest significant and possibly inadvertently created iatrogenic epidemic.

The May 2016 issue of The American Journal of Managed Care was a Special Issue totally devoted to Hepatitis C Viral Infections.

Featured were:

  • Four Clinical Reports
  • Two Commentaries
  • One Editorial
  • Four Policy Statements

According to M. Caffrey who reviewed the publication on May 4, 2016, the CDC has reported that:

  • Some 20,000 individuals died from hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and complications in 2014, more than in any other prior year
  • Because of poor reporting, it is likely that the death toll from the HCV infections was actually higher
  • Estimated cases of HCV disease doubled between 2010 and 2014
  • HCV infections - related complications had become the top cause of death among all 60 listed infectious diseases, including HIV and tuberculosis.

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Dachel Media: Protesters Debunk Dr. Richard Pan's Hate Speech Claims

Online newsMay 18, 2016, Fox40 (video) Sacramento: Richard Pan Holds Forum on Hate Speech; Protesters Say Senator Doesn’t Moderate Hateful Comments on His Own Facebook Page

SACRAMENTO -- It was meant to be an evening all about words -- a forum on how hate speech damages society.

But, as host, Senator and Doctor Richard Pan couldn't have guessed he'd confront these words on a protester's sign: "Senator Pan encourages hate speech."

"It just seems extremely hypocritical," said Joshua Coleman.

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VaXxed The Movie Facts

CdcpoliticsAs you share information about vaccine safety and the connection to autism, your friends and family will likely recite what they have heard over and over in the media, "but, THAT doctor's study was "debunked."  Here is a bolus dose of clarification about who is Dr. Andrew Wakfield from the VaXXed The Movie website :

Find a showing here.


Since the release of the 1998 paper in The Lancet, which suggested the possibility of a link between a novel form of bowel disease, autism, and the MMR vaccine, one of the report’s co-authors, Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been the subject of great controversy and defamation. Here, Wakefield addresses the allegations of fraud, conflict of interest, and medical misconduct that have been leveled against him.

Visit the VaXxed site to see the following video clips:

1. Dr. Wakefield's Medical Background

Wakefield shares his medical background as a gastroenterologist and how he became involved in research related to autism.

2. The Link Between Autism and The MMR Vaccine - 1:24

The link between the MMR and inflammatory bowel disease was first brought to the attention of Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues by the parents of sick children. Wakefield explains how human disease syndromes are normally identified and then studied and how that related to their study on MMR and the age of exposure. Jump to section.

3. MMR Vaccine Safety - 3:28

Wakefield explains how safety studies on vaccines including the MMR, were largely inadequate. Testing for single vaccines was better. Jump to section.

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A Real Review of the Real Film, "Vaxxed"

VaxxedBy Shelley Tzorfas

"Vaxxed" is a timely authentic film that shows how Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC, was aware that the MMR vaccine ( Mumps, Measles, and Rubella) was responsible for thousands of children becoming autistic. Autism in my view is simply a code word for brain Encephalitis or swelling of the brain. Thompson was forced to hide the data particularly when it came to black boys in the Atlanta, Georgia area that received the three in one vaccine below the age of 36 months.  All children get that vaccine usually between 15 to 18 months. All nationalities of children suffer similar adverse events but the scientific proof is uncovered with this particular population.

It appears that Dr. Thompson could not continue to live with his conscience as more children fell ill or died since the data came to light beginning in 2004. When people read reviews claiming that the film is about Andrew Wakefield-you can bet that the journalists never saw the film. They simply cut, copied, and pasted those reviews. Previously, children received individual shots for Measles, Mumps, or Rubella. Once it was combined , it made the vaccine cheaper for the pharmaceutical corporation to produce. It is the children that suffered.

What few parents or grandparents realize is that vaccines contain aluminum, thimerosal, formaldehyde, aborted fetal cells, peanut oils leading to anaphylaxis, cells of pigs, cows( with Leukemia  cells too small to remove), dogs, monkeys, chicks, insects, MSG, ether and a list of other toxins. They do not know that the "live" vaccines shed illness to others.

It is said that the mumps portion does not work and that rabbit's blood was added to the testing to make it appear that it does. There is a federal lawsuit pending for about 5 years so far. If one portion of the vaccine is invalid-then the entire vaccine must be scrapped. That would cost the manufacturer much of their profits.

