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KVMR's Jeanie Keltner To Interview Laura Hayes

KvmrTune into KVMR FM 89.5 at noon PACIFIC time tomorrow, Wednesday 1/27 to hear AofA contributor, commenter and friend Laura Hayes on Undernews with Jeanie Keltner and Peggie Bean.  Focusing on the important and fascinating info that rarely surfaces in the commercial media with interviews from activists, writers and citizen experts.


We'll link the podcast when its available.  Thanks to Laura for her tireless work advocating for medical freedom and childrens' health.

Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism

Ben-swann-fullFrom Truth In Media. Please visit the site for the video.

Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at cbs46.com.

The debate over whether vaccines cause autism has become one of the most controversial disputes in this country. In this episode of Truth In Media, the focus is not on whether vaccines are responsible for autism. The issue at hand here is a study that was performed at the CDC and the question of whether the agency was complicit in a cover-up over a decade ago.

For over two years, Truth In Media has explored the allegations of Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist who came forward in 2014, hired a whistleblower attorney, and claimed that important data regarding a study on vaccines and autism was eliminated.

Thompson’s claims have led to a divide among Americans, with some believing that Thompson’s allegations are credible and should be investigated further, and others convinced that the documents Thompson handed over mean absolutely nothing. In December 2015, Ben Swann was the first journalist to obtain the documents from Congressman Bill Posey.

In this episode, Swann further examines not only Thompson’s claims, but also the documents related to the study, with the assistance of doctors, journalists, authors and former CDC specialists who joined Swann in discussing every document that was handed over.

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It's Off to Vaccinate We Go!

Disney princesses
By Linda1

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse than the Surgeon General using Elmo on Sesame Street to hawk vaccines to the tiniest and most impressionable among us, Forbes steps up to the plate this month to compete for Most Disgusting Abuse of Marketing Drugs Directly To Children Award.

In Forbes' Jan. 20th "Pharma & Healthcare" section (where they tell us what Pharma wants us to "know"), there is an article titled, "Even Disney Princesses Need HPV Shots, Cervical Cancer Screenings and STD Testing". In this activist sales pitch dressed up as science journalism, Forbes contributor and self-assigned savior of the world's children from their own parents (and non HPV vaccine prescribing doctors), Tara Haelle, reports how "writer and sex ed speaker Danielle Sepulveres and artist/illustrator Maritza Lugo...collaborated on a series of illustrations at Sepulveres' Tumblr showing Disney princesses visiting their gynecologists to raise awareness for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and all the healthy behaviors that women can take to reduce their risk of this almost completely preventable cancer." Apparently "Sepulveres became frustrated last fall when she and fellow writer friends had trouble successfully pitching stories to write about Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month in September. After sharing her frustration in a blog post at a cervical cancer "cervivors" site, she decided she needed a new approach to catch people's attention when January rolled around." So she teamed with artist Lugo "whose website features a style well suited to placing icons like Cinderella and Mulan in a new context".

Sepulveres and Lugo show the Disney cartoon characters that millions of children love and admire in various medical situations. Tiana is shown getting an HPV vaccine.  Mulan is in the gynecologist's examination chair shaking his hand before putting her feet into the stirrups for her "cervical cancer screening". Belle is shown in the clinic picking up (I kid you not) "emergency contraception" (behind her are brochures on Birth Control, one partially hidden by the nurse's (?) head says in red "Your Sexual...", and then right behind Belle's head is a large picture of an IUD, white and blue on bright red).

Then there's Cinderella's "new context". You didn't think that Cinderella, who has been a teenager since 1950 when she debuted in her first Disney film, got away without having sex all this time, did you? Can't let a storybook princess maintain her decades long reputation for innocence, not in 2016 when there are so many drugs and medical services for her to sell - to children. Nope. Cinderella is all grown up now. Cinderella is shown in the lab with a needle in her arm getting blood drawn to test her for STD's, because, as the poster on the wall behind her head says "ONE IN TWO SEXUALLY ACTIVE YOUNG PEOPLE WILL GET AN STD BY 25". You just can't make this stuff up. CINDERELLA. What age is into Cinderella? 3? 5? 7? 9? Oh, now, wait a minute. Nine year old girls ARE targeted (their word, not mine) for the HPV vaccine. So, they get the babies ready for the idea that they're going to get this vaccine when they are just barely out of diapers so that by the time they reach the ripe old age of 9, they accept it without questioning because all their Disney friends got it and did just fine. Slick.

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Glenn Frey, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Autoimmune Disease

By Wayne Rohde

When I heard that Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away on Monday, I was immediately saddened with the thought that we have lost another rock legend. Glenn Frey and the Eagles are one of my favorites. He was much too young, at 67, to leave this world. His contributions to music and film for millions of people to enjoy and appreciate are countless.

I read that he was suffering in the last couple of months from rheumatoid arthritis (RA), acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia. Once again, my mind starts to churn about what can cause RA and ulcerative colitis and is it serious enough of a disease to lead to death.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease which means your immune system is attacking itself. In Rheumatoid Arthritis the immune system attacks the synovium of the joints, which is why you get swelling and pain. It can cause deformities if you delay treatment. Usually the treatment is used to slow the disease down and prevent these deformities. RA can also attack blood vessels surrounding the heart and lungs. Thus heart disease can be directly linked to RA.

Millions of Americans and people around the world suffer from complications due to autoimmune disease. But why? Most experts tell us there has been a dramatic rise in the number of autoimmune disease and disorders over the last 20 to 30 years.   Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Even the Arthritis Foundation states that the cause of RA is not known. The treatment of RA is complicated. To treat effectively, the protocol calls for the tampering down of the immune system. Thus leaving the body most acceptable to infections. And that is where pneumonia can strike.

Pharma advertises heavily on the weekends, especially on sporting events about RA and professional golfer, Phil Mickelson. He is also suffering from RA. According to the NIH website on RA, scientists estimate 1.5 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from RA. And the largest group of new cases of RA are older Americans. Could it be from decades of being exposed to environmental hazards and now the CDC’s “Influenza vaccine” program for seniors, not only is RA becoming a growing concern, but maybe the large increase and earlier onset of Alzheimer's can be contributed to over vaccination in our seniors?

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Stephen Hawking Says the Human Race is in Danger and it's our Own Fault

HawikingBy Linda1

I feel so smart today. It isn't often that the scientific merit of my ideas is confirmed by Stephen Hawking.   Today, there is an article in The Guardian, reposted in the MSN news, titled, "Most threats to humans come from science and technology, warns Hawking". Excerpt:

 "Speaking to the Radio Times ahead of the BBC Reith Lecture, in which he will explain the science of black holes, Hawking said most of the threats humans now face come from advances in science and technology, such as nuclear weapons and genetically engineered viruses."

Genetically engineered viruses? Where have I heard that before? Oh, that's what drug companies put into vaccines that doctors, nurses and pharmacists inject directly into and/or put in the mouths of people - vaccines for illnesses that include Hepatitis B, HPV, flu, and rotavirus.

The vaccine for Hepatitis B was the first to be made from a genetically engineered virus as announced in this New York Times article from July 1986 (please see - the reader will appreciate the historical significance). Note who, in 1986, the Hepatitis B vaccine was recommended for:

Dr. Young recommended vaccinations with either hepatitis vaccine for dental and medical workers, susceptible homosexuals and drug users, the newborn children of infected women, and, among other groups, travelers to parts of the world where hepatitis B is rampant, such as southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and parts of the Middle East.

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Breaking News: Is HPV Vaccine Safety an Illusion Maintained by Suppression of Science?

SanevaxIs HPV Vaccine Safety an Illusion Maintained by Suppression of Science?

By Norma Erickson

Breaking News: On January 14, 2016, Dr. Sin Hang Lee sent an open letter of complaint: Allegations of Scientific Misconduct by GACVS/WHO/CDC Representatives et al An open-letter of complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan , to the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan, charging members of GACVS, the CDC, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and others with manipulation of data and suppression of science in order to maintain the illusion of HPV vaccine safety in the face of valid contradictory evidence.

According to Dr. Lee’s letter, a series of emails recently uncovered via a Freedom of Information request submitted in New Zealand revealed evidence that Dr. Robert Pless, chairperson of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), Dr. Nabae Koji of the Ministry of Health of Japan, Dr. Melinda Wharton of the CDC, Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris of Auckland University, New Zealand, and others (including WHO officials) may have been actively involved in a scheme to deliberately mislead the Japanese Expert Inquiry on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine safety before, during and after the February 26, 2014 public hearing in Tokyo.

The complaint letter states that the emails provided clearly demonstrate this group of WHO officials and government employees charged with the responsibility of advising the expert committee from the Japanese government on HPV vaccination safety knew before the February 26, 2014 Tokyo public hearing that one of their own experts showed scientific evidence that HPV vaccination does increase cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor (TNF), particularly at the injection site compared to other vaccines. Yet, they chose to suppress this information at the public hearing.

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Levi Quackenboss Notes Lack of Prevention or Treatment in Clinton's Autism Plan

Hillary_clinton_puzzleImagine a diagnosis, disease, disability, choose your word, that had increased steadily over two decades, whose severity created entirely new schools and public school classrooms, precipitated special accommodations at movie theaters, theme parks, Broadway theatres, bankrupted families, stressed social security, lead to murder suicide, abuse, increased drowning statistics and more.  Call it autism spectrum disorder.   And now, ignore causation and treatment in favor of --  what? We continue to look at Hillary Clinton's autism plan - as reviewed below by blogger Levi Quackenboss.  While we commend her for putting autism on the political platform, in a nutshell, Clinton remains (Grand)mum on both causation and prevention. A shame.  But American medicine is about making and keeping customers, why should autism differ?


Yesterday Hillary Clinton’s campaign launched what sounded like a compassionate plan for increased autism screening and health insurance coverage for medical establishment-sanctioned autism services.

Sounds so warm and fuzzy, right?  Autism Speaks rejoiced.  Almost makes one forget this not-so-compassionate tweet 11 months ago:

Clinton tweet

Just kidding.  We’d never forget that tweet, Hillary.

Hillary says she’s going to call for the first-ever study of the prevalence of adults with autism. Awesome news all around, right?

Wait, what? Why exactly would we pay for this?  Is this a veiled attempt to discredit the fact that we’re in a mothereffin’ epidemic of autism in this country?  To try to prove that the skyrocketing, terrifying autism rates are solely the result of better diagnosis?  Will Hillary show once and for all that we’ve always had these rates of autism, but “back then” parents just gave their kids up to an institution?

Let me save you about a billion dollars, Hill, and send you over to Dr. Joe Pivan, who has made it his life’s work to find the “missing generation” of elderly autistics.  He spent three years looking for institutionalized adults with autism over the age of 50 and finally found 19 of them.  19.  In three years.  Compare this to the 130,000 children diagnosed with autism each year in the US and tell me if your idea to prove that there is no epidemic sounds like a good use of taxpayer money.  Hint:  it’s not.

