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Vax Aware MugBy Anne Dachel

Forget the autism issue. Just go to Google News and look up "Vaccines, Exemptions." It's a really big topic. Parents aren't buying all the claims that vaccines are safe.

Despite a massive effort by health officials and doctors, parents continue to fear that vaccines can do more harm than good.  Stories about more parents exempting their children are everywhere.  I can't help but notice that there's special concern about the vaccination rates for kindergarten kids.  If the youngest students are more likely to be exempted, that can't be good for the vaccine promoters. 

And I'm sure the pro-vaccine people don't like to see these stories out there.  If more parents are opting out, they may have good reasons.  It causes other parents to be concerned too.  If they start to really look into the issue, there's plenty of info out there to scare them out of vaccinating.

It's a slow process, but parents are getting the message that an unsafe, unchecked vaccine schedule isn't to be followed blindly.

Family Practice News Digital Network: Oregon has highest rate of kindergarten vaccine exemptions

"Oregon has the highest percentage of children enrolled in kindergarten who have been exempted from receiving at least one vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported."

CBS News CDC: Vaccination rates among kindergartners high, but exemptions worrisome

"The state with the highest vaccine rate was Mississippi, with over a 99.9 percent rate reported among kindergarten students. The state with the lowest median vaccine rate was Colorado, with 82.9 percent of kindergartners covered by vaccines."

Vermont ranks high on list of non-medical immunization exemptions

"The percentage of students entering kindergarten who were fully immunized was consistent over the past two years - 86.9 percent in 2012-2013 and 87 percent for the previous year, according to the Department of Health.

"Public schools generally have a higher immunization rate than private schools. The public school with the lowest immunization rate was Barre City Elementary and Middle School with 60.4 percent of the students having received all of the required vaccines."

Pa. lags in kindergarten vaccinations

"Some states have nearly 100 percent immunization rates when kids enter kindergarten, but not Pennsylvania, which ranks near the bottom of lists of vaccine coverage by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Just over 85 percent of kindergartners have gotten their chickenpox vaccinations, for example, when schools report data to Pennsylvania health officials in October." Back-to-school vaccine questions are answered

"According to the CDC, exemptions for children entering kindergarten went up in Florida about 20 percent between 2011 and 2012."

MI WILX-TV: Why the Sudden Drop in Immunizations?

"The numbers are alarming, only 63 percent of teens have their recommended shots. Two-year-olds are hardly any better, with less than 72 percent getting theirs."

CA KQED: New Efforts Put Pressure on Parents to Vaccinate Kids  (Listen to Barbara Loe Fisher (vs three vaccine promoters) speak on this talk radio program)

"Bay Area students are heading back to school this month amid news that an increasing number of parents have opted not to vaccinate their kids. The number of unvaccinated children in California has tripled in the last decade. Nearly 10 percent of kindergartners statewide last year didn't have all of their required immunizations. In Marin Country, only 82 percent of kindergartners were fully vaccinated. To fight this trend, a Marin pediatric practice with 8,000 patients has refused to treat those who aren't vaccinated, public health officials have launched information campaign and a new state law requires parents to consult with a doctor before opting out of vaccines. A well-known bio-ethicist is even proposing lawsuits against parents who refuse to immunize. We talk about efforts to pressure parents to vaccinate their kids. Why are vaccination opt-out rates rising? Will efforts to turn the tide work?"

Chicago Sun-Times: Why do rich people hate vaccines?

"California law mandates that all students get vaccinated, but it also makes it easy to get exemptions for personal beliefs. And parents in tony places like Marin County are taking advantage of it in seemingly growing numbers. One public elementary school in Malibu, an affluent beach town just north of Los Angeles, reported that only 58 percent of their students are immunized - well below the recommended 90-plus percent level - according to Shapiro."

Los Angeles Times: Vaccine debate: The conspiracy theorists vs. reality.

"Although some 90% of the state's kindergartners are up to date on their immunizations, it is not uncommon for individual public elementary schools to report that more than one-third of their kindergartners are not."

