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Autism and Arrests

Police-Crime-SceneNote: Thanks to Nancy Hokkanen for this troubling media report.  In this world of zero tolerance and anti-bullying programs, our children with special needs are vulnerable. While we don't condone violence, we also know that autism behaviors can trigger aggression.  Is an arrest ever the answer?

We need to do our best (and the majority of us do) to prevent aggressions, which can be self-injurious behavior or turned outward to peers, strangers, teachers.  We work with behaviorists, we use biomed, medications, strategies, charts, graphs - everything under the sun and moon to try to help our kids "fit in." The boy in the story is ten years old. Ten. What happens when he is 20? 30? My 22 year old daughter has the grip of a gorilla. The epidemic is going to worsen as children become men and women.  Then what? We sound the alarm not to depress, but to awaken those who ignore the realities that are coming - and are already here for many of us. 

From Colorado.

A Castle Rock child with autism is facing third-degree assault and harassment charges stemming from a schoolyard tiff almost two years ago, when the boy, Logan Thompson, says he retaliated against a student's push by slapping him in the face.

Thompson is facing two years in juvenile detention on the grounds that he is a serious threat to the safety of students and teachers in the Castle Rock school district.

“We don’t want to see any more assaultive behavior,” said Chelsea Koch, a deputy district attorney with Douglas County, in court on Thursday, July 13. “All we are asking for is that Logan gets the services that he needs.”

The DA’s office has refused to drop the case against Thompson, opting instead on Thursday to keep him under the supervision of the district court and in a highly structured “management plan.” Under the plan, Thompson has been required to attend half a dozen therapy and counseling sessions per week, some of which have to be paid for by his family.

Thompson’s mother, Lisa, believes that Logan is being criminalized by the DA’s office for his autism. “This is not the way this should have gone,” she says. “This is a ten-year-old boy who snuggles his fluffy toys at night. And he is being kept in court specifically because he has autism.”

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Can someone whos uses facebook ask Lisa to start a twitter? I do not use facebook and will not visit it anymore.


Oh, and also, while there may not technically be an actual thing called normal, there is certainly a range of behavior/personality that is considered normal and treated as normal. And from what I seen it is only divorced from psychopathy insofar as degrees of taste, boldness, and ability to fit in. War is a perfect example. We have an entire middle east destroyed by war, where many have been radicalized by the horror they have endured and buy the opportunism by Wahabists leaders preying on these weakened and vulnerable people (the wahabist being from CIA controlled Saudi Arabia... see Sibel Edmonds Lone Gladio for a half fictional account of one suicide bomb scenario in one of the first few chapters... it shows you how manufactured terror works). But do people sit back and see this for what it is? No, they love it. Murdering hundreds of thousands or even millions by destroying their infrastructure, destabilizing their countries and making them wish they had back the horrible dictators which had earlier plagued them, while driving these radicalized cannon fodder prey into the rest of the world and thereby REDUCING our safety... this is seen as good. And why? It is simply because parroting the popular line and fitting in is more important than what is right.

You can see similar behaviors with police and doctors. Whether it is stealing, murdering, or destroying brains with electroshock and vaccines... they will go any length to cover their butts and fit in. No matter how many lives it destroys.

So... I think there is a range of personality and behavior seen as normal. Although, normal is in the eye of the beholder, especially if that eye is discerning, it does not change that fact that certain people recieve normal responses from others while other people recieve abnormal and many times unfair responses.

The real problem is that the range of behavior considered normal is not that far divorced from psychopathy.


Hey, Lisa, I just now saw your reply. I cannot stand face book so I won't use it. Twitter is something you should use too.

But what is going on with this mess? And you should consider suing those involved for putting your kid at risk by teaching him to be a victim. Has the kid who pushed your kid bullied your kid before? Have you considered home schooling? Have you gotten any answers as to why the pusher/bully was not punished?

I hope you subscribed to this. Can someone who posts on facebook paste this there?

