Coastal Children's Clinic Mocks Dead Children with Immunized & I Survived! T-Shirts
Kim Rossi Stagliano on Twenty One Then and Now

Dr. Sean Gallagher Promotes Violence Against Parents

Dr galagher


Dr. Sean GallagherThis young doctor feels it is right and just to hang parents who are pro-vaccine administration choice. I repeat - he is praising hate speech. He condones putting a noose around a parent's neck and pulling out the chair until the neck snaps and the bowels empty. Trust him with your child? Never. He is smarter than you. Wiser than you. And I hope, far crueler than you or I would ever be.

Look at his Twitter name. He must fancy himself to be the real life Doogie Howser. "Look at me! Young! Buff! (the nipple is a nice touch, Doc)  And the part in my hair is deeper than my empathy."

Twitter: Dr. Sean Gallagher


Pediatric Resident, Husband, @XavierUniv muskie, Wannabe @WCInvestor; likes Pulm, #Advocacy, and #QI. #Tweetiatrician #FeedTheRoth #VaccinesWork #PutKids1st

Columbus, OH


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Right side of history

He's probably being groomed by pharma to be the next Paul Offit. #MoneyUnderTheTable

Jeannette Bishop

Somewhat OT, but I rather like this particular video...About two years after the CDC whistleblower revelations if I understand things correctly, these familiar folks are pretending they are not aware of that, it was a non-event, or something, and sit around discussing how to "ethically" abandon scientific accuracy in promotion of a vaccine from a false world view in the first place...IOW a study in how to deceive your minion trainees? Or oneself?

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

We parents and grandparents, custodial parents, foster parents, caretakers and friends of the vaccine injured must guard against letting our justifiable anger and disgust at this "kid kid doc's" moral fog make us ill. There is a force that will correct the error of this boy's thinking and egotism. It is call karma. I believe that young fellow on late night tv is bumping into the concept lately. We should exercise our constitutional right to free speech to state our opinion of him but I urge everybody to take a deep, cleansing breath, and don (not our tin foil hats) our crystal shields. A mental crystal shield protects, and bounces that ill wind back where it came from.


Dr kid -on kiddy Kil-dare? Interns can't take money [1937] Dr Kildare . We will see him before he sees us! what type of hanging the wrong way are they thinking about , kid on as a threat of or the full blown hung drawn and quartered like some wee chunky chicken joint getting plucked in public?
The only thing that will be getting hung is their own professional codes of conduct some of which are dangling in mid air as it is by a flimsy threadbare piece of surgical tape . Dangling stethoscopes giving themselves a big stiffy in public is simply not the done thing chaps . There's a dose of the pox going round with it as well a serious dose of VD no not venerial just straightforward clap trap 10 shades of verbal diarrhoea . prescription available from hospital head chef cornflour and water prn or as required it probably won't cure it but it might thicken it up a bit for them as the verbal dribble is causing an uproar of laughter in the hospital canteens corridors cloakrooms and carparks .away and work ya mugs and get your vaccine risk assessments ready for inspections!


Dr. Gallagher and his ilk have done more harm to children than any other profession. I mean seriously they can't figure out what's causing the fastest growing disability?? Bunch of losers. Ditch the Peds and go to family practitioners.

Jennifer R.

This dude thinks he's a superhero, but really he's a big zero. He thinks he's helping people, when really he's controlling them. He has way, way too much power and status. Karma is a bitch. He will find that out one day.


It's not surprising that doctors don't report adverse reactions when they don't believe that vaccine reactions can cause long-term damage. Parents know their children well and see the changes after vaccination, doctors who see them infrequently for 5-8 minutes don't.

Here is a nurse's response to one of Gallagher's "Vaccines are safe and save lives" letters in the Columbus Dispatch:


The good doctor's condition is called, "wet behind the ears". There's probably an ICD code for that pediatrician, not pediatric, pediatrician condition. Likely he is still nursing.

go Trump

Sadly our President is somewhat surrounded by some who want him to fail. Prayers for his safe travel this next week, at some point he is going to have to go back into his “full campaign mode” to get a lost message across.

