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Anne Dachel

Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

Brother Tony M
Brother Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam has taken center stage in the demand for accountability at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Brother Tony was outstanding on Oct 24 at the Rally for Truth in Atlanta.

I contacted Bro Tony for an interview so I could find out more about his views and his plans. In this first segment, Bro Tony expressed his gratitude to an activist mom from Los Angeles, Michelle Ford, who first reached out to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Bro Tony described how Michelle first recognized that black babies were being “disproportionately affected …particularly when it came to the MMR vaccine. She went looking for the most courageous black …leader that she could find who could get this information over to the African American community.” This led to the meeting of Michelle, Bobby Kennedy, Bro Tony, Brian Hooker along with others and Rev Farrakhan.

Bro Tony said that when this issue was talked about at the Million Man March in Oct, “Millions heard what we said about the Centers for Disease Control here in Atlanta. Many in cities all across this country now [are] calling me, wanting me. . . to do huge town hall meetings, that we may enlighten, educate, warn, and give our people. . . the correct information. . . to avoid their babies getting autism and any other ill-effects that are happening as a result of these vaccines, and what can they do for their already affected children.

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Current Affairs

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Tim Bolen's Gay Fantasy

Editor's Note -- Some of you will know Tim Bolen as the California writer who savages just about everyone in the autism advocacy community and tells them how they could and should have done things right. In his latest newsletter, he takes on the Democrats in the California legislature with a, shall we say, vivid, detailed fantasy about what they were doing instead of helping the parents of vaccine-damaged children:

"Right in the middle of the hearings, with all of these parents there in Sacramento, the Democratic legislature took the day off, I kid you not, to celebrate Gay Pride Week. Instead of looking, carefully, I guess, at what vaccines do to children, the Dems, instead, shaved off their body hair, oiled themselves up, slipped into their Speedos, and pranced down to Sacramento Gay Bars, where they could dance around the Gay Pole with their REAL constituents - the ones they understand, and serve the needs of..."

I wouldn't touch that with a proverbial 10-foot pole.


Dachel Media Update: Flu Shot Blamed for Girl's Paralysis

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

Nov 3, 2015, Fox News: Mom blames daughter's paralysis on flu shot

A Florida woman says her daughter became paralyzed after getting a routine flu shot.

Carla Grivna says her child was happy and healthy until getting the flu shot just before the Thanksgiving Day holiday last year. Three days later, however, her daughter Marysue could not move or talk, Grivna said. The child is now a bedridden 10-year-old diagnosed with a rare viral infection of the brain called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, or ADEM. Carla Grivna believes what happened is directly tied to the flu shot.

“The doctors won’t confirm it or deny it,” the mother told "Fox & Friends" Sunday. “Her father Steven and I are certain, due to all of our research, that this was what caused Marysue’s condition. She was a happy, healthy, running and playing 9-year-old then this happened.”

Paralysis following the flu vaccine, a "medical mystery"? Like the puzzle we call "autism"?

They're talking about Guillain-Barré Syndrome.


Fox and Friends' Tucker Carlson: "Any physician will tell you, if he's honest, that this could be side effect, and yet parents don't know that.  And I think you're absolutely right, parents should be informed."

If you check out the package inserts for the flu vaccines available, GBS is listed.

Here's an example.

On the government's vaccine websites, they mention GBS at the same they try to convince us that there's really no proof that developing paralysis following a vaccine is nothing more than a coincidence. 

I talked with Louis Conte, author of Vaccine Injuries; this is his response.

Cases involving GBS, demylenating disorders and other
neurological injuries that result in paralysis have been compensated by
the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for years. The problem
is that the NVICP refuses to provide the public and the medical
profession with meaningful information about the compensation program
and the reality of vaccine injury despite the fact that Congress
intended the NVICP to do so. A recent General Accounting Office report
also pointed this out this failure. It is time for vaccine injury cases
compensated by the federal government to be fully and independently

Louis Conte


ApertureAperture International provides visionary products that translate scientific breakthroughs into outstanding health benefits for our clients worldwide.  Based on 24 years of research and clinical experience, the Aperture line of supplements was formulated for individuals who require the highest level of quality and purity. Visit us at Aperture International.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.


CDC Whistleblower, Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

Reality Check׃ CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

Cdc truthBy Anne Dachel

Finally, we are seeing legitimate, thorough reporting on the vaccine controversy by someone in the mainstream press, on an actual news program that people in Atlanta could see on their local station. 

I'm talking about the Oct 29, 2015 story, Reality Check׃ CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed the amazing coverage of the whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on CBS46, hosted by Ben Swann. 

In the segment, Swann proved he is an honest investigative reporter, willing to take on the most heated controversy in pediatric medicine.  In the four and a half minute coverage, Swann said things that we would never expect to hear from a reporter:

"Just days ago, over a hundred protesters gathered outside the CDC right here in Atlanta demanding transparency when it comes to vaccines.  So are these people conspiracy theorists or do they have a good reason  to be here? I promise, this is a reality check you won't see anywhere else.

"It is an incredibly controversial subject, to say the least, but those protesters outside the CDC here in Atlanta say that the information being provided to the public about vaccines is not completely honest.  And all of it hinges on one man. . . a scientist you probably never heard of.  That scientist's name is Dr. William Thompson, and it was on August 27 of 2014 that Dr. Thompson made an admission that got very little media coverage, but it was a major statement.  That statement read in part, 'I regret that my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal, Pediatrics.

"'The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. 

"'Decisions were made regarding the findings of the report at the data collected and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.'"

Swann explained that Thompson came forward after he was secretly recorded by Dr. Brian Hooker and that he has turned "as much as a hundred thousand documents" over to Congress. 

Swann called Rep Bill Posey's announcement made in the House of Representatives "nothing short of stunning." 

"Authors of the study not only hid the actual findings, but attempted to destroy evidence. . . .  Quoting from Dr. Thompson, 'The authors of the study decided not to disclose to the public that African American boys under 36 months were more susceptible to developing autism or autism-like symptoms from the MMR vaccine.  . . .'

"Not only did the CDC hide that information, but the authors of that study threw that information into a trash can and destroyed it."

Swann asked why anyone who questions any aspect of the vaccine program is immediately labeled, anti-vaccine.  He told people to consider that "all vaccines, in all quantities for all people, are not safe.  Every year, hundreds of children are injured by vaccines here in the United States."  He added that over $3 billion have been paid out for vaccine injuries. 

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Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

News From Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice

Oklahomans for vax choiceOklahoma City, OK November 1, 2015

Parents across Oklahoma believe SB 830 (bill to remove the philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions) is simply government overreach, discrimination, and a violation of parental rights to make medical decisions for their children. As a non-profit organization gaining popularity following the introduction of SB 830, OVC has become what is now a diverse group of citizens, from a variety of vocational careers, educational backgrounds, including vaccinating and non-vaccinating individuals, all fighting to defend and preserve the personal and religious liberties that Oklahoma has held dear for decades. Today it is one the fastest growing grass roots effort with the largest resources on this vaccine choice in the state. 

Here are just a few organizations that stand with OVC in the opposition of SB 830:

Parent Rights Oklahoma, Canary Party, OK Grassroots Project and former State Representative Porter Davis, Restore Oklahoma Public Education (R.O.P.E),, Tulsa 9.12 Project, Living Faith Ministries, International and Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, Oklahoma Chapters of John Birch Society, Liberty Oklahoma to name a few.

UPCOMING EVENTS - Health Liberty Rally, Monday, February 8th, 2016 at the Capitol building in the Supreme Court Hallway. Those interested in showing their support for personal and religious liberties can rally at the capitol and hear speakers from 12-1:00 and visit with legislators afterward from 1:00-2:00.  


OKLAHOMANS FOR VACCINE CHOICE       @ok4vaxchoice       

Anne Dachel, Cathy Jameson

Autism Advocacy: Who Speaks for You?

SPEAK TRUTHBy Cathy Jameson

I haven’t always been an outgoing person.  When I was younger I was somewhat shy.  I would avoid raising my hand in class and would steer clear of a crowd if I saw one ahead of me.  Staying quiet, I preferred to be in the background.  As the parent to a non-verbal child with regressive autism, I no longer have that luxury.  I cannot remain silent.  I have to speak up.  I have to speak for Ronan and also for myself. 

When Ronan first lost his ability to talk, I looked to Autism Speaks as a resource.  Founded in 2005, I no longer believe that they speak for me nor for Ronan. 


Screenshot from AS’ website, 17 Sept 2015

My son wanders.  He has seizures.  He requires round-the-clock care.  I do my best to find and support groups in the autism community that hold the same values and expectations that I do.  It’s a shame that an organization as large, profitable, and recognizable as Autism Speaks made a statement that once again refused to acknowledge and accept what so many parents have come to discover - that vaccines did in some way contribute to their child’s autism.  Their latest statement reminded me to be careful which groups and which people I pick to speak for me and for Ronan. 

