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This is Not Medicine. This is Barbarism.

Doctor skullBy Anne Dachel

This is not medicine. This is barbarism.

‘Killing Five Kids for Every One You Save’

Dr. Toni Bark, Revolution for Truth, Washington, D.C., March 31, 2017

Dr. Bark began her talk by explaining to her audience what led her to be involved in the vaccine controversy.

“… In the eighties, we did not vaccinate women who were about to be pregnant. We would ask them. Today they’re recommending vaccines for pregnant women, without any safety studies.

“We didn’t vaccinate preemies; we adjusted their age. We didn’t give a day one of life vaccine. If a kid was sick, had a fever or was fussy, we wouldn’t vaccinate them. We only gave 14 shots up to the age of like 16. It was much different than today’s milieu, still kids were injured.

We were using the old DPT, which as we know now—How many of you read about Peter Aaby’s recent publication?—that for every one child we save from D, P, or T we kill five with the DPT. 

He’s been studying it in Guinea Bissau in parts of Africa. He worked for the WHO for decades. He’s been studying this for decades. He’s at a University in Europe, but basically in Guinea Bissau. He and several other researchers studies this for years, tracked it over thousands and thousands of kids, and said that for every one child from D, P, or T, five die from other infections because their immunity is so altered from that shot.

“And here, we gave the DPT in this country, which is what fueled the Vaccine Court, all the injury from the DPT, right? And we had doctors telling us, and who still say it’s safe and effective. Yeah, if you don’t mind killing five kids for every one you save.

“Jacob Puliyel, who I’ve been honored to befriend, who’ve chief of pediatrics in New Delhi, at St. Elizabeth’s, who’s also on the Indian Government Committee for Vaccine Design. writes a blog and in his blog, he writes for the pentavalent vaccine, which we’re starting to use here. You know, you’ve got all these things in it. Chicken pox is added on to it. It could be five different antigens in there—That’s what pentavalent means.

“That for every 325 lives saved, we’ve killed 3,250.

“So how can we justify this?

“I can tell you that doctors don’t know what’s going on. They don’t know the reality.

“The staffers—I just ran back from meeting with [U.S. Representative] Jan Schakowsky’s staffer. And she sat there with a blank face as I was explaining that there was no real studies, no safety studies. They’re not using placebos. If you look at the Prevnar study, they used an experimental meningitis C vaccine for the safety placebo, which had never been studied for study. And for the Prevnar 13, they used the original Prevanar, which of course had never been studied for safety.

“And I’m going on and on, and she says to me, ‘Yeah, but, you know, it’s really a public health risk.’

“I said, ‘Really? Because if you don’t know the risk, how can you make a risk-benefit analysis?’

“And she looked at me with a blank face, and I said, ‘You can’t.’

“You can’t make a risk-benefit analysis if you don’t know the risk. You can’t just blindly say, we need it for public health. We need it for public ‘unhealth.’ …

“I think she has this blank wall, and, you know, like many people, they have made up their mind before they hear you, because it’s orthodoxy, and it’s an accepted ‘factoid.’

“It’s not a fact, it’s a factoid. It’s just this thing that we pass on and on and on. Until you step away from the system and look at it for what it is—Which now, I look at the medical system and I think, ‘Oh my God, the scariest, most dangerous place you could ever be is in a hospital. Really.

“And I say this, and some doctors are so insulted,… and I think they get so reactive because they know it’s true. How could they not know it’s true?

“It took me a long time to come completely to the other side. I knew vaccines were a risk for some kids, but I didn’t know they were all B.S. I didn’t know the whole system was based on a crumbled foundation with stories, with fairy tales. I didn’t know that. I know that now. …

“It should be able to seep in that if we don’t have safety studies, we don’t really know a risk-benefit ratio. That should make sense to anyone who’s had …high school level math. …

“I’ve evolved over on this side, and I’ve done my research, and I know how corrupt the whole system is. I understand that pharma is there to make a lot of money and to keep people sick. Big Food is involved, and they’re helping out as best they can.

“…What can you do about all of this? And I said this in Atlanta: you got to take back your own health.

“So don’t come here complaining with a soft drink in your hand. …

“We all know how horrible it is. I could go on and on with these stories. …

“What we’re being told by our doctors is all wrong. If we don’t take our health into our own hands, this will continue to happen. It’s only worse in the vaccine area because they’re mandated, but it’s going on in all aspects of our health.

“We have to be educated. We have to decide we’re not going to give money to the companies that are in cahoots with Big Food, Big Pharma, and our regulatory agencies.

“So that’s where we’re going to go from here, because these can get better for the most part, …For many kids, they can get better, and for many adults with MS, with dementia, with diabetes, with autoimmune diseases, they can get a lot better.

“All I can tell you is anything that reduces inflammatory markers to zero, reduces inflammation in the brain.

“If you have to live in ketosis, you do it. I’ve been doing it for three years—for fun. For the health of it. …

“It’s not all just complaining and spinning our wheels. And I do think we’re making strides and inroads, but you got to take your health in your own hands, because ultimately, you’re the one who have to live with your health and your injury.”

More about Dr. Bark:

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Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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Aude Sapere

A book titled ‘Rockefeller Medicine Men’ describes how, in the early years of the 20th century, Rockefeller created the pharmaceutical investment industry to further the already massive wealth and power he had accumulated via his control of the oil industry. The key principles behind Rockefeller’s drug business plan, which form the laws of the pharma industry today, were as follows:
1. The products must be patentable.
2. The products should not address the root causes of disease, but only treat the symptoms.
3. The products should have addictive potential.

Bob Moffit

Toni Bark

“It’s not a fact, it’s a factoid. It’s just this thing that we pass on and on and on. Until you step away from the system and look at it for what it is—Which now, I look at the medical system and I think, ‘Oh my God, the scariest, most dangerous place you could ever be is in a hospital. Really."

It is positively frightening to realize the MYTH of vaccine safety and effectiveness .. has been .. and .. even worse .. continues to be passed .. "on and on and on" .. where generation after generation .. is shown images of hospital wards full of children confined to iron-lungs .. as they are told those images represent why Salk's polio vaccine ranks among the greatest contributions to mankind in history ..

Indeed .. generation after generation are shown graphs where diseases decline immediately after the vaccine was introduced ... but ... those graphs ALWAYS ignore the steadily decreasing diseases PRIOR to the vaccine being introduced ..

It is criminal that vaccines have no more scientific credibility than other URBAN LEGENDS .. such as .. the loch ness monster or abominable snowman ..



She really gives a good presentation !

Stay healthy by staying away from the doctor. Live in ketosis. Live organic.

I'll be at the Kern River Festival this weekend, somehow staying in ketosis and out of the hospital (and jail). I wish my teenager could come with me but he can't swim well enough to save himself on the river so he has alternate plans. After years of lessons he can get from one side of the pool to another but navigating the rapids is out of the question. As a father, this pains me. I wish he could come. I wish he could learn to kayak, run waterfalls, and swim like a fish. I've learned to accept that this will never happen and that we find joy in our lives through other paths.

Have a great weekend AOA

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