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Dachel Media Update: Induced Labor, Vaccine Debate

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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August 13, 2013, TIME: Induced Labor Linked to Higher Autism Risk 
August 12, 2013, Los Angeles Times: Vaccine debate: The conspiracy theorists vs. reality 


"Artificially stimulating labor is associated with a slightly higher risk of autism, but researchers caution that the link may be complicated.

"In a study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, women who needed to jump-start their labor or artificially speed up delivery were up to 23% more likely to have children diagnosed with autism than those who didn't avail themselves of these methods.

"The scientists stress, however, that it's not clear whether the delivery method was responsible for the higher rate of the developmental disorder, or whether babies with autism don't send the proper signals for a timely and speedy birth. But given the relationship, the researchers, based at Duke University and the University of Michigan, say the connection between delivery methods and autism is worth exploring, especially since the rates of both induction and augmentation are rising around the country....

"'I think we're at a point in autism research where we are really looking to uncover any possible risk factor.'..."

 Autism Speaks' Michael Rosanoff: "We are really looking to uncover any possible risk factor."
Any possible risk factor? It seems, with the approval Autism Speaks, we're going to just keep on guessing about autism forever.  I posted a comment.
Los Angeles Times

Audio link: "[Jenny McCarthy] is simply wrong. By dutifully reporting her ravings side by side with truth, they've framed anti vaccine quackery as a debate."
So it seems that the LA Times equates "anti-vaccine" parents with "Holocaust deniers."

Disgusting cover up of the truth about vaccine damage. Selective and false coverage making a joke of parents who witnessed the horror of vaccine-induced autism.


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"whether babies with autism don't send the proper signals for a timely and speedy birth."

How much deeper into the depth of RIDICULOUS propaganda must we plumb?

David H. Payne


Ladies and Gentlemen,

A brief note of clarity in sea of the ridiculous. These people are trying to propose that Pitocin(OXYTOCIN) at birth causes regressive autism ( children that are speaking and acting normally who then stop speaking and become emotionally and psychologically labile) which generally occurs at about 18 months and you believe it? Seriously?

The duration of action of a drug is known as its half life. This is the period of time required for the concentration or amount of drug in the body to be reduced by one-half. The half-life of a substance, usually denoted by t1/2, is the time taken for half of the dose to be eliminated or metabolized. The shorter the half-life of a drug, the quicker it is eliminated.

We usually consider the half life of a drug in relation to the amount of the drug in plasma. A drug’s plasma half-life depends on how quickly the drug is eliminated from the plasma. A drug molecule that leaves plasma may have any of several fates. It can be eliminated from the body, or it can be translocated to another body fluid compartment such as the intracellular fluid or it can be destroyed in the blood. The removal of a drug from the plasma is known as clearance and the distribution of the drug in the various body tissues is known as the volume of distribution. Both of these pharmacokinetic parameters are important in determining the half life of a drug.

With the above in mind let’s just take a brief look at Mr. Pitocin (oxytocin) together shall we.

The most widely known oxytocic drug that can be used for the induction of labor or post-partum is oxytocin.In 1906, the English researcher Sir Henry Dale discovered a substance in the pituitary gland that could speed up the birthing process. He named it oxytocin from the Greek words for “quick” and “child labor”. In 1954, the American biochemist Vincent du Vigneaud was the first to describe an octapeptide amide with the hormonal activity of oxytocin. One year later, he was able to synthesize this octapeptide amide. In the same year he received the Nobel Prize for his work in the field of biochemistry.

Oxytocin is a small nine-amino acid peptide with a Biologic half-life of 10-12 minutes it is rapidly metabolized in the liver the maternal plasma levels ~2-4 mU/min during labor
fetal secretion is ~ 2-3mU/min during labor. The Onset of action 3-4 minutes when given IV. The half-life is ~ 10-15 minutes and it takes ~ 30-40 minutes to reach steady
state (3-4 half-lives)

Many women can be on Oxytocin for hours up to 24 hrs, prior to child birth even so the drug is cleared by 15 minutes

So this is a drug that has been used for decades and even after having it in your system for 24 hours it is cleared in about 15 minutes. Autism has been on the rise now since Hillary Rodham Clinton increased the vaccine schedule in 1992 for no scientific reason. In 1985 when I was in medical school the rate was about 1 in 100,000 and now it is 1 in 88. Prior to vaccination it has been argued that autism did not exist at all.

Now you all want to blame Mr. Pitocin (oxytocin).

You should ignore that idea as complete an utter nonsense AND just another set of idiots trying to avoid responsibility for hurting children with their ill conceived ideas to get money to the Pharmaceutical companies so they can have money for research to address their needs for their own maladies.

Their issues will never be resolved because they simply are not smart enough to get it done and they have no integrity. The concept that a drug with a half life of 15 minutes could cause a problem that occurs suddenly in a normal child 18 months later is beyond stupid it is laughable and simply another example of heresy in the world of science. Sanjay Gupta looks like a clown presenting this as evidence. the non doctors can always say they did not know and can be written off as loud mouth useful idiots which they are.




