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Levi Quackenboss: How to Win Any Vaccine Debate

SmartNote: Share this post by Levi Quackenboss far and wide.  We look forward to Part Duh, er Deux...  :)  Levi never fails to hit the nail on the head!

By Levi Quackenboss

We’ve all heard the most common talking points of pharma-sponsored vaccine propaganda in the mainstream media, but sometimes it’s hard to conjure up the right response when the same unfounded soundbites come at you in real life.

Save this blog. And the next and the next. I’ve got your answers for you.

#1 When they say, “Scientific studies have proven that vaccines don’t cause autism!”

Then you say, “Despite what you’ve heard in the media, only one shot and one ingredient have ever been studied for their role in causing autism.”

In the following two CDC (Centers for Disease Control) studies, just one shot– out of the ten single and combination shots on the infant vaccination schedule– and one ingredient– out of more than three dozen– have ever been studied in relation to autism. And both studies reek of scientific fraud.

The MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) study

Dr. William Thompson, a scientist on the CDC’s 2004 MMR-doesn’t-cause-autism study, was granted whistleblower protection by President Obama in 2014. Why would a scientist need that protection? Because recordings were released of him admitting that their study originally showed that the MMR does cause autism –most notably a 240% increase in African American boys– and that his co-authors at the CDC conspired to hide that finding.

Other studies that claim to prove the MMR’s innocence are based on this fraudulent study, or they are retroactive cohort studies (not case controlled like the CDC’s MMR study) which are rife with selection bias, unexplained parameters, and creative definitions of what it means to be “unvaccinated.” There is an often-cited 2015 “MMR doesn’t cause autism” retroactive cohort study of over 95,000 kids that Dr. Paul Thomas does an excellent job of dissecting if you’d like to learn more.

The mercury study

Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, the lead author of the CDC’s 2003 mercury-doesn’t-cause-autism study, sounded the alarm when he found that mercury-based thimerosal preservative was causing a 760% increase in autism prevalence. Thimerosal was used in the Hep B vaccines and DTaP vaccines up until 2003, and is continued to be used in flu shots today. But, according to the World Mercury Project, Verstraeten was pushed aside while others reworked his study to bury the damaging discovery. Verstraeten then resigned from the CDC, returned to his homeland, and took a job with GlaxoSmithKline before his CDC study was even published, which Congress found to be a violation of ethics. The nail in the coffin came during a 2004 Institute of Medicine Review of that study, when the CDC’s presentation slides revealed that they had “lost” the study’s raw data sets used from the Vaccine Safety Datalink. Voila! No one will ever be able check their findings. (Note: these CDC slides are now removed from the IOM website, too, but you can read more about them here.)

Does this sound like a comprehensive investigation into vaccination causing autism?

#2 When they say, “But today’s vaccines have less antigens than vaccines from decades ago, so they’re safer now.”

Then you say, “Who said that vaccines had too many antigens? That’s a straw man argument. We’ve been told hundreds of times that infants have the capacity to respond to an enormous number of antigens. Vaccine antigens were reduced to maximize manufacturer profits, not to improve safety.”

When parents say that today’s schedule is “too many too soon,” they mean too many vaccines, not too many antigens. There is a lot more to a vaccine vial than antigens. Heck, the hep B vaccine only has one little antigen. I still don’t want it injected into my kid.

Disease antigens are expensive to produce and vaccine makers want to minimize expenses. Decades ago, only the DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis) vaccine used aluminum adjuvant. But today, vaccines for seven diseases on the bloated schedule have powerful neurotoxic aluminum adjuvants that cause a little bit of antigen to elicit a huge immune response.

I’ll sit here and wait while you research the safety of aluminum. It has no known use to the human body, it causes an IgE response and increases allergies, it’s a highly reactive and damaging neurotoxin, and rather than being excreted by the body, it accumulates in the brain.

Vaccines are no safer for it.

#3 When they say, “Mercury was taken out of vaccines in 2001 and autism rates rose anyway!”

Read the rest  of the article here.

L’affaire Wakefield: Shades of Dreyfus & BMJ’s Descent into Tabloid Science

Vera SharavAge of Autism links to Alliance for Human Resesearch Protection for Vera Sharav's damning indictment of the British Medical Journal's intervention in the Wakefield affair. She traces its history from the beginning but focuses on the journal's allegations of  fraud in 2011 and its sinister repercussions.

By Vera Sharav

L’affaire Wakefield: Shades of Dreyfus & BMJ’s Descent into Tabloid Science

Introduction: I have undertaken this review of the case against Dr. Andrew Wakefield because the issues involved are far more consequential than the vilification of one doctor. The issues, as I see them, involve (a) collusion of public health officials to deceive the public by concealing scientific evidence that confirms empirical evidence of serious harm linked to vaccines – in particular polyvalent vaccines; (b) the “willful blindness” by the medical community as it uncritically fell in line with a government dictated vaccination policy driven by corporate business interests.

Public health officials and the medical profession have abrogated their professional, public, and human responsibility, by failing to honestly examine the iatrogenic harm caused by expansive, indiscriminate, and increasingly aggressive vaccination policies. On a human level, the documented evidence shows a callous disregard for the plight of thousands of children who suffer irreversible harm, as if they were unavoidable “collateral damage”.

All of the documented evidence and testimonies submitted to the General Medical Council, upon which GMC issued its guilty verdicts against Dr. Wakefield and his two co-defendants in 2010, were subsequently forensically assessed by the UK High Court in March 2012, in the appeal of Professor John Walker-Smith, the senior clinician and senior author of the Lancet case series. The High Court determined that the verdicts of professional misconduct and ethics violations were unsupported by the evidence.

Indeed, the adjudicated evidence refutes the case against Dr. Wakefield; the documents and testimonies demonstrate that there is no evidence whatsoever, to support the charges of professional misconduct, much less the accusation of fraud. The accusation of fraud was hurled by the Editor-in-Chief of the BMJ, a medical journal whose corporate ownership is intertwined with the vaccine manufacturing Behemoths, Merck – with whom BMJ signed a partnership agreement in 2008 – and GlaxoSmithKline which provides additional financial support to BMJ. Among their numerous vaccine products, Merck and GSK manufacture the MMR vaccine.

My commentary is buttressed with details from the High Court decision (2012); transcripts of testimony before the General Medical Council (2007- 2010); documents and testimony that have been judicially adjudicated; the sworn deposition of the Deputy Editor of the BMJ with internal BMJ emails(2012); internal correspondence by CDC officials and CDC-commissioned scientists (2000-2009, some uncovered in 2011; new documents obtained in July 2017); the suppressed finding of CDC’s first large-scale epidemiological study (1999) and a transcript of the closed door meeting of the Epidemic Intelligence Service at Simpsonwood (2000); a transcript of the closed meeting of the US Institute of Medicine Committee on Immunization Safety Review (2001); the U.S. Grand Jury criminal indictment of Dr. Poul Thorsen (2011); transcripts of the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (1988); a confidential report Re: Infanrix hexa submitted by GlaxoSmithKline to the European Medicines Agency (2012) documenting sudden infant deaths; Cochrane Collaboration MMR reviews (2003, 2005, 2012); HHS Inspector General investigation report – CDC advisory panel corruption (2009); CDC scientists letter of complaint about “rogue interests” “questionable and unethical practices” (2016)...    Read more at here.

The End of an Error

The endScienceBlogs is no more. Home to Orac and others who took a strange delight in the autism epidemic and vaccine injury denial, it appears to have published its last.  Blogging has changed dramatically post social media. Most of us look to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram for quick peek, fast read, easily digestible information and news. It's not necessarily a good thing. Long form reporting and blogging have changed.   I haven't written for HuffPo in a very long time - nor would they publish some of my autism posts even when I submitted them. I let my personal blog wind down too.  Yahoo groups bit the dust years ago. Facebook became King.

I'm sure Orac and others will find another home so that they can continue their missions.

For those ScienceBloggers who were blogging to improve lives and share meaningful information and who had a community, I'm sorry for your loss.   For those who spent their days trying to harm my children, my colleagues, me - good riddance.

Meanwhile, Age of Autism is here, strong as ever despite our great loss of Dan Olmsted last January. If you would like to support us, we welcome your donations and rely on them.  Thank you.


When Inclusion Means So Little: NC Teen Shamed with Inappropriate Photo

LotteryThere is no pain like the pain we feel when our children with autism, or any disability, are treated badly and abused.

"He doesn't have a voice. Help him. That's your peer."  The boy's Mom from the story below. What more can we say? Where is human kindness, respect for dignity? Next week I am speaking at Norwalk (CT) Community College for their "Common Read" week.  Common Read is a national program in which an entire English department reads, discusses and has talks on the same book. My dear friend and fellow autism Warrior Mom Maria Buchta is an English Professor at NCC and in charge of Common Read. She wanted to find a book that tackled inclusion, special needs, adults with differences.  She asked for my input and I suggested LOTTERY by Patricia Wood. Pat is a friend - and her book is about Perry Crandall, a man with a low IQ ("I am not retarded") who wins the Lottery. You can imagine the fallout. It's a beautiful book. Respectful. Charming. Sharp. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

American students and adults with disabilities deserve respect. End of story. Unlike the story below.  Kim

A North Carolina mom is angry after she says a student took a picture of her son, who has autism, and another special needs student in the bathroom.

Melanie Howard says the picture showed her son, Ben's, backside.

"An individual took it upon himself to pray on the innocent, the sweet, the innocent lives who have no voice and put it on social media," she said.

Ben is not aware of what happened, but his family is outraged.

"I just started getting really frustrated, I couldn't. It was extremely difficult to control how mad I was," his brother Josh said.

Wake County Public Schools says the incident is a "severe violation" of their student code of conduct, warranting a suspension. They said they would work with law enforcement to pursue charges.

Ben's mother is disappointed in students who saw the photo online, and did nothing to interfere.

"Thought it was funny and tons of other people thought it was funny because it took them three days for someone to say something," she said. "Step up and have a voice. He doesn't have a voice. Help him that's your peer. Despite that he has a disability, that's your peer. He's in school with you."  Watch video see more here.

Autism Deserves Its Diagnosis Status

DenialThanks to writer, autism Mom and my personal mentor Barbara Fischkin for alerting me to this great post about the insanity of Neurodiversity.  Written by Jill Escher and posted on the Cortical Chauvinism blog, Escher sums up the extreme frustration that so many of us as feel as our children with true autism - the DSM-V diagnosable autism are being marginalized, wiped off the map and thus, so are their intense needs.  On Saturday we posted an article about one family's 200+ hour wait in an ER following their autistic son's "psychotic break."

If you do one thing today, I implore you to read Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill's new book DENIAL - which shreds the myths that neurodiversity according to Simon Baron-Cohen and others are trying to spread.  We are NOT against accommodations, acceptance, and general human kindness toward everyone with autism. But as with anything, ask yourself, "cui bono," WHO benefits if we convince the public that autism is just a difference that has always been here and as such requires no deep probing into cause or cure? CUI BONO. Hint, it ain't us.  Thanks to Jill for this post.

by Jill Escher

I’m the mom of two kids with profound neurodevelopmental impairments, labeled by multiple esteemed practitioners as “autism.” At ages 18 and 11, they can’t read, write, or talk. They have never played with a toy or dressed themselves. They don’t know their birthdays, much less what “birthday” might mean. They are both gorgeous, healthy and utterly delightful, with smiles and personalities that light up the room, but because of their profound mental dysfunctions they will require one-to-one 24/7 assistance for the entirety of their lives, all at astronomical expense to us and society. In short, no reasonable person denies that they suffer walloping mental disorders of the most alarming magnitude.

