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Hearing 3/18 Hartford! Rep Matthew Ritter Is Attempting To Take Your Parental Health Choice Away.

Action alertTAKE ACTION!!!

Connecticut, get to Hartford tomorrow, March 18, for a hearing on House Bill H.B. 6949, Rep. Matthew Ritter's bill that will limit your right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school.  And get on the phone today to the members of the Joint Committee on Public Health and let them know you oppose this bill. H. B. 6949 will require a notarized statement from parents attesting that they have reviewed materials provided by the Department of Health.

 And please click on the Take Action link HERE to send messages to your State Senator and representative expressing your opposition to H.B. 6949.

 Parental informed consent is the standard in developed democracies around the world. There is no such thing as a mandated vaccine in Canada, the UK, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

Nineteen states allow exemptions for any reason including California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Michigan and more than a dozen other where more than half of America's population lives.

Twenty-eight states , currently including Connecticut, allow a religious exemption upon presenting a from stating a religious reason not to vaccinate.

Connecticut has one of the highest vaccination rates of any state. And no one has even attempted to make a case that religious exemptions are resulting in increased levels of disease. 

This bill is an added expense to all involved and violates First Amendment religious rights, and it achieves nothing.

The hearing will be held here:

Wednesday, March 18, 2017 at 10:30 am

State Capitol, Room
1210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106


If you wish to speak sign up in the Capitol atrium before the hearing begins.


Chicago Screening Trace Amounts Featuring Q&A with Director and Special Guests

Trace Amounts Chicago

Chicago!  You're invited to screen Trace Amounts this Thursday, March 19 at

Trace Amounts is a compelling documentary film centered on thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in vaccines that has been suspected by many as playing a primary role in the autism epidemic here in the United States and around the world. It’s a fascinating look at the debate, as well as the people and science at the center of the controversy.

Please go to purchase your ticket ASAP before the event sells out!

To view the Trace Amounts trailer, host your own screening, or to learn more about the film, please visit

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State Bills Attacking Vaccine Exemptions: A Seven Step Approach to Advocacy in your State

Seven row
By Dawn Loughborough

Last Friday Maryland advocates celebrated victory over an extreme bill called HB0687 designed to remove religious exemptions for vaccination of school age children. Concerned families, physicians, and religious leaders came together over this past month to protect principles and request that the bill be dropped/opposed. Maryland delegates handled a barrage of communications coming from people from all walks of life who were concerned and opposed the bill.

The bill was withdrawn and the committee hearing cancelled.  According to The Daily Record, on March 13, 2015, “A Prince George’s County delegate whose law practice includes representing clients who claim adverse reaction to vaccines has withdrawn a bill that would have removed a religious exemption to the state’s vaccination law.” The bill sponsor, Delegate Benjamin Barnes, went on to say that the bill was unnecessary in Maryland.

The movement has begun. Compassion is rising. Fear is falling. The people are in action. Here are seven steps to help you be effective in your state.

  1. Organize Proactively. Sign up for advocacy portals. The NVIC Advocacy Portal at describes each bill on vaccines. Set up local social media groups to organize and find one another. Monitor and create a safe space to share information.

  2. Embrace Collaboration. Health is a conversation everyone owns.  Join efforts with people who are have shared concerns. Reach out to people who believe in civil rights, freedom, personal choice, and those who stand up for medical autonomy. Use multiple forms of advocacy. Books and media – movies like “Trace Amounts” and “Bought” are excellent support for this work. Videos and memes help to educate and spread the message quickly.

  3. Show up. Email and call with the bill number and ask to speak to the representatives or their staff assigned to the bill. Find the contact information on your state government websites.  If there are organizations backing the bill, go to them and ask them to reconsider. Find organizations that align and have them put out action alerts describing the bill and who to contact.

  4. Go Early. Learn the process for how a bill gets created and made into law in your state. Its best to oppose bills before they go to subcommittee. It gets more challenging to stop a bill as it moves through the stages to become a law. Ask bill sponsors for support to drop a bill. Ask for support to oppose. Add up who is for the bill and who is against. Go meet with them and build relatedness and ask them to represent your view with their vote. Let them know if you are in their party and in their district.

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Book Review - Vaccine Injuries by Louis Conte and Tony Lyons

Vaccine Injuries BookBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

Has there ever been a book more needed than "Vaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines -2014-2015 Edition" by Louis Conte and Tony Lyons?  If so, I don't recall it.

For those of us who have witnessed vaccine injury in our children and then researched the medical literature and the so-called "Vaccine Court" it's clear that the government and the pharmaceutical industry is concealing a massive amount of information from the public.  With the health of the human race at risk from these vaccines is it too much to ask for our scientists and policy-makers to read this brisk 274 page account of the important issues in this debate.  I don't think so.

If people want to find the "facts" about this issue they could do no better than starting with this book.  The book opens with a brief history of vaccination, the legal justification for "mandatory" vaccination (or at least having to pay a fine if you refuse) as well as the early immunization campaigns which often involved contaminated products that injured many individuals.

The authors then move to more recent history, beginning with the hopes which were embodied in the National Childhood Vaccine Safety Act passed in 1986 which was supposed to deal with those rare, but often devastating vaccine reactions and get financial help to the afflicted families as soon as possible.  "Vaccine Injuries" raises the question of whether the promise of this program was betrayed by the pharmaceutical industry which used the program as a shield to move more vaccines onto the pediatric schedule.

From that point the authors move onto the Omnibus Autism Proceedings and actual settled claims in the vaccine program.  From 1989 until 2014 that program has paid out more than $2.8 billion dollars.  That's right, $2.8 billion dollars.  And the inevitable question which gets raised is what's the true number for vaccine damage?  Are only 10% of worthwhile vaccine cases compensated?  That's a $28 billion dollar hit to our economy, not to mention the damaged lives.  Is it 1%?  That's $280 billion dollars.  Or is it closer to 0.1%, which would mean somewhere around $2.8 trillion dollars.

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In Perspective: Vaccine Exemptions and Health

MississippiOriginally published at Vaccination News.

By F. Edward Yazbak MD, FAAP


The state of Mississippi where Personal Belief (Philosophic) Vaccine Exemptions are not allowed has the highest pediatric vaccination rates in the Country and so far no measles cases in 2015.    

Sadly, Mississippi also has the highest infant mortality rate (IMR). 

New Mexico where philosophic exemptions are not allowed, has also not reported any measles activity in 2015 unlike adjoining Texas, Colorado and Arizona, where philosophic exemptions are permitted. New Mexico’s IMR is just as alarming as that of Mississippi and has always exceeded that of its three neighboring states.

Blaming young parents claiming philosophic exemptions for the 2015 California measles outbreak seems unfair when vaccinated, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have been affected and when the disease seems to have become more prevalent among individuals older than 20.

Geography rather than exemptions may be the real cause why the present measles outbreak started in California.

Religious exemptions are likely to become the next evil.   

The CDC has the ability to distinguish between wild and vaccine-strain measles virus by PCR testing. It is likely that this testing has already been done. It is unlikely that the findings will soon be revealed.


A newspaper report topped with a large Gold Cup surrounded by many #1s and titled "Mississippi: Last In Everything, First In Vaccinations" was published on October 17, 2014. It boasted "No Mumps in Ole Miss."

"The Magnolia state is used to being last on measures of childhood well-being—but it’s beating the rest of the nation when it comes to immunization rates. Be it wealth, health, or education, when it comes to most measures of well-being, there is one state that reliably comes in last place. Mississippi is so used to trailing the pack in these rankings that it was a surprise when the state moved up to #49 in the annual Kids Count report last year. It was the first time in 24 years, since the Annie E. Casey Foundation first issued its survey that Mississippi didn’t sit at the very bottom. (It fell back to last place in 2014.) But there’s one indicator where Mississippi’s children out perform every other state: childhood vaccination rates."                                                              

Obviously an infant has to turn one to become a toddler and then a child in order to attain wealth, health, education and most measures of well-being.

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Bills Banning Most Vaccine Exemptions Fail in Northwest

Your_rightsABC News reports on two vaccine exemption restriction bill failures in Oregon and Washington.   Senator Steiner Hayward of Oregon has introduced a separate bill called SB895 which calls for schools to track and publish in public vaccination status data.  From ABC:


Legislative efforts to increase pressure on parents to get their kids vaccinated failed in Oregon and Washington state Wednesday amid stiff opposition as a handful of other statehouses consider similar bills prompted by a measles outbreak at Disneyland.

Oregon's measure, which had the support of Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, would have made the state the third in the country allowing exemptions from immunizations only for medical reasons, and no longer for religious, philosophical or personal reasons. Mississippi and West Virginia are the only other states that have comparable laws in place.

In Washington state, a similar effort to remove personal or philosophical opposition to vaccines as an authorized exemption from childhood school immunizations died in the state House after failing to come up for a vote before a key deadline. Religious and medical exemptions would have remained under that bill.

Washington state Rep. June Robinson, who had sponsored the bill, said she didn't have the votes she needed. The Democrat from Everett said the pushback from parents and others opposed to the change had an effect on some lawmakers.

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Is Your Right to Say No to a Vaccine In Jeopardy?

