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USA Today Gives Couric A Lump Of Coal

Lump-Of-Coal-CachetteManaging Editor's Note: Katie Couric has delved into healthcare and safety issues in the past, most notably her campaign to encourage colonoscopies after her husband's death from colon cancer. Before her show was cancelled a few days ago, she aired a program with parents whose children had been injured by the Merck HPV (genital wart virus) vaccine called Gardasil. The pharma crackdown was swift and harsh. Families across the country are awakening to the draconian and patently un-American tactics used to sell and even force vaccination.  Of course, the vaccine injury denialists are misogynists to the core - attacking Ms. Couric, mothers (like many of us) and Jenny McCarthy.

Is Katie Couric taking Jenny McCarthy's place as the latest celebrity vaccine denier? If her show this week on the vaccine that prevents most types of cervical cancer is any indicator, the answer is "yes."

As someone who went through her own cervical cancer scare years ago, and as the mother of a 13-year-old girl who will be starting the vaccine series for the human papillomavirus, this is not what I expected from a journalist whose famed colonoscopy, televised in 2000, did much to publicize the best way to fight colon cancer. So why would a respected journalist create a faux controversy that could put young girls across the country at risk?

Couric is following in dangerous footsteps. The View co-host McCarthy has long promoted the idea that the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) her son received as an infant caused him to be autistic. She wrote books and appeared on TV urging parents not to vaccinate their children because she was convinced there was a link between the vaccines and autism, even though the science couldn't be clearer that she's wrong. McCarthy created a nationwide parental push-back on vaccinations that some doctors believe contributed to an increase in diseases such as whooping cough and measles.

Now it seems Couric is on that destructive bandwagon. And she is a much more powerful and trusted voice than McCarthy who, before her vaccine crusade, was known more for appearing in Playboy than for anything of substance.  Read the entire letter at USpharmAToday


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Katie Couric might have issued an apology for the show, but it is interesting that the conversation on her website still continues. Check out the latest reports of glass contaminants in Gardasil and answers to Dorit.

I'm sure that the network wanted Katie to end the conversation, or at least to propagandize and control it to be more HPV vaccine friendly. She did neither which speaks volumes for her real position.


This is odd - both on this article and on the KC site I can see my comments if I am not logged into FB but if I am logged into FB I can't see my comments. So, I have posted duplicate comments (since I didn't think they had gone through) but I can't delete the extras. Oh, well.


Dorit Reiss is the whole pharma mafia parading under one name.


Twyla, I think they did go through--links to interview with Dr. Harper, Sanevax, truthaboutgardasil, judicial watch, Gardasil and unexplained deaths, Japan times, etc. and then 3 posts of studies.

I think it's like the Katie Couric site, where you can't always see your own posts, for some reason.


Yesterday I tried a couple of times to post several comments, but only one went through.
I guess the others linked to unacceptable info.


John Stone;
It is a good variable that sometimes happens when some one high up is getting cancelled; there is that kick back that they might as well go ahead and report the real news.

Probably the greatest news story as Dan says involving two centuries -- So it is the story of two centuries how vaccines started out for the good to conquer all disease and instead they wiped out generations -- with just drug addiction - alone -- let us not even count autism.

Not an MD

I wish people knew the actual power they have through their wallets, and their votes, and their voices. That I have lived to witness the removal of high fructose corn syrup from Corn Flakes cereal, and the removal of artificial coloring from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is nothing short of amazing. Clearly, the manufacturers wanted to gain market share by catering to their customer base, and so they acted on the demands of their customers to keep them happy and purchasing their product.

We, the people, have the power to get our legislators to do the right thing, and sponsor and pass legislation we want. Parents of Gardasil-injured girls and boys need to call and meet with their state legislators. If their injured child is too ill to make an in-person visit to the district office of their elected representative, a video should be made of her/his condition post injury. Many pictures of the child pre-injury should also be provided to the legislators for a comparison of before and after. Parents need to demand that their legislators not mandate Gardasil as a school requirement, and not make laws that allow vaccination bypassing parental consent. Parents, along with their vaccine-injured children have the power to make this happen. The injuries from this particular vaccine are so ugly and so severe, they are undeniable. Healthy, athletic girls and boys are suddenly stricken, are suddenly having seizures, and are in wheelchairs? The one common factor is Gardasil? The Japanese were able to get this vaccine removed from the recommended list of vaccines in their country in this way. If they did it, so can we.