Lisa Thompson

My name is Lisa, l have the privilege to be Logan's mom.
If you Facebook these hashtags you will connect with our Facebook page, it is an open page, so anyone and everyone can see what's on it.
If you wish to contact me through this venue I will be happy to communicate
With you, you can also personally Facebook message me from this page.
Thank you for your interest in our ongoing suitation, and for sharing our story to help raise awareness of autistic children being mistreated in Douglas County Juvinel courts in Colorado.
Lisa Thompson

John Stone


Yes, that pretty much fits in with my memories of school (60s &70s): a culture of casual violence and bating in which most often the bullied were the ones called to account. Of course, if someone is being maltreated it will be the reaction that the teacher picks up. Nevertheless, it is presupposing extraordinary naivety on their part if they do not guess what is going on. Although we may come across very foolish stories like the present one I wonder if it is not one thing which is generally even a bit better now.


@nhokkanen: "I, too, do not understand public schools’ attitude nowadays about discouraging children from defending themselves, partnered with punitive measures against those who retaliate against abusers."

Unfortunately, this in itself is nothing new. I know from personal experience it's been like that since at least the 1970s/1980s. In my day the school authorities had a funny way of never seeing the initial assault by a bully, but they would always notice if you fought back, and then you would be in trouble. You weren't charged with a crime or anything but you were punished as though you were the one at fault. ( The rampant blame-the-victim mentality often extended to parents as well. Due to the internet, I know that many among my generation can report that when we complained about what was happening our parents insisted that we must have done something to provoke the attacks. ) It's sad to see that the public school system is still infested with people like this.



"That is the pathology of neurotypicality."

How would you define a neurotypical person?

In my view neurotypicality doesn't exist because everyone has strengths and weaknesses and we all think differently. We're individuals and that's what neurodiversity means - it encompasses everybody. It was coined by Judy Singer in 1998 after Aspergers Syndrome had been added to the DSM. In her view AS, which she claims her mother and she have, deserved a new category because it didn't fit under the three types of disability that were recognised at the time: physical, intellectual and mental illness. Now that AS has been subsumed under the ASD category, she says that nearly all the traits of "sensitive introvert" fit her. It's a pity that it isn't a fit for people with autism. Most of us could deal with child with a sensitive and shy personality, a type of person who has always existed.

Unfortunately, it has been used to create a false division between people with neurological disorders and disabilities (the neurodivergent) and those seemingly without neurological problems (the neurotypical) as if normal people exist, and those who are considered by the normal to be "not normal" are not equal, but in many ways superior. Temple Grandin does this by saying that normal people are social beings and technological advancement has only come from those who are not social. But Grandin can only see things from her own perspective, and it's doubtful that she would know that there is a spectrum of sociability - we're not all party animals. Some autistics are socially-minded, and desperately want to socialise but because of their deficiencies in language and auditory processing, they flounder and retreat. I would say language is the foundation of sociability and a person is at a huge disadvantage if he doesn't know what to say, how to say it, when to say it and when not to say anything at all.

I don't think anyone should make global statements about any group, as if John Oliver is representative of neurotypicals when he isn't. I'm not a psychologist but I'm quite certain that anyone with obsessions about masturbation and bestiality which pepper his talks, has issues, and he's obviously a bully. He's not the type of person my friends and I would want to socialise with.

I note that Singer has written a book about her life with Aspergers Syndrome as a companion to Silberman's Neurotribes and she says in the book that twenty years ago AS was a new type of disorder which she described as "a milder kind of autism". (How mild is milder?) She says that her mother was a survivor of Auschwitz and her parents' circle of friends were all Holocaust survivors but she avoided mentioning it in her thesis because she says, "it could easily be used to explain away my mother's behaviours as a reaction to trauma rather than an example of an AS mind. But I knew trauma did not explain everything". God knows how a period spent in Auschwitz could have affected a sensitive individual and how this might possibly have negatively affected the relationship she had with her daughter.

