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Del Bigtree Speaking at National Press Club on Vaccine Policy

VaxxedBy Anne Dachel

Thanks to Josh Coleman, I am getting the individual talks by the speakers at the National Press Club presentation in Washington, D.C. on March 31, 2017, and I'm going to transcribe them all.

These will all be published on Age of Autism. Please note that the paltry mention that this event received from the media didn't include actual quotations by the speakers, but Age of Autism will have them all. This event was ignored by news outlets that refuse to honestly cover this controversy, but the truth will get out, and the mainstream press will become even more irrelevant.

Del is impassioned. He is emphatic: WE ARE WINNING! It was inspiring to listen to him and feel his dedication to protecting children from dangerous vaccines. Del speaks about the lack of vaccine science to support our claims, and he's right, BUT ALSO THEY HAVE NO REAL PROOF. Population studies are not scientifici proof.

THE MISSING PIECE OF SCIENCE IS AN OFFICIAL COMPARISON STUDY OF FULLY VACCINATED/NEVER VACCINATED KIDS. Unless and until such research is done, the question is open. There is no proof that vaccines are safe, unless we look at children who were never vaccinated. AND NO OFFICIAL WANTS TO SEE THIS STUDY DONE. We all need to ask why.

Notice what Del said about the obligation of a doctor to know what ingredients are in the vaccines they're injecting into our children.

He's absolutely right. And doctors don't know. They simpy trust. They parrot the claims of the pharmaceutical reps in their waiting rooms.

This brought to mind the story from a friend of mine. This is a man who became very well-educated on vaccine safety concerns on his own, and when he went to his physician and asked him if he knew what was vaccines, he received this stunning response from the doctor:

"I DON'T KNOW, AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW." That pretty much says it all. (My friend no longer has this person as his doctor.)


March 31, 2017, Revolution for Truth—Del Bigtree

‘Vaxxed’ producer, Del Bigtree was introduced as the “Emmy Award winning producer from the daytime talk show, The Doctors.”

Del: “Tomorrow is April 1st, which means we opened ‘Vaxxed’ exactly one year ago tomorrow. And what a year I’m having! There’s really nothing left to say after some of the greatest minds in this movement were speaking to you all day. I could really say ditto and walk off the stage.

“I want to talk about what this year has been, what has got us here, and what has happened right now in all of our lives.

“First of all, I have got to give a shout-out to my partners in this film Andy Wakefield, Polly Tommey, and Brian Borrows. The simple fact of the matter, we are not here, in this moment, without these powerful, dedicated people that I had the opportunity to spend a year with while making ‘Vaxxed.’

“Andy, wherever you are—I think you’re in Germany right now—we all owe you such a debt of gratitude.”

Del described an encounter with a reporter described by Robert Kennedy, Jr. as “doing a hit piece on Andy.” 

Del: “Andy has been a hit piece. He’s really their only hit piece. They’re a one-hit wonder. …Are you going to continue to send reporters down to ask the same questions about the same song that died a decade ago? Come on now. Is that the best you’ve got? I’m serious. Is that the best you’ve got?

“We’re not here without Andy. We’re not here without Polly. We’re not here without Marcella Piper –Terry. We’re not here without Barbara Loe Fisher. Kent Heckenlively—I’ve got myself in a trap now because I’m not going to be able to get to all of you in the room that have built the foundation of a movement that is now just hit its turbo. It’s taking off, folks. The rockets have kicked in. We’ve broken free of the atmosphere, and now we are weightless, and we’re soaring into the universe of truth. That is what’s taking place.

“Just about a year ago I came to Washington, D.C. for the first time and went into politicians’ offices, including Jason Chaffetz’s, among others, and [I] would ask the question, ‘Are you aware of Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower?’

“Just a blank stare. ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’

“ ‘Really? Really? You do realize a year and a half ago one of our top scientists at  the most important health agency in our nation came forward and said they’re committing scientific fraud. You’re not aware of that?’

“ ‘Never heard of him.’

“Yesterday I was in D.C.—it’s my third trip now—and every office I went to, including those that are diametrically opposed to our truth.

“I asked the question, ‘Are you aware of who Dr. William Thompson is, the CDC whistleblower?’ And every single one of them said, ‘Yes, I am.’

