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Dachel Morning Wake UoJune 13, 2017, New York Times: At Airports, Making Travel Easier for Autistic Passengers, by Shivani Vora

For Gearoid Mannion and his wife, Michelle, who live in County Clare, Ireland, air travel with their two autistic sons, Conor, 9, and Darragh, 7, is usually nothing short of a nightmare. The noise level, crowds and announcements at airports overwhelm the boys, and waiting in security and boarding lines is a concept that they don’t understand, Mr. Mannion said. “They get red in the face and start running around and crying and screaming or run toward the exit, because they want to go back home,” he said.

... Mr. Mannion had heard about the airport’s recent initiative to ease the journey for individuals with autism spectrum disorder — the name for a group of developmental disorders that include autism — and called its customer service desk before their trip to relay that he would be traveling with autistic children.

Upon check-in, the foursome were given wristbands and orange baseball caps that identified them as a family with passengers with autism spectrum disorder and allowed them to jump to the front of the security line. Then they headed to the airport’s new Sensory Room, meant to soothe those with sensory issues, similar to those of Conor and Darragh; the room was shielded from outside noise and had a wavy wall, color-changing LED lights, bean bags and other items that kept them calm and happily occupied. And to avoid the challenge of waiting in a boarding line, the Mannions were able to board last. “Unlike the past, our trip was actually manageable,” Mr. Mannion said....

Part of the reason for this recent support may be the rise in autism spectrum disorder. In the United States alone, one in 68 children has autism spectrum disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the prevalence of autism in children increased 6 percent to 15 percent each year between 2002 and 2010.

Shannon Airport opened the sensory room and started the autism identification system, because autistic fliers were coming through the airport daily and having a hard time while they were there, said Nandi O’Sullivan, a spokeswoman for the airport. “We saw that people with autism would get agitated and wanted to make them and their families more comfortable,” she said.

 I'm sure there are people out there who think that this is progressive. We're finally helping out all those with ASD, the most neglected disorder of all.

What it really does, besides making me furious, is to brainwash the public into thinking that we, as a society actually care about autism, and that this is the way to deal with a epidemic of sick kids.

Airlines and airports are not doing this for humanitarian and altruistic reasons. The Times lists the accommodations being made for autism. Reporter Vora writes, "Part of the reason for this recent support may be the rise in autism spectrum disorder." ???? (Seriously, this is the same paper that routinely announces that more kids don't really have autism, it's just better diagnosing/broader definition.)

Look at how the parents in the opening of the story describe the behavior of their sons, ages 7 and 9. 'They get red in the face and start running around and crying and screaming or run toward the exit, because they want to go back home.' If this is what autism is like, how come no one recognized it until about twenty-five years ago?

Actually, this is simple economics where the market meets the consumer's need, supply and demand stuff. With so many autistic kids out there, if airlines want the business from these families, they'll have to provide help. I'm sure every airport and airline will soon announce that they are "autism friendly" and proudly display their puzzle pieces.

Notice this is an article about flying with CHILDREN who have autism.  (Evidently the one in 68 adults with autism stays home.) Shivani Vora casually tells us that one in 68 kids has autism, and "the prevalence of autism in children increased 6 percent to 15 percent each year between 2002 and 2010."

That's alarming. Here's how the Autism Society of America described it: "Prevalence of autism in U.S. children increased by 119.4 percent from 2000 (1 in 150) to 2010 (1 in 68). (CDC, 2014) Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability." (CDC, 2008)

Vora doesn't actually tell us the true increase in numbers between 2002 and 2010, nor does she tell us how the statistics have steadily mounted over the last twenty years

1995: 1 in 500, 2001: 1 in 250, 2004: 1 in 166, 2007: 1 in 150, 2009: 1 in 110, 2012: 1 in 88, 2014: 1 in 68, 2016: 1 in 68 (and don't forget the 1 in 45 rate announced in 2015, but that was explained as being based on a different survey system.)

Rates from more specific studies are even scarier: SOUTH CAROLINA: 1 in 28, 2017, MINNESOTA: 1 in 36, 2013, UTAH: 1 in 47, 2012, SOUTH KOREA, 1 in 38, 2011, MINNESOTA, 1 in 32 among Somali children, 2008.

These crazy numbers have become totally meaningless in what I call passive acceptance, no matter how bad the increase or how clueless officials are.