How the hell can anyone worry about the Russians ??? when 10 American children die every day of vaccine/SIDS, and another 160 become Autistic every day ??? ... Russia’s Autism rate is 100 times lower than the US of A.

It is time to invite Dr. Thompson and a few others to the White House for a conversation. The biggest FRAUD in health care history is right in front of him, and he knows exactly who to call.

He should talk live to President Putin about the issue.

WAR is when your Government tells you who your enemy is... REVOLUTION is when you figure it out for yourself.


Should be Adams!


I think this matches the above insanity.

He's good, Mike Adames. Worth getting his emails.


The smartest pediatrician I have ever met was the one I had while growing up.
He said " Good pediatricians listen to the parents, because they know their child. "

Jeannette Bishop

Too many doctors work for the system, not us or their very young patients, though I'm sure many are sure it's for our own good too!

Discussion of how the "healthcare" system is not interested in prevention (which oxymoronically to most people I'm sure, illuminates to me at least somewhat why they go along with all, even the worse-than-useless vaccines) @ 1:13:00 (insertion in the discussion includes reading a text by Kent Heckenlively @ 1:18:00):


He should try what he preaches first - problem solved!.

Pharma for Prison


david m burd

Kim, pediatricians are indeed "USELESS" as you say, yet they are additionally far, far worse - they are HELL INCARNATE, such as this brainwashed Sean Gallagher.

Mainstream indoctrinated pediatricians like Gallagher each day, every day, severely damage 5,480 babies EVERY DAY (2 million of 4 million born each year in the U.S., with 50% being damaged (as the CDC statistics actually document, while NEVER implicating their devine Immunization Schedule).

There are some distinct exceptions such as Portland, Oregon's Dr. Paul Thomas and his too-slowly growing Physicians for Informed Consent, and like my personal general practioner Dr. Matt Irwin of Alexandria, Virginia.


In a day in age when we desperately need to elevate the level of mainstream conversation regarding the practice of vaccination it's really telling that the people keeping it as simplistic and in the gutter as possible are the mainstream pediatricians and journalists. The very people who claim intellectual superiority on the subject. Pretty soon all medical textbooks will be reduced to 144 characters.

Kim Rossi stagliano

NO other specialty is as obnoxious, cruel, insenstive to the plight of their patients, draconian and frankly USELESS as the current Pediatrician. They have staff that weights, measures, does a cursory eye and ear test (IF your child cooperates) and they refer out hang nails on up. Their job is to sell vaccines for pharma. They cure not. They heal not. They suck.

A friend's daughter was interviewing as a Ped PA - the practice allotted 8 minutes per visit. EIGHT MINUTES.

Did I mention they suck? They don't even have Highlights in the waiting room any more.....


Kim Rossi stagliano

NO other specialty is as obnixious, draconian and frankly USELESS as the current Pediatrician. They have staff that weights, measures, does a cursory eye and ear test (IF your child cooperates) and they refer out hang nails on up. Their job is to sell vaccines for pharma. They cure not. They heal not. They suck.

A friend's daughter was interviewing as a Ped PA - the practice allotted 8 minutes per visit. EIGHT MINUTES.

Did I mention they suck. They don't even have Highlights in the waiting room any more.....



And this is how we got into this mess in the first place...doctors with a God-complex, that ignore patient and parent reports & clinical presentation only to defend industry by promoting everything they tell him without any first hand knowledge or research! What a disgusting excuse for a health professional!!


#FeedTheRoth pretty much says it all. Disgusting.

cia parker

Dr. Gallagher is only engaged in career promotion. He has correctly deduced that the best way to do that is to cultivate powerful friends and allies in the pharma racket, and so he's out there playing the game. He has no beliefs or compassion for anyone, as selling out children to this degree means that he has betrayed all human values and forfeited all self-respect.

Because "science"

Hope his wife gets combat pay.