So imagine my shock reading “Neurodiversity – a revolutionary concept for autism and psychiatry,” by Simon Baron-Cohen, professor of developmental psychopathology at University of Cambridge and the current president of the International Society for Autism Research. In it, he suggests that the field of psychiatry should perhaps view autism as a variant of normal along the lines of homosexuality or left-handedness, rather than as a mental disorder where brain and behavior involve some sort of impairment.

He argues autism may be neurodiversity rather than pathology because it is “associated with cognitive strengths” and is just a form of “diversity in the set of all possible brains.” In his view, the underlying cognition and neurobiology in autism cannot be said to be “dysfunctional,” just “different.” He contends “there is no single way for a brain to be normal, as there are many ways for the brain to be wired up and reach adulthood.”

Say what? How could anyone—much less a person seated atop one of the highest altars of authority and influence in the world of autism—so trivialize my children’s and others’ disabilities by likening them to traits like handedness which are irrelevant to basic mental functioning? Or shrug off the often drastic consequences of abnormal neurophysiology? Hey, my kids have certain strengths, too, like love for music, gentle empathy, and striking athleticism, but those hardly negate the fact my son might eat his shoe. Moreover, isn’t the very purpose of psychiatry to identify and address serious mental impairments that interfere with normal functioning rather than to offer feel-good kumbaya?

Read more here.

200 Hours in Emergency Room For Family of Autistic Boy

FutureNote: Tots become teens. Tweens become twentysomethings. What will happen when the tsunami of children with autism hits puberty and adulthood and their behaviors need support that frankly doesn't exist in our medical world? We closed our institutions decades ago in America. Will a new population of neurological injury and challenging behaviors be a catalyst to create new institutions? In the story below, the 11 year old with autism is said to have had a "psychotic break." He's 11!  There were no crisis beds available. The push to neurodiversity has covered up this harsh reality. While abc lulls the nation with The Good Doctor and TV viewers now think Sheldon is the face of Asperger's (I do love the Big Bang Theory, and Sheldon), families are long past wit's end. The result can be traumatic horror - murder, suicide. Families can have psychotic breaks too....   Feel free to share your story with reporter Cliff Bellamy below. By the way, this story is from N. Carolina, home of UNC's TEACCH autism programming. NC has been one of the most progressive states for autism for decades. Still, no crisis beds for this raging epidemic.

By Cliff Bellamy

October 17, 2017 1:00 PM


Natania Barron and Michael Harrison waited 255 hours in the emergency room before their autistic son Liam, 11, was finally placed in a program that could provide the psychiatric care he needed.

That call came late Monday, Oct. 16, more than a week after their son had a breakdown.

Barron wrote about her experience on a blog post on, where she is an editor. Liam had what Barron called a “psychotic break,” and the people at this school, Hope Creek Academy in Durham, could not control him. “I will spare details, but the long and short of it was that in his state we feared for his safety and the safety of those around him,” she wrote.

Barron praised the private school for children with special needs, but said the only way she and her husband could get Liam into a program that could help was to go to an emergency room. From Friday, Oct. 6, until Monday, Barron and Harrison took shifts staying with Liam in a room in the emergency ward of UNC Hospitals.

Read more here: The Problem With The Neurodiversity Movement

DenialNOTE: Thanks to JB Handley for sharing this on his FB wall. I was unfamiliar with Thomas Clements. Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted wrote a book about the Neurodiversity movement that tackles exactly what Mr. Clements is writing about as a man with autism himself. Many of our kids are severely affected. However, not all. Some of our AofA family have Asperger's, are married, have kids, careers and so do (or will) their children. We never want to disrespect the ability of anyone with autism. Nor can we ever forget that for most - many - autism is a serious, life-altering diagnosis that affects an entire family.  Enjoy this piece and feel free to comment here and then to say hello to Mr. Clements on his post as well. KAR


The Problem With The Neurodiversity Movement
By Thomas Clements

Every morning when I wake up I feel a heavy sense of trepidation as I contemplate the complex series of social interactions I will have to navigate in order to make it through the day at work. Being on the autism spectrum makes me instinctively averse to the superficial chit-chat I am expected to engage in in my job as a retail cashier. To my mind at least, small-talk serves no real practical purpose. It just makes me feel on edge and increases my overall stress levels as I expend huge amounts of cognitive energy decoding idioms and non-verbal communication. Unfortunately, retail work is about the only employment option available to me at the moment because my Asperger’s Syndrome affects my ability to relate to others. Because of my condition, I am prone to be blunt, sometimes to the point of rudeness, which is a personality trait that tends not to sit especially well with many members of the so-called ‘neuro-typical’ or non-autistic world.

As a relatively isolated 20-something Aspie with few friends, I decided to take to social media in the hope of finding a community into which I could assimilate and no longer feel like a routinely-shunned outsider. In online autism circles, I frequently came across the term ‘neurodiversity’, a term used to denote a collective of atypically-minded people with a range of conditions including ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, and autism. The aim of the movement is to celebrate these distinct conditions as natural variations in the human genome rather than viewing them as pathological disorders deserving of medical interventions and cures. The term itself can be attributed to Judy Singer, an Australian social scientist on the autism spectrum, who wished to encapsulate a notion of neurological difference across humanity akin to the variation we see in plants and animals in biodiversity. The term was an instant hit and went on to spawn a left-wing political movement inspired by past and present civil rights causes. Indeed, the aim of neurodiversity is to champion the rights of ‘neurodiverse’ individuals in society and campaign to achieve the correct accommodations for them in the workplace and the wider society in order that they may live rich, fulfilling lives. The idea of curing conditions like autism is anathema to neurodiversity advocates, who often compare such a notion as akin to curing homosexuality, which was considered a psychiatric disorder until the late 80s.  Read more here.

Exposing Students To Scrutiny Based on Vaccine Status in Clinton's Chappequa NY Town

Bullied-girlNOTE: The current push to protecting every group large or minute while denigrating, harming, punishing and now exposing the vaccine medical choice community is frightening.  This is the USA. We teach tolerance. Respect.  Unless you are a nurse without a flu vaccine, or a perfectly healthy child in school without a chicken pox vaccine.  Got mental illness? We'll protect you even if you buy 100  weapons.

Children with AIDS are labeled handicapped and their right to public education is safely protected. Remember Ryan White? 

Although Section 504 does not contain a specific provision regarding confidentiality, it does state that recipients may not "provide different or separate aid, benefits or services to handicapped persons or to any class of handicapped persons...."

Under Section 504, singling out children handicapped with AIDS for treatment that differs from that provided to nonhandicapped children or children with other handicaps with respect to confidentiality would constitute different treatment on the basis of handicap, and would be a violation of the regulation.

This provision would not affect state and local public health rules regarding the duty of school districts to report specified diseases to public health departments. However, when reporting any cases of AIDS to public health authorities, school districts should convey such information in a manner that respects the privacy of the individual and the confidential nature of the information, in the same way that information about other diseases is treated.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and other federal laws provide protection against unwarranted disclosure of school records. If school districts have concerns or need guidance on confidentiality requirements, they can contact the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) and the Family Policy and Regulatory Staff in the Department of Education.

And yet healthy children are being prevented from attending school in California thanks to SB 277. And in well to do Chappequa New York, a petition that does exactly what is says is doesn't seek to do threatens the basic privacy of every student who is not fully vaccinated per the CDC/NY state schedule.   A child with AIDS can attend school with privacy - a child without a chicken pox vaccine can not?  "Transparency" in the petition means "tattling." Period. Let's label unvaccinated students handicapped then, and let them have privacy.  Otherwise, this is school sanctioned bullying pure and simple.

This petition just so happens to be from Chappaqua New York - home to Bill and Hilary Clinton - champions of acceptance from A to U, then they skip V and move onto W,X,Y, and Z.

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World Mercury Project on Mercury Laden Flu Vaccines

WMPYou want to do everything right for your child, and would never knowingly allow someone to inject a neurotoxin into your infant. Before getting a flu shot, you need to know this: MERCURY is a NEUROTOXIN.

What You Need to Know

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns pregnant women and young children not to eat fish containing high levels of methylmercury. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends pregnant women and infants get influenza vaccines, many of which contain ethylmercury from the preservative thimerosal. Receiving them may result in mercury exposures exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended maximum levels.

World Mercury Project is deeply concerned that the risks of getting mercury-containing seasonal influenza vaccines may outweigh the benefits for pregnant women, infants and children. Mercury is known to be highly toxic to brain tissue and can impact critical stages of brain development.

A 2017 CDC study links miscarriage to flu vaccines, particularly in the first trimester. Pregnant women vaccinated in the 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 flu seasons had two times greater odds of having a miscarriage within 28 days of receiving the vaccine. In women who had received the H1N1 vaccine in the previous flu season, the odds of having a miscarriage within 28 days were 7.7 times greater than in women who did not receive a flu shot during their pregnancy.

Read more at World Mercury Project.

First Hockey, Now Lacrosse as Mumps "Sticks" Around

Mumps can't playThe NHL had an outbreak of the Mumps a few years ago that continues today. Now it seems mumps has sought another stick handling sport - lacrosse. Students at Syracuse are dealing with "isolation" (this used to be called quarantine) as this "vaccine preventable" disease seems to be scoring on an open net.  We wish all of the student well - mumps are no fun! 

Syracuse U Students Infected with Mumps


RIP Maryanne Godboldo, Champion of Children's Medical Rights

Maryanne-Godboldo-300x209 NOTE: We are sad to report that Maryanne has passed away.  She was a Michigan Mom dedicated to her daughter's well being - and willing to fight even a SWAT team to defend her daughter's medical rights.   She was exonerated of all charges in 2011. You can read the timeline of the events here.

“The family of Maryanne Godboldo is deeply saddened to announce that she passed away this morning. This has been a long journey and many of you have shown your immense support for Maryanne and Ariana. For that, we are eternally grateful. We know that she appreciated each and every one of you. At this time we ask for time to grieve. We will provide a more formal statement in the coming weeks. During this time, we remind you that it is vital for you all to continue to be Maryanne’s voice for the fight for parental rights.”

Divorce and Vaccination

Broken heartNOTE: Divorce is contentious enough without rancor regarding medical decisions. Here, a mother went to jail for contempt of court - over her decision not to vaccinate her son, against her ex-husband's decision. This case was in Michigan. Are vaccines to become a new weapon in divorce cases? The courts are likely to agree with the parent who wants to vaccinate. Doest his put the child's best interests first?

A 9-year-old boy at the center of vaccine dispute between his divorced parents received four immunizations on Monday, according to court testimony today.

