Puerto Rico Requires Genital Wart Vaccine for 11 and 12 Year Olds
Dachel Wake Up: CHOP Brain Scans for Autism

Dr. Eve Switzer Would Rather We Recover Our Children from a Pond than their Autism

Eve SwitzerNOTE: Our friends at Oklahoma for Vaccine Choice are keeping a close eye on Dr. Eve Switzer, aka "Eve of Destruction" as her draconian disgust toward families facing the challenges of autism rears its ugly head over and over. Can you IMAGINE a medical doctor advocating AGAINST treatment for any serious disability or disease?   Mocking parents for wanting a child to speak, toilet, stop seizures, avoid death by drowning?  Calling child services on families for using medical care for autism?  I'd rather take my kids to BARRY SWITZER for care than this woman.  Kim

Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice wrote this about the tweet:

It is our opinion, that a call to action for all who advocate for children with autism, parental rights and health choice is needed.

This tweet is gaining both national and worldwide attention from an Oklahoma pediatrician who politically advocates for vaccine mandates, sues Oklahomans who disagree and voice their opinion and now this!

What should we do? In our mind, the best approach is a fundraising plan of action and here in Oklahoma! We need prayers and money to fight money!

Help us both with our #YankYen campaign and to defend ourselves against her frivolous lawsuit when we expressed our opinion. Both want to remove non-medical exemptions in Oklahoma and preserving them is our mission.

It is our opinion that Dr. Eve Switzer's lawsuit has no merit. Dr. Switzer has entered the political debate concerning vaccinations and informed consent by making public statements about her own practices as a physician, and by making public statements about prospective legislation concerning the areas of informed consent and vaccination protocol. As a political action committee, we often express our opinion on different areas of health choice, and the area of informed consent is no exception. Our statements in response to Dr. Switzer’s actions and publications, like all of our statements relating to matters of health choice, are simply expressions of our opinions on matters of public concern and, therefore, are not subject to legal action. - Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice-PAC

Any donation helps! $5, 10, 20, or even $40.00 can help so much! And for the month of June, all who set up a reoccurring donation of any amount get a free OVHC t-shirt! DONATE HERE.


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Eve Switzer is complicit in medical corruption.
Some people choose to be Mother Teresa some people choose to be Adolf Hitler, why is that complicated?


Evil Eve, still naieve as ever.


"Josh Coleman, we need a t-shirt for Switzer. She kind of looks like Pan. I wonder if they're related. Maybe inhabited by related demons. "

You have that right, especially the last sentence.


Oh, my dear Angus, if it wasn't so terribly and horribly serious ,it would be enough to bring tears of laughter to a teddy bears glass eyes.
Family in The Lovat Scouts were given permission, when off duty, to go fishing with rod and fly , but their natural native skills were that sharp , fishing permits were cancelled after two weeks as considered institutionally unacceptible that they were catching "just too many salmon" and were able to make some substantial pocket money from it as well !
slante ma ha to your very good health!


No Eve, it is you that are the abuser.

Autism is a medical condition. And not treating a medical condition is medical neglect, which is grounds for disciplinary action by state regulators and medical malpractice actions by the victims.

Trying to character-assassinate parents is simply an attempt to expiate guilt. God forbid you are held accountable for your bullsh*t.

Angus Files

I recently read a new type of fishing has been developed using high powered magnets capable of lifting 500lbs. These are used to fish the rivers in the UK and as you would expect items of interest are pulled from the murky mud - is this by chance where Dr Eve has been dredged from?

Pharma for Prison



Wily old rascals,imagine that!
Looks like, and sounds like, that what we were taught about it, as children in Lochinver ,Sutherland sounds like an accurate observation right enough ?
That the lackey of a lackey, always has been, and always will be, a hundred times worse, than the servant of a servant !
slante ma ha . to your very good health!


In a prior comment, I mentioned the Sabin Vaccine Institute as per my comments surrounding Eve Switzer.

For those interested, here is a link to this organization. I take note that there now does not seem to be a link within this website which lists all those of whom are members.



Some years ago, I used to be a prolific poster over at a forum re vaccine issues. The forum was on Babycenter.

At that time, Eve Switzer used to 'moderate' (and I use that term loosely); her moniker then was 'Kidoctr.' I knew then there was something truly 'off' w/this woman. During this time, I found that she was affiliated w/the Sabin Vaccine Institute. When I brought this information to the forum, she tried denying it at first, but eventually she had no choice but to affirm she was, indeed, a part of this organization. That institute's mission was to spread pro-vaccine information on a global basis and crush, stamped, exonerate, eviscerate ANY attempts to prove otherwise.

