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Dachel Media Update: Representative Elijah Cummings

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

This past November I did a series of interviews with Minister Tony Muhammad on the failure of Congress to investigate the claims of CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, that his agency had destroyed evidence of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, including what was specifically found in a population of African American males under the age of 36 months.

Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

Min. Tony talked about reaching out to African American members of Congress who should be especially concerned about Thompson's claims.

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Dachel Media Update: Epilepsy Rise Raises Concerns About Vaccine Side Effects

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Jan 29, 2016, Your Health Claim: Parents question vaccines as epilepsy rates rise to 1 in 20 children under five

The rate of epilepsy among children and the elderly has been skyrocketing, with 1 in 20 children under five now suffering from the seizure condition in the United States. More and more parents say that vaccines triggered their children’s seizure disorders. The government maintains that while vaccines can trigger febrile (fever related) seizures, the many cases of epilepsy that begin immediately following infant vaccination are merely coincidental or were bound to occur eventually.

Jan 29, 2016, Newsmax.com Nearly 3.3 million US children suffer dizziness, balance problems

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Dachel Media Update: Assault at Special Needs School

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read comments and see the links after the jump.

Feb 1, 2016, Boston Globe: Five charged with assault at special needs school

Jan 31, 2015, Foreign Policy Journal: Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines & Autism

Jan 29, 2015, Fox26 Houston: Alief mom protests unauthorized immunization of 11-year-old son

Nov 5, 2015 The Jewish Chronicle:  Altered attitudes can open worlds By Steve Silberman

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Rewriting the History of Autism

FALSE-CLAIMSThe recent ABC Nightline featuring John Donvan and Caren Zucker, once again rewrote the history of autism.

The two journalists focused on Donald Triplett, the first person to be diagnosed as autistic.  The message to the public was that until Donvan and Zucker began their work, autism was na unknown disability and its victims hidden away.   According to Nightline, Donvan and Zucker discovered Donald. There was no mention of the work of Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill.

Viewers were told that Donvan and Zucker were "among the first journalists to cover autism on network television," back in 2001.  Clips from Nightline shows in 2001, 2007 and 2010 were shown.

ABC said that Donald's mother "was a steely advocate for her son"  rescuing him from "a harsh institution and refusing to let him to be marginalized."  Through his mother's efforts, Donald developed speech, and parental love rescued Donald from autism.  Donvan said that when he and Zucker first wanted to do stories about autism, 16 years ago, people were unfamiliar with the subject.  "Nightline was the only show that would do it."

Donvan: "As a society, we've more or less said, when these kids are kids, let's give them all the opportunities we can to help them have great adulthoods, then they turn 21 and all of that sort of goes down the drain in a lot of cases because people need continuing help, but where are they?  They're living at home with their parents often, and for those forty years after school, the person with autism has not really gone anywhere, done anything."

Donvan became choked up talking about Caren's autistic son growing up.  "I know that Caren's always said what she wants is, when her kid, now a man, is out there in the world, that she won't be the only one who has his back. That it'll be everybody. And she wants this book to get people who read it to be willing to be those people."   

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Dachel Media Update: Songs in the Key of Strife

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Jan 22. 2016, Examiner: Parents question vaccines as epilepsy rates rise to 1 in 20 children under five

Jan 22, 2016, The San Francisco Chronicle: ‘In a Different Key,’ by John Donvan and Caren Zucker, By Emily Willingham

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Nebraskans say "NO" to Meningitis Vaccine Bill

NebraskaBy Anne Dachel

Wed, January 20th the state legislature in Nebraska voted down a bill to expand the vaccine schedule. 

January 20, 2016, Lincoln (NE) Journal Star: Bill to require meningitis vaccine fails in Nebraska Legislature

A measure that would have required most Nebraska students to be vaccinated for bacterial meningitis failed to surmount a filibuster in the Legislature on Wednesday.

The bill (LB18) sponsored by state Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha would have required Nebraska students to be immunized for meningococcal meningitis before starting seventh grade, then get a booster shot at 16.

Hard-line conservatives and civil libertarians in the Legislature argued the vaccination is unnecessary and potentially unsafe, and that requiring it would infringe on parents' freedom to choose what is best for their children.

ABC Nebraska: Meningitis Vaccine Bill Dies in Legislature

...But opponents say vaccinations should be decided by parents and there have been too few cases of meningitis in Nebraska to mandate a statewide vaccination.

Lots of news sites have picked up this story, including the San Francisco Chronicle.  Notice the reasons given for the bill's failure: parental rights, need, and potential for harm.

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Dachel Media Update: Let's Do the Autism Timewarp! Again!

Time WarpBy Anne Dachel


Donvan and Zucker are now the darlings of the U.S. media.  Their book, In a Different Key, is about recognizing autism and providing for those who have it--no questions asked. 

The Boston Globe claims that there are more 3 million Americans with autism.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF OF THAT.  The current rate of one in 45 comes from STUDIES OF CHILDREN.  The Globe is applying that rate across the population. 

Yesterday on ABC's GMA with George Stephanopoulos,

Donvan and Zucker talked about the fact that there is no link to vaccines and that "it shouldn't matter if there's an epidemic."  It's hard to rationalize what they say.  To me the cruelest form of child abuse and neglect would be to say that shouldn't matter if more and more children are lost to a disabling condition that can leave them totally dependent for life and that doctors are helpless to address.

Jan 19, 2016, Boston Globe: Tracing autism, from past to present

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Ben Swann To Air CDC Vaccine Whistleblower Documents on 1/26

Ben Swann (CBS46 in Atlanta) announced that in one week the CDC whistleblower documents will be publicized in a Truth in Media documentary. 

(VIDEO) Ben Swann: "This is not a story about vaccines or about autism; this is a story about corruption and cover-up within the CDC."

Jan 19, 2016, UPDATE: Truth In Media to Release Documentary on CDC Documents 

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016 Swann will release a Truth in Media documentary which details a study of CDC cover-up and suppression of medical findings. In addition, Swann will release the Thompson documents at TruthinMedia.com to anyone who wishes to learn more about what’s inside them.

Dachel Media Update: ABC Ignores ABCs of Autism Epidemic. Again.

Online newsNOTE: Autism "touches" families like a tsunami gently bathes those in its path.... Anne Dachel looks at ABCs take on autism in the news recently.

By Anne Dachel

The ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos below shows just how desperate the media and those who control our news are to cover up what autism is doing to our children.  George Stephanopoulos can be remembered for his egregious attack on Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 2011.  I wrote about it in my book, The Big Autism Cover-Up.  Stephanopoulos said he had read Andy's book, but he couldn't challenge anything he'd written.  I asked Andy later if he thought Stephanopoulos had read Callous Disregard, and Andy said he was convinced he hadn't.  (Notice that in today's interview Stephanopoulos refers to Andy as "the man," not as a doctor.)

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Autism Speaks. It's Time to.... Live with It.

PicassoBy Anne Dachel

While I never like being critical of parents with autistic children, I couldn't get over the complacency here.  McCafferty writes about ACCEPTANCE.  Accept the fact that your child WON'T experience higher education , independent living, and marriage.  Learn to live with the fact that you're scared about the future when you're no longer here to care for your child.