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UK Guardian Suggests We Accept Corruption

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

The UK Guardian says it's time to accept corruption

It seems that the UK Guardian has their own Emily Willingham (Forbes). Tracey Brown is advocating for acceptance of corporations doing their own safety research, specifically, the vaccine makers.

Instead of calling for honest, unbiased, consumer-centered studies, Brown tells us to get used to industry doing the science. What she's really calling for is out and out fascism--corporate control of government. If that's inevitable, then let's abolish the CDC/FDA and let their employees go directly to work for the industries they regulate. Let's stop the pretense. It would save taxpayers a lot of money.

We all know the term "tobacco science"

Tobacco Science: "A generic term for biased reporting of scientific data, especially which favors a particular industry’s agenda."

I think it's time we all coined the phrase "vaccine science," I.e. easily flawed and manipulated population studies specifically designed to cover up evidence of vaccine side effects. Since we know the legitimate research that officials refuse to call for, all we're really left with is the junk stuff.

May 14, 2016, It’s silly to assume all research funded by corporations is bent, By Tracey Brown

Corporate funding of multiple vaccine research was “exposed” again recently. This time it was in the latest round of MMR-causes-autism allegations, which we exported to the US....

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John Rappoport: New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA

The flyFrom the "what could possibly go wrong?" files, John Rappoport brings us the following:

By John Rappoport.

Consider this article in light of the accelerating push to mandate and enforce vaccination across the planet.

The reference is the New York Times, 3/15/15, “Protection Without a Vaccine.” It describes the frontier of research. Here are key quotes that illustrate the use of synthetic genes to “protect against disease,” while changing the genetic makeup of humans. This is not science fiction:

“By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.”

“’The sky’s the limit,’ said Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps and lead author of the new study.”

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Six Lethal Sins of CDC: A Toxic Legacy of Lies

Grundvig 6 sin graphicBy James O. Grundvig

Six Lethal Sins of CDC: A Toxic Legacy of Lies

If you think the Washington establishment has upset most Americans this election year read the following indictment on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For the healthcare agency, which went out of its way to find “no association” between Agent Orange and injured Vietnam veterans during the 1980s, and then toxic vaccines and the autism epidemic, its legacy of fraud, bad science, and manipulation and omitting data goes beyond the sins of finding no links.

CDC has committed the Six Sins dating back to World War II. It repeats those insults today. Other sins have included tainted vaccines that killed hundreds and injured thousands in the fabricated 1976 Swine Flu panic. Another sin was the experimentation of African-Americans, the poor and mentally disabled. Perhaps more disturbing and corrupt has been CDC’s manufacturing of fear in flu and virus pandemics to secure billions of dollars for vaccine research that is needless, ineffective, and deadly. CDC adds to its litany of abuses by “cooking” the autism numbers. In suppressing the true severity of the epidemic, when autistic children soon become adults it will require a burden of care, while removing them as productive members of society. This is a massive wealth transfer from U.S. taxpayers to the Big Pharma monolith, for which the CDC has been deeply embedded.

A New York Times article on the National Football League (NFL) exposed the alleged practice of league scientists’ omitting 100 former players injured by concussions from the dataset analysis.[1] The NFL did it to show no association between the collision sport and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which has lead to premature dementia and death in many of its former players. If that’s a major scandal, then what is CDC‘s same practice perpetuated against U.S. troops, minorities and children? More alarming—the architects of this fraud are still in charge at CDC.

With two CDC whistleblowers coming forward in as many years, airing the agency’s dirty secrets, one begins to see that, after the NSA and CIA, CDC is a Teflon agency not fearful of being corrupt or exposed in its money grab against humanity—your health for their wealth. CDC is beyond greed.

Six Lethal Sins of the CDC:

  1. Agent Orange: In the 1980s CDC quit the U.S. Congress-mandated Agent Orange Studies two years early, while finding “no link” between dioxin and injured veterans.
  1. Vaccines: Since 1990, the U.S. Vaccine program has run amok, keeping toxins in (aluminum, mercury in Thimerosal) while allowing a generation of children to become gravely ill.
  1. Autism Numbers: When the autism incidence rate exploded in 1990, instead of finding the cause, CDC, like the NFL, corrupted studies showing no association.