Daytona Beach News-Journal: Vaccine debate grows as kids head back to school

"In Volusia County, 91.3 percent of incoming students received vaccinations last year, compared to 92.7 percent for the 2011-12 school year. In Flagler County, 96.6 percent of incoming students received vaccinations, compared to 97 percent in 2011-12. Volusia County falls short of the federal government's goal of a 95 percent vaccination rate. In Volusia County last year, 106 students - about 2 percent - received a religious exemption from vaccinations compared to 28 in Flagler County, or 2.7 percent. The number of children with religious exemptions continues to climb from 2007-08, when less than one percent of children in the two counties fell into that category."

OR: Health Departments See Reduced Demand For Vaccinations

"Nguyen said she's aware of a handful of providers in Washington County who are offering families an alternative vaccine schedule - which, like philosophical abstentions, are sometimes recommended by the movement that links certain childhood vaccinations with autism, a link that has been debunked by multiple studies."

Nearly 20 Percent of School-Aged Children in Marin Not Vaccinated

"A study by the California Department of Public Health in 2010 found that 80 percent of parents who don't immunize their kids do so because they believe the vaccines pose a health risk."

Los Angeles Times: With fewer vaccinations, is your child's school safe?

"Although some 90% of the state's kindergartners are up to date on their immunizations, it is not uncommon for individual public elementary schools to report that more than one-third of their kindergartners are not.

"And if you're thinking this must be a problem unique to schools in low-income neighborhoods, think again. One of Malibu's three elementary schools reported that just 58% of its kindergartners were up to date on their vaccinations, and some other affluent areas throughout the state have schools with similar compliance rates.

"Private schools vary widely, but some have rates of less than 20%. Yes, that's right: Parents are willingly paying up to $25,000 a year to schools at which fewer than 1 in 5 kindergartners has been immunized against the pathogens causing such life-threatening illnesses as measles, polio, meningitis and pertussis (more commonly known as whooping cough). In order for a school to be considered truly immunized, from a public health standpoint, its immunization rate needs to be 90% or higher."

Boston NPR: Opting-Out Of Vaccines; Dipping Below Herd Immunity

"A recent piece in Scientific American featured tantalizing graphics - on view above - illustrating this scary trend. According to this analysis, the vaccination rates in some states - Oregon, West Virginia and Colorado, for instance, are shockingly low. So low, in fact, that they've dropped below the "herd immunity" levels (or what is thought to be the safe threshold) for MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) and DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis)."

Fox44 News Burlington (VT): If No Exemption - Childhood Vaccinations Required for School - Fox44 News Burlington

"More than 87% of Vermont school children get vaccinated every year."

ABC News:
Texas Issues Measles Alert After 9 People Sickened

"Measles is probably the most contagious virus that we know of," said Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. "More importantly, there are an increasing number of children whose parents are delaying immunization or stretching them out, and others who are simply withholding these children from immunizations because of autism."

Schaffner said the autism argument "has been laid to rest scientifically," but parents still believe it and don't vaccinate their children.

For more information on vaccine exemptions, see The National Vaccine Information Center. 


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Cherry Sperlin Misra

The word "debunked"- the sign of the devil- You can smell the sulphur from big pharma's laboratories.

Cynthia Cournoyer

The numbers of exemptions are highly inflated when they count the refusal of one vaccine and include that into the rates of "exempted."

The reality is that we have never vaccinated more. More vaccines, more doses, more laws.

Fully unvaccinated students are still rare. The irony is that as the vaccine schedule grows, it invites an a la carte scrutiny.

But as in any article that seems to favor our side, there is always the agenda that cannot be overlooked because most media is supported by pro-vaccine, pro-pharma due to advertising dollars.

Making people "aware" of increasing exemptions is just another scare tactic that the vaccine philosophers favor as a tool to further full compliance.

The Economic Benefit of Unvaccinated Populations

Has anyone seen a vax reminder letter from their insurance company in the past 5 years? I got one in about 2006 and haven't seen one since. I suspect it's because the insurance companies realize it's better for their bottom line if vaccines are refused. The cost of the vaccines and MD visits goes away...and they already know this...the total cost of care for unvax'ed children goes way down compared to their vax'ed cohorts.

