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Dachel Media Review: China Hep B Vaccine Infant Death

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary after the jump.

Dec 24, 2013, UK Daily Mail: Drug maker investigated by Chinese authorities following the deaths of several babies that had received hepatitis B vaccine

Dec 24, 2013, Medical News Today: Infections diagnosed in hospital and autism risk

Dec 23, 2013, Journal-News Martinsburg, WV: Jefferson County Schools, Grafton center team up to help autistic kids

Dec 22, 2013, Fox 13 Salt Lake City: Local business raises thousands of dollars for autistic students

Dec 23, 2013, Los Angeles Times: Autistic activists out to change assumptions about disorder

Dec 21, 2013, Huffington: Americans Have Little Faith In Scientists, Science Journalists: Poll
Dec 18, 2013, UC Davis: MIND Institute research named a Top 10 Scientific Advance for 2013 by Autism Speaks

UK Daily Mail 

A drug manufacturer is being investigated by health experts in China who are looking into a possible link between the death of several babies and Government vaccines.

A team of government investigators has been sent to Biokangtai, a drug maker based in the southern city of Shenzhen, state broadcaster China Central Television said, amid growing public concern about the safety of its products.

The probe was launched after provincial and health authorities separately reported that since November, around a half-dozen babies died shortly after they received hepatitis B vaccines made by Biokangtai. . .

Repeated calls to Biokangtai's Shenzhen headquarters were disconnected after a few rings. In a statement earlier this month, the company said it was confident in the safety of its products and that the deaths could be caused by underlying diseases that were incubating in the babies and coincidentally started showing symptoms after the inoculations.

'Coincidental diseases arise the most easily and are the easiest to misinterpret,' the statement on Biokangtai's website said.

A senior government expert in diseases said vaccine-related deaths could be due to coincidence, but that Biokangtai was not in the position to make an objective assessment.

'We should not treat the company's statement like a conclusion,' Dr. Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist with the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a phone interview.

'They may be trying to protect their self-interest. Or they may have a lot of confidence in their product.'

I was stunned to read that that the epidemiologist at China's version of the CDC wasn't being a spokesperson for the vaccine maker.  'Self-interest'....something we'd never hear from a U.S. heath official when speaking of a drug company.

Medical News Today

A new study finds that hospital-diagnosed bacterial infections in pregnancy are associated with a higher risk of autism spectrum disorders.

Researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research report their findings in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

The study brings new evidence on the role of infection in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and suggests further areas to explore. . . .

"Only bacterial infections diagnosed in the hospital were associated with an increased risk."

Their analysis showed pregnant women with bacterial infections diagnosed in the hospital (such as of the genitals, urinary tract and amniotic fluid) had a 58% higher risk of delivering a child with ASD.

Although not very common in the group they studied, having an infection diagnosed during a hospital stay that occurred in the second trimester of pregnancy was linked to a three-fold increase of having children who developed ASD.

IT'S THE HOSPITAL'S FAULT!! I'm sure the goal here is to propose SO MANY POSSIBLE CAUSES FOR AUTISM that we can never know for sure what caused it in your child's case. Lots of places on the spectrum....lots of possible causes.

The mystery continues..........

Journal-News Martinsburg, WV

Jefferson County Schools has teamed up with Grafton Integrated Health Network to better serve students in Jefferson County who are affected by autism spectrum disorders.

The partnership started taking shape over the summer, when Kristen Martin, principal at T.A. Lowery Elementary School, began to work with the Jefferson County public school system. By the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, students with behavioral problems related to autism were able to receive the attention and help they needed in a special classroom staffed by T.A. Lowery teachers and a behavioral analyst from Grafton.

Grafton provides support for individuals with a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems. There are programs available for children, adolescents and adults including residential psychiatric treatment, short-term stabilization, educational services and outpatient treatments.

In the past, students who had difficulty functioning in a general classroom setting and needed the type of help Grafton provides would generally leave the public school system and go to private schools at Grafton centers. Students from Jefferson County could be bused as far away as Berryville, Va., or Winchester, Va.

