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Ball State's Truth Movement Seeks Thimerosal Advocate to Share Stage with Dr. Boyd Haley

Challenge Managing Editor's Note: Paging Dr. Paul Offit!  Paging Dr. Nancy Snyderman! Paging the AAP's Dr. David Tayloe!  Paging Dr. Harvey Karp!  Paging Dr. Max Wiznitzer!  Here's your chance to debate the pros and cons of mercury with Dr. Boyd Haley. To reserve your seat, or accept the challenge to share the stage with Dr. Haley, email Tony Farmer at BSU.

MUNCIE, IN (3/9/09) – The Ball State Truth Movement is pleased to announce it will be hosting Dr. Boyd Haley at Ball State’s Pruis Hall on April 20th at 8 p.m.

Haley is a former University of Kentucky professor and Chemistry Department Chair (1996-2005) who has given lectures on the toxic effects of mercury at conferences around the world. Haley, a mercury toxicity expert, has testified before numerous government agencies on the effects of mercury toxicity with regards to neurological diseases and supports the efforts of the Ball State Truth Movement to remove thimerosal-containing vaccines from Ball State’s campus.

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Can Autism Insurance Reform Come to the Insurance Capitol?

Hartford Managing Editor's Note: There's a saying that has served me well, "Don't punish progress."  I live in CT. And while this bill is lacking in including our child in real medical treatment, if we can get coverage for therapies, that will free up money for other avenues of recovery. And perhaps many of the scrips our DAN! docs write can be included in "medications." That remains to be seen. Kim

By Shannon Knall

For years now, Hartford, Connecticut has been known as the Insurance Capitol of the World.  By the same token, the rate of autism’s occurrence in the state of Connecticut is one in 123, higher than the national average of one in 150.  Yet given these higher than average rates, Connecticut’s legislature has failed to mandate insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders, despite the fact that insurance mandates in Connecticut are among the highest in the nation.

In the 2007 Legislative session, House Bill 5696 was introduced to the Insurance and Real Estate Committee.  HB 5696 garnered impassioned public testimony from parents incurring the financial wrath of autism, but yet was stripped of it’s “meat” coming out of committee.  Meaning, coverage for ABA, psychological evaluation/diagnosis and medications were removed, and only speech, occupational and physical therapy remained, among insurance lobbyist claims that the cost to implement the FULL legislation would cause insurance premiums to skyrocket.

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Dr. Jon Poling: I Cannot Fathom Turning My Back on a Child Nor Science To Avoid Inconvenient Questions"

AJC This morning, The Atlanta Journal Constitution is running an editorial by Dr. Jon Poling, father of Hannah Poling.  To see the editorial at AJC click HERE. It doesn't seem that AJC has set up room for comments.

For the million plus American families touched by autism, like mine, there is real urgency to find scientific answers to help loved ones and prevent future victims. Unfortunately, some doctors still fail to even accept the increasing autism rate as real, rather than their own better diagnosis.

The collateral damage of “better diagnosis,” the idea that we are simply better at detecting autism, is the abandonment of families coping with autism by the medical establishment, government and private insurance companies.

Beyond the high emotional toll autism takes on a family, many have been financially ruined. Public school systems are drowning in the red ink of educating increasing numbers of special-needs students.

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Are You Concerned About Vaccine Safety Research? Take Action Now!

Action alert2 TAKE ACTION NOW – Submit your comments at the National Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting on March 16th!

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) is holding their next stakeholder meeting this coming Monday, March 16th and is seeking public input into the scientific research agenda (HERE) being developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Immunization Safety Office (ISO).   The meeting will address the CDC’s draft research agenda and broader issues regarding the national vaccine safety program. 

Members of the autism community were represented in a writing group meeting last month in Salt Lake City to identify gaps in research and prioritization criteria.  The group has published a draft joint statement (HERE),  draft documents on Gaps in the Research Agenda (HERE) and Criteria for Assessing ISO Research (HERE) addressing questions around vaccination of special populations, specific diseases which might be caused by vaccines, and the health effects of vaccination practices.  They also acknowledged the public’s strong desire to study total health outcomes as they relate to the full vaccination schedule, recommending that an independent expert panel be convened to review the feasibility of researching  vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations. 

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From the UK: The Betrayal of a Nation's Children

British flag By Martin Walker

Two weeks ago, the Director of vaccine policy at the UK Department of Health, Professor David Salisbury, moved to stifle all criticism of himself and the Department's policies by letters warning of writs for defamation, against a number of vaccine damage campaign websites. These legal letters asked that websites take down Martin Walker's last essay, To Encourage the Others. In the writ Salisbury tried to distance himself from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).
In two weeks time, in April of this year, vaccination policy in Britain will change radically when it is handed over to a committee appointed by a quango that consists almost entirely of drug company insiders. In this new statute, it will become compulsory for the government to enact the wishes of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). From April onwards the New Labour government will abdicate all responsibility for vaccine policy, mass vaccination programmes, licensing, deaths and adverse reactions to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Generation Rescue, Autism Action Network, Illinois Biomedical Kids

Action alert ACTION ALERT – PART 3

For far too long, medical organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and governmental health agencies have disregarded the accounts of thousands of family members of children with autism, rejecting their personal experiences of regression, presence of other medical conditions often occurring with autism and the treatments they have seen to be most promising.

Many scientific studies have found that children with autism often suffer from multiple medical conditions including gastrointestinal, immunological, mitochondrial and other underlying pathologies. When appropriately diagnosed and treated with the help of dedicated physicians; thousands of children are improving and some are even recovering to the extent they no longer meet the diagnostic criteria of autism.