ON Jan 15, 2016, Autism Speaks published 10 things I've learned in the decade since my son's autism diagnosis

...But this month is a huge anniversary, one that needs to be recognized, and shared. You see, this month ten years ago my son received his autism diagnosis months after his initial one of PDD. For the first time ever it was official, written on his pediatric charts, used when charting his future educational course. It was the first time we ever used the word “autistic” to describe him to others, said the word out loud, tried it on for size.

And here is what Kimberlee Rutan McCafferty has learned in the 10 years since her son was diagnosed with autism....

You will learn that no matter how close you are to people, some of them won’t get your life. You will learn to let them go.

You will learn to value your child’s progress in incremental steps, not boundless leaps.

You will learn that you can meet your child’s needs, and will exceed your own expectations.

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Dachel Media Update: Hidden Horde

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

The really big lie about autism--that it's always been here like this, we just didn't notice--is being promoted everywhere in the media.  Stories about making public facilities and events "autism-friendly" are in the news daily.  It's important to now focus on adults on the spectrum.  What better way to put the heated vaccine controversy on simmer than to somehow show the same rate in older Americans.  (See, more vaccines haven't really caused neurological damage.)

Seven years ago the British supposedly found the missing adult horde with autism using survey questions.  It didn't settle the issue at all, but it continues to be used to calm worries of an unprecedented epidemic of neurologically impaired children.

Here's the latest:

Jan 13, Bustle.com: 9 Signs You Could Be On The Autism Spectrum, by J.R. Thorpe.

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Dachel Media Update: Clinton Garners Attention for Autism Plan But do Families Approve?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

This Jan 10, 2016 story from CNN is a very concerning preview of the politics of autism.  In Autism: Can other candidates match Hillary Clinton's plan? Professor David Perry discussed various reactions to Clinton's autism proposals, which he called, "the most detailed policy document on autism in U.S. presidential election history."

(Considering that autism--a disorder with no known cause or cure--is now at such horrific numbers, one in every 45 children, one in every 28 boys, the candidates can expect that the subject will come up and they'll be asked what they intend to do about it.)

Perry described Clinton's plan as "informed and friendly to the autistic community." 

Perry praised the fact that Clinton didn't use "stigmatizing words such as 'cure' or 'epidemic.'" 

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Forbes' Lipson Goes After Brownstein, Who Responds.

Dr. Lipson

By Anne Dachel

Dr. Brownstein

Pharma-friendly Forbes (Dr. Peter Lipson) is on the attack.  Dr. David Brownstein is in their sights.  The media likes to pretend that doctors like Brownstein and dozens more we know don't really exist, so for the most part, they're ignored. 

Forbes/Lipson has gone after a number of doctors, including Dr. Bob Sears, in the past. (Feb 2014)

Lipson also made a strange reference to Nazi eugenics experiments in a story criticizing Dr. Wakefield in 2014.
This latest coverage is because Dr. Brownstein is not a shrinking violet on the vaccine issue. 

See my past coverage on Brownstein:

Sept 2015 Interview with Dr. Brownstein: Thoughts on CDC

Aug 2015 Open Letter to Michigan Congresswoman

This all started when Dr. Brownstein wrote No Vaccines? No Camp For You! on Dec. 31, 2015.  This piece outlined Brownstein's objections to a vaccine mandate in order to go to summer camp.  Forbes published a critique of Brownstein, and incredibly, it ignored the concerns that were expressed in Brownstein's article. 

I asked Dr. Brownstein for a response to what Peter Lipson wrote about him..  Here Brownstein comments on the charges Lipson made against him (in italics below):

Dr. David Brownstein is a family doctor whose “goal is to inform the world about the power of holistic health solutions,” whatever that might mean. Yesterday he posted a dangerous and poorly-informed piece on his website. First a bit of cultural background.

Dr. Brownstein practices in the heart of Michigan’s Jewish community. Among American Jews, summer camping has been an important part of childhood for nearly a century. In the early part of the 20th century, it was felt that city children would benefit greatly from exposure to nature. Jews were not allowed to attend most camps and started their own. The tradition has remained strong.

I spend a week every summer helping to keep an eye on the kids at one such camp. During the flu epidemic of 2008–09, I watched as dozens of kids came down with a new flu strain, one for which a shot had not yet been developed. It was a frightening lesson in what can happen in unvaccinated populations. Thankfully, the strain wasn’t deadly in this population. Among the hardest hit were pregnant women.

Still, it did put a damper on the summer for many kids. Last winter, another in which we had a flu strain not well-covered by the vaccine, I lost nearly half-a-dozen patients. All were elderly, and really didn’t stand much of a chance. But if the people around them had been immune they might have lived through the winter never knowing what might have happened.

Brownstein: Dr. Lipson must be poorly informed here as there has not been a single flu vaccine—and the flu vaccine has been around for over 70 years–that has been shown to work for the elderly.  In the best of the flu studies (which are hard to find), the efficacy for younger people is around 7-10%.  That means the vaccine fails nearly all the elderly and fails around 90% of younger subjects.  Dr. Lipson might want to review the research on the flu vaccine for the elderly.  A 2005 study of a 33-season national data set found the “…national influenza mortality rate among seniors increased in the 1980s and 1990s as the senior vaccination coverage quadrupled.” (Arch. Int. Med.  2005;165:265-272).   A 2012 systemic review found the original recommendation to vaccinate the elderly was made without data for vaccine efficacy or effectiveness. (Lancet Infect. Dis.  2012;12:36-44).  Nothing much has changed since then.  And, injecting the elderly with mercury?  Nonsense. More about that later.

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Dachel Media Update: WaPo Should Ask Hard Questions of Clinton

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Hillary Clinton has announced her plan to deal with the autism epidemic. It's being reported by the major news outlets.  Here are two examples.

It would be nice if the reporter at the Washington Times took the time to look up the facts on autism.  In 2010, the rate was one in every 110 children, not one in 68.  One in 68 was announced in 2014.  (And does the ever-increasing numbers bother anyone at the Times?)

Clinton tells us that there are 'millions of Americans with autism.'  She seems onboard with the idea that all Americans share the same rate of autism, yet the Washington Post reports that she does see autism as a critical issue.  In New Hampshire on Sunday she talked about finding the cause and preventing autism.

...Sunday, in response to a question from the mother of a teen child with autism, Clinton noted that the increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism is a problem that should be taken seriously.

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2016 Election: Hillary Clinton and the Third Rail of Vaccination


Note: You can Tweet Hillary Clinton a simple question:  "Is your granddaughter fully vaccinated? Do voters have right to know? @HillaryClinton"

By Anne Dachel

Hillary Clinton just announced that she has a plan to address autism and the specifics will be revealed next week.  C-SPAN.org

In 2008 she said she was 'committed' to finding the cause of autism.  She called for investigating environmental causes, including vaccines.  She said she wanted mercury out of vaccines.

This week in New Hampshire she called for support for autistic children and their families.  She didn't talk about finding the cause of autism.  She cited an autism rate of one in every 68 children, seemingly unaware of the announcement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in November that put the rate at one in every 45 children in the U.S.

