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Regressive Autism

Mercury-vaccineBy Teresa Conrick

In 1933, Autism was in its infancy -- literally, as the first eleven children, later to be identified by Dr. Leo Kanner, were toddlers or not yet even born.  Vivian Murdock, the eldest, born in 1931, was most likely showing signs of the then, rare and bizarre “psychiatric” condition.    I call it psychiatric because Kanner, a psychiatrist, declared it a condition brought on by cold-hearted parents, “a frosty atmosphere, with two inapproachable strangers.”   He was so wrong. The common denominator for the eight children “found” thus far from those original eleven is mercury and vaccines.  Thimerosal, the vaccine mercury, was making its debut in different locations around the United States as a preservative in Diphtheria shots.  By age six, Vivian was gone from home and sent to a State Training School for the Feebleminded.  She died in a state-run home in 1987, at age 56.  Born in Baltimore, she would have been one of the initial six-month-olds to receive infant vaccinations with Thimerosal.  For seventy years, we have been witnesses to ever-increasing numbers of children succumbing to the DSM diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. 

Ironically, in 1933, some other doctors of psychiatry made this enlightening connection :

“(1933), wherein neuropathologist Armando Ferraro and clinical psychiatrist Joseph E. Kilman of the New York Psychiatric Institute wrote the following in Psychiatric Quarterly journal [1]:

‘It is far from our mind to conceive that all mental conditions have the same etiological factor, but we feel justified in recognizing the existence of cases of mental disorders which have as a basic etiological factor a toxic condition arising in the gastrointestinal tract.'

A toxic condition arising in the gastrointestinal tract?  That sounds more like the true “atmosphere” of autism.

My own daughter, Megan, diagnosed in 1995 as the epidemic really began its ascent, has had seizures, starting in her teens and then an autoimmune diagnosis a year later.  Her autism symptoms began not at birth but gradually appeared after each vaccination, most markedly after her MMR vaccine, when she broke out with a full body rash, fever, lost eye contact and then her words stopped.  This is called Regressive Autism but -- what is it?  Let’s look at evidence describing it and in doing so, let me share a quote:

“.....we sewed together separate lines of emerging research from multiple branches of medicine.”

And that is what we need to see with autism – so let’s take a look:


”By 1985 the incidence of regressive autism had equalled that from birth. By 1997 both types had increased although the regressive form was now >75% of the total occurrence. This suggests that an acquired condition was overtaking birth defects or purely genetic conditions……In the vast majority of cases, the emergence of autistic indications appears to happen in children who had developed normally[10,13,14], and before three years[15,16.]” 

“About one in three children with autism abruptly lose language, social or other developmental skills in their second year of life…..The results come from the synthesis of 85 studies published between 1980 and 2010 that examined regression, and include nearly 30,000 participants diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.”  

“In the largest study of brain development in preschoolers with autism to date, a study by UC Davis MIND Institute researchers has found that 3-year-old boys with regressive autism, but not early onset autism, have larger brains than their healthy counterparts…..The study found that accelerated head growth and brain enlargement was consistently observed only in the subset of children diagnosed with regressive autism.” 

“In light of major gaps in understanding of autism, a large case–control investigation of underlying environmental and genetic causes for autism and triggers of regression has been launched……Taken together, the literature suggests a prominent genetic component involving multiple gene loci, but also a likely contribution from both chemical and microbial agents.”  

So, a genetic component and, BOTH chemical and microbial agents.  Genes….what kind of genes? – Remember the quote – “we sewed together separate lines of emerging research from multiple branches of medicine”:

Genes….Genetics or Something Related

“To evaluate the frequency of autoimmune disorders, as well as various prenatal and postnatal events in autism, we surveyed the families of 61 autistic patients and 46 healthy controls using questionnaires. The mean number of autoimmune disorders was greater in families with autism; 46% had two or more members with autoimmune disorders”  

“To demonstrate how dysbiosis of the human microbiome can drive autoimmune disease.....The catastrophic failure of human metabolism observed in autoimmune disease results from a common underlying pathogenesis - the successive accumulation of pathogens into the microbiome over time, and the ability of such pathogens to dysregulate gene transcription, translation, and human metabolic processes. ..We now know that the microbial cells in a human body outnumber human cells by at least a factor of ten.[5] In addition, many species survive by horizontal gene transfer and sharing of community functions.[6] In fact, the bacterial genomes which have been fully sequenced show around 5%-45% of their genes have been acquired through this horizontal gene transfer.[2].....