"The nice thing for our students at T.A. and other students that are in Jefferson County schools is that if students maybe needed some extra support, one of the options would be to go to Grafton and attend school at Grafton," Martin said. "The difference is Grafton is here and their classroom is housed at T.A. Lowery, so there's no interruption with busing or the school day for the students and the parents."

The Grafton program at T.A. Lowery currently serves four students. A similar partnership with Grafton is in place at Charles Town Middle School.

"Not only do we have a special education-trained teacher and and aide, but we have a board-certified behavioral analyst 10 hours a week," said Kim Sanders, executive vice president and chief outcomes officer for Grafton. "The people we have placed in these public schools have had years of experience working at Grafton, so they have experience working with some of the most challenging students. Aside from their college education, they have real-life experience working with tough kids." . . .

"We have students here with disabilities, and some of the behaviors they present are pretty challenging so they can be pretty severe at times and pretty frequent. We can spend a good part of the day dealing with those behaviors, and you wouldn't see that in most public school classrooms," Johnson said.


The comments are interesting. No one can tell us why this is happening.

Fox 13, Salt Lake City

Employees at Clear Horizons Academy in Orem are thankful for the season of giving after they received a generous donation that will help children with autism.

Carol Walker of the Clear Horizons Academy said Utah has a higher incidence of autism than most states.

"The numbers for autism nationally are one in 88," Walker said. "In Utah, they're one in 47."

Those statistics are part of the reason Brent Brown Toyota decided to help raise funds for the academy. The project began last year, and this year the funds raised totaled four times more than last year's efforts.

"By the time it was done, we had raised over $21,000 from our employees and then a matching contribution from Brent Brown," said George Brown, of Brent Brown Toyota.

FOX 13 News' Hope Woodside has more on this story, see the video above for her report.

We're told about a boy who is able to "have a relationship with his family and others"....and this doesn't bother people?

What about the parents who can't say this?

It's amazing to listen to these comments and realize the our health officials DO NOT SEE AUTISM AS A CRISIS.

"The rates for autism are so high, in order to really move the needle with these children, it has to be very small student to teacher ratio."

"Autism is not the end of your life. . . . "

Los Angeles Times

Ido Kedar belongs to a rare confederacy.

Diagnosed with autism when he was a child, Kedar - now 17 and a junior at Canoga Park High School - refuses to be defined by his disorder and joins a number of other autistic activists who are out to redefine popular assumptions about intelligence and disability.

"Who are we?" Kedar recently wrote on his blog, "Ido in Autismland." "Silent fighters, that's who.. It is time to be advocating for ourselves. Why forever must the theories of scholars be listened to over the people with autism themselves?"

So what about the parents of children who can't speak and are sick, whose kids have meltdowns and are in diapers as teenagers?

Are they defined by their disorder? Should they? Or is this just another way of being.

It's bizarre how we try to explain what's happening..................

"Mostly unable to speak"???? What does that mean? Shouldn't we be asking WHY PEOPLE CAN'T SPEAK?

The LA Times is telling us 'non-verbal people with autism need to be liberated.'

This is another push for neuro-diversity. We need to accommodate people who don't talk...........

Does that also include violent autistic adults? Ones who wander away, are a danger to themselves? Ones who are physically very ill with things like seizures?

Oh, just give them iPads and letter boards. It seems that those higher on the spectrum don't want to be defined by those who are lower.

That's fine, but what do we do with the severe kids? Is the LA Times telling us that, regardless of where an individual is on the spectrum, we just need to listen to people with autism and not look upon this as a problem?

Should we just adjust somehow to a world where being non-verbal is just the way some people are?

I'm confused. But the LA Times does let me post anymore.


How much faith do Americans have in scientists and science journalists? Not a whole lot, a new survey finds.

In a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, only 36 percent of Americans reported having "a lot" of trust that information they get from scientists is accurate and reliable. Fifty-one percent said they trust that information only a little, and another 6 percent said they don't trust it at all.

Science journalists fared even worse in the poll. Only 12 percent of respondents said they had a lot of trust in journalists to get the facts right in their stories about scientific studies. Fifty-seven percent said they have a little bit of trust, while 26 percent said they don't trust journalists at all to accurately report on scientific studies.

What's more, many Americans worry that the results of scientific studies are sometimes tainted by political ideology -- or by pressure from the studies' corporate sponsors.

