Is the Vagus Nerve the Culprit Behind Speech Delay?
Autism Reflections and the Jesse Tree

CDC Chief and Financial Conflicts

FitzgeraldThe swamp sure is full still.....  CDC Director can't work on matters regarding Opioids and Cancer - and  is hobnobbing with Bill and Melinda Gates. Can we get her to recuse herself from all things autism? Wait, CDC has already done that as an agency. Wouldn't Dan have had a field day this story?  BTW, Fitzgerald has it backward - you get rich in industry AFTER you leave CDC. Ask Julie Gerberding.  

AofA's Editor at Large Mark Blaxill has written numerous posts about the CDC. Here are three classics from our exclusives you might want to revisit. The swamp has been overflowing for a very long time with no draining in sight.

Mark Blaxill: Lies, Damned Lies and CDC Autism Statistics

What Did the CDC Know And When Did They Know It (part 1)

What Did the CDC Know and When Did They Know It? (part 2)

WaPo: ATLANTA — After five months in office, President Trump’s new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been unable to divest financial holdings that pose potential conflicts of interest, hindering her ability to fully perform her job.

Brenda Fitzgerald, 71, who served as the Georgia public health commissioner until her appointment to the CDC post in July, said she has divested from many stock holdings. But she and her husband are legally obligated to maintain other investments in cancer detection and health information technology, according to her ethics agreement, requiring Fitzgerald to pledge to avoid government business that might affect those interests. Fitzgerald provided The Post with a copy of her agreement.

Last week, Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.), the senior Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees CDC, wrote that Fitzgerald is raising questions about her ability to function effectively.

“I am concerned that you cannot perform the role of CDC director while being largely recused from matters pertaining to cancer and opioids, two of the most pervasive and urgent health challenges we face as a country,” Murray wrote.  Read more here.


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Jeannette Bishop

Highwire with Del Bigtree broadcasted an interview of Dr. Brian Hooker today informing of to his latest publication regarding CDC activity, or lack thereof:

Morag lyons

In the meantime let yon swamp creatures drink from the community wishing well, if they wish .

use both hands aquabily youtube . Any new joint vaccination commission compliance canvassers from Oxfordshire will not be accepted or tolerated . Medicalised mandates need doctered the sooner the better .

John Stone


As someone far more traditionally inclined to Democrat politics I think it is nevertheless true that if there had been a Democrat Congress and Hillary Clinton in office that a year on things would have be much worse in relation to vaccine politics, but nevertheless what we have is very disappointing.

bob moffit

@ John

"Surely, we must assume that until proven otherwise that he has been surrounded and outwitted, and it is business as usual. Even if there is some deep plot the imperative is to proceed taking everything at face value."

My friend .. with all due respect .. I would suggest the ONLY thing we can "assume" .. had Hillary Clinton been elected instead of Trump .. we KNOW she would have been "surrounded and supported" by the very same "stakeholders and special vested interests" .. that had captured her predecessor .. President Obama.

If he cannot .. or .. even worse .. chooses not to do so .. as one of his staunchest supporters .. I predict he will be a ONE TERM President.

And so .. like it or not .. President Trump is OUR only chance .. to DRAIN THAT DAMN SWAMP.

John Stone

There is an argument that to affect change Trump would have to use stealth. But is he using stealth or just going with the flow? Some have inspected the profiles and history of his appointees to find something just microscopically not mainstream, some hint of deep plotting and they have employed ingenious arguments, but one would be both surprised and delighted if there was anything in it. The argument "Don't worry everybody, Trump has got it all quietly licked" could itself be a snare, if it dissuaded any one from action. Surely, we must assume that until proven otherwise that he has been surrounded and outwitted, and it is business as usual. Even if there is some deep plot the imperative is to proceed taking everything at face value.

Aimee Doyle

@Tim - "Repairs take time."

I would like to see some evidence that the heads of HHS, FDA, CDC are doing SOMETHING on this issue. I haven't seen it. I realize that Big Pharma's influence didn't go away after Trump was elected, but why would he nominate someone like Alex Azar if he's sincere about making changes? Other agency employees may also need to be replaced, but change starts at the top. Why would he choose agency heads like Tom Price, Scott Gottlieb, Brenda Fitzgerald - all of whom have expressed a pro-vax perspective? The people at the top of an agency can make changes - just look at the evidence from other agencies like EPA.

Trump may have resistance, but his Republican party controls the House, the Senate, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and a majority of state legislatures. Seems he has the power to make changes and the party to vote those changes in.

And, with 1 in 36 children currently on the spectrum, and a child being diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes, I don't see why Trump doesn't have a sense of urgency about this. He's been in office a year now.

