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Broken-recordBy Cathy Jameson

Over the years I’ve seen several articles about the “anti-vaccine” movement and how terribly detrimental this groups’ beliefs are.  Outspoken and fiercely determined, they’ll stop at nothing to get their point across. 

I suppose that because I am in support of vaccine safety, and the fact that I share my son’s vaccine injury story whenever possible, it automatically clumps me in that ill-spoken group.  I couldn’t be more proud.

Vaccines are known to cause injury.  The anti-vaccine movement wasn’t the first to discover that fact.  But because they, and I, say exactly that, we are blamed for giving vaccines a bad rap.  Well, if not us, then whom? 

And why is it so wrong for me to want to give another parent a head’s up about vaccines?  We do that all the time with other products and services:

Them: Wow, nice shirt! 

Me: Oh, thanks.  Wal-Mart, only $5.97.

Them:  What a deal!


Them:  I’m looking for a new tablet for my kids.  Which one do you like?

Me: We have an iPad 2.  Ronan loves his.  In fact, it’s been great tool for all my kids.

Them: Awesome, I’ll check it out!


Them: Hey, I heard the plumber you hired really screwed up your plumbing and you had to hire someone else. 

Me:  It was a nightmare!  We had water e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.  Steer clear of XYZ Plumbing.  They’re unprofessional, and they’ll rip you off!

Them:  Good to know…


Them:  I want to read up on vaccines the doctor says my kids have to have.  I may want to do some of them, but I know they don’t actually “need” them.  What do you suggest?

Me:  Heavy subject, huh?  Well, if I had to do it all over again, I’d ask more questions and do lots more reading.  I’d look up side effects, research alternate ways to prevent or treat diseases and also factor in my family’s medical history.  People have a lot to think about, as you’ll discover, but remember you usually have a choice to get them or not.  Don’t forget to look up vaccine exemptions for your state.  No one, especially your doctor, should bully you into them.

Them:  I guess I have some reading to do.  The next appointment is in two weeks. I’ll get started today.  Thanks!


Easily I could talk and talk and talk, and quote and cite and point out hundreds of sources that support the suggestions I made in that last conversations.  Depending on the person and their level of vaccine and health knowledge, I am careful in how much I share so as not to overwhelm them.  There really is a lot to know and also to consider.

That type of conversation sounds harmless, right? 


When it comes to vaccines, I’ve been informed that what I say is untrue.  I’ve been told to watch what I say and how I say it.  I’ve also been told that my information is not just wrong, but dead wrong.  Not only that, but I’ve been accused of endangering the lives of others because of what I believe.  Unless what I say, believe or write comes straight from a medical textbook, some people prefer I just shut up. 

I can live with someone doubting me and not agreeing with my opinion, but to tell me to stop talking about vaccines, vaccine safety and vaccine injury?  After what my child has gone through?  No way. 

I can’t tell if they’re offended, aggravated or possibly jealousy, but those attacking the anti-vaccine community and me personally are so clouded in their thinking that they will never see me for who I am.  They’ll only see me for what I am not.  They and the media can call me anti-vaccine all day long.  If they think that’s insulting, it isn’t.  In using that term, they’re drawing attention to an issue that we’ve worked hard to address.  It’s the very same issue that the media and others have tried for years to play down or ignore.

As a former supporter of all things mainstream medicine, I can honestly say that I trusted in the system implicitly.  I depended on the media to tell me all about it too.  I found comfort in knowing that there was an organized system and all I had to do was follow it.  I did that, and I did that well.  I did that without questioning and without any doubts until my eyes were opened. 

Now I know more, and now I know better.  That is what I share with others.  To try to say that my opinion is dangerous goes against the very definition of what an opinion is.  Being called out because of it, while others are allowed to regurgitate false information that’s being systematically crammed down the public’s throats, is ridiculous.  

The system and the media seem to be working overtime as of late.  They’re countering an army of anti-vaccine crazy parents step-by-step.  They’re scrambling to write, mock and block us as we simply share our stories and experiences.  Let them work overtime.  Passion, not a paycheck, fuels our movement.  I’m sure our efforts, mine included, add to their workload.  Too bad for them because, for the record, even though this is the hardest I’ve ever worked in my entire life, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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Kevin D.