Since my son, who was affected by vaccines and who has autism, can’t speak for himself, I must advocate for him.  I do that with the help of my husband and with professionals we hire to assist us.  Typically, it is I who oversees and ensures that Ronan’s medical, educational, and therapeutic needs are being met on a daily basis.  If something isn’t going well, I have to speak up.  I have to address the issue.  I have to communicate that there is a problem.  Thankfully, the team of people we consult on a day-to-day basis for help and for treatment do whatever they can to assist us.  I value our team’s input and let them know how much they are appreciated as we work toward common goals:  to help Ronan, to teach him useful skills, to bring him to better healthy—because autism is medical, and to bring him opportunities so that Ronan can be as active and as happy as he can be. 

When we’ve gained new people as Ronan moves out of one phase and into a new one, I’ve had to learn to navigate those new phases and new demands.  During that time, I tend to ask a lot of questions.  Some days I’d love to be quiet, but being quiet doesn’t help Ronan.  So I find myself speaking up and searching for answers.  In my search, so that I can better advocate for my son, I have to once again go outside of my comfort zone and look to others for help.  I sometimes have to look beyond my local area for help.

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: From Lemons, Lemonade (and no Flu-Mist!)

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

When I was a kid and set up a lemonade stand, the price was one safety pin. I’m not sure why my mother settled on that – maybe she needed safety pins or didn’t want me getting too avaricious too young – but the idea of making real money was not on my radar.

Now, however, it is, thanks to a very cool girl named Elizabeth Mazer, who recently sent the following letter:

“Dear Age of Autism, Today in Annapolis, Maryland, there was a street festival called ‘Crafty Kids.’ Lemonade Stand 1In this event, kids set up tables and sell goods on Maryland Avenue, and get to give 50% profits to a charity of the kids’ choice.

“I have an autistic 14-year-old brother named Max. To raise money, I set up a lemonade booth for 50 cents a cup, which was successful. In the end, I wanted to donate 100% of my profits to autism.

“In total of the checks, there is $48.50. Thank you for opening an autism charity to raise awareness!”

“Sincerely, Elizabeth Mazer, Age 10.”

Thank you, Elizabeth! We survive and thrive on individual donations – yours is sufficient to purchase our domain name – – for another year. (Our annual fund drive is coming up next month – tax deductible!  More later on all that.)


Lemonade 2Regular readers may recognize Elizabeth’s last name. Her dad, Josh, is a loyal AOA reader and writer. We recently posted his letter to the editor of the Annapolis Capital Gazette, in which he called out the school board for recommending FluMist vaccine to students -- a live-virus vaccines that can shed.

“The introduction of FluMist into county schools makes some kids get flu like symptoms, or flu, and then have to stay home,” he wrote. “Further, no in school provision exists for parents who do not want their children exposed to the viral shedding.

“The board defers to CDC recommendations on vaccine policy. Both share a complete lack of accountability if your child gets sick, misses school, or suffers a more serious adverse reaction. One wonders if there is a financial incentive in the form of state and federal grants tied to FluMist. What other explanation is there for this backward and contradictory policy?”

Well, we have an update:  “County schools cancel nasal flu vaccines,” the Capital Gazette now reports. 

“The FluMist vaccine, a nasal spray, will not be given to Anne Arundel County Public School students this year due to a manufacturing delay, according the county Health Department and the school system.

“The Health Department has no FluMist vaccines available and don't expect them to arrive in time for flu season.”

How convenient, as the Church Lady would say. The article does note, “The cancellation in Anne Arundel schools comes at a time when the effectiveness of FluMist is being questioned by health organizations.”

And by concerned parents like Josh Mazer. If this vaccine is being pushed on kids in your area, he suggests you might forward his letter and the newspaper’s follow-up to school officials: “Watch them scramble for a cover story as they frantically unwind their FluMist program! It's fun, it's easy, and it works!"

One lemon at a time.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Get Your Boo Shot!


Flu shot halloween

We know Halloween can be tough on kids with autism.
Halloween profile
"So I ring the bell, but I can't go inside?"

"You mean I have to wear this thing on my face?"

"Why does everyone look different?"

"Why is the doorbell ringing over and over?" And so it goes.   We hope you have plenty of candy to fortify YOURSELVES and maybe even some (blood)red wine. 

Happy Halloween!  K

Current Affairs

Deirdre Imus Rebuttal to Regarding Chemicals in Vaccines

Deirdre logoThank you to Deirdre Imus for sharing this important article with us.  Please bookmark her site Imus Environmental Health for health info you can use.

In a recent article on, editor-at-large Jeffrey Kluger snidely compares the similarities between manmade ingredients in vaccines and those naturally occurring in bananas, blueberries, and eggs. It’s an attempt not only to be cute, but also to discredit and demean those of us who are concerned about the safety of childhood vaccines. Or as the mainstream media and others prefer to flippantly call us, “the anti-vaccine crowd” or “anti-vaxxers.”

Such terms are used purposefully and pointedly to make the other side of the argument seem illegitimate. How could the concerns of a bunch of naïve, overwrought parents compare to the scientists proclaiming the safety of vaccines?

Perhaps public health officials and elected representatives have been willfully dishonest on this issue. Maybe they should stop to think why parents are so skeptical about vaccinations in the first place. While some fears might be unfounded, others are based in reality. Maybe one child had a bad reaction to a vaccine, and they’d rather avoid this outcome for a sibling. Maybe they’re uncomfortable with the number of shots children receive at each doctor’s visit, and would prefer to spread these injections out. Or maybe they’ve heard about the possibly devastating side effects vaccines can have, and would rather not take the risk.

To start, there is a big difference between declaring something “safe” and stating there is no “evidence of harm.” That is what public health officials have claimed regarding the mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde currently present in trace amounts in childhood vaccines. But are trace amounts really “trace” when they are present in every vaccine a child receives over the course of his or her life?

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Vaccine Safety

SaneVax Presents HPV Vaccines: Freda Birrell Addresses Scottish Petitions Committee

GardasilPlease bookmark the SaneVax site for information about HPV vaccines.

I would like to thank the Committee for allowing me to provide additional information relating to my request for ‘A round table discussion to be held at Edinburgh between scientists and medical professionals from both sides of the HPV vaccine safety debate.’  I speak today on behalf of not only the UK Association for HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters who have had their lives turned upside down after HPV vaccine administration, but each of the 2019 people from 55 countries who signed because they are having similar experiences and support open scientific discussions.

Our association was organized at the beginning of this year when it became apparent that we needed to co-ordinate everyone’s individual efforts as a group. Our association represents families from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland operating under the banner of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID).  As a group, we were able to receive greater publicity. The increased awareness caused our membership to grow by leaps and bounds. Our initial group of 60 members has expanded to 208 and rising. Despite the fact that Scotland only accounts for 8% of the UK population; 15% of the association’s members come from Scotland. We don’t know how many others are out there, but for now there appears to be no end in sight.

A senior politician within the Irish Government, Pashal Mooney, gave an impassioned plea to Irish Government officials regarding the Irish HPV vaccination program, lack of informed consent and the devastating effects on young girls around the country. He specifically mentions Irish girls being admitted to psychiatric hospitals following HPV vaccinations.

Japan has rescinded the government recommendation for HPV vaccines and initiated studies to determine whether there is a causal relationship between HPV vaccines and adverse outcomes as well as a 21 year study to determine whether HPV vaccines have an impact on cervical cancer diagnosis rates.

  • In Denmark, the National Association of HPV Adverse Sufferers is hosting an HPV Vaccine Information Symposium to bring families together with medical professionals, health authorities and legal professionals to explore treatment options and potential legal remedies on October 31st. Denmark has just recently made the decision to change from Gardasil to Cervarix as the HPV vaccine of choice. 24 Oct 2015, at the urging of Liselott Blixt, Danish politician with a Gardasil injured daughter the Danish government has set aside 7 million kroner to conduct an independent investigation into the HPV vaccine and its side effects.

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Anne Dachel

WHO Says Yes to Mercury No to Meat

Inject meatBy Anne Dachel

ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, NBC News
all are talking about the latest report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France, an agency of the World Health Organization.  22 scientists looked at over 800 studies and they concluded that processed meat and red meat are linked to cancer.  Meat products are ranked along with smoking and asbestos as carcinogens. 

I found it interesting that WHO would ever come out against a commercial product like meat.  It's actually funny when you consider that this organization has steadfastly defended the use of toxic mercury in vaccines given to children all over the world.  Here are their reports in July 2006  and July 2012.   According to WHO all the science is in and mercury and other toxins are just fine when injected into humans.  (The studies that do show concerns were dismissed as having lots of "flaws.")

