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Vaxxed At Cannes

VaxxedMAY 22, 2017, UK TIMES: Anti-vaccine film Vaxxed will be given Cannes screening

By Oliver Moody, Science Correspondent

A documentary in which the disgraced former doctor Andrew Wakefield alleges that a link between vaccines and autism has been covered up by the US government is to be shown at the Cannes film festival this week.

First of all, any news outlet the describes 'Vaxxed' as "anti-vaccine" is either out to discredit it, OR ELSE the source has NEVER SEEN THE FILM.

In truth, 'Vaxxed' is a frightening documentary about corruption at the highest levels of U.S. health care.

This is DESPICABLE REPORTING. The Times should be ashamed. There is NOT ONE WORD about the story in 'Vaxxed.' This is a hit piece on ANDREW WAKEFIELD.

There is such fear that the public will see 'Vaxxed' and understand the full extent of the corruption and cover-up involving U.S. health officials who assure us constantly that every vaccine is safe for every child.

Oliver Moody is a reporter who has made up his mind (or was told what to write) WITHOUT EVER INVESTIGATING THIS STORY. I'm sure he has NEVER SEEN 'VAXXED.'

How does this man call himself a reputable journalist? This is a witch-hunt. And as more and more people wake up to what the press is doing, they will share the blame with all the health officials for the damage damage done to children around the world.

Dachel Wake Up: Columbia Autism Scientists in Butt Ugly Lawsuit

Dachel Morning Wake UoNote: You can read the legal filing here.  Hornig v. Lipkin

May 20, 2017, New York Post: Columbia professor says boss made her inspect his butt

A Columbia University scientist claims her boss — and former lover — repeatedly dropped his drawers and demanded she diagnose a lesion on his butt.

Associate Professor Mady Hornig says her boss at the university’s Mailman School of Public Health also demanded co-credit for her work; kicked her under the table at meetings to keep her from speaking; presented her work as his own, and kept her from getting tenure, Hornig claims in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit.

In 2014, Professor Walter Ian Lipkin, head of the Center for Infection & Immunity, called Hornig into his office and “demanded that she look at lesions on his buttocks,” Hornig alleges. He did so again a year later, Hornig charges.

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Trump, The Doctor and the Vaccine Scandal Part 2 "I Don't Talk To Fake News"

File a reportBy Anne Dachel

Part Two

Cathy Newman's two part series on vaccines was really a witch hunt. This was not investigative reporting; Wakefield was demonized, autism as a devastating condition is never addressed—in fact, Newman made Dr. Krigsman, who works with victims of vaccine-related bowel disease, look like a child abuser.

Newman even made an attempt to publicly embarrass Wakefield in Berlin at a showing of ‘Vaxxed.’ It’s all in this report.

May 8, 2017, Dispatches: Trump, the Doctor & the Vaccine Scandal [Part 2]

“…And another Trump scientific myth endangers the health of America’s children. He believes combined or multiple vaccines cause autism. Last year he met disgraced British scientist, Andrew Wakefield, who left Britain after his work linking the MMR jab with autism was debunked.  But with Trump’s support, he’s riding high again and seducing audiences with scare stories.”

Clip of Wakefield: “Safe, effective vaccines against serious infectious disease, laudable. Do any vaccines on the market today meet those criteria? No, they don’t.”

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Trump, The Doctor, Vaccine Scandal and Media Bias on Both Sides of the Pond

File a reportBy Anne Dachel

One thing I’ve never heard ANY JOURNALIST say to either Robert Kennedy, Jr. or Andrew Wakefield: “I read your book, and I wanted to have you clarify …? What did you mean when you wrote…?”  That goes for Kennedy’s Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak and Wakefield’s Callous Disregard. --- In 2011, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos told Wakefield he’d read Callous Disregard, but he couldn’t cite a single thing he’d written in it.  What does this tell us about the motives of the media? What does this tell us about the disgraceful profession journalism has become?


British reporter Cathy Newman pretended that she only wants to protect children from the anti-vaccine/anti-science movement in a two part series called, Trump, the Doctor & the Vaccine Scandal shown on British television Channel 4 on May 8, 2017.

The promo from Channel 4  made it clear that this was not objective journalism. Portraying Donald Trump as a dangerous fanatic who “is questioning the way children are vaccinated,” and describing Andrew Wakefield as “a disgraced British doctor” let us know just where this was going.

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A Decade of HPV Vaccine Horror Stories from the Press

Vioxx now gardasilBy Anne Dachel

These stories are from the U.S., Britain, and Japan. So where were the crusading journalists who looked into the suffering and death connected to this supposedly lifesaving vaccine?

Many people wrote about HPV vaccine injuries but the last word went to officials and doctors who labeled such things as mere coincidence. In the top story here, the mother of one victim said doctors who acknowledged vaccine-induced damage, “won’t put that in writing.”

April 3, 2017, UK Schoolgirl claims she was left PARALYSED by cervical cancer HPV vaccine - Mirror Online

Despite health chiefs insisting the HPV Gardasil jab is safe, these teens reveal why they wish they had never had it

Ruby Shallom thought nothing of having her third shot of the HPV Gardasil vaccine at school in September 2014.

All her other Year 8 friends were having it and she’d already had the first two doses of the jab to protect her from the human papillomavirus which causes cervical cancer.

But while she and a few of her friends had felt a bit dizzy and had mild stomach pain after the first injections, she genuinely believed there was nothing to worry about. However, Ruby is now paralysed from the neck down and only able to use her left hand. She believes the final dose lies behind her current state.

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Dachel Wake Up: Nothing Minor About Autism in S. Carolina

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

May 12, 2017, Alternative screen finds high autism prevalence in U.S. state

By Jessica Wright 

A new study in South Carolina has found a prevalence of 3.62 percent for autism, or roughly 1 in 28 children. Researchers presented the unpublished findings today at the 2017 International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco, California.

The study screened children born in 2004, the same birth year analyzed in the most recent prevalence estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For South Carolina, that estimate, released in 2014, reported a prevalence of 1 in 81 children1. The average prevalence for the United State is 1 in 68..” ...

The new work is modeled after a similar prevalence study in South Korea that found an autism rate of 2.65 percent, more than twice the U.S. rate at that time.. ...

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2017 Measles Hysteria

Measles 2017
Note: Minnesota seems to be going the way of California. Measles madness hits the otherwise logical midwest.  The Boston Herald called vaccination choice a "hanging offense." Seems the blue states are seeing red when it comes to medical choice. Very unsettling.

By Anne Dachel

Except for the New American, these are just scripted, emotional stories blaming measles in Minnesota on the FALSE claims of a link between vaccines and autism and the antivaxxers who promote it.  Newpapers are like department stores, airlines and banks: there are only a handful left in the country and they share the same basics.

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Dallas Morning News Editorial: Bogus Quotes

Dallas Morning NewsBy Anne Dachel

Wakefield is labeled a “menace” and a lot worse. The editorial cited the bogus “quote” that Wakefield never gave to the Washington Post, ‘I don’t feel responsible at all.’

This is a vitriolic and personal attack. They try to convince the reader that Wakefield is a bad man. We don’t need to talk about his research. The issue is not autism. From Dallas Morning News:

Discredited doctor who falsely linked vaccines to autism is now Texas' toxic export

Goodness knows, Texas has its share of crosses to bear, not a few of them situated in our state Capitol.

This reference is not to our Legislature (this time), but to another — and perhaps farther-reaching — menace: our planet's No. 1 vaccination denier.

Discredited ex-physician Andrew Wakefield, the British researcher who falsely linked routine immunizations to autism, lives in Austin now. And he is as keen to spread his anti-science, potentially dangerous gospel as ever. He may be Texas' most toxic export.

A case in point: Wakefield — who is no longer a doctor, having been booted from the profession in his home country — met repeatedly with immigrant families in a Minnesota Somali community, where legitimate concern over autism diagnoses had taken root.

That community is now ground zero for the state's worst measles outbreak in three decades. More than 40 people — nearly all of them children — have been infected with the disease, which was previously, thanks to vaccines, eradicated in the U.S.  Read the rest here.

Dachel Wake Up: From The Pot Calling the Kettle Black Files

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 8, 2017, New York Daily News editorial: The wages of fearmongering

...The true culprit is a growing, unfounded fear of vaccines, now with mongers in the highest places.

A mostly conquered disease is spreading in Minnesota’s largest city because an abysmally low 40% of Somali-American kindergarteners there have gotten their necessary shots.

That four-in-ten figure is way, way down from nine-in-ten in 2004, driven by lies about a connection between vaccines and autism....

For that, blame not only local leaders, but the likes of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose anti-vaccine megaphone has gotten amplified thanks to a certain President.

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Deliberate Ignorance: Minnesota Measles' Spotty Reporting is Contagious

TwistedBy Anne Dachel

The biggest news sources in America twist Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s words.

There are currently lots of stories out on the outbreak of measles in Minnesota. It’s all tied to the Somalis in the Twin Cities and their fears over the MMR vaccine and autism.  

