The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

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Note: We're delighted to share this post by Martin Walker. Martin covered the GMC trial in the UK moment by moment and is a copious author whose book "Dirty Medicine" is sharp and thought provoking. Please visit his website Slingshot Publications. 
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 By Martin Walker

Just this morning I saw Robert Kennedys meme about the control of the CDC  by pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical company licensing. The situation is not quite the same in the UK but his statement ‘The CDC is not an independent agency, it is a vaccine company’ rang bells with me.

By infiltration the pharmaceutical companies have take over completely the regulation of pharmaceutical medicines in the UK. The most powerful of the groups involved is the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, (MHRA), like the CDC the agency, responsible for licensing. Most people in Britain see the Agency as part of the UK government with a supportive civil service. However the MHRA, although apparently attached to the UK government, is actually a free standing ‘executive agency’.

The Agency employs more than 1,200 people and has facilities in London, York and South Mimms, Hertfordshire. It deals with the licensing of all drugs and has various departments which carry the pharmaceutical cause further. The group also has ex-police investigators there to harry alternative medicine practitioners and bring charges against them if necessary, and a small unit which sends out letters under the names of fictitious patients asking for information on alternative treatments. The executive Agency is wholly funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Although the pharmaceutical companies pay the whole bill for the MHRA, there are occasions when the MHRA sees fit to make a criminal prosecution - yes the MHRA has the power to prosecute in criminal law -  against an alternative health distributor or practitioner. Clearly it would be unfair to expect the pharmaceutical companies to pay for such cases, so when they do bring them, despite the fact that they do not pass through the Crown Prosecution Service (the governemt check on the validity of cases) they draw on the common purse getting the tax payer to fund their case.

The agency is run by a management board at present headed by Dr Ian Hudson who became chief executive in September 2013. Hudson is a physician who practiced as a paediatrician for a number of years, before working in the pharmaceutical industry in clinical research and development between 1989 and 2001, at which time he joined the Medicines Control Agency (former organisation to the MHRA) as director of its licensing division.

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Debut Day For Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Dr. Richard Moskowitz from Skyhorse Publishing

Vaccines Richard MoskowitzCongratulations to Dr. Moskowitz on the debut of his new book Vaccine Reappraisal from Skyhorse Publishing at #1 in Vaccinations. Mary Holland wrote the foreword.   Order your hardcover or Kindle edition today and don't forget to leave a review at Amazon. Thank you.

From Amazon: Drawing on fifty years of experience caring for children and adults, Dr. Moskowitz examines vaccines and our current policy regarding them. Weaving together a tapestry of observed facts, clinical and basic science research, news reports from the media, and actual cases from his own practice, he offers a systematic review of the subject as a whole.

He provides scientific evidence for his clinical impression that the vaccination process, by its very nature, imposes substantial risks of disease, injury, and death that have been persistently denied and covered up by manufacturers, the CDC, and the coterie of doctors who speak for it.

With the aim of acknowledging these risks, taking them seriously, understanding them more holistically, and ultimately assessing them on a deeper level, he proposes a nationwide debate based on objective scientific research, including what we already know and what still needs to be investigated in the future.

He argues that with no serious public health emergency to justify them, requiring vaccines of everyone deprives us all of genuinely informed consent, and prevents parents from making health-care decisions for our children, basic human rights that we still profess to hold dear.

For the present, given the legitimate controversy surrounding the mandates, he proposes that most vaccines simply be made optional and that further research into their risks and benefits be conducted by an independent agency in the public interest, untainted by industry funding, CDC sponsorship, and the quasi-religious sanctimony that is widely invoked on their behalf.

Triple D for Autism Speaks: Double Digit Drop as President's Salary Exceeds Grants to Families

Blue drainNOTE: Thank you to our Nancy Hokkanen for the heads up on AS's "income down." Couldn't have happened to a "nicer" org.

We've been critical of Autism Speaks since our inception watching them let down the c0mmunity time and again while choosing to "Light it up blue." It seems their wishy washy approach has failed them completely. Their changing direction has brought them onto the rocks. The goal of Suzanne "Autism knocked on the wrong door" (we love that) Wright has been watered down and pharma'd up. Disability Scoop published the article below about the most recent drop in blue revenue. Ginger Taylor shared a post from an autism Mom I'll call KD who did some digging into the 2016 tax returns of AS and found more truth about the intentions of this lost organization that could have helped a lost generation - but did not.

We all know the truth about Autism Speaks but I thought why not dig into their 2016 tax returns.. and this is what I found.

Contributions and Grants for 2016 totaling $47.544.741

Salaries for their 263 employees totaling $21,475,585

The President Angela Geiger's salary was $451,121

They gave a grant to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (home of Satan himself) in the amount of $69,800 for science and research.  A
nd the most disgusting of all....
685 grants to individuals for Ipads, cases and home safety packages totaling $344,537 (Less than Geiger's salary) and... 48 cash grants to individuals totaling $44,904 a grand total to help our people $389,441.

This makes me sick to my stomach. I think I'll start protesting these bastards at every light it up blue or walk that they do."

Autism Speaks Reports Double-Digit Revenue Slide

by Michelle Diament | September 14, 2017

The nation’s largest autism advocacy group is reporting a sharp drop in revenue and is cutting expenses and distributing fewer grants as a result, newly-released financial data shows.

Autism Speaks took in $47.5 million in 2016, roughly $10.5 million — or 18 percent — less than the previous year.

At the same time, the group scaled back its spending on grants by some $1.8 million, shaved a similar amount from its payroll and chopped $10 million in other expenses.


Negación del Autismo Como Epidemia

NOTE: Autism is a global epidemic. Adriana Gamondes has teamed up with Alberto Castro, in Argentina, to begin providing perspective from beyond our shores.  Just as John Stone brings us the UK news, Adriana and Alberto will be adding more international flair to AofA. Please join us in welcoming Alberto. The English translation follows the Spanish.

By Alberto Castro

 Hace 40 años, en EEUU había 1 caso de autismo cada 10.000 niños y ahora de acuerdo al Centro de Control de Enfermedades (CDC ), hay 1 caso cada 68 niños. Los síntomas del autismo son únicos, no hay antecedentes de estos antes de1930. Esta epidemia se ha incrementado significativamente desde que el Congreso de ese país aprobó una ley en 1989 que impedía a cualquier persona demandar a las empresas fabricantes de vacunas, sin importar lo perjudicial que pueda ser la vacuna, lo enfermo que uno pueda quedar, o lo imprudente o negligente que puedan haber sido en la producción. A partir de esa maniobra del lobby farmaceutico, nuevas vacunas se incorporaron en el programa de vacunación, muchas de estas sin haber sido debidamente probadas y algunas contenían mercurio. Ell mercurio es mil veces más neurotóxico que el plomo. Actualmente gran parte se ha sacado de las vacunas para niños pero aún hay restos en alguna de ellas en gran cantidad en la vacuna contra la gripe, que le dan a los niños y a mujeres embarazadas. Las cantidades de mercurio en esas vacunas son cientos de veces y en algunos casos miles de veces más de lo que el cerebro de un niño puede recibir.

En el 2014, un denunciante del CDC, el Dr William Thompson, científico senior de la división de vacunas del CDC, declaró que le entregó 100.000 páginas de documentos comprometedores, al Congreso y dejó grabado en su declaración que él y todos los científicos de la división de vacunas del CDC habían alterado datos de un estudio para ocultar la conexión entre el autismo y las vacunas y en particular mercurio en las vacunas. Estudio del cual él fue uno de los autores en el 2004 en los que había 4 autores, incluyendo a Frank di Stefano Jefe de la sucursal principal del CDC.

A pesar de toda esta evidencia recientemente se han publicado libros argumentando que el autismo estuvo siempre presente y es una variación genética que exige aceptación y en casos celebración, negando así esta epidemia. Este argumento obstruye la necesidad urgente de enfrentar y detener la epidemia y pone en peligro a la humanidad toda. El Libro “Denial” de Mark Blaxill y Dan Olmsted descartan estas teorías acerca del autismo con una minuciosa investigación documentada de su historia. Ponen de manifiesto el dolor, sacrificio y privaciones que pasa una familia con uno de sus miembros afectados y nos despierta a reaccionar ante esta desconcertante realidad, tergiversada por poderosos intereses.


Denial of Autism as an epidemic

40 years ago, the rate of autism in the United States was 1 in 10,000 children. But currently, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the rate has climbed to 1 in 50.

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Flu Shot Fever

Flu banner
We ran this post in 2014. Sadly, the flu shot push is stronger than ever. Yesterday I was at a WalMart and they were re-surfacing their parking lot. There, behind the safety wire and embedded on a slab, was a lonely sign "GET YOUR FLU SHOT!"

By Cathy Jameson

Flu shot advertising must have gone into high gear again recently.  I’ve noticed more outdoor signs being added to the lawns and sidewalk areas of several grocery stores and big box pharmacies in parts of my community.  Customers will literally trip over signs if they’re not paying attention. 

Those signs, and the automated phone call from our pharmacy on Friday morning reinforced something I try to forget:  it’s flu shot season.  I honestly don’t think flu shot season ever ended though.  One of the smaller pharmacies in town keeps their Flu Shots Available Here banner up year-round.  I don’t like to give that place my business and use another pharmacy in another part of town. 

That other pharmacy called me Friday morning with an automated message.  Ronan’s seizure medication was ready to be picked up.  Before I could hang up, the message continued.  “…after you pick up your prescription, remember that all of our pharmacies offer flu shots.  No need to make an appointment.  Walk ins are welcome!”

Gee, let me run right down there and ask a complete stranger jab me with this year’s flu shot.  Wheeee!    

Nah.  I know better than to blindly roll up my sleeve or sniff that mist up my nose.  I know better than to get a flu shot at my pharmacy too.  I’ve thought about that, but the last time I was in our pharmacy, I asked some questions that couldn’t be answered. 

I wanted to ask the pharmacy tech a little bit about the flu shot. 

She was busy.  I was not. 

She was trying to rush me.  I wouldn’t let her. 

Even though I know a lot about the flu shot already, I wanted to ask her more questions.  I also wanted to see the package insert.  The pharmacy tech tried to pawn the VIS  off on me. 

“No, the package insert, please.” I said, “It has much more information on it…like who manufactured the vaccine…and what adverse reactions I should look for…”   

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Rep Dana Criswell on The Opioid Epidemic and Childhood Vaccinations

CriswellBelow is an article from Representative Dana Criswell of Mississippi.   Opioid addiction and death and vaccine injury do not care what side of the aisle you sit on, or what flag you wave or what flag you burn or whether your state is red or blue.   I love that Representative Criswell represents OLIVE BRANCH, MS district. We need an olive branch of peace to brush away the hatred and vitriole shown toward those who express concerns about vaccine safety.  Mississippi has only the medical exemption for vaccination. The state does not have a Religious or Philosophical exemption.

The Opioid Epidemic and Childhood Vaccinations

Today we are experiencing a crisis in the U.S. and especially in Mississippi. Deaths from heroin and prescription painkillers are increasing each year by a factor of 10. The number one killer of people under the age of 50 is opioid overdose. More people die from drug overdose than they do from gun violence or car wrecks.

Here are some facts about the opioid epidemic:

  • Prescription drug overdoses account for nearly 60% of all drug overdose deaths. Of those deaths, 73% came from opioids.
  • Mississippi doctors are a leading prescriber of opioid painkillers with the equivalent of approximately 70 opioid pills for every man, woman, and child in 2016.
  • The number of painkiller prescriptions in Mississippi makes us the fifth highest per capita in the nation, with 1.07 prescriptions per person.
  • In the state of Mississippi, there were 563 reported drug overdose deaths from 2013-2016 (MS Bureau of Narcotics). Of these, 481 deaths were related to opioid abuse

One of the most disturbing facts is the role pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and doctors played in this epidemic. Those we trusted to tell us the truth, to care for our well being and to protect us, have betrayed us. In the book, Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic, Sam Quinones outlines how pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals and government health agencies contributed to this crisis.

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Levi Quackenboss on Recent Negative Vaccine Stories

Ass kisser gumThanks to Levi Quackenboss for this deft post on the recent spate of articles that do not kiss the backside of pharma and vaccination.  Visit Levi's site often.


We all know by now that our “free press” has deeply embedded editors and producers who take their marching orders directly from pharmaceutical companies and the CDC. Their job is to postpone, water down, spin, or kill stories that hurt public health profits.

Whenever you see a vaccine article that strikes you as negative– or hell, even fair and balanced– it’s a red flag that big wheels are in motion behind the scenes; you just don’t know what the outcome is going to be yet.

I’ve seen it twice in three weeks with the meningitis b vaccine.  On August 18th NBC ran an article about two girls, both of whom had been vaccinated for men b, both of whom were in perfect health, and both of whom were killed by men b anyway. The article points out that the CDC’s recommendation for the vaccine is permissive, and that getting the infection is akin to being struck by lightning.

I saw the article and thought, what’s up? Why are NBC’s pimps allowing reporters to write about these girls?

Then on September 7th the New York Times, of all newspapers, wrote about men b outbreaks, describing them as “small” and “extremely rare,” and said men b vaccines are “lucrative” and “pricey” and “playing to parents’ fears.” They pointed out that making vaccines for less rare diseases has the potential to make the vaccine industry into a “cash cow” and they didn’t mean it in a good way. Mmmm-hmmm. I mean duh, but still. Not what you’d expect them to say.