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Sheila Lewis Ealey: Voice Of The Broken, Voice Of The Unbroken

Defarge 2Note:  We've excerpted this powerful article in The Truth Barrier by Sheila Ealey about the utter indifference to our children, our families and the shift in the fight for acknowledgement and yes, justice.  Read the full article Sheila Lewis Ealey: Voice Of The Broken, Voice Of The Unbroken.

“We’ll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet.”

–Pete Townshend

“Revolutions are times of reversal; those who have been defenseless for so long suddenly find teeth. Their numbers have to make up for the experience in viciousness which they lack.”

Elias Canetti, Crowds  and Power,

  “Reversal Crowds” pp.58


As I write this, Vaxxed, the film, the movement, the awakening, is sweeping the country, arriving in hungry city after hungry city. Today Atlanta. Next Chicago. Compton LA on Thursday.
Nations around the world are begging for Vaxxed to come to them too. Film stars, rap stars, politicians, even doctors are getting on board, after they see, and are transformed by the film.

There is now more demand than Vaxxed can even meet. Perhaps they are hiring more staff.

As one veteran vaccine warrior mother put it on FB: “The tide is not turning. It has turned.”

(By the way, my desk’s paperweight is a medium sized chunk of the Berlin Wall, which I picked up myself, in November 1989. Technically it is the property of GDR, but that does not exist anymore. This is my wish for the CDC.)

Last week, the Vaxxed team– now a touring three piece rock band, or maybe The Avengers–Del Bigtree, (representing, science journalism, and major league baseball)  Andrew Wakefield (representing persecuted science, and big picture) and Polly Tommy (representing the awakened mother, media, and the Mod*) (*will explain later) did what is known as an “ambush” at SB 277 architect Senator Richard Pan’s (D-Sacramento) office, in an effort to talk to him. Pan bolted down a corridor, and two flights of stairs, igniting the obvious hashtag #PanRan, which exploded on social media.

(It is funny, when Del Bigtree says, “I have to hand it to Pan. He is fast.”)

I remember learning that Robespierre feared laughter more than anything, and that when he heard it, he knew he was finished. I think, also, when the powerful begin to run from their own power bases, offices, behaving as prey, not predator, you don’t have to be Elias Canetti to understand it’s getting real....     Read more at Sheila Lewis Ealey: Voice Of The Broken, Voice Of The Unbroken

Above All, Autism, When It Comes to the Microbiome and the Immune System

MicrobiomeBy Teresa Conrick

The ever-increasing word -- AUTISM -- is seen as a disorder and also a disease:

DISORDER:     Autism is a complex spectrum of disorders that share three classic features - impaired communication, poor social engagement and repetitive behaviors. On one end of the spectrum are people who are socially awkward but, in many cases, incredibly bright. At the other extreme are individuals with severe mental disabilities and behavioral problems.  Among autistic children's most common health complaints? Gastrointestinal problems. Although estimates vary widely, some studies have concluded that up to 90 percent of autistic children suffer from tummy troubles.

Tummy troubles is putting it mildly.

DISEASE:     Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are considered a heterogenous set of neurobehavioral diseases, with the rates of diagnosis dramatically increasing in the past few decades. As genetics alone does not explain the underlying cause in many cases, attention has turned to environmental factors as potential etiological agents. Gastrointestinal disorders are a common comorbidity in ASD patients

Far too many children and young adults who have a diagnosis of AUTISM suffer GI issues and that has turned out to be a big clue. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS would then be the culprit.  Here is a recent study that ties these issue together but never, ever mentions AUTISM -- WHY?

The gut microbiota: a major player in the toxicity of environmental pollutants? 

...There is clear evidence that bacteria-dependent metabolism of pollutants modulates the toxicity for the host. Conversely, environmental contaminants from various chemical families have been shown to alter the composition and/or the metabolic activity of the gastrointestinal bacteria, which may be an important factor contributing to shape an individual’s microbiotype. The physiological consequences of these alterations have not been studied in details but pollutant-induced alterations of the gut bacteria are likely to contribute to their toxicity. In conclusion, there is a body of evidence suggesting that gut microbiota are a major, yet underestimated element that must be considered to fully evaluate the toxicity of environmental contaminants....Environmental chemicals can also interfere with the composition of the GI microbiota, which may lead to detrimental consequences for the host...the GI bacteria may have a significant, but underestimated, capacity to metabolise environmental chemicals.