The boy's mother, Rebecca Bredow, 40, of Ferndale, opposed the shots and served five days in the Oakland County Jail for refusing a judge's order to get them. The boy's father, James Horne, wanted his son vaccinated and had them administered on Monday, when he had custody of the child. 

Through his attorney, Benton Richardson, Horne declined comment after the court hearing.

Bredow fought back tears as she discussed her jail stint and the rulings today. 

New York Times Said to Have Covered Up Weinstein Accusations

The Wrap WaxmanIt comes as no surprise to AofA'ers that the New York Times would cover up disgusting, dirty, dangerous, threatening actions to protect advertisers and their almighty dollars. As a woman and dedicated martial artist, it makes me furious to read that the Times THE GRAY LADY would throw all women under the bus of ad revenue. As an autism Mom, it surprises me not a whit. They protect pharma even more vociferously in that they publish article after article (press release after press release) extolling the safe magic of vaccination while slamming the door on injury, side effects and death. Imagine if the Times had columnists and industry insiders proclaiming that sexual harassment and assault - outright assault - not only never happened, but the women who dare to accuse men of such mythical crimes are crazy, ignorant, hysterical, have an axe to grind and worse. We know this world because we live it, yes? 

WHERE are the reporters who are ready to say, "I was told to cover up vaccine injury and the autism link." There was a WSJ reporter many years ago who told us as much, quietly. Where is the man or woman with courage?  The autism/vaccine injury story is really a tale of vicious misogyny.

The former Times Editor "pushed back" against the accusation made by a female former reporter and The Wrap founder Sharon Waxman. Sour grapes? Could be. But really, what does she have to gain except copious amounts of grief?   Remember, the boys club must not be disturbed. Right Poul Thorsen? Right Paul Offit? Right Tom Insel? Right Richard Pan?

I wonder if Ms. Waxman would listen to our stories now, knowing that her former paper will protect it's source (of income) at all costs?


A former New York Times reporter claims the paper ordered up a story in 2004 about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct — but then “stripped” it of any reference to the accusations after being pressured by him to do so.

After intense pressure from Weinstein … the story was gutted,” Sharon Waxman wrote Sunday in an article for The Wrap, a site she founded in 2009.

“I was told at the time that Weinstein had visited the newsroom in person to make his displeasure known,” Waxman added. “I knew he was a major advertiser in the Times, and that he was a powerful person overall.”

The Times did not return a request for comment Sunday night.

And the response:

From Politico:

Jonathan Landman, a former high-ranking New York Times editor, pushed back Monday against The Wrap founder and CEO Sharon Waxman’s claim that the Times spiked her reporting 13 years ago on allegations of sexual misconduct involving Harvey Weinstein following pressure from the Hollywood mogul. 

HR 327 Promotes False Safety Claims About Vaccination To Further Protect Pharma

Urgent call to actionNOTE:  Thank to you Autism Action Network for this action alert.

The US House of Representatives is considering House Resolution 327 which asserts that, "there is no credible evidence to show that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults," among other demonstrably false claims that could be easily refuted with a cursory look at the federal government's own data. House Resolution 327, Recognizing the importance of vaccinations and immunizations in the United States, was introduced by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank, CA) and is co-sponsored so far by 33 of his colleagues. 

Please click on the link below to send a message to your member of the House asking him or her to oppose this Resolution, and to remove their name as a co-sponsor if they have already signed-on.  Before you do that, if you value the news, information and advocacy made available to you by the Autism Action Network, please make it possible for us to continue in our work by donating to our one fundraising event of the year.
And please make two phone calls to Washington, DC today, one to Representative Schiff's office, and another to your Representative's office. Please politely let them know that the there is a huge body of data on vaccine injuries that they should study before supporting demonstrably false resolutions. Ask if your Rep. is a co-sponsor, and if they are ask them to remove their names. If he or she isn't a co-sponsor, ask them to keep their name off House Resolution 327.
Rep. Adam Schiff, (202) 225-4176
Rep. Erik Paulsen (202) 225-2871
House Resolution 327 reads like a press release from a vaccine company.  See the .pdf of HR327 here and read the verbiage below:
Rep. Schiff appears unfamiliar with the most basic facts about vaccines and vaccine policy. Every package insert for every vaccine in America contains information about the possible injuries the Federal government admits could occur to healthy adults and children. Schiff and colleagues also seem to be unaware of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the "vaccine court," that considers thousands of cases of vaccine injury every year and has paid out more than $3 billion in damages. If vaccines are as safe as Schiff claims why does the vaccine industry and pediatricians demand complete liability protection from any injury caused by a vaccine?

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America: The Med-er Capital of the World

Pill gunMeds and murder. In 2004, Dan Olmsted wrote a ground breaking series with Mark Benjamin about the malaria drug Lariam - and its association with murder suicides. You can read the series here from UPI.   Eight years later, Dan was Editor of Age of Autism and wrote "The Kill Pill Murder, Madness, and the Army's Mefloquine Cover-up" for our readers.  This week, we suffered the worst mass shooting in our nation's history. Even worse than Orlando and Sandy Hook (a mere 15 miles from my home.) Sandy Hook had a particular horror in that so many school children were murdered by Adam Lanza.

The Las Vegas shooter was said to be a wealthy man, no notable mental health issues, "successful."  And he was prescribed valium in June.  We at Age of Autism believe firmly that pharma is behind the autism epidemic. And I believe pharma is behind our gun violence epidemic.  It's time to demand the medical records of every single shooter since Columbine. Compare them. Forget  medical privacy.

Medications and toxin laden vaccinations are changing the American mind from toddlers to Seniors. Better diagnosis? In a pig's eye. Doctors have turned a blind eye to the havoc their peddling for pharma has wrought.

My point in sharing this article is NOT to begin a discussion on gun control - pro or con. If you can make a comment that includes your opinion without rancor toward each other we'll approve it.  But no verbal bullets, OK?  Thanks. Kim


Stephen Paddock, who killed at least 58 people and wounded hundreds more in Las Vegas on Sunday with high-powered rifles, was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug in June that can lead to aggressive behavior, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has learned.

Records from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program obtained Tuesday show Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets by Henderson physician Dr. Steven Winkler on June 21.

A woman who answered the phone at Winkler’s office would not make him available to answer questions and would neither confirm nor deny that Paddock was ever a patient.

Paddock purchased the drug — its brand name is Valium — without insurance at a Walgreens store in Reno on the same day it was prescribed. He was supposed to take one pill a day.

Diazepam is a sedative-hypnotic drug in the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which studies have shown can trigger aggressive behavior. Chronic use or abuse of sedatives such as diazepam can also trigger psychotic experiences, according to

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Hugh Hefner's Biggest Sin Was Being "Anti-Vaccine?"

Note. Dr. Sheri Tenpenny has a sharp post on following the death of Hugh Hefner.  Check out this obnoxious Tweet from Ian Higham. Specialist in SWEDISH media - a laughable dose of irony given Sweden's sexy reputation.  Higham is a health freedom PRUDE. Hefner hosted a Generation Rescue fundraiser many years ago. And this is what Ian Higham thought to wrote about his death - that he was repulsive for supporting families facing the struggles of autism. Wow, talk about your naked ignorance.  Ian really ought to read a couple of articles. ;)


Hugh Hefner, the iconic, the controversial, owner of Playboy magazine, passed away at 91 years of age on Wednesday. Though Hefner’s occupation consistently placed him in an epicenter of moral controversy, his passing has largely been used as a time to celebrate his life. Some have called him an advocate of free speech.

Of course, others have pointed out his “moral depravity,” assuring us that Hefner’s polarizing being has not passed for everyone.

But beyond the obvious, some chose to dig up Hefner’s potential “anti-vaccine” position.

Back in 2008, Hefner attended a fundraiser for “Jenny McCarthy’s autism charity Generation Rescue.” And since that moment, the staunchly pro-vaccine brigades have classified him as an “anti-vaxxer.” And it seems that even in death, some feel the need to go on the attack.... read more at Vaxxter.

Moms Upset After UH Nurse Posts to Facebook About Flu Shots and Autism

Coke Ad Nurse
Note: We are the lowest of the pecking order.  We have no protection. No respect. The autism community has no acceptance.  To think otherwise is nonsense. Nurses - the supposed kindest people in any hospital - the angels of mercy - the princesses of bedside manner - here is one nurse making fun of vaccine injury after administering flu shots. Where is the basic human empathy?

AMHERST, Ohio -- Megan Elder, of Amherst, is a mother of three and an advocate for those with special needs.

"I grew up in the disability community, so for me, to see a post like that, I felt like it was insensitive," said Elder.

Megan is upset by a recent Facebook post by a nurse at University Hospitals that quickly went viral.

The tongue-in-cheek post reads: "460 flu vaccines in 8 hours. That's nearly 1 autism a minute. I'm exhausted."

It was instantly screen grabbed and shared worldwide.

"My gut reaction was disappointment. I feel like nurses should be trained a little bit better and have empathy both personally and professionally on how to discuss sensitive topics like that," said Elder.

UH releasing a statement Friday saying, "The nurse who posted this item does not speak for the hospital in her personal social media accounts."

The statement goes on to read, "University Hospitals agrees with all major studies and stands firmly behind all medical associations, including the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics, that there is no known link between any vaccines and Autism."

Megan, who chooses not to vaccinate her children, says no matter where you stand on vaccinations and immunizations, you should never make fun of something like this.

"I think that nurse needs more empathy training. People decline the flu shot for all sorts of reasons, including religious. It's just a sensitivity issue, I guess," said Elder.

Vacunas la Verdadera Historia

NOTE: Please welcome Alberto Castro as a regular contributor to AofA. His posts add a South American perspective to our content. English translation below. Please share widely. Gracias!

By Alberto Castro

Lawrence Palevsky, M.D. y otros expertos como Suzanne Humphries MD, están actualizando la narrativa sobre las vacunas que se enseña en las universidades de medicina de varios países, con un estudio publicado en la revista Pediatrics de diciembre de 2000 escrito por miembros de Johns Hopkins y científicos de los CDC. Aproximadamente el 90% de la disminución en la mortalidad de enfermedades infecciosas entre los niños estadounidenses ocurrió antes de 1940, cuando habían pocos antibióticos y las vacunas de DTP y sarampión aun no estaban disponibles. Por lo tanto la vacunación no es la responsable de las impresionantes caídas de la mortalidad observadas en la primera mitad del siglo como se enseña en las Universidades de Medicina.

Ver extracto en Pediatrics.
Real history of vaccines graphic

Bernard Guyer, MD, MPH*, Mary Anne Freedman, MA‡, Donna M. Strobino, PhD*, Edward J. Sondik, PhD‡

From the *Department of Population and Family Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland; and the ‡National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hyattsville, Maryland.


The Real History of Vaccines

Lawrence Palevsky, M.D. and other experts such as Suzanne Humphries MD are updating the vaccine narrative taught at medical universities in several countries with a study published in the December 2000 issue of Pediatrics, by members of Johns Hopkins and CDC scientists. Approximately 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among American children occurred before 1940, when there were few antibiotics and DTP and measles vaccines were not yet available. Vaccination is therefore not responsible for the impressive declines in mortality observed in the first half of the century as it is taught in medical universities.