Your_rightsThank you to Kathy Sincere for allowing us to publish her letter. FYI, as of yesterday, the Oregon vaccine exemption restriction bill has been pulled by Senator Steiner Hayward.

Dear Friends,

Whether we are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or neither, civil rights are a mainstay of who we are as Americans.

The right to bear arms, the right to an education, the right to health care, the right to a speedy trial.  Justice and rights for the poor, the immigrant, the criminal, the insane.  The rights of persons of color.  Women’s rights. The rights of gays, in all aspects of their lives; even the right to marry.  The right to use marijuana for medicinal and even recreational purposes.  So many rights - it’s called the Bill of Rights.

The only right being denied to American citizens in 2015 is the right of informed consent in regard to vaccination.  A right guaranteed by the First Amendment and under the Nuremburg Code that the U.S. signed in 1947. The Nuremberg Code states that no one can be coerced in regard to medical treatment; the right to informed consent.  This was in response to Nazi medical experimentation.  Much of vaccination qualifies  as experimentation, especially the flu vaccines  being mandated for babies, school children and health care workers (soon to be EVERYONE).  They are worthless and contain toxic excipients (see attachment).  This is supposed to keep our children healthy?!  Here is a good blog regarding our diminishing American Rights

If the political Right argues for the rights of the unborn child (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), then accordingly they need to argue for the rights of the infant AFTER it is born.  It cannot be coerced to have toxic substances (such as aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines) injected into his/her body, with the possibility of injury or death. 

The political Left argues that it is a woman’s right to decide whether to have an abortion or not. She owns her body/her baby.  How can you make that case and then deny the woman’s right to decide what is injected into her pregnant body or the baby after it is born.  That is clearly dulplicitous.

Libertarians want Big Government out of our lives.  The matter of informed consent to vaccination would certainly qualify as an issue.  Dr. Rand Paul stated that “the government does not own our body.” Well said.

Bottom line, the right to informed consent in vaccine choice is an American Right guaranteed under the Constitution.  If this right is ignored or denied, then we have descended into tyranny in this country.  When the vaccine madates for children - no exemptions allowed - are in place and Law, the mandates for adults will certainly follow quickly. 

 Make no mistake about it, forced vaccination is about corruption, power, and money.  It is not about health.  It is Medical Jihad.

This alert is from the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC):


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Senator Steiner Hayward Drops Oregon Vaccine Mandate Bill

ItsoverFrom The Statesman Journal:  Oregon Senator Drops Vaccine Mandate Bill

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a family physician who led the charge for strengthening Oregon's school immunization law, will no longer pursue the legislation, a staffer said today.

Senate Bill 442, which has had one public hearing and attracted national attention, would have eliminated religious and philosophical exemptions from school shots. Only medical exemptions would have been allowed.

Oregon's nonmedical exemption rate for kindergartners is the nation's highest, at 7 percent. It's a number that has been steadily rising since 2000.

"After much careful consideration, Sen. Steiner Hayward has decided to no longer pursue this legislation," the Beaverton Democrat's chief of staff, Paige Spence, wrote in an email. "She is disappointed that the conversations have largely revolved around who is right or wrong about science and the benefits vs. risk of vaccines, rather than about the health and well-being of Oregon's children."

While the bill had strong support from public health and medical leaders, including Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Medical Association and Providence Health & Services, a vocal group of parents who either delay or avoid vaccines for their children has been active in opposing the bill.

While many are concerned about vaccine safety, some opposed the bill on grounds of medical freedom and parental autonomy....

Read the full article Oregon Senator Drops Vaccine Mandate Bill.

Is California's Epidemic of Vaccine Legislation About Merck's Political "Health?"

Goodbye CA
Between December 17-20, 2014, measles arrived at the happiest place on earth and all hell broke loose. Anti-vaxxers were shamed and maligned by everyone from Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel to Dr. Richard Pan.

According to the California Department of Public Health’s latest measles surveillance report (3/6/15), since December of 2014, there have been 132 confirmed measles cases reported in California residents out of a population of 38.8 million.   40 cases visited Disneyland during the period in question. 81% were not hospitalized.

56% were over the age of twenty.  18% were between the ages of five to nineteen. 19 cases were between the ages of one through four. 15 cases were under the age of one.

This affected exactly 34 kids from birth to age four.

Since the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in December of 2012, there have been 109 school shootings and no legislation.

There is no measles epidemic. There is, however, an epidemic of vaccine legislation.

Currently, there are three bills in the California’s state legislature regarding vaccines: SB-277, SB-792 and AB-1117.

SB-277 focuses on eliminating personal belief exemptions which in California includes religious exemptions.

Its aim is listed below:

(a) A means for the eventual achievement of total immunization of appropriate age groups against the following childhood diseases:

(1) Diphtheria.

(2) Hepatitis B.

(3) Haemophilus influenzae type b.

(4) Measles.

(5) Mumps.

(6) Pertussis (whooping cough).

(7) Poliomyelitis.

(8) Rubella.

(9) Tetanus.

(10) Varicella (chickenpox).

Only one company manufactures the polio vaccine and that’s Sanofi. Only one company manufactures the varicella vaccine and that’s Merck. Only one company has a monopoly on the mumps vaccine in the United States and that’s Merck. Only one pharmaceutical company profits from the sale of all the vaccines on this list and that’s Merck (Merck and Sanofi Pasteur are a global joint venture).

The proposed legislation has nothing to do with a measles epidemic. There is no public health crisis that requires ten mandated vaccines, with an eleventh option of any vaccine “deemed appropriate.”

This is an attempt by Merck and the politicians they fund to capitalize on a measles outbreak, one they may actually be responsible for and can profit from.

California’s Political Reform Act of 1974 is designed to ensure that:

- State and local government serve all citizens equally, without regard to status or wealth.

- Public officials perform their duties impartially, without bias because of personal financial interests or the interests of financial supporters.

- Public officials disclose income and assets that could be affected by official actions and disqualify themselves from participating in decisions when they have conflicts of interest.

- Elections are fair.

- Public officials and private citizens are given the means to vigorously enforce political reforms.

“No public official at any level of state or local government shall make, participate in making, or in any way attempt to use his official position to influence a governmental decision in which he knows or has reason to know he has a financial interest.” Even though the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United upheld political spending as a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, it did not legalize financial conflicts of interest.

SB-277 was introduced by Senators Dr. Richard Pan and Ben Allen.

Principal Co-Author is Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez.

Co-Authors in the Senate:

Senators Jim Beall, Marty Block, Kevin De León, Isadore Hall, Robert M. Hertzberg, Jerry Hill, Hann-Beth Jackson, Mark Leno, Mike McGuire, Holly Mitchell, Jeff Stone, Bob Wieckowski, and Lois Wolk.

Co-Authors in the Assembly:

Assembly Members Catharine Baker, David Chiu, Jim Cooper, Evan Low, Kevin McCarty, Adrin Nazarian, Anthony Rendon, Mark Stone, and Jim Wood.

We analyzed Merck’s annual reports on corporate contributions from 2006-2014.

Highlighted in green are legislators whose campaigns received contributions from Merck.

Listed below are some of the campaigns that received funding by year:

2006 – Ed Hernandez for Assembly 2006, Wolk for Assembly 2006 and Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Assembly 2006.

2007 – Lois Wolk for Senate 2008

2008 – Kevin DeLeon for Assembly 2008, Friends of Bill Monning, Carol Liu for Senate

2009 – Wolk for  Senate 2012, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly, Jerry Hill for State Assembly 2010, Tax Fighters for Anderson 2010

2010Dr. Richard Pan for Assembly 2010, Friends of Bill Monning for Assembly 2010, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly 2010, Kevin de Leon for Assembly 2010, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Senate 2010, Wolk for Senate 2012

2011 – Feinstein for Senate, Jerry Hill for Assembly 2012, Kevin De Leon for Senate 2014, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Assembly 2014, Wolk for Senate 2012

2012 – Bill Monning for Senate 2012, Jerry Hill for Senate 2012,Dr. Ed Hernandez for Senate 2014, Major General Richard D. Roth USAF (Ret.) for Senate 2012, Taxpayers for Bob Huff 2012, Feinstein for Senate

2013Dr. Richard Pan for Senate 2014, Anthony Rendon for Assembly 2014, Hertzberg for Senate 2014, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly 2014, Jerry Hill for Senate 2016, Kevin de Leon for Senate 2014, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Senate 2014, Major General Richard D. Roth USAF (Ret,) for Senate 2016

2014 – Jim Cooper for Assembly 2014, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly for 2014, Kevin De Leon for Senate 2014, Vidak for Senate 2014

Note how many Democrats currently in high positions of power were funded by Merck since the beginning of their careers and the ambitious titles of their committee names. Merck either had a way of predicting the winner of future elections or determined the winner of future elections.

SB-277 is now in the Health, Education and Judiciary Committees.

