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Dachel Wake Up: CHOP Brain Scans for Autism

Dachel Morning Wake UoJune 11, 2017, Philly Voice: CHOP looks to brain scans for breakthrough in early detection of autism

By Michael Tanenbaum

With a shift in diagnostic criteria raising the number of American children placed on the autism spectrum—and with families and professionals adjusting their approach to conceptualizing the disorder—researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia believe there may be promise in conducting brain scans to enable earlier detection of the condition.

The multi-site Infant Brain Imaging Study, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), seeks to determine the predictive ability of functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging (fcMRI) as a means of identifying brain activity patterns in six-month-old children who may be at risk to develop autism by two years of age. ...

Current estimates say autism affects roughly 1 out 68 children in the United States, a rate that has climbed partly because fewer children are diagnosed with an intellectual disability. ...

With fcMRI, the research team scanned the brains of 59 high-risk six-month-olds—younger siblings of kids with autism—while they slept under natural conditions. Machine learning technology designed to parse through neuroimaging results was then used to make predictions about the children who would or would not develop autism. ...

In total, researchers found 974 functional connections in the brains of 6-month-olds that were associated with autism-related behaviors, suggesting brain scans could be an accurate way to predict autism in high-risk infants.

This is how the media brainwashes us everyday. Reporter Tanenbaum is a facilitator here, probably unwittingly, passing on the biggest medical fraud in history.

Here's what he's telling the public:

All the autism is just diagnostic substitution. (Forget the "partly" because it's the only explanation he gives.)

We need to focus on early detection. (Autism is inevitable because kids are born with it. It only first shows itself around age two.)

MRIs could find autism at six months. (So we could start that all important "early intervention" even earlier.)

I'm sure it's no coincidence that on ABC 20/20 on February 23, 2007, CHOP'S Paul Offit explained that the increase in autism was due to the fact that “people that we once called quirky or geeky or nerdy are now called autistic.” And after ten years, the lie is still with us. (Ignore the fact that in 2007 the autism rate was one in 150, and according Offit, it was just better diagnosing, and today at one in 68, the same rationale is used.)

This is intended to reinforce every lie about autism: no real increase, autism is solely genetic, all we can do is look for the signs. It also shows that researchers are working on autism, we just need to be patient.

And as far as the cause of those "974 functional connections in the brains of 6-months olds that were associated with autism-related behaviors,"  Tanenbaum didn't tell us. According to CHOP, they just happen with autism.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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You know what makes these kids high risk?
They're high risk because they're going to CHOP.
Because they're entering the dungeon of the madman, 'aluminum-is-an-essential-nutrient', Offit.

This brain mapping research on babies of autistic siblings was in the news years ago. I know because I was outraged then.
An MRI even without gadolinium is not benign. It is exposure to a high EMF that no healthy child should undergo without true medical need, and this research does not qualify. You know why? Martha Herbert published in 2013 in the BioInitiative Report that EMF and radio frequency radiation either cause or exacerbate autism.

Healthy babies need brain scanning like they need to be injected with aluminum.

Tim Lundeen

James Lyons-Weiler has a blog post about this: https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2017/06/13/why-nih-director-francis-collins-should-resign-immediately/

Francis Collins blog post is at https://directorsblog.nih.gov/2017/06/13/autism-spectrum-disorder-progress-toward-earlier-diagnosis/ -- I left a comment that they allowed:

"This article is absurd. This study on early autism diagnosis does not have anything to do with vaccines.

"Last time I checked, most kids get multiple vaccines before they are 6 months old. Many moms are vaccinated while they are pregnant. Most moms have multiple vaccines before they get pregnant. And what about the 2 kids who didn’t show signs of autism at 6 months? Perhaps they were fine at that time, but were injured by vaccines they received between 6 months and 2 years …"

Hans Hitten

Kent Heckenlivey Needs OUR signatures for Suramin:



You're so right, it is common sense and people around the world are figuring it out.
I read a fascinating article from AoA archives last night (Halverson 2007) about rates of diphtheria, pertussis, polio, and measles versus vaccine injury rates. This has been going on a long time.