Paul Offits Defends Flu Vaccine After Miscarriage Study


Note: Dr. Paul Offit, vax injury apologist and champion of tamping down American medical rights, has been ushered in to defend the flu vaccine in pregnant women following the news that the vaccine may be causal in miscarriages. Paul Offit claims to want to protect and save babies.  Offit, "Scarer-in-Chief" for Pharma, author of such gems as "Autism's False Prophets: Bad Offit babyScience, Risky Medicine and the Quest for a Cure" (cue the spooky music) and "How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All" (gee no scare tactics there, move along) writes, The Pregnancy Vaccine Scare That Should Have Never Been Why that CDC study on flu shots during the first trimester should never have been published.

Dr. Offit is telling the CDC that they should never have published a study.  Previous studies found no link. So let's discount one that does. That's science, how?

Last week, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned that an influenza vaccine given in the first trimester of pregnancy might have caused miscarriages. News outlets all over America picked up the story.

The CDC’s claim wasn’t trivial. About 50 percent of all pregnant women in the U.S. receive an annual influenza vaccine. Now, some expectant mothers were wondering whether they had done the right thing by getting their flu shots.

These women had no need to worry. For several reasons, this CDC study should have never been published. Why?

• The CDC’s observation was inconsistent. Researchers had studied two influenza-vaccine seasons: 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. The problem of first-trimester spontaneous abortions occurred during the first season but not the second.

From The Daily Beast:

"Boo To The Flu" Vaccine Campaigns in Schools & Hospitals

Boo to flu
Yesterday was the first day of Fall and here in America that means flu shot sales season is about to take off like a bride's pajamas. Fast. The photo is a flyer from a Boo to the Flu program that ran last year, and we suspect will run again and all over the nation.  The irony of the mascot is not lost on us: home of the PANDAS. 

Schools make money ($2 per shot) when students get a flu shot while under their care.  Remember the old Two Buck Chuck wine at Trader Joe's. Well, this campaign is a Two Buck &*#$.   If you really want your child to get a flu shot, that's your right.  We won't deny you your medical rights for your children. It's not our way. Take him or her to a doctor.  Do your homework. Please seek out mercury free doses.

Schools can't serve a PB&J at lunch, but they can provide an invasive medical procedure and make money too.  Below is a flyer from a hospital with a similar program this year.  Trick or treat AND get a flu shot!  The bad jokes write themselves. Feel free to Snicker....

Boo Flu trick or treat

This is what we see...

Candy van

No matter your opinion on vaccination. Gift from God or scourge. Necessary or never.  Marketing them along with, and like candy is bizarre and dangerous.  But I guess that's the state of American "medicine" in 2017.  Be careful if you say "boo to the flu" instead of the flu shot. You might end up like Charlie Brown.

Mandatory Over-Vaccination - The Australian Experience

Parental RightsBy Elizabeth Hart

Recently there have been calls for mandatory vaccination in the UK, as discussed by Tom Moberly, UK editor of The BMJ, see UK doctors re-examine case for mandatory vaccination.

The United States and Australia are at the forefront with government-mandated vaccination policies, with Italy, France and Germany also recently announcing coercive policies.

These sinister moves towards government-mandated medical interventions for healthy people, and the destruction of 'informed consent' before vaccination, have received little or no objective critical analysis in academia or the mainstream media.

It appears the pharmaceutical industry has hijacked vaccination policy around the world. Obliging governments are mandating vaccine products for children, and there are indications that adults will be under pressure to have vaccinations throughout life too.  

Communities are being set up to be compliant to all the vaccine products in the vaccine industry's pipeline, including repeated revaccinations throughout life with failing products, e.g. pertussis and flu vaccines.

The medical profession's position on this matter has been woeful.  

It appears many doctors are happily stepping up to the plate to be the vaccine industry's and governments' police force to impose the ever-increasing vaccination schedule on the community. But just how much do these doctors know about the plethora of vaccine products and revaccinations on the schedule?  Precious little I would wager.  

And now these people are being given the power to impose medical interventions, without authentic informed consent.  They are being given free rein to over-vaccinate the community, along with the over-diagnosis, over-prescribing, over-treatment and over-servicing which is rampant in the medical industry.

In this regard, see below my recent challenge to Dr Joanna Flynn, Chair of the Medical Board of Australia (18 September 2017):-

Dear Dr Flynn

Re: Over-vaccination, 'legally valid consent', and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

Recent media reports about Dr John Piesse raise important questions about doctors' responsibility to their patients, and the medical profession's duty to work in the best interests of the community.  

Dr Flynn, writing in the MJA on the competency of doctors, you have said: "The opportunity now is for the medical profession to take responsibility, individually and collectively, for the future standards of medical practice in Australia.  The board is seeking to work with the profession and the community to ensure that the high levels of trust and confidence that the Australian public has in doctors is based on an appropriate framework for ensuring the continuing competency of all those in practice."

I suggest matters such as 'informed consent' before medical interventions, e.g. vaccination; and the proper acknowledgement and reporting of adverse events after vaccination are important ethical responsibilities for doctors. The medical profession as a whole should also consider the burgeoning number of vaccine products and revaccinations on the taxpayer-funded schedule - over-vaccination can also be added to the problems of over-diagnosis, over-prescribing, over-treatment and over-servicing by the medical profession. The medical profession must wake up to conflicts of interest in vaccination policy and practice; the questionable reliability and objectivity of information on vaccine safety; the pharmaceutical industry's influence over governments and the medical profession; and the influence of biased media and coercive vaccination lobby groups on vaccination policy.  

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What Would Dear Abby Say: Advice Sought for Uncle's Vaccine Refusal and Newborn Baby

Fear TVThanks to Judy Ritchie for the heads up on this advice column vaccine related question. Mom to be is angry with her brother and his wife because they are vaccine cautious, having their own child with a vax injury.  This kind of hysteria is media driven. "YOUR BABY WILL DIE IF YOUR BROTHER ISN'T VACCINATED!"  Pass the bubble wrap.

My brother and I are quite close, we see each other often and I was expecting him to be around quite a bit in the baby's early days.

A couple of days after our request, he pulled me aside and let me know he and his wife don't believe vaccines are safe. She has a sibling with a developmental disability and the family has a strong feeling that vaccines were the cause.

I have no intention of having this debate with my brother. After speaking to the pediatrician, it sounds like the safest course of action is to restrict his access until the baby is fully protected (6 months).

Am I being fair here? I'm incredibly hurt, sad and more than a little angry that my brother would choose a view like this one over the safety of my child. Any advice on how to keep this from being a major incident? Masks, gloves and hand sanitizer required to come to Thanksgiving?

-- J. 

Read the response from the Columnist here. It begins, "I wish there were a vaccine against vaccine hysteria."

Read the comments, which are pretty interesting here.

Dara Berger at Health Choice Connecticut Rally

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webNOTE: Below is Dara Berger's speech at the Health Choice CT rally on September 15. 

By Dara Berger

My name is Dara Berger.  I am an author of the book How to Prevent Autism and a documentary filmmaker.  The most important role I have is being a mother to my two children Dylan and Jessica.  

This is a picture of my beautiful son Dylan.  He suffered a vaccine injury at 18 months and was catapulted into the label we know of as autism.  What happened to my son should never happen to another child.  But unfortunately we all know it does day after day.

I have with me the vial of the  vaccine that injured my son.  I am not sure why the nurse left it on the bench that day or why I feel compelled to take it and keep it all these years.   When I hold in my hand I'm always amazed at how something so small could cause so much damage.  O 621 R  That was the lot number of the vaccine that annihilated his brain causing my family so much suffering.

In some ways I am one of the lucky ones. My son could have died that night and he probably came quite close.  Dylan suffered two ischemic strokes just hours after this Hib shot which means that little or no oxygen went to parts of his brain.  By the grace of God he did not die that night but unfortunately a part of his brain did.  

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The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

RFK meme
Note: We're delighted to share this post by Martin Walker. Martin covered the GMC trial in the UK moment by moment and is a copious author whose book "Dirty Medicine" is sharp and thought provoking. Please visit his website Slingshot Publications. 
Ordering information is at the bottom of this post.

 By Martin Walker

Just this morning I saw Robert Kennedys meme about the control of the CDC  by pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical company licensing. The situation is not quite the same in the UK but his statement ‘The CDC is not an independent agency, it is a vaccine company’ rang bells with me.

By infiltration the pharmaceutical companies have take over completely the regulation of pharmaceutical medicines in the UK. The most powerful of the groups involved is the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, (MHRA), like the CDC the agency, responsible for licensing. Most people in Britain see the Agency as part of the UK government with a supportive civil service. However the MHRA, although apparently attached to the UK government, is actually a free standing ‘executive agency’.

The Agency employs more than 1,200 people and has facilities in London, York and South Mimms, Hertfordshire. It deals with the licensing of all drugs and has various departments which carry the pharmaceutical cause further. The group also has ex-police investigators there to harry alternative medicine practitioners and bring charges against them if necessary, and a small unit which sends out letters under the names of fictitious patients asking for information on alternative treatments. The executive Agency is wholly funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Although the pharmaceutical companies pay the whole bill for the MHRA, there are occasions when the MHRA sees fit to make a criminal prosecution - yes the MHRA has the power to prosecute in criminal law -  against an alternative health distributor or practitioner. Clearly it would be unfair to expect the pharmaceutical companies to pay for such cases, so when they do bring them, despite the fact that they do not pass through the Crown Prosecution Service (the governemt check on the validity of cases) they draw on the common purse getting the tax payer to fund their case.

The agency is run by a management board at present headed by Dr Ian Hudson who became chief executive in September 2013. Hudson is a physician who practiced as a paediatrician for a number of years, before working in the pharmaceutical industry in clinical research and development between 1989 and 2001, at which time he joined the Medicines Control Agency (former organisation to the MHRA) as director of its licensing division.

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Debut Day For Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Dr. Richard Moskowitz from Skyhorse Publishing

Vaccines Richard MoskowitzCongratulations to Dr. Moskowitz on the debut of his new book Vaccine Reappraisal from Skyhorse Publishing at #1 in Vaccinations. Mary Holland wrote the foreword.   Order your hardcover or Kindle edition today and don't forget to leave a review at Amazon. Thank you.

From Amazon: Drawing on fifty years of experience caring for children and adults, Dr. Moskowitz examines vaccines and our current policy regarding them. Weaving together a tapestry of observed facts, clinical and basic science research, news reports from the media, and actual cases from his own practice, he offers a systematic review of the subject as a whole.

He provides scientific evidence for his clinical impression that the vaccination process, by its very nature, imposes substantial risks of disease, injury, and death that have been persistently denied and covered up by manufacturers, the CDC, and the coterie of doctors who speak for it.

With the aim of acknowledging these risks, taking them seriously, understanding them more holistically, and ultimately assessing them on a deeper level, he proposes a nationwide debate based on objective scientific research, including what we already know and what still needs to be investigated in the future.

He argues that with no serious public health emergency to justify them, requiring vaccines of everyone deprives us all of genuinely informed consent, and prevents parents from making health-care decisions for our children, basic human rights that we still profess to hold dear.

