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Asking Questions About Vaccines and Autism

Women handsBy Cathy Jameson

A few Fridays ago, I was able to get to daily Mass.  Always grateful for any quiet time I can get at church, I eagerly listened to the readings.  As usual, one of the scripture verses I heard smacked me over the head.  I love that feeling.  It’s one I’ve heard my whole life and hoped to being able to reference it in a future post.  Today’s the day to reference that verse.

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  Mark 12:31

I’m active on a few message boards about the usual subjects: autism, vaccines, special needs parenting.  No matter what message board it is, the rules are the same.  They’re simple, too: be kind, be polite, be respectful.  One group that I’m a part of is different.  We follow the same simple rules, but the content typically discussed has absolutely nothing to do with autism, vaccines or special needs parenting.  So when I saw a post being made about those particular topics in that group, I perked up. 

Most of the members are young moms, many in their late 20s and early 30s, and live on the other side of the country.  Several of them are just starting their parenting journey.  Two Fridays ago, around 10pm my time, one of the young moms’ posts caught my eye.  She was asking about vaccines.  It wasn’t really a question, but more of a statement with a simple request, “I am seeing more articles like this one…it piqued my interest…it concerns me and made me wonder what more a mom like me needs to know…”

I stopped reading.

Which group is this again?

I thought this was the group that had nothing to do with autism, vaccines or special needs parenting. 

Confused, I scrolled back up to the top of the page. Huh. It was the group that has nothing to do with autism, vaccines or special needs parenting.  I sat up straighter, scrolled back down to the post, and reread the young mom’s plea.  She ended it with, “…I’m curious what you all think.  Thoughts?”

As long as I’ve been in that group, none of the women have discussed vaccines.  To say that this young woman went out on a limb bringing them up is an understatement.  She exposed herself, and what followed wasn’t pretty. 

It was an innocent post, but surprisingly, she got attacked within minutes of sharing the link to a new docu-series that’s about to air.

While I do have some things in common with these women, I don’t know them very well personally.  Most of the time when I log into the group, I lurk – that means I read more than I make comments.  Since I felt like I had more than enough experience on the topic that was just broached, I decided to reply and quickly crafted a response in my head.  It couldn’t come off too strong – this young mama needed gentle guidance.  It couldn’t come off too weak either – she’s putting two and two together on her own and needed to be encouraged to read more! 

Since I was typing on my phone and not a computer, it was taking me a little bit longer to write a response.  I’m glad I got my reply in when I did.  Seconds before, another woman chimed in.  Her comment was not as open-minded as mine would be, “This is not the right place to post that.  This is not the forum for a debate.”

The young mom replied that she didn’t see how her request for information was inappropriate.  Nor did she intend for it to be cause for debate.  She did however offer to remove the post if such a post was not allowed. 

No.  No.  No.

We’ve had plenty of OT (off topic) posts in that group in the year or so that I’ve belonged, but none like the one I saw that Friday evening.  I read her words as a request calling for honest thoughts, but with how quickly it was judged, it reminded me of another scripture verse – the one where Jesus states that prophets are not accepted in their native town. 

They rose up, drove him out of the town, and led him to the brow of the hill on which their town had been built, to hurl him down headlong.  But he passed through the midst of them and went away.  Luke 4:29-30

More like a seeker than a prophet, the young mom came to her own for support.  In a group of like-minded women, instead of finding that support, her plea was cast aside.  Once that happened, she quietly went away.  I was so disappointed.  That sort of scenario is all too familiar.

Ask a question.  Get attacked.

Ask a question.  Get labeled a troublemaker.

Ask a question.  Get nothing but grief in response.

How quickly the negativity transpired.  It was unfortunate but also reminded of the last verse of that Gospel that I’d heard a few weeks ago at that daily Mass:

And no one dared to ask Him any more questions. Mark 12:34

No one dared ask Jesus any more questions.  What he stated could not be argued.  What a shame that a young mom, desperate for the truth, was unable to ask her fellow sisters any more questions.  I saw it as a potential learning moment as well as an opportunity for women to educate, to enlighten, and to encourage.  A genuine request, it was not the impetus to start an online argument.  As quickly as her thoughts were shared though, they were shot down and shot down harshly.

