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Age of Autism Comment of the Week

AOAF Congrats to "Apple Bottom Genes", our commenter of the week.  (S)he commented on THIS post: Maybe the problem is that genes are a shortcut for discussing molecular biology in detail.  The fact of the matter is that genes do nothing - absolutely nothing.  They are a string of nucleotide base pairs that sit there and do zilch.  Ribosomes have to come along and translate that string of nucleotides into a linear strand of amino acids.  When that line of amino acids folds up into a three-dimensional form, well then you've got something - a protein.  Proteins do everything.  Genes do nothing.

If you're a girl, is it because you have XX chromosomes?  No.  You're a girl if you had early exposure to XX gene products AND you lacked exposure to other proteins (namely the Y gene products).  As proof (and this experiment has been done) if you take an XX mammalian zygote and allow it to develop in the presence of testosterone, the embryo becomes a boy.  You can't tell the XX zygote is a boy by looking at its DNA.  You also can't determine how it became a boy by looking at its DNA.  You'd have to understand the environmental factors to know what happened and why (i.e. that someone added testosterone to the developing embryo).

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Blast from the Past Post: MESSAGE BOARD BUZZ. Autism Speaks Selects Eric London?

SleestakManaging Editor's Note:  I wrote this post on August 17, 2007 (before we launched AoA) about Eric London and Autism Speaks. And now he's joining his colleagues at ASF. Mazel Tov and mind the Sleestaks. My condolences to the Jackson family. Kim

Scenario A) Mrs. Smith? My name is Michael Jackson. Oh, that's so lovely. Thank you! Yes, I'm so glad you enjoyed my songs in the 1980's. Well, you see, the thing is, speaking of "Beat It" I'm soooooo excited to tell you that I will be Johnny's cubby scout leader this year, and our first trip is to Neverland Ranch to study the night time habits of the habitual bed sharer!

(So we at Rescue Post ask, are you nervous, Mrs. Smith? Oops! Careful not to pull Johnny's arm out of its socket as you yank him away from Mr. Jackson and drag him home to safety!)

Scenario B) "Like, um, hi! I'm, um, Lindsay Lohan. Welcome to the DARE 2007 Just Say No (sniff, sniff, anyone got a tissue?) conference."

(Feeling confident, Mom and Dad? You'd better hide your twenty dollar bills.....)  Now try this one on for size:

Scenario C) Eric London, psychiatrist and founder of NAAR, is about to be put in charge of alternative treatment research for Autism Speaks. 

Sorry, but that one just might be true.

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A "Refrigerator Mother" Adult with Autism Speaks Out

Open refrigerator Managing Editor's Note: It has been my pleasure to get to know Roger Kulp, an adult with autism. Here he tell us in his own words what autism has meant and done to him. If you can offer a referral to a primary care physician (Albuquerque area) who would assist him, one who understands that autism is not simply a behavioral diagnosis and can manage his care and help him get to The Cleveland Clinic, please do so in the comments.  Thank you readers. And thank you, Roger. 

By Roger Kulp


I have been interested in trying to contact you for quite a while. If you want to  publish this email at AoA I give you permission to do so.Actually this is more of a cry for help than anything else.

There is a lot that I don't like about AoA,but what bugs me the most is the fact you concentrate exclusively on children.There is this whole mindset that there were no autistic children who ever had severe biomedical issues, mitochondrial disease, inflammatory disease,what have you before there was thimerosol,or the current vaccine schedule in the late 1980s.When there were always autistics who had these problems, we just didn't recognize them.

As we have discovered that these diseases exist alongside autism,and may even cause it,the response should have been "Yes,let's take care of the children,but let's try to find out how many  AUTISTIC ADULTS  are out there,who have been suffering with these diseases for years,but have never been diagnosed."

Especially ,since we now know,that in many cases,it isn't so much what is  in  the vaccines,but what the shock of receiving so many vaccines so early does to the children,and that the same sort of shock can occur in unvaccinated children,who have suffered acute infection,as infants or toddlers.

This is vaccines,but it is a universe removed from mercury and thimerosol.Babies were always getting acute infections,and a lot of those who did not die developed autism.Only now do we know this.

I had acute bacterial meningitis with pulmonary complications,at five months of age.

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Legislation Introduced to Require First Comparative Study of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Populations

Knowledge is power

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York, one of the best friends autism families have in Washington, has just reintroduced the bill to authorize a study of health outcomes in vaccinated vs. never-vaccinated Americans. We at Age of Autism have a particular interest in this bill, which is sometimes called the Amish Bill for the reporting we've done on the apparently low incidence of autism in less-vaccinated populations like the Amish (HERE). The list of co-sponsors appears to be growing, and includes a Kennedy and the Chair of the House Science and Technology Committee. Stay tuned, and keep up the pressure. -- Dan Olmsted


Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Christopher Smith (R-NJ) have introduced the “Comprehensive Comparative Study of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Populations Act of 2009,” HR 3069, (HERE) legislation that would require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, comparative study of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, which has never before been completed.

“Vaccines have been instrumental in reducing the incidence of many once-common diseases, but we owe it to parents and children to study and resolve the questions that have arisen over the possible link between vaccines and neurological disorders,” said Maloney.  “What is ultimately needed to resolve this issue is a comprehensive national study comparing outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.  As the most scientifically advanced country in the world, we should be jumping at the chance to resolve the questions that have been raised.  Parents deserve answers, and children deserve no less than absolute certainty and safety.” 

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Dan Mulvaney, Adult with Autism, Graduates (New York Times)

Dan mulvaney Congratulations to our dear friend and contributor Barbara Fischkin, her husband Jim Mulvaney and to recent high school graduate Dan Mulvaney. Read the full article in the NYT HERE.

The invitation for Dan Mulvaney’s graduation Sunday showed a burly young man with a hipster’s goatee wearing a graduation cap (courtesy of Photoshop) and holding a real striped bass he caught in the bay behind Long Beach High School.

It read: “ ’Twas said that by teaching a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.

“Dan Mulvaney has learned to fish, learned to cook and accomplished many things. Dan is ready to take on the world. Join us in celebration of his graduation, with honor, from Long Beach High School.”

It concluded: “Casual cuisine, beach-friendly dress code, indescribable pride.”