Back in 2008, when Clinton said she wanted to find the cause of autism, the rate was one in every 150 children.  Today, when the numbers are much worse, she doesn't seem interested in why it's happening to so many American children.

Back in 2008, when asked about a vaccinated, unvaccinated study, Clinton said it would be a good idea.  Today, it never comes up as Democrats push legislation to end philosophical exemptions and insure there won't be a significant group of unvaccinated children to study.

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Questions About Autism Action for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

Hillary KidsNote:  As we enter Primary Election Season, we'll be writing about (and to) all of the candidates. Below, Anne Dachel expands upon an interview to add more pressing questions about the autism epidemic. Questions it's likely that no candidate will want to address.

By Anne Dachel

Andrew Wakefield made some very important comments during his talk in early Dec, 2015 in Green Bay, WI. 

Besides giving us shocking statistics on how autism will bankrupt this country while officials look on unconcerned, he announced a documentary that he's been working on to be released in April, right in time to be an issue in the 2016 presidential election.  It will cover the fraud and cover-up on the part of government officials concerning vaccines and autism.

(And how could a disorder affecting 2 percent of U.S. children with no known cause or cure not be a worthy subject for the candidates?)

Here is what Hillary Clinton had to say about autism on Dec 29

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, spoke at a town hall meeting about developmental disabilities and autism. December 29, 2015 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

When a young audience member asked about her plans for dealing with those disabled with autism, this was Clinton's three minute response:

Great question.  ....I was very proud that the United States became the first nation in the world to open schools to people with disabilities.  ....I worked on that when I was with the Children's Defense Fund, and we went door-to-door asking people, "Do you have a school-age child not in school?" 

We found blind kids, kids in wheelchairs, and kids with behavioral problems, and then gave all that data to the Congress.  The Congress acted and schools were opened, and then the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed--another great accomplishment, a bi-partisan accomplishment, that really made a huge difference.  So now we have to do more to make sure we provide supportive housing, that we support families.  The biggest concern people talk to me about when they have children with disabilities, in particular autism, is, what happens when they're no longer there to take care of their children and how will that work out.

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Leadership & Longevity 2015 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Green UmblrellaBy Anne Dachel

This hour and a half talk by Dr. Andrew Wakefield was given in Wisconsin on Dec 2, 2015. 

This is Wakefield at his best and well worth watching.  He gives a brilliant rundown on the present state of the vaccine controversy in America and he describes the ominous future we face if things do not change.   This is both a medical crisis and a human rights issue. 

The forces we are up against are enormous and incredibly well-financed.  The power and control of the pharmaceutical industry matters more to elected officials than the welfare of their constituents.  These forces also control the media.  Most Americans have no idea that this horrific fraud is happening right before their eyes. 

Wakefield covers recent events, namely William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, and how a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland led to the end of vaccine choice in California.   Using the story of the MMR study cover-up and the revelation of a whistleblower scientist at Merck, he tells his audience how to fight vaccine mandate legislation and win. 

I summarized and quoted what Andy said during his talk. I'm sure you'll agree that he is a courageous and outstanding voice in a sea of silence, and his efforts will not be in vain. 

--Anne Dachel

Watch Dr. Andrew Wakefield discuss the widely controversial topic of vaccine health in his "CDC Whistleblower" presentation at the Leadership & Longevity 2015 Conference, Green Bay, WI, Dec 2, 2015.

Leadership & Longevity 2015 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield - YouTube


Introduction: "Just imagine that you were doing what you loved and what happens is all the world starts to criticize you.  Could any of you guys handle that?  This has been this guy's life for the last decade. . . . "

Andrew Wakefield: "...When a government subverts the rights of the individuals that it is sworn to serve, ...when those are superseded by special interests, by serving corporations, particularly the pharmaceutical industry, over and above the well-being of the citizens who put them in place, then that republic has come to an end."

Speaking on the explosion in the autism rate and what it means for the future of our county, Wakefield said, "This trend is continuing and there is no sign whatsoever that it will abate."

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Autism and Environment Today

Irva_hertz-picciottoBy Anne Dachel

Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto at UC Davis MIND Intstitute is an expert in autism.  For years, she's been notable in news stories on developments in research. 

Hertz-Picciotto was covered last month in Slate.com.  On Nov 5, 2015, Slate.com published the piece, What Environmental Factors Cause Autism?--Experts can rattle off autism-linked genes, but other risks are very hard to pin down, by Sarah DeWeerdt.

DeWeerdt acknowledged that genes are a factor in autism and researchers have found "autism-linked genes," but "genetic studies failed to find a single obvious cause."  There are "other risks."   She listed a lack of folic acid, maternal anti-depressants, premature birth, C-sections, old moms, old dads, pesticides and having babies too close together.  DeWeerdt let us know that there are so many factors, and just because something is associated with autism doesn't mean that one can cause the other.   Lisa Croen, director of the Autism Research Program at Kaiser Permanente, said that we're spent so much time looking at genetics, 'there's still a ton to be learned.'

DeWeert quoted Marc Weisskopf, associate professor of environmental and occupational epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, who said, 'The problem with epidemiology and observational science is that it’s hard to ever completely know you’ve got causality.' 

It's all so confusing.  It's hard to know which environmental factors affect the child and which ones affected the mother or the father.  And then there's "the time lag" between exposure and diagnosis.  There are the pre and post natal exposures.

DeWeert throws out so many possible environment risk factors that the reader could easily figure that it's impossible to know what might be linked to autism in any particular child.  She called autism "a puzzle." 

There was no sense of urgency, no demand that they learn to PREVENT the disorder, no recognition of the large percentage of autistic children who start out as normally developing babies and who inexplicably lose learned skills and regress into autism.  DeWeert didn't mention the current autism rate even once.

So who's to blame for the lack of science on the environmental triggers in autism

It's all those parents who link vaccines to autism! 

DeWeerdt wrote that Hertz-Picciotto feels that the "thoroughly discredited" claim of a connection between vaccines and autism "has contributed to scientists' skepticism about other potential environmental factors."  She quoted Hertz-Picciotto: 'I think in the autism field that actually has been a bit of an obstacle because people equate vaccines and environment.'

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Dachel Media Update: Flu Flu Flu

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

I guess if you're a health official, you can say anything and it remains unchallenged.  Three major newspapers in New York City directly quote NY Health Commissioner Mary Bassett citing two entirely different statistics on mortality from the flu.

There's a big whoop-la going on over the ruling by the NY State Supreme Court ruling AGAINST the flu shot mandate for preschool kids in NYC.

The press immediately warned us about the impending death toll from the flu....BUT JUST WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE???  Just how deadly is the flu????

FOR YEARS we've been told that 36,000 Americans die of the flu each year.  On DEC 17, News 4 in Jacksonville FL and Forbes Mag. reminded us that 36,000 of us will die this year of the flu....

