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IACC's Matt Carey and the November Autism Hearing

Chump changeBy Anne Dachel

Many of us in the autism community are looking forward to another congressional hearing in November.  This one will be on vaccine safety and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  The topic certainly does relate to autism since the vaccine-autism link is the most heated controversy in pediatric medicine.
We remember last November's hearing.  That was where Representative Bill Posey asked CDC representative, Coleen Boyle, why they had never conducted a simple study comparing the health outcomes in vaccinated and never vaccinated kids.
On this short youtube, we can hear Boyle's response.

Dr. Boyle: "We have actually done a number of studies looking at the relationship between thimerosal vaccines and autism and other developmental disabilities.  There have been since--actually over the last decade, numerous studies looking at the relationship  between vaccines--"
Rep. Posey: "That the CDC conducted?"
Boyle: "Some of them were conducted by the CDC. Others were conducted by other--"
Posey: "How many would you say?  Would you estimate?"
Boyle: "I would actually have to check with the specific numbers, but I know there were two, one large study looking at various neurodevelopmental disorders and the second one that focused specifically on autism.  Those were fairly recently--"
Posey: "Would you see that Miles gets a copy of those?" 
Boyle" "Of course, of course."
Posey: "Do you believe additional studies would provide useful data in assessing the safety of childhood vaccines?'
Boyle: "The IOM has evaluated this issue back in 2004 and again, most recently in 2011, and their conclusion, again not just looking at the work that was done at CDC, but with the total body of evidence, was suggesting that vaccines and their components do not increase the risk for autism."
Posey: "So clearly, definitely, you have studied vaccinated vs unvaccinated?"

Boyle: "We have not studied vaccinated vs. unvaccinated--"
Posey: "Stop right there.  That was the meaning of my question.  Actually, you've wasted two minutes of my time...."
Dr. Boyle may not have found time to do a vaccinated/unvaccinated study, but she sent an email to Frank DeStefano at the CDC in 2000 (2 months before Simpsonwood) where she made the clever proposal that if officials wanted to dilute the alarming correlation between the increase in mercury-containing vaccines and the dramatic rise in autism, all they had to do was add one and two year olds---children too young to have an autism diagnosis---and "presto"---no link.
The cover-up isn't just about the link between vaccines and autism.  It's about autism itself.  To people like Boyle, autism is never a crisis. It isn't even on their radar.  Canary Party chair Mark Blaxill also testified about the generation of children with a disorder most people never heard about 25 years ago. "Autism is a public health crisis of historic proportions. worse than poliomyelitis."
And autism isn't the only thing that's crippling our children. Blaxill asked the simple question, "Why are so many American children sick?"
Clearly, last November's hearing raised a lot of questions that still need to be answered.  Anyone listening to the testimony would have to agree that the CDC doesn't have real answers.  They didn't even get into the murky world of vaccine injury compensation.  Most of the American people are unaware that Congress has made protecting vaccine makers an absolute.  The Supreme Court may have said that "vaccines are unavoidably unsafe," but parents are led to believe that safety isn't a big concern.  They're so often told that vaccines don't have serious side effects and they're never told that if their child gets sick as a result of a vaccination, NO ONE IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE, not the doctor, not the vaccine makers. If parents want to invest years in seeking compensation from the people in charge of the vaccine program, they can pursue a claim in federal court where they're up against government lawyers defending a government program using government money.
This leads us to the next hearing in November.  I think this will shed more light on the subject of vaccine safety.  All is not well in the shady process called vaccine injury compensation.  For a brief mini course on how the Vaccine "Court" works, one only has to watch this five minute Canary Party video:

I can think of lots of questions just based on the video:
What about the tripling of the number of vaccines and meteoric rise in autism rates?
Why doesn't anyone ever report on "the dozens of published research papers" linking autism and vaccines? 
Is it really a good idea that pharma has no accountability when it comes to vaccine injuries and shouldn't parents be told this?
Why are injured children and their families subjected to a secret and arbitrary system of justice instead of a regular courtroom with a judge and jury?
Why isn't the public told about vaccine injury cases and settlements?
Why has the Vaccine "Court" ruled that vaccines do in fact cause autism in 83 cases, but health officials act like it never happened?
Why is HHS allowed to own vaccine patents at the same time they're overseeing vaccine injury claims?
Was it just a coincidence that when the U.S. government indemnified the vaccine makers against any vaccine injuries they dramatically increased the number of shots our kids get?
Why hasn't the cumulative effect of the ever-expanding vaccine schedule ever been studied?
Is it too much to ask to hold someone accountable here?  I guess some think it is. Matt Carey who writes on Left Brain/Right Brain (and who is also a public member on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee) just expressed his views on the subject in, One year and $40,000 later and another hearing. http://leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk/2013/09/14/one-year-and-40000-later-and-another-hearing/
Carey thinks that last year's hearing was a waste of time and he was upset that "members of Congress berated government public health employees."  He charged that the upcoming hearing scheduled by Rep. Darrell Issa (R. CA)  for this November was just a payback to Canary Party executive, Jennifer Larson, because she made a substantial donation to the Republican National Committee.
Come on. A $40,000 donation doesn't have that kind of influence.  Darrell Issa isn't holding a pretend hearing just to make Jennifer Larson happy.  The truth is, he's concerned about hundreds of thousands of disabled kids out there that no one at the CDC can reasonably explain. He came to Autism One in Chicago last May and said so.
Finally, it's almost laughable that Carey is suspicious about a mere $40,000.  It pales in comparison to the dough pharma is spreading around on Capitol Hill:
Pharmaceuticals / Health Products

Health Insurers and Drug Companies Contributed $26.2 Million to 111th Congress

Top 20 Pharma-Friendly Congress Members

Big Pharma's Political Contributions

 It should also be pointed out that Darrell Issa was described by CBS in Los Angeles last month as "the richest man in Congress." 
"Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) was ranked number one among The Hill's 50 Wealthiest lawmakers with an estimated net worth of at least $355 million by the end of 2012."
Issa certainly doesn't need the money.  Maybe he's interested in this because there's something terribly wrong here.  Industry isn't accountable---AT ALL, our health officials aren't doing their jobs and our kids are getting sicker and sicker. 
These comments were made after the hearing last November:
Wayne Rohde of the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota: "The tide is finally turning - our nation has reached a critical mass of vaccine-injured children, when everyone knows an affected child and the ballooning costs to our nation are being noticed,"
Patti Carroll of the VSCM. "Thousands of pages of documents previously hidden from the public by the CDC were uncovered through extensive FOIA efforts and submitted to the committee. It's only a matter of time before the criminal charges begin."
Nancy Hokkanen of the VSCM: "Anyone listening to the hearing can only conclude that not only has our government mishandled the autism epidemic, our government has caused this public health disaster, More hearings are urgently needed to investigate the trail of CDC documentation showing how they've worked to cover up the vaccine/autism link."


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I think its high time the people made a citizens arrest of the corrupt congress who refuses to do their jobs and let the lawyers sort it out in court. We have had the real science since 1985 proving what causes Autism and ALL Syndromes, Psych, and Cancers and they refuse to help the people treat what they gave us all...IT is when you add to the mix of the prion synergy that IS spirochetal disease that you get your syndromes, psych, cancers according to how many infections, what kinds, and the destroyed immune systems they are in that giving us all infective vaccines for decades and junk genetics of infectious organisms has caused.
Henrietta dies of Spirochetal disease they knew could not be cultured in the lab. And when the HepB test found 88% of HIV they KNEW it was all the same thing. They next developed tiered testing for HIV to rule out the real cause and obstruct the research with litigation of 30yrs. of who discovered what.
They also KNEW Prion was the same thing as EBV,Herpes,XMRV,HTLV,SV40's and hundreds more.
But they failed to tell us WHAT they already infected us with or why those cells were IMMORTAL.
And they certainly did not have to tell you how those infections share their genes or how to stop Our Age of Syndromes,Psych, Cancers those infections have caused.
And they are NOT going to use YOUR MONEY to help you keep your lives.
Knowing they gave IT to you....

It is a bit sad the hearings are on such a tight time schedule, they should go until midnight if needed...