The six news reports from major outlets that I cited below each dismissed any vaccine-autism link out-of-hand with trite phrases like “a discredited theory.” Regression after vaccination was tossed aside as mere coincidence, and no one even mentioned the horrific rate of autism, one in 32, among these Somali children.

I’m sure that no reporter has ever looked into the science they constantly reference that has supposedly answered the question: Do vaccines cause autism? 

Emily Sohn at NPR is convinced that “abundant scientific evidence” disproves the claim of a link.

Lena Sun at the Washington Post cited Andrew Wakefield as the “founder of the modern anti-vaccines movement,” saying, “He maintained that he bears no fault for what is happening within the [Somali] community. ‘I don’t feel responsible at all,’ he said.”

Christopher Mele at the New York Times also cited the quote from Dr. Wakefield as coming from the Washington Post in his coverage.

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Sheila Ealey Speaks Out Against Vaccine Injury

Sheila EaleyBy Anne Dachel

Sheila Lewis Ealey is an autism mom, an advocate, and is featured in ‘Vaxxed.’

We’ve interviewed Sheila about her role in ‘Vaxxed’  for Age of Autism.

June 14, 2016 - On Vaxxed The Movie

Sept. 15, 2014 - On autism and how it happened to her son

Sheila was also in D.C. on March 31, 2017. Her message was clear: She vaccinated. Her son was severely damaged. She is now anti-vaccine.

Who could blame her? Not only was her vaccine injury case among the 5,000 omnibus claims of vaccine-induced autism that were thrown out of Vaccine Court, but as an African American mother with an autistic son, she has a personal connection to the fraud at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed by William Thompson.

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Places Everybody! Miss Frizzle Goes Pharma.

1229-ralphie-magic-school-bus-pbs-4By Anne Dachel

Either they're merely parroting the denials without any real understanding of the issue, or they're trying to debunk the MMR and the thimerosal link to autism in one show.

Regardless, it seems Ms Frizzle is frazzled. This is about the MMR vaccine and somehow the claim that mercury is in it comes out. 

No worry, Ms Frizzle assures us: "Decades ago vaccines contained a non-toxic variant of mercury; today they don't contain mercury of any kind." 

Later she says, "There's zero evidence that vaccine cause autism or mental disorders of any kind. Do people actually think that?

Jenny McCarthy and Chris Christie are also part of the parody. Chris Christie: "I don't believe in vaccines." 

That is a libelous statement. Major networks and print news outlets have covered Governor Christie supporting vaccines while asking for “a measure of choice.” 



Washington Post

No one is ever held responsible for honesty when this subject is vaccines. Wild accusations are common. (See the story from Stowe VT Today where Del Bigtree was accused of wanting to shoot people who don’t support him. Robert Kennedy, Jr. has been labeled “anti-vaccine” for years just for questioning the use of toxic mercury in vaccines.)

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Why is HHS Celebrating What is Often a Severely Debilitating Diagnosis?

Blue vomitWhere's the HHS post celebrating Americans with cancer, like Steve Jobs.  Yeah, he died and all, probably had a lot of pain and suffering too, but surely his battle with cancer was the impetus for his iSuccess!   If we think for one moment that the old US Government, and perhaps this new one too, have any desire or drive to solve the rate of autism, we're  morons. Every one of us.   Celebrate people with autism like my girls? Of course.  Celebrate their disability? Never.   HHS says they want to remove obstacles - let them start with repealing the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986. You can hold your breath until you are blue in the face.  The tone is so condescending it's laughable.  KIM

Good riddance to April.

From The Health and Human Services of the US of America:

By Anne Dachel

This article, published by Health and Human Services and written by the new HHS Secretary, Dr. Tom Price, is about the "joys" of autism, and what got my immediate attention was the fact that he DIDN'T KNOW THE TRUE INCREASE IN AUTISM.

Price: "In recent years, as the number of children diagnosed with autism has steadily increased – more than doubling from about 1 in 150 children in 2000 to 1 in 68 in 2012."

This is a list of the official increases in the autism rate. One in 150 didn't come along until 2007. It's a lot more than "doubling" from one in 500, the actual rate in 2000. Furthermore, the one in 68 was announced in 2014, not 2012.

1995 1:500

2001 1:250

2004 1:166

2007 1:150

2009 1:110

2012 1:88

2014 1:68

How could the new HHS secretary be so off on the numbers about such a widespread condition? The truth is, when it comes to autism, NO ONE REALLY CARES. It's all pretend.

Notice the references to children, kids, and young adults with autism, all the while pretending that we're talking about "Americans with autism." So why isn't Price addressing the needs of 40, 50 and 60 year old autistic people in group homes or adult day care? How about the two percent of the elderly that are supposed to also have autism?

What are "the barriers between children with autism and their doctors"? Huh? I thought DOCTORS were responsible for all the autism everywhere with all their "better diagnosing."  Are they still confused about autism? Tom Price seems to be.

Price's goal for those with autism is "to enhance heir quality of life and maximize their health and social outcomes."

Notice there's no mention of finding the cause or preventing autism. According to Price, autism is part of life and we just need to accept it. Nothing is wrong if it's your child. It's just the way things are.

Regressive autism? Normal kids losing skills, getting sick, getting diagnosed with autism. Mums the words. We don't want to discuss it. Price says nothing about it.

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Bryant University Newspaper Attacks Robert Kennedy Jr.

Half TruthUpdate: Thanks to commenter Kim for letting us know the article is no longer live on the site.

By Anne Dachel:

Bryant Archway is the student newspaper of Bryant University in Smithfield, RI.

I noticed that the "mission" of Bryant University is to inspire students to "become innovative leaders...attuned to the needs of industry and society." Well, this article clearly aligns them with INDUSTRY...the drug industry.

It's clear, when reading A STUDENT NEWSPAPER, that the future of journalism is bleak and so is the future of everything else. Reporter Harrison Garrett is majoring in Applied Economics with a double minor in Political Science and Finance. He is also the Student Government Treasurer and the Chair of the Ways and Means Commission. Somewhere along the line he didn't learn to RESEARCH THE SOURCE in his story.

Garrett is either extremely naïve (and can't image that CDC/WHO et al. have anything other than the interests of our children in mind when they vouch for the safety of vaccines), or else he's fine with lots of agencies and organizations with extensive money ties to the vaccine industry.

ANYTIME a news story on Robert Kennedy, Jr. and vaccines is published WITHOUT THE WORD MERCURY, it's a fraud. Garrett doesn't know what he's talking about OR ELSE ...he's trying to cover up Kennedy's real argument. Regardless, this is junk journalism.

You'll notice that NO ONE attacking Robert Kennedy EVER claims that they've actually read his book, Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak. What are they teaching at Bryant anyway? Write what you're told, check nothing.

April 28, 2017, Bryant Archway: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is no champion of science Bryant oops

By Harrison Garrett

Last month, Bryant University welcomed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to speak about issues ranging from capitalism to climate change. Advocates for environmental preservation, including Mr. Kennedy himself, are generally seen as the pro-science coalition. They tend to be the ones who support their position with mainstream scientific findings. The opposition? They’re often seen as dismissive of this same science. Like most environmental activists, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is fond of citing this mainstream climate science in order to establish a consensus about the threat of climate change. And yes, there is a consensus that the planet is warming, and that human activity is contributing to it. 97 percent of climate scientists agree on this.

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Dachel Wake Up: Stowe Today's Weird Take on Autism Summit

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Stowe Today:
"Del Bigtree has threatened to shoot people who disagree with him"

I can't imagine a more bizarre piece. The speakers scheduled for this event are courageous professionals, willing to speak out on a very controversial issue. Instead of including information on their views, Stowe Today portrays them as reactionary and violent.

April 27, 2017, Stowe (VT) Today: Summit at school concerns citizens

By Kayla Collier

A controversial autism summit scheduled for next month at Stowe High School is acting as a shot in the arm for school officials, who might rewrite their school-use policies.

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Dachel Wake Up: Reiss Vs Attkisson

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Dorit Reiss vs Sharyl Attkisson

Reiss attacks Kennedy over Fox News interview---AND I'M "NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT"

April 23, 2017, Daily Kos: Robert F Kennedy Jr and vaccines – why real journalists don't interview him

By Dorit Reiss

On 20 April 2017, Kennedy had an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News that centered on Kennedy’s views on vaccines. The interview with Mr. Carlson lived up to Mr. Kennedy’s previous dismal standards of accuracy on vaccines. His claims ranged from simply untrue to subtly misleading, all clearly designed to create fear and doubt about vaccines. Mr. Carlson did not have the knowledge to counter them, and being misled by his interviewee is exactly what other journalists avoid by not letting Mr. Kennedy repeat his past and provide misinformation about vaccines. ...

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314 Revolving Door: Pharma "Scientists" Running for Office. "Wyeth Not?"

Joe-isuzu-2-thumbBy Anne Dachel

Imagine more and more scientists and doctors elected to state and national office. Imagine lots more vaccine industry shills like Dr. Richard Pan in California promoting bills like SB277 that removed parental choice when it comes to vaccinating children.