Dec 17, 2015, New York Daily News: Manhattan judge tosses requirement that city preschool students get flu shots 

Dec 17, 2015, New York Post: NY judge strikes down rule requiring preschoolers to get flu shots

Dec 17, 2015, SILive.com: Court blocks flu shot mandate for preschoolers

Dec 16, 2015,  WIBW Topeka, KS:  Is it a cold or the flu? How to tell - and what to do about it

Dec 17, 2015, ABC7 New York:: Judge blocks New York City flu vaccine requirement for preschoolers

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Dachel Media Update: Autism GroupSpeaks

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Dec 15, 2015, AutismSpeaks.org: Top 10 autism research stories of 2015

What did our community think about these advances? To answer that question, here are our most-read and shared autism research stories of 2014.

2014?  A little typo here.  Autism Speaks obviously means 2015.  NO MATTER.  It's all dead-end, nothing conclusive science that can't conceivably be considered "advances."

Autism Speaks also lied to us here.

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Dachel Media Update: Popular (Pharma) Science Magazine on Anne Schuchat

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

How dare Popular Science write like this!  How dare Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr.Anne Schuchat STILL deny a link between her agency's vaccines and autism!
On Dec 14, 2015, Popular Science published the article, Meet America's Anti-Anti-Science Crusader,  extolling Schuchat's efforts to "take on" the "misinformationists"--I.e. "the anti-vaccer position."

America's war on science is widespread and well documented: from climate-change deniers, to moon-landing doubters, to those who claim there is a link between vaccination and autism.

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Dachel Media Update: Psych Drugs to Babies

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

Dec 11, 2015, Northumberland News (Ontario): Ontario toughens rules on vaccine exemptions

Dec 11, 2015, AAP News:  Report: Children with autism being identified at earlier ages

Dec 11, 2015, New York PIX11: Bronx boy inspires new global Autism Speaks PSA hoping to educate people and eradicate the stigma

Dec 10, 2015, New York Times: Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics

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Dachel Media Update: Irish Increase, Another Study Points At Mom

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International.

Dec 8, 2015, US News: Ovarian Cyst Condition in Mom May Raise Odds for Autism in Child

Dec 8, 2015, Derry Now (Northern Ireland): Huge increase in number of autism referrals for local children

Dec 8, 2015, ABC7 New York, NY: Government to study how environment affects early childhood diseases such as autism and obesity

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Dr. Andrew McCabe Interviews Dr. Toni Bark

Dr Toni BarkBy Anne Dachel

Dr. McCabe interviewed an outstanding voice in the autism community, Toni Bark, MD (Center for Disease Prevention & Reversal Blog),  about her views on homeopathy and natural medicine, vaccines and autism, and about her movie, Bought.  

Nov 19, 2015, Autism with Dr. Andy McCabe HealthyLife.Net Radio Show Archive

Dr. Bark explained her personal experience dealing with autism as it went from being a rare condition few doctors knew about back in the 1980s, to one so common, it can't be ignored. 

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Gary Null On Deeply Flawed US Vaccine Policies

Gary-Null-PicBy Anne Dachel

Gary Null does a fabulous job here adding up all the pieces of corruption, collusion and cover-up.  This is a health care scandal unfolding before our eyes.    We continue to watch as our children become the chronically ill and disabled generation, and we pretend it just isn't happening.

Nov 28, 2015, Global Research: Uncovering the Cover-Up: Scientific Analysis of the Vaccine-Autism Connection, Deeply Flawed US Vaccine Policies

By Gary Null

Each year, tens of millions of American children are vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The current CDC schedule recommends over 25 vaccines by the time a child reaches two years of age. (1) The majority of the parents of these children follow the advice of their physicians and the CDC, which state that vaccines are both safe and effective and that, in order to protect hundreds of millions of individuals against disease, we must follow their recommendations.

Our medical authorities assure us that they would never allow our children to be exposed to something unproven or known to be dangerous. They claim that vaccines, even when multiple injections are given on a single day, are safe and do “not cause any chronic health problems.” (2) Further, they claim that the ingredients contained in vaccines are either harmless or found in such miniscule quantities that they pose no health risks. The medical establishment also states unequivocally that there is no connection between vaccination and the rising incidence of autism spectrum disorder. Anyone who questions the safety of vaccination is immediately labeled as irresponsible or a quack who subscribes to pseudoscience.

Given that vaccines are mandatory for most children in public schools, it makes sense that they should be scientifically proven to be safe. However, in a careful analysis of thousands of articles in the peer-reviewed literature on toxicology and immunology, nowhere can we find evidence for these claims on vaccine safety are based upon a gold standard of clinical research: long-term, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

Gary Null goes on to explain that there's never been research on "the cumulative toxicological impact of the CDC vaccine schedule over a long period of time."  Furthermore, there has never a simple comparison study of the health outcomes of fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated children.  Instead of "scientific proof" that vaccines are safe, what we have is "pure propaganda."  

Null lists the health conditions that plague are increasingly vaccinated children. 

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Dachel Media Update: Dr. Sara Bauer Glosses Over Very Real Struggles of Autism

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

In order to cover up the vaccine injury everywhere we have to lie to ourselves about autism and all health problems rife in our children.  We have to convince ourselves that autism is an acceptable part of the human condition that we've just discovered has always been here. 

Here's a doctor who does just that. 

It needs to be understood that no one in mainstream medicine or at our health agencies will ever do more than treat autism as a passing curiosity we have all the time in the world to figure out.  It'll never be described as a crisis.  (A term NEVER used by any official with the word AUTISM.)  No one will ever seriously investigate regressive autism to determine what triggered a sudden loss of learned skills, including speech in so many of our children.  The mounting evidence pointing to vaccinations will continue to be buried, and the government will keep vaccine injury settlements involving autism a closely guarded federal secret. 

Meanwhile the brainwashing continues.

Dec 1, 2015, Quartz.com: Let’s stop treating autism as abnormal By Dr. Sarah C.  Bauer

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Salon Gone: Refusing to Acknowledge Vaccine Injury & Mocking Families

Water fountain
More from the "acceptable discrimination" files..... Imagine mocking, berating, denying the injury from drunk driving, drug overdose, crib rails, car seats, anything, anything at all. Vaccine injury? Doesn't exist. Except when it does.

By Anne Dachel

On Nov 29, 2015 Salon.com published, What the hell’s wrong with us? Autism, vaccines and why some people believe Jenny McCarthy over every doctor, by Rob Brotherton.

Why won't seemingly rational parents believe the experts who tell us that vaccines do not cause autism?  Brotherton can't understand why they're so unconvinced.  All the science is in.  Vaccines are safe; vaccines save lives.  Every child should be vaccinated.  Why are naïve parents still listening to Jenny McCarthy?

It must be that these people would rather believe in conspiracy theories than all the science.  Brotherton cited Dr. Paul Offit:

"And, as Paul Offit has pointed out, the current concerns about MMR somehow causing autism are about as plausible, biologically speaking, as the claim, widely reported in the early 1800s, that the smallpox vaccine caused recipients to sprout horns, run about on all fours, and low and squint like cows."

 (Offit is described as "a pediatrician and immunologist.")

So while Barbara Loe Fisher and Dr. Andrew Wakefield are the purveyors of vaccine misinformation, Brian Deer and Offit are the people we should listen to.

