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Dachel Media Review: Ethics of Surgical Alteration, Therapy, Mom

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's comments and see the links to the articles after the jump.

Oct 1, 2013, The Olympian (Olympia, WA): Get facts on vaccinations to protect kids, others

Sept 30, 2013, International Business Times: Surgery To Stop Autistic Boy's Screaming Tic Raises Ethical Questions

Sept 30, 2013, Penn State News: Science trumps junk in treating autism

Sept 29, 2013, Springfield (IL) State Journal-Register: Therapy provides hope for parents of child with autism

Sept 29, 2013, WRAL Raleigh NC: After son's autism diagnosis, mom finds voice for her son, other families

The Olympian (Olympia, WA)

If officials really cared about why exempting parents are out there, they'd look into this.  The failure of the medical community and health officials to honestly and thoroughly address the issue of vaccine safety defies logic.  I ended up posting a number of my own infomercials (comments).  If I could only post ONE---it would be to point out the need for a vax/non-vaxed study.
Every doctor on the planet who believes vaccines are safe and NOT CONNECTED TO AUTISM should be demanding that this research be done.  What does it tell us that they're not?
International Business Times

"What would you do if your child couldn't stop screaming? 

"The parents of a 16-year-old boy with autism are breathing a little easier after a vocal cord surgery virtually eliminated his tendency to scream nearly 2,000 times a day. But the idea of separating a child's vocal cords to quiet him can be troubling, to say the least. Some autism rights advocates are furious, calling it  tantamount to torture."
Since when have ethical questions ever played a part in autism?  I posted one comment and asked that question.
Penn State News
"Kimberly Schreck has met families who spent thousands of dollars, even remortgaged their homes, to pay for unproven treatments to try to help their autistic children.

"Desperate parents sometimes will try almost anything."

"Autism is a confusing range of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties and repetitive behaviors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 88 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder. Boys are four times more likely than girls to have some form of autism.

"'They're such perplexing children," Foxx says. "They may show these splinter skills [skills mastered well ahead of a child's usual developmental sequence], which makes it difficult for parents. It's maddening.'.

"While some doctors tell parents that alternative treatments can't hurt, Schreck disagrees. A child with autism may need as much as 40 hours of effective behavioral services a week, she explains. When a family's weekly involvement in seeking treatment includes four hours of massage therapy, six hours of sitting with head phones on listening to random sounds and two hours having the child's urine analyzed, valuable time is lost for methods that actually work.

"Schreck and Foxx steer families toward applied behavior analysis (ABA), which teaches behaviors through a system of rewards and consequences. The National Institutes of Mental Health, the Surgeon General and the American Academy of Pediatrics have endorsed ABA as the clinical standard-of-care treatment for autism."

"Applied behavior analysis is based on more than 40 years of research and experimentation with people and animals, using scientifically based principles of learning that apply to everyone. ..."
"Perplexing children"?  The only thing that helps is ABA.  Except that if a child has severe gastric pain, all the ABA in the world isn't going to help.

How about sick and suffering children? These are psychologists who refuse to look at the physical health problems autistic children deal with.  ABA is based on 40 years of experience?  We haven't had 40 years of exploding autism rates.  We know almost nothing about a disorder affecting 2 percent of children and Penn State seems to be determined to keep it that way.
A nice slam at anyone who explores alternative treatments for their ASD kids.
Springfield (IL) State Journal-Register

"It has been nearly a year since Dana Summers heard her 3-year-old son speak.
"'He said 'Mama' and 'Dada' when he was younger, but even now, he doesn't say those words anymore. But he has before, so we know it's there. We know he's capable,' the 32-year-old mother from Springfield said."

WRAL Raleigh NC

"Braxton Alford seemed to be hitting all the milestones 13 years ago when his preschool teacher started to note some changes.

"He wasn't talking as much or making eye contact - telltale signs that he might have autism. The teacher suggested the family get Braxton, then 3, tested at UNC-Chapel Hill's TEACCH Autism Program. The tests found that the preschooler had autism."

TWO STORIES--one from NC and one from IL---where we're told once again about CHILDREN WHO STOP SPEAKING.  If a child suddenly couldn't see or hear, we wouldn't be so willing to shrug our shoulders and say, these things happen to kids all the time and dismiss it as just a mystery.  But we do when it comes to a loss of speech in a child with autism.

Are we helpless pawns in the hands of the gods so that we just watch this happen over and over and over and merely crawl away and say nothing?

When it happened to my son 25 years ago, I would never have imagined that one day it would become commonplace and no one would care. No one would even ask why


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I have very mixed feelings about the surgery on the boy with the severe vocal tic.

I do wonder if PANDAS, food allergies, vaccine reactions, etc., had been considered in his case.

But what if they were? Or what if they weren't, but it turns out that those weren't his issues, anyway?

What's the difference between this surgery and, say, withholding gluten from a child whose celiac was triggered by vaccines? In the second case, the celiac is not the primary problem, the vaccine reaction is; withholding gluten does nothing for the vaccine reaction, but sure improves things that RESULTED from the vaccine reaction.

In the case of the boy with the severe tics, according to his parents, the surgery was hugely beneficial to him.

Shouldn't that count the most?


Exactly MelissaD!


Wonder if the parents of the boy with vocal tics ever heard of or considered PANDAS as a reason for his nonstop tics?

L Land

Best news of the day...
Government shut down lays off CDC employees


Imagine that 2 psychologists who think ABA is the only thing that works...what BS. If your child is too sick to attend to all the trials or pay attention to what the therapist wants what good is ABA anyway? They always say if someone says this will cure your child you should go the other way - yet that is exactly what these two are saying - that ABA is the only way. I am so sick of "professionals" who slam other treatments, not everything works for every child, just like ABA does not work for every child.


Read that piece and it says this too....

"She and her colleague, Professor of Psychology Richard Foxx, are helping families cut through the hype and zero in on the most effective treatments to help children with autism. They want to save families time, money and disappointment."

Thank you two those two omnipotent Gods of effective autism treatment. One size does not fit all. Where is my spoon?

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