Any legislation that is proposed for any state to remove exemptions needs to include some facts related to insurance and total cost of healthcare, and the idea being that all the savings from the non-vaxed can be put toward other uses like treating cancer patients whose bills are exorbitant.

Some quick math:

Let's say 10,000 babies are born per day in the US - which is a figure used by the March of Dimes. If 20% go the non-vaxed route, and the parents forego all the shots the CDC recommends and each shot is $100 on average some more some less - and lets use the very low # of 30 injections total per child - that's at least $6,000,000 per day that the insurance companies are saving, or more than $2 billion per year. All as a result of non-vaccination.

That ain't chump change and imo that's why the ins companies have gone quiet. That plus they can also see the total healthcare costs over time of unvaccinated kids and they have even more reason to let the pharma companies wage this pr/propaganda campaign to save their own profits. There's less asthma, allergies, chronic illness, etc....all combine to produce a radically lower total cost of patient care over the childhood years.

Every legislator in every state across America will know a loved one who has been affected by cancer or some other chronic debilitating and extremely expensive health condition. Any vaccine exemption debate needs to include a big push to allow the insurance companies to continue to divert the $2 billion annually saved on non-vax'ed kids to those people who are fighting for their lives - they need those precious healthcare dollars much more than perfectly healthy babies.


"To fight this trend, a Marin pediatric practice with 8,000 patients has refused to treat those who aren't vaccinated."

Good let's help put this, IMO needless group, out of the business of injecting toxins into perfectly healthy kids until they are not so healthy, increasingly sick, increasingly autistic and sometimes dead.


cia, ya I think the draconian tactics regarding exemptions removal do backfire on them. It makes people even warier.


Re physicians' kids - It is also possible that they were harmed by the well-intentioned heavy handed administration of labor and delivery drugs by anesthesiologists determined to minimize their colleagues' discomfort.

cia parker

Deborah Kahn,
But on the other hand, is the publicity not good when they try to force vaccines by legislation? At this stage of the game, they are not going to be able to force vaccination anywhere if exemptions are available now. In Cal. they replaced the philosophical exemption with a religious one. In Wash. now they have to watch an online video about how great vaccines are, or listen to a doctor's spiel. Public outcry in Vermont was such that they had to forget about a mandate. And when people all over the country read about the draconian tactics, it makes them warier of vaccines. It was hilarious last year in Cal.: doctors were up in arms, trying very hard to force a mandate, when Governor Brown rode in at the last minute, responding to public opinion, and wrote in a new religious exemption. And we still do not hear about any deadly epidemic killing large numbers of people anywhere in the country, despite our exemptions. Both Mississippi and West Virginia have grassroots organizations fighting to get exemptions there too.

I think we should welcome these pathetic attempts to promote the pharma agenda through legislation. The more people read about it and think about it, the closer we get to justice and sanity.

cia parker

I hope the vax/unvax study will be a clean one, including only fully vaxed kids and fully unvaxed kids. Once the results of that one are in, then they could compare subquestions, like how many who got all the DTaPs got autism compared to those who got all the vaccines except pertussis, those who got all but the MMR and those who also got the MMR, those who didn't get the hep-B at birth vs. those who got it later and those who didn't get it at all.

I would like to know the percentages of fully unvaxed kindergartners etc. If they got all the vaxes except the hep A vaccine, for example, it doesn't really mean much, but it would still put them in the vaccine refuser group. Since devastating reactions relatively often occur even if you get only the DTaP or only the MMR, I think our message should be to refuse all vaccines, meaning that not even a delayed schedule is safe or advisable. A lot of people are looking for a moderate route to take regarding vaccines, but if they understood the danger of the vaccines and the relative mildness/rarity of the diseases, I think they'd just refuse all the vaccines.
I'm reading the new book by Dr. Suzanne Humphries now, and have been surprised by the number of doctors and scientists she quotes as far back as the '50s and '60s who said that pertussus and measles had become so much milder than before that the adverse effects from the vaccines made it inadvisable to pursue a vaccine program to prevent the diseases. One said in 1960 that children were getting too many vaccines, and that all efforts must be made to reduce the number. And that was back when the only vaccines given were one or two for smallpox, five for DPT, and several for polio. Dr. Humphries has great information on the history of several vaccines that is absolutely mind-boggling. After reading the chapter on the polio vaccine last night, I understand why there are tens of thousands of cases of acute flaccid paralysis in Indian children after vaccination. It's common to give them fifteen or twenty polio vaccinations before the age of five (Pulse Vaccination), and the live viruses have become widespread in the environment, have mutated, and are causing a lot of paralysis, call it what you like.