So people like this searching for answers to their own problems get famous and enrich themselves by writing their books about embracing the neurodiverse who they say have always been around and need to be accepted for who they are, and prevention and cure aren't necessary, while people with ASD, like yourself, suffer.

Your real enemies are not the neurotypicals but academic pseudo-autistics who've convinced themselves that autism is simply a difference, a personality type and who've aligned themselves with pharma against parents who blame vaccines for causing their children's autism. To them, autism being genetic in origin, investigation into the cause is unnecessary, but to us it's crucial.


My thanks to dude, Grace Green and others for commenting about various cruel abuses of people on the autism spectrum. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating. Sadly these episodes are underreported to responsible authorities, and victims' avenues for mitigation and justice may be difficult to find or fruitless.

I agree with dude that a “pathology of neurotypicality” exists, within a selfish population subset — involving lack of empathy, domination, maltreatment and exploitation of vulnerable people. And some neurotypicals, even autism parents, display a “blame the victim” mentality, which is profoundly unjust given how many sensory-defensive behaviors are beyond the control of the person with autism.

I, too, do not understand public schools’ attitude nowadays about discouraging children from defending themselves, partnered with punitive measures against those who retaliate against abusers. In my experience, people who pushed me around stopped after I pushed back even harder.

By all means, record your interactions with service providers whenever possible. However one should be aware that states have varying laws about whether the person doing the recording must first inform their subject, in order for it to later be admissible in court.

Thanks, also, for posting the link to Dr. Bernard Rimland’s article on advozealots; the issues and implications he details make it a must-read for people on the spectrum, their families and their caregivers.

Grace Green

Hi Dude. Thanks for all your comments. I'm sorry to hear you've had such a difficult time, and I'm sure you're aware that your experiences are not out of the ordinary for us autistics. I was brought up as a Quaker to believe that there's "that of God in everyone". Being also autistic (though unaware of it until recently) I was very gullible. I thought that something had gone wrong when people were violent. Then I saw a nature documentary in which a troop of chimpanzees behaved horrendously towards another troop, and I began to think again about human nature! I now think that the vaccines which have poisoned so many of us have made us much more aquiesent. Some people believe this has been done by our governments deliberately, for obvious reasons. I agree with you that some aspects of the mildly autistic personality are more desirable than the average non-autistic personality. But that begs the question, is being poisoned a price worth paying for that! When a mass shooting occurs much is made of it if the perpetrator was autistic and a "loner" but when violent NTs get together we call it an army, and turn a blind eye to them killing millions! There is a double standard, and I think we all have to work to bring an end to it.


Oh, I should have noted something in the long post I made earlier. At one point I tried to file a complaint for something against the social worker at one of the disability services. I am not sure what. But suddenly her boss had to come in and make sure I was a good guy amd then they sent me to a psychiatrist (who said the usual PDD NOS might could use some counseling to help understand other peoples perspectives... yadda yadda...). After that I never heard from them again on that issue. But I never did file the complaint. I didn't even understand that they were trying to harass and blackmail me at the time. On that note. You want to always record anything where you are dealing with customer service or with anyone who could even potentially be hostile. With cell 411 you can upload it directly to the net as you record.

Always always record it all.


To Grace Green. They do it because that is their pathology. That is the pathology of neurotypicality.


I could not contact Grant Stringer (the guy who wrote the article) with the contact form. It kept telling me I needed to fill in the required fields even though I had. Can any of you get it to work? I wanted to know why the NT kid wasn't punished.



Thanks for sharing your story. People don't understand that autistic people are not street-wise and are regularly taken advantage of.

When my son was at school, the children knew exactly how and when to push his buttons to get him to react and thought it was very funny when he got into trouble, not them. As an adult he is still very vulnerable and I'm grateful that the cellphone has been invented with numbers to ring on speed dial if he's on his own and feels insecure. These include the officers at the local police station where he is known after having been teased and harassed by street kids, asking for money, and trying to steal his belongings and his wallet.