….Eventually, as more pathogens are incorporated into the microbiome and levels of dysbiosis increase, people begin to present with symptoms characteristic of an autoimmune or inflammatory diagnosis......There is increasing evidence that autoimmune diseases run in families due to the sharing of common microbes.... The microbiome a child develops is a direct reflection of those harbored by the mother and close relatives.  Microbes are introduced by a multitude of sources including the placenta, sperm,egg, breast milk, and vaginal canal.[37] …. Autoimmune diseases are more likely passed in families due to inheritance of the familial microbiome than inheritance of Mendelian genetic abnormalities.”

We need to sew that into the emerging research for AUTISM.  Genes, that is human genes, may not be the driving force in these patients and their families.  But what might cause this dysbiosis of the human microbiome?

The Big Piece Mercury Plays In Autism

“Mercury poisoning is an insidious process. In general the symptoms do not appear immediately upon exposure, although they may in especially sensitive individuals or in cases of excessive exposure. The initial preclinical stage is followed by the development of symptoms of mercury poisoning over a period which may last from weeks, months, and years[235–237]. Consequently, mercury given in vaccines to very young children would not be expected to lead to a recognizable disorder, except for subtle signs, before age 6-12 months, and might not emerge for several years[233].” 

“On average, for each 1,000 lb of environmentally released mercury, there was a 43% increase in the rate of special education services and a 61% increase in the rate of autism”

“Population risks associated with persistent low-level mercury exposure have recently begun to be of concern and current reports implicate environmental mercury as a potential contributor in the etiology of various developmental and neurodegenerative diseases including autism and Alzheimer's disease…..The relative risk of autism is greater in the geographic areas of higher levels of ambient mercury.” 

“In rodent models exposure to inorganic and organic mercury has a range of immunotoxic effects, functionally associated with decreased cell-mediated immunity and the induction of autoimmunity”

 HHS and NIH  Report The Dangers Of Mercury – Is This Autism?

“Mercury Contamination and Its Potential Roles In Antibiotic Resistance and Infectious Disease”     

  • “This presentation will describe the mechanisms of action and potential relationships of environmental mercury contamination to infectious diseases”
  •  “Continuing intentional use of mercury and its compounds as medicines…..”
  • “Effects on the human immune response to infectious agents at these increased mercury levels are not well established. However, other adverse health effects associated with mercury related immunotoxicity have been confirmed.”
  • “Immunotoxic effects of mercury have been observed in animals at some of the lowest dose to effect ratios yet described (0.04μg/kg body weight).”

And here’s where it gets even more interesting as we look at autism:

  • “In addition to its well-known neurotoxicity, mercury is a potent immunomodulator that can impair the body’s response to infectious agents such as parasites.”
  • “Mercury may reduce the immune response to diseases in exposed populations.”
  • “Mercury contamination in an environment favors selection and proliferation of resident bacteria that are resistant to mercury’s toxicity. Bacteria that are sensitive to mercury and antibiotics can rapidly acquire resistance from resistant bacteria by plasmid transfer…”

What can that mean?  Mercury can kill, maim, or can make fighting infections much harder and actually help some microbes become more powerful.  Can we see that in autism?

