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The Hill Reports CDC Under Influence of Corporate and Political Interests

Abuse of pwerBy Anne Dachel

There was a stunning story published on October 17, 2016 in The Hill entitled,"The CDC is being being influenced by corporate and political interests," by Carey Gilam.

Concerns about the inner workings of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been mounting in recent months amid disclosures of cozy corporate alliances. Now a group of more than a dozen senior scientists have reportedly lodged an ethics complaint alleging the federal agency is being influenced by corporate and political interests in ways that shortchange taxpayers.

A group calling itself CDC Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research, or (CDC SPIDER), put a list of complaints in writing in a letter to CDC Chief of Staff and provided a copy of the letter to the public watchdog organization U.S. Right to Know (USRTK). The members of the group have elected to file the complaint anonymously for fear of retribution.

 “It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests… and Congressional intent for our agency is being circumvented by some of our leaders. What concerns us most, is that it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception,” the letter states. “These questionable and unethical practices threaten to undermine our credibility and reputation as a trusted leader in public health.”…

And the complaint cites as “troubling” the ties between soft drink giant Coca-Cola Co., an advocacy group backed by Coca-Cola, and two high-ranking CDC officials - Dr. Barbara Bowman who directed the CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention until retiring in June, and Dr. Michael Pratt, senior Advisor for Global Health in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) at the CDC.

Bowman, retired after revelations of what the complaint called an “irregular” relationship with Coca-Cola and the nonprofit corporate interest group set up by Coca-Cola called the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). Email communications obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by USRTK revealed that in her CDC role, Bowman had been communicating regularly with - and offering guidance to - a leading Coca-Cola advocate seeking to influence world health authorities on sugar and beverage policy matters.

Carey Gillam is a veteran journalist, formerly with Reuters, who directs research for U.S. Right to Know, a nonprofit consumer education group focused on food safety and policy matters.

First of all, it’s refreshing that a “veteran journalist, formerly with Reuters” can write like this. When was the last time any experienced reporter openly criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? And if Gilam is troubled by the scientific fraud going on with women’s health and with obesity research, imagine how she’d react to stories on corrupt immunizations practices. Someone needs to talk to her about the one study done on thimerosal in 1930 where all the subjects died from meningitis, and tell her about Thomas Verstraeten, Simpsonwood, Poul Thorson, Julie Gerberding and Merck, Hannah Poling, conflict of interest waivers at the CDC, and most recently, William Thompson.

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Fox5 Coverage of CDC Vax Safety Rally Misses the Mark

Miss targetBy Anne Dachel

The coverage of the protest at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday, Oct 14 from Fox5 in Atlanta is a textbook example of what’s wrong with the media.

 While the headline read, Protestors, parents differ over vaccine safety,” the story completely omitted what the event was about. It was either a willful cover-up of the truth or else just sloppy reporting.

ATLANTA - About 100 anti-vaccine protestors marched Friday morning just outside the gates of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Atlanta headquarters. Some were parents, some members of the Nation of Islam.

Marching in the crowd was Del Bigtree, the producers of “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” a new documentary that claims the CDC covered up a purported link between the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and Autism.

In the video, labeled “Anti-vaxxers,” one of the news anchors said, “Vaccine protesters turned out in force this morning outside the CDC’s Atlanta headquarters. They claim the agency has covered up a link between childhood vaccines and autism.”

Next the other anchor made this stunning statement: “Several major studies have found connections between the two, and it seems the debate over vaccine safety isn’t going anywhere.”

“Several major studies”?

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VAXXED Presents Alabama Whistleblower: Anthrax Vax

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

The screenings of VaxXed around the U.S. have provided a venue for ordinary people to finally tell their experience with vaccine injury. These are nothing short of horror stories, and they’re not just about regression into autism following the MMR vaccine. There are pitiful accounts of children dying and teenagers left paralyzed and so much more.

This VaxXed interview of military whistleblower Sherrie Saunders shows that the cover-up of vaccine injury involves far more than a single study in 2004.

Sept 20, 2016, VaxXed Stories: Alabama Military Whistleblower

Hoover, Alabama

Sherrie recounted how she was trained as a combat Army medic and it was her job to give the anthrax vaccine to U.S. service personnel. From her experience, she’s convinced that this vaccine causes Gulf War Syndrome.

“Gulf War Syndrome is a reaction to vaccine shot of anthrax into the body, when a soldier is not compatible with animal protein made vaccines.”

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Dachel Wake Up: What Happens When People With Autism Grow Old?

Dachel Morning Wake UoOct 10, 2016, (Boston, MA): What happens when people with autism grow old?

By Ann Charlton

If you mention autism to most people they will think about children, but it is a lifelong diagnosis. Children with autism grow up to be adults with autism. Little is known about how the symptoms change with age. This is because autism is a relatively new disorder, first described in 1943 and not regularly identified until the 1970s. It is only now that those people first diagnosed are reaching older age that we can start to learn whether the disorder changes over a lifetime.

There have been some suggestions that symptoms may reduce as people get older. These reports, describing fewer difficulties with older age, are often from people with autism themselves and from their families. But how much evidence is there for this? Our latest research provides some answers, and also raises some new questions.

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Dachel Wake Up: Autism Hurts

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Autism Speaks is famous for their walks raising money and awareness for autism, and we have a whole month every April where we highlight the nice side of autism with blue lights. Meanwhile in the real world, I can do regular news searches and find horror stories about what happens to children with autism in our schools. It needs to stop. Something is very wrong when autistic students are not safe when they go to school. They are victims in an educational system that is not able to handle increasing numbers of these children. And it's not just what's done at the hands of other students, it's what bus drivers, aides, and teachers are doing. When will protecting children with autism become a priority?

Here are two recent examples.