Age of Autism Comment of the Week

AOAF Congrats to "Linda", our commenter of the week.  She commented on THIS  post: When my son was about 13 months old he was given the measles vaccine, within days he had diarrhoea, which went on until he was 13 years old!!  I was told I was neurotic by our doctor until eventually, after 12 years, the Children's hospital (who had been treating Adam for 'tummy ache') did tests and found out he had Crohn's disease!!  I didn't like the treatment we had had, or the steroids Adam was taking, and I found a Kinesiologist (by sheer fluke) who treated Adam for 3 months, changed his diet, weaned him from his steroids & miraculously my son was back!! He grew 13 inches and gained 30lbs in 4 months & now fitted in with his peer group. He is now 26 years old and loves life!!!My point is: Vaccines in babies cause untold problems. Wait until they are a little older and maybe their immune systems are better equipped to deal with what doctors insist will keep them healthy!Our Kinesiologist was adamant that Autism could be safely treated with Kinesiology.Best regards. A mother who would do things so differently if I could go back in tim.

Linda, email me at with your address and if you want L or XL.

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Toxic Toys... Not Child's Play!

Toxic toys By Lisa Hunter Ryden

Last year, I discovered an interesting website which lists the toxic chemicals for various toys, and was able to do my holiday shopping for nontoxic toys using this website. In early December, I read a newspaper article that captured my interest because one in three of the children's toys tested were found to have significant levels of toxic chemicals including lead, flame retardants, and arsenic. The article went on to say that some of the toys on store shelves this holiday season would be illegal to sell by early next year. This left me feeling angry, so I posted this article far and wide to all my yahoo groups. Having a son who has previously tested positive for seven metals in his urine toxicology screen, with the highest being lead and mercury, I was even more outraged.

One of the toys which he has used for hours, and takes with him everywhere is the Leapster Learning Game System by LeapFrog. We found that the carry case and the toy both contained high levels of toxic metals.  I first tried to return them to Target.  While the store was understanding, they said that the best I could do was exchange them for another Leapster because I had no receipt and they are several months old.  So, I decided to send the company a letter.  Here is what I wrote:

Dear LeapFrog Customer Service,

We have successfully used your products with both of our sons, ages 4 and 8.  Recently, however we discovered the Leapster 2 toys and carry cases were contaminated with high levels of lead, arsenic, mercury, bromine, and chromium.

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A of A Contest: Win a Copy of Nourishing Hope For Autism by Julie Matthews

NourishingHopeCoverShadow We have a copy of Nourishing Hope for Autism Nutrition Intervention for Healing our ChildrenTo enter, leave a comment with your email address in the email field.

If you have trouble commenting, send an email to  Good luck!

About Nourishing Hope for Autism: Biomedical intervention is one of the most promising areas parents have to find hope for recovery. It begins with diet. Autism is treatable.

Nourishing Hope for Autism is an autism diet book for parents that provides the scientific explanations for why and how autism diets work to help recover children from symptoms of autism. It shows how to successfully implement diets and cook creatively for families - even picky eaters! Used by parents and autism physicians, this book gives practical steps for dietary intervention, a roadmap for getting started as well as evolving and customizing the varied approaches.

Nourishing Hope is:

1. The first biomedical autism diet intervention guide for parents and physicians
2. A practical application of diets and cooking instruction
3. In depth research and science backed literature
4. The first and only autism cooking class DVD on the market
5. A book and DVD specifically created by a veteran Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Practitioner

Learn about the critical connection between the nutrients that go into the digestive system of the child with autism and the impact they have on the child's brain. Parents are using this teaching today to bring about real recovery results:

* Improved digestion

* Reduced gastrointestinal pain

* Less rash or eczema

* Physical pain relieved

* Aggressive behavior ceases

* More language

* Ability to focus

* Sleeping through the night

* Making eye contact

* Easier toilet training

About the author: Julie Matthews is a leading US autism nutrition expert and Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Practitioner helping parents worldwide find hope and healing for their children on the spectrum.

As demonstrated by pediatricians, scientific data, and parental experience, autism diets can help relieve some of the symptoms of autism. Julie has educated over 10,000 parents and clinicians at leading autism conferences about autism diet, nutrition, supplementation, enzymes, probiotics, meal planning and healthful cooking. She effectively guides parents as they apply autism diet and nutrition intervention for their child as a complement to behavioral and other conventional treatments. Through her autism nutrition practice, Julie provides one-on-one parent counseling, an online resource center, and autism diet intervention tools. She welcomes families from diverse backgrounds from cities, suburbs, towns and rural areas in the US and abroad. Visit

Age of Autism Commenter of the Week

AOAF Congrats to "Sarah", our commenter of the week.  She commented on THIS post: Does it strike anyone else as ironic the lengths that school systems go to protect a child who is deathly allergic to peanuts but at the same are quick to jump on the drug-the-kids bandwagon even though these drugs can be just as toxic? yet this is acceptable?'s just so insane

Sarah, please email me at with your address and if you want L or XL.

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CHOP Reports Many Flu Deaths Actually Bacterial Infection Deaths

Bac pneumonia Read the full article from HERE.

With four major books devoted to the topic in the last decade, most people have now heard of the 1918 flu pandemic, which killed nearly 50 million people around the world.

What they may not know, however, is that very few of those victims died of the flu itself.

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So Much for the Dream Gene-y

Geneie From the New York Times:

One of the most celebrated findings in modern psychiatry — that a single gene helps determine one’s risk of depression in response to a divorce, a lost job or another serious reversal — has not held up to scientific scrutiny, researchers reported Tuesday.

The original finding, published in 2003, created a sensation among scientists and the public because it offered the first specific, plausible explanation of why some people bounce back after a stressful life event while others plunge into lasting despair.

The new report, by several of the most prominent researchers in the field, does not imply that interactions between genes and life experience are trivial; they are almost certainly fundamental, experts agree...

"The Gloves Are Off" Autism Webinar with Curt and Kimberly Linderman

Webinar Tonight!

Title:  Webinar  "The Gloves are Off"
Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 
Time: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT 
Dr. Eisenstein's special guests Curt and Kimberly Linderman 
Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Curt Linderman, Sr. and his wife, Kimberly, are the parents of four children. Their youngest, Kaden (7-years-old), was vaccine-injured at 20-months-old. Curt and Kim are editors for The Autism File Magazine's website: Autism File.  Curt is the president and Kim is the vice president of the West Central Illinois Chapter of the National Autism Association and they have  worked extensively as parent and child advocates for those in their community, and around the world, primarily regarding vaccination and special education issues.