I asked others to respond to Brotherton's headline: "What the hell's wrong with us?"  Why do we believe Jenny McCarthy rather than "every doctor," as Brotherton charges here?

It all boils down to the age-old "conspiracist fears about vaccines."  People just don't trust the "reams of scientific literature." 

"Thanks to a small but vocal minority of dedicated anti-vaccinists, the Internet is rife with conspiracy-laced misinformation urging us not to trust vaccines."

The message here is that these people are dangerous because "according to a recent study, merely reading anti-vaccine conspiracy theories can reduce parents’ willingness to have their children vaccinated."

Just like in the days of the Soviet Union when dissenters were labeled insane and put away in mental hospitals, people who question vaccine safety are attacked as irrational conspiracy-minded troublemakers.   Their claims don't deserve consideration.

I asked contacts of mine to respond to Brotherton's claims.  My own is included.

What the hell's wrong with us?'  Why won't we all just get on board with the idea that a one-size-fits-every-child vaccine schedule is safe?  Rob Brotherton needs to do more than quote someone who's personally made millions of dollars from the vaccine industry like Dr. Paul Offit.  

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Ben Swann on Vaccine Safety and the Release of the #CDCwhistleblower Documents

Note: Ben Swann began reporting on the problems in the vaccine program two years ago, and today on Age of Autism he discloses that Congressman Bill Posey has released to him the CDC documents turned over to Congress by Dr. William Thompson concerning the cover up of the links between the MMR and autism.  Swann discusses Vaccine safety, vaccine choice, potential corruption at CDC and his plans for the #CDCwhistleblower documents in a video interview with Age of Autism Media Editor, Anne Dachel.

By Anne Dachel

A month ago vaccine safety advocates and members of the autism community witnessed some astonishing news coverage on CBS 46 in Atlanta.  On the segment Reality Check, reporter Ben Swann presented a piece called, CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed.  


The story focused on the October protest held at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the claim being made about an agency whistleblower.  For the ordinary viewer turning on the local news this report must have seemed a little unsettling.

Ben Swann: "Just days ago over a hundred protesters gathered outside of the CDC right here in Atlanta, demanding transparency when it comes to vaccines. . . .

"Those protesters... say that the information being provided to the public about vaccines is not completely honest, and all of it hinges on one man...a scientist you probably never heard of.   That scientist's name is Dr. William Thompson, and it was on August 27, 2014 that Dr. Thompson made an admission that got very little media coverage but it was a major statement...." 

Swann went on to quote Thompson regarding the findings of a 2004 MMR study published in Pediatrics.  Thompson said that the agency concealed data showing African American males were at increased risk for autism if they received the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age.  Viewers were told about thousands of CDC documents that were now in the hands of U.S. Rep. Bill Posey. 

"Congressman Posey brought this information to the floor of Congress and what he read there was nothing short of stunning, that authors of the study not only hid the actual findings, but attempted to destroy evidence. ..."

Swann cautioned his audience that just because someone raises questions about vaccine safety, doesn't mean they are anti-vaccine.  He then talked about the risks involved with vaccination and the compensation that's been paid to victims. 

All of this was astonishing to those of us who follow the vaccine/autism controversy in the news.  Reporters simply don't do this kind of thing.  This was real investigative journalism.  Swann raised serious questions about government oversight. 

I was able to talk with Ben Swann about his story and about what he's learned.  He are his comments on Skype.

I asked Ben how he became involved in the issue of vaccine safety.


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Dachel Media Update: Doctors Divided on Meningitis B Vaccine

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Nov 25, 2015, San Diego Union Tribune: Doctors divided on merits, risks of meningitis B vaccine

With meningitis outbreaks at several universities that have proved deadly in recent years, including the 2014 death of a San Diego State University student, the answer might seem clear.

But experts said the decision-making is complicated because a child’s chance of suffering this bacterial infection is infinitesimal while the efficacy and safety track record for both approved versions of the vaccine is limited.

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Fear Sells - Are You Buying?

Fear sellsBy Anne Dachel

I'm sure everyone would agree that  Kim Stagliano is an incredible managing editor.  She keeps our issues out there everyday on AoA.  Our stories are online right along with those from the New York Times and CNN.

I think her Nov 21, 2015 piece, Who Decides Our Level of Fear and What is Acceptable Risk? speaks volumes.  It's about FEAR.   Kim compared the fear being generated over Syrian refugees and the threat from ISIS to our concern over a generation of sick children.

Kim wrote,  

What I was asking was, "Who decides what risk is real? How do we decide for ourselves?"  

Fear sells. It's the oldest trick in the Mad Men book. . . .We've seen what fear of disease, even a  survivable disease like chicken pox or measles or flu can do within legislature and how it can turn American against American.  Remember this waiting room in California?

We have a nation of sick kids.  There's precious little alarm about the state of pediatric health.  Why?. . . .

What do you think?  Why are some fears greater, more valid, more newsworthy than others?

Kim is absolutely right.  FEAR SELLS, and it's the media running the sale.

News outlets are asking very urgent questions about the terrorist threat around the world.

What is our plan going to be? How can we make sure a Paris-style massacre doesn't happen here?  What's the right thing/wrong thing to do?  The debate is on.

Just like Kim, I compared this issue to autism among our children.  It's coincidental that CDC officials have just announced another whopping increase in the autism rate, now at one in every 45 children, one in every 29 boys.  One more big leap in a condition that was almost unheard of 25-30 years ago got a big yawn from the media.  Reporters repeated assurances from the CDC that this only showed more better diagnosing, the same tired chant that has accompanied each and every increase over the last 15 years. No one from the CDC has ever referred to autism as a "crisis," despite all the increases, and neither does the media.


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Dachel Media Update: Fat Moms Make Autism? Fat Chance.

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Nov 22, 2015, OregonLive.com (Portland): Autism linked to unhealthy weight in OHSU study

Children with an autism diagnosis are more likely to be overweight or obese than kids of the same age without the disorder, according to a study from Oregon Health & Science University. . . .

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College Professors Suppressing 1st Amendment Rights RE Vaccine Safety

HushUpdate 9:15pm:

An autism dad with a very severely affected son, Joe Harris from Fort Worth, told me this evening that he called James Hodge today and said, "You don't believe vaccines cause autism?  Can you talk to me about this?"

Hodge replied, "I'm not speaking to anyone about autism and vaccines."  Then he hung up. 

Why is it that a professional making this kind of public statement is unwilling to defend it?

By Anne Dachel


This is crazy ...a law professor and medical school professor join forces to call for end to any discussion of a link between vaccines and autism.  CENSORSHIP.  RETALIATION.

What other product or subject or ideology would ever treated like this???????????  Seriously, I want to know. 

We live in a society where drugs are sold to us everyday TV along with their life-threatening/severe side effects.

How about ads that begin, "If your or a loved one took the drug XXX and suffered XXXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, you may be entitled to compensation....." 

There are recognized risks, contradictions, challenges out there when we talk about anything else.....

When it comes to vaccines we throw these concepts out the window and don't dare apply the same scrutiny. 