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Your Baby's Bath: Gentle! Pure! Formaldehyde?

Dead duck Our friends in the Wackosphere will remind us that formaldehyde is naturally produced in the human body. So is poop, but we don't bath in it or inject it into ourselves now do we?

California Baby products are available at Target. I'm looking at a bottle of their Body Wash which reads, "No formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors, non solvent and non genotoxic. No parabens, sodium benzoate, benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol." Trader Joe's also sells non-toxic personal care products at good prices.  Kim

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Press Advisory

Contacts: Stacy Malkan, 202-321-6963;
Jovana Ruzicic, 202-667-6982;
Stephenie Hendrix, 415-258-9151;

New Product Tests: Kids’ Bath Products Contaminated with Formaldehyde, 1,4 Dioxane. Chemicals Not Listed on Labels Due to Weak Regulatory Standards

Washington D.C., March 12, 2009 -- Despite marketing claims like “gentle” and “pure,” dozens of popular children’s bath products are contaminated with the cancer-causing chemicals formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, according to new product tests released today by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. The chemicals were not listed on product labels. 

This is the first report to document the widespread presence of formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane in bath products for children. Many products tested for the study contained both chemicals, including top-selling baby shampoos, bubble baths and baby lotions.

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Age of Autism Contest: Teach Toileting by Deborah Bialer


Deborah Bialer is a consultant in Cleveland, Ohio with over thirty years' experience working with special needs children. She has created a toilet training program that works with kids on the spectrum.  We're giving away a copy of her book. Even better? Ms. Bialer is offering a free phone consultation to the winner!

The book is easy to read and the program is spelled out in detail for you. You can visit her website to order a copy and to learn more. Good luck!

The contest is closed.

It’s Official: Pediatricians + Autism = Clueless

Clueless no excuse By Kelli Ann Davis

According to a current article in Pediatrics, “Medical Homes for Children With Autism: A Physician Survey” (HERE), most pediatricians report a “lack of self-perceived competency” in treating children with autism; yet ironically, the premise of the article states “primary care physicians can enhance the health and quality of life of children with autism by providing high-quality and comprehensive primary care.”  [Question:  How the hell can that be possible if they don’t know what they’re doing?]  

Of course as most of you know by now, the term “medical home” is a key component in a “bill” poised to be introduced by Senators Durbin and Casey (HERE).  What you may not know is the AAP will get to determine what constitutes a “comprehensive approach to care and coordination” for children with autism:

Definitions: (8) MEDICAL HOME.—The term ‘‘medical home’’ means a concept or model of care delivery that includes an ongoing relationship between a provider and a patient, around-the-clock access to medical consultation, respect for a patient’s cultural and religious beliefs, and a comprehensive approach to care and coordination of care through providers and community services, as defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Autism Mothers Unite in The Autism File World Autism Day April 2, 2009

Autism-mothers WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY April 2, 2009.

Go to to learn how you and five Autism Mom friends can create your own smashing photo!

Polly Tommey, mother of a child with autism, editor-in-chief of The Autism File magazine, and founder of the UK registered charity The Autism Trust, has launched a national media campaign across the UK, USA, and Canada to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day.

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Autism and a Clean House? Join Joe Hutchinson of The Conductors on "Clean House" Tonight!

Smokestack_Joe_Hutchinson_with_Lisa_Arch,_Matt_Iseman,_HT_BackBeater_&_Gigi_Hutchinson[1] Managing Editor's Note: Tune into Joe and Gigi Hutchinson on Style Network's "Clean House" tonight at 11pm Eastern/10pm Central. Scroll to the bottom of the post for more details and how to download The Conductors music - loved by kids on and off the spectrum alike!

By "Smokestack Joe" Hutchinson of the musical group The Conductors

When our friend Sophia told us that she “turned us in” to the Style Network’s Clean House show, my wife Gigi and I were both mortified and relieved!
You see, our oldest son Drayke (7) has Autism, and the challenges we face in our home environment are slightly different than your average working family. Nonetheless, there were certainly rooms and sore spots that needed addressing, but would the producers of Clean House want to work with a special needs family? 
Well, to our surprise they not only wanted to help us, but they were excited about sending a positive message and spreading awareness about Autism to the diverse millions of viewers that make up their audience.
The producers embraced every aspect of our family’s uniqueness, and I was floored when they asked my kids music group The Conductors to perform during the yard sale segment and provide the soundtrack to the episode.  How exciting! 

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Run Your Autism Awareness Month Event on the Schafer Autism Calendar

Schafer Managing Editor's Note: If you subscribe to Lenny Schafer's SARNET (Schafer Autism Report) then you know about the Autism Calendar that advertises events across the country and around the world.  Make sure your April event is on the calendar!

The Autism Calendar™ (HERE) is the most complete compilation of Autism Events for April, and for the rest of the year, too.

Be sure to add your event - small meeting, fundraiser or large conference  
(HERE) here - no charge.

Deadline for April calendar is March 25.

The Autism Calendar is distributed to 20,000 readers worldwide by email and is reader supported. Please forward this message to autism event organizers you know.

Harvard Med School: The Best Money Can Buy...

Drugs and money Managing Editor's Note: Students at the nation's most "esteemed" med school learn that many doctors are no longer healers - they are dealers. Remember though, vaccines don't count. A doctor can ride into the med school parking lot on a solid gold syringe with the Merck logo on the plunger and The Times will take no notice. No ethics issues there. Nope.

BOSTON — In a first-year pharmacology class at Harvard Medical School, Matt Zerden grew wary as the professor promoted the benefits of cholesterol drugs and seemed to belittle a student who asked about side effects.

