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Dachel Media Review: Tracking For Safety

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

 Jan 30, 2014, CBS News: U.S. to fund tracking devices for children with autism, special needs

 The U.S. Department of Justice says it will fund voluntary tracking devices for children with autism or other conditions that put them at risk for fleeing their caregivers.

 The same DOJ that opposes parents who claim vaccines caused their child's autism in vaccine court is funding tracking devices for autistic kids.


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I compared prices & features of private alert providers. I found that 5 Star Response Great Call (jitterbug) to be the best deal for the features. One button call for help. 2 way microphone so dispatch can call, or user can press the button for help. Built in GPS locator . Sold in Sears, Walmart or online (about $50). Set up account with medical & info and usual routes (set-up cost $25). Monthly monitoring $14.99+ taxes.
If your child is high function and can use a cell phone, the best deal. (For kids that lose or destroy stuff), Walmart has the TracPhone $9.97 and free double minutes for life. Pre-paid cards as you go. Comes with 20 free minutes. Runs about .08-.10 per minute.
The government offer is nice, as long as you trust the govt with the tracking. Be prepared for CPS to get involved first time you use it.

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