Health Committee Members:

Senator Ed Hernandez (Chair)

Senator Janet Nguyen (Vice Chair)

Senator Isadore Hall, III – Co-Author

Senator Holly J. Mitchell – Co-Author

Senator Bill Monning

Senator Jim Nielsen

Senator Richard Pan - Author

Senator Richard D. Roth

Senator Lois Wolk – Co-Author

Education Committee Members:

Senator Carol Liu (Chair)

Senator Bob Huff (Vice Chair)

Senator Marty Block – Co-Author

Senator Loni Hancock

Senator Connie M. Levya

Senator Tony Mendoza (Author of SB-792)

Senator Richard Pan - Author

Senator Andy Vidak

Judiciary Committee Members:

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (Chair) – Co-Author

Senator Andy Vidak (Vice Chair)

Senator Joel Anderson

Senator Robert M. Hertzberg

Senator Mark Leno

Senator Bill Monning

Senator Bob Wieckowski – Co-Author

Senators without any known conflicts of interest with Merck and aren’t sponsoring the bill are highlighted in yellow. Note that they are the minority in every single committee.

This isn’t surprising considering Merck’s long history of unethical and fraudulent behavior. They have paid out billions of dollars in settlements over Vioxx, NuvaRing, Fosamax and Vytorin among others.

Currently, in the state of Pennsylvania, case #2:10-cv-04374-cdj UNITED STATES VS MERCK is pending. The Department of Justice is involved. Former virologists now whistleblowers allege that Merck falsified data with the MMR II vaccine in order to meet the 95% efficacy rate which is the benchmark required by the FDA to maintain its monolopy on the mumps vaccine which extends to the MMR II. This suggests vaccine failure and fraud, not unvaccinated kids, as the reason for the outbreaks.

Falsely stating that all vaccines are safe and that the science is settled when this case exists is either an example of gross ignorance or evidence of a cover up. If either is the case, one should not be legislating vaccine mandates on Merck’s behalf.

Dr. Richard Pan and the medical establishment tout herd immunity as the reason for the need to mandate vaccines with 95% being the magic number. California is already at a 2.54% exemption rate for the state overall. Dr. Pan claims there are pockets with higher percentages and these pockets are putting everyone else at risk. However, there have been no outbreaks or deaths in these unvaccinated, wealthy and educated areas. The only risk is Dr. Pan using his authoritative role as a pediatrician to benefit politically.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Dr. Pan opened a campaign committee to raise money for his Senate campaign, the day after his Assembly win. As a Senator, he owes “paramount loyalty to the public.” Instead, he has been violating the First Amendment rights of California voters by either blocking them on social media in order to silence their legitimate concerns or allowing out of state astroturfing trolls to harass them, including parents of vaccine injured children.

During Dr. Pan’s public media tour and on social media, he’s been calling out “anti-vacciners.” His pejorative use of the term shows that he has no interest in the actual concerns of constituents, the majority of whom aren’t anti-vacciners but parents who are pro-choice when it comes to making medical decisions on behalf of their children.

Informed consent is to medical ethics as freedom of speech is to a democracy. Using fear and propaganda to create a manufactured epidemic and using that epidemic to do away with informed consent is unethical, dangerous and sinister.

1. We ask that all three bills are dismissed immediately.

2. We ask for the resignation of Dr. Richard Pan, who has abused his authoritative roles as Senator and Physician. We also ask that Richard Pan’s medical license #84883 be revoked.

3. We ask for an investigation into the members of the Health Committee in regards to their financial ties with Merck and how it may have affected past legislation. If there is evidence of any wrongdoing, we ask that they resign.

4. We ask for greater regulation and transparency with regards to campaign finance in the state of California.

5. We ask that Merck be held responsible for acting unethically.

How the British Medical Journal and Brian Deer Fixed the Historical Record to Destroy Andrew Wakefield’s Reputation 1

Brian Deer B&W
Brian Deer

Age of Autism republishes parent Martin Hewitt’s three part review of Brian Deer’s article ‘How the case against the MMR was fixed’. Hewitt’s analysis was submitted in its original form to the British Medical Journal in March 2011, when the journal refused it publication and it appeared on AoA over the succeeding weeks.

The refusal to allow tolerant, open discussion of Deer’s methods and findings in the place of publication puts the good faith of the journal under scrutiny. Over and again Hewitt demonstrates how Deer’s selective use of material put the actions of Wakefield and his co-defendants at the General Medical Council, Profs John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, in a perpetual bad light when counter evidence of benign intent and good medical practice were available. While Dan Olmsted’s recent articles have recently caused Deer to wobble over his claims about child 11 in the Wakefield Lancet paper Hewitt re-visits the other eleven cases and detects a similar pattern in methodology in which evidence is haphazardly produced or excluded in order to make out a superficial case.  Four years on, the question is ever more urgently posed: who really committed fraud?


Time to Revisit Deer Part One

CherryPickEditBy  Martin Hewitt

Three months after Brian Deer's first BMJ article (HERE) claiming Dr Andrew Wakefield fabricated the findings of the Lancet paper ('Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia', Lancet, 1998; p.351), it is now time to revisit the claims and test them against the record, in particular the UK General Medical Council transcripts of the fitness to practice panel against Dr Andrew Wakefield and Professors John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch. We can then judge the accuracy, selectivity and interpretive license Deer applies to his evidence against Wakefield.

This is the first of a series of articles examining the sources Deer uses to back his claims. We start by examining Deer’s evidence for claiming that three of the nine children (child 6, 7 and 12) reported with regressive autism did not have an autism diagnosis. Future articles will examine the evidence for what is said about the other eight children.

The BMJ editors who commissioned Deer’s article continue to support the accuracy of his allegations. Do the editors consider that the GMC judgement of Wakefield means he now has no case to answer? If so, we should remember that Deer uses transcript evidence for a charge the GMC did not lay against Wakefield, namely that he fabricated his research findings.

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How the BMJ and Brian Deer Fixed the Record to Destroy Andrew Wakefield Part 2

Brian Deer B&W
Brian Deer

Age of Autism republishes parent Martin Hewitt’s three part review of Brian Deer’s article ‘How the case against the MMR was fixed’. Hewitt’s analysis was submitted in its original form to the British Medical Journal in March 2011, when the journal refused it publication and it appeared on AoA over the succeeding weeks.

The refusal to allow tolerant, open discussion of Deer’s methods and findings in the place of publication puts the good faith of the journal under scrutiny. Over and again Hewitt demonstrates how Deer’s selective use of material put the actions of Wakefield and his co-defendants at the General Medical Council, Profs John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, in a perpetual bad light when counter evidence of benign intent and good medical practice were available. While Dan Olmsted’s recent articles have recently caused Deer to wobble over his claims about child 11 in the Wakefield Lancet paper Hewitt re-visits the other eleven cases and detects a similar pattern in methodology in which evidence is haphazardly produced or excluded in order to make out a superficial case.  Four years on, the question is ever more urgently posed: who really committed fraud?

Read part 1 here.


Time to Revisit Deer Part Two

CherryPickEditBy Martin Hewitt

In April AoA published the first part of a series revisiting Brian Deer’s claim in the British Medical Journal on 5January 2011 [HERE] that the findings in the Wakefield et al paper 'Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia' (Lancet, 1998; vol. 351, p.637) were fixed. It focused on the first claim that three of the nine children reported with regressive autism did not have an autism diagnosis [HERE].

Part two examines Deer‘s second claim thatDespite the paper claiming that all 12 children were “previously normal,” five had documented pre-existing developmental concerns”. This is done by examining the published UK General Medical Council transcripts of the fitness to practice hearing against Dr Andrew Wakefield and Professors John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch. We can then judge the accuracy, selectivity and interpretive license he applies to his evidence against Wakefield.

Deer identifies children 4, 8, 1 and 5 as examples of developmental concerns raised before MMR. The fifth child is child 11, a US citizen whose case was not examined by the GMC and therefore cannot be verified. We will examine statements he makes about each of the four children and then visit the transcript evidence to see if it supports his claims. Readers can see Deer's bullet-point claims in the BMJ paper. Each of Deer's quotes, including the endnotes, is given in italics. The validity of the claims is then tested against evidence from the GMC. All emphases below are added to the original.

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Action Alert: Provide Your Feedback on Draft National Adult Immunization Plan from HHS

Uncle Sam VaccinationThe federal National Vaccine Program Office wants feedback from you on the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan. The plan sketches out how public funds and authority can be used to expand, subsidize and promote the highly profitable vaccine industry. The plan hints that the pediatric market may be reaching the saturation point, but it is as giddy as a bureaucratic document can get about the possibility for enormous growth in vaccinating adults who currently tend to be highly resistant to vaccine marketing efforts.

Some of the goals included in the plan are maximizing the number of vaccines adults receive, including flu shots for pregnant women. The document operates on the assumption that all vaccines are inherently effective, safe and worth the cost. It assumes that the increased use of vaccines is inherently good.  It assumes that current policies to assure the safety and efficacy of are adequate. It ignores privacy concerns by promoting the use of a national database of our medical records.

The deadline for comments is today so please click on the Take Action link to send comments to HHS which will be entered into the public comments stating your opposition to the plan.

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Bill to Restrict Vaccine Exemptions Losing Support in Oregon

No thanksSALEM, Ore. -- Centuries-old diseases like measles have been making a comeback lately after an outbreak started at Disneyland, and spread to several cases in Oregon and Washington.

But a bill in Salem that would make vaccines mandatory for kids for those types of illnesses, is losing support fast.

