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The Escalating Efforts to Silence Vaccine Safety Debate

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By Alison Fujito

It’s one thing to recommend something you believe in. It’s quite another to demand that everyone else believe in it as well.  Add hostility, politics, lobbyists, and an industry with a long history of dishonesty, and the result is the antithesis of the founding principles of this country.

Last month, Cosmopolitan posted a very disturbing opinion piece by a lobbyist for vaccine mandates, attorney Jinny Suh. Ms. Suh is the creator and leader of the activist group “Immunize Texas” which she terms a “grass-roots community group.” It’s actually a branch of “Immunize USA,” which is funded by vaccine companies GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, and vaccine inventor and industry spokesman Paul Offit, among others.

The article is liberally sprinkled with pejoratives and thinly-veiled accusations directed towards those who don’t agree with the author. The end result leaves a strong impression encouraging fear, repression, and hatred against anyone wanting to maintain the right to determine which invasive medical procedures they are willing to have performed on their children, and when.

Empathy or hostility?

Ms. Suh begins the article with several paragraphs telling us how she is an incredibly supportive and sympathetic person.  And maybe she is.

One would expect that a sympathetic parent whose children were lucky enough NOT to suffer adverse vaccine reactions, would lobby for research on causes, prevention, and treatment of such harm. After all, over 10,000 claims are filed every year with the adversarial, problematic “Vaccine Court.”

Nobler efforts to help children might include fundraising for families of children who suffered truly catastrophic reactions, requiring lifelong 24/7 care not covered by insurance, especially for those who were unaware that the government compensation system even exists until well after the short three-year statute of limitations. In fact, there are many such families in Ms. Suh’s home state.

Instead, the remainder of the article reads as an attack on those who criticize or even question vaccine safety, starting with her incongruous announcement that “it’s time to stop acting like not vaccinating is a parenting decision.”

Let’s remember the facts here:

  • Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure.
  • Medical procedures may be declined by the patient.
  • Medical procedures on infants and children ARE PARENTING DECISIONS.

Media mantra
Dismissing all who would disagree with her, Ms. Suh ignores 73,454 reports of serious reactions associated with vaccines from 1989 through April of this year, and 6,469 reported deaths in the same time period. She insists that vaccines—all vaccines— are safe and effective, and basically demands that everyone who has not already had an “approved” medical reaction agree to fully vaccinate their children. Links to three articles, none of which prove safety or efficacy, are provided in an effort to justify such a drastic demand.

As responsible parents, we cannot ignore legitimate reports of vaccine-associated systemic harm and submit unquestioningly to such demands because of three erroneous articles.  One can easily find three articles claiming safety and efficacy of various medications in pill form, but that wouldn’t support a claim that “pills are safe and effective,” and it wouldn’t necessarily prove safety and efficacy of those particular pills. Vioxx and thalidomide are only two of many examples of FDA-approved medications that turned out to be deadly. Vaccines, classified as “biologicals” rather than “drugs” aren’t held to the strict standards of science and tightly-controlled clinical trials that Vioxx was before it received—and maintained—approval from both the government and our medical system.

The author links to a CNN news report with video, which wrongly claims that “thimerosal does not cause any difficulty.” This is blatantly false: thimerosal is strongly associated with phonic and motor tics, which are neurological disorders, as well as problems with attention and executive functioning. In other words, thimerosal causes difficulties.

CNN here also claims in error that only “trace amounts” of thimerosal are in influenza vaccines. Again, this is untrue: approximately 30% of flu vaccines today still contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal in each dose; the CDC’s chart shows that only FDA-licensed influenza vaccine recommended for children under the age of three is FluZone Quadrivalent, which contains a 12.5 mcg/dose of thimerosal. Not only is that NOT a trace amount, but it’s being given to the population most susceptible to harm from thimerosal. CNN got both of these important facts completely wrong.

In contrast, back before the vaccine manufacturers were permitted to advertise on, and, for all practical purposes, own and control commercial TV, there was this special news report in 1979 on the government cover-up of harm from swine flu shots, as well as this one, in 1982, “DPT: Russian Roulette.”

There is a well-documented history of cover-up of harm from vaccines in this country; this is in no way refuted by CNN’s misinformed (at best) claims of safety.

Ms. Suh also links an article from the WHO, which recklessly recommends vaccinating everyone who comes into contact with an infant for pertussis, ignoring the fact that those vaccinated for pertussis are still able to colonize and transmit pertussis to infants, even if they have no symptoms. The article also credits vaccines for reductions in death and disease in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America without acknowledging that adequate nutrition, clean water, improved sanitation, and modern medical care would have had the same effect.

The third effort to convince us of the supposed safety of vaccines is a disturbingly vitriolic article by the controversial Brian Deer, who, amidst accusations of his own questionable ethics, falsely claimed that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s study misrepresented the medical status of the children involved—falsely, because those children’s parents have gone on record  rebutting and criticizing Deer, and supporting Wakefield.