@cia parker
Thanks for the links to the IOM CDC Presenation. Very interesting and reflects a change in tactics from media outlets (who already do their bidding) to alternative media.

Also in the IOM webapages are these links:

Which the PDF points out that:

MMR Measles : inclusion body encephalitis : Convincingly Supports a, b

a & b:
a The committee attributes causation to individuals with demonstrated immunodeficiencies.
b The committee attributes causation to the measles component of the vaccine.

So rather than scientists focus on a test to identify those children with immunodeficiences, they would rather keep towing the line that the vaccines are good for everyone!



I'm a grandma and an anti-vaxer. Mostly I want to protect my grandchildren from the autoimmune disease that I lived through with one of my children. People don't often realize that anti-vaxers are people who have experienced vaccine injuries. And I am assuming the pro-vaxers are the lucky ducks. Anyway, recently I was visiting a doctor and she gave me the pitch to get up to date on my vaccinations that they give to people my age. She brought it up once and I said "no" but more as an aside than directly. So she brought it about two more times and I just ignored her and changed the subject. Then the phone rang and she had a brief conversation with another doctor and when she hung she told me it was about the pneumonia vaccine that she is recommending for this lady--a heart patient--and it was so harmless even the heart patient could handle it. When I left the office this conversation lingered in my mind and I felt a little beaten up by it. I could have said, "but if I get a vaccine injury who is going to treat that?" But I didn't. A lot of pressure out there to get this or that vaccine. I guess you just say, "no."


@Susan Lee,

I'm having trouble downloading your abstract (I've already subscribed). I've tried several times...

Any suggestions?

CT teacher

David Burd - Sorry, I was not clear about my childhood years. I was born in 1943. I was almost 6 when I got smallpox vaccine. I believe I was 10 or older when I got the 1st polio vaccine.
Yes, my classmates and friends all had measles, mumps and chicken pox. A few kids had whooping cough, but not my close friends. Everyone recovered splendidly. The other more serious health problems and chronic health problems that I mentioned began to appear after age 10.....about the time we were getting polio shots.
Perhaps the discrepancy in our timeline of shots had to do with WHERE we grew up. I grew up outside of Phila. I do not remember getting a DPT shot as a kid. Also, I should mention that the 2 boys I knew with muscular dystrophy were brothers and it was assumed to be genetic. They were diagnosed way before school age.

david m burd

CT teacher, Your experience relating to the 1950's about many children having medical issues is indeed instructive. The DTP shots ramped up in the early 1950s for very young kids, then followed by the polio shot for young babies. My generation was the early-mid 1940s, and thus escaped vaccines' toxicities inflicted on those born after 1950. If indeed very young babies are far more susceptible to vaccine damage (and this seems pretty conclusive), our experiences are not incompatible, and, actually, very telling.

david m burd

CT teacher

All the kids had to have smallpox vaccination before starting school in the 40's. Then, in the mid 50's we started to get polio vaccines. I'm not sure how far apart the injections were, but if memory serves me correctly, it was a year or so. Contrary to David Burd's experience, I do not remember lots of healthy kids. We were healthier than today's kids, but serious illness began to show up in the 50's....kidney disease, sleeping sickness, leukemia, neurological illness(we called it St. Vitus Dance) ,muscular dystrophy, tics and stuttering. I, myself, began having symptoms of autoimmune illness in the late 50's. I have often wondered about those polio shots and if they contributed to these problems. They were, after all, cultured on monkey kidneys. What could be filthier? The smallpox vaccine we know was terrible. I do not remember getting DPT shots as a kid. The first tetanus shot I can remember was before going to college.

Susan Lee

I agree 100% with Cathy. Vaccines are NOT the solution to preventing infectious diseases. There is growing evidence that the harms outweigh the benefits of vaccination. Look at this link to read the evidence how corruption, fraud and malfeasance in vaccine policymaking leave little choice for parents and forces them to participate unwillingly and unknowingly in a dangerous scam. Based upon the evidence, vaccines have been knowingly damaging children for generations. Evidence is growing that vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Beware of the propaganda generated to financially benefit vaccine manufacturers and those with substantial ties to them.