Neurotypicals don't exist. People who exploit vulnerability exist, and sadly most parents teach their children to trust adults, especially people in authority, and don't teach them about the pitfalls. This also applies non-autistics who do whatever their doctor tells them because they've been taught to believe that doctors are totally trustworthy and wouldn't do anything that would harm their patients. Of course, contributers to AoA know this isn't true, but it's only when things go wrong that we find out that our friendly, smiling physicians turn their backs on their patients and lie through their teeth.

Dr Rimland warned us about advozealots nearly thirty years ago and autistics need a safe haven - an asylum. Not to protect the public from the disabled but to protect the disabled from the public. They should never have been expected to survive without considerable support in a world that is so often heartless.


Dude, Your comments were quite informative and a good read. For as many years as you covered, it read well and didn't ramble. As I was reading, I was thinking of a contemporary version, partly resembling Tom's journey in the Grapes of Wrath. That story set in injustices of the Great Depression. Your story (and that of Grace's) is set in the injustices of Age of Autism, where we and you have painfully learned people* can be insensitive arrogant jerks, schmucks, bullies, i.e. John Oliver who has proven to be all of the above and a NT.

It is interesting that in the Age of Autism we now have a term for people off the spectrum called neurotypicals coined around 2004+/-. Not to get on a soap box, but if ASD has been around forever as the ill-informed like to claim, NT would have been minted decades ago.

Dude, your obviously very smart! If you didn't have the sensory issues, would you find yourself pretty typical? Your journey and mentioning Peter Breggin again is 'typical' of so many who have learned the hard way the realities of psychotropic drugs, doctors and the medical industrial complex.

It seems your experience could make you a great advocate for others. That might be something to investigate. Making a living at it, could be difficult, but the need is definitely there.

Just my two cents, at the moment.

Thanks for sharing.

Grace Green

No-one commenting on this topic, except dude and Gayle gets it. Sorry. I have experienced everything dude describes - with different details, of course. The abuse we experience is not just unfair, and it's not just kids fighting. Autistic people are picked on by everyone because we are neurologically different. This has happened since the dark ages and continues now. We are easily duped, hence dude's description of being used by public officials to facilitate financial rackets. I am experiencing that very thing myself at this moment. This is another way we make ourselves unpopular with the authorities. Either we look like the guilty party or we see through the fact that it's they who are, and then we're a threat to them. If you go on websites for adult autistic people you'll find that they all complain of varying degrees of violence and abuse, depending on how much support they have from relatives. What we really want to know is, why does society do this? Isn't it time that autistic people were also entitled to freedom from hate crime along with gay people, those from ethnic minorities, physically disabled and all other categories? And the vast majority of those who abuse us are the professions and the public servants. This will happen to your kids as well, if they ever have to fend for themselves.


You're right, there is a double standard


There is a definite double standard when a boy with autism defends himself against a neurotypical boy and then the boy with autism gets blamed for defending himself and is treated like a threat to society. Meanwhile the little neurotypical monster who pushed him gets away with it with no punishment or disciplinary action. Something is very, very, wrong here when an autistic boy defends himself against a bully and is then treated as a disturbed criminal and gets punished by the law enforcement system. The whole thing stinks and will only get worse as autistic children grow up to be big and strong and society views them as threats rather than people with a disability who are the ones who need protection from the bullies and predators!


KWS, some violent people don't end up in prison. It is the double standard that bugs me. NT's get away with everything. It is all about appearance. It is the same way with anyone who is looked down on I think. People make excuses for those with status, and punish those without unjustly.

Joy B

Everything is for-profit. Nothing is even state-administered now. That's the simple fact and until impartial parties are allowed to participate, the whole things grinds on. The cracks are going to get bigger and bigger until..


When I was a kid, kids fought, physically. No one ever called the police. I'm not talking about predatory or gang violence, which I never saw, but about learning how to live together peacefully and how to deal with disagreements. Occasional scuffles were considered a normal part of growing up.