Not only are state legislators (with huge money ties to the drug industry) working overtime to remove parental rights to choose when it comes to vaccinating children, but now there is a call for the outright of censoring anyone discussing the connection between vaccines and autism, and punishment for those who do.

Liberal toleranceHere are two prominent educators in Arizona advocating for the end of free speech when the subject is vaccine safety.

James Hodge is a law school professor at Arizona State University.  Hodge teaches public health law and ethics.  His coauthor, Doug Campos-Outcalt, is a physician and professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix. 

Jurist.org: Nov 17, 2015, Legally Limiting Lies About Vaccines (This publication is supported by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.)

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Dachel Media Update: AMA Urges Ban on Drug Ads

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Nov 17, 2015, Msn.com: Major US doctors group [AMA] urges ban on drug ads

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Poor American Pediatric Health & Future Military Preparedness

Who Will Serve
NOTE: Yesterday was Veteran's Day in the USA. Many of us commemorated our family members for their service. What will happen to military service as the rate of American children affected by chronic debilitating diagnoses continues to soar?

By Anne Dachel

A few months ago I was interviewed by Andy McCabe, a psychologist from New Jersey, on his talk radio show, Autism with Dr. Andy McCabe.  One of the questions he asked me was something I'd never considered.  He wanted to know what the high autism rate among males meant for America's military preparedness.  I'd never thought about it before.

In my answer I said we have to think about more than just how much autism there is.  What about all the chronically ill kids out there?  In never-before-seen numbers, our kids are sick.  I'm a teacher and it's now common to have students with life-threatening peanut allergies, insulin dependent diabetes, and alert bracelets for their seizure disorder. 

At noon in our schools kids line up for their meds in the office.  Inhalers and epi pens have their places in classrooms.   I told Dr. McCabe that if our country had to respond to something like Pearl Harbor today we'd need to send medical units along or our soldiers would become causalities of their own health conditions.  Soldiers would have to have their special diets and behavior meds in order to function.  There'd have to be mobile pharmacies accompanying our troops.

On Nov 10, 2015 FearlessParent.org published the sobering piece, America's New Normal: Chronically Ill Kids, by Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD.

Here are excerpts:

We’re going backwards

Over half of US children now suffer from a chronic condition, disability, or disease. Americans spend the least on food, the most on health care, have the most highly vaccinated kids, and have the sickest kids of any industrialized country. More kids than not are now chronically ill, developmentally delayed, and eating or injecting prescription medications from cradle to grave – which is going to be a quicker trip for them than it was for their parents, according to data on life expectancy in the US. We are inured to childhood autism, epilepsy, allergy, asthma, diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s disease and cancer. We are dying younger. We are going backwards. . . .

Causes of death for US children have shifted since 1970. As then, accidents and injuries still top the list. And poverty is still a potent predictor of higher mortality. Chances of surviving cancer are stronger for children now, but there has been a fifty percent increase in cancer rates in children compared to forty years ago. Is this due to “better diagnosing” too, as we have been told about the staggering increase in autism? . . .


In 1983, children were required to have ten vaccines by age six. That changed to forty-nine by age six in 2013 — not counting flu shots. To maximize profits, manufacturers and health insurers bundle as many vaccines as possible into one syringe. And doctors, once told to give no more than four simultaneous vaccines, are now expected to give up to nine. This means that twelve-month-old babies can get a total of twenty-five antigens in one day — an astounding immune assault for a twenty pounder.

Pregnant women are now encouraged to have flu shots – which was found to trigger more fetal deaths. Still, nobody blinks. Our government just adds more, telling pregnant women to get TDaP shots too (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis).

What are we doing about this?

Why aren't our children's chronic health problems and disabilities a matter of grave concern and even alarm for groups like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the U.S. Congress?

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Part 3: Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

Brother Tony MBy Anne Dachel Part 3 of Anne's 3 part interview with Brother Tony Muhammad is below. You can view Part 2 here and Part 1 here.


Here Brother Tony issued a call to action. The black community will be organized and uniting with other groups to make this into a movement.

“One of the things that was shocking to me is that…I really didn’t know much about autism because I thought, like many in my community, we thought autism was like a white problem.

“…But I was shocked to find out how disproportionately that black boys in particular [were] ill-effected by autism. I didn’t even know what the word autism meant. To get involved with this now and to see the debilitating effects of autism and to know that it's linked to vaccines that are given to us by doctors that we trust who may not know because they’re driven by money, blew me away.

“Since it’s come to my attention that it does ill-effect black boys in the black community, Native American community, as well as white community—and now it’s all of our fight. Now that we’ve taken up this fight with others, when we go to our community, there were at least four mothers in the low-income area called the government projects, when I took this information into the City of Los Angeles and to my community, these mothers knew something had happened to their children after they were vaccinated. But because the literacy rate is not high, because they were bullied by their doctors and their doctors passionately pleaded with them …that it was genetic, and the mother was carrying the guilt—when I mentioned this, to see the tears coming down these mothers’ eyes who in their spirit knew that it was nothing wrong with her, that it happened as a result of the vaccines. …It didn’t make her feel any better, but some of the guilt of thinking that this disease was passed on through genetics, was relieved, and now these mothers are a part of the movement to help us to bring to bear what’s going on with these vaccines. So that was incredible. It was incredible that I didn’t know much about autism and thinking that autism was a white problem, and now to see all of us working together to save our children.

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Part 2: Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

Brother Tony MBy Anne Dachel

View part one here.


Here is more of my conversation with Minister Tony Muhammad.  He was very specific about the politicians, both in California and in Washington,  who've turned their backs on the welfare of our children.

Min. Tony:

“...When I took this information to some of our state elected officials in …California right before SB277, …to my surprise, when I put the data in front of them, and I put the press release that came from Dr. William Thompson’s lawyer in front of them, many of them pushed it back to me, and were saying, ‘I’m voting for it.’

“I was perplexed. …All but two elected officials in the state of California that are African American voted [for SB277]. Then the Sacramento Bee put out an article, and that article said how much money each of these black elected officials [were] getting from the big pharmaceutical companies and there I had it. And I said to myself, ‘Wow, they have been bought and paid for.’ And Minister Farrakhan said, ‘Pharaoh always had magicians, and these are his magicians because they want the money and they will dance to whatever tune big pharma asks them to.

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Dachel Media Update: Disability, Difference or Indifference?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel
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Nov 3, 2015, Fort Worth Star Ledger: ‘Sesame Street’ shows how autism should be portrayed

Nov 3, 2015, UK Independent: Samuel Johnson Prize 2015: History of autism is first popular science winner of non-fiction book award

Nov 3, 2015, MD Magazine: One in Five Pediatricians Say Goodbye to Families Who Refuse Vaccines

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Dachel Media Update: Watch Atlanta Town Hall Meeting On CDC Whistleblower

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Aperture International. Aperture

You'll see new and familiar faces in this video, including Marcella Piper Terry, Lyn Redwood, Dr. Brian Hooker and Brother Tony Muhammad. It's long - have a beverage of choice, listen and please share.