By the way, does anyone know what has happened in Israel after a top gynecologist spoke out against the planned and pending Gardasil vaccination program there? Did the Israelis ditch the program, or did they move forward with it? Inquiring minds want to know. Due to the media silence, I think they might have ditched it altogether. If they had gone forward, surely someone would have gloated about it somewhere by now, right?


It's also interesting to observe Dorit Reiss' computer technique.

Apparently, she is writing several posts at once, on Word or Pages, and then copy-pasting them to the website so that she can post several long comments within a minute or two.

December 10,2013
10;08 pm (87 words, 557 characters)
10:09 am (125 words, 822 characters)
!0:10 am (only 32 words, 246 characters)
10:10 pm (445 words, 2680 characters)

2 pm, December 24, 2013
3 separate comments, in a row, totalling 232 words, 1383 characters.

All posts attack the families claiming injury from Gardasil, VAERS, and The Greater Good film, execpt for one, which reiterates that vaccines are very safe, blah blah blah.

I suppose I'm just being naive, but I just can't get over that this person is a MOTHER,who rather than spending time with her own child, apparently likes to spend time hurting other mothers...

Gayle T

My cousin's daughter was severly injured by Gardasil. Her life has been turned upside down. Her family has felt helpless. I would hope no other family has to go through what they have been though. I pile on the praise for Katie Couric who is willing to expose the dark side of vaccines. People have a right to know, so they can make their own educated decisions.


The comments pretty much mirror the comments of Katie Couric's site, but on a much smaller scale--apparently, fewer people bother to read USAToday than Katie Couric's blog.

It's very interesting to contrast Twyla Ramos' comment with Brian Deer's, which follows hers by 1 hour.

Twyla Ramos:
"So, no discussion of vaccine safety issues should be allowed on TV? Should we also censor discussion of food poisoning or automobile defects? Should we not look into the causes of plane crashes? After all we don't want to scare people away from eating, driving or flying.

It is absolutely ridiculous for there to be outrage over this story. This story was good journalism. People can debate the pros and cons of the HPV vaccines, but don't say she should not have allowed these very serious reports of injury to see the light of day."

Brian Deer:
"Katie Couric would perform a greater public service with an item reporting on the enormous numbers of children who develop serious issues or even die, very soon after Christian baptism, or a trip to the zoo.

Can this association just be a coincidence? Maybe Katie's researchers could use the internet to find some anecdotes and put the parents on her program.

There's a lot out there, I'm sure."

I wonder if those with mainstream doctor-diagnosed and US Gov't-admitted and compensated vaccine injuries have any legal case against Mr. Deer for such comments? Perhaps it qualifies as a hate crime?

Heidi N

As much as the world is going down-hill fast from epidemics of numerous disabling conditions, if we keep getting prosecuted for voicing our opinions, we will become a police state, and quite frankly, yikes!!!

Victor Pavlovic

I wonder if they have any plans to do an interview with Katie about the pressure that was put on her after the the HPV vaccine episode for the movie bought.


i have noticed that these talk shows do not talk about vaccines, or autism. they wont get involved.

cia parker

Boycott public television too. Remember how Vaccine Wars was butchered several years ago to take out all sympthetic mentions of vaccine damage? And how Robert McNeil refused to side with his daughter Allison's account of her son's autistic reaction to vaccines three years ago?

