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Sharyl Attkisson Asks About Amish and Autism

Sharyl AWe have excerpted this article from Sharyl Attkisson's website.

This is an interesting article written several years ago by UPI investigative journalist Dan Olmsted. It asks “Where are the autistic Amish?”

After the article was published, back when more reporters were covering the scientific links between vaccines and autism, I asked an official from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about the supposed lack of autism in the unvaccinated Amish. She said that there could be many other reasons besides the community’s aversion to vaccines. For example, “They don’t use electricity, right?” she told me. In other words, she seemed to put lack of electricity on equal footing with lack of vaccinations when it comes to what could be responsible for the apparent lower than average autism rate in the unvaccinated Amish.

The obvious difference is there are many scientific studies supporting a link between vaccines and Amishautism–often unreported, under-reported or dismissed by pharmaceutical interests and vaccine activists who have long fought a PR campaign to falsely portray the studies and researchers as “anti-vaccine.”

I told the CDC official that it would seem that a survey of the unvaccinated population could be a good first step in further dispelling or further confirming the possibility of a vaccine tie to autism. The CDC official acknowledged to me that the information would be worthwhile. I asked whether CDC would attempt such a survey.

Such a survey wouldn’t necessarily cost a penny because the CDC already conducts regular telephone and mail surveys to monitor childhood immunization coverage. It could just add a question: has your child been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder?  Read the full post at Ms. Attkisson's site here.


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You know what would also be interesting to study....the disease rates in the adult amish who were all surely vaccine free. Ages 30-90. I bet they are a ridiculously healthy bunch.

Tony Bateson

Three cheers for Sharyl Atkisson. Sharyl refers to statements made years ago about the potential incrimination of vaccines in autism but absolutely no action has been taken. You must never give up in this wholly justifiable pursuit. The Pharmaceutical industry and its agents have been responsible for a press and media climate that is (close to) no, it is actually propagandised to the point of labelling good as bad. You only have to consider the vast $billion fines paid by these companies in litigation over their market abuses and bribery cases to realise they are unlikely to behave any differently when protecting their

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


Ok, so the CDC official said it might be electricity instead of vaccines. If that's what they think, why haven't they investigated that aspect?

RFR is known to open up the blood brain barrier. If I didn't have electricity, I still wouldn't take a vaccine, BUT I wouldn't discount the possibility that EMF and RFR effects on cellular metabolism may play an important role (as very reputable scientists have been pointing out for over a decade) and it is a crime that the CDC knows but is doing absolutely nothing about either.

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