Dachel Wake Up: Robert Kennedy Jr Interview with Tucker Carlson
This is Not Medicine. This is Barbarism.

World Mercury Project Features Impassioned Plea by Robert Kennedy

WMPNote: The event was held in New York City on Tuesday night.

By James Grundvig

Last night I had the privilege of attending Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s World Mercury Project fundraiser. If ever there was a champion to fight the “orthodoxy” that mercury is safe for tots, fetuses, newborns, and children, Bobby Kennedy Jr. is it.

His impassioned speech discussed how he got involved in the vaccine-autism divide more than a decade years ago, sitting in the backseat of a car with Lyn Redwood and the “Moms,” and he reminded all of those who attended the event last night the Moms had “bigger balls” than all the dark forces on the other side.

He covered some amazing territory and compared the censorship of the vaccine debate to the “sex crimes” of the Catholic priests; that the outing and breaking of that orthodoxy didn’t happen overnight; and that all of those in attendance and all of us on the right side of this societal fissure must plough on, continue to fight, arm our children that, just in case, we don’t win that the next generation does shatter the lie that has been planted and perpetuated by the “fascists” and propped up by the mainstream media that it, too, will one day collapse just as a sandcastle erodes and washes out over time.  Read more here.


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Isn't Bobby Kennedy still pro vaccine?

I get that he's against mercury, who in their right mind wouldn't be. But I can never get behind anyone who believes that taking the mercury out of vaccines, will somehow them safe.

Cherry Misra

@ Grace Green, Your comment is very interesting. I think some of us are coming to the same conclusions that you have come to. Could you, someday describe in detail what the experience of your and your family has been?

Grace Green

kapoore, I understand your concerns described here and very much agree with you. I hate to be pessimistic, but I have often stated that at 64 years old I have been "autistic" most of my life, and my parents suffered from vaccine injuries and mercury poisoning. Worst of all, we have been violently persecuted all our lives, and it is now obvious that this has been done in an attempt to silence us. This tells me that "they" have known about vaccine injury for many decades. I think the vaccine injury community needs to recognize the nature of the enemy. They are not going to give up easily.


I hope this medical disaster doesn't go into the second generation. I had some hope that with a new administration there would be a break in the wall--that is, the wall of silence from the CDC when it comes to vaccine injuries. My only problem with the mercury project is that it's too easy to say--well, mercury is now out of vaccines and autism is exploding. I like Kennedy's vaccine schedule speech better because that is closer to the problem. It isn't just mercury, it's also aluminum. In fact, I have my own little speech and I don't even mention mercury or autism, I just talk about what aluminum does to the cell.

How many more days, months, years am I going to have to wake up to a government that is deliberately poisoning children? Deliberately??? I suppose that is the debate, but at what point is there any debating left. Vaccines don't cause autism is just another way of saying vaccines don't cause autism directly because autism is a behavior disorder. Vaccines cause encephalitis, seizures, autoimmune disorders, obesity, diabetes, food allegories, and other forms of chronic illness. If we can't get William Thompson to testify then maybe we should completely forget the politicized word autism and start talking about chronic brain inflammation as a problem in children, chronic leaky gut, and early onset dementia. It is very likely if you vaccinate your child that they will be poisoned by aluminum or some other chemical. It is very likely that your child will have some form of chronic illness. Forget very likely and replace that with certainty. On some level the damage will be permanent.

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