Mr. Zerden later discovered something by searching online that he began sharing with his classmates. The professor was not only a full-time member of the Harvard Medical faculty, but a paid consultant to 10 drug companies, including five makers of cholesterol treatments.

“I felt really violated,” Mr. Zerden, now a fourth-year student, recently recalled. “Here we have 160 open minds trying to learn the basics in a protected space, and the information he was giving wasn’t as pure as I think it should be.” Read the full article in The New York Times HERE.


Generation Rescue Action Alert: Stop The Calls, They've Heard You!

StopBy Kelli Ann Davis


Senator Durbin's office called me today:

1.) They have heard from our community and asked us to halt the "Alerts" until we can see the revised draft bill which they are still in the process of writing;

2.) They initially planned on introducing the bill in February, but because of our concerns (Translation: Action Alerts) they have decided to take the extra time to make changes to the bill based on information from us and others;

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David Kirby: US Health Officials Back Study Idea on Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children – Will Media Take Note?

Do it now By David Kirby

It is not accurate for members of the media to report that the link between vaccines has been “disproven.” This is especially true in light of recent news from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, and a series of news items from the Federal Court of Claims, Federal health agencies, leading universities and top autism researchers around the country. There are now many reasons why the media should continue its coverage of this serious and ongoing debate:


On Friday, February 27, a special group convened by The Keystone Center on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Vaccine Advisory Committee Vaccine Safety Working Group (NVAC VSWG) recommended appointing a panel of experts to explore the strengths and weaknesses of conducting studies on health outcomes in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations. The group, known as the “Salt Lake City Writing Group,” said it was “desirable” to include autism as one such health outcome.

As they stated in a draft “consensus statement”:

“(There is) a strong desire to study the health impact of the immunization schedule, potentially through a ‘vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study’. Outcomes to assess include biomarkers of immunity and metabolism, and outcomes including but not limited to neurodevelopmental outcomes, allergies, asthma, immune-mediated diseases, and learning disabilities. The inclusion of autism as an outcome is desired”

The Writing Group supported a recommendation to “charge an expert panel with evaluating study designs for research on the impact of the standard schedule of vaccination on an array of health outcomes of significant public interest. This draft charge is responsive to issues raised at community meetings in Alabama, Oregon, and Indiana as well as the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee request for collaboration with the National Vaccine Program Office.”

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Play The Age of Autism Irony Game!

Irony rustoleum Come one! Come all! Find the irony and win a prize! (To be determined at a later date. How do you feel about a box of GFCF cookies, mostly crumbled?)

There's an article in Pediatric News that is actually quite encouraging. It was sent to us by "a friend of ours who says, "The attached is an interesting column out today in the “Pediatric News” - promotes the concept of honest dialogue for pediatricians.  I don’t agree with all of it – but Dr. Barbara Howard is a major voice in the AAP, and it’s encouraging to see her stating things like:

“If the family has been traumatized by a diagnosis of autism that coincided with timing of the vaccine schedule, discuss the option of a customized vaccine schedule to avoid the peak diagnostic age for autism spectrum disorders.”

Now, click open the file HERE to see the article and then report in the comments section on the bitter lemon sucking, pickle juice puckering irony that you see. No cheating by peeking at the comments first! 

(And yes, you all nailed it. If it weren't so pathetic, it would be amusing, wouldn't it?)

Why is the Media Ignoring the Bailey Banks Autism Vaccine Decision?

Violet beauregardeUpdate: Alison just added broadcast media contacts. I've included them below.  I've also added the full text of the decision that you can copy and send, saving the reporters the strenuous effort of a Google search.

Warrior Mom Alison MacNeil compiled this list of mainstream media contacts who have, so far, ignored the Bailey Banks vaccine court decision (HERE.) Perhaps you'd like to email each of them, politely of course, to ask when their stories will run informing parents that the "door" is still very much open regarding vaccines and PDD's.  Let's keep demanding coverage until we're blue in.... well, you get the point, right?  Feel free to add more contacts in the comments. Thanks. (PS) Anyone got any gum?

CBS  -mary Hood, health producer - craig katz, news assignment editor

NBC  -assignment editor -exec prod. news

MSNBC -breaking news editor health reporter

CNN - medical producer -assignment editor -medical news unit editor - health editor

FOX -CEO, Chairman producer

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Best of A of A: More Bullshit from the Apparatchiks

BullshitalertbuttonlManaging Editor's Note: We thought this piece deserved a second run - Mark wrote it after the Hannah Poling decision last year when the press referred to Miss Poling as having "autism like symptoms." 

By Mark Blaxill

Some people get a little squeamish when others use the word bullshit to describe a certain kind of bureaucratic doublespeak. Not me.  I like to remind the squeamish among us that bullshit is a precise term in the philosophy of science and it’s entirely respectable to use the word in polite company. To support my case, I point friends to Harry Frankfurt, emeritus Professor of Philosophy at my alma mater, Princeton University, who elaborated on the relevant philosophical concepts at some length in his wildly popular essay, On Bullshit, in which he famously distinguished bullshit from lying.

Bullshitting is not exactly lying, and bullshit remains bullshit whether it's true or false. The difference lies in the bullshitter's complete disregard for whether what he's saying corresponds to facts in the physical world: he does not reject the authority of the truth, as the liar does, and oppose himself to it. He pays no attention to it at all. By virtue of this, bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are.

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Autism. What's in a name?