cia parker

Jenny hasn't said it, but many of us do. There is not and cannot be a safe vaccine. How could there be? The whole point is to inflame the immune system enough that it is forced to produce antibodies to the substances inflaming it. They can't take aluminum out because its whole purpose is to keep the inflammation going for as many years as possible, because when it goes, so does the vaccine protection against the targeted disease. In pets it is well-known now that the aluminum in pet vaccines often forms a hard, long-lasting nodule that becomes the focal site of a malignant, aggressive cancer. How can anyone be comfortable with knowing that the aluminum still in many vaccines in large amounts is inside you constantly for many years, keeping the nervous system inflamed? Many people's, possibly everyone's, immune systems react with a level of inflammation that does severe, even fatal, damage. When it involves the brain, it is encephalitis, pure and simple. When it involves the immune system being sensitized to the antigens, whether the pathogens or all the other ingredients, chemicals, foreign proteins, antibiotics, it is autoimmune disease, and one or both of these results now obviously affects one in five vaccinated children in the U.S. and huge numbers of adults. Increasing numbers of parents have realized that there is no safe way to play vaccine roulette, have refused all vaccines for their children (I wish I could say our), and many of them say their unvaccinated children are much healthier than their vaccinated siblings and peers.


Cervical cancer rates in the USA are about 1.5% mostly in women in the 45-55 age group.

It will be about ...40 years... before they know if they have lowered this rate with tens of millions of HPV vaccines for girls starting at age 9 ... which is mandated in some states and can be "given to girls for free" in other states without the permission of their parents.

Gardasil has been banned in France, Japan and never even made it through testing in India...


a) Good for Katie for practicing real journalism and doing an investigative piece, with both sides represented. She, herself, did not provide an opinion.

b) Remember, folks, this is supposed to be a country where free speech, as long as it's not calling fire in a crowded room, is not defamatory, etc., is not only allowed but supposedly encouraged. Just because we disagree with someone does not make them automatically worthy of being fired or dismissing. This applies to political correctness too, like how the guy on Duck Dynasty was fired because he expressed his opinion that the LGBT lifestyle was wrong. He didn't go all racist on them, didn't say hateful speech, just expressed his opinion, or aren't we allowed to do that anymore?

We have to be capable of rational thought or we might as well throw in the towel now, and just accept whatever is handed down to us. Try not to be so reactionary.

John Stone

Even sitting in London I'd heard that Katie Couric's show was coming to an end next year well before the "controversial" episode went out (I heard she going to work for a yahoo news service). No doubt the vaccine lobby mob would like to crow that they got her off the air although this was already decided. No doubt they would have done if it hadn't been. Maybe this is why it is being reported as news even though it was already known.

Christine Cox

Yes, this is totally "crap". How much are the vaccine manufacturers paying YOU to write nonsense like this? Two very WRONG things jump out: "vaccine that prevents most types of cervical cancer" - no proof of that whatsoever. Time will tell whether it prevented any case of cervical cancer. 2: "the science couldn't be clearer that she's wrong." linking to another article like this one - that is not any scientific information whatsoever. And, "could put young girls across the country at risk?" Have you seen the VAERS reports on what has happened to girls who got this vaccine? How many more until this vaccine is outlawed!!!

Jeannette Bishop

It's ironic that this letter accuses Couric of just trying to boost ratings. High ratings are supposed to mean that viewers perceive they are getting benefit from watching a program, aren't they? One of the most useful pieces of information I heard was from developer Diane Harper telling us that the vax efficacy is likely about 5 years. Are we supposed to feel guilty that got out to a few people? I guess we were supposed to acquire that piece of info in about five years time so we can dutifully get a booster to not risk our first risk, I mean investment, with the initial vaccine series.

I've been following interviews given by World Bank whistleblower, Karen Hudes. Among many avenues she has worked attempting to clean up World Bank practices, she went to our "mainstream" media assuming a story as big as major corruption in the global financial institutions would get press. Apparently stories like hers get complete blackout instead. Now she goes on multiple "alternative" media venues and RT to tell her story and uses the phrase "state capture" to describe the situation we are under. She talks about how our corporate media are owned by the same people controlling the financial institutions. She often uses the term "super entity" taken from this study:

They seem to work for war for profit, debt-based economic slavery, controlled conflicts and groupings like our two-party system that divide us, limit our choices, but always work for them. The type of "healthcare" we seem to have must be coming from or heavily influenced by these same individuals IMO. It bears the same type of fruit.

