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Katie Wright: Autism and Amanda Peet, By a Parasite

Parrots_are_stunning-3353 By Katie Wright

After reading the inane interview with Amanda Peet (who referred to parents who veer from the vaccination schedule as "parasites" in Cookie Magazine earlier this year) in this month’s “Self” magazine, I was compelled to satirize the piece in order to better reflect the full scope of Peet’s absurd and pompous proclamations about autism and vaccine safety.

Hmmm…. I am not a doctor, but I know one at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I am not the parent of a child with autism but I know all about what causes it and what doesn’t. I am not the parent of a child with a life threatening infectious disease but I have read about how prevalent this problem is in the THIRD WORLD. 

After hearing many scary stories about the prevalence of infectious diseases in the Third World I have decided to aggressively make the case for all American babies to be injected with 38 vaccines (healthy, unhealthy, premature- whatever!) by age 2.  I have “done my research” and “know the facts!” Sure I am the parent of one healthy, non special needs toddler but I am the expert here to tell all parents of autistic kids I know best. 

Some parents of autistic kids “say” they saw their kids regress, losing words, skills and their health after multiple vaccinations but I know better!   These parents “haven’t done their research” because I know multiple vaccinations are 100% safe! Those parents should be grateful their child does not have the measles! Did I tell you Paul Offit, multimillionaire, vaccine patent maker, is my mentor?

Dr. Offit and I firmly believe that there is no risk whatsoever to injecting babies with an unlimited number multiple vaccines.  Immune system, shummune system!  In fact Paul and I are initiating a new campaign for the company I represent. Sure, this organization is 90% funded by vaccine makers but we have no bias, I promise! Our new slogan is based on Dr. Offit’s proclamation that a baby could be vaccinated 100,000 times in one day. We are calling it: “Every Child 100,000 Vaccines by 2!” How is that for a time saver! Great, right?
Sure Offit and I are not clinicians. Offit and I never treated autistic children. Nor is either one of us the parent of an autistic child.  But we know better than all those sad parents “looking for something to blame!” The fact that Offit holds the patents for many of the vaccines he has shoehorned into the immunization schedule is not a conflict of interest!

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Autism: The Roots of Comorbidity

QueenOfDeNile By Teresa Conrick

The recent Chicago Tribune hit-and-run piece on autism treatments and those who support them was such an injustice to the true medical issues that our children have that it spurred me into an investigation about the recurring theme that many media outlets employ -- ignore the true medical issues of autism and just discuss treatment of the symptoms (and bash those who disobey). Those treatments, for symptoms only, often include powerful, sedating and off-label psychiatric drugs that have many dangerous side effects.

So again, a look back in time often uncovers some striking parallels and possibly sheds some light about the illness of autism and its behavioral symptoms. Investigating the incidence of medical issues in that population brought me to an AUG. 27, 1949 BMJ study called INCIDENCE OF PHYSICAL DISORDERS AMONG PSYCHIATRIC IN-PATIENTS A STUDY OF 175 CASES by H. E. S. MARSHALL , at Psychiatric Unit, St. George's Hospital in London. (HERE)

The conclusion:

The number of patients studied was 175, comprising 124 women and 51 men ."All were in need of psychiatric attention, and no purely physical criterion entered into their selection.  But in no fewer than 77 patients (44%) ... some physical condition needing attention was found." And this was equally interesting --  "In 39 patients (22%) the physical condition was considered to contribute to the development of the psychological illness."

That's an interesting conclusion - that a physical condition contributed to the development of a psychiatric condition.

In 1996, while my Megan was sick with mysterious viral illnesses, rashes, chronic ear infections, GI pain, diarrhea and vomiting, she received a diagnosis of "autism" which then began the detour of true medical help. Ironically, this journal article appeared that same year in "Health and Social Work, Vol. 21", "STUDIES ON MENTAL HEALTH AND PHYSICAL ILLNESS."  (HERE)

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It's Time for Our Age of Autism Awards Nominations

NominationsEditor's Note: Again this year, Age of Autism will name the year's winners and warriors (and a few sinners) -- and we want your nominations. Please send them by Dec. 18 to me at There are several obvious categories involving people, events, publications and media moments. But true to our reader-inspired spirit here at AOA, we'll let you decide.

2008 winners -- who are thus ineligible though much appreciated -- included Dr. Andrew Wakefield (The Gailieo Award), Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey (Couple of the Year), David Kirby (Journalist of the Year), Katie Wright (Mother of the Year), Hannah Poling (Child of the Year) and Dr. Bernadine Healy ((Person of the Year).

But think creatively -- what mattered most in '09 and who or what deserves to be honored? Tell us why, too, and we'll run many of your comments, along with winners and runners-up, over the year-end holidays. (Worst moments, lousiest books, newspaper or magazine article, dumbest quotes also are welcome! We wouldn't want to leave anyone off-it.) -- Dan Olmsted    

From SafeMinds: Confusion Ensues as IACC Adopts Vaccine Research Objective

One way confusion By Theresa Wrangham

As someone who regularly listens and/or attends meetings of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC), I was stunned and confused by the statements made by IACC public member Alison Singer in the Autism Science Foundation’s recent press release regarding vaccine research adopted by the IACC on November 10th. While it is true that two vaccine objectives in the draft were rejected, it is more accurate to say that the two vaccine objectives were deleted and a new vaccine objective adopted. In terms of this research not being based on “good science” it is clear the Ms. Singer must have attended a different meeting from the one I attended.

The addition of language from the Institute’s of Medicine’s (IOM) 2004 report on vaccines and autism clarifies that the current body of epidemiological research is limited in detecting subpopulations genetic susceptibilities to vaccines. The focus of the new objective is to detect these subpopulations and identified vaccines as an area of possible investigation. This language also alludes to the same recommendations made by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC – an expert federal advisory committee) this past June with regard to investigation of subpopulations and conducting research via animal models and cell cultures. Ms. Singer would do well to familiarize herself with the recognized deficits in vaccine safety research noted by the IOM and the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC – a federal advisory committee of experts) and the “good science” needed as it applies to autism. Below are additional salient quotes from IOM 2004 that hold implications for the IACC’s strategic plan:

“The committee notes several factors that limit acceptance at this time of the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism… However, the experiments showing effects of thimerosal on biochemical pathways in cell culture systems and showing abnormalities in the immune system or metal metabolism in people with autism are provocative; the autism research community should consider the appropriate composition of the autism research portfolio with some of these new findings in mind...”

Please click HERE to read the full post and watch a video at the SafeMinds site.

The Original Wines For Autism Supports Autism Orgs and an Autism Family

Wines%20for%20Autism 20% Discount for Age of Autism readers! Use code AOA20 at checkout.

We'd like to introduce you to Christine Roffi, founder of the online wine retailer, Wines for Autism.

By ordering your holiday spirits from Christine, you'll support a worthy autism organization and a family with an autistic child as well.  Each bottle arrives with a Ribbon Awareness label and features the websites of the current autism biomedical non-profit (NPO) partner. A third of the gross profits from all sales of WFA Inc. goes to the featured NPO, which is NAA  from now until the end of January, 2010.