Linderman Live is hosted by, Curt  and Kimberly Linderman. It  airs in the summer, Wednesday thru Friday from 11am -12pm EST on Autism One Radio.   It is a hard hitting non-politically correct program that has the tag-line: "The Gloves are Off". Their radio show is also on the Progressive Radio Network on Wednesdays from 3-4 EST

Curt is also the creator and editor of Autism Today Online
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista
Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer

Prof. Simon Baron Cohen Expands Comments

Dialog baloons By Anne Dachel

I'm sincerely grateful to Simon Baron-Cohen for engaging in this dialogue with me.  He sent me yet another response:

A couple of quick replies:

1) I agree we need a good prevalence study of ADULTS with autism spectrum conditions, and I haven't seen a study like this!

2) Kids who show regression are also a very important subgroup to understand.

3) I have no vested interest in denying a role for vaccines and remain open-minded about causes of autism. but the evidence for a link between autism and vaccines is not very consistent.

4) I do certainly believe autism spectrum conditions have increased. hugely. It is the reasons behind this increase that are a matter of debate. 

For years, I have asked members of the press and health officials to SHOW US THE ADULTS WITH AUTISM.  Surely the agency that can run down every single case of swine flu in the U.S. can find them.  The CDC has lamely made excuses for not doing so.
Simon Baron-Cohen agrees that we need such a study.  Personally, I believe that U.S. health officials and recognized autism experts who make the claim that there's been no real increase are on very shaky ground without one. 

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Age of Autism Commenter of the Week

AOAF Congrats to Nancy Hokkanen, our commenter of the week.  She commented on THIS post by David Kirby: What are you saying? Complain to the source, instead of directing one's ire at the messenger?

But... but... how will a blogger boost his self-esteem without resorting to relentless demonizing and straw man fallacies that amuse one's Internet toadies?

Anti-vaccine... Anti-vaccine.... Anti-vaccine... repeat... repeat....

Nancy, please email me at with your address and if you want L or XL.

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Generation Rescue Announces Rescue Family Grant Program

Help is on the way From our sponsor Generation Rescue: We are proud to announce our Rescue Family Grant program! Generation Rescue is offering a grant program for first time biomedical autism treatments that may not otherwise be covered privately or by other third-party funding sources such as school districts, county programs, insurance, and/or other grant making entities.

We are now accepting our first round of 250 applications for our Rescue Family program; applications must be received by July 15, 2009.  Applicants who meet the grant program criteria and complete the grant application will be considered for a Rescue Family grant. Rescue Family grants are based on economic need within the applicants specific geographic area.

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New Mexico Medicaid Call to Action for Autism Treatment

New mexico By Laura Bruening

Over a year ago I set out on a quest to recover my child Michael from Autism.  I have had many ups and downs, but have seen great progress..  I have always fought hard to get things paid for. I have spent countless hours on the phone each month seeking donations and finding alternative ways to get services and products paid for our son Michael.   Many companies have sent donations to our son over the last year to help us in our effort to recover our son.

We like a great portion of the families in my state have Medicaid.  New Mexico has several different versions of Medicaid.   First we have Medicaid Exempt- Only available to Native Americans in our state, or to new clients going on Medicaid. New Clients can only be on Medicaid exempt for 30 days. At the end of their 30 days, they must choose an HMO.  Then we have a list of HMO’s : Lovelace Salud, Presbyterian Salud, Molina Salud, and BlueCross Salud.  All these different Salud’s and Medicaid exempt are supposed to offer the same exact services.   There is supposed to be absolutely no difference in them, but there is.  This difference is not just a small one, but rather significant with some pretty large gaps in coverage.  These gaps don’t even include our Disability waivers….Don’t even get me started there…

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Facebook Group Supports Dr. Wakefield

Autism file wakefield Support Dr. Wakefield's work in this THIS Facebook group from the Autism File Magazine. You'll probably have to be logged into fb to see the link.

ABC's Claire Shipman and Katty Kay Spank Newsweek On HuffPo

Spank Click HERE to read and comment on ABC's Claire Shipman and Katty Kay's HuffPo, "Did Anyone Else Think The Newsweek Photo of Oprah Was Misogynistic? And Just Plain Dumb?"

Last year we at ABC news ran a series on autism, and new methods being used to diagnose it which are--to say the least--controversial. The medical community and established autism community tried hard to get us to kill the report--which suggested (gasp)--that it might be a good idea to actually look at the brains of kids who are thought to be autistic. Do MRIs and EEGs. Hardly a stretch, and there is a growing body of evidence that autism is such a huge catch-all phrase that kids need more diagnosis. A number of prominent neurologists now believe it helps to look at the brain, especially to rule out seizure disorder, which can often produce autistic symptoms, and which is treatable. (That's what McCarthy found, among other things, by the way, when she decided to trust her instincts instead of conventional wisdom.)

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A of A Contest: Karl Taro Greenfeld's Boy Alone A Brother's Memoir

Boy alone Congrats to Debbie Mylander, Christina Hatch and Eugene. Too bad Simon Baron-Cohen didn't enter. He could use a dose of reality on what is autism and what society is facing as tens of thousands of children "age out."

By Kim Stagliano

Karl Taro Greenfeld has written a startlingly honest memoir about growing up with his autistic brother, now a 42 year old. Thank you to Karl and his publisher Harper Collins for giving us three copies to offer to you. The contest is closed.

From the publisher: Karl Taro Greenfeld knew from an early age that his little brother, Noah, was not like other children. He couldn't crawl, and he had trouble making eye contact or interacting with his family. As Noah grew older, his differences became even more pronounced—he was unable to communicate verbally, use the toilet, or tie his shoes, and despite his angelic demeanor, he often had violent outbursts.

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Age of Autism Commenter of the Week T-Shirt Winner

AOAF Congrats to Jack Russell, our first "Commenter of the Week." He wrote: This whole "science has spoken" business is absurd and misses the point of what "science" is supposed to be.  Somehow this country has traded religion for science apparently ignoring the fact that they are two totally separate things.  Science isn't something to be worshipped or even worse, to have faith in.  Science is a method of questioning.  To say "science has spoken" on an issue is to betray the very meaning of science.