The sooner the "mainstream" in media, and medicine, becomes appropriately marginalized to their true value to the majority of us the better IMO. But what happened with Syria is hopeful. Even though "both" parties were beating war drums and the media did it's best to sell a trumped up case for getting involved more than we already are (which has gone largely unreported except in "alternative" sources), most in the U.S. didn't swallow it or go along this time.

The "mainstream" is not getting high ratings of credibility in various polls either. Here's hoping there will soon be a broad enough market for real news under which people like Couric, Ben Swann, AoA-type web sites will be able to work financed adequately by more of the "little guys," instead of this "super entity" shaping our perceptions of the world and keeping us in the dark about some of the biggest harms to our well-being.

For Bob Moffitt

Chrissy D and Beth, I believe her show was going to not be renewed for next year anyways, before she even did this particular show. There was talk already about her joining up with AOL

For Bob Moffitt

Agreed, Bob. I also wonder if articles like these are just having the opposite effect of making Katie and her show's audience (including many who feel they were harmed by Gardasil in this case) wonder why all the faux outrage. It seems too much for something that is supposedly so safe and studied. It is likely angering them that so many commenters have had good questions regarding this vaccine, despite Dorit's thousand comments. I hope there will be more research as Shaw and Tomljenovitch have done in order to get to the facts.


They cancelled her show? Over this, I'm guessing?

USA Today is nothing more than something mindless to read in a hotel room. Still, it is very mainstream, and that's who they want to reach.


What should 'scare' the American public more than diseases or cancer is censorship. Why is no one else horrified that the mere discussion of vaccine side effects would result in a show's cancellation. We live in a society founded on free speech, yet our mainstream media is controlled and censored by corporate interests.


People should boycott all corporate TV, except for the public. TV offers no news and no true information only the barrage of lies and corporate propaganda. If you want to watch movies, it is better to subscribe to Netflix. At least one does not waste time on idiotic commercials. Get information only from independent internet media. We should bankrupt corporate media.


Jenny McCarthy has never, ever told anyone not to vaccinate their child. Ever.

John Stone

Perhaps Joanne Bamberger should try reading/watching The Crucible. Sickening, repulsive.

Bob Moffitt

Even by the low standards of USA Today .. this is a poorly written .. convoluted .. incomprehensible article .. seeking to demonize both Katie Couric and Jenny McCarthy .. for having the courage to "ask questions" regarding the "safety" of vaccines .. in Katie's case .. the HP vaccine.

How "poorly written"?

The author devotes an entire paragraph .. demonizing (former Playboy bunny) Jenny McCarthy for "writing books and appearing on TV urging parents not to vaccinate their children because .. Jenny (mom) McCarthy .. was she convinced there was a link between the vaccines and autism".

Memo to author .. Jenny McCarthy's position has NEVER been "anti-vaccines" .. she always been "pro (SAFE) vaccines" which is a COMMON SENSE position that every parent in the country would have to agree with. Including the author!

How "convoluted"?

After writing that "it's fair to raise questions of how we decide about vaccinating our children" and Katie mentioning that "her own daughters had the shots" .. the author then attacks Katie's credibility by quoting LA Times Michael Hiltzik .. "Merely to ask the questions is to validate them".

So .. which is it? "fair to ask questions" .. or .. "not"?

How "incomprehensible"?

The author criticized Katie's show for not "inviting Seth Mnookin, the author of "The Panic Virus: The True Story Behing the Vaccine-Autism Controversy".

Duhhhhh .. Katie's show was about the potential "risks" of the HPV vaccine .. having absolutely NOTHING to do with the unqualified "opinion" of Mr. Mnookin .. regarding the "vaccine-autism controversy". Which is why Katie's show invited Dr. Malica Marshall .. a well-respected pediatrician .. who actually recommends and administers the HPV vaccine to her patients.

How dare Katie not invite Seth .. the author .. instead of a "real doctor".

Desperation is the only word I can think of to describe why USA Today would even publish this crap.

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