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Dachel Morning Wake Up: NY Health Advocates Halt Flu Shot Mandate

Dachel Morning Wake UoOct 6, 2016, NY Post: Moms against mandatory flu shots win again in court

By Emily Saul

A group of persistent moms claimed victory Thursday over the Health Department, when an appellate court continued to smack down a 2013 Bloomberg initiative that required mandatory flu vaccinations for preschool-aged kids in city-sponsored day care.

The flu-shot requirement is illegal, the Manhattan Appellate Division ruled, because the city “impermissibly crossed into the legislative sphere” when it decided pre-school and kindergarten-aged children must be injected — or be barred from attending the programs.

A group of five moms brought suit in Nov. 2015, contesting the policy.

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Vaccinate Oklahoma, OK?

Oklahomans for vax choiceBy Anne Dachel

Wonderful comparison of doctors here.

While pro-forced vaccination Dr. Zetik is out to "Vaccinate Oklahoma" (the name of his cause), in the comment section, Dr. Jim Meehan (who writes, "I researched the association of the MMR vaccine with retinal vasculitis, often misdiagnosed as Shaken Baby Syndrome") challenges vaccine safety claims. Meehan knows about the pharma ties at the CDC and about William Thompson's admission about phony research on vaccines and autism. (I wrote the comment below, but couldn't get it posted. Perhaps Dr. Zetik will find this article on Google News.

Oct 8, 2016, Tulsa World: Dr. Don Zetik: Immunization fight leads state to public health crossroads

More than a quarter of Oklahoma’s youngest children lack the vaccinations required by the state health department.

Imagine that. Each year, hundreds of Oklahoma children are enrolling in kindergarten without the vaccinations Oklahoma requires to ensure public health. There is nothing illegal about that. Oklahoma is one of 18 states that allow parents to opt out of vaccinating their children for no other reason than personal choice….

This is a problem, but the alarming part is the growing effort by anti-vaccination groups to further weaken Oklahoma’s immunization laws, including a recent measure that would have added another layer of bureaucracy to the vaccination process.

Oklahoma House Bill 3016, “The Parental Rights Immunization Act,” passed both houses of the Legislature last session, but was vetoed by Gov. Mary Fallin. An attempt to override the veto failed on a 13-vote margin.

Many in our Legislature appear to be indifferent on the immunization issue. An attempt to strengthen the law did not even make it out of committee. Senate Bill 1478 would have taken away personal exemptions for vaccinations, but the Senate Education Committee killed the bill by a 6-7 vote.

Vaccinate Oklahoma was formed this year in response to our growing vulnerability to the devastating bacteria and viruses that once ravaged U.S. populations. We are a nonprofit, political action committee composed of pediatricians, parents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and family physicians from across Oklahoma….

If we do not stop the anti-vaccination movement from promoting more laws that lead to exemptions, more outbreaks are guaranteed. Communities will be disrupted, lives will be endangered and the cost of managing these outbreaks could range into the millions.


I think Dr. Zetik should pay attention to the comments posted by Dr. Meehan regarding vaccine safety. While Zetik wants to vaccinate Oklahoma, Meehan explains why parents should worry.

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Gainesville Sun VAXXED Review Fails To Mention Crux of the Movie

Empty headBy Anne Dachel

Here is a review of "VaxXed" that never mentions William Thompson, the 2004 MMR study, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Perhaps this reporter was at the wrong theater.

Nathan Crabbe at the Gainesville Sun is just the latest example of bigotry and sloppy reporting when it comes to the vaccine controversy.

Crabbe says he watched "VaxXed," but you'd never know it from this article. Instead of writing about an alleged whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a fraudulent study on the MMR vaccine and autism, he devoted most of this piece to slamming Andrew Wakefield and defending vaccines by saying, "The most important thing for parents to know is that repeated studies have found no connection between vaccines and autism."

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Dachel Wake Up: CDC Urges Americans To Get Flu Shot.....

Dachel Morning Wake UoSept 29, 2016, NPR: CDC Urges Americans To Get A Flu Shot As Soon As Possible

Federal health officials are urging all Americans to get their flu shots as soon as possible, and are especially concerned that too few elderly people are getting vaccinated.

"Flu is serious. Flu is unpredictable," Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters during a joint briefing Thursday with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases "Flu often does not get enough respect."

Dr. Frieden doesn't tell us how many MERCURY-FREE FLU VACCINES are available. NPR allows him to do this pharma promotion for the flu vaccine without talking about the heated controversy over the use of deadly, untested mercury in these shots.

Question for Dr. Frieden that NPR would never ask:

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Dachel Wake Up: It's Raining Autism Accommodations

Dachel Morning Wake UoThe autism puzzle piece is right out there along side the handicapped accessible sign.

Worldwide we are learning to live with autism. We are adjusting, mostly because we have no choice. Huge numbers of our children and young adults are "on the spectrum" for reasons we don't understand. The response of nations everywhere is do nothing about it.

Sept 30, 2016, (Australia): Taronga Zoo to open doors an hour early for guests with autism

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo will attempt to cater for the needs of customers with autism spectrum disorder by opening its doors an hour early tomorrow. Puzzle umbrella

HandicappedThe world-famous zoo, celebrated for its collection of native animals as well as foreign fauna, is set to launch its first Access Taronga day this weekend, the Sydney Morning Herald reports….

At least 44 families have registered to attend, and more days are expected to be scheduled, according to demand.

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Dallas Morning News Continues to Denigrate Autism Families and Event

Dallas Morning NewsLast week we brought you another post about The Dallas Morning News and their press release "journalism" with this cliche-ridden nonsense about the Autism Education Summit.   And here's more. 

By Anne Dachel

Oct 1, 2016, Dallas Morning News: Reporter kicked out of Dallas autism conference before speech by DA who's a noted vaccine foe

By Marc Ramirez

A reporter for the San Antonio Express-News was kicked out of an autism-related conference at Dallas' Intercontinental Hotel moments before a controversial vaccination opponent was scheduled to speak Saturday morning.

