Offit and His Critics: Part 1
Asking Questions About Vaccines and Autism

My Annual Co-Hosting Blast with Jenny McCarthy on Sirius Satellite Radio!

Jenny Kim tongueBy Kim Stagliano

April brings showers, Mayflowers, May flowers and a chance for me to get OUT of the house and into the Sirius XM satellite radio studio in Manhattan to co-host the Jenny McCarthy show. I'll be on this Tuesday, April 11. Channel 109, Sirius Starz, from 10 - noon.

Each year, Jenny kindly invites me to put on my highest heels (yes, I know it's radio) and talk about the latest in autism news and to kibitz with her fabulous guests. I love going into the studio in Midtown. I've met Lynda Carter, Lorraine Bracco, Salt N Pepa and had a chance to speak with some of my Howard Stern show favs. (Gaaaaary?) Just sitting in the lobby is an experience as celebs of all sorts pass by. 

You can get a trial subscription FREE here! Here's last year's post after I appeared.

DSFHeaderLast Tuesday I had a blast co-hosting Dirty, Sexy, Funny, Jenny McCarthy's radio show on Sirius STARS channel 109.  


Here are the  intro (16:58) and closing (2:00)  segment which includes a conversation we had about VaXxed, autism, vaccines and the reality of having a child(ren) on the spectrum.  

Thanks so much to Jenny for the invitation and opportunity to put on high heels!   Please share with friends and family.  The information is easy to digest and helps the "layperson" understand why VaXxed is so important.  My goal was to tell an audience waiting to hear about a Kardashian tell all book about the vaccine MMR Dr. William Thompson VaXxed Dr. Wakefield censorship topic in as few words as possible.   Capisci? The segment is 15 minutes and includes Jenny's fabulously funny show intro, banter and more.  

Remember the name of the show is Dirty, Sexy, Funny, so don't go getting your panties in a bunch in the comments - OK???  

 Here you go:

And the quick closing:


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ok wait, didn't mean to say "hope you have the courage to ask" Kim You have the courage of us all. and i (most especially) am grateful for it!


Would an unvaccinated Evan have been autistic?

Hope you have the courage to ask.
Hope Jenny has the courage to answer honestly.

Hope you both know that only difference between those who say yes, and those who say no, is that no one on the latter wants to burn anyone at the stake.

Love you both! And thank you so much for all you do!

go Trump

Sounds like fun Go Kim !!!

Be sure to cover, 1989 vaccine schedule changes ... Simpsonwood / hiding Simpsonwood data ... the Polings / sealing hiding the Poling data ... the MMR vaccine, destroying MMR data ... and the fine “vaccine safety data” provided by Dr. Thorsen from Denmark.

I would suppose on the Jenny Show you can talk about prostitute vaccines given on the day of birth...


Good luck Kim, the more publicity you both can muster the better.

Pharma for Prison


Anonoynous autism mon

Listened last year and can't wait to hear this year! Too funny! I listen to Jenny all the time ! She is a scream and has two types of guests --fun or informative --with Kim she has both . Personally I think higher T women are prone to have mercury injured kids and so her sexy topics don't offend they make me laugh! ! Have a blast Kim!

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