These people have absolutely no sense. The juvenile "justice" system must need clients.


Here is an edited version

Would you please start posting articles that look at the full spectrum of this issue? The predation by NT's is a key factor here. Not saying it is always the issue, but many times people will predate on those who are vulnerable, and then act like they are totally innocent or even justified in their behavior? Why don't we have a discussion about that?

I think I should bring up the following and I hope it is informative. I have Asperger's BTW. Below I ramble on about the type of life I have lead and include some examples of predation. Most of you have it easy by comparison. Just tell me how you would handle a life where you cant learn or think complexly in the noisy environments most often encountered. A life where you are treated like crap for things beyond your control... even just because of your awkward appearance... or just because some jerk knows they can get away with it because you're the awkward wierdo and they're the person who fits in and can thusly get away with anything.

I have sensory sensitivities. Particularly with noise. Lots of men with genetalia insecurities like to make themselves feel big by playing bass loud enough for me to hear in my own home. In some cultures they do this to drive people with the wrong skin colors out of their homes. Every race is racist. Noise has always been an issue. When I was young I would be flippantly told to put egg cartons on the walls by my family and if I pointed out that that was BS, I would be verbally chastised like I did something wrong for pointing it out. It was funny. They alway had money to buy junk they wanted, and as long as all I wanted was a toy they had money for that too. But if I needed peace and quiet I was supposed to just shut up. And of course, if I wasn't cooperative I got things like yelling and screaming or a frying pan being thrown through the window by my mom. I grew up in a rural area so initially this wasn't so big of a deal. But later on as my dad had Alzheimers my mom decided to divorce him and move into a trailer park. In this trailer park people really like to bass. I wasn't even able to sleep at night because of it. On top of this my mom yelled and screamed at me every day about going out and getting a job, even though the nearest bust stop was 10 miles away and I had no car and of course no social skills. Every day I got yelled at and screamed at. If I asked for peace and quiet, for example, if she was playing music in the living room and it was traveling through the paper thin walls into my room causing me to be unable to think, and asked for her to play it in her room, I would get yelling and screaming about how it is her house... apparently I am to just sit there for hours on end without being able to think even though I offered a perfectly equitable solution... if I asked her to do something about the neighbors I would get yelled and screamed at and be told to go handle it myself. And of course, my fears of handling it myself were well founded. Back when I was more naieve I went to ask this man to turn his bass down as it was traveling into my home. At first he seemd cordial. He even invited me into his yard. Then he called the police and told them I was tresspassing. He tried to frame me. It took me quite some time to realize what har happened, and people talked like I was supposed to feel ashamed for stating the fact that he invited me into the yard and then I was talking to cops. Apparently I was "making" it sound like he set me up. Of course, that is what he did, and the facts always added up the same. But I was making him look bad by stating them. This sort of behavior is normal with NT's I later realized upon reflection. At one point I was dealing with a disability service that was supposed to be helping me find a job. The lady that worked for it one day asked me if I could use counseling. I said no. Then she asked if I just wanted to say hello once a week. So, I said something like why not. Later on she tries to get me to sign something saying I got all this counseling and services I did not recieve. I was literally going to her office once a week to say hello. She was billing the state for that. At one point this same outfit charged the state for tbousands of dollars of respite services that were never provided. I reported it to some investigatory agency. I doubt anything happened. Anyway, those are some examples of the foolery people will pull on the vulnerable. Similar crap happened in my childhood too I am pretty sure. In school I recall sitting in class for 45 minutes while some deranged child thumped me in the ears the whole time. I was afraid to speak up and I am sure that it was because I had been chastised for doing so in the past. I remember when I was in middle school this butt hole kept wacking me in the head with a folder. I was about 70lbs when this happened. Naturally, I was fed up with being abused. So I punched him and kicked him. We were both sent to in school suspension. I also remember having this clinical pscyhopath narcisist typing teacher in the 8th grade. Students would make fun of this fat wig wearing monster by complementing her. She was so narcisistic that she bought it. I was unwilling to compliment her. So, I got sent to the principals office twice a week by her. Even the principal could not figure out why. So I was always sent back to class except one time where I think I talked back to her as I was fed up with her crap. Then I was sent to in school suspension, which was nice because it was devoid of her, and I could finishe a full days work in a couple hours and spend the rest of the day reading magazines.