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White House Acknowledges Microbiome Brain Gut Connection in Disease

GermsHave we "hygiened" ourselves into abject chronic illness? Has our quest to eradicate bacteria and viruses backfired? Have we entered Purell hell? Take a look at the state of American health. Seems the White House is looking at the Microbiome - and that's good.  Like our politics, a wildly swinging pendulum from left to right with a quick swipe through the center, our healthcare and medicine may have reached it's outer limit of "die germ die!" mode.  Our own Teresa Conrick has been studying and writing about the Microbiome.

White House Begins New National Microbiome Initiative To Understand Benefits Of Bacteria

Right to Know

Right To NoBy Cathy Jameson

The chance to educate parents in Oklahoma of the risks associated with products advertised for children known to have side effects was recently squashed.  As a former consumer of these products, learning about the decision to withhold information was disturbing.  It reminded me of a time when I traded my ignorance for blind trust. 


When I’m shopping and see something that I want for my children, I take a few things into consideration before putting the item in my cart.  I ask myself if it is child-friendly and something my kids will like to use or play with.  After determining if it is, and that I can afford to make the purchase, I look over the product and review its quality.  Is it well made?  Does it meet safety standards?  Does the company who manufactures it have a good reputation?  If I discover that a flaw in the product after purchasing it, will I be able to return or replace it?  Simple questions, as a consumer they are valid and serve a purpose. 

Now, if I’m at the grocery store shopping for my children, I ask myself different questions when I see something that I want to buy them.  As I scan the ingredient list, I ask myself, does the product have nutritional value?  Is the particular food healthy – not by industry standards, but my family’s standards?  With the information right there on the box, I can easily choose to put the item in my cart or not. 

My kids don’t love how much I scrutinize products that come into our home, but since I’m responsible for their health, safety and well-being, when it comes to food, technology and health care products, I like to get as much information as I can about the things I’m choosing for them.  Most of the items I purchase list exactly what I wish to know and what I need to know. 

The right to know what’s in a product is a basic yet necessary concept all consumers should be entitled to.  It should extend to all products marketed and sold to parents, but I find that it does not always happen in the medical world. 

Instead of gaining access to information, parents and their rights quickly get brushed aside.    

The Right to Know

When a child undergoes a medical procedure, which include vaccinations, consent is given by the parent or guardian.  Consent is the green light to make things happen.  For some, giving a vaccination is a no brainer and consent is given quickly.  Those parents want their child to be vaccinated and don’t need any extra time, education, counseling, or documentation to help them with that decision.  Not all parents are quick to decide though. 

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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: An Absolutely Shocking Statistic From England

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I met a friend for lunch this week. He was fresh off the plane from London as part of a multi-country jaunt, and he had the baggy eyes to prove it. The first thing he did was pull out Monday’s Daily Telegraph and point to an article on page 12: “Primary pupils who can swipe but not speak.”

The article began: “Parents’ immersion in smartphones has left thousands of children starting primary school unable to hold conversations, teachers say.

“Around one in three children starting school is not ready for the classroom with many lacking social skills, suffering speech problems or not toilet trained, a survey of senior primary school staff showed.”

The litany included “more and more children entering our early years stage with delayed speech” and “levels of reading, writing and numeracy lower than they should be.”

The rest of the article basically blamed the parents and their failure to keep children from coming into contact with the world we live in, which is deemed self-evidently noxious and destructive – too many smartphones, too little parent-child interaction.

Before tackling that bogus argument, let’s just acknowledge the facts in evidence here. A third of pre-school kids in England today have some version of issues that echo autism – speech problems, lack of social skills and toileting problems. My friend, much more knowledgeable about autistic children than I am, said the latter probably reflected sensory issues and GI problems (as well as general delay, I’d suggest).

I don’t care what this is called – autism-like traits, or school-readiness deficit syndrome in a third of children, not otherwise seen before (SRDSIATOFC-NOSB), or whatever. It’s the kind of thing we’ve been talking about for years, a generation and now more damaged by something new and terrifying, and at least in England, it’s indisputable. I asked my friend what he thought was going on, and he said some combination of vaccines and other medical mayhem, pesticides, and god knows what else (the Environmental Working Group's study of all the evil crap found in mothers' umbilical cords is passing through the back of my brain). Unless you want to argue that the ability of one-third of children to make their way in life from the very start is just good old genes doing their work of making our species less able to thrive in a hostile world, it's definitely environmental. And it is NOT smartphones, dammit!

