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Dachel Wake Up: Aging Out of School

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

This is from California, the state where parents no longer have a choice when it comes to vaccinating their children. Here's one mother's story of looking for adult services for her daughter. This is the inevitable disaster we'll all face in America.

June 28, 2016, KQED Public Media for Northern CA (San Francisco): When Autism Ages Out of the School System

By Pamela Raymond

California’s day programs for adults with autism are underfunded and overcrowded. But with thousands of young people with developmental delays or disabilities about to reach the age at which they can no longer attend a public school and receive the many services offered there, the problem is soon going to get much, much worse....

When Briana’s special education school abruptly closed in the fall, I was faced with the premature task of finding her a placement in an adult day program. Because she is just turning 21, she would only have one more year of special education services under the 1990 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act — or IDEA — which assures a free and appropriate public education to disabled students to age 22.

...“This is a program I could see my Briana in. How do I sign her up?”

Not so easy. There is not even a waiting list per se, and the program prefers clients that are more independent than Briana. She still needs help sometimes in the bathroom, and she needs a pair of eyeballs on her at all times due to her wandering tendencies. There really was no space for someone with such great needs.

...I saw 50-plus clients crowded into two run-down rooms, many in wheelchairs parked in front of a big-screen television. It was noisy and chaotic. ...

...They had greater staff-to-client ratio, but the clients almost never left the building. There was no outdoor space to utilize or enjoy....

These programs, with some exceptions like the well-established one in Marin, are buckling under current conditions, and they are only going to get worse with the increasing number of adults like my daughter about to age out of the school setting.

The demand is leading some new programs to open, but they are faced with trying to operate a business without failing. This can mean sub-optimal buildings, and paying low wages to staff.

The ratios of staff members to clients are controlled by reimbursement rates by the regional centers. The regional centers receive funding from the state Department of Developmental Services. The pay rates of some of these professionals are on par with what caregivers are paid, which is close to minimum wage. Pet sitters or baristas that serve us our coffee may earn more than we pay those important, compassionate people that care for our loved ones. Are we OK with this?

Time is needed to find a good day program for a disabled young adult because there are not enough options. In the next decade, 500,000 children with developmental delays will enter adulthood nationwide, overwhelming a system that is already inadequate for the current numbers. Legislative leaders need to know how bad the problem already is so that plans can be made to avoid this looming public crisis.

Dachel Wake Up: Assassination, Autism, Donald Trump

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Last week the story about a British young man in America who was allegedly planning to kill Donald Trump got a lot of coverage in the UK. He also has autism.

June 21, UK Guardian: British man held in Trump assassination attempt was 'nice guy', neighbours say

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VaXxed Becomes a Cautionary Tale Of Vaccine Injury for All Americans to Hear

Alarm warningBy Anne Dachel

Vaxxed” is being shown in theaters across the U.S. and in Canada. It will soon go international. Thousands and thousands of ordinary people are learning about the complete lack of safety standards and the corrupt practices at our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Countless parents of vaccine injured children who have suffered in silence now have a film that proves what happened in their family is real.

 “Vaxxed” producer Polly Tommey has been conducting interviews at these screenings. She herself is the mother of a 20 year old son with severe autism. I asked her how meeting all these parents of vaccine injured children has affected her.

From Calgary Canada, here was her response.

“I started traveling with Andy and Del on the 1st of April and we’ve been pretty much going full blast till now. …For the nineteen years that I’ve been doing this with the [Autism File] magazine, talking about my son’s injury, attending conferences, talking to other parents around the world, forming the [Autism] Media Channel with Andy Wakefield, filming families—NOTHING, NOTHING has prepared me for the American people out there with the extent of vaccine injury.

“I had no idea about the military. The military situation in America is a disaster. It is inhumane. It is horrific, barbaric. There are no other words for what is going on in the military. We’re seeing damage, after damage, after damage. Young, beautiful kids want to fight for America, unable to get out, being used as human pin cushions. Horrific stories coming from there.

“The amount of dead babies… We’re speaking to parents, they tell us, mainly from DTaP, that they were told by the doctor, if they didn’t get the DTaP, then they were the worst parents in the world, and their children would die—And these children did die, from the DTaP. And the parents have no voice because their child died. There’s no society for them to have a voice. Children that have died later on, adults that  have died, flu vaccine, horrific stories coming in from the Gardasil, and babies that that have died because they were given far too many flu vaccines at a young age.

“It is non-stop. And every single story—every single story has the same thing: A pediatrician, a doctor, or a nurse had bullied them into having these vaccines. None of these people are anti-vaccine, just like I wasn’t. I was pro-vaccine…

“There [are] no words to explain what has happened to the American people with the vaccine injuries. So I will keep touring for as long as I can, and filming every single family that I can, and bring to you what is going on in America with the devastation of vaccine injury. It’s real. It’s real.”



“I had a beautiful baby boy… He was very healthy. He started rolling over at a very young age. He was very advanced, saying ‘mama’ at six months old…

“And then about his 15 month vaccinations, he had seven shots.  We went home. That night he started screaming …and I couldn’t get him to stop.  …I called his pediatrician, and she said, ‘Oh, it’s normal. It’s just a vaccine reaction. He’s going to be fine.’

“But he screamed all through the night. He had explosive diarrhea…. And the next morning, he was really limp and not responding well to me like he normally had. …

“We took him down to the emergency room. They said, ‘Oh, it’s just a vaccine reaction; he’ll be fine.’ At first they didn’t want to agree with that, but his pediatrician had already said that that was what they thought it was.

“And he kept losing all his skills, and by the time that he hit two, he had no words, he kept falling all the time. He’d spend up to six hours a day screaming and rocking back and forth. He didn’t acknowledge me or his dad anymore.

“And now he’s nine and we use…Generation Rescue, and he’s gotten a lot better.  But he still can’t go to school. He can’t talk. He doesn’t know who anybody is.  …

“I hope that parents really start researching vaccination and what it can do to their baby. Because it’s not how it can affect me that I’m so upset, but that it stole his life, it stole his future, it stole my beautiful child. And there’s nothing I can do now except tell parents, please research. Please ask the questions, please don’t just listen to your doctor. Please go watch ‘Vaxxed.’ Talk to doctors that are against vaccines, see what they’re talking about. And save your baby because it’s too late for mine.”