I don't know which is worse, the articles that deny ANY real increase in autism or the ones that offhandedly admit that the number are really going up, without a hint of real concern. Americans have been schooled by the media to accept the loss of a million children to a disorder that was practically unknown thirty years ago. We have a image of the autism puzzle piece indelibly printed on our understanding of autism. We don't demand or expect any answers. And in another 25 years, having autism will be as big a part of our lives as any other identity.

 Name...... Age...... Sex......  Race......  On the spectrum (check one) Yes.....  No.....

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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Shelley Tzorfas

To the cockpit "Emergency, 1 in 25 boys have Autism, 1 in 18 toddlers, and 1 in every 3 toddlers have Developmental Disabilities and or Behavioral Disabilities." Captain, please let everyone know about the emergency crisis that is superseding all other issues!

Aimee Doyle

@ Gary - "Will Trump do the right thing, or disappoint us? Only time will tell."

Trump has appointed Tom Price to head HHS, Scott Gottlieb to head FDA. Neither of them will do anything about vaccines. In fact Gottlieb has been quoted as saying "antivaxxers should just get over it."
Trump has not appointed ANYONE to head the CDC. This, despite the fact that 1 in 45 American children have autism, and a child is diagnosed with ASD every 20 minutes. Somehow I think that should be priority. When Trump thought Syrian children were being endangered, he took action the very next day.

I would argue that Trump has, overall, been a negative to children and adults with autism. He appointed Betsy DeVos head of Education. She doesn't understand IDEA, or the working parts of IDEA such as the IEP. She pushes for privatization - but most private/charter/voucher programs don't accept children with disabilities. Trump has supported healthcare legislation that will cut $800 Billion from the Medicaid budgets. Almost 40% of those who need Medicaid are disabled, including my adult autistic son. Without Medicaid, he will have no day program, no services and supports, and will not be able to afford his medication.

Gary Ogden

Bob Moffit: You're so right. Three bums in the White House in a row. Obama took office a few weeks before the OAP decision was rendered, and spent eight years doing nothing but make this mass poisoning worse by increasing the CDC budget for state health departments to force these vile, contaminated, quack medical products on unsuspecting and trusting young parents. Will Trump do the right thing, or disappoint us? Only time will tell. Public health has been ripped to shreds, not only by the quackery of vaccines, but also the quackery of statins, SSRI's, ADHD diagnoses and drugs, prescription opioids, NSAIDS, and much more, including the depletion of our soils, and thus the nutrients they should possess but don't, by more than a century of chemical agriculture. The 74th Congress in 1936 was so alarmed about the health of our soils they held a series of hearings. Nothing has changed since then, only gotten worse, with Roundup (125 times more toxic than glyphosate), poisoning the soil and plant life, the basis of the food chain, in the oceans. Meanwhile the swamp dwellers wake up every morning and do the same thing they did yesterday. Cowards, all of them.

Hans Hitten

Anne , its 1 in 28 . Forget that government propaganda 1 in 68 nonsense .

1 in 28 and rising. Likely 1 in 28 is out of date already . & They are not stopping anytime soon .

Its a holocaust alright. And the media is wholly complicit (disband the BBC I say).
Without the full and complete cooperation of the media it wouldn't have been possible .

go Trump

A bit off topic, but Father's Day is a sad event for the Bradstreet family.




Bob Moffit

"I don't know which is worse, the articles that deny ANY real increase in autism or the ones that offhandedly admit that the number are really going up, without a hint of real concern."

I agree both articles are equally bad ... terribly misinformed .. or .. even worse .. deliberately so.

In any event .. as BADDDDD as the media has covered the autism crisis, epidemic, holocaust, etc .. I blame BOTH political parties for deliberately IGNORING the growing catastrophe that has occurred on THEIR WATCH .. absent any meaningful effort demanding public health officials to explain WHY those public health officials at HHS, CDC, FDA absolutely REFUSE to conduct a scientific .. independent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations .. to prove .. once and for all .. that vaccines are as "safe and effective" as those public health agencies claim.

Think about it for a second .. Rep Dan Burton held "meaningful" hearing raising the issue of vaccines possibly being among the CAUSES of the rise in autism at THAT TIME. TODAY 1 in 68 .. in some States as high as .. 1 in 28 .. and .. THAT PARTICULAR ISSUE REMAINS AS UNRESOLVED AS WHEN BURTON FIRST RAISED IT .. TWENTY YEARS AGO.


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