So, yeah... imagine if you had to put up with being deprived of the ability to think in your own home. Imagine if you were verbally amd emotionally abused for decades on end for not being able to do impossible tasks like finding a job with no transportation, no sleep due to the horrible environment that aggrivates your sensory issues, no social skills and extreme shyness...

When I got out of high school I was yelled at and screamed at for a couple years and pressured into joining the military. On the plane to basic one of my ear drums nearly burst because I had a cold I hadn't noticed. During basic I got so sick that I was straining the muscles on my ribs from coughing, thus I wasn't sleeping well and the social environment was awful. The food constipated me HORRIBLY. As in needing to see a doctor bad. Unfortunatley I started getting noticeably sick on the weekend. So there was no doctor to see. So, they would send me to the emergency room. This happened two or three nights in a row. In the emergency room I would sit for hours with no sleep. I do not recall seing a doctor. Eventually after two or three days of this I hallucinated. Which is to be expected. Then I was booted out. For this I was yelled and and screamed at. My family looked upon me like I was trash, as they always had. Somehow I started doing yard work, even though my allergies were awful and in I could hardly breath when I got home. And I started going to community college. My mom finally bought me a car, which is part of why I was finally able to do this. Before I had no way to get to the community college. My mom moved away. My car fell apart over and over. I think the dealer sold us one with water damage. It had electrical issues. And the job I was about to take at UPS to keep me from going homeless was immediately out of reach as I could not keep repairing the car. So, I went homeless toward the end of my first semester of college. I was homless throughout my second semester but only took one class. Then the shelter shut down and I joined one of the shelter dwellers in renting an ex crack house next to a crack house as that was all I could afford. I was using ear plugs, which hurt badly, to block out noise. Eventually this caused swelling in my ears and made me horribly sick at one point. Anyway, I got through two years of community college, and then transfered to a university with the help of a transfer scholarship and a disability agency... I wasn't 24 yet and my family wouldn't help, so this was barely doable. Unfortunatley the disability agency decided to jerk my finances around by pulling funding at one point for no apparent reason. But eventually the reinstated it. I think it had something to do with someone new taking my case. I had to live in a dorm room. This was bad. I could not sleep in it. The a/c made a high pitch whine and the walls were like paper. The library was full of thieves and people who like to talk and flip papers around. So, I had no way to study. I would spend hours walking around trying to find a place I could read and think and work, but no such place existed. Eventually I would give up and play games or otherwise piddle around with time wasting activities. So, I bombed out of the science course I started with and became an art major half way through. The science degree would pay 20k while the art degree would pay 30-40k, so why not, right? I spent my whole childhood thinking I was stupid, most likely due to my poor memory and sensory issues, so how could I expect so much of myself? I would ask for peace and quiet, but people would just harass me about it and not care much about it. This was before I was diagnosed with Apsergers. At this point I thought something was horribly wrong with me as the military said I had something called "personality disorder". Before I started going to college I went to a psychiatrist over this. He said he wasn't sure that was the issue. Back in those days I trusted docs. Anyway, I thought his psych dope would fix it so I pestered him until he gave me some. The psych dope made me edgy, limp, destoryed my hormonal system and gave me breasts and reduced my ability to gain strength, which before it was easy for me to gain strength... so, yeah, psychiatric drugs are highly destructive. Read Brain Disabling Treatements in Psychiatry by Peter Breggin. All the dope does is numb the parts of the brain that process high level thought, which causes the victim to no longer respond to what bothers them... all the while causing all sorts of bodily and brain harm, lowered IQ, shortened life span... it is especially funny when you consider that some people recommend Risperdal for hand flapping even though it causes horrible lifelong involuntary movements, shortened life span, brain damage (schizophrenics only have different brain morphology AFTER being treated), and cardiovascular problems... I should get back on topic...I am just going over this stuff as I remember it.

