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Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, Pregnancy and Developmental Delays

Science post imageInt J Risk Saf Med. 2016 Sep 17;28(3):125-41. doi: 10.3233/JRS-160726.

Links between serotonin reuptake inhibition during pregnancy and neurodevelopmental delay/spectrum disorders: A systematic review of epidemiological and physiological evidence.

Healy D1Le Noury J1Mangin D2.

Author information



To investigate possible linkages between neurodevelopmental delay and neurodevelopmental spectrum disorders and exposure to medication with effects on serotonin reuptake inhibition during pregnancy.


We systematically reviewed the epidemiological literature for studies bearing on this relationship in children born with neurodevelopmental spectrum disorder and related conditions, as well as animal studies giving serotonin reuptake inhibitors to pregnant animals and in addition reviewed the literature for proposals as to possible mechanisms that might link effects on serotonin reuptake with cognitive changes post-partum.The epidemiological studies were analysed to produce Forest plots to illustrate possible relations.


The odds ratio of Autistic Spectrum or related Disorders in children born to women taking serotonin reuptake inhibiting antidepressants during pregnancy in case control studies was 1.95 (95% C.I. 1.63, 2.34) and in prospective cohort studies was 1.96 (95% C.I. 1.33, 2.90).


There appears to be a link between serotonin reuptake inhibition in pregnancy and developmental delay and spectrum disorders in infancy leading to cognitive difficulties in childhood. More work needs to be done to establish more precisely the nature of the difficulties and possible mechanisms through which this link might be mediated.


Autism spectrum disorder; antidepressants; neurodevelopmental delay; neurodevelopmental spectrum disorders; pregnancy; serotonin reuptake inhibitors


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What I want to know is why are our young women are on some kind of anti depressant medicine to to begin with.
Oh wait; I know the answer. it is from vaccine injuries, and most of the time the anti-depressants are the wrong treatment. Sigh.

I could not possibly have a healthy grandchild - I am pretty sure.

Oh, and by the way I just read that the lack of B 12 has to do with messing up the production of melatonin so that interrupts the sleep cycle., and the lack of B 12 has a lot to do with serotonin production too.
A lot of these types of mental illness has been reported to improve with all different types of B vitamins. I read a big long book - on it anyway.

I know that Prozac interferes with sleep from personal experience with my daughter. Darn, if it's main ingredient is fluoride - is that right?


That is a pretty high correlation.

I have been researching estrogen in milk, and think that children should avoid this. The daily human production rate of estrogen is severely inflated, especially in young males.

I believe, based on reading scientific studies, that cow's milk (and derivatives) can significantly effect the hormonal balance of humans; young males especially.

I feel much better without dairy.

PS Some of the best studies on hormones and dairy come from Japan; where the Dairy Industry has little influence.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Teresa, Thanks for the link. I also remember a presentation at IMFAR a few years ago linking prenatal Prozac to autism. No chemical substance should be considered safe for use during pregnancy.

David Burd and John Stone, It's not a smokescreen. Injected chemicals are more dangerous than those taken orally that can be partially detoxified in the liver.

I have never before tried to participate directly in federally funded committees like the IACC. I guess I am learning a lesson, and am coming to understand how federal money is squandered on such efforts. the IACC has been hijacked by neurodiversity advocates, who oppose doing anything to understand reasons for the increase in severe disabling autism, which always begins in early childhood.

John Stone


"However, it seems this currently-reported Study is yet another "smokescreen" to fool the public, and divert any attention of vaccines directly causing terrible damage to infants, including of course the autism spectrum."

I don't think that is a fair surmise at all, and it is quite in line with the casual destructiveness of much modern medicine.

david m burd

Teresa, Thank you for referencing your previous AoA post of about 4 years ago (citing about 3% of pregnant mothers may be on SSRI's. I've seen another reference that cites maybe 5% of pregnant American women may be on SSRI drugs.

I also join Patience Simon on her condemning such prescriptions for such dangerous drugs being prescribed/taken by mothers-to-be.

However, it seems this currently-reported Study is yet another "smokescreen" to fool the public, and divert any attention of vaccines directly causing terrible damage to infants, including of course the autism spectrum. Even taken on face value, such damage by SSRI's is insignificant (percentage-wise, but a true tragedy to the families) compared to the gigantic increase of Spectrum Disorders that are 50 times that claimed in this paper.

The Vaccine Cabal will never stop producing such diversions -- they are funded by the $Billions of taxpayer dollars, abetted by the corrupt IAAC at NIH always recommending a plethora of stupid redundant studies, EXCEPT any directed toward vaccines' toxicities.

Teresa Conrick -

From a few years back....

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

What an outrage that any medical practitioner would prescribe any chemical substance to a pregnant women. Did they receive any teaching on thalidomide in their prestigious schools?

Findings like this provide the biggest expose about how little is known about the action of pharmaceutical substances. Inhibition of serotonin re-uptake? And what else???

That SSRI's alter neurotransmission (double S for "selective") is clear, and what about their effect during differentiation and growth of the nervous system? The vaccine schedule is an outrage, but so are all the other treatments offered so nonchalantly.

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