Calgary mother:

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ER Doc and MedWife on VaXxed after Seattle Showing

New paradigm
By Anne Dachel

First of all, let me say that due to the crowd scene following the screening of "Vaxxed" in Seattle, no one got the name of this doctor who was interviewed by Polly Tommey.  (And if anyone knows who this man is, please let me know.)

Both the doctor and his wife are obviously well-informed on vaccine safety issues. Not only that, he's willing to stand up for his beliefs. He's an ER doctor who refused the mandated flu vaccine. He also refused to wear a mask in lieu of being vaccinated.

This is a rare physician—one who is willing to take on the medical community when it comes to mandated vaccinations.  He and his wife have educated themselves on the risks associated with vaccines.

When asked about other doctors who refuse vaccines he said, "There are some that do that, most of them just fall in line with the rest of the herd. …I don’t do that anymore. I won’t do it. I told them they either have to fire me or find another job somewhere because I’m not going to wear a mask, first of all, second, I’m not going to get a vaccine.”

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Dachel Wake Up: Autism Merits Special "Quiet" Shopping Hours

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Get used to autism. Get used to kids everywhere being on the spectrum, having sensory issues, and needing special accommodations. We have to learn to live with more and more children with developmental problems, labeled non-verbal, prone to having meltdowns when the stress gets to be too much. In a few more years we won't remember a world when autism wasn't just a fact of life. The Sensitive Santa at the local mall at Christmas, the autism friendly story time at the local library, the special movie showings for ASD kids with reduced lighting and sound are just the beginning. Changes will have to be made to provide for all these people because we're not going to do anything to stop more and more children from ending up with autism.

Someone posted this story from last month from the UK Independent on my Face Book:

May 9, 2016, Asda held a 'quiet hour' for autistic shoppers – now other shops are doing the same

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Anne Dachel Interviews Sheila Ealey on VaXxed The Movie

Sheila Ealey
By Anne Dachel

I recently talked with Sheila and recorded her responses on Skype. Not only is she the mother of a vaccine injured African American son with autism, but she’s also an outstanding advocate for children on the spectrum. For her, the cover-up revealed by William Thompson is very personal.

Sheila, tell us about your role in "Vaxxed." Why were you included in the film?

Sheila explained that she was contacted by someone who knew Dr. Andrew Wakefield was looking for an African American family affected by autism. She said that originally “Vaxxed” was simply going to be a documentary on the Autism Media Channel.

Sheila said that when she and her family were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, they temporarily lived in Austin, Texas. Thoughtful House, an autism research center that is connected to Dr. Wakefield, sponsored a theater night and Sheila met Andy for the first time. She told him the story of what happened to her son after being vaccinated..

“[Andy] and Polly came to New Orleans, and spent about three hours with us, just asking me questions about what had happened….

“Someone asked me if there was a script [for her role in “Vaxxed”], but there was no script. We were just talking casually like I’m talking to you. And that’s how I ended up becoming a part of “Vaxxed.”

Were you surprised by the reaction to "Vaxxed"? What were you expecting?

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Dachel Wake Up: VaXxed Reviews

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

From Missouri to Oregon, Pennsylvania to Florida, "Vaxxed" is being shown in theaters and reviewed by the press. I've graded each of these 13 stories because reporters need to be held accountable.

The two  things I think are absolutely essential in covering this movie are (1) including the trailer in the online story so the public can see what this is about, and (2) having a reporter who's actually seen the movie and talked to members of the audience.

Reporters who simply sit at their desks and include the talking points higher ups have given them, are a disgrace. Members of the media have an equal share in the blame for what's happened to our children. 

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Dachel Wake Up: 'Antidote' With Michael Parker Interviews VaXxed Team

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

I have transcribed much of a talk with Andy Wakefield and Del Bigtree who've given us the film "Vaxxed."  This is the current situation in America. We are all at the mercy of an industry that controls our elected representatives, the medical profession, the media, and health officials. Brilliant discussion that will educate everyone.

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Dachel Morning Wake Up: VaXxed Coverage

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Here's a look at "Vaxxed" coverage around the country. It's interesting to see which news sites honestly report on the real story of "Vaxxed" and which ones reduce it to Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent claim that vaccines cause autism and say nothing about a scandalous governmental cover-up.

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Dachel Wake Up: Politicizing the Vaccine Controversy

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Everyone needs to visit this site and watch Kevin Barry's videos. Our children are increasingly sick and disabled. They cannot function in school, which means they won't be productive members of society when they are adults. Vast numbers of them will be dependent on the taxpayers for their lifetime support and care.


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Dachel Wake Up: Cleveland 19 News Interviews VaXxed's Dr. Andy Wakefield

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

May 31, 2016, CBS19 Cleveland: 'Vaxxed' aims to draw attention to potential vaccine dangers

"It's a film aimed at getting your attention."

Amazing. Unprecedented. CBS19 Cleveland actually interviewed Dr. Wakefield about "Vaxxed."

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH


CBS19: "Tonight we're getting answers on a controversial new film claiming the Centers for Disease Control knew a vaccine posed dangers and covered it up.

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The Whistleblower the Dogs Won't Hear: Vaccine Whistleblower

Vaccine Whistleblower Skyhorse PublishingBy Anne Dachel and Lou Conte

If you were outraged over the movie “Vaxxed—From Cover Up to Catastrophe,”  you need to read the full story of the massive corruption at the highest levels of vaccine safety as revealed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researcher Dr. William Thompson in the book, Vaccine Whistleblower,  by Kevin Barry, Esq.