But here’s what would be!  The first ever comprehensive study of the health and incidence of autism and autoimmune disease of vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated children.  In fact, you can just join Representative Bill Posey’s bandwagon and send all of that cash to the Vaccine Safety Study Act that’s been in limbo for, like, ever.

Hillary also said that she’s concerned that “People with autism are unemployed at a much higher rate” and wants to create a work program to close that “employment gap.”

Hillary.  Seriously.  Wake the hell up.  It’s not an employment gap.  It’s a human rights gap.  It’s a greater good gap.  It’s a head-in-the-ground gap.  It’s a government coverup gap.  Where did you learn about autistics?  The quirky kid on Parenthood who lives on ice cream and Skittles and won the race to be class president?

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The Levels of Blood Mercury and Inflammatory-related Neuropeptides in Serum Correlated in Children with Autism

Science post imageMetab Brain Dis. 2016 Jan 6. [Epub ahead of print] The levels of blood mercury and inflammatory-related neuropeptides in the serum are correlated in children with autism spectrum disorder. Mostafa GA1,2, Bjørklund G3, Urbina MA4,5, Al-Ayadhi LY6.

  • 1Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. gehan.mostafa2000@yahoo.com.
  • 2Autism Research and Treatment Center, AL-Amodi Autism Research Chair, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. gehan.mostafa2000@yahoo.com.
  • 3Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Toften 24, 8610, Mo i Rana, Norway. bjorklund@conem.org.
  • 4Department of Biosciences, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK.
  • 5Departamento de Zoología, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanográficas, Universidad de Concepción, Casilla 160-C, Concepción, Chile.
  • 6Autism Research and Treatment Center, AL-Amodi Autism Research Chair, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Tachykinins (substance P, neurokinin A, and neurokinin B) are pro-inflammatory neuropeptides that may play an important role in some autoimmune neuroinflammatory diseases, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Mercury (Hg) is a neurotoxicant, and potentially one of the main environmental triggers for ASD as it induces neuroinflammation with a subsequent release of neuropeptides. This is the first study to explore the potentially causal relationship between levels of serum neurokinin A and blood mercury (BHg) in children with ASD. Levels of serum neurokinin A and BHg were measured in 84 children with ASD, aged between 3 and 10 years, and 84 healthy-matched children. There was a positive linear relationship between the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) and both serum neurokinin A and BHg. ASD children had significantly higher levels of serum neurokinin A than healthy controls (P < 0.001). Increased levels of serum neurokinin A and BHg were respectively found in 54.8 % and 42.9 % of the two groups. There was significant and positive linear relationship between levels of serum neurokinin A and BHg in children with moderate and severe ASD, but not in healthy control children. It was found that 78.3 % of the ASD patients with increased serum levels of neurokinin A had elevated BHg levels (P < 0.001). Neuroinflammation, with increased levels of neurokinin A, is seen in some children with ASD, and may be caused by elevated BHg levels. Further research is recommended to determine the pathogenic role of increased levels of serum neurokinin A and BHg in ASD. The therapeutic role of tachykinin receptor antagonists, a potential new class of anti-inflammatory medications, and Hg chelators, should also be studied in ASD.

Autism: The Abnormal New Normal

New NormalFor those who will bristle at the use of the term "abnormal," I refer you to my high school Latin class. "Ab" simply means, "away."  "Ad" means "to."  We have abductors and adductors on our legs, for instance. Autism is indeed "away" from the norm, whether one perceives that as a pejorative is a personal POV.  There is a saying in the self-advocacy community, "Nothing about us without us."  And we agree! We'd also like the more severely impaired by autism to be included and so we say, "No policy without parents." ALL of us. Acceptance?  Of course. Awareness? Yes, it's the only way to tackle a problem. Acquiescence? No.  KIM

By Dara Berger

Our new normal:

It was so sad to open Facebook today and learn the news that they had found the missing 5-year-old boy with autism dead.  Another lost life.  

Many people look at the headline and feel bad momentarily, but for those of us in the community we have a much heavier heart.  We know and feel that it could have been our child.  

Every time this happens, I look over at my son a few seconds longer and hug him a little bit tighter.  I feel lucky that he is not a runner and elated that he has learned to swim.  These facts do not make me immune to other dangers.  He does not feel fear or danger in a way that is appropriate.  My son can speak but does not fully engage in a back and forth conversation.  He can answer  questions, but I doubt he would with a complete stranger if he ever got lost.  I worry about him going on a simple class trip, thinking what if he ever got really upset in public and someone called the cops. He would never be able to react in an appropriate manner.  And what if the police were not trained.  I try not to do the what ifs, but sometimes you just can’t help it!

People have accepted children with autism as a normal way of life.  I am only talking about the bad side of this acceptance. The public has even gotten used to children with autism wandering off and getting killed as our new normal.   When will this stop!  Why are people so complacent!

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10 Reasons MDs Should Sign Vaccine Medical Exemptions

Rockwell country doctor10 Reasons Why Doctors Should Not Hesitate to Sign Medical Exemptions for Vaccinations When That Is the Only Option Available to Patients/Parents

The end of the post includes an at-a-glance version you can copy and share.  Please do!

By Laura Hayes

  • 1. If a doctor cannot obtain informed consent from a patient/parent, then he can not morally, ethically, or legally refuse to sign a Medical Exemption for vaccination. Informed consent is the gold standard of ethical medicine, and must be obtained voluntarily, without any form of coercion, prior to any medical treatment or procedure in a society that considers itself free, ethical, and moral, and which has stringent laws regulating the practice of medicine, including informed consent laws. Furthermore, a doctor makes himself liable for refusing and/or failing to give and obtain prior, voluntary, and informed consent, for any medical treatment or procedure, including vaccination: . Therefore, without informed consent from a patient/parent, and when no other exemption options are left available to him and the patient/parent, a doctor must sign a Medical Exemption upon request.

  • 2. A doctor knows that he has no way to know whether or not a fetus, newborn, infant, or toddler is allergic to vaccine ingredients, beginning with the food ingredients listed. Furthermore, for non-food ingredients, such as antibiotics, metals such as mercury and aluminum, formaldehyde, and polysorbate 80, allergies won’t be known in advance and will only become apparent after the allergic reaction occurs and/or manifests itself, which could be in any number of ways, and at a later date. Every vaccine package insert warns not to give the vaccine to anyone who is allergic to any of the vaccine’s ingredients. Therefore, doctors should sign Medical Exemptions based on the fact that it cannot be known in advance what allergies babies/children/patients of all ages will have, especially to ingredients that are injected versus consumed, many of which are non-food ingredients. Therefore, a doctor should have no qualms signing a Medical Exemption for any patient/parent who requests one.

  • 3. A doctor is not to violate his oath to “First, do no harm.” Any doctor who has read even just one vaccine package insert knows that he may indeed harm, possibly kill, any patient he vaccinates. Therefore, he knows he must honor the decision any patient/parent makes to decline one, some, or all vaccinations, and sign a Medical Exemption should they request one. Furthermore, it can be argued that a doctor should not be comfortable vaccinating any patient after: investigating the lack of proper testing that has been done on both vaccines individually and on the CDC’s recommended schedule, which includes giving multiple vaccines at one time; investigating the chronic illnesses, physical and developmental disabilities, and deaths that result from vaccines; reading the list of toxic, carcinogenic, and inflammatory ingredients contained in vaccines that he would then be injecting into a human being; investigating the fraud, deception, and corruption that occur at all levels of our nation’s vaccine program, from manufacture to mandate. Such research should compel a doctor, and render him extremely willing, to sign Medical Exemptions for his patients.

  • 4. A doctor who has investigated how vaccine trials are done knows that they are not done according to the gold standard of medical research, that of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Quite the contrary. They are not double-blind, in other words, unvaccinated controls are not used for proper comparison. Additionally, placebos are not used, rather, another vaccine, and even more often, multiple vaccines, and/or an adjuvant (such as aluminum, known to cause adverse reactions in and of itself) are used. Despite the lack of using proper study methods, vaccines are declared “safe and effective”. Additionally, they have never been tested in the myriad combinations in which they are administered. HERE & HERE. Thus, no doctor should have any confidence in administering any vaccine, and as such, should willingly and gladly sign a Medical Exemption for any patient/parent who requests one.

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Parent of Severely Autistic Adult Daughter On Clinton Autism Plan

Hillary_clinton_puzzleBy Teresa Conrick

Last week, Hillary Clinton revealed that she had a big plan for Autism if she were to become President. The week before, she announced her goal was to help patients and their families affected by Alzheimer's.  

Here is her Autism plan :

1—  screening and diagnosis

2—  treatment

3—   services

4—   safety and legal protections for individuals on the autism spectrum across the lifespan

5—   steps to ensure they are treated with dignity

6—   partnerships to help them secure employment

7—   support for families and caregivers

8—  a commitment to increase research funding to deepen our understanding of autism.

You can read the details all over the internet but here is her official website.

There are good and not so good things listed.  For example:

Provide new support to caregivers. Clinton will provide new funds through the Developmental Disabilities Act to expand support for family members and other caregivers providing long-term care for those with autism and other disabilities. Title II of the Act authorizes competitive grants to states to foster a “statewide system of family support services for families of children with disabilities,” and Title III authorizes new funding to train and provide scholarships for caregiving and support workers. 

"Competitive grants,....training...scholarships" is that money to help pay for the monumental 24/7 care for MANY with an Autism diagnosis? 

or this on RESEARCH:

  • Significantly increase funding so that the government can invest more in autism research. Clinton recently announced the first phase of her plan to significantly increase government investment in biomedical research: her initiative to address Alzheimer’s disease. She will build on that initiative by increasing research funding across the board. This will make a vital difference for a range of autism-related research, from studies that improve the quality of patient services for people with autism, including participatory action research on subjects like employment and housing, to more basic research that identifies genetic markers, maps child brain development, and generates new insight into the workings of the central nervous system. This basic research will draw on work across sectors by building on what we are learning from bold new private and non-profit efforts on genetic mapping, including the MSSNG genome sequencing project and open data platform, the Simons Variations in Individuals Project (VIP), and the NIH Autism Sequencing Consortium, teaming up with their researchers to deepen our understanding of autism.

Are you kidding me?  MORE GENETIC research -- genetic markers, genetic mapping, genome sequencing?  And which experts did she consult for these ideas? There is not ONE item here related to the MICROBIOME or IMMUNE SYSTEM the most significant area in both Autism and Alzheimer's.  