“In fact they made a great statement which was usually, ‘I know someone on the OGR Committee, which is the Oversight Committee of Government Reform, and they have briefed me on this situation.’ –Which means, the Oversight Committee of Government Reform is officially investigating Dr. William Thompson.

“So every single person that is out there in the world saying Dr. William Thompson’s story has been debunked, you may want to check in with your own Congress of the United States of America.

“That’s not our only victory. We’re not only getting a story told that was not going to be told, we’re not only seeing the minds shifting here in Congress, as many are reporting. If you talk to any of us that met in the hallways throughout the congressional building and senate building yesterday, there was an amazing sight. This cold, icy, marble stone building filled with people that would prefer to do nothing at all, were descended upon.

“For those of you that were here, it’s amazing to walk into the hallway. I don’t even know—as someone was telling me what room I am going to, and you show up and here come three people down this hallway and four people—this light is shining down the hallway coming towards me, because I am not alone! You are here! We are here! And then those teams of light, some of us only meeting right there outside the door of this representative, walk in and sit down in that meeting.

“And those that experienced it for the first time yesterday said I’ve never seen anything like it. It was like you were orchestrated, but I knew none of you had spoken to each other before, and each one spoke a different truth and handed it off like this ballet in that room. You could feel the heart and mind of this representative shift, asking questions for the first time.

“You know why that’s easy? Because it’s the truth!

“The easiest thing in the world to do is tell the truth. We don’t have to check in with each other—‘What are you going to say? I want to make sure we have the same story here.’ We never do that. It’s not necessary because where I leave off, you will pick up because you know the truth. And the truth is setting us free to be, to be the right, to be honest, to move hearts and minds.

“This reporter that came here today—I’m really not into calling anybody names because she too is a child of God—unfortunately has been misinformed. Instead, after all the interviews that told place out there amongst amazing scientific professionals, instead of taking time to go home and research a single sound bite of one of us, she’s sitting in a car saying that she’s debunked our old science. In fact, she’s playing the old song in her car about Andy Wakefield. Boring song.

“But think about that. When I asked her, where is the study that you’re pointing to when you say one in a thousand children in America dies of the measles, she can’t bring it up. So exactly what is she referring to when she says we have old messaging or an old story? What is she using as her truth?

“And here’s something I would love to point out: It doesn’t matter when a reporter comes into a room among us. It doesn’t matter when someone says, they’re going to do a hit piece. Every one of us will stand in front of any one of those cameras any day of the week. Why? Because we’re telling the truth! And we’ve got nothing to hide!

“Try that on for size, Paul Offit! Because when we send our brilliant reporter into the room, Josh Coleman, … When you send Josh Coleman into the room, Senator  Richard  Pan runs away.  …

“I’m happy to be on our side, where we will stand and talk and tell the truth with anybody. That’s who we are. And we are a movement that is growing like nothing they have ever seen.

“WE HAVE THEM TERRIFIED. Every single day our movement is now growing. Some days by thousands, some days by tens of thousands around the world. Every day we learn a few more talking points that we share with our friends. Every day one of us brings another person onboard to the truth. Every day one of you has saved a baby’s life. And that’s what keeps me alive. That is being alive, and that is being a citizen of this family, of our brothers and sisters. You are saving lives.

“How many people can say that? Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes that Facebook discussion can be very difficult, but I want to say you must continue to love. You cannot hate that reporter, or we will never get through to that reporter. You cannot hate that friend that wants to leave you on Facebook, or we will never get through to that friend. We have got to recognize, as human beings, that everybody thinks they’re trying to save children. …

“One of the things I think we’re all learning, and I’m learning, as I spent this year on tour traveling the nation, is that it’s more important to instill a question inside of those on the other side. We’re not here to bulldoze people with answers and facts and truth to prove ourselves right. I believe our job is to plant a question so deep inside of them that they must begin a journey. And that journey finds them on a path with the rest of us.

“We do not have facts, not enough. That is our problem. Our problem is that facts and vaccine science really is almost non-existent. It’s not there. I can’t tell you what causes autism. I can’t tell you what causes ADD, ADHD, eczema, asthma, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, leukemia, but boy do I have some questions about the increase in this alarming rate of disease in our nation’s children.