In a video accompanying a story posted to the newspaper's Facebook page, Express-News reporter Rye Druzin detailed the eviction as he was being escorted off the Intercontinental grounds by Dallas County sheriff's deputies — despite the fact that he had paid the event's $89 registration fee.

Druzin had been prepared to cover remarks by Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood at the three-day Autism Education Summit. LaHood's claims that vaccines "can and do cause autism" — despite scientific evidence to the contrary — have garnered national attention.

While Marc Ramirez at the Dallas Morning Sun tried to portray Rye Druzin as a legitimate reporter for the San Antonio Express-News interested in covering a controversial subject presented at the Dallas Autism Education Summit, the truth shows the really sinister side of the mainstream media.

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Dachel Wake Up: Segregation, Urination, Abomination, Discrimination

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Sept 30, 2016, ABC2 Nashville, TN: Federal suits claim segregation, abuse of disabled students

When a 5-year-old autistic boy came home from his Nashville public school with bruises and a bite mark, his parents sent him back with a recording device.

It captured a therapist slamming their son’s head on his desk, and a teacher using a martial arts technique that made him whimper and cry.

Now these and other parents are suing over their children’s treatment, hoping a federal judge will order the state of Tennessee to hold school districts accountable for complying with disability laws.

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Dachel Wake Up: MMR Jab Rate Drops

Dachel Morning Wake UoPercentage of children under two getting MMR jab plunges

The percentage of children given the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) jab by their second birthday continues to fall, new figures show.

Some 91.9% of children in 2015/16 had received their first dose of the MMR vaccine by their second birthday, down on the 92.3% in 2014/15 and 92.7% the year before.

However, by the age of five, 94.8% of children had their first dose - a record high. GPs invite children for the first dose of the jab when they are 12 to 13 months. ...

I like the word "plunges"...They're still talking about rates well above 90 percent. What they're really worried about is the possibility that things will get worse.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Dachel Wake Up: Aussie Doc Uses Profanity to Talk About Vaccine Choice

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Australian doc says a non-vaxxing parent ‘pisses me off,’ and she wants to ‘cut the cr*p.’

(Obviously Simonsz is dealing with this on a less-than-intellectual level.)

Parents questioning vaccines have reduced this pediatrician to trash talk.   

Sept 19, 2016, Daily Mail: Doctor Nelu Simonsz slams anti-vax parents in new video

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Dachel Wake Up: New Autism High School, N Texas Vaccine Exemption Worries

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

The first U.S. high school for kids with ASD! (Get used to it. I'm sure every major and midsize city in America will eventually have at least one.)

This is a strange piece really. Reporter Jacobson emphasizes the design of the school and yet says nothing about reality of an ever-increasing population of students disabled by autism.

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Dachel Wake Up: NY State Housing Opportunities for Developmentally Disabled

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Sept 13, 2016, ABC13 Buffalo: Group sues state over living opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) -A group of local parents and caregivers has filed a class action lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo, accusing the state of providing an insufficient number of residential living opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

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Dorit and Pfizer Photo. Huh?

Dorit Pfizer
Note: While we're all thinking similar thoughts, please keep your comments away from Ms. Reiss' appearance and/or attire. It's her career mission that is our concern.  Maybe it was ugly sweater day at work. Again.  Oops.  Can you hear the photographer, "You're blocking the star of this shoot! Scooch DOWN!" KIM

By Anne Dachel

I spend a lot of time looking at the mainstream media’s coverage of autism. I’ve been doing this for years now. One person who’s almost as frequent posting comments as I am is Dorit Rubinstein Reiss. As determined as I am that vaccines are an unchecked, unsafe danger to children’s health, Reiss is right there defending them as a medical miracle no parent has a right to refuse. On numerous occasions Reiss has specifically responded to things that I posted

Reiss has also been cited in news reports telling parents to trust their doctors and line up their children for every shot on the schedule. She’s usually described like this: Dorit Rubinstein Reiss is a professor at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.”

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Dachel Wake Up: "Anti-Vaxxers" Around the World

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

David Kirby, author of Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy, once wrote that questioning the safety of vaccines is like speaking out against motherhood. I think even talking about vaccines critically is like challenging someone's religious beliefs. For obvious reasons the media outlets are the loudest supporters of vaccination. The premise always is "vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives." Not vaccinating endangers not only your child, but everyone else's as well. Feeble attempts at being "fair and balanced" usually mean citing a number of health officials or doctors to convince us vaccines can do no wrong while including a non-vaccinating parent. And autism--that mysterious condition affecting more and more children for no discernible reason--is usually mentioned in passing, but of no real consequence.  

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Spitting Mad Over More Genetics Studies for Autism

Dnatoy3By Anne Dachel

Sept 9, 2016, Massive Study Aims To Shed Light On Genetics And Autism

Study to collect saliva from families with autism for DNA study.

A research center at UC Davis is taking autism research to a different level.

Researchers at the MIND Institute are now examining the DNA of families whose children have autism to learn more about possible causes of the disorder.

News video:

Dr. Leonard Abbeduto. Executive Director at the MIND Institute:

“…could be a game changer in really understanding what causes autism, and as I said, once we understand the causes, then we can start to work on more tailored treatment.”

CBS 12 anchor: “…One of the greatest mysteries in all of science is autism, and so many people working so hard to find something to give them a clue.”

This is about the SPARK study that I wrote about a month ago.

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Wake Up: California Vaccine Exemption Crackdown: From Parents to Doctors

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

California wants to pull this doctor's license. Here's how it's sparked a new battle over child vaccinations.

Dr. Robert Sears is one of the leading voices in the anti-vaccination world, a hero to parents suspicious of childhood immunizations that public health officials say are crucial to preventing disease outbreaks.