Genie_in_a_Bottle_by_phuzzypanda By Kim Stagliano

As expected, the mainstream media outlets who couldn't wait to announce that the Vaccine Court Special Masters found against three cases earlier this month, thus, "closing the door on the autism/vaccine debate forever" have said little to nothing about the current case, by the same court, which awarded a large judgement to a family for their child's vaccine-induced autism.

The diagnosis code selection is subjective.  A PDD-NOS diagnosis can be a function of a doctor trying to soften the blow of "the A word" for a parent. It can also be based on geographic differences in terminology use, I've found. Not to mention the skill and experience of the diagnosing doctor and the honesty of the parents explaining their child's life at home. For those who say, "Oh Bailey Banks had PDD-NOS, that's not autism," here are a few definitions to review. Go ahead and submit a PDD-NOS code to your insurance company. See if they tell you, "That's not autism, so we'll cover the charges."  What was your diagnosis experience like?


What is the difference between autism and PDD?

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Age of Autism Contest: Frank Nappi's The Legend of Mickey Tussler

Mickey cussler

WINNER: ANGELO NATOLI! The contest is closed as of 2/26/09. You can buy a copy at Amazon. We'll have another contest on Sunday. Hint, toilet training!

Imagine what would happen if God combined the baseball prowess of Roy Hobbs from The Natural and the unique temperment and aspergers of Christopher Boone from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. This fictional experiment is the inspiration behind my novel, The Legend of Mickey Tussler, a story that chronicles the rise of 17 year old Mickey Tussler to local baseball stardom, despite his aspergers and a vocal faction of heartless critics.

The book, which highlights the remarkable achievements of this special young man, has been celebrated by many parents of autistic children as a "victory for special needs kids everywhere," for it portrays the boundless possibilities of these amazing individuals while indicting those ignorant people who would still like to ignore their very existence.

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How Victims of Childhood Vaccines became Villains

Groundhog By Julie Obradovic
The month of February has not been easy. Talk about a whirlwind. The one-two punch of Brian Deer's old news being presented as new news several days before the Vaccine Court ruling heard round the world has left many of us out of breath. At least for me, the punch in was painful.
It was hard to ignore the flood of media coverage that began immediately following. It never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is to get coverage of stories that point the finger at vaccines, versus those that validate their innocence, worthiness and necessity. Yesterday's story by David Kirby and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a perfect example.

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Generation Rescue Ad in USA Today: Court Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

GR adThis ad from our sponsor Generation Rescue is running in USA Today, today, February 25, 2009.  Click the photo to see a larger size.  Click HERE for a .pdf of the ad.

Thank you to Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Stan Kurtz and GR co-founder J.B. Handley for always putting our children first. Always.

Thoughtful House Center for Children on Court Ruling: MMR Causes Autistic Disorder

Thoughtful house 2 Court Rules MMR Vaccine Causes Autistic Disorder

Decision Contradicts Findings in Controversial Cedillo Case

(Austin, Texas) – The controversial Feb. 12 decision by the US vaccine court that there was no link between MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccines and autism contradicts a ruling issued by the same court in June of 2007. In addition, just days after its announcement denying the vaccine-autism link in the Cedillo case, the court awarded an estimated $3 million dollars to the family of 10 year-old Bailey Banks  on Friday, February 20, 2009, and confirmed that the child’s acute brain damage was a result of the MMR vaccine, which led to his autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Government Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

Vaccine silouuette Mysterious Vaccine Court created in 1986 by Congress and the pharmaceutical industry rules in favor of Bailey Banks against HHS.

Los Angeles - February 23, 2009 - Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s Los Angeles-based non-profit autism organization, today announced that the United States Government has once again conceded that vaccines cause autism.  The announcement comes on the heels of the recently discovered court case of Bailey Banks vs. HHS, reported on the Huffington Post.  The ruling states, “The Court found that Bailey would not have suffered this delay but for the administration of the MMR vaccine…a proximate sequence of cause and effect leading inexorably from vaccination to PDD [Autism].”

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and David Kirby on HuffPo: Vaccine Court Autism Debate Continues

Davidkirby Rfk2 Managing Editor's Note: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and David Kirby have teamed up on Huffington Post.  Click HERE to read and comment on ANOTHER AUTISM CASE WINS IN VACCINE COURT at Huffington Post. Here's a preview:

On February 12, the federal "Vaccine Court" in Washington issued a sweeping ruling in three highly touted "test cases" against families who claimed that their childrens' autism had been caused by vaccines. The Special Masters in those three cases found that Petitioners failed to establish causation between MMR vaccines, the mercury-laced vaccine preservative thimerosal, and autism (the court decision, which is under appeal, deferred any finding on a thimerosal-only theory of causation). The rulings could have a significant precedential impact on some 5,000 families who opted to bring their cases in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP) hoping that the vaccine court would officially hold that that the MMR vaccine or thimerosal had caused autism in their children.

The New York Times joined the government Health Agency (HRSA) and its big pharma allies hailing the decisions as proof that the scientific doubts about vaccine safety had finally been "demolished." The US Department of Health and Human services said the rulings should "help reassure parents that vaccines do not cause autism." The Times, which has made itself a blind mouthpiece for HRSA and a leading defender of vaccine safety, joined crowing government and vaccine industry flacks applauding the decisions like giddy cheerleaders, rooting for the same court that many of these same voices viscously derided just one year ago, after Hannah Poling won compensation for her vaccine induced autism.

But last week, the parents of yet another child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were awarded a lump sum of more than $810,000 (plus an estimated $30-40,000 per year for autism services and care) in compensation by the Court, which ruled that the measels-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine had caused acute brain damage that led to his autism spectrum disorder.

