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Dachel Media Review: Infant Attention, Medical Marijuana

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Jan 28, 2014, Yale Daily News: Autism and infant attention explored

Jan 24, 2014,  KPTV Portland, OR: Oregon family uses medical marijuana to manage son

Yale Daily News

Yale researchers may have found a new way to detect autism in infants as young as six months old.

After tracking eye movements of six-month-old infants presented with three different types of faces, the investigators discovered that the young children with autistic siblings - who are roughly ten times more likely to develop autism themselves - paid less attention to key facial features than low-risk infants did, but only when the face shown was speaking. While further research is needed to determine the causes of the particular looking patterns, the finding may help doctors diagnose autism before symptoms appear at around two years of age, said Katarzyna Chawarska GRD '00, a professor in the Child Study Center and study co-author.

In the study, which was published in the February issue of the journal Biological Psychiatry, infants were shown a static picture of a woman, a video of a woman smiling and a video of a woman smiling while speaking a nursery rhyme. The study's first discovery - that high-risk infants paid less attention to faces in general than low-risk infants - was not a surprise, as previous research has demonstrated that autistic individuals spend less time looking at faces and social cues, said Frederick Shic, a professor in the Child Study Center and study lead author. What was surprising, he said, was the second discovery that infants who later developed ASD turned away from the inner-face features of speaking faces only. These infants focused instead on outer features, which may be indicative of their risk for developing ASD, Shic said.

More dead-end science to convince the public that if siblings have a predisposition to develop autism, it must be genetic.  Kids are born with autism.  We just need to find it early so we can start that all-important early intervention. 

KPTV Portland, OR

The American Academy of Pediatrics has circulated a resolution that opposes the use of medical marijuana in children. Dr. Sharon Levy, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Boston's Children's Hospital and chairwoman of the AAP's committee on substance abuse, told FOX 12 marijuana is toxic to children's developing brains. She also said enough isn't known about the drug's long-term effects.

"For us, the long-term side effects that are unknown for something that can't kill him are a lot better than the long-term side effects of him beating himself bloody," Echols said.

The Echols also said they're not advocating the use of medical marijuana for all autistic children, but they say those who walk a mile in their shoes may not consider the treatment so extreme.

I almost laughed at the AAP comment.  I couldn't imagine that they'd ever think anything was too toxic for a child brain.

Live and learn!



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Joe K

I don't have any children with autism, but my friends do and it is said to see that happening to the kids that were born normal and after they received vaccination, shortly after that they developed autism. This means if a father films his son on first, second, third, forth and fifth birthday, showing him normal, speaking and being a normal kid, turned to someone, something else by age of 6. His 6th birthday clearly shows that he has changed, stopped speaking, became a kit in his own world, stop reacting to everything around him and did not react to anything or anyone. Simply put, he developed Autism after his last vaccination. My other fiend has the same story, same reason to believe that the doctors have poisoned their kid with the medication. This is sad to see, even more sad that the pharmaceutical companies are poisoning our kids to make more money by selling other medication later on. Just take a look at any commercial on th e TV, you will take a drug for one thing, but it will cause harm to 10 other things, including death. This is said to see and how can our government allow this, how can FDA approve these drugs that kill us and our children.
I believe that Autism is not something that you are born with, it is caused by the food and drugs that we are given through food and medication. One day this will come out and it will be proven that vaccination caused autism in the last 20 years to a level that is shocking, unreal and mind bugling for those that have any brains left.
The once that poison us and keep poisoning us, should be locked us and shot, because seeing kids suffer because of the greed.
I have been reading many stories about medical merijuana and what it does to kids with autism and maybe people have found the cure and will be able to help their own kids live a better life, healthier one and not be poisoned by all the drugs that the doctors and pharmaceutical companies try to feed us. IF alcohol can not be shown on TV where the kids can see it, pharmaceutical drugs should be taken off of the national TV as well. They should be made illegal.
I have suggested for my friends to try medical marijuana and see how their kids will respond in the next few weeks. If it works, then take them off of the drugs that are being fed to them and control the situation on their own.
Look what happened in the early 1980 with Lorenzos Oil, where kids were dying from the horrible disease and all they needed was an erucic acid in their diet and if it was not for his father, 100's or 1000's of kids would have died from the disease. All doctors said no, it is illegal for it to be used, can not be used and US government had a ban on it. His fathers dedication worked and it has beaten the pharmaceutical companies, FDA and doctors.
Same can be applied to Autism, let's try what works and if medical marijuana works and saves our children, then lets try it and keep reporting it to the world so others will know what to expect and what are the results.
Lets stop the abuse of proscription drugs and not allow the doctors control us by feeding more of the so called legal drugs.