Please, tell your co-workers, friends and family about Wines for Autism! Here's a note From Christine:

Dear Friend,

Wines for Autism was started by me, a stay-at-home mom, who is directly affected by autism. The goal of Wines for Autism is to promote awareness that there is hope for children suffering from an autism spectrum disorder and to help fund non-profit organizations that aid the families affected by autism.

From witnessing my son’s significant progress I have made it my goal to spread awareness of the effectiveness of biomedical interventions while supporting charities that share my beliefs. The vehicle I have created to do this is the Wines for Autism program.

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Watch Autism In the Criminal Justice System by Dennis Debbaudt

Dennis debbaudt Click HERE to watch Autism In the Criminal Justice System by Dennis Debbaudt of Autism Risk Management. Dennis Debbaudt is the leading global voice on autism training for law enforcement and emergency responders.  His work becomes ever more important as youngsters with autism grow into teens and adults who may interact with the justice system as a result of their communication and social impairments.

Autism In The Criminal Justice System produced by Debbaudt Legacy Productions for the State of North Carolina:

• illustrates verbal and non verbal communications difficulties experienced by persons with autism who may become victims, witnesses or offenders in the criminal justice system

• offers advice and information for criminal justice professionals they may interact with

• features persons with autism, criminal justice professionals and autism professionals through vignette and interviews 

Produced by Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC

Inquiries and feedback via: or

Autism In The Criminal Justice System © 2009 State of North Carolina

Brief Background:

The North Carolina Joint Legislative Study Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and First Responders was established in 2005 and reappointed in 2007 by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  The committee was authorized to study the availability and appropriateness of autism-specific training and education for law enforcement personnel, community colleges, public safety personnel, first responder units, judges, district attorneys, defense attorneys, magistrates, and related organizations.

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An Autism Mom's Video Response to the Chicago Tribune Story

“This Too Shall Pass…..”

By Jacey Capurso

I sit here, banging away on my computer, as I continue to reverse the effects of my local hometown rag’s recent articles on biomedical interventions. Family, friends and foes have all emailed me the articles with “Have you seen this?” in the subject box. I have responded to each and every one of them. I reply with one line comprised of one link of one boy who conquered one disorder in the video below.

Living in the Chicago area last week had fired me up once again. Local biomed moms were more than prepared for the articles as emails and yahoo group posts flew around the Windy City. The news of the imminent publishing of, again, some crappy story on biomedical treatments for autism was the hot topic of the week. Honestly, I have resorted to not even justifying the articles as they are absolutely ludicrous. I believe some journal articles justify a healthy back and forth discussion about the treatments, but this series of reporting (if that is what they call it) was not even worth one breath.

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Dr. Mercola Speaks to CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson on Reality of H1N1 "Epidemic"

Mercola-logo (Managing Editor's Note: We have a contest with one of Dr.M's newest products coming up. Stay tuned!)

Dr. Mercola speaks to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson of CBS on the H1N1 epidemic. Click Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria to hear the interview.

From Dr. Mercola's site: Sharyl Attkisson is a CBS News correspondent and investigative reporter. She’s covered Capitol Hill since February 2006 and has been a Washington-based correspondent there since January 1995. She was also part of the CBS news team that received the Edward Murrow Award in 2005 for overall excellence. Additionally, she received an Outstanding Investigative Journalism Emmy in 2002 for a series on the Red Cross.

In case you didn't realize it, Sharyl Attkisson is the investigative reporter behind the groundbreaking CBS News study that found H1N1 flu cases are NOT as prevalent as feared.

In fact, they’re barely on the radar screen.

How did this startling information come about, and why is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) painting a different picture entirely? I spoke directly with Sharyl Attkisson to find out.

When Journalists Play the Telephone Game - Part 2

Telephone game Read Part 1 HERE.

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

As somebody who regularly writes about autism issues, I feel a responsibility to the families of children with autism.  I feel a responsibility to those who search for an answer and also those who are on the very cutting edge of solving this problem.  Let there be no doubt. I believe this problem WILL be solved one day.  And it will be done safely.

I must confess it's confusing to me when journalists like Trine Tsouderos and Patricia Callahan in the November 23, 2009 article "Autism Treatment: Science Hijacked to Support Alternative Therapies" seem to have no such feelings of responsibility or even intellectual curiosity.

I'll begin with the first part of the article.  It describes how Dr. Carlos Pardo and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins found neuroinflammation in the brains of people with autism who had died in accidents.  This research was published in 2005, nearly five years ago.  Do they have any additional information since that time?  Is anything imminent?  Additionally, the article goes on to say "the scientists did not know whether the inflammation was good or bad, or even how it might relate to autism."

I understand in the scientific process you may not definitively know the relevance of a finding, but you should at least have a general opinion as to whether something is good or bad to spur further research.  How about this?  Since autism is not a normal state, the finding of something so abnormal as neuro-inflammation may indicate a clue as to the condition.  Would that be too great a leap to make?  Yes, we understand that a fever is a positive response of the body to an infection, but in and of itself it is not a good thing.  It is fighting off a bad thing.  Too high of a fever can damage the body.

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Pediatric SuperSite's Paul Offit Article: High Praise and Two RotaqTeq Ads.

Pediatric SuperSite says Advertising Though is supported by advertising, its acceptance of advertising in no way implies endorsement by the editors, publisher or editorial boards. All advertisements appearing on are placed in fixed positions that are predetermined. The positioning of advertisements is not related to editorial content or known in advance of an article's publication; any appearance otherwise is simply coincidence. Like this RotaTeq ad in two locations on the screen along with an article about Dr. Paul Offit, who sold the patent for the vaccine. Ah, serendipity! Sometimes it really is better to be lucky than good!

Click the photo to increase size. To learn we find this ironic, read Voting Himself Rich: CDC Vaccine Adviser Made $29 Million Or More After Using Role to Create Market.

Voting Himself Rich: CDC Vaccine Adviser Made $29 Million Or More After Using Role to Create Market

RotaTeQ Ad Offit Quote

Posted on the Pediatric SuperSite on November 21, 2009

Omnibus autism decision: ‘Good science wins out in the end’

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From SafeMinds: E-Waste, A Rapidly Growing Problem

Ewaste 10 Sources of Mercury You Can Do Something About

E-Waste, A Rapidly Growing Problem

Before you upgrade your computer, buy a new cell phone or indulge in that enormous HDTV, think twice. The current trend towards the shorter useful lifespan of electronic hardware with each generation of technological advances is creating a massive amount of waste and that waste is not always being handled responsibly. The average useful lifespan of a computer was once 5 years, but that lifespan is now down to about 2 years. Electronic waste can contain lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and mercury along with a host of other toxins so it is important that we all consider reusing, donating and recycling as part of our responsibility as owners and users of these products.