Twyla the number with just those 10 vaccines by the late 70s, early to mid 80s were closer to 1 out of 350 with autism.

But with others that seemed untouched until they reached their 20s and started abusing drugs - it almost seems at times to be 50%.


One of the odd aspects of the "anti-vaccine" label is that the vax defenders act as if being "anti-vaccine" is some kind of hidden ulterior motive, involving subterfuge, like "Admit it, you're just anti-vax!" as if that is either the source of some kind of big financial windfall, or some kind of bigotry, like racism, an irrational gut feeling - you just hate vaccines because you're a vaccinist?

The thousands of parents who speak out about vaccine injury are not making money off of this, alas, and were generally naively trusting pro-vaccinists until having unfortunate experiences and then actually taking the time to read and learn more. The blind prejudice was in favor of vaccines, not against.

As for the allegations of the danger of talking about all sides of vaccines, that is such bull. We are to believe that life would be like the movie Contagion if 99% of people are not vaccinated against all the diseases on the vaccine schedule. I remember the 60's and 70's and 80's and life was good, even though there were far fewer vaccines and a much smaller percentage of the population received those vaccines (like, 60% to 70%). This CDC table shows vaccine uptake rates from 1962 to 2009 - a steady increase.
Here is a graph showing increases in vaccine rates from1994 to 2012:

J.B. made a good point a few years ago in this article where he was looking at the history/news surrounding the passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act:

"Not once, in any of the dozens of articles I read on the bill, did anyone even hint that our kids were in trouble unless many more vaccines were introduced. Waxman and others were focused solely on keeping the handful of vaccines we did have from disappearing -- the bill’s purpose was to save the existing vaccine program, not create a foundation for tripling the number of shots given to our kids…

"In the early 1980s, with only 10 vaccines on our schedule, deadly diseases had been dealt with. There were no frightening childhood disease epidemics scaring parents and wreaking havoc on our kids. And, during the very time when the fate of the entire vaccine program potentially hung in the balance because of the liability produced from DPT, NO ONE WAS ADVOCATING THE NEED FOR MORE VACCINES.

"Oh, and the autism rate was 1 in 10,000, rather than the soon to be 1 in 100 we are seeing today.

"One other thing that didn’t appear in any of the articles discussing the vaccine program in 1986? The word “autism”. No one had any clue what is was back then."

Yet, it is dangerous to talk about the down sides of vaccines? So dangerous that we need censorship? And unpleasant harassment is justified?

Laura Hayes

How apropos this interview by Jon Rappoport, with a former vaccine maker, is.

david m burd

cia parker, Thanks for the question, and a clarification.

As to getting a smallpox vaccination, yes, just before 5 years old. But, no others until the DTP at about 7 years. Clearly our matured systems were nowhere near as vulnerable and fragile as today's babies being medically poisoned in their first couple months of life.

david m burd

cia parker

Look at how the CDC designs propaganda to get people to take the flu vax, from The Refusers this morning:

Everything they say is designed to manipulate, not to make people healthier or happier. And still citing the high, now-discredited number for annual flu deaths. Why lost face by admitting the truth?

cia parker

You are right, of course, but I wouldn't give the invective of the pro-vaxers a second thought. Some are simply uneducated people who are ill-informed and easy to infect with terror of usually mild or rare diseases. The infecters have a LOT of vested interests in promoting vaccines. If they're paying any attention at all, and not merely reading from the pharma shills' cheat sheet, they know we're right, but their professional and financial interests are enticing enough that they pour their venom upon us, terrified at the prospect of losing their vaccine returns and their authoritative, authoritarian positions. After reading Hitler's Furies, I've become really interested in Nazi propaganda, to try to understand what enticed so many people to willingly become devils. There are MANY parallels with the vaccine wars.