Anyway, so I went for the art degree. After a year at the first university I switched to the university I originally wanted but couldn't get enough financial aid for. This was in part due to the fact that they had apartments instead of dorm rooms, and in part because it would wipe the negative grades from my first semester at the previous university off my record, and in part because it was a higher ranked school. It is funny how people will downplay my degree because I switched schools. It makes no sense for them to do so as the high GPA I earned at the final university was achieved without the help of easy A's from lower level courses and I still ended up with A's in clasees where others would do poorly. I had similar issues with noise in this case, but as I was going for an art degree my ability to learn and remember was not as important. I graduated with a high GPA. I went homeless again just as the final semester came to an end. Eventually I found a job at crap mart, but as the arches in my feet never formed this caused horrible pain and numbness from all the standing. I soon got myself fired, as I could not get myself to quit as I would go homeless again. Eventually, while I was homeless, I was arrested for using another person's password which they gave to me, to access my email, look for jobs and piddle about while I freaked out, and for not coming to the cops when they called for me. Apparently that is resisting arrest/detainment. This resulted in a $1 fine and 6 months of me mailing in a form once per month. Eventually my mom divroced the man she had moved away with, and I moved back in with her. And eventually I ended up on SSI. As I was tired of having to put up with her crap (her harassment of me while I would catch rides with her involved her bitching at me for feeling like she was chaufering me around, her purposely driving too fast around turns, which when I would complain about it she would slow from 20mph above the speed limit to 20mph below and then act like that was what I wanted... it got to the point where I just used the lump sum from my SSI to buy a decent bike and cycle the 25 miles each way to and from the grocery store... then apparently she was just baffled as to why I wouldn't just take rides with her... and there was also the type of harassment where she would ignore me when I tried to speak with her, then when I would try to get her attention she would throw a fit... of course, if I didn't talk to her about something important that would also lead to a fit), I moved as far away as I could.
And now I spend my days on SSI in subsidized housing, too broke to do much of anything, with mountains of student loan debt I cannot discharge, can never pay off, even if I were to work it would be pointless as I would be garnished back to the SSI level of income and it might screw up my subsidized housing and could put me at risk of homelessness... and even once they are discharged I will be on the hook with the IRS as though the disharged amount was income...

So, yeah... if you had to live a life like that, or even worse, how would you react? It is always funny to me. When a neurotypical throws a frying pan through the wall they are the distressed victim. When and autist punches a hole in the wall they are the violent evil doer. If you had to live our lives, you wouldn't make it for a second. You'd crack.


well dude, you're right on many accounts and in my limited view it comes down to this, life isn't fair.
Cops are not trained to handle autism as a medical condition. They pretty much go by the book except when they shoot innocent women in alleys in Minnesota. 90% of the time they do a good job yet sometimes they don't.

Predators pick on people, I don't why but they do. My son was bullied K-6, every year. It only stopped after I got him into weightlifting. One day he forcibly retrieved a stolen water bottle from a bully in front of the entire cafeteria. That was the day it stopped for him. Had the principal seen it, he may been expelled and faced a courtroom like the child in the article.

Sexual predators are the worst in my opinion. I wish society would invest more in protecting vulnerable people and in cases where it happens, I'd like to see harsher penalties as a deterrent.

In the end though, life isn't fair. Violence is not the answer, yet we face it all the time. Walk softly and carry a big stick. Try to create a happy life for yourself without violence and go in peace. Peaceful folks do suffer indignities, insults, and unfair accusations yet turn the other cheek and move on. In the end, their lives are usually happier than those who end up in prison.

