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Ben Swann On America's Government Run Vaccine Court and Autism

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Note:  Ben Swann interviewed our own Mark Blaxill.  Please comment at the YouTube video as well as here.  Thanks.

The claims that autism is caused by vaccines have been completely disproven, right? We have all heard that claim, maybe most famously by actress and model Jenny McCarthy.

But is the claim untrue? What if I told you that while HHS says there is no link between autism and vaccinations, the federal government has quietly awarded families of autistic children damages as a result of vaccine injuries?

The first step toward truth is to be informed.

The story we are talking about today is something that just doesn’t get attention from the mainstream media, and on the rare occasion when it does, the story is predictable. Scandal surrounding a doctor who claims autism and vaccines are linked. The bizarre parents who believe that their child has autism because of a vaccine, a claim clearly not based in science.

But is there more to this story than what the media has told you?

The real story behind vaccines begins in 1986...

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In case anyone is interested, Ben Swann discusses vaccine court coverage by his Truth in Media Project and congressional hearings on The Tom Woods Show, 22:12-23:44:

The question setting up discussion is around 20:25.

Great job!! Easy to understand, thats says a lot in a short amount of time BRAVO!!

Hi Carol,

Yes, I had to read that carefully. In the end I concluded that it meant that Jenny McCarthy had prominently made the claim that vaccines cause autism not the claim that they didn't. Perhaps, in media terms she is indeed the most prominent person to have done so. Lots of even more famous people have denied it -to their discredit.


"The claims that autism is caused by vaccines have been completely disproven, right? We have all heard that claim, maybe most famously by actress and model Jenny McCarthy."


What is the Learned Intermediary Doctrine?

"The concept is simple: a manufacturer of prescription medications and devices discharges its duty to warn users of the risks associated with its products by warning the prescribing physician of the proper use and risks of the manufacturer’s product. That is, the prescription drug manufacturer’s duty to warn runs to the doctor, not the patient or public."

Always read the package insert YOURSELF!

Yes. MOST of this world has gone mad. There are reasons and answers for everything, Bob. Most folks, though, don't want to explore further after they've reached certain levels of understanding. They keep asking, 'Why,' instead of proceeding further as to their understanding as to why these things are happening.

So WHY WOULD certain folks allow this so-called "Learned Intermediary Doctrine" to be exercised and thrust upon an unknowing public? WHY?

There IS a reason. The answer's right's just too hard to wrap one's head around. Truth can really be a bitch, but truth is truth.

Why wouldn't someone want most of us to be able to exercise our humanitarian/constitutional right to informed consent?

Why, indeed...

I had no idea there was such a scam as the "Learned Intermediary" Doctrine .. which allows vaccine manufacturers to bear "no liability for giving or failing to give accurate or complete information for those vaccinated"?

This is a joke .. right?

Surely no one in his right mind .. especially those elected to represent the best interest of the people they serve .. believes this "doctrine" would serve in the best interest of protecting our national health?

Indeed, what possible purpose would this "Doctrine" serve ..other than allowing vaccine manufacturers to ... lie, decieve and otherwise avoid giving parents information that is


Has the entire world gone mad????

Outstanding. Three thumbs up!

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