Before things got more heated, which I was afraid would happen, I was able to share two comments.  I offered our story in the first one and loaded the young mom up with key words in the second.  Knowing that other women, both for and against discussing the topic, would still reading the conversation, I made sure to praise the young mom for bravely asking questions.  I told her to keep asking them.

But rather, love your enemies and do good to them, and lend expecting nothing back; then your reward will be great and you will be children of the Most High, for he himself is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked.  Luke 6:35

I’d peppered my comments with key words and terms that I hoped she’d later look up – VAERS,  encephalitis, autism is medical, opting out, parents’ rights, and vaccine’ choice.  Since I knew that many of the other group members live on the west coast, I made sure to mention the difficulties parents now face with the passing of California’s SB277.  My replies were precise and based on personal experience.  I also thought that they were encouraging.  They were compared to what another woman offered.  Her reply included what’s become a baseless and regurgitated knee-jerk response, “…and don’t believe the hype…that vaccines cause autism…because they don’t.  There is no link.”  Afraid that someone would express that sort of response, I’d already started to look for the one hundred plus studies Ginger Taylor has complied.  They do show a link.  But I’d have to send those to the young woman privately.  As soon as her post asking for advice went up, it was taken down.

I was crushed. 

Since it was getting late, I decided that I’d reach out privately to the young woman the next day.  It was several days later that I actually could send her a message.  In my private message, I reminded her who I was.  In a kind, neighborly way, I told her how encouraged I was to see her post.  I also told her how discouraged I was to see others react to it in an unkind way.  As I do with many of the other young parents I encounter, I ended the correspondence with an outstretched hand and with hope:

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.  No question is a dumb question.  Ask every single one of them.  Get the answers you need.  Don’t stop asking, reading, or investigating until all of your questions are answered.  Never stop asking questions. 

Then I waited. 

The ball was in her court.  If she wanted more information, she knew how to reach me.  The next day, she did.  So I loaded her up on even more information about vaccines, autism, and parents’ rights. 

This mom is similar to so many other moms – excited to parent but concerned that what she’s being told by the doctor and by society isn’t the whole truth.  No wonder she came to the group for advice!  Sadly, instead of advice, she got ridicule.  It’s too bad that that happened, but I can tell that how she was treated didn’t discourage her.  She’s still seeking the truth, just more privately now. 

In a few messages to me, I learned that she already knows a lot about vaccines and autism and the link between the two.  She wants more information and is proving that she will stop at nothing to get it.  My role will be minor in her search, but I couldn’t be more pleased that this young mom chose me to be part of her journey.  Where other moms shunned, I promised to stick around.  Not only that, I promised to help her find the answers for every question she has. 

 Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


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Whoop Whoop! Rock on Cathy ! Head Office says it's all Copacetic anyway! but Dare to mention Health and Safety Risk Assessments which are entirely justified and measured questions and be prepared for a response that your opinions are "Bigoted," "Pernicious and offensive " "The unmentionables "[ bugsy bunnies style,] are needing pleanty of fresh air and sunlight swirling around their back bumpers.
Surely no topic should be unmentionable ?
A recent Inter-Faith Church Service in Glasgow included a singing from the Koran in Arabic by a person who concluded their singing by reciting a verse from the Koran denying that God has "Begotten a Son" OPS! Apparently that particular verse caused rather a little bit of a big conversation stopper, but surely we still have to respect other peoples values and beliefs .a true equality and diversity and not just "All Fur Coats, no pants" or vaccines are safe and effictive with no safety studies available for public viewing?.


First off Cathy did not know you were a Christian and it appears that you are Catholic. I got much closer to God after the autism diagnosis in my family. I actually sought him out, found Jesus and the rest is history.

It is important to keep up your prayers with regard to this plague of biblical proportions that has been foist upon our families. I educate the public because I feel as a Christian that I have a duty to do so.
I truly believe God knows my heart and sees all

I am a physician as well and I am extremely well read on the subject of autism and vaccines, thus my signature moniker at the beginning and end of each post.