Barry sums up the importance of these revelations:  “The CDC and the Institute of Medicine went through a charade of investigating the vaccine schedule to see if vaccination had anything to do with the increase in autism.  Rather than looking at all vaccines and the schedule as a whole, they purported to investigate ONE vaccine (MMR) and ONE vaccine component (thimerosal).  Based on this superficial review, they declared in 2004 that the entire vaccine schedule was safe, and then thwarted additional research into vaccine safety going forward, as stated in the 2004 IOM Vaccine Safety Review.” (P. 109)

Likewise the movie “Vaxxed” is waking the American people up to how an agency charged with protecting the health of children, in truth, is dedicated to promoting the interests of the vaccine industry and defending the vaccine schedule at all costs. It reveals more than just disturbing findings on a single MMR study involving African American boys—It describes pervasive malfeasance by government officials who are answerable to no one.

 The movie gives us Dr. Thompson, a top vaccine researcher, who makes shocking statements about the inner workings of the CDC.

Dr. Thompson:  “I was just looking at—I was like, oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did. But we did.”

Dr. Thompson: “The higher ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it. In terms of change of command, I was number four out of five. “

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Dachel Morning Wake Up: VaXxed Attacks Continue

Dachel Morning Wake Uo

May 25, 2016, (Philadelphia Inquirer): Are we really still talking about Wakefield's autism con? By Michael Yudell PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University

May 25, 2016, Washington Post:  Washington Post: 7 things about vaccines and autism that the movie ‘Vaxxed’ won’t tell you, By Ariana Eunjung Cha

May 25, 2016, PBS News Hour: Here’s why states want to make it tough to skip childhood vaccines, By Sarah Breitenbach

May 25, 2016, National Catholic Reporter: Stories of the lives and deaths of writers, By Diane Scharper  

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"Speechless" TV Tackles Raising a "Different" Kid

Speechless tvBy Anne Dachel

What "Speechless" really tells us......................

This trailer  for the new ABC pilot "Speechless" hits home for so many parents in the autism community. This upcoming show is about a family with a severely disabled, nonverbal child.

The mom reminds me of so many tireless mothers who will do everything to get what their children need in life.  

It stars Micah Fowler, a teen with cerebral palsy in real life.

On March 24, 2016, Variety covered the show in “Young Special Needs Actor Cast in Minnie Driver’s ABC Comedy Pilot ‘Speechless’.

Fowler — who has cerebral palsy in real life — will portray JJ, the family’s eldest child, who is nonverbal.


When I was growing up, I never heard about anyone who was “nonverbal.” When I was in college studying to be a teacher, I was never told about potential students who might be “nonverbal.”

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Dachel Media: Protesters Debunk Dr. Richard Pan's Hate Speech Claims

Online newsMay 18, 2016, Fox40 (video) Sacramento: Richard Pan Holds Forum on Hate Speech; Protesters Say Senator Doesn’t Moderate Hateful Comments on His Own Facebook Page

SACRAMENTO -- It was meant to be an evening all about words -- a forum on how hate speech damages society.

But, as host, Senator and Doctor Richard Pan couldn't have guessed he'd confront these words on a protester's sign: "Senator Pan encourages hate speech."

"It just seems extremely hypocritical," said Joshua Coleman.

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UK Guardian Suggests We Accept Corruption

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

The UK Guardian says it's time to accept corruption

It seems that the UK Guardian has their own Emily Willingham (Forbes). Tracey Brown is advocating for acceptance of corporations doing their own safety research, specifically, the vaccine makers.

Instead of calling for honest, unbiased, consumer-centered studies, Brown tells us to get used to industry doing the science. What she's really calling for is out and out fascism--corporate control of government. If that's inevitable, then let's abolish the CDC/FDA and let their employees go directly to work for the industries they regulate. Let's stop the pretense. It would save taxpayers a lot of money.

We all know the term "tobacco science"

Tobacco Science: "A generic term for biased reporting of scientific data, especially which favors a particular industry’s agenda."

I think it's time we all coined the phrase "vaccine science," I.e. easily flawed and manipulated population studies specifically designed to cover up evidence of vaccine side effects. Since we know the legitimate research that officials refuse to call for, all we're really left with is the junk stuff.

May 14, 2016, It’s silly to assume all research funded by corporations is bent, By Tracey Brown

Corporate funding of multiple vaccine research was “exposed” again recently. This time it was in the latest round of MMR-causes-autism allegations, which we exported to the US....

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Dachel Media: Sacramento Bee Covers Dr. Pan's Reaction to VaXxed

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

A big thank you to the Sacramento Bee for this coverage, which does present both sides of this further episode in the actions of California State Senator Richard Pan.

May 11, 2016, Sacramento Bee: Vaccine tiff between Richard Pan, ‘Vaxxed’ producer roils Twitter, By Jeremy B. White

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Dachel Media Update: San Francisco Chronicle In A Fog Over VaxXed

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Here are two stories published by the San Francisco Chronicle, a month apart. In the April 28th story about "Vaxxed," the reporter actually acknowledged who William Thompson is. In the story from March 30, also about "Vaxxed," the reporter didn't even mention that there is the CDC whistleblower, although he did compare Andrew Wakefield to a Nazi filmmaker.

April 28, 2016, SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle): ‘Vaxxed’: Vaccination critics take their case to film –By Mick LaSalle

March 30, 2016, San Francisco Chronicle: Medical community is fighting a new germ: celebrities, By Jake Coyle

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Dachel Media Update: Gene Mapping

Online news"By identifying genetic targets, we may one day be able to help people on the autism spectrum do a lot better."

-Dr. Stephen Scherer, director, Centre for Applied Genomics, Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children

April 26, 2016, CNBC: Gene mapping is now unlocking the mysteries of autism

By Annetta Miller

Scientists are one step closer in harnessing the power of whole-genome sequencing to solve the mysteries of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a condition that is affecting more than 3 million individuals in the United States and costing our economy an estimated $268 billion annually. In April the advocacy organization Autism Speaks announced that its project to create the world's largest genomic database on autism is more than halfway complete.

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More on VaXed Clampdown

Vaxxed ErrorApril 19, 2016, Doctor Reveals Secrets Behind Vaccine-Autism Cover-up

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, director of the new bombshell documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” joins the show to break down why the film was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival.