A whopping 78 percent of Americans think that information reported in scientific studies is often (34 percent) or sometimes (44 percent) influenced by political ideology, compared to only 18 percent who said that happens rarely (15 percent) or never (3 percent).

This was my comment:


Even though drug companies have a huge influence over media outlets because of their advertising dollars and even though they've certainly given us years of study findings on vaccines and autism---parents aren't buying it.

The media has done a pathetic job of reporting on this issue. Most of the time they ignore all the parents who claim their children were born healthy and were just fine until they were vaccinated AND they refuse to cover the doctors and scientists who say that there are serious problems with the schedule.

No one EVER asks who funded the official study. No one wants to know what drug industry ties the authors of the study have. No one mentions the pharma connections of the institution where the study was done.


No one can ever say a study was INDEPENDENT.

The message here is clear: the public can't trust experts and the media to tell us the truth.

UC Davis

(Video) Virginia Chaidez: "What's causing that? That's really the next step."

Chaidez repeats several times that parents have been saying this for years and doctors need to recognize that the condition is 3 times more likely to occur with autism. After twenty years of an epidemic growth in autism, researchers are finally looking into this critical issue. Will it be another twenty years before they can get us a reason why healthy kids suddenly develop bowel disease along with autism? Or is this just more of the mystery?

And is this just too close to what Andrew Wakefield has been saying for years?


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Trouble for the Conservative Party in Canada?
"Why Steven Harper Hates Evidence Based Science" (Huffington Post)


Thanks for the link. Went to the NYPost article link at the bottom and found that there was only one line dropped off the one you gave:

"Han agreed last month not to seek government contracts for three years, the register said."

So this scientist deliberately falsifies research in order to obtain a $19 million dollar grant and his punishment is to be side lined from grants for 3 years? If a person who is starving to death is caught stealing a loaf of bread that person is thrown in jail. What is going on?


Bob Moffitt

UK Daily Mail quotes Dr. Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist with China Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

"We should not treat the company's statement like a conclusion .. They may be trying to protect their self-interest. Or they may have a lot of confidence in their product."

Anne is quite correct to note stark difference between China's CDC statement regarding their on going (independent) investigation of a vaccine suspected of causing deaths in children who received it .. and .. the "corporate cronyism" that presently exists between US CDC and the vaccine industry.

Indeed, in the US .. how likely is it for the CDC .. responsible for recommending and approving vaccines .. to vigorously investigate similar claims of deaths following vaccines .. when it is obviously in their own best interests not to do so?

How did this happen? How in God's name did I come to believe a historically repressive regime like China .. may actually have a more reliable CDC than in my own country?

Yet .. every time I see that photo of a young Chinese man .. courageously standing in Tinaniman (?) Square .. in front of a menacing .. advancing Chinese tank .. armed with nothing more than a briefcase in hand .. I think of .. Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Why is that?


Regarding the L.A. Times article…

Put yourself in Ido's shoes. For years people thought he was mentally retarded. His kind of autism is not a matter of intellectual disability but rather an inability to control his body well, especially the inability to form verbal words. For years he was in special ed classes where people taught on a very simple level and talked down to him. He was not able to express what he thought and felt.

One day his mom was trying to get him to help write party invitations, writing hand over hand, and she realized that his hand was actually moving of his own accord! Gradually he learned to spell out words on a letter board, and then to type. At first only his mom believed that he could write, then his dad was won over, then it became increasingly evident to anyone who knew him that he was indeed writing, communicating, expressing his own thoughts and feelings.

He has a wonderful blog:

He has written a wonderful book:

This is truly something to celebrate. And we can learn a lot from his book. You can look inside his book on the above link at . He talks about so many things - sensory issues, impulsivity, and more.

Autism is a spectrum. Not every article must be about vaccine damage and biomedical treatments and severe disability. We should embrace the spectrum, just as the neurodiversity advocates should embrace the spectrum.

Another L.A. Times article about Ido is here:,0,7512437.htmlstory#axzz2oe31Kz2W

One of Ido's most important messages is that there can be more to a person than meets the eye. That is what so many have found who watched their children emerge from autism with biomedical treatments. There is a lot of common ground here.

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