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CDC fever side effect
NOTE: USA Today reports that pregnant woomen who come down with a fever are at risk of having a child who develops autism.  CDC recommends flu vaccination for pregnant women - and a common side effect is FEVER. Think about that. If fever contributes to autism and a recommended medical procedure can cause fever, isn't that promoting autism?

CDC flu shot pregnancy

From USA Today.

Pregnant women who come down with a fever, especially in the second trimester, are at increased risk of having a baby with autism, a new study reports

Research published Tuesday by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health observed 95,754 Norwegian children born between 1999-2009. About 15,700 children were born to mothers who had fevers during their pregnancies. Within that group, researchers identified 583 cases of autism spectrum disorder. 

Autism risk increased by 34% when mothers reported a fever over 99 degrees at any time during pregnancy. The risk was 40% when fevers occurred in the second trimester. Women who reported having three or more fevers after the twelfth week of pregnancy, increased autism chances for their child by more than 300%.

Mothers who took ibuprofen for fevers did not have children with autism. But, the sample size of those women was so small researchers could not draw any specific conclusions about the drug's effect.

"Future work should focus on identifying and preventing prenatal infections and inflammatory responses that may contribute to autism spectrum disorder," said senior author W. Ian Lipkin, John Snow Professor of Epidemiology and director of the Center for Infection and Immunity, in a statement

The link between maternal fevers and autism has been documented before, but this study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, is more expansive than past research. 


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Shelley Tzorfas

There is a plethora of academically defined "Links" to the sudden increasing numbers of children on the Spectrum. They are well funded, pharmaceutically engaging , University supported, medical school literature, with front page news and headline spaces being "held" for them like a deposit holds an apartment- before the articles are written, before the conclusions are confirmed or approved, before mainstream news calls in their "Expert Health Commentator." The links are to the Maternal Age, Paternal Sperm, , increasing numbers of children living near highways, the type of food moms eat, the water, the chemtrails in the air, cold uncaring refrigerator mothers, the increase in screen time, educational level of the mom, your genes, Whether the mom was on medication and the timing of when she began, your geographical location, whether the couple both had high academic degrees and then married each other (I Kid you Not),and others. There is a link to everything that the science fiction mind can come up with EXCEPT Vaccines. So what is The MISSING LINK?

Sharon DeNunzio

Ian Lipkin is the esteemed professor who is now embroiled in a nasty sex discrimination lawsuit with a colleague who claimed he asked her to examine lesions on his butt and routinely pawned off her research as his own. Is anything that Ian Lipkin gets published of note?

Also, since the mothers who used ibuprofen to treat their fevers did not have a risk of having a child with autism, it would have been appropriate to assess the mothers' risks who used Tylenol. We already know that Tylenol used to treat infant fevers from vaccines is one of the causes of autism. So is it the fever or is it the Tylenol?

And how do we know that autism risk was 34% higher in this group, or 40% higher in another? What was the control group risk? Is Ian Lipkin using current control numbers that appear to be as low as 1 in 28 in South Carolina, for example?

Bob Moffit

"About 15,700 children were born to mothers who had fevers during their pregnancies. Within that group, researchers identified 583 cases of autism spectrum disorder."

Okay .. now tell us how many mom's of those 15,700 children received a "fever inducing flu vaccine" during their pregnancies?

"The link between maternal fevers and autism has been documented before, but this study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, is more expansive than past research."

Okay .. now tell us if their is any similar "link" between maternal fevers/autism and receiving flu vaccines during pregnancy?

The results of far too many federally funded .. academic researchers .. who have squandered millions of scarce research funds .. seeking "something" .. no matter how absurd .. they could claim as possible "link" that explains the catastrophic increase in autism over the last TWENTY YEARS .. such as .. air pollution from highways, pet and rug shampoos, older fathers, on and on .. should be charged with CRIMINAL MISAPPROPRIATION OF FEDERAL RESEARCH MONIES FOR PURSUING FRIVOLOUS RESEARCH.

Unfortunately .. these supposed academic charlatans .. will never run out of frivolous pursuits upon which to continue feeding at the SWAMP'S lucrative TROUGH OF PUBLIC MONIES .. as they deliberately IGNORE, AVOID at all cost .. pursuing an honest, independent, scientific study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations ..

In my humble opinion .. these charlatans are as guilty of crimes .. as were those Flint Michigan public health officials recently charged with MANSLAUGHTER of the innocent victims who were exposed to the contaminated drinking waters of FLINT.

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