Jack, please email me at with your address and if you want L or XL.

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield on The Poisoning of Young Minds

Indoctrination Managing Editor's Note: We ran this post on June 4th, and chose to re-run it following the NBC programming about Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

By Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Like it or not, there is an unrelenting debate about whether vaccines have poisoned the minds of some children. That vaccines may do so is acknowledged  (by, among others, autism expert Professor Sir Michael Rutter ) and is not actually the debate at hand; the real questions are, which children and how many? The base of the tsunami that is the autism epidemic – one sustained hitherto, by competing arguments for the rising number of diagnoses and those invested in non-environmental causes – is no longer able to support its top.  In accordance with simple wave mechanics, the tsunami’s slope is too great and breaking is inevitable. Breaking, for the purpose of this metaphor, extends to the shoreline’s horizon, from the child to the family, to schools, to the state budget, to public confidence in healthcare infrastructure, and beyond.

But another form of poison has been insinuated into the collective conscious of young, able minds that threatens like an aftershock on the seabed. Although the tendrils of this poison are deeply embedded in the history of human conflict, its main roots are to be found in the propaganda of emergent Nazi Germany circa 1935. As an example, a math question to German children in schools where Jewish children were limited to 1.5% by 1935 and banned from education altogether by 1939, reads as follows.

The Jews are aliens in Germany – in 1933 there were 66,060,000 inhabitants in the German Reich, of whom 499,682 were Jews. What is the percent of aliens? 

It was deemed important, indeed necessary, to sow the seed of anti-Semitic propaganda early into young, fertile Aryan minds. Before continuing, I acknowledge that mere mention of the Third Reich and anti-Semitism risks an emotive distraction from the point this article seeks to make. It is notable, however, that the Holocaust analogy has already been exploited in a different and deliberately pejorative context in an attack against those concerned with issues of vaccine safety in the promotion of Dr Paul Offit’s book Autism’s False Prophets by the New York Times. Second, let me make it clear that this article is about manipulation and is not about me.Recently I was provided with the text of another exam paper, this time from the UK’s Jan 2008 national General Certificate of School Education (GCSE) biology exam (higher tier), which students are now being given as part of their preparation for the 2009 exams. It read as follows:

The MMR vaccine is used to protect children against measles, mumps and, rubella.

(a) Explain, as fully as you can, how the MMR vaccine protects children from these diseases.

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NYT Prints Letters to the Editor On Autism and Adults

Editor Our dear friend Barbara Fischkin had a letter to the editor about autism and biomedical treatment for adults with autism (her handsome son Dan) in The New York Times. The letters are a follow up to a review of Karl Taro Greenfeld's book Boy Alone. We have a contest for the book running now. Click HERE to enter.

Read the letters in The New York Times HERE.

Send in Your Million Dollar Puzzle Dollars

ARI puzzle piece Managing Editor's Note: Lynda Huggins is a Mother Warrior raising money for the Autism Research Institute Million Dollar Puzzle Campaign. She sent us this note:

Here is an update on the Million Dollar Puzzle.  To date we have distributed 182,500 puzzle pieces to 48 states, Norway, Singapore, and 5 locations in Canada (468 cities).  We are not yet in Montana or North Dakota.  We have forwarded $68,855.79 to the Autism Research Institute.  That means that many of those who have received the puzzle packets have not returned any of the donations they have collected. 
I am writing to encourage you to go ahead and send in whatever you have collected; no need to wait until you have distributed all the puzzle pieces that you received.  We want that total to rise!  Many thanks to those of you who have already forwarded your donations to me. 
Please make any checks or money orders payable to Autism Research Institute (or ARI).  ARI will gladly send a tax receipt to anyone who made a donation and wishes to receive a receipt, Just be sure to note that someone wants a tax receipt when you send in the donations.  (Be sure to include mailing address if not included on a check.)  Mail the donations to me. (Email Lynda for her address.)  

Big Hearts in Texas Planning for Autism's Adults

Heart of texas Countryside Texas will provide a safe, healthy, rewardind living experience for adults with autism. Check out their site.

Countryside will be a farm setting that offers rich, varied and abundant opportunities for self-paced, distraction-free programs for hundreds of adults with Autism in Fayette County.

 Countryside, the first of its kind in Texas, will provide a home where the residents feel accepted and welcome. Each individual will have opportunities for personal growth and independence in their life and develop friendships along the way. They will have choices for vocational work and social activities which will not only be rewarding but fun too. Everyone is encouraged to explore their creativity through art, music and drama. They can expand their knowledge and technology skills through the library and computer center. There will also be a chapel and meditative gardens for spiritual reflections and worship.


Reps. Maloney, Smith Reintroduce Bill to Ban Mercury from Vaccines

Toxic hazard WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) have reintroduced a bill (H.R. 2617) that puts in statute definite timelines for the elimination of mercury from vaccines. Given the increasing concerns about mercury exposures and our ability to eliminate this particular exposure, this bill completes actions begun several years ago to ban mercury from vaccines.

The bill builds on the policy recommendations issued in July 1999 by the Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians. That policy proclaimed ‘‘[The] Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and vaccine manufacturers agree that thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible.” Yet ten years later thimerosal remains in some childhood vaccines as well as vaccines administered to women during pregnancy.  

Specifically, The Mercury-Free Vaccines Act would eliminate the use of mercury and mercury-based preservatives from vaccines, eliminating this exposure in children and reducing this exposure in adults.

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The Artist Formerly Known as Severely Autistic: Sam Debold Wows the Crowd at Autism One

Managing Editor's Note: On Saturday night at the Autism One dinner, young Sam Debold turned on the charm (and every tear duct in the room) with his muscial performance. Here is Dr. Andrew Wakefield's introduction of Sam.  You can see Sam's complete performance, including the intro, on the other side of the post jump. Just click down.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just a very, very small role tonight and that is to introduce someone that I first met some years ago in Detroit. He’s a Red Wings fan.  And a when I met Sam Debold through my great friend Vicky Debold, his mother, Sam was profoundly autistic.  And back then when I knew very little about this disease, I wondered quite what the prospects for Sam were.  And I’ve been following his progress over the years and Sam has been doing extremely well.