E-waste is defined as electronic waste and includes computers, televisions, cell phones, printers, PDAs, calculators, fax machines, DVD players, VCRs, radios, answering machines and similar products. The term EEE (electric and electronic equipment) overlaps with e-waste and includes larger appliances as well. While lead in e-waste has been much more carefully studied and the average amount of mercury per unit of e-waste may be “low” (2-10mg), the staggering demand for electronics worldwide makes mercury from e-waste a significant problem. In 1999, a report to the European Parliament estimated that 22% of mercury consumption worldwide is used in electronics.

Read the full post at the SafeMinds website HERE.

Boy Doomed to Institution Now Yearns to be President

MArk M As we posted earlier this week in Teri Arranga's article Cherry Picking Science, the Chicago Tribune reporter met and spoke with both Mark Macluskie and his mother, Cynthia, at the Autism One 2009 Conference.  The reporter had no interest in meeting a recovered child, one for whom a previous prognosis of institutionalization had been rendered.  The Chicago Tribune condemns biomedical treatments such as those that help children like Mark recover and have a better chance for a healthier, safer, happier life.  Now Mark has dreams of becoming the president and wanting to help children diagnosed with autism as his mission in office.  Biomedical treatments are restoring the dream that any little boy or girl can grow up to be president. 

What dreams is the Chicago Tribune restoring? 

We are posting below Mark's creative writing paper for school on what he would do if he were president for a day.

The Day I Became President
By Mark Macluskie

The day I became President . . . I should probably tell you about that day. So, I will. It all happened. It all happened one night when I was reading my book. I got up and got a glass of water, when I saw on the kitchen table the Sunday newspaper. It had an ad in it that said a there was a video game contest and the grand prize was a day as the President. In the next week, I sent in my masterpiece. Three weeks later I got a reply. It said “Dear Mark, you have won the grand prize: A free trip to Washington, D.C. and a day as President.” Oh my goodness!!!! I could not believe what I was reading. It said we were supposed to go in two days. This was awesome.

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Trine Tsouderos Responds to Autism Article Email

Brush off By Teresa Conrick

Below is an email just freshly sent out to me and probably hundreds of others who wrote to Trine Tsouderos regarding her biased reporting about autism and the biomedical treatments that are saving our children.  I did not find it helpful as it seemed quite defensive and just reiterated her initial reporting - that she is right and we, thousands of parents, doctors, and researchers are wrong. My original email to Trine is below her email response.

I do agree that Dr. Martha Herbert is one of the best, credentialed autism experts yet her comments were mangled into a series of misquotes instead of what Dr. Herbert wanted, which was, "articulating physiological issues in autism."  That definitely was not the goal of this article.

If it were only you and I "disagreeing on an issue," Trine, that would be fine but do you not realize that there will be children who will not get medical help because of your bias and deceptive writing?   So , yes...have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Dear Teresa,

Thank you for your note.

I am sorry we cannot agree on the issue, but we stand by our conclusions, which  are based on exhaustive research and talking with some of the most highly regarded, best-credentialed experts in the field.

Best wishes and hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving, Trine

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France 24's Face-off: Dramatic Debate on Swine Flu Vaccination

France 24 “In the medieval age, when there was an epidemic, people burned Jews. That was a way of doing something.”

From the English language service of French TV, Dr Marc Girard slugs it out with Dr Jean-Jacques Zambrowski, criticising the authorities for intervening in a primitive and senseless way to the swine flu threat. Click HERE to watch the debate on France 24's Face-Off.

Girard also reveals that in the preliminary tests for GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine (a mock-up using the H5N1 avian flu strain) there were seven unexplained deaths (p.57 HERE).

Marc Girard is a consultant in drug monitoring and pharmacoepidemiology. His book about the swine flu episode was published in October (HERE.)

Last Place NFL Team to Host "Autism Isn't Treatable" Night To Boost Ticket Sales

Cleveland frowns Dear Cleveland Frowns football fan, in light of the incredible success of the recent articles debunking all treatments for autism and declaring the autism vaccine connection dead, buried and verboten for future discussion in Lired Magazine and The Chicago Fibune Newspaper, we've decided to host, "Autism Isn't Treatable!" night at Frowns Stadium.

Our crack marketing department was contacted by PR maven Callous N. Humdinger who informed us that flogging families of severely ill children and promoting the AAP vaccination schedule and pharmaceutical profitability has brought pennies, nickels and even (dare we hope!) dimes to both the shrinking magazine and newspaper industries.

Come! Get your syringe shaped pen! Children under 98 will also receive an H1H1 shot along with a RotaTeddy Bear, that squirts real diarrhea when you squish its tummy!

Buy your tickets now and remember, Autism Isn't Treatable!

(PS) No offense to Cleveland intended. Their football team just had a name that gave me a good rhyme. Although, Cleveland is the home of Max Wiznitzer from University Hospitals, the doctor who tells us of "spontaneous recovery" and then acts as an expert wtiness for vaccine companies in our kids vaccine court.  KS 

Vaccine Induced Abortion Reports

Miscarriage We received an email with a list of reports from women who have miscarried following vaccination. Is there a connection between vaccination while pregnant and miscarriage? Ask your doctor and demand answers and proof of safety as you decide on your own pre-natal care. Our condolences to the parents who have suffered miscarriages. We used abortion in the headline because these women did not choose to terminate their pregnancies.

November 6, 2009 at 11:00 am (40) "*" says:

"I'm from a town of 2000 in SD, there are several women pregnant and we are all due within a few weeks of each other. Four of us got the H1N1 vaccine 2 weeks ago and one by one each of us started to have preterm contractions. We are all due in Nov and Dec so we are further along than most of the people that lost their babies. There is no way you can tell us that our preterm labor was not caused by the H1N1 vaccine. It may look like a "fluke" to some people when these women are scattered all over the country but we are talking about 4 of us in our small community. My heart goes out to all of you that lost your babies."

Posted on Sun Nov 15 04:19:29 2009 by "*"

The reports are rolling in:

) (*) says:

I got both vaccines on Thursday. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I miscarried on Sunday. I was told by several doctors to get these vaccines. Now I wish I followed my gut feeling and not get them at ALL!

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Cherry Picking Science: Chicago Tribune's Shotgun Journalism Strikes with Another Shoddy Hit Piece

Cherry-picking By Teri Arranga

If the Chicago Tribune really knows spontaneously recovering autistic children, we want to see serious scientific study on this phenomena and we want to meet them.  The Chicago Tribune reporter had no interest in meeting ours.  Astoundingly, that is, in fact, what happened at the Autism One 2009 Conference.  Armed with a miniature memo pad and a large amount of sarcasm, when presented with the wonderful opportunity to meet children who had recovered from autism, a disorder that affects at least 1 in 91 children and costs public educational programs obscene amounts of money every year, the reporter's agenda placed no priority upon this.