“Our study is the first to report a correlation between biomarkers (ANA and ANoA) and mercury exposure in humans. In addition, co-exposures to mercury and infectious diseases, including malaria, may set the stage for eliciting discernible alterations in immune function…”     

Mercury can also interact with bacteria in the environment to cause the very dangerous methylmercury  and now….that same process has been seen in the gut of humans:

“We showed for the first time that many different types of bacteria are able to produce this potent neurotoxin,” Elias said. “The newly identified microbes include methane-producing organisms that live in rice paddies, anaerobic wastewater treatment plants, northern peat lands and possibly within our bodies……..Elias and colleagues are testing a bacterium from the human intestine that they predict will also methylate mercury.”

In this study, we conducted experiments to examine the oxidation and methylation of dissolved elemental mercury [Hg(0)] by the anaerobic bacterium Desulfovibrio desulfuricans…… The results of this work demonstrate a previously unrecognized pathway in the mercury cycle, whereby anaerobic bacteria produce MeHg when provided with dissolved Hg(0) as their sole Hg source.”

And guess what has been found in the GI tract of autism patients?

Desulfovibrio species are potentially important in regressive autism.”

“Additional evidence for impaired heavy metal excretion in individuals with ASDs is that urine samples taken from those with ASDs studied had significantly less amounts of mercury than controls… Desulfovibrio was of special note, because even though it represented a very small proportion of the total bacterial population (less than 0.3%), its proportion was 10 times higher in individuals with ASDs versus healthy controls.

[27]….. In a study on Desulfovibrio desulfuricans conducted in two anaerobic bioreactors (chemostats) with 14 common intestinal bacteria species, it was found that Desulfovibrio could cause significant changes in the bacterial ecosystem…. From the chemostat study[41], it seems likely that elevated growth of Desulfovibrio  could cause compositional changes in at least Bifidobacterium that could lead to autism pathogenesis…..”

The picture becomes clearer that mercury and microbes have a horrific synergy in autism. 

What About Vaccines In That Picture?

“Indeed, in the USA, the number of reported AEFI [Adverse Events Following Immunization] (registered by the vaccine adverse event reporting system-VAERS) exceeded the incidence of most preventable childhood diseases combined [3]…..New experimental research designed to model low-dose exposure relevant to vaccines has established proof-of-concept that Thimerosal-Hg has the potential to produce nonclinical effects in the central nervous system [17] not contemplated by AEFI [Adverse Events Following Immunization].”

The following quotes from- What is regressive autism and why does it occur? Is it the consequence of multi-systemic dysfunction affecting the elimination of heavy metals and the ability to regulate neural temperature? 

” The development of normal immune function appears to cease in the second year and is linked to the schedule of vaccines[17] and/or the MMR vaccine[18,19]. “Furthermore enhanced susceptibility to virus infection by vaccines is documented[107]. This could enable tougher strains to flourish[108]…… Vaccines are not entirely safe. The currently used vaccines are merely less unsafe than previous vaccines[109,110] e.g.

“The Urabe strain of mumps vaccine in the MMR vaccine was replaced by the Jeryl Lynn mumps strain in response to reports from Japan linking the Urabe strain used, in the MMR vaccine, with high levels of meningoencephalitis.”

“The Pluserix-MMR and Immramax-MMR vaccines were withdrawn because of reports of mild transient meningitis. The withdrawal of the smallpox vaccination led to a reduction in the incidence of TB.”

“The MMR vaccine has been linked to autism, Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease[142,143] and other serious chronic stomach problems[144], epilepsy, brain damage including meningitis[145,146], cerebral palsy, pancreatitis[147] and diabetes mellitus[148–150], encephalopathy, encephalitis[151,152], hearing and vision problems, arthritis, behavioural and learning problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, Guillain-Barre syndrome, idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), leukaemia, multiple sclerosis, and death.”

“Different strengths of vaccine[115] carry risks which affect age groups or sexes differently.”

Ethylmercury decreases IFN-gamma release.

In brain tissue, IFN-ã [ IFN-gamma] is both necessary and sufficient to clear MV.[Measles Virus]"

No vaccine is perfectly safe or effective

Back to Megan and the thousands like her.  Is regression in autism the immune system in a constant battle?  Pathogenic infections take over – mercury insult, and then the dominoes fall?  Following the trail of research and connecting it, the picture is no longer of a developmental disability but a monumental, manmade, medical tragedy for too many.

