Boston Herald "Editorial Staff" Calls Vaccine Choice "Hanging Offense"

Dachel Wake Up: From The Pot Calling the Kettle Black Files

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 8, 2017, New York Daily News editorial: The wages of fearmongering

...The true culprit is a growing, unfounded fear of vaccines, now with mongers in the highest places.

A mostly conquered disease is spreading in Minnesota’s largest city because an abysmally low 40% of Somali-American kindergarteners there have gotten their necessary shots.

That four-in-ten figure is way, way down from nine-in-ten in 2004, driven by lies about a connection between vaccines and autism....

For that, blame not only local leaders, but the likes of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose anti-vaccine megaphone has gotten amplified thanks to a certain President.

Under the photo of Kennedy in the New York Daily News story it says, "Stop spreading lies."

It seems that the science isn't up for discussion. We can't even talk about the "anti-vaxxer" claims. Vaccines are safe; vaccines save lives is now a tenet of faith in medicine and the media, and especially for anyone in public life.

IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE, you're a liar. You're also dangerous. You threaten the health and the lives of children.

 In a May 8th editorial from the Boston Herald, readers were told:

"These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense."

If the pro-vaccine people are telling us the truth, then those questioning vaccine safety must all be liars. There is no middle ground.


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Carolyn mcd

In the early 2000s or late 1990s, Somalis were vaccinated before they left and again on arrival becsause no one trusted they had already been vaccinated. Thus they had double the rate of vaccines. Thus they had an insanely high rate of autism. Not being idiots like these "journalists" they decided not to risk Brain damage on their younger children.

Bob Moffit

If it were not for having "double standards" .. the NY Daily News and NY Post EDITORS .. would have NO standards at all.

Consider the following ... not only a small item .. but .. also published in small print .. buried on page 19 in today's NY Post .. as compared to the routine editorials and full page attention BOTH papers routinely have given to ANY measles outbreak .. seizing ANY opportunity to demonize RFK, Dr Wakefield .. while spewing how "safe and effective" the EDITORS of BOTH papers believe them to be:

"Almost one-third of new drugs approved by US regulators over a decade ended up years later with warnings about unexpected, sometimes life-threatening side effects or complications, a Yale University analysis has found. The researchers flagged 71 of 22 prescription drugs as having safety issues such as increased risks of serious skin reactions, liver damage, cancer and even death"

Remember .. the very SAME EDITORS that all but buried the YALE research that found almost one-third of ALL new drugs approved by regulators .. end up having "safety issues" including increased risks for live damage, cancer and even death .. are the very SAME EDITORS that viciously OPPOSE ANY suggestion that our President seek a Commission to study the "safety and efficiency" of vaccines?



And still no one asks what the autism rate among the un/under vaccinated Somalian children is.


This is a replay of the propaganda push initiated in CA to sell SB 277. It is a media campaign to with a lobbying firm/pr firm being paid to execute a strategy.

Since it worked in CA- the propaganda was used successfully used to pass a law not desired by the public- the question is how do we counter the effort this time around?

Bob Moffit

I submitted the following "letter to the editors" of the NY Daily News on the day this editorial appeared:


NY Daily News editorial .. "The Wages Of Fearmongering" .. blames an outbreak of measles in Minnesota on Somali immigrant parents refusing to vaccinate their children due to an unfounded fear that vaccines cause autism. The editorial also blames Robert F. Kennedy Jr for his "anti-vaccine megaphone having gotten amplified thanks to a certain President".

There is no doubt that Somali immigrant parents are refusing to vaccinate their children, but, the reason for their refusal is because, in their home-country of Somalia, autism is so rare there is no name for it. Indeed, autism rates within the immigrant Somali community of Minnesota is so high that parents have taken to label autism the "American disease".

Which is why I find it extremely odd the News blames RFK Jr for Somali parents refusing to vaccinate their children, rather than publicly supporting President Trump's idea to form an independent Commission on vaccine safety and efficiency?

What better idea than a Commission that .. once and for all .. provides Somali parents and others, clear and convincing, scientific evidence, that vaccines are as safe and efficient as the News believes them to be?


(I could have easily written a full page response but writers are warned that all "letters" must be "brief". Hard to be "brief" when the editorial itself was so broadly misinformed.)

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