Fortunately, seasoned parents were able to kindly facilitate this meeting, and the reporter did meet with an articulate child who recovered through the very types of biomedical treatments that the Tribune is on a campaign to discredit, in addition to the reporter sharing a pretty smile in a photograph of a boy (Michael, with his mom, Deb) who has gone from moderate-severe full-syndrome autism to the level of ADHD, and whose mother shared his positive biomedical journey - which included chelation - with the reporter.

According to the recovered boy's mom:
"I sensed that the reporter had an agenda.  I told her our story of recovery.  I explained that when Mark was diagnosed with autism, we were told that he would require institutionalization. My husband and I did not accept that answer or the lack of information, so we began our own research.  We started the gluten-free/casein-free diet and saw great success.  Mark had language within a couple of weeks.  Methyl B-12 stopped his stuttering and bed-wetting and helped him learn and retain information.  I introduced her to Mark, who spoke to her with great eloquence and enthusiasm, so she could see his wonderful recovery.  The reporter seemed completely uninterested in Mark and in our story, and it became very apparent that we were making no progress in communicating our story.  I finally walked Mark away because the negativity of the reporter concerned me, and I did not want Mark to be exposed to this."

And this boy has moved forward greatly:

Teri Post photo 
When I related sentiments such as these in a telephone conversation with the Tribune editor, he said, "You can't tell a reporter how to do their job, can you?"  In reply to his comment, I shared that, yes, you could, because I had heard that Dr. Bennett Leventhal [a psychiatrist formerly of the Chicago Tribune's state, Illinois] had sat down with the Tribune staff.  The editor temporarily became silent, including not denying what I had said.

Although for the moment I can neither confirm nor deny such a meeting, simply wondering if the silence can be presumed to be affirmation, I'll share the reason that I think it may matter.  A 2005 journal article disclosed that said doctor was sitting on the speaker's bureau of Bristol-Meyers Squibb/Otsuka, which just received FDA approval for its drug Abilify's use for irritability in children with autism.

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And Liberty for All. Immigrant Gardasil Mandate Dropped.

Paul Offit GARDASIL fREE FOR ALL Liberté pour Tous or Pharma Free-for-All? The CDC Relents on Mandatory HPV Vaccine Requirement for Immigrant Girls and Shingles Vaccine for Immigrants Over 60 But Retains Remaining Mandates

By Adriana Gamondes

As reported by the Alliance for Human Research Protection (HERE), the activist collective of scientists, researchers and reform physicians may have had a hand in influencing the CDC’s decision to back down from the requirement that immigrant girls receive a mandatory HPV vaccine series before being granted citizenship to the US. The CDC announced it was also rescinding the Zoster “shingles” vaccine mandate for immigrants over age 60. 

Along with the AHRP’s interventions and the vaccine injury movement’s rallying and injury tallying (as of summer, 2009, 15,000 adverse events from Gardasil, 3,000 injuries and 48 deaths have been reported, (HERE), we can be sure the general public’s recent skepticism over the H1N1 flu vaccine “free-for-all” brought pressure to bear on the CDC as well.
We’ll have to see what happens to both standard and immigrant vaccine requirements if and when the proposed new vaccine for Chlamydia ever becomes a reality (HERE). At least young, female, eventually child-bearing immigrants are being required to get one less this year. All the same, the CDC doesn’t appear to be rethinking the fifteen (and counting) remaining shots, including rotavirus and influenza— and all untested in combination—required for citizenship (HERE).

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When Journalists Play "The Telephone Game"

Telephone game Managing Editor's Note: Remember the old slumber party standby called, The Telephone Game? That's when you whispered something to your friend, and she passed it the next gal, and by the time it got to the last girl at the party, "I smell bacon" had become, "I love Satan." Seems journalists play The Telephone Game too. Except it's no game.

By Kent Heckenlively

I need to begin this article with full disclosure. 

In August of this year I was contacted by Trine Tsouderos of the Chicago Tribune to talk about autism treatments.  I probably spent about two hours on the phone with her laying out the vaccine theory of autism causation as well as sending her a large binder of various publications to support this position.

I tried to steer clear of practitioners and research which might be controversial and provided her instead with information from credible sources that she could check.  (At the end of this post I’ll provide the cover letter I sent her.)   Given her November 21, 2009 article in the Chicago Tribune on autism I can only say she gives the appearance of thinking without actually engaging in the activity.  

I have three major criticisms of her article based on the information I’d provided to her.

1.  The Autism Increase - She wrote in her article, “One in 100 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by age 6, according to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The figure has increased in recent decades, though experts do not know whether more children actually have autism or more cases are being diagnosed.”

Article 2 which I provided to her was a study done by UC Davis (January 2009, Journal of Epidemiology) showing that the increase in autism could not be accounted for by better diagnosing.   This is from a press release put out by UC Davis about their findings and provided to Ms. Tsouderos: 

"A study by researchers at the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute has found that the seven- to eight-fold increase in the number children born in California with autism since 1990 cannot be explained by either changes in how the condition is diagnosed or counted — and the trend shows no sign of abating.

Published in the January 2009 issue of the journal Epidemiology, results from the study also suggest that research should shift from genetics to the host of chemicals and infectious microbes in the environment that are likely at the root of changes in the neurodevelopment of California’s children.

It’s time to start looking for the environmental culprits responsible for the remarkable increase in the rate of autism in California,” said UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute researcher Irva Hertz-Picciotto, a professor of environmental and occupational health and epidemiology and an internationally respected autism researcher."

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Autism Recovery Revisited: Nathan's Story

Dwell in possibilityManaging Editor's Note: We ran this post last April and thought we'd remind you to keep the faith and hope as you work to help your own child with autism. Children with autism can get better. Some will recover. None of this will happen if you believe the mainstream message that your child is doomed from the day of diagnosis. 85 year old men get cancer surgery and chemotherapy. 60 year old women are using science to give birth. Why should we believe a toddler's future isn't worth saving after an autism diagnosis? We don't. Do you?
By Angela Warner

My son, Nathan, lost his autism diagnosis on April 8th, 2009. I don’t even know where to begin. I am still trying to bring my mind back from being around the moon for HIM!!! I have shed many tears of complete and utter joy. I almost feel speechless. There is so much to tell. Not so much about the hell that we’ve been through, but how a deeper hell was avoided because I trusted the voice inside me. I trusted my Mother Warrior voice. I come from a long line of Mother Warriors.

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Winner: Sean's Food Allergy Friendly Muffins

Sean's FoodThe contest winner is Andrew Kahan.

Managing Editor's Note: I had to add Katie Wright's comment on this post: You name it I have tried it. I have followed the recipes, read the books, etc but NOTHING I have done has ever come close to Jennifer Becker's SCD or GFCF food! Jennifer is an incredibly talented chef who comes from a family of chefs. She is like a walking encylopedia of autism and dietary interventions. Jennifer lives this everyday with her son Sean who has made significant progress since Jennifer basically taught herself how to care for his damaged GI system by feeding him the right foods. Of course Jennifer knows our kids need good quality therapy as well but she makes the food part easy. I have no financial interest in Jennifer's company but when something works for my son I want to tell everyone.