And then I received the other day a YouTube video of Sam which his mother instructed me to watch of Sam playing Hotel California - he’d only just heard it, I believe, for the first time that day and it was one of the most extraordinary things I’d ever seen.  And so it is a great great privilege for me and without any further adieu for me to introduce Sam Debold.

I should just say that Sam is dressed in a way that makes me look under-dressed.  I forgive him for that.  Sam, over to you man.

How Long Must We Sing This Song?
Vicky Debold, PhD, RN

In 1983, the band U2 released an album titled War which includes Sunday Bloody Sunday, a song widely considered to be one of the most powerful political protest songs of all times.  For anyone who doesn’t know the song’s history, it captures the anguish of an observer who witnessed Northern Irish civil rights protesters being fired upon by the British army (lyrics below). 

For those of us within the vaccine-injured communities who are fighting on behalf of our children for the basic human right to make voluntary, informed vaccination decisions that are based on sound science rather than ideology, it is a battle.  And it is personal.  Like the victims of the civil war described in Sunday Bloody Sunday, many lives have been lost, our families torn apart, and everyday there’s unbelievable news where indeed, “fact” is fiction and TV becomes reality. 

For anyone fortunate enough to be able to attend this weekend’s outstanding Autism One conference and Saturday night’s dinner, they heard my 11 year-old son, Sam, sing Sunday Bloody Sunday. 

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The T-Shirts Are Here!

AOAF Congratulations to KelliAnn Davis who sent us the winning tagline for our t-shirts. "The Bull Stops Here!" There are two ways to get an A of A shirt.

1) We are going to give one shirt away each week to our "commenter of the week" - make sure you use your proper email address on your comment so I can contact you. I was thinking of what to give to our "commenter of the weak" (the comments we moderate out.)  Any ideas?  ;)

2) Taking a page from public television, we'll happily send you a t-shirt as our thank you for making a donation to A of A via our PayPal donate button.  You choose the donation amount. OK?

Please tell us if you want an adult large or x-large and include your address in the comments box at PayPal. 

Click past the jump to see the back of the t-shirt.

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Ray Salomone Offers Summer Strength Workout

Ray head shot Happy Memorial Day. The start of summer means soon we'll be chasing kids who are off from school. Here's a new workout from Ray Salomone of GrecoRomanWellness in New York.

 LOWER BODY BURNER for strong and toned legs and buns

This less-than 10 minute workout, done only twice a week, will give you stronger legs and tighter buns. Beware of the first and second time soreness.
True Warriors and Goddesses push through this!

10 jumping jacks
3 squats
10 jumping jacks
3 squats
20 jumping jacks.

The heart is beating now and breathing is heavier
Drink some water and push forward.

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MB12 on a Stick! revitaPOP

Wow. I am sucking on a new revitaPOP MB12 lollipop and I kid you not... I feel a definite kick of energy. Created by Stan Kurtz, revitaPOP supports Generation Rescue. Check it out. Thanks. Dave! KIM

(I am sooo taking these home with me.)MB12 on a Stick! revitaPOP

Linderman Live From Autism One

Curt Linderman interviews Harry and Gina Tembenis and Kim Stagliano at 11 EDT.Linderman Live From Autism One

In Memory of Ken Humphrey of Kirkman Labs

Ken humphrey Stan Kurtz, President of Generation Rescue sent out this touching letter today.

Ken Humphrey from Kirkman Group was honored and buried today in Portland, Oregon. 

Ken was a kind and honorable man who changed his life to help children with autism.  He was one of the first vitamin makers to help our community in the early days.  I hold a special place in my heart for people who do not have a child with autism, but somehow find their way to helping families who do.  This past year I had the opportunity to spend some time with Ken when I visited Kirkman to talk about our Rescue Family Program; a program that will help provide doctor visits and vitamins to families who want to begin biomedical treatment but cannot afford it.  After my presentation to the Kirkman staff, he and his wife Helen immediately walked over and hugged me. Ken said, "Just let us know what you need."  That was Ken.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends and staff. 

Ken, we remain grateful for your foresight, dedication and service to the families in our community.

Stan Kurtz
Generation Rescue                         

Obituary of Kent (Ken) Burton Humphrey

Kent (Ken) Burton Humphrey was born March 3, 1923 at his family's farm near Grandin, North Dakota.  He was the third oldest of five surviving children born to Bernard and Lena Humphrey.  Ken was raised by his aunt and uncle but maintained close relationships with his siblings Audrey (deceased), Blake, Tom and Budd, throughout their lives. 

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"Fourteen Studies" Presented by Generation Rescue at Autism One

Fourteen studies Autism One begins this week in Chicago. Dan, Mark and I look forward to meeting you. Our sponsor Generation Rescue is presenting their Fourteen Studies throughout the day on Saturday. Thanks to Julie Obradovic, Mother Warrior herself, for her time. 

Many people and organizations claim the "science" published thus far allegedly looking at the relationship between vaccines and autism is both qualitatively and quantitatively conclusive. Often the studies to which they refer are cited in books, articles, and medical literature as proof that vaccines don't cause autism, and they are used as an excuse for why research money would be better spent elsewhere. A closer look at this "science" and the authors behind it, however, demonstrates profound conflicts of interest, a substantially inadequate methodology for identifying susceptible subgroups, and a complete lack of an authentic control group. Has the issue been investigated in an honest, objective, and thorough manner? This presentation will simply put forth the facts and let you decide. For anyone who has ever faced an unpleasant pediatrician's meeting when presented with methodologically flawed studies or those who would like to be prepared in advance, this presentation is for you.

Speaker: Julie Obradovic

Time:  60 minutes, throughout the day Saturday

Location: Wells Room, Lower Level

Congratulations to Autism Votes for Getting CT Insurance Passed in Senate

Ct Looks like we're a giant step closer to insurance coverage for autism here in Connecticut. Thank you to the folks at Autism Votes for their hard work.
Help for kids with autism advances (HERE)
By Ken Dixon
The Connecticut Post
Updated: 05/15/2009 04:12:04 PM EDT

HARTFORD -- Health-insurance companies would be required to cover the costs of diagnosis and critical therapies for children with the spectrum of autism than affects one in 115 kids in Connecticut, under legislation that was approved Friday afternoon in the Senate.