The Times even included a quote from a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The risk, he said, “is not a large enough problem to warrant routine vaccination.”

So why are Pfizer’s and GSK’s men b vaccines on the media chopping block? I don’t know, but we’re not reading investigative vaccine journalism on NBC and in the Times. Keep your eyes peeled for the Godsent explanation the overlords will provide us with. They don’t usually announce the problem more than 30 days before announcing the solution, so it should be any day now.

But on to the flu vaccine. You may remember in July 2016 when the inhaled flu vaccine went from a championed 90% efficacy to only 3% efficacy. Is it likely that actually happened? Hell no, unless they threw the game on purpose. But numbers can be twisted to say whatever they want them to say, and, for whatever reason, FluMist makers– or the flu vaccine industry as a whole– wanted to scrap that vaccine. So overnight the needle-free FluMist was taboo and it was injected mercury for almost everyone.

Maybe FluMist makers got a buyout like GSK did from Merck for leaving the US HPV vaccine market.

So these past couple of weeks have been nuts for flu vaccine news.

In the last few days of August I began seeing mainstream articles pointing out how ineffective the flu vaccine is for the elderly.

I see their ineffectiveness and raise them up to murder, but that’s not where I’m going with this.

Within one week of each other, The Daily Mail ALL-CAPS screamed about the flu shot’s ineffectiveness, the BBC finally had an honest vaccine headline, and Chemist and Druggist halfheartedly shrugged that vaccinating the elderly was better than nothing.

This made me side-eye the news.

Then! On September 13th the Washington Post wrote about a new study that linked the flu vaccine to a 7.7x increased chance or a 670% increase in miscarriages. I know that one of my favorite bloggers has written an incredibly researched piece about WaPo’s bullshit spin of 7.7x being just a “hint” of increased fetal death, but I’m seeing this a little differently.

If protecting the flu vaccine was WaPo’s goal, I don’t think the press would even bother with the spin when they could just ignore the study completely, a la William Thompson. So the fact that this finding– in a study I can’t believe was conducted by the CDC’s Frank Mothereffing DeStefano and published in the journal Vaccine— is getting mainstream coverage is spelling death for the annual flu vaccine as we currently know it.

The Daily Beast jumped on the dog pile, as did NBC, Science, Fortune, and the New York Post. All of them make the same milquetoast arguments that maybe the finding isn’t real and pregnant women should continue to get the shots. And Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research who is famous for his “We have over-promoted and overhyped this vaccine. It does not protect as promoted. It’s all a sales job: it’s all public relations” quote, wrote up the miscarriage study in Stat with the spin that “science prioritizes safety.” Thanks for looking out, science!

Just kidding. We all know that today’s science doesn’t prioritize anything but profits. So why is the CDC’s father of thimerosal-induced autism denial acting as a hitman for the annual flu vaccine?

I might have the answer: the universal flu vaccine is about to arrive.

Read more here.

Vaccine Injury Awareness Day at CT Capitol on 9/15


CT Vax Injury Day

Vaccine Injury and Awareness Day

Meet Age of Autism Editor at Large Mark Blaxill, co-author (with Dan Olmsted)
Denial How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

September 15 2017
Connecticut State Capitol
210 Capitol Ave.
Hartford, CT 06106


TIME: 10:00 am - 3:00pm
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America's First Pediatric Psychiatric Emergency Department

Autistic_kidsFive years ago we were averaging something like 40 psychiatric emergency patients a month. Now we’re seeing between 300 and 400 a month,” Maxwell said.

This article suggests we should look at the Internet and digital culture for the explosion in mental illness in American children.  Not the toxic chemical diet most kids eat. Not the pesticides that cover their food. Not their Monsanto Frankenfood. Not their plastic laden toys, binkies, beverage cups. Not their dozens of vaccinations that start in utero with 25 mcg of neurotoxic insanity inducing mercury. THE INTERNET IS AT FAULT. 

Are we glad there is soon to be a shiny new Ped Psych ER? Yes, because we know families drowning in violent behavior from kids as young as five well into adulthood for whom there is no help. Yes, because we remember Alex Spourdalakis. Yes because we remember Dr. Trudy Steuernagel. Yes because we will never forget Adam Lanza's menace. Yes. Yes. Yes.

No, because we need to PREVENT this never ending decimation of the pediatric brain, body, soul. PREVENT. 

From The San Diego Tribune.

More than $6 million in philanthropic donations will help Rady Children’s Hospital create what is believed to be the nation’s first pediatric psychiatric emergency department.

The idea, explained Dr. Benjamin Maxwell, Rady’s director of child and adolescent services, is to create a separate space for the exploding number of children who are walking through the hospital’s doors with urgent mental health needs.

“Five years ago we were averaging something like 40 psychiatric emergency patients a month. Now we’re seeing between 300 and 400 a month,” Maxwell said.

It’s a national problem, said Dr. Alfred Sacchetti, an emergency chief in Camden, New Jersey, and a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians. Hospitals across the United States often end up holding young patients in regular emergency department beds for days while their symptoms are diagnosed and follow-up appointments or inpatient placement is arranged, he said.

Researchers point to a range of reasons why demand for mental health services have increased for young patients, Sacchetti and Maxwell said.

Some note that today’s digital culture, including cyber bullying on social media, are helping to drive the trend. Others note that today’s front-line health care providers are better trained to spot mental health problems. And there has also been a gradual erosion of the availability of preventive mental health services which can keep emergencies from happening.  Read more here.

Take The Keys and Lock Them Up. Amer-ican Children.

Seclusion roomOur Anne Dachel is like Dickens' Madame Defarge, knitting a long long list of egregious actions within the ever exploding realm of special education. She has hundreds 0f stories of how school districts are being crushed by the epidemic of kids on IEPs and with serious emotional and mental challenges.  The result is often horrendous care for our children. Below is a sample of her compilation, about the hideous practices of restraint and seclusion.  Just last week on Facebook a friend discovered that her son's new school has a "calm" room. That's a euphemism for a seclusion room.


If parents were to lock their children in a confined space for a lengthy period of time, it is highly likely that those parents would be arrested for child abuse and their parental rights threatened. (In fact, this just happened in Arizona recently.)

If public schools do this, however, the outcome is quite different.

The use of physical restraints, locked “seclusion rooms,” and solitary confinement for children is rampant throughout the nation’s public schools.

In a comprehensive 2014 analysis by NPR and ProPublica, analysts found that “restraint and seclusion were used at least 267,000 times nationwide” in the 2011-2012 school year. Schools put children in seclusion rooms approximately 104,000 times in that one year.

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Pesticides and Autism, Again.

Toxic_Chemicals_National_Pesticides_Application_Sign_Dandelions_800x533By Teresa Conrick

In-between the horrendously, horrible hurricane season, research about Folic Acid, PESTICIDES, and AUTISM, has been hitting the news ... again.  If you think this sounds familiar, it IS.

Here is a timeline of research and news releases:

■  Maternal periconceptional folic acid intake and risk of autism spectrum disorders and developmental delay in the CHARGE (CHildhood Autism Risks from Genetics and Environment) case-control study, May 30, 2012  

A mean daily folic acid intake of ≥600 μg (compared with <600 μg) during P1 was associated with reduced ASD risk (adjusted OR: 0.62; 95% CI: 0.42, 0.92; P = 0.02), and risk estimates decreased with increased folic acid (P-trend = 0.001). The association between folic acid and reduced ASD risk was strongest for mothers and children with MTHFR 677 C>T variant genotypes. A trend toward an association between lower maternal folic acid intake during the 3 mo before pregnancy and DD was observed, but not after adjustment for confounders.

Conclusions: Periconceptional folic acid may reduce ASD risk in those with inefficient folate metabolism. The replication of these findings and investigations of mechanisms involved are warranted.

  Maternal prenatal folic acid supplementation is associated with a reduction in development of autistic disorder, July 2013  

Question What is the association of prenatal folic acid supplementation in pregnant women with subsequent development of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs; autistic disorder, Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder–not otherwise specified [PDD-NOS]) in their children?...he adjusted OR for autistic disorder in children of folic acid users was 0.61 (95% CI, 0.41–0.90). No association was found with Asperger syndrome or PDD-NOS, but power was limited. Similar analyses for prenatal fish oil supplements showed no such association with autistic disorder, even though fish oil use was associated with the same maternal characteristics as folic acid use.

Conclusions- Use of prenatal folic acid supplements around the time of conception was associated with a lower risk of autistic disorder in this cohort. Although these findings cannot establish causality, they do support prenatal folic acid supplementation.

Commentary- The report by Suréen et al utilizes the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) Autism Birth Cohort to report that periconceptional folic acid supplementation (4 weeks before to 8 weeks after conception) lowers the risk of autistic disorder, but not other ASDs. These findings are consistent with findings from recent studies from Asia, Europe, and North America, suggesting that children of mothers with higher blood folate concentrations or mothers receiving folic acid supplements had improved neurodevelopmental outcomes.14 It is unclear whether these findings have clinical implications in the US. 

 The Relationship between Folic Acid and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Healthcare 2014

The role of folic acid in the prevention of macrocytic anemia and neural tube defects is well established. However, the relationship between folic acid and risk of autism is still evolving. Furthermore, environmental as well as nutritional factors such as folic acid are now well acknowledged as interacting with the individual genetic background in development of several diseases. In this article, recent research regarding the relationship between folic acid and risk of autism is evaluated.

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Flu Vaccine and Miscarriage

Miscarriage painNOTE: We're pleased to see this dose of vaccine reality in the mainstream media. If there is an indication that flu shots plus swine flu may cause miscarriage, the ACOG (OB union) should immediately issue a harsh warning and moratorium on vaccinating pregnant women. Certainly the risk is far worse than the sickness.  When there is an illness that is "vaccine preventable" the media goes into overdrive to make sure Americans get their dose - shouldn't the inverse be true when the result could be fetal death?

From ABC News. Study prompts call to examine flu vaccine and miscarriage

By Mike Stobbe

A puzzling study of U.S. pregnancies found that women who had miscarriages between 2010 and 2012 were more likely to have had back-to-back annual flu shots that included protection against swine flu.

Vaccine experts think the results may reflect the older age and other miscarriage risks for the women, and not the flu shots. Health officials say there is no reason to change the government recommendation that all pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu. They say the flu itself is a much greater danger to women and their fetuses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reached out to a doctor's group, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, to warn them the study is coming out and help them prepare for a potential wave of worry from expectant moms, CDC officials said.

"I want the CDC and researchers to continue to investigate this," said Dr. Laura Riley, a Boston-based obstetrician who leads a committee on maternal immunization. "But as an advocate for pregnant women, what I hope doesn't happen is that people panic and stop getting vaccinated."

Past studies have found flu vaccines are safe during pregnancy, though there's been little research on impact of flu vaccinations given in the first three months of pregnancy.

CDC Issues a Gag Order on CDC Employees

Gag_Order_WideBy Ginger Taylor

Axios has obtained an internal message from the CDC's public affairs officer, Jeffrey Lancashire, dated August 31, to all CDC employees.  His directive to them was to stop talking to the media, “even for a simple data-related question.”

CDC cracks down on communications with reporters

The memo reads:

"Effective immediately and until further notice, any and all correspondence with any member of the news media, regardless of the nature of the inquiry, must be cleared through CDC's Atlanta Communications Office. This correspondence includes everything from formal interview requests to the most basic of data requests."

Axios tried to contact Mr. Lancashire to find out more about the policy; however, he has not responded.

Why is even basic data being treated like state secrets?

It's almost like the CDC has something to hide.






Bergen West Pediatrics Charges $20 If You Decline a Vaccine They Want To Sell You

Vax charge berger West Peds

UPDATE: We've heard that this  practice is denying the letter. It makes zero point zero sense that anyone would create a fake letter and post it to social media.  The photo is at an angle as if snapped from the side with a cell phone.  They are welcome to chime in to clarify if they so choose.


Pardon the Trump'ism, but I think we can say safely to this practice, "You're FIRED!"

Imaging charging $20 to a family because they say "no" to a vaccine? Bergen West Pediatric Center is doing just that. How much money do they lose when they don't sell the vaccines that Merck and Insurance companies demand? The rationale is nonsense. Records are already pulled and ready. Verify vaccine? What does that mean? They have the lineup ready for each visit. Voila. Verified. Put them away.  Assess the patient? Isn't that the point of the visit ANYWAY? Patient needs clearly do not come first. There are reasons whereby a parent says "no" to a vaccine including that day's health status, bona fide exemption rights and that basic America tenet called FREEDOM.

From their website, "we are currently accepting new patients."  Indeed.

CONGRATULATIONS to Drs. Douglas Fenkart & Cynthia Triggs who have been named "NJ's Favorite Kids' Docs". We are pleased to mentioned that they are both highlighted in the New Jersey Family's magazine December, 2016 issue or online at
Care Philosophy:

If you would like experienced and friendly doctors to treat your children, Bergen West Pediatric Center in Wyckoff is the place for you. Conveniently located off Route 208 in Wyckoff, NJ, call to schedule your complimentary consult to meet our staff and see our facilities.