She's a despicable individual. And I don't make that sort of statement about too many individuals, but in her case, it's completely justified. She is a horrid, despicable individual. I'm no shrink, but I would go so far as to say she's either a sociopath OR exhibits (at the minimum), sociopathic tendencies.

Eventually, there were so many complaints about her behavior over at the Babycenter forum, that her tenure as moderator was terminated.

I cannot imagine ANY parent who would be willing to allow this woman to touch one hair on his/her child.

She truly disgusts me.


The "corporate stream" medical mantra is:

Those of us who think otherwise
I guess, are the abusers of children?!?!!!!


@false scientists, I only meant for people not to make threatening comments attached to these posts to give her any ammunition. I don't mind articles like this at all. Everyone should be aware of her practices, I think.

Grace Green

Hans, you're usually very precise with language, but here you've made a mistake. A person will only be prosecuted for WATCHING without having a license. Otherwise a license is not required. Don't fall into the common trap of thinking watching TV is as essential as breathing!

Hans Hitten

The BBC is funded by a licence enforced by criminal proceedings if a person does not pay (Tony "Bildeberg" Bliar introduced making this a crime - see the pattern) . The BBC does not carry adrvertising but then there is this :


Catch whooping cough and earn £3,500
How much money would it take to persuade you to be deliberately infected with whooping cough for the sake of medical science?
Researchers at Southampton University are offering people up to £3,526 to take up the challenge.
They want to make a better vaccine to protect babies, toddlers and vulnerable adults against the disease.
To help, you must be aged 18-45, in good health, willing to live in an isolation unit for 17 days - and sing.
There is an existing one that can prevent the infection, but it is not as effective as doctors would like it to be and its protection wanes in individuals over years.
This raises many questions for me , why if the existing Pertusis vaccine does not work (& we know it doesn't ), is it still being used daily ? Why is the BBC (scoundrels) running this advert ?

False scientists and reporters suck

Amy, admitting to giving vaccines that parents specifically didn't want for their child is wrong-doing. She gives all doctors a bad name and contributes greatly to the distrust of those in the medical profession. She sounds as though she may even have a personality disorder. Parents whose children are her patients will all no doubt (and rightfully) wish to review their child's medical records.


Yes, she bragged about 'rolling' the flu shot in with other vaccinations because she was tired of parents asking questions about it specifically. This was the front page of the OKAAP newsletter and she even admitted that she gave a flu shot to a child whose mother had previously asked that her child NOT get that one. She was still vaccinating her child but didn't want the flu shot. This is not in question as this document exists. The lawsuit is about everyone's horrified reactions to her article. She doesn't believe she deserved people being upset I guess.
IMHO, she is trying to distract and drain resources from families already tasked with the extra expenses of therapy and possibly natural supplements on top of their children's medical bills. I also believe, but just my opinion, that she tweets these extreme things out to get wild responses to 'prove' she's in danger from people who want health freedom. Don't oblige.


Thanks, friends. To donate you can go through our website www.ovhc-pac.com or email us ovhcpac@gmail.com

We are also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/okforvaccinechoice to keep up with the latest.


Does she really give kids the flu vaccine without telling or asking the parents? That had to be malpractice right there.


Josh Coleman, we need a t-shirt for Switzer. She kind of looks like Pan. I wonder if they're related. Maybe inhabited by related demons.


Dr. Evil called the police on me too. #1. I pointed out she has no business slamming in flu shots without telling the parents. #2. I asked her if she liked to participate in 50 Shades of Grey activities and accused me of threatening to rape her. The Enid Police called my home is suburban Minneapolis!

Dr. Evil is a liar and the most manipulative woman I've ever seen on Twitter.

Jeannette Bishop

@Linda1, the button doesn't work for me either--I know some things on my computer are not up to date so that might be why--but the "Donate" menu link works.


The donate button on the Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice site is not working for me.


This woman should be reported to her medical board. Especially autism parents should report her for saying that autistic children should be medically neglected and for accusing parents or physicians who provide medical care to autistic children of child abuse. She is dangerous. There is something wrong with her mind and she should not have a license to practice medicine.



Han Litten

I tend to skim read quite often .it can lead to mistakes .In this case all i saw was :

Dr (allegedly) Eve Switzer & "rears its ugly head over and over"


As a Canadian, I didn't know about the brewing political fight in Oklahoma!

Is this freedom of speech lawsuit an opportunity to present the scientific evidence demonstrating the actual damage and inherent unsafety of vaccines? So if succesful, could it then be used to stop any vaccine mandate legislation?

I hope one day soon Medicine readily recognizes ASD=encephalitis in many, if not nearly all cases.

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