For the present, given the legitimate controversy surrounding the mandates, he proposes that most vaccines simply be made optional and that further research into their risks and benefits be conducted by an independent agency in the public interest, untainted by industry funding, CDC sponsorship, and the quasi-religious sanctimony that is widely invoked on their behalf.

Flu Vaccine and Miscarriage

Miscarriage painNOTE: We're pleased to see this dose of vaccine reality in the mainstream media. If there is an indication that flu shots plus swine flu may cause miscarriage, the ACOG (OB union) should immediately issue a harsh warning and moratorium on vaccinating pregnant women. Certainly the risk is far worse than the sickness.  When there is an illness that is "vaccine preventable" the media goes into overdrive to make sure Americans get their dose - shouldn't the inverse be true when the result could be fetal death?

From ABC News. Study prompts call to examine flu vaccine and miscarriage

By Mike Stobbe

A puzzling study of U.S. pregnancies found that women who had miscarriages between 2010 and 2012 were more likely to have had back-to-back annual flu shots that included protection against swine flu.

Vaccine experts think the results may reflect the older age and other miscarriage risks for the women, and not the flu shots. Health officials say there is no reason to change the government recommendation that all pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu. They say the flu itself is a much greater danger to women and their fetuses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reached out to a doctor's group, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, to warn them the study is coming out and help them prepare for a potential wave of worry from expectant moms, CDC officials said.

"I want the CDC and researchers to continue to investigate this," said Dr. Laura Riley, a Boston-based obstetrician who leads a committee on maternal immunization. "But as an advocate for pregnant women, what I hope doesn't happen is that people panic and stop getting vaccinated."

Past studies have found flu vaccines are safe during pregnancy, though there's been little research on impact of flu vaccinations given in the first three months of pregnancy.

Admitted Vaxxed Bus Trollster Meets his Idol Paul Offit: Philly Paper Swoons

ShameNOTE: We apologize for the loss of your morning coffee. If you are starting a diet, you are in luck.  From The Philly Inquirer. Philly is the hometown of Dr. Paul Offit, the leader of the vaccine injury denial, autism bashing movement. And he made a zillion dollars off vaccines, so there's that.  We've covered him for years, but the coverage slides off each time.  The headline calls him a "pioneer." His actual knowledge about autism and vaccine injury science wouldn't qualify him for the title of Mouskateer.  He has one mission - deny injury, promote vaccination at all costs. Even if it costs our kids their lives. The Vaxxed tour has opened the eyes of tens of thousands of Americans and we can't have that people. Can we?

Our own Nancy Hokkanen covered Craig Egan and his groupies as they belittled and ridiculed families with vaccine injured (and killed) children in Minneapolis earlier this month.  We reposted her entire piece below the excerpt from the Philly Inquirer to illustrate the cruelty toward our children and the gross negligence of the media and medical institutions.

Remember, there is only one group in America that you can threaten with violence, shame and demonize in 2017, and that's the autism/vaccine SAFETY community.  A Ku Klux Klansman would get a better reception in the mainstream media that most of us. It's an extreme form of Vaxcism - vaccine facism. And it's getting worse each day.


By Tom Avril

Uber driver protesting 'Vaxxed' film meets Philly vaccine pioneer

Craig Egan drove across the country this summer to disrupt a bus tour launched by the makers of the film Vaxxed, a group that questions the safety of vaccines.

He marched with a sign. He spoke through a bullhorn. He documented his public-health crusade on YouTube, and was labeled a “troll” in response.

This week, the tech salesman-turned-Uber driver came to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in search of a friendlier audience: vaccine inventor Paul Offit.

“He’s a hero,” Egan said after meeting the physician for lunch Wednesday.

Reprinted from AofA 8/30/17:

Vaxxed bus side
Note: As if to prove Nancy's point, yesterday we got this comment from Ken Reibel, "Autism News Beat" blogger, and  mocker extraordinaire. Imagine belittling families whose kids are sick, injured, maybe have died. Ken enjoys such sport. Don't be like Ken. Be human.  "I think a Vaxxed clown car would be more appropriate."

By Nancy Hokkanen

On August 25 the VaxXed bus arrived in Minneapolis, bringing Polly Tommey and driver Anu Vaidya for a second round of interviews memorializing people’s adverse reactions to vaccines. The number of interviewees’ signatures on the big black RV

Vaxxed bus looking
Craig Egan, Karen Ernst and Patsy Stinchfield view the VaxXed bus. (Photo by TEAM TMR’s Rogue Zebra.)

is more than 6,400.

During the 8-hour stop at Minnehaha Falls Park, Tommey and Vaidya were welcomed by dozens of appreciative vaccine injury victims and their families, along with local natural health practitioners and health freedom advocates. Visitors talked and networked by the bus and under a gazebo, distracted occasionally by brief showers – and for a short time by an impotent handful of misguided protesters.

The peripatetic Tommey, a compassionate autism mum, had allowed herself only a brief break following her internationally-publicized Australia trip with Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Among the complications and corruptions: the Australian Prime Minister’s wife chairs a pharma corporation that’s collaborated with Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

The official VAXXED YouTube Channel is home to Polly Tommey’s VaxXed bus interviews. As with other stops, Tommey live-streamed interviews on VaxXed’s Facebook page and using the Periscope app.

How does Polly continue this emotionally challenging archiving of vaccine injury testimonies? “Each sad report makes me more motivated to keep going,” said Tommey. “The next story is what keeps me going. ‘How dare you hurt that person; how dare you kill that mother’s baby’... That pain, it’s a knife right to the heart... I look into the eyes of these other parents, and I see it; it makes my heart weep every single time. We have to stop ‘people in pain.’”

Vaidya has driven about half of the roughly 40,000 miles on the VaxXed bus. Like the autism parents he meets, he has become an insightful analyst of his voluminous readings and firsthand observations. “At a certain point, anecdotal evidence actually builds on itself and becomes a large enough data set to be scientifically relevant – at which point you should be developing scientific studies and actually research it,” Vaidya said. “So to disregard anecdotal data is to say that you don’t even want to think about a hypothetical scientific discovery. Which is anti-science.”

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Laura Hayes Talks Vaccine Risks and Corruption with KVMR Jeanie Keltner

KvmrWe invite you to listen to KVMR podcast host Jeanie Keltner interview Laura Hayes about vaccine risks and related corruption. Laura lives in California, America's most draconian state when it comes to vaccination rights.

List here.

Jeanie Keltner taught literature at Sac State for 20 years. In the 80s she got hooked on politics through following closely the Iran-Contra affair, which revealed a depth of corruption and a mis- and dis-informing media that spurred her to focus her energy on independent media. For 20 years with a group of fellow activists, she edited Because People Matter, a progressive bi-monthly, with the idea of bringing the hidden news to light. She also hosts a cable access talk show, Soapbox (Mon 8pm Ch 17,
Drawing and painting are also passionate pursuits, and she’s exhibited her pen and ink and watercolors at several local galleries and cafes.

The Undernews, at noon on the 1st and 5th Wednesdays, continues her focus on the important and fascinating info that rarely surfaces in the commercial media with interviews from activists, writers and citizen experts.


The “Pan” Calling the Kettle Black!

Rusted pan
By Laura Hayes

In a recent radio interview, CA State Senator Richard Pan accuses some of his physician colleagues who sign Medical Exemptions as seizing an opportunity to “monetize their license” by providing “inappropriate medical exemptions”. Really? Morally and ethically, which child shouldn’t be granted a medical exemption when that is the only option left for parents to protect their children from the known and unknown dangers of vaccines, which include death, permanent disability, lifelong illness, and infertility?

In truth, Senator Pan is the definition of a physician who monetizes his license in an inappropriate manner. During election campaigns, this pediatrician-senator took money from vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies, then introduced and passed bills to first restrict the use of a Personal Beliefs Exemption (AB2109), then to completely eliminate the PBE in CA (SB277). As an assembly member, then senator, who has remained a practicing pediatrician while holding office, he has personally profited from the passage of both these bills. So then, who is he to accuse his physician colleagues of “monetizing their licenses” inappropriately?

After the egregious and fascist SB277 became law in CA, requiring CA school children to submit to scores of vaccines for 10 different infections throughout the course of their childhood, with more to be added as deemed appropriate by and at the sole discretion of CA’s Department of Public Health, Senator Pan’s next focus became the egregious and fascist SB18. Fortunately, he could not find a co-sponsor to sponsor this bill which included a “Children’s Bill of Rights” which was ultimately the “State of CA’s Bill of Rights to Own and Control Your Children”. 

Since SB18 did not become law, it appears that Senator Pan is pursuing a new tactic for forcing mandatory vaccine compliance for all of CA’s children, and for ensuring state control over a child’s education. How? First, by eliminating the use of medical exemptions, with just the rarest exceptions (ironically, those exceptions will be for children who are “immune-comprosmised”, likely a result of being vaccinated). Then will come the redefinition of “education”, and it won’t include home schooling as an option. The final result could very well be mandated and forced vaccination combined with institutionalized schooling for all of CA’s children.

This link to the 4-minute radio interview from 8-28-17 also includes an expanded transcript.

Carefully read Senator Pan's comments:

  1.  "We can’t punish the children for the errors of their parents," said State Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), a practicing pediatrician and the law's co-author.  
  1.  "Most parents are trying to decide what’s best for their families and for their children," he added. "Sometimes, unfortunately, because there are people actively spreading misinformation, they’re making decisions based on bad information. To a certain degree, we can't punish their children by denying them an education — that would be both unconstitutional and immoral."
  1. "There is a very small minority of physicians," Pan said, "who have seen this as an opportunity to monetize their license to provide inappropriate medical exemptions because there is a demand by some of these parents who are willing to pay."
  1.  Pan said officials with the Medical Board of California and the Attorney General's Office need tools to better-regulate these exemptions. He left open the possibility that this could be an area for future legislation.

My thoughts regarding Pan's statements:

  1. Apparently, "the errors of their parents" refers to parents knowing enough, either through firsthand experience, basic research, common sense, observational skills, or all of the above, to have decided to say no thank you to one, some, or best yet, to all vaccines. Apparently, Senator Pan, who has trouble stringing more than a few words together in a coherent fashion, and who cannot field spontaneous questions without bumbling, blubbering, and then answering a question that wasn't even asked (e.g 2:43 mark), knows more about every single child in CA than their own parents do!

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The Autism Literary Underground

ReceptionNOTE: Thank you to AofA contributor Jonathan Rose. This article is used by permission of The Pennsylvania State University Press.

RECEPTION:  The Official Journal of the Reception Study Society; Vol 9, © 2017 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

By Jonathan Rose

Abstract: Though most physicians and public health officials deny that vaccination can cause autism, many autism parents believe there is such a link, and many of them resort to alternative treatments. This paper takes no position on these controversies, but it uses the methods of reception history to explain how this “underground” movement has gained traction in the face of fierce opposition from the medical establishment and the mass media. The movement belongs to a long tradition of do-it-yourself medicine, which urged patients to read medical literature and treat themselves. In various strains of alternative medicine, patients have to take charge of their own healing based on what they read. Consequently, the history of vaccine skepticism must consider the history of reading. Large-scale surveys of vaccine-hesitant websites and parents, and an intensive study of the reading done by six autism parents, reveals that these parents read extensively and critically both refereed medical literature and Internet postings by other autism parents. They are not “antiscience,” but they are producing and consuming literature about autism and interacting with each other on social media.