Bergen West Pediatric Center offers medical care for families with infants, children, adolescents and young adults; ages birth to 26 years of age. We provide services to families from Wyckoff, Allendale, Fair Lawn, Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Haledon, Hawthorne, Mahwah, North Haledon, Oakland, Paramus, Pompton Lakes, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Wanaque, Wayne and many other surrounding towns. Learn more about our specialized approach, talented staff and the benefits of turning to us for the wellbeing of your children. We are currently accepting new patients.

To make sure you receive the latest updates about our flu vaccine status this year (and future years), be sure to Join Our e-Mailing List if you haven't done so already.

Revisiting the Swine Flu Fiasco of 2009

Child pigBy John Stone

AoA re-posts a sequence of articles by UK editor, John Stone, from 2009-10 highlighting an  earlier shadowy attempt to hi-jack global health agenda by the vaccine industry. Republication coincides with his recent letter to the British Medical Journal.

A Lethal Mixture: Swine and Bird Flu. Can We Trust Baxter, GSK and the WHO?

By John Stone (May 17, 2009)

The most recent paroxysm in the swine flu saga begs some interesting questions  which scarcely ought to be swept aside. Last week veteran Australian  scientist,  Adrian Gibbs, author of 250 peer review studies raised the issue whether H1N1 virus could have been created in a lab error. Of course, denials were rapid. ABC News reported (HERE.)

"Technically it's plausible but not likely," (said) Christopher Ohl, an associate professor of medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and a specialist in infectious diseases.

"In this case I'm not concerned that this virus represents anything other than a naturally occurring mixture of viruses happening in nature," concluded Dr. Julie Gerberding, an infectious disease expert and the former director of the CDC...

Regardless of the validity of Gibb's claims, he and several experts say that just bringing the idea of laboratory security to the public's attention is important.

 "There are lives at risk," Gibbs said. "The sooner this idea gets out, the better."

In 2001, foot-and-mouth disease led to the slaughter of more than 6 million animals, all after a vial went missing from a research laboratory in the United Kingdom.

Since then, however, experts said lab security and regulations have been getting tighter and better.

"Laboratories have a lot of security from having this happen, and it's very unlikely," Ohl said of the new theory about swine flu's origin.

But have things improved since 2001? Probably the scariest story this year has so far been overlooked by the media at large. On  February 27 an article appeared in the Toronto Sun  by Helen Branwell, ‘Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus’ (link no longer available, but confirmation in the record of the British parliament):

The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses. 
And an official of the World Health Organization’s European operation said the body is closely monitoring the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International’s research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

“At this juncture we are confident in saying that public health and occupational risk is minimal at present,” medical officer Roberta Andraghetti said from Copenhagen, Denmark.

But what remains unanswered are the circumstances surrounding the incident in the Baxter facility in Orth-Donau.

The contaminated product, a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabelled H5N1 viruses, was supplied to an Austrian research company. The Austrian firm, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then sent portions of it to sub-contractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany.

The contamination incident, which is being investigated by the four European countries, came to light when the subcontractor in the Czech Republic inoculated ferrets with the product and they died. Ferrets shouldn’t die from exposure to human H3N2 flu viruses...” 

According to science columnist Mark Henderson writing in the London Times on May 4, the real danger from the new swine flu virus H1N1 would be if it combined with the previous big viral scare, avian flu H5N1:

The biggest worry would be if a person or a pig became infected with both swine flu and H5N1 avian flu at the same time. As the former is highly transmissible but does not appear to be particularly lethal, while the latter is highly virulent but does not spread easily, a reassortment between the two could generate a very dangerous strain.

Of course, it would not be wise on its own to take anything Henderson says too seriously, bearing in mind his boss is a director of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and he is associated with the pharmaceutical lobby organisation Sense About Science .  However, bearing in mind  the Toronto Sun story of February it is not exactly encouraging that WHO and the CDC have chosen Baxter as well as GlaxoSmithKline to develop a vaccine against H1N1.

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CVS Threatens Great Family Loss Without a Flu Shot!

CVS flu shotBy Kim Rossi

This poster is in the window of our tiny CVS here in Connecticut. The store is less than an 1/8 of the size of a newer CVS. It took over a small, lovely independent drug store here in my Fairfield county town.  But it has huge vaccination quotas if this obnoxious sign is any indication.

Read that photo. Breathe in that threat. Let it sink into your bones. Trembling? I was. With anger. Let me tell you about missed moments in my home, with my children thanks to vaccine UPTAKE,   Feel free to list your own missed moments in the comments. 

CVS, this is a revolting display of fear-based sales. You stopped selling tobacco years ago. Stop using smoke and mirrors to sell vaccines.

Missed moments for my family, in no particular order.

First sentence

Shoe tying

Class photo with smiling face

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Admitted Vaxxed Bus Trollster Meets his Idol Paul Offit: Philly Paper Swoons

ShameNOTE: We apologize for the loss of your morning coffee. If you are starting a diet, you are in luck.  From The Philly Inquirer. Philly is the hometown of Dr. Paul Offit, the leader of the vaccine injury denial, autism bashing movement. And he made a zillion dollars off vaccines, so there's that.  We've covered him for years, but the coverage slides off each time.  The headline calls him a "pioneer." His actual knowledge about autism and vaccine injury science wouldn't qualify him for the title of Mouskateer.  He has one mission - deny injury, promote vaccination at all costs. Even if it costs our kids their lives. The Vaxxed tour has opened the eyes of tens of thousands of Americans and we can't have that people. Can we?

Our own Nancy Hokkanen covered Craig Egan and his groupies as they belittled and ridiculed families with vaccine injured (and killed) children in Minneapolis earlier this month.  We reposted her entire piece below the excerpt from the Philly Inquirer to illustrate the cruelty toward our children and the gross negligence of the media and medical institutions.

Remember, there is only one group in America that you can threaten with violence, shame and demonize in 2017, and that's the autism/vaccine SAFETY community.  A Ku Klux Klansman would get a better reception in the mainstream media that most of us. It's an extreme form of Vaxcism - vaccine facism. And it's getting worse each day.


By Tom Avril

Uber driver protesting 'Vaxxed' film meets Philly vaccine pioneer

Craig Egan drove across the country this summer to disrupt a bus tour launched by the makers of the film Vaxxed, a group that questions the safety of vaccines.

He marched with a sign. He spoke through a bullhorn. He documented his public-health crusade on YouTube, and was labeled a “troll” in response.

This week, the tech salesman-turned-Uber driver came to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in search of a friendlier audience: vaccine inventor Paul Offit.

“He’s a hero,” Egan said after meeting the physician for lunch Wednesday.

Reprinted from AofA 8/30/17:

Vaxxed bus side
Note: As if to prove Nancy's point, yesterday we got this comment from Ken Reibel, "Autism News Beat" blogger, and  mocker extraordinaire. Imagine belittling families whose kids are sick, injured, maybe have died. Ken enjoys such sport. Don't be like Ken. Be human.  "I think a Vaxxed clown car would be more appropriate."

By Nancy Hokkanen

On August 25 the VaxXed bus arrived in Minneapolis, bringing Polly Tommey and driver Anu Vaidya for a second round of interviews memorializing people’s adverse reactions to vaccines. The number of interviewees’ signatures on the big black RV

Vaxxed bus looking
Craig Egan, Karen Ernst and Patsy Stinchfield view the VaxXed bus. (Photo by TEAM TMR’s Rogue Zebra.)

is more than 6,400.

During the 8-hour stop at Minnehaha Falls Park, Tommey and Vaidya were welcomed by dozens of appreciative vaccine injury victims and their families, along with local natural health practitioners and health freedom advocates. Visitors talked and networked by the bus and under a gazebo, distracted occasionally by brief showers – and for a short time by an impotent handful of misguided protesters.

The peripatetic Tommey, a compassionate autism mum, had allowed herself only a brief break following her internationally-publicized Australia trip with Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Among the complications and corruptions: the Australian Prime Minister’s wife chairs a pharma corporation that’s collaborated with Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

The official VAXXED YouTube Channel is home to Polly Tommey’s VaxXed bus interviews. As with other stops, Tommey live-streamed interviews on VaxXed’s Facebook page and using the Periscope app.

How does Polly continue this emotionally challenging archiving of vaccine injury testimonies? “Each sad report makes me more motivated to keep going,” said Tommey. “The next story is what keeps me going. ‘How dare you hurt that person; how dare you kill that mother’s baby’... That pain, it’s a knife right to the heart... I look into the eyes of these other parents, and I see it; it makes my heart weep every single time. We have to stop ‘people in pain.’”

Vaidya has driven about half of the roughly 40,000 miles on the VaxXed bus. Like the autism parents he meets, he has become an insightful analyst of his voluminous readings and firsthand observations. “At a certain point, anecdotal evidence actually builds on itself and becomes a large enough data set to be scientifically relevant – at which point you should be developing scientific studies and actually research it,” Vaidya said. “So to disregard anecdotal data is to say that you don’t even want to think about a hypothetical scientific discovery. Which is anti-science.”

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Laura Hayes Talks Vaccine Risks and Corruption with KVMR Jeanie Keltner

KvmrWe invite you to listen to KVMR podcast host Jeanie Keltner interview Laura Hayes about vaccine risks and related corruption. Laura lives in California, America's most draconian state when it comes to vaccination rights.

List here.

Jeanie Keltner taught literature at Sac State for 20 years. In the 80s she got hooked on politics through following closely the Iran-Contra affair, which revealed a depth of corruption and a mis- and dis-informing media that spurred her to focus her energy on independent media. For 20 years with a group of fellow activists, she edited Because People Matter, a progressive bi-monthly, with the idea of bringing the hidden news to light. She also hosts a cable access talk show, Soapbox (Mon 8pm Ch 17,
Drawing and painting are also passionate pursuits, and she’s exhibited her pen and ink and watercolors at several local galleries and cafes.

The Undernews, at noon on the 1st and 5th Wednesdays, continues her focus on the important and fascinating info that rarely surfaces in the commercial media with interviews from activists, writers and citizen experts.


A Lifetime with Autism

Matthew_McConaughey_Kiehls_070917By Cathy Jameson

Matthew McConaughey is promoting autism awareness.  Several big news sources have picked up his video and are encouraging us to share the link.  In the short clip, McConaughey states that there are over 70 million people living with autism and that children with autism need our support.  Specifically, they need an early diagnosis and access to services.  Teaming up with a company named Kiehl’s, McConaughey wants to give these kids a real chance.  Sharing the video can help make that happen.  For every share, a $1 donation will be made to Autism Speaks.  With this campaign, McConaughey hopes to make a lifetime of difference. 

It sounds very, very sweet, but the donations will cap at just $200,000


That’s it? 

I’m not complaining. 

Alright, alright, alright! 

I am. 


Let me try again. 

Thanks, Matthew?   

McConaughey’s final thought in that video, that’s he’s hoping to make a lifetime of difference, is what’s making me more cynical than hopeful.  A lifetime of difference.  What a perfect phrase for what I had hoped for my child compared to what actually became his reality.  Autism became his reality, and it’s not the kind that you see happily portrayed in the news or on television. 

I don’t know too much about McConaughey’s children, but I would venture a guess that he’s not the parent of a severely affected child with autism like I am.  I’d also venture a guess that his perception of autism is a far cry from the autism reality that my family lives.  Until he meets us, which I’d be more than happy to have happen, he and other Hollywood celebs focusing only on awareness, will never know how expensive and difficult life is for families like mine.  It is expensive, and some days, life with autism is very difficult. 

Difficulties aside, it costs quite a bit to care for a child with autism.  According to Autism Speaks in 2014, it’s $1.4 million over a lifetime.  CNN Money offered a higher figure of $2.4 million when an intellectual disability existed. 

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Dara Berger on Doctors Callous Treatment of Autistic Patients

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webPART TWO, Dara Berger

By Anne Dachel

Here Dara talks about the attitude of doctors toward these suffering children. In her words, they are “left for dead.”

“The medical community is completely failing us parents.

“I can’t tell you how many of us feel like we are just left for dead. Left for dead like twice over.

“First you have the pediatrician that’s doing a lot of things wrong. They’re not recognizing all of the signs that we talked about: chronic constipation, reflux, constant ear infections—that something is wrong with the immune system. They keep giving us a prescription or a symptom suppressing drug which a lot of times creates even more problems and more havoc in our gut.

“Then the worst thing—and they keep giving more and more vaccines with no thought to—if a child has eczema, it used to be, like 20 years ago, they wouldn’t vaccinate that child. That was a contraindication on the vaccine insert that you don’t vaccinate a child whose immune system is not working properly.

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The “Pan” Calling the Kettle Black!

Rusted pan
By Laura Hayes

In a recent radio interview, CA State Senator Richard Pan accuses some of his physician colleagues who sign Medical Exemptions as seizing an opportunity to “monetize their license” by providing “inappropriate medical exemptions”. Really? Morally and ethically, which child shouldn’t be granted a medical exemption when that is the only option left for parents to protect their children from the known and unknown dangers of vaccines, which include death, permanent disability, lifelong illness, and infertility?

In truth, Senator Pan is the definition of a physician who monetizes his license in an inappropriate manner. During election campaigns, this pediatrician-senator took money from vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies, then introduced and passed bills to first restrict the use of a Personal Beliefs Exemption (AB2109), then to completely eliminate the PBE in CA (SB277). As an assembly member, then senator, who has remained a practicing pediatrician while holding office, he has personally profited from the passage of both these bills. So then, who is he to accuse his physician colleagues of “monetizing their licenses” inappropriately?