Three weeks ago, Senate Bill 442 had strong support and was making quick headway. But now, even supporters admit, the way it's written now, the bill is at risk of dying in committee before it even gets a vote.

The bill would make it so parents could only opt out or delay vaccines for their children for medical reasons, not for any personal, religious or philosophical exemptions such as are allowed now.

If passed, and a child doesn't get their mandated shots, no exemption note, other than for a medical reason, would help; they couldn't go to school. Other than home school, that would leave thousands of kids without their constitutional right to education, and that's where some politicians are having a hard time with it.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. lobbies against vaccine bill

Read the full report at Oregon's KGW TV.

Italian Court Reverses Vaccine Autism Decision

Milan__ItalyAn Italian appellate court has reversed the trial court’s decision from 2012 that autism was due to vaccines.  The claimant’s lawyer, an experienced vaccine injury attorney, plans to appeal the decision to the highest court.  The appellate court, based on its own medical expert, decided that the connection between the child’s vaccines and autism was temporal, not causal. We’ll keep readers posted.

Help Tell White House To Stop Mandatory Vaccination Bills

Listen_to_me_by_rachellove147-d34d13dFrom Autism Action Network

Only 3 days to get 20,000 signatures    

Yesterday thousands of people emailed and called the White House asking why President Obama's "We The People" petition website had not registered any new signatures since last Thursday on a petition calling for the end of all mandatory vaccination in the United States. The White House heard you, by late afternoon the petition was registering new numbers, and it jumped from 59, 761 to more than 71,000. As of writing this Action Alert it is up to 81,145. If a petition reaches 100,000 signatures President Obama claims he will "issue an appropriate response." Let's make him do that. We need about 20,000 signatures by March 6.
Please click on the link to sign the petition:

And please click on the Take Action link to send a message directly to the White House asking the President to respect the international ethical standard of vaccination only on the basis of informed consent by the person receiving the vaccine, or by the parent or guardian of a minor child. This is the standard in all developed democracies, except the United States
We can compel the White House to address this issue they do not want to address, but only if you take action NOW, and if you ask your friends and family to take action as well NOW.
Please share this message with friends and family, and please share on social networks. And if you want to receive news and Action Alerts from the Autism Action Network please signup at

Drive Thru Medicine, SIRVA, and the Vaccine Court

Drive thru fluBy Wayne Rohde and Louis Conte

A continuing series examining the NVICP aka The Vaccine Court

In recent weeks, you might have seen and read several articles posted by attorneys that practice in the NVICP, discussing the compensation awards they achieved for their client, the vaccine injured petitioner.  They all have a common theme. Not the fact they are winning some petitions, but rather the actual type of vaccine injury.

In the November 2014 GAO Report presented to Congress on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), the report pointed out one indisputable fact that the Program is no longer about childhood vaccine injuries.  It is a program with the majority of petitions filed from adults, nearly 80%.  And the vast majority of those petitions are from injuries as the result of the influenza vaccine.  The alarming trends of injuries from the influenza vaccine are Guillain-Barré Syndrome(GBS) and Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration, (SIRVA).

We are familiar with GBS and the effects on many people around the globe, similar to polio.  There is even credible studies that show what we know today as GBS was often diagnosed as polio 60-80 years ago.  GBS emerged on the national scene back for many people back in 1976 when the CDC lied to the American public and to Congress about the pending epidemic of Swine Flu.  Because of the large immobilization to vaccinate people against the Swine Flu, GBS became a horrible injury for many people nationwide.

Guillain-Barré syndrome can affect anybody. It can strike at any age and both sexes are equally prone to the disorder. The syndrome is rare, however, afflicting only about one person in 100,000. Usually Guillain-Barré occurs a few days or weeks after the patient has had symptoms of a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection. Occasionally surgery will trigger the syndrome. In rare instances vaccinations may increase the risk of GBS.”

GBS is a vaccine injury and the cases compensated by the NVICP show this clearly.

But what about SIRVA? It can be described as “shoulder pain that is a common transient side-effect of vaccination. Infrequently, patients can develop prolonged shoulder pain and dysfunction following vaccination. Common clinical characteristics include absence of a history of prior shoulder dysfunction, previous exposure to vaccine administered, rapid onset of pain, and limited range of motion. The proposed mechanism of injury is the unintentional injection of antigenic material into synovial tissues resulting in an immune-mediated inflammatory reaction. Careful consideration should be given to appropriate injection technique when administering intramuscular vaccinations to reduce the risk of shoulder injury.” [i]

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An Open Letter to California Religous Leaders About SB277 & Vaccine Rights

Your_rightsThank you to Laura Hayes for sharing this letter - we invite you to do the same. Here's the file. CA Vaccine Exemption Bill Religious Leaders Letter

Subject:  Appealing for help from our religious leaders in CA

Dear Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Rabbis, and Others,

Currently in CA, there is a bill before the legislature, SB 277, which would eliminate a parent's right to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure (only a medical exemption would remain, which is usually only issued after a catastrophic adverse vaccine reaction has occurred, and often times, not even then).  Should this bill become law, it will apply to ALL students in California, whether they are enrolled in pubic school, private school, parochial/religious school, charter school, or home school.  Should this bill become law, it will apply to CA's current 69-vaccine schedule, which includes vaccines that are for sexually-transmitted diseases (i.e. Hepatitis B at birth, and HPV, possibly soon to be required for kindergarten).  This list of 69 would be allowed to be added to at any time by the state of CA, via the California Dept. of Public Health, without limit or public input. Currently, there are approximately 300 vaccines in different phases of development, each of which is a possibility to be added to the vaccine schedule for California children.

Thus, every resident in the state of CA between the ages of 6 and 18 will be forced to be vaccinated with every mandated vaccine in order to reside here and to be eligible for any public, private, or home school. Since education is compulsory, opting for no schooling will not be an option. When vaccine mandates are law, the only way a parent can protect their children from the known and unknown dangers of vaccines and/or from the known and unknown problems with the current vaccine schedule is through the use of exemptions. If SB 277 passes, there will soon be no more exemptions for such protections.

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Why Are We Still Injecting Mercury Into Pregnant Women and Infants?

Go mercury freeBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

Thimerosal (50% ethyl mercury) was removed from most pediatric vaccines in 1999-2004 but still remains in the multidose flu vaccine which is given to pregnant women and infants.  Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin which causes brain damage and autism.  Why are we doing this? 

In the ubiquitous Geico commercial, one person says “Did you know that 15 minutes can save you 15% on auto insurance?”  The other person says “Everybody knows that.”  Why does everybody know that?  Because we've all seen it hundreds of times on TV.  How many times have you heard or read “Vaccines don't cause autism?”  It is the big lie and it is repeated so often by so many “experts” that people think it must be true.   The scientific studies that make it true are all fraudulent studies funded by the vaccine industry.  These studies are bought and paid for and the data is manipulated so they get what they want.  Now they are saying that there are not two sides to this controversy.  The science has been done.  The results are in.  Vaccines don't cause autism(for the millionth time).  Which do you think would be more likely to reveal the truth: (1) Vaccine industry funded studies or (2) independent studies that are not funded by the vaccine industry?  If you picked #2, you would be correct but those studies are routinely denigrated and ignored.  Mainstream media consistently supports the vaccine industry position so that is all you hear unless you actively seek out the other side of this issue. 

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CT Action Alert: Rep Ritter Seeks To Limit Religious Rights RE Vaccination

American FreedomNOTE: I spoke with a helpful staff member who indicated that Rep. Ritter has received many calls about this bill.    She said that we in the Nutmeg state should email our concerns to him at  KIM 

Connecticut State Representative Matt Ritter (D-Hartford) has announced that he will introduce a bill in the legislature in Hartford to limit your right to a religious exemption from state vaccine mandates. The bill has not been introduced yet but Ritter announced his intention at a press conference along with Connecticut’s US Senator Chris Murphy, who has announced he intends to introduce a similar bill in the US Senate. Ritter wants parents to make annual visits to a physician prior to applying for a religious exemption.

Please click on the Take Action link  above to send a message to your State Senator and Representative asking them to oppose Ritter’s bill and any other bills that limit our right to informed consent. 

And please give Representative Matt Ritter a call and let him know that you don’t want him interfering with your family’s health decisions and religious beliefs.

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We The People Petitions Against Vaccine Mandates

Your_rightsWe petition the Obama administration to:


No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, activities, and daycare centers. This also includes adults working in the public or private sector.

See and sign the petition here.

Neil Miller: Why people choose not to Vaccinate

WhyPrinted with permission from Neil Miller of

By Neil Miller

Recently I was contacted by an anchorwoman for a TV network asking if I would answer a few questions for a story that she was doing on vaccinations, particularly regarding measles. Here are my responses:

Why would one choose not to vaccinate?

Some parents choose not to vaccinate because they had a personal experience that convinced them vaccines are dangerous. Other people have read peer-reviewed studies showing vaccine safety deficits and decided that the risks are greater than the benefits. For example, numerous studies have confirmed a link between vaccinations and cancer. Children who are permitted to contract measles naturally are significantly protected against various cancers later in life. In fact, the wild measles virus has oncolytic (anti-cancer) properties. Tumor remissions after measles infection are well documented in the medical literature.