I refer all lay people to THIS web site and tell them to describe me and ask YOU, the community, about your thoughts on vaccines and autism and if you could do it all over again what would you do? I have tremendous faith in all of you and your ability to convey the healthy skepticism that is associated with the use of vaccines as well as your individual experiences. Of course I have given them my opinion and recommendation however sometimes people just need to hear it from the community.

Of course the media and others will refer to this as anecdotal and that is true of and individual not of an entire community experience and that matters as well.

99.9% of the physicians have no clue about vaccines. I actually enjoy educating them as most have drunk the pharma kool aid in gallons. That is what we were taught and we really do not know any better unless we actually do searches on the scientific literature sites. I drank it too and then choked on it when my children got ill.

Then we have to figure it out, the actual relationship and pathophysiology of vaccines and autism because nobody gives it to you it is buried.

So about 10,000 articles and 12 years later I got a handle on it. It takes time and there is no money, no payoff and even after figuring it out you have to prove it. The whole thing is arduous.

The best conversation I ever had was with a oncologist on a plane from Texas to California. We sat next to each other purely by chance. I had the window seat and was in the middle. He was very self assured in the efficacy of vaccination and disease. He was from India and did not have any real knowledge of the literature and was completely beguiled by the Pharma vaccine canard. I am sure about 2hours into the flight he felt imprisoned in that middle chair as I tore down every facade that he had ever been taught about vaccines. At times we were both laughing at what he thought he knew, because when he really considered it what he had been fed was absurd and the only way to get some people to even look at a subject, especially a physician, is to challenge him intellectually. He was challenged, thoroughly challenged.

You will never get the truth about vaccines online unless you know exactly what it is that you are looking for and that is tough even for a well read crowd like this. To that end look at Autism Speaks, they clearly state that there is NO relationship between vaccines and autism and that is just a bare face lie.

The subject is extremely polarizing, propaganda abounds and the truth will bring down institutions.
I consider vaccines “the foolish things of this world”. Any person with reasonable common sense and an understanding of the creator knows that God always has it his way, he is always right and what he has said and written will be done.

1 Corinthians 1:27King James Version (KJV)

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;



When it comes to mothering web sites Doret Reiss and her employees are hard at work.

Thank You SO MUCH Cathy for all you do!

Mother On! i wil do my best to too


Thank you for sharing your experience, Cathy, as I have been in your shoes and have witnessed and joined in on some of the same conversations going on in my Facebook groups. Unfortunately most were disheartening and frustrating until I found a Crunchy Catholic mom group (you may be interested in it as a fellow Catholic)... Some of the most intelligent, individualistic, strong, faithful mothers that I've ever "met." Although I think it's good we open other parents eyes to the dangers of vaccines, I do have to admit it is nice feeling at home in a group of fellow mothers that think and feel like you. Prayers for this mother... and also our "enemies" and that the scales fall from their eyes and they are shown the truth.

Oldtimer mom

In the late 1990's, before I had my son I heard an NPR story about the tragic coincidence that people noticed autism symptoms in their toddlers right at the age of those darn vaccines and of course this made them think it was caused by the shots but --coincidence ! And I am grateful to this day that my reaction to that report was: if a parent suffers a loss like autism even if they think it was caused by orange juice everyone should just humor them out of compassion and not force them to have orange juice. Just respect them and listen and move on. Little did I know that vaccines were far more harmful than OJ. But That is the normal human reaction to a bereaved parent who wants to take some control over the cause . You should not be forced to drive on the road where your child got hit by a car. But the way that the pharma and medical and media industries have subverted that normal human compassionate response to attack parents is the proof right there that they know it is vaccines causing autism. The best legal defense for murder (SIDS) and battery (autism) is to attack the credibility of the eye witness. Then while you are at it reduce sympathy for the victim- whom they prefer to see as us rather than our children. If we said it was Orange Juice the orange juice industry would reach out to us with compsssion and curiosity why we thought it was orange juice and what was it about the orange juice that could be dangerous --and help us find the true cause. Not attack us . Because they would have nothing to hide and if we were right they could guiltlessly fix it because who knew?