Pork, steaks, sausage and hot dogs are not getting a free pass however.  Americans need to make changes in meat consumption.

This issue really got my attention because on all the major networks, the medical experts were out in force: ABC NEWS: Dr. Richard Besser, CBS NEWS: Dr. Jon LaPook, CNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, FOX NEWS: Dr. Marc Siegel, and NBC News: Dr. Roshini Raj.  Actually Besser, LaPook, Gupta and Siegel are familiar to me and they're all included in my book, The Big Autism Cover-Up--How and Why the Media is Lying to the American Public  They may think meat is dangerous, but the four couldn't be more confident that injecting kids with mercury, aluminum, and live viruses is good for them and could never cause neurological problems like autism.

Raj at NBC was a new name, but a little search on the Internet showed that she's a true believer too.

ABC News: UN Agency Links Hot Dogs and Other Processed Meat to Cancer

VIDEO: Dr. Richard Besser: "Processed meat is clearly linked to an increased risk of cancer, in particular colon cancer. ...

When Besser was told that the meat industry had released a statement saying that there were "numerous studies showing no correlation between meat and cancer," Besser said, "Yeah, so here we have an independent group of experts who've looked at all the evidence and say that there really is a link here. ..."

CBS News: Study: Processed meats can cause cancer 

Dr. Jon LaPook: "There's good strong evidence that it can cause cancer."

CNN: Gupta: Balance cancer risk with your love of bacon 

Video: Sanjay Gupta: "We now have sufficient evidence to say that processed meat causes cancer in humans.  ...They looked back in time at some 800 studies that go back over 20 years. ..."

Fox News: WHO experts say processed meat can cause cancer, red meat probably can

Eating processed meat can cause bowel cancer in humans while red meat is a likely cause of the disease, World Health Organization (WHO) experts said on Monday in findings that could sharpen debate over the merits of a meat-based diet.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: No Lie Can Live Forever

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

The source for this article is a publication called, The Final Call.  Here's the background. 

"Founded by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, The Final Call follows in the tradition of Muhammad Speaks, with hard-hitting national and international news and coverage of political issues. It is the official communications organ of the Nation of Islam.

"Founded in the 1930s as the Final Call to Islam, the newspaper evolved into Muhammad Speaks in the 1960s and boasted a circulation of 900,000 a week, with monthly circulation of 2.5 million. Today, the weekly Final Call Newspaper serves a readership of diverse economic and educational backgrounds, including circulation in North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean."

This is very encouraging.  I want to join forces with the Nation of Islam, and with Baptists from Pastor Gerald Durley's church, and Jews, and Catholics, whites, Asians, African Americans, Native Americans.   There is no more critical issue than the health and safety of all our children.  We have lived with the lies for far too long.  Once anyone honestly and thoroughly looks into this controversy, they will see the truth about what an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule is doing to America's children.  These voices won't be silenced.

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John Stone

DeStefano Rides Again: GSK Rotavirus Vaccine Study Loses 80% Of Cases And 18 Deaths

DestefanoWe don't often bring back posts this soon, but in light of Robert Kennedy's calling Dr. Frank DeStefano to task, we thought we'd shed some light on his work. Like shining a flashlight in a very dirty kitchen at 2:00am. You know what happens....

Addendum (October 28, 2015)

I took this article down for 24 hours to consider the points made by "n davis" and "n davis is correct". I had overlooked the fact that the paper selects US cases only - that there are only a trickle of cases from the US against a relative flood from abroad - and this is basis of massive selection bias, particularly in relation to deaths. It also shows that the US reporting system while always vastly inadequate is wilting. Pharmaceutical companies are required by law to forward reports from abroad where they come to their attention: there is nothing in n davis's claim that these reports were unavailable to DeStefano - anyone interested in the safety of the vaccine to US children or any other would have considered all of the reports.

By John Stone

Frank DeStefano, the CDC's Director of Immunization Safety and the lead author at the centre of  CDC whistleblower William Thompson’s allegations about destroying  MMR/autism data, is involved in another  case of apparently hiding data, this time  involving intussusception and death, in a newly published paper concerning the safety of GSK’s rotavirus vaccine, Rotarix - a vaccine given according to schedule to infants at 2 and 4 months in the US, and 2 and 3 months in the UK.

Last month Representative Posey revealed Congress that Thompson told Dr Brian Hooker in a taped telephone conversation regarding the DeStefano MMR paper that:

Sometime soon after the meeting, we decided to exclude reporting any race effects, the co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study.  The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.

The new CDC based study of GSK’s Rotarix vaccine by Haber et al, of which DeStefano is senior author and therefore responsible for research integrity, admits a small association with the serious condition of intussusception (an intestinal obstruction secondary to the inversion of one portion of the intestine within another). The paper states that from February 2008 to December 2014 the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) “received 108 confirmed insusceptible reports after RV1” (Rotarix). However, a careful review of the database reveals no less  than 565 cases for the period. The paper claims to have excluded only 4 reports as unconfirmed (making a total of only 112).

This is a gigantic discrepancy bearing in mind that intussusception is not a speculative diagnosis. DeStefano and the CDC team have apparently discarded more than 80% of the cases reported, which in their turn are likely to be only a tiny fraction of actual cases.  VAERS is a passive reporting system   which may report as few as 1 or 2% of cases. It is also astonishing that the CDC would seriously attempt to estimate the excess rate from this data, but not surprising that as a result it is very small. Other recent studies include a meta-analysis which calculated that risk of intussusception was in the region of five and half times for both products in the first week after the first dose, and a study of Rotarix in Japan conducted by GSK itself which showed that intussuception was nearly three times more likely to occur in the week after the first dose  (based only on spontaneous reports).

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The Therapy that Unlocked the Voice of an 11 Year Old with Autism

KaterinaNote: This post needs little introduction beyond the email from a Mom who wanted to share her daughter's success with the Rapid Prompt Method with all of us. Some of you might say, "Oh that RPM is hocus pocus and the work of a guided hand." I can promise you that RPM can absolutely unlock the voice, the thoughts, the intelligence of our kids with autism because I have seen two of my own children blow my mind while working with Soma.  And while we have not had the smashing success Katerina has - and I blame only myself for that - I know that my preverbal and partially verbal daughters are bright, thoughtful and fully engaged in the world thanks to Soma. Learn more about her work at And thank you to Hildy and Katerina Gogal!  XOX  Kim

Dear Ms. Stagliano

I am writing on behalf of my 11 year old nonspeaking daughter, Katerina.  On November 18, Listen_to_me_by_rachellove147-d34d13d2014 we discovered a technique to unlock our daughter's voice, the method we used and are stilling using is Rapid Prompting Method (RPM). Through RPM, we discovered a brilliant girl who has been trapped inside of her body unable to communicate and/or show the world her true potential.  With RPM Katerina is finally able communicate her thoughts and show the world how intelligent she is. 

A child that was doing preschool academics (unsuccessful I might add) less then a year ago is now doing grade level academics and has expressed a strong desire to become an advocate for nonspeaking children.  Her writing is her avenue to advocate and is also therapeutic for her.  She is hurt and disappointed in the world for treating nonspeaking children as though they have no potential.  A child that was once perceived as having minimal receptive and expressive language (through AAC devices) is now a fluent writer and she has some amazing things to say!

Below is a story she wrote, please consider publishing it and help her advocate for nonspeaking individuals. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns,


Hildy Gogal

The Voice by Katerina Gogal

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Katerina. She was very beautiful and so sad, no one could communicate with her because she had no speech.  Katerina's voice was trapped inside her head. She was brilliant but everyone treated her like she was stupid. Not having speech was harmful, she was perceived as not having any language, oh how wrong they all were.  Language and speech are not the same! Katerina developed such anger, so many insensitive cruel people said such horrible things about the girl in front of her, thinking she did not understand.  People who were suppose to educate the girl did not believe she had any potential.  Such a sad life the girl had and oh how lonely. Imagine a world where you have no one but yourself to connect with, how many people could survive? Katerina did.  Katerina learned to communicate her thoughts through RPM. Some people still doubted her, fools. RPM gave Katerina the strength and drive to find a voice.  She yearned to find a way to show the world how smart she was. She needed speech to show them. On Halloween night, Katerina woke up with a brilliant plan, she was going to make a magic potion that would allow all the words in her head to spill out of her mouth. She jumped out of bed, lite a candle for some light and scrambled around her bedroom frantically for her book on magic potions. Where did she last see it? Yes, under her bed! Katerina pulled out the book and turned to the drink some speech potion page.