Tim Bolen


The Trump Team is having to unravel eight years of Obama (Marxist/Globalist) entrenchment - and not just in health care. Repairs take time, and there is daily resistance.

Big Pharma's influence on DHHS, FDA, CDC, NIH, etc., employees didn't just go away when Trump was elected. The "revolving door" (promises of high paying jobs with Pharma to government employees) hasn't stopped. Trump needs to replace the upper level agency employees eight layers deep.

The investigations into the opioid crisis and the generic price fixing issues are a very clear message of what's coming in US health care. So, is the language change -

The terms "evidence-based" and "science-based" were "skeptic goofball Orac" designer words used to denigrate changes in health care ideas.

We are going to end up with an entirely different health care system - one that actually works, and is affordable. I don't see any role for vaccines...

None of the agency heads make or change policy at the CDC, FDA, NIH, etc. They follow the policy decisions of the Executive - and that is Donald Trump. The next-level-down employees at those agencies need to start to understand that, and do that - or die in a prison...

I know this is hard to hear BUT the vaccine issue is MINOR in comparison to the conglomerate of US health care issues we need to face, and fix. Heart Disease, for instance KILLS over 800,000 Americans EVERY year, and the system makes a fortune NOT fixing these people. Then there is cancer, etc...

But, Trump is NOT alone...

Tim Bolen

L  Land

I think draining the swamp actually means putting people who got rich in an industry in charge of the agency that regulates it and then they dismantle the agency. Then the industries and all the big stockholders get richer.

Andrea W.

B&M Gates are such a huge players with vaccines, it would be difficult to avoid them especially as head of the CDC. If she's indexing, then why is there a problem? That's acceptable for most of business. Individual stocks in certain areas generally aren't okay. If this is a problem to index, it's a problem for about 99.9% of anyone in healhcare, legislators, and public employees. I bet a huge percentage of them aren't even indexing. If Dr. Fitzgerald has the S&P index then she could short a sector index (like pharma/ and or healthcare). That would mean she has exposure to the market except for pharma/healthcare. If she bought ETFs in all the sectors except pharma/healthcare, she could avoid exposure that way as well. Not sure where her tech stocks are, but the same thing could apply. This article is missing some pretty key pieces of the argument like does she own specific stocks still? Are these in an IRA or a taxable account? What exactly does the ethics agreement says that she's potentially skirting? What is common practice? Are we asking more of her than we are asking of other people? Should we be asking more of our public employees? I appreciate the article though to know someone is watching. Thank you.

Aimee Doyle


Why are you using the term "libtard" - name calling is juvenile. Certainly, if you're trying to convince anyone on the opposite side, calling them names won't do it.

I'm a political independent - but I really hate it when discourse degenerates to this level.

Aimee Doyle


You said - "she is doing her job as Trump's appointee." What exactly has Brenda Fitzgerald done with respect to the vaccine autism issue? She's on the record as pro-vax and opposed to a connection between autism and vaccines. I can't see that she's done anything regarding whistleblower Dr. William Thompson's concerns - or even to publicize them.

And what about Trump's other appointees? What is Scott Gottlieb doing as head of the FDA on this matter? He is on the record as being pro-vax and has publicly said that families who are anti-vax "should get over it." And what about Alex Azar - Mr. Pharma himself? Former drug lobbyist and head of the drug division at Eli Lilly.

Could you explain? I just don't see anything happening. And who has been blocked? Seems that Trump has gotten almost every appointee he has wanted.

Tim Bolen


What is interesting to me, about the entire discussion, is that the Big Pharma controlled liberal (Cultural Marxist) media is attacking Brenda Fitzgerald. It means she is doing her job as Trump's appointee.

As Trump's appointee I can just imagine the behind the scenes discussions Brenda had with Billy-Boy Gates, as in "Billy - tell us once again how you got yourself BANNED in India, one of the United States's favorite allies?"

Suggesting that someone is somehow controlled by Gates just because they talk to him is about the same as saying "If you you use Gates's product Windows, then you are pro-vaccine..."

There are two videos which adequately represent EXACTLY what Brenda Fitzgerald MD is in this article.

The Democrats, and the RINOs, are blocking Trump's appointees, but slowly, inexorably, we are taking back control of the federal agencies. and much needed changes are happening -

What's even better is watching the look on the faces of the libtard media as they report on the Nightly News - knowing that we are unraveling EVERYTHING Obama/Clinton and restoring America's greatness...