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


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Teresa Conrick

Dear Elena,

I am so sorry. You might be interested in my article today.

Feel free to email me at tconrick@gmail.com

Elena Adamoy

My son was nornal till 3 and ahalf . He was hospitalised with mysterious viruses and ear infections . He often stayed awake anight in pain with intestinal problems he was a very difficult baby . But hr went on to speak small sentences , we thought he couldn't hear well , was advised by a vonsultant ENT specialist to have grommets fitted . Shortly after that, within
a week, he regressed , lost all language , and kept pointing to his mouth in horror , as if he knew . Then the hand flapping started , and spinning and he became agressive and MRI shows a normal but slightly enlarged brain . All other tests for chromosomal gene avnormalities are normal . Today my son is in a full placement residential home , he is non-verbal, double incontinent, self injurious and has many sensory issues . Life has become very difficult , he attacks his younger brother and me. Life is hard there are no answers anywhere .


"Wow. You, Bernard Rimland, Andy Wakefield, and Sallie Bernard all deserve to share a Nobel Prize in Medicine.Any other nominees guys? Let's get our dream list going."

Doctor Andrew Moulden has IMO shown us the prime mechanism with which "vaccination" induces harm into our children with EACH and EVERY "vaccination". This occurs without regard to the toxins contained in the "vaccination". Of course no sane human would inject mercury, aluminum et al into ANYONE; that is a whole separate issue.

"ALL vaccines are and have been causing ischemic (impaired blood flow) damages - to all - creating a plethora of chronic illnesses, disease, and in some instances...death. The injury from vaccination is additive, each vaccination further injures.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD



"How is it possible that our "pediatricians" can be so brain dead and cowardly?"

The "pediatricians" do not know this but I believe in my heart of hearts that the Pediatrician class has been suborned by our masters to, to put it bluntly, inject toxins into perfectly healthy babies until those perfectly healthy babies were no longer perfectly healthy.

A healthy baby, has little need of a doctor of any sort. Mothers need to figure out the needs of their "sick" babies IMO. Grandmothers are the PRIME source of this information. Our babies are our responsibility. The "pediatricians" have PROVEN they are not to be trusted as a class. Yes you may have a good pediatrician; God bless you and her/him.


"I am a convinced mom that my son has regressive autism because he too had reactions after getting his vaccines. He had full body convulsions within 10 minutes of getting his shots at 3 months and 12 months. At 6 months he was hospitalized about 6 hours after getting his vaccines for respiratory issues (he had a slight cold the day he was vaccinated). At 15 months he got his MMR with other shots and screamed for three days straight."

It is so heart breaking to keep reading your story.

IMO your son was probably a perfectly normal baby. Your son did not have "regressive autism" he had progressive "vaccination". Any "pediatrician" who cannot solve this simple problem deserves a fate I cannot describe. How is it possible that our "pediatricians" can be so brain dead and cowardly?

Please if your child has ANY adverse reaction to ANY "vaccination" take a year or so off from all "vaccination" and study your behind off as to why this happened. Please share your information, especially with YOUNG mothers or mothers to be. If we have learned anything it is that we CANNOT TRUST our children's lives with ANYONE. IMO especially the state, the Medical Industrial Complex and the public schools.


"Brilliantly assembled sources - well done as ever Teresa, John"

Truly a tour de force Teresa. You have put together the pieces and they present us with with the material to assemble good guidelines with which to prevent autism and the ASDs in our children.

Any mother can draw up her rules for Autism/ASDs Prevention. Formulating your OWN rules and following through is a precious gift ONLY YOU can give your children and hopefully other children.

Simply READ and REREAD this paper for more incentive.