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Vaccine Safety


Bebe1947Thanks to Ginger Taylor for posting this study in Pediatrics 68 years to the day after it was published.   Vaccination safety is an on-going topic, as you can see. There have been scientific studies documenting vaccine injury for decades.  Was Pediatrics "anti-vaccine" in 1947? Or simply doing their job of publishing scientific facts?



Inspection of the records of the Children's Hospital for the past ten years has disclosed 15 instances in which children developed acute cerebral symptoms within a period of hours after the administration of pertussis vaccine. The children varied between 5 and 18 months in age and, in so far as it is possible to judge children of this age range, were developing normally according to histories supplied by their parents. None had had convulsions previously. Many different lots of vaccine, made by eight different manufacturers over a period of eight years, were implicated. The inoculations were given throughout the usual geographic range of children coming to this hospital. All but one, at the time of follow-up or death, showed evidence of impairment of the nervous system, which might still have been in the healing stage in three or four.


Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Coverage of Atlanta CDC Rally

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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This is how the CDC rally was covered by CBS in Atlanta.  (The story has been picked up in several places.) CBS Atlanta Reporter Dante Renzulli  approached this in the most irresponsible manner.   He presented the most heated controversy in pediatric medicine as if it's the first time he'd heard about it.  He'd done no background on this or he wouldn't have brought up "thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative" and William Thompson's claim that thimerosal causes autism, which surfaced last summer.  (Thompson's MMR study showing a greater susceptibility to regressive autism in black boys wasn't included.  The truth about events at the CDC vaccine division have been trivialized and misrepresented.  Thompson is described as a "former" CDC employee.)                                                                                                                                   

This debate is merely a curiosity to the news industry.  Autism isn't important.  It's certainly nothing officials are worried about.  A bunch of conspiracy-minded parents shouting in front of the CDC don't deserve to be taken seriously.   They couldn't possibly know what they're talking about.  (Notice how Renzulli pronounces the word "thimerosal.")  For whatever reason--fear, sloppy reporting, pressure from advertisers/doctors--members of the press universally fail our children every single day. 

CBS Atlanta: Group worried about autism caused by vaccines protests CDC

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Teresa Conrick

Parkinson’s, Autism, and Back To the Future

1981_Delorean_DMC12By Teresa Conrick

Like most Chicago Cubs fans, I watched the curse ending last week but then the Mets, on fire, had us all hoping for “next year.”  It was BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY, October 21st, 2015, the day Marty McFly and the Delorean were headed into the future.  In BTTF2, the Chicago Cubs were shown to have WON the World Series, hence our dismay that the Cubs actually lost the playoffs on THAT particular day. The irony of it all…  Michael J. Fox of course, played Marty brilliantly back then in all of the BTTF films. I bet no one could predict that his future contained a diagnosis of Parkinson's just six years later.

I loved Back To The Future and saw it twice at the theater. It was in 1985, and I was engaged to be married that next year.  Little did I know that in my future, my first-born daughter would be diagnosed with Autism in 1995.  Her regression into Autism before her 3rd birthday was torture, with horrible GI issues, chronic infections and total loss of both receptive and expressive language.  Here we are in 2015 and the connections of both Parkinson's and Autism are becoming more and more intriguing:

Study finds high rate of Parkinson’s disease among adults with autism:

In the first part of the study, the investigators found high rates of Parkinson’s motor signs (trembling, rigidity, instability, etc.) in a broad investigation of health issues among 19 adults with autism in their fifties and older....(20 percent) received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.  By contrast, Parkinson’s affects less than one tenth of one percent (0.1 percent) of the general population over age 60.

Overall, the main finding from the study  is that adults with autism may have substantially elevated risk for Parkinson’s disease….We find a high frequency of parkinsonism among ASD individuals older than 39 years. If high rates of parkinsonism and potentially Parkinson’s disease are confirmed in subsequent studies of ASD, this observation has important implications for understanding the neurobiology of autism and treatment of manifestations in older adults.

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RFK Issues Ultimatum to CDCs Dr. Frank DeStefano

RFK rally

Thank you to Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC.  RFK, Jr., speaks passionately on behalf of those of us with vaccine injured children as part of the CDC Rally weekend.

Current Affairs

Public Affairs Media Presents Haley Vs. Offit: A Virtual Debate About Vaccines

Thank you to Richard Milner of Public Affairs Media for this informative documentary featuring Dr. Boyd Haley.  Please visit the PAM page, donate if you can and share the video link.

Public Affairs Media, Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established specifically to produce investigative reporting on substantive national and international issues. Public Affairs Media was founded on the premise that if democracy is to survive, the public must be informed and leadership made accountable through a free press, and that freedom of the press depends ultimately on the freedom and duty of the individual journalist to identify, explore, and explain the important issues of the day in a fair, accurate and complete manner.

Public Affairs Media has three major goals: 1) to inform and educate the public on substantive political, scientific and social issues of national and international importance, 2) to increase the supply of thorough investigative documentaries to film, television and radio producers and programmers, and 3) to support and speak for independent journalists, filmmakers, and radio producers committed to covering stories which merit public attention and debate, even though the stories may be complex or their subjects controversial.

Current Affairs

If You Must Vaccinate Your Child, Do So Selectively

Decal AofA Vax ChoiceBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

If parents had to make a choice between vaccinating their child according to the current recommended vaccine schedule or choosing zero vaccines for their child, which choice would be safer?  If they choose all the vaccines on time, they are risking vaccine injuries including sudden infant death, seizures, autism, learning disabilities, asthma, type one diabetes, severe food allergies, and many more.  If they choose zero vaccines, they are risking the infectious diseases and other conditions that vaccines are claimed to prevent.  Which is the greater risk?  I believe that zero vaccines is a far less risky choice if those are the only choices.

There is a viable third choice if parents are willing to do some research and choose only those vaccines that they believe are best for their child.  This is called selective vaccination.  If parents choose this route they will have to search out a pediatrician who will respect their right as parents to do what they believe is best for their child.  Do not be intimidated by any doctor.  Keep searching until you find one that will cooperated with your decisions.

The book Vaccines 2.0  is a great starting point.  This book describes each of the 16 recommended vaccines in detail and gives each a grade.  You will discover that many of these vaccines provide virtually no benefit for your child but plenty of risk.  Why are these useless but dangerous vaccines on the schedule?  Sadly, the vaccine schedule is based on maximizing profits for vaccine companies and not on what is best for children.  Another excellent resource is Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Cathy Jameson

The Sunny and Not So Sunny Days of Autism On the Airwaves

Sesame Street Banner

By  Cathy Jameson

It would be difficult, if not impossible, for someone to create a character that depicts all that autism encompasses.  From the very high functioning, who are able to live day-to-day independently, to the lower functioning individuals, who will never be able to live on their own, there’s a reason why autism is called a spectrum disorder. 

Affecting one’s language skills, social skills, and other developmental skills, the disorder has been identified in 1 in 68 children.  Using data from children born in 2002, the current rate of 1 in 68 was announced in the spring of last year.  Many believe that the autism rate is much higher than what the officials chose to present.  Data used to calculate the current rate does not include my son nor other children.  What about the many children who’ve fallen onto the spectrum since 2002?  They exist.  When will they be included in the national number?  My guess is not for awhile.  I don’t think the public is ready for that. 

It’s no secret that the autism rate is rising, but I think the public’s been kept in the dark about it and about how challenging autism is. 


I’d love for more people to understand that the autism my son lives is different than what is shown on air.  I think it would help.  It would help him—people would see him in a new light and want to help him.  It would help us—people may not be so quick to judge.  And it would help the public—they might then realize just how severe this disorder can be.   

My son is lower functioning.  The autism is severe.  He is non-verbal.  He suffers from seizures.  He needs assistance to eat, to bathe, and to use the toilet.  He’s in 7th grade and is still in diapers.  Our friends and family understand how great his needs are, but I fear that much of the public has yet to catch up.  Catching up is hard to do when the autism rate is downplayed on the news.  They can’t catch up when autism is depicted on popular television shows and movies with mostly highly intelligent and verbal characters.  The public cannot know the autism reality that my son and so many others like him live if that side of autism is not talked about out in the open. 

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CDC Whistleblower, Current Affairs

Barbara Loe Fisher Speaks at Vaccine Rally in Atlanta Bringing People Together From All Walks of Life

BLF Rally30 years after Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC demanded vaccine safety from CDC, following her son's severe reaction to DPT, she and many others rallied this weekend in Atlanta to demand safety, un-doctored science, and an END to forced vaccination.

 View a 12 minute video below. The embed code is from FB - it should work on AofA. Thanks. And sincere thanks to Barbara and A. Omar Muhammad for the video.
Press Conference Against CDC in Atlanta GA

Press Conference Against CDC in Atlanta GA . Coverage by A. Omar Muhammad of A-1 Video Production

Posted by A Omar Muhammad on Friday, October 23, 2015
Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: What’s Wrong With a Little Speculation?