Prozac Study Fails to Show Effective Reduction of Autism Behaviors

Band aid By Kim Stagliano

Those of us in the autism treatment community seem to know instinctively that you can not simply "drug away" (mask) the behaviors associated with autism.  It was disappointing to read Autism Speaks' Peter Bell's statement about "treating the core symptoms" of autism. No. We need to determine what is causing the symptoms.  It's time for autism to be treated as a true medical diagnosis and get it OUT of the psychology-psychiatric-behavioral ghetto. We've done that in the treatment community. Come on, Autism Speaks. Join us.

Autism Speaks Announces Results Reported for the Study of Fluoxetine in Autism (SOFIA)  First Industry-Sponsored Trial for the Autism Clinical Trials Network (ACTN)

NEW YORK, N.Y. (February 18, 2009) – Autism Speaks today announced initial results reported for the first industry-sponsored trial of the Autism Clinical Trials Network (ACTN), the Study of Fluoxetine in Autism (SOFIA). These results showed that fluoxetine was not effective for reducing repetitive behaviors in children and adolescents with Autistic Disorder as compared to placebo (non-medicinal sugar pill).

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Behind the Vaccine Court: Zero Accountability

Immunity Editor's Note: This article from The Wall Street Journal, "Vaccine Makers Enjoy Immunity," is a good primer on the Vaccine Court, which has turned into such a roadblock to vaccine safety and to justice for families affected by vaccine-induced autism. Here is a quote that is the heart of the problem:

"Vaccines are products that are completely different from any others. We need to encourage companies to develop vaccines in order to protect the public health," said Rep. Henry Waxman. No, vaccines are NOT completely different -- they are pharmaceutical products approved by the FDA and they need to be safe as well as effective. When people start talking about something being "completely different," it reminds us of the notion that "9/11 changed everything" and similar claims. That kind of talk is cover for the worst excesses -- for the ends justifying the means -- and we see the consequences every day now. -- Dan Olmsted.


One of the little-noticed reasons that Wyeth was attractive enough to command a $68 billion price for rival Pfizer Inc.'s planned takeover sits in a building catty-corner from the White House across Pennsylvania Avenue. That is where a special "vaccines court" hears cases brought by parents who claim their children have been harmed by routine vaccinations.

The court -- and the law that established it more than two decades ago -- buffers Wyeth and other makers of childhood-disease vaccines from much of the litigation risk that dogs traditional pill manufacturers and is an important reason why the vaccine business has been transformed from a risky, low-profit venture in the 1970s to one of the pharmaceutical industry's most attractive product lines today.

(Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal HERE. Of course, the WSJ requires a paid subscription. The excerpt above gives you the jist of the article. Vaccines are not subject to product liability lawsuits like "drugs" because they have been placed in a parallel, protected universe where every shot is safe for every human on the planet.  More on that big, fat lie later tonight and tomorrow. Stay tuned.  Kim)

Barbara Fischkin: Bad Justice, Bad Journalism, A Maligned Doctor And A Dead Mother

Heart Managing Editor's Note: Only our friend Barbara Fischkin could connect the dots between the vaccine court, the media coverage and the death of an autism Mom in Ohio with such razor sharp insight.

As an Autism Mom, I spent last week with my head spinning. Ultimately though, I could see that the events - in a conflicted American court, a decimated American home and a misguided British newspaper - were all connected, albeit in a deep, unsettling manner. But one that also illuminates that the debate is far from over.

In America last week, our Vaccine Court very curiously threw a hearty dose of cold water over the widely reported connection between autism and vaccines. I use this phrase -- widely reported-- to emphasize that the connection between autism and vaccines has been spotted by multitudes of front line participants and observers -- parents and physicians who have seen children and patients fall apart after being vaccinated. Ignoring these eyewitness accounts is akin to dismissing testimonies from soldiers until those testimonies are "peer reviewed" by scientists who may have no first hand experience in war zones.

Read Barbara's full post and comment at the Spectrum Magazine blog HERE. (If you don't get Spectrum Magazine, we highly recommend you treat yourself to a subscription.)

Roni Piterman, CEO of Your Dinner Secret, Selected for 40 Under 40 Award

Dinner secret Woodland Hills, CA, February 6, 2009…. The San Fernando Valley Business Journal has awarded Roni Piterman, CEO of Your Dinner Secret, a "40 Under 40" award for leadership in business. This is an annual award presented to 40 young leaders, under the age of 40, in the San Fernando Valley.

Roni and her sister Ari Kosmal started Your Dinner Secret in January of 2007. The company started out as an independent meal assembly business, but quickly morphed into the premiere supplier in the country of frozen, ready-to-cook, gluten-free, casein-free entrees, sides and baked goods, shipped directly to your door.

They market their food under the gfMeals™ brand name. It can be ordered at the website , or directly from their retail store in Woodland Hills, CA.

The primary markets for this delicious food are: people with celiac disease; families recovering children with autism, aspergers, ADHD and other autoimmune disorders; and people who lead a healthy gluten-free lifestyle.

Generation Rescue and Autism Action Network ALERT! on Healthcare Legislation

Action alert2 Click HERE to read and participate in the Autism Action Alert from Generation Rescue and AAN.
The bill has problems and the true stakeholders have an alternative ,,,,
Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is poised to introduce autism legislation, incorporating what public health lobbyists call the "Medical Home Model." This legislation would grant treatment authority for children with autism to private organizations.
We know that Senator Durbin and others care deeply about the well-being of our children and the needs of our community. We thank Senator Durbin for his efforts. The proposed draft of his bill incorporating the "Medical Home Model" would restrict parents’ health care choices. The draft bill would interfere with getting appropriate medical care and treatment for our children while providing a financial windfall for special interest groups.