At 20 I received one of the series of three swine flu vaccines that ended up being taken off the market because of such bad side effects. It even made it on the national news.

At 21 I received what I thought was a tetanus shot but it was in fact a DPT shot.

I was already mess up and did not know it. SO when my first kid was due - she went over three weeks before they induced labor.

She turned out fine and healthy - no problems except she spiked a temp at the first and second and third DPT shot that was too high. On the fourth one she formed that hot, knot at the injection site and 7 or 8 weeks later came down with Kawasakis. Sick the two months too - by the way.

It is like this guys - if a lot of these mothers are having to have labor induced - there is already something wrong with the endocrine system and the child may well be on it's way to have a damaged hypothalamus - and then here comes more damage in the form of the vaccines.

It is like the old vets saying that a mare is prone to becoming foundered (that is inflammation of the layer of tissue between the hoof and the bone.) because when she gave birth she did not release the placenta.

WEll what was the cause of that?

That is not looking far enough -- it turns out it is the pitiutary - very large and in three sections in a horse has been damaged.

Victor Pavlovic

I wonder what the results are with those that chose midwifes, as far as autism rates, and further study their vaccinated children versus their non-vaccinated.


I don't know exactly what the trends were in obstetrical practice over the last 5 decades. That would be worth investigating (while a thorough vax-unvax study is also done). But I doubt that the use of pitocin correlates closely with the rise in autism. Wouldn't rule it out though. There could have been changes in the pitocin formulation and as has been stated, the drug could have interacted with other drugs. The bottom line is though, that the obvious culprit, vaccination, is still being largely overlooked.

Christina Waldman

Two more worth perusal and I'll stop on pitocin. Others may be more familiar with this. From 2009: In the year 2000, Dr. Eric Hollander of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine first proposed a link when "he observed 60% of his autistic patients had been exposed to Pitocin in the womb."
And here's a Chinese pharmaceutical co. selling Pitocin in an aluminum bag.

Christina Waldman

I was only able to read the Abstract on the JAMA Pediatrics article, and have been wondering why inducing labor might increase the risk of autism.

I read Lou Conti's piece (scrolling down a few articles) about oxygen depletion during birth; that would fit.

I had wondered whether there might be aluminum in the IV drip, as there can be with a dextrose IV drip. So far, I found nothing on that, in a Google search "aluminum in Pitocin," but I did find a few other things: on the MAO-A (mitochondrial enzyme) Theory of Autism, describing the work of researcher Elaine DeLack. It talked about Pitocin's interfering with natural oxytocin which was necessary at birth. It said vaccines also interfere with natural oxytocin. It seems like that hep B on Day one might also be a factor, then. More on that MAO-A theory from Dr. Fred Starr who says, among other things, that thimerosal poisons the enzyme responsible for metabolizing Pitocin and epidurals (12/22/2009).

Another article talked about when there was Pitocin used, there would more likely be use of an epidural or Cesarean ("pit to distress" to push to C-section, just awful!. The epidural would then lead to more Pitocin because the woman would not feel the need to push. (6 Reasons to Avoid Use of Pitocin, 8/10/2011)
Forum, 12/22/2009, Dr. Fred Starr says thimerosal poisons the enzyme responsible for metabolizing Pitocin and epidurals


It has long been known that induced or augmented labor may cause harm to mother and/or baby. What annoys me here is the wording. What is "complicated" about this is that this study threatens to implicate the medical profession, so the blame for the procedure and drug is aimed at the patients. Doctors, as usual, take no responsibility. Mothers who avail themselves of these methods? Excuse me? Who orders induction? augmentation? Not the mother. And it's done routinely. I'd like to know how many mothers in labor escape the use of pitocin. I'd guess it's a small minority, as doctors and hospitals impatiently move mothers along. A quick search reveals

"Excessive dosage or hypersensitivity to the drug may result in uterine hypertonicity, spasm, tetanic contraction, or rupture of the uterus....

The following adverse reactions have been reported in the fetus or neonate:

Due to induced uterine motility

Premature ventricular contractions and other arrhythmias
Permanent CNS or brain damage
Fetal death

Neonatal seizures have been reported with the use of Pitocin.

Due to use of oxytocin in the mother

Low Apgar scores at five minutes
Neonatal jaundice
Neonatal retinal hemorrhage"

Then, while they're at it, why not blame the baby for the side effects of modern obstetrical methods: "it's not clear whether the delivery method was responsible for the higher rate of the developmental disorder, or whether babies with autism don't send the proper signals for a timely and speedy birth."

Babies with autism don't send the proper signals? for a "timely and speedy birth"? I'm not saying that a small percentage of births don't legitimately get into trouble requiring medical intervention, but since when is it the norm for births to be expected to be "timely and speedy"? When did THAT happen?


The link between induced labor drugs and autism may still implicate vaccines. In the link below, it is argued that labor drugs such as picotin causes the mother's immune system to switch from a th1 to a th2 state, which also has the same impact on the baby's immune system. While in th2 state, the infant will be more susceptible to infectious threats such as vaccines that may result in autism.

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