Jeannette Bishop

I haven't been in the shoes of someone who might not believe how bad things are with vaccination for so long, I don't know if I can judge them anymore. I'm always on the edge of condemnation, as things just keep getting worse for us, but I hope I would have at least not censored, even if I didn't really pay attention before experiencing what I have. I probably would be guilty of not defending or doing much for those who are being mistreated though. I'm still not very good at that...I try (ironically I wonder how much my own possible vaccine injury might be responsible for my struggles with that...maybe I'm just a cowardly, selfish person...).

I'm so glad you saw her post, Cathy, before it came down so something good probably did come from it, and I hope there were others "lurking," or even otherwise, who might be signing up to view the vaccine series because of it.

I wish I didn't see things the way I see them now sometimes (I just deleted two paragraphs of what I see, replaced with this wish), but I usually repent right after thinking it. My daughter is suffering and has been for some time because I didn't want to face the truth, and didn't even know where to get knowledge I needed at the time I could have protected her.

For anyone lurking here, I hope my vent(s) might at least help in some motivating way for you to avoid coming to where I am, where my daughter is! At the very least, please don't censor this topic!!! It must be within the comprehension/imagination of those who-want-to-be detached that some might need access to this uncomfortable discussion!!!


Hmm. I just clicked on the link and also got a message that it was highly unsafe and did I want to go back to the safety of my home page? It said that reports had been received (from the usual pharma trolls) that it was a fraudulent site designed to bilk money or personal information from the unwary viewer. Pfishing was the term it used. I bravely clicked on Take me there anyway, and it was the authentic Truth about Vaccines site. Is there someone to report false, fraudulent warnings to?


The best thing is that if anyone becomes interested in the subject, all they have to do is google it and/or type in "dangers of vaccines" on Amazon, and they will have a hundred doors of interesting, truthful information placed before them in seconds. Each with links or references to a thousand more doors. It really is a second Gutenberg revolution, a new universe opened from the wall of corrupted orthodoxy.

Betty Bona

Thank you Harvard MD! You are a bright light of hope in the midst of what some are calling "the Medical Cartel"!

Harvard MD

I also took the initiative to alert my family and friends about the docu-series TheTruthAboutVaccines. I received some thankful replies by some. As I'm a doctor, I've seen how my opinion is valued on this subject and impactful. I initiated a discussion with my kids' school on better informed consent for vaccines given at school. BTW, the movie VAXXED is what really awoke me to this topic although already concerned about Gardasil, after watching an excellent documentary in French on that vaccine.

I wonder if the young mom in question was deliberately, yet gently, trying to alert others of the online event knowing she would open herself to criticism. Just putting the seed out there, even if it took only in 1 person. Although I don't know much about the online event except RJK jr will be a speaker (I will be tuning in), I too thought watching a streamed video might be more conducive than sending links to websites & YT sites. I did watch much of the same series on TruthAboutCancer and another on alternative medicines (that featured Wakefield) and as a Ivy-league trained doctor I learned a lot so I hope they will do a great job with vaccines. At least it was an excuse for me to write to friends & family and urge them to watch then do their own research (including talking to me). Thank you for your post!

Cathy Jameson

Hi MelissaD,

I just checked that link and did not get any messages about it being unsafe (I opened it on Google Chrome). If it's still not working for you, here's the preview on YouTube ( In the section above the comments, you should see the link for their webpage. Try clicking on that and see if it opens for you then.


Bob Moffit

With all the great "communication" advantages provided by today's modern technology .. it seems the entire world has become a "safe place" .. where .. on certain topics .. such as .. vaccines .. asking honest questions seeking honest answers will not be tolerated.

Come to think about it .. human nature being what it is .. nothing has changed since the beginning of time .. as these wise men of old discovered:

"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school and the person who dares tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool .. PLATO

"The further society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it" .. ORWELL

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" .. VOLTAIRE


If you link on the above to get to the docuseries, my computer pops up that it is "unsafe" - not sure why that is, maybe someone trying to censor it and prevent people from going to the site...
It makes me so angry that people can't even ask questions about the almighty vaccines without being attacked. To me that is certainly a tip off that there is something to hide! God forbid people ask questions, read and research!

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