After the egregious and fascist SB277 became law in CA, requiring CA school children to submit to scores of vaccines for 10 different infections throughout the course of their childhood, with more to be added as deemed appropriate by and at the sole discretion of CA’s Department of Public Health, Senator Pan’s next focus became the egregious and fascist SB18. Fortunately, he could not find a co-sponsor to sponsor this bill which included a “Children’s Bill of Rights” which was ultimately the “State of CA’s Bill of Rights to Own and Control Your Children”. 

Since SB18 did not become law, it appears that Senator Pan is pursuing a new tactic for forcing mandatory vaccine compliance for all of CA’s children, and for ensuring state control over a child’s education. How? First, by eliminating the use of medical exemptions, with just the rarest exceptions (ironically, those exceptions will be for children who are “immune-comprosmised”, likely a result of being vaccinated). Then will come the redefinition of “education”, and it won’t include home schooling as an option. The final result could very well be mandated and forced vaccination combined with institutionalized schooling for all of CA’s children.

This link to the 4-minute radio interview from 8-28-17 also includes an expanded transcript.

Carefully read Senator Pan's comments:

  1.  "We can’t punish the children for the errors of their parents," said State Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), a practicing pediatrician and the law's co-author.  
  1.  "Most parents are trying to decide what’s best for their families and for their children," he added. "Sometimes, unfortunately, because there are people actively spreading misinformation, they’re making decisions based on bad information. To a certain degree, we can't punish their children by denying them an education — that would be both unconstitutional and immoral."
  1. "There is a very small minority of physicians," Pan said, "who have seen this as an opportunity to monetize their license to provide inappropriate medical exemptions because there is a demand by some of these parents who are willing to pay."
  1.  Pan said officials with the Medical Board of California and the Attorney General's Office need tools to better-regulate these exemptions. He left open the possibility that this could be an area for future legislation.

My thoughts regarding Pan's statements:

  1. Apparently, "the errors of their parents" refers to parents knowing enough, either through firsthand experience, basic research, common sense, observational skills, or all of the above, to have decided to say no thank you to one, some, or best yet, to all vaccines. Apparently, Senator Pan, who has trouble stringing more than a few words together in a coherent fashion, and who cannot field spontaneous questions without bumbling, blubbering, and then answering a question that wasn't even asked (e.g 2:43 mark), knows more about every single child in CA than their own parents do!

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The Autism Literary Underground

ReceptionNOTE: Thank you to AofA contributor Jonathan Rose. This article is used by permission of The Pennsylvania State University Press.

RECEPTION:  The Official Journal of the Reception Study Society; Vol 9, © 2017 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

By Jonathan Rose

Abstract: Though most physicians and public health officials deny that vaccination can cause autism, many autism parents believe there is such a link, and many of them resort to alternative treatments. This paper takes no position on these controversies, but it uses the methods of reception history to explain how this “underground” movement has gained traction in the face of fierce opposition from the medical establishment and the mass media. The movement belongs to a long tradition of do-it-yourself medicine, which urged patients to read medical literature and treat themselves. In various strains of alternative medicine, patients have to take charge of their own healing based on what they read. Consequently, the history of vaccine skepticism must consider the history of reading. Large-scale surveys of vaccine-hesitant websites and parents, and an intensive study of the reading done by six autism parents, reveals that these parents read extensively and critically both refereed medical literature and Internet postings by other autism parents. They are not “antiscience,” but they are producing and consuming literature about autism and interacting with each other on social media.


It can be a frighteningly controversial question, one that often chills the room when it is raised, and at first glance it does not seem to belong in a literary journal: Has the current autism epidemic been caused by vaccination? You can relax: this article will not attempt to answer that question. My aim here is to understand why so many of us have arrived at the conclusion (or at least suspicion) that there is a vaccine-autism link. And that is indeed a question of literary reception, which can be better understood through the methods of the historiography of reading.

            According to the most recent survey, 31 percent of all Americans agree that vaccines can cause autism, a belief that is still more common among blacks (44 percent), lower-income families (34 percent), and 18-to-29-year-olds (36 percent).[1] The last is a key demographic, given that they have or probably will have young children. And these figures may be underestimates: the polled are sometimes reluctant to express socially unacceptable opinions to pollsters. In the same poll another 39 percent said that vaccines “probably” do not cause autism and just 31 percent “definitely” believed that: that is, about 70 percent are not fully confident that there is no connection. In another study as much as 77 percent of American parents expressed some concerns about childhood vaccinations.[2] In a 2010 poll parents ranked vaccine safety as their top priority for childen’s health research, rated “very important” by 89 percent.[3] Yet another survey found that even when pediatricians used the language of professional authority (“Well, we have to do some shots”) 26 percent of parents offered at least some resistance to the prescribed vaccinations; but when the doctor used language suggesting that the decision was ultimately up to parents (“What do you want to do about shots?”) fully 83 percent of parents expressed reservations[4]—statistics that strikingly illustrate how language can tip the balance of power between laypeople and professionals. Most of us say we support childhood vaccination, most of us vaccinate (or partly vaccinate) our children, and at the same time most of us harbor some concerns, whether or not we choose to admit them.

            In addition to the very large number of quiet doubters, there is a much smaller (but still considerable) cadre of activists who openly and militantly challenge mainstream opinion about vaccination. Many of them are autism parents, supported by a few maverick physicians, more than a few nurses, and some autistic adults. Some entirely abstain from vaccination and proudly call themselves “antivaccinationists.” Others reject that label and take a less radical stance, calling for fewer and safer vaccines. But all generally believe that vaccination should be voluntary, and that public health professionals greatly underestimate the harmful side effects of vaccines. Some of these activists are themselves medical or scientific professionals, but theirs is fundamentally a movement of amateurs supported by no major professional organization, with very limited financial resources. These skeptics have scarcely any access to the mass media, which generally treats them as pariahs and dangerous subversives. They therefore bypass the major media outlets and reach their readers mainly through the Internet, and on that front their efforts are impressive. One recent sweep of the Web uncovered 4,757 websites critical of vaccination, of which 62.2 percent specifically state that vaccines are a cause of autism (though not necessarily the only cause).[5] These sites together generate a vast body of literature separate from (though by no means ignorant of) professional medical literature. In many ways they resemble the samizdat that flourished in the final years of the Soviet Union, or the illegal Enlightenment books that circulated widely in prerevolutionary France, as chronicled by Robert Darnton in The Literary Underground of the Old Regime.[6]

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Report Alleges Cover up of Infant Deaths Post Vaccination

InfanrixTwo doctors in New Delhi have exposed an attempt by a multinational drug manufacturer to conceal sudden deaths in infants following the administration of its vaccine.  

Jacob Puliyel, a pediatrician at the St. Stephen's hospital and C. Sathyamala, an epidemiologist, have reported their finding in the peer reviewed  Indian Journal of Medical Ethics.   

The vaccine in question, "Infanrix hexa," -- that combines diphtheria, tetanus,  pertussis, hepatitis B,   polio   and   influenza type B vaccines -- is manufactured by  GlaxoSmithKline   (GSK) and was introduced in Europe in October 2000. 

Puliyel and Sathyamala discovered the cover-up by analyzing data in the   Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR) about the vaccine that its manufacturer GSK  is required to regularly provide  to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). 

These confidential   safety reports on this vaccine were received by Puliyel from Italian Dr. Loretta Bolgan who obtained them from EMA under the   Freedom of Information Act – the Italian version of the Right to Information Act in India.  

On analysis, the doctors   found that the latest 19th safety report on 'Infanrix hexa' vaccine submitted by GSK   (2015)    has deleted deaths that were reported previously by the manufacturer in its 16th report (2012). They, however, note that it is not clear from the report how these deaths were deleted. 

The authors Puliyel and Sathyamala note that ten years after the publication of a Center for Disease Control paper examining a relationship between MMR and autism, one of the authors William Thompson admitted that he and his co-authors had omitted statistically significant information - that African American males given the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months, were at increased risk of autism. After the Thompson and his colleagues found evidence of this increased risk, they deleted data of children without Georgia birth certificates (and so disqualified a disproportionate number of black children) and they presented their data saying there was no increased risk of autism.   It is not clear whether the authors of the PSUR 19 performed some similar retroactive disqualification of children documented to have died in the PSUR 16. 

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Doctors Assumptions: Humiston, Boonstra, and Savoy Train Physicians on How To Fail

by Ginger Taylor


On Friday, August 25th, a webinar was held, sponsored by Pfizer, called "Getting Parents to Yes! Vaccine Conversations That Work for Providers & Parents".

"With parents consuming so much conflicting health information about their babies and children, providing an effective vaccination recommendation can be harder than ever. Fortunately, there are strategies for discussing immunization with parents that can help them feel comfortable protecting their babies and children with on time immunization.

During this session, pediatrician Dr. Sharon Humiston will moderate a panel with pediatrician Dr. Nathan Boonstra and family physician Dr. Margot Savoy, who will share their top tips for having positive and productive vaccine conversations with parents. Join us on Friday, August 25 at 12 p.m. Eastern to gain insights and tips that you can begin implementing in your practice immediately."

I listened in to see if they were going to recommend anything egregious to the physicians. Surprisingly, it was not horrible. Well it was pretty much the arrogant garbage we already know and experience. Be the expert, be aggressive, blah, blah, blah. To their credit, they did stop short of recommending the full on bulldozing of parents, they didn't recommend dismissing non vaccinating parents from practices, and they did (for a split second) admit they had biases.

To one of the women's discredit (I could not be sure of who was talking at the time) she expressed her strong umbrage at being told by parents that they were declining vaccines because they had, "done their research on the internet," then burst out laughing at the incredulous and outrageous nature of such a statement.  (Ahem... ma'am... you do realize you are teaching on the internet right now, yes???) #Irony

Actually the presentation was pretty weak. They don't really have a solution to getting parents refusals. Because, of course, they have not correctly diagnosed the reasons that they are refusing. And when you have the wrong dx, the tx ain't gonna work.

So there was not a lot of me loosing my mind listening to them, just a bit of eye rolling. And a bit of compassion, actually.

THEY ARE SO LOST. They are wandering around lost in the woods, pretending to know where they are going, that they are experts on the terrain, and teaching other lost doctors how to find their way out... of they woods they are lost in.  (But to be fair, they are being paid by Pfizer to wander around lost in the woods, so perhaps they are happy there.)

So I wrote to them. I coulda sent a buncha stuff, but this is what I thought might be the most helpful to them. Tried to back them up at least to the right starting point. I figure maybe if I can convince them to get to the trail head, they might be able to see where they have gone wrong from that vantage point, and perhaps move in the right direction.

No answer as of yet. I will update if they do. But they won't. They never do. Because they don't have to.

Subject: Impact of liability protection on physician trust
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 14:11:09 -0400
From: Ginger Taylor <>

Dr. Humiston, Dr. Boonstra, and Dr. Savoy,

I am the mother of a vaccine injured child, and no longer participate in the National Immunization Program.  I listened to your webinar today.

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Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccination While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists

No grazieNOTE:  Thanks to World Mercury Project for this article.

By Robert Kennedy Jr.

Turning their backs on the human rights principle of voluntary informed consent memorialized in the Nuremberg Code after World War II, health authorities in France and Italy are fast-tracking involuntary vaccine mandates for school-age children. In Italy, millions of Italians have been demonstrating since June, protesting the infringements to parental rights. On July 28, industry-beholden Italian legislators voted 296-92 to pass a one-size-fits-all law that mandates multiple doses of ten vaccines for preschoolers through teenagers, imposing steep fines for parents who do not comply. Mainstream media outlets in both Italy and the US ignored the record protests against medical coercion.

Vaccines are big business, and the new vaccine mandate ensures the continued flow of profits to the $32 billion industry despite steady erosion of public confidence in vaccine safety.

Why Italy? And why now? Italy’s pharmaceutical sector is one of the largest in the world. Vaccines are big business, and the new vaccine mandate ensures the continued flow of profits to the $32 billion industry despite steady erosion of public confidence in vaccine safety. A recent survey found widespread doubts among Italian and French citizens about the importance and safety of vaccines. A cascade of recent scientific studies have described the emergence of new vaccine-related autoimmune illnesses and the inferior health status of vaccinated compared to unvaccinated children. Furthermore, a slate of films, news reports and government investigations have exposed widespread corruption among vaccine regulators, government efforts to hide serious vaccine-related adverse reactions and intimidation of scientists who publish data contrary to the orthodoxy that all vaccines are always safe for all children. Read more at World Mercury Project here.

Mark Blaxill Talks Autism Epidemic Denial on Imus in the Morning

Mark Dan Book 2017Please tune into Imus in the Morning at 7:35am (EDT) on Thursday, September 7 (tomorrow) to hear our own Editor-At-Large Mark Blaxill talk about the new book he co-wrote with Dan Olmsted. 

To find your listing click HERE.

DENIAL: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

Mark Blaxill: My Hanging Offense

The-hanging-treeBy Mark Blaxill

September 5, 2017

On May 8, The Boston Herald published an editorial calling for my execution. They didn’t know much about me, but had heard about an event in Minneapolis at which I spoke. I learned subsequently the piece was written by Rachelle Cohen, editor of the newspaper’s editorial page. Her brief essay didn’t refer to me by name, but cited a Washington Post article from May 5th that did, describing me as “a Boston businessman” and “anti-vaccine activist.”