Children who are required to be vaccinated against measles have had this anti-cancer protection stripped from them for life. They have been forced to trade a reduced risk of contracting measles for an increased risk of developing cancer later in childhood or as an adult.

I will list just a few of the studies confirming the scientific link between vaccines and cancer:

Albonico et al found that adults are significantly protected against non-breast cancers -- genital, prostate, gastrointestinal, skin, lung, ear-nose-throat, and others -- if they contracted measles (odds ratio, OR = 0.45), rubella (OR = 0.38) or chickenpox (OR = 0.62) earlier in life. [Med Hypotheses 1998; 51(4): 315-20].

Montella et al found that contracting measles in childhood reduces the risk of developing lymphatic cancer in adulthood [Leuk Res 2006; 30(8): 917-22].

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Statement from Rep Norm Johnson Apologizing for Off The Cuff Remark RE Vaccine Injury

Rep Norm JohnsonFeb. 19, 2015

Statement from Rep. Norm Johnson regarding his comments in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee on Feb 18, 2015:

“My off the cuff remark in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee was inappropriate and a poor attempt at banter. I understand why my words are hurtful to people who care passionately about this issue. All I can say at this point is that I am deeply sorry.”

Thank you, Representative Johnson. We hope you will listen to your constituents as they share their painful experience with vaccine injury and the need for retaining the liberty of personal medical rights, and oppose HB2009.

Oregon's SB442 Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward Defends Her Personal Medical Choice Denies Yours

Do as i sayBelow is video of Oregon attorney Bob Snee asking Senator Elizabeth Action alert Steiner Hayward why making medical decisions based on informed consent should be her right, but not the right of her constituents during debate about SB442 (see description of this bill below the video clip.)   He politely inquired about her level of hypocrisy. She became a bit testy, like a schoolmarm - telling us her decision was "based on science." As if we are dunces to remain in the corner.

A quick look at her website indicates that Ms. Steiner Hayward is supported by Planned Parenthood and is a pro-choice politician.   She will protect your decision to abort your baby, but once born, please leave your brain (and science) at the door and allow the government and Ms. Steiner Hayward to tell you how to care for your own child.

We invite you to contact the three Senators listed below to politely share your personal experience and the science behind your vaccine choice decisions - especially if you are an Oregon resident. 

SB442 Directs Oregon Health Authority to adopt by rule schedule requiring submission of document to school administrator for purposes of declining immunization if document on record does not include signature of health care practitioner verifying that parent has reviewed risks and benefits of immunization or certificate verifying that parent has completed vaccine educational module.  You can read Mr. Snee's testimony HERE.

Senator Chip Shields
Democrat - District 22 - Portland
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1722    District Phone: 503-231-2564
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-421, Salem, Oregon 97301
District Address: 2104 NE 45th Ave., Portland, OR 97213

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson
Democrat - District 25 - Gresham
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1725
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-413, Salem, Oregon 97301

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Democrat - District 17 - NW Portland/Beaverton
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1717
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-215, Salem, Oregon 97301

VIDEO: Rep Norm Johnson (R) Washington, Makes Fun of Brain Injury from Vaccines

Norm JohnsonUPDATE 2/23/15: Feb. 19, 2015

Statement from Rep. Norm Johnson regarding his comments in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee on Feb 18, 2015:

“My off the cuff remark in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee was inappropriate and a poor attempt at banter. I understand why my words are hurtful to people who care passionately about this issue. All I can say at this point is that I am deeply sorry.”

Thank you, Representative Johnson. We hope you will listen to your constituents as they share their painful experience with vaccine injury and the need for retaining the liberty of personal medical rights, and oppose HB2009.


Note: Thank you to longtime friend of AofA Tami Giles for sending us these videos which show the callous disregard for the vaccine injured. Politicians, healthcare workers - they don't even believe that injury can happen. They mock us. And our sick kids.  Best post I've seen in a long time on the disconnect between vaccine injury and reality is, "When you hear anti-vaxxer," think "parent of a disabled child," by  Levi Quackenboss.   Representative Norman Johnson, a former teacher, counselor and PRINCIPAL for Lord's sake, should get down on his knees and thank God his grandson (pictured) is not vaccine injured. And he should apologize to all of us whose kids did not dodge the bullet.  Here's what our friend says to Johnson and her son's video response as well: KS

By Tami Giles

Rep Norm Johnson (Republican/WA state) seems to think brain damage from vaccines is a joking matter. Here he is at this week's executive session- jut one day after a jam-packed room of concerned citizens showed up to oppose HB 2009- WA’s bill seeking to remove personal/philosophical vaccine exemptions. Many tried to raise their voices, and though only a few were allowed that opportunity, they gave compelling public testimony.  Vaccine manufacturer Merck's paid lobbyists spent the last 2 weeks at the capital, grooming our citizen-paid lawmakers to insult those who oppose mandatory vaccination.  ADEM - brain damage- is just ONE of the many side effects from vaccines, listed on package insert. Norm Johnson, you are a disgrace to public office.

The comment is 17 seconds into the 43 second clip.

Below, her son, created this video response to Representative Johnson's callous treatment of medical injury.

Tami Giles is a decade long advocate, who donates her time for the community good. She has been the WA state AAN Coordinator (formerly A-Champ) since 2005, helping to bring legislative issues to the attention of the lawmakers and the autism community.  She started the first biomedical & diet support group in WA state, to help families affected by autism over a decade ago. Through the years, she’s been an invited speaker at many autism conferences, due to her extensive knowledgeable in treatments, diets, therapies, and advocacy.  In her free time (what’s that?) she enjoys raising a flock of Organic, non-GMO chickens, and creates SCD/Paleo recipes and masterpieces to support her son Daniel’s extensive dietary needs.

Dr. Paul Thomas, MD: Parents Rights to Choice in Vaccines Threatened Around the Country and in Oregon SB442-3 Amendment

Parental-rightsWe are excerpting this post from Dr. Paul Thomas' site. Please go to Dr. Thomas' blog to read the full post.

I attended and testified at the Oregon Senate hearing on SB442 on February 18th 2015. The physician, and sponsoring senator, opened with the longest explanation of why she did not have ties to big Pharma or Merck that I was left wondering what was behind that? I then heard the hand picked physicians who were in favor of this bill and were given unlimited time to testify the same old mantra: vaccines are safe, they save lives and we are in a dangerous situation with measles that used to kill hundreds of thousands and so on.

My first response was anger and outrage.  Surely these intelligent well meaning doctors knew that vaccines have also caused tremendous harm and that the risks and benefits must be weighed.  Surely these doctors didn’t want to remove the informed consent process where a medical procedure that has benefits, risks, and alternatives is explained to the patient and the patient gets to choose.  I was wrong.  This bill intends not only to totally remove the philosophical and religious exemptions, but will put into state law mandates that all children, regardless of their family histories or risk factors, get the full set of recommended vaccines.  The only exceptions will have to come from medical exemptions and to make matters worse, they plan to select which medical providers will be certified to give those exemptions!

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Flu Shot Failures - Bolus Dose of Mercury and Flu Too

Scream nowBelow is a thread from a  general population Mom's group.   Can you imagine anyone buying even a toaster with this kind of failure rate - and a toaster that could electrocute and kill you at that? The myth of vaccination is so strong, even a pregnant woman rationalizes, "Well 30% success is better than nothing when you're pregnant."   If I had posted this SafeMinds link to flu shot safety, the post most likely would have been removed for having been "controversial."

When you hear the ad for CHANTIX smoking cessation drug, the first warning you hear is about seizures, and then the litany of other pretty terrible side effects follows.  Vaccines do not have any such requirements for sharing side effects. Your doc needn't tell you a thing. CVS can simply point you toward the candy aisle for a sweet snack. 

The thread began:

For those of you who have been dealing with influenza this season, did you or family members get the flu shot prior to contracting the flu?

My daughters and I got the flu shot, and my younger daughter got the flu (flu b). She started on Tamiflu immediately and it helped.

11 hrs · Like

We have the flu vaccine yearly. Hard to know if any of us have had the flu- definitely viral illness, but none of our providers have tested to confirm a diagnosis of influenza. Vaccine is less than 30% effective this year.

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I Will Accept Your Surrender

White-flagBy Kent Heckenlively

I've made this offer several times in the past.  I'm making it again.  I am willing to accept the surrender of those who have perverted science, harmed a generation of children, and even as of this late date are willing to harm more children so as to not to upset the balance of their lives.

It must be truly troubling for those who continue to fuel the epidemic of autism and other chronic diseases that even though you still maintain the trust of those in the media, the scientific community, and most of the people in politics, an amazing 39% of the population in a recent Fox News poll believe parents need to have the right to decide how and whether their children can be vaccinated.

You see, I've interviewed enough scientists that I understand the world in which you operate.  Although you tremble in fear when you confront the dark questions at the heart of why so many children and adults suffer with chronic diseases, you feel quite comfortable making others cower as has been done to you.  It must really annoy you when you fulminate against us as if we were some extremist group, that somehow you can't get the rest of the population to fully buy it.