Everything's Bigger In Texas, Including the Austin Statesman's Distortions

Rodeo clownThe Austin Statesman, in Austin Texas, home of Thoughtful House has no idea that they are home to one of a handful of comprehensive, medically based treatment centers for autism. Apparently, having the "Mayo Clinic" of autism is lost on them. Clowns.

Even the lies are bigger in Texas. The writer of this editorial can take his "boundless compassion" for people with autism and stick it where the yellow roses don't grow.

Please read the full editorial HERE and comment in support of Drs Wakefield, Krigsman and the caring staff at TH.

Physicians at Austin's Thoughtful House blasted by judges ruling agains their theory that measles vaccine causes autism.

No one has anything but the deepest sympathy for children who have autism and for their parents. The search for causes and cures of this crippling brain disorder has been long and futile.

After a study published a decade ago linked the onset of autism to vaccines used to inoculate children against measles, many families sued the government and began to campaign against vaccinations. It was a misguided effort based on faulty science, and three federal judges said just that in rulings late last week...

Melanie Phillips in Spectator UK: A Deer in the Headlights

Fing deerManaging Editor's Note: The headline I wanted to create was profane. Alas, we are a family site. (Insert eye roll here.) The photo tells you the headline in my mind. Two words. Verb first. Got it?

Eleven days ago, Brian Deer renewed his onslaught against Andrew Wakefield in the Sunday Times. I wrote about it here and made the point that, since Deer’s allegations sparked the General Medical Council case against Wakefield which would not have occurred without his involvement, he was effectively a principal player in the story he was reporting — a clear conflict of interest and breach of journalistic standards.

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Voting Himself Rich: CDC Vaccine Adviser Made $29 Million Or More After Using Role to Create Market

Thirty pieces of silver By Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill

Dr. Paul Offit of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) took home a fortune of at least $29 million as part of a $182 million sale by CHOP of its worldwide royalty interest in the Merck Rotateq vaccine to Royalty Pharma in April of last year, according to an investigation by Age of Autism. Based on an analysis of current CHOP administrative policies, the amount of income distributed to Offit could be as high as $46 million.

There is nothing improper about receiving compensation for a patented innovation; but the extraordinary valuation placed on CHOP’s patents raises concerns over Offit’s use of his former position on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to help create the market for rotavirus vaccine -- to effectively vote himself rich.

Offit has steadfastly refused to say how much he made from the vaccine. Based on the income distribution guidelines set forth in CHOP’s current administrative policy manual (HERE) entitled “Patent and Intellectual Property Policy,” Offit’s share of this transaction -- the “inventor’s share of net income” -- would have earned him a personal distribution of 30%. In a Moody’s report dated June 2008, CHOP reported net proceeds from the Rotateq transaction of $153 million, a deal basis that would put the value of Offit’s 30% share at $45.9 million.
Although the royalty transaction amounts and current CHOP inventor shares are publicly known, several factors complicate a precise calculation of Offit’s income. Royalty Pharma paid $182 million for the Rotateq royalty stream, but CHOP reported proceeds of only $153 million. Since most universities calculate income based on net royalties, the lower number might more closely reflect the basis for calculating Offit’s income. If CHOP applied an inventor share of 30% to a transaction value of $153 million they would have then been required to distribute $45.9 million to Offit.

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UK's Sunday Times Journalist Challenged Over Role in US MMR Cases

Sunday times The Sunday Times UK journalist Brian Deer is being challenged to explain his role in assisting George Bush’s US Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services, leading to  the failure in the USA last week of three lead cases of over 4500 pending cases of injured US children.  The journalist was identified last week as complainant in the UK General Medical Council proceedings against Dr Andrew Wakefield over the alleged link between MMR vaccine, autism and bowel disease in children.  The journalist has reported extensively in The Sunday Times, London on his allegations which are now the subject of the UK GMC proceedings and was also previously a defendant in a law suit brought by Dr Wakefield. Challenges to his new denials of involvement with the UK GMC case are being made as are demands for the journalist to publish his complaints and other correspondence with the UK’s GMC and to explain his relationship with them.

Read the full piece at the Child Health Safety blog HERE.

Did the Department Of Justice Tip-Off Brian Deer?

Divulge By J.B. Handley
OK, let me be honest, I only have the vaguest understanding of who this Brian Deer character is. I love Andy Wakefield as much as the other several hundred thousand parents who love him, and I knew Brain Deer was some sketchy reporter in the UK, but I really didn't (and still don't) know much about him or his motivations. If you are in the UK, please use the comments sections to educate me.
That said, I found it rather odd that Brian Deer torpedoed Andy over the weekend with a seemingly made-up outrage piece, only days before the judges ruled in the Vaccine Court. The timing struck me as odd. I ran this by a couple of people, and most figured it was probably just coincidence, until I read this post just made by Mr. Deer himself. You be the judge:
You have it about right there. I'm proud of my work investigating Wakefield. Unlike Kirby, I am not a campaigner, have never advocated any pharmaceutical product, and have never made statements on whether or not any vaccine may or may not cause any medical condition. If there are any editorial changes in any of my published work to that effect, I don't know of them. I'm a reporter, and have simply sought out the facts on Wakefield's research.

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The Cedillo Decision

Closed mind By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I’d thought that even if the case went against us that I’d be able to understand the court’s opinion.  After all, we know how incredibly well-funded the pharmaceutical companies are and the positive research they can generate.  It can be difficult for a person who does not live our lives to understand what we have witnessed, and the holocaust we see in this current generation of children.