Andy: “They are saying, and this is the pharmaceutical industry as well as the government,…telling us what we can say, what we can see, what we can think, and ultimately what we will inject into our children’s bodies and our own. There is something gone horribly wrong with democracy in this country….”

"This film is about MMR and autism, that does not mean that other vaccines are safe or other vaccine components are not linked to autism. This is based on the information provided to us by the whistleblower. ..."

Dachel Media Update: Autism Awareness MSM Style

Online newsApril 19, 2016, Fox News: April is autism awareness month: Get the facts  By Dr. Alan Kadish

 Imagine being told that your child would never give you a hug or say, “I love you.” Imagine that your child would never live independently. Many parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities face these realities every day. ASD is used to describe a group of developmental disorders which range in severity, symptoms and level of disability. These include autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other disorders which affect a child’s ability to communicate and socialize.

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Mainstream Media's Concerted Backlash Against VaXxed

Head handsBy Anne Dachel

Where is the name William Thompson in news reports on Tribeca and De Niro?

There is something is truly frightening here.

Consider that the controversial film "Vaxxed" is about a whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and who says that his agency knows there's a link between vaccines and autism. He has revealed that he himself was ordered to destroy data that showed this link, but his conscience has not allowed him to go along with the cover-up. In 2014 he shared this information with Dr. Brian Hooker, a biologist and father of an autistic child. Thompson is even willing to tell Congress about the corruption going on at the CDC, and he is certainly a credible expert. Who better to talk about how the science is rigged than an agency insider?

Congress is aware of the charge of fraud since US Rep Bill Posey (FL) took to the House floor and pleaded with members of Congress to do something back in October, 2015, but our legislators seem to be overwhelmingly not interested in hearing what Thompson has to say.

Posey: "Considering the nature of the whistleblower’s documents, as well as the involvement of the CDC, a hearing and a thorough investigation is warranted. So I ask Mr. Speaker, I beg, I implore my colleagues on the Appropriations committees to please, please take such action,"

This is the background of the documentary "Vaxxed," but you'd never know it from the way the media reported on how the movie was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Huffington Post Deletes Top Blogger's Post Due to Verboten Topic

Banned from huffpoExcerpted from TRUTH

Lance Simmens, author, whistleblower, political veteran,  fracking activist,  and more, went to see Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe at one of the California screenings, and was moved, enraged, awakened. He wrote a column for The Huffington Post about it, and it went up, as per the usual protocol–he has been a contributor for 8 years and written almost 200 articles without incident.

Shortly thereafter, without warning or explanation, the piece was taken down, and his account was blocked.

The Truth Barrier reached out to Simmens via an email interview:

TTB:  Give us if you would, a brief history of your writing for Huff Po. How many years, how many pieces, what topics…

LS: I have been writing on Huffington Post for nearly eight years and during that time they have published something close to 180 articles. I am a political writer and have written articles over the years about events as they unfold, which is the nice feature of blogging. I have a decidedly liberal bent to my politics but have striven to write thoughtful, provocative pieces that try to define a rationale and logic to the policy prescriptions being offered.

TTB:  What happened exactly when you posted your review of VAXXED to HuffPo?

LS:  I saw a premier of VAXXED the other evening and was so moved by the presentation and discussion that followed that I felt compelled to write a piece asking that we at least begin a serious national dialogue on the allegations contained in the documentary. I also drew attention to the spate of events that have unfolded over the past several years, where there has been a massive governmental failure to do its essential job which is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens. I sent it to Huffington Post as I normally do–I have an account there–and they published the article. About a half hour later as I was sending it out to my network I was alerted by some folks that when they went to access it it was not coming up. It turns out that they pulled down the original piece and when I tried to rewrite it I was alerted that permission was denied to my account. I have made at least a half dozen attempts to reach someone at HuffPo to alert them that there was a malfunction and over the course of the last two days have not received one response. I even went so far as to email Arianna herself.

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield on Imus in the Morning

Imus-rightBy Anne Dachel

The current De Niro/Tribeca hysteria in the media needs to be resolved, and the only way to do that is to call Dr. William Thompson to testify before Congress.

Listen HERE:

IMUS IN THE MORNING, April 12, 2016, Andrew Wakefield, Director of “Vaxxed”

Dr Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath, is an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School (part of the University of London) in 1981, one of the third generation of his family to have studied medicine at that teaching hospital. 

He pursued a career in gastrointestinal surgery with a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease. He qualified as Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 and in 1996 was awarded a Wellcome Trust Traveling Fellowship to study small-intestinal transplantation in Toronto, Canada. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in 2001. He has published over 130 original scientific articles, book chapters, and invited scientific commentaries. 

In the pursuit of possible links between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injury in children, Dr. Wakefield lost his job in the Department of Medicine at London's Royal Free Hospital, his country, his career, and his medical license.


Andrew Wakefield stated we cannot trust any study coming from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention....

Andy said that he and others involved with the film were told nothing about why "Vaxxed" was pulled from Tribeca. He said that a film festival that censors certain films then becomes "a propaganda machine.

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Dachel Media Update: Seattle PI Presents VaXxed LA Screening

Online newsApril 17, 2016, Unedited Live Stream Interview With Vaxxed Filmmakers At LA Screening PI Screening

From Seattle PI

Last night at the West Coast debut of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” GMO Free News host Kathleen Hallal live streamed her interviews using Facebook Live with the film director Andrew Wakefield and producer Del Bigtree.

The 91 minute film is an investigation into how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) destroyed data on their 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. April is National Autism Awareness Month.

Watch the videos here - Unedited Live Stream Interview With Vaxxed Filmmakers At LA Screening.

Anti-Truth Media Coverage

Truth-has-no-agendaBy Anne Dachel

Anti-truth coverage from the mainstream press

I wrote this after looking at the pathetic, one-sided reports on the "Vaxxed" premiere in New York City by the New York Times and others.