Tim Bolen


Benedetta: HIV/AIDS was just another pharma scam


Scams are the rule of the day for these people

2002 - West Nile will kill us all
2004 - SARS will kill us all
2005 - Bird Flu will kill us all
2009 - Swine Flu will kill us all
2014 - Ebola will kill us all
2016 - Zika will kill us all

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: HIV/AIDS was just another pharma scam. Groups such as ACTUP, who pushed to make available the very toxic and rejected by the FDA chemotherapy drugs, were nothing more than pharma front groups. Nasty they were. This is why we hear so much about HIV/AIDS in Africa: It is part of the depopulation campaign for Africa, like all the WHO vaccines, such as the abortifacient tetanus vaccine in Kenya, which had previously been used in Mexico and the Philippines. Pharma is nothing but sheer evil. I repeat: HIV/AIDS was a scam. Where are the gazillions of people they predicted would be dying of it by now? Anyone interested in this topic, here are two references: Janine Roberts' "Fear of the Invisible," and Celia Farber's 2006 Harper's article.

Angus Files

I think its misreporting on a grand scale;the words are to be used in budget applications here`s an article from the NYT a bit more less sensational.I am not here with blind faith supporting Trump if the goods dont appear I`m first to down him.

“The assertion that H.H.S. has ‘banned words’ is a complete mischaracterization of discussions regarding the budget formulation process,” an agency spokesman, Matt Lloyd, said in an email. “H.H.S. will continue to use the best scientific evidence available to improve the health of all Americans. H.H.S. also strongly encourages the use of outcome and evidence data in program evaluations and budget decisions.”

Pharma for Prison



Words, words, words.
Do they matter?
Within federal agencies and federal employees I think they live and die by the use of words.

Transgender could be changed to; something more scientific like a damaged preoptic area of the hypothalamus, which regulates mating behavior, is a little more than twice as big in men as it is in women and has twice as many cells. So, describing what they now say is transgender they could say the patients' preoptic area does not match their gender. That might lead to the questioning of the masses of WHY?

Fetus could be changed to unborn baby. As in vaccines have aborted unborn baby cells in them.

What ever is going on, I hope it causes the CDC lots and lots of trouble.


The article said that Dr. F in referring to scientists researching the neglected tropical illness known as Guinea worm disease, she said, “There are people who have studied that one worm for 30 years, and I don’t mean that derogatory"

LOL, no, really?
No derogartory is not what she means, just she means job security. CDC scientists would have loved to been that slow with the ins and outs of AIDS, but dying people and their friends got all mean and nasty about it and they had to actually produce.


One more shot:
Apparently vocabulary is as limited in the cesspool,
as is it in the swamp:

Kim, Anne, Cathy, Mark, John
Rossi, Dachel, Jameson, Blaxill, Stone
Thank You for the shot!


For years RFK Jr has been telling us that the CDC is a cesspool of corruption. Apparently, the vocabulary is just as limited in the swamp as it is in the cesspool:


Gary Ogden

Angus: Thanks for the additional information. Not sure how much light it sheds on draining the swamp. And I hope you're right about Trump being able to affect real positive change in D.C. He does have the bully pulpit, even though almost the entire media has been trying to destroy him since about the Spring of 2016. And the FBI, at the management level, is thoroughly corrupt and partisan, and has been since its early days, so I would be surprised if he did't move against this corruption, since they, too, are trying to bring him down for something that originated in the DNC and Clinton campaign. I'm an observer and thinker, not a partisan of any political ideology or party or candidate. I am convinced that what our federal government is doing to the nation's children, and in partnership with the Gates and WHO, around the world, is a crime against humanity, and that a new Nuremburg trial or truth and reconciliation commission should be the first order of the day. It's just that the Deep State is far more powerful than any president, and they always get their way. I'm printing the document, and will attempt an analysis.

Angus Files

"If you read the CDC budget request Angus Files has posted, while the budget request reflects a 17% reduction, on the last page it shows a 17% increase for childhood immunizations. What part of draining the swamp is that? A 17% INCREASE FOR CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATION"

Gary if you go to the bottom of the page you will see that it has a ref 7 which is an estimate to cover a transfer from Medicaid.The point Trump is making I think , is that it wont matter who is put in charge Trumps the Boss he will get control one day of the FBI CIA and the CDC given long enough in the job to do so.I will be the first to throw him under the bus if he lets us down no problem.