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Democrats, Republicans and the Reality of Vaccine Injury

I am AwakeBy Louis Conte and Wayne Rohde

The publicity around the uptick in measles cases has fueled open hostility toward “anti-vaccine” parents. There have been articles written in the main stream press calling for the removal of vaccine exemptions, a federal vaccine mandate, special taxes and litigation against parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. Even calls for arrests and outing the evil anti-vaccine ones by posting their names and addresses on a government website as though they were sex offenders. One can assume that internment camps will be suggested next.

Not surprisingly, the issue has drawn in presidential candidates from both parties.

Senator Rand Paul (Republican) earlier in February stated:

"I’ve heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines… I’m not arguing vaccines are a bad idea. I think they’re a good thing. But I think parents should have some input. The state doesn’t own your children, parents own the children and it is an issue of freedom and public health."

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Republican) made these comments in 2009:

"I have met with families affected by autism from across the state and have been struck by their incredible grace and courage. Many of these families have expressed their concern over New Jersey’s highest-in-the nation vaccine mandates. I stand with them now, and will stand with them as their governor in their fight for greater parental involvement in vaccination decisions that affect their children."

Although Christie has kept vaccine mandates in his state, he followed up last week with:

"Mary Pat and I have had our children vaccinated and we think that it’s an important part of being sure we protect their health and the public health…I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well, so that’s the balance that the government has to decide.

Hillary Rodham Clinton responded with this tweet:

"The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and (hashtag) vaccines work. Let's protect all our kids."

The potential Democratic presidential candidate ends her Twitter commentary with the hashtag Grandmothers Know Best.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) used a quickly assembled Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions (HELP) hearing last week to demean Senator Paul’s comments about parental claims that vaccines cause “profound mental disorders.” In a questioning that seemed scripted, Senator Warren asked Anne Schuchat, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases about vaccine safety:

“Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism?”

“No,” Schuchat answered.

“Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause ‘profound mental disorders’?”

“No,” Schuchat responded, “but some of the diseases we vaccinate against can.”

The public was given a clear message vaccines are completely safe and effective. Vaccines don’t cause profound mental disorders and they certainly don’t cause autism. “Anti-Vax” parents are wrong and people must make sure that children are given the MMR vaccine. Adults should get the vaccine too and exemptions should be removed.

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ACTION ALERT: Oregon SB 442 Seeks To Make Vaccine Exemptions More Difficult for Parents

Hoop on FireFrom Autism Action Network:

Oregon, you need to get on the phone now if you want to protect your right to exemptions from mandatory vaccines for your children to attend school. State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward has introduced Senate Bill 442 that would force all parents to have either a signature by a healthcare provider or a certificate verifying a parent has completed an online vaccine-education module.

Amendments could eliminate the online module option or even the non-medical exemption altogether. Steiner Hayward, a Democrat from Portland, is using her position as majority whip to fast track the bill with a hearing scheduled for this Wednesday in Salem.  Rep. Knute Buehler, a Republican from Bend, has stated he will submit a companion bill in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Here’s what you can do to protect your rights. Click on the link below to send emails to your State Senator and your Representative telling them that you support vaccine choice.

Oregon Action Alert

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Dehumanizing Parents of Disabled Children in The Name Of Vaccines

DehumanizeOne of the rules of "war" is to dehumanize (see below) your enemy so that your troops are more willing to attack and kill.  That's what we see happening today with vaccine exemptions.  Media and even doctors who are supposed to protect children have forgotten the children - our children - many of whom are severely disabled by vaccination reactions. Some of whom have died.  Even this week our community lost a young man.  If you find that poster photo from WWII offensive, we apologize. It is offensive. But the rhetoric around vaccination choice has reached Pearl Harbor levels. And is equally offensive.

Thank you to Levi Quackenboss for acknowledging our children in the blog post - When You Hear “Anti-Vaxer” think “Parent of a Vaccine-Disabled Child”.

Despite what the media tells you, it isn’t all that common to encounter an “anti-vax” parent who has never vaccinated a child.  Most “anti-vax” parents only wish they were so lucky to have seen that train wreck coming in the crystal ball.  The overwhelming majority of them started out just like the opposition:  pro-vaccine and trusting their doctors.

Then, one day, they lost the healthy child they once knew.

Dehumanization  By Michele Maiese

Dehumanization is a psychological process whereby opponents view each other as less than human and thus not deserving of moral consideration. Jews in the eyes of Nazis and Tutsis in the eyes of Hutus (in the Rwandan genocide) are but two examples.

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The Sneetchification of America

Joe MAthews"The names and addresses of parents who won't vaccinate their children should made available on the Internet through a public registry." Joe Matthews, TIME Magazine, February 12, 1939, I mean 2015.    Joe is also a San Francisco Chronicle contributor.

This TIME story brought to you by Mr. "Investor McMERCKY McBean."

(You remember who profited in the original story, correct? It was neither the Star Belly nor the Plain Belly Sneetches, it was Sylvester McMonkey McBean who caused the Sneetches to antagonize one another for his own monetary gain.  This is AMERICA in 2015, you think monetary gain isn't behind this current witch hunt? Think again.)

Sneetch unvaxed

Paul Offit; Fear, Intimidation and Astroturf

By Lou Conte and Wayne Rohde

On Thursday, February 5, 2015 Democracy Now featured a segmented debate with guests Dorit Reiss, Mary Holland and Dr. Paul Offit. Following Mary Holland’s segment, Offit derided her as being a “conspiracy theorist” who had falsely claimed that “there’s a guy who’s a fraud (Holland’s reference to Poul Thorsen)” and “There’s whistle blower at the CDC (Holland’s reference to William Thompson).” He added that Mary Holland believes that there is a “massive international conspiracy to hide the truth.”

Paul Offit continues to launch ad hominem attacks against those who question vaccine safety while the mainstream media fails to address Paul Offit’s ludicrous statements and track record. His statements about Mary Holland’s comments are false and misleading and were done, as Holland pointed out before Offit appeared, to marginalize people who are for health choice and informed consent.

We commend Democracy Now for the courage to engage in a discussion regarding vaccination policies. We note that one of the hosts indicated that Offit refused to appear with Holland and directly debate her.

Let’s break down the claims that Offit says are false:
Poul Thorsen really is charged with fraud and is indeed a fugitive from justice. See his mug shot below as well as the link to Office of Inspector General below:

Thorsen mug

OIG Fugitive: Poul Thorsen

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Bud Bundy Spread Measles for Laughs on TV. Bud... Not Ted Bundy.

MWC 7Check out the last 30 seconds of this short clip from the sitcom Married with Children.   This episode ran on September 20, 1992.  Hardly the dark ages of death and disease in America, correct?  Here's the episode synopsis.

Seven gets some. Bud gets some, never mind she has measles. Al and Peggy get some because it's quicker than talking. Only Kelly doesn't get some but that's by choice because the guy is a jerk. And then he disrespects Kelly so she disrespects his face with her fist. Bud meets up with Kelly's date who insults Kelly by calling her a tramp, not realizing that Bud is her brother. Bud responds by hugging the date and coughing in his face as he has measles which are highly contagious and tells him to consider the measles a gift from Kelly. 

 Cue the laugh track.  What has changed since 1992? Well autism and pediatric chronic illness have skyrocketed.  Ask yourself how measles went from sitcom fodder to ISIS-level danger in  two decades? Then ask why.

Oh, that singing in the background at the beginning of the video I taped?  My vax injured 20 year old with autism, born just two years after this episode ran.  Thanks to AofA reader BSK for the heads up.  KRS

Officials Covered Up “Massive” UK Measles Outbreak in Highly MMR Vaccinated Children & Adults – Officials Withheld The Evidence – Parents Not Warned – Children Unprotected – BBC Directly Implicated

UKhealthcareThe following is excerpted from the ChildHealthSafety site in the UK. 

In 2012 and 2013 outbreaks of measles occurred in large numbers of children and adults who had been vaccinated and who were living in areas of highly vaccinated populations in the North of England.   The North of England outbreaks involved the same MMR vaccine in use in the USA, Merck’s MMR II.  

Instead of warning parents in the North that their children were at risk and taking precautionary measures, nothing was said.  The British public were not told the MMR vaccine was failing to protect children from measles.

A classic diversionary misinformation tactic was employed by British health officials to cover up this major failure of the MMR vaccine to protect children from an age old childhood disease.

CHS brings its readers full details of the official figures with extracts of the official documents in which they appeared.

As CHS previously reported, a journal paper published in 2012 reported that Merck’s MMR II vaccine was not working and a new vaccine was called for by the author: Mayo Clinic Expert Confirms Measles Vaccine Is Failing – So it’s NOT the unvaccinated.

Read the full post at ChildHealthSafety.

Thank You Senator Rand Paul and Governor Chris Christie

Rand PaulBy Kent Heckenlively Christie

Dear Senator Paul and Governor Christie:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the first step in starting a long overdue conversation about vaccines and the epidemic of chronic diseases in our children INCLUDING autism.  I salute your bravery in speaking about what you have heard from your fellow citizens as leaders in a democracy are supposed to do.