So when the Medical Board of California announced last week that it was moving to pull the Orange County pediatrician’s medical license, it immediately set the stage for a new battle in the long-running fight over whether schoolchildren should be vaccinated....

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Vaxxed Team Speaks to Houston Mayor and City Council

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

August 29, 2016, Heroic speeches by Del BigTree and Andrew Wakefield before the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, and the Houston City Council.

The response from Councilman Jack Christie, a chiropractic physician, was a stunning endorsement of Dr. Wakefield and strong condemnation of the actions of our federal health officials.


Del Bigtree:

“Hello Mayor and council. I’m here today—I worked for six years as the producer of the daytime talk show, The Doctors, been a medical producer for most of my career, celebrating the best that medicine has to offer. But while on that job, I came across a story about the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson. This is a man who’s come forward from the most important health agency in the county and said that they’ve committed scientific fraud on the MMR—autism study. This is the most important study ever done on the MMR—autism connection because it’s the last one ever paid for by the United States government.

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The Wright Stuff: A Memoir by Bob Wright

Wright Stuff BookBy Anne Dachel

I just finished looking at this Reuters piece on Bob Wright's book, and although I have my own Mt Vesuvius moment whenever I see autism described as a "mental disorder," I like that fact that Jennifer Saba said that Bob Wright's involvement with his grandson's autism would make a book all by itself. ABSOLUTELY.

Yes, Katie Wright makes no bones about it. Her son Christian was born healthy. He was meeting all his milestones. He got vaccinated. He had horrible reactions that the doctor said were "normal." He lost his milestones. He stopped progressing. He developed severe bowel disease.

Saba talks about the Wright family's fears about Christian ability to care for himself as he grows. Scroll down past the Reuters story to the 2007 interview by author David Kirby. Katie explained in detail what happened to her son and how she was left on her own to deal with a vaccine-injured child.

Sept. 2 2016, Reuters: BREAKING VIEWS-Review: NBC chief's deal-heavy memoir merits split

By Jennifer Saba 

Like a good TV series, Bob Wright's memoir leaves fans wanting more. In "The Wright Stuff," the former NBC boss engagingly takes readers behind the scenes of how he built the U.S. network from a struggling laggard to a profitable powerhouse over two decades at General Electric. Negotiations with Jack Welch, Bill Gates and Ted Turner enhance the drama. Wright's moving account of his grandchild's autism, however, would have better suited a second book….

In the same year, 2004, that Wright first secured Vivendi Universal in what may have been his professional triumph, his personal life took a dramatic turn. He found out his 2-year-old grandson Christian was autistic. The lack of answers and support prompted Wright and his wife Suzanne, who died last month from cancer, to launch Autism Speaks.

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Dachel Wake Up: Texas Monthly Goes After DA Nico LaHood

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

The only good thing about Texas Monthly is that it's NOT Texas Weekly or Texas Daily.

Other than that, it's a rag. Leif Reigstad must have been given his assignment like this: "We need a piece discrediting the film 'VaxXed' and Texas prosecutor, Nico LaHood. Don't bother talking about what's in the movie, just say it's by the 'disgraced' doctor, Andrew Wakefield, and that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no link between vaccines and autism. Don't say anything about how LaHood's son developed autism, just call what he's doing an 'anti-vaccination campaign.'

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Andy Wakefield, Vaxxed and The Media

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

What I find most fascinating about the corruption of the media is their treatment of Andrew Wakefield. If you were to go to Google News and do a search, you'd find his name comes up quite often in stories about the vaccine controversy. You'd see things like:

"Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been involved with spreading the misinformation related to alleged conspiracy and cover-up..."

"... Andrew Wakefield was stripped of his medical license in the U.K. for falsifying the results of his own study..."

"...Andrew Wakefield, the discredited former British gastroenterologist who wrote a highly controversial (and since retracted) ..."

Unquestionably Andy is the fall guy. He's the one they blame for parental resistance to the ever-increasing vaccine schedule (while steadfastly ignoring all the sick kids everywhere). He connected vaccines to the development of autism and parents keep buying into the false claim, according to every major news organization out there.

Incredibly, no one in the media ever wants to talk to Andy about his position. Isn't that a little strange?

IF this doctor is SO WRONG and SO DANGEROUS, you'd think reporters would be questioning him everywhere he goes, setting up debates where members of the medical community could challenge his notoriously false position on vaccines and bring an end to the argument. SO WHY DON'T THEY?

I'm talking about folks like Clyde Haberman at the New York Times. He said Wakefield was "held in disgrace" in a piece entitled, "A Discredited Vaccine Study’s Continuing Impact on Public Health." And while Haberman interviewed Seth Mnookin, author of The Panic Virus, who defended vaccines, Andy was not contacted, although Haberman did cite him as "Dr. Wakefield."

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Dachel Wake Up: Fox & Friends Fabricates Vaccination Story

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

It is clear that the major networks will make up the facts in order to defend vaccines and criticize parents who question their safety. We’ve seen it for years, and that is exactly what they did on this report on Fox & Friends. We’re told three quarters of parents don’t believe kids need vaccines.


This is outright news fraud. It's the Fox News version of a recently announced survey of doctors that was actually done in 2013.

The Fox anchor is stunned.  How could so many parents be so misinformed?

Actually, Fox has the story all wrong, and one has to ask if it was intentional.

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Revolutionary Grandparents: A New Autism Book From Skyhorse Publishing

Rev GPBy Anne Dachel

Autism is talked about all over the place today, and with good reason since, according to one statistic, more than two percent of children have the disorder. Every April, the whole world lights up places in blue in a call for awareness. There are even those who celebrate autism having coined the term, “neurodiversity.”

News reports on autism may include a 30 second clip of typical looking kids interacting with therapists or happily climbing on playground equipment, but we rarely see how autism impacts every member of the family. The heartbreak does not stop with the parents. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles also share in the dashed dreams and exhausting search for answers when a child descends into autism.