Truthseeker 2

Of course they are pushing for removal of exemptions, but on-line education is now a booming business and may only become more so. If enough people opt out of the educational system over this then they may lose.

Shell Tzorfas

Having worked with children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism , and average but struggling kids on a one to one basis for more than 2 decades I can say that the majority of my clients were children of nurses and doctors or those who worked with pharmaceutical companies. Why? Because they got the most vaccines which resulted in a high rate of infections; ear infections, sinus infections and eventually an increase in asthma. The result was those kids had a high rate of utilizing antibiotics and or ear tubes, auditory processing issues, and most got Diagnosed with ADHD that is often an internal systemic infection due to Antibiotics. All the while I knew that vaccines are the root cause of illness. While I tend to talk about vaccine harm to anyone who would listen, I tried to keep it low key with those clients because if they knew my position, I would not have the clients. NJ is a pharmaceutical headquarters. I kept different sites for different populations but in 2013 I released my book which opens with vaccines but goes beyond that to what parents and professionals can do to recover the kids after they are damaged. I am at the point where I do not care WHO knows what because I am deeply committed to healing children. The "Cat is out of the bag" so to speak. Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."

John Stone


Yes, everything the US constitution was supposed to protect you against.



And this is merely old fashioned tyranny, 21st century style.


Anne and Deborah,
Unfortunately, this is most likely the case. This is just a continuance of the campaign that focused on Jenny a few weeks ago. Evil working overtime.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Deborah Kahn, I think you're on to something. I do think more parents are questioning vaccines, especially ones with more education. But when I first started finding these stories, I wondered why officials would be making a big deal about exemptions. This kind of news might cause more parents to worry that something might be wrong with vaccinations.

Maybe the real reason exemptions are in the news is because THEY WANT THIS TO BE AN ISSUE. An ideal way to counter the people saying vaccines are making kids sicker and sicker is to create a new urgent danger because of non-vaccinating parents. Not only is autism a mystery, not a crisis, but as we're continually told, vaccines don't cause it. And the parents who still believe it, despite all the science from the CDC, and who keep exempting their kids, are threatening the health of everyone's kids. Stronger measures will have to be taken.

This Aug 23 story from My Fox Houston reported that the CDC is now conducting a survey
"The Centers for Disease Control is seeking to find out how many American children are not fully vaccinated.

"The CDC is spearheading a National Immunization Survey amid an uptick in diseases that were once thought to be all but vanquished."

On the news video, the reporter talked about a letter from the CDC, but I've been told by parents that they had received a phone survey.

The Fox article went on to quote a vaccine advocate who said, 'That decision affects yourself, your family members, your neighbors and anybody else in the community that you come into contact with on a regular basis. It's not just a personal health decision. This is a community health decision.'

That sounds serious. Why should parents be allowed to not vaccinate when they're putting everyone's life at risk? Individual rights should never be at the expense of the herd.

The same people who can't give us a simple comparison study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated kids, have time for this survey? Why don't they just look at school record like they usually do?

I'm sure they'll get a lot of coverage when their survey is finally released. They'll have lots of officials and top doctors from major hospitals talking about the return of diseases we don't see anymore because of nonvaxing parents. Something will have to be done. We have no choice.

Maybe making state exemption laws stricter or eliminating them all together is the real agenda here. If they can convince us that the unvaccinated are carriers of disease, exempting will get harder.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Deborah Kahn

You are NOT getting it. All of these articles are deliberately placed in the news media and they are not about exemptions. They are all about introducing legislation to limit exemptions.