Cohen wrote that during "this latest outbreak [of measles in Minnesota], anti-vaccine groups have fanned the flames, making it hard for public health officials and doctors to be heard above the noise. These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense." [emphasis added]

Four months later, the much-hyped Minnesota measles outbreak has passed with little notice, but there are important lessons to be learned from the events surrounding it. What really happened? Why all the fuss? What are the salient facts about measles, vaccines and autism? What was my role in the process? Most importantly, what does this episode teach us about the state of public health policy and the ongoing concern for vaccine safety and parental rights. To explore those questions, let’s first take a look at the outbreak itself.

The Minnesota measles outbreak of 2017

On April 13, the first news report of three measles cases among “toddlers” in Minneapolis was published (see HERE). The next day, confirming five more cases, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) issued a press release with additional information. Of the then eight confirmed cases, all were unvaccinated children living in Hennepin County. Seven of the eight were “Somali Minnesotans.” Six of these children were hospitalized.

Over the next three months, as the count of confirmed cases rose to 79, the initial pattern continued. The outbreak was largely confined to children (73 were under 10 years old) who were Somali-American (64 of 79) residents of Hennepin County (70 of 79), most of whom (71 of 79) were unvaccinated. The case count rose quickly to reach 73 by the end of May and then leveled off sharply. Six additional cases were confirmed, until the last case report on July 13.


By late April, MDH was posting daily case updates on their web-site (see HERE). This was both a response to and a stimulus for widespread media coverage, first in local news outlets and then nationally. At the outset, these were brief, factual reports, but it didn’t take long for the MDH to start pointing fingers. On May 5, The Washington Post published the article that caught Rachelle Cohen’s attention, “Anti-vaccine activists spark a state’s worst measles outbreak in decades.” (see HERE). Health officials complained specifically that the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota (VSCM) “in the middle of their crisis” was informing Somali-Americans that they had the right according to Minnesota law to opt out of vaccination based on conscientiously held beliefs. Reminding parents of their rights was a message these officials felt was “exactly the opposite of what clinicians and public health officials are urging, which is to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

On August 25, the MDH officially “declared an end to the measles outbreak of spring and summer 2017.” Their news release, which was not widely reported, described why they waited so long to announce something that had been clear for weeks.

“The outbreak that eventually sickened 79 people, mostly children under 10 years of age, began when the first case was identified April 11. The last case was identified on July 13. Under standard public health practice, the outbreak can be declared over if there are no new cases identified for 42 days. The incubation period for measles is 21 days, meaning that’s how long it can take for someone who has been infected with measles to show symptoms. Health officials wait two incubation periods (42 days) out of an abundance of caution.”

Despite the often-hysterical treatment the outbreak received from the press, it was a relatively modest event. Although measles no longer circulates freely in the U.S., minor outbreaks like this one remain common. Since 2000, measles cases in the U.S. have averaged close to 130 per year, typically sparked by infected travelers entering the country. When larger outbreaks take place, they often occur in communities that have low vaccination rates: an Amish community in Ohio saw nearly 400 cases in 2014; the year before saw two smaller outbreaks, one in an orthodox Jewish community in New York, another in a church community from Texas.  Most notorious among recent outbreaks is the one that began in Disneyland in December 2014. By the time it subsided in mid-February, the Disneyland outbreak totaled 147 cases.

By comparison, the Minnesota measles outbreak was a small one. It also appears to have had no lasting health consequences for those infected. According to MDH, 22 of the 79 cases were hospitalized, at first blush a large number. But according to Patti Carroll, a board member of the VSCM, none of these cases were ever in intensive care and all recovered with no known lasting health effects. The hospitalization rate appears to reflect an aggressive response to the initial problem since 6 of the first 8 confirmed cases were taken to the hospital. Of the subsequent 71 cases, MDH data suggest only 16 were hospitalized.

The Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota event

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Pollard Tyrannos: Another Power Bid from the Vaccine Lobby – Some Real News  

PollardBy John Stone

An Oxford University website features an appeal by Prof Andrew Pollard – who has often appeared in our columns – calling for compulsory vaccination, quoting from a report in the Guardian newspaper which followed three weeks after the newspaper’s egregious and deceitful editorial on the subject. However, both web-feature and newspaper report failed to mention a rather important detail: Prof Pollard heads the United Kingdom body, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which recommends vaccines for the schedule, and a 2009 act of Parliament (though itself of dubious legality) already places a responsibility on the Secretary of State for Health (ie an elected parliamentarian and member of the government) to follow the advice of the committee. This means that if the UK Parliament did legislate to make vaccines compulsory, Prof Pollard himself would have effective dictatorial powers over citizens telling them which vaccines they and their children must have.

Prof Pollard was appointed chair of the JCVI in 2013 and at his second meeting in February 2014 chaired a discussion which led to the recommendation of Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine to the schedule, a product of which he was also lead developer as director of Oxford Vaccine Group: previously the committee had refused to recommend the vaccine despite political pressure. This event was followed within weeks by the transfer of the Novartis vaccine division – which manufactured Bexsero -  to GlaxoSmithKline and a huge up-swing in the product’s sale potential.

Pollard was appointed to the JCVI by a panel chaired the government’s head of immunisation, Dr David Salisbury. Shortly afterwards Dr Salisbury retired and became chair of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation, a funding body for Oxford Vaccine Group, on which he sits with Prof Polllard and Dr Norman Begg, Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of GSK Biologicals. Dr Norman Begg was formerly attached to the Public Health Service Laboratory and was the co-author with Dr Salisbury of the Department of Health guide to vaccination, the Green Book 1996, prior to departing to join one of the fore-runner companies to GSK (not clear whether Glaxo Wellcome or SmithKline Beecham) at the beginning of 2000 as “Director of Medical Affairs”, without there apparently being any gap between appointments.  Among the funders of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation are the Wellcome Trust (which sold its pharmaceutical interests to Glaxo in 1995), the UK Medical Research Council, the UK Department of Health, the European Commission, the US National Institutes of Health, The Foundation for National Institutes of Health and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Labor of Love

Fierce loveBy Cathy Jameson

Ronan’s brother and sisters started school last week.  With all of the siblings back at school, it’s gotten a lot quieter in the house.  They’re up and out earlier and don’t return for hours and hours.  Ronan’s getting used to it.  I am, too. 

I cried after I dropped off the younger crew.  I wasn’t even out of the school driveway when the tears welled up.  Not until I dropped them off and drove away in silence did I realize how much I was going to miss them.  I hear stories of Moms begging for the school year to begin.  I’m not one of those moms.  I love having all five kids home.  I’m grateful how caring and understanding they are toward Ronan.  It makes me happy when we’re together.  My kids are fun and can be really silly.  I am in awe of how creative they are.  But before you think it’s all sunshine and rainbows all of the time around here, it isn’t.  Especially on a school morning... 

Even after years of practice, we still do our classic mad dash to get out of the house on time.  I’m glad that no one ever witnesses that – that part is not pretty.  Missing P.E. uniforms, mix-matched socks, and forgetting to pack up the night before can cause some serious delays.  On those mornings, we rush, rush, rush hoping not to be the last ones in the carpool line. 

Some days, though, when they’ve managed their time well, my typical kids are actually waiting for me.  I’m proud of them because at some point each and every morning, I walk away from them.  After all the book bags and lunchboxes are packed, I turn my back on them. 

Tiptoeing quietly down the hallway, all my energy gets focused on Ronan.  On any given morning, not just school mornings, Ronan remains fast asleep much longer than the rest of us.  On school mornings, we let him sleep until just few minutes before it’s time to go.  It isn’t the best strategy, but he needs all the sleep he can get.  Snuggled deep under his covers in a heavy slumber, Ronan would sleep all morning if allowed.  The kids know this and hate that we have to rip him out of his bed so I can get them to school on time.  CJ cars

Seeing how exhausted he will be even though he’s slept for 10-12 hours, they express just how unfair life can be for their brother. 

Mom, we should have let him sleep longer. 

He’s gonna be SO tired today.  

I’ll grab his blankie in case he falls back asleep in the car.

Sometimes, he will fall back asleep in the car.  I’m glad for that, and so are the siblings.  Even as young as they are, the kids are very aware of their brother’s medical conditions and how much of a domino effect each can have on him. 

On a good day, things are good.  We are ready.  We are on time.  We are full of energy – Ronan included.  But, the other days?  We don’t always make it to school by the first bell.  Some days, the alarm hasn’t gone off.  Some days, I don’t have my act together.  Some days, the children dawdle.  Some days, Ronan refuses to get out of bed.  On those mornings, you might find me rushing the kids to school in my pajamas.

Cj mugIf anyone is looking for me today, here's a mugshot. With that smile and that wild hair, I look just like her. If you put her in Mickey Mouse jammie pants - which I wore into the school to drop off kids because we woke up so dang late today, well then, she looks 'zactly like me.

Once I get back home from dropping off the kids, it’s time for Ronan to start his day.  Meds, supplements, and a hearty breakfast are first up.  Then, we get to work.  First on the list are the ADLs (activities of daily living).  Ronan’s not a big fan of those.  He has fine- and gross-motor delays.  What you and I think are simple tasks are quite complicated for Ronan.  Brushing hair.  Brushing teeth.  Clearing dishes from the table.  Sweeping the floor.  Most children can start working on those skills – and are able to perfect them - at an early age.  For someone who has low tone, an energy deficiency disorder, convergence insufficiency, and right-side weakness like Ronan does, these tasks are never preferred.  That’s because they require motor planning, eye-hand-coordination as well as the desire to attend to them.  When Ronan has zero energy, even after sleeping through the night, he can struggle with the most simplest of tasks.  It’s taken a lot of work, encouragement and years to get Ronan to want to do them, but happily, some of that hard work is paying off. 

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Remembering Autism Advocate Nancy Cale

Nancy and shelley
Photo: Nancy Herndon Cale (right) - January 5, 1944- August 11, 2017 Shown with Unlocking Autism co-founder Shelley Hendrix

Note:  Thank you to our friends at ARI for this touching tribute to a leader in our community. She was a leader with a huge heart and tenacity for her grandson's success and all of our kids. Unlocking Autism continues her work - most recently with support following Hurricane Harvey.


Nancy Herndon Cale, the warm, compassionate voice behind ARI's helpline for more than a decade, passed away unexpectedly August 11, 2017. She was 73.
Often the first friend parents looking for support could reach, Nancy persisted as an advocate in the autism community for more than 20 years. After her grandson was diagnosed with autism at age 3, she co-founded Unlocking Autism in his honor. Nancy worked to bring awareness to the increase in diagnoses in partnership with state and local governments and was recognized with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for her efforts.
In 2006, after the passing of ARI's founder Dr. Rimland, Nancy began taking calls to ARI from parents and caregivers. Having manned a call center for several years, she knew what to expect. Nancy possessed the uncanny ability to sense when to offer help and when to be quiet and listen. Patience and a gentle, self-deprecating sense of humor armed her with an unusual talent for putting others at ease when sharing the details of the challenges they faced. 
She once explained her calling: "I am humbled each and every day by the depth of the needs and concerns of those who call searching for help for their loved ones with autism. I am happy knowing the generous heart of our community makes it possible to assure new parents, parents facing new struggles, and adults looking for help. Bless you all who take time to reach out to others as we work to make life better for those who ask for our help."  Read more here.

Adults With Autism Can Make Leaps Too!

Mia on KC busBy Kim Rossi

Hi, friends. Every so often I provide a glimpse into my family. And there was that book.  Anyway, yesterday the neatest thing happened here. My oldest of three girls with autism is Mia. She is 22 years old. If you met her, you'd call her pretty severely affected. She is in a day program. Speaks minimally to make her needs known. Needs help with skills and activities of daily living.

My mornings are hectic. Bella goes to high school at 7:00am. Gianna goes to her post-grad school program at 8:00am. Mia goes to her day program at 8:20am.  They all wake up before 5:00am.


Mia showers in the morning, then she puts on a magenta T shirt and blue jeans. Daily. Every day. 365 days a year. Pink shirt. Blue pants. End of story. You know what I mean, right?

Yesterday, I went upstairs to find the shower turned on, Mia standing ready to hop in, with ZERO prompting.

Insert blinky face emoji here.

I helped her shower and then dry off her body.

"Hmmmm," I thought to myself. "This is new independence. Let's push it."

I helped her put on her bra, and then left all of her clothes on her bed. Two pair of pants and two shirts. Choices.  And I left without saying a word.

 A few moments later, Mia came downstairs fully dressed. Zipper zipped. Button buttoned. Shirt on facing correctly. (Insert fainting emoji here.)    Sandals on her feet.


We're on a new protocol. It's very simple. OTC items you can get at most stores. Nothing medicinal. Working on the gut.

I won't tell you the name because the haters will go into attack mode. God forbid our kids make progress, right?

Mia is a gorgeous 22 year old woman. She got herself dressed without prompting today.

Tomorrow, I'll demand even more.

Keep the faith.




The 18th Annual Conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation November 10-13 Minneapolis, Minnesota

WAP Wise Traditions 2017
The 18th Annual Conference of

the Weston A. Price Foundation

November 10-13  •  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Register by September 17 for Early Bird Discounts!