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I don’t like using question marks in headlines, as in the kind of story you see in some national publications along the lines of, Can Congress Be Fixed? I figure that if someone plunks down a quarter for my newspaper (I’m going back to the old days) they want answers, not questions. A recent example is the CNN headline: Can Starbucks Be Stopped? Please, stop click-baiting and just tell me whether Starbucks Can Be Stopped. Take a stand, for heaven’s sake!

So for example, at AOA we don’t ask, Do Vaccines Cause Autism? We put in the time and effort (and often the tragic personal experience) to be able to say yes, they do. We don’t ask, Did Mercury Cause the First Reported Cases of Autism? We can say yes, it did, based on years of research, travel, interviews and analysis (see The Age of Autism – Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic for the 500-page version, or check out the video link on this page, How Mercury Triggered the Age of Autism, for the 10-minute tale. We aim to answer the question, to tell the truth, in as many ways as possible).

There are, however, a few topics that have been stewing in my mind that, as yet, lack clear answers but raise all kinds of questions. Darwin wrote, “Without speculation there is no good and original observation.” This seems kind of turned around doesn’t it? What I take him to mean is that, given a set of interesting facts, trying to figure out how they fit together can lead to a new way of looking at things. Implicit in the idea of speculation – of wondering how a set of dots might connect -- is trial and error and a willingness to look ridiculous.

In that spirit, here are a few things I’ve been speculating on. Confirmatory or counter-speculation, even ridicule, is most welcome.

Is HPV vaccine bringing down the birth rate?

This idea was first proposed to me by an Australian vaccine safety advocate who was visiting the States. According to my notes from 2014:

“she said the teen birth rate in south australia took a dive in 2008, the year after the vaccine was introduced there. also something similar in europe. she said the vaccine might be killing off the eggs in the ovaries. something to this effect was pubbed in sept 2012 by deirdre little, she thinks in bmj or lancet.”

Checking today, I see a report from 2013:

( - The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Case Reports journal has reported that a healthy 16-year-old Australian girl lost all ovarian function and went into menopause after being injected with the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil.

“Dr. Deirdre Little, the Australian physician who treated the girl, provides solid evidence that Gardasil caused the destruction of the girl's fertility.

“She also pointed out that Merck Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Gardasil, has no supporting information on the effects of the vaccine on ovaries, suggesting that Merck had either done no safety testing on Gardasil in relation to its effects on women's reproductive systems, or had suppressed the information.”

My notes from 2014 continue:

“Wonder if this could explain sharp drop in u.s.

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Anne Dachel

Truth, Transparency and Freedom Rally in Front of CDC

(Look for the magic words from the mainstream reports, "debunk" and "myth." As if our kids are unicorns.)

By Anne Dachel

Here's what's online about the rally in Atlanta.

This is a piece about a rally in Oakland, CA in support of the parents at the CDC.)

California Newswire: Newswire: Oct. 24 Rally for Vaccine Truth in Oakland will Stand Together with Freedom Rally at the CDC in Atlanta

Minister Keith Muhammad, of the Oakland Mosque, in collaboration with community leaders, announce that on October 24, 2015 at 12 noon, protesters will rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, Calif. in solidarity with the Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally happening on the same day at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.

Protesters are standing against CDC corruption and the disturbing partnership between industry and government, which undermines the health, safety, and freedom of American citizens. In particular, the protesters are calling for the "CDC Whistleblower" Dr. William Thompson, to be subpoenaed to give evidence to congress, following the revelation by Florida Rep Bill Posey (R) that CDC scientists were allegedly instructed to destroy vaccine research which revealed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, particularly African American boys. . . .

LINEUP – The speaker lineup at the rally will include:

* Minister Keith Muhammad – Resident minister at the Nation of Islam mosque in Oakland. He is an educator and activist and has served Bay Area communities for decades.

* Sister Tesha Muhammad – Tesha is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley, a mother of four including two vaccine damaged sons. The experience of dealing with the challenges associated with autism has motivated her to become an activist against unsafe vaccines.

* Dr. Tim O'Shea – Author of "Sanctity of Human Blood."

* Dr. Tina Kimmel, former research scientist for the California Department of Public Health's Immunization Branch.

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John Stone

US Government Owns Patent of Lethal Indian Rotavirus Vaccine

India VaccineBy John Stone

The patent of the rotavirus vaccine Rotavac  – the present subject of controversy  in India - is owned by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The Indian government have refused to either end trials of the vaccine or publish crucial data from the original trial which would shed light on the occurrence of an exceptional number of cases of the life threatening condition intussusception in which a section of the intestine collapses into itself. The vaccine is being created by a partnership between the US National Institutes of Health, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, India’s Department of Science and Technology, PATH  and the manufacturer Bharat Biotech. All versions of rotavirus vaccine to date have been associated with increased incidence of intussusception: the first version Rotashield, manufactured by Wyeth, was withdrawn in the US after a year in 1999. Two successor versions, Merck’s Rotateq (part developed by Paul Offit), and GSK’s Rotarix were recently taken off the schedule in France, following incidents.

Dr Jacob Puliyel of St Stephen’s Hospital Delhi - a leading critic of program – has argued that initial the Indian trials produced results three times as bad as the withdrawn Wyeth vaccine: he wrote on Pubmed Commons :

With the 116E vaccine trial there were 6 cases of intussusceptions in 2267 controls which works out to be 2.6 cases per 1000 placebo recipients. The ‘normal rate of intussusception’ in this study was at least 10 times higher than the RotaSheild trial (where it was 0.2 cases per 1000 placebo recipients). There were 17 cases of ultrasound confirmed intussusceptions among the 4532 given the 116E vaccine which is 3.75 cases per 1000 babies vaccinated. The comparative figure for the RotaShield study was 0.5 cases/1000. In the 116E trial there was an excess of 1 case of intussusceptions for every 1000 children vaccinated with the rotavirus vaccine (compared to the RotaSheild trial where there were 3 excess intussusceptions per 10,000 vaccinated). RotaSheild vaccine was withdrawn after licensing, on account of unacceptable risk of intussusception. The risk of intussusception in the 116E trial was three times higher than with the RotaSheild trial. We are told that in the 116E trial, 50% intussusceptions diagnosed by ultrasound, resolved spontaneously John J, 2014. In the remaining 50% there is need for urgent treatment by a radiologist or pediatric surgeon. In remote parts of India, without motorable roads, let alone radiologists and pediatric surgeons, mortality will be near 100% Such specialized care (radiological or surgical reduction of intussusception) is not available in vast swathes of India and we can assume vaccinated babies would die at home passing blood and mucus in the stools and it will be presumed they had died of dysentery and sepsis rather than intussusception caused by the vaccine.

Proponents of the vaccine have argues spuriously that the trial was too small to deduce anything about adverse reaction,  instead – which is more to the point - of the problems being too gross to hide even in a small trial. Meanwhile, data is withheld and it is proposed to conduct a much larger trial on a hundred thousand infants regardless.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

Dachel Media Update: NYT and Karen Weintraub

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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The New York Times continues to cover up what vaccines with mercury are doing. 

This was the response from Robert Kennedy, Jr to the Times last summer. 

July 10, 2015, New York Times Letter to the Editor: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., on Mercury in Vaccines

Re “California, Camelot and Vaccines” (column, July 5): Frank Bruni says mercury has been removed from most American vaccines. But there are large doses in some tetanus and meningitis vaccines, and in about a third of the more than 150 million doses of flu vaccine available this past flu season. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends annual flu shots, including for pregnant mothers and infants over 6 months.

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Sponsor News, Vaccine Safety

SafeMinds Review of Autism-Like Outcomes from Vaccinations in a Non-Human Primate Model

SafeMindsSafeMinds Review of Autism-Like Outcomes from Vaccinations in a Non-Human Primate Model

Findings identify distortion in public reporting and argue need for full disclosure of study documents.
Does published research always reflect the truth? A research paper came out last month in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences with this title: Administration of thimerosal-containing vaccines to infant rhesus macaques does not result in autism-like behavior or neuropathology. The paper, by Bharathi Gadad, Laura Hewitson and colleagues, concluded that "administration of TCVs and/or the MMR vaccine to rhesus macaques does not result in neuropathological abnormalities, or aberrant behaviors, like those observed in ASD."

This paper was preceded earlier this year by another based on the same primate model of vaccine administration and autism and was led by the same primary investigators. It too was published in a prestigious journal, Environmental Health Perspectives. It also "provided no consistent evidence of neuro-developmental deficits or aberrant behavior in vaccinated animals."

Pretty strong conclusions. Case closed, no? Well, not so fast. The Medical literature is rife with misreported investigations and selective reporting. What is published in journals is only a small piece of the entire body of any investigation's work, and some investigations are not published at all, so a large part of the evidence base may remain largely invisible to the scientific community or to the public. What's ultimately published may reflect bias, intentional or not.