I first discovered young Dr. Gallagher back in February on Twitter. I have been consistently shocked, offended,
and appalled by his insensitive, taunting and cruel comments.
I wish I could post screen shots of some of his more memorable tweets. The one where he compares vaccine injury to believing in the Easter bunny his take neither being true. He tried to start his own hashtag #proplague accusing people concerned about vaccine safety of wishing for diseases to overtake the world.
Dr. James Lyon Weiler sent him a copy of his book The Environmental and Genetic Causes of autism which the kid doctor attempted to shred in an Amazon review. Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom invited him to attend their conference this past Saturday discussing issues affecting developmental disabled individuals and vaccines. He promptly declined, yet found the time to tweet about Dr. Dan Neides author of that infamous flu vaccine column he wrote about how he got a flu vac and then got the flu. Remember how he was slammed in the media and with his employer Cleveland Clinic? Oh the hysteria.
Gallagher is a Paul Offitt wannabe. Besides taunting and mocking vaccine safety advocates he likes to talk about investments and growing his wealth. #feedtheroth im sure he dreams if making millions someday off of pushing and promoting vaccines.
I hope Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom plan a protest at his hospital- Nationwide Children's hospital soon. I'll be first in line. I'll have my mom verbal 21 year old son with me holding the biggest sign.
The guy is a heartless monster. He should never be allowed to touch a child because he's got no empathy and compassion.
Could you imagine a child suffering a vaccine reaction under his care? I shudder to think.
He'll love the attention this article will bring him. But this should serve as a wake up call to parents ti see just how little these #tweetiatricians actually care about children.

Ginger Taylor

Not his first offense:


When Gallagher says "vaccines work", I can only assume he means they "work" in a GEORGIA GUIDE STONES sense....
( or wiki "Georgia Guidestones", if you don't already know....)
Every time I hear some pro-vaxxer say "anti-vaxxers" should be killed, like
Gallagher here says, then it just makes me more anti-vaxx,
and it makes for a sicker society.
How is THAT "healthcare"?

Margaret J. Jaeger

Wait...I guess I don't understand the turn of speech....the article says he's in favor of hanging Pro-vaccine...admistrastion choices....?? Confusing me. All I discerned from this is its about Pro vaccine choosers....not ex-vaxxers..? I have read comments from some medical personnel who have promoted the idea that Ex-vaxxers, or those against mandatory vaccines, should be hanged...or at least be treated as criminals, etc. Not that Pro-vaxxers should be...?

Bob Moffit

@ nhokkanen

"Given his level of self-absorption, I conclude that if a vaccine he administers causes an adverse reaction, his first impulse will be denial -- and his second priority will be erasure."

I suspect "his level of self-absorption" was evident in the "Superman" tee shirt he so proudly wore.

His compulsion to dress and present himself as "Superman" .. is an indication of "self-denial" run amok.

Gary Ogden

A member of the Pharma Dream Team. Goes to show that an M.D. after a person's name is no indication that they are an actual doctor. He is not. He is a politician, lobbying for his livelihood, which is injecting contaminated medical products into healthy children. Woefully ignorant he is, and nasty as well.


So true nhokkanen, denial and erasure.
That's what we received from our doctor after my son stopped talking and lost his eye. That's the day we joined the ranks of X-Vaxxers. The day we stopped believing the "1 in a million" bs.

The Nuremberg code, developed after the Nazi atrocities, is pretty clear and was developed for very good reasons. Doogie Howser, the kid doctor, should read it sometime.
He also should look at autism rates and actually use that impressively large brain of his to understand why an MIT professor uses simple extrapolation to predict 50% autism in boys by 2025. That's in 8 years, kid doctor. And he wonders why people don't want to use the MMR ???
Good grief, hang me but he's the idiot. I feel sorry for his patients.


A doctor that insensitive and reckless about civil rights violations and promoting violence is not someone to safely entrust with the health of one's child.

Given his level of self-absorption, I conclude that if a vaccine he administers causes an adverse reaction, his first impulse will be denial -- and his second priority will be erasure.

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