Here, the Washington Post reports that "Ari Ne’eman, president of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, said he welcomes Clinton's plan, especially its focus on solving problems faced by adults with autism."  That's great and there are many references to aiding the adults who want and need housing and employment.  That is important and I support that as well, BUT comments like these from ASAN detour important studies on PREVENTION and TREATMENTS for those severely stricken:

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Research on Autism Still Missing the Forest For The Trees

Blue forestBy  David Foster

January 5, 2016

Autism Speaks recently posted an article titled "Evidence that brain-chemical imbalance drives autism symptoms" which discusses a new study published in the journal Current Biology: "Reduced GABAergic Action in the Autistic Brain". This is an important study as it is the first to demonstrate a link between severity of autistic symptoms and reduced action of the neurotransmitter GABA in humans. GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter and several studies have found strong evidence of its association with autism, one finding reduced GABA receptor subunits in post-mortem tissue of autistic brains, and another finding disrupted GABAergic signaling in mouse models of autism (references).

Typically a finding like this would not only help us develop new methods for treating individuals with the disorder in question, it could also help us understand what might be causing the disorder in the first place. One would hope that research efforts would be motivated by both of these goals.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Caroline Robertson, is quoted in the Autism Speaks article as saying We want to see more research bridging the gap between animal and human research on autistic neurobiology, with the aim of developing new medications to ease symptoms in people disabled by the condition”.

One out of two is pretty good, at least in baseball.

If we were talking about any disorder other than autism, the next logical question the researchers -- and advocacy groups like Autism Speaks -- would be asking would be: “What could possibly cause this reduced GABA activity in the autistic brain”? If a researcher can suggest biologically plausible cause(s) that only servers to bolster their findings, and researchers do love to bolster their findings.

So why is there no discussion of what could possibly be causing this reduced GABA signaling in the autistic brain? Developing treatments for autism is a worthy goal, but shouldn’t we also be looking for ways to prevent new cases of autism?

Researchers and many advocacy groups like Autism Speaks cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to discussing causes of autism, especially any possible association with vaccines.

Earth to Autism Speaks...mercury targets GABA receptors in the brain.

You know, mercury. Or more specifically, the ethylmercury which comprises roughly 50% of the preservative thimerosal which is still being injected in significant amounts into infants, children and pregnant women on a regular basis. There have been at least two studies showing that mercury interacts with GABA receptors (see here and here). Both studies looked at methylmercury and mercuric chloride, which does limit how their results can be interpreted for ethylmercury. Furthermore, the second study actually found conflicting results for the two compounds, showing that different mercury compounds can indeed have different effects.

So this begs the question, has ethylmercury itself been found to negatively impact GABA signaling? Why yes it has, see: Intermingled modulatory and neurotoxic effects of thimerosal and mercuric ions on electrophysiological responses to GABA and NMDA in hippocampal neurons.

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Surprise - Cornell is taking the GMO Safety Debate to a new level!

GATES HEADExcerpted from The Ecologist. Gmo no

Something important just happened at Cornell's Alliance for Science, writes Steven M. Druker. Long known as a keen promoter of genetic engineering, the organization has experienced a profound change of direction. Its new director, Sarah Davidson Evanega, has opened an inclusive scientific dialogue on the safety of GMO crops. Who says it's all 'over'?

Surprisingly, the Cornell Alliance for Science, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and strongly promotes genetically engineered (GE) crops, does not seem to share the narrow-minded attitude regularly expressed by one of its chief spokespersons.

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The 12 Days Of Vaccine Mandates

Sad christmasEnjoy this Best Of - in the spirit of the season.

By Christina England

On the first day of Christmas big pharma gave to me

Childred Dying Needlessly

On the second day of Christmas big pharma gave to me

Two compulsory jabs

And children dying needlessly

On the third day of Christmas big pharma gave to me

Three HPV’s,

Two compulsory jabs

And children dying needlessly

On the fourth day of Christmas big pharma gave to me

Four DPT’s,

Three HPV’s,

Two compulsory jabs

And children dying needlessly

On the fifth day of Christmas big pharma gave to me

Five MMR’s.

Four DPT’s,

Three HPV’s,

Two compulsory jabs,

And children dying needlessly

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Will S. 1203 Result in Vaccine Mandates for U.S. Veterans? Senator Heller Responds

Military ribbonsExcerpted from The Canary Party website: Canary logo 4 22

The vaccine industry is currently estimated to be a $30 billion dollar per year industry, with some projecting it will be a $100 billion dollar per year industry by 2020. Many believed this an absurd prediction until it became clear that the industry was not planning on increasing revenue in such a short period of time by introducing new products, but rather by compelling vaccine uptake in greater numbers and in groups that have never had mandates before. In fact, 2015 saw more than 100 bills introduced nationwide to increase vaccine sales, not just for children and members of the military, but now for adults in the civilian world.

The veterans affairs funding bill, which has passed the Senate and is now in the House, may be one of those measures.

Concerns that U.S. military veterans may be forced to comply with the new CDC Adult Vaccine Schedule began to spread in November, when Nevada Senator Dean Heller’s bill, S. 1203 - A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to improve the furnishing of health care to veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs, to improve the processing by the Department of claims for disability compensation, and for other purposes, passed the Senate. A section of the bill regarding immunizations, added by special interest groups while the bill was in committee, is worded so it could be used in the future to make rules that would penalize veterans for failure to comply with recommended vaccines. The section reads:

(c) Report To Congress.—

    1. IN GENERAL.—Not later than two years after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall submit to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs of the Senate and the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs of the House of Representatives a report on the development and implementation by the Department of Veterans Affairs of quality measures and metrics, including targets for compliance, to ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.

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NYT Reports Preschool Flu Shot Mandate Shot Down by NY Supreme Court

Pigs fly Hell Bilg sodaLet's all celebrate with a BIG GULP soda! Ex-Mayor Bloomberg's nanny-state (city) suffered another loss with a Supreme Court decision that struck down the flu vaccine mandate for preschool.

New York City’s Flu Shot Mandate for Young Children Is Struck Down

JURIST: Mary Holland on Legality of Censoring Speech on Vaccines & Autism

Kent legalNote: Excerpted from JURIST. Read the full article here.

JURIST Guest Columnist Mary S. Holland from the New York University School of Law discusses the legality of censoring speech on vaccines and autism:

n a recent guest column, Professors James G. Hodge, Jr. and Doug Campos-Outcalt explore ways to limit presidential candidates' speech about a link between vaccines and autism. Noting recent comments by Trump, Carson and Paul associating vaccines and autism, the authors decry the politicians' "free pass" to "spread such public health lies." They even suggest that the candidates' statements are the equivalent of yelling "gun fire" in a crowded theater and accuse them of being "brokers of public health fabrications." Strong stuff! As the authors correctly note, however, the First Amendment offers little support for their proposed censorship.

As a threshold question, though, how do the authors know that the candidates' underlying assertions are false? Has a vaccine-autism link been "debunked," as they suggest? With the US autism rate among children continuing to skyrocket, having climbed from 1 in 110 children in 2011 to an estimated 1 in 45 children today, the question is critical. Are those who make a connection between autism and vaccines yelling "fire" in a crowded theater? Or, alternatively, are those who seek to suppress free speech trying to restrict people from yelling "fire" in a theater when there is indeed a fire, thus escalating potential harm? Can we possibly hope to establish truth without robust public discourse? I for one do not think so. The US embraces free speech more fully than any other country in the world precisely to ensure that the marketplace of ideas, and not government censors, ultimately decide what constitutes truth.

Enormous bodies of evidence, including federal statutes and case law, link vaccines to brain injury, including autism. Let us start with US Vaccine Law 101: because federally recommended childhood vaccines carry risks of severe injury and death, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986, effectively shielding vaccine manufacturers and medical professionals from liability for vaccine-induced harm. Congress simultaneously created a compensation program in the Federal Court of Claims to pay out children for vaccine-induced injuries, including brain damage (encephalopathy) and death. To date, the compensation program has paid over $3.2 billion to 3,300 individuals for vaccine injuries and death. Since Congress granted industry and the medical profession a liability shield, the number of recommended childhood vaccine doses has approximately tripled.

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Irish Investigate Vaccination Experiments on Infants of "Unwed" Mothers

WeepThe Catholic nuns have said that instruction was issued by the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (CICA), who deny the accusation. The CICA were examining the vaccine trials until legal action halted the investigation.Irish Central reports:

The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary made this claim, through their lawyers, in a letter to Tusla, Ireland’s the Child and Family Agency. The letter, dated January 2015, was released to the Cork-based newspaper, the Irish Examiner, under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Irish Examiner reports that in August 2014 a letter was sent by assistant principal social worker Pearl Doyle asking a series of questions in relation to material transferred by request to Tusla, in 2011. This letter was sent as the Irish Government was proposing setting up an investigation into mother and baby homes.

In the letter a total of 23 questions were posed concerning infant mortality, burials, financial records and, vaccine records. Among these questions Doyle asked where the “complete” list of vaccine records are and how children were chosen, whether the consent of the mother was obtained and, if so, where these consent forms are.

Five months later the order of nuns replied, through their lawyers, reported that they had been instructed to destroy “all documents on the advice of the CICA.

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NY Court Overturns Bloomberg-Era Flu Shot Mandate for Infants - School Age Children

Lady libertyThis decision is a win for parental choice and basic American civil rights.  Let's hope this begins a trend back to a more rational form of pediatric healthcare and an end to mandates.  From Autism Action Network:

A New York Court issued a decision today overturning a Bloomberg-era regulation requiring all children age 6-months through 59 months to obtain a flu shot in order to attend pre-schools, daycare centers or Head Start programs regulated by the City of New York. The rule was set to go into effect in January 1, 2016.

Aaron Siri, attorney for the families who sued the city and the families themselves will hold a press conference at 60 Centre Street, in Manhattan at 11 am on Thursday, December 17, 2015.

Read the decision here.

Please come to the New York Supreme Court Building steps at 60 Centre Street tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 17, on Foley Square in downtown Manhattan for an 11 am press conference with the parents who sued the city and Aaron Siri, their attorney, who won a permanent injunction today on the New York City regulation that would require children ages 6-59 months to get flu shots or get kicked out of pre-school, daycare and Head Start.

There hasn't been a word in the media yet about the NY Supreme Court injunction shutting down the illegal city flu shot requirement. Coincidence? Not a chance. Don't bring signs. Please dress professionally. Be there. What you do counts.

Please share this message and post on social networks, and please make a donation if you can, we know the city will appeal this decision.

Thank you.


Medicine’s Flawed Approach to Evidence

Right wrongBy Gary Ogden

Druin Burch, an Oxford physician and professor, has penned a fine piece, appearing in the December/January issue of Natural History, advocating for placebo-controlled trials for all medical interventions.  It’s a good read.

 Some gems:  “In the nineteenth century, improvements in public health practices had greatly prolonged human life.  Medicine itself, however, only started doing more good than harm around World War II . ..”