SafeMinds partially funded this investigation of vaccine administration and autism-like outcomes in a non-human primate model. We have been following it since its inception in 2003, have had regular internal updates from and interaction with various investigators, and have read all the public documents that have appeared from this decade-long, complex placebo-controlled experiment. Based on our knowledge, SafeMinds has serious concerns about the validity of the conclusions of the two most recent papers.  Read the full article at SafeMinds.

Current Affairs

Merck Funds Seminar to Overcome Barriers and Increase Opportunities for Gardasil Vaccine

Merck trust usWe'll give you a dollar if you can find the word "safety" or "risk" anywhere in this seminar ad. $5.00 if you can find any patient-centric language at all:

MedScape Presents!

In this interactive symposium, leading experts will focus on solutions to real-world challenges to immunizing adolescents against HPV.

Pediatric care providers are in a unique position to provide a powerful legacy for cancer prevention in the thousands of adolescents they currently treat. In this symposium, an expert Highway to sellinterdisciplinary panel will share real-world perspectives on problems and challenges associated with HPV immunization and how to improve vaccination rates in your practice by turning everyday barriers into immunization opportunities.

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the benefits of immunization as a strategy for the prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and HPV-associated disease
  • Evaluate the current status of the use of HPV vaccines
  • Identify strategies for decreasing parental delay and refusal of HPV vaccination


Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Sesame Street Adds Muppet with Autism

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

Oct. 21, 2015, People: Meet Sesame Street's First Character with Autism: 'We Want to Create Greater Awareness and Empathy'

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Anne Dachel

The Black and White of Vaccine Injury

Raking in the moneyBy Anne Dachel

We need to stop this right now.  Tony Muhammad may have the best intentions and he may really believe that there's a concerted effort being made by U.S. health officials to target minority children using vaccines, but there simply is no evidence of that.

(I say that as the mother of two white, vaccine injured children.)

The truth is, it's always been about the money.  And with all the evidence piling up, it's now about denying the damage.

Officials don't really care if one race is at greater risk for injury.  Too bad if it's blacks and Latinos.  Too bad if it's white kids.  They simply don't care.

Oct 12, 2015, The Blaze published the story, Farrakhan Associate at Million Man March: RFK Jr. Told Me CDC Poisoned ‘Black and Latino Boys’ with Genetically-Modified Vaccines, Mike Opelka.

Shortly before Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to a massive crowd gathered on the National Mall in D.C. Saturday, one of Farrakhan’s representatives, Reverend Tony Muhammad, accused the Centers for Disease Control of intentionally doctoring vaccines to injure black and Hispanic boys.

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Current Affairs

Earn $160 As Study Member Researching The Effect of the Flu Shot or Flu Mist on Your Vagina

Money undiesLadies, are you "Poise"d to make $16o with your vagina? Now, now, this is nothing to sneeze at and it's all perfectly legal.   After all, pharma doesn't want to make whores out of anyone. Who needs the competition!? Let's stop giggling and blushing and put our lady bits to work. It's all for the good of science, after all.  (Please please do not let the FBI check my Google photo searches for this post. Thank you. Kim.)

On a serious note, we're curious as to the hypotheses behind this study.

Study Title: Comparison of the vaginal antibody response following intranasal vs. intramuscular influenza vaccination (Biomedical IRB Study
#15-2344; Approved 10/19/15, valid through 10/18/16)
Sponsors: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Women between the ages of 18 and 49 who have not received the 2015-2016 seasonal influenza vaccine (“flu shot”) are needed for a research study investigating differences in immune response in the female reproductive tract when the influenza vaccine is given either intramuscularly or intranasally.  

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Current Affairs

Louisana Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Angelle Includes Autism in Strategic Plan

Vote yesLouisiana Gubernatorial candidate Scott Angelle has included autism in the healthcare section of his campaign.   If you know of a candidate for state office who has made a commitment to the community, let us know.

As our Federal government has declared by its inaction "Laissez l'autism rouler," we need to publicize the fact that autism is indeed a voting topic and we, the community, are a voting bloc. 

Develop a strategic plan across the lifespan of people with developmental disabilities, including autism, to help ensure that they have better opportunities for a more independent future.  Read more here.

Dachel Media Update: Ten Years of Autism Speaks

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

Oct 15, 2015, CBS Boston: Autism Speaks Founders Talk 10 Years Of Progress

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Teresa Conrick

Risperidone and Weight Gain: New Microbiome Research

American fat kidBy Teresa Conrick

The research on the Microbiome is rapidly developing.  As it does, we are finding out how the Microbiome can be damaged and the negative outcomes as a result. Here is a recent study that now explains how and why so many children have been gaining enormous weight on the prescription drug, Risperidone (Risperdal).  Many children with an AUTISM diagnosis are being prescribed Risperidone. More damage to the already dysfunctional Microbiome in Autism may be a side effect that parents need to know about and doctors question.

Use of the second-generation antipsychotic, risperidone, and secondary weight gain are associated with an altered gut microbiota in children , Published online 6 October 2015

The caveats from this study:

-  Over the last two decades, the prescribing rate of second-generation antipsychotic medications (SGAs) to treat children has increased nearly eightfold...

The atypical antipsychotic risperidone (RSP) is often associated with weight gain and cardiometabolic side effects.

    -  Significant alterations in the microbiome were seen at the phyla level following both acute and chronic exposure to RSP.

-  Chronic treatment with RSP was associated with an increase in body mass index (BMI) and a significantly lower ratio of Bacteroidetes:Firmicutes as compared with antipsychotic-naïve psychiatric controls.

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Current Affairs

Letter to the Australian Parliament on the Ethics and Legality of Forced Vaccination

AustralianFlagBy Elizabeth Hart

Elizabeth Hart gives a valuable insight for US readers: analysing the meaning of a process which has happened by stealth over many years but is now happening in Australia with precipitate speed.

 The Australian Federal Government is planning to make vaccination compulsory for children of all ages to access government financial inducements from January 2016.  This makes Australia one of the most aggressive vaccinating countries in the world, along with the United States.

In my submission I've requested the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee reject the deeply flawed No Jab, No Pay Bill and also request they:

  §  provide legal and ethical opinion in regards to compulsory vaccination for financial inducements, and the conflict with The Australian Immunisation Handbook’s criteria for ‘valid consent’ before vaccination.

  §  take urgent action to ensure the transparency and accountability of the Australian Federal Government’s vaccination bureaucracy, and initiate an objective and independent review of the burgeoning national vaccination schedule, untainted by vaccine industry bias.  The cost of taxpayer funded vaccine products must also be made public.

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NY: Ask the Gov To Veto the Costly Meningitis Vaccine Mandate

Autism action networkNY: Ask the Gov. to veto the meningitis mandate Action alert
Only 5 days to convince the Gov.
We need your help to convince Governor Cuomo to veto the meningitis vaccine mandate, S4324a/A791c, passed by the New York legislture last June. The Governor just called up the bill which means we only have 8 days to convince him to veto it. The New York legislature knuckled under to the lobbying blitz led by Pfizer, the largest drug and vaccine manufacturer in the US, headquartered here in New York. They ignored all the data that clearly show far more children will be injured (4000 anticipated annual hospitalizations) and killed (estimates of 12 to 15 annually) by injecting every seventh and twelfth grader in the state, than from meningococcal meningitis itslef (no deaths in the affected age group in the past five years. The most shameful act of the legislature was that they voted to require separate injections for meningitis b even though there are no meningitis b vaccines licensed in the US. And just days after the legislature's vote the Federal government refused to recommend two meningitis b vaccines under development, citing safety concerns and no clear evidence of efficacy. With this vote your legislature completely abdicated their responsibility to assure that the vaccines required to attend school in New York meet minimal safety and efficacy standards. Pfizer's lobbyists speak much louder than your children's health and safety.

Here's what you can do:

Please click HERE to send an email to the Governor.

Please take a few minutes to make a call to the Governor's office at the number below and politely explain that you want the Governor to veto the bill. 1-518-474-8390

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The Week American Parents Demanded Truth from CDC

Cdc truth

This is the week of the CDC rally.  Learn about the rally at the NVIC site.

Grant Park
840 Cherokee Ave SE
Atlanta, GA
Saturday, October 24, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EDT)

You Can Purchase VIP Seating as a Fund Raiser

By Anne Dachel

An African American mother speaks out about the whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Says Black Lives Don't Matter

"In the summer of 2014, the public was made aware of a crime of humanity.  Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist in the Vaccine Safety Division at the CDC admitted that he and his cohorts omitted and subsequently destroyed in a huge garbage can, data which showed that African American boys who were given the MMR before the age of three had a 240% increased chance of regressing into autism.  . . ."