But I must say that Special Master George Hastings will forever occupy a special place in history for those who lack intellectual curiosity. 

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The Hazlehurst Decision

Big gun By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

There’s a line in the movie, “The Right Stuff” in which an astronaut explains to an engineer the truth about funding by saying, “If there’s no bucks, there’s no Buck Rogers” and subsequently no space program.

The polite fiction maintained by this court is that those questioning vaccine safety have been listened to and substantial financial resources were directed to researching those claims.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and it forms a necessary backdrop to a discussion of the Hazlehurst case. 

Special Master Patricia Campbell-Smith begins by noting that this trial “does not and cannot offer a determinative explanation” for what causes autism.  She then goes onto notes the number of articles submitted and the parade of experts and their qualifications, before finally noting that the government’s witnesses were more persuasive than the witnesses for the families.

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National Autism Association Response to Autism Omnibus Court Decision

National Autism Assoc Managing Editor's Note: Here is the response from our sponsor National Autism Association including a link to NAA President Wendy Fournier on ABC News 6 in Providence, Rhode Island HERE.


Government Conceded One Year Ago that Vaccines Caused Autism; Today’s Ruling Demonstrates Backpedaling

Nixa, MO -  Today’s ruling in vaccine court has thousands of families outraged at the federal government’s broken promise of medical care following a vaccine injury.
Last February, the government conceded that a child’s vaccinations led to her autism.  Today, however, the government ruled in favor of itself in three cases filed in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) claiming vaccinations led to regressive autism.   Advocates say they are disappointed in today’s rulings, but not surprised.

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SafeMinds' Response to Autism Omnibus Court Decision

Safeminds currentManaging Editor's Note: Below is a response from our sponsor SafeMinds

Washington, D.C. - February 12, 2009 - Autism advocacy organization SafeMinds regrets today's ruling by the U.S Court of Federal Claims against three families who argued that vaccination contributed to their child's autism.  The denial of reasonable compensation to families was based on inadequate vaccine safety science available to the court. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the defendant in vaccine injury cases and is also responsible for carrying out the very vaccine safety research that should be integral to court decisions. This conflict of interest means the deck is stacked against families when they enter "vaccine court" and is yet one more reason for parents to doubt the integrity of the National Immunization Program.
"The government has its thumb on the scales of justice," said Jim Moody, director of SafeMinds and an advisor to the Petitioners Steering Committee of the U.S Federal Court of Claims. "The Vaccine Injury Compensation Act passed by Congress in 1986 gave immunity to vaccine manufacturers and removed the incentive to create safer products. Meanwhile, the law only gives the illusion that parents will have their day in court. The process is dysfunctional and many families will not see justice done."

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TACA's Response to Autism Omnibus Court Decision

Tacalogo full (2)

Managing Editor's Note: Thank you to our sponsor TACA for their response to the court cases today. Here it is.

What happened February 12, 2009 in Washington, DC?

More than a year-and-a-half has passed since the first Autism Omnibus Proceeding test case was heard to address claims of vaccine injury filed by parents of children with autism.  Families who believe their children’s autism was caused by vaccines have anticipated this day for a long time. Today we have the first three verdicts. To date, more than 5300 claims have been filed in the program with the cases still waiting to be heard.

What were the verdicts?

Today we learned yet another government system has failed the families affected by autism. All three cases:  Cedillo, Hazelhurst, and Synder were ruled against the families and they were found not entitled to a program award for their children for the vaccine autism link.  The problem with the rulings is the judges indicated that the petitioners has fallen short of demonstrating such a link. And at the same time they did not dispel it either.

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Autism Speaks Responds to Autism Omnibus Court Decision

Autism speaks Managing Editor's Note: Here is Autism Speaks' statement.

Today the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ruled that the combination MMR vaccine -- with and without the preservative thimerosal -- did not contribute to three particular children's autism. These latest rulings are limited, and do not mitigate the need for further scientific investigation.

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On Autism One Radio

Autism one From our friends at Autism One. Please scroll down to see some of their upcoming programming at

Thursday, February 12
2:00 PM - 2:30 ET
Shauna Layton: WE Are Together In Autism
Guest: D.J. Svoboda

Topic:  Living With Autism - Advocacy & Imagifriends
Twenty-four-year-old Daniel John Svoboda was diagnosed at the age of three with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Psychomotor Retardation. During DJ's school years, he went through some very difficult times and was often picked on and made fun of.

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David Kirby on HuffPo: Keith Olbermann

Shattered Good news from David Kirby on Huffington Post HERE. Please watch Keith Olbermann's Countdown on MSNBC tonight. Then send Keith a nice note at

For Keith Olbermann

By Kim Stagliano

Last night, Keith Olbermann pronounced Dr. Andrew Wakefield, "The worst person in the world."  There is a full PR campaign running against Dr. Wakefield and anyone else who speaks out against the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. I doubt Mr. Olbermann had spent more than a moment on the vaccine topic prior to last night. He got a press release, or a whisper in his ear. This is for you Keith.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.

Katie Wright on IACC, aka "Team Can't Do"

Bomb clock By Katie Wright

The IACC committee makes an incredibly persuasive case for direct democracy.

IACC’s unelected leader and unelected government officials have repeatedly acted only in their own self interest rather than in the public’s. Interesting, because that is why we have the autism epidemic in the first place.

Tom Insel is a man clearly trying to run out the clock. His boss, Mike Leavitt is gone and Insel is taking full advantage of his power in pursuit of his own agenda- stopping vaccine research. The committee voted to spend a miniscule  2% of the CAA budget for independent vaccine research. Insel, apparently panicked at that prospect, held a surprise “re-vote” at the next meeting. Anti- vaccine research committee members were told about the re-vote in advance but members who stand for honesty, transparency and the public interest were not.