In a discussion of childhood cancer treatments: “Giving new treatments to children outside of controlled trials is not merciful compassion.  It’s a gamble in which the child is as likely to be hurt as helped, and after which-due to the lack of control-we won’t even be able to tell which effect the treatment has had.”

He speaks of the appeal of dogma, calling historical and current medical wisdom “eminence-based medicine.”  Does this sound like CDC vaccine policy?  He makes exception only for existing drugs known to be safe for use in diseases with high case-fatality rates (his example being Ebola).

But then he makes this curious statement:  “Similar arguments could be made for some vaccines, provided those vaccines are closely related to ones for which we already have abundant knowledge.”

Abundant knowledge from placebo-controlled trials?  Please, Dr. Burch, give us the names and dates of those trials, the outcomes, the raw data.  I know of only one: One of the six Gardasil trials had a very small saline placebo arm, in addition to the adjuvant (Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate) arm.  The data in the tables for pain, swelling, and redness are broken out into the three arms.  For all serious adverse reactions, however, the placebo data are hidden, lumped together with the adjuvant arm in the tables, to give roughly the same rate of 2.3%.  This is not science.  It is flim flam.

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Daily Kos Has a Complete Intellectual Breakdown Over Vaccine Safety


By Dan Olmsted

Daily Kos, the reliably vaccines-are-perfect-because-they-are-a-progressive-health-care-cornerstone site that unaccountably ran an article last week about the risk from Big Pharma and the promiscuous promoting of vaccines, is now banning comments by a fan of the article because, they say, she's backing a conspiracy theory!

This is almost too twisted to explain, so let’s start from the start. Last week we wrote about this article on Kos: “The Pharma Bulls Are Loose, and It’s the End of American Democracy.”

“This headline,” we said, “does not overhype the article, which is a spectacularly – spectacularly! -- good look at how pharma has taken over medicine, government and mainstream media. Embedded within, and all the more powerful for it, is a look at the vaccine disaster. Sample:

“I’ll say it first: we no longer live in a democracy. We live in a fascist Pharmatopic Republic.

“The saddest part about living in this fascist state is that most people in America are not even aware of this new reality. In fact, in the public shaming of those who want safe vaccines, the American public is an unwitting victim of mass propaganda – and those doing the shaming are analogous to jack-booted thugs. Those in the blogosphere resort immediately to ad-hominem attacks at the first hint of logic and rational discourse. Even asking a question on vaccine safety makes one suddenly ‘anti-vax.’  (Disclosure: Both of my sons are fully vaccinated. I draw the line at HPV.)”


Now, a commenter (and AOA reader) named Twyla tells us her comments were removed when they applauded the article. She asked Daily Kos to explain themselves and the first thing she got back looks like it was an internal communication that wasn’t meant for her:


Begin forwarded message:

From: Eyesbright <tender2+da85949d59@tenderapp.com>

Subject: Re: Comment "hidden by the community" [Problems #105189]

Date: December 9, 2015 10:01:50 PM PST

To: [Twyla]

This message from Twyla is more than a little disingenuous. S/he's been warned before (when she should have been banned but, according to a commenter in the thread, Elfling gave Twyla a warning instead) about posting anti-vax stuff here but she's at it again. 

Posting anti-vaxxer comments/diaries is supposed to be automatic banning, per Kos (I'm too tired and near bedtime to find that link).

On the same day in the same thread, there were other anti-vaxxers who were obviously sock puppets. They're BOJO'D. Some commenters wondered if the sock puppets were creations of Twyla. I don't have an opinion on that.

Twyla's comment history (see the 3 thoroughly hidden comments on 12/05/2015): 


On Thu, Dec 10 at 05:41 AM, Deja wrote:

It comes across as an anti vaxxer comment to me, but I didn't flag or even see it. Conspiracy theories are not allowed, and anti vaxxers run along CT lines, so that is probably why.


So, our story so far: Twyla supported an article that Daily Kos wrote, but Daily Kos inadvertently sent her their own internal discussion about never, ever running anything that’s critical of any aspect of the vaccine program. They wonder whether other favorable comments are Twyla “sock puppets,” meaning people who are encouraged to mimic her ideas.

It’s no wonder that Deja, the Kos staffer whose bedtime was approaching couldn’t think straight about it.


To which Twyla responded:

On Thu, Dec 10 at 06:25 AM, Twyla Ramos wrote:

My message is not at all disingenuous. I was warned about posting about an autism-vaccine link. I don't remember what my comment said, but I don't think it was about an autism-vaccine link? I was never told that I'm not allowed to post anything critical of vaccines. Really??? Are vaccines so sacrosanct that nobody is allowed to speak ill of them?? And I truly am not anti-vaccine. I am critical of our current vaccine program, which is out of control. I view vaccines as an important weapon in our war on communicable diseases. But that doesn't mean we have limitless capacity for absorbing more and more of them. And the injured veterans of our war on disease need study and treatment. Denying vaccine injuries does not help the vaccine program.

I have not created any "sock puppets". I only post under my own name.

And it's silly to call everyone with concerns about vaccines "anti-vaxxer". If people have concerns about contaminated food, plane crashes, or automobile malfunctions (such as sudden acceleration in Toyotas, or Pintos catching fire), does that make them anti-food, anti-airplanes, or anti-car? Yes, some people are truly anti-vaccine. But others argue for a more moderate vaccine program, with attention paid to the unintended collateral damage. We need a much better understanding of why vaccine injuries occur, who is susceptible, how to prevent these reactions, and how to treat them when they do occur.

I'm so disappointed in Daily Kos for censoring discussion of vaccines. Daily Kos should be standing up for consumers in the face of pharmaceutical companies' power and influence.


On Dec 10, 2015, at 8:23 AM, Daily Kos Staff wrote:

From: Daily Kos Staff (Support staff)

Here is the line that we draw.

It is fine to talk about vaccinations in some contexts. But, the evidence is quite clear that the general pediatric sequence is safe and effective for the general population. If your arguments suggest otherwise, we're not okay with that here. We classify that as conspiracy theory because there's no evidence, no study, that seems to be sufficient to change your mind. If you are correct, every large medical association and all stable/credible governments are promulgating a big lie, conspiring to hide the truth from you. And, the lack of vaccinations among the general public causes harm by allowing some of these very dangerous diseases to remain viable.

There is no evidence that it is better for your individual child or the population as a whole to get a disease like measles or whooping cough rather than a vaccination.

All the standard childhood vaccines are well studied and have been in use for many years.

Vaccines in general are not particularly lucrative compared to other pharmaceuticals.

What is right for you and those for whom you are directly responsible is between you and your physician. But, what is right for the general population is not in question, and arguing otherwise is causing harm. We don't want Daily Kos used as a site for inaccurate or fraudulent information.


So there you have it, dear readers. Yesterday I wrote about the suppression of free speech at Brown, starting with vaccine safety and now spreading like a live virus shedding on everyone in sight. When journalism joins this band of absolutist deniers of unwelcome speech, we are in trouble.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Healthy Alternatives to Vaccination: New Podcasts

Decal AofA Vax ChoiceEditor's Note: Nancy Tarlow DC has created a series of podcasts where “guests such as Barbara Loe Fisher & Tedd Koren discuss all things natural to ensure that your family experiences incredible health.”  Click here to find them.

She writes AOA: “THIS is my passion. Educating people about the risks of vaccinations AND all the wonderful alternative’ treatments out there. I've worked with children with autism. I see how it destroys families and the stress it causes. I'm totally at a loss for words at how our government and media can allow this to continue. People are dying from getting too many vaccinations; their health is being severely impacted. Qualify of life has totally gone out the window for these people.

“I'm one of the lucky ones. I had an opportunity to see Barbara Loe Fisher speak back in '93 at a chiropractic convention. She touched my heart and opened my eyes to the dangers of vaccinations. I never forgot that day and educate people in my office about the dangers. 

“I can't do it that way anymore. I needed a louder microphone that one person at a time. I would stay up at night feeling the calling to do this.”

Check it out!

Neurotribes or Diatribe Asks Dr. Manuel Casanova in Book Review

NeurotribesEditor's Note: This review by Dr. Manuel Casanova takes the measure of the book "Neurotribes -- the Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity" by Steve Silberman. "Having some knowledge on the subject, I thought that Neurotribes was a painful read," Casanova writes. "Silberman’s arguments are constructed as a house of straws. ... The book glorifies autism by exalting its gifts but failing to emphasize its handicaps, drawbacks or comorbidities. It is true that the author mentions that autism is a handicap but at the same time compares the disability to computers using different operating systems, one with Microsoft and another using Linux. This comparison trivializes many of the handicaps faced by autistic individuals and is offensive to those more severely affected."

By Dr. Manuel Casanova

I finally got a chance to finish reading Steve Silberman’s widely publicized book “Neurotribes”. The same received the prestigious 2015 Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction and some journalists have touted the same as the definite book on autism’s past. Being a history buff myself I decided to give it a try and read it during my long layovers on a round trip to Russia. Fortunately I managed to read it all with a few hours to spare. On the other hand, being my usual self, I misplaced the book with all of my annotations. This may play well for the reader as a complete revision of the book with all of my annotations would have required a longer book than the one presently reviewed.

The book itself has been proclaimed to be Neurodiversity’s manifesto and as such makes de rigueur claims of historical figures as having had Asperger’s, providing a putdown of psychiatry and medical sciences in general, and somehow managing to talk peripherally about homosexuality and/or transgender issues. The aim of such a divagation is to ascertain that autism spectrum disorders are an expression of normal variability within the human genome and that any handicaps attributed to the condition can be overcome with proper accommodations. If this were the case it is easy to see why Neurodiversity proponents downplay the need for treatment and research and find especially offensive the use of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). In order to sustain their allegations they claim that autism has always been around and that there has been no real increase in prevalence throughout the last few decades. They also tend to over generalize suggesting that a significant proportion of engineers, radio aficionados, science fiction buffs, and computer scientists fall within the autism spectrum. All of the aforementioned allegations are made without dwelling on arguments that can falsify their position while simultaneously trying to destroy the credibility and reputation of those who oppose them. In their exposition they will usually not provide references for their work, or in the case of Mr. Silberman, those given may be untraceable and therefore worthless. Neurotribes touches on all of the aforementioned aspects while following the Neurodiversity blueprint to a tee.

Read the full review here.

Jennifer Margulis: Why American Doctors Are Questioning Vaccines

Margulis Your BabyWe excerpted this post from author Jennifer Margulis' site.

You can find her books including Your Babv Your Way on Amazon here.

By Dr. Adrienne Carmack, M.D.

The medical profession tells great tales of decades past when people died from, or were disabled by, diseases such as polio and smallpox, and how the invention of vaccines stopped these epidemics. I believed that vaccines didn’t cause any diseases or problems and that they definitely saved lives. I also believed that those who refused vaccines were the very reason these diseases still existed.