In most cases exemptions are not really up all that much and quite often the increases only involve one or two vaccines. Overall vaccination rates for most vaccines are at the highest level ever.

Since legislators are not very knowledgeable about vaccines or statistics, they are patsies for state health departments (which get most of their funding from the CDC) who spin stories about rising exemption rates and the urgent need to make it harder for parents to exempt their children from vaccination.

Look around! This happened in Washington State. We went through it in Vermont and only managed to partially beat back some incredibly dumb and unfounded law changes. They went through it in California and it is happening right now in Oregon.

Do not rejoice when you see a story about exemptions. The reality is always a plan to remove the exemptions.


Robyn, ya the article stated it's 'cool' in some circles to be anti- vaccine.' Ya, I guess it's even cooler to maligne anyone who questions vaccine safety (even after a confirmed reaction to a relative). It's cool to play with words and promote crap studies under the guise of science (someone should do a survey on just how many people feel science is dead) and do all this with an air of moral and intellectual superiority. Ya stay cool people.

beth johnson

It's interesting to read the comments in these articles. I'd like to hear some observations about which news outlets cull the comments to push the piece's point of view, and which allow free commenting.


Beth, yes, I note the PDD, thanks for the link. No doubt they are gearing up for this as their next big attack on parents' credibility. I looked up the history of Munchausens and the 'godfather' of the condition- a guy named Roy Meadow was charged with serious medical misconduct and struck off by the GMC due to his bungling of certain cases and wrongly accusing mothers of this. As an aside, a former wife noted that the guy 'seemed like a mysogenist, seeing potential MBP's everywhere.' Some of the people pushing the theory are flogging books and it seems like a kind of 'vogue' diagnosis in this era of CSI type television. Sadly, one study said the real evidence (improvement of child's condition when away from the supposed perpetrator) is found not to be the case. Mostly, when the child is removed from caregiver, the child's condition actually worsens.

Robyn (@AutismHealer)

LOL that article on rich people not vaccinating is hilarious! Apparently if you drink Kombucha or lattes, do yoga, shop at Whole Foods, drive a hybrid car, want things BPA-free, don't want chemicals in their kids, put them in expensive boarding schools, or have a high level of education...then you could be at risk too! You might have "intelligentitis" a horrible disorder which makes you use your brain more than the rest of society. Ok, I made up the last line, but seriously, is that their arguement?!! They're too highly educated and care about their bodies and environment? Has the world gone mad?! They're grasping at straws! Like someone would read that and go "yeah, damn you, smart people, always reading those things called books and knowing too much! "

Heidi N

I am not understanding why people can't be sued for lying, when they say that vaccines are not correlated with autism, when I have seen several official research studies saying that they are. And, one was on the CDC website years ago - stating that the MMR can cause autism. I am sure they re-worded it by now, saying encephalitis instead. Anyone can Google and find a whole bunch of research about it. Yes, there is research that says there is no correlation as well. Some of that "no-correlation" research has been picked apart as unreliable and invalid by other scientists. Anyhow, just saying, it's there.

beth johnson

Jen, I just checked out "parent fabricated illness". The actual paper is here: . Among the symptoms listed as being faked by parents? PDD!

Yes, blaming the parents is alive and well.

I guess faking autism makes sense, because autism is so great, plus we get such great services.

beth johnson

The powers-that-be recognize that the most worrisome fact is that the most affluent, educated, and powerful parents are the ones leading the exemptions trend, although they don't really talk about that much. It's too revealing.

Now, I wonder if data has been collected showing that there are higher exemption figures for parents who are medical professionals. Since we already know that flu shot uptake has traditionally been ~30% for hospital personnel (that is, before the era of mandates), I bet that doctors' and nurses' children have a particularly low rate of uptake. That fact would be too scary for publication, as it would raise way too many questions. C'mon, CDC, I dare you to do that study. Feeling lucky today?