It can be a frighteningly controversial question, one that often chills the room when it is raised, and at first glance it does not seem to belong in a literary journal: Has the current autism epidemic been caused by vaccination? You can relax: this article will not attempt to answer that question. My aim here is to understand why so many of us have arrived at the conclusion (or at least suspicion) that there is a vaccine-autism link. And that is indeed a question of literary reception, which can be better understood through the methods of the historiography of reading.

            According to the most recent survey, 31 percent of all Americans agree that vaccines can cause autism, a belief that is still more common among blacks (44 percent), lower-income families (34 percent), and 18-to-29-year-olds (36 percent).[1] The last is a key demographic, given that they have or probably will have young children. And these figures may be underestimates: the polled are sometimes reluctant to express socially unacceptable opinions to pollsters. In the same poll another 39 percent said that vaccines “probably” do not cause autism and just 31 percent “definitely” believed that: that is, about 70 percent are not fully confident that there is no connection. In another study as much as 77 percent of American parents expressed some concerns about childhood vaccinations.[2] In a 2010 poll parents ranked vaccine safety as their top priority for childen’s health research, rated “very important” by 89 percent.[3] Yet another survey found that even when pediatricians used the language of professional authority (“Well, we have to do some shots”) 26 percent of parents offered at least some resistance to the prescribed vaccinations; but when the doctor used language suggesting that the decision was ultimately up to parents (“What do you want to do about shots?”) fully 83 percent of parents expressed reservations[4]—statistics that strikingly illustrate how language can tip the balance of power between laypeople and professionals. Most of us say we support childhood vaccination, most of us vaccinate (or partly vaccinate) our children, and at the same time most of us harbor some concerns, whether or not we choose to admit them.

            In addition to the very large number of quiet doubters, there is a much smaller (but still considerable) cadre of activists who openly and militantly challenge mainstream opinion about vaccination. Many of them are autism parents, supported by a few maverick physicians, more than a few nurses, and some autistic adults. Some entirely abstain from vaccination and proudly call themselves “antivaccinationists.” Others reject that label and take a less radical stance, calling for fewer and safer vaccines. But all generally believe that vaccination should be voluntary, and that public health professionals greatly underestimate the harmful side effects of vaccines. Some of these activists are themselves medical or scientific professionals, but theirs is fundamentally a movement of amateurs supported by no major professional organization, with very limited financial resources. These skeptics have scarcely any access to the mass media, which generally treats them as pariahs and dangerous subversives. They therefore bypass the major media outlets and reach their readers mainly through the Internet, and on that front their efforts are impressive. One recent sweep of the Web uncovered 4,757 websites critical of vaccination, of which 62.2 percent specifically state that vaccines are a cause of autism (though not necessarily the only cause).[5] These sites together generate a vast body of literature separate from (though by no means ignorant of) professional medical literature. In many ways they resemble the samizdat that flourished in the final years of the Soviet Union, or the illegal Enlightenment books that circulated widely in prerevolutionary France, as chronicled by Robert Darnton in The Literary Underground of the Old Regime.[6]

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Report Alleges Cover up of Infant Deaths Post Vaccination

InfanrixTwo doctors in New Delhi have exposed an attempt by a multinational drug manufacturer to conceal sudden deaths in infants following the administration of its vaccine.  

Jacob Puliyel, a pediatrician at the St. Stephen's hospital and C. Sathyamala, an epidemiologist, have reported their finding in the peer reviewed  Indian Journal of Medical Ethics.   

The vaccine in question, "Infanrix hexa," -- that combines diphtheria, tetanus,  pertussis, hepatitis B,   polio   and   influenza type B vaccines -- is manufactured by  GlaxoSmithKline   (GSK) and was introduced in Europe in October 2000. 

Puliyel and Sathyamala discovered the cover-up by analyzing data in the   Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR) about the vaccine that its manufacturer GSK  is required to regularly provide  to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). 

These confidential   safety reports on this vaccine were received by Puliyel from Italian Dr. Loretta Bolgan who obtained them from EMA under the   Freedom of Information Act – the Italian version of the Right to Information Act in India.  

On analysis, the doctors   found that the latest 19th safety report on 'Infanrix hexa' vaccine submitted by GSK   (2015)    has deleted deaths that were reported previously by the manufacturer in its 16th report (2012). They, however, note that it is not clear from the report how these deaths were deleted. 

The authors Puliyel and Sathyamala note that ten years after the publication of a Center for Disease Control paper examining a relationship between MMR and autism, one of the authors William Thompson admitted that he and his co-authors had omitted statistically significant information - that African American males given the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months, were at increased risk of autism. After the Thompson and his colleagues found evidence of this increased risk, they deleted data of children without Georgia birth certificates (and so disqualified a disproportionate number of black children) and they presented their data saying there was no increased risk of autism.   It is not clear whether the authors of the PSUR 19 performed some similar retroactive disqualification of children documented to have died in the PSUR 16. 

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Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccination While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists

No grazieNOTE:  Thanks to World Mercury Project for this article.

By Robert Kennedy Jr.

Turning their backs on the human rights principle of voluntary informed consent memorialized in the Nuremberg Code after World War II, health authorities in France and Italy are fast-tracking involuntary vaccine mandates for school-age children. In Italy, millions of Italians have been demonstrating since June, protesting the infringements to parental rights. On July 28, industry-beholden Italian legislators voted 296-92 to pass a one-size-fits-all law that mandates multiple doses of ten vaccines for preschoolers through teenagers, imposing steep fines for parents who do not comply. Mainstream media outlets in both Italy and the US ignored the record protests against medical coercion.

Vaccines are big business, and the new vaccine mandate ensures the continued flow of profits to the $32 billion industry despite steady erosion of public confidence in vaccine safety.

Why Italy? And why now? Italy’s pharmaceutical sector is one of the largest in the world. Vaccines are big business, and the new vaccine mandate ensures the continued flow of profits to the $32 billion industry despite steady erosion of public confidence in vaccine safety. A recent survey found widespread doubts among Italian and French citizens about the importance and safety of vaccines. A cascade of recent scientific studies have described the emergence of new vaccine-related autoimmune illnesses and the inferior health status of vaccinated compared to unvaccinated children. Furthermore, a slate of films, news reports and government investigations have exposed widespread corruption among vaccine regulators, government efforts to hide serious vaccine-related adverse reactions and intimidation of scientists who publish data contrary to the orthodoxy that all vaccines are always safe for all children. Read more at World Mercury Project here.

Remembering Autism Advocate Nancy Cale

Nancy and shelley
Photo: Nancy Herndon Cale (right) - January 5, 1944- August 11, 2017 Shown with Unlocking Autism co-founder Shelley Hendrix

Note:  Thank you to our friends at ARI for this touching tribute to a leader in our community. She was a leader with a huge heart and tenacity for her grandson's success and all of our kids. Unlocking Autism continues her work - most recently with support following Hurricane Harvey.


Nancy Herndon Cale, the warm, compassionate voice behind ARI's helpline for more than a decade, passed away unexpectedly August 11, 2017. She was 73.
Often the first friend parents looking for support could reach, Nancy persisted as an advocate in the autism community for more than 20 years. After her grandson was diagnosed with autism at age 3, she co-founded Unlocking Autism in his honor. Nancy worked to bring awareness to the increase in diagnoses in partnership with state and local governments and was recognized with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for her efforts.
In 2006, after the passing of ARI's founder Dr. Rimland, Nancy began taking calls to ARI from parents and caregivers. Having manned a call center for several years, she knew what to expect. Nancy possessed the uncanny ability to sense when to offer help and when to be quiet and listen. Patience and a gentle, self-deprecating sense of humor armed her with an unusual talent for putting others at ease when sharing the details of the challenges they faced. 
She once explained her calling: "I am humbled each and every day by the depth of the needs and concerns of those who call searching for help for their loved ones with autism. I am happy knowing the generous heart of our community makes it possible to assure new parents, parents facing new struggles, and adults looking for help. Bless you all who take time to reach out to others as we work to make life better for those who ask for our help."  Read more here.

The 18th Annual Conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation November 10-13 Minneapolis, Minnesota

WAP Wise Traditions 2017
The 18th Annual Conference of

the Weston A. Price Foundation

November 10-13  •  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Register by September 17 for Early Bird Discounts!


Zoe Harcombe, PhD

Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH, CNC

Lindsea Willon, MS, NTP

Ben Greenfield, Fitness Expert

Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Tom Cowan, MD

Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

Sally Fallon Morell, MA

Amy Berger, MS, CNS, MTP

Carrie Clark, DC

Stephan Hagopian, DO

Kiran Krishnan

Jodi Ledley

Karen Lyke, MS CCN DSc, CGP

Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD

Pam Schoenfeld, RD, MS

Kim Schuette, CN

Stephanie Seneff, PHD

Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND


Hormone Health

Real Food on Trial

Gut & Psychology Syndrome

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Help Autism Families Devastated By Harvey Flooding

UA graphicHi, friends. At times like this we are ONE community coming together to help one Women handsanother out in any way possible. Unlocking Autism is the organization we'd like to recommend for you to please make a small donation to families affected by Harvey flooding. $5 from each of you will make a difference. Shelley Hendrix is the heart of UA - you might not have heard that dear founder Nancy Cale passed away a couple of weeks ago - a stunning loss to our community.

If YOU need help click here.

UA donates 100% of every penny to families - there is ZERO overhead. No admin.  Just volunteers getting WalMart cards to give to bereft families who need very specific items for their children with autism.

Unlocking Autism is responding the needs of the autism community in South Texas as a result of historic hurricane and flood damage. We know first hand how difficult recovery can be. You can best help families right now by donating so that we can provide them with gift cards to Wal-Mart so they can get what their unique family needs to begin rebuilding.

All donations received through September 30th will go to this effort. You can make an online donation here or mail a check to Unlocking Autism, PO Box 41312, Baton Rouge, LA 70835. Thank you for helping others in need!


$100K Vaccine Challenge Ends

RFK 100KFrom our friends at World Mercury Project:

The criteria for submitting an entry into the $100,000 challenge was to send an English translation of the proffered study, a $50 processing fee, a letter explaining why the study qualifies for the reward, and the name and address to which the $100,000 check should be directed. The submissions were initially reviewed by staff to ascertain if they met the criteria for being considered a safety study.

From February 15th to August 15th we received 49 emails regarding the $100,000 challenge. Of those, many were requesting clarification, some were expressing comments or concerns and about one third included links for submission to the Challenge. We also received two mailed responses including one from a college professor who had students send in submissions as part of their class assignment.

None of the submissions received met the criteria of being classified as a safety study and all processing fees received were either returned to the applicant or destroyed at their request.

Read more and review the submissions at the WMP site here.

America's Opioid Crisis: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Cash-pills-300x223Note: The opioid crisis (heroin overdose) is rampant here in my state of Connecticut, and throughout America.  A dear friend of mine lost his son two years ago. Last year, a young adult overdosed in the bathroom of our Starbucks right here in idyllic Fairfield County. Drugs don't care what your zip code is or the status of the label on your handbag.  Thanks to reader JR for this link.