But when I entered the “natural” community by choosing a midwife and breastfeeding, I was exposed to medical theories that differed. During my childbirth classes at the midwifery center, I was surprised when the student teaching the class brought up the subject of vaccines. She suggested that not getting any vaccines was a reasonable choice.

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Billion Toddler March For Survival Features Vaccine Injury Stories

Toddler babyEditor's Note: Check out the new Billion Toddler March for Survival site created by Sally O. Elkordy. As she explains: "I have been interviewing parents of vaccine injured children since 2011 and have now compiled injuries by type of vaccine.  It's EVIDENCE, plain and simple.  Use it to its highest purpose. Thank you." The site includes dozens of interviews -- podcasts and YouTube -- with parents; the goal is "to persuade parents not to vaccinate their children." The site is easy to use and links to all kinds of videos, statements and other EVIDENCE, as Sally says. Worth a close look!


Absence of Evidence is Not Evidence of Absence

DiseaseBy Ronald Kostoff

Non-communicable diseases have been increasing in recent decades, and have replaced communicable diseases as the leading cause of mortality globally. I hypothesized these non-communicable diseases have a strong anthropogenic (man-made) component. To test the hypothesis, I conducted a study that would identify pervasive 'causes' of disease. These are causes/contributing factors that would impact many diseases. Additionally, these 'causes' were restricted to foundational 'causes', tangible items that, for the most part, would be actionable (e.g., excessive smoking, excessive alcohol intake, excessive exposures to radiation, etc)

The results were reported in a recent eBook [1]. They showed myriad contributing factors to all major diseases, with some diseases having hundreds of potential foundational causes. While the different contributing factors had different weightings, it became clear that the translation of the 'stimulus' provided by each contributing factor to the emergence of a disease resulted from the synergy of multiple 'stimuli' operating in concert.

Why is this relevant to autism? There tend to be 'silos' of advocates who emphasize 1) vaccines as the major cause, or 2) electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures as the major causes, or 3) glyphosate ingestion, or 4) nitrosamines, or 5).......... They are all correct to some degree, but it is the synergy of these myriad contributing factors that will result in the emergence of autism. As my study showed, the bulk of these foundational causes is due, directly or indirectly, to the poorly regulated introduction of modern technology. All of the technologies listed above, and many of the unlisted others contributing to autism, have undergone rapid expansion into our economy in recent years, mirroring the rapid increase in autism (and many other non-communicable diseases as well).

But, as my study/book also shows, the potential foundational causes identified from the premier biomedical literature may be the tip of a much larger iceberg. The biomedical literature relative to causes of disease contains 1) good honest research, 2) poor honest research, and 3) 'manufactured' research. There are unknown numbers of articles 'manufactured' to show there are no links between products being studied and serious disease. Differentiating among these three types of published research to identify truth is not a simple task.

There is a fourth category, which is research that never sees the light of day in the published literature. It is difficult to estimate the level of such research, as it is equally difficult to estimate the amount of 'manufactured' research, because of their secretive nature. It is typically only when a whistle-blower comes forward, or 'discovery' is generated in a legal proceeding, that some of this 'manufactured' or unknown research comes to light.

A few years ago, I did a study of health effects of EMF combined with other stimuli[2]. I examined multiple literatures, not limited to the premier medical literature, and contacted many experts working in this area. I heard story after story of how researchers' best papers were rejected by journals because they reflected poorly on the industry, or research projects being terminated abruptly because they were starting to show serious adverse effects from EMFs, or researchers being personally harassed because their findings were opposite of what the industry was promoting. In the EMF adverse health effects field (as in the vaccine field), there is much manufactured research floating around in the literature, and much research showing adverse effects of EMF that has never seen the light of day. There is much EMF adverse effects research that cries out to be done, but will never get out of the starting blocks because it is not in the interests of government and industry to have these questions answered.

The case of Dr. William Thompson, CDC, is a shining example of the perversion of discomforting research results by (what I have termed in my book as) the Government-Industrial-Media Complex. Thompson is somewhat unique as a whistle-blower. Most whistle-blowers expose wrong-doings of others; Thompson has allegedly exposed the wrong-doings of others AND HIMSELF! The complete mainstream media blackout of Thompson's allegations, and the refusal of either branch of Congress to hold hearings on such serious allegations, lend credence to the accuracy of his allegations. In my book, I spend some time addressing the consequences of Thompson's allegations if true, and show e.g. the costs that will be incurred by the sub-set of African-American children as a result of not informing their parents of the increased risk of autism are on the order of ~$400 billion [3]. That does not include the costs for the other sub-set of children with Isolated Autism, which could be substantially larger because it includes all children in the pool, not only African-Americans.

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Refusing to Acknowledge CDC Whistleblower Validity

Star CommenterThank you to David Foster, AofA contributor, for allowing us to post his comment made on a blog entry at the Orac-penned ScienceBlogs "Respectful Insolence."  

Ben Swann returns, and this time he’s got the CDC whistleblower documents.

(Orac:) When it comes to blogging, sometime’s it’s feast or famine. Some days there are more topics and stories that I’d like to blog about than I could ever get to, given that I generally only do one post per weekday, while other days I seriously think about skipping a day because there’s just nothing out there that interests me. This is one of the former kinds of days. Seriously, there was an embarrassment of riches last night, so much so that I had a hard time making up my mind what story to write about. The one that I ultimately chose only just edged out the second place choice, and then only at the last minute and then only because it is a followup to a post I did about about a month ago. I might well get to the runner up tomorrow, but for now it’s time to revisit a story I’ve done a lot of blogging about because it’s come up again.

How many of you remember Ben Swann? Well, he’s back. Regular readers might remember that Swann is the clueless, conspiracy-minded “investigative reporter” who anchors the evening news for WGCL-CBS46 in Atlanta. The location is important, because it’ means he’s the local news anchor for a major CBS affiliate who did a highly credulous story about the the “#CDCtruth” rally in October...


Foster's comment:

Do you ever notice that Orac can never simply provide the facts and let the reader draw their own conclusions? Why is that Orac? Do you have that little faith in your readership? (You should.) Every sentence is filled with ad hominem attacks and vitriol, and you always seem to leave out details which are not consistent with the conclusion you wish your readers to draw.

Its fascinating to watch how Orac and everyone else here is so willing to put the cart before the horse. Apparently the credibility of Dr. William Thompson, a senior epidemiologist and research scientist at the CDC, is dubious enough that these kinds of serious claims do not warrant any sort of investigation. We wouldn't want to learn that everything we've been spouting about for years might not be true, now would we?

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CDC Whistleblower & Congressional Oversight Online Survey Results

Whistleblower-protectionNote: Clay writes: I have opted to leave the survey open, given the news this morning that Congressman Posey has provided documents to reporter Ben Swann, who after review will be making documents public. Anyone seeking to respond, who has not already, please do so at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CDC-MMR-Oversight

By Beth Clay

Posted November 30, 2015

In mid-November 2015, after finding no evidence that any organization or news outlet had conducted a survey, I launched an online survey in order to inquire whether or not the public desired Congressional Oversight of the CDC Whistleblower allegations. I reached out through Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) and through email. The survey introduction and question is below:

In August 2014 the American public learned from a CDC employee that CDC employees conducting an autism research study in the Atlanta metropolitan area changed the study protocol after finding a statistically significant correlation of increased risk for autism in African American boys who got the MMR vaccines before 36 months.  Americans learned in the fall of 2015 from Congressman Bill Posey that this CDC employee, who now has official Whistleblower status, stated that 4 of the 5 authors came together and intentionally got rid of the information relative to this autism-MMR timing link.
The survey asked one question and then asked for demographic data. The one question is below:

I Request That the House Oversight Committee Subpoena All of the Authors of the MMR-Atlanta Paper to Discuss Under Oath the CDC Whistleblower Allegations of Changing the Protocol and Failing to Disclose Statistically Significant Finding that African American Boys Who Received the MMR Vaccine Before 36 Months were at Increased Risk of Developing Autism.

    Yes. This needs to happen as soon as possible.
    No.  I do not believe this warrants a Congressional hearing.
    Maybe.  I do not know enough about the issue.

At the end of the survey, I provided the following background and disclaimer

Thank you for participating in this brief survey.  Beth Clay is conducting this survey in order to confirm whether or not there is a strong public desire for the US Congress, in particular the House Oversight Committee, Chairman Jason Chaffetz to subpoena all five authors (Dr. Frank DeStefano, Dr. TK Bhasin, Dr. William Thompson, Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, and Dr. Colleen Boyle) of the 2004 paper, (Pediatrics. 2004 Feb;113(2):259-66.  Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan Atlanta. DeStefano F1, Bhasin TK, Thompson WW, Yeargin-Allsopp M, Boyle C.)  to respond under oath regarding the allegations of scientific misconduct, cover up, malicious and callous disregard to public health if the allegations are true regarding the decade  in which no alteration of timing of the MMR in African American boys was implemented.

As well as the following: 

You can read the full post at Beth Clay's site

Shooting At California Regional Center

CA shootingmap
From ABC News - http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/02/us/san-bernardino-shooting/

We're watching the story unfolding, holding those in harm's way in our thoughts. Many of our families have used and use this Regional Center in California. Jenny McCarthy just shared that she brought her son Evan to this center. If you have information to share, please use our comments. Thank you.

CNN current update

Pro Choice Pro Vax Anti Choice Anti Vax in America

Two sides coinBy Dara Berger

The shooting in Colorado Springs this past Friday made me think about our own movement regarding vaccines.  I pondered whether the pro vaccine  group would ever become violent.  They certainly go to extreme lengths to hurt people who don’t share the same opinion as them.  The choice about vaccines in many ways is very similar to the fight about abortion.  One group would like to have the legal and moral choice to decide for themselves while the other side would like to take all choice away.  Sound familiar?  In essence, they want choice to be illegal.  Another similarity is that we are dealing with the choice to make a decision about ones own physical body.  Why would another person think that they even bare the right to govern what someone does to their own body?  Why would they even want to?  Shouldn’t we all be created equal?

Now if you explore the reasons behind each movement, we can see on the surface that they are driven by a different motivator.  One is purely about money and profits.  Pharmaceutical companies are not making vaccines out of the goodness of their heart.  They make money and a lot of it! That’s the one thing that has always killed me when we talk about forced vaccinations.  How can you force someone to take something made by a for profit company?  Many of these companies make so much money that I forget if it is in the billions or trillions.  It’s that insane.  The other movement seems to be driven by religion.  But these are just the surface reasons.  The real driving factor behind all the chaos surrounding both movements is that one side wants to control the other.  One side has definitively decided that they know best and theirs is the only opinion that matters.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful meme

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Age of Autism.