Of course, we also see this in America, with the same veneer of pop psychology pabulum stapled onto it because facing the truth is too threatening to the people doing the observing for a living. From the New York Times last October: “Boys are falling behind. They graduate from high school and attend college at lower rates than girls and are more likely to get in trouble, which can hurt them when they enter the job market. This gender gap exists across the United States, but it is far bigger for poor people and for black people. As society becomes more unequal, it seems, it hurts boys more.”

Ah, so inequality is at the heart of it. That’s the ticket! We can blame vague malignant capitalist forces, and get on the right side of the social justice movement. Well, I am on the right side of the social justice movement, but I don’t think inequality is what’s really going on here. As if there were no inequality – much worse inequality – before this male-centric problem was ever observed? And please tell me, then, why are four out of five autism cases boys? Were they disadvantaged? Did their parents or teachers disadvantage them? That's a discredited old argument but it is gaining new life.

In April 2014 another column in the Times was titled. "A Link Between Fidgety Boys And a Sputtering Economy." As I wrote then: The Times piece came very close to the core issue -- what's the matter with kids today?, and especially, what's the matter with boys? Things have gotten so dire, and the implications so large, that even a mainstream mouthpiece like The Times has no hesitation linking boys' problems to the overall economic fate of the country.

The Times went on: "If the United States is going to build a better-functioning economy than the one we've had over the last 15 years, we're going to have to solve our boy problems," adding that if only girls are considered, there's no problem at all.

As I pointed out, the solutions on offer in the piece, and in the research paper it was based on, and among the "experts" in general, amount to evidence-free bromides -- better schools, more understanding of the ways boys learn, more support for families because boys suffer more when fathers are absent. (What, no smartphone-blaming? Let's get the story straight here.) To quote the Beatles: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Missing was any sense that environmental factors, and specifically toxins, which have been repeatedly linked to problems like ADHD ("fidgetiness") and other neurodevelopmental disorders, which affect 1 in 6 children, and several times more boys than girls, could be playing a role.

So it’s just about unanimous, isn’t it? Even our most mainstream publications, openly hostile to concerns about vaccines or other environmental factors, acknowledge the rise of so many disabled and dysfunctional children that these kids’ futures – and ours, as the society they will inherit – are at stake.

Yet the experts fall back on video games and lack of good parenting and the devastation of being disadvantaged to explain it all. Fifty years ago it would have been the predations of rock and roll, and how refrigerator parents made their kids autistic. Faced once more with an inexplicable problem in children, parent blaming is, once again, the last refuge of those who cannot or will not see.

More on that next week.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Autism Aging Out and Acceptance in Current Adult Programs

Mia 21By Kim Stagliano

My oldest daughter is aging out of school in a month. She has autism. She is 21 years old. She has autism. She is beautiful. She has autism. She is smart. She has autism. She has behaviors. She has autism. She droops to the floor when she doesn't want to do something. She has autism. She perseverates on the photo album in her iPad. She has autism. She wants to print 100 Peppa Pig photos on paper from the printer in our office. She has autism. She has big blue eyes. She has autism. She has a wide smile and full red lips. She has autism. She is my ward as her Guardian. She has autism. She has never kissed a boy. She has autism. She has never driven a car. She has autism. She has a deep, resonant voice. She has autism. She loves Hooplakidz videos. She has autism. She sleeps through the night. She has autism. She eats whatever I prepare for her without complaint. She has autism. She tries so hard to do her best. She has autism. She has a "untestable" IQ below 70. She has autism. She is in DDS programming and on the Medicaid waiver. She has autism. She has a fully funded budget. She has autism. She has shiny dark hair that waves and curls. She has autism. She has a fantastic memory. She has autism. She speaks in 2 or 3 word sentences. She has autism.  She needs a safe, meaningful program where she can grow and thrive and be accepted DESPITE BEING DIFFERENT from the young adults with Down Syndrome and physical challenges.




Acceptance means nothing until programs are prepared.


The Jabberwocky World of FDA When Frosted Cereal is Healthier than an Avocado

Tony FatHey, we all love Tony the Tiger, but to claim frosted cereal is healthier than say, an avocado?  That's not grrrrrrreat unless you are General Mills. 