Given the sharp tone of this article, squarely blaming our profit based medical system and "pill for every ill" mindset, one would think the Brit media would be a bit more understanding of the vaccine injury epidemic? Seems they are immune.

Read Don't blame addicts for America's opioid crisis. Here are the real culprits Chris McGreal

Opioids killed more than 33,000 Americans in 2015 and the toll was almost certainly higher last year. About half of deaths involved prescription painkillers. Most of those who overdose on heroin or a synthetic opiate, such as fentanyl, first become hooked on legal pills.

This is an almost uniquely American crisis driven in good part by particular American issues from the influence of drug companies over medical policy to a “pill for every ill” culture. Trump’s commission, which called the opioid epidemic “unparalleled”, said the grim reality is that “the amount of opioids prescribed in the US was enough for every American to be medicated around the clock for three weeks”.

Denial by Blaxill & Olmsted from Skyhorse: Families Face The Facts

DenialNote:  We've asked readers to let us know their own stories of how the denial of the autism epidemic and the constant push to make autism "the new normal" has negatively affected their own families, or themselves if they are on the spectrum. 

Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted (RIP) have a new book out called Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future.

The title speaks for itself.  Please order a copy and leave a review at Amazon.

Thanks to C for sharing this story of her sons' autism.  Please send your stories to me Thank you.

Hi. I have 2 sons (A, 22, ASD and B, 21, PDD-NOS). 

My son, A (22) is very smart.  Got straight-A’s in high school, and even scored in the superior range in his Social Studies Texas TAKS test (high school assessment).  Basically, the following is an example of why, even though he is “high functioning”, he’ll never function normally (hold a job, drive, marry….):

One weekend, his favorite YouTube video game player was having a “video-thon” to raise money for a children’s cancer research fund.  By Saturday night, he was furious and yelling how their constant asking for money, and the dollar amounts scrolling on the bottom was “RUINING EVERYTHING” of his video enjoyment.  He said it was just making everyone feel bad about not even contributing $5.  I said that we could contribute $5, thinking it would make him feel better; it made him happy.   About 5 minutes later, I heard screams from his room.  “They’re still asking for money!” he yelled at me, fists raised, when I entered the room.

Also, just an observation.  Twenty years ago, I had never heard of Autism.  At first, when I told people about Autism, they had never heard of it either.  As the years have gone by, when I mention that my sons are on the spectrum, they not only know what it is, but always have a kid next door, niece, nephew, grandchild, or child of their own on the spectrum.  The funny part is, no one mentions knowing someone on the spectrum who is an older neighbor, aunt, uncle, dad, mom, brother, or sister.  If diagnosis have gotten so much better, where are the 2-3% of adults on the spectrum?

Pediatricians Debating if Skipping Vaccines is Financial - Oops, Medical - Neglect

Doc on phoneNote: Can you imagine a doctor, whom you are supposed to trust, turning you into Child Protective Services, because you delayed a flu shot? Or because you said "No" to an MMR vaccine?  Educated parents who feed their children organic food, breastfeed for a year, purchase safe, quality products for their infants, and yet choose to alter the CDC vaccine schedule could be branded as neglectful, and their custody threatened.  WHERE THE HELL IS HIPAA when it comes to vaccination status? 

We've gone from doctors who make house calls to doctors instigating home invasions by CPS - THIS is the state of American medicine right now. 

Pediatricians are debating whether refusing to vaccinate a child can be construed as 'medical neglect'

In May, Minnesota reached an unfortunate milestone: The state had seen more measles cases in the first five months of 2017 than the entire country had experienced in all of 2016. The number of cases was, at recent count, 79. Most of those diagnosed with measles have been children, and more than a quarter of them have required hospitalization. While no one has died during the outbreak, some children may face long-term complications that include neurological damage and a greater susceptibility to future diseases.

(Bold is our emphasis.)  "While no one has died..."  (Thank God.) "...long term complications that include neurological damage..."   And yet look at he side effects of the MMR vaccine:

Severe problems (very rare)

  • Serious allergic reaction (less than 1 out of a million doses)
  • Several other severe problems have been reported after a child gets MMR vaccine, including:
    • Deafness
    • Long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness
    • Permanent brain damage

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Oklahoma Governor's Race Includes Attorney Representing Vaccine Rights Group

Ok sealNote: Gary Richardson is doing what lawyers do - representing a client to protect their rights. The client's goal is to protect Oklahomans' rights. OVHC-PAC is dedicated to the support of incumbents and candidates who support vaccine and health choice. Did you read "we are against childhood vaccines" in that sentence? No. The article states that the OVHC-PAC is "against childhood vaccinations." We wrote about Dr. Eve Switzer just yesterday, and her never ending Twitter campaign of false information and parental shaming.

If you have a few dollars to spare - send them to Oklahoman's For Vaccine Choice.  You know Dr. Switzer isn't having a bake sale to fund her legal fees.

From The Frontier:

A Tulsa attorney who is among the dozen candidates vying to become Oklahoma’s governor said he supports the efforts of a political group opposed to childhood vaccinations, which he is representing in court.

Gary Richardson, a Republican candidate in the 2018 gubernatorial race, is representing the Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice political action committee as well as Tulsa opthamologist Jim Meehan in a defamation lawsuit filed against them and others by Enid pediatrician Eve Switzer.

Continue reading "Oklahoma Governor's Race Includes Attorney Representing Vaccine Rights Group" »

The Vaxxed Bus (like a rolling Vietnam Veteran Wall) is Coming to Burlington, VT

Kim VaxxedNOTE: If you have not seen the VAXXED bus, and are within driving distance of the beautiful city of Burlington, Vermont, please plan a trip on September 8. I was fortunate to be in Tampa, Florida last year when the bus was also there. I Uber'ed over to the park and was instantly struck by the thought that the bus, covered with the names of vaccine injured Americans, mostly children, was a rolling memorial.  Each name (including those near to my heart, since they grew under it) is a life changed. A family whose trajectory would never be the same. Because a vaccine caused an injury, and in some cases, death.  I felt like a family member must feel at the Vietnam Veteran's wall. Our own Mark Blaxill will be at this event. We encourage you to participate as a spectator, and/or as a sponsor if you can.

Click here for tickets. The daytime events are FREE.

Vaxxed Burlington VT

During the day on Friday, come and visit the Vaxxed bus, share your story, meet the team and sign the bus.

With us will be: Vaxxed producer Polly Tommey, camera-man Anu Vaidya and Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

Please click here to sign up in advance to get on the bus and tell your story.

On Friday evening, join us for a very special event with Team Vaxxed!

This event is brought to you by The Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice, in partnership with:

  • Health Choice Massachusetts
  • The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice
  • Health Freedom New Hampshire.


  • Daytime Events - Free
  • Exhibitors - $250.00 + $7.27 fee
  • Special Evening Event, Adult - $29.00 + $1.72 fee
  • Special Evening Event, Child - $5.00 + $1.12 fee


Jeanie Keltner Continues To Look into Vaccine Safety

Radio micUPDATE: You can listen here.

Please note: This is program airs on Pacific Time, don't miss our good friend Laura Hayes!

By Laura Hayes

This Wednesday, Aug. 2nd, from 12:00-1:00pm PST, I will be interviewed by Jeanie Keltner again regarding vaccines on KVMR radio. I hope you will be able to tune in!

Just click on the link, and listen via the KVMR Live Stream Player link which shows up on Google, or click the "Listen" tab on KVMR's website, and then the "Listen Live" tab.

The Undernews on KVMR FM 89.5

Please share with others who might be interested to listen in...and/or with those who need to hear the truth about vaccines!

Thank you,

Get The Inside Scoop on "Your Special Education Rights": New From Skyhorse Publishing

Your SPED rightsJust a quick note about a book that's coming out from Skyhorse Publishing called "Your Special Education Rights: What Your School District Isn't Telling You.  Written by CT attorney/advocate team Jen Laviano and Julie Swanson, this book provides an insider view into the machinations of special ed. Spoiler alert - the child's education does not always come first......   Learn tricks of the trade to be a better partner with your district and a better sparring opponent if and when needed. Level the playing field with usable info that's easy to read in story form.  Districts can benefit from the book too - as they learn how parents think and act and what they can do to help maximize dwindling budgets.

We've been posting articles about the crushing weight of growing special education in American and UK districts alike. YSER as the book is known, can be a huge help.

Pre-order today and don't forget to leave a review at Amazon and elsewhere!


Bill Nemitz and the Portland Press Herald’s disregard for reality poses a threat for all of us

Bill MenitzBy Ginger Taylor

The Portland Press Herald has been an Offit Outlet since 2014 when their "health" writer wrote his first hit piece on vaccine injury families, then three weeks later shared the stage with Paul Offit at the National Press Club as an example of what a great vaccine writer looks like.  Again, he wrote ONE ARTICLE on vaccination.

Their propaganda campaign continues with a new op ed by a popular Maine writer, speaking arrogantly and from a place of profound ignorance about the vaccine program, who opens his article with, "A small but growing number of parents think inoculations carry risks, but the biggest risk for their kids – and the rest of us – is not getting vaccinated at all."

For the record, it's a growing number of parents, four federal agencies, The US Congress, The US Court of Federal Claims, The Supreme Court of the United States of America, and all vaccine makers, that think vaccines carry risk... the last of which lists hundreds of those risks on the package inserts, after agreeing with all listed above that all FDA approved vaccines are, "Unavoidably Unsafe."  

In this piece, Nemitz says parents are "self-centered" for believing all three branches of the US Government, and product manufactures because... and I am not kidding... when the writer was young there was a place called Polio Pond, where people were afraid of getting polio, even though no one ever contracted polio there.  This in an article where he exclaims that, "Anti-vaccine movement’s disregard for reality poses a threat for all of us."  (Also... MEASLES! PERTUSSIS! WAKEFIELD! SCIENCE!  Did you know that you don't wanna vaccinate, "Because a crusading quack made claims 20 years ago that have never, not once, been backed up by real science?"  Perhaps some day a piece of science will show vaccines are associated with autism.)

Mr Nemitz diversions from reality in this op ed are many.  I started writing a piece to combat all the fiction and fantasy here, but I gave up at eight pages and just sent him this email.   No response.  

Also for the record, Nemitz reports that, "Here in Maine, the first measles case in 20 years was reported last month in Farmington – a female who contracted the virus during overseas travel."  The case was reported internationally as a dangerous measles outbreak, caused by "anti-vaxxers", as if the black death had come to Maine.  In fact, no outbreak occurred, no transmission took place, and from what I understand, no Mainer has actually had the measles.  

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Italians Continue to Protest Forced Vaccination and Financial Penalties

Basta enough
Note: Read the full article at The Italian Insider. Thanks to commenter HL for the link.  What do you think will happen to the rates of special education, chronic illness and spectrum disorder rates if these mandates take hold?  Glaxo made the politicians an offer they couldn't refuse. And now parent's can't refuse vaccinations for their children.