John, your comment was interesting, Lord Taverne's attempting to smear people by accusing them of believing in homeopathy. I've seen homeopathic remedies work very quickly and perform apparent miracles. The most recent example was when I sprayed Michael's homeopathic arthritis pain spray on a swollen, very painful finger joint, and within three seconds the pain was completely gone. I pulled our rabbit out of GI stasis two weeks ago by giving him homeopathic chamomilla, chosen because he was very thirsty. Bryonia brought my high fever down to normal within an hour my first night of the flu three years ago. I wouldn't have aborted the natural process if I hadn't had to go to a friend's funeral ninety miles away the next day, but I needed to recover quickly, and by golly, homeopathy did it! It's often hard to find the correct remedy, but if you light upon it, it works. Of course the shills decry it as worthless superstition, once people turned to this harmless, miraculous way of treating severe cases or complications of infectious diseases (and almost everything else), then that puts paid to all those vaccine billions. What else are they going to say?

Hilary Butler and Suzanne Humphries have written a lot about how miraculous high doses of vitamin C (and recommended doses of vitamin A, selenium, etc.) are in treating many diseases, citing many scientific studies confirming their efficacy. High-dose vitamin C (intravenous, sometimes oral) has saved many people from dying of tetanus and infants from dying of pertussis. Of COURSE Dr. Proffit is going to insult those who believe that taking vitamins and herbal remedies like Sambucol and echinacea for viral illnesses, wild cherry bark for coughs, is primitive, worthless superstition: again, they cut into the pharma construction of the world. What else are they going to do?

cia parker


You guys didn't get smallpox vaccinations as infants/small children? I'm just wondering, I've read that after all the vaccine damage done by it in the nineteenth century, a lot of Americans turned away from it in the early part of the twentieth century, but then doctors started promoting it again and it was routine by the time I was born. Dr. Spock thought it was necessary, even though smallpox caused few deaths after 1898 and no deaths in the US after 1948. The vaccine itself continued to cause a lot of death and disability, as it always had, and after reading about the hundreds of thousands of appropriately vaxed people who got and died of smallpox anyway in the nineteenth century, wonder whether it was ever protective at all.

Laura Hayes

Well said, Cathy. I agree with you about how ridiculous it is that we are not to have an opinion about the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines, as we do for every other product/service/person in our lives. Ridiculous indeed. Like you, I am proud to be called anti-vaccine...and indeed I am...I am as anti-vaccine as they come. I came to wear that label through terribly hard-earned knowledge...the catastrophic and permanent disability of our middle child. And, our other children have not gone unscathed from their one does. Vaccination sets off an immune-system time bomb to which no one has the blueprint. Only time will tell how many times that bomb will detonate, and what the extent of the damage will be. Keep on writing and talking, Cathy. We are making a difference, as evidenced by the profit-seekers' unseen-before efforts to vamp up the vaccine propaganda machine even more.

John Stone

Hi Cathy

But the term "anti-vaccionationist" is, of course, a liberty used against people who have done what was asked. I remember the shifty UK politician and pharmaceutical lobbyist, Lord Taverne, writing in BMJ in 2004 about the MMR affair stating that the litigants in the action were 'all believers in homeopathy'. Of course, there was no way he could or should have known anything about more that half-a-dozen of them who may have spoken in the press, but it does not, of course, explain why they would have vaccinated their children if this had been the case.

And the reality is that very, very few of the people who have spoken up have done so because they were ideologically opposed to vaccination (or only after the event).

So, as always the vaccine lobby are lying, indulging in label-libel, abuse and general dirty tactics.



Not what you beleive, Cathy - what you know.

david m burd

Well said Cathy (and a similar theme as Dan's Post right before you).

Life's experiences repeatedly demonstrate that motivated, literate, NON-medical-schooled parents can decide with confidence to NOT (or minimally) vaccinate their infants, or at much later ages than on the CDC/pediatricians' Immunization Schedule. It is clearly IRRATIONAL to INJECT into newborns scores of toxic chemicals and foreign animal matter starting at birth.

My generation born in the early-mid 1940s had zero immunization shots in our early years, and has been the healthiest in history - and we all incurred and sailed through all the childhood diseases.

I vividly remember mine and my three siblings' Report Cards virtually ALWAYS getting "gold stars" for perfect attendance, also true for all my childhood playmates. Contrast this with the massive illness in today's grade-school children that have had 45+ injected vaccines their first couple years.

Please use my generation's experience and health as you want!

david m burd

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