After fifteen years following how the press covers autism and vaccines, I can tell you what they're really saying:

We've been helping to cover up the link between an ever-increasing vaccine schedule and autism for so long, we can't suddenly start to legitimately report on this topic.
We're so dependent on advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry that we won't say anything that could jeopardize that income.  
For these reasons and others....
 We won't look into the conflicts of interest of the experts we cite who deny a link between autism and vaccines.
We won't interview Dr. Wakefield and let him defend himself regarding the charges that have been made against him. Instead, we'll constantly talk ABOUT him, never WITH him.
We will never interview any of the parents of the study that Wakefield wrote about in his 1998 Lancet piece.
We won't talk to any of the experts mentioned in the film "Vaxxed." That includes Dr. Rachel Ross, former U.S. Representative Dr. Dave Weldon, Noble Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, MIT professor Dr. Stephanie Seneff, or Dr. Jim Sears.
We won't ask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention why they've never called for a simple study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated kids to compare their autism rates, even though we all know it could settle the controversy instantly.
We will absolutely never talk about the independent science out there that challenges all the pharma-funded studies we constantly cite in our stories.
We will continue to blame actress Jenny McCarthy for stirring up concern over vaccines and autism.
We will universally label a film about a scientist at the CDC who says his agency destroyed critical research data as merely "anti-vaccine."

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'Today' Freaks Itself Out, Goes Running Back to Pharma

Deniro Topday showBy Anne Dachel

What Robert De Niro said on the TODAY Show on Wednesday was addressed by NBC on Thursday's show, and what was done was a huge attempt at damage control using industry-backed sources. The network had to dispel the idea that De Niro put forth, that vaccines can cause autism.

In typical mainstream media style, NBC cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a doctor from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Ari Brown, in support of the safety of vaccines and in opposition to the possibility of any link to autism. (The vast web of pharmaceutical industry ties to the AAP were, of course, not included.)

Dr. Brown suggested things that have been linked to the development of autism, including older parents (an obvious reference to De Niro who would have been 54 when his son was born). (Brown left out all the other official findings that lay the blame for autism on the doorstep of the parents, usually the mother: fat moms, drinking moms, smoking moms, moms on anti-depressants, moms who have babies too close together, moms who live too close to freeways, and the lists goes on. We are not far removed from the days when “refrigerator mothers” were the culprits.)

Brown dismissed the idea that children can suddenly regress into autism (after a round of vaccinations), claiming that those parents just didn’t notice the signs until their child got to be a toddler. NBC and Brown also made the claim that children who receive vaccines according to the CDC schedule are just as healthy as kids who don’t, which was the bizarre attempt to convince the audience that comparing vaccinated kids with vaccinated kids is the same as a study of fully vaxxed vs fully unvaxxed children when it comes to autism.

I would like to point out that Wednesday and Thursday’s TODAY Shows were because of De Niro's actions with the documentary “Vaxxed.” “Vaxxed” is about the revelation by Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC, that his agency destroyed critical findings that showed a connection between the MMR vaccine and the development of autism in African American boys. 

I did not hear one word about what the film revealed. Instead, NBC cited the CDC, the agency that allegedly covered up a link, as the expert source on vaccine safety.

When is anyone going to cover what "Vaxxed" is really about?

Thursday's Today Show discussed Robert De Niro's comment's from Wednesday.

Robert De Niro’s TODAY interview reignites debate over autism and vaccines

During an interview on TODAY Wednesday, actor Robert De Niro said that he is not anti-vaccine, but he did raise a number of his own questions about the discredited connection between vaccines and autism while discussing the anti-vaccine movie “Vaxxed” that was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY.

Clip of De Niro saying, "I'm not anti-vaccine, I want safe vaccines." 

NBC's Joe Fryer: "De Niro may have pulled the controversial documentary, 'Vaxxed,' from the Tribeca Film Fesival, but the award-winning actor still has questions.

De Niro said that certain people have a susceptibility to vaccine injury, "but nobody seems to want to address that."

Fryer: "The medical community says research has addressed that question and vaccines don't cause autism in any population." 

Dr. Ari Brown: "What we know is that there are certain children who are susceptible to autism, and those children who are born prematurely, whose parents are older."

Fryer: "De Niro is not convinced."

Clip of De Niro from Wed: "There is a link, and they're saying there isn't, but there are certain things. The obvious one is thimerosal, which is a mercury-based preservative."

Fryer: "But the Centers for Disease Control says 'Reputable scientific studies have shown that mercury in vaccines given to young children is not a cause of autism.' And since 2001, childhood vaccines have been thimerosal-free."

(As Fryer talked about thimerosal, vials of the MMR vaccine, which never contained mercury, are shown.)

"For De Niro, this issue is personal, his 18 year old son has autism."

Voiceover of De Niro's comment about parents who reported their children changed overnight after being vaccinated.

Fryer: "Pediatrician Ari Brown says she's had this conversation with families, some of whom realized the change is not overnight."

Brown appeared saying, "A lot of times it's not seeing the signs until it becomes increasingly apparent when the child is a toddler."

Fryer continued talking about how some parents just aren't convinced and they want to space out vaccines. 

Brown: "There are studies that show that children who receive vaccinations on time versus those that don't for whatever reason, have exactly the same developmental outcomes."

Fryer added that not vaccinating leads to outbreaks of diseases in unvaccinated populations. He also said that there is difference in autism rates in those who get the MMR and those who get a separate measles vaccination, according to one study. (He also said that there's not single measles shot available in the U.S.)

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Attorney Patricia Finn on the Vaxxed Controversy

Keep-calm-and-turn-your-backBy Anne Dachel

Why so many
people don't want you to know about Dr. William Thompson's recorded statements on the CDC cover-up.
In this radio interview, Vaccine Court lawyer Patti Finn explains why Thompson's admission of covering up research data is so important. "We're hoping to crack this open, at which time I would subpoena Dr. Thompson. . . ."

