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The Weather Channel Makes Rain for Pharma

WeathervaneBy Anne Dachel

The Weather Channel is incredible. One week they report VACCINES DON'T CAUSE AUTISM and one week they later they quote a top researcher who admits that for some kids, they could.

Mar 13, 2014, The Weather Channel: How Environmental Toxins Can Cause Autism

"Environmental factors such as toxins and pesticides can cause severe health problems, especially for pregnant women and fetuses. For male fetuses, the harmful effect of exposure to these toxins work like this: Toxins can cause genital malformations, which are then linked to autism and intellectual disability, according to a study from the University of Chicago published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology. . . .

"'Autism appears to be strongly correlated with rate of congenital malformations of the genitals in males across the country,' said study author Andrey Rzhetsky, Ph.D., professor of genetic medicine and human genetics at the University of Chicago, in a press release. 'This gives an indicator of environmental load and the effect is surprisingly strong.'"

"Genital malformations - such as micropenis and undescended testicles - indicate a possible exposure to harmful toxins, including environmental lead, medications and other synthetic molecules. Researchers concluded that the malformations also correlated with an increase in autism rates, therefore demonstrating a link between environmental toxins and autism.

"'We interpret the results of this study as a strong environmental signal,' Rzhetsky said.. . .

"Other factors that appeared to raise the rate of autism included non-reproductive congenital malformations, viral infections, income and urban population in a county. Although vaccines were not analyzed, study authors suggested that, at most, they play a very weak role, because vaccines are given uniformly across the U.S., but autism cases were geographically clustered."

Notice that Dr. Rzhetsky just admitted the possibility of a link: "Although vaccines were not analyzed, study authors suggested that, at most, they play a very weak role."

This is amazing. "A very weak role"?  Vaccines are not supposed to have ANY connection to the development of autism.

March 6, 2014, The Weather Channel told us that vaccines DON'T CAUSE AUTISM and they said that all the kids with autism are the result of a 'broader definition' and "awareness of autism.

"But there is a correlation between increasing vaccine rates and several autism diagnoses. The scientific consensus is that the dual rise in autism and vaccines is coincidental, probably brought on by advances in medical diagnosis, health care and awareness of autism.

"'I think there's certainly increased attention,' explained Dr. Spearman. 'I heard a recent expert in the area say that it's the way we characterize autism spectrum disorder - it's a broader definition. More attention and the broader definition have lead to [more] cases.'"

Why did the story suddenly and dramatically change, just one week later?

On Mar 13, 2014, TWC reported that an important researcher, Dr. Andrey Rzhetsky, whose study is getting lots of national coverage, believes there's been a real increase in autism AND---VACCINES PLAY A ROLE, although, Rzhetsky cautions that vaccines" at most, they play a very weak role" in the development of autism.

It seems that once in a while an expert will admit vaccines are connected to autism, but then nothing more is said in the matter. We just move on and everyone once again denies any link.

It's just tough if it's your child that was affected. We only occasionally recognize that it's possible.


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No Vac; that is a fact
I am with you.


Forget medical science, it is extremely corrupted and practically DEAD now. Only parents' experience counts in this matter. If millions of parents claim that their children developed encephalopathy and became autistic after vaccinations, this is truth and nothing will change that. Let's stop waiting for so called experts to admit this fact. They are paid to lie or are afraid to be professionally destroyed as Dr. Wakefield.

Maurine Meleck

I do recall some previous studies that attempted to correlate weather with autism. One was that states with more rain experienced an increased incidence in autism--possibly because the children didn't get enough sun and fresh and spent more time in front of the tv. The other study referred to states with colder climates had more children with autism-I guess for the reasons mentioned above.
Having the weather channel discuss autism is like Honey Boo Boo and her family discussing the role of gas lines in the Ukraine.


I am bewildered by the logic that nothing childhood diseases like chicken pox, mumps, and measles are worse than even the possibility (no matter how small) of autism. Recently I found myself being pressured to take a pneumonia vaccine (because I'm that age). I know pneumonia is a bad disease but it is treatable and covered by insurance. On the other hand if the vaccine is part of a bad batch and I get horribly sick with some weird disease from the vaccine then I have no choices for treatment. I would probably have to treat myself. So, next time I'm in that doctor's office I am going to tell her to put in my chart that I don't take vaccines, under any circumstances. We don't even have to discuss it because the answer is a simple no, a more emphatic NO, no, no, no.....not ever. And I feel just as strongly about vaccines for my grandchildren. Probably it isn't a bad idea to hire a lawyer to back me up just in case--given the pushy people who are behind the vaccine policies, who also oddly enough own the weather channel. Might as well get my weather online to avoid them


From the Pharma Damage Control Handbook: Tell everyone that autism appears in "clusters." That way, everyone assumes that the 20% or so of autistic children in their children's classes are just part of a "cluster," and they won't realize that it's pretty much the same picture all over the country.


"But as they apparently are going to be the last to lead"

They're not only leading but attempting through any means at their disposal, to mandate a forced march in the wrong direction. So far it seems that MDs are following along, blinders on, heading toward the cliff, trying to bring their patients with them. I wonder what percentage of MDs are privately and quietly dissenting. I wonder if the real reason why there is a push to document all vaccinations in state databases is to keep practitioners in line, to keep them following the leaders under threat of professional retaliation.

Jeannette Bishop

I wonder how many read the news included on the Weather Channel website. I used to just get weather and last week's piece had me looking for other sources for that..

So, it's interesting that they feel the need to be less blatantly in propaganda mode and were willing to quote someone who feels vaccines play a role, "but at most a very weak role." Or maybe it's just possible that when talking about autism and "science" (especially during the month before April to look like one is on top of things?) that sometimes pollutants will come up and sometimes it will be hard to separate vaccines from such with a 100% solid wall of denial and still retain an appearance of credibility?

If there are autism clusters, I just have to note that vaccines are not necessarily administered the same everywhere (like supposedly there were some versions of DTap without thimerosal and maybe the same healthcare providers cautious enough, if that was a factor, to use that version were more reluctant to jump on the HepB bandwagon etc). But I get the impression everyone feels like they are living in an area with an autism "cluster" and that it is obvious that across the country something has raised or lowered a whole generation into a more unhealthy level.

The corporate-quarterly-returns-first approach of separately considering everything injected into the environment and not changing anything (at least not quickly) or even accelerating because no one source seems certain to explain much while only making a facade attempt at studying the one source that has the most correlation in anecdote is societal suicide.

Everyone should be working to take out what might be part of the problem, maybe add in approaches that will bolster health, and the "healthcare" profession, if they really "care" and were really as they seem to believe in charge of the "health" of the country should be the first and foremost in making significant changes to stop these epidemics. But as they apparently are going to be the last to lead, and the last to act with accountability, it seems that "healthcare" is a misnomer.


The Weather Channel might be more concerned with environmental toxins that may be falling from the sky.

Parents should be concerned with environmental toxins injected into their children 8-9 doses at a time.


Why is the Weather Channel talking about autism?
Why is the Weather Channel talking about vaccines?
Do autism and vaccines have something to do with the weather?


This is a step in the right direction and validates what we've been saying all along that toxins are causing the autism increase, however they need to look at post natal exposure not just prenatal or exposure of the lifetime exposure to the parents.

Here is a great web site I came across recently with various presentations from researchers and a parents on the epigenetics of autism:

"Environmental Epigenetics: New Frontiers in Autism Research"


Interesting- there seems to be more of an admittance of environmental causation in autism. Finally.

 Bob Moffitt


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