Today on the show, TheDR's, they touched on the topic several times about the CDC's concern over pertussis outbreaks. The show made it their closing 10 minute story, adding it could be from the actual vaccine! However the OB/GYN piped up and mentioned if you are at least 21 weeks pregnant, you should get the whooping cough vaccine!! Omg more ways to harm the fetus before the birth, or loss of pregnancy.
Desperation & confusion all wrapped up in their big pharma promo for vaccines.

Mean while nurses are being forced to get flu vaccines or wear a mask all during flu season or lose their jobs.
Wished all the nurses could ban together & stage a walkout protesting the forced vaccinating.

How much longer can thus madness last...


"Parent Fabricated Illness"
I note that the doctor referred to in this article Dr. Harriet MacMillan hails from McMaster University. A friend who knows several people in the medial research field stated just the other week that McMaster is well know for industry-sponsored research, much of it reflecting just that. See the following article


"Parents aren't buying all the claims that vaccines are safe."

Doctors and nurses aren't either. Targeting them with mandates was a tactical error that made vaccines and the issue of mandates intensely personal for those giving them.


....Obviously .. this study ought NOT rely on the very same public health bureaucracies (CDC, HHS, IOM, prestigious academic universities, professional medical organizations, etc.) well said...

For over 60 years, one of the biggest $$$$ supporters of the AMA was the tobacco industry, who wanted AMA blessings

against the "smoking causes cancer quacks."

Their "TOBACCO SCIENCE studies" found cancer rates to be basically the same with three pack and four pack a day smokers, so it was therefore safe to light up...

The AMA now adores the vaccine industry... and uses the same science once again...


Check this article out- about "Parent Fabricated Illness." For sure it's pharma's last trick to try and stop parent's from becoming active with their own child's health. Even the picture at the top of the article shows a vaccine being given and autism is mentioned in the article. It's unbelievable.

maurine meleck

Of course we know why Mississippi has the highest rate if vaccinated since they don't have a religious or philosophical exemption. I can see a lot of work went into this report, Anne. Thanks as always. Maurine

Erik Nanstiel

Anytime I find an open-minded parent who wishes to discuss it, I talk them out of vaccination...nearly 100% of the time. When they hear the science and the statistics...they realize that following the pediatric schedule is Russian roulette. "Will my child be among the 20% that has an adverse reaction? Or the 5% that get autism?" How badly do you want to find out? I wish I hadn't. My child was fully vaccinated. I was a good and responsible parent. It took years to get my biologically train-wrecked child healthy again... but I never managed to repair the brain damage and misdevelopment. At the age of 14, she's still very much like a 2 year old. Nonverbal (she lost the speech he had at 15 months of age), still in diapers, no independence whatsoever. I much prefer it when friends take my advice, rather than find out for themselves.


I'm afraid as the refusal rate increases the more bad science they will shuffle out as "proof".


Home of my non talkng but oh so cute 2 year old grand nephew. He has 3 paternal uncles two with autism and one with bipolar. The two with autism - as babies had the peds contact the state and they came right in and helped with speech.

This time around the state is being very slow about coming to work with this one.

I wonder what their back log is by now?

Bob Moffitt

Hopefully, confronted with the growing trend to refuse vaccinating their children according to the recommended and approved schedule .. will force public health officials to finally support that pending federal legislation that seeks to fund a scientific, independent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations .. to ascertain .. once and for all .. if BOTH populations have suffered the same inexplicable rise in chronic autoimmune disorders .. such as .. autism, allergies, asthma, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, infant stroke, SIDS, on and on .. that were uncommon in all previous .. LESS VACCINATED GENERATIONS?

Common sense DICTATES this study should have been done decades ago .. if for no other reason than to PROVE vaccines are as safe and harmless as public health officials insist they are.

Obviously .. this study ought NOT rely on the very same public health bureaucracies (CDC, HHS, IOM, prestigious academic universities, professional medical organizations, etc.) that have heavily invested the integrity of their reputations and careers in promoting the safety of vaccines as presently recommended.

It must be truly INDEPENDENT of those vested interests .. or else .. it would more than likely prove to be worthless.

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