Budget Activity/Description
FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
Final Annualized CR
President's Budget
+/- FY17
1 FY 2016 and 2017 Vector-borne Diseases amounts are comparably adjusted to reflect $10.6 million movement from Lyme Disease line. 2 FY 2016 and 2017 Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion budget structures are comparably adjusted to reflect Other Chronic Diseases funding line in FY 2018 President's Budget. 3 FY 2017 totals include funding for Flint, Michigan response, which includes $15 million for Lead Prevention (available through FY 2018) and $20 million for a Lead Exposure Registry and Advisory Council (available through FY 2020).
4 FY 2016 and 2017 Prescription Drug Overdose and Illicit Opioid Risk Use Factors are comparably adjusted to reflect combined single line, Opioid Abuse and Overdose Prevention.
5 In addition to the total reflected, the FY 2017 Omnibus directs $15 million in PHSSEF pandemic influenza supplemental unobligated balances to be transferred to CDC.
6 Reflects Federal share estimated obligations only; NYC share estimated obligations are not included.
7 FY 2016- 2018 are estimates that reflect estimated transfers from Medicaid.


Pharma For Prison



I would like to ask, what is the best way to remove/detox heavy metals from the brain and nervous system? I am worried mostly about aluminum and mercury. Although I was vaccinated mostly in the 80's and 90's, I did get a tetanus shot in the early 2000's too. And are there any good forums to ask this sort of question at?


I thought this might be interesting to you all.

A Scientist Spilled 2 Drops Organic Mercury On Her Hand. This Is What Happened To Her Brain.

Gary Ogden

Tim: We're all on the same side here. What you've written is a classic case of attack the messenger. You are correct that it is common practice for officials to recuse themselves for financial conflicts of interest, and you are correct to imply that that that part of the article smells of partisan politics. But reread the entire post. Hobnobbing with the Gates? Two of the slimiest of the swamp-dwellers, murdering thugs they are. If you read the CDC budget request Angus Files has posted, while the budget request reflects a 17% reduction, on the last page it shows a 17% increase for childhood immunizations. What part of draining the swamp is that? A 17% INCREASE FOR CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATION. Looks like Trump has added a fresh batch of alligators, just from a different political party. And Dr. Fitzgerald is from both Emory University, the next door neighbor of the CDC, and vaccine central among academia, and Coca Cola, the noted health-food company. I think you're kidding yourself, Tim, that Trump will be a positive development for our children. I hope I'm wrong, but I smell a rat.



"Who wants her out so quickly, and why?"

Good question.

Tim Bolen

You would quote an article in the GLOBALIST Washington ComPost as authoritative? They HATE everything Trump and American, and use ANY and EVERY opportunity to attempt to make his choices look bad.

It is normal procedure to recuse yourself if you have even a scintilla of possible "conflict of interest."

Brenda Fitzgerald MD is a big part of the ongoing changes being made by Trump ELIMINATING the "drugs, drugs, and more drugs" culture inflicted on America.

With that, OF COURSE the Washington ComPost would attack her...

And, ask yourself how many MILLIONS of campaign dollars that Democrat took from Big Pharma to make that statement...

Tim Bolen


Public health officials, CDC are the swamp. The only thing they have a passion for is marketing. Period. I hope you're right, Angus, and they reveal themselves to be corrupt, just as the FBI, CIA is.


Well I think Trump will do what he has done with the FBI and the CIA let all of them come to the fore and show them for what they are- give them enough rope and they will lynch themselves.The swamp certainly refills quickly with another swamp monster.

I seen this beautiful document on budget cuts at the CDC which is the coolest way of stopping pharma especially when the end game is pay to play.

OVERVIEW OF THE CDC FY 2018 BUDGET REQUEST. The fiscal year (FY) 2018 President's udget request for D and !TSDR includes a total funding level of. $6,037,243,000 in discretionary budget authority and the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF). This is an overall decrease of $1,222,431,000 below the FY ...

Of course you have the starter before the icing on the cake above

Almost 700 Positions Remain Unfilled at the CDC Due to Hiring Freeze

Pharma For Prison



I'm not sure where I fall on this issue. Yes, the swamp is full of all sorts of snakes. And its hard to tell which ones are poisonous or not. There are other factors to consider for which I don't have the answers but experience tells me not to make snap judgments based on what mainstream medias report. I want more information because its what they don't report or emphasize that seems worthy of further investigation. For instance,

1. A Democrat was questioning her conflicts of interest - Democrats are notorious for their very public relationship with pharma lobbyists, throwing medical freedom rights out the window in the pursuit of equitable access for all to pharmaceutical and surgical interventions, as if they are mutually exclusive, which is what industry wants. As long as they can keep the public's attention on the pricing issues, safety and effectiveness remain safely tucked away in the trunk where the public forgets about them. Has this Democrat received a lot of pharma/insurance funding?

