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Bay Village Teens Channel Stephen King Horror: Abuse Student with Autism

By Kim Stagliano

With horror and a sickening flashback to a Stephen King novel (and film by the same name) I watched the Bay Village Ohio teens play a terrible "prank" on a student with autism, using the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as their "medium." (See below.)

As the epidemic of children with autism grows older, I fear they are in more danger than ever. Toddlers are naturally protected by most all mothers, not just their own.   The "it takes a village" method of child rearing, one could say. Which of us would not run to the aid of almost any child under the age 12, 13, even 16? Ah, but as our children turn into adults, that coccoon of safety becomes eroded. Cute faces have pimples. Chubbie tummies change into burgeoning figures. 

I'm in the position of having three teen daughters with autism. You want to talk about paralyzing fear for them?  Pour a cup of coffee and we'll chat - for six months.   Already one of my girls has been criminally abused (school bus, 2010.) And yet, like parents of typicals, we have to find a way to let our kids grow up and move forward.  We fight our own instincts to protect our vulnerable children, and force ourselves to "let them go" a bit and learn about the world.  But for the love of all that is holy, NOT this way.

Bay Village, Ohio has an opportunity to set an example for ALL villages.  As of this writing, police are considering arresting the teens.

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Despicable, Disgusting, Degenerate behavior against our most vulnerable children can not be tolerated!


I wish I could live forever to protect my SO INNOCENT 40 year old son with autism and IDD.


I don't know about "shooting out the souls" my kids have sweet souls, all of them, but I get it, I've witnessed my son being bullied, and I've seen a leader type involve kids that otherwise wouldn't be mean, if not for the want to belong. For that moment these otherwise good kids joined in, and it made me cry. These were his friends, kids he trusted, turning on him.He's not a tell the authorities kinda guy, I asked him if he wanted me to intervene, he said "no". He walked away and said nothing to them. I felt it was my duty to tell the teacher, he said "do not". I did not. I had an ace, his older brother appeared on the scene, took over the game, called the shots, said to his brother, you are the best for this position why aren't you playing? It was over, big brother rescue. Big brother is in college now, and I can only hope that this experience will be a not so bad memory for my bullied guy ,instead more of a lesson for him to intervene when he sees another kid in this position.But and there's always a but..what if it didn't end well, would he have gone on to bully the next victim type? Would his experiences "shoot out his soul"?

Shell Tzorfas

The toxins in vaccines seems to be shooting out the souls.

Angus Files

No prank not funny..



Sorry, I didn't read the comments, Yes, I agree, Benedetta said it right.


I have six, one on the spectrum, one neuro-typical...the rest are in the mix..I don't think we should assume many of these kids today are typical...NT kids would NEVER bully..and they aren't bullied...in my house one out of six is okay..they're my stats..Kids that are prone to sociopathic behaviors are not NT..the people who bully Wakefield aren't NT..a true NT can't be bought, being ethical is more important to them than riches..


I also just want to add that I never could have imagined such things were in the ice bucket. I completely assumed it was ice water. My heart just breaks for them all.


Let us not be distracted.


Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents

(a) Prohibited activities
The Secretary of Defense may not conduct (directly or by contract) -
(1) any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population; or
(2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects.

(b) Exceptions Subject to subsections (c), (d), and (e) of this section, the prohibition in subsection
(a) of this section does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for any of the following purposes:

(1) Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity.
(2) Any purpose that is directly related to protection against toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents.
(3) Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control.
(c) Informed consent required
The Secretary of Defense may conduct a test or experiment described in subsection
(b) of this section only if informed consent to the testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the testing on that subject.
(d) Prior notice to Congress

Not later than 30 days after the date of final approval within the Department of Defense of plans for any experiment or study to be conducted by the Department of Defense (whether directly or under contract) involving the use of human subjects for the testing of a chemical agent or a biological agent, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate and the Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives a report setting forth a full accounting of those plans, and the experiment or study may then be conducted only after the end of the 30-day period beginning on the date such report is received by those committees.
(e) ''Biological agent'' defined
In this section, the term ''biological agent'' means any micro-organism (including bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiac, or protozoa), pathogen, or infectious substance, and any naturally occurring, bioengineered, or synthesized component of any such micro-organism, pathogen, or infectious substance, whatever its origin or method of production, that is capable of causing -
(1) death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a human, an animal, a plant, or another living organism;
(2) deterioration of food, water, equipment, supplies, or materials of any kind; or
(3) deleterious alteration of the environment.

Researched this online and as far as I can tell, this is the law that is still on the books.

What constitutes "informed consent"? Written, or does just verbal consent suffice?

Should we be advocating for legislation for signed, full informed consent from parents regarding risks of neurological disorders before each and every vaccine for those parents that are staunchly pro-vaccine IN ADDITION TO philosophical exemptions for anti-vaxers' right to choose?


Those kids and their parents should be held fully accountable- that was no prank. They owe a full apology to the ALS Society as well. So much for the neurodiverse trying to suggest that having autism is wonderful. These kids are very vulnerable and as I have stated before, it must not be so evolutionary for children to bolt, not be able to toilet themselves or communicate (no, not even with a device)as is the case for many of these children.

Not an MD

This is beyond sick. These sociopathic children need to be held accountable for their criminal actions if there is to be any hope at all of rehabilitating them and making them productive members of society at some point in the future.

I have no doubt in my mind that the child who was bullied and degraded has a much brighter future than the despicable kids who committed this heinous act. Those awful kids aren't fit to shine his shoes.

John Stone

Sick, sick, sick.


They are CONSIDERING arrest? Seriously? They should absolutely be arrested for assault. Prank my ass. It's time to set an example for all of the kids in this and all communities that this kind of crap won't be tolerated.


When everyone has been damaged by vaccines in their thinking abilities- in some way.

The more able and more functional does things like this to the less functional.

Pranks and cruel jokes, stupid nicknames, hard rough teasing - do you think is done by some one who is normal?

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