The bill, which passed 35-0 after about 45 minutes of debate, next moves to the House. If it becomes law, Connecticut would become the 10th state to mandate insurance coverage, including board-certified behavioral analysis and treatment for autism spectrum disorders.

The legislation would cost about $1.2 million in additional insurance premiums a year, but could save the state that much money per autistic person over the years between age 3 and 55.

"There are times when children don't have a chance to get up at bat and it's extremely painful for our families," said Sen. Joseph J. Crisco Jr., D-Woodbridge. "I personally feel that the parents and grandparents and loved ones of these children are the true heroes, 24 hours a day and all they're asking for is an opportunity, an opportunity to live a better life."


The Maine Event: CDC and DHHS Host Groundbreaking Autism Conference for Doctors

Progress By Ginger Taylor, MS

On Tuesday, May 12th in Augusta Maine, the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Department of Health & Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics - Maine Chapter, the Maine Medical Association, the Maine Osteopathic Association, the Maine Emergency Medical Services, the Autism Society of Maine, the Downeast Association of Physician Assistants, national figures in autism research, causation and treatment, state developmental pediatricians, state DAN physicians, biomed parents, non biomed parents, and autism treatment and therapy providers of all kinds met to do something that has never been done before in this country.

Listen to one another.

Maine has always been one of the most progressive and no nonsense states in the US, and they proved it again this week by casting aside the fear of what might happen if we talk openly about even the most difficult of all the autism issues to forge new ground and dare to initiate new partnerships in serving people with autism.

THIS is the conference I have been waiting for.

THIS is what should have been happening all along.

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Doctors Writing Books, Making False Promises and Fudging Data for Profit

Kuklo Yesterday, the New York Times confirmed HERE that physicians have been known to publish studies that lie, and write books with the goal of affecting medical commerce.  By doing so, they can dupe patients into accepting medical care that is not proven safe or effective. Dr. Timothy Kuklo took advantage of US soldiers. That's pretty bad. Almost as bad as taking advantage of infants and children, don't you agree?

A former surgeon at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, who is a paid consultant for a medical company, published a study that made false claims and overstated the benefits of the company’s product in treating soldiers severely injured in Iraq, the hospital’s commander said Tuesday.

During his time at Walter Reed Dr. Kuklo was extensively involved in research and writing about various Medtronic products, including editing two books published by the company and conducting three studies that were approved by his Army superiors, according to his list of publications and an Army report.

Comments Due Today: Support Researching the Health of Unvaccinated Children!

Little scruples Reminder: Comments in Support of Vax/Unvax Research Program and Other Gaps in Vaccine Safety Science are due by 5:00 EDT on Wednesday, and should be submitted electronically to  Written responses should be addressed to National Vaccine Program Office, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue, SW., Room 715-H, Washington, DC 20201, Attention: Vaccine Safety RFI. 

By Jim Moody, Esq.

The Vaccine Safety Working Group (VSWG HERE) of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee released its draft report HERE on April 14 making 17 general and 15 specific research recommendations to improve vaccine safety research at CDC.  Although written in polite bureaucrat-eze, the report is a stunning denunciation of poorly performing and inadequate CDC five-year vaccine safety research agenda HERE conducted by CDC’s Immunization Safety Office (ISO).  CDC conceded on page 33 that “[u]sually simultaneous vaccination is incompletely studied at time of licensure.”  The draft agenda also admitted on page 17: “Little is known about the immune gene expression changes that occur after vaccination; even less is known about immune genes expressed during an [adverse event following immunization].”

The last Action Alert was posted on AoA on March 13 HERE.  This described progress so far, emphasizing the work of a “writing group” that met in Salt Lake City composed of stakeholders on all sides of the vaccine safety issue that had recommended (HERE) a comprehensive program of human and animal research centered on an examination of the acute and chronic health outcomes of unvaccinated children to establish baseline data against which adverse events following immunization (AEFI’s) could be measured.  The VSWG draft report adopted this recommendation. 

This is by far the most important recommendation coming from the senior vaccine advisory committee as it is a recognition of this crucial gap in safety science.  The 1986 Congressional mandate for safer vaccines set forth in Section 27 of VICA simply cannot be carried out without adequate baseline data on the health of unvaccinated children. 

Comments on the draft report are due Wednesday and should strongly support this recommendation.  Commenters may also want to stress that CDC is completely conflicted and inadequate to properly conduct vaccine safety research. 

It is impossible for CDC to be both lead vaccine cheerleader and, at the same time, adequately evaluate vaccine safety.  For further information on the need for an independent Vaccine Safety Commission to implement a “safety first” agenda, see the comments HERE filed in the related proceeding to evaluate the draft National Vaccine Plan by Safeminds (endorsed by Autism Action Network, Autism One, National Autism Association, Talk About Curing Autism, and US Autism and Asperger Association).

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A of A Contest: Win Rupert Isaacson's The Horse Boy Audio Book from Hachette

HORSE_BOY Congratulations to Curtis Buxton, Anne Shaw and Diane P.!

We have three copies of the audio book version of The Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson, courtesy of Hachette Books.   Read by Rupert himself (imagine hearing the tale in Dad's own voice!), you'll receive nine CD's to enjoy at home or in the car. You can download them into an mp3 file to listen on your iPod as well.

THE CONTEST IS CLOSED. You can buy a copy of the hardcover or audio book at THESE locations.

When his son Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson was devastated, afraid he might never be able to communicate with his child. But when Isaacson, a lifelong horseman, rode their neighbor's horse with Rowan, Rowan improved immeasurably. He was struck with a crazy idea: why not take Rowan to Mongolia, the one place in the world where horses and shamanic healing intersected?

THE HORSE BOY is the dramatic and heartwarming story of that impossible adventure. In Mongolia, the family found undreamed of landscapes and people, unbearable setbacks, and advances beyond their wildest dreams. This is a deeply moving, truly one-of-a-kind story--of a family willing to go to the ends of the earth to help their son, and of a boy learning to connect with the world for the first time.


Meet the Editors of Age of Autism at Autism One

Rapt Managing Editor's Note: This announcement is from our friends at Autism One. I'm eager to meet Abdulkadir and to introduce him to you. See you there! (We have some surprises.)