While a number of good questions were asked and not really answered...

perhaps Congress may need some help with presenting some nearly criminal charts and data so a few of the CDC can take the 5th a few times.

as always, a few favorite pages...

From Evidence of Harm by David Kirby pages 280 - 283

In October of 2003, Dr. Mark and David Geier were given access to the CDC vaccine injury database at the CDC's Center for Health Statistics.

With the "inside help of a CDC staffer" with an affected child in her family, they compared Autism rates for children who had received "three DTaP shots with Thimerosal" and those that had received "three Thimerosal free" DTaP shots.

The CDC vaccine injury records of thousands of children, showed Autism rates...27 times higher...in the Thimerosal / mercury group.

Similar "off the chart vaccine issues" were noted by CDC epidemiologist Dr. Verstraeten, which led to the June 2000 vaccine industry/ criminal meeting in Simpsonwood, Georgia.

Matt Carey does not seem to understand that history is quite clear. Industry does not regulate itself.

Look at how it took a court system to force Chisso industry to pay victims of industrial mercury poisoning. See http://www1.american.edu/TED/MINAMATA.HTM .

Look how after 50 years Grunenthal Group could only give a back handed apology for costing children their limbs. See http://www.theguardian.com/society/2012/sep/01/thalidomide-campaigners-dismiss-insulting-apology .

Will Dr Boyle be present at the November's Autism Hearing?

And if she is, will Dr Boyle provide copies of two studies to Miles as requested by Rep. Posey? Dr Boyle did tell Rep. Posey that two studies were done, one large study looking at various neurodevelopmental disorders and the second that focused specifically on Autism. Have those copies been sent?

Also will Dr Boyle have the Vaccinated v Unvaccinated study to support her "so-called" claim that vaccines are safe?

Should we be holding our breath for the answers?

Elizabeth Gillespie

Have dates been set for the November hearings?

Thank you so much for keeping this information before the public. You are doing a great job and it is much appreciated.

To SarahW (and everybody): Thanks Sarah! for your apt acronym "Centers for Deceit and Corruption", my less-creative acronym has been Centers for Disease Criminals.

BUT, here's the crucial info from the CDC itself on the monumental toxicities of child vaccine ingredients (i.e. "excipients"), hiding in plain sight.

(All one has to do is google "cdc vaccine excipients". What's left out of this Table is the saline solution and "antigens" of the specific pathogens.)

Pull this up and see scores toxic/deadly chemicals/excipients (google any one as you see fit) included in every vaccine:


The excipients in the Table are a prima facie homicide indictment of CDC that cavalierly blesses our child vaccines.

Mary posted:

"Thanks for reposting this video on the hearings. Seeing Katie Wright's facial expressions behind Boyle always makes my day."

I agree .. hopefully Katie will .. again .. be positioned exactly where she was during last hearing .. so her disbelieving facial images can serve as comic relief for those of us who will .. once again .. be forced to bear silent witness as gobblygook spews from the mouths of CDC officials whose sole purpose is to avoid .. at all cost .. providing truthful answers to serious inquiries.

QUESTION: "Why are injured children and their families subjected to a secret and arbitrary system of justice instead of a regular courtroom with a judge and jury?"

ANSWER: This is what happens when "junk science" becomes "junk justice".

Thanks for reposting this video on the hearings. Seeing Katie Wright's facial expressions behind Boyle always makes my day.

From the article above: "Dr. Boyle may not have found time to do a vaccinated/unvaccinated study, but she sent an email to Frank DeStefano at the CDC in 2000 (2 months before Simpsonwood) where she made the clever proposal that if officials wanted to dilute the alarming correlation between the increase in mercury-containing vaccines and the dramatic rise in autism, all they had to do was add one and two year olds---children too young to have an autism diagnosis---and "presto"---no link."

So now the Center for Deceit and Corruption (CDC) docs are helping skew the data on behalf of pharma. Our tax dollars at work. not! Shame on you Dr. Boyle!

Boyle never answered the question about whether the data in the study Thorsen participated in was validated. Guttmacher didn't answer the questions on US mortality rate correlation with vaccines. The CDC docs are experts at ducking in dodging questions

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