2. Ahhh, the old researcher vs clinician dichotomy - pitting one against the other as if they can't work together, as if they are mutually exclusive. Sounds like a strategy to me, but I've become cynical over the years. But one thing we do know, a clinician would see the end effects of the bureaucratic decisions being made in a remote office somewhere. The article says her husband is in emergency room medicine - sometimes a sign that a doctor has thrown his hands up in digust at trying to run a successful private practice while under the continuously, nay, notoriously blinking eyes of big brother insurance, govt, medical board monitoring, etc all the while being reduced to practicing "standard of care" minimalistic "doctoring" which we can all agree has gotten this country into a pickle. I'm not going to justify having holdings in the medical arena, but the ones of concern seem to be monitoring software, vs, for instance vaccine production holdings and patents like Offit, and such issues like William Thompson's un-utilized testimony re: CDC condoned destruction of taxpayer funded research. I think the latter issues are more critical ones to be solves. I don't believe it was Fitzgerald who refused to allow Thompson to testify. What is her position on that?

3. I am not sure I'm ready to crucify her meeting with the Gates Foundation - Who could avoid that in her position? Of course that's going to happen, especially if the article is correct in that funding for CDC and NIH, specifically mentioned in projects on oversees monitoring is on the chopping block. Given the GF involvement and all things pharma loving to continuously use the CDC as the marketing stage for "manufacturing fear" regarding obscure 3rd world "contagious" threats to secure free money then used to promote and embed vaccination policies because said diseases are supposedly going to wipe out the U.S. population so that therefore one can never decrease CDC funding . . . as quoted by Frieden, not Fitzgerald, in this article. So what is the gist of the situation here - could the Gates F. be concerned that she hasn't, in their opinion, adequately defended and called for an ever increasing CDC budget seed money strategy here? I don't know her stance on this and so can't make an informed decision.

4. The article implies that because she hasn't been as vocal as Freiden, she must be corrupt? Why? I would definately want a person to delve deep and learn about the internal goings on of the CDC before making a bunch of public statements, and one would have to keep public statements cursory and vague until they had gathered enough knowledge to understand the operation.
She's 71 (past the age of private sector retirement.) The family already has a financial nest egg, making her possibly (not automatically) less likely to be steered by typical revolving door type financial incentives. Of course I don't know how they got the nest egg - if she got it from conflict of interest type shenanigans at the state level that's not good. Get her out of there. But if the family inherited or earned their money honestly and made good investment decisions for financial growth, I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bath water.

5. The article seems to refer to her not doing something during her Puerto Rico visit that they think she should have done or that she did something without doing a press release.. I don't know what's up there because frankly, I've become immune to the news cycle. I do know that pharma and CDC never let a good emergency go to waste. Is it possible she didn't go over there and push emergency forced vaccination policies? Or is that exactly what she did, while ignoring clean water and infrastructure needs? I can certainly imagine the CDC thinking the situation ripe for malaria vaccines and cholera vaccines and hepatitis vaccines, and so on and so forth.

Who wants her out so quickly, and why? I think we need to dig much deeper on this one.

susan welch

I have already responded to this tweet asking her to suggest to Bill Gates that he support clean water, nutrition and sanitation, rather than vaccines containing neurotoxins that many children cannot tolerate. I am not expecting a response - except possibly trolls!

bob moffit

I think most would agree .. "The swamp sure is full still....." within our public health bureaucracies.

Consider ...

"Frieden was, at heart, a scientist, and [Fitzgerald is] a clinician, and there is a difference between the two,” said one senior CDC official who requested anonymity because officials are prohibited from making such judgments publicly."

In my humble opinion ... Frieden's "heart" may well have been as a scientist .. but .. judging by his experience as Director of CDC .. Frieden proved to be a far more effective "marketing director" than "scientist" .. for the pharmaceutical industry in practice.

Consider ...

"Fitzgerald said she has been impressed by the passion of CDC scientists, their rigorous pursuit of science and the world-class work done there. Referring to scientists researching the neglected tropical illness known as Guinea worm disease, she said, “There are people who have studied that one worm for 30 years, and I don’t mean that derogatorily.”

I wonder if Fritzgerald has been as impressed by .. "the passion of CDC scientists, their rigorous pursuit of science and the world-class work researching the NEGLECTED epidemic of AUTISM" .. as it inexplicably rose from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 38 today?

And yes, I do mean that DEROGATORILY!

In any event .. I think it will take someone who hasn't spent their entire lives working and surviving within the SWAMP that has overtaken our public health bureaucracies .. to even begin DRAINING THAT SWAMP. So .. how about seeking those who have spent their entire lives challenging the SWAMP's demonstrably failed leadership on so many issues .. such as .. autism and vaccines .. to name just two .. of so many more?

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