ApertureAperture International provides visionary products that translate scientific breakthroughs into outstanding health benefits for our clients worldwide.  Based on 24 years of research and clinical experience, the Aperture line of supplements was formulated for individuals who require the highest level of quality and purity. Visit us at Aperture International.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.


Anne Dachel Interviews Tony Muhammad on CDC Vaccine Safety Accountability

Brother Tony M
Brother Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam has taken center stage in the demand for accountability at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Brother Tony was outstanding on Oct 24 at the Rally for Truth in Atlanta.

I contacted Bro Tony for an interview so I could find out more about his views and his plans. In this first segment, Bro Tony expressed his gratitude to an activist mom from Los Angeles, Michelle Ford, who first reached out to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.


Bro Tony described how Michelle first recognized that black babies were being “disproportionately affected …particularly when it came to the MMR vaccine. She went looking for the most courageous black …leader that she could find who could get this information over to the African American community.” This led to the meeting of Michelle, Bobby Kennedy, Bro Tony, Brian Hooker along with others and Rev Farrakhan.

Bro Tony said that when this issue was talked about at the Million Man March in Oct, “Millions heard what we said about the Centers for Disease Control here in Atlanta. Many in cities all across this country now [are] calling me, wanting me. . . to do huge town hall meetings, that we may enlighten, educate, warn, and give our people. . . the correct information. . . to avoid their babies getting autism and any other ill-effects that are happening as a result of these vaccines, and what can they do for their already affected children.

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Autism Advocacy: Who Speaks for You?

SPEAK TRUTHBy Cathy Jameson

I haven’t always been an outgoing person.  When I was younger I was somewhat shy.  I would avoid raising my hand in class and would steer clear of a crowd if I saw one ahead of me.  Staying quiet, I preferred to be in the background.  As the parent to a non-verbal child with regressive autism, I no longer have that luxury.  I cannot remain silent.  I have to speak up.  I have to speak for Ronan and also for myself. 

When Ronan first lost his ability to talk, I looked to Autism Speaks as a resource.  Founded in 2005, I no longer believe that they speak for me nor for Ronan. 


Screenshot from AS’ website, 17 Sept 2015

My son wanders.  He has seizures.  He requires round-the-clock care.  I do my best to find and support groups in the autism community that hold the same values and expectations that I do.  It’s a shame that an organization as large, profitable, and recognizable as Autism Speaks made a statement that once again refused to acknowledge and accept what so many parents have come to discover - that vaccines did in some way contribute to their child’s autism.  Their latest statement reminded me to be careful which groups and which people I pick to speak for me and for Ronan. 

Since my son, who was affected by vaccines and who has autism, can’t speak for himself, I must advocate for him.  I do that with the help of my husband and with professionals we hire to assist us.  Typically, it is I who oversees and ensures that Ronan’s medical, educational, and therapeutic needs are being met on a daily basis.  If something isn’t going well, I have to speak up.  I have to address the issue.  I have to communicate that there is a problem.  Thankfully, the team of people we consult on a day-to-day basis for help and for treatment do whatever they can to assist us.  I value our team’s input and let them know how much they are appreciated as we work toward common goals:  to help Ronan, to teach him useful skills, to bring him to better healthy—because autism is medical, and to bring him opportunities so that Ronan can be as active and as happy as he can be. 

When we’ve gained new people as Ronan moves out of one phase and into a new one, I’ve had to learn to navigate those new phases and new demands.  During that time, I tend to ask a lot of questions.  Some days I’d love to be quiet, but being quiet doesn’t help Ronan.  So I find myself speaking up and searching for answers.  In my search, so that I can better advocate for my son, I have to once again go outside of my comfort zone and look to others for help.  I sometimes have to look beyond my local area for help.

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WHO Says Yes to Mercury No to Meat

Inject meatBy Anne Dachel

ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, NBC News
all are talking about the latest report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France, an agency of the World Health Organization.  22 scientists looked at over 800 studies and they concluded that processed meat and red meat are linked to cancer.  Meat products are ranked along with smoking and asbestos as carcinogens. 

I found it interesting that WHO would ever come out against a commercial product like meat.  It's actually funny when you consider that this organization has steadfastly defended the use of toxic mercury in vaccines given to children all over the world.  Here are their reports in July 2006  and July 2012.   According to WHO all the science is in and mercury and other toxins are just fine when injected into humans.  (The studies that do show concerns were dismissed as having lots of "flaws.")

Pork, steaks, sausage and hot dogs are not getting a free pass however.  Americans need to make changes in meat consumption.

This issue really got my attention because on all the major networks, the medical experts were out in force: ABC NEWS: Dr. Richard Besser, CBS NEWS: Dr. Jon LaPook, CNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, FOX NEWS: Dr. Marc Siegel, and NBC News: Dr. Roshini Raj.  Actually Besser, LaPook, Gupta and Siegel are familiar to me and they're all included in my book, The Big Autism Cover-Up--How and Why the Media is Lying to the American Public  They may think meat is dangerous, but the four couldn't be more confident that injecting kids with mercury, aluminum, and live viruses is good for them and could never cause neurological problems like autism.

Raj at NBC was a new name, but a little search on the Internet showed that she's a true believer too.

ABC News: UN Agency Links Hot Dogs and Other Processed Meat to Cancer

VIDEO: Dr. Richard Besser: "Processed meat is clearly linked to an increased risk of cancer, in particular colon cancer. ...

When Besser was told that the meat industry had released a statement saying that there were "numerous studies showing no correlation between meat and cancer," Besser said, "Yeah, so here we have an independent group of experts who've looked at all the evidence and say that there really is a link here. ..."

CBS News: Study: Processed meats can cause cancer 

Dr. Jon LaPook: "There's good strong evidence that it can cause cancer."

CNN: Gupta: Balance cancer risk with your love of bacon 

Video: Sanjay Gupta: "We now have sufficient evidence to say that processed meat causes cancer in humans.  ...They looked back in time at some 800 studies that go back over 20 years. ..."

Fox News: WHO experts say processed meat can cause cancer, red meat probably can

Eating processed meat can cause bowel cancer in humans while red meat is a likely cause of the disease, World Health Organization (WHO) experts said on Monday in findings that could sharpen debate over the merits of a meat-based diet.

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Dachel Media Update: No Lie Can Live Forever

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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The source for this article is a publication called, The Final Call.  Here's the background. 

"Founded by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, The Final Call follows in the tradition of Muhammad Speaks, with hard-hitting national and international news and coverage of political issues. It is the official communications organ of the Nation of Islam.

"Founded in the 1930s as the Final Call to Islam, the newspaper evolved into Muhammad Speaks in the 1960s and boasted a circulation of 900,000 a week, with monthly circulation of 2.5 million. Today, the weekly Final Call Newspaper serves a readership of diverse economic and educational backgrounds, including circulation in North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean."

This is very encouraging.  I want to join forces with the Nation of Islam, and with Baptists from Pastor Gerald Durley's church, and Jews, and Catholics, whites, Asians, African Americans, Native Americans.   There is no more critical issue than the health and safety of all our children.  We have lived with the lies for far too long.  Once anyone honestly and thoroughly looks into this controversy, they will see the truth about what an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule is doing to America's children.  These voices won't be silenced.