Jennifer Becker is donating a dozen fresh baked muffins - any FLAVOR to our winner. The muffins contain NO gluten, casein, dairy, soy, egg, refined sugar, rice, corn.

“Sean’s Food” is committed to producing the freshest, most wholesome foods that support the dietary restrictions often associated with autism, Asperger's, adhd, celiacs disease, crohns and colitis. Founded by Jennifer Becker, Sean’s Mother. “It all started when I realized how nutrition and diet played a significant role toward healing my son, Sean’s autism. ” We will personally prepare baked goods for those on restricted diets. All products are organic as well as free of gluten, soy and casein. Additionally, many are free of egg, sugar, corn, rice and potato. At “Sean’s Food,” we are dedicated to making things available that would otherwise require hours spent in the kitchen.

Visit Jennifer's Sean's Food website HERE. 

Autism Recovery Revisited: Tell the Chicago Tribune They Are Wrong

Blind eye The Chicago Tribune is running another series of articles stating that "risky" treatments are of little use to children/people with autism (HERE). (Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics, in their backyard, will tell parents to use powerful psychiatric drugs with little to know knowledge of how they work or their long term effects on kids. Talk about risky.)  We'll be sharing more info with you about the interview process these journalists followed and what did and did not make their final article. In the meantime, we invite you to send Patrician Callahan (,  Trine Tsouderos ( and Editor Gerould Kern ( a polite email sharing how treatments have improved your child's life. When you send your email, include a copy in our comments, please.

We beg to differ with the slant the Tribune is taking. Children can make tremendous progress and we will share stories with you from our recovery category. Start with this little girl, who is using speech for the first time. If you ever figure out why people with autism are NOT supposed to see improvement or, God forbid, recover, let us know. The anger, skepticism and outright denial of medical care for autism is stunning.

From August, 12, 2009 (HERE) : Yesterday, we told you about the 2009 National Autism Association Conference in Florida this November. The video below is a gorgeous advertisement for why you should attend the conference. This beautiful, nine year old child was non-verbal until just weeks ago.

Her Mom has attended every National Autism Association Conference. Because this child is Aly Fournier, daughter of NAA President Wendy Fournier. The video is called "Aly's Letters." Just see if you can stop smiling while you watch this. 

From Wendy on 7/24/09: Friends, I have a miracle to share with you! It's all about Hopeism. My daughter Aly is 9 years old and severely injured by her vaccines - diagnosis: Autism. She has never had functional language. I have a recording on my computer of her saying Mama when she was about 11 months old. I haven't heard it since. The last 7 years have been more difficult than I can say, but many of you don't need an explanation, you're living it.

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Winner: One Hour of Nutritional Consulting for Autism/ADHD

Autism help at homeCongrats to Rosemary Arnone won the contest for a one hour phone consultation with Kathleen Reily of Autism Help at Home, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Nutrition Consultant with a degree in Natural Health Sciences. Here's what she does for her clients:
I have over 20 years experience working with children and parents in the capacity of teacher, specialized caregiver and special diets cook. I also am a Board Certified and Accredited Member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), with affiliations to The State University Of New York (SUNY). Further, I am a trained professional and personal chef having cooked in restaurants and homes worldwide. 

I use a holistic and biomedical approach with children (and adults) based on the most effective healing modalities known today. I will provide for you an innovative and effective system that will radically improve your child's symptoms and well-being. In my years of experience working with children facing similar challenges, I have developed an effective, individualized protocol to immediately address even the most severe issues. As we work toward healing your child, I also will guide you in a holistic health and nutrition program for your own h
ealing. Parents (rightly) focus on the urgency of addressing their child's needs but often forget themselves in the process. In order to optimally heal, a child needs physically and emotionally healthy parents. You as a parent need to be fully available to your child and I can help you to achieve that.

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Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 11/21

AOAFCathy R.  is our commenter of the week. Please email me at with your T-shirt size (M-XL) and mailing address. Congrats!

Didn't win but still want a T-shirt? Taking a page from public television, we'll happily send you one as our thank you for making a donation to A of A via our PayPal donate button.  You choose the donation amount. OK? Please tell us on the PayPal form if you want an adult M, L, XL or 2XL and include your mailing  address in the comments box at PayPal. Click below to  to see the back of the shirt.

Cathy commented on Katie Wright's post,
Children's Hospital of Boston: Is Autism Really on the Rise? 

Katie - A little over three years ago we started our biomed journey via yahoo medical boards looking at apraxia. After administering EFAs and VitminE to my nonverbal 5 year old son, he began to approximate speech and learn to speak. I talked to my ped and he wrote perscriptions for the many tests I wanted done to see what was going on with my chronically constipated child. He was kind enough to write the orders and then tell me he would be unable to understand any of the results that came back. "Call children's and see a GI or metabolic specialist".

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The "Green Vaccines" Initiative

Game changer By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I hope you'll forgive me if I talk about this idea for the next couple weeks.  I think it's the game-changer for which everybody in our community has been hoping and praying.

The legal system is rigged against us.  The dying traditional media is begging for advertising dollars from pharmaceutical companies in this economic crisis.  And the politicians have their hands open for pharma dollars.

All these doors are closed.  We won't get them to help us by playing nice.  As somebody once said, "if all the doors are closed, find a window."

The "Green Vaccines Initiative" is our window.  Consider how we might change the course of autism and other neurological conditions with this single effort.  Here are what I think are the three most compelling reasons to support this initiative:

1.  If we make this a political fight, then the media has certain additional legal protections.  It's my opinion that a good deal of the media fears giving us too much of a voice because they'll be looking down the barrel of a lawsuit like the 100 million dollar claim made against Oprah Winfrey by the cattle industry for going after beef.  (I know she won it, but how many of the media companies have the money of Oprah Winfrey?  Come to think of it, only Oprah has that kind of money!)  If it's a political fight, the media is obligated to cover both sides, and their LEGAL protections are just about invulnerable.  They could run an entire issue on what we say and the pharmaceutical companies couldn't lay a finger on them.  Do you know how many young reporters must be itching to do this story and make a name for themselves?  This gives the press the opportunity to do the job it should have been doing for the last fifteen years.

2.  It means the medical community has to come out of hiding to defend themselves.  Have you noticed how lately when our community goes on television that all we get from the CDC or some other medical group is a damned written statement?  Where are the flesh-and-blood doctors willing to defend vaccines?  How do you think that's going to look in the context of a political debate?  Will they be able to defend the theft of data from the Vaccine Safety Data-link?  What about the complete absence of studies of the neurological health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children?  If they show up they lose on the facts.  If they don't show up, they lose because they public will see them as cowards.

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Age of Autism Contest: $40 from!

Enter to win The winners are David Gerhauser, Erik Ohlsson, Melanie Vanciel and Lysa Mulloy.

Thanks to our sponsor Lee Silsby compounding pharmacy for this contest.  Four readers won $40 in product from OurKidsASD, your one stop source for autism-related supplements. 

The contest is now closed.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.

