WHO Officials Rig Inclusion Criteria for Vaccine Injury in Developing World
Dachel Media Review: Star Power, Blue Lights, Acceptance

New CDC Numbers Coming Tomorrow


by Kim Stagliano from a FB post

... and the rates are continuing to rise.

How many more American children will have their lives - their families' lives radically changed by autism? Autism is a tough road - no matter how "affected." It changes everything in the same way that Alzheimer's does - think I'm kidding? I'm not. We need TREATMENT, LIFE CARE for those here and PREVENTION for those to follow. We can NOT have American children taken out of the employment pool and thrust into the social services pool at the continually growing rate. The umemployment rate for Asperger's is dangerously high too - don't be lulled into a false sense of security by anecdotes. By one or two celebs. It's DAMN HARD to navigate the neurotypical world for a person on the spectrum - and I say that NOT to denigrate for a moment. All the BLUE LIGHTS in the world mean nothing. We need ACTION. Not awareness. God help us all.

Kim - exhausted beyond human endurance by autism.


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Betty Bona

@ Carolyn,
I don't understand how they came to the conclusion that these patches had to occur before birth. I heard one report where they pinpointed it to a time after 19 months gestation. Does it have something to do with when the layers are formed? Can't toxins cause damage after the layers are formed? Certainly we believe the tangles of Alzheimer's occur later in life. Isn't it possible these patches occur later in life as well, like after a toxic exposure? To believe this study's conclusion, I would want to see mice exposed to toxins in utero at a level that causes these patches, and then see if the same toxins at corresponding doses given after birth (the baby mice would be bigger, so bigger doses) cause the same patches. I don't really see an explanation that makes me believe autism happens in utero. Where are the reviewers? If it is true, the reviewers should have sent it back for revisions to make their analysis clear. I think they count on the fact that most people think neuroscience is beyond their ability to fathom. I used to think that way until I realized no one else is checking their work, so we have to. Still, it's beyond my ability to critique. Can you fill me in?


Roger; I am certain that your guess about bipolar is correct.
Yes, they were dignosising kids with bipolar, way back.
the mental hospitalshealth workers have been avoiding calling it bipolar/putting labels on kids, and call it just mood disorders.

Maybe that is right, that they should call it something else?
It is not like they have typical depression that goes with bipolar instead they have irritablitiy.

John Stone

The gesture thing - it is almost with Bernie Marcus that "lighting it up Blue" has solved autism. Next year (or this year) maybe we will have it on the White House. Actually, what we need is an end to government being in bed with industry, and the examining of consciences.



Yes and there is no coincidence that this research study came out on the same day. Especially considering it was funded by the Simons Foundation, Autism Speaks (who jumped all over the media announcing the CDC numbers would be coming out), and the U of C's Center of Excellence which gets governmental funding.

The way this is being interpreted, it dispels any vaccine connection. However anyone that knows the function of the brain and its development, as well as how cells and gene expression can be altered, knows these brain cell abnormalities can be from toxins after birth. All layers of the brain, even layers V and VI, have been shown to be effected by environmental toxins and there is no way to determine when these abnormalities in the cells occurred in the brains of these eleven children. We have no means to show this happened prior to birth. So we can actually interpret this to mean the opposite and that this damage happened after birth and due to vaccine damage caused to a developing infant's brain.

Sorry but our son was not born with autism, no matter how you want to interpret the research.

"Patches of Disorganization in the Neocortex of Children with Autism"


"Study Finds Autism Originates During Pregnancy"


This study actually shows how this research, once variables are known from original data, can be shown to be flawed. We also have to take into consideration the many other factors, but making these assumptions, will be very damaging and will do what these people want which is to take away the focus on real causation.

The business of autism will benefit from this because it will be used to show that drugs will be needed as well as early intervention as Dr. Insel and the IACC has indicated. A business model created by Autism Speaks via pushing ABA legislation, creating off shore research into drug development, supporting teen psychiatric treatment facilities that use behavior modification with drugs, as well as long term care facilities. These are huge industries. Much money will be made off our families if this is allowed to continue. Where will our children end up? Medicated and institutionalized like back in the 50's instead of being provided the proper medical care that could remediate this damage.

"Neocortex and Allocortex Respond Differentially to Cellular Stress In Vitro and Aging In Vivo"



But wait--aren't they muddying the waters with every possible trick? Data from 4 years ago (or whenever, but certainly not from 2014), based on children born 8 years before that, but the diagnostic criteria was changed in 2013, thimerosal SAID to have been removed in either 1999, 2000, or 2001, depending on which way the wind is blowing, but the thimerosal-preserved pediatric vaccines were still in use until 2003 or 2004, depending on which pediatrician stocked what, and oh, thimerosal-preserved flu shots are now part of the mandated schedule, so...

Who the hell knows?

Roger Kulp

Benedetta,I'm guessing childhood bipolar is a common comorbidity,that gos with HFA.Those were two of the diagnoses my sister had.My sister was diagnosed on the spectrum at the same time she got the bipolar diagnosis,as a preteen in 1981.They really did diagnose kids later back in the day.We really need to look beyond autism,and look at the overall increase in all developmental disabilities.


Love it, Roger.

Roger Kulp

For those of you on Facebook,take a look at the photo I posted on Harold Doherty's page.It's a picture of a billboard put up by the state of New Mexico.It shows a therapist trying to work with a little boy,in something involving writing,his head down on the desk,almost suggesting head banging or a seizure.The billboard says



Kim you forgot to say;

..."and with so many apathetic governments worldwide, out to protect a product merely for profit, no wonder the Autism numbers are growing..."

From a physically and mentally drained mum!

Elizabeth Gillespie


Has eight years rolled by again?
Because it is 8 year olds they look at. Wasn't the stats of 1 out of 88 just a couple of years ago?

And since that time; is there not a new DSM-5 manuel - that puts a large majority of PDD-NOS in new communication disorders

Let me also mention at this time about the new name for childhood bipolar. kds are not sad or blue but swings between irritable and mania --

Childhood bipolar - I missed it in mine - pretty obvious in the teens if I knew what the heck I was looking at.

Hmmmmm So, since they have reporetd that there increase by 40 fold obvious bipolar-- It scares the heck out of me that this is the group that took vaccines in the 90s.

The new DSM V manuel is going to call childhood bipolar: Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.
Is new numbers comng out on that one for the first time?

When you make a new name/catagory for something like this - how do you count the stats of the past on that?


CDC couldn't care less about autism.

Cynthia Cournoyer

If you are counting the number of "children" then it has to be 1 in 25 or 1 in 12 because there are at least one or two in EVERY classroom. But that's the old DSM. Since the new DSM, has there been a number announced? I think the new number announced will be something like 1 in 500. The whole reason for changing the DSM was to reduce the rate of autism. There will be no more rising numbers, officially. But we still know the truth.


Amen, Kim! The system is breaking.

Anne McElroy Dachel

And if the rate is higher...as I'm sure it will be...

They'll no doubt have someone in a public health uniform assuring us that it's probably just more accurate numbers for a rate that never really changes.


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