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Cathy Jameson

Saying No to the Flu Shot

No thanksBy Cathy Jameson

Last week, my son received a phone call.  Ronan is non-verbal and couldn’t answer the call himself,  I spoke on his behalf as I have done for years now.  I tried to speak on his behalf when the phone rang again.  But I was not given the option. 

“This is Care Line.  We’d like to speak to the parent or guardian of Ronan Jameson.  If you are the parent or guardian of Ronan Jameson, please press 1.”


I hung up after hearing the next prompt.

“You may be aware that flu season is just around the corner.  We’re calling you today to share some life-saving information, but first, we need to know if Ronan Jameson has had his flu shot this year.  If Ronan has had his flu shot, please press 1.  If he has not had a flu shot, please press 2.”

I wanted more options.   But was given only two. 


I don’t usually hang up on people.  I’ve never hung up on anyone from Care Line (not the real name) because they have been helpful in the past.  They’re available to me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  I receive immediate guidance from someone on their medical staff.  They provide support and never judgement.  One staff member in particular has been extremely helpful.  She and I have spoken several times over the last few years.  She knows Ronan’s extensive medical history to include the reactions he had from vaccines.  She also knows my opinion about vaccines.  But each year around this time, she’s asked to discuss the flu shot with her caseload. So each year around this time, we “discuss” it by me once again politely declining the shot before she has a chance to read whatever statement that Care Line has drafted her to read. 

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Ask Your Doctor If Not Having To Listen To Prescription Drug Ads Is Right for You

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted 

The population of the world is approaching 7.4 billion. The population of the U.S. (318 million) and New Zealand (around 5 million) combined is less than .4 billion, which means there are about seven billion people who don’t live in either country.

I envy every single one of them, at least when it comes to the fact that they are not bombarded by ads for prescription drugs.

I’ve just returned from Japan, where the only ads for medicine are over-the-counter pills and nostrums that, like the elixers, tonics (and snake oil) that predominated in 19th century America, are good for whatever ails you. Bursitis? Try this! Lumbago? Amazingly, this will work for that, too! Dispepsia, dipsomania, low energy, neurasthenia? Ditto. I snapped the accompanying photo on a subway in Tokyo, and the various grimaces on the faces of the actors point to the all-purpose nature of the remedy. It reminded me of Geritol, which some of you may remember from the Ted Mack Amateur Hour and elsewhere. 

Compare and contrast those nostrums with the highly targeted, hugely expensive pharma products in the U.S. Good Lord, are they irritating! My current least favorite is for Namzaric, for “mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.” The TV ad tries to thread the needle by showing a lovely older woman with her caring, concerned family, Mom looking discombobulated but not disheveled, which in the TV universe would be far worse!Japan ad

In Tokyo, CNNj – an international version of the U.S.-based network – runs ads, but not pharmaceutical ones. In Kyoto, which simply broadcasts the U.S. version of CNN, during ads the screen goes to weather, stocks and currency data while a relentlessly banal tune plays that soon gets in your head. (It’s not a bad way to drift off, sans medication.) Either way, you’re spared pharma’s version of the world.

There are plenty of those aches and pains ads, and I doubt most of those treatments do much, but at least they probably don’t kill you or cause autism. And there may be a strong placebo effect from taking something with beautiful Japanese characters on it.

The advancing age and declining number of Japanese (the current population of 127 million is expected to fall to 87 million by 2060, with almost 40 percent of them over 65 and in even more need of tonics to relieve their aches and pains) has led to an effort to boost the population.

Recently, according to an account I read in the Japan Times, a government health agency got a little overzealous. It put out sex ed material suggesting that the age of 22 was the best year for a woman to give birth. Turns out, as you might imagine, there is no “best year” for a woman to give birth, and the government has now backtracked.

But that kind of manipulation in the service of state and corporate interests is nothing compared to  the relentless bombardment of prescription drug ads back home. It creates an environment in which drugs are presumed to be the treatment of first resort for everything from erectile dysfunction to needing to pee too much (now conveniently treated in one pill!) to getting a new knee. Then come the ads for the defective knee replacements, lawsuits, etcetera, a virtuous circle as far as media revenues are concerned, a vicious one for people with bad knees.

It mutes Big Media when it comes to questioning the effects of these drugs, especially the vaccines that are clearly implicated in the rise of autism.

It quiets Congress, which should be hearing from people like William Thompson about the CDC’s malfeasance in studying the MMR, as well as other drugs.

Once, in a conversation with TV journalist Robert MacNeil, Mark Blaxill said he believed that banning pharma advertising was an important step in restoring sanity. “And cut off their heroin?” MacNeil responded in a tone that suggested the networks would never give up their fix.

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Carmichael Pediatrics in CA Flouts HIPAA and Exposes Well Kids to Sickness.

Carmichael PediatricsTake a good look at the 'welcome" sign in the Carmichael Pediatrics practice in California.  There goes medical privacy!

This is how a practice is choosing to segregate (there is no other word for this) and punish the "unvaccinated."

An unvaccinated child. What does that mean. No shots ever? Skipped Gardasil? Chose to hold off on an MMR until the sniffles had ended? What does it mean?

We know what sick means. It means sick.  We know what well means. Mmm, we used to anyway. There are precious few truly "well" American children these days.   Well here tends to mean, "not actively sick."  So why not take the well children, who happen not to meet the CDC vaccine schedule, and seat them with the children who are sick?  Doesn't that make sense?

First Do No Harm.

Our friend Laura Hayes sent us this photo. And she tried to get to the bottom of this disturbing practice (pun intended.)  She wrote:

I placed a call this morning to get a statement from one of the doctors at this practice.  I placed

Jim crow 3
Jim Crow Laws Rear Their Ugly Head in 2015

the first call from my home line and was told there were 2 calls ahead of me.  I told the receptionist no problem, I'd wait.  After 15 min. of being on hold, and thinking I'd been forgotten, I also called from my cell phone.  I was told the same thing, two people ahead of me.  I quickly told her she told me that over 15 min. ago, and that I had my other phone still on hold waiting for her to get back to me.  She apologized and said she would come back to me next.  Another 10 min. or so went by, with both of my phones on speaker phone should anyone ever get back to me.  Finally, she came back to my cell phone, asking me to wait just a little longer...I did.  

Finally, she took me off hold on my cell phone and I told her that I would be writing about the sign posted at their office.  I told her I'd like a statement from one of the doctors (not knowing there is apparently just one doctor at this practice) regarding the following:

  • Why the sign?  
  • What specifically does "unvaccinated" mean?
  • Was the sign based on some vaccine safety and/or vaccine efficacy science?  If so, what science specifically?  And/or, was it based on science specific to the "unvaccinated"?  If so, what science specifically?
  • Will those who are positive for Hep B and HIV be segregated, too?  If yes, will there be a sign for that, also?  With whom will they sit and wait?
  • If/when I was able to speak to an actual doctor, I was also going to inquire about the sign with regards to:  live-virus vaccine shedding; the vaccinated harboring pertussis in their throats and spreading it while remaining asymptomatic; the vaccinated making up the majority of all recent outbreaks specific to diseases against which we vaccinate; the unvaccinated being singled out and separated as though infectious despite being well; purposefully placing well children, who happen to be unvaccinated, with sick children, thus needlessly exposing them to illnesses; and the irony that the vaccinated, who are supposed to be superiorly protected (!), needing extra precautions taken to protect them (!).

Lo and behold, I was told that there was no doctor on the premises today, only nurse practitioners.  I was told that the doctor, Dr. Khaira, is only there on Tues. mornings and all day Wed.  I found that highly strange and unusual, so I asked, "Why is he only there at those times?"  She said, "Because he has 5 other offices."  !!!

I have a friend and colleague who is checking into that...meaning having a pediatric office being manned by NPs without an MD on site.  Stay tuned regarding any info forthcoming specific to that.

I will not be holding my breath for the doctor to return my phone call.

Needless to say, Laura did not get a call back. So, she got on the phone again:

I did not receive a return call yesterday from the doctor, so I called back late this morning (Wed. morning) and spoke with a different receptionist, Sonia this time.  Here is a recap of my call today:

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Mark Blaxill

Mark Blaxill on The Legal Edition: Autism and Environmental Toxins

Mark Blaxill appeared on The Legal Edition.

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update:

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

Oct 13, 2015, Thom Hartmann: The Union of Concerned Scientists is very concerned about politics

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Teresa Conrick

First Peanut Allergies Cured and Now Milk Allergies - Bacteria Strain is Superman of the Gut

Peanut angryBy Teresa Conrivk

It was just in May that I reported on the very miraculous news that peanut allergies were being cured by the use of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus:  

A strain of probiotic bacteria could offer a cure for potentially fatal peanut allergies, according to scientists in Australia. The breakthrough followed a trial in which a group of children were given increasing amounts of peanut flour, along with a probiotic called Lactobacillus rhamnosus, over an 18-month period. About 80 per cent of the children who had peanut allergies were subsequently able to tolerate peanuts.