Moreover, Deer’s article purports to address only one vaccine, MMR, out of the 54 vaccines recommended for US children from the day of birth to age 18. So it completely fails to address safety concerns regarding the other 53 vaccines, the poor quality of design and reporting of safety outcomes, the absence of any testing for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, or impairment of fertility (stated on every package insert!), and the possibility of unanticipated synergistic reactions.

An argument that rests on mistaken assumptions, on false claims, and that ignores or denies valid concerns, is not only unconvincing; it calls the entire pro-vaccine-mandate position into question.

Not one of these examples proves safety or efficacy of vaccines, nor do they rule out a vaccine-autism link, nor do they rule out a link between vaccines and the myriad serious health issues that have been suggested by literally hundreds of studies.

“This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

-From The Nuremberg Code, 1947

Attacking parental rights
It’s extremely disturbing that, with strong evidence of serious health risks from vaccines, anyone would insist with such authority that parents unquestioningly accept the conclusions presented here.

Read more here.


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Thanks John, Donalda's full medical records available 1929-2013 with documented apalling medical abuse/neglect in 2013 . 4 serious as it gets complaints /concerns raised with SPSO Scottish Public Services Ombudsman The x geography teacher x vice chair of BBC Scotland dropped the complaints like hot potatoes and kicked them straight into the bonnie long heather or so they think!
Look at SPSO Memorandum of understanding between SPSOand the nursing and midwifery council some set up going on there? also The Health Foundation funded by a one-off charitable donation of 560 million pounds in 1998 from health insurance with co-ownership of BMJ Quality and safety Journal!
Aye some charity set up right enough . abuse and neglegt is not getting left in silence out of sight out of mind ! and we are point blank refusing to be treated as chunky chicken joints on a fast tracked factory farmed conveyor belt with vaccine risk assesments that could not safely sit thier own safety studies the right way round on a bed pan . they can go and get lost with it for sure!

John Stone

Hi Morag,

Well mentioned. It should also not be forgotten that the British Medical Journal and its high minded editor went into partnership with Merck shortly after these events in June 2006 - its "Learning Division" having an unlimited grant from Merck's non-profit propaganda resource Univadis.

Then, the British Government through its politicised agency, the Legal Services Commission, pulled the plug on UK litigation against Merck over Vioxx despite the huge settlements already made in the United States.


(The Legal Services Commission, alias the Legal Aid Board, presently the Legal Aid Agency - a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.)


Rancid controlled trials on public display. Vioxx, they knew in 1999 the dangers yet it was not withdrawn in uk till Sept 2004. what were the world wide obituary column statistics for that crafted for profit by barrow boys chemists .
My own dear mother Donalda Lyons was just about to get her hip replacement in Jan 2005 cancelled at the last min aortic stenosis damage with a gradient of 88mHg had been prescribed vioxx for nearly a year and was saying these tablets are making my heart beat funny but got the all clear in the summer of 2004 with a 24hr ecg tracing . sept 2004 she was phoned at home and told to stop taking vioxx but by then it was too late the damage was done . vioxx health and safety risk assessments were not worth two dollops of goat poop exactly the same standard .of regulation chaos and carnage as vaccines risk assessments .trust confidence and respect for their standards of regulation are sitting about one cm above floor level . away tae hell in a hanbasket with them!


Jinny Suh = medical fascist.
I think we need to get real clear, and real serious, with those fools who would *FORCE* vaxxes on "everybody". I think they need to be called out for who & what they are.....
The ONE TRUTH I've learned, is that vaxxes are neither as effective, nor as safe as the profit-making industry claims....

Laura Hayes

Excellent article, Alison. Thank you for taking on this woman and her egregious article.

It appears clear that I need to add Jinny Suh to my list of vaccine bullies featured in this article I wrote a while back, during our battle against AB2109 in CA, which was the precursor to the more tyrannical and more evil SB277:

"Dear Emily Willingham, Dorit Reiss, Christopher Hickie, and Other Vaccine Bullies" by Laura Hayes


From now on every vaccine zealot who calls for the; denial of services, jailing, executing, (etc) of vaccine skeptics must be required to publish their, their children's, is vaccine records.

Shelley Tzorfas

Cosmopolitan was a fun to read magazine aimed at teens and young women. Sadly when you look through many women's magazines you can find nearly 30% of the magazine is comprised of advertising and marketing Pharmaceutical products and vaccines. Gardasil and Shingles vaccines are among their pages. They typically fail to inform the vulnerable women the deadly ingredients such as Neurotoxic Aluminum, Thimerosal?Mercury, Peanut oil leading to anaphylaxis, Dead Human Baby Cells from abortions and more. There are Thousands of teens and young women who have become paralyzed or died from the shots. Cosmo-Why don't you release THIS info? After all, many of YOUR READERS, can no longer look at your magazine after Vaccine injuries??
There is so much manipulation going on. It is Ironic that there is a "Grass -Roots Community Group," pushing Vaccines. Pushing Vaccines is a Financial Decision from the pharmaceutical companies-Not regular moms. Why else would up to 83% of our vaccines be made in China without safety testing from the USA? Grass Roots can't Grow amongst Aluminum, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Ammonium Salts, MSG, Ether, Antifreeze and other Toxic Chemicals. It is time for Beauty Parlors to reject this from their establishments if they care about their patrons.