Pro-Vaxxers Are America's Acceptable Bullies

Fisher Price BullyBy Dara Berger

Everyday we hear horrible stories about children being bullied in school.  Some refer to it as an epidemic.  The tactics are so much worse than when I grew up in the 70’s.  You could not get an entire school to gang up on someone’s Facebook page or send a compromised picture or video of that person and have it go viral.  You pretty much had only a few choices to hurt them.  Whisper rumors about them to other people, which let’s face it takes time.  One popular thing was to scribble something mean about them on the bathroom wall.  Although you had to hope that people used the stall and actually noticed the writing.  

Bullying is a horrible thing to live through especially when it involves a child.  It can leave lasting physical and emotional scars.  Children have even lost their lives to bullying as some get pushed over the edge and commit suicide.  We here these stories everyday.  Luckily there is more awareness and parents have some recourse.  They can sue the school or do something more drastic like move or change schools to protect their child.

But what happens when an entire country is bullying individuals?  I find that this is the case for Vaccine Bullying.  

The Vaccine Bully is comprised of our entire government who doesn’t even accept that vaccines are hurting adults and children even though they secretly pay out billions of dollars in their not well disclosed Vaccine Court.  Most americans barely know that it exists.  People get bullied by their doctors when they are in their most vulnerable position with their baby at a check up.  The doctor usually treats them like a horrible mother/father if they even question anything about vaccines.  I have heard countless stories where people go in not wanting to do any vaccines and walk out after getting a few, since the doctor threatened to not treat the child anymore.  I actually had this type of bullying happen to me over ten years ago.

I went to a new doctor on West 79th street.  He was a highly recommended pediatrician.  During the visit, I told him that I only wanted to do the Polio vaccine since I heard it was one of the more benign ones and that I was worried about giving vaccines to my 3 month old baby.  He started to raise his voice and said that I need to give a more useful one like the DTaP.  I said that I didn’t want to.  He proceeded to speak much louder and told me “I will not stand by and watch you kill your baby”.  He actually said these words to me! I left immediately as tears fired down my face.  I marched right up to the receptionist and said “don’t even think of submitting this visit to my insurance, since this was not a proper doctors visit and I now have to go see another doctor”.  Then I continued “tell him I will report the visit as fraud if he tries to get paid”. She looked at me shocked and kind of mumbled okay.  I checked every explanation of benefits for the next 6 months.  He never submitted it.  I felt some vindication in my small way that I stood up to him and did not pay him for his lousy behavior.  Years later I found out he married a speech therapist and became much more lax about vaccines.  Hmmm wonder where the change of heart and influence came from!

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SB277 Sponsor Dr. Richard Pan Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury

Richard Pan
This Man is Making Laws and Providing Medical Care for Children…It’s Past Time to Can Pan

By Laura Hayes Trust Me I'm A Doctor

Every American needs to listen to this 3-minute video clip of Richard Pan, the infamous CA state senator, and practicing pediatrician, who authored CA’s rights-and-freedom-stripping SB277 last winter. This video was recorded on Nov. 5th, 2015, at a UC Berkeley School of Public Health seminar titled Child Immunization: Herding Parental Concerns.  (What kind of seminar title is that for an institution of supposed higher learning? When would it ever be beneficial to "herd" parental concerns for risk-laden medical procedures that are known to cause permanent disability, chronic illness, and death, versus carefully listening to, examining, and acting on them?).

Here is a transcript so that you can carefully read, after you listen, to each word uttered by Richard Pan. There really are no words for his inane gibberish. For anyone who missed hearing this man speak during the hearings in CA for AB2109 and SB277, there’s not much difference from this recent performance. He makes no sense when he speaks, and he rarely ever answers the actual question asked of him (unbelievably, that didn’t seem to bother the legislators or media in CA).


Pan: There’s nothing that’s 100% safe. In fact, actually, people talk about what are in vaccines. Right? They say, “Oh, I’m worried about formaldehyde. I’m worried about aluminum. Um. Thimerosal is not in childhood vaccines. People say they’re worried about thimerosal. (My comment: Thimerosal is in childhood vaccines, both in the U.S. and abroad. It is about 50% mercury, highly toxic, dangerous, and can be deadly. Accidental spills of multi-dose vaccines containing thimerosal require evacuation of the building and clean-up by a trained HazMat team. Formaldehyde is highly toxic, a known carcinogen, can be deadly if not handled with extreme caution, and requires special ventilation and outerwear when working with it. Aluminum has been proven to wreak havoc in humans, including damage to the brain, immune system, nervous system, gut, and more. It is synergistically toxic when combined with many other substances, including the mercury in thimerosal-containing vaccines and the glyphosate in pesticide-laden foods and pesticide-treated areas, including schools and parks.)

Pan: You know what’s the most dangerous substance in the vaccine? Water! (My comment: Pan’s statement is patently false and completely ridiculous. I would think it would be fraudulent for a licensed and practicing M.D. to make such a statement. Is this what he tells the parents in his pediatric practice? Each and every vaccine is a serious medical intervention that includes the very real risks of permanent disability, chronic illness, and death. These risks are admitted by the vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. government, and should never be minimized.)

Pan: More children die of water toxicity than anything else that’s in the vaccine. (My comment: I have never heard such an asinine statement in my 20 years of advocacy. Again, is this what this licensed and practicing pediatrician is telling the parents in his practice? Is this what he’s telling those patients who are 12 years old and older in his practice, who in CA are legally allowed to receive HPV and HepB vaccines without their parents’ knowledge or consent?)

Moderator: I, I’m sorry, I don’t understand that. (My comment: I should say not!)

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Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty in the Spotlight

Dont-reward-bad-behaviorSent by a reader:

When I watched the AAP video of Pan receiving his Legislator of the Year Award,  (embed has been disabled, view the video here) I thought it odd that the plaque presented by Offit came not from the AAP, but from an organization called Children's Healthcare is a Legal Duty (CHILD).  Curious, I looked CHILD up.   CHILD was started by former Christian Scientist Rita Swan in 1983 after she tragically lost her toddler son to a failed attempt at faith healing for meningitis.  Following her loss,  Swan, who later earned a PhD in English,  has worked to protect other children from what happened to her son.   The great irony is that while her organization has undoubtedly done some good in advocating for children in dire situations, CHILD has also been instrumental in handing a few generations of innocent children over to profiteering predatory medical and governmental interests whose abusive tactics rival the worst abusive parents, and the laws that she has helped to create have hindered the ability of loving parents of all faiths and no faith to protect their children, as rarely will a judge side with a parent over the recommendation of a medical doctor and as states like California, West Virginia and Mississippi force vaccines that carry risk of injury and death on children without parental (or child) right of refusal.  From CHILD's site:

"CHILD, Inc. is a membership organization founded in 1983 to protect children from harmful religious and cultural practices, especially religion based medical neglect. CHILD believes laws should protect all children equally and opposes religious exemptions from child health and safety laws. CHILD is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 educational charity."

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NY Show Your Opposition to Forced Flu Shots for Preschoolers

No Flu ShotNY Show your opposition to forced flu shots
Wed., Nov. 25, 71 Thomas St. Manhattan, 9 am
Please attend the opening hearing for the lawsuit against the City of New York's illegal attempt to impose flu shots on pre-schoolers. The same regulation we are trying to overturn gives the City of New York the authority to require any shot it wishes. If they get away with it other local governments across New York will do the same. They already want to impose the flu shot, we believe mandatory HPV will be next, and where does it stop? We need to make a visible show of support and public concern to the judge. What you do matters.
Come to the New York County Supreme Court, 71 Thomas Street in Manhattan at the corner of West Broadway, on Wednesday, November 25 at 9am. It will be over by 12 at the latest. Please dress professionally and DO NOT bring signs.
Please share this message with friends and family and please post to social networks.


Autism Parent Reality: What Has Changed?

Plus ca changeBy Dara Berger

I sat there thinking that I just didn’t want to do it.  I couldn’t do it.  My body was screaming "no not again!"

But i was sitting there in front of the computer armed with a big glass of red wine and I had to do it.  The only thing that could drive me to get through it was the thought that I have to get him better.  It’s the thought I am plagued with everyday for the past nine years.  So I started slow.  I opened the document with surprise that I still remembered the password to that awful pdf.  There it was staring me straight in the face….his pediatric medical records.  The new homeopathic practitioner needed the date, name and lot numbers of all his vaccines to pick out the correct remedy to help me get him better.  I had 4 of the 6 lots numbers already sitting in a old spiral notebook to the right of me on my desk.  But I needed to give her at least the date and name of the other two vaccines he received.

I poured through the notes on every single pediatric visit from the time he was born.  I devoured every single word and meticulously filed it away in a part of my brain, so I would not have to open this dreaded document again.  I learned that I started vaccinating him at 6 months of age.  I gave him a DTAP at the 6 month well visit and then 2 weeks later a HIB shot.  At his nine month visit a polio shot was ordered and cancelled.  I must’ve changed my mind.  There were mom complaints of reactions after each vaccine written in the notes of every subsequent visit.  Then came one of the most horrible doctor visits.  Dylan and I went in for a well visit to get that same polio shot that had been cancelled and the nurse somehow gave him the  prevnar vaccine instead.  The one shot I never wanted him to have.  It is even written in his records that the mother said that she will not ever do that shot, since it hasn’t been out that long and not required.  

I took a huge gulp of wine as I was brought back to that excruciatingly powerless moment when the nurse gave my son a vaccine by mistake.  How could this have happened!  I remember like it was yesterday how the nurse came into the room and administered the vaccine.  I remember right after feeling an overwhelming sense that something wasn’t right.  Somehow I felt compelled to ask her what vaccine she just gave him.  It’s not like she had a package in her hand to show me.  The nurse answered “Prevner”.  I went from 0-1000 and flew off the handle.  I remember running up and down the halls of that pediatric practice on West 72nd Street screaming my head off.  Screaming as loud as I could scream.  Someone in another room must have thought that my baby just died.  Well the truth is he did die a little that day and each day after he got vaccinated.  The doctor tried very hard to contain me.  I will never forget that she said there is nothing I can do, because I can’t take it out of him.  She was right and I was the one who had to live with the consequences.  Not the stupid nurse and not the pompous doctor.  I was back as usual two days later complaining of a vaccine reaction.  My husband came with me since my complaint was a little more serious that he was breathing funny.  The doctor examined him and felt that he got a little sick from the vaccine.  I forced her to put vaccine reaction in his medical record and watched over her shoulder until she typed it.  Years later I called an attorney to see if I had any recourse against them for that assault.  Like most people who consider suing, I was pissed that I did not get a proper apology from anyone.  But they did better.  They kept meticulous notes outlining what they did to him in his medical records.  I found out that I have until he is 21 to decide if I want to force them to make that apology to Dylan.  