Zoe Harcombe, PhD

Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH, CNC

Lindsea Willon, MS, NTP

Ben Greenfield, Fitness Expert

Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Tom Cowan, MD

Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

Sally Fallon Morell, MA

Amy Berger, MS, CNS, MTP

Carrie Clark, DC

Stephan Hagopian, DO

Kiran Krishnan

Jodi Ledley

Karen Lyke, MS CCN DSc, CGP

Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD

Pam Schoenfeld, RD, MS

Kim Schuette, CN

Stephanie Seneff, PHD

Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND


Hormone Health

Real Food on Trial

Gut & Psychology Syndrome

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Interview with Dara Berger Author Preventing Autism from Skyhorse Publishing

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webBy Anne Dachel

What you will never hear from mainstream doctors, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when it comes to discussing AUTISM is the word PREVENTION.

According to all the officially accepted medical dogma out there, autism just happens, no one knows if there’s been a real increase, it’s probably highly genetic, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent your baby from being the next child on the spectrum.

Considering that autism now affects two percent of kids, that possibility should send shock waves through every new parent. And just because your baby starts out fine is no guarantee. Part of the mystery of autism is how normally developing children can inexplicably lose learned skills—even speech, and suddenly start lining up their toys, walking on their toes and flapping their hands endlessly.

Doctors have noticed that kids with autism often come with concomitant conditions like seizures, bowel disease, and serious allergies, but the debate is still ongoing as to the link to autism.

 The incredibly destructive impact of autism has been going on for decades and the medical community is still scratching their collective heads over it. You will never find anyone from the CDC who has ever called autism even a “crisis,” let alone a health care emergency. We’ve been so brainwashed by years of blue lights every April, that we celebrate autism as a normal and acceptable part of childhood today.

In the real world parents are scared.

There are kids with autism EVERYWHERE. You can’t get together with even six parents and not hear about whose child has

Dara and family
Dara and her husband Mark, son Dylan and daughter Jessica

the disorder.

But someone somewhere has to be able to tell us something about preventing autism.

That’s where Dara Silverman Berger’s wonderful book, How to Prevent Autism, takes center stage. 

It’s about hope. Hope that you won’t stand helplessly by as your child descends into the clutches of a neurological disorder that can rob them of a normal, healthy childhood and a bright independent future. No mainstream doctor can do this.

My son is 30 years old. I watched him change from a bright, happy baby to a child who didn’t speak and who looked in photos like he survived the fire bombing of Munich.

When John was finally diagnosed at age 7, after multiple attempts of labeling him, I was told, by a psychologist they brought in from Minneapolis, a hundred miles away, that autism “was such a RARE DISORDER, he was probably among only one or two other kids in my little town of 12,000 with the disorder.”

BIG SURPRISE. Autism is no longer rare in Chippewa Falls, or anywhere else. I can go into any of the grade schools or the high school here and find lots of kids on the spectrum.

Yet somehow we’re all supposed to believe that everything is fine. More and more and more kids with autism are really nothing new. It’s always been like this, we just called it something else.

To any thinking person, that is completely absurd.

We’ve had to train everyone who deals with CHILDREN about autism. There are NO NURSING HOMES FOR THE AUTISTIC ELDERLY. However, there are more and more schools exclusively for children on the spectrum. (They’re now building 19 for the most severe cases across Britain.)

Pediatricians do routine checks for autism at those well-baby visits (as they pump more and more vaccines into toddlers). And when the signs appear, all they can do is advise parents to check into early intervention and ABA therapy.

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by Ginger Taylor

UadrowningShelley Hendrix of Unlocking Autism has become the defacto disaster relief expert for autism families, simply because her non-profit is in Baton Rouge.  Since FEMA still has no plan for autism families, they had to become the service org to take care of our families in Katrina and during the Baton Rouge floods last year.
This is her alert to families today.  Water is rising and they need to be prepared:

To Members of the Autism Community in Texas/Louisiana Impacted by Harvey:
SAFETY IS JOB #1: This is an active event. Dangerous flooding is still possible and water may rise through early next week. Pay attention to river crest levels and check to ensure your family is at an elevation above those levels. You can find your current sea level elevation here. Residents will continue to see extensive rainfall. Safety is Job #1 for you and your families.  Do your best to get into a safe, quiet place as quickly as possible. If you do not have natural supports where you can evacuate to be with family or friends, get into a hotel room as quickly as possible.
Please be alert and guard against distraction.  Wandering and elopement are especially dangerous in our community right now due to high flood waters.
Emergency officials and Unlocking Autism volunteers will triage individuals in this order SAFETY, SHELTER, FOOD/WATER, CLOTHING, MEDICINE (unless it is life sustaining medication).

Please continue to register families of kids with ASD hereWe have people on standby that can help them and counsel with them and pray with them and help them calm down.  Other moms who know what this is like.


Critical Needs Assessment:  FEMA may provide financial assistance to individuals and households who, as a result of the disaster, have immediate or critical needs because they are displaced from their primary dwelling. Immediate or critical needs are life-saving and life-sustaining items including, but not limited to: water, food, first aid, prescriptions, infant formula, diapers, consumable medical supplies, durable medical equipment, personal hygiene items, and fuel for transportation. Critical Needs Assistance (CNA) is awarded under the Other Needs Assistance provision of the Individuals and Households Program (IHP) and is subject to a state cost share. It is a one-time $500 payment per household. The State must request that FEMA authorize CNA in a disaster for specific geographic areas that are expected to be inaccessible for an extended period of time (i.e., seven days or longer). The eligibility period for CNA corresponds to the standard registration period for IHP, which is 60 days from the date of the Presidential disaster declaration.

Individuals and households may be eligible for CNA if all of the following have been met:

  • A registration is completed with FEMA;
  • The applicant passes identity verification;
  • At registration, the applicant asserts that they have critical needs and requests financialassistance for those needs and expenses;
  • Their pre-disaster primary residence is located in a county that is designated for CNA; an
  • The applicant is displaced from their pre-disaster primary residence as a result of the disaster.


Transitional Shelter Assistance:  FEMA may provide Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA) to applicants who are unable to return to their pre-disaster primary residence because their home is either unihabitaable or inaccessible due to a Presidentially-declared disaster. TSA is intended to reduce the number of disaster survivors in congregate shelters by transitioning survivors into short-term accomodations through direct payments to lodging providers. TSA does not count toward an applicant’s maximum amount of assistance available under the Individuals and Households Program (IHP).

TSA is funded under Section 403 of the Stafford Act and is subject to a state cost-share. The State may request that FEMA authorize the use of TSA for the declared disaster in specific geographic areas.

The affected state, territorial, or tribal government may request TSA. This form of assistance may be considered when the scale and projected duration of the declared incident results in an extended displacement of disaster survivors. The state, territorial, or tribal government, in coordination with FEMA, identifies areas that are inaccessible or that incurred damage which prevents disaster survivors from returning to their pre-disaster primary residence for an extended period of time.

Under TSA, disaster survivors may be eligible to stay in an approved hotel or motel for a limited period of time and have the cost of the room and taxes covered by FEMA. For those who are eligible, FEMA will authorize and fund, through direct payments to participating hotels/ motels, the use of hotels/motels as transitional shelters.  The applicant is responsible for all other costs associated with lodging and amenities, including, but not limted to  incidental room charges or amenities, such as telephone, room service, food, etc.

The initial period of assistance will be 5-14 (adjustable to 30 days, if needed) days from date of TSA implementation. FEMA, in conjunction with the state, territorial, or tribal government, may extend this period of assistance, if needed,  in 14-day intervals for up to six months from the date of disaster declaration.

Individuals and households who are not eligible for TSA will be referred to local agencies or voluntary organizations for possible assistance.

Individuals and households may be eligible for TSA, if:

  • Register with FEMA for assistance
  • Pass identity and citizenship verification
  • Their pre-disaster primary residence is located in a geographic area that is designated for TSA
  • As a result of the disaster, they are displaced from their pre-disaster primary residence
  • They are unable to obtain lodging through another source

FEMA provides eligible applicants access to a list of approved hotels in their area, and applicants may choose to stay at any approved hotel or facility identified by FEMA. The list of approved hotels is available at or the FEMA Helpline. FEMA provides applicants with access and functional needs additional assistance in locating approved hotels to meet their needs.

FEMA bases the amount of TSA on the maximum lodging rate plus taxes for the locality, as identified by the General Services Administration (GSA).

Extending TSA

When FEMA extends TSA eligible applicants are allowed to remain in transitional sheltering through the end of the extended interval if they are otherwise eligible for IHP Assistance, or both

of the following apply:

  • FEMA is currently considering the applicant’s eligibility for Temporary Housing Assistance or is waiting for documentation from the applicant needed to consider eligibility
  • They meet other conditions of eligibility established by FEMA and the coordinating state, territorial, or tribal government

Ending TSA

  • If an applicant who is receiving TSA is approved for Rental Assistance, their TSA-eligibility will terminate at the end of the 14-day interval.
  • Applicants who are not eligible for IHP Assistance may only remain in transitional sheltering until their TSA interval expires.


FEMA Shares Hurricane Harvey Resources for Texas Survivors, Volunteers:





FEMA Registration: 800-621-3362/TTY:


Stalkers & Mockers Fail to Disrupt VaxXed Bus in Minneapolis

Vaxxed bus side
Note: As if to prove Nancy's point, yesterday we got this comment from Ken Reibel, "Autism News Beat" blogger, and  mocker extraordinaire. Imagine belittling families whose kids are sick, injured, maybe have died. Ken enjoys such sport. Don't be like Ken. Be human.  "I think a Vaxxed clown car would be more appropriate."

By Nancy Hokkanen

On August 25 the VaxXed bus arrived in Minneapolis, bringing Polly Tommey and driver Anu Vaidya for a second round of interviews memorializing people’s adverse reactions to vaccines. The number of interviewees’ signatures on the big black RV

Vaxxed bus looking
Craig Egan, Karen Ernst and Patsy Stinchfield view the VaxXed bus. (Photo by TEAM TMR’s Rogue Zebra.)

is more than 6,400.

During the 8-hour stop at Minnehaha Falls Park, Tommey and Vaidya were welcomed by dozens of appreciative vaccine injury victims and their families, along with local natural health practitioners and health freedom advocates. Visitors talked and networked by the bus and under a gazebo, distracted occasionally by brief showers – and for a short time by an impotent handful of misguided protesters.

The peripatetic Tommey, a compassionate autism mum, had allowed herself only a brief break following her internationally-publicized Australia trip with Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Among the complications and corruptions: the Australian Prime Minister’s wife chairs a pharma corporation that’s collaborated with Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

The official VAXXED YouTube Channel is home to Polly Tommey’s VaxXed bus interviews. As with other stops, Tommey live-streamed interviews on VaxXed’s Facebook page and using the Periscope app.

How does Polly continue this emotionally challenging archiving of vaccine injury testimonies? “Each sad report makes me more motivated to keep going,” said Tommey. “The next story is what keeps me going. ‘How dare you hurt that person; how dare you kill that mother’s baby’... That pain, it’s a knife right to the heart... I look into the eyes of these other parents, and I see it; it makes my heart weep every single time. We have to stop ‘people in pain.’”

Vaidya has driven about half of the roughly 40,000 miles on the VaxXed bus. Like the autism parents he meets, he has become an insightful analyst of his voluminous readings and firsthand observations. “At a certain point, anecdotal evidence actually builds on itself and becomes a large enough data set to be scientifically relevant – at which point you should be developing scientific studies and actually research it,” Vaidya said. “So to disregard anecdotal data is to say that you don’t even want to think about a hypothetical scientific discovery. Which is anti-science.”

Vaxxed mutant and proud
Protesters at VaxXed bus in Minneapolis 8-25-17. (Photo by TEAM TMR’s Rogue Zebra.)

Some Minnesota VaxXed interviews were done earlier, off the bus, such as a conversation with a doctor who formerly was staunchly pro-vaccination. Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician and father of eight with 15 years in child development and special education. A self-described former “bully” about vaccines, he began noticing that chiropractic patients were healthier than his. “When I started reading vaccine inserts, I was blown away at what had been studied or not studied… It changed my life when I saw vaccines having a higher injury rate than expected.”

Without violating patient confidentiality, Dr. Zajac talked about two undeniable cases of vaccine injury in his practice. “Hard to admit that I struggled with recognizing that really happened to my patient… it opened up my eyes.” He now reads an hour a day about vaccine issues, and acknowledged the amount of information gathering done by parents: “Once your child is injured by vaccines, you’ll never stop researching it.”

Organizers of the Minneapolis VaxXed stop withheld its Mississippi River stop location publicly because of troublemakers. One was Craig Egan, a miscreant with suspect funding who boasts online about his national stalking of the bus and its grieving visitors. Nonetheless he and a handful of protesters appeared brandishing a few signs (such as the inapplicable “Mutant and Proud”), but left after some sprinkles of rain. Someone even attempted to shut down the VaxXed event by calling park police, though event organizers had a permit.           

"I wonder why Craig Egan and the rest of his trolls are trying to intimidate families who have vaccine injured children?” asked Wayne Rohde of the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota. “He has no heart or conscience for understanding others who are living and struggling with disabilities."