“I have questions why, as the producer on the daytime talk show The Doctors, we always had to make this quote when talking about children’s health: ‘This is the first generation of children that will not live to be as old as their parents.’

“That medical statement does not get to run alongside the statement they want to make: ‘Medicine is making everyone grow older.’

“It was. That was actually true. Right about now we’re seeing some older folks that may have lived to be this old, but now the curve is going like this. (Del motioned downwards.)


“We’re in an incredible moment here. I’ve done nothing but celebrate the greatest doctors and scientists in the world.

“I believed in great doctors.

“I believed in great medicine. …

“And I believe that corruption is possible, but I’m getting really, really tired of having to tell parents they can’t trust their doctors. I’m tired of it.

“It’s a doctor’s issue. It’s not your issue as a parent. You don’t go and read a mechanic’s manual before you take your car in to get it fixed; why should you have to understand medicine before you take your child in for their own health.

“If there is a doctor out there that is listening to me right now, that is going to inject a vaccine tomorrow, IF YOU CANNOT LIST EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT OF EVERY ONE OF THOSE VACCINES, YOU ARE DANGEROUS! YOU ARE A CRIMINAL! YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

“Because if I go to my local restaurant, I can bring the chef out, that maybe never went to college for eight years, but they will list every single ingredient of the hundreds of items on that menu.

“If I go to my mechanic that barely got out of high school, and ask about some part of my engine, they will tell me how far the thread gap is in the screw somewhere on that engine, or any other question I have.

“But when I go to my doctor, who I hold on a pedestal because they have eight years of education, and I think they’re somewhere between Jesus and God because of it, and I ask you, ‘Please list for me the ingredients in this vaccine,’ and you tell me, ‘Well, I have it somewhere in a manual in the backroom—YOU SHOULD BE FIRED! YOU SHOULD RETIRE! YOU SHOULD QUIT BECAUSE YOU DID NOT UPHOLD YOUR HYPOCRATIC OATH! YOU ARE LYING TO US! YOU POSE YOURSELF AS SOMEONE WITH KNOWLEDGE, AND YOU CANNOT EVEN MEMORIZE THIRTY INGREDIENTS IN SIXTEEN DIFFERENT VACCINES!  COME ON NOW!  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!  …YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLY EDUCATED HUMAN BEING, I THOUGHT YOU LEARNED HOW TO MEMORIZE! I THOUGHT YOU CARED ABOUT PATIENTS!

“One year is up. That means my year of defending you as doctors is over! You’ve had that year. And now that you continue to refuse to watch ‘Vaxxed,’ then the blood is on your hands.

“If you continue to not investigate the Dr. William Thompson story, then the blood is on your hands. If you continue to look into the eyes of your patients, when their child is having seizures, and say, ‘That’s just normal,’ the blood is on your hands!—because we are on the right side of this. We have the science on our side! That’s why we stand here confidently, a broiling moment of light. …

“Less than two weeks ago, Oklahoma beat down their SB277 bill because we are winning!”

Del brought up the bill in West Virginia to expand exemptions in that state.

The New York Times reports in their headline: ‘How the Anti-Vaxxers Are Winning,’ as an attack upon us, but I will take that gold medal, because YOU’RE RIGHT, WE ARE WINNING! And we are not going to stop.”

Del quoted a question from a reporter earlier, “So, do you believe that you have momentum? That somehow the President is going to go along with your values and your ideas about vaccines?”

“I said, ‘I can’t speak for the President, but I can speak for the thousands and thousands of people that are joining us every day—You’re damn right we’re growing! You’re damn right we’re moving! AND YES, WE ARE GOING TO WIN!  BECAUSE GOD WANTS US TO WIN! BECAUSE NATURE WANTS US TO WIN! BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN DEMAND THAT WE WIN! …

“You are the change. You must know that. We can stand up here …and speak, …[but] you are what has changed this nation. You are standing together. You are becoming brave, and you are speaking the truth, where it is necessary, when you are called. You are listening to your heart. …

“And people will remember us in history. We were all called to this moment. We are all in this room right now, not by accident. …We are here, whether we like it or not.  …We are the truth. …You are changing the world! God bless you!”