Now there’s a political action committee designed to do just that. It’s called 314 Action and it’s getting the word out that scientists plan to take over politics. 314 Action is especially eager to promote vaccines and denounce people like Robert Kennedy, Jr. for their questions about vaccine safety.

Never underestimate the power of corporate interests, under the guise of promoting science, to expand their power and control.

314 Action wants to get thousands more scientists into politics (4,000) to be exact).

"We are members of the STEM Community, grassroots supporters and political activists committed to bring innovation to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education, aggressively advocate for real solutions to Climate Change and elect more STEM trained candidates to public office." 

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Open letter to Shaughnessy Naughton, Founder of 314 Action and Congressional Candidate Molly Sheehan:

Note from editorBy Anne Dachel

Dear Shaughnessy and Molly,

I’ve been reading about 314 Action and your goal of putting more scientists into political office. The coverage 314 Action has reached from the mainstream media has been extremely supportive. Two issues repeatedly talked about in connection with the PAC (political action committee) are global warming and vaccines.

My interest is in your position on vaccines. According to everything I’ve read, 314 Action is telling us we shouldn’t look into “the repeatedly proven safety of vaccines.”

Shaughnessy, you called Robert Kennedy, Jr. an “anti-vaccine propagandist.”

I would like to ask you if you’ve read the book he edited on his position, Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak.

With your focus on promoting scientific truth, you should be interested in the research that is compiled in this book. Your dismissal of Kennedy’s views as “anti-vaccine” is completely false since at every opportunity, he describes himself as “pro-vaccine,” having had all of his children fully vaccinated.

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This is Not Medicine. This is Barbarism.

Doctor skullBy Anne Dachel

This is not medicine. This is barbarism.

‘Killing Five Kids for Every One You Save’

Dr. Toni Bark, Revolution for Truth, Washington, D.C., March 31, 2017

Dr. Bark began her talk by explaining to her audience what led her to be involved in the vaccine controversy.

“… In the eighties, we did not vaccinate women who were about to be pregnant. We would ask them. Today they’re recommending vaccines for pregnant women, without any safety studies.

“We didn’t vaccinate preemies; we adjusted their age. We didn’t give a day one of life vaccine. If a kid was sick, had a fever or was fussy, we wouldn’t vaccinate them. We only gave 14 shots up to the age of like 16. It was much different than today’s milieu, still kids were injured.

We were using the old DPT, which as we know now—How many of you read about Peter Aaby’s recent publication?—that for every one child we save from D, P, or T we kill five with the DPT. 

He’s been studying it in Guinea Bissau in parts of Africa. He worked for the WHO for decades. He’s been studying this for decades. He’s at a University in Europe, but basically in Guinea Bissau. He and several other researchers studies this for years, tracked it over thousands and thousands of kids, and said that for every one child from D, P, or T, five die from other infections because their immunity is so altered from that shot.

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Dachel Wake Up: Robert Kennedy Jr Interview with Tucker Carlson

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Tucker Carlson interviewed Robert Kennedy Jr on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Fox News Video Clip Here.  You can thank him at

He introduced the “taboo” topic saying that experts “insist that vaccines are generally safe; that there is no link between vaccines and autism.” He added that there are skeptics.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. began by stating, “I’ve read the science, and the science is very clear—what you have to understand is that the vaccine regime changed dramatically around 1989. The reason it changed is that Congress, drowning in pharmaceutical industry money, did something they’ve never done for any other industry, they gave blanket legal immunity to all the vaccine companies so that no matter how sloppy the line protocol, or how absent the quality control, no matter how toxic the ingredient, or egregious the injury to your child, you cannot sue them.

“So there no depositions, there’s no discovery, there’s no class action suit. All of a sudden vaccines became enormously profitable.

“In ’87 it was implemented and then there were a gold rush by the pharmaceutical industry to add new vaccines to the schedule.

“I got three vaccines; I was fully compliant. I’m 63 years old.

“My children got 69 doses of 16 vaccines to be compliant. And a lot of these vaccines aren’t even for casually communicable diseases, like hepatitis B which comes unprotected sex or sharing needles.

“Why do we give that to a child the first day of their life?

“And it was loaded with mercury.”

Carlson restated Kennedy’s statement. “And we do give that to children.”

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Paul Offit: Proselytizes as Pope of the Church of Immaculate Vaccination

Note: Many years ago, we ran a photo that has zero religious intent and featured many in the pro-vaccine injury community. We were instantly branded Anti-Semitic. Here, Paul Offit, himself Jewish, purports to tell those of us who are Christian what Jesus wants us to do.  Tell the Pope to look out, Offit may be after his job.  Holy Moses.... And thank you, Anne for this post.

By Anne Dachel

What Would Jesus Do?  He’d vaccinate every child, according to Paul Offit

Recently Paul Offit was on the attack against Vice President Mike Pence over his actions on the HPV vaccine back when he was governor of Indiana. Every teenager in Indiana was expected to get the vaccine, according to Offit.  “…the HPV vaccine… was recommended for all adolescents.”

(Seriously, how can someone tell EVERY adolescent to get a pharmaceutical product, without any consideration of risk factors?)

April 15, 2017, The Daily Beast: Why Didn't Pence Do the Christian Thing?

By Dr. Paul Offit.

The VP’s extreme-conservative policies on the HPV vaccine needlessly risked Indiana children’s lives. What he did unto them—among others—is something Christ himself rejected above all.

In July 2016, Mike Pence rallied cheering crowds at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland declaring, “I am a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican—in that order.” One year earlier, however, as governor of Indiana, Pence’s radical conservative values trumped his Christian values.

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Robert Kennedy Jr. at DC Rally

WMPIf you'd like to meet Robert and support his work at World Mercury Project, you're invited to a fund raising reception on 4/18 in New York City at the home of Skyhorse Publishing's Tony Lyons.  Here's the reality of what happens when a person of stature, an actor, actress, nationally known advocate starts to talk about vaccines...  life changes.   Retribution starts.  And so, we need to support Mr. Kennedy as best we can. With a kind comment for most of us who can't afford to attend a fund raiser. With a ticket for those who can.  I'll see you there - I'll be in the kitchen scrubbing pots.  (Kidding.)  KIM  Click here to learn more.

By Anne Dachel

I want everyone to listen to what Robert Kennedy, Jr. had to say in Washington D.C. on March 31st at the Revolution for Truth Rally.

Please share.

I transcribed his talk so you could not only listen, but also read the points he made and have them for future reference because there so much incredible information included in his 35 minute speech.

We are all familiar with Bobby Kennedy’s position on the use of mercury in vaccines. We’re also used to him promoting vaccines, claiming that he has had all six of his children vaccinated.

Kennedy qualifies that position in this talk.

Yes, Kennedy’s pro-vaccine, but he makes it clear that he’s PRO SAFE AND EFFECTIVE VACCINES, and we don’t have that today.

Keep in mind that I’ve spent fifteen years, as just a mom in Wisconsin, monitoring how the press covers autism, and autism and vaccines. Kennedy goes after not only the criminal cover-up by health officials but also the complete and utter failure of news outlets to do their job. This nightmare could never have happened nor could it have gone on for so long without the blanket cooperation of every major newspaper and network in America.

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Dr. Brian Hooker At the Revolution for Truth March 31 Rally

Brian HookerNote: Thank you to Anne Dachel for transcribing this talk, and to Joshua Coleman for the video.


Dr. Brian Hooker, the man who was contacted by CDC whistleblower William Thompson, spoke at the Revolution for Truth Rally in Washington D.C. on March 31, 2017, along with over a dozen leading autism activists.

Brian’s speech was only about ten minutes in length, but his words were dynamite. Just like Del Bigtree did in his talk,  Brian told his audience that when he goes to Congress, they know about CDC scientist William Thompson’s charge that his agency ordered him to destroy evidence showing a vaccine-autism link in the MMR vaccine. This issue is only going to get more heated because the people who represent us know that the government is involved in vaccine safety fraud. It’s their job to look into this.

Brian also went into detail about Poul Thorsen and Diana Schendel’s roles in fleecing the taxpayers out of millions of dollars in order to manufacture bogus research on what’s causing autism.

(And for all the details on just how Thorsen and Schendel pulled this off, read the fascinating book, Vaccine Whistleblower, by Kevin Barry.)

Dr. Brian Hooker,  Revolution for Truth Rally, Washington, D.C., March 31, 2017

Brian began by talking about his 19 year old son’s vaccine injury, his dedication to his recovery and the toll it takes on every affected family. He was very positive.

Brian: “…And yet, we’re winning. …You get the word out there. When I go up to Capitol Hill and I ask people, and I start to explain the story about Bill Thompson, they’re like, ‘Oh no, no, no. We already know about Bill Thompson.’

“You’re doing your job! You are absolutely, absolutely doing your job, and please, please, please keep up the good work. …”

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Dachel Wake Up: April Showers

Dachel Morning Wake UoApril 6, 2017, Fox12 (Sherman, TX): Neblett Elementary student's journey with Autism, By Anthony Miller

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Nathan Adams is a seven-year-old child who attends Neblett Elementary school in Sherman, Texas.