Attorney Patti Finn gave listeners the rundown on the movie "Vaxxed" and its impact. Host Richie Allen asked her about what's being said in the media by people like Donald Trump and other politicians. Furthermore she described how the
Vaccine Injury Act puts roadblocks in front of parents of vaccine injured children. She also brought up her cases in Vaccine Court, and she noted that the MMR whistleblower story will figure into the actions of the court.
Patti talked about how Robert Kennedy, Jr. is involved in this fight. She made a stunning statement that vaccine makers who were prosecuted for experimenting on children for the Nazis in World War II, ended up here. "These companies came out of Germany after the war, that's where they got their start vaccinating, and even some of the doctors that began these pharmaceutical companies here in New York and New Jersey were prosecuted, and then they were released...
"You have these same companies that were experimenting in Europe during the war on children...." 
 Patti's personal objections to vaccination are based on her religious convictions, as she explained. She feels strongly that things are changing.
"I'm about to take on Merck with Dr. Thompson's studies ...for that young kid in New York City who was denied compensation. His case was replaced for Hannah Poling [in the Omnibus Proceedings]."
Patti said that the drug industry isn't necessarily involved in some conspiracy with their vaccines; "I think this is all purely profit."
There were some encouraging statements made:
"We sent a notice of intent to sue to Health and Human Services about two months ago. I had to give them sixty days notice, and I notified them that we'd be bringing a lawsuit on behalf of "Baby Doe" vs. Merck.

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Dachel Media Update: VaXed

Online newsOn March 31, 2016, independent investigative journalist Jefferey Jaxen published the video: Special Report: VAXXED [UNCENSORED] The Real Story,

about the media uproar that began over the announcement by Robert De Niro that the Tribeca Film Festival would include that movie "Vaxxed" about William Thompson, the whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Jaxen's video focuses on the role of the media in covering up the real message of the film. Instead of reporting on a story about official fraud involving a major study on vaccine safety, the press labeled "Vaxxed" "anti-vaccine" and vilified its director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, as a discredited doctor who had lost his medical license for linking vaccines and autism.

Jaxen said, “A dangerously polarized mainstream media in the United States was spotlighted and exposed for all to see. The public endured what can only be called a coordinated attack of widely accusatory and inaccurate news stories attacking De Niro, the Tribeca Film Festival, and the documentary film producers Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree. What was alarming is that not one journalist or media outlet churning out the prejudice content had ever viewed the unreleased film."

Jaxen continued, reminding the public that the cancelation of Vaxxed "once again showed a dangerously controlled and regulated media with an agenda.” Dr. Wakefield was included in Jaxen's video saying that the massive media call to remove "Vaxxed" from Tribeca was unprecedented, making it a First Amendment issue. 

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Anti-Truth Coverage from the New York Times

NYTBy Anne Dachel

Imagine a controversial story everywhere for days on social media, covered by many mainstream news outlets, and this story being the source of heated reactions from both sides of the issue. That was what happened when first, the Tribeca Film Festival announced that they would show the controversial film “Vaxxed,” about a scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. William Thompson, who revealed that his agency had covered up data that linked vaccines to the development of autism, and then after enormous pressure, Tribeca cancelled the film.

This of course is serious. We are constantly told by the press that “studies show no link” between the government’s ever-increasing vaccine schedule and autism. This begs the questions, What if the studies are fraudulent? What if findings are falsified to make it look like vaccines are safe, when instead there are known risks?

For years many experts and parents have challenged the government’s constant use of population studies as proof that vaccines don’t cause autism. Researchers universally know that this is the weakest kind of science since the results are easily manipulated or just plain wrong. No matter, the media unfailingly reports the latest study showing vaccines are safe, although despite years of study after study, they have never settled anything.

The film “Vaxxed” addressed this

Reporters, after more than two decades of unfailing endorsement of the government’s studies on vaccine safety are now faced with the possibility of a cover-up in the official research.

The next big task: Distorting the message of “Vaxxed.”  

Just so we can't say the New York Times isn't doing their job, they did report on the early showing of "Vaxxed" on April 1st at the Angelika theatre, sort of.

What's typical of the Times is HOW they covered this film.

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Dachel Media Update: Bob Wright Speaks About Vax Safety

Media updateBy Anne Dachel

Cliff Kincaid wrote about what former NBC head Bob Wright wrote about in his new book, The Wright Stuff, and two presidential administrations that fought efforts by Wright to improve the safety of vaccines. Kincaid wrote about a recent interview of Wright by Alisyn Camerota at CNN.

April 4, 2016, Accuracy in Media: Former Media Power Player Sounds Alarm Over Vaccines

By Cliff Kincaid

...One of the important voices in this controversy is Bob Wright, whose new book,The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks, is getting some important press attention. He ran NBC Universal for more than 20 years and started the organization Autism Speaks, after his first grandchild was diagnosed with autism back in 2004. In his book, he says that President Obama’s key adviser, Valerie Jarrett, killed a proposal to improve the safety of vaccines, so that parental fears about the link between vaccines and autism could be addressed.

The Bush administration killed a similar proposal, he says. In that case, the explanation was that “the White House was afraid of press reaction.”

Wright argues convincingly that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) methodology for identifying and addressing vaccine problems is ineffective and that it must be improved....

As a result of government mandating vaccines—and the manufacturers being given immunity from prosecution for financial damages—they have become a cash cow for Big Pharma. There is a vested financial interest in increasing the number of vaccines, and making them mandatory at earlier ages.

All of this has come at a terrible cost, according to critics of vaccines.

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and the link between vaccines and autism is once again up for debate. Interestingly, Alisyn Camerota interviewed Bob Wright on the topic last week on CNN. The discussion was informative, but didn’t go far enough in ascertaining who in the federal government is stopping much-needed research into the safety of vaccines.

April 1, 2016, CNN: Alisyn Camerota's interview with Bob Wright

Bob, I can't tell you how many parents, dozens, I have interviewed who had the exact same experience that you did. After the children got their standard vaccinations, that night the child had a high fever, they were clearly in distress, they were screaming in mortal pain, they called the doctor and the doctor said you're having a vaccine reaction. I know this is very controversial. Are you satisfied that enough research and studies have been done to prove that there is no link?