Doctors Discussing Risks and Benefits of Mammography

Trust fall By Kim Stagliano

Yesterday, surprising (and controversial) new guidelines emerged regarding mammography, stating that women under the age of 50 may not need yearly mammograms, as is the current the medical recommendation. I read the article (below) in the New York Times and made note that the argument for continued routine screening is that no one wants to play the risk odds. Understandably. And also that doctors feel that if they don't present both sides of the risk/benefit analysis, their patients will not trust them. When Americans become sick after vaccination, we're patted on the back for "protecting the herd" (or called outright liars) and doctors who present "both sides" are skewered in the press.  Are vaccinations medicine or religion?

Read the full article in the New York Times HERE.

...Several doctors said that while they understood the panel’s risk-benefit analysis, their patients would not see it that way. “My patients tell me they can live with a little anxiety and distress but they can’t live with a little cancer,” said Dr. Carolyn Runowicz, director of the Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Connecticut.

The idea that one cancer death is prevented for roughly 2,000 women screened “doesn’t mean anything until you’re the one,” said Dr. Jacques Moritz, director of gynecology at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan. “No doubt about it, I’m going to say, ‘Well, you really don’t need it,’ and they’re going to say: ‘You don’t understand. I’m getting the mammogram. I’m not going to take the chance to be the one person that has it.’ ”

Most of the doctors, however, said they would inform younger women that the recommendations said they did not need mammograms if they were low-risk. They said they would also point out that groups like the American Cancer Society and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are sticking to the earlier guidelines.

“If we don’t give them both views, they will not trust our judgments,” said Dr. Ozgul Muneyyirci-Delale, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at SUNY Downstate. Dr. Muneyyirci-Delale said she worried that the conflicting advice might add to negative feelings many women have about mammograms, because of the pain of the test, exposure to radiation or a general distrust of medicine...

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.

New Rule: Bill Maher Questions Vaccinations

Bill_maher Bill Maher weighs in on vaccination as an infallible medical miracle, and he credits Barbara Loe Fisher and Dr. Jay Gordon for their work. Is Michael Moore next to chime in?  Please read and comment on Bill Maher's post at HuffPo HERE.

...But just to reassure all those people who have such a romantic attachment to vaccines: I know, there are vaccines that have had their battles with the bad guys and won -- great! And if you have a compromised immune system and can't boost it naturally, as in poor countries where the children are eating dirt, then a vaccine can be a white knight -- bravo! Does the polio vaccine have the power to prevent children from getting polio, and did it indeed do just that in the 1950s? I believe it does, and it did. But polio had diminished by over 50 percent in the thirty years before the vaccine -- that's a pretty big fact in the polio story that you don't often hear and which merits debate. It may be the case that the vaccine should have been used anyway to finish polio off, but there are some interesting facts on the other side.

So yes, I get it, we learned how to trick our immune systems. And maybe sometimes, you gotta do it. But maybe the immune system doesn't like being tricked so many times. Maybe we should be studying that instead of shouting down debate.

Someone who speaks eloquently about this is Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center. I find her extremely credible, as I do Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Jay Gordon and many others, but I shouldn't have even mentioned them because I don't want to be "the Vaccine Guy"!! Look it up yourself, and stop asking me about it -- I'm already the Religion Guy, and that's enough work!..

Alison Singer Feeds the Hungry Lie

Pinocchio-toilet-brush-1 By J.B. Handley
The dueling press releases from Autism Speaks and the Autism Science Foundation last week regarding the IACC’s plans for studying/not studying autism were a sight to behold. Unfortunately, I think Alison Singer’s press release was more accurate, and that the IACC has all but abandoned anything to do with research into vaccines and autism. Are any of us really that surprised?
More frustrating for me, however, than even the IACC’s bureaucratic bunglings and fear of truth (because I expect that from government pinheads) is the ongoing willingness of people like Ms. Singer to simply lie about the science that has been done regarding vaccines and their possible relationship to causing autism.
Let’s look at Ms. Singer’s actual words from her press release:
“More than a dozen studies indicate that neither vaccines nor any specific ingredients in vaccines cause autism. The IACC affirmed that there is no reason to call out vaccines as a specific area worthy of further study in relation to autism,” said Singer. “Vaccine safety research is an ongoing process at the CDC. If some new science were uncovered that brought vaccines into question, then new studies could be done under the auspices of this strategic plan. But there is nothing in the plan that specifically calls for additional vaccine research because there are no data implicating vaccines as a possible cause of autism. While research on environmental factors is important, it makes little sense to pursue a specific study of vaccines, the one environmental factor that science has already ruled out.”
If I weren’t already so jaded and cynical, I would let out a giant scream right now…but I’m used to this.
Ms. Singer is simply saying things that Paul Offit, Tom Insel, Amy Wallace, Geraldine Dawson, David Gorski, Steven Novella and many other supposedly smart people have also been saying: that “the science has spoken, vaccines do not cause autism.” This makes every single one of them a blazing liar, nothing more.
I have written extensively on this hungry lie. ( See Tayloe, Offit, Minshew, Katz, Snyderman, et. al.: Feeding a Hungry Lie and Alison Singer Feeds the Hungry Lie Twice.)

Heck, I even created a website, Fourteen Studies to refute the hungry lie with details and show the world how weak the science really is that people like Ms. Singer continually refer to. For those of you who may be new to this debate, here’s a brief summary of the hungry lie I wrote about recently (HERE)  in discussing Amy Wallace’s willingness to repeat the hungry lie in Wired Magazine:

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The "Green Our Vaccines" Initiative for Autism

Mrsmith Managing Editor's Note: We'd like you to know that the parent volunteers of Generation Rescue are donating $50,000 to this ballot initiative effort. We are seeking additional donations, large and small, every dollar counts.  You can donate by clicking HERE. When you get to the donation page, click that you want to make the donation in honor of somebody, then during Step 2 you can make a personal note at the final field to enter information, please place the word "Ballot" in the personal note section so your donation can be directed to this cause.  Thank you.

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I'd hoped the Special Masters of the Vaccine Court would put an end to the vaccine/autism catastrophe.  Nobody was more surprised than me by the decisions earlier this year in the cases of Cedillo, Hazlehurst, and Snyder.   

As an attorney I have great respect for the judicial system but the decisions struck me as terribly flawed.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.  The Vaccine Court isn't really part of the traditional legal system.  It was a creation of the pharmaceutical companies to shield themselves from liability.  Why else would a plaintiff be unable to force a defendant to produce a single document or witness without the permission of the Special Master? These companies and the U. S. government know they have something to hide.

The Vaccine Court also anticipated a small number of claims.  With conservative estimates of 670,000 children with autism and a rate which has gone from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 100 over the course of about two decades it’s probably difficult for those in the medical and legal systems to comprehend the extent of the damage they've caused.

Kept out of the regular court system, ignored by the media who view our questions as “fringe” and “irresponsible”, and shunned by most medical professionals, we need a new plan.

I have one.  I hope you'll join me in making it a reality.