He's a lovable child who plays and even explores like every child, but at a young age, his parents knew there was something different about him when he wasn't responding to his name at one year old.

Just before he turned three, he was diagnosed with autism.

"It gave us some closure to it," said Nathan's father, Jeff Adams. "It gave us kind of a path forward, but at the same time, it was difficult."

"Kind of a relief at that point to know which direction to go," said Nathan's mother, Desiree Adams.

This three and a half minute news report on April, Autism Awareness Month is a chilling example of just hw much we have, as a nation, surrendered to autism.

News anchor: “This month is Autism Awareness Month, as the disorder affects one in every 68 children.”

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Del Bigtree Speaking at National Press Club on Vaccine Policy

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

Thanks to Josh Coleman, I am getting the individual talks by the speakers at the National Press Club presentation in Washington, D.C. on March 31, 2017, and I'm going to transcribe them all.

These will all be published on Age of Autism. Please note that the paltry mention that this event received from the media didn't include actual quotations by the speakers, but Age of Autism will have them all. This event was ignored by news outlets that refuse to honestly cover this controversy, but the truth will get out, and the mainstream press will become even more irrelevant.

Del is impassioned. He is emphatic: WE ARE WINNING! It was inspiring to listen to him and feel his dedication to protecting children from dangerous vaccines. Del speaks about the lack of vaccine science to support our claims, and he's right, BUT ALSO THEY HAVE NO REAL PROOF. Population studies are not scientifici proof.

THE MISSING PIECE OF SCIENCE IS AN OFFICIAL COMPARISON STUDY OF FULLY VACCINATED/NEVER VACCINATED KIDS. Unless and until such research is done, the question is open. There is no proof that vaccines are safe, unless we look at children who were never vaccinated. AND NO OFFICIAL WANTS TO SEE THIS STUDY DONE. We all need to ask why.

Notice what Del said about the obligation of a doctor to know what ingredients are in the vaccines they're injecting into our children.

He's absolutely right. And doctors don't know. They simpy trust. They parrot the claims of the pharmaceutical reps in their waiting rooms.

This brought to mind the story from a friend of mine. This is a man who became very well-educated on vaccine safety concerns on his own, and when he went to his physician and asked him if he knew what was vaccines, he received this stunning response from the doctor:

"I DON'T KNOW, AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW." That pretty much says it all. (My friend no longer has this person as his doctor.)


March 31, 2017, Revolution for Truth—Del Bigtree

‘Vaxxed’ producer, Del Bigtree was introduced as the “Emmy Award winning producer from the daytime talk show, The Doctors.”

Del: “Tomorrow is April 1st, which means we opened ‘Vaxxed’ exactly one year ago tomorrow. And what a year I’m having! There’s really nothing left to say after some of the greatest minds in this movement were speaking to you all day. I could really say ditto and walk off the stage.

“I want to talk about what this year has been, what has got us here, and what has happened right now in all of our lives.

“First of all, I have got to give a shout-out to my partners in this film Andy Wakefield, Polly Tommey, and Brian Borrows. The simple fact of the matter, we are not here, in this moment, without these powerful, dedicated people that I had the opportunity to spend a year with while making ‘Vaxxed.’

“Andy, wherever you are—I think you’re in Germany right now—we all owe you such a debt of gratitude.”

Del described an encounter with a reporter described by Robert Kennedy, Jr. as “doing a hit piece on Andy.” 

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White House Lights Up Blue: 4 Days and A Few Dollars Short

Blue sand timerNOTE: There is a softer side to this story by Anne Dachel. Our wonderful contributor Katie Wright lost her Mom Suzanne to cancer last year.  Bob Wright asked President Trump to honor World Autism Day in her memory. And we are certainly behind that.  According to Katie, her Mom tried IN VAIN many times to get Mrs. Obama to acknowledge the autism epidemic and to act. She never did.  So, thank you to President Trump for his work so far. But know that this press  announcement seems in part to have been left over from the last administration....  It straddles the worlds of neurodiversity and tougher talk.  We won't punish progress, but I need to see real progress. Kim

- - - - - - - 

On World Autism Awareness Day, we highlight the importance of addressing the causes and improving the treatments for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).  We also recognize the importance of identifying ASDs early in a child's life and of understanding the obstacles faced by people living on the autism spectrum.  Together, we celebrate the many ways individuals with ASDs enhance our daily lives and make priceless contributions to our schools, workplaces, and communities. 

Autism spectrum disorders affect an estimated one out of every 68 children in America.  Individuals and families living with autism come from diverse backgrounds.  These families face enormous challenges in assisting their loved ones over the course of their lifetimes.  As those with ASDs reach early adulthood, families are often faced with even greater obstacles than during childhood, including planning for the successful transition into adulthood and independent life.  
We are hopeful that our Nation's efforts will result in significant advancements related to autism diagnosis and treatments in the months and years ahead.  Ongoing efforts to scan the human genome carry significant potential to better manage the disorder and, ultimately, find a cure.  My Administration will continue to work with the Congress to implement the 21st Century Cures Act and help to clear the way for breakthroughs in medical science.  Together, we will turn scientific discoveries into real solutions for people with complex health issues like autism.  
Cutting edge therapies and lifelong treatments can impose enormous burdens and expenses on the families of people with autism spectrum disorders.  I applaud the efforts by Members of Congress to enact tax-free savings vehicles for families of people with disabilities and ASDs.  I also encourage the ongoing public-private efforts to develop new technologies to prevent wandering and keep individuals with ASDs safe.  
For generations, men and women living on the autism spectrum have made extraordinary contributions in the fields of science, technology, art, literature, business, politics, and many other professions. 

Kim eye Roll
Um....... ^^^

Yet the world still has a great deal to learn about ASDs.  We must continue our research to improve early identification and intervention, strengthen our comprehension of the disorder, and open opportunities for every member of our society to live independently and live the American Dream.  My Administration is committed to promoting greater knowledge of ASDs and encouraging innovation that will lead to new treatments and cures for autism. 

Kim Girls 2015
Yes, we need a cure!

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Sunday, April 2, 2017, as World Autism Awareness Day.  I invite all Americans to Light it Up Blue, which Melania and I will do at the White House.  I call upon all Americans to  learn more about the signs of autism to improve early diagnosis, understand the challenges faced by those with autism spectrum disorders, and to do what they can to support individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. 
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this
thirty-first day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-first.


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Dachel Wake Up: Newsweek Covers DC Vaccine Event

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

This is far better than most Newsweek coverage of vaccine safety in the past.  They actually mentioned William Thompson by name and said that research may have been altered. 

Sadly, Jessica Wapner and Newsweek fail to tell us ANYTHING about what actually went on at the National Press Club meeting.  If there were fifteen speakers, including Robert Kennedy, Jr., shouldn’t we hear something that they had to say?

(The video did nothing to add to the story.)

Shouldn’t Newsweek have covered the event, not just the rally outside?

The one statement that said volumes was this: “The stated purpose of the event is to protest the biased media coverage, exploitation by the pharmaceutical industry…”

That charge of “biased media coverage” would of course include Newsweek and all the other mainstream news outlets who’ve never honestly and thoroughly covered this controversy.

Vaccine skeptics rally in D.C. today at a protest headlined by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

By Jessica Wapner

Vaccine fears are on display today in Washington, D.C. A group called Revolution for Truth is leading an anti-vaccine event that includes a rally outside the National Press Club and talks by at least 15 speakers. The day will culminate with a speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an outspoken opponent to vaccines and founder of the World Mercury Project. The stated purpose of the event is to protest the biased media coverage, exploitation by the pharmaceutical industry and government protection that, the group says, perpetuate the use of what it says are dangerous inoculations.

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Sesame Street's Julia Arrives For April

SesameStr_20YearsAndCountinNOTE:   It's interesting how many media outlets have picked up the Sesame Street story just in time for April. Surely the launch of a cute Muppet with autism weeks before Autism Awareness month begins was carefully planned. Many of us struggle with the celebratory tone of the month.  At AofA we look at the month as a chance to commemorate the very real struggles people with autism of all ages face, along with their families. I hope the program will educate parents at least a bit.  Me? I'm 22 years, and still counting.... Kim

By Anne Dachel

Time to “normalize autism”………. the message is everywhere.

I’ve written a lot lately about Julia, the new character on Sesame Street who’s getting a lot of media attention because she has autism. She’s cute, friendly, and shows us the milder side of autism. Julia is part of a bigger issue here. It’s the push now to NORMALIZE AUTISM.

At the same time Robert Kennedy, Jr. is out warning us about the dangers of injecting mercury into babies and pregnant women, and the movie “Vaxxed” is crisscrossing the county educating viewers about the government’s cover-up of research findings of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, the mainstream media is telling us just the opposite. We’re supposed to believe that having a child on the autism spectrum is just something that happens. Doctors can’t explain why; it’s just the way some people are. If we can all just accept AUTISM as a fact of life, we could move on from the blame game and stop talking about vaccines.

