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Age of Autism Contest: Autism Mom by Shirley Blaier-Stein

Shirley Blaier Stein


I wrote about Shirley and her son Dan's success in a private karate lesson last week. Shirley has kindly offered a signed copy of her book Autism Mom to a lucky commenter.  CONTEST IS CLOSED.

At age 33, it seemed that Shirley Blaier-Stein had it all. She lived in New York City with her loving husband and beautiful boy and was well into a successful legal career. When her son Dan was diagnosed with autism at age three, her world falls apart. Lonely, isolated, and with no answers or hope from doctors, she realizes that she has to pave her own road to Dan’s healing. Determined to not leave a rock unturned, Shirley dives into learning everything she can about autism and treatments. She comes across the amazing story of Joseph, a spiritual healer who was severely autistic as a child. Joseph explains to her that autism is a language that most people don’t understand, and that parents are the autistic child’s primary healers and channels to the world. Autism Mom unfolds a riveting story on how to understand autism, speak its language, and truly communicate with the autistic child. Getting into her son’s head leads Shirley to realize how much he understands and how hard he was fighting to make his way to her and to our world. This realization empowered her in her mission. Told with suspense and style, sparkling with warmth and inspiration, Autism Mom powerfully captures the struggles and joys of a mother creating a new life against all odds on a journey that shook her, strengthened her, and taught her that anything is possible. www.autismmombook.com


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anna spinola

I look forward to reading it. I'm always looking for inspiring stories.

Margaret Kozlark

I would love to have a signed copy of this book. Thank you for sharing your story!

Patti Sylvia

Hi Shirley! I would love to have a signed copy of your book! Much love to you - Patti

Carter's Daddy

Sounds Good.

Laura Kozlowski

Looks like a great book that I would love to read!

Cliff Davis

Anything that brings me and my son closer is a blessing!

Lara Ocasio

I cant wait to pick up a copy.

Michelle Wandrack

Would love to have this book. Thank you!


Autism Mom looks like a must read for this autism mom. Thank you for sharing your story.


I most certainly want to read this book! I think it
Would make a fantastic documentary for all to see!

Barbara Bucknam

I would <3 to read this book!


This is a book I am very much interested in reading.


I would would love to read this book! I hope many more get to read it, I looks awesome!


This looks like a heartfelt and inspiring book to read and share with others.

The Wessels

Would love to own this book!! Congratulations Shirley and thank you!!

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