The Escalating Efforts to Silence Vaccine Safety Debate
Dachel Wake Up: From The Pot Calling the Kettle Black Files


Boston lynch
At the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, we recognize the benefits of vaccines. We also recognize that vaccines carry risk. Parents deserve the right to free, prior and informed consent, which by definition includes the right to review the benefits and the risks of any medical procedure. To deny the right of informed consent violates the very foundation of our healthcare system.

With the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, Congress recognized that vaccines carry risk and because they are “unavoidably unsafe” the 1986 act exempted vaccine manufacturers and doctors from liability for vaccine injury. Almost $4 billion in injury compensation has been paid to vaccine-injured patients since the passage of this law. To suggest that vaccines are "perfectly safe" while concurrently protecting the vaccine industry from litigation after injuries is insulting to parents, and should be embarrassing to health care professionals, many of whom do not even know this law exists. We can't have it both ways - pass a law that declares vaccines unsafe, protect the industry from litigation, and expect parents to blindly follow vaccine recommendations without the chance to ask reasonable questions and make choices that are protected by law.

On multiple occasions in recent years, our group was contacted by Somali families concerned about official bullying.  These families invited us to speak to in their community to their neighbors and friends about their rights under the law in the state of Minnesota. 

The discussion of vaccines has become emotional, but like most contentious issues, it is best addressed with civility, evidence and an open discussion between well-meaning citizens.  During times of modest disease outbreaks, it is crucial to defend important rights, especially in face of those who would trample over these rights for “the greater good”.   

We are also disturbed at the tone the discussions of recent events in Minnesota have taken. A major metropolitan newspaper quite literally called for members of our organization to be put to death for responding to and supporting our Somali friends.  Responsible voices within leading media organizations need to exercise better leadership and call off the lynch mob.


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If protecting my child from dangerous vaccines is a hanging offence, hang me.


You’ve probably heard of a regular neighborhood watch before, where
people living in an area get together sometimes to walk through the
neighborhood and make sure it’s safe for the people who live there.
Well this is kind of the same thing, except this time, it’s all about the
health of your community and neighbors!
In making a Neighborhood Health Watch for your community, you can
help create a safety network people can rely on in any emergency.
You can make your Neighborhood Health Watch whatever you want it to be
or however works best for your community!
• It can be as simple as collecting and providing contact information for
everyone in the community.
• Or your Health Watch volunteers can provide rides to neighbors who
need to get to the doctor or the pharmacy but can’t drive themselves.
• And you can offer other services too, like helping an elderly or disabled
member of your neighborhood with household chores or caring for a
neighbor’s pet.
• Watches can be run by community organization leaders or community
members themselves, and can be as small or as large as you need.
• A team of volunteers can be your Health Watch leaders, whose job it
is to get other members working together and coordinate everyone to
make sure the whole community is supported.
• Health Watch volunteers can reach out to their local police station, fire
department, hospitals, and more to share important health information
and get advice on new projects."


Brian the narcissist ..nuff said!

Pharma for Prison


Are a few dozen cases of measles truly a newsworthy topic? Not so, not long ago, when measles was so common that it was not considered news.

Ask yourself: Who benefits from state and national coverage of measles outbreaks? State health departments increase their power and control over citizens, while pharmaceutical companies increase their product sales.

State health departments and mainstream media editorial boards are targeting select populations for public scorn and harassment. Inciting pitchforks-and-torches vigilantes, writing op-eds that use the phrase "hanging offense" about accidental transmission of a routine childhood disease -- these are dangerous abuses of power that must be stopped.

To those whose attitude is "it didn't happen to me": It soon will. You are a target market, a potential revenue source. Until more citizens finally recognize the civil rights lost by their inaction, public health policymakers and complicit media lapdogs will continue pushing the boundaries of societal power.


Why such the interest in the vaccine autism debate these days Brian Deer?

Methinks that Deer is full of anxiety since Trump got in office. Trump knows you lied about Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the Lancet study Brian. Hey Brian, does anxiety give you autism poops like Shillingham hypothesized?

We will keep a jail cell nice and toasty for your warm white butt until the truth comes out (and it will)

Sorry, shills make me angry.

There is no confusion in my childs medical history.

Normal and talking (in the medical records) no health or feeding issues whatsoever.

MMR, Varicella, Flu shot.

Weeks later referred for regression and speech cessation. Twitching, stimming, head banging, screaming, not sleeping, AUTISM.

So let me walk you through this Deer since you don't seem to hear this well.

Normal, vaccines, autism, in that order.


Brian Deer is still running around calling autism parents liars.

Brian Deer May 9, 2017 at 9:50 am

Introducing these studies, you say that both “surveyed the parents of 666 home-schooled children, 39% of whom were not vaccinated…”

Call me cynical, but I doubt if either figure is correct.

This was a project controlled by a man who showered fawning, sycophantic praise on a known research cheat, Wakefield, and was promptly rewarded by anti-vaccine campaigners with money to carry out another of Wakefield’s ludicrous projects.

The modus operandi, as usual, is to invite parents to offer detailed, retrospective clinical information about their children, in circumstances where – boxloads of other research shows – their recollections are both full of error and thick with motivation.

It’s the purest junk, and I wouldn’t believe a word of it.

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