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John Stone

Jesus baby

Just watch how you twist things. No, I did not take "up the mantle", I made my own observations. The bureaucracy will never change my mind. If a business registered false accounts the reasonable assumption would be that they are hiding something. But here the false accounts are just nodded through, or celebrated as triumphs.

Linda and Hera asked what would make you change your mind.

Jesus baby

John, again, I never said you called for such a study - I asked why the author did and you took up the mantle. It's obvious you don't agree with Anne, and science will never change your mind.


The only valid and surefire way to prove the safety of something is with a stress test.

For vaccines, that means an adult taking a massive dose of vaccines. Maybe 10,000 at once or maybe just the weight adjusted infant dosage. At any rate, it has never been done. No adult would willingly do this.

And this in and of itself is proof that they are not safe.

Plus they don't work. Germs are not the enemy. They aren't even *an* enemy. If they were, we should shut down all the hospitals and make being a doctor a felony (of course they would all be dead anyway).

Doctors typically refuse to diagnose the condition if the patient is vaccinated making the entire so called success of vaccines nothing more than a self fulfilling prophecy.


JBaby, All the people who have answered you have been polite, as they always are on this site. They have responded to all your points with great patience.

I am sorry that I don't have that patience. I just think you are an incredibly ignorant troll.


I answered your question. So , a question for you; how would you protect the herd from vaccine injury?

John Stone

Jesus baby

But you know perfectly well that I did not call for such a study, I was commenting on your flawed proposition. We have a multitude of official studies which manifestly cooked the data, and the conclusions to be drawn are obvious. Why should I be convinced of something I know not to be true? Why would I trust anything when public science has already failed to account for itself so many times (shown time after time that it can't)? And we get people like you who ask loaded questions and think they are making a clever point.

Government's lie - it is normal - and this is what is happening here.

Jesus baby

Where did I say you did that?
It was my original question to the author and readers, and the point where you began arguing and attacking me. And didn't you say you were much looking forward to publication of the Mawson study?

John Stone

Jesus baby

" So... why ask for a long-term vaxxed/unvaxxed study when nothing would sway you anyway?"

And where did I do that?



It might help you,to understand to paraphrase your question/look at it slightly differently;

"How do you convince people who have been injured , disabled or had someone killed by a product, that the product is really completely safe for everyone?"
or "How do you convince someone who realizes that even the CDC acknowledges a product can "rarely" cause severe injury and death, that actually that product is completely safe for everyone?"
or perhaps;" How do you convince someone who is unable to sue the manufacturer, because the manufacturer can't afford the lawsuits, that actually that product is completely safe?"
or is the question more; "How best can we force/mandate a product on someone, and then pretend that no one ever gets injured by it?"
Perhaps the solution lies in the problem.If you want people to believe in the vaccine program, then you start with allowing people to opt in and out, giving free medical consent.
This alone will prevent some injuries, since people most likely to opt out may well have a family susceptibility to vaccine injuries.
You acknowledge vaccine injuries,and prevent children from getting repeated injuries by stopping vaccinating at the first sign of problems.
You study those who are susceptible to vaccine injury ( hint; MTHFR mutations, family history of autoimmune disorders, for example, ) and then use the science to indicate who should not get vaccines. You protect the herd from vaccine injuries.
You allow lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers, because this is the best way for them to actually have to produce a safe product. If they need government help to pay, at least make sure the lawsuits happen in open court.
You prosecute doctors for negligence who continue to vaccinate after obvious vaccine injury.
If you want to convince people that a flawed program is safe, then the only real way to do so is to make changes so that the program actually is safe, or at least safer.
Don't know if you have ever seen the King in Shrek, sending his knights off to fight the dragon and rescue the princess, while he stays at home? He says, "Some of you may die, but it is a sacrifice I'm willing to make" . For some reason , that joke always struck me as very relevant to the topic at hand.

By the way, I second John on the change of moniker. Have you considered at least using JBaby instead? Or maybe something else that is a bit more of a positive representation of you?


Jesus Baby,

"I've simply asked what it would take for anti-vaxxers to believe the current childhood vaccine schedule is safe and effective."

What would it take for you to see that the current childhood vaccine schedule isn't safe and effective?

Jesus baby

I guess we would have to live in an entirely different universe...