Tom Petrie

Wow! What a concise, well-written and, I might add, reserved response! Now, if Cosmopolitan would actually PUBLISH this response, that would be amazing. Alas, I know this won't happen, but at least AoA will get out this excellent rebuttal of the idiotic and absurd statements of a "know-it-all," Ms. Suh. How often do folks think that they can appear intelligent by substituting rudeness and bombastic phrases or senseless ridicule for careful analysis or perspicacity on the vaccine safety issue?

Come to think of it, if thousands of people have been injured by vaccines (and it's more like millions now), and billions of dollars have been paid out to plaintiffs in vaccine injury cases, (only of which about 1 percent get reported and most cases are sadly, dismissed!), how much more does one need? I mean, can't Ms. Suh read vaccine inserts where statements consistent with claims made by vaccine critics can be easily read and confirmed? Can't she compare the health of vaccinated to that of un-vaccinated children? Can't she read any of the numerous books on the subject or watch any of the numerous documentaries on this topic? IF she's an attorney, doesn't she know how to evaluate information (for the truth) on important topics OR does she ONLY read that which supports her myopic viewpoints on vaccines?

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for effectively countering this call for pharmaceutical enslavement...I don't know what else to call a mandated procedure that may take one's life, or may destroy one's health, often setting up victims for further industry prescribed "solutions," all mandated to be paid for by the labor of the victim, their family, or others in society.

Some valuable footage and reporting by Sharyl Attkisson on the "scientific" climate that surrounds pharmaceutical research:

A climate that I think, ironically, might not be possible without our societal mandate to vaccinate in the first place.

Bob Moffit

Karsten Juhl Jørgensen, M.D., Deputy Director
Nordic Branch of the gold standard
of mainstream medical review

"There is a balance between benefit and harm. This is a value judgement, and no authority can make that judgement better than those who are offered the intervention. This is a general guiding principle in medical ethics, not specific to this debate."

I would suggest .. the "general guiding principle in medical ethics" .. to maintain a "balance between benefit and harm" .. begins with the oath to "first do no harm".

Unfortunately .. when .. too often .. those practicing medicine .. IGNORE that oath .. yet insist on making "judgement better than those who are offered the intervention" .. THEY should personally expose THEMSELVES .. or .. THEIR loved ones .. to the "unavoidable risks" involved.

It is amazing how quickly having one's "own skin in the game" .. re-establishes one's oath to "first do no harm".


This should be a wake up call to all Americans. The Boston Herald News has now called for the execution of people who are skeptical about the vaccine schedule. Let this sink in to your minds. This is a direct quote from the news article.

"These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.


When someones threatens the life of citizens they must be held accountable. This is not a debate anymore. This is a tyrannical government in collusion with a lying media outlet putting feelers out to see if they can get away with executing innocent citizens over a measles outbreak.

They must be swiftly called out on this direct threat to law abiding citizens. The writers of this article should be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

This is a blatant call for violent behavior against those who disagree with the government.


Maureen McDonnell,RN

I hope this fact-based rebuttal will be sent to & published by Cosmopolitan. These propaganda pieces are effective strategies for influencing public opinion. But if we who know the truth keep hammering out the facts & continue pointing to the credible science that shows the damage vaccines can cause - well ~ I don't know when or how this ship will turn around but- it's our only chance to put a halt to this travesty & prevent further damage to our kids!

Rebecca Lee

Wonderful piece.

david m burd

Alison, Thank you for your article.

However, Unfortunately you have cited the CDC's flagrantly false public statement that only 30% of annual flu vaccines still contain Thimerosal (with 25 micrograms of ethylmercury in an .50ml adult doses, 12.5 micrograms in .25ml in flu vaccine doses injected into babies at 6 months, again 4 weeks later, and 2 more times before age 36 months).

The truth comes from the Health Industry Distributors Association that details all the U.S. flu vaccines produced each flu season, the most recent available statistics for 2015-2016 Flu Season, with close to 70% of all U.S. babies under age 3 being injected with the .25 ml dose. The doses required to accomplish this comes to 11,200,000 doses, BUT only 583,000 .25ml single-dose flu shots were produced/distributed that were free from Thimerosal; all of the rest of the .25ml infant shots are drawn from 5.0ml multi-dose vials thus having 12.5 micrograms of ethylmercury. This is clearly revealed by the vaccine industry stats along with it clearly, unambiguously stated that 5.0 multi-dose vials are for babies 6 months and older. Therefore, almost 11 million babies are, each year for 3 years, being currently injected with 12.5 micrograms of ethylmercury via flu shots taken from Thimerosal golden multi-dose vials.

The CDC is outright lying and continues to do so when it comes to flu shots, and is unforgivable if not outright criminal.

You can look this up on web search engines with the terms "2015 market brief influenza vaccine production and distribution association (hida)" detailing what I've just said (also on Age of Autism posts last Fall).

Please contact me if you like:

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