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Avonte's Law Proposed in New York: Tracking Devices for Autism

Avonte FindNantional Autism Association has a comprehensive plan and program to protect our loved ones with autism from wandering.  Happy to see lawmakers aware of the very real dangers of this diagnosis.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Sen. Charles Schumer says new legislation proposed in the name of Avonte Oquendo, the 14-year-old New York City boy who disappeared from his school and was found dead three months later, would fund voluntary tracking devices for children who have autism.

Schumer  (D-N.Y.), accompanied by Avonte’s mother and grandmother, Sunday to announce “Avonte’s Law.” The legislation would create a program that provides tracking devices and expands support services for families with autistic children.   Read the full story at CBS New York.


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I am a widower in Massachusetts . The Acushnet and Fairhaven school system has been poor in helping my son with autism...They call him retarded. They will not allow him in the lunch room . They will not allow him in the same school his sister went to...The Boston appeal told me they will not allow me a hearing!! stephensylvia319@yahoo.com


Looks like this is proposed federal legislation, not just for New York. The Department of Justice has agreed to fund tracking devices.


Following the death of an autistic teenager who walked away from his New York City school last year, the U.S. Department of Justice said Wednesday it will fund voluntary tracking devices for children with autism or other conditions that put them at risk for fleeing their caregivers.

The family of Avonte Oquendo and New York Sen. Charles Schumer had called last weekend for legislation to provide GPS tracking devices for autistic children and others with a tendency to bolt from parents or caregivers. On Wednesday, Schumer and the Justice Department said existing grant funds would be used.

Schumer's legislation was to have been called Avonte's Law. He said he would continue to push for the legislation in order to provide a stable funding stream. Schumer had put the cost of each monitor at about $85, plus a few dollars in monthly fees.

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