Another empathy-challenged intruder was Karen Ernst of the faux consumer group Voices for Vaccines, who showed up to



Make American Vaccinate again
Karen Ernst of Voices for Vaccines and Craig Egan laugh it up while vaccine injury victims, families and advocates visit the VaxXed bus in Minneapolis 8-25-17. (Photo from Egan’s site.)

lurk and smirk. Though the VaxXed bus is a travelling monument recognizing health damage and deaths caused by vaccines, photos taken that day indicate she found the gathering amusing. Her disturbingly inappropriate affect is profoundly disrespectful at an event commemorating the sick and dead, their caregivers, and their mourners.

Adding insult to vaccine injury, Ernst approached the bus with Patsy Stinchfield, a long-time Children’s Hospital nurse, media favorite and (per Linkedin) “Infection Preventionist” who’s pushing to add a third MMR shot to children’s vaccination schedules. “I was shocked to see Patsy Stinchfield attend with a paid troll who has made serious violent threats to the VaxXed crew,” said Patti Carroll of the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota. “This supposed ‘professional’ took part in harassing people who were telling their vaccine injury stories.”

Rather than listen to victims’ health realities or suggest medical treatments, Nurse Stinchfield patronized them by proposing what amounted to irrelevant “alternate facts.” “Stinchfield actually tried to suggest alternative diagnoses for them — without knowing anything about their medical history, which vaccines were received, or what their health status was at the time of the vaccine injury,” Carroll said. “This is a perfect example of the callous disregard shown by the medical establishment toward those who are harmed by vaccines."

That same day the self-serving Stinchfield apparently made a YouTube video with Egan, who to all but the cognitively Craig YouTubedissonant appears at times emotionally unstable. Also that day, Minnesota officials declared that state’s measles epidemic ended. Though the Internet abounds with Stinchfield’s quotes about measles, she is suspiciously quiet regarding Minnesota’s epidemic of mumps in vaccinated people – whose etiology likely hearkens back to vaccine failure and the Merck whistleblower “Protocol 007” lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

To victims of iatrogenic injury, being perversely subjected to cruel harassment by a pharma-friendly nurse should warrant professional repercussions. "Why does Patsy Stinchfield berate and ridicule parents of vaccine-injured children, who are waiting in line to share their story?” Rohde asked. “That is not professional; that is not what a caring medical practitioner would do. Maybe the state medical board should review her actions.”

As a VaxXed driver Vaidya has interacted with a variety of protesters at the bus who’ve been misinformed about Tommey’s intent, and/or don’t realize the evidentiary value of the myriad vaccine injury recordings. “What we’re out here to do is these stories; it’s not about making a big public statement,” said Vaidya. “And so situations like today where we have people show up that are protesting, it just doesn’t make any sense – the argument being that since it’s anecdotal, it should be disregarded.” In describing evaluation of scientific evidence Vaidya cited historical examples such as Galileo and Babylonia, adding, “The truth of the matter is that most discovery science has started from an anecdotal perspective.”

Why is Minnesota such a hot-button stop for the VaxXed team? Because it’s a financially entangled hub of vaccine promotion, home to:

- Merck researchers Dr. Gregory Poland and Dr. Robert Jacobson, at Rochester’s Mayo Clinic;

- pharma-funded faux consumer groups Immunization Action Coalition and Voices for Vaccines, whose members publish scientific inaccuracies and malign vaccine injury victims online, and whose board members have financial conflicts of interest;

- CIDRAP, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota; in fall 2012 director Michael Osterholm angered many by suggesting influenza vaccinations need an extensive, expensive “Manhattan Project” revamping;

- America's Health Insurance Plans' Vaccination and Immunization Working Group member Dr. James Nordin, whose hot-button studies include flu shots, Tdap and HPV vaccines during pregnancy (why?); wheezing in asthmatic children after nasal vaccination (now withdrawn); and race/ethnic disparities after vaccination (think #CDCwhistleblower).

- former ACIP member and measles alarmist Kris Ehresmann, the state’s infectious disease division director who has an autistic son.

With so much pressure from vaccine promoters, Minnesota is also home to:

- ever-increasing numbers of educated parents of vaccine-injured children working to prevent others’ injuries;

- including a disproportionately large population of Somali immigrant families whose children suffer a high rate of autism caused by the MMR vaccine;

- established health freedom activists united with other groups across the state, nation and internationally;

- organized pushback maintaining one of the strongest vaccine exemption policies in the U.S., including a philosophical exemption.

Though the VaxXed crew is performing a crucial public outreach service by archiving medical experiences for posterity, they do not receive state or federal funding. The VaxXed website provides a wealth of vaccine safety information; one important file is downloads of the CDC autism/MMR files released by CDC senior scientist Dr. William Thompson.

Davenport, Iowa was the next stop for the VaxXed bus, followed by stops in Missouri and then safely back to Texas. The bus’s home base is about 200 miles northwest of Houston, where Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

To help bring an end to vaccine injuries, Tommey advises everyone to report their families’ vaccine injury observations online. “Join us on social media; join our team,” Tommey said. “And go out on their social media, and go out on everywhere, because we have to. We have to shout, and the best shouting is out on social media these days. Contact us; if anybody wants to be an ambassador, they just contact”


Help Autism Families Devastated By Harvey Flooding

UA graphicHi, friends. At times like this we are ONE community coming together to help one Women handsanother out in any way possible. Unlocking Autism is the organization we'd like to recommend for you to please make a small donation to families affected by Harvey flooding. $5 from each of you will make a difference. Shelley Hendrix is the heart of UA - you might not have heard that dear founder Nancy Cale passed away a couple of weeks ago - a stunning loss to our community.

If YOU need help click here.

UA donates 100% of every penny to families - there is ZERO overhead. No admin.  Just volunteers getting WalMart cards to give to bereft families who need very specific items for their children with autism.

Unlocking Autism is responding the needs of the autism community in South Texas as a result of historic hurricane and flood damage. We know first hand how difficult recovery can be. You can best help families right now by donating so that we can provide them with gift cards to Wal-Mart so they can get what their unique family needs to begin rebuilding.

All donations received through September 30th will go to this effort. You can make an online donation here or mail a check to Unlocking Autism, PO Box 41312, Baton Rouge, LA 70835. Thank you for helping others in need!


An Open Letter to the Editor of the Guardian, Katharine Viner

Guardian vaccines editorial
By John Stone

Dear Ms Viner,

I am writing to you somewhat retrospectively to ask for some explanation of the Guardian’s unsigned editorial last month The Guardian view on vaccinations: a matter of public health [1] which was both an attempt to jockey opinion and a blatant attempt to mislead. The issue as presented was that compulsory vaccination was a necessary step, because certain bad people labelled collectively “anti-vaxxers” were gaining too much influence. This in effect bundled together all critics of the programme and the vaccine lobby as bad people (frequently apparently wealthy people like Gwyneth Paltrow) and allegedly all free-loaders on the system, rather than as many are people who vaccinated their children and rue the day. Moreover, the cited authority on this was not scientific literature but the comedian TV presenter, John Oliver. This is scarcely the material of respectable argument.

Even the illustration of protesters in Italy demonstrates the distortion of the issue. In Italy – unreported by your newspaper as far as I know – tens of thousands of citizens have been turning out weekly on the streets not to demand the banning of vaccines, which you might suppose would be what an “anti-vaxxer” wanted, but the right to have some choice over what their children were vaccinated with and when. This had been provoked by legislation following an agreement between the Italian government and GlaxoSmithKline in which investment in Italy was made contingent on the government creating a captive market. The CEO of GSK Italy, Daniel Finnochiaro, is reported on an industry website as saying [2]:

“Among the aspects, I also met with Minister Lorenzin and other members of the government who reiterated the sensitivity of the government towards those who invest, create jobs and opportunities for young people. In short, we started on the right foot.

“Such sensitivity in the Roman palaces is not to be dismissed. As for us, Andrew Witty has asked for a few things: clear rules and stability in return for strong investment in advanced research and production equipment. We were of one intent.”

It may be remarked that without the prospect of forced vaccination there would have been no demonstrators at all, and what actually seems to be happening is that the vaccine industry is picking fights with citizens using such proxies as the Italian government and the Guardian newspaper. It is evident that whatever the arguments are for compulsory vaccination that a competent newspaper, informing its readership, should report that it is actually the industry - the people selling the products - making the running.

Although we should not take the events surrounding the career eclipse of Andrew Wakefield at face value [3], it is a shoddy argument that if one line of research about one product has been discredited that all the products can be supposed safe. That such an argument could be deployed by a “serious” newspaper again beggars belief (although it has become a cynical and lazy resort of the vaccine lobby). It should also be noted that British health officials have repeatedly deployed false arguments about the safety of the expanded schedule citing the flawed and fraudulent ‘spare capacity’ arguments of Paul Offit [4].

Continue reading "An Open Letter to the Editor of the Guardian, Katharine Viner" »

Back To School Week!

Sept 2012 012
Simply couldn't resist the video below.  Remember this ad?  Happy back to school everyone!  My kids don't start until Thursday, but I'm in countdown mode, and so are they. Bella follows me to Mia's day program bus every day, trying to board. Imagine an almost 17 year old young woman is bored to death with her mother?

 This photo is from back to school 2012, but you all know how hard it is to get 3 kids with autism to look at the camera - so I'm using it.  I don't mind shaving 5 years off my age, either.  Kim

Hoping your son or daughter's year is healthy, happy and successful.

Vaxxed: Bus of Ten Thousand Names In Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

VaxXed 2 Polly Tommey Anne Dachel 8-25-17
Polly Tommey and Anne Dachel

By Anne Dachel

On Aug 25, 2017, Polly Tommey and Anu Vaidya brought the ‘Vaxxed’ bus to Minnehaha Falls Regional Park near Minneapolis to talk with families of vaccine injured kids. Since I live about 100 miles east of the Twin Cities, I seized the opportunity to connect with members of the ‘Vaxxed’ team once again. (See Vaxxed - The Movie.)

These people are incredible.

After three weeks of showing ‘Vaxxed’ and recording stories in Australia and New Zealand, here they were up from Texas all the way to Minnesota. (And if you were following Polly, Anu, Dr. Brian Hooker, and Dr. Suzanne Humphries on their tour, you saw what crowds they drew in both countries.)

This was the first time I’d actually been aboard the ‘Vaxxed’ bus, although I’d seen so many videos of parents telling their heartbreaking stories sitting on the bus.

Everywhere you look, there are the names of the victims, thousands of them, inside and outside the bus. I sat in on interviews

Anne Vaxxed MN
Anne Dachel with Anu Vaidya

with parents on the bus, and I marveled at Polly’s ability to keep doing this. There’s a constant theme: healthy child was vaccinated and was never the same again.  

I asked Polly to update us on ‘Vaxxed.’  You can see her unstoppable dedication to telling the parents’ stories. (And I noticed Polly’s lunch was still sitting on the counter at 5 pm.)

Polly Tommey ‘Vaxxed’ Minneapolis, Aug 25, 2017

Polly: “Australia was a huge success, despite the ending—which shouldn't take away from the huge success of ‘Vaxxed’ going out, all the parents with their stories, the packed out venues.  Australia has a huge, huge strong team. The fact that the health minister, or whoever thought that I was a threat to Australia and banned me for three years—that’s irrelevant. Australia’s rising up and doing their thing. All good there.

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A Shawshank Moment of Confusion

Hope is a good thingBy Cathy Jameson

My jaw dropped as I listened to a phone message that came in over a week ago.  It was from a woman who works at an agency that helps us secure services for Ronan. 

“Hi, Mrs. Jameson.  I’m So-and-So from the agency.  In reviewing Ronan’s renewal paperwork, I think I see an error.  I really need you to call me back as soon as you are able so I can go over it with you.  On the form, it looks like you indicated that Ronan was not living full-time in your home.  Instead, it looks like you indicated that he is living in prison.  We cannot continue services if he really is in prison…so, you really need to call me right away because we need to terminate services if his residency has changed.”

Stunned, I hung up the phone. 

Prison?  Are you kidding me?!  Here’s right here next to me!  What the heck did I check off on that form?? 

I’ve made mistakes before, but not one as bad as this one.  Looking at the clock, I realized it was too late to return the call and speak to Ms. So-and-So.  The office was already closed for the day.  I would be able to leave a message, though, and quickly did that. 

Hi, this is Cathy Jameson.  I just heard your message and can assure you that Ronan lives at home.  He has never been in nor has he ever lived in prison.  He lives full-time in our house and is right here next to me.  I’m not sure which box was checked off indicating otherwise, so please, please call me back as soon as you are able.  If I do not answer the home phone, please, please, please try my mobile phone…thank you.

After hanging up, I racked my brain trying to remember when it was that I filled out that paperwork.  It would’ve been months ago.  Think.  Think.  Think!  After a few minutes, I remembered.  I’d received a packet from their office back in the spring and recalled that it was pages and pages long.  I try to keep a copy of every form that we’re required to fill out, so went to my office to hunt down that copy.  Looking through the files, I thought, Wait a minute…I didn’t fill out that paperwork.  I called that information in! 