The revolving door of government/industry is not new.  But do keep in mind that the head of the FDA is from Monsanto. And remember that the head of CDC went to Merck and is now the Executive Vice President (or perhaps the title is now goddess?) of the Global Vaccine Kingdom.  The door spins, the money flows.   This is why personal rights are so important. Trust your instinct, your gut.....

From The Wall Street Journal:

What’s healthier than a Pop-Tart?

Not almonds, according to today’s regulatory rules. That could change as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration kicks off a review of the 1990s official definition of “healthy” at the urging of food companies and lawmakers.

The U.S. regulator is planning to ask the public as well as food experts for comment on what should be the modern definition of healthy, setting off a process that could take years to complete. But the decision to redefine the term marks a major step in the FDA’s effort to catch up to changing ideas about health and eating habits.

The FDA said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal that in light of evolving nutrition research and other forthcoming food-labeling rules, “we believe now is an opportune time to re-evaluate regulations concerning nutrient content claims, generally, including the term ‘healthy.’”

The agency also noted a petition filed by Kind LLC. The maker of fruit-and-nut bars started campaigning for change after being sent a warning letter by the agency last year ordering it to stop using the term “healthy” on its packaging. The FDA rescinded that demand last month, though Kind made other tweaks to its labels based on the FDA’s missive.  Read more here.

New Yorkers Protest Di Blasio Assault on Religious Freedom on 5/13

New York StormFrom Autism Action Network. Learn more here.

Demonstration for religious exemption rights
Friday, May 13, Staten Island, 10 am

     It’s time to stop the di Blasio religious exemption inquisition. They’re coming to Staten Island this Friday to interrogate and pass judgment on three families that are applying for religious exemptions from vaccine mandates. We need you to come out and support the families and make a statement that di Blasio’s inquisition has to stop.

     Please come to this Friday at 10 am for a show of solidarity with the families and for a press event at 10:30. Bring family and friends. Please bring signs focused on religious exemption rights only. Public School PS R373, 91 Henderson Avenue, Staten Island, NY.

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Joshua Coleman Videotapes Dr. Richard Pan Bolting Down Stairs Away from VaXxed Producer

Steve Harvey Pan
NOTE:  Thank you to Joshua Coleman for sharing this video from Senator Richard Pan's office in Sacramento California.  Dr. Pan is the sponsor of SB277, a California law passed that denied vaccination exemption rights to millions of Californian children and their families.  When confronted by the VaXxed team to discuss the impact of his bill, he flew down a staircase faster than Peter Pan himself can fly.   Dr. Pan has claimed he was not running, but like Steve Harvey declaring Miss Colombia the winner of Miss Universe, when in fact, Miss Philippines had won, public statements can't always be taken as fact.

We had at least 3 of Pan's constituents with us. We stood in Pan's office very quietly and calmly with Pan run 2cameras put away. (although I snuck a little bit of footage with my cell phone in his office) His secretary said he wasn't in.

Then, Katie Mills saw him quietly sneaking out a side door and literally start RUNNING down the hall.

Del walked outside and asked if he could talk to him and Pan yelled back that he was "late for a meeting" and then Pan ran as fast as he could down the hall, two flights of stairs, another hallway pass the security at the Sergeant At Arms area where we could go and immediately started walking when he was in his safe place.

Pan is online doing damage control saying he was walking to the AAPI Heritage Month Ceremony (which wasn't the same direction he was going)

What a day!

I'm Joshua Coleman videographer and photographer.  I have a vaccine injured child who is paralyzed by vaccine induced transverse myelitis.  I testified at a senate hearing against AB1117,  spoke at several rallies against SB277 and have shot and produced over 60 videos informing people about the dangers of vaccines.

Circumcision and Autism: A Recent Danish Study

Where's Poul 3 A GamondesNOTE: Thank you to Dr. Y for allowing us to exceprt Master Manipulatorthis post. Read more at Vaccination News.   A new book from Skyhorse Publishing delves into the Thorsen scandal - buy Master Manipulator Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC by James Grundvig from Skyhorse Publishing today before the copies disappear... like a certain researcher.

Edward Yazbak M.D.