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IACC Meeting - Will There Be Progress for Our Loved Ones?

IACC autismThe International Autism Coordinating Committee met yesterday.   You'll be able to watch a video of the meeting within a few days.   Below are a few of the public comments and links to much more documentation.  IACC has been a topic on AofA for many years -- mostly for its dearth of accountability and success in almost every area related to autism, which is a travesty.

Below are the first few sentences of some of the public comments, oral and written - each a poignant, realistic and pressing glimpse into autism as it exists in so many of our households. Not the sanitized version being forced fed to Americans.

From the IACC page:

The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) is a Federal advisory committee that coordinates all efforts within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) concerning autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Through its inclusion of both Federal and public members, the IACC helps to ensure that a wide range of ideas and perspectives are represented and discussed in a public forum.

The IACC mission is to:

  • Provide advice to the Secretary of Health and Human Services regarding Federal activities related to autism spectrum disorder.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information on and coordination of ASD activities among the member agencies and organizations.
  • Increase public understanding of the member agencies' activities, programs, policies, and research by providing a public forum for discussions related to ASD research and services.

IACC meetings are open to the public and include presentations and discussions on a variety of topics, including activities and projects of the IACC, recent advances in science and autism policy issues. A portion of each meeting is reserved for public comment. A summary of each meeting is posted on the meetings & events page.  Read the written and oral comments in full here.

Carolyn Gammicchia

I stand before you today as a parent of a young man with autism and someone who has many concerns.  Too many unfortunately to begin to mention within my allotted 3-5 minutes of oral comments.  However as I thought about what would be most effective to say, and to be representative of the thousands of families I’ve met over the two decades since our son was formally diagnosed, I think it’s important to minimally ask for your consideration of the following and I would like answers to these questions:

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TACA Present Holiday Hints and Help For Autism Families

TACA holidayNOTE:  We're into the holiday season! Diwali just ended, Thanksgiving (American) is next week and on we go through the New Year. TACA offers wonderful family support on a range of topics:   We invite you to visit their site and to share your own coping strategies in our comments.  

    Taking the Stress Out of the Holidays
    Keeping up with GFCFSF and Dealing with Infractions
    Holidays Meals
    Enjoying the Moments!
    School parties

Insider States: "American Government Can NOT Be Trusted RE Vaccine Safety"

Safeminds lyn shotFor those of you who are unfamiliar with Lyn Redwood, she is a Nurse who sounded the alarm on the number of micrograms of mercury being injected into babies, including her son, when industry, government agencies and the pediatric community had failed to do the same. The result was the beginning of the biomedical autism movement really.  She recently was a member of  IACC - which had to have been akin to sleeping on a bed of nails - with grace and tenacity.  Learn more about Lyn's decades long contribution to helping our kids and the history of our community in David Kirby's book Evidence of Harm.

Below is an excerpt from the SafeMinds site - please read the full article here.


SafeMinds co-founder and board member Lyn Redwood spoke at last weekend’s Truth, Transparency & Freedom Rally.  Read her moving account of decades of Federal inaction on vaccine harms – and her personal triumph helping her own son lead a successful life beyond autism.

My name is Lyn Redwood. I have a master’s in nursing and worked for years as a nurse practitioner in obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics.  I co-founded the nonprofit organization SafeMinds in 2000 and the National Autism Association in 2003, and I have been fighting on behalf of families affected by autism for over 15 years.

My youngest son weighed in at almost 9 lbs at birth. He was a strapping, happy baby who smiled, cooed, walked, and talked all by one year.  Shortly after his first birthday we started to lose him.  Suddenly my active, healthy baby was sick all the time. He had back-to-back colds, ear infections, and even strep throat. All he wanted to do was to sit in front of the TV and watch the Disney movie, “The Fox and the Hound,” over and over again. And he would cry inconsolably if you interrupted his routine.  He stopped interacting with us, he refused to eat most foods and suffered intermittent bouts of diarrhea. He also lost all the words he had been saying and the twinkle in his eye was gone too.  Something was horribly wrong with my beautiful baby boy.

At first he was diagnosed with a global receptive and expressive speech delay. Typanostomy tubes and aggressive speech therapy did nothing to help him recover his speech. Then he was diagnosed with autism.

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Who is Calling the Shots? - A Town Hall Meeting to discuss Oklahoma Senate Bill 830

Yen OKThanks to the many readers who shared this video with us and to Becky Estepp for this brief summary: Stephanie-Christner-Photo-2013

The Tulsa County Men’s Republican Club hosted State Senator Ervin Yen and Dr. Stephanie Christner last week to debate Oklahoma’s Senate Bill 830. Senator Yen sponsored this controversial bill which would take away a parent’s ability to exempt their children from school vaccination requirements if passed. Both Senator Yen and Stephanie Christner are medical doctors, which should have made for a very even debate. 

However, it seemed that Senator Yen was unprepared to debate his bill. Dr. Christner came prepared with a powerpoint presentation that included scientific studies, statistics, court cases and government policies to back her stance that SB 830 would be bad for Oklahoma. Senator Yen provided the audience with a lot of political double talk to back his position. 

The audience consisted of parents who showed great knowledge of problems within current vaccine schedule. The Senator had a hard time answering many of their questions. At one point he falls back on the reason for this bill is to keep his five children safe which seems like a tough position to take when debating a doctor whose infant daughter died of a vaccine reaction. 

This segment is one-and-a-half hours long but worth it. 

From NVIC in 2013: Stephanie Christner, DO, has been appointed to a four year term as the voting consumer representative on the Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). On Nov. 13, 2013, she will participate in her first meeting as a member of VRBPAC, a 12-member FDA committee that reviews and evaluates vaccine safety, effectiveness and appropriate use of vaccines and biological products intended for public use, including clinical trial and other data submitted by drug companies seeking licensure of new vaccines.

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Autism Super Sibling: "Worth It!"

Suyser sisterNote: Thank you to Miss Fiona Jameson, daughter of our own Cathy Jameson, for this wonderful post.

By Fiona Jameson

The topic of a person’s worth came up during a recent discussion in one of my high school classes.  We were talking about how some people assume that kids with disabilities are not able to think because they have cognitive developmental delays.  That assumption is false.  

Kids with disabilities are able to think.  Some kids with disabilities have some level of being able to choose for themselves.  Some are able to ask for help and can also express emotions.  I thought this was a great topic to discuss because it pertained to a very interesting lesson and because my brother has given me insight about it.

The teacher and my classmates know a little bit about my brother, Ronan.  They know that he has autism and that he is non-verbal.  They know that he needs help with lots of things like going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and being safe.  I think that’s why the teacher asked me specifically during our discussion, “Fiona, do you think Ronan is able to form thoughts in his mind?”  I immediately thought about how Ronan gets a thought in his head, like that he wants to eat a cookie, and he acts on that thought by asking for help to get the cookie.  I was excited to answer her, “Yes, he is!”  I was excited also because I felt like the teacher actually understood Ronan and understood why it was important for me to talk about him in class.   Fiona Ronan

I’ve been able to share more of Ronan’s story in class.  I share that he has value just like I and my classmates do.  Some people look at Ronan and might think that he doesn’t know how to act around other people or do things like “normal” people.  Well, sometimes, Ronan doesn’t know how to act around other people or do things like “normal” people.  That’s where I tell people that Ronan may be different, but he’s still a person.  He’s just as important and worth being given respect just like you, me, and everyone else.  

Ronan is worth fighting for.  He’s worth being cared for even if it takes a lot of time and money.  He is worth being loved for who he is.  As his sister, I’ll make sure that someone always fights for him, cares for him, and loves him.    

Fiona Jameson is a freshman in high school.  She loves to play volleyball and had a successful season playing on the JV team.  Fiona hopes to be a photographer, interior designer, baker, professional volleyball player, and a Mom when she grows up.  

New Estimate 1 in 45 American Children Have Autism

Blue tearThis should shock Americans for two reasons. One, the sheer epidemic numbers of this life and demographic landscape altering diagnosis is appalling and unacceptable. Two, the CDC continues to prove its inability to keep track of American medical conditions and provide any measure of protection.  Like school shootings, autism has continued to rage across the nation unabated. Cui bono? Not families. Not the children, many of whom are now young adults.

Detroit News

— The government has a new estimate for autism — 1 in 45 U.S. children — but other federal calculations say the developmental disorder is less common.

The latest figure released Friday is one of three estimates that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives for autism based on different surveys; the most rigorous one gives a lower estimate of 1 in 68 children.

The new number is from a survey of parents of 13,000 children, who were asked last year if their child were ever diagnosed with autism or a related disorder. The lower CDC estimate is from researchers checking health and school records for more than 47,000 children.

The 1 in 68 will still be treated as the best estimate, said Michael Rosanoff, director of public health research for the advocacy group Autism Speaks.

But the new number supports a belief that 1 in 68 is an underestimate, he added.  Read more at Detroit News.

Sharyl Attkisson Reports: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly

Sharyl logoNOTE: How many Americans have run to get a flu shot since a 2006 study: Govt. Researchers: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly, After All. Lack of efficacy. Fancy talk for, "it doesn't work." How much money has been spent on ads? How many vaccine reactions and injuries have been tallied? Ignored?  How many millions of micrograms of mercury have gone into the brains of American men, women and children? And how many Muppets have rolled up the sleeves on their furry arms.....

Thank you to Sharyl Attkisson for her reporting: Govt. Researchers: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly, After All

An important and definitive “mainstream” government study done nearly a decade ago got little attention because the science came down on the wrong side. It found that after decades and billions of dollars spent promoting flu shots for the elderly, the mass vaccination program did not result in saving lives. In fact, the death rate among the elderly increased substantially.

The authors of the study admitted a bias going into the study. Here was the history as described to me: Public health experts long assumed flu shots were effective in the elderly. But, paradoxically, all the studies done failed to demonstrate a benefit. Instead of considering that they, the experts, could be wrong–instead of believing the scientific data–the public health experts assumed the studies were wrong. After all, flu shots have to work, right?

So the NIH launched an effort to do “the” definitive study that would actually prove, for the first time, once and for all, that flu shots were beneficial to the elderly. The government would gather some of the brightest scientific minds for the research, and adjust for all kinds of factors that could be masking that presumed benefit.

But when they finished, no matter how they crunched the numbers, the data kept telling the same story: flu shots were of no benefit to the elderly. Quite the opposite. The death rate had increased markedly since widespread flu vaccination among older Americans. The scientists finally had to acknowledge that decades of public health thought had been mistaken.

Read the government study that found no flu shot benefit in elderly

You're Invited: “Vaccine Wars:” A Look at the Politics and Legislation of Vaccination

Save dateSave the date! 