"In New Delhi, India, prior to 2000, ASD/PDD (autism spectrum disorder/pervasive developmental disorder) symptoms were rare – typically only occurring in children who were vaccinated abroad. However, after the Indian pediatricians began recommending, in 2000, the addition of triple-dose Thimerosal-preserved Hib (Haemophilis influenza B) and Hep B (hepatitis B) vaccination programs to the existing Thimerosal-preserved triple dose DTP (diphtheria toxin, tetanus toxin and pertussis toxins) vaccination program recommended by the Government of India, the incidence of a childhood ASD/PDD diagnosis increased to 2 % to 4 % of vaccinated New Delhi children.” Doctor Paul King PhD


Yes there are a LOT of factors in autism.

Think of it this way. We have millions of children swimming in a vast swimming pool. Some are excellent swimmers, some are good swimmers, some are fair swimmers, some are barely keeping their noses above water. Some cannot swim; these non-swimming children are more or less regulated to medical care.

Once a month or so we add a say 10 gram weight to the back of each child even most of the children who CANNOT swim.

Do all the swimming children sink? Of course not; do some sink YES. If we keep adding the 10 grams each month will MANY if not most, of the children eventually sink. YES!

Warrior Mom

I am a convinced mom that my son has regressive autism because he too had reactions after getting his vaccines. He had full body convulsions within 10 minutes of getting his shots at 3 months and 12 months. At 6 months he was hospitalized about 6 hours after getting his vaccines for respiratory issues (he had a slight cold the day he was vaccinated). At 15 months he got his MMR with other shots and screamed for three days straight. I believe this vaccine was the most damaging. Each time we lost a little of him. By 22 months his language skills had REGRESSED to that of a 2 month old. Our son's pediatrician kept telling us after each event that our son was fine. Our son is 14 yo now and we've worked hard to gain back some language, although to most people it is unintelligible. He struggles severely with his attention which makes it near impossible for him to focus to learn.

Our son's pediatrician never filed a VAERS but I did once I realized and linked all of the vaccine reactions together. I know our son will never be compensated for his vaccine-inflicted, lifelong disability because of the massive cover-up by our government and vaccine manufacturers.

What needs to happen to make our voices heard LOUDER? I'm so incredibly frustrated that we (the families and supporters) have not been able to get vaccine manufacturers and the CDC to compensate us for damages and lifelong care costs for our beloved
family members damaged by vaccines.

Jim Thornton

Nice work Teresa!!
Give Meg a hug. I am with Eri tonight wishing she too would have never have been injected with the poison injected in her.



This was a very good article.

It makes you reach for the home made pickles and yogurt or kefir -- opps except there is that cross reaction --food allergy to wheat that caused the immune sytem to also react to casein or coffee or ---- peanuts

But maybe that food allergy is from a leaky gut that the regular bacteria would not have allowed.

Really it is getting dizzy - As we simple parents try to figure it out and the rest of the medical people look on with mild or no curiosity.

Shell Tzorfas

The vaccines are the forced drugging of children containing Aluminum, thimerosal (Mercury) Peanut by products, cells of Dogs, caterpillars, cows, pigs, fetal tissue, MSG, ether and more. Which ones sound healthy to you?http://preventdisease.com/news/13/112313_More-Children-Getting-Shot-Ready-to-Talk-About-Real-Root-Cause-Now.shtml


@Bob Moffit:

Dr. Blaylock has been saying, "It's not just the mercury, folks" FOR AGES.

I realize baby steps need to be taken to get those within our political factions to understand the multiple layers of issues with our vaccination program and that the mercury issue is but ONE way to start that process of understanding.

Fact is we now have MORE than one generation of adults/children who are born with skewed immune systems, such as our son. Th1 and Th2 levels are skewed AT BIRTH with many, these days. Blaylock discusses why this is so, in his lectures.

I'm one of those moms who had a son who clearly, in looking back, had skewed Th1 and Th2 levels...AT BIRTH. And I dare say MOST, if not all autism families, have the same issue; they just didn't know it. How would they?