Saturday, May 23, 1:45 - 2:35 pm

Location: Executive Forum

Age of Autism’s most recent addition to the AoA team, Abdulkadir Khalif, will be joining Dan Olmsted, Mark Blaxill and Kim Stagliano for an interactive presentation of how Age of Autism has become a media leader in presenting the issues important to the biomedical autism community, with more than 2,100,000 visits. You’ll also learn how you can participate as a contributor to the site. A special feature of this presentation will be when Abdulkadir Khalif and Hodan Hassan of the Minnesota Somali community join Dan, Mark, and Kim to describe the high ratio of autism in the Minnesota Somali community and what has - or has not - been done. This is just exactly the type of up-to-the-minute relevant reporting that Age of Autism provides.

Autistic Children in Oklahoma Deserve Insurance Coverage: Nick's Law

Nicks law Managing Editor's Note: Wayne and Robin Rohde sent this letter to the editor to several newspapers across Oklahoma in an effort to pass Nick's Law for autism insurance coverage.  Take a look at Nick.  Tell that beautiful boy his life isn't worth the cost of insurance coverage. Then prepare to take care of him for the rest of his life to the tune of millions of dollars. Don't be pennywise and lifetime foolish voters.

Dear Editor:

As the parents who have been at the forefront in trying to obtain healthcare coverage for the 6,500 children in our state with autism and who helped write Nick’s Law, we would like to set the record straight on this legislation.

Autism is a medical condition. It not only affects the child’s ability to speak, socialize and process information, but in many children, severe gastrointestinal issues, the central nervous system and the immune system are compromised.

Autism’s symptoms can be very mild to very severe. Autism is treatable and with treatment, many children can lose the autism diagnosis. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with autism. The CDC has reported a utism is more prevalent than all pediatric cancers, diabetes and Aids, combined. In Oklahoma we lose a child a day to autism (450-500 year).

Nick’s Law requires private insurance companies to cover medically necessary and clinically proven medical treatments for children who have been diagnosed with autism by a licensed healthcare professional. Self-insured and federal employers are not required to abide by Nick’s Law. Small business owners may choose to opt out of coverage under Nick’s Law.

Continue reading "Autistic Children in Oklahoma Deserve Insurance Coverage: Nick's Law" »

The Doctors TV: Jenny McCarthy and JB Handley on Autism

The doctors Tune in to The Doctor's (HERE) today to watch Jenny McCarthy and J.B. Handley (co-founder of Generation Rescue) discuss autism.  Click HERE to find your local listings.

Watch Part One HERE.

Watch Part Two HERE.

Watch a Web Exclusive w/ Dr. Kartzinel HERE.

Autism One Radio Presents Linderman Live with Polly Tommey Today

Autism one radio Special on Autism One Radio
Tuesday, May 5

Special Time
3:00 - 4:00 pm ET
Curt Linderman
Linderman LIVE!

Guests:  Polly Tommey, Jim Moody Esq, Dr. Carol Stott, and Rosemary Kessick.

Following Polly Tommey's widely publicized campaign to meet with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the government's approach to autism remains a puzzle in the United Kingdom.  The personal letter sent to Polly by Mr. Brown alongside a flurry of recent announcements and statements issued promised much; however, action to make a difference continues, as in many other countries, to be frustratingly slow and activity seems uncoordinated across government departments.

Continue reading "Autism One Radio Presents Linderman Live with Polly Tommey Today" »

Autism One Conference: Residential Think Tank

Picket fence The NYT referred to AUTISM ONE  as an "anti-vaccine conference."  Idiots.  Check out the Residential Think Tank on Friday, May 22 at Autism One in Chicago. Thank you, Autism One, for acknowledging the needs of families affected by autism.

"Join us as we come together for the common cause of developing a plan of action to provide humane and considerate environments that are safe and provide the quality of life our loved ones deserve." 

Friday, May 22:  8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Are you concerned about what will happen to your child if they are not recovered by the time they age out of state-provided services?  We are, too. Join in on a residential think tank with steering committee members of the Autism Human Rights and Discrimination Initiative and others who are working on a safe, fulfilling future and residential solutions. Panelists include Mika Bradford, CN; Krysti DeZonia, EdD; Lark Eshleman, PhD; Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA; Sonja Hintz, RN (moderator); Oliver Jones, chairman of The Autism Trust; Cheryl Kilmer, CEO of TERI, Inc.; Jackie Marquette, PhD; Melissa Olive, PhD, BCBA; Rick Rollens, Calif. Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism; award-winning author Chantal Sicile-Kira; Polly Tommey, founder of The Autism Trust; and Terri Williams, MBA.

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Thank You Angela Moore Jewelry for the Autism Awareness Collection

Angela moore bracelet2 Congrats to MT, who won the Angela Moore hair tie.

We'd like to thank our friends at Angela Moore jewelry, who generously donated four items from their Autism Awareness Collection to Age of Autism.  We gave away one item each week in April. 

The Angela Moore "Autism Awareness" collection was created to help increase awareness in the treatment and understanding of autism.  15% of the proceeds from this collection are donated to the Autism Society of America including The Rimland Center.

What great gifts for Mom, Dad (don't forget the necktie for Father's day!) teachers and therapists as the school year draws to a close.   Go to Angela Moore to start shopping! 

Meet Dustin Nunn, Author, Cartoonist, Adult with Autism

Dustin and book We're happy to introduce you to Dustin Nunn, a twenty year old author and cartoonist in Marietta, Ohio who also happens to be an adult with autism.  A loyal A of A reader (shout out to AK!) sent us a link to Dustin's site. We hope you'll buy a copy of his book HEREYou see, at Age of Autism, "awareness" didn't end on April 30th, nor does support within our community.

Here's what Dustin says about himself, "When I was born, not only was I born with a talented gift of drawing, I was born with autism and I am a slow learner at things. I like playing video games, surf around on YouTube, and spend time with family and friends. I don’t play video games as much because I like to stick with my artwork."

Check out his site Dustin and Darling here.  There's a news clip video below where you can see Dustin and his wonderful, supportive parents.

Continue reading "Meet Dustin Nunn, Author, Cartoonist, Adult with Autism" »

Swine Flu, Part 2 – Media’s Vaccine Injury Dichotomy

Safety first By Nancy Hokkanen

The specter of swine flu has commanded international attention, and media coverage already has saturated our minds. Each day brings new revelations regarding this disease’s source, spread and treatment. If you Google “Swine Flu” you’ll get 200,000,000 hits.