The media doesn’t report on the emotional and physical toll autism takes on parents. Rarer still is any coverage of the role of the extended family members. That’s why I’m excited to talk about the book, Revolutionary Grandparents,  which highlights what these people do to support parents and even take on the role of fulltime caregiver themselves.

There are nineteen stories in Revolutionary Grandparents. They’re personal and moving. I have highlighted five of them for you.

“Yee Haw” Hope and Healing across Generations, by Kathryn Heck p. 65

Kathryn and her nephew Matthew

Anne 1

Kathryn Heck is the “Revolutionary Aunt” who’s been there for her nephew Matthew and his mother Terri. Kathryn herself suffered in the polio epidemic of the 1950s and as a result experienced “years of physical therapy, surgeries, braces, and a fear of needles.”

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Texas DA Risks Everything To Speak Out on Vaccine Injury

CautionNOTE: Keep an eye on the career of Texas DA Nico LaHood. And we don't mean for a promotion.  Speaking out on vaccine injury is fraught with danger.  The San Antonio Health District responded to LaHood with a statement Tuesday afternoon. It's at the end of this post.

By Anne Dachel

Aug 29, 2016, ABC12 San Antonio TX: District Attorney Nico LaHood: 'Vaccines cause autism'

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said Monday that vaccines cause autism.

In an interview with KSAT 12 News, LaHood said that he and his wife noticed a change in their son after he received his 18-month vaccination.

"We had a very different child," he said.

LaHood also voiced his opinions about the controversial subject in an interview that was posted on the Autism Media Channel Facebook page for the controversial documentary, “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.”

"I'm here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism," LaHood said in the interview.

When asked whether he should be voicing his opinion due to the political office he holds, LaHood said, "My opinions are just my opinions. As a daddy, as a husband, who happens to be the DA. People are allowed to have a First Amendment right to an opinion. I know this is not a politically correct opinion.... 

ABC12 has it wrong in the video segment.  Nico LaHood isn’t in “VaxXed”—He simply backs up the premise of a link between vaccines and autism because his son regressed following his scheduled shots.

LaHood has his supporters, including a colleague in the justice system.

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, who saw a preview of the film, said he agrees.

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AAP Comes Out Against Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions

Crazy_doctor1NOTE: Just as cardiologists became the sales arm for cholesterol meds, pediatricians are coming out of the medicine cabinet as the final sales arm of the vaccination industry.  How else could you explain a physicians' organization (really their union, see this post by Mark Blaxill from several years ago) choosing to remove choice for a medical product as a blanket rule for the vast majority of their patients?  Vaccination carries risk, whether you believe that risk is infinitesimal or inevitable.  The result of this stance - to remove all non-medical vaccination exemptions - will create a punitive environment for thinking pediatricians who choose to work with and listen to their parent base.  The child whose sister is wracked with seizures and who has not had her first seizure will not be able to delay or turn down a vaccine that has seizure risk as a side effect because she won't qualify for a medical exemption.  Like violent crime, proactive police prevention is not possible, you can only call the police - or in the case of vaccine injury the ER - after the injury.  Removing non-medical vaccine exemptions is the moral equivalent of denying a woman a restraining order against a man who threatens violence. He might not have harmed her yet, but the risk is real.  Why would the AAP take this stance except to protect the pharmaceutical industry? Feel free to share your thoughts.  Kim

By Anne Dachel

As “VaxXed” tours the country and parents who would never have questioned vaccine mandates are getting educated, the corporate powers that control medicine and lawmakers are fighting back. SB277 in California ending parental choice was just the beginning.

Two things are happening right now regarding vaccinations and Google News has everyone reporting on it.

First of all, the AAP is now calling for the elimination of all non-medical exemptions to vaccination. This announcement coincides with a survey showing that the vast majority of pediatricians have parents who refuse to vaccinate. The report goes on to say that those parents who don’t want to vaccinate do so because they think vaccines are unnecessary—not because of fears over side effects.  (Evidently they have to be forced to do what's good for their children.)

AAP News: Eliminate nonmedical immunization exemptions for school entry, says AAP

An AAP policy is calling for all states to use their public health authority to eliminate nonmedical exemptions from immunization requirements for school entry.

While the Academy has opposed nonmedical or “personal belief” exemptions in the past, this is the first policy statement on the issue. …

“I personally — as well as colleagues around the country — have received calls from parents whose children were immunocompromised … who were really concerned,” said Dr. Maldonado, vice chair of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases.

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Mark Blaxill on Massachusetts Special Education

By Anne Dachel

I recently wrote about the Aug 17, 2016 coverage from NPR Boston which focused on special needs students in Massachusetts.

Mass SPED chart

It was really hard to ignore the data, yet officials and educators in that state don't seem worried.

Additional reporting from NPR Boston included this interview of a special education expert from Lesley University about the soaring increase in autism.

WBUR's Morning Edition host Bob Oakes recently spoke with Elizabeth Keefe, an assistant professor at Lesley University who focuses on special education and autism spectrum disorders. We asked her if the number of special education students in the state is growing.


"The number of students that require special education services in the commonwealth has remained largely static over the last 10 years. There's no question that there have been specific groups, such as students with autism, who have experienced a significant number of students with particular disabilities in our schools. So I would say, the need for programming for students with very complex disabilities is certainly an issue in the commonwealth."

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Dachel Wake Up: CA School Funding In Jeopardy Post SB277

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

SB 277: "This new law has a lot of parents in a total uproar," and it's turned school administrators into the vaccine police. And since school funding is based on enrollment, districts could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Forcing parents to home school sounds like a violation of a child's right to a free and appropriate education.

The second story is from the San Francisco Chronicle and it's truly frightening. A child who "became unresponsive for nine days after her first ... Tdap, shot when she was a baby" was granted only a one-year medical exemption. Her sister, who's entering kindergarten, couldn't get one.