Monday, November 16 at 7pm in Rose Hills Theatre, Pomona College, CA

“Vaccine Wars:” A Look at the Politics and Legislation of Vaccination

In December 2014, at least 40 people who visited or worked at Disneyland contracted measles. On June 30, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB 277, which eliminates the personal and religious belief exemptions to vaccination, requiring nearly all California schoolchildren to be fully vaccinated. Legislation on vaccination continues to be a contentious political issue, earning it the name: “vaccine wars.” Join the PSU for a discussion on vaccination policy, looking at the intersection of public health, individual choice, and the role of our government.


Alexander Capron: University Professor, Scott H. Bice Chair in Healthcare Law, Policy and Ethics, Professor of Law and Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, Co-Director, Pacific Center for Health Policy and Ethics

Jennifer Margulis, PhD: Former Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism; featured in PBS Frontline’s “The Vaccine War;” author of “Your Baby, Your Way: Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting Decisions for a Happy, Healthier Family”

Hilary LaConte, MA, Education: President, Governing Board, Claremont Unified School District; Associate Director of Public Policy Analysis Program at Pomona College

Dr. Bob Sears, MD: Orange County pediatrician; Founder of the non-profit Immunity Education Group

NYC Parents Sue to Stop Required Flu Shots for Tots

Bilg soda
NYC parents sue to stop required flu shots for tots
Board of Health can't ban big soda cups and they can't require flu shots
New York, NY--New York City parents filed a lawsuit Monday in the New York County Supreme Court to end a Bloomberg-era regulation requiring mandatory flu shots for kids enrolled in daycare, Head Start and pre-kindergarten set to begin on Jan. 1, 2016. Just as the courts over-turned the attempted Bloomberg ban on big soda cups, holding that the NYC Board of Health and Mental Hygiene has no authority to create new laws, parents argue that the Board of Health has no legal authority to dictate shots. Swine flu shot syringes
All the children of the parents bringing the suit are fully vaccinated, they object specifically to the flu shot and the illegal way the city has forced it upon families.
"The Board of Health, without any legislative authority, adopted this flu shot dictate as well as granted itself the power to require any other vaccine it desires," said Aaron Siri, attorney for the parents. "The Board of Health not only adopted the rule without any legislative authority, it did so in direct conflict with New York law that gives the state legislature the power to decide which vaccines shall be mandatory."
Children aged 6 months to 59 months would be banned from programs, and program-operators could be fined thousands of dollars for every child who does not get the flu shot. These children are the only residents of New York State required to get flu shots. Almost nowhere else in the US is the flu shots required.

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Paul Offit and AAP Reward Senator Pan for Taking Away Healthcare Rights in California


Paul Offit presents Richard Pan with AAP award on behalf of CHILD, Inc.  Note the disdain in Offit's language.

Nov 1, 2015, NCE 2015 Sen. Pan Awards - YouTube

Paul Offit: "You are brave man. (audience laughter)  You were able to take something which those who oppose vaccines always make a parent's right issue and make it a child's right issue.  I think that to oppose groups like these--we're not talking about sort of the vaccine hesitant parents--but more the professional anti-vaccine types, that is a politically savvy, media-backed, often lawyer-backed group that can make your life miserable.  I think it takes an enormous amount of bravery to do what you did.

"You know you've gotten into the center of things when you meet the very best people and the very worst people. (more audience laughter)


Next Dr. Stuart Cohen of the American Academy of Pediatrics, California: ". . .Nothing has risen to the level in both difficulty and acclaim as your SB277.  (laughter)

"So with that in mind, we'd like to honor you, American Academy of Pediatrics California, as legislator of the year.  'For his invaluable leadership and heroic achievements to keep California children safe at school from vaccine-preventable disease, in order to protect the public health with Senate Bill 277.'"


Book Review: The Mess They Made (The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy)

No Free GiftBy Jonathan Rose

Linsey McGoey, No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy (London and New York: Verso, 2015).

Amidst our daily struggles with the burdens autism imposes on our children, each of us has probably asked a still larger question: How could such a thing happen? A generation is being decimated, everyone sees it and knows it, and yet those in authority assure us that there is no real problem and not much needs to be done about it. That is not how a genuinely democratic and caring society would respond, so we inevitably wonder: Has something gone terribly wrong with our political system, our basic machinery for distributing wealth and power?

In fact the system has taken a sharp turn for the worse, as revealed to devastating effect in No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy. A sociologist of public health at the University of Essex who has served as an advisor to the World Health Organization, Linsey McGoey has studied intensely why public health systems often fail. She has explained how government drug regulators succumb to a “will to ignorance”, how Merck managed to double its share value in spite of the Vioxx scandal, how GlaxoSmithKline escaped prosecution for suppressing trial results that showed that its antidepressant Seroxat was ineffective and could lead to suicide, and how the inherent shortcomings of randomized clinical trials have “led to the licensing of numerous drugs with adverse effects that were either innocently undetected or deliberately ignored because they could not be easily measured.”

All those failures, she suggests in this book, are products of a deeper failure of our current economic system, which is neither socialism nor genuine free-market capitalism. Nor is it the “mixed economy” of the mid-twentieth century, where governments curbed corporate power and offered welfare measures that spread prosperity to the middle and working classes throughout the Western world.   The regime under which we now live is often called “oligarchy”, but the oligarchs themselves prefer the term “philanthrocapitalism”. It concentrates enormous wealth in the hands of very few individuals, who use their money to rig legislation and markets in their favor, thus growing their wealth still further. But that (according to the philanthrocapitalists) actually works to everyone’s benefit: the superrich can then draw on their vast resources and their business skills to attack all kinds of social ills. In philanthropy, they propose to take the same ruthlessly efficient methods they use to maximize profits and apply them to fighting global poverty and disease, and they promise to do it far more effectively than cumbersome welfare bureaucracies.  

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CDC Investigates Itself on #CDCwhistleblower Fraud Charges and Then Declines to Share Results with Congress

Cotton by Ginger Taylor

After the blockbuster revelations that Dr. William Thompson had come forward and admitted that CDC was withholding information that they found linking vaccines to autism, Congressman Bill Posey took the lead in investigating the matter. After many months of sorting through documents given to him by Thompson, Posey took to the floor of the House of Representatives last summer to confirm that there was ample evidence that fraud was taking place and called for formal Congressional hearings.

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, the new head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, had reportedly committed to Rep. Posey that he would hold hearings, however those reports were followed by others suggesting that key members of Congress were coming intense under pressure from vaccine interests not to hold hearings, and instead to allow CDC to investigate themselves.

Indeed, CDC spokesperson Tom Skinner released the following statement to Forbes Magazine, announcing that the agency will investigate themselves for the fraud charges that have been levied against them:

"CDC is aware that employee Dr. William Thompson has raised concerns regarding an article he co-authored that was published in 2004 in Pediatrics. Consistent with CDC’s existing policies and procedures, the agency, through its Office of the Associate Director for Science (ADS), and in coordination with the HHS Office of Research Integrity, is reviewing these concerns. The agency will provide further information once the review is completed."

Months after Rep. Chaffetz had reportedly committed to hold hearings, no hearings have been publicly discussed. Further, activists in the black community report that the ORG's ranking member, Rep. Elijah Cummings, initially committed to them that he would look into the Thompson disclosure, but recanted his commitment to them within days of making it.

On Monday, Rep. Posey took to his facebook page to share that he had learned that CDC had completed their investigation of their potential fraud, and had prepared a video response. He contacted them to request a copy, but CDC has declined to produce it for the Congressman.

Congressman Bill Posey's post to facebook:

"ARROGANT, PETULANT & DEFIANT - I was informed by an insider they did an investigation, prepared a response and produced a video as a result of the July 29th video I posted below. I simply asked to see..."


I had not realized that responses like these were possible to government agencies with oversight and investigative powers, and after reading the Dena Morris response, I have been inspired to use her letter as a template in to address a matter in my own life:

November 4th, 2015

Ginger Taylor
123 The Way Life Should Be Way
Rocky Coast Of, Maine

12th Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue
Northwest, Washington, D.C.

Dear Internal Revenue Service,

Thank you for your letter regarding your 2014 statement and your request for certain documents and materials. The Taylor Family (Team Taylor) was aware that certain concerns had been raised regarding a 2014 paperwork filing authored by Team Taylor members. Team Taylor takes any concerns about the integrity of our paperwork filings very seriously and is committed to reviewing such concerns consistent with applicable federal regulations and our team's existing policies and procedures. However, Team Taylor is not in a position at this time to comment on any ongoing review.

We value your commitment to public funding, and appreciate your support for providing the public with revenue. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Chander Taylor our son injured by your sister agency's policies and disclosures, after he gets home from school.


Ginger Taylor
Executive Director, Team Taylor, Maine Office

I will let you know if it pays off.

I Respectfully Ask Mr. Kennedy (and All Americans) These Questions

Question markBy Laura Hayes

Last week, I respectfully posed 3 questions to Mr. Kennedy in the comments section of an AoA article, as he continues to be an active voice across the country speaking about mercury in vaccines, corruption at the CDC, and the removal of our right to a jury trial following vaccine-induced injury and vaccine-induced death here in America.  I am hoping he will answer these questions soon.

The questions I posed are not just for Mr. Kennedy, however.  They are questions for every American.

Here are the original questions I posed to Mr. Kennedy:

Do you support vaccine mandates?

Do you support individual and parental rights to decline vaccination?

Do you support the repeal of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act?

This many years into Mr. Kennedy's involvement with: the many poisons, toxins, and health-destroying ingredients in vaccines; the documented rampant failures of vaccines worldwide; the vast corruption underlying our nation's vaccine program from manufacture to mandate; the many chronic illnesses and developmental disorders now plaguing our children in never-seen-before numbers, despite our spending more per person on "health care" than ever before, and at the same time as the number of vaccines given has more than tripled; and perhaps most importantly, the endless and countless reports from parents worldwide about the HORRORS that have befallen their children post-vaccination...it would certainly seem that Mr. Kennedy would be ready and willing to answer these 3 questions without reservation, as all else hinges on the answers to these 3 questions.

The ONLY way one can protect oneself and one's children from the known and yet-to-be-discovered dangers of current vaccines, and from the dangers of newly-approved and mandated vaccines in the future, is through EDUCATED FREE WILL. Without the unfettered and unrestricted ability to decline vaccinations, this medical tyranny will not only continue, it will increase.

Not only is educated free will the only way to protect oneself and one's children from vaccine harm, it is the only way we are going to be able to change the immoral, unethical, and deplorable behavior of big corporations and powerful government agencies.  We must restore our right to say "yes please" or "no thank you" to any product and to any government recommendation.  We must be able to vote with our dollars in order to change corporate behavior and we must be able to refuse government recommendations, as each has the potential to be faulty, dangerous, or not personally healthy or beneficial for ourselves or our children.

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