So... why ask for a long-term vaxxed/unvaxxed study when nothing would sway you anyway?

John Stone

Jesus baby

I guess we would have to live in an entirely different universe in which vaccines were safe and effective, rather than this universe in which they are not. But I am just talking about my view of this. Also, unlike you I don't have doctrinaire views - I would define myself as anti vaccine lobby.

Jesus baby

No, you are ducking the issue...

I'm ducking the issue, John? I've simply asked what it would take for anti-vaxxers to believe the current childhood vaccine schedule is safe and effective. You've responded 3 times but haven't answered that.


Jesus baby,

John, at least (and I assume you), doesn't appear to have accepted any prior studies exonerating vaccines. So is there anything that anyone could do to convince you that the current childhood vaccine schedule is safe and effective? What would it take?

Exactly what study exonerates vaccines when practically NONE of those studies are done in a fashion which would exonerate them?

You don't seem to be understanding the fundamental design flaw with most MMR/autism or thimerosal/autism studies, which is precisely the reason WHY we need a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study.

Let's take any MMR/autism study, and look at what would be a potential vaccination history between the two groups. I'm going to exaggerate to illustrate my point. Typically, the CASE group would be the group that was exposed to MMR. The CONTROL group would be the one that was NOT exposed to MMR.

So let's take a look at the potential vaccination history between both groups

    Case Group
      Hep B x 3
      DTaP x 4
      Hib x 3
      Pneumococcal x 3
      Polio x 3
      Influenza x 1
      Varicella x 1
      Hep A x 1
      MMR x 1

    Control Group
      Hep B x 3 DTaP x 4 Hib x 3 Pneumococcal x 3 Polio x 3 Influenza x 1 Varicella x 1 Hep A x 1

Comparing the CASE and CONTROL groups, we find that the rates of autism is statistically insignificant. Therefore, we conclude that MMR is NOT associated to autism. Therefore, we conclude that vaccines are not associated to autism.

It makes absolutely NO sense to come to the conclusion that vaccines (as a whole) are not associated to autism (or any other adverse reaction, for that matter), based on study designs like this, but that is what we're mostly relying on because science refuses to look at more than one vaccine at a time. Even if a study did look at "multiple" vaccines, they would only calculate odds ratios or risk ratios for single individual vaccines at a time.

If you take those studies away, there isn't a lot left that support vaccine safety.


Dear Baby Troll,
Go back under your bridge, or should I say the boiler room in Merck's basement.
Then design a long term double blind, placebo controlled study like you should have done in the first place. Set up a an independent review board and make John Stone chairman.
Oh, and stop parading around the garbage epidemiology studies paid for by your boss.

Cherry Misra

Jesus baby- Hey , we dont need any convincing ! We just need our eyes and ears to function normally. For example, when I see a three year old boy in my nursery school who speaks beautifully, and suddenly he cant speak coherently any longer and I ask the mother if he had a vaccine and she says "Yes, he did- Japanese encephalitis (very high mercury level)" - so , I think when I dont see boys like that anymore after vaccines that contain mercury - well- Im convinced !
And when this nightmare ends in my nursery school in New Delhi- of having at least 2 autistic kids in every 45 kids ( along with several others who are nearly autistic) - and when things are like they used to be for the first 22 years of running my school (not a single autistic kid)- I will surely be convinced that vaccines are safe and wonderful.
Fancy epidemiological studies not needed around here- Just good old fashioned, normal kids .

John Stone

Jesus baby

No, you are ducking the issue: you are happy to accept fraudulent papers at face value because they support the program. It is not whether I accept them or not, they are quite certainly fraudulent and indicative of the culture. The real problem, however, is not that most people who use this site started out critical of the vaccine program - most had their children vaccinated in good faith and came to their views as a result. We start out now with a backlog of thousands of injured children followed by transparently bent studies covering up. If you want to find out how people like you can regain trust, I honestly don't know, but it is your problem not mine. If you want to make a slightly better impression you could drop the sarcastic moniker "Jesus baby". I find it offensive and I am not even Christian.

Jesus baby

Linda and John,

John, at least (and I assume you), doesn't appear to have accepted any prior studies exonerating vaccines. So is there anything that anyone could do to convince you that the current childhood vaccine schedule is safe and effective? What would it take?