Others will not applaud you.  Indeed, you should be prepared for a firestorm that will amaze you.  I hope the anger of these people will not cause you to back down from what you believe to be very reasonable positions to take.  As somebody who is half-Sicilian on my mother's side, like Governor Christie is, I understand the fire and thirst for justice which animates the Jersey Boy.  As somebody who shares many of Senator Paul's libertarian beliefs that each individual is the best judge of what they need, I think my fellow libertarian is up for the fight.

I've been reading the fine book, "Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence" by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Joseph Ellis and think it may have a few lessons for the both of you as you begin to venture down this road.  When our Founding Fathers declared on July 4, 1776 that all men were created equal it was certainly the most radical statement ever uttered by those who would seek to form a government.

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CNN Covers Measles Vaccine Debate with Celine Gounder and Rebecca Estepp

Dr Gounder
Dr. Celine Gounder's Rebecca Estepp  appeared on CNN with Dr. Celine

Rebecca Estepp
Rebecca Estepp

Gounder.  Rebecca's son has an autism diagnosis, had an MMR Reaction and shows no titers to the MMR vaccine that he had received.

Dr. Gounder discusses the Estepp's family history (seems she did her homework before going on air)  and says Estepp's son is a child who should not receive the vaccine.  That's an understatement, but how does a family know in advance that his or her child is at risk? 

This interview brings up a lot of really good points.  Thank you, Dr. Gounder and Ms. Estepp.

Vaccine "Trafficking"

Stop1By Laura Hayes

URGENT WARNING FOR ALL U.S. CITIZENS:  Beware of "The United States of Tyrannica" where "Vaccine Trafficking" is proliferating.  Protect your children, and yourselves.

Most of you have heard of "Human Trafficking*".  Today, I want to warn you about "Vaccine Trafficking", which is equally hellacious, and which needs to be dealt with just as swiftly as is happening with Human Trafficking.  Immediate help and compassion for the victims of Vaccine Trafficking, and for their families, are also needed.  Here is a comparison of the two.  Please note their frightening similarities.

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others.

Although slavery is commonly thought to be a thing of the past, human trafficking still exists today throughout the United States and globally when traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control other people for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex or forcing them to provide labor services against their will. Traffickers use violence, threats, deception, debt bondage, and other manipulative tactics to trap victims in horrific situations every day in America. All trafficking victims share one essential experience – the loss of freedom.

In the United States, sex trafficking commonly occurs in online escort services, residential brothels, brothels disguised as massage businesses or spas, and in street prostitution. Labor trafficking has been found in domestic servitude situations, as well as sales crews, large farms, restaurants, carnivals, and more.

There are two primary factors driving the spread of human trafficking: high profits and low risk. Like drug and arms trafficking, human trafficking is a market-driven criminal industry that is based on the principles of supply and demand. Every year, traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits by victimizing millions of people around the world, including here in the United States.

Vaccine trafficking is a form of modern forced medical experimentation where people profit from the control and exploitation of others.

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Trace Amounts - San Francisco Premiere - February 18

Trace amounts banner

By Kent Heckenlively

Yes, I'm here again urging you to do something!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area I am encouraging you to go and see the amazing new documentary, "Trace Amounts," the true story of Eric Gladen's painful journey through mercury poisoning that he blames on a thimerosal loaded tetanus shot.

While his mercury poisoning led him to the edge of despair, after his recovery he was on a mission to understand why he had become so sick.  He quit his job, moved into an RV, and traveled the country interviewing experts and piecing together thousands of studies and leaked documents.  It is difficult to overstate the courage of this man.

I know that so many of us feel isolated and wonder when people are going to rise up and demand action.  Well, Eric Gladen has answered that clarion call and it is our job to support him.  Gladen draws a line from the Mad Hatter syndrome of the late 1800s, to Pink Disease in the 1950s, the Iraqi Grain incident of the early 1970s and the usage of Thimerosal in childhood vaccines.

I understand it can be so painful to revisit these issues when our lives are overwhelmed with the needs of our children, but we must reach out to each other in those rare instances when we can not only share our solidarity with each other, but move a project forward.  The documentary will be shown on February 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the lovely Opera Plaza Cinemas and I will be helping to introduce the film.

I would like to see the theater filled with our warrior mothers and fathers.  You can order your tickets on the link.

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.  Visit his website at Plague The Book. You can order the book HERE.

The Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing on Flu Deaths

FearThis article Do Not Believe Everything You Hear About Flu Deaths is from  The Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing

Flu results in "about 250,000 to 500,000 yearly deaths" worldwide, Wikipedia tells us. "The typical estimate is 36,000 [deaths] a year in the United States," reports NBC, citing the Centers for Disease Control. "Somewhere between 4,000 and 8,000 Canadians a year die of influenza and its related complications", according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, adding that "Those numbers are controversial because they are estimates." "Controversial" is an understatement, and not just in Canada, and not just because the numbers are estimates. The numbers differ wildly from the sober tallies recorded on death certificates -- by law every certificate must show a cause -- and reported by the official agencies that collect and keep vital statistics. According to the National Vital Statistics System in the U.S., for example, annual flu deaths in 2010 amounted to just 500 per year -- fewer than deaths from ulcers (2,977), hernias (1,832) and pregnancy and childbirth (825), and a far cry from the big killers such as heart disease (597,689) and cancers (574,743). The story is similar in Canada, where unlikely killers likewise dwarf Statistics Canada's count of flu deaths.

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Attend the Trace Amounts Premier at TCL Chinese Theatre February 4

Chinese theatre
It's not often we get to attend a glamorous movie premier at the world famous Chinese Theatre!   On February 4, join Eric Gladen and the Trace Amounts team for opening night.   Reserve your seats today!  Click here.

This is the premiere event for Trace Amounts at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre! Come join us on the red carpet for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Trace amounts banner

During the past 20 years, the frequency of autism occurring in children has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68, and the scientific community is no closer to determining a cause. Trace Amounts is the true story of Eric Gladen’s painful journey through mercury poisoning that he believes resulted from a thimerosal-loaded tetanus shot. His discoveries led him on a quest for the scientific truth about the role of mercury poisoning in the Autism epidemic.

After recovering from a sickness that would bring him to the edge of despair, Eric Gladen began researching the science behind what had made him so sick. His research led him straight into one of the biggest medical debates of all time, the question of whether or not childhood vaccines are causing Autism. He would end up quitting his career, moving into an RV, and traveling the country interviewing experts and piecing together thousands of studies and leaked documents. But Eric wasn’t focused on the vaccines themselves, he was focused on something that belongs nowhere near vaccines — mercury.

From the Mad Hatter Syndrome in the late 1800’s, to Pink Disease in the first half of the 20th to the Iraqi Grain Incident in the early 1970’s, humans have learned time and again of the debilitating neurological and physical damage that mercury can cause. Then why and how did it end up in our childhood vaccines? Trace Amounts explores the origin of the use of mercury in the vaccines and exposes the continued greed based decision to keep mercury in the vaccines through several decades. Trace Amounts is the result of nearly a decade of research and travel, in which top scientists, government officials, parents of children with Autism, and the average Joe unravel the truths, secrets, and tragedies, of the skyrocketing Autism rates.

Could a tragedy, which brought one of the greatest nations to its knees, and stole a generation of children, have been avoided?

We invite you to host a screening in your area. Visit the Trace Amounts site for details.

Trace Amounts Documentary on San Diego 6

Trace amounts banner

What does mercury poisoning look like in an adult? And is mercury in vaccines connected to Autism? To find and host a screening of Trace Amounts, visit the site.

From San Diego 6: Eric Gladden, Filmmaker "Trace Amounts," and Rebecca Estepp, Director of Communications at Health Choice explain their quest for the scientific truth about vaccines.


National Autism Association: The Leaders in Autism Wandering and Safety Issues

NAA timeline
By Kim Stagliano

A special guest was in attendance at the State of the Union address on Tuesday night.  Her name is Avonte memorial Vanessa Fontaine, and while the name might not ring a bell, you surely remember the name Avonte Oquendo.  Ms. Fontaine is Avonte's Mom. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York  invited Ms. Fontaine to the SOTU address to stand as an example of the tragedy of autism wandering and the lack or protection for our children from toddlers to teens and beyond, and to create awareness and support of Avonte's Law.   We are grateful to Ms. Fontaine for putting a face on the worries and very real fears of so many of us in the autism community.

Long before this evening of Presidential pomp and circumstance, one autism organization has been toiling in the trenches to create not just awareness of the safety issues in autism, but acting to prevent injury and death.  That organization is National Autism Association. They work quietly and efficiently.  Sometimes too quietly - as is the halmark of a "doer" and not just a "Rosie Ruiz."*

We're going to remind you until we are blue in the face, NAA is making a difference for the autism community.  From the NAA blog:

In an effort to gain support for Avonte’s Law, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Monday that he has invited Vanessa Fontaine, mother of Avonte Oquendo, to attend the State of the Union Address Tuesday evening according to news reports.

Avonte’s Law would offer protections to prevent – and respond to – wandering incidents, namely in the autism community. The legislation would allocate funding towards assisting families of special needs children in need of tracking devices, as well as provide other services, such as first responder training and education.