I had the option to either fill it out and mail it in or call the agency with the information.  Opting to call it in, I waited until all the kids were out of the house.  That way, I wouldn’t be interrupted while I was on the phone.  I remembered that I spoke to a young representative who went section by section with me – together, we updated Ronan’s stats, to include that he lived full-time at home with his family!  If someone on their end messed up my son’s benefits, I would be more livid than I already was.  I could do nothing more about it until I got a call back, so I tried to focus on what I needed to do next – pack for an end-of-the-summer quick trip to the beach. 

Friday morning while driving to Surfers' Healing (which is always one of the best weekends ever for our little family!) we had lots of time to talk in the car.  I told the kids about the phone call and how shocked I was to hear that they thought Ronan was a jailbird.  Can you imagine… Ronan behind bars!  We had a good laugh, but then things got a little bit serious. 

“Will he really lose his benefits, Mom?” one of the kids asked. 

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Epidemic Denial: The Math is Simple

Autism chalkboardNOTE: JB Handley ran the excerpt below from Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill's new book, Denial on his Facebook page.  Me?  I've never been much of a math lover, but I sure agree with JB. Autism has NOT always been with us in these dramatic, traumatic numbers. To think it has is to accept an astounding level of disability as normal.  Like JB's page at Facebook here.

We're happy to report strong sales for this book - please remember to leave a review at Amazon, that really helps  authors.  Thanks.

#19 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Children's Health > Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
#21 in Books > Parenting & Relationships > Special Needs > Disabilities
#30 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Sociology > Medicine


"I love deliciously simple math and logic that shatters the myth that autism "has always been with us." You?

"Epidemic denial doesn't add up. Take the US population of 124 million in 1931--the year the oldest child in that first report on autism was born. Divide that number by the current autism prevalence of one in sixty-eight children. There should have been 1.8 million Americans with autism in 1931.

There weren't. We have scoured the medical literature for cases before then, and there are essentially none to be found. This may seem counterintuitive--surely such children have always been around, misdiagnosed by a less sophisticated medical establishment or simply missed because they were hidden away in the attic or mental institution--but it's the simple truth.

Back up a bit more: how many people have ever lived on Earth? About 100 billion by 1931. Again, simple math yields about 1.5 billion autistic individuals who have lived before 1930.

Now we begin to glimpse the emptiness behind the Epidemic Denier's claims."

- Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill

Denial: How refusing to face the facts about our autism epidemic hurts children, families, and our future
2017, Skyhorse Publishing

Soon Regular Ed Will Ride the Small Bus

Anne Dachel Book CoverNOTE: Thanks to JB Handley for this great post on  Bookmark his site and make sure to read his work regularly!

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI — Anne Dachel is a relentless advocate for the health of America’s children. The mother of an adult son on the autism spectrum, Anne has been a teacher for three decades and has seen the stunning increase in the number of sick children (both mentally and physically) in America’s schools. She writes:

“We keep looking for ways to explain what’s happening to our children, while we pretend nothing has changed. I’ve heard lots of teachers say things like, ‘they come with so many issues from home,’ ‘they used to be kept at home,’ and ‘they used to be in institutions.’

The truth is, kids today live in a chemical soup. Toxins are everywhere. They breathe toxins, eat toxins, and have toxins injected into their bodies. It’s amazing they’re doing as well as they are.

When you look at the number of chronically sick kids that fill our schools, is it such a stretch to realize that their developmental health (social and behavioral) has been equally impaired?”

Anne relentlessly audits the media and how they report on the epidemic rise in autism and other neurological disorders. Her book, The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public is an excellent critique of the mainstream media’s handling of the autism epidemic.

13% of Children are in Special Education!

Read more here.

$100K Vaccine Challenge Ends

RFK 100KFrom our friends at World Mercury Project:

The criteria for submitting an entry into the $100,000 challenge was to send an English translation of the proffered study, a $50 processing fee, a letter explaining why the study qualifies for the reward, and the name and address to which the $100,000 check should be directed. The submissions were initially reviewed by staff to ascertain if they met the criteria for being considered a safety study.

From February 15th to August 15th we received 49 emails regarding the $100,000 challenge. Of those, many were requesting clarification, some were expressing comments or concerns and about one third included links for submission to the Challenge. We also received two mailed responses including one from a college professor who had students send in submissions as part of their class assignment.

None of the submissions received met the criteria of being classified as a safety study and all processing fees received were either returned to the applicant or destroyed at their request.

Read more and review the submissions at the WMP site here.

More Denial: Some Autism Parents Are Just ASDholes

WeepBelow is a horrible story of a mother charged with murdering her teen daughter with "high functioning autism."The girl's name was Savannah Leckie.

According to the article, it sounds like the girl was more than a handful - and don't we know what that's like? Autism is rarely what we see on sitcoms and news clips of snapshot moments of success. Life is a continuum of struggle, love, frustration, love, hard work, love, sleepless nights, love, staying home, love, limited social life, love, stalled dreams, love. Now, take out the love and what do you have? A recipe for murder. 

This poor young woman didn't stand a chance. According to the AP story, she was put up for adoption as a baby. Her adoptive mother "gave her back" to her birth mother because her fiance did not get along with the girl. (Please review long love filled sentence above.) Her birth mother treated the girl like a war hostage, with cruelty and punishment.

Growing up doesn't mean growing out of autism. I hate to tell you, but our work gets more difficult as school ends, services Denialdiminish, budgets are slashed. The result will be more of this literal insanity - parents killing their children with autism and sometimes comitting suicide afterward.  Denial of the epidemic means trauma and tragedy.

Learn more about the squashing of the truth about the epidemic in DENIAL by our own Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill, available now.

May God rest Savannah's soul. KR

Missouri woman charged with killing autistic daughter [Associated Press]

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A Missouri woman was charged Tuesday with killing the autistic teenage daughter she gave up for adoption as a baby, weeks after the girl's remains were found in a burn pit on her remote property and months after the girl moved back from Minnesota, where she was raised.

Rebecca Ruud, 39, is charged with first-degree murder, abuse of a child resulting in death and second-degree felony murder in the killing of her 16-year-old biological daughter, Savannah Leckie. She is also charged with tampering with physical evidence and abandoning a corpse, said Ozark County Prosecutor John Garrabrant. He declined to say whether anyone else would be charged, but Sheriff Darrin Reed said the investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected.

Ruud is being held in the Ozark County jail. A cellphone number listed as hers wasn't working, and the public defender's office didn't immediately reply to a phone message seeking comment.

The Really Big Lies About Autism

Big lieBy Anne Dachel

For the last 10 years I've written often about "THE REALLY BIG LIE ABOUT AUTISM,"  which is that autism's always been here, we just called it something else.

There is also another REALLY BIG LIE, and that is that autism is not a disability, just a difference how people see the world and interact.

This marginalizes autism to the realm of a curiosity, not a crisis. Look at these two stories from the UK. The first one about a mother with SEVEN DISABLED CHILDREN, SIX WITH ASD. She calls for awareness, acceptance and understanding. Autism happens--learn to live with it.

The second story is about three sisters with high functioning autism. They call autism a "superpower," not a disability.

These stories are more proof that the world will do nothing to address autism as a manmade condition that has crippled millions of children around the world. We will continue to celebrate autism, study it with no real purpose, and try to accommodate more and more disabled children until finallly we won't know what a normally functioning person is like. It's happening right now in schools around the world.

Aug 23, 2017, (UK) “They’re amazing, I’m so proud of them”: Mother of six autistic children blogs about her life"

Blog written by mother of seven, Vikie Shanks, an advocate for better awareness of autism and mental health. These are her views which she is sharing with ITV Central.

With seven children, six on the autistic spectrum, the seventh with severe dyslexia and the youngest two also with cerebral palsy, life was never going to be simple!

Rewarding, yes; straightforward, no. All of this hands-on experience has equipped me with an armoury of tools that I use. I now write books, give talks, and offer mentoring to help and educate as many people as possible. It’s my life’s mission!

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New Name for a Nasty Game

Hello my name isBy Kim Rossi (formerly Stagliano, but that's another book altogether.)

While the nation was descending into darkness, both partial and full on Monday, courtesy of the solar eclipse, I noticed a lot of Tweets and FB posts laughing about "FlatEarthers."   Though I'm somewhat isolated in my autism Mom summertime and the living is hectic when is school starting where did Age of Autism go oh my gosh we need to fix that glitch Kim it's time to feed the AofA content monster again and again and again and hey is that laundry life.....  I do know that the FlatEarthers are proclaiming the earth is not a sphere and acting as if it's 1491 and no one at all should have any fun.

I am not a FlatEarther (insert sophomoric bra joke here.)

But the phrase got me to thinking about the recent political and social upheaval in our country.  I am shocked by the complete and utter indifference to the sick kids, scorn, and active hatred and even calls to violence against those of us in the vaccine safety and choice community. We've had medical doctors cry out to have our children taken from us. I've seen calls to harm us, kill us because a healthy, happy yet unvaccinated child is a perceived medical time bomb threat.

The same Americans marching against hatred, bigotry and 'isms of every sort, are often the exact same people marching FOR hatred and bigotry toward us.  And now, I shall name them.....


Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.

Stat News Runs Incomplete Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr: Read Full Transcript

A-man-does-not-sin-by-commission-only-but-often-by-omission-quote-1By Anne Dachel

Below is a link to an interview by Helen Branswell of StatNews with Robert Kennedy, Jr. This interviewer was argumentative and out to discredit Kennedy. The narrow scope of the questions showed that. A legitimate journalist would have asked questions like this:

Is it true there is a claim from a CDC whistleblower that the government has destroyed research showing a link between vaccines and autism?

You allege that there are extensive conflicts of interests among our health officials that call their vaccine safety claims into question. Would you explain what you mean?

Why do you claim that the mercury in vaccines is dangerous when all the government's research shows it's safe?

Our friends at World Mercury Project told us today that Stat News failed to include important parts of the interview. WMP

This is the FULL and correct transcript

STAT News published the Q & A (a close version) on their site but without the last part that included Kennedy's comments about the Institute of Medicine (IOM) findings:

But then they wrote a second article that editorialized the conversation here:

Here are the World Mercury Project posts on FB and Twitter. Please SHARE!!


Link to WMP Tweet:

Read the interview, comment and judge for yourself. Was Ms. Branwell interviewing or impugning? A quick glance at who is Stat News rather tips their hand.  We wonder if Dan Olmsted would have known editor Rick Berke "back in the day?" In any case, they need some vaccine safety facts... STAT! Thank you to Mr. Kennedy for speaking with them. Couldn't have been pleasant.

STAT delivers fast, deep, and tough-minded journalism. We take you inside science labs and hospitals, biotech boardrooms, and political backrooms. We dissect crucial discoveries. We examine controversies and puncture hype. We hold individuals and institutions accountable. We introduce you to the power brokers and personalities who are driving a revolution in human health. These are the stories that matter to us all.

What’s STAT all about?
STAT is a national publication focused on finding and telling compelling stories about health, medicine, and scientific discovery. We produce daily news, investigative articles, and narrative projects in addition to multimedia features. We tell our stories from the places that matter to our readers — research labs, hospitals, executive suites, and political campaigns.

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Hit and Run Vaccine Policy of the British Government Revealed: Damage Settlements Go from Hundreds to Zero in Four Decades.

Broken-britain-finalBy John Stone

Bad faith through and through: we have reached a point with the vaccination program where it is impossible to draw attention to or discuss openly even government published data. Information which has recently to come to light concerns the way the British parliament moved to recognise vaccine damage nearly forty years ago, making many – if modest – settlements, but then the government machine massaged the problem out of existence by silently changing the criteria.

In the first two complete years of the scheme in 1979-81 – when the program itself was much less ambitious -  the United Kingdom Vaccine Damage Payment Unit recognised 573 cases. Settlements had reduced to a trickle by the end of the 1980s, and by the beginning the present decade (the years 2011-14) there were none at all. Indeed, earlier this year even the Court of Appeal was forced to reject the absurdly flawed and contradictory criteria of the United Kingdom Department of Works and Pensions.

Sad to report that once again the British Medical Journal has so far failed to publish a letter drawing attention to this issue. I submitted a letter twice adjusting the language the second time to make sure it could be no obstruction to publication, while the information I cite is in government documents. This is the second submitted letter:-

Request for an open discussion

If we look at the table of damage settlements from the Vaccine Damage Payment Unit provided under Freedom of Information in December 2014 it tells a pitiful and disturbing story [1]. In the first full year of the scheme, 1979/80, there were 317 settlements, and in the second 256. It is not to be supposed the Department of Health and Social Security, as it was then, paid out frivolously. But it must also be reflected that in those day there were only 5 or 6 infant vaccines on the schedule, with relatively low compliance.

It is evident that the VDPU then began to play by different rules or use different criteria for assessment. By 1988/9 -  the year Social Security was split from Health - they had got it down to just three settlements, and after 2010 until the end of 2014 there were none at all, even though the schedule just kept on expanding and compliance was generally over 90%. Bureaucratically speaking there was indeed no vaccine damage at all during this period, though even on the basis of manufacturers' data you would expect some. We also, of course, know from the Court of Appeal earlier this year that the Department of Works and Pensions was subverting the spirit and letter of the act by employing logically contradictory rules [2], and unfortunately what we fear is that they will seek out new pretexts to deny compensation, because this means has failed. It can only be said that this is a profoundly opaque culture, and one which could lead to untold damage, because major checks have been removed from the system.

Does anyone want to answer for this?



John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.