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Virtual Vaccine Safety Debate

CautionThank you to Richard Milner of Public Affairs Media for creating a virtual debate between PhD chemist and mercury expert Dr. Boyd Haley and infectious disease vaccine promoter Dr. Paul Offit. We know that many of our readers are "old timers" (raising hand here) but not all by any stretch.   We wish this topic had been laid to rest - alas - we need to keep informing the public that there is still mercury in vaccines and that vaccines have yet to be proven safe.   Please visit Public Affairs Media to learn more.


Unsettled: The Vaccine Controversy, The Movie; a film by Richard P. Milner, Public Affairs Media, Inc., a nonprofit corporation. This virtual debate presents two opposing views of the safety and efficacy of vaccines. The film is a pilot for a larger project to educate the public about the vaccine controversy. 


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At 9:09 on the video, Interviewer asks, "Do vaccines cause autism?" At 9:11, Paul Offit, while nodding yes, says, "No, vaccines don't cause autism." "Absolutely sure?" "Absolutely sure," with a slight side to side head motion. He then says, "It doesn't make sense that they WOULD. Biologically, it never made sense that they WOULD and now we have a wealth of epidemiological studies (CDC funded & much by criminal Paul Thorsen) proving that they didn't. These are things that indicate lying as per speech by former CIA agent Susan on you tube. Plus he's all over the place saying a whole bunch of different things. Also indicative.

Doug Troutman

Dr. Haley is a great Patriot and Dr. Offit is a corporate shill. The shills always refer to the 14 studies which are manipulated BS.

angus files

When the VAXXED team tried to talk to him we seen the language he is akin to .To many expletive's from Offit so very little science and sense, would be broadcast-able ..mee thinks!
Thanks for the virtual.



Pretty sad that you have to construct a 'virtual" debate, because Paul Offit is too cowardly to participate in a real one.

It's mind boggling to me, that people actually regard Paul Offit as an expert.

Bob Moffit

Excellent "virtual debate" ... between an accomplished immunologist, toxicologist .. Boyd Haley .. and .. an extremely accomplished "doctor of sophistry" ... Paul Offit.

Webster's defines sophistry thus: "misleading but clever reasoning".

That Offit continues to spew .. unchallenged by scientific evidence .. his sophistic "misleading and clever reasoning" .. is an indictment of the entire medical profession.

Is it any wonder that Offit would "give his middle finger" to ANYONE who dares question his "misleading and clever reasoning" .. after all .. he has been "giving his middle finger" to the entire scientific world for his entire .. very profitable ... life.

Hopefully ... the intellectually .. scientifically deprived ... SWAMP .. in which Offit has wallowed in .. is going to be drained ... SOONER RATHER THAN LATER.

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