Aug 25, 2016, Humboldt County (CA) North Coast Journal: Prepare for Impact [of SB277]

A new vaccination law has school administrators caught between a needle and a hard place

As the first day of school approaches, there's an anxiety building in many administrative offices throughout Humboldt County. The anxiety doesn't seem to be pervasive, but cloistered in different pockets throughout the region. And it centers around a simple question: Will students show up?...

"We have to wait and see how it shakes out," said Stephanie Steffano-Davis, principal of Whitethorn Elementary. "But at this point, what I'm hearing is that vaccination is an issue for a lot of people and they're looking at alternatives. A lot of people are looking at alternatives to public education."

With a new state law on the books that mandates that just about every child in California be fully vaccinated for 10 communicable diseases before attending school, some, like Steffano-Davis, are worried about the impacts. And they could be dramatic. Humboldt County, which ranked 52nd of California's 58 counties in vaccination rates for incoming kindergarteners last school year, when 10.4 percent of Humboldt's 1,741 kids entered school with a personal belief exemption (PBE) that sidestepped mandatory vaccinations....

Take Tenae LaPorte, who has quit her job in a local dermatologist's office to homeschool her children. She had planned on sending them to Fieldbrook Elementary but is dead set against vaccinating them. ...

But the bill also did something many in the public didn't expect: It put schools on the front lines of California's immunization war. Because the Legislature didn't want to fund an enforcement mechanism, it simply made vaccinations a condition of education and forced administrators to be the gatekeepers.

"We are very frustrated that we are now the immunization police," said Julia Anderson, the executive director of Beginnings in Briceland, which includes Skyfish elementary school and a child care center. "This new law has a lot of parents in a total uproar."

While the new law may have parents in some communities in an uproar, administrators at the schools that will potentially face the biggest impacts don't seem to want to talk about it. Scores of calls and emails to administrators at schools with historically large numbers of personal belief exemptions went unreturned. When administrators did reply, the response was generally curt.

"We don't know the impacts yet ... won't know until we see how many students arrive on August 25th," wrote Catherine Scott, superintendent of Southern Humboldt Unified School District, in an email....

It's not difficult to understand why administrators would be on edge given what's at stake. In California, school funding is tightly tied to enrollment and attendance. That means parents' deciding that homeschooling their children is preferable to vaccinating them has a direct impact on school budgets and, consequently, staffing.

Aug 22, 2016, San Francisco Chronicle: Thousands start school without vaccinations as new law rolls out

...San Francisco mom Adrienne Moore, who fought the law, spent months trying to get a medical exemption for her kindergartner.

Moore said her daughter became unresponsive for nine days after her first tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, or Tdap, shot when she was a baby. Before school started last week, she said, her doctor agreed to support a one-year medical exemption.

Moore’s second daughter, who would start kindergarten next year, has no exemption. If it’s a choice between vaccines and homeschooling, the mom said her girls would stay home.

The law is still subject to a court battle, and a federal judge in San Diego is expected to rule this week on whether to delay it while a legal challenge proceeds. A lawsuit filed by an antivaccination group, Education 4 All, charges that the law violates the right to an education under California’s constitution.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Normalizing Autism--We Have No Choice

Old is new memeBy Anne Dachel

Countries around the world can no longer ignore all the neurologically disabled children and young adults everywhere. Despite the pretense that nothing is really going on, that we've only in recent decades understood that there are people living with autism--ones who can't speak, interact normally, behave like other children--we're having to make accommodations that were never needed before. Somehow we have to convince ourselves that designating more and more places as autism-friendly/sensory-friendly is just the result of greater awareness. Stories are out everyday that prove my point. We're adjusting, it seems, no questions asked. Soon, as more and more of these children age out of school and enter adulthood, we won't remember a world without those with special needs everywhere.

I imagine the forms parents fill out for registration for school or sports or organization will soon look like this:

Form AD

 Here's a quick look at the world surrendering to autism. There's no need to look for a cause or call it a crisis or try to prevent it. We've all learned to accept autism as a normal part of childhood in the 2st century, and soon we won't remember a world without people on the spectrum. We have to do this, the alternative is to expose how an unchecked, unsafe vaccination schedule damaged millions of children around the world. That is the unthinkable to the people in charge and their lackeys in the press. 

Get used to hearing about "autism friendly" and "sensory friendly" accommodations. They're the signs of the times.

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Massachusetts' Special Education Soars - So Do Problems

Mass SPED chart
By Anne Dachel

This article is the second of a two part series on the Massachusetts special education system. Problems are enormous with no solutions in sight. There are charges of abuse and neglect in a program that seems to be failing to meet the needs of the disabled in state schools.

This particular story focuses on the numbers, the jaw-dropping increases in special needs students, especially those with autism. Something is clearly wrong. The burden on schools is overwhelming, yet nowhere in this coverage is there a call for answers.

Aug 17, 2016, WBUR Boston: 'There Is No Yelp': Why Parents Struggle With The State's Special Ed System

"We have a growing concern about students with disabilities across the commonwealth being severely mistreated," said Stan Eichner, the center's head litigator. "It’s our sense that the mistreatment of these youngsters with disabilities is not limited to public or private schools, it’s not limited by geography, and we think it’s a widespread problem.”...

According to state data, the number of special ed students with severe disabilities is increasing. Since 2003, enrollment of students with autism, for example, is up more than 300 percent. The number of students with severe neurological impairments is up almost 150 percent in the same time frame....

Mossaides says she believes this is the first time the state has taken such a deep dive into reviewing oversight of these schools.

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Dachel Wake Up: California Students Denied School Because of Vaccination Status

Dachel Morning Wake UoWhat is interesting here is that this story aired in Seattle. Something that is a local story in northern California makes the news two states away. No vaccination, no education.