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Dachel Wake Up: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Lead Vaccine Safety Rally

Rev Truth DCBy Anne Dachel

Below is media coverage of the March on Friday:

By Gary Greenberg, NewsMax

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Lead Vaccine Safety Rally

 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will deliver the keynote address March 31 at the Revolution for Truth rally in Washington, D.C., organized by the Vaccination Injury Awareness League to call for more transparency in the research and government approval process of an ever-expanding schedule of vaccines.

Kennedy has said that he is “pro-vaccine,” but he believes more research should be done to investigate potential health risks and is critical of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s handling of the issue. …

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Shaking The Blind Faith in Merck Shingles Vaccine

By Anne Dachel

I recently wrote about the news of a suit against Merck over damage from the shingles vaccine.  There are claims of serious side effects, including death associated with this vaccine.

The Zostavax vaccine is recommended for every adult “fifty years of age and older” in the Merck TV ad, yet the CDC says people 60 years of age or older should get shingles vaccine.”

On the CDC website it also states that the shingles vaccine is safe. “No serious problems have been identified with shingles vaccine.”

Despite the CDC’s claim that the shingles vaccine carries no real risks, the FDA wrote to Merck in February 2016 telling them to add, Eye Disorders: necrotizing retinitis (patients on immunosuppressive therapy)’ to their product information.'

KP Stoller, a physician in San Francisco and author of the book, Incurable Me (Skyhorse 2016), is a strong critic of the current vaccine program because of its lack of safety science and oversight.

  1. Dr. Stoller, what concerns do you have about the way this vaccine is being sold to the public, especially with regard to what Merck says about it in their product information sheet?
  2. A. There is ZERO credible safety data on "vaccines" [defined as (adjuvants etc. + antigen)] where no saline vs. vaccine comparisons have been done. Vaccines are not tested for safety against a saline placebo, they are tested against a solution that contains all the adjuvants, metals, DNA, and other toxins etc. but just minus the infectious disease antigen itself - in this case the varicella virus. So, the safety data and adverse event data Merck cites in their package insert does not have a lot of meaning.

It would be the same as if Monsanto tested RoundUp for safety and compared it not to water but to RoundUp sans Glyphosate (the reported active ingredient). Even without Glyphosate, RoundUp is very toxic... one of the ingredients is 10,000 times more toxic than Glyphosate itself. Would comparing those two substances RoundUp with Glyphosate vs RoundUp without Glyphosate be a fair comparison for safety purposes?

Yet that is exactly what the vaccine manufacturers are allowed to pass off as an adequate safety comparison. RoundUp without Glyphosate isn't anymore a placebo than the varicella vaccine without the varicella.

  1. What is the connection between the live virus chicken pox vaccine, now universally recommended for every child, and shingles in the adult population, which Merck claims will affect one in three adults in their lifetime.?
  2. It has been two decades since the USA implemented Universal Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccination. And we now know a whole lot more information about what this program has caused because what happened when children are no longer circulating wild Chicken pox virus (varicella or VZV) in the population is that adults who once had VZV as children but were unable to eradicate the virus completely from their bodies are no longer exposed to the wild virus and their own immunity drops.

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March Madness Leads into April Sadness: The Muppetization of Autism

Autistic muppet age of autism
By Anne Dachel

Winnipeg Free Press and Sesame Street are soft-selling us autism.

April, National Autism Awareness Month has turned from creating awareness of the autism epidemic to promoting autism as a neurological difference to be accepted and accommodated. This March 22 article about the new Sesame Street autistic character from the Winnipeg Free Press does just that. The video clip shows Julia (who has autism) singing with Sesame Street's "fairy in training," Abby Cadabby, "Everything's A-Okay..." Reporter Jen Zoratti doesn't tell us that two percent of our children now have this disorder, but she does mention that she has a brother with Asperger's.

And that is the message for April, and it's diabolically deceptive because it doesn't just advocate for compassion for the disabled, it's telling us that autism is only a neurological difference. Since Julia is a character with features of autism that don't severely impact her life (she flaps her hands and is sensitive to noise), it doesn't seem like such a bad thing. Julia interacts with others and seems pretty typical.

Winnipeg Free Press: Muppet with autism is just the latest in a long list of progressive Sesame Street characters

The newest member of the Sesame Street gang is already poised to be an icon —and she hasn’t even been on TV yet. 

Julia, a four-year-old with bright red hair and big green eyes, is the first Muppet to have autism. She’ll make her official debut on April 11, but social media is already buzzing about her thanks to a 60 Minutes special that aired on Sunday. Through Julia and her interactions with other characters, Sesame Street aims to promote understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity.

In the first episode, the characters will get to know Julia. Sometimes she doesn’t make eye contact or answer a question right away, and sometimes she flaps her arms. She doesn’t like loud noises, and she might repeat herself.

When Big Bird introduces himself to Julia, she ignores him and keeps colouring. Later, he learns not to take it personally, she just does things a little differently. "In a Julia sort of way."...

But many kids will see themselves in her, and they will see her being treated with kindness, acceptance and compassion. They will see that it’s OK for Julia to do things in a Julia sort of way. ...

It’s not just children who could benefit from such an education. There are adults out there who use the word "Asperger’s" when they mean "awkward." There are adults out there who believe vaccines cause autism, and that autism is a fate worse than death. There are adults who bully and isolate neurodivergent people at work. 

Sesame Street and Julia won’t singlehandedly raise a more accepting and empathetic generation.

But they will change lives. 

Notice that people who claim there's a link between vaccines and autism are included in the same paragraph with those who bully and discriminate against those with autism.

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Dachel Wake Up: Two Stories from the San Francisco Chronicle: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr./Vaccines

Dachel Morning Wake UoTwo Stories from the San Francisco Chronicle: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr./Vaccines

March 22, 2017, Keep perspective on Trump pick of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for vaccine safety panel 

By Leah Durant

“President Trump recently selected Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent vaccine skeptic who believes that shots may cause autism, to chair a panel on the safety of vaccines.

“The appointment has provoked howls of outrage from public health officials, who correctly point out that medical experts have repeatedly debunked any link between vaccines and autism. Unfortunately, in their zeal to defend the benefits of vaccines, these advocates have pushed a narrative that vaccines are without risk. ...

“Established in 1986, the vaccine program is one of the rare federal initiatives that promotes economic growth and protects consumers. It does so by granting vaccine makers and doctors immunity from lawsuits. That immunity gives drug companies full confidence to fund continued research and development of new vaccines, and gives doctors and nurses full confidence to administer them.

“Instead of seeking compensation from drugmakers, vaccine-injured patients can file a claim with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The program has awarded 5,269 victims more than $3.5 billion to date out of 17, 935 petitions filed.”

In the first story, D.C. attorney Leah Durant defends vaccines (there’s no link to autism) but also warns that vaccines are not without risk.  She handles injury lawsuits in the NVICP. She makes it sound like this program is a success.

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From Sunny Day to Blue Day: Sesame Street Debuts Female Muppet with Autism

Grover desk
Mia's Desk at age 21

NOTE:  I've been a Sesame Street fan since I watched the first episode in 1969. My children adored the program until it left PBS to move to HBO for first run episodes. We don't have HBO and it was time to say goodbye when the Surgeon General teamed up with Elmo to promote vaccinations.  Preschoolers pick their noses, not their friends.  I can promise the parents who think that Sesame Street will make a long term difference that it will not - and I'm sorry to say that. By middle school the gap is a chasm, by high school it's a canyon and after high school, it's another continent. At least for those with moderate to severe autism like my own girls. Boys are affected 4:1 over girls, so I don't understand the female muppet. I do know that Sesame Street has struggled to have female characters - Abby Cadabby was supposed to add to Zoe and Rosita. I hope Julia does indeed help start a conversation, although I'm afraid it will go like this, "Gee, that doesn't look anything like what Chase at school has, Mom...."   Kim

By Anne Dachel

Julia is a Sesame Street character with autism. Big Bird and the other characters on the show are learning how to understand her. Julia is meant to teach children how to get along with someone with the disorder. Julia is proof that autism will never be a crisis for this country. Somehow we're going to have adjust to a significant population that has recognizable symptoms and special needs. From the tone of the discussion on 60 Minutes, we understand that having a child with autism is now normal and acceptable. (The Pfizer ad on this video is a not-to-subtle reminder that pharmaceutical is a controlling influence over what 60 Minutes will cover.)  View video here. 

Christine Ferraro: I think the big discussion right at the start was, “How do we do this? How do we talk about autism?”

Christine Ferraro has been a writer at Sesame Street for 25 years, during which time the frequency of autism diagnoses has multiplied. 

Lesley Stahl: The chances of a little kid two, three, four years old having some kind of a relationship with another kid with autism is pretty high.

Christine Ferraro: Exactly. Especially once they hit school age, because they’ll be in their classrooms.

Abby: Julia, you’re so creative!