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H1N1: Fact or Fiction By Barbara Loe Fisher

Knowledge is power By Barbara Loe Fisher

It's been about six months since the Department of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Homeland Security followed the World Health Organization and declared a very scary pandemic influenza public health emergency in the United States.

Last spring we suddenly found ourselves watching You Tube videos of people being quarantined in hotels and detained on airplanes by HazMat teams. When we went to the grocery stores, we encountered fellow Americans wearing face masks. And every time we turned on the television, there were news reports about schools closing so desks and lockers could be scrubbed down.

The Worst Is Yet To Come?

And we watched CDC press conferences warning us that the worst was surely yet to come because the H1N1 swine flu virus first identified outside a pig farm in Mexico had the potential to mutate and kill tens of thousands more Americans than the 36,000 that CDC officials tell us die every year from seasonal influenza.

It was enough to make us very, very afraid.

No Liability for Vaccine Makers

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Is Pfizer's Neurontin Effective at All?

Snow-White-Mirror Editor's Note: Just when you think the drug companies can't look any worse, along comes a new analysis showing Pfizer played fast and loose with studies to make Neurontin look like it worked way better than it did. Pfizer just paid $2.3 billion, including an unprecedented $1.2 billion criminal fine, for overhyping other blockbuster drugs. Maybe Pfizer should be spending some research money on how to treat self-inflicted black eyes (it will probably turn out that a piece of raw steak is still the best treatment, but they'll fix the results to show some new wonder drug works twice as fast, unless it makes you blind).-- Dan Olmsted

Read the story from MSNBC HERE.

Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 11/14

AOAF"Hands-Offit" is our commenter of the week. Please email me at with your T-shirt size (M-XL) and mailing address. Congrats! Here's the comment from  Dan Olmsted's post on Michael Specter: "Are Michael Spector, Amy Wallace, and Amanda Peete happy they met Paul Offit?"

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IACC Releases Request for Information Results: Respondents Demand Answers.

Empty boardroom' By Teresa Conrick

The IACC Request for Information (RFI) results were sent out today at 2:30 Chicago time.  (See sample comments below the jump.) 

"In 2009, the IACC issued a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit public comment on the 2009 IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research.  Almost three hundred responses were received.  These public comments are now available for viewing on the IACC website. The RFI home page, which provides background information on the RFI, can be found at: The responses to the RFI can be viewed at:"
The IACC appreciates the effort made by members of the public to share their thoughts on the 2009 IACC Strategic Plan through the RFI.  The Committee has reviewed the responses and has used them to inform the 2010 update of the Strategic Plan, which is currently underway. Thank you to all who contributed!

It is always interesting that Friday is chosen for a day to distribute any kind of information that might be important so I spent some time looking through the responses to see if that was true -- that a late Friday afternoon mass email from the IACC committee held some nuggets of importance that they hoped would not be seen -- and sure enough they were in there.

Over 500 comments were sent to the IACC committee expressing anger, hope, confusion, and a piercing message - drop the sole genetic research and pick up the environmental/gene research - especially concerning vaccines!  Over and over again, with eloquent and pertinent facts, these respondents, many who are definitely parents to children with an autism diagnosis, posted the need for researching the reason for their child's regression, their child's abnormal labs and their child's medical issues, that's right MEDICAL issues, not DSM, psychiatric issues.

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Making Healthy Babies, Raising Healthy Children: Living Well in a Toxic World Symposium

Newborn1 Saturday, November 21, 2009 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (PT) Berkeley, CA: Click Making Healthy Babies Symposium for more details.  Dr. Andrew Wakefield is presenting.

The 2009 CIA World Factbook ranks the USA 45th among nations for infant mortality— the worst among all industrialized countries.  The autism rate in our country is now 1 in 100. How can we understand and take appropriate steps to ensure healthy mothers, births and children?

Take a unique look at the entire system that affects our future generations. 

This symposium brings together scientists, doctors, researchers and professionals for a compelling conversation about environmental influences around birth and childhood. It features plenary speakers, panels, audience questions, and film clips.

Revolutionary new software will also be introduced to help parents assess and monitor their own environment before, during and after a child is born.

One: Preparing for Childbirth

Sharyle Patton, Director, Commonweal Health and Environment Program, presents several new biomonitoring studies documenting the ubiquity and complexity of chemical and environmental exposures that people experience every day, and how those exposures could influence pregnancy and the health of our children. Exciting new software will be introduced which gives parents-to-be the opportunity to evaluate environmental exposures, and the effect they may have, so lifestyle changes can be made to ensure healthier outcomes for families and children. This session concludes with an expert panel including Ms. Patton;  Dr. Joanne Perron OB/GYN who will correlate the environmental science with her own personal experience; and Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant, who will describe the best diet for pre-pregnant women

Session Two: The Birth Experience

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Autism Coverage and The Military

Military ribbons Read the full article, Military Families Battle Autism by Tisha Thompson MyFoxDC.

..Major Andy Hilmes says his son Drew was diagnosed with autism six months before his second deployment in Iraq. To help Drew learn basic skills like speaking and interacting with other children, Major Hilmes put Drew in a special clinic near Ft. Hood, Texas that offers intensive treatment called Applied Behavioral Analysis, better known as ABA therapy. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends autistic kids get at least 25 hours a week of ABA therapy.

“Without those services, they’re not likely to develop the skills to reach their potential,” says Wilczynski.

But Drew’s mother, Nikki Hilmes, says that’s hard for military families because the military caps how much therapy it covers.

"The military now, with the funding that we get, we are able to provide between 10 and 14 hours," she says.

Military families get their medical benefits through a government-run program called TRICARE. TRICARE refused FOX 5’s request for an on-camera interview, but says its coverage is competitive with other commercial insurance providers.

Karen Driscoll says TRICARE isn’t telling the truth. She says she and her husband paid for their son’s treatment by emptying out their savings, mortgaging their house and finally borrowing money from their parents...

What If You Threw a Pandemic And No One Showed Up?

Office_party Dr. Nancy "They've hijacked the message" Snyderman had better start working overtime. (Mind you, we're not being glib regarding the citizens who have become gravely ill or passed away following complications from H1N1 virus.) From the New York Times:

Perhaps it was fear of crowds that kept the crowds away on Sunday from the clinics offering free swine flu vaccinations to schoolchildren. Or, maybe, as some of the few who did show up suggested, the small numbers could be attributed to wariness about the new vaccine or a lack of knowledge about the clinics.

Whatever the reason, the seven clinics across the city were, depending on how you looked at it, puzzlingly underused or puzzlingly overprepared.

While the city’s health commissioner, Dr. Thomas A. Farley, said the clinics had the staff and enough vaccine to accommodate about 500 middle- and high-school students per clinic per hour — or as many as 31,500 vaccinations a day — a department spokeswoman put the total vaccinations administered on Saturday at 1,701...


