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Is “Delitigation” Associated with a Change in Product Safety? The Case of Vaccines

Kent legalNOTE: Congratulations to AofA friend Gayle DeLong of Baruch College on the publication of:

Is “Delitigation” Associated with a Change in Product Safety? The Case of Vaccines

ABSTRACT" This study investigates whether the threat of litigation induces firms to provide safer products in a regulated industry. I analyze whether removing litigation risk or “delitigation” of product liability is associated with a change in the safety of vaccines. Using U.S. nationwide and state-level data, I find that vaccines that were licensed after legislation that preempted most product liability lawsuits are associated with a significantly higher incidence of adverse events than were vaccines that were licensed under a previous regime that permitted consumers to sue. Oaxaca decomposition suggests that the difference is due to the policy change. The results suggest that product safety deteriorates when consumers are no longer able to sue manufacturers.


1 Introduction

is an important area of study for scholars of industrial organ ization.
Research into the lifting of regulations offers insights into the interaction among
regulatory agencies, rms and consumers. These insights, posits Joskow (2005), can
inform decision makers on the implications of specic policies and lead to improved
social welfare. Although a rich literature exists concerning the effects of
deregulation, very little analysis exists concerning an idea that is gaining currency:
the lifting of product liability litigation. ‘Delitigation,’ like deregulation, could
greatly inuence the quality, prices, and safety of goods that rms sell.
The origins of delitigation stem from the debate among economists concerning
whether regulatio n and litigation are substitutes or complements. Some scholars
argue that product liability lawsuits are an unnecessary expense to regulated rms.
As long as regulatory standards for safety are binding, argue Philipson et al. (2011),
removing the threat of product liability allows rms to provide their products more
cheaply with no change in safety. However, Shavell (1984a, b) views regulation and
litigation as essential mechanisms that promote safety in different ways. Ex ante
regulation protects against foreseeable safety issues, while ex post litigation can
force rms to remedy unfor eseeable side effects.

The competing paradigms above suggest very different empirical outcomes with
regard to delitigation. If a regulator enforces a soci ally optimal level of care, then
safety levels would not change after delitigation. Alternatively, if regulation
provides a minimum standard of care and litigation forces rms to correct
unforeseen problems with their products, then delitigation would be associated with
deteriorating product safety.

This study shows that vaccine safety deteriorates after consumers are not able to
sue vaccine manufacturers. The ratios of reported adverse events (AEs)
1 to vaccine recipient or AEs to vaccine dose are greater on average for the vaccines that the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed after legislation that preempted
product safety lawsuits than before the legislation. Oaxaca decomposition of state-
level data conrm s the result that the vaccines that the FDA licensed after the
legislation are associated with more AEs: both serious and non-serious.
The decrease in safety may be partially due to the expanded array of vaccines that
the legislation allowed. Pharmaceutical companies developed some vaccines that
they otherwise would not have developed had consumer s retained the right to sue.
The risks from newer vaccines may outweigh the benets: The likelihood of
reporting a serious side effect from a vaccine reaction is greater than of suffering a
serious complication from the disease in the 5 years before the FDA licensed the



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Angus Files

Looks like the swamp is being slowly drained and not refilled with more garbage.


"But at least 125 job categories have been blocked from being filled, according to a recently released CDC document. Each covers multiple people. The document was released through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Sierra Club and reviewed by The Washington Post. Many of the unfilled jobs are high-level positions, at least GS-12 and above, according to the document.

Several positions are in the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, which regulates some of the world's most dangerous bacteria and viruses and manages the nation's stockpile of emergency medical countermeasures. Others include positions in the director's office, infectious disease offices and the office for noncommunicable diseases, injury and environmental health."

Pharma for Prison



The practice of vaccination


Loong live Rock -n- Roll
Put another dime in the jukebox baaby!

(that's my band playin' on)
Bob Moffit I LOVE YOU!!!!!
and thank You!!!!

Bob Moffit


"My son was one of the 4400 petitioners in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings about 10 years ago when parents claimed their children's autism was caused by a vaccine. We were summarily dismissed by the dishonorable "vaccine court".

Our beloved .. now a non-verbal 17 year old .. was also among the 4400 petitioners the SWAMP .. known as the Vaccine Court .. denied ANY and ALL responsibility for the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN that were diagnosed autistic at that time.



Hans Hitten



Aging is the major risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease though the advent of Alzheimer’s disease within a normal human lifespan is suggested to be brought about through human exposure to aluminum. Essentially without aluminum in brain tissue there would be no Alzheimer’s disease. There are a number of predispositions to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, involving both environmental and genetic factors, and each of these acts to increase the aluminum content of brain tissue at specific periods in an individual’s life. This interplay between environmental and genetic factors explains both early and late onset disease, in each case the catalyst for the disease is always the brain aluminum content and how robustly an individual’s brain responds or copes with this aluminum burden.

Authors: Exley, Christopher |


My son was one of the 4400 petitioners in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings about 10 years ago when parents claimed their children's autism was caused by a vaccine. We were summarily dismissed by the dishonorable "vaccine court". They could have stopped this epidemic 10 years ago and did nothing. No doubt proud graduates of the Genghis Khan School of Law.

A key contributor to our case was a scholarly gentleman named Jeff Bradstreet who treated kids with autism, including his own son. He was subsequently found dead under suspicious circumstances. Rest in peace Dr. Bradstreet, you were one of the good guys.

Shelley Tzorfas

It was a "Long Shot" to believe that pharmaceutical companies would create vaccines that were safe and effective once they were protected from any future lawsuits. With 1 in 3 toddlers now having Developmental Disabilities or Behavioral Disabilities, we can see the onerous results. This never happened before and with the bought media praising vaccines, there is no sight to its end.

Bob Moffit

Delitigation .. "The results suggest that product safety deteriorates when consumers are no longer able to sue manufacturers."

There is absolutely no doubt that product safety deteriorates when consumers are no longer able to sue manufacturers .. in fact ... that is the guaranteed outcome when awarding "product liability protections".

However .. there is at least some hope .. following article from the NY Times reporting that CRIMINAL CHARGES have been brought against public health officials in Flint, Michigan .. and .. the filing of those charges should send shivers down the spine of public health officials and legislators potentially being held LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE establishing the VACCINE COURT as a means to protect manufacturers of UNAOIDABLY UNSAFE VACCINES.


"Nick Lyon, the director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and misconduct in office, felonies that could lead to as much as 20 years in prison. Dr. Eden V. Wells, the chief medical executive for the department, was charged with obstruction of justice and lying to a peace officer, and could face up to seven years if convicted. They are among 15 current and former state and local officials facing criminal charges as a 17-month investigation into Flint’s tainted water supply continues.

“The Flint water crisis was and is a failure of leadership,” said an investigative report issued on Wednesday by Bill Schuette, Michigan’s attorney general. “A cause of the breakdown in state governmental management was a fixation, a preoccupation, with data, finances and costs, instead of placing the health, safety and welfare of citizens first.”

"Before Wednesday, the criminal charges had focused mainly on the lead contamination and, in counts like misconduct in office and willful neglect of duty, on ways that state and city workers had failed to do their jobs."

Imagine that .. holding "government management" LEGALLY responsible for FAILING TO PLACE THE HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE OF CITIZENS FIRST"


Gary Ogden

This is good, important work. Scholarly work does have an impact, even though the swamp ignores it.

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