Julia: [laughs and flaps]

But how to portray autism?

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Dachel Wake Up: PA Letter To Editor NO on Mandatory Vaccines

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

March 19, 2017, The Top 5 Letters to the Editor of the week

Pa. Senate should vote no on mandatory vaccines

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 217 requires mandatory vaccines for your school children. No exception. When I was a youth, just a handful of vaccinations were typical. Current CDC recommendations are 40 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6 and 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18. The vaccine market is estimated to have ballooned to a $24 billion dollar industry with total legal immunity from being sued. What a deal.

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Dachel Wake Up: Lawyers Hanging Out Their Shingles for Shingles Vax Lawsuits

Dachel Morning Wake UoNOTE: Merck, accustomed to causing injury to babies via MMR, then teens via Gardasil, has set its sights on the elderly population! 

By Anne Dachel

March 14, 2017, Zostavax patients sue Merck, claiming shingles shot caused injuries and death

Merck & Co. could have a growing Zostavax problem on its hands. After several plaintiffs filed lawsuits claiming the drugmaker’s shingles vaccine caused serious injury and death, attorneys say more cases are on the way.

Plaintiffs have sued in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania alleging that Merck’s Zostavax—used to prevent shingles, the painful complication of varicella infection—caused serious side effects, including death.

“I think Merck has failed terribly … to warn about the very serious side effects and the failure of the vaccine to do what they claim it does,” attorney Marc Bern told FiercePharma.

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Dr. Oz Talks about Robert Kennedy Jr. and the $100,000 Challenge

Dr OzNOTE: If YOU would like to speak to Robert Kennedy, Jr. about the $100,00 challenge, you're invited to an event in NYC on April 18th from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Perhaps Dr. Oz will attend?

This is a fund raiser for World Mercury Project, which is sponsoring the challenge.  We know the price is dear for most of us - but perhaps a family member would help you buy a ticket  as an Easter or Passover or Autism Action month treat?  I know of one close friend whose brother - an AofA supporter - bought her a ticket. (Thanks, Nick Z!)  The event is at Tony Lyons' (Skyhorse Publishing's chief) home in New York City.

For details and to buy a ticket email Kirsten Kim

By Anne Dachel

On March 13, 2017, the Idaho Statesman published, Does your child’s doctor check on these important issues? by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz, MD.

Dr. Oz’s well-known name immediately caught my eye.

The article was about what your doctor should be covering at your “well-child checkup.”  Roizen and Oz included suggestions from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

So what should doctors be doing at these visits?

The AAP advises: “It should cover everything from how much you read to your child, the risk of lead paint contamination in your home, hearing, dental care, physical and cognitive development to potential familial health problems such as elevated LDL (lousy) cholesterol.”

Roizen and Oz added more things doctors should talk to parents about:  pool safety, laundry pods, guns, obesity, and vaccines.

This was included at the end of the piece.

To do: Robert Kennedy Jr. and Robert De Niro promised $100,000 if you prove vaccines are safe. We spent a month reviewing every study on vaccine safety and interviewing 150 experts on all sides of the issue. Our conclusion: Vaccines aren’t perfectly safe, but the chance of significant disease-preventing benefit is more than 40,000 times the risk. That’s a pretty impressive degree of safety. That research is out there for everyone to look at and is summarized in our book “YOU: Raising a Child.” If you win the prize, please make a donation jointly in our and your names to the American Academy of Pediatrics!

This article bothered me for a lot of reasons. First of all, why was there no specific advice that parents and doctors look for the warning signs of AUTISM, something which affects one in every 68 children, one in every 42 boys?

Roizen and Oz purported to have spent a month “reviewing every study on vaccine safety.” Not only that, they also talked to “150 experts on all sides of the issue.”


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Dachel Wake Up: Julia Belluz Is CDC's Company Gal!

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Here’s a story warning us that funding for our vaccine programs is being threatened by the Republicans.

Julia Belluz’s name is a familiar one regarding this issue. I looked through her reporting over the last couple of years and I was struck by how unwilling she is to challenge anything an official says about vaccine safety. Her articles are rife with statements meant to shut down the debate:

Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between the MMR vaccine and the mental developmental disorder.

“…many other studies have since discredited the idea.”

“In another of the most thorough studies to date, nearly half a million kids who got the vaccine were compared with some 100,000 who didn't, and there were no differences in the autism rates between the two groups.

Belluz is one of the most prolific pro-vaccine journalists out there. (See more stories below.)

None of her articles honestly investigate the arguments on both sides of the debate. In her mind, there is no debate. She blindly relies on official denials as the final word, just like everyone else in the mainstream media.

It’s hard to understand the complete obeisance paid to health officials holding a study as proof of no link. No one ever bothers to look into the research we’re all supposed to trust. What if it was done by the vaccine makers? What if it’s merely an easily flawed population study? What if the researcher is on pharma’s payroll? What if there are a dozen studies that challenge the findings?

The reporters who willingly accept whatever a CDC official has to say about vaccine safety would never do the same thing with anyone else in government. There is expected to be skepticism when elected officials tell us things, but strangely, that isn’t the case when this issue is vaccines. Somehow we’re to believe that federal employees at the CDC only tell the truth.

In many of her articles on vaccines, Belluz went after Andrew Wakefield and his MMR study. I wonder how she would report the story of William Thompson and his claim of CDC cover up of a vaccine/autism link.

Notice the taxpayer money going to the CDC that is talked about in this article. This place is pharma's dream. I seriously wonder if vaccines cost the industry anything. I’d love to know much money is channeled into vaccine promotion through federal and state funding.

March 7, 2017, The Republican health insurance plan slashes funding for vaccines and public health

Julia Belluz

The American Health Care Act makes a number of changes to the Affordable Care Act that’ll likely disadvantage poorer and sicker Americans, and result in fewer people covered. But the plan also includes a subtler and very significant move for American health: the elimination of the largest fund for disease prevention in the federal budget, along with 12 percent of the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by 2019.

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Dachel Wake Up: Google Snooze

Dachel Morning Wake UoHere's what's out on Google News. Notice that when "autism/vaccines" comes up, autism is nothing more than a passing reference.

Next month we'll again be told that having two percent of kids with autism is normal and acceptable. Parents just have to learn to live with it.

Everything's safe: GMOs, vaccines, and everything else corporate America throws at us. Anyone who disputes Andrew "fraudulent 1998 study" Wakefield and Robert "vaccine skeptic" Kennedy, Jr. ... is not to be trusted because no one is allowed to question the science on anything.

OS News: Inside the internet's war on science

By Thom Holwerda

 Vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who says he's in touch with Trump about a "vaccine safety commission" recently announced a $100,000 "challenge" to prove their safety.

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Debunk Translated: To Convince Public Otherwise


NOTE: When you read the word "debunk" you know you've stumbled across an article about vaccines and autism. 

By Anne Dachel

I've long said this about Andy Wakefield: THE MEDIA ENDLESSLY TALKS ABOUT HIM.......AND NO ONE WILL TALK TO HIM.

Andy has told me a number of times that no one in the media will interview him.

They have a carefully scripted way of presenting this. Robert Kennedy, Jr. is to be handled the same way Wakefield is, that is as a dangerous purveyor of fraudulent claims about vaccines. There is no need to listen to a word they have to say.

 This is phony journalism. Since when do reporters NOT WANT TO TALK TO THE MAJOR PLAYERS IN ANY CONTROVERSY?



Here at the Pacific Standard, the message is: Robert Kennedy  is totally off the mark. His views aren't even worthy of consideration. They're dismissed as "myths" and "folklore."

So why doesn't David Perry confront Kennedy with his charges against him? Why doesn't he talk to Kennedy so he can quote him first-hand? What does he think a reporter's job is all about?

Instead Perry interviews an English professor who compares the link between vaccines and autism to folklore.

Of course, Perry starts out denying ANY increase in autism.  "... there is no autism epidemic, or that the increase, as recently explained by NOS Magazine, is due to changes in how we diagnose the condition." Kennedy's $100,000 challenge as phony.

(And my personal challenge to Perry: If there's been no real increase in autism, please show me the 40, 60, and 80 year olds who look and act like our kids on the spectrum.)

March 6, 2017, Pacific Standard: How to Debunk Myths About Autism

An interview with Andrea Kitta about anti-vaccination, fake news, and the academic discipline that’s seen it all before.

By David Perry

Beyond the White House, alarmism over vaccines has wealthy and powerful proponents. It used to be Jenny McCarthy leading the Hollywood antivax league, but now Robert de Niro has taken the spotlight. He and Kennedy recently offered $100,000 to anyone who could prove vaccine safety to their satisfaction (which will never happen). No matter how many studies prove otherwise, and like so many other issues for which there is scientific consensus (global warming, evolution, etc.), anti-vaccine hysteria feels impervious to facts.

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Dachel Wake Up: Media Notices Sorry State of Health

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Recent medical news is getting lots of attention across the mainstream media. It seems that more young adults are being diagnosed with colon cancer. While the numbers remain small, there is an increase that has the attention of scientists. News reports use words like “very shocking,” “alarming,” and “startling” describe the situation.