Jeannette Bishop

“We don’t want to see any more assaultive behavior,” said Chelsea Koch, a deputy district attorney with Douglas County, in court on Thursday, July 13. “All we are asking for is that Logan gets the services that he needs.” Does that translate into more government funding of systems that don't have to demonstrate they are constitutional, nor even ethical and/or beneficial? Like universal hepatitis B vaccination... if that is done in a coercive manner without informed consent even attempted, isn't that "assaultive behavior?"


I think we should start a new series. Let's call it "Evil Neurotypicals! How do we stem the violence they inflict upon autists?!".

Let's start with these stabbing deaths where autists are routinely stabbed to death by evil neurotypicals. You know, it becomes more and more apparent that we should incarcerate all neurotypicals. Just look at how prone to violence they are. Look at all the wars and murders and vile violent acts they engage in! Just look at them!

1) Two crazy women decided to stab their autistic victim to death because he was just too hard to deal with!

2) Autistic man stabbed in his own home! FOR NO REASON!

3) Evil neurotypical Doctor of doom stabs autistic toddler to death!

4) Evil neurotypical cops beat autist for not looking at them right! The horror!

This epidemic of Neurotypical violence must be stopped! And just look at these neurotypical animals! When they are not busy stabbing autists to death, or beating on them, they're out starting wars! Just look at the middle east! And just look at the evil neurotypicals that controll the militaries of the U.S., Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, South Korea.... etc... they trying to start a nuclear war that will kill us all! When wilk the neurotypical be seen as the dire threat it is!? When!? They're going to get us all killed with their evil nuclear violence!!! The neurotypical is inherently and irredemably violent!!! We must enact a progrom to lock them all up before it is too late!!!!!


Also, what is Lisa Thompsons contact info? I would like to ask her some questions.

Teresa  Conrick


Hi. You submitted 2 other replies and we are unable to post them as we try to keep the language decent here and also not to be calling names. If you want to re-submit and get rid of the 2 ¨P¨ words and the reference to what the F and any other terms that are sexual or derogatory, we can hopefully oblige.

Thank you.


Grace Green

Dude asks some very pertinent questions, and I think it's significant that he is, like me, an adult with Aspergers. Most people reading and commenting on AoA are parents who look after their autistic children at home, or send them to appropriate facilities. Well, as an autistic adult who has spent the whole of my life in the mainstream I have some news for you. I have been bullied, abused, robbed and assaulted, by teachers, civil servants, doctors, nurses, lawyers, police and everyone else for the whole of my life. I have seen the same done to my children, with the exception of the teachers because I didn't send them to school. If I complain about any crime to anyone I always get the blame. No wonder then that some autistic people end up defending themselves. Two years' detention for being considered a threat?! Or even for slapping someone who had just pushed him?! Please ask yourselves whether someone with Down's Syndrome would be dragged through the criminal justice system. And could someone please answer me, and young Dude here, why is it OK for people to assault us, but not OK for us to implement self defense? No-one has ever been able to answer that question.


Here's the link to the article I was referencing in the earlier post I made. And why has it disappeared?


I would like something explained to me. Why is he being criminalized for slapping someone who pushed him? Police can shoot someone for laying on the ground with their hands in the air (Charles Kinsey) but this guy is put through all of this for slapping someone?

And why has no one made the connection between abuse and this so called "agression"? I remember reading about a girl on this site who was threatening her "caretaker" with a knife but no one bothered to look and see if that care takes was sexually abusing her which is the most likely scenario. In my experience as someone with Aspergers, people are predators. They harass, bully, tease and abuse in every way anyone they can get away with doing it to.

I wonder though, did the kid that shoved him get criminal charges too? I bet not. If not that is one hell of a double standard. Just the way the neurotypical animal works... *shaking head*.

Why is it always that when someone who looks odd is wrong for self defense, but the agressor NT always gets off scott free?

I remember reading a story a while back where a New York cop beat up an autist for looking at him wrong. Did that animal need counseling an management and criminal charges... I seriously doubt it. So, it does appear to me that there is a double standard here. How do we get rid of it?

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