ROME- Protests raged throughout Italy and the Governor of Veneto appeals against a recent law rendering certain vaccinations mandatory for children under 16. Opposition continues against the measure even after an amendment in early July reduced the number of compulsory vaccinations from 12 to 10 and the maximum figure for financial sanctions for parents dropped to 3,500 euros.

On Saturday night, a flash mob followed by a torchlight procession took place in Livorno organized by the “Committee for the Freedom of Choice to Vaccinations” (“Comitato per la libertà di scelta vaccinale”). The frontline protestors held a sign saying “Don’t mess around with health: freedom of choice and safety”. This protest of 100 people was small-scale in comparison to other recent protests such as the one in Pesaro on July 8, which saw over 10 000 people arrive from all over Italy wearing orange T-Shirts. The latter event saw parents chanting “freedom, freedom” whilst holding up their children, according to reports by Il Fatto Quotidiano. Philosopher Diego Fusaro spoke at the event and claimed that “the issue of vaccinations is an issue of economic interests, those of multinationals and the idea of ‘no alternative’”. Parents also took to the microphone to tell of how they believe that their children have “fallen ill due to vaccinations”. Protests have taken place throughout June and July in Rome, Milan, Florence and other major cities.

The Region of Veneto has filed an official complaint to the Constitutional Court against the Decree Law No 73 of 2017. “What we reject”, said Governor Luca Zaia, “is state intervention that imposes a collective obligation … which makes Italy the country with the greatest number of compulsory vaccinations in Europe”.

The move, however, has been supported by the Institute of Health (Instituto Superiore di Sanita, ISS) in a letter sent by the organization to Emilia Grazia De Biasi, President of the Hygeine and Health Commission of the Senate. The Institute wrote that the severity of the law’s sactions is “justified by the situation’s urgency and the emergency caused by a decline in vaccinations and by the national epidemic”. Sabino Cassese, former judge of the Constitutional Court of Italy, is another supporter of the law and wrote in an article with Il Corriere della Sera in May that “the two rights in questions, that of Health and that of Education, have a differing importance. The first regards the very life of a person and so prevails over the second”.

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World Mercury Project: Hiding Vaccine-Related Deaths With Semantic Sleight-of-Hand

WMPNote: You say potato, I say deadly poison....

We are pleased to share the latest article from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,'s World Mercury Project. Mercury is a nefarious neurotoxin that does not belong in any human, let alone a fetus, pregnant woman, baby or child. There is no good mercury - the media push to convince you otherwise is a travesty.

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Vaccine scientists and the public health community cautiously and occasionally will admit that vaccines can cause adverse reactions just like “any other medication or biological product.” Although experts are less willing to openly disclose the fact that adverse reactions can and do include death, one has only to look at reports to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to see that mortality is a possible outcome. From 1990 through 2010, for example, VAERS received 1,881 reports of infant deaths following vaccination, representing  4.8% of the adverse events reported for infants over the 20-year period. Moreover, analysts acknowledge that VAERS, as a passive surveillance system, is subject to substantial underreporting. A federal government report from 2010 affirms that VAERS captures only about 1% of vaccine adverse reports.

On the international frontier, the public health community—with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the vanguard—previously used a six-category framework to investigate and categorize serious adverse events following immunization (AEFI), including death. Guided by this tool, public health teams examined temporal criteria and possible alternative explanations to determine whether the relationship of an AEFI to vaccine administration was “very likely/certain,” “probable,” “possible,” “unlikely,” “unrelated,” or “unclassifiable.”

In 2013, the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety discarded the prior tool, ostensibly because users “sometimes [found it] difficult to differentiate between ‘probable,’ ‘possible,’ and ‘unlikely’ categories.” The WHO enlisted vaccine experts to develop a “simpler” algorithm that would be more readily “applicable” to vaccines. The resulting four-category system now invites public health teams to classify an AEFI as either “consistent,” “inconsistent,” or “indeterminate” with a vaccine-related causal association or as “unclassifiable.” Despite the patina of logic suggested by the use of an algorithm, “the final outcome of the case investigation depends on the personal judgment of the assessor” [emphasis added], especially (according to the tool’s proponents) when the process “yields answers that are both consistent and inconsistent with a causal association to immunization.”

In a 2017 letter in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Drs. Jacob Puliyel (an India-based pediatrician and member of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization) and Anant Phadke (an executive member of the All India Drug Action Network) raise important questions about the revised tool. They describe an Orwellian Catch-22 situation wherein it is nearly impossible to categorize post-vaccine deaths as vaccine-related. This is because the revised algorithm does not allow users to classify an AEFI as “consistent with causal association with vaccine” unless there is evidence showing that the vaccine caused a statistically significant increase in deaths during Phase III clinical trials. By definition, however, any vaccine not found to “retain safety” in Phase III trials cannot proceed to Phase IV (licensure and post-marketing surveillance). The result of the algorithm’s convoluted requirements is that any deaths that occur post-licensure become “coincidental” or “unclassifiable.”

Read the full post and bookmark the WMP site here.

The End of Journalism: A Book Review of The Smear By Sharyl Attkisson

The SmearBy Jonathan Rose

Sharyl Attkisson, The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote (New York: HarperCollins, 2017), $27.99.

Sharyl Attkisson is just about the only real journalist we have left.  As an investigative reporter for CBS, she won five Emmys and an Edward R. Murrow Award.  Her bosses rewarded her by cutting down her air time and spiking her stories.  (In a 2013 survey, only 33.6 percent of American journalists said they felt free to pursue any stories they wished, down from 60 percent in 1982.)  Out of frustration, Attkisson quit CBS and moved to Sinclair Broadcasting, where she anchors Full Measure, perhaps the only television newscast that actually leaves its viewers better informed.

Drawing on years of hard legwork, she has come to the conclusion that journalism has virtually come to an end – if we define journalism as the craft of ferreting out the truth and communicating it objectively in your own words.  What we call “journalists” have in fact been reduced to spin doctors, PR functionaries, and (worst of all) smear artists.  And Attkisson explains, in shocking detail, how the whole dirty system works.

The Smear nowhere mentions autism or vaccines, but anyone concerned with these issues must read this book.  The poisoning of our children continues unabated and unreported, but only because the media systematically poisons our public discourse.  What was done to Dr. Andrew Wakefield was despicable – and yet, not at all unusual.  That kind of vilification has now become standard operating procedure for disposing of whistleblowers and troublemakers.  Wakefield himself never appears in The Smear, but Attkisson describes many other victims of the same kind of tactics.  If we rented a very large convention hall, they could meet and swap horror stories.

In March 1992 newsman Jeff Gerth exposed the Whitewater scandal in the New York Times.  “The Clinton campaign went after me the day the story was published,” Gerth remembered.  “There was a whole department aimed at me and other reporters who were looking at the Clintons, the women, the Rose Law Firm.”  His editors backed off: “We don’t want any Whitewater stories,” they told Gerth, and they would not allow him to defend himself in print against Clinton attacks.  In 1996 pro-Clinton journalist Gene Lyons published The Great Whitewater Hoax, labeling Gerth’s revelations “debunked” and “discredited”.  If these words sound familiar, they are in fact the usual buzzwords parroted endlessly by smear artists, who rarely resort to a thesaurus.  The type of book Lyons produced is basically a PR weapon: hardly anyone buys or reads it, but it can be widely excerpted in the media, in this case by Harper’s and PBS.  All that was more than enough to neutralize Gerth as an investigative reporter and to discourage other journalists who might want to look into Clinton sleaze.

Or take James Tomsheck, who proved too diligent in doing his job: policing corruption at the US Customs and Border Protection agency.  When the deputy commissioner of the agency strongly hinted that corruption arrests should be drastically reduced, Tomsheck refused.  Not only was he soon reassigned: false reports disparaging his job performance were planted in the media.  And John Dodson, the government agent who blew the whistle on the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” scandal, found himself grossly libeled in Fortune magazine.

In 2014 University of Colorado professor Roger Pielke Jr. published an article on Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website arguing that climate change was not causing more severe natural disasters.  He was promptly attacked by the Center for American Progress, a pressure group launched by John Podesta, formerly Bill Clinton’s chief of staff.  Soon a host of media outlets (Slate, Salon, Huffington Post) picked up the cry and demanded that Silver get rid of Pielke, which he eventually did.  Pielke counted the articles that the Center for American Progress generated against him, more than 160 in all, and even charted them on a graph.  Though he agreed that climate change was a serious problem and favored a carbon tax to deal with it, he was nevertheless branded a “climate denier”.  Does this also sound familiar?

Even Dilbert is a prime target.  When Scott Adams asked his fans to tweet him examples of campaign violence against Trump supporters, he received quite a few.  He was also flooded with hate tweets (and for a while was blocked from replying).  He was disinvited from a speaking engagement, his books were suddenly slammed in Amazon reviews, and Slate did a hatchet job on him so amusing that he retweeted it to his followers.

Adams could afford to laugh at all this: he knew that any newspaper that dropped Dilbert would lose its few remaining readers.  However, for UK journalist Neil Clark, the price of dissent was far greater.  In December 2005 he published a negative review of a book supporting the Iraq War in the Daily Telegraph.  The very next day he faced a blizzard of anonymous personal attacks that continued for years.  He was labeled a “plagiarist” and a “fraud” on social media and in letters to editors he worked for.  On Twitter lefties were told that he was anti-immigrant and an “obscure right-wing blogger”, while conservatives were warned that he was a communist.  (He is in fact a man of the moderate left.)  More than a hundred defamatory comments were inserted into his Wikipedia entry, including the allegation that he was a “Srebrenica denier/genocide denier”.  Trolls materialized everywhere, attacking him and his books.  They even went after his wife, also an author.  The personal and professional toll was enormous.  Their objective was to destroy his career and drive him out of mainstream journalism, and in that they largely succeeded. 

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What Did The CDC Know And When Did They Know It?

CdclogoBy Dr. William H. Gaunt and Spencer M. Gaunt, RN

“O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.” (From the hymn “This Is My Father’s World”)

Scientists and doctors at the CDC vaccine division knew in 2000 that mercury in vaccines was causing neurodevelopmental disorders including autism.  That year CDC scientist Thomas Verstraeten did a study of over 400,000 infants comparing children who got the most mercury from vaccines with children who got no mercury from vaccines.  The children who got the most mercury were more than 7 times as likely to become autistic compared to those who got no mercury.  

The data from this study was shared at a conference but the study was never published.  A meeting(called the Simpsonwood Meeting) was called to address this “mercury in vaccines causes autism” problem.  CDC doctors and scientists were joined by vaccine experts from all over the country.  There was agreement to remove mercury from vaccines as soon as possible.  One of the doctors in attendance was notified that his first grandson had just been born.  He called his son and told him not to allow his grandson to get a vaccine containing mercury. 

Mercury was subsequently removed from most pediatric vaccines within the next 3 years.  Unfortunately, the flu shot and the dtap shot have since been recommended for pregnant women.  Multi-dose flu shots still contain mercury and the dtap vaccine contains aluminum.  Mercury and aluminum are both powerful neurotoxins and when injected at the same time they work synergistically to multiply the risk of brain damage. 

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Watch Robert Kennedy Discuss Vaccine Safety on Tucker Carlson Tonight

RFK Tucker Carlson

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