 I'm happy to report that new research is showing that the same bacteria strain has shown to be curing MILK allergies:

Probiotic formula reverses cow's milk allergies by changing gut bacteria of infants 

-  There has been an unprecedented increase in food allergies in developed countries, rising by as much as 20 percent in the past decade. Allergy to cow's milk is one of the most common, occurring in up to three percent of children worldwide.

-  Emerging evidence suggests that modern environmental influences, including widespread antibiotic use, high-fat and low-fiber diets, reduced exposure to infectious diseases [ do they mean due to use of vaccines?] , Caesarean birth and formula feeding have altered the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and the bacteria that live in our gastrointestinal tract. 

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John Stone

British Government Denies Vaccine Damage Payment Against Own Rules

Broken-britain-finalBy John Stone

The British government has made a legal challenge to a boy awarded compensation for narcolepsy following vaccination against swine flu on the grounds that the condition is not serious enough, though the link between the vaccine Pandemrix manufactured by GSK and the condition is not disputed.  The award would have been the first vaccine damage payment in the United Kingdom since 2010,  even though (unlike the United States) awards are limited to a maximum of £120,000 ($190,000).  The grounds for appeal border appparently on the nonsensical but would also be against the government’s own long-standing guidelines.

According to the report in ‘World 24 Monitor’  the British government are attempting to argue to the Appeal Court that it should only have to compensate on the “immediate rather than future impact of the vaccine related injury”. This is despite the fact that it has repeatedly been stated that it is the purpose of the vaccine damage scheme “to ease the present and future burdens of those suffering from severe vaccine damage” (government statement 19 June 2007), “to ease the present and future burdens of the vaccine damaged person and their families" Department of Health “Green Book” 10 June 2014 (chapter 10, p.7 ), “to ease the present and future burdens of the person affected by the vaccinations, and their family” (National Health Service Pamphlet p. 30, September 2015)).

Lawyer Peter Todd of Hodge, Jones and Allen told ‘World 24 Monitor’:

It is causing tremendous delay in getting compensation to those in dire need of help and who are entirely innocent and blameless people…They were responsible enough to get vaccinated and unfortunately have suffered a severe brain injury due to a defect with the vaccine, which was not detected as it was not tested at all on children before it was given out.

The 2009 swine flu scare quickly descended into farce and fraud as the government hyped the dangers and spread of the disease while distributing dangerous and ill-tested medical products:

A Lethal Mix: Can We Trust Baxter GSK and WHO

Calling Big Pharma's Bluff: Swine Flu

Lack of Administrative Grip

Swine Flu Burial Plans

In one of the trials of Pandemrix there were seven deaths which were never explained.

Whether it is actually responsible to vaccinate your children when the government treats its citizens like this is an interesting question. The UK’s National Health Service issues tens of millions of vaccines a year: even on accepted rates of vaccine damage there would have to be hundreds of cases a year which are never compensated, and just fall into a bureaucratic hole. According to the report:

The boy, who remains anonymous, has become disruptive at school because he is so tired and finds it almost impossible to socialise. He needs to take several naps in the school day and cannot shower unattended or take a bus alone. He may never be able to drive as an adult.

However, the government may be even more worried in this instance that they indemnified the manufacturers against legal suit (as was secretly the case with GSK’s MMR vaccine Pluserix in 1988), as ‘World 24 Monitor’ reports:

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Current Affairs

Letter to Editor in Capital Gazette About FluMist in Schools

Cap GazThank you to AofA reader and supporter Josh Mazer for sharing his letter.


Over four weeks I received a letter, a robocall, and a text from the school board about the availability of free FluMist vaccine in my children's schools. I visited the public website of AstraZeneca to learn more.

Thirty-two percent of the kids taking it will get runny nose/congestion; 13 percent headache; 10 percent lethargy; 9 percent sore throat; 6 percent decreased appetite; 4 percent muscle aches; and 7 percent will spike a fever to 100 degrees or more. Four strains of live attenuated influenza viruses will be shed from nasal passages for up to 28 days. Two-point-four percent of unvaccinated kids will contract FluMist strain influenza virus from the shedding.

On Sept. 22, the county school health and support clinical services director informed me that the AstraZeneca website is wrong. She refused to provide any written data about FluMist, instead referring me to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. There is nothing on the CDC website contradicting the information supplied by the manufacturer.

Anne Arundel County school policy explicitly states kids who have a fever of 100 degrees or more have to stay home.

The school board is engaged in a contradictory policy mandate. The CDC and FDA both verify the non-serious side effects of FluMist. The introduction of FluMist into county schools makes some kids get flu like symptoms, or flu, and then have to stay home. Further, no in school provision exists for parents who do not want their children exposed to the viral shedding.

The board defers to CDC recommendations on vaccine policy. Both share a complete lack of accountability if your child gets sick, misses school, or suffers a more serious adverse reaction. One wonders if there is a financial incentive in the form of state and federal grants tied to FluMist. What other explanation is there for this backward and contradictory policy?


Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Response to Harriet Washington

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

My response to Harriet Washington's comment on my story, Samsarah Morgan on CA Vaccine Mandates & African American Children:

Ms. Washington wrote:

"No one contacted me before offering my name and work to imply, erroneously, that I am opposed to vaccination. I am opposed to all unethical and abusive uses of medical science such as the imposition of a discredited, FDA-unapproved vaccine without informed consent that I detailed in Medical Apartheid. I am also opposed to the use of vaccination issues to demonize and punish parents.

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Adriana Gamondes

Andrew Solomon Scrubs Pharma from Autism Mass Murder Connection

Gun pillsBy Adriana Gamondes

Another Andrew Solomon fail. For his recent New York Times op-ed on autism and mass murder, it appears as if he scoured AofA's and other coverage of autism/mass murder spin and then surgically excised any mention of prescription drugs. It's no surprise. Solomon famously takes psychiatric drugs himself, and is the son of Howard Solomon, CEO of Forest Labs for the past 35 years.  He's a shill, though with a genuine blind spot and the NY Times is using him to defend drug sales.

"The Myth of the Autistic Shooter"

Despite what is probably Solomon's sincere intent to deflect the mass murder/autism association, his theories do nothing to protect people with autism or any other mental disorder to set off an alternative witch hunt for the "psychopathic gene.” It simply opens the door for a gold rush of diagnostic theories that psychopathology “often coexists” with autism and we’re back at square one—with a bulls eye across the backs of entire diagnostic categories. As Solomon himself admits, there’s no biomarker for psychopathology. It’s diagnosed through subjective observation, so therefore can be pinned on anyone handy. And who could be more handy than the population of individuals with autism whose inconveniently rising ranks stand as evidence against the safety of another profitable pharmaceutical product line? 

And worse, considering CDC whistleblower disclosures that African American boys exposed to certain vaccines suffer a 340% increased risk of autism that likely explains the current massive increase in diagnosis within minority populations,   and considering the Minority Report-style hunt for criminal genes has historically centered on race, Solomon's resurrection of the crime gene hypothesis is an ill wind that blows no good. It was the theme of Peter Breggin’s chilling history of racist psychiatric abuse, The War Against Children of Color.  Reference to the modern crime gene program was the final warning in Cologne geneticist Benno Müller-Hill’s seminal study of the Nazi T-4  killing program, Murderous Science: The Elimination by Scientific Selection of Jews, Gypsies, and the Mentally Disabled in Germany, 1033-1945. And according to political philsopher Hannah Arendt, the idea of a biomarker for criminality – the “objective (scientifically proven) enemy”—is the core of every totalitarian cult of the 20th century.

More than a century of hunting for this crime gene has turned up nothing because it doesn't exist, though the concept that it does has unleashed horrors and repression.

19% of Kids Signed Up for an After School Sports Program Had Food Allergy

Peanut angryI recently saw a class list for an after school sports program at an elementary school in my town. 27 boys and girls signed up.  The excel spreadsheet had a field for "allergies," and five children had food allergies listed next to their names.




The greatest generation ever are the grandparents and great-grandparents of the sickest generation ever.  

These kids probably never have had the measles, or the mumps, or the chicken pox, formerly routine childhood illnesses.  Or a Fluffernutter.....

Yeah, I know - correlation yadda yadda yadda.  The kids are not all right.

Interview with Harry Tembenis About Vaccines, His Son's Injury and Death

Thank you to Harry (and Gina) Tembenis for speaking out on behalf of vaccine injured children and their families.

From Soapbox TV