Betty Bona

The eye tracking study infuriates me. We have a crisis, and our research dollars should be spent on prevention and treatment rather than early diagnosis. It's fine if we discover early diagnosis parameters in the process of research to discover prevention and treatment, but nothing should be funded unless its aim is prevention and treatment. But I can see how we could turn this research around. Let's do a follow-up study of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated siblings - eye tracking at six months. Is there a statistically significant difference? How about looking at the microbiome for those that track poorly vs those that are more typical. We know that gut problems are associated with autism, so maybe the gut bugs are out of balance in the poor trackers. And how about looking at blood/brain barrier permeability in poor vs good eye trackers - with S100B that is used in concussion research. This reminds me of research showing a different response to stimuli (with magnetic encephalogram) in siblings and parents of ASD kids. That researcher didn't hesitate to state that his research shows ASD is genetic.


Hi Seve,
My 11 year old had increased anxiety (I think the puberty contributes to this) and when we added supplements Kavinace and Travacor jr his daily anxiety went down dramatically. He still has spikes around things like dr offices and blood work, but in those isolated circumstances we use low doses of Ativan an hour or so prior to the visits and that helps. In time if he needs a low dose anti-anxiety med you will have exhausted all the non-pharma choices first. We also found if their sensory needs are off the anxiety can spike too. I hope this helps!


Before you resort to drugs, please exhaust all other avenues, including looking at his diet and nutritional status (no GMOs, only organic as possible, etc.), his school environment (better to switch him to another school or homeschool if possible if the school is stressing him and changing schools would help him), and have his environment checked for all neurotoxins, including outgassing cleansers, perfumes, personal care items, air fresheners, fertilizers and pesticides in and around the home, and the invisible EMFs and RFR (known to cause anxiety in those sensitive - one easy way to immediately and significantly decrease his exposure is to turn off the wi-fi in your home, but still check for other sources such as make sure his bed isn't close to a digital alarm clock or wires or on the other side of a wall where there is a high emitting appliance, wiring, or junction box, cell towers close to your house or school, DECT landline phone in the house, smart meter on the house, wireless alarm system, wireless anything - measure with meters or have an expert come to your home and his school, and he shouldn't be wearing a cell phone that is on).

I hope that you are able to help him without giving him marijuana. I believe that giving marijuana to an anxious 13 year old could potentially make his problem much worse as even though it would possibly temporarily make him feel calm, the change in and loss of control over his perception and behavior might make him more petrified. It also isn't known what marijuana does to a 13 year old's development. I think there can be a use for it, but I'd exhaust all other avenues, including psychotherapy with a highly recommended, nonjudgmental, wise and trusted practitioner if you can find one, if your son is able to express his feelings. It would be so much better to find and eliminate or work through the cause instead of covering it up with drugs. Please know that I am not judging you. Just trying to help and hope for the best for you and your son.

Seve Ballesteros

I have a 13 year old autistic son who suffers from extreme, crippling anxiety. I have been thinking about trying medical marijuana as well to help him cope. It's crazy to me that doctors like Levy are so quick to dismiss marijuana while prescribing horrible drugs like Rispiridone. I can't help but believe that doctor's like Levy are in the pockets of large pharma. Once Fizer or the like start selling medical marijuana, it will be widely accepted by all. Until then, expect a battle from doctors and law makers on the take.

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