I'm sorry your grandson's life was changed by this. My son is in the same boat.

Merck + Paul Offit + Children's Hospital of Philadelphia + NIH + CBS = Evil


oooohhhh, how about scans before and after probiotic therapy!!

Ugg! I have no idea if contrast agent is used in a fcMRI, but if it does I would think that would just be like throwing gasoline on a fire. An investigation into autism is bi-polar.


So the technology is here which they think they can use as a brain scan to predict autism. But they want to control how the public perceives how that technology should be used. Just another attempt to control the conversation.

But,that means that some slightly more savvy person out there can use that same technology to scan brains BEFORE vaccination and AFTER vaccination. Now THAT would be interesting.

Also, I think fcMRI is slightly different from fMRI. It's done in a resting state and examines functional connectivity across the brain hemispheres. For instance, in a stroke patient they can use it to look at how local damage affects connectivity & recovery further away from the suspected area of damage. Could be a beneficial way to examine the before and after effects of what lack of oxygen does and/or presence of toxins does to brain function.

So hypothetically, a lab rat could maybe be scanned before being injected with aluminum or formaldehyde, or say, thimerosol, or fed a widely used herbacide, or maybe be scanned before being taken to the top of a mountain or put into a hyperbaric oxygen tank,,and then scanned afterward, so that we could have another method of concrete proof that . . . all without losing brain samples in refrigerators that mysteriously unplug themselves.

But it would be better to find people to do this that are not from a pharma financed group.

Hans Hitten

Remember human spontaneous combustion ?

I've got it , I've explained everything thanks to the sheer brilliance of chief CHOP Scoundrel Offit

human spontaneous autism .

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Brain injury underlying the neurological signs of autism might have been understood decades ago.

Before vaccines, complications at birth were reported more often than any other factor as a predisposition for autism. Something wrong with the mother was of course stated to be the reason. I was told I had a narrow pelvic outlet. This, thankfully, did not interfere with the unassisted birth of my third son who arrived precipitously. I was being sent home, told I was not due for another two weeks. Suddenly he dropped out howling, and weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces. When the doctor arrived, all he could do was order him to the special care nursery.

My first two sons suffered head injury and asphyxia at birth, my legs up in stirrups in preparation for the mandatory episiotomy. That was back in 1962 and '63. I was told my second son was stillborn, rescued only after several frantic minutes of resuscitation.

In 1969 I read the article by WF Windle on brain damage caused by asphyxia at birth (Scientific American, October 1969). Only the midbrain was visibly damaged in monkeys subjected to asphyxia at birth, relay centers in the auditory pathway. However, maturation of the brain was disrupted. The abnormalities of maturation described in infants at high-risk for autism appear to be very similar.

Vaccine components could be expected to add to disrupted brain maturation of children who did not breathe immediately after birth.


Do they use gadolinium in the scan? Asking because FDA is finally warning about that - it doesn't leave the body like they thought it did. (Science is never settled.)

Bob Moffit

"With fcMRI, the research team scanned the brains of 59 high-risk six-month-olds—younger siblings of kids with autism—while they slept under natural conditions."

The ONLY reason CHOP fcMRI research team wants to scan the brains of "high risk six months old" toddlers .. limited to siblings of kids with autism .. is because CHOP is still trying to blame genetics for the continuing rise in autism .. even though .. SCIENCE AND COMMON SENSE dictates the epidemic of autism MUST be caused by "something" .. OTHER THAN GENETICS.

Indeed .. whatever that "something" is .. stretches from Maine to California, North Dakota to Texas .. including ALL 50 States in the US. In fact .. the only "something" that has been recommended and approved in all 50 States for the last twenty years ... are the ever increasing numbers of VACCINES .. which correspond precisely to the rise in autism.


In any event .. while it does not surprise me at all that CHOP wants to waste ever-more of our precious time, energies, financial resources .. re-investigating the SAME OLD SAME OLD research of MRI scans .. that have been conducted ad nauseam over the last decades ..

but ....


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