Aug 13, 2016, NBC KING5 Seattle: Hundreds of [California] students without proof of vaccination sent home

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LA Times Chides HuffPo for Having Run Vaccine Posts (Once Upon a Time)

Male Temper Tantrum
Random Tantrum Guy, Not Paul Thornton

By Anne Dachel

August 11, 2016, Los Angeles Times: Arianna Huffington wants to sell health advice and products. Science help us.

Paul Thornton, at the LA Times, is mad at Arianna Huffington because for years she's allowed for free speech on the issue of vaccine safety on the Huffington Post blog. Thornton blames the likes of Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Jay Gordon, and Bill Maher for giving us their opinions on vaccines on HP, and he's even more dismayed because now Ms Huffington is moving on to a new public forum, Thrive Global. Thornton fears for the worse.

I think I can see what Thornton's problem is, because even a brief scan of the Huffington Post archives reveals numerous articles on the pro-vaccine side. The only conclusion I can come to is that he’s mostly upset by the idea of anyone being fair and balanced when it comes to covering vaccines safety. If all the mainstream news outlets are following the dictates of their advertisers (pharma) and bowing to pressure from health officials and therefore writing what they're told about vaccines--never actually investigating this controversy for themselves--there has to be a way to shut down the alternative news sources.  

In his biography it states, "Paul Thornton is the Los Angeles Times’ letters editor. He joined the editorial pages in 2005 as a researcher and occasional editorial writer and also served as a Web producer."

We should all be concerned that someone with no tolerance for opposing views on vaccine safety is in charge of which letters get published at the Times. And it's hard to believe that Thornton has spent over a decade as a researcher for the LA Times, yet has such a simplistic view of the vaccine controversy. Sadly, his not-too-subtle call for censorship is the standard viewpoint of the American media when it comes to talking about vaccines: We will not look into this.

Arianna Huffington got very rich off writers working for free and by providing a platform for quacks to push dubious medical advice, including dangerous amounts of anti-vaccination nonsense. ...

But we should be skeptical of anyone who sees economic opportunity in selling us answers that science and mainstream medicine have not yet provided (despite their best efforts). Huffington has gone a step further and enabled people who encourage dangerous behavior and deserve to be ignored. Keep that in mind before you “Thrive” (for a price, of course)....

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Dachel Wake Up: Newsweek: Using Pretend Science to Cover Up the Cause of Autism, One Study at a Time

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Newsweek's Aimee Swartz isn't worried about autism. She, like most in the media, is out to convince us that autism has always been here, we just starting noticing it about 25 years ago. Her real goal here is threefold:

Treat autism as a curiosity we have all the time in the world to figure out.

Downplay any idea of an epidemic.

Make it look like scientists are doing their best to figure it out.

Aug 11, 2016, Newsweek: Unraveling the Mystery of Autism, One Person at a Time

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Dachel Wake Up: NAACP Group Views Vaxxed

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

This is encouraging to see. Of course this is a racial issue. CDC scientists have covered up a known risk to African American boys. If this discussion continues to get attention in the black community, the CDC will address it--I expect officials are busy as we speak producing NEW research that shows no racial difference; the 2004 study was just a fluke. We were told a few months ago that Thompson was going to back away from his claim, but nothing was made public. I'm sure forces are prepared if this becomes an issue in the African American community.

August 10, 2016, Philadelphia Tribune: Forum addresses public's concern with vaccinations

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Dachel Wake Up: CA SB277 Richard Panavision

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

The Sacramento Bee gave space for Richard Pan to write this opinion piece on how fortunate California parents are that their lawmakers have taken away their rights as parents to choose a medical intervention.

The message here is that unvaccinated children are a danger to us all---AND it's clear that Pan will scrutinize any medical exemption a doctor might give, since he openly accuses California doctors here of fraud for giving exemptions. Ha also accuses homeschooling parents of evading the law---so he intends to go after them too.

This is medical fascism, and more is coming. Pan doesn't make idle threats. It's time for doctors and parents in California to contact the Bee and ask for EQUAL TIME. Not only do parents not have the right to decide if their child is vaccinated or not, BUT doctors can have their medical opinion questioned too, as revealed by Pan's veiled threats here.

August 5, 2016, Sacramento Bee: New vaccine law making schools safer by re-establishing community immunity

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Vaxxed The Movie: Mainstream Review and A Denver Interview

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

This coverage reminds me of a middle school student production—something I’m very familiar with. Reporter Liz Lohuis said this about the movie: Film creators say the 90-minute film tells the story of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention whistle-blower who claims the CDC covered up documents.

“The documents apparently prove there is a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.”

It’s doubtful that Lohuis actually viewed the film she covered. Nothing more specific was said. The nature of the studies and details of the cover-up were not given. Despite the fact that the “VaxXed” team is very available to talk to the media, they were not included.

Instead, Lohuis interviewed a mother who is very skeptical of vaccine safety claims and the always ready to defend vaccines, Dr. William Schaffner.

Aug 2, 2016, NBC 3 Chattanooga, TN: Vanderbilt doctor critical of ‘Vaxxed’ documentary

Dr. William Schaffner, one of the nation's leading infectious disease specialists, works right here at Vanderbilt University. He called the movie malarkey.

“It raises issues that have been put to rest many times before. There is absolutely no connection between vaccines and autism. There was no CDC cover up,” Schaffner said.