John Stone


I just feel frustrated - we know plenty. We can see all these studies that were tinkered with in order not to show an effect. It is the double whammy: first they find the incriminating evidence, then they cheat. With the Thompson/DeStefano study it was unusual because Thompson came out and we would still like his testimony in Congress but we have the knowledge all the same and I am not sure we ought to be in this state of "pre-knowing". And we know the situation before most of the studies reported with the CDC telling the IOM not to find anything.

Dr. McCormick: ...[CDC] wants us to declare, well, these things are pretty safe on a population basis (p. 33).

Dr. Stratton: ...The point of no return, the line we will not cross in public policy is pull the vaccine, change the schedule. We could say it is time to revisit this, but we would never recommend that level. Even recommending research is recommendations for policy. We wouldn't say compensate, we wouldn't say pull the vaccine, we wouldn't say stop the program. (p. 74)

Dr. McCormick: ...we are not ever going to come down that [autism] is a true side effect...(p. 97)


We know this, and it does not have to be found out. What we don't have is institutions which will act on this information. We have a bureaucracy which makes up facts to suit itself (and rubber stamps them), and about much of this there is already not the remotest ambiguity.


Jesus Baby,

"Who specifically would you trust enough to do such a study, so that if it completely vindicated the current vaccine schedule the anti-vaccine movement would finally cease?"

You're getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't you? First you do the science. Then you ask the next question(s) based on your findings. Instead of doing honest open-minded science to test a hypothesis, you are asking how is it possible to do a study that would vindicate the current vaccine schedule to make the anti-vaccine movement go away.

You work for the CDC?


Del Bigtree is an amazing orator. He just gets up and knocks it out of the park every time. I too, noticed the same line you did, John. But I think what Del meant is that we don't have ALL the facts because the people who are responsible for investigating have proclaimed that there is nothing more to discover and the science held up as evidence of efficacy and safety is inadequate and flawed. They aren't tracking or investigating injuries caused by their program. They aren't studying all the vaccines, all the ingredients individually and synergistically, and how vaccines are given. But we do have enough facts to know this needs to stop and the people who have injured so many and fraudulently obstructed the scientific process need to be held accountable. I'm sure Del did not mean that we don't have any facts. He knows better.

John Stone

Jesus baby

I note (because this demonstrates your troll-like drift) that your question has nothing to do with my quoted comment. Apparently, it is alright as far as you are concerned if conclusions are fraudulent or deceptive in leading papers, providing they support the program.

In answer to your question I don't see why there should be any point at which vaccine products or the program should become above criticism. In a reasonable world this discussion would be tolerated like any other, and expected to continue. You just want to obliterate all criticism forever and have a subservient population which never asks any questions, never reports any harm. That is not a reasonable position, and it tells us something about the insecurity of its advocates.

I suppose I/we have been asked variants of this question going back a decade and a half, and what is perhaps most striking is the mentality of those asking it. If they were at all concerned about the safety of the program they would listen to people rather than try to shut them up. In the case of "Jesus baby" even the moniker is intimidatory in intent.

Jesus baby

All these studies would patently have shown an effect if they had been properly conducted.

So John, other than banning all vaccines, can you imagine any scenario in which the anti-vaccine movement ends?

Jeannette Bishop


Condemn the message, but let it be viewed...I do appreciate someone who acts upon a principle despite much opposition...hope he stands firm (and I hope he views the film for a better understand of what is at stake)!


This is how doctors totally discredit themselves when they make these contradictory statements.


“At Stowe Family Practice and Appleseed Pediatrics, we welcome the opportunity to talk with families individually about vaccines,” Marvin wrote. “We can help reassure you that vaccines do save lives, are a public health benefit and do not cause autism spectrum disorders. With so much confusing and misleading information on the internet, it's no surprise that parents have great questions! You are looking out for your child!”

Vaccines do not cause autism?

But it says brain damage and encephalitis right on the vaccine insert. Then the children are diagnosed with autism.