Experts are baffled by the findings. Explanations include “obesity,” “poor diet,” and“lack of exercise.” Rather than advocating for an immediate focus on finding the cause, doctors are merely calling for earlier screening, perhaps in people in their forties.

(My favorite response was the doctor at NPR who thinks it’s just better screening that’s responsible.)

Feb. 28, 2017, CBS New York: Health Experts Alarmed By Spike In Colon, Rectal Cancer Rates   

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Former Oklahoma Epidemiologist Speaks Out Against Vaccine Mandates

JenniwhiteBy Anne Dachel

Jenni White is an epidemiologist, the numbers just don't make sense to her. She supports her position with facts. As she explains them, her concerns sound valid. The problem is, no one in the media is ever taken seriously if they have even an inkling of doubt about ANY ASPECT OF THE CURRENT VACCINE PROGRAM. She doesn't see a link between vaccines and autism, but she does challenge lots of claims about vaccines.

Of course there can be no consideration of the things she discusses. IF one thing is looked at with serious concern, the floodgate would burst, and they all known it.

Feb 27, 2017, The Federalist: How Vaccine Mandates Put Vulnerable People's Health And Lives At Risk

By Jenni White

Although I was conditioned to accept the Polio, MMR, and DPT vaccines, these  additions had always frustrated me. From 1997 to 1999, I was employed as an epidemiologist with the Oklahoma State Department of Health. During that time, the state was becoming convinced of the need to require Varicella and Hep A vaccinations for children.

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Debating the Wakefield Study: Solomon vs. Zaretsky

DebateBy Anne Dachel

On Jan 31, 2017 National Post journalist Lawrence Solomon and Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Ari Zaretsky met at a Toronto coffee shop to discuss the 1998 Lancet study linking the MMR vaccine to autism and bowel disease in children. Below is a Youtube video of the event. Their conversation is transcribed.

Dr. Zaretsky is to be commended for participating. It is unheard of for a member of medical profession to do this. It’s also a personal issue for him because he has a twenty year old son with severe autism.

Debating the Wakefield study: Solomon vs. Zaretsky

The Youtube is entitled, The Wakefield Vaccine Scandal,” and it’s about an hour and forty minutes.

Here’s a partial transcript of what was said:

Dr. Zaretsky explained that while he’s not really involved in the vaccine controversy, “I responded to this because of Larry’s article in the National Post and felt that I needed to take a stand as a physician.”

Solomon was introduced as a journalist for The National Post in Canada and editor of a website called Vaccine Fact Check, “which provides information about vaccines.” 

Moderator David Cayley described the controversy over Andrew Wakefield as “a scandal, whatever view you take of it probably.”

David Cayley: “Wakefield was one of thirteen authors of a paper that was published in The Lancet in 1998 that investigated, but did not claim to have proved—in fact explicably said it had not proved—a link between autism and the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, and also bowel disease, which they also investigated.

“This article was described by the editor of The Lancet later as having been the starting pistol for this whole discussion, which has now probably involved millions on autism and vaccines.

“Twelve years after it was published, in 2010, The Lancet withdrew the article…

“Since the controversy started there have been numerous studies done on the subject, none of which have really claimed to show a decisive link between vaccines and autism, but the discussion has continued. And we’re going to continue it here. …”

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Follow Up: Toronto

Toronto-officeBy Anne Dachel

On Jan 31, 2017 National Post journalist Lawrence Solomon and Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Ari Zaretsky met at a Toronto coffee shop to discuss the 1998 Lancet study linking the MMR vaccine to autism and bowel disease in children.

What was said in Toronto:

Reporter Lawrence Solomon presented his side by pointing out that Dr. Wakefield’s article was published in the Lancet in1998 and drew immediate criticism, but it wasn’t until twelve years later that it was finally retracted. Following the ruling against Wakefield and his thirteen co-authors, one of them, noted pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. John Walker-Smith, appealed the decision and was fully exonerated.  The General Medical Council decision against the authors of the Lancet study was repudiated by the British High Court.

Solomon: “This was a total victory for Walker-Smith and a total victory for the study. It was a total repudiation for the regulator.”

Solomon said that “the media has a blackout on stories that question vaccines,” and he’s been unable to write on the subject anymore. He went on to name experts who also questioned vaccine safety, including the late Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. and the late Dr. Walter Spitzer Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology at McGill University and Editor Emeritus of the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

He compared the treatment of Walker-Smith to the treatment of Andrew Wakefield by the British government. He said that Wakefield was made “a sacrificial lamb” by the General Medical Council as a warning to any other doctor who might be thinking of researching this. What’s been ignored in all this controversy is the fact that the Lancet study didn’t find that vaccines cause autism. The authors simply called for more research.

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HuffPo Blogger Sally Beck Shut Down

CensorshipBy Anne Dachel

British journalist Sally Beck wrote a well-researched article on the story of vaccine fraud and cover-up at the CDC as revealed in the movie "Vaxxed." It was published on UK Huffington. Within an hour it was removed. I wrote about it on Feb 22  HuffPo Allows Vaccine Related Posts Then "Poof!" They're Gone and Kim included a copy that was made before it was removed.

There was a second story, also removed from Huffington:

The MMR vaccine: why it’s sensible to worry about the way it has been regulated, by Jerome Burns and Sally Beck.

Both articles raised serious concerns about the science that we're constantly told proves vaccines are safe.

What is really frightening here is the blatant censorship by even alternative news sites like Huffington. The public is getting only one side of this debate, the pro-pharma side.

Any reporter who really looks into this, has got to have concerns that we're not being told the truth by officials. Sadly, there are few like Burns and Beck. The ones who do try to present both sides, quickly come under attack. This is what I found for background on Sally Beck:

Journalist and author Sally Beck writes human interest and health features for national newspapers and magazines. She is also the author of six books, all biography. Her most recent, Ferguson’s Gang, The Remarkable Tale of the National Trust Gangsters, is the story of an eccentric group of women operating in the 1930s, who help the Trust save England’s disappearing heritage. Her career began at CentreSpread features agency where she was a celebrity interviewer. She then joined The Sun newspaper and the Sunday Mirror covering all things celebrity, interviewing subjects as diverse as Imelda Marcos and Goldie Hawn. As a freelance writer, she changed her focus to human interest, real life and health. She has written for most of our national newspapers and magazines, but is always looking for more.

I contacted Beck about her stories and this was part of her response:

"Thanks for getting in touch. It looks as though the post has been taken down and also that my blogspot has been closed. I don’t have a message from the moderators but I can no longer access my account."

And the message to every other reporter couldn’t clearer: You will only be allowed to promote vaccines as safe and effective, or we will shut you down. This is just as true in the U.S. as in the U.K.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

The Time is Now for a Vaccinated/Unvaccinated Study

Do it nowNOTE: A Vax/Unvax study is finally available. Dan Olmsted would be proud today, don't you think?  Thanks to everyone for their continued work on the front lines of the Rebel Alliance. We published this study today, please share the results and the review by Kevin Barry: First Study of Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Children - Censored by an International Scientific Journal - Now Public Vaccination and Health Outcomes: A Survey of 6- to 12-year-old Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children based on Mothers’ Reports, was censored by the journal Frontiers in Public Health.

By Anne Dachel

It’s clear that certain people are very frightened at the prospect of a federal commission to look into vaccine safety and scientific integrity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Stories on Google News warn us that this unwarranted inquiry could cause parents not to vaccinate. They assure the public that the science is settled; there is no reason to look further. President Trump’s choice to head this commission, environmental attorney Robert Kennedy, Jr., has been repeatedly attacked as an “anti-vaxxer.” Similarly, Trump’s pick to head Health and Human Services, Dr. Tom Price, is said to belong to a fringe medical group that supports parental choice when it comes to vaccination.

Here are some of the arguments in the press.

NPR: Despite The Facts, Trump Once Again Embraces Vaccine Skeptics

Domenico Montanaro:

“Kennedy has been a prominent voice in the anti-vaccine community, raising questions for years about a possible (disproven) link between a preservative in some vaccines and autism.”

Montanaro cited the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Institute of Medicine. He called the pro-vaccine science “overwhelming,” and dismissed Trump as someone who has “peddled numerous conspiracies.”

CBS News said the claim of a link between vaccines and autism had been “repeatedly debunked and discredited.”

The New York Times published a piece by Dr. Peter Hotez who wrote, “I’m worried that our nation’s health will soon be threatened because we have not stood up to the pseudoscience and fake conspiracy claims of this movement.”

Dr. Saad Omer from Emory University was in the Washington Post warning readers that Trump “might be willing to discard science and medical research on vaccination in favor of debunked myths.”  Omer said he feared that politicizing vaccines would lead to parents not vaccinating and a loss of herd immunity.

