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Dachel Media Update: Under Vax, Over Vax, High School

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

August 1, 2013, The Lakeland (FL) Ledger: Value of Vaccines: Messages Endanger Children

August 1, 2013, WILX TV Lansing MI: Locals Train First Responders In How To Recognize And Help People With Autism

July 31, 2013, ABC Pensacola: Latest Autism statistics staggering

July 31, 2013, WFMJ Youngstown, OH: Youngstown school will educate autistic students

July 31, 2013, WKBN, Youngstown, OH: Autism students welcomed at new high school

July 30, 2013, Savage Nation: Over-vaccinating is causing life-threatening allergies in kids

The Lakeland (FL) Ledger 

"A recent episode in Gainesville revealed a cavalier-and-baseless effort promoting parental action that would endangered their children.

"A billboard in the North Florida university city featured photos of three babies with the message: 'Love them. Protect them. Never inject them!'

"It includes baseless claims linking vaccines to everything from autism to shaken-baby syndrome, along with a suggestion that school exemptions can be easily obtained.

"Parents should ignore wild claims on a billboard in favor of the sound advice of pediatricians and established medical groups. While it's easy to find conspiracy theories about vaccines online, a little more homework will find an overwhelming body of peer-reviewed research dismissing those claims...."

The autism rate could be one in 10 and editors would yawn and keep writing stupid pieces like this. I posted lots of comments.

WILX TV Lansing MI

"This morning, we meet a group of people who are training first responders on how to recognize and assist a child with autism who has wandered off. Just a few weeks ago, a six-year old boy wandered out of his home and was found alone in a store. He was wearing only a diaper. The Lansing Township Police Department sent out an alert to the media to help find the boy's parents. What we didn't know then is just how common it is for a child with autism to wander off or "elope." A group of folks from Mid-Michigan are working to train agencies around the state in how to recognize and help these kids.

"A fun family outing can turn to panic when Bambi Vanwoert's 8 year old son Ben takes off running. It happened twice in July, and Bambi had to call the Lansing Police Department to help find her son."

TV Anchor: "It's probably a good idea... One in 50 is the number now and it's a higher rate with boys."

It's incredible that no one asks why we need to do this.  Notice that the title is ...How to Recognize and Help PEOPLE With Autism, yet the whole story is about CHILDREN.  Why don't autistic adults also "elope"?  Why are these stories always about kids? Why do first responders need to be trained to deal with autism if autism has always been here?  No comment section here.

ABC Pensacola

"The latest Autism statistics are staggering.

"One in 88 children -- and one in 54 boys will be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

"One local young man recently began an emerging kind of therapy for children on the spectrum.

"t's called ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis.

"When Max was two -- he was diagnosed with severe Autism."

First of all, the rate is even MORE STAGGERING...It's one in 50, one in 31.

ABA is not "an emerging kind of therapy"....it's been around for years and it cost lots of money that most parents struggle to afford and insurance companies are doing everything to avoid. I  posted a comment.

These two stories about a new high school for students with autism in Youngstown are perfect examples of learning to live with autism--no questions asked.  The cost is huge and the need is ever-increasing.  And no one asks why.

WFMJ Youngstown, OH

WKBN Youngstown, OH

Savage Nation

Move the pointer at the bottom to the 30-minute point in the show when he discusses a doctor's daughter who died from a peanut allergy. then he discusses the prevalence of allergies due to over-vaccination. This segment ends at the 35 minute point in the show (total 5 minutes)
Remember this from 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwnD_o-FFbU when Savage slammed the autism community? Autism is a " fraud." The asthma epidemic is a fraud also.  Savage said, "Do you know what autism is? I'll tell you what autism is in 99 percent of the cases: it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out."
He came under a massive attack from parents at that time.  Maybe he's finally picking up on what's really going on.


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Here is an article that may get things moving our way.

The England Hypothesis: The Real Reason Behind the Autism Pandemic

What you are about to read is so shocking, disturbing and counter-intuitive that you will want to turn away from even the possibility that I am right. I urge you, for the sake of yourself and your family, to consider what I am presenting before rejecting it.


In any case she gives good advice on "vaccination"

There are Several Natural Solutions to this Horrid Plan for our Future.

The FIRST, for those who are still neurologically intact, is not to vaccinate anyone with anything ever again. There are religious, medical and philosophical exemptions available to most of us. Getting them is burdensome, but autism, cancer and a life of pain and suffering is more burdensome.

The SECOND, for those who are already damaged, is to stop vaccinations now and forever more. None work, despite the propaganda, and all are dangerous. See the paragraph above. There are excellent lawyers and organizations who will help you gain an iron-clad exemption for your children and yourself.

The THIRD is to take this Action Item, http://tinyurl.com/VaccineRefuser, telling your decision makers that you absolutely reject forced vaccination or other drugging now and forever for every one of your family members and then commit to motivating at least 10 others to do the same and motivate 10 more, etc. Mass resistance is fertile, not futile.

And the FOURTH is to become an advocate for vaccine truth. Tell your friends, neighbors, church members, relatives, people in the supermarket checkout line, playground parents, co-workers, that you do not support vaccination and that you are a vaccine refuser as I am.

Michelle B

Savage finally caught up, eh?

I remember listening to him years ago on talk radio during my long commute home. He was PRO VAX.

We're getting there...

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