This is like saying food does not end hunger
Water is not wet

Their statement should read:

“At Stowe Family Practice and Appleseed Pediatrics we lack the ability to interpret a vaccine insert. We inject your children with the vaccines and if they become brain damaged we say well that's just autism. Must be genetic. You know how those genetics can just kick in overnight. We can help reassure you parents that we are paid bonuses for having full vaccine compliance in our practices and we know that if we even look cross eyed at a vaccine we will be thoroughly Wakefielded, fired, drug before the medical board and never work in medicine again. We know vaccines cause autism but we are cowards who care more about ourselves than your children or your basic informed consent rights.


All of us lying Dr. Dumb asses who cannot read a vaccine insert or properly assess a child for a vaccine injury. Good luck in the crooked vaccine kangaroo court you loser autism parents....that is if we even tell you about the crooked court. Maybe you will find out after the statute of limitations has run out when it is too late to file a claim. Either way, it's your f k ng problem not ours.
Oh, PS: None of us pole puffing lying douchebags are up to date on our adult shots and we would never dare inject ourselves with the current pediatric schedule.

Jeannette Bishop

Del's speech was certainly resonating for those of us already aware, painfully generally, of vaccine injury.

I think we do have lots of evidence that vaccines do not measure up to the impressions created about them. And the more you look, it seems the worse the whole practice looks.

I'm not sure what has been/maybe still is the toughest problem in terms of getting this information out: 1) that we don't have enough evidence to effectively counter the fearful impressions that exist about NOT using them?

Or 2) that still, people would rather go along with, parrot, and sometimes support in a bully-like way, the powerfully backed program, even if it means taking a level of risk many already instinctively get is there I think, rather than confront what kind of values direct, if any values direct, our "health" programs.

Cherry Misra

Totally agree with you John Stone- There are mountains of evidence that vaccines are causing autism. The medical cartel refuses to look at those mountains , Nor will they dig up the papers from the Russians, in the 1980's, who did direct experiments with mercury on unfortunate human beings. You can be sure that some of those men displayed symptoms typical of autism. No one wants to listen to America's scientists who describe links between mercury and autism. Yet because of the evidence that we have seen, we can speak with confidence in the truth of our statements,

John Stone

Jesus baby

Though maliciously asked it is quite a good question. I remember writing to David Salisbury in 2004 arguing that the waters would be so muddied from the Wakefield affair, and the way it had been conducted that it would be difficult to ever find a way back. How will we ever trust public science again? I really don't know. I have seen the studies that the British and US governments have touted and they are rubbish - if we had some kind of admission about Thompson/De Stefano and Madsen and Fombonne and Verstraeten and Andrews and Taylor and Hornig and Price (off the top of my head) it would be a beginning. All these studies would patently have shown an effect if they had been properly conducted. Although I much look forward to the publication of the study by Mawson (whenever it should be published), all of this material is transparently engaged in cover up - can't paper over their own cracks.

Evidence? We have evidence - loads.

Jesus baby

There is no proof that vaccines are safe, unless we look at children who were never vaccinated. AND NO OFFICIAL WANTS TO SEE THIS STUDY DONE. We all need to ask why.

Having 10s of thousands of children go unvaccinated for 10+ years would likely be impossible for any institutional review board (IRB) in the US to approve, and it would require hundreds of sites to accrue enough children. But even if that was possible, if the results showed all the vaccines in the current schedule were effective and safe, would you believe it? Who specifically would you trust enough to do such a study, so that if it completely vindicated the current vaccine schedule the anti-vaccine movement would finally cease?

John Stone

It is an excellent speech but I don't agree with the "we do not have facts" bit. I think this is a misperception. What they have is a gigantic Orwellian bureaucracy which controls what is said in the mainstream, but we have plenty of facts. To say that we don't have facts is to give too much credit to the controlling bureaucracy. We know exactly what they don't want people to know and what they are trying to prevent anyone from saying. If they weren't frightened of Thompson they would let him speak. This is not about facts it is about political and social repression: it is no better than coping with a chorus chanting "Four legs good, two legs bad". And we should not forget (as the mainstream media has) and keep on repeating that there were moments when even the bureaucracy admitted that vaccines cause autism (notably in the wake of the Poling decision). Geberding, still at the CDC at the time told Sanjay Gupta:

“Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism."


And here are HHS HRSA officials talking to journalists Sharyl Attkisson and David Kirby on different occasions:

"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."



They mince their words but they admit it all the same.

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