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Dachel Media Update: Coverage of Atlanta CDC Rally

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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This is how the CDC rally was covered by CBS in Atlanta.  (The story has been picked up in several places.) CBS Atlanta Reporter Dante Renzulli  approached this in the most irresponsible manner.   He presented the most heated controversy in pediatric medicine as if it's the first time he'd heard about it.  He'd done no background on this or he wouldn't have brought up "thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative" and William Thompson's claim that thimerosal causes autism, which surfaced last summer.  (Thompson's MMR study showing a greater susceptibility to regressive autism in black boys wasn't included.  The truth about events at the CDC vaccine division have been trivialized and misrepresented.  Thompson is described as a "former" CDC employee.)                                                                                                                                   

This debate is merely a curiosity to the news industry.  Autism isn't important.  It's certainly nothing officials are worried about.  A bunch of conspiracy-minded parents shouting in front of the CDC don't deserve to be taken seriously.   They couldn't possibly know what they're talking about.  (Notice how Renzulli pronounces the word "thimerosal.")  For whatever reason--fear, sloppy reporting, pressure from advertisers/doctors--members of the press universally fail our children every single day. 

CBS Atlanta: Group worried about autism caused by vaccines protests CDC

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Truth, Transparency and Freedom Rally in Front of CDC

(Look for the magic words from the mainstream reports, "debunk" and "myth." As if our kids are unicorns.)

By Anne Dachel

Here's what's online about the rally in Atlanta.

This is a piece about a rally in Oakland, CA in support of the parents at the CDC.)

California Newswire: Newswire: Oct. 24 Rally for Vaccine Truth in Oakland will Stand Together with Freedom Rally at the CDC in Atlanta

Minister Keith Muhammad, of the Oakland Mosque, in collaboration with community leaders, announce that on October 24, 2015 at 12 noon, protesters will rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, Calif. in solidarity with the Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally happening on the same day at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.

Protesters are standing against CDC corruption and the disturbing partnership between industry and government, which undermines the health, safety, and freedom of American citizens. In particular, the protesters are calling for the "CDC Whistleblower" Dr. William Thompson, to be subpoenaed to give evidence to congress, following the revelation by Florida Rep Bill Posey (R) that CDC scientists were allegedly instructed to destroy vaccine research which revealed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, particularly African American boys. . . .

LINEUP – The speaker lineup at the rally will include:

* Minister Keith Muhammad – Resident minister at the Nation of Islam mosque in Oakland. He is an educator and activist and has served Bay Area communities for decades.

* Sister Tesha Muhammad – Tesha is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley, a mother of four including two vaccine damaged sons. The experience of dealing with the challenges associated with autism has motivated her to become an activist against unsafe vaccines.

* Dr. Tim O'Shea – Author of "Sanctity of Human Blood."

* Dr. Tina Kimmel, former research scientist for the California Department of Public Health's Immunization Branch.

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Dachel Media Update: Sesame Street Adds Muppet with Autism

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Oct. 21, 2015, People: Meet Sesame Street's First Character with Autism: 'We Want to Create Greater Awareness and Empathy'

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The Black and White of Vaccine Injury

Raking in the moneyBy Anne Dachel

We need to stop this right now.  Tony Muhammad may have the best intentions and he may really believe that there's a concerted effort being made by U.S. health officials to target minority children using vaccines, but there simply is no evidence of that.

(I say that as the mother of two white, vaccine injured children.)

The truth is, it's always been about the money.  And with all the evidence piling up, it's now about denying the damage.

Officials don't really care if one race is at greater risk for injury.  Too bad if it's blacks and Latinos.  Too bad if it's white kids.  They simply don't care.

Oct 12, 2015, The Blaze published the story, Farrakhan Associate at Million Man March: RFK Jr. Told Me CDC Poisoned ‘Black and Latino Boys’ with Genetically-Modified Vaccines, Mike Opelka.

Shortly before Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to a massive crowd gathered on the National Mall in D.C. Saturday, one of Farrakhan’s representatives, Reverend Tony Muhammad, accused the Centers for Disease Control of intentionally doctoring vaccines to injure black and Hispanic boys.

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Dachel Media Update:

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Oct 13, 2015, Thom Hartmann: The Union of Concerned Scientists is very concerned about politics

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Dachel Media Update: Response to Harriet Washington

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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My response to Harriet Washington's comment on my story, Samsarah Morgan on CA Vaccine Mandates & African American Children:

Ms. Washington wrote:

"No one contacted me before offering my name and work to imply, erroneously, that I am opposed to vaccination. I am opposed to all unethical and abusive uses of medical science such as the imposition of a discredited, FDA-unapproved vaccine without informed consent that I detailed in Medical Apartheid. I am also opposed to the use of vaccination issues to demonize and punish parents.

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Dachel Media Update: Autism and Dating

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Oct 12, 2015, Los Angeles Times: Young adults with autism work on building social skills — and dating

By Amina Khan

. . . Albert is no creep, and this is no ordinary class. The nine students around the table have a variety of developmental or mental disorders; the majority of them have autism. They've enrolled in a 16-week program to help them navigate the treacherous waters of social interaction, and on this Monday night, week 11 of the session, they're diving into the perils of dating. . . .

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Samsarah Morgan on CA Vaccine Mandates & African American Children

Samsarah MorganBy Anne Dachel

Sept 14, 2015, I wrote the piece, Five African American Women in the Vaccine Whistleblower Story

Four of the five women were decidedly pro-vaccine and seemingly oblivious to what autism is doing to black children in America.  These are women who should be the most concerned about what Dr. William Thompson said about the 2004 MMR study results. 

Dr. Adiaha Spinks Franklin, developmental behavioral pediatrician, whose 2014 research showed that regressive autism is twice as common in African American children and reports of regression were 50 percent higher for Hispanic children than for whites.

Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, MD, medical epidemiologist and Chief of the Developmental Disabilities Branch at the CDC, was a co-author of the 2004 study that found a higher risk for regressive autism in black males who received the MMR before 36 months of age.

Florida Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson proposed a federal bill to allow only a medical vaccine exemption in America. 

U.S. Rep Brenda Lawrence (MI) refused to respond to her constituent, David Brownstein, MD, and his concerns about hearings on the CDC whistleblower.

I contrasted Franklin, Yeargin-Allsopp, Wilson and Lawrence with Harriet Washington, author of Medical Apartheid, who wrote about the measles vaccine trials on black and Hispanic children in Los Angeles between 1987 and 1991.  These kids received as much as 500 times the approved dosage and some of them died.

Clearly this is a racial issue.  We have the evidence that a child's race predetermines a susceptibility to vaccine injury and risk for autism.  We need to involve members of the African American and Hispanic communities.  Health officials are well aware that minority children are especially at risk to develop autism at a higher rate than white children and they're doing nothing to find out why.  The CDC's own study should have shot off flairs all over the place, yet the findings were hidden.  Findings on higher autism rate among black and Hispanic children is now accepted by experts, yet they seem more than willing to leave it as just more of the mystery of autism.

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