WRIGHT: Well, I'm satisfied to date from what has been done, that we can't establish directly that link. And -- but it's -- you know, as we get smarter and we're able to do better research, it's very difficult to do research on vaccines when you're talking about vaccines that go to tens of millions of people, because you need a large sample to make any conclusions about something like this. And that's part of the difficulty. I would also say that, that you -- that we all know without any controversy that a lot of children have very different reactions to vaccines, period.


WRIGHT: And all vaccines essentially are the same, of the same type of vaccine, and the children are all different, and they have different immune systems. So their responses are going to be like this and pediatricians are too quick to say, oh, you fall in a normal category. Well, that normal category is like this wide, and that's where vaccine safety comes in, and that's an area I did spend a lot of time in trying to understand the CDC's vaccine safety program.

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Bob Wright on Today Show

2:45 Matt Lauer: "Please help me with this controversy that's come up again in the last couple of days, about autism and childhood vaccines. There's a film out now, one of the people behind it is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who's been widely discredited by scientific studies. But it has people asking the question again, do childhood vaccines cause autism?

"As a man who's done so much to educate people, what's the definitive answer?"
Bob Wright: "There is no definitive answer, but we have not been able to determine that autism is caused by vaccines. However, there are lots of issues having to do with the vaccine safety program that I got into very deeply with no agenda early on in autism. We proposed, along with a series of doctors, some changes that could be made. If vaccine safety, it's a passive program, and if you made it an active program, I think that would make it better for everybody.
"There is no direct tie to autism, but there's a $100 million a year that the Vaccine Court pays out to people for damages with vaccines, not specifically autism. ...There's always going to be an issue with vaccines because all vaccines are the same, and all people receiving them are different." 
This was the conversation:
NBC's Hoda Kotb:  "The trailer includes the suggestion that a whistleblower spoke out from the CDC alleging the organization committed fraud, and knew that 'vaccines were actually causing autism.'"
A three second clip of Andrew Wakefield: "The CDC had known all along."
A slide with a quote from the film makers: "We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, truth.".

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Dachel Media Update: Vaxxed Axed Tribeca Film Festival Coverage

Error VAXXEDBy Anne Dachel

Thank you to Mary Kelly Godley for her incredible reporting on HubPages. It should be happening everywhere. Instead, all the major news outlets are telling us how Robert De Niro has redeemed himself by cancelling the showing of “Vaxxed” at Tribeca. Stories that applaud the censoring of the film are everywhere on Google News at the moment.

In this article on HubPages, Mary Kelly Godley gives us the background on “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.” (It  may be that she’s so well-informed because, as she tells us, her own son is affected.)                                                       

Godley wrote: “While the title in itself may be considered controversial in many quarters the real issue that had everyone up in arms is the fact that the co-writer and director of this documentary is none other than the infamous Dr Andrew Wakefield.”

Godley explained about Wakefield’s research on the novel form of bowel disease he and “the other researchers” found in their study of 12 children, and about how the media has misrepresented everything about their work for years.

The article talked about how the actions of Robert De Niro, first endorsing, then cancelling the presentation, set off a firestorm in the media and in the medical community. By even bringing up the subject, De Niro was now in league with the anti-vaccination movement, according to every major news source.

Godley reported on the details left out of news stories.

Apparently De Niro had met with Congressman Posey on Friday before making the announcement. Bill Posey is a politician who has been actively trying to get the CDC prosecuted for this fraudulent activity. He advocates very strongly that there needs to be a proper investigation carried out with regards to practices within the CDC especially with regards to this scientific study into the MMR and autism.

Godley said that De Niro should have expected the immediate backlash that happened after he publicly said he was allowing the film to be shown. (Those of us who are very involved in this controversy are well-aware that there is no tolerance for any dissent when the subject is vaccine safety.)

However in summary it was very brave of Robert De Niro to endorse the film to begin with and in doing so it has ensured that Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catasrophe, is now receiving unprecedented publicity on a scale that it would not have otherwise received. To use the words of Oscar Wilde seem appropriate here:

‘The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.’

Godley also looked at all this publicity from a slightly different angle than the rest of us.

There have also been some so far unsubstantiated and speculative statements being made on the Social Media that perhaps Robert De Niro already knew that the other members of the festival committee and/or their corporate sponsors would not ultimately allow ‘Vaxxed-From Controversy to Cover-Up,’ to be part of the Tribeca Film Festival’s programme. That the purpose of this scandal was to garner a huge amount of publicity for the documentary and to highlight the fact that free speech and the right to an opposing view are just not applicable when it comes to discussing the issue of vaccination. That the real purpose of his statements were in fact to highlight the lack of freedom to speak surrounding this issue.

Very interesting perspective.

 I can’t imagine that any of the vaccine defenders who’ve attacked De Niro and Tribeca would ever have wanted the media storm we’ve seen over the past weekend.

…At present all involved are giving no indication that this might be the case. Instead it seems likely pressure from the Tribeca Film Festival Committee, its sponsors and political interests led to Robert De Niro to removing the documentary from the Tribeca Festival programme. Yet nothing gets people interested in something more than if it has been banned censored or is viewed as too controversial for general viewing. Yet why a documentary produced by a such a well-respected Producer as Del Bigtree would be considered too controversial for general viewing remains rather a dubious theory.

Godley also included video of Congressman Bill Posey’s appeal for a hearing on the whistleblower on the floor of the House of Representatives, along with the official trailer for “Vaxxed.”

In addition, she posted the fascinating uncut version of a 13 minute interview of the film’s producer, Del Bigtree, by ABC News. (ABC News used only 5 seconds of Bigtree’s comments in their coverage.)

In addition, Godley included a statement by Mike Adams of

This is the first time in the history of film and media that the totality of the media establishment has condemned a film that none of them have ever viewed, desperately trying to make sure no American ever witnesses the hour and a half of film footage that is now "forbidden" to be viewed in a nation founded on free speech.

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Anne Dachel to Tribeca Film Festival RE Vaxxed

Dear Tribeca,

Emotions have run very high this past week. Countless parents in the autism community were cautiously excited that your festival would include a film that presented the truth about what an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule is doing to our children.

Now it seems that even you have given in to forces desperate to censor what "Vaxxed" has to say.