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Columbia University Press and Dr. Paul Offit Sued for Autism's False Prophets

PLAINTIFF, an individual,
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS, a New York corporation, and PAUL A. OFFIT, M.D., an individual, Defendants.

Plaintiff alleges as follows:

1.         Nature of Action This is an action brought by Plaintiff against Columbia University Press ("the Press") and Paul A. Offit, M.D. ("Offit") (collectively, "Defendants") for false light invasion of privacy arising from a fictionalized online "conversation" between Plaintiff and Kathleen Seidel.  The fictionalized conversation appears in Autism's False Prophets:  Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure, a book authored by Offit and published by the Press.  Offit fabricated the online conversation to portray Plaintiff, a respected spokesperson and advocate for biomedical treatment of autism, as responding unreasonably and in a threatening manner to a "plea" by Seidel, a supporter of Offit's pro-vaccination views.  In truth, as a simple inspection of the relevant websites reveals no such "plea" was ever made by Seidel, and the response attributed to Plaintiff never occurred as stated by Offit.  Offit simply made up the exchange because it suited his purpose of villainizing Plaintiff in the community of parents, volunteers, and members of the public concerned about the link between vaccines and autism. 

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Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant

Disinfectant TRENTON, N.J. -- Pfizer Inc., the world's biggest drugmaker, said today it will begin disclosing all sizable payments it makes to doctors, including those who test experimental drugs in people, a first for the industry.

The disclosures would begin early next year and are planned to include all payments to a doctor or other prescriber exceeding $500 in a year, the New York-based company told The Associated Press.

The move comes after introduction last month of legislation to require such disclosures, and revelations of astronomical payments to some doctors that were not revealed to universities and hospitals that employed them.

Read the full article in the LA Times HERE.

Gill Hornby of UK's Telegraph: There's more to the pain of autism than the MMR debate

Gastro_childPlease click HERE to comment on Gill Hornby's piece at the Telegraph UK site. Here's an excerpt:

It is sad that Dr Andrew Wakefield's research on a gut condition linked to autism has been lost along with his reputation, says Gill Hornby.

My dear nephew, Danny, is autistic. He is at the more severe end of the autistic spectrum: he has only a few words and gets locked into repetitive behaviour. Now 15, he has been cheerfully watching the same episodes of Pingu since he was one. And yet, at the moment, autism is not Danny's biggest problem. He is a sunny, gentle soul, lovely to have around, benign. He goes, with great enthusiasm, to a brilliant school and he demonstrably loves his mum and dad.

The real blight on Danny's life is a disorder in his gut which is so severe it has him bellowing with the pain, harming himself, banging his head against the wall. He cannot describe it because he cannot speak. He can't warn of an attack, but if one strikes when he is in the park, or on a bus, it is a nightmare.

Nobody knows if this gut condition is linked to his autism. Nobody knows how many autistic children suffer from it. Anecdotally, it is common but there has been no systematic exploration of it, and there are no statistics. The only doctors who have shown any interest are those at the Royal Free Hospital. They had started to research it. Then Dr Andrew Wakefield published his paper linking the MMR jab, bowel disease and autism, and the world went mad.

Florida Autism Dad Writes to NIMH's Dr. Tom Insel

Fatherhood Managing Editor's Note: Here's a fine example of a parent/patient advocate (aka, a father warrior) educating the leadership to exact positive change.  Dr. Tom Insel is the Director of NIMH.

By Brian Scott

Dear Dr. Insel,

I am writing to you in hopes of convincing you that there is much to be learned by evaluating the possible relationship between a more aggressive vaccination schedule and the apparent increase in autism diagnosis.

In the last few years, there have been a series of articles published in widely respected journals that unquestionably point towards the presence of an ongoing inflammatory process in children with autism; and in some cases, specifically, in the brains of people with autism.  Considering these findings, I believe it is prudent that we find a way to determine if the artificial stimulations of our infants immune systems at an early age may be related to what has been observed at a diagnostic level. 

Specific examples of an ongoing inflammatory process in the brain and CNS of people with autism have been observed in at least three studies in the past four years:

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Update: British Bulldog Attacks Dr. Wakefield Again

Brit bulldog Sunday Evening Update: Dr. Wakefield will be providing a rebuttal to Mr. Deer's piece. In addition, parents in the UK may also chime in. Stay tuned.  HuffPo picked up the Deer story this evening (HERE.)  

UK journalist Brian Deer continues to attack Dr. Andrew Wakefield in his latest piece. You can view the full Times Online article HERE. Below is the introduction:

On a Monday morning in February 1997, a taxi left the Royal Free hospital, in Hampstead , northwest London. It turned out of the car park and headed to the renowned Institute of Cancer Research, six miles southwest in Fulham.

In the back of the cab sat a California businessman, whose commercial interests lay in electroplating, but whose personal crusade was autism. On his lap was a plastic pot, in which snips of human tissue floated in protective formalin.

The snips were biopsies taken from the gut of the man’s five-year-old son, then a patient on the hospital’s Malcolm ward. The boy, Child Eleven, as he is known to protect his privacy, had been enrolled in a programme to investigate alleged risks of the three-in-one measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

You can read a response from the Child Health Safety blog HERE. Here's the intro:

Another World Exclusive

The reputation of The Sunday Times of London takes another nose dive today in yet more junk journalism by an unethical unprofessional freelance journalist to revive a seemingly flagging career [more of which below].

The new accusations appear in The Sunday Times today...