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Rolling Stone on Autism and the Catastrophe of Aging Out

Cliff down
By Anne Dachel

July 27, 2016, Rolling Stone: Luke's Best Chance: One Man's Fight for His Autistic Son
First of all, I have never said anything personally against any parent struggling with a disabled child in any of my writing, and this is not about the author of the Rolling Stone piece. I'm hopeful that Paul Solotaroff will continue to be a great advocate for his autistic son Luke and that Luke's future will be everything his parents could want for him. Solotaroff asks the trillion dollar question (I'm projecting here to the jaw dropping future cost of autism that will be shouldered by the U.S. taxpayers.), namely: "What happens when they come of age?"
For the second time in a week (See July 27 story, What Will Happen to Adult Children with Autism?) I'm writing on this question.
Actually it's the WRONG QUESTION.
We need to be asking the people in charge of health care more than one that only gets a vague, shoulder-shrugging answer.
Instead, this is what authorities should be forced to respond to:

Why aren't there services already in place for the 1,000,000 young adults with autism who will be aging out of school in the next two decades?
Where are autistic adults just like Luke living currently? (That's a simple question, but no one can ever reasonably answer it. If as Solotaroff points out, some experts--Penn State is cited here--believe that it's all just better accounting of the disabled, then they should be able to show us where the 40, 50, and 60 year olds with autism are. Even if they have another label, they would still require care, so where are they?
 NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING FOR SURE ABOUT AUTISM. No known cause, prevention, or cure. Arguments continue over the best treatments and therapies for autism, and we can't say for sure if more kids have autism. STILL, no one is in a panic about something that can render a child dependent for life. No U.S. health official has ever publicly stated that autism is a "crisis." That word has never been in the same sentence with "autism." "Serious public health care concern" is the strongest language used in connection with autism.

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Dachel Wake Up: A "Vaccination" All Can Agree was Horrible As Nurse Tortures Boy with Hypodermic

Dachel Morning Wake Uo"What will happen to adult children with autism?" let me just say...horrible things. They're happening already.  See my post from earlier this week with news reports.

July 26, 2016, NBC CT: NJ Nurse Repeatedly Stabs Boy With Autism With Needle: AG

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What Will Happen To Adult Children with Autism?

By Anne Dachel

To answer the idiotic question posed below,"What will happen to adult children with autism?" let me just say...horrible things. They're happening already.


July 21, 2016, New York Daily News:  Florida cop who shot unarmed therapist was aiming for his patient

July 21, 2016, Winston-Salem, NC: Fire Department Saves Autistic Man From Treatment Plant Drainage Ditch

July 21, 2016, Long Island Exchange: Suffolk Police Issue Silver Alert for Missing Autistic North Blue vomitAmityville Man

July 21, 2016, New Jersey Herald: Panel: 'Abuse' was cause of autistic student's broken legs

July 15, 2016, Los Angeles Times: Teen with autism was pepper sprayed and shot with Taser for being combative, police say...

July 15, 2016, Fox6 Memphis TN: Hired caregiver accused of punching, kicking autistic patient

July 13, 2016, Las Vegas Sun: Autistic man goes missing in northeast valley

You might never have thought that our society, in the span of about twenty-five years, could quietly come to accept a massive number of children with a disorder that was previously almost unknown--but we have. It's called "autism." The numbers have continually increased over the last twenty-five years with no sense of alarm. We've been conditioned to believe that those in charge are doing everything they can to research what's going on. We can take comfort in the fact that officials and doctors are worried. We can delude ourselves into believing that autism is just a new name for an age-old condition.

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Dachel Wake Up: Merck Shames Parents into Vaccinating with Gardasil

Dachel Morning Wake UoJuly 15, 2016, Providence (RI) Journal: There's a shocking new ad shaming parents for not giving their children this unpopular vaccine

By Lydia Ramsey

"Maybe they didn't know I would end up with cancer because of HPV," a man says, as pictures of him as a pre-teen boy flash across the screen. "Maybe if they'd known there was a vaccine to help protect me when I was 11 or 12."

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Dachel Wake Up: The Selling of Autism

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Kids with autism, that mysterious disorder that we didn’t know anything about until about 25 years ago, are now a fact of life in America and around the world.  Autism happens--we need to learn to live with it.

These four stories demonstrate what I mean. No one cares WHY your child is autistic. There's nothing we can do about that. In fact, we don't even want to talk about it!

Autism has been mythologized into normal and acceptable "difference." It's along the same lines as near-sightedness and being left-handed. It's just the way some people are. The BEST way to do that is to have the press convince us with stories every hour on the news ...

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Dachel Wake Up: 64 Women Sue in Japanese Courts Over Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

The HPV vaccine is proving to be not only high risk in terms of reactions, but high risk in terms of injuring teens and adults who can speak out - rather than "just" babies who stop or never start speaking at all.  From Japan Times:

A group of lawyers for 64 women who are suffering health problems from cervical cancer vaccines said Tuesday the victims will file damages lawsuits against the government and two drugmakers that produced the vaccines through four district courts on July 27.

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Pittsburgh Mom Describes Serious Gardasil Vaccine Injury

Vioxx now gardasilNote: Doctors are ready to blame anything except the vaccines they administer when a patient becomes chronically sick.  Watch this video about how a 13 year old girl's life changed dramatically after "just one" dose of Gardasil. "No no no it couldn't be the vaccine." Except when it is.  See an interview with Sara at the bottom of this post. KRS

By Anne Dachel

Sara Sotomayor's mother tells her story at "VaxXed" in Pittsburgh. "She was injured by the Gardasil vaccine on October 17, 2006. She had just one dose of the Gardasil vaccine. She was 13 at the time. She’s 23 now, so we’re coming up on the ten year anniversary.

“As soon as the vaccine needle left her arm, she was squealing and crying. She said it felt like an aluminum bat hit her arm.

“We were, of course, reassured by the nurse at the doctor’s office that this is normal. Particularly the Gardasil vaccine, this is normal to have a lot of pain at the injection site. …

“Two days later, the pain is still there. She’s really complaining a lot, and she’s not a complainer. …So I called the doctor’s office and I said what was going on. Again they reassured me this is natural, this is normal, don’t worry about it. Just give it a little time. And so we did, we gave it time.

“I didn’t know anything about vaccine injury. …The following days and weeks what ended up happening was she had severe nosebleeds—like gushing. Her gait started to change when she walked. She kind of favored one side. She was extremely pale. …

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