As more and more of our children fall victim to the nightmare of autism, you are now complicit in the cover-up. Our health officials give us an ever-increasing rate of disabled children, all the while calling it "better diagnosing."

Doctors are mystified every time a healthy, normally developing toddler stops talking, develops seizures, and descends into autism. The one thing they're sure of is that the round of vaccines the child just received wasn't the cause, and they have lots of industry-connected studies to prove it.

Half a million young adults with autism will be aging out of our schools in the next 10 years with nowhere to go. There are no services for them because we have never had a significant population of autistic adults before. The parents of these children are desperate about their future. Still the government refuses to recognize the problem. No U.S. health official has ever called autism a "crisis," despite the fact that it now affects two percent of children, with no known cause, prevention, or cure.

You and others may try to cover up the truth about what's happening, but it won't make these children disappear. And when autism finally becomes an economic disaster for our county as we have to support and care for the victims of this epidemic, you will be among those remembered for refusing to tell the truth.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Glamour DON'T (Think For Yourself)

Glamour don't
March 25, 2016, Glamour: Tribeca Film Festival Will Screen Controversial Anti-Vaccine Film

Maggie Mallon From Glamour Magazine:

For those who may be unfamiliar with Wakefield, here's a little background on the British ex-physician. Formerly a gastroenterologist, Wakefield rose to prominence in the late 1990s after publishing a paper linking vaccines to autism—essentially single-handedly inciting the anti-vaccine movement. In a case study of only eight children, Wakefield suggested a connection between inflammatory bowl disease in children who had recently received the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and the development of autism. ...

More recently, a 2015 study published by the American Medical Association found no link between vaccines and autism. ...

According to the Tribeca Film Festival website, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will "[dig] into the long-debated link between autism and vaccines" and include "revealing and emotional interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, parents, and one whistleblower to understand what's behind the skyrocketing increase of autism diagnoses today." One of the aforementioned doctors, pediatrician Jim Sears, insists he is pro-vaccination but does believe that the Center for Disease Control has engaged in widespread cover-up regarding links between MMR and autism. ...

The Tribeca Film Festival committee, however, stands by their choice. In a statement, a Tribeca spokeswoman said: "Tribeca, as most film festivals, are about dialogue and discussion. Over the years we have presented many films from opposing sides of an issue. We are a forum, not a judge."


Maggie Mallon, like most people reporting on the vaccine controversy, doesn't have her facts straight.

"...the British ex-physician. Formerly a gastroenterologist, ..."

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Media Lockstep Crackdown on Any Vaccine Safety (Danger) Conversation Continues at Salon

National Coalition Against Censorship

And now another installment of the "NO NO YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT VACCINES AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN LIFE SAVING FAIRY WATER" files.... Salon attacks a prestigious film festival for daring to include a film about vaccines. The censorship calls in the media toward the vaccine injured and their families and those who dare speak out is nothing short of North Korean in its approach. But Americans are wising up.  Visit the National Coalition Against Censorship to learn more about the history of censorship in America.  They need to do some updating...

By Anne Dachel

Mar 23, 2016, Salon: Anti-vaxxer’s Tribeca triumph: Discredited doctor’s documentary about “the long-debated link between autism and vaccines” doesn’t belong in respected festival

By Mary Elizabeth Williams

"There are not two sides to every story. Not every issue requires us to legitimize an opposing view. Like, for instance, when the other perspective is totally crackpot. For example, if you’re a disgraced fraud, maybe you’re really not the best source for information about vaccines."

If you look at Mary Elizabeth Williams's bio, you'll see she's written for the NY Times and the LA Times. And here in this Salon piece she epitomizes the attitude of the media when it comes to the vaccine controversy---THERE ISN'T ONE! ....Remember Nancy Snyderman telling Matt Lauer on NBC, it's "not controversial"? 

NBC Oct 31, 2008 Dr. Nancy Snyderman

"Snyderman immediately shot back, 'Not controversial subject , Matt. ...It's time for kids to get vaccinated. The science is the science. It's not controversial.'"

Williams and Snyderman couldn't be more wrong. In fact what they've said is sheer nonsense.

Of course there are TWO SIDES and of course it's CONTROVERSIAL! 

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Dachel Media Update: The Media Love Affair With Normalizing Autism Continues

Online newsMarch 14, 2016, Miami Herald: Getting a grasp on autism

Two journalists chronicle the history of the disease and how treatment has improved over recent decades

‘In a Different Key’ took more than seven years to write

The authors will appear Wednesday at Books & Books in Coral Gables

Reporter Connie Ogle explained how difficult it was for John Donvan and Caren Zucker to come up with "a definitive history of autism." The definition is confusing. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can't tell exactly how many people have autism.

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Dachel Media Update: Palm Beach Post on Bob Wright

Online newsMarch 9, 2016, Palm Beach Post: Ex-NBC chief lives in Palm Beach; talks Trump, autism and port

...After Wright retired from NBC in 2007, he turned his attention toward autism research. Wright’s grandson, Christian, was diagnosed with autism, and Wright founded Autism Speaks, a New York-based nonprofit that has raised tens of millions of dollars.

Wright hasn’t been shy about weighing in on the contentious topic of vaccines and autism. While scientists unequivocally say that childhood vaccinations don’t cause autism, Wright’s daughter isn’t so sure. Her son’s symptoms suddenly emerged while he was receiving immunizations.

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Where There Is Risk, There Must Be Choice

Risk-Management-ProgramJan. 27, 2016, KVMR 89.5 Nevada City, CA: Anti Vax Advocate Laura Hayes interview with Jeanie Keltner - Follow-Up Interview

"Where there is risk, there is risk, there must be choice"

Interview with vaccine choice advocate Laura Hayes.

Jeanie asked Laura about her background with this issue. Laura is the mother of vaccine injured children. She has spent 20 years investigating this controversy, getting to know other parents, and she knows the truth about lack of safety behind the ever-increasing vaccine schedule. She has coined the term, "robotic vaccine givers" to describe doctors who vaccinate children yet have no real understanding of what's in a vaccine.

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