For a period of time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had a love-fest with Danish Researchers who agreed to produce needed evidence that in spite of parental reports, MMR vaccination and Thimerosal containing vaccines played no role whatsoever in the increased prevalence in autism and autistic spectral disorders (ASD).

In 2005, I published “The CDC finances, writes and helps publish Danish research”, a discussion of five Danish studies.

Those five Danish studies (DS) were:

DS 1: Madsen KM, Hviid A, Vestergaard M, Schendel D, Wohlfahrt J, Thorsen P, Olsen J, Melbye M. A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism. N Engl J Med. 2002 Nov 7;347(19):1477-82 PMID: 12421889

DS 2: Madsen KM, Lauritsen MB, Pedersen CB, Thorsen P, Plesner AM, Andersen PH, Mortensen PB. Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data. Pediatrics. 2003 Sep;112(3 Pt 1):604-6. PMID: 12949291

DS 3: Hviid A, Stellfeld M, Wohlfahrt J, Melbye M. Association between thimerosal-containing vaccine and autism. JAMA. 2003 Oct 1;290(13):1763-6. PMID: 14519711

DS 4: Lauritsen MB, Pedersen CB, Mortensen PB. The incidence and prevalence of pervasive developmental disorders: a Danish population-based study. Psychol Med. 2004 Oct;34(7):1339-46.PMID 15697060

DS5: Larsson HJ, Eaton WW, Madsen KM, Vestergaard M, Olesen AV, Agerbo E, Schendel D, Thorsen P, Mortensen PB. Risk factors for autism: perinatal factors, parental psychiatric history, and socioeconomic status. Am J Epidemiol. 2005 May 15;161(10):916-25; discussion 926-8. PMID:15870155

Studies 1 and 5 were funded by the CDC and co-authored by Diana Schendel PhD, at the time a CDC (NCBDDD) epidemiologist.

Poul Thorsen MD, PhD co-authored DS1, DS2 and DS5.

Thorsen did very well for himself as a CDC Principal Investigator and Liaison between the United States and Denmark in autism-related matters for years. He served on the Faculties of two US universities and incredibly, even on the DSM-V Committee.

Dr. Thorsen’s most notable achievement was the embezzlement of a couple of million dollars from the research funds he had access to. His multiple Federal indictments and the fact that he was featured for a long while on the Most Wanted Fugitives List of the Office of the Inspector General, HHS did not seem to affect his serene post-CDC life or his continued employment in Denmark.

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Dachel Media: Sacramento Bee Covers Dr. Pan's Reaction to VaXxed

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

A big thank you to the Sacramento Bee for this coverage, which does present both sides of this further episode in the actions of California State Senator Richard Pan.

May 11, 2016, Sacramento Bee: Vaccine tiff between Richard Pan, ‘Vaxxed’ producer roils Twitter, By Jeremy B. White

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Del Bigtree of VaXxed Tries to Ask SB277 Sponsor Dr. Richard Pan Questions #PanRan

Pan VaXxed Pan dollars



"I gotta hand it to him. Pan is fast!"  Del Bigtree.

Dr. Richard Pan, sponsor of California vaccine exemption removal law SB277 ran away from VaXxed Del Bigtreeproducer Del Bigtree when Bigtree tried to ask him questions about vaccination safety and the CDC Whistleblower. 

Pan ran...   Here's a video from Bigtree - and few others we added to showcase the absurdity of a pharmatrician like Dr. Richard Pan being so utterly unable to stand up and speak out for his "passion" for pediatric health when confronted.  A bit about Dr. Pan and SB277:

SACRAMENTO –Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician and Senator representing Sacramento, Senator Ben Allen, the former Board President of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalaz who represents San Diego have introduced Senate Bill 277 to repeal the personal belief exemption that currently allows parents to opt their child out of vaccines in our schools. 

“It is our duty and responsibility to protect all children who attend schools in California,” said Dr. Richard Pan, a State Senator representing Sacramento who has been working legislatively to get vaccination rates up while in the State Assembly. “SB 277 was introduced because parents are speaking up and letting us know that current laws are not enough to protect their children. As a pediatrician I have personally witnessed the suffering caused by diseases that are preventable, and I am very grateful to all those parents who are speaking up as a result of the recent measles outbreak.”

By the way, Dr. Pan is into the ban - check this out.  He's a Blockasaurus.... Have you been Doc Blocked? 

Blocked by pan

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