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Kent Book PlagueBy Kent Heckenlively

There are winners and there are losers.  And I am in the fight.  I'd like you to join me in creating a victory.

In one corner is "The Panic Virus" by Seth Mnookin, which I consider to be an unfair attack on our community and our concerns.  The very title itself suggests that there is nothing much to worry about.  As Franklin Roosevelt might have said, "The only thing we need to panic about is panic itself."

And yet, when even conservative estimates proclaim that 1 in 50 children have autism (oh for those simpler times when it was only 1 in 150!), and researchers like Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT proclaim that if current increases continue than 1 in 2 children will have autism by 2025, it seems like there is definitely something to panic about.

Which is where my book, "PLAGUE: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism and Other Diseases" comes in.  Because you see, I do think there is something to panic about.  I am the boy crying wolf as the wolf rampages through the town.

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Letter to The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations RE: Alex Spourdalakis


Ms. Amy Papagopoulos
The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
One Renaissance Blvd.
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181


Dear Ms. Papagopoulos,

I am writing to you concerning the death of Alexander Spourdalakis, a Chicago teenager who had severe autism and inflammatory bowel disease. A complaint was received by the Joint Commission from the autism advocacy group, Autism Is Medical (AIM), in March 2013. This was prior to his death while he was an inpatient, restrained in Loyola Hospital. As far as I am aware and to all intents and purposes, no action was taken by your organization either at that time or since, in response to this complaint.

The hospitals involved in Alex’s extraordinary mismanagement – Loyola, Gottlieb Memorial, and Lutheran - all currently hold your “Gold” seal of approval.

Alex’s harrowing story has been made into an award winning documentary, Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis? produced by Autism Media Channel (AMC; The documentary, which is enclosed as a DVD for you to watch, speaks for itself. This production was reported recently on ABC 7 Chicago on at From January, the DVD will be available nationwide on Amazon, and in Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Walmart etc.

We will not let this matter rest until the safety of individuals with autism in US hospitals and their access to appropriate medical care is guaranteed. It is essential that the Joint Commission conduct a thorough investigation of these matters. Two women face life imprisonment in Cook County Jail on charges of First Degree murder, largely because of what we see as gross failings on the part of hospitals accredited by your organization. AMC will be following up on this story as it goes to trial and we will be dealing with the official response as part of that follow up. Given the public interest we will be posting this letter at

Thank you  

Yours sincerely,



Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield

Producers, Autism Media Channel

Autism Media Channel

Court Upholds New York's Right to Mandate Vaccination

Kent legalImportant decision issued this month from the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals, completely upholding the state’s right to impose vaccination mandates and to withhold schooling to the unvaccinated in the event of outbreaks.  Phillips_Per Curium Opinion_01072015

NICOLE PHILLIPS, individually and on behalf of B.P. and S.P., minors,
DINA CHECK, on behalf of minor M.C.,
FABIAN MENDOZA‐VACA, individually and on behalf of M.M. and V.M., minors,

— v. —

CITY OF NEW YORK, ERIC T. SCHNEIDERMAN, in his official capacity as Attorney General, State of New York, DR. NIRAV R. SHAH, in his official capacity as Commissioner, New York State Department of Health, NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, Defendants‐Appellees.*

* The Clerk of Court is respectfully directed to amend the official caption in this case to conform to the caption above.

Plaintiffs‐appellants challenge on constitutional grounds New York State’s
requirement that all children be vaccinated in order to attend public school. Plaintiffs‐appellants argue that the statutory vaccination requirement, which is subject to medical and religious exemptions, violates their substantive due process rights, the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, the Equal
Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Ninth Amendment, and both state and municipal law. On the same grounds, plaintiffs‐appellants argue that a state regulation permitting state officials to temporarily exclude students who are exempted from the vaccination requirement from school during an outbreak of a vaccine‐preventable disease is unconstitutional. The district court concluded that the statute and regulation are constitutional. We agree and
therefore AFFIRM.

The PLAGUE Challenge

Kent Book PlagueBy Kent Heckenlively

I have a BIG challenge for the readers of Age of Autism.

I am currently at 29 reviews on Amazon for the book I co-authored with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PLAGUE - One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases.

The book by Seth Mnookin, entitled, The Panic Virus, which savages our community is at 114 reviews on Amazon.

I know the number of unique readers we have each week at Age of Autism. With our numbers, are we really going to let Seth Mnookin hold the floor with 114 reviews?

I understand the complaints.  Dealing with our children who have autism is difficult.  We are emotionally and financially drained.  When we have free time we don't want to think about autism. It's just going to depress me anyway.  I hear these complaints from my wife all the time.  And I'll let you in on a little secret.  Sometimes I feel exactly the same way.

Which is why I co-wrote PLAGUE.  Because I don't want to feel depressed.  I wanted to find the story of a scientist who inspired me with her intelligence and her courage.  I wanted to drill down into the corruption of our scientific and medical research establishment so that I could figure out what could be done about it.  And the fact of the matter is, besides the thousands of hours it took me to write and polish the story so it reads like a fast-paced detective story, it's going to take YOU READING THE STORY and WRITING REVIEWS about it to change things.

Think about it.  Seth Mnookin gets away with trashing our community and he's got just 114 customer reviews on Amazon.  If just 1% of you joined the PLAGUE challenge we could crush him.  I want that victory over Seth Mnookin by March 1, 2015.

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San Diego Screening of Trace Amounts: Two Days Left to Buy Tickets!

Trace amounts banner


SAN DIEGO, CA – A new documentary Trace Amounts that details the harmful effects of mercury in everyday flu vaccines and the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) response will screen at Edwards Mira Mesa 18 on January 27, 2015.   

Trace Amounts, a film directed by Eric Gladen, explores the science, evidence, and historically significant actions during the decade-long debate of vaccine safety. The film tells the story of Gladen’s personal experience with mercury poisoning, which he believes resulted from a mercury-loaded tetanus shot, and the research that lead him to learn of the global health crisis that links thimerosal, a mercury-based vaccine preservative, to the autism epidemic.

“Eric Gladen was vaccine injured as an adult and recovered from his injury. My son was vaccine injured as an infant. Eric Gladen speaks for my son and the countless other infants who couldn't speak at the time they were injured,” said Becky Estepp. "Mercury never should be allowed in anyone's vaccines, especially in infant's vaccines. They can't tell us how they are feeling.”

The film and its makers adamantly call for the removal of thimerosal from all vaccines, including flu shots in the U.S. and abroad. A portion of the film’s proceeds will support a newly formed non-profit organization, Go Mercury Free, which promotes the removal of mercury from a variety of products and environmental factors.

Trace Amounts is written and produced by Eric Gladen; executive producers Jake Wood, Kristal Wood, Jason Merck, James Gladen, Debra Fenner and Rita Pasiciel; and producer Shiloh Levine.

For more information about Trace Amounts and the national film tour, visit

Purchase tickets here for the San Diego/Mira Mesa screening.

Headline News On Measles Outbreak at Disneyland

Thank you Rebecca Estepp of for sharing information about measles vaccination on Headline News today.

Book Review - "The Vaccine Court" by Wayne Rohde

The Vaccine Court Wayne RohdeBy Kent Heckenlively

The autism community owes a great debt to Wayne Rohde for his brisk, easy-to-read book "The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program."

For many of us, the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 which established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), otherwise known as the "Vaccine Court" has been an unmitigated disaster for the health of America's children.  It is since the passage of this act that the rate of autism, allergies, and other auto-immune disorders has skyrocketed among our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

Rohde does an admirable job of leading the reader through an easy to understand explanation of how this program which was supposed to give a quick resolution to those victims of vaccine injury morphed into a monster which benefits only the pharmaceutical companies. 

The heart-breaking stories of many of the parents of vaccine-injured children are included in this book, as well as the nightmare of going through the vaccine injury compensation program.  As difficult as it is to read many of these stories, knowing they are just a fraction of those in our country today, it is nothing less than a sacred obligation that we know them.  In our pain is our strength.

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PLAGUE - When the Mouse Met Mercury

Kent Book PlagueBy Kent Heckenlively

The first known outbreak of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) took place during 1934-1935 at the Los Angeles County Hospital and affected 198 doctors and nurses during a polio outbreak.

300 doctors and nurses at the Los Angeles County Hospital were given an early polio vaccine developed by Dr. Maurice Brodie, as well as approximately 7,000 children.  (Active Immunization Against Poliomyeleitis, American Journal of Public Health, February 1936)  The vaccine was passaged multiple times through mouse brain tissue.  (Attempts to Produce Poliomyelitis in Refractory Laboratory Animals, March 1, 1935, doi: 10.3181/00379727-32-7876)

In addition to the polio vaccine, the doctors and nurses were also given an accompanying "immune serum" to boost their response to the vaccine.  This immune serum contained "merthiolate", otherwise known as thimerosal, as a preservative. (Use of Serum and the Routine and Experimental Laboratory Findings in the 1934 Poliomyelitis Epidemic, American Journal of Public Health, First read on September 3, 1934)

It was during this time period that the first children who would go onto develop autism were born.  These children were born to parents who worked primarily in the medical and scientific fields.  Do you think these were the parents who would have been first in line to get a polio vaccine for their children?  I do.

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