But our UNDER-EDUCATED, indoctrinated, conditioned through fear pediatricians (or most of them) remain absolutely clueless about any of this.

Pediatricians know little about the immune system, not nearly enough to understand how vaccines impact the immune system (and at what stages of development they impact the system) on a molecular level.

And of course, these same pediatricians are INDOCTRINATED into accepting anything and everything their medical trade unions tell them to. Pediatricians as a whole, are certainly not enlightening themselves with the research of other physicians out there who dare to speak about some of these issues, such as Dr. Blaylock.

Martha Moyer

My son was born with autism and never regressed. He started saying words late but never really learned to effectively communicate like most people do...conversing about their work or their interests...their religion or experiences with life. At the age of 40 he continues to learn a little bit more about communicating. I feel there are many reasons why people have autism and it could be vaccines for some but not my son. There are a number of things I think may have caused his autism such as having been born posterior and he caught his chin on a lip of the cervex and had to be pulled out. I think that because I played in a contaminated creek as a child that contributed. I think the soot that drifted over the area from a nearby cement plant impacted him. He had autism a long time before he had a vaccination.

Bob Moffitt

@ Bayarea's mom:

Brilliant article, but you all do understand that it's NOT just the mercury that is at issue here?

Amen to that .. but .. I think Theresa is a whole lot closer to the TRUTH .. than UCLA clinical psychiatrist Daniel Siegel .. who has just written a book .. as the father of two teens at home .. "giving a glimpse into the adolescent mind" and a "better understanding of brain science".

The professor's book has been reviewed .. in this article .. only a few days ago .. published in the NY Post .. in a column by Susanna Calahan .. titled: "Why your teen is crazy".


Opening paragraph:

"Thanks to emerging adolescent brain research, we are learning that many reckless, erratic, downright befuddling teen behaviors (twerking, et al) might have more to do with their not-yet-fully mature brains than just bad parenting.

Speaking about the "evolving teen-age brain":

"During this key time in brain development, there’s a “burst of growth and maturation taking place as never before in our lives,” Siegel writes.

Such as .. according to Siegel .. chemical or toxic substances that can distort or interfere with the "myelination" process .. that is critical to provide the natural "maturation" of a teenager .. thereby disrupting the teenager's own ability to prevent the "over abundance of synapses" .. which complicates the "connections necessary between neurons".

My goodness .. Professor Siegel may be onto "something" that
Theresa has been writing about for about a decade.

And .. you are right Bayarea mom .. and .. I suspect Theresa would agree .. it's not just mercury.


Brilliant article, but you all do understand that it's NOT just the mercury that is at issue here? Dr. Russell Blaylock has stated this repeatedly in his many lectures; so had Sherri Tenpenny and others of whom have studied this issue.

John Stone

Brilliantly assembled sources - well done as ever Teresa, John

Carolyn Flannery

Wow. You, Bernard Rimland, Andy Wakefield, and Sallie Bernard all deserve to share a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Any other nominees guys? Let's get our dream list going. . .


a classic from Dan and Mark

...Seventy-three years ago, Elizabeth Peabody Trevett, a pediatrician and pioneer in promoting mass vaccination for infants, gave birth to a boy named John who became the seventh child ever diagnosed with autism. She presumably vaccinated her baby, and perhaps herself while pregnant, with the same shots she administered to her own patients. One of those shots, the newly developed diphtheria toxoid, was the first to contain the ethyl mercury preservative, thimerosal.


Laura Hayes

Teresa, you are brilliant. I hereby nominate you to be the head of the IACC. No, let's go ahead and make that the head of HHS.

Maurine Meleck

Just excellent review. Thank, thank you Teresa.


The hypothesis of a vicious synergy between mercury and microbes sounds like a fascinating track ! Of notice is the following, extracted from the article from Finegold SM. you indicated : "If these results on Desulfovibrio are confirmed and extended in other studies,..., this could lead to ... , development of a vaccine for prevention and treatment of regressive autism, ..."

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