 Michael Hiltzik at the Los Angeles Times said, “The Trump team effectively reiterated the discredited claim of a link between autism and vaccination.” For backup Hiltzik quoted vaccine developer, Dr. Paul Offit, without of course mentioning his ties to Merck, and Offit forecast the possibility of “a costly crisis in public health” if we continue to listen to the viewpoints of those of don’t accept the “extensively documented scientific studies.”

My point here is that there wasn’t a mainstream news source that didn’t immediately denounce the idea of a presidential commission looking into vaccine safety.  Everyone was on the same page. There wasn’t any hint that this might be a worthwhile project.

There are actually several issues here. First of all, the press, due to their absolute failure to ever honestly and thoroughly investigate vaccine safety concerns over the past two decades, has just as much at stake in this as U.S. health officials. No reporter at the New York Times or the Washington Post has EVER challenged what a spokesperson from the AAP or CDC has said about vaccines (with the exception of former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson back when she was at CBS.) In reality, reporters have been nothing more than industry mouthpieces. They’ve done what they’ve been told and have always defended vaccines as safe and effective, no matter what concerns were raised..


YEARS of endless coverage by major networks and newspapers where health officials and doctors from top institutions were cited attesting to the safety of vaccines while either ignoring or dismissing an epidemic of neurologically disabled children hasn’t convinced us. The controversy couldn’t be more heated than it is today.


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HuffPo Allows Vaccine Related Posts Then "Poof!" They're Gone


Feb 21, 2017

I watched censorship happen right before my eyes on Huffington Post on Tuesday morning. I was looking over the news and saw two stories that had just been published on Google. I looked at the first one, "VAXXED, should we watch this movie?"  by Sally Beck, who was described as a  “national newspaper journalist.”

Beck wrote:

The controversial documentary Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe, came to London last week, screened in secret at Regents University. Finally, an opportunity for us to find out whether any of the claims it makes hold merit.  

Vaxxed is based on extensive recorded interviews with whistleblower, Dr William Thompson, a former senior scientist at the CDC, (Centres for Disease Control) the US agency concerned with safeguarding public health. The film looks at whether his claims - that he, and four others at the CDC, skewed data in an important study looking at whether the MMR jab (measles, mumps and rubella) can cause autism - are true. …

Beck named names, including Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT who predicts catastrophic increases in autism in the near future.  She also listed EVERYONE involved with the CDC vaccine study cover-up with William Thompson, people like Julie Gerberding, Frank De Stefano, Melinda Wharton, and Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop.

I sincerely wish I'd copied it because it suddenly disappeared off the site and was replace by this announcement: “This post from The Huffington Post Contributor Platform is no longer available on our site.” 

Huffpo removed

Fortunately, several folks did snag a version before it disappeared and here is the full verbiage plus screen shots.

(Dear HuffPo. I seem to have two accounts, one in the US and one in the UK. I’m a British writer. Can I amalgamate my accounts?) I really want this published in the uk edition.


The controversial documentary Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe, came to London last week, screened in secret at Regents University. Finally, an opportunity for us to find out whether any of the claims it makes hold merit.

Vaxxed is based on extensive recorded interviews with whistleblower, Dr William Thompson, a former senior scientist at the CDC, (Centres for Disease Control) the US agency concerned with safeguarding public health. The film looks at whether his claims - that he, and four others at the CDC, skewed data in an important study looking at whether the MMR jab (measles, mumps and rubella) can cause autism - are true.

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World Mercury Project $100,000 Challenge

National Press Club Press conference February 2017.


Robert Kennedy, Jr.: “…Tony Muhammad came because he saw autism exploding in his community. It is the black neighborhoods that are getting the thimerosal vaccines. It appears to be that African Americans are much more susceptible to vaccine injury than other Americans. It’s the poor clinics in the urban neighbors who are getting these shots. If you’re living in a suburban neighborhood, people who are questioning your doctors and saying I don’t want that. But if you’re living in a poor clinic, they’re going to take the cheapest vaccines, which have thimerosal vaccines, and your ability to stand up to your doctor, the power to stand up to him doesn’t exist. So you take them, and those kids end up being grievously injured.

“And Bob De Niro who came here because of censorship, again like Del, because he tried to play a movie that he saw and there was an uproar.  And ultimately, he made the decision that it’s too much, it’s going to disrupt the festival, shut it down.

“This censorship is not good for America. It’s not good for democracy. It’s not good for the public health. …”

Nico LaHood: “…For my family, I tell people, we became an unintended experiment. As Bobby told you, I’m the proud daddy of four children… And our first two children were vaccinated per the schedule. …Our first child, at the six months old, after the sixth month vaccination, she broke out in hives, tremendous hives. It’s an autoimmune disease. What’s that? ‘She’s allergic to your wife’s breast milk.’ How ridiculous does that sound? …

“We didn’t know to question, so we went forward with the schedule.

“Our second child, Michael, was born. Vaccinated. From the first day, all children are vaccinated, all the way through the schedule. We saw some signs, but around the sixteenth month vaccines, which is the MMR…We lost our son. That’s a fact. …He went to stimming, he went to losing eye contact, he quit responding to his name, and he went blank. …

“…We traced it back objectively, not subjectively, …to the vaccines. …”

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An Open Letter to Daniel Summers, MD

Dr Daniel SummersNote:  Thanks to Anne for this open letter to Massachusetts Pediatrician Dr. Daniel Summers.  We need to ask doctors by name how they can justify vaccine injury without batting an eye.

By Anne Dachel

Dear Dr. Summers,

I read your Feb 17th article in the Washington Post entitled, The evidence for vaccine safety is abundant. That will be $100,000, please.

In your strong criticism of Robert Kennnedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro, you were adamant that all the science is in on vaccine safety. You wrote, “Kennedy offered $100,000 to anyone who could turn up a study showing that it is safe to administer vaccines to children and pregnant women, with a specific call out to concerns about mercury.”

You cited “lots of studies that support the safety of vaccines,” both ones with mercury and the MMR vaccine.  You referenced research from Denmark,“where the CDC doesn’t have a lot of pull.”

In addition you said that “thimerosal isn’t even used anymore.”

In support of your position you cited the 350 health organizations who “recently reaffirmed the safety of vaccines and highlighted more than 40 of the most respected studies in an open letter to President Trump.”

As far as autism is concerned, you asserted that signs of autism can be found early in infancy “well before children receive more vaccines.” 

“Other studies have found that alterations in brain cell development related to autism may occur before birth.”

Finally you dismissed Robert Kennedy’s plea that people show him the science that proves it’s safe to inject mercury into babies and pregnant mothers as


Dr. Summers, let me say first of all, your argument that studies show no link is what Kennedy’s offer was all about.

You are relying on research with vast ties to the vaccine makers.

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Robert Kennedy on the Science: Quotes from Press Conference

RFK photo 2By Anne Dachel

This is what was said by RFK Jr at the National Press Club on Feb 15, 2017. He was specific about lack of any credible science supporting the use of mercury in vaccines. (This is totally different from what news sources are saying about this press conference.)

Robert Kennedy, Jr. on the Science

RFK, Jr.: “I read the science and I read it intensively, and I was immediately struck by the huge gulf between what the CDC and journalists were saying that science said and what the science actually said. And what I heard from journalists time and again, and it’s repeated like mantra, that the link between mercury—mercury is safe, that the science proves it’s safe, that the link between mercury in vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders is non-existent.

“I want to show you the studies that CDC and journalists have said for years, don’t exist. These are 240 studies that show that—and they’re the best university scientists, by government scientists, by hospital scientists all over the world, that say that mercury is neurotoxic, that it’s causing damage to our children. [When you give it to laboratory animals] they develop autism-like symptoms or other neurodevelopmental disorders.

“These studies show that mercury is linked to the cascade of pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders that began hitting Americans in 1989. The children who born in 1989 were the sickest generation of children in the history of our country.

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Kennedy on the Media: Quotes from Press Conference

RFK 100K
By Anne Dachel

At his press conference, Robert Kennedy Jr offered a $100K challenge to members of the media:

“We know journalists don’t want to look into the science, so we are going to offer a one hundred thousand dollar reward—It’s called the 100K Challenge—to any journalist or anybody else who can point to a single existing study that says it’s safe to inject mercury into little babies or pregnant women at the levels we are currently injecting them in the flu vaccine. …

“[CDC] says that the methyl mercury in fish is more persistent in the body and more toxic than the ethyl mercury in vaccines. …

“CDC’s own scientists last month published a massive data review and literature review that proved that claim to be a hoax. Where CDC is now acknowledging through its own scientists that the ethyl mercury in vaccines may be fifty times as toxic to the brain as the methyl mercury in fish and twice as persistent in the body.

“Yet that study…got zero coverage in the mainstream press. Democracy requires checks and balances. One of the first things that journalists learn when they go to journalism school is that people in power lie. People in authority lie and it’s the job of journalists to check them. You can’t just take their word on stuff. …

“The pharmaceutical industry has paid eight billion dollars out in recent years for pharmaceutical drugs, for lying, for doing off-label marketing, for doing adulteration, for doing all kinds of bad things with their pharmaceuticals.

“What makes you think they wouldn’t do the same thing with vaccines?

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