Infectious disease creates an uneasy intersection of the public and the personal. People who’ve suffered a vaccine injury, or have family members that did, are watching quite cautiously as government, industry and the medical community respond with policies that affect their loved ones, and billions more.

Quite predictably the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is finding itself haunted by the ghost of vaccines past, as many consumers are old enough to remember a previous flu epidemic whose public health response is frequently described as a debacle. This week National Public Radio ran a 3:47 segment titled “Lessons From 1976 Flu Vaccinations.” The report on All Things Considered stated that the swine flu immunization campaign eventually became “seen by some as a dangerous overreaction... harmful side effects from the vaccine did appear.” (HERE)

Continue reading "Swine Flu, Part 2 – Media’s Vaccine Injury Dichotomy" »

CT Rally for Autism Insurance Reform

Insurance money RALLY 5/1/2009

This is our day to speak on behalf of families in Connecticut who are dealing with the challenges of autism…

WHAT: Rally in support of the Senate Bill 301 Autism Insurance Reform Bill

WHEN: Friday, May 1st at 10:00 am

WHERE: North Steps of the State Capitol Building, Hartford, CT

WHO: Senator Jonathan Harris, Senator Majority Leader Martin Looney,
Speaker of the House Chris Donovan and hundreds of autism advocates
and supporters.

DETAILS: People are urged to invite their legislators to the rally and are also encouraged to meet with them after the rally and urge them to vote in favor of SB 301.

Continue reading "CT Rally for Autism Insurance Reform" »

11/4/79 60 Minutes Episode Exposed Swine Flu Vaccine Injuries, Lack of Safety

Swine flu shot By Kim Stagliano

Read this transcript from a 1979 episode of 60 Minutes where Mike Wallace talks to President Ford, Judy Roberts (injured by the 1976 swine flu vaccine, paralyzed similar to Gardasil injury) Dr. David Sencer and others about the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976. Note the admitted lack of safety and informed consent to the public, even as TV ads frightened American citizens into getting a shot. Think anything has changed today?

60 MINUTES, Sunday Nov 4, 1979


MIKE WALLACE: The flu season is upon us. Which type will we worry about this year, and what kind of shots will we be told to take? Remember the swine flu scare of 1976? That was the year the U.S. government told us all that swine flu could turn out to be a killer that could spread across the nation, and Washington decided that every man, woman and child in the nation should get a shot to prevent a nation-wide outbreak, a pandemic.

Well 46 million of us obediently took the shot, and now 4,000 Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to three and a half billion dollars because of what happened when they took that shot. By far the greatest number of the claims - two thirds of them are for neurological damage, or even death, allegedly triggered by the flu shot.

We pick up the story back in 1976, when the threat posed by the swine flu virus seemed very real indeed.

PRESIDENT GERALD FORD; This virus was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and 1919 that resulted in over half a million deaths in the United States, as well as 20 million deaths around the world.

WALLACE: Thus the U.S. government's publicity machine was cranked into action to urge all America to protect itself against the swine flu menace. (Excerpt from TV commercial urging everyone to get a swine flu shot.) One of those who did roll up her sleeve was Judy Roberts. She was perfectly healthy, an active woman, when, in November of 1976, she took her shot. Two weeks later, she says, she began to feel a numbness starting up her legs.

JUDY ROBERTS: And I joked about it at that time. I said I'll be numb to the knees by Friday if this keeps up. By the following week, I was totally paralyzed.

Continue reading "11/4/79 60 Minutes Episode Exposed Swine Flu Vaccine Injuries, Lack of Safety" »

A of A Contest: Angela Moore Autism Awareness Hair Tie

Angela Moore Hair tie The Winner of the necklace and pendant is S. Sanford. Congrats! 

Our friends at Angela Moore have generously donated four items from their Autism Awareness Collection to Age of Autism.  We'll be giving away one item each week in April! The Angela Moore "Autism Awareness" collection was created to help increase awareness in the treatment and understanding of autism.  15% of the proceeds from this collection are donated to the Autism Society of America including The Rimland Center.

For ponytails or pigtails, you'll tie things up perfectly with this Angela Moore double bead hair tie.  Leave a comment to enter. (If you've any trouble commenting email

Chantal Sicile-Kira on HuffPo: Autism South of the Border

Mexclinic2 Click HERE to read and comment on Chantal Sicile-Kira's post on HuffPo.

Autism knows no geographical boundaries, so in honor of World Autism Awareness Day, I decide to head south of the border instead of attending awareness events in the United States. When I arrive in Puerto Vallarta, Bryan McAllister is waiting for me at the airport. I have come to spend a week with Kerri Rivera, director of the AutismO2 clinic, the only place in Mexico that offers biomedical and behavioral treatment - and hope - to Mexican families impacted by autism.

Google and Autism Society of America (Boulder) Announce Project Spectrum

Spectrum basement Managing Editor's Note: Congratulations to SafeMinds President Theresa Wrangham on Project Spectrum. In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, Google is recognizing Project Spectrum on the Google home page. Click HERE for your FREE DOWNLOAD!

By Theresa Wrangham

Four and half years ago my best friend Sue Thomas and I gave an Autism 101 presentation to a local software company who had called our ASA chapter to ask why children with autism liked their software program - SketchUp.   After looking at SketchUp, it was clear that this 3D modeling software used by architects, engineers, game developers and other design professionals played to the visual and spatial strengths of people on the spectrum.  These humble beginnings led to so much more for children with autism.  Following our presentation, we were amazed to learn that employees wanted to donate their time to work with our chapter to understand the needs of our children and they ultimately created "Project Spectrum" (HERE)

Along the way, this company was acquired by Google, which supported the continued efforts to introduce SketchUp to children with autism. 

Today Project Spectrum is an ongoing initiative at Google working to provide people on the autism spectrum with software and guidance that may help them to express an idea or even develop a life skill, and the Boulder, Colorado chapter of the Autism Society of America  continues to act as a resource for Project Spectrum.   It was especially inspiring to our chapter that when the program was officially launched in 2007 and teachers from across the globe sent comments about how excited they were by the potential of this free educational tool. 

Continue reading "Google and Autism Society of America (Boulder) Announce Project Spectrum" »

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