IACC Full Committee Meeting Webcast Tuesday 11/10

Listen IACC Full Committee Meeting
Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
Agenda: To discuss recommendations for the annual update of the IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research.
Place: The National Institutes of Mental Health
6001 Executive Boulevard
Neuroscience Center
Conference Room A1/A2
Rockville, MD 20852
Webcast Live:
Conference Call: USA/Canada Phone Number: 888-577-8995
Access code: 1991506 

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Are We Becoming a Majority?

Diversity-Hands1-400x266 By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

The pharmaceutical companies control the legal system (Vaccine Court), the media (try watching any news program without getting bombarded by prescription drug ads), and the politicians ($29 million to Congress in 2008 and $176 million since 1990).

But are they losing the people?

Last Saturday morning my attention was drawn to a small article on the bottom right side of page 11 of my local newspaper.  I'd later realize that the headline was even further downplaying the significance of the story.  The headline read "Many Californians won't get H1N1 vaccination, poll shows."

I'd read similar articles in the past so I thought I'd be getting more of the same.  I was wrong.  A threshold has been crossed in my home state.  In my opinion it should have been on the front page.

The article was taken from the Los Angeles Times (November 6, 2009) and had this as its lead paragraph.  "As concern spreads about H1N1, a new survey of California voters found that while most consider the vaccine safe, a majority had no plans to get vaccinated."

STOP!!!!  Did I just read that correctly?  "A MAJORITY HAD NO PLANS TO GET VACCINATED"????  Isn't this the pandemic that President Obama declared a "national emergency" a few weeks ago?

I couldn't help but continue reading. 

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Age of Autism Contest: Free Nutritional Consult with Autism Help From Home

Autism help at home We're pleased to provide a contest for a one hour phone consultation with Kathleen Reily of Autism Help at Home, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Nutrition Consultant with a degree in Natural Health Sciences.  Leave a comment to enter. You can choose your consult time.  Here's what she does for her clients:
I have over 20 years experience working with children and parents in the capacity of teacher, specialized caregiver and special diets cook. I also am a Board Certified and Accredited Member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), with affiliations to The State University Of New York (SUNY). Further, I am a trained professional and personal chef having cooked in restaurants and homes worldwide. 

I use a holistic and biomedical approach with children (and adults) based on the most effective healing modalities known today. I will provide for you an innovative and effective system that will radically improve your child's symptoms and well-being. In my years of experience working with children facing similar challenges, I have developed an effective, individualized protocol to immediately address even the most severe issues. As we work toward healing your child, I also will guide you in a holistic health and nutrition program for your own h
ealing. Parents (rightly) focus on the urgency of addressing their child's needs but often forget themselves in the process. In order to optimally heal, a child needs physically and emotionally healthy parents. You as a parent need to be fully available to your child and I can help you to achieve that.

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Age of Autism Commenter of the Week Hopes Our Kids Die of Viral Diseases

AOAF"Dr. Pissed" is our commenter of the week, on the Desiree Jennings Viral Video post and the winner of our Dr. Demento award. The award is not a T-shirt, but perhaps we could get our logo onto a product from Massengill for him? Sounds like someone is a little too attached to his prescription pad.

He said: "Jesus, you people are insane. I am a neurologist, sub-specializing in movement disorders such as dystonia. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this woman's symptoms are nothing like a true neurological disorder, and are exactly lie those of hundreds of neurotic (crazy) patients I see every year. Furthermore you idiots, she is now magically "cured" (it's a real pain in the ass to fake those ridiculous bizarre symptoms for too long) which simply does not happen in true cases of dystonia. Finally, the gross prostituion of her case to the press and to "causes" like yours will only serve to fuel myriads of whackjobs with newfound psychogenic symptoms, crowding out genuinely sick patients from our already overtaxed healthcare system. I hope you and all of your progeny die from otherwise easily preventable viral diseases. 

Didn't win but still want a T-shirt? Taking a page from public television, we'll happily send you one as our thank you for making a donation to A of A via our PayPal donate button.  You choose the donation amount. OK? Please tell us on the PayPal form if you want an adult M, L, XL or 2XL and include your mailing  address in the comments box at PayPal. Click below to  to see the back of the shirt.

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Boston Globe Sends The Horse Boy Film to the Glue Factory

Horse boy movie No one wants to say that a movie about two parents’ wish to alleviate their son’s autism is a bad idea. But when that wish produces an arduous trek across Mongolia in search of a shaman and when the movie about that trek is called “The Horse Boy,’’ my eyebrows go up. And up they stayed for most of this well-meaning but trying documentary. Parents of autistic children might recognize more than a bit of themselves in Rupert Isaacson and his wife, Kristin Neff, and their struggle to find some tranquillity for their 6-year-old, Rowan. Traditional medical treatments haven’t done much to reduce the intensity of Rowan’s tantrums. But Isaacson takes a detour from what most parents might try... Read more at

The Seattle Times was a bit kinder to the movie:  ...Resolutely unvarnished ("I didn't expect an urban slum," Isaacson remarks on arriving in the capital city, Ulan Bator) and astonishingly intimate, "The Horse Boy" chronicles a couple in emotional and physical extremity.

Though experts are on hand — including Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, a Cambridge University psychologist — to tell us how little they know about autism, the film is not a primer on this heartbreaking condition. Instead it recounts a deeply personal, highly subjective and inarguably thought-provoking story of one family's quest for a certain kind of peace.

NFL Cheerleader Disabled by 2009 Flu Shot On Road to Recovery

Desiree Ashburn, Virginia - November 5, 2009: After having her life turned upside down by a routine influenza shot, and discharged by three major hospitals after four visits - despite worsening symptoms - Desiree Jennings is finally making great strides in her recovery. The vibrant, 25-year-old Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador has a website to tell her story and keep well-wishers from around the world informed of her progress as well as to promote "true informed consent."
Jennings was training for a half marathon in August 2009 when she received her seasonal flu shot, something she had done several years before.  This time, however, her reaction was severe and debilitating.  Over the course of several weeks she lost the ability to walk or talk normally, and began to suffer violent seizures and recurrent blackouts.

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Shelley Hendrix Reynolds on HuffPo: A Decade of Questioning Harm and the Autism Vaccine Connection.

At what price For over a decade, I've relentlessly searched for answers to the connections I believe exist between my son's autism and vaccines he received. Historically, autism has been considered a genetic condition so I am constantly told I just imagined things. Surely his autism was always there...always evident...from birth. Liam must not have been engaged the way that I remember prior to that summer when he received his MMR. He didn't really play peek-a-boo with me. He didn't really talk. He just disappeared at the same time he got his shots but the vaccines didn't do it.

It was coincidence. Coincidence is not the same as causation.

None of those people lived in my home. None of those people knew my child personally when he was a baby. None of those people saw my bright-eyed son disappear into the abyss of autism right before them.

Recently, I dusted off an old videotaped copy of a story that aired on CNN in October 1999 called "A Question of Harm?" - the first nationally televised piece linking a vaccine to autism. I hadn't watched it in a long time. It's painful for a number of reasons. But I took a deep breath and pressed play...

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